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Is it normal to have a vein mark left a year after a love bite? please answer?
okay i really need information and signs of Bulimia?
Is this normal? (Height & Weight?)?
What is the interaction between a nurse and these three other health professionals?
Where can i get a non surgical nose job in birmingham uk?
too much alcohol messing my body up?
Is cream and milk ever been known to aggravate IBS and why? Thanks?
is something wrong with me? could i have a health problem?
What is the story with this sore throat?
With Celiac disease, do you have to stop consuming wheat/gluten completely?
I have a headache and I smell smoke?
a question about self certification?
How long until i look like these girls?!?
Is an under active thyroid a contraindication to massage and why?
Can alcohol consumption cause dandruff?
Is it bad to hold in sneezes?
Is American (USA) blood pressure equipment calibrated in the same way as that manufactured and used in the UK?
I had a stroke three years ago. Is there a cure for pins&needles I have 24/7?
I wake up tired, any hints on changing this?
I stopped smoking last Christmas and have put weight on. Any suggestions ?
Why do we sneeze?
What 'Factor sun cream' would be recommended for use in Turkey during June/ July 2006?
What to expect to pay for Prozac and where can i find it the cheapest?
cleaner job in croydon?
Where do I get a list of Al Anon Meetings in Dublin , Ireland?
how can I find out about human rights issues?
could arthritus in neck back etc cause headaches?
Heart disease and saturated fat?
why does my heart beat so fast?
does drinking alcohol rise your blood pressure?
Want to become cardiac physiologist, help!?
very fast heart rate ... 140 - 150 per min?
heart worry funny feeling in chest?
SVT - Exercising?
10 weeks after aneurysm surgery hubby is still on 25mg atenolol is this right?
Waiting list?
Cardiac Tests? results?
Is it possible to get a canada disability for a being celaic sprue and vitamin definancy diseasess?
overall fe hest pain,shoulder,right sided domintent?
What causes Pituitary Dwarfism (Hypo-somatotropism) ?
Long Term Sore Throat?
What is the closest AA meeting place in Pickering on?
what are the newset drugs for treatment of alzheimer's disease?
I need ideas for planning a comunity benefit for cancer victim?
Medical condition Alpha Sclerosis. What is it?
I have a 9 year old autistic granddaughter, is it normal for autistic adults to be put in a group home?
What can a person expect after starting on Parkinson's medication?
Why would a person grow extra limbs?
ABI = acquired brain injury AYM = ???
What illness have I got?
Do i have Manic Depression?
why do i feel like i have a gland on the left side of my throat?
I've lost my paperwork and don't know whats best?
I'm 14 and I think I might have Tinnitus, should I be worried?
I'm terminally ill. I'm scared and angry?
water on the brain...?
Have I got Strabismus?
my family have all come down with diarrhoea and sickness also we all have hot sweats and dizzy?
I never seem to feel thirsty? is this normal?
swollen stomach please help!!!!!!!?
i have 13 verruca's how do i get rid of them with out hurting myself and spending money?
Can a GP prescribe me an antidepressant?
PLEASE HELP. Please help me with these symptoms..?
gluten/wheat intolerance question?.....How have you got on with the gluten-free bread?
How can I stop being sick?
nervous habit- throat twitch?
ive got a lump on side of my face its got bigger in a few days its by my ear doctor dont no what it is?
does anyone know??? .?
Alternative Medicine for skin diseases in Chennai?
natural remedies to stop vomiting?
has anyone had vitamin injections or Iv's?
What is the best Herbal Tea for lowering blood pressure?
25 drop of Passion Flower is the max...I took 30....but it isn't working..can I take more?...?
i want to own a massage therapy clinic, how would i do so?
what is a kombucha tea drink and is it safe?
Does Aloe vera juice help reduce inflammation in crohn's disease? what also helps? RIFE?
roes thorn went throu my glove piced skin starting to sweelll... wot shall i do...?
Numb finger tips after wearing Acrylic Nails?
Has anyone tried Osacea, the new Rosacea drug? Does it work?
very dry skin and sensitive skin?help?
TCA chemical Peel how long does it last?
What causes flaky/chipping nails?
i treated my son for thread worms last nite and come tonite i could see one in his bottom alive?
Skin specialist please??help:) x?
Oxytetracycline Acne Tablets?
How to cure sweaty hands?
pictures of scars from mole removal?
HELP!!! Red dry skin rash ?
Dry skin rash on face?
Question about applying cream for eczema?
dry skin on face what moistriser.should i use?
Lump inside my nose?!?
how do i make a burn mark go away?
Help with Keloids please!?
what is the treatment for ingrown facial hair and rashes?
