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give me details of books being sold on television stn. CFJC -program Northern Reponse at 8.30 AM -Toronto Time
Is it too late to harvest Violet leaves?
What are some hollistic alternatives for curing epilepsy than taking drugs?
yes we know that it is CoQ10 but how do we know if it is ubiquinone or ubiquinol?
fentanyl and versed used during abortion.?
High blood pressure, Amlodipine and blood tests?
"Oh! Really!" Just to follow on from this question on what has made you exclaim this?
when you get cramp in you calf muscle , how come it can hurt for at least a day after?
Has anyone used or heard of BIORESONANCE treatment to stop smoking?
What is the best quality herbal vaporizer?
Anyone have any good experiences drinking Goji ?????
I have found a great alternative to antidepressants, has any one tried Sam-E?
Sight defects -sickness or weakness?
an important finger problem.?
Embarrassing situations!!?
Help! i think i'm really weird is it healthly that i like the taste of blood?
Anti-histemeans prescription?
I have what I think is the flu...?
Will scientists make cancer eat itself?
Is there a bug about that last weeks and causes headaches and confusion?`?
tickly cough remedy i can have when pregnant please?
why do i keep passing out if i have no medical problems?
Do I need to get my tonsils removed or I'm I just suffering from really bad anxiety?
why do i get such bad hangovers, seriously...?
What are your favourite beauty products?
How many layers of skin do you have?
To scared to eat due to bulimia?
Ultrasound results! stomach pains?
What is the average weight for somebody my age?
Why do they put mercury in fillings and inoculations when it's a poison?
Why am I blinking unusually often?
CAN I STILL GET TALLER AT 17? (late bloomer)?
How can I build up self esteem?
Blood pressure in old lady?
Self harm, suicide will a psychiatrist put me in hospital!?
Am i doing the right thing?
anti depressants that work?
i'm scared help me please?
why is there too much breakdowns nowdays in relationships?
Help! What do I do to stop my husband from putting himself in a wheelchair?
Do you care what other people think of you?
My doctor won't prescribe me antidepressants?
What should I do tonight?
I think I have autism but I'm 18. What should I do? Should I be Worried?
Skin Problem on Hands, Help...!!!!!?
What is this red skin?
how do i treat my son's corn?
I really just want clear skin?
how do i get off hairspray that by barber put on my beard and its dryed to the skin?
Question about Football and Bruised nails..?
help i need to get rid of my spots!?
Will going on the pill help with my acne?
How to get clear skin?
I have a tendency to burst blood vessels easily what causes this?
Is it possible to permanently heal corn on the feet?
Anyone know a good way to get rid of spots?
i have a cleft chin and i totally hate it..?
Hi i had a stain looks like a bruise under my armpit and now i have another one underneath. i am freaking out?
How do you get rid of permanent goosebumps?
I've been self harming quite a lot recently and need to get rid of the scars before my holiday..?
angry red blood vessels in my legs at the end of the day!?
i landed awakardly on a deap fat frier and now i ahev a fanny burn is this normal >?
I've pulled my groin playing sports, advice for recovery ? Its been 4 weeks and it hurts alot in the morning!?
I have a bad knee, Help?
I have severed tendons how long do i have to have surgery before the damage is to far to be repaired?
Pain in the lower back?
regarding a trapped nerve in the back. I found it on web site BACKPAIN RELIEF GUIDE YOU ORDER THE DVDS?
what causes seizure disorder?
how do reflexes help you?
What laundry detergents do not have cancer causing agents in them?
Is there any kind of therapy for vague, generalized feelings of discomfort?
Does laser work to remove scars and are there any side effects to worry about. Thanks?
can anyone please supply me with a copy of the msds data sheet for gold spot mouth spray?
On the subject of us all lving longer, how do we match this up with global warming and burning us to cinders?
what does an immigration medical examination consist of?
what is considered to be a normal pulse rate range for an adult male aged 60yrs?
i have never got a nose bleed?
when ever I run I get pain in my legs how can i stop it?
What is the best cure for belly ache available in Great Britain?
what is wrong with my friend?
Pain in my stomach?
Why do I get hunger pains all the time even after I have eaten?
I get horrible pains in my right collar bone and it spreads down my arm?
Any Doctors Nurses or medically trained people please help i'm in pain ?
Chest hurts when I eat or drink?
When will my mum be rid of her aches?
I have been getting frequent bouts of pins and needles?
i easily get nervous whenever i feel some pains here there and everywhere in my body. i am 47 going 48.?
why do i feel bad after he hurt me?
My neck and throat feel weird?
My doctor says I have tennis elbow, now I have it in both arms.....has anyone any tips for getting rid of it ?
I have a slightly uncomfortable lower back (above my backside),?
Doc can you just tell me if i got stabbed by the needle would i have woken up whether it was a sewing on or no?
does it hurt to have your tonsils out?
help?! i've started to get a pain in my lower back on the right hand side near my hip..?
I need a relief from migrane pain , pls. help ?
Medical question - pain in right hand side of stomach?
does anyone else feel they shin bone (the front) feel like a niknak crisp?
How to cure Insomnia?
21 and Gallstones....?
Going from Headache to Migraines?
How can I tell if I have piles or something worst?
Doctors says I have been ill because I have had a virus..for a year!? Is that really possible?
Dr Frank, Please Answer If Possible. (Helicobacter Pylori)?
Is it really true that people have planted hypodermic needles in public places to harm people who sit on them?
What is the best cleaner that kills the norovirus etc?
Lack of Booze OR is it the Antibiotics?? (Distaclor Cefaclor 375mg) over the last few?
my esr is 81 should i be worried?
Could I have Meningitis ?
concern about cocaine?
what happens if you use thecanesten pessary but dont have thrush?
who can tell me about 714X?
has anyone on here got bipolar disorder?
I have trouble taking tablets?
"The Greatest Wealth is Health" - Virgil.....Do you agree?
What does the BP stand for in HCI BP?
Is there such things as Tampax Pearl Compak Lites?
i need help with Grief?
shaking after cool swimming pool? Read for better description?
