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MSM Pills...how do you know which ones are the real deal?
What exactly does evening primerose capsules do?
Side effects topiramate? Topirmax?
Where can i buy Hirudo Medicinalis (leeches) in Canada?
Mixing Vyvanse and Acai Berry Cleanse.. harmful?!?
How Do I Make Myself Sick Properly?
How can i get rid of a mole, Without surgery?
Last night I was puking and today feeling a bit tired.... is it alright to smoke now ive stopped puking?
Is it safe to take erexium and floxetine(prozac) together?
I took my first dose of 5-HTP this afternoon. I am feeling jittery, is that normal?
avalide and greens+ ? negative interactions?
where can I purchase native incense in Ont.?
Why am I shaking.....?
Hair & Nails Multivitamin, Biotin?
Has anyone every taken Red Clover also known as Trifolium pratense L.?
I was woken up at 6am this morning by really bad stomach pains! It hasnt gone away yet. Please read symptoms.?
What are the main 5 contra-indications that are always ascertained before any beauty treatment is commenced?
how to get high off dust off?
Are there any benefits to using the Chi machine? Any one ever use it?
Supplements to help injured nerves re-grow.?
Can i send a aplication form through job center?
does pickle juice/pickles really help cure a hangover?
awh, please help my friend ?:(?
Any Body Selling Pasak Bumi from Indoneasia?
Can I find a medicine named hydrosalgel in India...Please help, I need it immediately!!!!?
Where can I buy fenugreek in liquid form or fenugreek oil?
Does Tetracycline Stunt height growth for teens?
what is the apperance of bacterial infections?
Anyone suffered with a metallic taste in the back of the mouth whilst using omerprazole for acid reflux?
Arm Problems with exam.....?
If I took two 0.5 mg of risperdal is that bad?
OI!!! I need people who have had ingrowing toenails over here!!?
why do we have health and safety?
What happens to your body when you dont eat and drink enough?
Advice/Help - Addicted to Alcohol?
Iam on medication and one of the side effects?
can you take antibiotic on a empty stomach?
What can I eat to improve my immune system?
Bone marrow donation ethical questions...?
Has tony blairs kids had the MMR jabs?
Causes and treatment of typhoid?
NHS Hospital problem why not all give &1each week to save it your hospital?
Can a persons diet effect osteoarthritis and if so what foods should be avoided.?
A cure for sinustitus?
what is the definitive practice for cleaning external fixator pin sites?
how to be motivated all the time? in life with goals etc Thank You?
Is there a sweetener on the UK market that doesn't contain Aspartame?
previous question gave me answers,i would like provide services for patients/carers/customers any suggestions?
How long does it take the blood?
How was the discovery made that nitroglycerin could help heart patients?
I keep having these weird spells?
effect of CVD in the uk?
what can we expect to happen at the post op appt with surgeon who did open surgery to burst AAA?
can my heart tremor????????
What would cause a high ESR rate when all other blood levels are normal?
what percentage of people have hypertension over 65?
why should we limit fats and cholesterol in our diet?
Does anyone know anyone whos had a leaky heart valve replaced ?
non sustained VT I need advice?
MRI Scanner that takes 25st?
the collapse question is in reference to a research project not a work thing?
can you tell me what reversible ischaemia in the basal and mid inferior walls mean please?
Do i have concussion?
sore side and cold.....?
my wifes nose is starting to go blue?
Anyone explain why I can dislocate my shoulder blades?
My hand has gone luminous yellow and is the size of a watermelon. What is the cause.?
Calf muscle strain.......?
Why does it hurt again?
Shoulder blades stick out!?
whiplash advice please?
Help!I burnt my arm really bad on a boiling hot lightbulb?
Thumb pain .............................?
Calf strain - need help please?
Is there a problem with my knee?
how long does it take for a bruise to fully show up?
What happens if you walk Toe-Heel, instead of Heel-Toe?
Urgent Help Needed !!! How Do I Get Rid Of Spots Fast !!! Urgent !!!?
how to get rid of a verruca?
Head cold what is the quickest way to rid of it and whats the cause?
Someone i know has this wierd kind of little box like thing on the back of thier head and i dont know what it?
colozeral is tablet for mentaly ill person?
CPN's - Doctors - Nurses - I need some advice on Pregabalin?
is Calvepen TAbs 666mg an antibiotic?
Abdominal discomfort - IBS, Stomach ulcers, Colon Cancer, Stomach cancer?
Chrones Disease ? Chances of getting it ? family has it ?
were can i get ursodeoxycholic acid to flush out gall stones?
How does ascorbic acid benefit Charcot-Marie-Tooth?
what does fibromyalgia mean?
my son 5 year old sometimes feels burning sensations even in winters in feet. why ?
My vision goes slightly weird sometimes...?
why do i lose my sense of taste/smell while having a cold.?
lump on leg? what is it?
will my thyroid disease get worse over time?
Are pinhole spectacles comfortable to use?
why is the governement advising us to use hand sanitiser against swine flu?
what are the pros and cons of various medication regimens in treatment of a pt with a myocardial infarction?
What foods would be good for bringing down LDL Cholesterol...?
What does an echocardiogram cost in south africa?
In what sort of medical problems would invasive monitoring be used?
help !blood pressure?
sulphur smell and heart attacks?
hangovers why do i get them after drinking so little?
Can anyone recommend a coconut flavoured body lotion?
Is smoking cost effective for society?
I'm having trouble breathing...?
Natural way to relieve a pinched nerve in my neck?
Cannabis cup question?
sleeping pills called lorazopam?
Boiron Quietude, Homeopathic Medicine?
Has anybody had a positive experience using the supplement GABA?
Does anyone in Canada know if it is legal to import Red yeast Rice?
Is it ok to take advil with ofloxacin and metronidazole?
Anyone used a device called RESpeRATE? Is it effective?
Nutritionist Advice.. Going back to school to study nutrition anybody gone through it already.?
Where can I buy Nootropics such as Piracetam in and around Toronto area?
Anyone try Salvia before?
placenta extract injection shots import in person into Canada?
approving pharmaceutical drugs in Canada?
I have a Pituitary microadenoma?
My Birthday falls in he middle of my candita cleanse, can I have cake?
50mg Pristiq and Xanax?
what is a home remedy for pain on your foot? are there any foot soaks that will relax it?
alternative medicine - eye person?
i'm looking for a site that offers alternative water filters.such as stones from another country?
