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what happens to u if u OD on sleeping pills?
has anyone ever heard of a bladder pace maker?
I have a 4 skin colour small bumps on top of my hand, they don't itch?
Liquid (oral) morphine?
Prolapsed disc?
How do I get a back dated perscription from a doctor?
when i sleep i feel hungry but i know it's not the fact that i'm hungry because when i eat i get sick...
why do i feel so guilty about my migraines?? help..?
how to relieve back pain?
in between my lower thumb and wrist feels sore wen touched i dnt no if its a lump or my bone?
Upper arm pain?
Swollen lymph nodes, please i need an answer?
PLEASE help,I am in so much pain.Its my back !!!! I am so worried.?
Boyfriend taking ice baths :/ ?
why you having headache,what is dependent on?
my throat hurts, whats wrong with me?!?!?
What pain relief is most effective with least side effects?
Someone help me please im in agony!?
There was a vitamin that I used In the past . It was called Kamujay, but recently the name was changed.?
Weird feeling when i get in a car..?
why is my leg numb?
Can someone help me? If you have gallstones...?
feeling down :(((( just need a lift up!?
Headaches and eye pains for the last couple of weeks?!?!?
What is this pain? please answer?
had a bloodtest today and my arm still aches?
Eurgh, I have a headache. Any ideas?
In psychiatry, what is thought distortion?
Cutting: I feel so low?
I keep forgetting some letters in words when i write and I never notice until much later.What is wrong?
i think i worry WAY too much and am sometimes a hyperchondriac! why are some people like this?
help asap please? sister overdose!?
Why when I'm bored do I not want to even speak to anyone unless I am attracted to them?
have you ever looked in the mirror and see half of your face shatter and disintegrate in front of your eyes?
Coming off anti depressants......Advice please??
Panic Attacks/Anxiety: Can you please advise me?
What could be effecting my memory so badly?
what is the best way to cope with deppression after stopping smoking?
How do i get rid of my panic attacks?
Is this a sign of madness?
I lost my entire childhood. How can I get it back?
is stopping prozac diffucult? how does one feel after?
who thinks 3345435 3 should GET OUT?
With Bi Polar disorder, can you go a few months with few or no symptoms?
What Health and Safety Signs do i need to display for Propene gas cylinders?
what is the alcohol policy in residental care homes?
I am going back to bed now. I got up too early this morning. What about you? lol?
indigestion and gallbadder removal?
Statins, according to the Express yesterday, are a danger to those who use them. Only a few weeks ago they...
why does my already low blood pressure (87/60) go worse in hot weather?
Would a hospital discharge you 24hrs after having a massive heart attack?
Can i die from one cigarette?
What were your experiences like with the NHS?
Why do I sweat so much?
For two weeks I've been suffering from headaches and hiccups. Nothing else. What can I do to get rid of them.?
Would you rather smoke a normal cigarette or an electric cig and why?
How long should a cold last for? 1 week?
if our noses were the other way up... would we smell sweaty feet as much?
I'm really deppressed and i feel awful.?
Mummy is making me have Blood Test tomorrow. HELP I'M SCARED OF NEEDLES?
I have asthma :L And i have a bad chest :(?
Chlordiazepoxide or Diazepam? Which one is most effective as a sleeping tablet?
how many calories will I have burnt from crying for 2 hrs?
Why do some people put their finger and thumb on their nose?
bump 2 head then nose bleed?
everytime i kick a ball hard my tendons/ankle hurts?
Keep way of getting rid of spots.?
how can i get rid of flea/mosquito bites that i have scratched in the quickest time?
does anyone know any treatments for eczema?
Sunburnt in pregnancy?
why is it that if i get hurt it always ends up as a scar? what can i do about it?
how to get rid of spots?
website for a food hygene cause.can anyone tell me please?
little red dots in my skin?
Can you help me with my Psoriasis?
Why do i get spots same colour as my skin colour?
how do you get rid of dry skin?
Accutane - goin on holiday will run out of pill i will have to go without for 19days then back to dr for more?
How to reduce marks from bacne?
HELP ME! Ways to get rid of my spot that has suddenly appeared from nowhere! PROM TODAY AHH !!!!!?
I have raised lumps, bug bites on my leg?
help with my big pores and blackheads!!?
where can you buy sun cream proctection?
what herbs can i put in a facial steamer that will help skin?
father found out results, but i could use more explaining.. colon surgery done, cancerous tumor removed.?
how much of vitamin c,d,e and a should i take each day? what is the best vitamin for your skin, i have ezema.?
dry scalp help me soon !!! thx?
Heres a medical mystery question....doctors or nurses may know?
My underarm looks unattractive..Help!?
My cat has a pocket of something on his ear, what should i do?
Does anyone know if there are any hospitals or clinics offering HIFU treatment in the Bay Area?
Friend with kidney problems, flight Q's & A?
how long will the stitches take to dissolve in my eye?
on prescriptions for spectacles what do the phrases 'cyl' and 'axis' represent?
i had eye surgery on monday and i have a big bag under my eye?
what is the effect of the heart and themind on love?
need travel ins for me and my husband but he got a heart problem?
I drink Tahitian Noni juice and i think its great and I wonder how many drink it. and had good results.?
info and cure for a non H.pylori duodenal ulcer?
How much would a naturopathic doctor make per year?
can one take indometcin along with natural liver or kidney flush?
we are doing party one of my friend offered to cook i said yes but im a bit worried coz she is HIV is it safe?
can I pass on my viral throat infection ?
What is the use of Genetic Efflux mean?
24 weeks pregnant could i have meningitis?
what causes a viral infection?
Could this be an ear infection?
Walking Aid After UTI In hospital?
do you sufer from headaches with mascular degeneration?
Does anyone have anything positive to say about Prozac (fluoxetine)?
What to say to someone who's depressed?
can you be hypnotised to get rid of bad memories?
my wife suffers from anxiety and depression,with kids its hard,can i give up work and do the mother roll?
scared of anti-depressants....?
is it possible to swallow your tongue, even if your fit and well??