Does anybody know if you are able to claim disability benefit for an infant with a club foot?
Stressless Tablets 75?
Ingrown hair??really hard lump dont know what to do?
I'm having even MORE breathing problems?
low self confidence :(?
worried mother.. my daughter has a lump behind her ear,(which i only found)just were ur ear and head meet.?
Squeeze your ankle, do your toes move?
Do I Have CFS? (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - ME)?
Can use of Zoloft to treat mild anxiety lead to severe aggressive behavior?
Can anyone explain what CT Markers mean mine is 17 and i would like to know if this is good or bad?
Is there a Chinese remedy to improve breathing thru your nose?
Baby toenails have thickened over time.What should I do?
Can anyone tell me any long term effects of Gastroschisis?
Does anyone know if side effects of Arimidex subside after a period of time?
what to do about dry skin?
how long does it take for the eye to recover after stye surgery?
im low in bilirubin what does this mean and how can i fix it?
Why do i wake up with cold chills and tremors and my heart raceing at night?
Does hypothyroidism cause heart problems?
What is the risk with ischemic disease and anasthesia?
irish hospitals?
Colofac tablets? I was perscribed them the other day, they work to a certain extent with IBS but...........?
Do you burn more calories when you’re ill?
Where is the cheapest and most reliable place to get an allergy test?
acrylic nail liquid?? where to buy in bulk any help???
Any one know of a good laser eye sugery in the m4 corridor?
I had lasek surgery in April and it hasn't worked,has anyone else had this happen to them? I am so upset.?
Anyone know of any really good websites for opticians?
Has anybody purchased glasses from www.goggles4u.com?
rotator cuff injury???
I have blue/black hard blisters on my botton lip?
Wrist injury-help?????????????
Very Intense Heel and Knee Pain Please Help!?
Help! I've got a black eye and need it to heal as quickly as possible - any tips?
me again with more questions about my back?
bad circulation and cold hands !!?
A very bad weeping wound?
it hurts when i go toilet....help?
my ankle swelled up last kight after football what happend?
Knee operation.... after care UK?
When will my broken finger heal?
Have I pulled a calf muscle?
Falling on my broken ankle- damage?
what have i done to my leg shel i go hospital any advice if you know leg injury symptoms please?
Medical problems?! Thumb?
Help? Acne or somthing else?!?
need to know about verrucas?
can i get lazer eye treatment and can some one who got it tell me what its like?
Which shops in the UK sell neutrogena acne mark fading peel?
Blister like spots on my breasts?
*Sigh*... ( peeps with skin conditions)?
sweating while just getting on with life?
Any tips for 'bacne'?
my nose is very dry and red and is starting to get painful help please???!!?
my friends baby has a condition called EB?
my daughter has got really had eczema?
I really need some skincare advice if anyone can help?
how do you get rid of a rock-hard spot on the face?
How do i get rid of my wart?
Where is Spinal Decompression Therapy available in Toronto?
where to buy nopalina linaza plus?
What is hemisynchronous music?
i have one wish before i go into the wonderful arms of ms. detox and that is?
what is the name of desease of blood reduction in a human body?
what is glaucoma &how is it treated?
hi has anyone have mole or moles on the arm , leg and you sratch it and it bleed a bit and it turns pink red
What products are available that remove scarring and how reliable are they?
I want to quit smoking cold turkey ... any suggestions on mental strategies for distractions during cravings?
im sick and bed ridden what do i do?
why do i keep having bad thoughs in my head with out warning and now am scated to go out on my own in the dark?
olcers - please help !?
is it true that if you drink too much water you will die?
Does "Maximuscle Promax 908g" affects your height anyhow?
Has anyone asked to keep their tonsils in a jar after tonsillectomy (having them removed)?
Do you like to eat ear wax?
Dr Frank... or any doctor or with good bone knowledge!!?
I'm bulimic and i need help!?
Help...I'm in pain...headache/back/neck etc...?
stomach problem,@!!!?
does taking protein shake make you spotty?
I don't understand, i don't have to be bulimic but i like it?
Numb throat whenever I smoke?
What sort of complications can you get with a concussion?
best natural stomach aid for PMT?
If you have had the Flu vaccination can you still get the flu?
I had my drink spiked last night, can you tell me what with?
Having problems trying to sleep?
what are then places called when you can't stop drinking and you need help?
How can i get rid of a blocked nose!!?
Doc thinks i have gallstones?
What are the four nerves called that go up along your forehead?
Every few month my very sane middle class wife turns into a alcoholic fro 3/5 days. HELP!!!?
Is there anything I can do to improve my concentration?
what is a lobotomy?
What serious advice can I give to someone who thinks they are responsible for a child's mental illness?
What can the people on "crisis hot lines" or things actually do to help people?
My mum is feeling stressed. What can I do to cheer her up?
Cheese Giving Us Nightmares?
insomnia after a death of a family member...help?
How can I get my doctor to listen?
scared of flying - please help?
how do you handle life and confusing people that bring ' their ' mess, ' their ' baggage into your life?
How long can you survive without sleep?
why wouldsomeone be on prozac for years?
why is that so many of us seek to alter our state of mind using drugs + alcohol?
how much sleep does a healthy adult really need and how long could we safely go without?
Does this sound like OCD?
my b/f sleep sleep for at least 18hrs a day and depressed?
Depression advice... not sure whether to book an appointment... what do I say?
Will arthritis effect my piano and harp playing?
ive hurt my back.....?
Does someone have any informations about leg pain, comming from the back?
ive got a terrible headache and have done of a few days, my neck also feels tence. is it a virus of some sort?
Should I take ibuprofen three hours after paracetamol?
Headache for over a month now!!!?
Hot cold sweats, aches and pains n throat sore?
please help me, i'm in pain.?
how are cramps caused?
My dad is in pain from osteoarthritis in his hand... what to do?
why does my foot keep cramping up?
Ear Streching.. help please.. (:?
cystitis relief please help?
Andrews salts?
Help with bad headaches?
Theres what feels like some water in my ear. Whenever i tilt my head to the left or right, it moves and hurts.?
