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I'm looking for pure Hoodia, can anyone give me a web page link to the real stuff? Anyone used it? Did it work
Are expired glucosamine and msm capsules still effective?
Social Anxiety natural solutions?
is it possible to get purmafried from weed and is there a way to get rid of it?
anyone know any good natural detox menu/diet/plans. ?
some home made treatment?
Is there a legal, over-the-counter alternative to cocaine ?
I heard Aveeno has a new natural insect repellent. Does anyone know where I can find more information?
Can I take an apple cider vinegar?
can acidolpholus be used as a substitute for lactaid pills?
How to keep my gall bladder fairly healthy until my operation on the 2nd.?
Whats the difference between Paxil and Cipralex?
should a 17 year old take calcium supplement?
absinthium vs wormwood?
does anyone know if CCSVI is available in New York?
If you do drugs can the chemicals sweat through your skin?
Which fish oil to use as a supplement?
Can anyone help me with this slightly odd problem?
about my sleep...............?
How likely am I to be an organ donor match for my father?
Help needed with bladder problems?
Was this a panic attack?
i had a liver function test and my doc said my bilirubin was high but my liver was functioning normally?
Can triggers still cause seizures even when I'm taking medicine?
Any ideas what this lump is?
Does anybody have any idea how to lose your voice on purpose BUT not damage it?
how do i know when my verruca has gone?
I am on antibiotics (amoxicillin) for a pyelonephritis that I got from a non treated cystitis...?
Swollen and painful fingers?
small lump on side of neck?
Can antihistamines be addictive?
Is it normal to feel nauseous with a head cold?
In what foods can you find folic acid and B12?
Eye specialists only answer please?
i have been told i need to have the acid tested in my stomach does anyone know how they will do this.?
What does it mean if my old BCG lesion/scar has flared up?
ganglion cyst really hurts?
ive been prescribed anti-depressents and i am breastfeeding?
I would like to know how many people have heard of one losing there leg from having open heart surgury?
My Kluptamin is distended and oozing, what could cause this?
My hamster has mange, can anyone recommend a home remedy or suggest an over the counter medication to cure it?
My son has a grayish film or gel in one eye that won't come out. They are also red. Whats the grey stuff?
Wow, Cindy Crawford's post has gotten 2155 replies....?
Any suggestions for treating Ankylosing Spondylitis naturally?
How do I prevent this nasty worgosh on my blibbula?
can i sue an individual for defamation after successfully winning lawsuit against insurance company?
how do i make a homemade medical IV.?
Can't get rid of my verrucas?
Is skin bleaching safe or dangerous?
do antibiotics work for acne?
on antibotics for cyisitc and now having light bleed but only stopped takng pill yesterday?
spot help please help me?
Athlete's foot and baths?
What is the best anti-dandruff shampoo in England.?
Today I Cut my toe..?
really bad rash on underwear line... help!!?
Is there a cure for Perioral dermatitis?
t shirt that helps prevent sweat? or stops sweat from showing?
lump under skin on chest?
What are these little spots on my hands and feet?
what is this rash all about its painfull not itchy?
Is there a test that can be done to see the condition of your liver?If so, can it be done privately?
What are the after effects of a brain tumour?
what is the closest spinal injury ward to plymouth<south west>?
Why do we stretch ?
in medication if a tablet is taken orally?
ive had a blood test and what do this mean?
I'm a tiny person and weighs between 45-50kg (7 stones) but have stretch marks around my hip,buttocks & thighs
What hip and leg muscles are used in walking downstairs?
foot fungus?
How I can treat my son's eyes?
Should I get eye surgery?
i have an eye problem please help.......?
does childhood long sightedness get worse?
problem with eye whitener!!! :S?
describe one way that a Gullstrand exact eye simplifies an actual eye?
chalazian cyst on eyelid?
Do your eyes go red too when chewing Nicorette chewing gum.???
White pus coming out of chalazion?
Blade free LASIK eye surgery?
why when I wake up my eyes are very dry?pls help?
HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can a person who performed Lasik Surgery be a commercial pilot and/or Astigmatism?
Bulimia /recovery?? - eyes?
any docoter out there that can do eye surgery to help someone repair blindness?
Im 16 and have Intermittent exotropia can it stil be treated? Should i get it treated i feel it holds me back?
although legal requirement is for half hour testing for an eye exam,?
i want to know i take out sparm ons a day it's good ?
is there any hair removal cream out there that dont smell so bad?
CAN I STILL GET TALLER AT 17? (late bloomer) please answer?
OVERDOSE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do i have a water infection?
what do hospitals do with amputated body parts?
whats the best Health/wellness/spa resort in europe to send a couple?
How much does a gp doctor get paid per a week (uk)?
How dangerous is a Cipralex overdose?
why waste materials should be disposed in a safe manner?
Do you have a long term illness/health problem? Or are you never ill?
whats the most amount of sneezes you have ever done?
Is it bad to always hold your stomach in?
what are the health & safety procedures whilst using a computer?
Do you think i've got insomnia?
what does it mean if i pee a lot in on day?
I have just got my blood and liver test results back and my Serum Bilirubin appears to be very high?
What is this? (Lump right side above collarbone) Pic attached?
suspected multiple sclerosis?
i get a very acid like feeling in my stomach in the morning?
gall bladder operation advice please?
Itchy and swollen fingers, along with nausea - Doxycycline?
Problems with flushing/blushing?
Hypothyroidism, High levels of T4 and TSH?
i'm noticing that sometimes my hands or fingers are twitching?
How long will it take my GP to refer me to the NHS endocrinologist?
tinnitus remedies -recent research?
could taking iron tablets raise alt?
What would happen if you smoked anthrax infected heroin?
how 2 get rid of constipation aft anisthetic? its bin 5 wks+ im living on laxitives+prune j?
is it possible for brain tumor symptoms to subside for 3 to 5 days or are they almost all ways persistent?
Food to eat when you have a stomach ulcer?
any tips for relieving Tinnitus?
Feeling Dizzy And Constant Sickness I just cant keep myself standing up.?
Recurring Kidney Infections?