Have you ever tried Salvia?
Has anyone tried DIDA (for Candida) by New Nordic?
where is the best drugstore online without perception?
what are the health risks with air conditioning units in the home?
has anyone had a contact lense implant to correct eyesight?
Are there any NHS doctors in GLASGOW offering acupuncture?
what are omeprazole capsules for.?
does anyone have long term experience taking amlodipine for hypertension,and what problems if any?
Have you noticed that sleeping a lot makes one more sleepy ?
my feet hurt when?
Anyone tried Glucosamine 1.5gm? I have really painful knees.?
Can GPs prescribe themselves when they dont feel well?
How can I buy a pre paid yearly prescription?
How can I get rid of post menopausal acne?
Do people still get flesh eating disease today?
How can I research my orthopaedic surgeon's record of success in performing knee surgeries?
Are there support groups in Canada for people with heart disease?
does clymitia thats cured bleed while curing?
What could be wrong with someone if their body doesn't absorb proteins?
Rheumatoid arthritis... and Crohns disease...Need information please?
Itchy Scalp?
Why is my skin so sensitive?
Is it adviseable to have a spinal operation?
How frequent should you have xrays for osteoarthritis; what new treatments or alternative treatments are there?
what are two ways pathogens can cause disease?
Camera down the nose. :S?
very thirsty, passing water frequently and very tired?
Thyroid Glands and blood tests?
really ill and dont know whats wrong :'( docs please help?
did anyone ever hear of scheuermanns disease....? if so could u give me some info on it. thank you?
Do you think there will ever be a cure for brain damage/cerebral palsy?
Is O.C.D (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder) an illness?
How blind people cope with day to day life?
What conditions can develop if a ruptured L5/S1 disc is left untreated for too long?
have received 1929 death certificate cause of death looks like "ph**isis" any idea what it is?
Is there a Proven Cure for BPPV - serious answers only please?
Symptoms of Meniere's disease - overreaction?
Can chocolate ever help IBS or stomach cramps (not menstrual)? Small amounts of choc help, carbs don't. Thanx?
I smell like egg, but have no idea why, its not because i'm breaking wind+it comes and goes multiple times day?
how does myelin regenerate, and how long does it take?
Movies about ilnesses, disease, disability and any medical Problems?
does anyone no what i can take to cure nausea?
What is causing my back/kidney pain?
I have high ALT and AST value I think because of my heaving drinking?
painful lump on inner thigh?
what are the side effects of taking aspirin?
Fibromyalgia pain relief that works?
Torn Ligaments. Do You Have A Good Cure For This, or Muscle Cramp?
Pain in stomach. What could it be?
Do steroid drops hurt?
Really bad pain in fingers after being in th big freeze?
Is IBS a disability Im curious?
I have bad pain when I breathe in?
MRI scan on mi fiance's head should i be worried?
why do my knees hurt?
achey bones, solutions?
I am having a toothache or is it just Sinus?
shooting pains in head?
I've just had a real heated discussion on the phone about a real delicate matter involving my girlfriend......
Lump on my neck?
Hi, can anyone help me, about 4 days now i,ve had a pain just above my right eye which can be a bit sharp.?
Tonsils, so small but so evil! I'm in agony, help please!!?
Slept funny maybe, not sure?
can i take painkillers for a headache if I've already taken hayfever tablets this morning?
Shouldnt a local GP be enabled to give a cortisone injection for Sciatica?
Since yesterday morning i have been pain in my left bicep, what can be the case of this?
have anyone had tendonitis?? please help?
if you have a fractured spine...?
how long for twisted fingers to heal?
Does this sound like a Sprain or fracture?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My left eye ball aches and seems to vibrate ever since I was headbutted three months ago. What might be wrong?
3 years aga l broke my hip. l did all the physio but am still walking badly. Should l resume physio or would?
My neck really hurts after doing break-falls....?
Should I see a physiotherapist or an osteopath?
What have I gone and done to my foot?
Lump under knee, please help?
What could this lump be?
Ways of exercising without putting pressure on knees? Osgood schlatters disease?
How long does it take a torn calf muscle to heal?
toenail bed question?
i recently had surgery on my toe and i was wondering how long it took for the dissolving stitches to dissolve?
got facial nerve damage - got kicked in the face been a year please help me get better - looks bad?
My neck hurts really badly?
epilepsy and ecstacy? anyone have any info on this topic?
How can I get my ear unblocked??
I spent 14 years in the Dominican Republic, recently in prison. I was diagnosed w/hepC?
does gravel work for dizzy spells?
what is the best way to get rid of the skin condition psoriasis???(apart from the sun!!)?
DVT and PE post ACL reconstruction surgery. On warfarin for 3 months post. What are the?
I have lupus anticoagulant antibodies (APS). Do I need to worry now that I am on coumadin? What can happen?
Due to an accident,have a g-tube scar(am a boy)how can I get rid of it?
VIRAL MENINGITIS... does it effect your eyes permantly?
examples to show what may happen to children it the health and safety precautions are not taken inside?
Are there any commercially available controlled release human vaccines?
Calpol medicine for children?
For those of you who've had mono--?
my daughter is taking antibiotics (phenoxymethylpenicillin).........?
Scarlet Tina at daughters school?
Do you think the live bird flu virus sent out to 18 countries in 1000’s of general flu vaccines was a del?
my 3 years old has chickenpox,when sleeping and turning spots burst will they leave scars?
pelvic inflammatory diseas?
finding out you have HIV after how long?
how do i use olive oil to get rid of head lice?
Has anyone tried the Nicorette Inhalator?
dry cough at night cant take decongestants?
can an adult develop autism?
I have pain in my upper jaw and ear, is this a good sign that my ears need syringing?
Why does deoderant taste so bad?
How do I prevent the cuts all around my fingernails?
5 sick absences all dr certified, can i refuse a written warning?
help feeling sick...any ideas to stop it ?
what is a good remedy for a cold ?
I'm Suffering Sleep Paralysis?
Is drinking "zero" c0k3 actually bad for one's healt?
Why do you jolt in your sleep?
Why the sickness?? It just doesnt make sense!! I`m never sick, witht no bugs!! Not even with hangovers!!?
I have a very bad cold and blocked ears!?
off sick from work please help?