How do you get rid of blisters?
help me i feel like killing myself?
Do you work even though you have been diagnosed with a mental illness? How do you cope? Do you have a boss....
How do you feel happy when you are sad and moody ?
what to do to improve my concentration and memory??
Why didn't WHO raise level 5 to 6 for Common flu and HIV/AIDS?
Tips to overcome a cold very quickly?
i went to the doctor and i was told i have low blood pressure wat do i do?
Why do i feel dizzy after waking up, and then unable to eat any breakfast?
my stomach is hurting and i dont know why? !? help me im in really bad pain.?
Why do i keep having flu?
what are the health & safety procedures whilst using a computer?
Do you think i've got insomnia?
I want private consultation.... 10 points for best answer?
How old do you have to be to buy a lady shaver?
keep getting hot head & face, but cold everywhere, headache & joints aching, what could it be? thanks?
Do you have to pay for Tamiflu on the NHS?
If my cat brought in some raw chicken from the bin and rolled it in our carpet could we get ill from it? thank?
How much ultra violet light can a person handle before the damage cannot be repaired?
What is wrong with my hands?
smoking weed bad effects ?
Why did i randomly pass out/faint?
Has anyone else been getting flashing lights and splitting headaches after playing bejewelled on FB?
is it normal to have a migrain everyday ?
How can i make my nose bleed on command?
im 20 and my doctor thinks i gt gallstones am i 2 young to have them?
i wet myself usually 2 times per day sometimes more can anyone help me?
what can i do to put myself in hospital for a couple of nights with no chance of death?
I have pain in my leg please help?
I have a pain in my foot when i havent moved for a while but goes when i start walking?
Will rubbing deep heat into my arthritic hip ease the pain any, it keeps going into spasm, when the painkiller
Chest pain?
What kind of headache is this.............?
Abdominal Pain right hand side?
is there any stretches or exercises i can do to make my back feel better?
Does anybody have any idea as to what I have?!?
Due to go to Neurosurgeon in February for spinal injection,steroids and cortisone.?
could any one tell me if they have pains in there legs after using the tanning injections?
i may have a problem with my knee..?
i have ear ache? what should i be taking?
Can the way you sit give you stomach ache?
can IBS pain cause leg and backpain?
Why do my knees click?
leg pains.i have noticed?
my legs really ache//
Painfull experiance! Can any-one help me?
solgar acidophilus will they help?
why does my 3yr old son vomit in his sleep when he is fine in the day?
Should i go to the doctors to be tested?
my brother has a colon problem and won't eat and won't go to hospital what can i do?
my son has a lump behind his right ear its swollen and red and causing a lot of discomfort can any 1 help?
Medical advice please? Regarding ears.?
could warfarin cause autism?
Canada Pension Disability Tax Benefits?
How do I arrange to donate my remains to a forensics body-farm; and ensure I'm on Canadian soil?
Rabie shots after a bite from a wild stry kitten?
Gall Bladder pains?
How can I control spasms in multiple sclerosis? The stiffness in my legs is so bad I can hardly sit properly.
What is the virus west nile? How is it caused?
can you get aluminum posining from fencing?
after any activity walking etc my body throb for days ,like hammer and finger but no pain?
About Vision?
How do painkillers such as paracetamol work in alleviating headaches or toothache for example?
if my nose is blocked all the time will it affect me long term health?
what is an INA blood test?
will steroids for eye treatment dry my hair out and make it break?
Other than surgery is their a cure for phimosis?
very touchy bout me spelling?
why do babies get nappy rash when teething?
the ambulance service has changed from wymas to what?
has anyone had a dvt after coming off warfarin?
where are the care homes a stroke patient who is being refered from wishaw general hospital be?
how much money is full high rate DLA per month?
How bad is coffee for someone in heart failure?
What's the difference in appearance between coronary arteries and veins?
Why does water stay in the body if the heart does not work properly?
what happens if lipoprotein decreases?
what is the % of smokers amongst the victims of a heart attack?
what cardiothoracic itu/hdu is best to work in, in London?
what are "creatine enzymes"?
how fast does your heart race with alcohol?
what does too many blood vessels in the brain mean in a new born baby?
two different medications which require a physiological measurement?
Is excess Calcium linked to blood clots?
red blotches on all over body?
I've got a bit of acne on my back, with scarring. How can i clear this up totally by june (my prom)?
how to get rid of spots on your forehead?
Does anyone know how to naturally cure psoriasis?
my dog keeps getting little lumps on his skin which are itchy and scabby over most parts of his body?
why would water worsen itchy palms?
What does a vertical brown line on a fingernail mean?