Which is the best medicine for joint aches and pains?
panadol addiction?..................?
my bottom lip is swollen, and my throat and neck hurts, only signs is a spot just below my lip ?
I have pain in my left arm...?
Does anyone else find 4 units of alcohol in one day difficult to stay under?
What age can Epstein Anomaly (it's a heart disease) patients live up to?
I walked under a ladder today, but last month at The Jameson Factory I touched something that.....?
What is the best anti-malarial tablet?
have you got scoliosis and how are you dealing with it?
I dont think i have a oral thrush on my tonuge, but i was woundering is it thick oral thrush and spreed?
Rash/botches all over face... help?
can Viagra help a person with diabetes?
What valves of the heart open during ventricular diastole?
Which are the natural and herbal hair dyes availablable for black hair?
Does alcohol show up in a hair follicle test?
when someone have chapped lips, and skin is off, how long will its take to heal.?
Reoccuring cold due to stress?
When you breath in which way does the diaphragm move?
mono related?
Only vigorous exercise helps my chronic tiredness, what is going on?
My daughter had been diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum?
medical research?
I've Hurt My Foot, Any Help?
Would you have to use crutches for a bad hip?
Will I be Ok after hitting my head?
Will my wrist heal in time?
What Have I Done To My Toe?
i am afraid i tore my muscle in my arms...?
How do you get rid of a black toenail?
Other than a head injury is there any other way of getting amnesia?
Bad Ankle Sprain or possible fracture ?
can you move your thumb and wrist if you broke your scaphoid?
Why does my sprained ankle still hurt after 3 weeks?
i have some weird lump on my foot?
Is wearing ankle weights bad?
Chest Pain From Car Accident - Is this whiplash?
Running knee injury prevention?
About a trial shift! Suppost went to the next stage like i had take the position?!?
Painful, swollen, bruised ankle/fibula?
Is my wrist sprained?
I'm 18 and I have never had a health check up at the doctors? UK?
What causes numb fingers ?
i have just been diagnosed with SVT. Is there anyone else outthere who is taking flecainide medication 4 it?
what are proper meditation positions using a cushion?
How many times do I need to apply Kwell (Permethrim) shampoo for head lice?
Why Do I Have These Tiny Bumps Around My Nose??????
what causes psoriasis and what' the best remedy to get rid of it?
Recommended hair removal method?
Different kind of sore throat?
What does it mean if your lips go blue?
My waist size is 34 inch and my hips are 28.5 inch, what size am i in uk?
Waiting for results back from lab then think doc will prescribe antifungal tablets, but I'm worried....?
Anyone with experience of IBS?
How many days after rhinoplasty do you stop bleeding?!?!? please help!?
Explain why so many people with dark or red hair have blond/fair parts just at the front of their hair?
Odd Hand Help Please?
citalopram tablets ? been given these by doctor. do they work? was on other ones b4 fluoxetine?
get over fear of needles?
Why is there a saying, about nervous people, that they're digging themself an early grave, since nervousness?
Why do my legs go red while standing? And how do I get rid of it?
How often can you have a general anaesthetic?
Constipated in the mornings?
I have heard of this new diesease and I am a bit freaked out,anyone know about it?
why do my eyes water all day?
Positive stress test...what does that mean?
When your recovering from a cold?
Question about coughing after heart surgery?
Diagnosed with HOCM in2006,?
hanks every body who took the time to answer my stroke question,my speach has returned to normal ,I'm walking
I had an ECG yesterday, and it showed what my doc described as 'flat bumps'. Can anyone explain this?
yellowish spots, inflamed throat and one swollen tonsil?
How long does Oesophagitis take to heal up? e.g with Proton pump inhibitors?
Hi has any one suffering with fibromyalgia ever managed to obtain DLA Anne?
my mum has a rash where she gets dialysis?
what causes sleeping paralysis?
I suffer from indegestion and I drink a lot of bottled water and I struggle to sleep, any ideas on what to do?
Why are sports and recreational facilities more popular than ever?
What's the point of having private NHS hospitals if they are not making any money?
Gloomy Hospitals !!.?
Enteric fever?
please help??
what effects does cannabis have on the brain?
Positive thinking doesnt work?
will my anxiety ever go away?
do i have depression?
I started an acting job this week but began to have panic attacks and ended up taking overdose?
am bored need a life any suggestions?
Have I got depression?
Schizophrenic people - Do you miss the voices and delusions that tablets have taken away?
im desperate to help my partner find a cure for insomnia?
Why is it when its lovely outside I feel miserable?
Where is the dividing line between feeling sorry for yourself and depression?
I am friendly with a guy in his 40's who has just told me he is suicidal?
do you think bullying of any kind can cause serious damage to a person i also think bullying gos unnoticed by?
do you have low self esteem and poor confidence?
vodka is it bad?
does spending too much time on the computer actually affect your mind?
How can I boost my serotonin levels?
does anyone know the best medication for anxiety?
any worthwhile home remedies for plantars on the ball of the foot?
has any body heard of or used native remedies focus for a.d.h.d?
Is the use of a reflexology board beneficial to the lymphatic system or the nervous system?
can any bone tell me abiut heat attacks?
How is a spitometry test perfomed?
Link between Persistent left superior vena cava and neck discomfort? Please?
trapped nerve in leg i think?
I broke my nail in a very horrid way :(?
could someone please give me some advise on a bleeding tag or wart It is a little sore?
Hip strain injury. It still hurts after a week but do i still need to put ice on it or would heat be better?
I've pulled/strained some tendons in my foot while running what's best for recoverery heat or ice?
if I am well and have taken no time off am I obliged to see a company doctor?
Eye question.........................?
Anybody think of some things me and my friend can do because i have a Broken arm and im in cast?
How long did it take you to get used to crutches?
i have fractured my wrist but i have a cast on, can i play on my console, the xbox?
broken arm operation can i play b-ball?
Jaw problem, please help?
Have A Pulled A Stomach Muscle?
Should i have been given theses plp n docs help?
have slipped a disc guess what my manager said?