Will my nail grow back normally?
what would a man rather prefer in physical attraction?
My brother confessed to taking weed, but the affects didnt match?
why do my ear piercings hurt a lot after I changed them?
Why does having an afternoon nap mean i struggle to sleep when i go to bed at night?
should i worry about my nose bleeds?
When pacemakers are removed, are they recycled or reused in another patient?
why do you get like what feels like an electric shock threw tour body when your tired?
aromatherapy and superbugs?
Where can I do Thai Chi in South London?
why do people get tired when it is very hot?
exam stress advice???
why am i having dizzy spells?
I was playing football last night when i hurt my ankle.I had to be carried off and the referee thought that?
My boyfriend smokes pot, he saids that unless I smoke it or he blows it in my mouth I'm not inhaling it, true?
how long do you expect to live ?
Is it dangerous to drink 1 litre of milk all at once?
If you had a one off chance to go back in time and live your life all over again, would you?
you kno wen u get perscription tablets....?
Eucerin 10% Lotion for Keratosis pilaris and facial Redness?
very worried would like to know what you think it could be?
i am so cold at the moment i have filled a hot water bottle to keep my feet warm?
how can i get into a regular sleeping routine and how many hours of sleep do teenagers need?
how old are you before it can be said you died of old age?
Rubella Innoculations - Was it for girls only?
Under-arm sweating help!?
Is there something wrong with me?
What causes hick-ups?
what's the quickest and best way to get rid of spots?
UK: How much does it cost to have a mole removed?
i have bad Acne help?
What can i do to help greasy skin?
My face is a mess but not sure if I can class it as acne?? Pls help I'm 24!?
Anal hairrrr!? HELPP!?
I have a bright red spot and I was just wondering how to reduce the redness and soreness...?
Why have i got itchy feet?
Does certain types of alcohol effect certain skin conditions?
will there ever be a cure for baldness?
why do i get blood blisters when i scratch?
How can i get rid of spots...?
How can I get rid of black heads for good?
What would be Chinese herbal medicine that is equivalent to Lorazepam medication? Thank you.?
Cold FX or Immunity FX?
Are you concerned about your health?
does any1 know of any place in Vancouver, Bc-Canada that does hair testing for drugs?
what is Dr. Simeons obesity cure?
What kind of vitamins are in barley?
is there an online test or questionnaire where I can find my body's Ayurveda group?
I m very sensitive to wind ?
Where can i get Modalert, Provigil without prescription?
what stores sell Aura Cacia essential oils in Canada?
Have you ever used a supplement for ED?
Is there anyone who takes coffeeberry, does it help? did you notice any difference ?
Time Span Between Flu and h1n1 shots?!!?
Are these Liberty Caps?
what is ideogramme?
Why does a Vitamin C supplement contain many times the recommended dose ?
What are mandalas? I have seen them several times and wonder about them.?
nicotine inhaler, What is it like?
Aromatherapy question during pregnancy?
Has anyone tried the cama cleanse? What is it like? Is it worth the pricing?
is there a cure for ticks?
I;m diabetic, plus i have gallstones,,pain?
How do I get rid of a pressure feeling in my ears?
Is cat litter dangerous to 2 year olds?
I know what a cochlear implant is-but can an entire damaged cochlea be replaced by a healthy one? (transplant)?
How long will end stage renal disease last before death ?
Is it wrong of me to feel little sympathy for anorexics?
epilepsy a serious question?
Roughly, if your drinking 10 units a day how long will it take till you develop wet brain?
Coughing all the time... help?
Please will you tell me if these cholesterol reading are healthy for a normal person.?
How does arthritis occur ?
Tell the optitions that glaucoma ran in the family and get free test (uk)?
A patient's excessive sweating has been diagnosed as being caused by anxiety, but it comes on through physical?
If you have alopecia areata once as a child, is it likely to occur again in life?
When someone sleepwalks, do they have their eyes open or closed?
Queasy stomach for 10 days. Advice please.?
whats wrong if im peein blood?
My mother has graves disease which has affected the eyes but has been turned down the operation?
Can people with leukodystrophy suffer from hair loss?
How long does it take food to have an effect on Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Has anyone suffered from bad side effects from hydrocortizone?
What is schizophrenia?
I recently found a hard lump in my index finger. Could this be a symptom of something?
Somethings wrong, i have triggered some thing in my head! help!?
Cardiac perfusion test. (United Kingdom)?
where do head lice come from? Other than kid's heads?
Can radiesse harden in the face and cause pain?
how would severing sympathetic nerves to a leg with occluded arteries relieve the patient's pain?
Can I use claritin as a substitute for clarinex?
Has anyone else been stung by a jellyfish? I have terrible skin problems more than a year later.?
Can a toothache cause nose and ear blockage??
Can you bath in water when there has been an advisory?
What is Sinus? Is there any treatment for Sinus?
What is the difference between...osteo-arthritis, rhumetoid arthiritis....ect?
spinal fluid is not flowing to my brain.i need to get surgery.can you tell me more about the symptoms?
Does regular sauna visit reduce puffiness around the eyes and help with saggy skin under the neck?
Can you cure Ailments eating edible flowers ? what for which ? if you want to be silly don't bother?
Why is it when you get a cold or flu like symptoms - sore throat, blocked nose, etc. your joints ache too?
Are you sick of being health conscious?.........?
Thistle mobility , are they still in business?
I am going touring europe for 6mths how do I go on about my perscriptions I am over 60yrs?
Why does my upper right molars ache for prolonged periods of time?
How can I make bruises less noticeable or heal quicker?
Why did I get up Dizzy and Still am Dizzy?
swollen ankle with numbness and pins and needles?
was this an electric shock?
my foot keeps clickin everytime i do running or jogging?
Can a knee injury such as a torn meniscus and keyhole surgery cause arthritis later on?
I have a problem with my a muscle in my foot?
I got head stitches and have a few questions?
Prolonged muscle cramp is killing me anyone know why this is happening?
Shoulder pains... tensed up?
How can you tell the different between a bedbug bit and a punch wound from an injection? This on black skin.?
My daughter is 21 and had an eye test and was told she has pigment behind her eyes and is being referred?
I have this cold for 2 weeks?
I've given up chocolate and have had headaches for the last three days. Why?
hayfever and a common cold???
How long can you go without food, before fainting?