I just want someone to care?
why are drugs addictive?
how much is too much?
I am a 'little' overstressed. Any ideas how I can really relax?
What can you do to improve your brain, memories?
what can i do about a psychiatrist who has a higher death rate among his patients than anyone else?
what do you do if.....?
How do you get mental health medication (for bipolar disorder - a.k.a. manic depression) when away from home?
answers to cu1 nvq2?
Does any1 have a child with spina bifida?
Medical question: hearing loss/ concussion.?
How can I beat the alcohol? No AA, please.?
What will happen if the count of haemoglobin is high?
Y does my back feel like it has a bandaid on it and it does not? It does not hurt, I have never heard of this.
acne someone help?????
going crazy waiting to find out if parents cancer has spread..?
Any Hyperhydrosis victims out there?
SARS - a lung disease?
Can one's immune system counter seasonal allergies? I feel mine has!?
whats wrong with my ribs? they crack all the time.?
How do organs in a respiratory system work together to function?
How to get rid of warts?
Do you think you should let your Scars should ruin your self esteem?
Can people get lead poisoning by eating animals that have lead poisoning?
I got a small black dot on my finger nail at the edge where we cut it.?
what do doctors do to remove corns?
I've got a soft bump type thing on my forehead?
Skin Creams For Acne That Better Work?!!!!?
boil help...how to stop it.?
Is this something to worry about or should i just ignore them?
Michael Jackson! when did vitiligo take over!?!?
does anyone know how good carleys clear and smooth original formula is for rosacea?
i have lots of painful nat bits over my legs & arms, how do i stop them itching & get them to go down quicker?
Allergic reaction to Mosquito bites & possible infection?
How to stop going red?
Is it you "itch your itch" or you "scratch your itch"?
i was wondering how long does it take for an ulcer to heal on your leg?
i bought prescription sunglasses today but the lens is too light, can it be darkened without having to replace?
I have to have surgery on my foot soon. I am very scared about having surgery,?
i keep getting breakouts on my forehead?
mri scan who knows about this?
okay im planning xmas presents early...?
LANSOPRAZOLE 15MG what is an alternative in the UK?
Embarrassing question.?
i keep getting headaches and loss of focus for about half a minute every hour or so?
Can you take Penicillin (strong dose) alongside with milk?
can watching something scary make u ill?
help everything i eat and drink i always feel sick after it?
Anyone know the best thing to eat?
Why does my mole hurt all of a sudden?
any one have any recent experience with tummy tucks in the dominican republic?
im getting "sticky bones"?
i want a flat stomach fast any advice ... i go to a gym but want quick fast results helppp..?
Im 15, and I have had a cough for about a year now HELP?
Nurses uniform size guide please?
Is five foot 2 a good height for a 14 year old girl?
Boyd Cooper Nurses uniforms Sizing guide?? PLEASE?
is toxic shock syndrome genetic?
Summer Weather (or lack of it ) - Health Implications?
when are people gonna wake up to the reality of smoking?
how long before you get better from a head and neck injury?
shin pain??? after knee injury?
its the first time i been on the gym bike and now im experiencing knee pain in both legs is it common ?
im 22 and had a lumbar puncture 3 days ago, what are the side effects?
Please Help Me! I Have a Fat Lip! Off My lip Piercing Which I Got Done Yesterday!?
double jointed shoulder, help!?
Possibly broken toe, advice?
have i broken my foot?
Pain in lower right of back, any good ways of getting rid of it?
i had surgery yesterday, wound got packed, need painless way of removin it please?
how long does it take for a froxen shoulder to thaw?
If you have twisted and bruised your medial collateral ligament (inner side of knee)...?
What can I do to fix a torn calf muscle?
I have pain on the sole of my foot after running...its an intense pain...its nothing broken..?
Are there inflammatory benefits to Omega 3 fish oil?
does rebuild your vision really work?
B 17 Vitamin?
can feel something hard in my ear?
Pins and Needles in Pinky?
I feel really ill any answers?
Help!! What are these annoying things on my head.?
My wrist hurts should i seek medical advice?
Burnt my "pinky" finger on my straighteners, What can i do to stop it hurting? Just wondering :)?
i have a constant pain in my knee.?
Fog with brocken leg?
Earache? Please help.?
Why are my fingers always numb?
what is the best pillow for a bad neck?
Please can anyone give advice on a painful hip?
what can i take for fibromyalgia pain that doesn't make me drowsy?
wierd headache, what is it?
Is my matress reponsible for my back ache?
about Whiplash?
Tight headache?
What could be causing popping in left hand side just below ribs with pain?
low bilirubin 0.2, cholesterol 288, triglicerines 1031, HDC 33, high hgb 14.7 What does this mean?
how to stop pain from melanoma not using chemotherapy and try to slow down the process?
My legs itch like crazy...What gives......?
I am allergic to the sun,?
I have recently started to consider suicide&have told my partner who has been so unsupportive.What should I do?
I'm 17 and so depressed I can't think of a reason to keep going. I need help?
what is Bi-polar?????????
What are clear signs of depression?
What is the cause of excessive head sweating in children and what treatment should be sought?
Do u think multivitamin tablets actually work?Is it possible 2 have all those vitamins squeezed in2 1 tablet?
my daughter is 42 and is affected by a mosquito alarm at our local shop she is sick every time it goes off is?
I have had an ingrown finger nail for over 1 yr. The nail has been removed twice but infection still persists?
What's your favourite vitamin?
M.R.S.A..........no the wonder..........?
I would love to be an emergency services telephone operator?
Should voluntary youthenasia be made legal in the UK?
recently i have come out in a rash by being too hot.however its gone by the morning.how do i over come this?
Can I take sleeping pills or will I never wake up ?!?!?
who started the NHS?
How To Stay Awake All Night?
hands keep peeling?
what can i do? sleep problem?
is there an illness to humans caused by damp or badly prepared straw or hay. What is the name and symptoms?
does anyone know how you catch scabies?
reacurring ear infections, im going to see a ear specialist next month as the doctor could not tell properley?
What is the prognosis with Cardiomyopothy?