Any home remedies you recommend for Acne e.g green te?
Lumpy, scabby spots near my hairline...?
folliculitis treatment?
The skin on the sides of my nose has gone darker due to wearing glasses HELP if you have glasses?
Does anyone know any skin feet infections?
Does accutane/roaccutane get rid of the whiteheads under the skin as well as spots?
which company have good product or effective for skin care?
can over treating your skin make it worse?
i have eczema any tips ?!?
Is there anything i can do about my severe eczema i cant do it anymore.?
Is it humanly possible to purposely have a GCS score of 3?
gallstones and stomach massage?
VERY new to essential oils...need some guidance!?
What are the symptons of mono,strep,what anti biotics are used to cure mono,strep and are there natural altern
homeopathy and hirsutism....?
Unresolved Q#4 ? " All Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are highly interactive with aspirin " Why? Doctor
what are some good herbal meds for fertility?
How to get rid of red eyes naturally?
What are the top brands of sleeping pills?
how to make you own stinging nettle extracts?
Foot reflexology....looking for a good link to a site with the complete labelled diagram for this?
How to Flower Essences Work?
What are the positives of gene patenting?
I need Healing. Can ya help me out with that?
can, 7000 mg of apo-naproxen kill you?
miniature horses for nursing homes?
anybody ever done a colon, liver cleanse or had colonic irrigation?
I really need to chill coz I'm making myself really ill....?
Can the spine pressing on the lung, as a result of kyphosis, cause general anxiety disorder?
Why do mens feet smell? and why not girls feet...is it cos they got lots of shoes?
what are calcifications?
what is the role of an asthma nurse?
Why am i eating so much all of a sudden?
Why do I get cramp all over my body?
Why do I always have cold hands?
Stomach bug going around?
Can sinus problems cause ringing in your ears?
Why do I always feel ill in the mornings?
any one taking atarax for anxiety. do they help?
Does alcohol contribute to the development of piles?
When someone gets a blood test & then gets taken to the lab for testing, how exactly do they test it?
is this stomach ulcer?
how do i get the printed logo off my non-prescription glasses?
Can a brittle asthmatic have a general anaesthetic?
paracetamol overdose?
What are the symptoms of a water infection?
what is the capsule scope looks like?
Jaw clicks when chewing? Is there anything wrong?
how often do you vomit? whats the cause?
Tested negative for Celiac but still have painful symptoms?
lymphatic drainage and power plate, will it help cellulite?
lack of oxygen in the blood due to restricted respiration?
How does a Marina coil (hormonal)look like?
why is it that when when you go for a poo,you always do a wee at the same time even when you dont need to wee?
patient transport from fife to the western general hospital in edinburgh?
for the last week or so i have had a twitching left thumb every 10 mins or so any ideas what it might be?
Is sucralose natural?
Has anybody knowledge of Equate a vision formula for eyes.I beleive it can only be purchased in America?
I have a bad phobia of blood tests, i have attempted to have them but faint! what can i do?
Why do you get ptnk sick notes?
Has anyone had very weak legs, all kinds of tests turn out great and weight loss. Doctors don't know and I'm s?
Dwarfism and Down Syndrome people?
Please get rid of these bloody canopies in our shopping centers that hold in the cigarette smoke?
Does this sound like Petit Mal?
Exophthalmic Goitre is the medical term for which disease?
if you broke a thermometer and swallowed the mercury inside could it cause any damage?
sore knee cap help! Please?
It feels like something's stuck in my eye?
How do you break your own wrist?
i don't heal properly. advice?
Why do I still have a bump on my head-12 years later?
has anyone got any ideas how I can heal my broke ankle quickly so I don't have a bone graft?
everytime i swallow food or water i get like a very noticeable pain bulging out my spine?
Shakey hands? help please?
how long does Biceps tendinitis injury take to heal?
Scars on my back i know are being made at night in my sleep?
cool feet and knees why have i got them and how can i sort it?
nearly a month ago, i fell down a few steps when i was fairly intoxicated, and hurt my hip, the thing is..?
If someone splits their lip and becomes swollen?
bruise on leg requires a blood test?
Can anone help? What sort of time scale might be?
20 years old and clicking joints?
I jumped off a skateboard ramp that was about 4ft high and my arm gave me a sharp pain?
why is my heel numb??
Cut in middle of upper lip?
Getting a Mole removed tomorrow?
Good spot treatments?
Advice on adult acne?
What do you do for an exposed nail bed?
Where to buy sleeping pills in Canada?
is it bad to squeeze/squash spots on your face ?
Why do moisturisers help prevent contact dermatitis?
how do i get rash from the acne product oxy spot treatment anyway to get rid of it need answer asap?