What causes anxiety and how can i stop it?
what are the consequences of lacking sleep?
do i need antidepressants ?
Can short sighted people have normal eyes again?
loosing my voice/ cold ??? help ?
Amoxicillin and feeling sick?
anorexic and in wierd pains? HELP ME PLEASEwhat is happening.?
what effects does cannabis have on the implant?
Is it safe to use soda crystals on skin? Serious question.?
If you get Botox just when wrinkles are starting to gain ground, does it train the surrounding muscles?
Half asleep, no energy, so much to do!! Tips to perk myself up quickly?
sleeping problems any help?
I look relay realy sick lately, help me please!!! :(?
Blister-like area (liquid retention?) on my ankles, what is it?
Feeling sick after eating sometimes just the smallest of meals?
How to get rid of spots?
What to do when u r sick?
Has anyone ever used herbalife for weightloss?
dose nopalina really work?
infrared saunas???which one is best????
Sore throat remedies?
where can I purchase/buy sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) in saskatoon?
eczema and healing properties of the red willow.?
Has anyone ever tried Mugwort?
Vegetable juicing for myelin?
What is the average consultation fees of a dietitian & a naturopath in Canada?
Has anybody tried the product mesosilver for bladder infection?
How do you consume prevacid fastab?
Took 4 Chlor-Tripolon pills?
does test pure platinum magnum force work for meth?
novo-cycloprine - muscle relaxants get me high?
Has anyone ever used Hyland's Nerve Tonic?
echinucea; what can it do?
Have you or anyone you know had HIFU sonablate treatment for BPH?
Coffee Crash..................Advice? Natural Remedies? Etc?
interested in becoming a massage therapist....?
How long will u puke if u take ipecac?
Has anyone managed to buy Gold Ash from Dr. U Shein ?
Has anyone ever used the liquid ginsing and how did it work?
Cranberry Pills For Infections?
allergic to alcoahol?
microbe colony calculations help please?
What are Autoimmune Diseases?
HELP!!!Ok so, I used to get tonsulitus and sore throats a couple of times a year but since...?
Whats wrong with me? Please help?
How to escape sickness bug?
what are the best essential oils to get rid of acne scars?
white spots under eyelids??!!!?
Any Home Fade Scar Treatments?
cortisone injections /derms in the UK?
Will a Tan help with acne? I'm 19 and on the Yazmin (pill) And tetracylin (prescription)!!?
help i have a big problem?
How to be study to be a dermatologist?....?
who has had laser treatment on thier stretch marks men and women ? and did it work ? how much was it too ?
How can i get rid of a Mosaic verruca?
I have white spots/dots under skin, won't go away...?
can warts grow on your leg ?
Is anyone on any treatment for their skin?
I had an insect bite?
Teenage Spot Problem?
why do i sweat so badly?
Skin problem please help?
Anyone suffered from a bile leak following gallbladder surgery?
what ingredience are in the flu shot?
Bumps on fingers... read more...?
How many known cases of AIDS and HIV does Canada have? A Provincial breakdown on numbers would be helpful.?
Does anybody suffer form interstitial cystitis?
My sister just got the stomach flu and I was wondering how long it takes for her to become contagious?
Anyone else got/had this tummy bug going round? How long does it last? Stomach cramps and D & V - Help!?
In yhe 1950's we were given aluminum dust to breathe before going into the mines. Is there any harm ?
where can I find dermatologic cosmetic laboratory products in vancouver?
How can we effective address the HIV/AIDS pandemic within the African and Caribbean communities?
I think I have food poisoning how long does it last?
What are Xanthones?
Any suggestion for fungus under the nail?
How can someone go through life and only around age 60 or so realize that she's been deaf her whole life?
bitten by bug while sleeping on the grass. Now, I have rashes whenever I lack sleep or stressed. Any solutio
where can i find a sample nvq2 potfolio?
Malaria tablets - help please?
which part of the brain deals with language and motor skill?
Taking Questran has changed my life and helped me lose 4st.Has this happened to anyone else.?
Does anyone know why excess stomach acid is caused?
Torn skin by the side of my fingernails?
I drop bricks on my leg because it arouses me. Is this weird?
what do you think of this?
does bed bug powder really work?
What stores in Mississauga sells tea tree oil?
What are some legal, over-the-counter research chemicals ?
Does Cold FX really work?
Oxyelite pro doesn't give me any sort of energy boost, is this normal?
Which countries in Africa do I need to do the internal exam if I have studied medicine in Russia?
Looking to buy a Far Infared sauna, does anyone know what the best type of heaters are?
Are there any harmful side effects to synthetic pheromones?
Is there an ADD medication that won't cause depression? lol?
would you take the heavy stuff?
Is it safe to take ibuprophen and aleve?
why do you palpate and percuss before inspection and auscultation the adbominal in the order?
whet is the use of taking evion 400 (vitamin e capsules )?
Im 17years old and i wanna take somatropin to make me taller ,will it work?
What's are the best E-Cigarets on the market today?
after effects of PURE MDMA?
What is hydroval use for?
Burping and Strong heart beat ?
Is it safe to take cold FX, a zinc supplement, and a vitamin c supplement all at the same timeÉ?
What are tonic injections?
What do you need to work as a male masseuse?
Medicinal properties of Striped Maple?
any one taken ferulic acid?comments or testimonies?thanks..?
Why wouldn't they let me have my medication?
what is the worst that can happen from smoking one big joint?
Why Do i Get Acid Reflux after being Awake longer then 12 hours?
i have a sleeping problem. can anyone help?
Hard to describe pain in chest and arm area, what could this be a symptom of?
stomach pains..is this normal?
Are you sitting comfortably?
I was given some Wild Tiger Balm as i had a headache what other uses does it have?
cold hands and feet and red fingers?
I think i am have anxiety attacks?
what can use ti clean my system from marijuana for a job interview?
Why do have a weird smell of smoke when I feel sad?
Why do people take such ownership of horrible diseases and ailments?
how can relieve tension headaces?
a few weeks ago i was digasionsed with viral bronchitis its nt 2 bad now but?
Help with my sleep problem?
when i hurt my self like i hurt my foot, or bang my arm why do i feel like im going to faint?
blood underneath toe nailes?
Wrist problem i need fixing quick time?
whats worse a fractured wrist or sprained wrist?
advice about an ankle injury?