Magnesium and heart palpitations.?
cholesterol level - is this right?
what is a prolapse bladder?
Patients who ask questions should be told their full prognosis- anything less is dishonest, discuss?
wot psychological support should a person give to some one who has DVT?
What was the name of first?
Is there really a skin condition(disease) like Michael Jacksons?
What can this lump be and has anyone else had anyrhing like it?
How comes most teen boys don't use umbrellas?
What has happened to my voice..?
is this due to binges? shaking and headaches..?
how can i find out information about a NHS consultant?
Can swine flu and flu vaccine together cause miscarriage?
If food only stays in your stomach for about 4 hours?
how can i overcome my anxiety?
i want to make my self sick but when i stick my fingers down my throat all i do is gag and ideas ?
Constant sore throat, what should i do?
squeezed boil turned bad ( really red )?
have terrible posture. need it fixed?
is it possible to be allergic to internal examinations?
Headache help please!?
why carnt i cry no more?
CAN headaches be related to a cold ?
hi all im 29 and have a bad drinking problem?
why am i being sick.?
is it dangerous to have a infant or child around the fumes of nail polish remover?
anyone got some ideas on how to cope with stress?
Who are the Top UK Surgeons for Rhinoplasty?
Is this just scruffy?
How to treat an ingrown hair?
How do I get rid of a cold fast?
who in sk sells magnetic healing braclets with a guarantee?
Does quinine make eyes brighter?
DIVERTICULITIS diet(s) or treatment suggestion(s) to avoid surgery?
What is Vitrectomy surgery and how is it performed?
Has the cure for multiple sclerosis finally been found?
Flying with swollen glands and a sore throat?
i have been experiencing bad headaches,numbness of the whole right side so went to see the doctor who had me t?
Blood Related Diseases?
Ears Blocked?????????????
I think i'm going slightly deaf.?
Can you get coloured contacts on perscription if your short sighted?
Can you develop scoliosis from sleeping or lying awkwardly?
Is it better the Parkinson's disease or the Pattinson's disease?
What is this illness called?
Kidney failure with no dialysis?
what does it mean if my ear bleeds from the inside?
headaches,feel like muscles are weak at times?
What would you do???......wound infection which was caused by stitches.....?
Recommend a great back posture brace?
Achilles Tendon -surgery, cost and where to treat? ?
knee swollen, cant bend, infection?
ive got an Absolutely massive boil on my bum how can i get rid of it i cant sit down and i can barley walk?
can anyone lend me crutches in portland dorset?
Swollen finger?........?
Occult fracture? Advice please?
I got stung by a shaman hornet on me thumb and it's swollen up and still growing? ?
my brother has ruptured ligament and a fracture on his wrist.is it ok to fly?
weird lump in my hand?
how long until i feel the benefit?
Iam 18 and male i get a sharp pain in the middle of my eye?
has anyone had an injury on the street?
Yet another medical case scenario for you guys...?
What kind of medical implications arise when dealing with...?
i got something in my eye a few days ago andf now its swollen and really hurts!?
GHB is a drug used all around me,what is it and are there any side effects apart from the obvious?
My surgery will not prescribe champix due to insufficient info can I purchase it?
started going to the gym and circuit training about 4 weeks ago and my ankles are like balloons?
if you have hernia can shooting pains occur if so how serious is this?
Possible poisoned by Veet Hair Removal. Need Guidance.?
my head feels really burny?
irrregular heart beat would you have a pacemaker fitted?
bedware problems for the elderly?
How can I get over my internet addiction?
when im depressed should i kick myself in the face or just go to bed?
a friend of mine has just been hospitalised with schizophrenia....?
Is it unhealthy if you don't cry?
What do you do when people stop talking to you and distance themselves from you ?
does the "anorexic voice" ever leave?
Re-occuring dream?
Does anyone else feel like this?
Help, am I donald ducked?
i keep getting upset over the least things, and i am starting to lose confidence in myself?
Anyone with bi-polar?
I fear I have bipolar disorder. I live in the UK and don't earn enough to see a psychiatrist. What do I do?
can i boyfriend get alzheimers?
I'm on prozac for depression, but its made me feel alot better the only problem is its made me feel sleepy....
What's the difference between being unhappy for a long time, and being depressed?
Does hypnosis really work you think?
Anyone hear voices? I need some advice please..?
Do i have to take medication for my anxiety?
at your worse in your illness how would you have described yourself, now how would you describe yourself?
I feel shame all the time?
i've been taking cephalexin for 6 days now today i feel really tired?
are there any known side effects of metathione, the skin whitening drugs.?
What does not cause cancer?
For MVP patients...what food to choose or to avoid?
please can someone tell me another name for the drug xanax wich is use for panic disorder?
what are the symptoms for a shin splint?
hot then cold !!?
Telomere repair using nanotechnology- any research in Ontario?
Are there still some cold remedies on the market for infants?
Alternative Asthma medicine?
Ear poped?
Everyones going on about Michael jacksons skin disease vitiligo..what is it?
Hydrocortisone cream?
Do you have little dots on your testicals?
I have vitiligo? Well do i ? ahhhhhh?
how do i get something to get rid of my armpit sweating?
---Homemade acne cream?---?
how do you get rid of crusted scabbies ?
Red spots in corners of both eyes?
Red Blotches on my private area! Please help!?
What are these little red spots with yellow heads on my son?
when will roaccutane start to work?
Help on Spotty/greasey skin?
My head has spots on my friends say they are moles but im kinda scared helppp!!!!!!!?
What could be a cause of a large water blister on the shin,no obvious cause like a blow or pressure known?
Did anybody get sunburnt today?
How to get rid of sun burn?
Do any of you doctors really believe your B/P readings?
Just wondering how this heart monitor works.?
Is a heart fetal doppler safe to use once a week?.?
Just before I nod off................?
Help advice and tips for a newly qualified nurse?
Have a pain in my upper back?
can i ask my gp to sign me off work?
Leg feel weird from the bottom?
i work full time can anyone tell me?