Broken arm, surgery necessary?
When do bones in fingers stop growing?
Broken toes?! Seriously painful?
Problem with my foot?
Knee pops and feels like a balloon is inside?
what causes irregular heart beat pattern?
I have been prognosed with myofacial muscle pain...I think?
How do you get rid of a bunion without surgery?
Lump ......?
is it good to squeez out puss?
my son has 2 darkred circles on his tongue, with tiny white spots. He says they are not sore. Can anyone shed?
Hard skin on bottom of my feet...Help?
"psoriasis in the ear "?
eczema question, I am neglected by the health and benefits system and it really is ruining my well being?
Can anyone tell me how to have clear skin? just a tiny blemish..?
How can I stop itching my excema, its doing my head in and I'm ripping skin off helppppp!!!!?
can i ask my dermatologist for accutane?
My face feels very dry, but I drink loads and loads of water....?
After I extract a blackhead why does my skin turn bloodred around the site?
acne advice, has anyone had it before?
clean and clear advantage god for acne?
Electric shavers less rash than razors?
Red dots appearing on skin?
Help I need rid of acne.?
I think have skin tags but nuse thinks it MIGHT be viral warts?
what can i do to make myself sleep?
What is the damage caused to the body by smoking cannabis contaminated with glass particles?
Do people say your beautiful...?
can stress cause feeling ill and tired and i got a really weird taste in my throat and lots of excess saliva?
I keep getting alot of spit in the back of my throat and a weird sugary taste? what could it be?
What vitamins should I take to help strengthen my nails?
Woke up with swolen lymp node?
IS my Growth being affected ?
please can someone explain to me about an IV cannuala?
really itchy legs! please help!?
i have really fat ears why?
Why did I get so drunk last night?
when i eat food i feel sick after?
CAN I STILL GET TALLER AT 17? (late bloomer) please answer?
Calling all ladies aged 20 - 65 - what toiletries do you use:?
who would you rate these girls on 1-10?
Can shortness of breath, caused by a spine condition pressing on the lung, cause anxiety?
what's up with me ?
left axis deviation on ecg what does it mean?
does anyone know how lond an angioplasty lasts in the heart once fitted?
Why is this generation of young people for the first time ever not going to live as long as their parents did?
can you choke on a sponge?
I keep coughing up these yellowy-beige things that smell disgustin. what the feck are they?
impetigo help im going mad..... :-(?
if you went to sleep at 3am ?
what is manual handling?
83% Oxygen in my Blood?
What does Sodium + calcium + potassium + chloride do in plasma?
Do NHS primary doctors usually charge a fee for referrals to private doctors/hospitals?
hip replacement?
Does anyone have bad flakey dermititus on their forehead?
Chinese medicine & Chinese doctor practice name suggestions please.?
where in warsaw or Cracow , can Purchase glasses/lens of high index - or list of optician in these cities -?
has anyone had a child who has had a bad reaction to a mag3 kidney function test? i.e severe sickness?
Has anyone else heard the rumour that Gulf War Syndrome has been in part attributed to all the free diet cola?
Pills Expert !?
Is celibacy good for the mind and body?
whats the worst personality disorder?
how do i raise my self-esteem & self-confidence?
how do you stop being so forgetfull?
Im not sure if this is depression...?
What can you do to get away from work?
Do certain foods cause worry and anxiety?
feeling a bit suicidal just now please help?
how can i self treat my depression?
How can people feel nothing at the world sometimes. Just another day gone by.?
If more money was put into the treatment of adolescent mental health, could adult services be reduced?
I really need some advice!! Really worried about the fact im seeing things that aren't there!!?
My past is Killing me!!!! =[ PLEASE HELP!?
Anybody take cipramil for depression?
Does God Need some help because he is either powerless or uncaring to cure and prevent diseases?
Manic depression perhaps?? I sometimes think of ending it all??
Can some help me some times i feel tocally alone in this big wide word, with no body to help me with?
what is a coma??
Please help?
I suffer from regular panic attacks and had one this morning in work.?
What are the pros and cons of decompression surgery(removing a spinal disc)?
Possible kidney or liver problems?
If two people with Scoliosis had a baby together? what would there baby be like?
Anyone know much about memory loss in the elderly? I am in the UK therefore there is access to the NHS.?
I've suddenly stopped eating and i don't know why i have tried forcing my self and it has not worked i feel si?
my fissure has mostly healed, should i still go to hospital appointment?
my mum has slurred speech and difficulties in her throat the docter thought mnd there is no other symtons?
My hearing has been lost for two weeks now due to catarrh/bacteria doctor prescribed me Erythromycin also Iv..?
These are my cholesterol test results after fasting. What should each catagory be?
I keep get random dizziness..?
Is Glycerin Honey & Lemon safe to take every day by children?
Why is it so hard to obtain a diagnosis of ME/CFS? (UK)?
Can anyone help me with Heterochromia?
caugh reasonse?
Diagnosing Lupus?
Do you enjoy being a respiratory therapist?
wont to know if menudo is bad for the heart?
I had some moles lasered off earlier this week..?
what's the best way to deal with eczema?
My husband has just started therapy drug for Hep.C./Interferon combination rib. will med.s stop virus totally?
how long does it take for hep shot a and c take?
how do you prevent a wart from becoming big?
scotch allergy?
My doctor diagnosed me with Cellulitis about 2 months ago.?
What is the disadvantage of having mitral valve dysfunction?
Do sleeping tablets really slow the heart rate down?
Hayfever solutions??????????????????????????
can u tell me i had alergy test and it is 0.07ku/l wheat and milk0.55kul do i need to avoid wheat or not i?
Pulled or torn shoulder muscle?
i have been signed off work for a year now and have been given a diagnoses of housemaid knee what should i do?
Who can help with trapped nerve/groin problem?
groin problem i have got?
broken little toe painful?UK?
Pulled All The Muscles In My Thighs ? ? ?
What happens when the physio checks your coccyx?
How dangerous can concussion be?
i just got a vaccination( injection) then after 1 hour..i got punched..the next day my arm really hurts..>?