Anyone else suffering Plantar Fasciitis?
help please ,i want to know your opinion about paramedics?
How long should I wait to be sure i dont have a fracture?
any one had scoliosis surgery ?
My finger (nail) came in the car door?
ear problems and polyps?
i ripped the tendons in my hand 3-4 weeks ago.?
Have you ever broken collar bone?
swollen ankles after a long flight?
Burnt? Will the mark go?
I just started on warfarin 5 mg three days ago and I am now experiencing dizziness.Is this normal ?
Coronary Artery Disease?
Daughter has internal hives,mostly in her throat, is on IGG, still has attacks, what can I do?
more than a sore throat!!?
how do i dilute 70% glycolic acid to 12%?
What's the difference in definition between the words Pandemic & Epidemic?
muggest scans after heart attack could be mugger scan?
what is it when a 15 year old boy has watery moist ejacualtion? is that normal?
How to get fair skin, AGAIN?
Does Costco provide eye examinations?
My left leg has been numb for two days now between my hip and knee, what could be causing this?
my son keeps complainin of his leg hurtin near his knee!!?
would anyone know what is causing severe pain in upper thigh?
Can anyone give me some tips for helping with cluster headaches?
Why does love cause physical pain?
Anything to help lower back pain whilst cycling?
Anyone had recent Epidural Steroid Injections, PLEASE help! :-)?
how can i make my headache go away?
Can you help me find over the counter relief for a Slipped/Inflammed Disc?
my big toe is grinding and it is starting to hurt?
pain in lung perhaps its hard to tell it is coming and going, when it comes its agony?
pain relief?
Witches Claws...have you taken these herbal pills.......?
help! stretch mark misery?
ive just got myself a tredmill,& every time i go on it my legs kill calfs tighten right up,what can i do to?
is it normal to have a migrane headache after a MRI scan?
What causes clicking, weak joints when exercising?
Coccyx Pain After Jumping Into 10ft Inflatable Pool?
What does it mean when your headache keeps moving around your head?
My friend is in agony help!?!?!?
i have an overactive thyroid and a cold. my throat is really sore but i dont know whether to go to docs. help?
do i have a super liver?
brain tissue found in my sons nasal passage.....?
What food should I eat if I have horrendous diarrhoea?
Need advice on IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)...?
when you pee is brown?
Can sinusitis cause bad breath? How will i treat my bad breath problem? I lost my self confidence.?
i have constant hi pitched ringing in my ears?
Stolen kidney. Please read my Question. Thank you?
Is it possible that i have te swine becuase my head hurts and my throught hurted can it really be?
Question about Thyroid Glands.?
Why salbutamol rather than an antihistamine?
is it possible to have a 'mini' cva?
Short Term Memory Loss - Epilepsy?
causes of low ESR in polycythemia and in sickle cell anaemia?
i have a ganglion cyst on the middle of my back it feels like it right on my spine, is that normal?
Could I possibly have a more serious complaint with my gallbladder than I first thought?
Have stomach flu, hadn't eaten since saturday evening, what can I eat that won't make me sick?
What are these pains in my feet?
24 Weeks Pregnant and have been diagnosed with a blood clot in groin, have been prescribed Clexane will I die?
Am I having a nervous breakdown?
Counselling? Would you ever consider and what form would you be looking for - face to face, phone, web based?
does prozac take away your appeitite?
I keep wanting to make myself pass out? help!!!!?
Can pills that are meant to relieve depression, sometimes increase it?
Have been on Citalopram for 7 weeks and still feling pretty depressed can any one help?
Counsellors, are they all insane?
I just accidently prank called someone with Alzheimer's disease what can i do to redeem myself?!?
why cant some people accept the truth??
Anyone who has overcome seasonal depression?
Am I going loopy? Long one I'm afraid?
What you watching on telly now or are going to?
I need your help?
What does detoxification mean?
could you ever take heroin once and not become addicted?
any tips???
Have you ever been followed by someone you dont no ?
I'm 15 and I'm scared and worried about my mum. Any advice?
has your marriage ever gone through really bad times but you did not give up and leave?is iteven better now ?
Is it weird that I never remember my dreams?
What is Liddle's Syndrome?
stopped smoking 4 months can i still use a loz in a emergancy?
weight loss?
has anyone done a baby massage instructor/prenatal instructor course&successfully made a living out of it?
rash at the back of neck?
Irritating Spots! HELP!?
how to get rid of spots on my cleavage area?!?
I am 35 years old. The skin on the back of my hands is loose like an older persons. Why?
i have terrible acne problems ive tried loads ov tings can u sugest sumtin 2 help?
Does Clearasil helps to get rid of spots ?
lots of dead skin on my feet?
Can you take flucloxacillin and drink alcohol?
does this sound pretty bad....i was given anti fungal?
Stretch marks and thread veins... what to do what to do!?
Sweaty Palms! :( Need Help! :)?
Sunburn made my face really tight and crispy!?
Why are my face, chin, cheeks and ears burning red hot?
horrid bumpy skin...please help!?
how do i get rid of a lump on my face.?
Lasers !!!!!!?
Are there any good websites that I can get funny or facts about people with blue eyes?
High risk HPV and pregnancy?
does a cream for pealing off a freckle cause any side effects.....is there another better and simpler way?
meds while on chemo for breast cancer?
where did the discoverer of H pylori work?
so hard to believe that we are in the year 2006 and don't have a cure/life without cancer.?
How to Remove Stretch Marks?
my son has a rare blood type?
My grandpa is dieing of ALS. i want to write him a note before he dies.?
advanced liver/bowel cancer? Anyone ever survive this?
can an HIV positive still gain weight after infection?
i have black spot on my face and when i got to a forum in the google i was told it was black head and?
what is the most popular treatment for tinnitus?
need a cure for eczema behind ears, possibly caused by contact with chlorox?
what do i do to pass a drug test?
do i just have a bug/flu?
herbal smoke with low amounts of THC.?
What are some medical jobs involving children??
beat cure for tendonitis in the wrist what ?
do i need to be license in Canada as a doctor of acupuncture?
Where can I buy malic acid, phosfood liquid or ultra-phos liquid and black walnut hull tincture in Manila?
struggling with new glasses?
Any experiances with reflexology/ Accupuncher/ or accupressure?
Homeopathic remedy Cobaltum?