My daughter broke her forearm up by her elbow 4 weeks ago, is it normal for her to be in alot of pain still?
has he bruised the muscle in my neck from biting?
can i travel on a plane with a fractured ankle thats in plaster?
I have a lower back pain what should I do?
How can i have fun on holiday whilst in a cast with a broken leg?
How Can You Get A Dislocated Knee?
Sprained ankle??? should i be worried?
when can you use a plaster cast?
rib fracture possibly by accident?
how do i soften my toe nail ?
Help BAD WRIST. ouuuuuuch?
My forehead feels like its got sunburn, but I haven't.....?
Paintball before my prom?
Cyst removal on ear? No insurance.?
damaged tendons (shoulder)..how long for full recovery?
Have you ever experienced a blister on your eyeball?
Please can i just get some decent advice/experience?!?
has anyone heard of herpes on the body? It is type one I am told.?
what is osteitis condensans and what can be done about it?
Constant dehydration?
did anyone have any adverse effects when taking grape seed and later i had a beer?
Do you know of any famous people who are/were suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)?
Meningitis and consequences?
can perennial-type allergic rhinitis be healed?
I have a lump on the left side of my eye socket! its quite small but hurts! anyone know what it is?
I have really bad stabbing pain were my appendix is but I dont have any of the symptoms what is wrong?
what causes pins and needles in my left little finger and spread to my hand ?
why am i aching???????
what diets have been tryed for Headache, and migraine?
my son has to have opperation on his back?
My lower neck hurts and so does my upper back. Is there anything I can do?
Whats happening to my hand?
My knee clicks?
pain in my arm can anyone help?
DOCTORS/CLEVER PEEPS sneezing with eyes/nose/mouth...closed?
cramp inner thigh muscle?
Am i suffering from back pain because...
Are you right in the head ...?
Can I take normal painkiller such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen if I'm taking beta-blockers?
What could be causing right shoulder pain and hand numbness?
I keep getting cramps in my legs at night, I take Quinine Tablets and Tonic water, is there any other cures?
Does getting your tongue peirced hurt?
i have stretched my ear from 0 to 4 mm is that 2 much?
Can vertigo cause problems with your eyes.?
Has anybody donated their bone marrow recently?
So I was in the sauna with these two sailors the other day...?
what is a community budget(NHS)?
Employee Wellness Programs in UK Hospitals?
what is the difference between contamination, colonisation and infection?
what are the regulations, if any, surrounding massage therapy?
Does eating English bred chicken make your feet smaller?
slogan about cleanliness/orderliness?
throat feels blocked down one side?
Loud ringing in one ear for a few days?
vitamins and overdose?
Do you know anything about nose polyps?
Expelling kidney stones?
Left ear burning feeling what is it?
why is my vomit like acid?
Does anyone know where I can buy an SOS medical alert talisman (not too expensive)?
are ferritin levels and hematocrit levels directly related?
Minocin causing swollen optic nerve?
Who knows of TRAUMEEL® (ointment) by Heel Canada?
Questions about Wellbutrin overdose?
I found a package of tape that has Chinese writing on it.The only word I can read is Emeishan.?
what happens when you have alzhimmers?
My mum is having an operation?
Will I get bullied for having surgery????? Please help?
A List Of Drugs and What They Do?
What are some Myths about Amphetamines?
Are there any natural remedies for a stopped up tear duct?
Can I take magnesium phosphate for back spasms while pregnant?
Have you done salvia?
Mini Stroke or Pinched Nerve?
whole body cleansing and feeling in chest/lungs?
How much does salvia cost?
Anyone had 'inflamatio' under your eye lids?? ...?
Has anyone ever used a natural herb called "HMS90", which apparently works on the immune system?
What tests does a rheumatologist do on anyone with raynauds & muscle & joint pain?
Poor Blood Circulation In Legs?
How can I rid of a urine infection fast?
what do they mean by a "condition" exactly?
How to treat foliculitis?
what causes night time sweats?
dont know if go my GP.?
Will daily use of Loperamide lead to water retention and weight gain?
is it possible to pass a urine drug test with someone elses urine sample?
Is Alzheimer's disease related to zinc intake?
Can you take prescribed medicine and chamomile ?
Is it possible to aviod alcohol withdrawal for good with small amounts?
how to get my voice back to normal?
What are the qualifications accepted by the medical council of Africa to work as a doctor in African countries
does drug rehabilitation work?
Anyone Interested In A Life Changing Experience?
time of the yeer again...how do you get rid of a cold?
How do i get rid of this problem?
black dots in vision?
I have a bent nose, is it serious?
Really bad tinnitus started today?
Can a band 6 nurse sit in on a interview panel for band 6 nurses.Is this legal?
why do when a girl orgasms our automatic thing is to pull away?
Can someone really smoke an ounce of weed (marijuana) a day?
Hayfever tablets as a sleeping aid?
is it safe put off your specks by lasic laser?
Body temp is really low?
human head how heavy is it?
Questions about blood tests?
Cutting Re: Read Again for people who awnsered.?
why does my right side hurt?
nicotine/tobacco withdrawal...?
How to soothe my really sore throat?
Overdosed Olanzapine?
PLEASE HELP... stomach acid or something else....?!?
Oxytetracycline Acne Help?
How do you treat serious blisters on your heels?
what is the best treatment for adult acne?
My face is breaking out so bad and I have some acne scaring should I take birth control pills?
i have hard skin on my feet?
my skin wont go lighter again!!!?
itchy red blochy face...?
straightener burn!!!!?
Is it bad to see your pores on your face?
What are these small lumps?
what could this itch be could i be worrying over nothing?
I have cracks in my skin?
How do i get rid of my red legs?
Please help me problem with dark patches in skin ?
Just had a mole burnt off?
How long do you use lime for armpit odor?
I keep breaking out in lots of acne cysts! Please help?
Do banana peels work on verrucas?
Am I susceptible to contracting illnesses (Such as Swine Flu or colds)?
Can a child's Chickenpox reactivate Shingles I had last year?
Where has this painfully sore throat come from?
I have glandular fever, am I more at risk for swine flu?