I was dizzy and was told that this was caused by stress by a specilised, do u agree?
tennis elbow treatment?
what are the best remedies for mouth ulcers please?
Kidney Pains? or just Muscle pain?
Pain in back head?
What are the chances of Appendicitis killing you?
How can I stop ear pain?
why does my knee hurt.....?
Help with my knee....?
sharp shooting pains in my neck wot the heck is that?
What does measles actually do?
ive got bitten playing rugby..?
Best tablets to stop diarrhea? 10 points help quickly please :-(!!!?
How to get the sniffles gone!?
Alopecia question.........?
how to stop smoking?
Bad earache - what is it and how can i make it better ?
Feeling really sick anything i can do?
strange blister problem?
How long does dehydration really take. I have heard 3 days but some people say 5?
Both of my ears have been blocked and my hearing has been reduced alot, am i becoming deaf?
Does sickness and diarrhea always appear with stomach bug?
How come smoking makes some people relaxed, but others, including me, nervous and jumpy?
Okay this is awkward but i cant take it...?
getting around NHS prescription charges?
Are you supposed to wax or shave your armpits?
please help.. bad waxing experience.. pics included?
does anyone know an allergie remerdie to hair bleach? i tried most high st antihistamine pls help !!!?
why does my hands and feet stay cold even when i wear socks and gloves?10 points best answer?
can a heart physically skip a beat when you are very much attracted to someone?
Women Heart attack outlook?
Did losing your gut (beer belly ) improve your back problems .herniated disc for eg?
Have you had collar bone surgery?
A Pulled Leg Muscle Help?
what can A&E do for someone with a torn hamstring?
What is wrong me me? Please honest doctor ... ?
i jumped of a wall and landed flat on my foot and felt a sharp pain in my ankle. what could this be?
when you reach pensioable age does any other dssbenefit stop such as industrial injury benefit and disability ?
Ongoing symptoms from Mild Concussion? (Or am I going mad?)?
Sprained muscle in lower leg, how can I help it?
should i be worried? please help if you can?
Bump Below My Knee ?
Why does this happen?
could i get a nose job on the nhs? and how?
Shoulder surgery bone spur?
Can Anyone Help With My Knee Problems..?
can i get help with my driving lessons i am a single mother of two and finding it hard to study?
I think I'm turning into a nervous wreck, what should I do? (No suggestions of counselling please)?
im so depressed i need some help before it gets to much?
Whats it called when someone feels really scared for a short amount of time?
What are the best methods of dealing with panic attacks and O.C.D?
What is bi-polar depression???
Why do i get SO angry ?
Is this normal? OCD?
if you hurt yourself(self harm and attempted suicide) are you capable of hurting others physically?
Tips on coping with depression...?
Is it unusual for a 14 year old girl suddenly to develop dyslexia?
my skin matters?
Acid reflux help? Has anyone ever tried the"Heartburn and Reflux Remedy Report" there is a remedy that you can
What help is available in the uk for someone who is highly suicidal?
I'm a trainee counsellor I dont like swear words any time I have been told its the way of being expressive.?
Is there a medical term for a fear of intimacy?
anyone out there..have colon surgery? If so, I have a question?
Really feel i have made a breakthrough here?
My Mum's really suicidal what should i do?
Anyone Know if depression can make you sleep alot?
i really need help, i cant sleep?
ASIDE from moles, what are some symptoms of skin cancer?
does acupuncture help psoriasis?
What do you understand about depression and what a person goes through when suffering from it?
can you develop breathing or lung problems after having intravenous sedation?
where can i find a long term alcoholic rehabilitation program in Ontario?
I have a recurring itchy/rashy type palm.?
Ladies have you aired your Bridget Jones's and fellers have you aired your Darcey's?
who else put their heating on for first time this w.end, and now isn't feeling well, got flu-like symtoms?
can you help me to conduct a short survey please??
What can you do for sleep paralyisis?does anyone else have it?
Does listening to music with headphones whilst sleeping affect your ears? and how much damage does it do?
Herbal life? Does anyone know these products?
Can you tell me what lupas is please?
Been having daily headaches?
ear wax removal help for tinnitus sufferers?
Query About Lower Back Pain?
Can I follow up on my last question to Dr Frank Please?
What is the lump on my palm?
Can coeliacs disease cause acid reflux?
Do i have Gigantism? Can it be treated?
I feel like I need a wee all the time and it not a infection?
What are these lumps on my head?
Are swollen lymph nodes in the neck always a bad thing?
bloating and backache?
Persistent intermittent diarrhoea - am I now reacting to the Metformin I'm on?
Gallbladder Removal.?
If it's not an eating disorder, then what is it?
Anyone caring for a child with epilepsy?
Numb fingertips and one of my toes...?
Vision results for my son?
If liver detoxification doesn't work then how do you explain the alterations in AST, ALT, LDL, CYP450 etc.???
Is Emergen-C sold in Canada?
Are there homeopathic pharmacies in Canada which manufatures remedies (Not the retail pharmacies).?
oxycotin patches 80mg what do they look like?
does eating hot chili increase blood pressure?
how can i get a good job now in this present condition?
Why all of a sudden do I feel light headed and sick after I have smoked?
please i need this medicine in tablets called cyprodine(appetite enhancer) I'm in italy..pls help me pls?
What are the effects of working in cramped conditions for long periods of time?
Canser jab deaths??!!?
Help! What can I eat to avoid getting diarrhea later on in the day?
Feel really weird after caffeine?!?
Need to find safe online diazepam seller?
do i have swine flu i feel really horrible?
what nutrients are needed to grow taller?
Why do I feel ill after flying?
is TRT medication or therapy?
Why do I get massive headaches?
Sleeping Problem, Its okay Getting to sleep, But I cant Wake up =S?
Bad things about smoking?
how many people died of seasonal flu in england last year?
are these symptoms a sign of anemia?
I've taken 775 mg of DXM but there weren't any hallucinations or anything?
i have had a headache & nausea since last tuesday... what does it mean?
how long does it take to get addicative too smoking?
What are these blisters between my fingers?
what is it? Is it a Skin rash?