(Spiritual) Healing Retreats...?
Complementary therapies powerpoint help?
Is it possible to get non-gelatin, vegetarian 5-HTP?
How much does benzagel 5 cost and is it dangerous?
Any one with cold remedies?
My friend is sick, what will make him feel better?
How much does valium cost?
it please explain condition and connections?
Help with broken ankle, just had cast off?
cool feet and knees why have i got them and how can i sort it?
if i push myself on a cycle on a cool day foe 4hours roughly how much fluid would i have to put back in?
Could there be any after effects of a hematoma on the left side of my forehead?
my hubby just bn fitted with a plastic n foam leg brace instead of a plaster should this be removed in bed?
Hi, i have given up smoking, can anyone give me advice on how they have dealt with cravings or weight gain?
self harm - Will there be scars?
why have i started to get a tingly feelings on my tongue when i inhale my cig?
Im a 13 year old girl who wears Goodnites, but they leak badly.?
How can i stay awake generally ?
I've given up smoking......for 6 hours, but I'm now desperate for a cigarette, any advice?
please help me decide what to do this weekend?
Can't Remember?
i cant take it anymore?
How do I beat fear...?
the psychological problems of having a stroke?
Is this a bug going round?
If my b12 is normal, is it still possible that I may be deficient in some other b vitamin?
With Tinnitus in 1 ear, if U flat line on the operating table & they bring U back, does the Tinnitus resume?
How can we be so certain what causes illnesses that they have yet to find cures for?
haveing random pains all over in diferrent places and twitchs or little spasms, why?
Any hairstylists suffering from De Quervain's Disease?
I lost allot of my vision due to a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago. When I was home for the holidays?
How does RSD effect the bladder and the bowel?
bloody salution?
Does anyone know a good chat/forum where people talk about illnesses and health issues?
If any of you have had iron injections for anemia, how many were needed at what intervals. Thanks.?
Small white spot on face?
Syndactyly - webbed feet, has anyone had the operation to separate two webbed toes?
Greyish tinge to the skin?
Patches of hair loss.?
i have rather angry-looking red patches on my legs and on my left hand. what could it be?
how to get rid of very hairy legs, help?
I'm 16 years old and getting thread veins and don't know why or what to do about it.?
did anyone have this same kind problem as i have?
Is there a cure or treatment out there for Vitiligo?
Skin patch test procedure?
Why do my hands (palms) peel?
im tired and stuck in work, should i go for a quick power nap in the loos?
Is This A Skin Problem?
What is that brown spot some people have on the face or neck?
I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago and want to know what I can expect in terms of progress over the next months?
Without the benefit of Xray or MRI is there any way of telling if you have a huge worm forming in your guts?
what is the best to treat leg ulcers?
What's wrong with my scalp?
sweating after alcohol?
skin irritated by certain suit trousers - could I be allergic?
Does SkinID work for you guys? (Acne Treatment)?
the difference between a qualified nurse and a student?
How to recover after a sleepless night?
If I drink a pint, then take ibuprofen, will it do me any harm?
Does it matter if I drink alcohol after taking nurofen?
How long should you wait to drink alcohol if you've taken paracetamol/ibuprofen?
why can't I stop swallowing?
Is it normal for your GP, when you tell him you went to see a specialist after seeing him, to tell you he?
should i ask my doctor for meds anyways?
Why does sleep paralysis occur?
is the cervical cancer jab safe?!?
painful, very red and watering eye?
how does exercise affect human development?
How long does cocaine stay in your system?
Do all my actions link up to my hands that never stop shaking?13YearsOld.?
Urine infection. Help!!?
headaches what can i do?
Has anyone else experienced hallucinations from taking tamiflu?
How long does food poisoning take to kick in?
Which one of the three Hpv Jabs hurt the most ?
nicotine patches.........??
Homeopathy real deal or load of codswollop?
i have a lump which appeared on a thumb people say is a gangle,fibrous tissue?
Rennie Deflatine... How does it work?
Does HGH really work?
Can stress cause lumps in the body?
do I have disleakcer?
malaria pills?
Opinions on a home remedy?
what are the benefits of eucalyptus oil?
Is a teaspoon of gelatin a day bad for you?
How much do Transitions cost, per lense?
Colleague has liver stones, going in for surgery, are there any natural therapies to eliminate the stones?
Does anyone in Barrie Toronto Canada know where i would find the b12 Hydroxocobalamin?
As in the film Wedding Crashers, would drinking eye drops really make you sick? Why?
How much ephedrine is usually put in herbal ecstasy ?
How and are stem cells made? Help?
Is there such thing as overdosing on green tea pills?
how do i get rid of the sulfur taste in my mouth?
When a supplement says "take away from meals"...?
what is the use of dermatop?
What does this mean after a Chiropractors Name?
What is the recipe for lemons for digestive health ?
Can you take a decongestant before a plane ride?
Jamieson vitamin- omega3 gelatin?
My paracetamol doesn't have a expiry date...What is it's shelf expectancy?
how do you remove acid from juice?
Where can i buy Guar Gum in Edmonton?
Laser Therapy for Quitting Smoking?
How can I gain more courage? I'm comfortable with my fighting skills from MMA, but when it comes to a street?
Is there anyone out there that has donated a part of their liver.....?
need help with monologues!!!?
The common cold? Or is it strep throat?
What will kill the Norovirus?
Does anyone deal with insomnia?
flu shot.or not..do you get one evry year?
i want a long lasting red face for like 20 minutes?
what causes constant muscle fatigue?
does anyone know anything about safety and pain level of Gamma Knife Treatment on brain?
question about a burn?
I am having lower ab soreness about 3 inches below the naval after working out. It hurts when I run. Hernia?
Pain in my Achilles tendon?
Hamstring injury - pain in foot?
I had a temporary cast put on and there changing it tomorrow will it hurt?
about 8 weeks ago i had an injury on my elbow but i xrayed it and nothing was with it just bruised! It is.....?
C-Section Scar Not Healing?
broke my arm 6 weeks ago and had the cast off last wednesday but still as painful as when i broke it?
What have I done to my knee?
Fell down stairs at work!!! :(?
stubbed my toe...anything serious?
would someone die from these injury's?
my brother fell on his head about 6 months ago...?
painful leg !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I injured my joints by over training 2.5 years ago, how can I train hard again?