Why are we wide awake when we go to bed and really tired when we wake up?
I am totally Paramore obsessed.I THINK WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY?
Ive stopped taking my anti-depressants...?
I can't sleep?
Efexor withdrawel?
How do i stop being paranoid ?
why do i feel like people ignore me and i m worthless, compared to others?
ermm.. i think too much
Liar! Liar!?
How to give emotional support?
I'm falling back into depression for the third time and im only 13!?
i need ear plugs, so i can't hear my husband snoring?
why bother? can i just give up on life?
i think i may have ocd?
Adult children of alcoholics?
11yo saying he hates his life and wants to kill himself, who to contact?
what is your happiest memory before a loved one died?
Do anti-depressants really work and has anyone got any suggestions to get better other than medication?
stress is killing me and i dont know what to do, theres no escape from it and no way to relax?
How can I stop shaking so much when asked to read in class?
How does getting high off weed actually feel like?
Do you feel to many people are saying they are depressed?
can you get high on second hand cannabis smoke?
Locked knee after surgery?
How do I heal the last of the injury on my right shoulder ?
mild tingling on the surface of my middle finger?
If i broke my ankle (Fibula & Tibia) will i have to have surgery?
Ear pain for weeks? help me :(?
Can you do pilates after recovering from a slipped disc?
Random Spasms in Knee?
Shoulder Subluxation?
A stich has been left in my wound?
Why does toe hurt, HELP!?
If my ankle is swollen, should it feel warm?
How long should you ice a sore calf?
Twisted knee?(i think)?
Why does it take until the following day?
have i got a broken finger?
How long will I be on crutches?!..?
shin splints...not really sure?
Why does my back seize up as I get out of the swimming pool 8 months after spinal fusion?
location of 16 Arnfield Place Dennistoun G31 2xe?
Does a blind dog have a blind human?
I have a machine to test BP how many times per day and when should I take it - it varys from normal to high -?
How do muscles recover after surgery?
looking for a job with the immigration i am a Bsc(hons) graduate?
What is the latest on stem cell implantation?
how can a person's personal beliefs and preferences have an impact on moving and handling methods,?
What are the side effects of Atennolol?
are olives good for your health?
why do i always have yellow poo?
Does anyone know a doctor that has expertise treating Camurati-Engelmann's desease?
Anyone have to inject methetrxate?
Hi, does anyone knows information about a Center of Treatment of Proteomic Medicine in Canada, USA or France.?
What causes phantom ear itching?
How could someone with a superior immune system use it to benefit the health community?
what is the cause of positional club foot?
how to get $25,000.00 back from Cleveland heart hosp who denied telling me of serious heart disease- sent home
im trying to find information on inpatient addiction care vs out patient addiction care?
for anyone with HEP C. what kind of symptons do/did you have?
Can hypothyroid cause infertility?
laser treatment to regulate heart?
Trimspa Vitamins......?
Where can I get poppy pods locally?
serious cocaine nose damage question please help?
Question for Reflexologists?
Alternative Medicines like Homeopathy for the patient of Meningioma.?
I can't swallow pills?
Help! I lost my voice and I need to sing in 5 days!!! Any remedies that actually work??
allergic conjunctivitis :(?
spot help please!!!!!?
do pores scar ? can you get rid of them ?
Have you had lasser eye treatment, if so I would like to hear how it went?
what is the best treatment for spots? not had bad skin before... Help!?
Dry itchy skin on the soles of my feet, help with treatment?
Why is my elbow itching? I have scratched it but it only helped for a few seconds.?
My head itches but I don't know why?
if you lose a big toenail due to fungal infection will they grow back or will they be gone forever?!?
How do I get rid of my red cheeks?! (For Men)?
What should I do about ear infection? (answer quickly!!!)?
my,little,toenails,are, growing over to one side,its worrying me as my nail nearly came of in bed,managed to?
some sort of metal rash?
my daughter is 5 and ive noticed lately her legs have alot of bruses?
What spot creams WELL AND TRULY work?
Are there effective acne scars home treatments?laser preferably?
What's the difference between spot-prone skin and acne?
HELP: I have medicated shampoo from my g.p for an very very painful irchy scalp....but...?
Can adults have Separation Anxiety , if so how do i get rid of it?
Cracking Joints Problem?
is there anyway to talk to the nhs online or any other professional doctors site in the uk?
do I need antibiotics?
what happens to a persons body when they jump off a building?
will gargling with salt water help?
Im struggling to sleep...?
Lower left back pain ouch...?
good ways to deal with home sickness?
citalopram and drinking alcohol?
after affects of magic mushrooms ?
Help i think im dead?
This is going to sound rediculous but?
What other ways are there to take weed without tobacco?
9 year old with sickness and high temp?
Varicocele Question - Swollen Epididymis?
What are these symptoms from?
My blood group is AB+,came to know few days earlier that its a rare blood group,is it not available easily?
I have had this horrible cold that I thought was getting better but I seem to be getting another cold?
Is this Fibromyalgia, or what is it?
what pain do you get when you have osteoarthritis in the knee?
The doctor has diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) any advice on ways to help cope with it?
Is there a medical reason why I cannot feel pain?
What can I do to prevent calcification in my eyes?
Whenever I hear anything, I get buzzing in my ears...?
Severe back/side/kidney pain!!!!?
help im worried!(drugs related)?
a lump found under skin?
car battery acid/lead poisoning?
my small fingers feel dead when i wake up?
Regular constapation?
I am due to see a neurologist at the end of Feb. What can I expect to happen on our first meeting?
Severe Social Anxiety?
I live in a bubble any advice ?
How can I stop feeings of hopelessness... it is never going to get better I am 18 and I hate everything?
I feel so depressed what can I do?
has anyone on here got bipolar disorder?
What's a good cure for loneliness?
How to get out of depression?
Hi what are the symptoms of stress and how long do they last?
I am 21 and have self-harmed for over 8 years now. i am haveing horrible thoughts about sucide.?
How to stop thought........?
I feel alone all the time, and I can't stop self harming?
my best friend keeps attempting suicide?