Hot weather but fair skinned?
i have an itch on the sole of one foot, it is not dry at all, and the itch doesnt go. ive had it for months?
Is my mole cancerous?
How Do I Get Rid Of Spots QUICKLY !?!?!?
Lump in my earlobe..?
In this Skin Sensitive age , Do You take your clothes off on the beach or Not ?
How can I get rid of spots on my back quickly?
Will there be a cure for Acne?
Itching scalp what could it be ?
How can I best treat this allergic reaction rash?
How can I get rid of this bruise quickly?
how do i get rid of spots on my body?
have left candida untreated for over 2 years and keeps coming back, is this bad im worried?
How do you cure acne?
can you have a heart attack if your blood pressure is low?
is ringworm ichy?
Is there treatment for Pityriasis Rosea?
modern people has made the indian unhealthy and disease prone?
What are 2 examples of damage to the parietal lobe of the brain?
Replace regular meds with placebo?
How to Calculate Mean Arterial Pressure?
what makes a person get restless leg syndrome? and how to stop it.?
Why are the relative zones of inhibition for different antibiotics NOT the same?
working out upper body with broken collarbone?
Does whey contain gluten?
Why is my chest sore???
my friend has just had a cigarette and he's not well?
Has anyone ever used a tens machine for urinary pain?
Does the pain of trapped wind come and go?
I have severe shoulder pain and abdominal pain...is it a side effect of penicillin?
Painful feet and aching legs with standing up job. Any tips?
I hurt my wrist but i want to know why mum..?
Ive been feeling really sick for 3 weeks now..?
do you ever get random, unexplained pains?
Any idea what these chest pains are, if anything?
My wife is lowering her Fentanyl Patch from 50mg to 25mg what can she expect?
Pain in my upper abdomen after I eat ?
about brain tumours and pain?
Is an "Inversion table" for hanging upside down a great way to release tension along spine?
Stomach Pains and Head Rushes?!?!?!?
i took 5 500mg paracetamol all together.n 6 200mg ibuprofen with my 3 meals in da day,did i 0D?
do not take more than 6 tablets in 24 hours...?
Do scientists still believe that television is not a direct cause of death?
Just above my right eye I have a really bad pain ...?
lady felt ill/ faint in gp surgery today?
i've taken the day off work,can you help?
I keep gettin bad headaches, help!?
I had a cosmetic surgery 8 weeks ago-breast enlargement.When can I start running?
St John's Wort and 5 htp?
why do people keep saying?
does anyone know were i can get herbal smokes aka legal buds in montreal?
Can I get a blue badge for my partner ?
i got my belly peirced nearly 6 weeks ago, is it safe to go swimming?
Ankle Hurts?.. Is It Just A Sprain?
my middle toe is bent and i want to know how this happened?
stitches after upper wisdom tooth/ cyst removal?
how long is it before a company has to report a accident and when do they let the person know they told the hs?
Ok i've been doing pushups for about 3 months now....100 pushups a day 3 times a week...How long till i...?
why does it take so long?
What injury do i have?
I got my hand trapped in something and it really hurts!?
How long does it take for a broken nose to heal?
Please help, it still hurts?
Concerned about heart problem..?
How can i find a POTS syndrome specialist in the UK?
Are chatrooms addictive, I have a large number of friends I wanna keep in touch with online? Wheres the prob?
Occaisonal I suffer from embarresing bouts of IBS?
Does anyone know where we can buy Timjan in the uk?
Do commercially prepared foodstuffs contain excessive Iodine?
I have dark bags under my eyes. What causes them? and how do i get rid of them?
Coughing up Hard Things?
images of serax medications?
what does a cholesterol of 6.5 mean?
how do you get rid of a cold?
Is there an organization that is really actually doing something to find a cure for lupus.?
Is there a round blood vessels in the body.?
dust allergy for chest pain?
Does Multiple Sclerosis interfere with the ability to taste?
Putting baby powder on sweaty palms and then deodorant? HOw does that work!?
how serious does osgood schlatter disease have to be to get an operation as i am a 31yr old male?
if i feel cold will a hot shower make me warmer in the long run?
Do i have DVT? blood clots in my leg? I don't think so.?
How can I get rid of my red eyes?
ear ache and painful ???
13 Year Old And Having Too Sufer With A Shakey Hand, Help?
have you ever had surgery to fix a hiatus hernia, im due for one but have heard some bad stories?
15 years old and feel really sick after a cold help?
Lancet, October 2009, Do you know that non smokers suffer more stress related illnesses than smokers?
what do you do when you know that someone close to you is a constant drug user and there only a child?
glaucoma curing by eyes relaxing?
Long Term effects of rat poison...?
Cephalexin and domperidone?
Should I go see the doctor about my weird stomach cramps?
Lumps in Neck / Glands?
Can you get an infected rib?
How do i go about becoming a live kidney donor?
How long after being treated for a kidney infection does the pain stop?
Do I Have Bad circulation?
Good Medicens For Parkinson Disease?
people with crohn's disease only?
Recovery time after heart stents?
Flying to Vegas in 5Weeks, My wife had a "minor heart attack a week ago"?
Please could you tell if this is dangerous?
Does Ontario College of Physicians approve or disapprove Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy?
Can I sleep less and function normal?
What should I use Oxycodone or Tramadol?
does this sound seriuos?i cannot pull back my f o r e skin?
Working with NHS..........?
I'm 16 years old and 4' 10 1/2" is that normal?
How do I stay awake tired?
tonsilitis?? advice anyone?
Does Tamiflu exist in any other form than pill?
Piriton and alcohol interactions, how bad?
does Emotional scares heal ?
Why does i have slight stomach pains when i take milk thistle capsules?
What exactly are lesions? and what causes them?
how to get rid of headlice FAST?!?
Belly Piercing help!!?
emergency question please answer quick?
Is there any position lying on bed with the old laptop, where it won't do my back in long term?
Problems with filling out a medical questionnaire, help?
Hi wondered if anyone can help?
i have to have six booster neadles put in my arm but i hate neadles so much anything i can do to help myself?