How long should i leave it till i return to doctors with my hand?
any tips i have a cast on my arm up to the elbow?
My lower back clicks when I workout?
my ankle really hurts, limping on it and i dont know why?
What should you do after you've eaten loads of mentos and coke? To stop the stomach aches? QUICK ANSWER PLZ!?
why can I not sleep?
I am on the waiting list for an cornea transplant,?
Can MS cause Complex Partial seizures?
Does everyone suffer with a cold or similar when they return from a hot country?
are massage therapists needed in british colambia,canada?
creatimine and urea levels help?
I recently had a heart attack, would be great to hear from other sufferers about recovery etc.?
I feel like ending my life help me?
Does anyone know what a pill with 9390 imprinted on the top is? Its white and round!?
how long can i use charcoal powder for?
Does anyone have a home remedy for blood in the ear?
Prescription Massage?
Is it safe to take neocitrin and tylenol cold at the same time?
Missed dose of Zoloft?
Has anyone ever tried someking woodrose seeds?
SupHerb products in Canada?
What is Mega AO?
Can I stop taking glucosamine sulfate?
will you gain weight using "Vivitas SAM-e Supports emotional health, joint care & liver function"?
Are these natural supplement products for stress relief safe or work as they claim?
When was hypnosis for childbirth first used in western society?
I cannot find this chinese herb Bugantang?
Should glutamine supplements be taken with food or without?
What is really Vitamin E?
Valerian root pluses and minuses?
Camilla question?
How sick are you on average each year? I need some statistics please see rest of question?
Does cracking your fingers really affect you in later life or is it a myth?
does getting a tattooo hurt? read under?
Can i get medical treatment to stop craving alcohol now that i am in the process of dumping the chemical?
How to Cure a nose block?
What is the difference between an hemorrhoid and a pile?
Fluid in ears, please help?
How long can I take the supplement acidophilus?
Is Chicken Pox a threat to an adult Lung Cancer Patient.....?
swollen feet, any help please?
Is this just another cold?
severe asthma:went to Dr gave me steriod shot-n-antibiotics-n-prednisone pills AGAIN,AND I'm still struggling?
Can DVT show up several days *after* a flight? How long after flying can DVT start to cause problems?
question about the risks of bulimia nervousa?
could anyone tell me why my foot would hurt just out of the blue? it just started 1 night?
question about tinnitus,?
I feel tired, attention span is gone and have feelings of vertigo?
does folic acid affect the lining of the intestine? can it lead to digestion problems?
Booked myself in for a glycolic peel for the people who have had them a couple questions?
What should i do with my spots..?
Why are my ears so itchy? 10 points to best answer?
What are some ways to treat ance? which products or natural ways? please help!?
I have large itchy areas on my arms, which occurred yesterday, I've been ill w/cold, any idea?
How to get rid of blisters quickly?
gastritis and reflux, and h.phlori?
How long should you wait before you see your GP if you think you might have fibromyalgia?
How do I get rid of...?
how can i get rid of a pubity spot?
Excessive perspiration in one underarm??
How do i get rid of my shaving rash?!?
Peeling/ dry post-holiday skin, can anyone help?
If you have had acid-reflux 15 years, but it comes irregularly should you still take lansoprazole or whatever?
Why do I get sudden severe dizziness?
Anyone any ideas as to what is wrong with me?
Any help for getting prescription med.?
What causes stringy mucus in your eyes when you wake up in the morning?
Anybody know where I can find a chat room for narcotics addicts?
Is there anyone who is between 30 -40 years old who has non - epileptic seizures?
Mole on arm which I cut off a few years ago...?
If a person has total kidney failure...?
What are foods that cause inflammation. I was surprised to see that sugar is one - what are some others?
Mortons Foot What Treatments Are Aviable And Do They Work?
My face is burning! :( :( !!!!!?
How is blood glucose controlled in your body?
how can i improve my eye vision?
i need help with nvq3 health in social care anyone know a website where i can get answers?
About Swine Flu Contagious?
Could 1g of diphenhydramine be fatal?
whats the best way to get rid of a chesty cough?
how do you treat minor corrugated furrows include any heat treatment that could be used?
whats the best roll your ever taken?
How can I adapt my body to the cold?
Hangovers???? Please help. Info below.?
Why does it hurt when my pubes grow long?
freshers flu, any cheap cough medicine i can buy?
How do you know when its the right time to stop anti depressant tablets?
Am I still going to grow?
What is a urine sample for?
How can i warm my feet up? Circulation problem...?
I want to find out about the normal blood pressure for a women aged 50?
Has anyone got any personal experience of HYPOTHERMIA treatment for cancer and can tell me about it?
Can anyone tell me why my sister has had 2 miscarriages,she gets to 9 wks and loses the baby,do they investiga
Aching pain in right thigh/hip when I walk?
I'm having problems with my knee, I sprained just over a year ago when I went skiing for the first time,?
what ACL reconstruction did chelsea`s joe cole have?
I have fractured my knuckle and been given a sling - how long should I use the sling for if i wasn't told?
6 month old ankle sprain, still swollen?
what is the problem with my back and how do i recover from it?
how do i know the difference between a panic attach and a pinched nerve?please help gping crazy.?
Walked home in the snow. My toes are numb...?
neck pain feeling dizzy?
I get a lot of pain in my left side intercostal muscle which spreads to the left side of abs when swimming?
can i find out about my surgeon?
Cold sore up my nose, what to do about this?
What are the signs of a trapped nerve in the ribs?
Please help, really bad pain?
whiplash how long will it last?
how long will it take for a diagonal hairline fracture at the very bottom of the tibia to heal?
Have I strained a muscle or something? And how can I ease the pain?
what are the syptoms of a cracked rib?
what are some lapps medicines?
I have a prescription for prevacid 30mg dr cap& naprosyn e ec375mg tab ?
Thai Massage in Ottawa?
will yaz make me gain or lose?
Places to buy nootropics in Canada?
Blood Type Diet type AB: Can I have reishi?
Have you heard about CMD supplements? Any comments about it?
why is a douce and instriment?
dizzy ... ?
Oregano Oil Vs. Coconut Oil for fighting off yeast. Which one is better?
I am an ayurvedic doctor[BAMS] Can I get job in canada?