I'm so overwhelmed with depression,daily life is difficult?
anyone ever struggled with alcohol abuse problem?
When all is going wrong?
how do you improve your brain?
What do you think of the samaritans?
what cure is there for cold in the kidneys?
what causes easy bruising in children?
lump on shoulder and hand numbing?
Help please, soo not good.?
Replacement heart valve, anyone know where to apply?
is he strong enough to get thru the operation now?
I need to have a HIDA scan for abdominal pain. If I don't have a gallbladder, what else will be evaluated?
I have pain in my leg unbearable, I am in China and wonder if it is my siactic nereve?
no chocolate for LQT disease. is this true?? i love choc. im only borderline so can i have it?
Is it allergy or something else?whats the solution.?
wondering if anyone else has polycystic kidney disease?
How much recuperating time after an angioplasty.?
Fibromyalgia Sufferers!! How do you explain fibro to non-sufferers?
My crp level is 38mg/l what does it indicate?
could haing palpitations be serious?
It is important that the candidate demonstrates the ability to plan and prioritise their workload to ensure op?
im writing a paper on coronary heart disease and i need some advice.?
how does having a heart attack affects one's quelity of life?
I have already been to pysio about my shoulder and am going back as pain has returned.?
Why have my ribs been hurting?
heat bumps?
Is Doctor Murrey guilty of murder? what do you think?
I have chest pain, help please :(?
can paracetamol be taken with co-codamol 8/500mg or any other strength of co-codamol?
13 weeks pregnant and severe Headache Plz Read....?
Sore throat when waking up?
Will I be taken off the NHS waiting list if I pay for a one off consultation maybe injection with same surgeon?
ive got a annoying stomach ache any tips for it?
Side Pain Anyones help?
My ear is blocked and painful! Any advice?
I have tender pain in my hand - what is it?
My elbow hurts. If I tell you the symptoms, could you guess why?
why does my back make clicking noises?
Serious advice needed, life or death?
i had my gall bladder out in feb and since had bad pain in my tummy after eating creamy foods.is this ibs?
ive been haveing pains in my abdomen when i eat eggs can anyone tell me what is wrong or how to stop the pains?
How do ears hurt from loud noise?
Constant lower back pain for 7 months?
can a pulled muscle cause so much pain''under my rib cage,like a realy bad stich,when i cough it feels like?
I've had a brain injury, can i be hypnotised?
Are the benefits of bare foot waliking on sand clinically documented?
aparagus stem as a supplementary medicine?
should sun cream have a best before date.?
why do i get tiny litle itchy lumps on bottom of one foot, they then just go down and disapear with dry skin?
advice please on the benefits or otherwise of operation for plastic knees?
sign of swine flu or just connjuctivitus?
How to get rods out? Fractured arm.?
i hurt my arm im not sure what to do?
have i broken my finger?
What is this pain in my leg?
When I run, I get a sharp, consistant pain just right of my shin bone.. any ideas?
My knee really hurts if I leave it in the same position for a while, why and what is it?
Broken arm. Pain relief?
Ankle Rehabilitation?
why do my veins come to the surface on the back of my hands?
Whats Happened? Have I Pulled My Muscles?
Bad Ankle Pain... what is it?
large lump on nose help ?
tripped and twisted my ankle?
bent thumb backwards now in pain?
i have a match in a couple of hours and my hamstrings and quads are really tight. What can i do to help this?
Ankle fracture treatment?
how long should it take for disolveable stitches?
one of my best friends has been in a car crash, read more for questionn?
What does an American without health insurance do if they or their child has cancer / serious disease?
Is it better to drink mineral water or?
i eat chocolate all the time but have all the symptoms of low blood sugar?
what can you do for stomach aches and vomiting?
Under active Thyroid Gland?
psoriatic arthritis,anyone know much about it?
How dangerous is doing meth?
Has anyone heard of Williams disease and Christmas disease what are they?
Antibiotics for a cold?
There is a milder version of Bipolar called Cyclothymia and i think i might have it...?
B12 Deficiency Symptoms ?
what are these symptoms?
How much alcohol can I consume while taking Lamictal for epilepsy?
Pain in the right side lower abdomen?
what are the symptoms of ms?
Do I have Scoliosis? Opinions please :)?
what is the meaning of dvt?
nicardipino ratiopharm whats its use and can you stop taking them after a couple of months with no ill effects?
Old Super Doctor Episodes?
High BP and high cholestrol im only 28 is this unusual?
Can I get DLA for Atrial Fibrillation, ulcerated colitis?
are there any reconstructive plastic surgeons out there only serious replies please?
sweeling around the heart?
blood pressure varies in a ventricle during the cardiac cycle?
if you suffer from myotonic dystrophy, can you still concieve?
can you explain how The heart and cardiac muscle get stronger?
more research on paralytic ileus following correction of scoliosis?
How High Density Lipoprotein(HDL) play a role as scavenger of cholesterol and its antiatherogenic property?
Can going on a rollercoaster bring on an epileptic siezure?
Low resting heart rate & high BP-does this explain heavy sweat after short burst of activity but fast recovery?
should making my heart work hard (beat fast) every day with history of angina be worrying?
Why is my heart really loud/strong and keeping me up at night?
help on how to get rid of dog bite scars?
how would i know if wheat being making me ill?
i was bitten by an insect.?
what is the ALD DISORDER?
Need help w/lab reults on developmentally delayed 3 yrold?
I have Psoriatic Arthropathy,and Gout,was complicated by necrotizing faciitis?
What kind of problem do i have with my eye?
why are there so few antibiotics which can be used against bacterial meningitis?
Any tips for someone recently diagnosed with Posterior Tibial Tendon Disfunction?
I was in a car accident (non life-threatening injuries) Have sore stiff knees now. Exercises? Medication?
ovarian cancer?
Which neurological disease has 1 of 1st symptoms problems with throat muscles sometimes affecting speech?
Friend has been in coma after angioplasty?
Whats wrong with me, should I go see a doctor?
how many quailty calories does an average person need to consume a day in order to funtion effectivly?