Acne plaobrems?
Best over the counter, or natural remedy for asthma?
has anybody caught any type of infection or disease or parasite from a public swimming pool recently?
why does hydrogen peroxide bubble when it is poured on a skin cut?
I've just recently found out I need a lung transplant, that is if I'm a candidate I live in Saint John N.B
Inexplicable Rash On My Face?
Has there ever been an incident where following Dr's advice really was for the best ?
White bumps on arms? - After sun?
Does a decongestant or phenylephrine cause high or low blood pressure?
Has anyone recovered from high dose chemo?
What is that dusty stuff on your skin?
Lumpy red spots all over arms and hands!?
How can i get rid of this under my arms?
I used euthymal toothpaste on my spot's overnight and now my skin is stained?
a patch of raw skin on my chin?
Why might my pores be getting bigger?
Has anyone tried Occlusal to get rid of warts ?
Lately everytime i have a shower i have a new zit why ?
What can I do next about acne?
How To Treat Vitiligo?
How do you get rid of old, deep blackheads?
My skin is peeling off like PVA glue!?
I have what i thought was dry skin around my nose,?
red spots under the skin-don't go white?
mosquito bites from holiday?
what is the cause of prostate cancer in men over fifty years old?
Blood pressure procedure query?
Stitches were taken out, a piece left behind.What to do?
Experience with full toenail removal?
what is an open throat?
I think i might have broken/fractured my finger but i'm not sure...?
muscle ache!!!!!!!!!!?
I just used one of those EMS muscle electrical things and am scared?
What is your opinion on wrist/hand injury??????
what is thimide medication used for?
The child has been put on prednisone. What are nursing interventions related to administering this type of med
Does wheat grass really contain huge amounts of nutrients? Is it medically proven?
swolen little toe....?
I got an electric shock now I tingle when Im touched do you think Ive injured any nerves?
Swollen toe for more than 8 months! No health insurance either!?
Is it normal to be throwing up today when you had a head injury on Friday?
what can be done if you are not a candidate for angioplasty?
does anyone or know anyone with dilated cardiomyopathy?
About triglycerides?
i get headaches everyday, on and off. please help?
What would you do if you had the black plague and why?
the incubation period of vomiting?
Swine Flu Help Please?
i have a three yr old with recurrent fever vomiting and abdominal pains?
Excruciating pain down the left hand side of the back to the top of hip?
my eardrum keeps on fluttering?
Why does my right ball hurt?
Memory foam mattress or Water bed for a bad lower back?
Why won't my trapped wind go away?
sorry..A four month old...but still a weak neck and a floppy toungue..do you know anything?
Can I take co-codamol with nytol?
Can bad posture cause abdominal pain?
I have a recurring stabbing pain in left hand side of - have had it for around 2 years - what could it be?
My bones keep clicking! Any suggestions why?
I have sudden onset of severe left hip pain. no response to anti-inflamatories and painkillers. been 8 days.?
A weak and aching wrist - why?
Please help, i've never felt this ill?
numbness in my right pinky finger? anyone know if I should be worried?
numb toes anyone know why or the causes ?
What could be causing my shoulder pain?
Do anti-depressants (celexa) or citalopram as its know, age you in any way or cause any problems that way?
15,year old suffering from pains when swallowing, been painfull for the last 48 hours.What shall i do.?
Supplement to reduce yeast pop. and promote healthy intestinal bacteria?
Can I start taking SAMe as I wean myself off Celexa? Does anyone have experience with SAMe or St. Johns Wort?
Can anyone help me understand how I can help stop a tachycardia attack?
What holistic or wellness magazines/ newsletters do you like to read?
Temporary Home treatment of Amenia?
what is a cure for psoriasis?
What is that disease called when you twitch a lot?
does applying regular lemon juice help reduce pores?
I have a nose sore?
Is there any brand name food products that are lactose & dairy free?
What are the best websites about Parkinson's disease and Korsakof syndrome, please?
Is it good to take Acidophilus tablets to help with digestion and ultimately hard stools?
how can you get a cold sore? can you get it from touching the cold sore med tube? can you get cold sore?
Right ear ache with sore throat?
Ganglion Cysts- To be removed....or not to be removed...?
what care services are there for old people or people with anorexia?
how much entonox escapes to atmosphere and is breathed out when used in pre hospital care?
Stomach upset,throwing upand stomach cramps?
Help with lip problems?:(?
Should the bodies of dead people always be made available for medical research?
tamiflu....take it or leave it?
Has anybody ordered antibiotics online without the need for a prescription?I have checked pharmacy checker.com?
I wake up and cannot move?
friend had some kind of cold treatment on her cervix?
How can i get rid of my hideous scars?
i always seem to have sweaty or freezing sticky hands?
where can i find pampers kandoo hand wash with the frog head dispenser in aberdeen, scotland?
Accidentally used my mums razor...?
why cant i swallow???????????
what's wrong please help?? :(?
Did you ever have a mental health "issue" you overcame yourself?
why do people say self harming is done for attention?
ARG im so so so so depressed?
Could somebody please describe to me what a bad LSD trip feels like? I will give 10 points to the best answer?
if you get locked up in a mental hospital ....?
Has anyone got anyhelp for someone coming off effexor? how to deal with the side effects.?
What should I do? I'm so confused...?
Has anyone had any bad counselling?
How often are psychiatrists wrong!?
do i have a mental/eating disorder?
are you scared of death?
Why is it you can see people every day, day after day, 10 times a day, and if you don't wet yourself every ..?
I took an overdose not long ago now don't know what to do? help?
I think im going crazy?
Does this make me a freak ?
How can I stop getting so stressed?
Please help me - bipolar?
Is it possible to do cocaine once and not be addicted?
I feel dizzy and shaky and have headaches all the time.....?
Is disc edema in eyes serious?
Constant twitches in face and head muscles?
Swollen lymph nodes one under jaw and one behind my ear! They are both on my left side... Any ideas?
Is it prozac thats making me feel like this?
How long will Valium stay in my urine?