What's wrong with my toes?
I was in the shower, and accidently went it when the water was really hot.?
they admitted liability in my personal injury?
Clearing up Runners Knee (Chondromalacia) without losing fitness?
how to make a lip stop bleeding fast?
i have a deep cut which is 3cm deep on my thigh ? Do you think i will require some stitches?
Cigarette burn, what degree is it?
Is it normal that my kneecaps to wobble from side to side?
How can i describe a trivial cut?
Why do I always still feel exhausted after a night's sleep?
Can you get high off lsd by touch?
just turned 25 and starting to feel like im getting old..... any thoughts on the matter?
Your experience of taking shrooms?
How to get rid of constipation?
can appendix regrow once they have been removed?
If you take a course of antibiotics, how long do you have to take extra precautions for?
Most painless way to die? And no I ain't suicidal?
Its unfair:( i shud b taller?
Do LEGAL drugs such as legal pills, cocaine and legal skunk, stay in your system?
i cant stand life anymore i have taken loads of overdose bu notin happens 2 me :(?
I am on the drug propanalol for migraines - does this drug make you put weight on?
at what age can you use cannabis as a medical drug?
how could i calm my self from getting stressed out?
I am friends with a nurse at a hospital I go to - is she able to view my records/treatment details etc.?
Why do I find it hard to sleep when I'm hungry?
Could massaging the psoas muscle to relax it, loosen the hamstrings?
Thread veins on face.. desperately want them removing?
what could it be Lump on leg turns into bruise?
I have a lump underneath the skin of my right fanny lip.?
Is there a known cure for Keloids?
When doctors freeze verrucas off, is it painful? PLEASE HELP!!!?
why do some people have naturally red cheeks?
How to get rid of a double chin?
dose gohnstons baby oil help get a better tan ?
i need to know what this is?
Why is my head itchy?
Will my spots ever go? What should I do?
How to get rid of spots on back?
Have you ever tried Epiduo skin clearing treatment?
When the temperature changes from hot to cold, I get redness and itchiness on my hands. Why?
can gets worse before it gets better apply to facewashes used to prevent and treat acne?
mole or freckle not sure what it is?
How to get rid of little dots on my face?
How does HIV/AIDS affect the economic development of poor countries like Malawi?
why would taking ramipril raise your blood pressure?
can you get CPP disability for degenerative disc disease?
I feel like I have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck?
How many people are affected annually by Lyme disease?
Skin regrowth?
Can you recover from strep throat without taking antibiotics?
Pulmonary and systemic circulation: sequence?
Ultra sound?
Can you feel it when you pull out pacemaker wires?
Where can I buy a large buckwheat heating pad?
Chinese medicine and acupuncture enter (cmaac) near THORNHILL, ONTARIO?
herbalists in canada where did you find work? what schooling did you take?
hyperthyroid problem?
Tiredness- do i have a disorder?
I have laryngitis, and the pain is extreme: what can I do?
I suffer from heart palpitations and have tried propanol but that gave me nightmares was prescribed valium 2mg
How do you break your arm on perporse?
Can you please help me?
i hurt my arm im not sure what to do?
How can I sprain my ankle easily?
Is it normal to have tiny F2 Foci in the white matter on an MRI scan?
cat scan hospitals in buffaland phone nos pls?
Is a cardiac enzyme level of 0.08 anything to worry about?
I have stretch marks on my upper thighs, help!?
My inner ear itches, what can I do to relieve it?
hypothyroidism taking meds for same,What happens if medication does control it? how high can dose go?
is there a cream or something to help open cuts all on my feet?
Scars after mole removal?
How many weeks?
How to get rid of babyfat?
How to know if it is heart burn/heart attack/chest pain or just ?
Why does it take so long to get the result of an IGE blood test for allergies?
can i treat blepharitis without going to the doctor?
Does cornstartch work well as anti-persperant?
Has anyone every tried self-hypnosis to..?
i have a pill that says w 907 on it what is it?
SALVIA What happened when you tryed it?
Can you get Celiac that is not genetic?
What is the purpose of hiccoughing?
Does the term "tachyphylactic" apply to the use of cannabis ?
Too much tea, is it harmful?
Is the gelatine used in Lansoprazole capsules of animal or vegetable origin?
Someone HELP ME!!Doctors please?!?
High temp and abdominal pain?
Doctors, bad back problems?
What is this strange feeling?
sciatica very painful?
do vibrations help shoulder pains?
I have had a bad headache for the past few days?
is green tea helpful when fighting acne?
Has anyone tried Boots Alternatives Acne Relief tablets?
what cream or remedy?
Skin problem - scarring help?
What is this on my feet and how do i get rid of it?
im from UK, can i get spider viens removal on the NHS?
Neutrogena Hydrating Spot Treatment?
Unexplained bruises on thighs, arm and now chest?
How to get rid of spots.?
Should I use roactutane or not ?
home remides to get rid of scars on my legs?
Can anyone recommend an essential oil for psoriasis?
Is this a bite on my arm [picture]?
i got lymphedema in my legs?
my daughter has come out in red spots?
how to cure a whitlow?
Homeopathy vs physiotherapy, which is better?
Dizziness, Blurry vision, Bad headaches etc.. What's Up With Me? :S?
is it ok for me to take sleeping tablets or medicine?
Really bad sore throught, whenever i swallow liquid it comes out of my nose, fever, exhausted?
help on crohs disease? urgent!?
Any ideas what's wrong? Mystery illness...?
Where I can find the book, that I can get answer for spiritual fatigue?
Can I build up a resistance to side effects?
Do you think its sinusitis???????
what will happen if i stop taking my tramadol?
Is glycerol bad for you ,and what are the effects ?
Why do my eyes constantly close whilst I'm at my desk?
If you are technically obese is Liposuction worth considering to get the body weight back to safe levels?
What shoulsd I say at my occupational health interview?
what effects does hash have on ones body?
Upset stomach..HELP...?
what would be the advantage of stapling my eyelids oopen?
What are the benefits and disadvantages of marijuana/cannabis?
Lower back pain question?