Why do I sometimes feel shorter, then sometimes feel taller?
Is my body going to stop growing ?
cold sore and white spots on my tonsils?
Pains in my heart and stomach quite worried help?
Why do I wake up shaking sweating and sometimes heavily breathing in and out?
i have just got an hearing aid, its wonderful, comments from other sufferers please?
Strange cut/scar on tongue?
Sometimes i wake up in the morning, with my body paralyzed, unable to breath?
needs to take tablet for stomach bug, but when i did yesterday i puked, HELP?!?
Random Question: Why does it hurt so much when you put salt on a mouth ulcer?
How can i stop feeling sick?
Anyone suffer with IBS? How long does the pains and cramps last for?
Ive got really tight stomach pains and cramps and my tummy is gargling&i feel really down all the time...?
Sneezed when in an awkward position ripped muscles in my stomach.?
Do i need to go to the Hospital?
Breathing difficulties.. anxiety and stress related i think?
i feel as if im going to pass out after smoking. y?
ive ate pizza&mash,got really bad stomach pains,bloated&feel a bit sick?i got IBS?how can i help it go away?
Why do i keep having to clear my throat in the morning?
how can i get more iron into my diet? will iron effect my IBS?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Why don't doctors ever tell people straight about the diagnosis of a problem?
Feel really ill and constantly tired?
I get tonsillitis after everytime i kiss someone.?
Is it normal to throw up when you have tonsillitus?
Diagnose me, is something seriously wrong with me?
Whats the best thing to do about bile reflux and acid reflux disease?
Would a combination of 2 epilepsy drugs cause learning difficulties?
would a doctor give me an inhaler for anxiety causing spells of shortness of breath?
Hypothyroidism, My eyelashes are falling off help me!?
excessive sweating - can smell!!?
is an enlarged heart very dangerous?
Has anyone ever had a benign growth removed from there throat?
systole and diastole?
Relation to the heart.?
How do you control asthmatic breathing in hot weather?
what changes seen in a patients ECG if they were suffering from a cardiac Myopathy?
what are the signs of anerexia and how can it be treated?
Has anyone had Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery ?? (Lap Band)?
hi all im lookin for info on a medicine called pudnack or pudneck.?
how do you operate a phonak aero 211 az hearing aid?
if you have any info mation about mobile phone radiation i would like to know any thing at all?
High Esr Results???
Does anyone have any bricklaying contacts i can ring?
Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery?
Has anyone used ultralase?
prozac advice?
please help, can 10mg lorezopam kill you?
what shall I do next about my self harm?
How depressed do you feel going back to work today after the christmas holiday break?
How can i stop thinking of this?
Help please?
Alcohol and Anxiety?
how many people actually suffer from insommina?
i am fast losing memory..and when i try to think,i have a headache.what best medication to improve my memory?
why the puritanism about the high from cannabis.?
Son wants to die but is refusing treatment?
How can someone smoke weed without becoming paranoid?
Am i the only one?
Simple Pleasures?
How can I stop hating people and especially myself??
Who has a hangover and was it worth it?
Do blueberrys give you dioreah? (not sure of spelling, sorry!)?
Spare a square?
Help! My brother won't stop being sick!?
Why do i feel so dizzy and lightheaded?
how can i get to sleep?
Will it fall off or get better ?
I have been taking this Chinese herb....?
What is the name of the worst and the less worst pituitary toumor?
Is comfrey safe.................?
will i need my wheelchair for long when my 2 leg casts are removed after 16 months?
chinese herbal remedies?
Hypothyroidism, Supplements Question?
Which the best way to benefit from gin sing, pills or liquid?
Should I use CITROBUG or WATKINS insect repellent on my skin?
did anyone ever used ectoplan and did it work?
Feels like bruising, but there's no mark?
are you a picker or a leaver?
how can i speed up the healing process of a twisted ankle?
I got high for my first time on weed and my face went numb?
Nutrition house Greens Extra Cran-Cherry?
Do you need to have a prescription to buy injectable melatonin in Canada?
i crushed my foot 5 months ago now my bones stick out?
Why wont my cut heal on my foot?
Has anyone used the product avignon skin care? Does it work?
Has anyone ever used St John's Wort... with?
I'm trying to find info on Gunn Sikk - He's a nutritionist who appears on Balance TV regularly.?
a system that generates negative ions with ozone is reputed to be beneficial for health,is this true?
chicken pox scars? getting rid of
What are your personal experiences with distance healing?
how to use noni juice to clear acne?
can anyone recommend chiropractor in or around Bay Roberts, Newfoundland?
where can i buy herbal laxative tea , and grade b maple syrup in Barrie, Ontario ,Canada?
Is there a naturopath that could answers theses questions?
where can i buy moringa leaf powder or capsules in canada?
Toning up with steroids?
chronic fatigue syndrome?
what is Fatty Liver Disease?
how long does the symptoms of mono (weak&fatique) stay in your system for...years?
chamsa medical treatment?
is there any cure or relief from tinnitis??
Have a majority of these symptom? ON,myoclonus,pupil change,numb,shakes,mind probs,clear mri,spasticity?help!!
the only reason i would buy a used mattress is beacause i couldnt afford a new one-know what i mean?
Whats the best medical data & warning site in Canada for Necrotizing Faciitis and tel. #?
can I move my geoplus account to Yahoo Canada?
ok - i am getting little red bumps on my fingers-- what could they be??
reason for mild dull ache in parietal region of brain?
what is torrent, and how do i become a Torrent PRO User?
My right leg feels wierd?
being anxious about needing the toilet, then feeling like i need to go too much?
I have trouble sleeping... Please help.?
What Does Cleansing Actually Do ?
I think I have really bad anger management?
If someone who eats to little can be sectioned can someone who eats to much?
is it normal to get blurred vision after i work out im 27 and fairly fit?
Why is it uncomfortable to sit properly on a chair?
any ideas what is causing my headaches?
how can i get rid of the excess static in my body. I am carefull to try to wear cotton, but I still get shocks?
Pyloric Stenosis... Can it cause infertility in later life?