Relief from perimenopausal symptoms with apple cider vinegar or Black Molasses?
i have a really bad sore throat and runny nose, what's a really good remady for this?
Can any one tell me any interactions ,with marijuana and persciption Meds.?
Canadian doctors that prescribe marijuana?
Where can I buy the supplement "N-acetylcysteine" in Toronto/Canada?
Has anybody ever tried Calea Zacatechichi for dreaming?
Has anyone heard of True Hope supplement and are taking it?
What are specific perscription drugs entering the water waste system?
How long does it take for Accutane to leave your body?
can i take or oregano oil right after taking a probiotic?
What foods work against urinary tract infection?
Calcarea carbonica question?
Who have heard about a disease called "M.A"?
Is my tonsillitis viral or bacterial?
going out after 3 days of tonsilitis?
How do you prevent the spread of a disease ?
What`s the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?
help wot do i do need many answers helpppppppppppppppppppppppp?
what is the virulence determinant of strep throat?
What are the setbacks faced by the WHO in the eradication of smallpox?
can i stop giving tamiflu after giving my children one doze because they have swine flu?
What disease's symptons could these be?
If a prisoner is in a regular hospital do they keep them handcuffed?
Why am I strange having symptoms after fainting?
How can you get cocaine out of your system or make a drug test negative?
Do you think its bowel incontinence?
Why does this happen when i smoke?
Really sharp pain in my stomach, what could this be?
been told that i have very bad posture. How can i straighten up, does lying down the wrong way while sleeping?
I have just been reading that fluoride can be bad for you, anyone else heard this?
just got a great tan, how do i keep my tan?
what is irratable bowel syndrome?
Terbasmin Turbuhaler?
When can i return to work following a TIA. I still feel 'wooly headed' i am to visit TIA clinic next week.
Are DRG's (diagnosis related groups) used in the UK?
Incubation period of Athlete's foot?
Spreading athlete's foot to other areas of body?
I've developed a rash :( help!?
Acne breakout skin problem!?
Spots on top of arms and around sholder, top of back area and acne scares.?
Masquito bites.... how long does it take for them to go away if you don't scratch them?
How do i use this CLEAN and CLEAR?
REALLY ITCHY ringworm !?
Why do I get loads of skin tags on my neck?
I've caught ringworm off my kittens!!!!?
Small Spots down whole entire side of torso?
A really good anti-dandruff shampoo other then head and shoulders?
How do verrucas spread?
is it bad to never take off ur socks?
Can bio-oil be used on indented acne scars?
Can drinking large amounts of lime/lemon water affect your skin or give you skin problems?
How Do I Get rid of Sun Burn Strap Marks in a week?
dislocated knee... what should I be like ?
Does it hurt to get local anaesthesia?
my son-in-law has several undiagnosed health problems, starting with periphiral sight loose?
pregnant and fainting?
Earache for a year and now headaches, migraines?
What foods can relief IBS with constipation? Any sufferers out there with advice?
why is there 2 different kinds of insomnia?
How can I check I have a healthy digestive system / colon / intestines?
hi im a 17 year old female and im am suffering from a mixture of symptoms. PLEASE HELP!!!!?
sensitive/Pain in head or skull at touch would might it be?
i have a condition called neurofribromatoisi(sorry about the spelling nf for short i?
Getting rid of stretch marks?
Looking for anyone who has had GBS Guillian Barre Syndrome?
does anyone in canada have syringomyelia??
dizzyness, chills, and sudden, frequent pangs of nausea. Whats wrong?
My doctor thinks i have the onset of appendicitis, does this mean it will turn into appendicitis or will it go?
what are the symptoms of pink eye? is there a differece from pink eye and a cold in the eye?
is there a new virus that causes little bumps that look like abcesses?
is there a website that can help with medical questions?
Why have I vomited dark brown/black vomit?
how do u get rid of black crust faster after u had chicken pox?
side effects of MMA?
what is this lump on my staffy?
is there any new treatment for psoriasis?
I have chicken pox.all the blisters have turned into black crust.how many more days do i have to wait?
Have any of you had a child with autism?
Is PLS heriditary?
Cod Liver Oil..is there anyone who still takes it and what exactly does it do or prevent?
What illness have i got?
Question about GERD.?
Food getting stuck in throat?
I just got a tattoo 2 days ago and the colours ran together.?
anyone know any motor neuron disease that are caused by trauma???
What are the side effects following pulmonary vein ablation?
cardiac case duration?
my glasses precription are 10.50 sphere what does this mean?
does splashing water in your eyes make you see?
i fell badly on my knees and now my one knee is very badly bruised n hurts, could it be broken?
Thinking of having rhinoplasty done.Is it very painful and how long does it take to recover?
How long will it take to heal my broken finger?
I was stabbed by a pen and the wound looks like an injection one , what should i do?
how much can i claim for loseing part of my thumb through a works accident?
I got hit in the face with a hurley..My face is all swollen and hurts to move..?
My brother had multiple fracture in his upper arm?
I have a sharp pain in the back right of my right knee when bending it, injured while swimming?
i had a broken ankle a few years ago and im starting to get a fluid lump on that ankle what could be wrong?
Hip replacement revision - now pulled a muscle?
does rolling an egg over a bump stop it from turning into into a bruise?
Jetlagged can anyone help? I need to recover?
Wondering if I strained a tendon in my knee?
My ankle keeps clicking ??????????????
I have a problem with my knee. Should I go to the doctor?
Vitamin D supplement makes me tired?
Will the use of "garlic" for fighting off worms, antifungal, and antiviral interfere with probiotics?
Is it okay to do nasal irrigation (ex. nettie pot) if you have an ear infection from your sinus infection?
Where can i purchase Kali Iod ?
FYI: Help! Looking for natural/organic remedies for tooth extraction infection?
Baltic amber or Hazelwood for someone with sciatica?
Do they perscribe medicinal marijuana to sufferers of anorexia?
Can you take Rhodiola Rosea along with anti-depressants for more help?
What kinds of mushrooms contain AHCC?
can anybody tell me where i can buy venacura?
Alive Academy of Natural Health??
job for me a caregiver massage or homecare?
will taking one gravol help me sleep?
Ways to improve conditions of feet?
What is this drug? It was called Chinese weed?
Can a person with Graves disease be able to take medicine all their life such as PTU?
What is Appedrine?????
can vigorx pills be bought in stores?