I want to leave my body to medical research, but?
How can i get my mind to sleep!?
i'm to depressed to work or socialize how do i get my confidence and my motivation back??
I cant read out loud very well at all, any ideas to help me improve?
My girlfriend has self harmed how can I help ?
Will it all be ok.....please help!!??
How can I safely come off bipolar meds?
How many nervous breakdowns have you had ?
Am I allowed to request a different psychiatrist?
How can i get a deeper sleep?
Does depression work in cycles or is it constant?
what's depression?
Why are they asking me questions about my childhood?
what causes night-mares ?
I feel i am being pushed out of my job by bullies what do i do they all stick together and make me look the?
Anyone bothered enough to talk about depression?
Anxiety Disorder Can It Be Cured?
im a 16 year old girl and im really confused about this.. help.. serious matter..?
What makes my brain vibrate?
Acne scars...?
which one and why?
How does Coversyl blood pressure medication effect breast milk if you are breast feeding?If anyone knows.?
do you know how long it takes for a swelling of a lymph node to go down?
Here is an easy way to clean a CPAP humidifier reservoir.?
How serious is Rat urine on canned pop/ food?
what store sales reduced protein for cats with kidney or liver conditions midi-cal in canada?
cephalexin upsets my stomache bad even taken with food can i?
Mederma results?
Any home remedies for edema?
before i had my thyroidectomy i was experiencing numbness and burning sensation throughout my body.Now 2 and a
I Need To Know Why My 7 Year Old Has Dark CIrcles Under Her Eyes?
Gallbladder Removal?
What is this lump/knot in my upper left abdomen?
what is a scar on the heart called?
lead come off a 24 hour cardiac moniter advice needed please?
help with advise on benefits, disability and income?
lots of help needed please?
been to a bbq all afternoon?
Why have I woke up with weird twitch in my left eyebrow?
Has anybody tried those ionic foot baths? If you have please tell me your experience.?
what are the health implications of having little sleep?
is there any way i can get to sleep at nightwithout taking sleeping tablets?
A little help from any nurses/docs out there?
Giving up smoking...?
Any one have any idea how to cure...?
Where can I purchase Isegenex or a VERY good colon cleansing kit in CANADA..not online?
4.How can nurses interact and co-work with the different members of the multidisciplinary team?
Does anyone know where i can find info on "The 1948 Beveridge Report - 5 Giants."?
what is a p.e.t.scan?
in the past 18 months I suffered a heart block and was fitted with a pacemaker. IS THIS A DANGEROUS CONDITION.
poor working conditions and how it affects people working in care settings?
what is the normal cardiac output in children?
I have loads of spots?
How can I get rid of white heads?
I found a body............?
Ambulance ride-alongs?
I'm having trouble breathing, chills, coughing a little, feeling really weak.?
Why cant i get to sleep?
lots of dead skin on my feet?
Why do my hands feel like this?
I have a constant cough. Been going on forever. Doc can't find out what it is? Do you know?
Hangover Without even drinking alcohol?
spots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
burns itching and throbbing what to do?
What happens if you overdose on...?
My ligament clicks over my bone when i bend down help!?
Whats so good about smoking?
I'm really depressed and don't know how to deal with it?
What do you do to relax?
School harm help !!!?
Does anyone know why Doctors recommend their patients to USE MCT OIL?
Recently I have been feeling really sick and tired all the time?
tell me how podiatrist/chiropodist help people in the society?
i feel like such a freak?...?
Does this sound like a panic attack?
is 38kg underweight for a 5 ft 2 17 year old?
lower eye lift in the uk-has anyone had this done recently? im trying to make sure i get a good surgeon?
where can i buy a skeletal foot for chiropody course?
How Do I Stop People From Thinking I Smoke ?
Is lu*be for men or women?
What do you do if someone has inhailed water while drinking?
what medication can kill you instantly if you overdose?
Big Nose A couple of my friends have pointed out that I have a "big nose" lately. I have always had a health?
my friend has paranoid Schizophrenia and would like some help on how to help her?
I gave up..?
Can a person suffering from mental illness apply to study medicine.?
I'm faking it, all the time?
I hear voices in my head?
Does anyone have any tips for managing anxiety?
Any tips on how to improve concentration?
Depression, scared to seek help !?
No job, no friends, no money..?
Am I ill or is it in my head?
When i exercise, sometimes i feel very dizzy and i hear sounds like bells ringing in my ear, i don't know why?
should I need to worry with my enlarged right kidney due to keloids?
High ESR blood result?
Will I get Crohnes Disease?
Why does hypothyroidism cause brittle hair, oedema round the eyes and a husky voice?
How are microtubules in neuronal cells affected in Alzheimer's Disease?
I have just been diagnosed with 6 stomach ulcers and was wondering how common it is to have so many?
Do you know or ever heard of someone in UK and Ireland who has Multiple Sclerosis?
What is the possibilities that i have iron defency or anaemia?
can tendonitis lead to amputation?
What is Degenerative Disc Disease?
I've got a damaged kidney, what would actually happen if I drunk alcohol?
Degenerative brain disease?
what is the best way to tell if one leg is swollen?
Has anyone with an underactive thyroid NOT put on weight?
is it possible to have a seizure while being awake?
whats wrong with me? help needed?
what happens when you have a chipped bone?
How long does it take for a simple fracture in the radius to heal?
If i have a bad hip and on crutches for 9 months.......?
I've broken my arm and i'm bored!?
i fell over about 3 months ago and banged my head,i have a long dent in my head now and it still hurts?
Still not listening to my arm injury, should i try...?
Anyone had a Lumbar Puncture?
Is my arm broken???? Dr's out there, help!?
Right, 1 injury on top of another??? =S?
RIHANNAS INJURIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
UNKNOWN LEG INJURY help please!!!?
Today, I had a bad fall of a horse and really hurt my back!?
could I have damaged my coccyx?
What is the matter with my arm!?!?!?
shooting pain and bruising on finger?
Are you 'umble like me? Do you knuckle your forehead when you see gentry? Have you got a black suit shiny on?
muscle spasms ......................................................?