I'm getting cold symptoms and my 21st birthday is tuesday! Any tips to speed up recovery?
I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover, i was sick twice but i have felt sick all day still.?
Why do I have big pupils?
Is body art harmful for body?
Aching Legs And Cold Floors?
it's possible to donate bone marrow in the UK if you're ineligible for blood donation... anyone?
Oxytetracycline - can it cause tempretures, dizziness and headaches?
I have pains under my rib cage and the left side of my belly.They come and go but it really hurts when lying?
Question on nausea, help please!?
Does anyone have Borderline Diabetes. My Doctor is testing me for it.?
Frequency of stomach ulcers?
Has anyone heard of this illness?!?
What specialist should I see, in UK, to alleviate a spinal cord impingement, which is causing organ & muscular?
If kids have head lice should the whole family be treated or only those that you can find lice on?
My stomach feels like acid is burning?
Source of rash on waistband?
What causes red skin amongst my smoking friends?
what is the best treatment you used to get rid of your acne marks?
I shread alot of skin is this normal or some kind of disease?
I have red lumps, which could be described as spots without the head, on my arm, legs and now chest. Normal?
Scalp psoriasis. anything to help the pain?!?
hiya im getting a mole removed in the morn?
acne anti-biotic help please?
How can you get rid of warts quickly?
Iritated Skin...........?
Spider bite ? ..... or something else ?
does mole removel scar bad >?
Why is MRSA called the 'Superbug'?
How long do 3rd degree burns take to heal?
what would happen if you had ink on ur skin everyday?
I need help with my dry feet!!?
clinique oily skin ???
does the school have to be closed if the tempreture reaches a cepten point?
Has anyone heard of or know anyone with Pectus excavatum?
can you tell me where i can buy injectable human growth hormone in the uk?
anyone out there been diagnose with PVD?
Why are we told to drink hot drinks in summer AND winter?
I have numb patches on both my legs - just either side of my calf? One small numb patch on each side?
Has anybody Quit heroin???
Son with a heart murmer- (bicuspid A2 valve). Does he need?
High blood pressure when waking up from nightmare?
prolapsed mitral valve causing pain?
whats one funtion of the network of blood vessels around the tubule of the nuphron?
Its been 10months since my dad had open heart sugery, he is experiencing coughing up bile and sickness?
should i have my root canal treatment redone after years?
What's the ideal blood pressure for teenagers?
how the risk factors leading to harm and abuse can be reduced?
how much are the risks of mitral valve replacement?
Bisphenol A and MRKH syndrome is there a connection?
Does anyone know which hospital Dr Walsh moved to?
I am having to take otenalol Beta Block tablets(25mg per day)?
calculating filling time and contraction time on an ECG?
Ref. Cardiology: I have to attend a "Autonomic Function Test"Whats Involved?
Is anyone living with dissection of the aorta and waiting treatment?
is there any connection between lumps in the hand and heart disease? (see details)?
is there a marijuana pill available in canada for cancer patients?
Hepatitis A? anyone knows where i can find Lipochol in Canada for the treatment?
How do you get cancerof the throat?how is it cured?
Why do so many older women have runny noses and a ball of kleenx in their hand?
My cuticles are always cracked - especiall now...?
whats good for acne?
What do you do to get congestion out of your chest? I have tried everything.?
ThE StOmAcH fLu??!!?
If someone is allergic to raw (uncooked) milk products, would they also be allergic to milk chocolate?
what are the causes of low self esteem and self confidence?
Would you please define 'Bipolar Disorder'?
i suffer from mild depression and anxiety attacks?
My mum is insane please help?
I think i may be mad how can i find out for sure?
Do you ever get in the mood where you know that you are going to just keep on drinking, no matter what?
how can i improve my memory?
should i see a psychiatric?
my parents are sending me to a mental hospital!?
Is this the way to Amarillo?
for people who get horrible panic attcks?
Is there a link between mental health problems and high caffeine intake?
I need tips on how to get motivated and find a job!?
Is fluoxetine the same as prozac?
I keep having thoughts that I am not going to be here very long?
my son has just fractured his foot , do you think he will be out of plaster in 5 weeks as we go to disney then
Can i have some advise on sleeping pills?
Everyone seems to annoys me...?
how do i get my life back on track?
Where can you find a person with six fingers on each hand and optional webbed feet?
what happens after DVT is diagnosed?
after taking a drug called simvastatin suffered hair loss.not on the drug now can the hair loss be reversed?
what is wrong with me (symptoms inside)?
I have IBS, i have found a drug on a webite called Bavolex. Has anyone heard of it or used it?/?
kudzu and gaba......for quitting the booze?
nasonex nasal spray help?
Is ACL Surgery a major one?
I have buzzing in my left ear and pressure in it too what can it be?
could this be epilepsy?
Is there a cure for Rhotacism?
swollen throat hard to swallow etc?
Does my friend have an eatig disorder?
Scared about lump back of my head?
Bad Stomach ache, but no other symptoms, what’s wrong?
MS. What 'causes' this? Is it an hereditary condition? Can it be brought on by stress? etc.?
ive got blood on my stool?
Does anyone else get a slight stomach ache when cold?
can a kidney transplant last for your whole life?
I'm thinking back a few years, what do you think I was sick with?
Foot injury - does this sound serious?
what should i do with a swollen finger and i cant bend it atall ?
so someone chucked a pebble full speed at my head today, big lump.... should i be worried?
Hit my head pretty hard today....?
help my toe is really painful?
i sweat a lot is there anyway 2 stop it without having any ops?
Should I get this checked out?
Broken Toe - I Need Tips For A Fast Recovery!?
After meniscus suturing should the patient weight bear or not?
help !!! rubbing brace what can i do?
advise on injury please?
has anyone had to have manipulation to the knee months after knee replacement?
Was playing football and..?
im self employed and going for oporation on my shoulder am i entitled to anything?
Posture sitting on your knees crossed for to long can it cause any realy problem.?
employees rights after an injury at work?
off work because i had a accident might not be able to do the job i normily do so might have to do a lighter 1?
can you go on a plane with a cast on?
Is there any proof or evidence or facts of...?