I have got bowel syndrome?
inflamed intestines ? help ?
I,ve got a spot on my lip and its now swollen, is it infected?
Pain when eating bread, pasta etc...?
I am colour blind in green & brown by birth. What is it? Is there any cure for it? Thanks for answering.?
is this normal? problems with my ear?
Hyperthyroid and pregnancy?
Im having some sleeping problems?
is ankylosing spondylitis dangerous?
is there any successful treatment for asherman's syndrome?
What is Scoliosis? What are the symptoms?
Has anyone experienced stomach problems after a gallbladder operation?
Do you know if this could be OCD?
How do i persuade my mum to let me have a kidney transplant?
Is constant Syatica serious?
how to reduce appearance of varicose veins?
Ive Got A Scabed Spot Ive Had It Quite A While Whats The Quickest Way To Rid Of It ?
Why are like, all my joints clicking?
what is the cause of extremely bad bloodshot eye?
where can i find citronella oil in a spray form??
wake from sleep always have num fingers?
feeling in turmoil what next?
My brother has a blood clot in the leg. He is on Lovenox.Should he walk around before the clot is dissolved?
Is heart failure the same as LVF?
ecg need some infornation about it pleasee..?
Where can I buy Amlactin in the UK?
How can I protect my skin when swimming?
Does the blackhead eraser really work?
had chickenpox...got moles n scars...pls help...?
Skin doctors capillary Cream..Spider veins........?
oily,spotty and to make things better - blackheads.?
Do i have an infection in my cut?
Can you use heat on your hair if you have alopecia?
Help............excessive perspiration.?
skin rash all over body?
If your only getting 6 to7 hours sleep a nite some times less can it make you have really pale skin?
I have a small pinguecula on the white of my eye, has anyone had 1, and maybe know how long they last.?
question about verruca treatment?
I have such bad acne..?
how do air bags work? and how do they help reduce injury?
Are Spiral fractures pinned ?
if i dont go on holiday due to an accident (broken foot)?
I broke my collerbone?
I cut my finger wif a knife but i can still not feel the segment of my finger 1 week l8r? ?
Hypothermia in my book, please help?
If you were 63 and were thrown off a 15 foot high stage and hit your nose/face upon landing...?
i fractured my spine 2 weeks ago......?
Hurt My Leg In Ice Skating Yesterday.?
What is/ how do you lock your knees?
is this a pulled muscle?
I sprained my foot, what do I do? Please read on...?
David Tennant needs surgery...?
Symptons of a strained/ripped tendon?
Nuclear concern Read on.....?
Wrinkles question?
I require asap, info on Adams disease in dogs, main symptom is high potassium?
THYROID: ANY DOCTORS HERE?..everyone's welcome?
Is this cystic acne or a boil?
colon cancer mass were the large & small intestines meet?
Can I take crestor and fitrum at thesame time?
biting nails toes and finger!!!!!?
I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery 12 days ago.?
how do i get rid of poison ivy infection?
what are the side effects for tetracycline which I am using for adult acne?
Are there any websites out there on attachment disorder for adults ...?
Who likes Acupuncture and Why? would you pay for it and how much?
Is there a website that sells equipment for making essential oils?
Can you take an average swallow without gripping your teeth together?
Taste of metal in my mouth? Only happened since woke up today?
Can depression / anxiety be beaten without the need for medication. I don't want to go down that route?
What impact does MRSA have on society?
One eye smaller than the other - 'bulking' the eyelid without surgery?
really excruciating foot pain.?
painful throat caused by vomiting. how can i relieve the pain?
Should I go to the doctors?
worried about my first St John Duty?
Do Hair Confirm drug tests really work?
what about goreys drug problem in wexford there is no help dey are turning there nose to it they need help now?
my throat feels dry and i want to keep drinking?
Can you become immune to eye drops?
How long after you give up smoking, does it get easier to cope with??!!?
Whenever I wake up, I always feel........?
How can i treat my eyesight?
Why isn't it good to drink milk when you have a fever?
what's more effective: lemsip capsules or lemsip drinks?
Ew is there something wrong with my brother?
any one out there selling Agel?
Whats worse? Tidying up or going to the gym?
has anyone gained weight from taking?
modern living has made the people of india unhealthy and disease prone?
Hi peeps, Does anyone know where i can get a cheap thai massage in Brighton? Thanks guys XX?
Its 1.15am and time for bed, thankyou people for your input!?
about blood pressure?
Blood pressure readings?
After discectomy Dr says still inflamed. Anyone else had this problem and did it ever heal?
is there a set rate you get for whiplash?
Who can give me any samples of applicator against pinched nerve?
I am getting a open carpel tunnel on my right hand what are they going to do?
my brother is 24. suffering from hepatites B. His test results are shown below Hbeag - -ve antibodies - +ve?
What have I done to my ankle?
Neck muscle spasms... Have you had them? How did you feel and how long did it take you to get better?
Last June I bruised my thighs quite badly...?
Has ay one else got a brakell (sorry about spelling) nerve injury?
I need a cast off now!!!!?
Internal bleeding of the pinky?
Foot Problems... Calcium Deposits on my foot :S?
Security help please?
Has anyone heard of a link between migraines and a heart defect?
Am I having Allergic reaction to a bug bite? My foot is completely swollen, swelling up my whole ankle HELP!!!
How does an alcoholic recover from having the craving?
i have a very dry spot(patches) on my upper lips,around neck area under my ears..?
Uneven skin tone on my face between my goatee and face?
commmon type of stomach virus?
My wife can't focus,or look up,it's like her brain won't let her,and she blanks out,Help....?
stomach pain-migraine?
Stiff and sore shoulders and hands when waking up?
Has anybody had a facet joint block?
Help with hip pain?
does anybody else feel really drowsy after taking co-dydramol?
I get neck pain when sat at the pc,why?
Why do your joints, click more in the morning, and what causes it?
after a 5 day migraine something has happened. can you help?
I have a really bad pain in my ribs on the right hand side?
what causes varicosil?
Tips for preventing cramp, i tend to get it in my toes and on the top of my foot the front and back of calf?