Stretched ligament, ligament damage?
Natural Nerve support formula vitamins sold in canada?
Why do we need a chest xray when we have high blood pressure?
Will I get glandular fever too?
is it possible that the reason my "tonsils are inflamed" and i cannot swallow anything, is because last week..?
What to do if my ears are plugged?
Did someone know something about pulmonal hipertehsion can we find cure or some clinic were treat and cure?
How is blood pressure calculated?
auto-immune disorders?
does anybody know what kind of test an endocronolgist perform?
can you get rabies if you have been vaccinated?
my zite or pimmple its on top of the skin, not under the skin?
Crestor Questions?
am a singer who is quitting smoking and now I can't sing?
what is IgA Nephropathy and Thin Membrane Nephropathy?
PA and lateral views demonstrate the lungs to be mildly hyperexpanded. What does this mean?
I have a very lene cheeks so now i want to build my cheeks and make my face a round one?
has anyone heard of a tablet form called R U 21?
any recommendation for a good lifestyle coaching website?
fluid on the throat also has floppy wind pipe what could the fliud be?
should i or shouldn't I?
i have had a pain in my right side for around 6 weeks. It feels as if i have been kicked, anyone have a clue?
i have had tonsilities for ages what can i do?
My lower back is really aching and can get very painful when I stay in one position for a long time...?
My back always cracks and crunches when I get my strong m8 to come up behind me and lift me up.is this normal?
Ever been hit by a car and thought ouch?
i have swellings at the very back of my tongue which is coursing pain when i swallow?
Why all of a sudden am i getting lower back pain in the morning?
why don't ANY pain killer work for me?
why do I feel pain in my lower right jaw after exertion.It also affects my stamina and libido?
Have you ever been injured by a snowball? or know anyone who?
Can you get growing pain's in one arm?
Ideas to make my toe amputation dream a reality please?
severe excruciating pain in legs. help?
Why do my legs hurt so much?
my jaw clicks why ? what can it be?
Anyone been prscribed amitripline (anti depressant) to prevent migraines?
I have this really sharp pain under my breastbone and I have a feeling like I have a lump in my throat?
Clean and clear or Clearasil?
i am going to hospital on thusday for angioplasmy fo patenet formen ovale (hole in heart) are there any risks?
I didn't have enough sleep last night, at work now and feeling really tired, any tips on feeling more awake?
what can i do to keep me awake throughout the day?
Whats the worst thing?
I think i have anger problems?
does vodka help to reduce panic attacks and anxiety?
I can't go out on dates because I can't eat in public?
Bullied at work.?
do you believe that ADHD is real?
i feel so low right now?
I think I have Depression?
right...ok folks, i have to go to the hospital today for an appointment, i have border personality disorder?
terrified of flying?
my dad died of lung cancer in april 08 and i am finding it hard to feel any emotions around this.?
how can you cover up depression?
What will the future bring?
My wife had a breakdown, now I get no rest, what to do?
Bettering yourself.?
why is it bad to have drugs?
Why have I got a really bad headache?
What are the best vitamin supplements to take for your hair?
bubble feeling in lung?
need help going crazy with Thrush and nothing is helping!!!?
Discomfort after and whilst passing urine. Like constipation.?
is there any websites that you can chat to someone?
How do I go about getting myself one of them medical MOTs?
Is it safe for me to take flu tablets when I'm on antidepressants?
How to stop afternoon sleepiness after nightshift job?
headache over left eye, back of skull extremely tender to?
Head hurting when I breathe through my nose. Help?
:'( i really need help for my friend... about smoking.?
How do you get a blocked nose?
my eyes don't open when i wake up! :(?
I am donating blood tomorrow and am wondering if my cervical cancer injection will restrict me donating?
How long can you go without sleep before it starts to make you ill?
Has anyone had any success treating Keratosis Pilaris?
Marijuana/cannabis question?
Many answers,many best answers....?
Do i have a type of eating disorder?
What is your body temp. when you wake up?
i was wondering how much lowering hairline surgery cost roughly?
how can you get over Laryngitis well being a teacher?
Why did I get splotches on my neck after I went tanning.?
Can you tell me if air conditioning helps with the smog days as far as a persons health goes. does it help us.
what structures in the nervous system does parkinson's disease affect the most?
How would you lose a kidney playing football?
Liver Disease?
HELP! I've burned!?
father seems to be losing, instead of gaining weight since his colon surgery..?
i have been taking wwarfarin for over a year, over the past two days i have felt ill,, headache ,joint pain,?
anybody know anything about cervical cancer vaccination?
can the straps of the sandals for the feet give little pink red dots , marks on?
what is the name of the only person with body dysmorphic disorder?
what does this mean the endometrium is distorted and there is a focal echogenic area 13x8x9mm.?
Breaking Bad News To A Patient?
Ho long has my friend got left to live with only one Kidney?
I have a Kidney infection for the last few days, what can I eat that won't aggravate it?
How can I get rid off a cold quickley?
which diseases are developing resistance against their cures?
daughter has worms and constipation?
I feel so weak...........?
muscular pain in the back and the legs?
Consuming Green tea is it bad for Hypothyroidism?
Can you name a disease like........?
Delaying the HPV vaccine a year?
numbness in hand, should i worry?
What Is The Definition Of A Colostomy?
why do i feel as if my throat is furry when i swallow could it be oral thrush?
How Rare is Duane's Syndrome?
what are the remedies to cure vertigo?
I think i may have an infected navel? how/why could this have happened & what do i do?
after stroke?
dysarthria - uk?
what does this mean on a blood test?
Has anyone tried Okinawan Tea?
Pastor Bob's nudist church?
What is Acidophilus and Bifidus?
Who supports medical research using vivisection?
What Does My Dream Mean?
what is cps.co.uk?
Has anyone tried Universal Contour Wrap?
im getting very tired?
support security procedures, what legislation is involved?
i have got clicking hips on both sides everytime i stand up ...any ideas whats wrong with me ?
Leg injury question...?
I have a numb feeling in my hands...?
What do you do when you pull a Muscle?