Vinegar help?
I would like information on Phosphorus30c? I would like to know all the things that it is used for.?
I hear that peppermint tea is good for taking care of toothaches and indigestion as well as other things.
Have you or anyone you know tried "Rolfing" and were there any benefits?
What is in carbolic soap?
Where can I get a colon massage?
Are there any alternative med's that help your body recover from miscarriage?
Five tibetans rites?
What is the benefits and bad things about Oil?
Do Shilajit tablets work ?
Ionic Detox Foot Pads....everybody says they are a hoax, but I've been using them....?
Is zinc,saw palmetto,and b-complex?
Have you tried Rolfing?
is it possible to take powered herbal supplements by snorting it through the nose?
Does cold fx work when you already have a cold?
Is there a website that shows information debunking ion Cleanse?
Does HGH work for weight loss and general well being?
i am looking for the instructions for the almighty cleanse?
About Bio Disc?
Why can't I sleep anymore?
how often do people die from anesthesia?
Should I be worrying about my headaches?
why do i feel like dizzy but tired?
What does "walking with a widely spaced gait" mean.?
Gone Deaf Suddenly! D:?
what are the benefits of this body wrap?
How do I find my nearest Ambulance service to say thank you?
Should i be still my old prescription glasses?
Get really short of breath when reading?
i walk at an angle and wear away the sides of my UGGS. i really need to find some insloes for my special feet?
i have real bad irritable legs , when i go to bed , it drives me crazy?
What are the physical differences between a paraplegic and a quadriplegic, please, guys?
Blood pressure and the ride G force?
I am bleeding three weeks after my loop diathermy, is this normal?
How is Joe Kinnear doing, has he had the operation?
What causes vasodialation?
how does headway promote health?
Dopla Test result?
why do some women have t wave inversion as a normal variant on ecg?
i am sooo breathless constantly and feel gererally''weird'' ?
HELP !!!! In pain!!!!?
Can UV light boxes be effective for OCD?
Interpretation of sports heart rate monitors?
medical query what is Dicycloverine used for?
bmw320ise y reg01 51000,excellent condition,tax and tested june 09..?
vitamin tablets?????????
atlest how long i have to take my blood presser tablet it possible to withdraw the medicine?
Another coronary heart disease question?
Regarding previous request about one year old Newfoundland with enlarged heart on one side.?
av canal defect does it cause down syndrome?
What will happen to your Net filtration pressure if you cut your femoral artery?
How does beta-adrenoceptor function in the heartrelate to ageing and hypertension?
Does anybody suffer from severe blushing? I blush so easily. What can I do for this condition?
what prescribed medications contain alcohol?
mycson has cerebal palsy and i want to take him to jaffna in shi- lanka on holiday he is 6?
can anybody tell me wat way my bad should face for a good nights sleep?
who wants to give me a back massage?
Why do you get 'stars in your eyes' when you bang your head or get up quickly?
What is the name of the operation for a detached retina?
I am looking for a site for Merseyside Health Benifit Council Formally Penny in the Pound?
does anyone no if the drug methadone can be used as a strong painkiller?
Having tendon surgery so i need advice?
Does it sound like I have GERD?
why is acyclovir tablets only available on prescription?? but the cream is available on the shelf?
how do i stop getting blisters from playing the guitar?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
i never had an itchy scalp till i used an anti dandruff 2 in 1?
Is collagen any good?
How can I get rid of Milia?
spot treatment ?????
What cures persistent dandruff?
Treatment for alopecia?
anyone no anything tht helps clear up acne ? HELP PLEASE?
does the spot cream called quinoderm work?
i keep getting spots?
I have three bad spots on my face this morning!?
fragile skin on arms is this normal? (read 4 more info)?
how can i stop getting spots on my head under my fringe?
What can i use to get rid of Red Cheeks?
I tweezed my eyebrows everyday and now i have a red permanet mark above it?
What the Best way to get rid of Spots?
How 2 get rid of 'dead' verrucas?
dandruff in and around my eyebrows please help?
i have a pain in the middle of my chest,which is v sore when i cough, sneeze or bend.?
something stuck in my throat?
whats the best pain releif?
why does my boyfriend have a numb pins and needles feeling down one side of his face?
Slightly worried, help!?
what hels cramp in fingers and toes ? pottasium or is it calcium and magnesium ?
Can you take pain killers when taking Anti-bio-tics such as Amoxicillin?
Does key hole surgery hurt?
how do i stop doing this to myself?
i have a trapped nerve what can i do to releave the pain
i have this pain in my right lung area!!!?
is it illegal to buy dihdrocodeine tablets online?
This is really bugging me can you tell me what the pain is?
Is xmas getting to be a ritual pain?
what can i do im so hurt please help me?
i keep getting sore holes in my tongue, why is this?
Stabbing pains below my stomach?
i have a non painful lump on the inside of my wrist ?
where can I buy a spengler or reister blood pressure monitor online or in london?
Can anyone send me a Pectus carinatum brace pleassee ? im 16 and have a 38 -40 chest?
Why does the heart appear white on a chest x-ray?
I have been diagnoses with aorta valve regurtation and a Mitrel valve leak?
where to buy angioprim in the u k?
change of taste when taking Candesarten?
what are the risks of aorto valve replacement by cathetar?
can amisultiride be used for dementia sufferers?
Nerve conduction study on arms showed reduced pattern at limbs on UMN pattern. What is UMN pattern?
I am looking for (by 142 scar repair) in the uk?
low heart rate of 30 bmp at rest......being checked at hosp next week...what could cause this med to lower hbp?
Enteroviral myocarditis in newborns
what is the relationship between the types of lipoprotein in the blood and heart disease?
Does your child have an anaphylaxis allergy?
how can on eliminate ingrown hairs for recurring?
What does an elevated ANE#,ALY# AMO# indicate in an automated differential in a complete blood count?
Does proactive solution really work?
17 yr/female, pain in gallbladder area, ultrasound fine, blood fine, vomits, can't touch area when it "flares"
Is there any rooms that people talk about Ulcertive Colitis as have problems with this disease?