Extreme fear of the dentist and need a some really quick answers!?
Can I have heartburn even though it is irregular?
Paracetamol and Alcohol?
so much pain help please crying my eyes off?
i am suffering with severe pain from my jaw?
Can carpal syndrome, caused by over computer use , be corrected by surgery only, or does it heal by itself?
Elbow pain?
Why am I getting pains in my arm?
Swimmer's ear What to do?
I Keep Cuttin Myself Is This Weird?
Could my sinuses be causing this much pain?
I had anorexia and the eczema that I had as a young child some of it came back and I have tried countless?
Make-up and dry skin patches?
how do u get rid of fur on your tongue...?
my thighs have started rubbing and friction is created.?
verrucas and harden skin on my feet? help...?
What's the most effective form of wart removal?
How long does a topical cream take to enter the bloodstream?
cure for yorkshire terrier with dandruff + flaky skin?
any home remidys for verucas?
i have holes in my face i need help how do i get rid of them.?
what is the best way to get rid of spots on your back?
Am I susceptible to acne scarring?
I have really rashy skin and i dont know how to clear it, please help?
brown round mole bleeding?
Can waxing cause premature skin ageing?
Mole Question, other 'spots' too?
How do i get rid of a spot quick?
what can i use to cover stretch marks on legs?
How can medication affect the human epidermis?
is there a list somewhere of permitted supplements and herbs to be shipped into canada?
What do you think of the Harper Government Bill C-51?
Information on Vitex?
anti-reflective coating on polarized glasses?
HOW garlic lowers cholesterol levels?pls help!?
If i've thought about suicide would my doctor tell my parents ?
is Alzheimer's hereditary?
cures for severe ear ache?
What Is This Have Put the Symptons In The Description Box Please Answer Its Urgent! My Mum Had It Too And Sis?
When i feel out of control in a sutuation.. i get sort of shivers/ tremours.. it is difficult to explain..?
Cold sore please help!?
best food for some one who is suffering from acid reflux?
What does having bigger blood cells mean for my future?
Increased urination problem?
my doctor says there's nothing wrong with my ears, but i have earache alot! how is that possible?
stomach ach . bach ach . rib pain help?
Why do my arms and legs persistently feel hollow?
What happen to the girl who start to crying blood ?
exercise and osteoarthritis question?
I think I have oedema, now I see visible dent in calf just under the knee - any clues ?
I'm ill practically everyday.?
Wheezing and breathlessness - from dust?
Rheumatoid Arthritis - is it hereditary ?
Left sided pelvic pain-male?
what does water and other drinking fluids do to your body and brain? (not alcohol)?
how can i get rid of yellow eyes from drinking to much alchaol?
im really ill and can't call a doctor until tomorrow what can i do to get better?
I fainted in class...HELP!?
Getting nervous now ~ i am about to try and quit smoking?
Strange experience, too hot, sickness then vision went white?
question about pharmacy?
what's the death process of a puncture wound to the heart?
Can anyone recommend a good anti-anxiety/panic medication I can find in the uk without a prescription?
Does the liver get stronger.....?
constant dry throat help need relief?
What are the most accurate type of bathroom scales?
Why everything seems very hilarious to me when I am sleepy?
Who supplies vitamin d injections?!?
how do i get medical marijuana legally like is there a certain doctor i need to see?
False toenail after surgical removal?
Do I have a mild case of dyspraxia? Or any disability?
either something stuck in my throat or i have mucus problems!?
Why do Doctors.........?
i have a temperature of just under 39. is that enough of a reason to call in sick tomorrow?
How long does a fractured pelvis take to fully recover.?
If you have cholesterol built up in your arteries will taking cholesterol lowering foods etc actually remove?
What is the potential impact of self on clients?
How many years are you going to live ,do you think?
Has anyone tried bioresonance to quit smoking?
Hot flushes and night sweats - natural remedies?
Anybody who has had laser eye correction..?
Blood pressure changes?
Would lack of sleep affect the usefulness of pain killers?
has anyone heard of willy's goodie bag?
I have some itchy bumps on my hand?
What should I do please help?
how do you get rid of spots that are ubder your skin?
i have white marks on my face from using steroid cream?
What do you think about moles?
What Age Do fordyce spots Go ?
Is there a surgery which will change my whole face?
tiny itchy spots from the sun?
Is there anyone here who knows a lot about the skin (doctor?)?
Alternative treatments for Eczema?
Why do i get spots around my mouth instead of everywhere?
why are my legs itching?
Baking soda and armpits?
Sunburn - Question about aftersun?
What shall i doo ? Peeling?
any recommended spot removal product?
Should I go to the doctor with this problem?
The skin at the base of my back is very tender to touch, so also is the skin on my scalp. Name this condition.?
my mum has this red skin on her neck... feels like crepe paper?
sleeping problem disturbed sleep ?
Are you a teen suffering from depression?
Has anyone ever cut their hair off in frustration?
Last night a had a dream i was in a war on front line. What does this mean?
How long do anxiety symptoms last before they get better and clear up for good?
can u still have periods whith an eating disorder?
I worry too much?
Can alcohol give you a confidence boost?
I'm feeling so down what can i do?
Name me ??
Depressed or just whiny ?
im running out of ideas?
Is there any way of protecting yourself against psychiatric treatment?
Do you know of medical clinics that offer stem cell treatments for cancer?
Does anyone know anything about "Alternatives" newsletter by Dr.David Williams?
Does anyone know if Gadolyte (sp?), an MRI contrast dye, is made with dextrose or any other corn product?
Is it possible for a tatoo to be removed from the body?
Can the weather cause Vertigo to come back?
If I smoke any more w33d my lungs are going to collapse? Should I kill myself?
How long does it take for a plum core to come out?
where can I purchase metsal cream?
I gag all the time for no reason,what can cause this ? I only spit up water or a mucus liquid?
My dad has been diagnosed with with A-fib and kidney failure?
is it poisonous to swallow a poison oak?
for my eczema i had it from November until march and it gradually went a way.?