Whats this pain in my foot?
No vaseline for new scar. Would diprobase be okay?
how long does it take for the bruising 2 go away when youve dislocated your thumb?
why do i itch in the shower?
Sudden painful rash. What is it? I'm worried.?
age -spots treatment ; renova cream or fraxel laser?
Would anyone reckon mixing tea tree oil with moisturisers is a good idea?
omg coldsore! please help.?
Best way to get rid of acne?
Does the cream for piles act as a temporary measure, or a permanent cure?
I got Keratosis Pilaris how can i get rid of them?
Is my stye going to pop ?
has any one had a bruise on both inner thighs and around scrotum from cycling?
i have a really itchy ear?
Does it hurt to have a mole removed?
Why is it when im cold i go purple with orangle patches?...?
What treatment can i get to remove deep follicular plugs on my nose ?
has anyone ever had light treatment?
Does anyone know of any recent reoccurring cases of GBS?
How to get popcorn kernal out of throat?
On Ramipril 2.5mg once a day an getting weird heart rate. Is this normal? Any ideas?
i live in england, im 16..?
why can't my friends accept it?
Depressed Or Just Normal ? ?
why do i think people are dangerous?
any hints on how to read really quickly?
why are you attracted to fitter people?
This sounds really silly, but why if I don't believe in ghosts/spirits...?
help me and my imaginary friend have fell out i usually jst give him some pot noodle and were fine but not now?
I like to jump at strangers, do I have jump at strangers and lick them disorder?
i am scared of dying?
does hypnotherapy work?
is depression a weakness?
im really self conscious?
my hight is 4''8.tall,i need a medicane for hight bigger.please need some medi... name.?
Is that it true that apricots are good for hypertension?
sometimes my tummy bubbles and sloshes about like you've drunk lots of water then jumped about, why? thanks?
This has confused me?
Help, (Drug problem) Urgent?
Is Manuka honey really superior to my local untreated honey or is it just hype?
How much does it cost for new lens for my glasses!?
These symptoms i have?
It 'true that you can take the mad cow disease by drinking milk (and all its derivatives)? Try to read?
Why do my feet smell like urine? Ever since I got back from Iraq, my feet just always smell like pee.?
Has the cervical cancer jab decreased the chances of the contraceptive injection being effective?
i want to know where can i find note on physical,emotional,social and intellectual needs of people at differen
Is it possible to have hyperlordosis corrected successfully with surgery?
when did the first link nurses start practising?
Is it just me or?
will acupunture cure my pins and needles ?????
about seeing your phantom double?
Is it the cost which makes people decide not to buy a separate pair of driving glasses?
Something in my eye...?
Does anyone have any diet advice for a gallbladder problem while awaiting a scan?
Can you get ecoli from ingesting very filthy aquarium water?
anyone know any real cure for recurring nasal polyps n sinusitus problem?
Can hypothyroid disease cause cardio thrombosis?
had a breast infect. in breast now having pain all the time in same breast could this be cancer?
Sinus colds cleared up my acne and acne scars, coincidence?
The stuff that grows between your toes, is it considered a food source?
can' t feel parts of your body ?
what can i do for black circles under my eyes? nothing works?
Has anyone ever had severe allergy to chicken?
Eye infection or something else?
Accutane, Isotretinoin? Just Started, need some advice...?
is aloe vera really good for problem skin?
How to get rid of hard bump on the bridge of my nose?
best cure for stretch marks?
should i get rid of my pale skin?
how do i get rid of black heads !?
What is the best way of getting rid of blackheads?
Help? Issue with Patch under foreskin?
Big Toenal removal? Has anyone resorted to having big toenail removed?
White dots on scalp..?
Why did Michael Jackson had bandages and plasters on his right hand and fingers?
i tried spot cream, spot roll on , spot pills whats next?
strange marks on my neck ?
My forehead is breaking out in spots and i dont know how to get rid of them!! HELP!?
Does bio oil work on all skin type?
HAs anyone ever had a retinol (chemical peeling) or know any that has? Does it really work?
odd sensations in my knees?
is there a prayer in islam to get rid of a nose fracture WITHOUT ANY SURGERY DONE?
Help me really worried about my ankle?
collar bone question! if you have ever broken a bone please can you help?
are spots linked to zinc and b12 deficiency?
How do i prevent sleeping scars?
Can a you get a "Herniated Disc" in your neck? I have looked on Google and it says it is common in the back?
i have groin strain and start basic training for the navy on sunday. will i be able to run through the pain?
How can i get rid of sunburn blisters?
My hair is making my neck feel itchy...?
my wife broke her leg walking to work reported this to staff and work kept her till end of shift?
anyone had a cruciate ligament injury?
i hit my head a couple time with a hard book, and now i feel dizzy?
i,ve recently torn my calf muscle. any ideas how long , before i can get around again ,any hints about walking?
Pain in my left shoulder?
Does anyone?
I am taking warfarin for a minor heart condition and am putting on weight has anyone else experienced this.?
Cholesterol Home Test Kit?
My husband has had a virus for weeks. His skin is burning but he hasn't a temperature?
can you drive if you got epilepsy?
liver dialysis? please please help.?
If you have not got a thyroid problem and take thyroxine what can happen?
Genetic Screening for Autism?
Could my son have Crohns Disease?
Lupus Despair, My world Is Falling Apart...?
My husband always has loose bowel movements first thing in the morning. He will then do another one or two?
what is Traumatic Brain injury?
Have you ever had liver failure?
How do i cure High Tempreature and Flu?
Can anyone tell me if i am entitled to Disability Living Allowance?
Why are my eyes watering? read more?
can myxodedema and kidney disease go hand in hand?
Does food with mutation give you health problems?
My father had surgery for his spinal stenosis...can it regress even after surgery?
confused bout my crohn's?
Water Lines in My Eyes?
how do you cure athlethes foot?
how long does it take metrogel to work on rosacea?
Pesky Warts?
What kind of glue do Doctors use to close a wound instead of stiches?
How long can an elderly person live without eating?
Gluten-Free foods in Ottawa?