Is there a way to pass an ETG test?
is feeling cold related to catchinga cold?
I am tortured with Social Phobia and do not know where to turn to get help.Can you help?
anyone have any ideas of speech improvement for dysarthria?I have had therapy but seek more?
I have arthritis in my index finger. I am only 30.?
Anyone out there stuck with sjogren syndrome??
My friend is an Alcoholic, how can I help him?
Can anyone tell me what pharmacists call "docusate" in Mexico?
ibs ruining my life&relationship :( please help?
Whenever I hear anything, I get buzzing in my ears...?
how do they go about treating...?
is this normal been sick with a cold?
Why isn't any earwax coming out?
regrowth/repair of nerves.........?
bad cough, now find it hard to breathe?
What are the negative effects of snorting ecstasy?
Why do I get nightmares whenever I eat dairy products?
took my last anti-biotic 36 hours ago . can I now drink alcohol?
Can you see wax falling out or is it invisible?
What is so bad about having flat feet?
How to combat morning tiredness?
stomach rupture from binging?
Why does alcohol make me breath heavy?
Swin flu preperation?
The swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pain in the back of my knee? 10 points :)?
Is my thumb fractured or bruised?
when you break your thumb does it swell?
Is My shin broken or just Bruised?
feel on broken ankle ?
I caught my foot on a metal bar today, and now it is really bruised, it is hard to walk on, and hard to move..?
what's your worst injury you have ever had? show pics if u can!?
have i broke my nose or cheek in cricket?
Is it possible my ankle is fractured or broken?
knee injury advice help?
muscle tension!!!!!!!!!?
how long at wait after knee injury?
Ahhh My feet are killing me, HELP!?
torn acl, HELP!!!!!!!!!?
when can i walk again?
How long does it take to recover from a knee injury?
i fell badly on my knees and now my one knee is very badly bruised n hurts, could it be broken?
i desperately require a pair of safety clogs for working in a kitchen, shop near me has closed down.HELP PLEEZ
does anyone find over the counter medicines addictive ?
If mental-physical health are the most important things in your life Why don't you care about your health?
Have you had Refractive Lens Exchange to correct shortsightedness?
what actoin would you take to deal with enviromental emergencies eg; security?
need to know levels of cancer and leukemia in Post Code TN15?
What is the best way to get rid of spots on your shoulders?
I smell bad!?
Any strategies for quitting smoking?
blood donor problem (look please)?
Whats the best cure for a stye in the eye?
why do i sweat so much at night?
I can't sleep at all at the moment. does anybody have any ideas about what to do?
Can anxiety/panic attacks be cured?
What is a DC conversion in terms of heart health?
Right iliac artery Angioplasty and pain in left leg?
Is this ecg a normal result?
Living with an impantable loop recorder?
im coming off warfarin?
My HDL is 36, my LDL is 32, and my trigycerides are over 300. Is it unhealthy to have such a low LDL?
How come when I stand up my heart beats hard, but stays at the same pace?
how does a stroke affect your nutrition and your dietary intake?
I apparently have two signals going to my heart instead of three- what do you know about this condition?
Is it unhealthy to have a very low resting heart rate?
Has anyone had more than 1 dvt in a year?
High blood pressure and high cholesterol?
Is it likely to have seizures with a heart attack?
Smoking - does it do more damage to white skin?
i recently had a skin tag removed by excision but it looks like it hasn't been removed, is this normal?
Could going back to school cause you to breakout in spots?
what is the cause of all this????!!!!!?
does the skin lightening cream lightenex actually work?
chickenpox scabs gets rubbed off accidentally and all?
Help. I have the beginnings of a finger wart!!!!?
anorexia and spots?????
What diet/vitamin/mineral deficiencies can cause skin to harden and then crack deep enough to produce blood -?
How Can I get rid of my dark circles?
anyone know how to get rid of oily skin?
my son is 15month old. he is suffering from fever and sore tongue. blisters on inner lips and tongue.?
Is it normal for your hands to peel randomly?
how many men use the ped egg?
Between What Age Is Developing Pre-mature Wrinkle?
numbness R.thigh anterior middle to lateral side feels like its asleep?
How many mg of zithromax do i need to cure chylamaida, i hear its 1000, does htat mean i take 4 -250mg tables?
A mitosis growth on the spine - know anyone who had operation to remove one?
Can gallstones return even if you have had you gallbladder removed?
a rare disease: classtridium diffectic?
Is anyone stuck with tinnitus and going crazy????
Is a hernia on a chest incision serious?
will asthma effect anestetic in surgery or vice versa?
is it related to????????
Where can I found free journals on Parkinson and Huntington disease?
How are you dealing with fibromyalgia?
I have had MS since I was 20.I was raised in NY & moved to NC when I was 10. Anyone else with MS who moved?
i would really like if dr frank would answer this question?
LeeB. I keep falling asleep, hearing is bad, liver enlarged,tinnitus and giddiness plus other ailments.?
"someone whose immune system is compromised" - would having an eating disorder count as that?
Why can't I get rid of this cold?
can one side of your thyroid cartilage stick out more?
Feeling of something stuck in throat and lump near adams apple?
Best thing to take after (& before) alcohol with gastritis?
how can you tell if you have problems with you liver?
think im going hav to move in with my mum her dementia getting worse ?
my 52 female friend had the worst bleed in the brain just woke from coma what can i expect and how can i help?
Is there an alternative to dialysis?
what can it mean when you get servere pain in side when drinking too many fluids?
Help me Nerve Problems? OR....?
what does 'pq' (as in a ward in psychiatric hospital) stand for?
Excessive stinging urinating... not a urine infection?!? :(?
What is this burning pain in my stomach which is relieved by eating?
Why does my lip and around my mouth feel like it is burning off after I eat pineapple!?
Constant thirst and tiredness?
Would being born without a Thyroid Gland effect concentration at school?
For how long/how often should I take Dequadin lozenges for oral thrush?
How often is massage therapy recommended for optimal health and well-being?
Where can I buy herbal cigarettes in Calgary Alberta?
Are Mulberry pills safe?