I had an operation on the crown of my head to remove a birthmark.?
bear gallbladder health benefits?
Can you name the herbs and plants that are usually in an apothecary shop?
Antioxidant facts about?
i am taking lorazepam and melatonin? for lorazepam i am taken it for 7 years while melatonin for 3 months?
How do I clean my lungs?
rosacea treatment??????????
Natural remedies for hypothyroidism?
is percocet and 10 mg oxy contin th same willl they show up as the same or diffeent drugs in you rsystem???
Question for acupuncturist, can acupuncture helps with the side effects of birth control pills?
Did acupuncture work for you?
Codeine and weightloss?
Is there anyone here who knows or is a naturopath?
i've been taking omega 369 and centrum for general health maintenance, should i continue on this path?
One SUPER LONG hair... Please answer!! O.o?
Getting Rid Of Spots HELP!!!!?
My son has itchy red blotches on his back & around his waist line, what are they?
Biore strips for blackheads for time!?
dry skin under my breasts?
Has anyone found guggul helped lower cholesterol?
Taking different pills all at once?
Getting rid of Spots?!?
Little blisters with a tiny black dot in the middle, what could this be?
I Need A Simple Home Cure For Blackheads?
Do hazel eyes stand out on dark or pale skin?
need help i have dis spot on the side of my head?
Do you know MACA?
Bach Rescue Remedy question?
should I go to my doctor's appointment while doing a master's cleanse?
I want to know more about Iridolgy?
Does anyone know what a pill with 9390 imprinted on the top is? ?
Have you used Nytol Sleep Aid did it work for you and do you know if you can purchase Melatrol at a drug store?
Is it possible for someone to electronically interfere with a computer or watch? Is there a solution to this?
Really moody today, How can I snap out of it??
What can I say to help my friend with tinnitus?
what are the effects of the drug coke?
Spot on chest and back area?
tight chest and sore throat?
while trying to sleep, i have to make my self breathe, cant get comfortable.What to do?
Will I grow any taller than I am? I've been the same height for over a year..?
How do you make yourself feel sick?
Help ,,, i need help with a big tongue problem !!?
What's the most serious ailment you can think of that's curable by placebo?
Zineryt prescription question!?
Is there anything I can eat/drink that's good for acid/indigestion?
Is there a such thing of compensation for life ?
could i be getting sick from mold? help please?
i go to bed about half 12 and i need to get up about 8 , is this amount of sleep good for me ?
Bit of a weird question?!?
is it bad to use an inhaler more than prescribed?
what does it mean if human waste is at a high temperature?
I keep on sneezing twice!!?
Is this normal??? Medical people please help!?
creative people please help, my mind seems to be at a complete block?
lazer treatment for glaucoma?
How do i tell my doctor that i think im depressed?
Does anyone on here suffer with Trimethylaminuria?
I'm 16 years old and I have a family member who has kidney problems, Can I donate Him my kidney ? Thank you!?
How long can you live with HIV for?
How do I get rid of my Bulimia self?
Are there any mild cases of brain trauma?
headache and earache!?
is there a link between hypercortisolemia and coeliac disease?
Pain in right lower abdomen??? Any ideas?
What would happen if you were in a coma for five years and woke up?
My right hand and arm get colder than the rest of me and my right hand is completely numb every morning, help!?
"margelis" medical condition, crawls skins, ulcerations, taked as fungus, several treatments no results.inflam
The fact that cardiac muscle is able to contract rhythmically even without the nerve implulses is called what?
Nerve damage in back. Q for Doctor/Nurse/Those with personal experience.?
Is there a cure for croup?
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome?
I have a sleep problem, can anyone help?
hospital for sick kids+dr. miles thompson+hand tumours?
I've heard that there is this thing...?
How to get away red on my cheaks?
Need new glasses but can't afford a pair. Do they still do NH specs? Surely you can't be expected to go blind?
dizzy spells, vertigo after 10 steps, how can i cure it? betahistine is just making me tired and headachey?
Would you see a Doctor about cramp?
where are the best sites for getting info on case studies on patients - stroke?
Cushing's diagnosis.?
Gilberts Syndrome?
does any one appreciate massage out there?
Muscle cramp/spasm in shin - any ideas?
Why are people trying to make me panic over swine flu?
How likely is it that i have glandular fever, i'm not feeling tired?
Can Paint cause Hay-Fever like symptoms?
After recovering from Swine flu, is it possible to be contracted again?
whats happening with swine flu?
anyone had side effects taking crestor?
problems after aortic valve replacement?
My mother who is 84 has been taking bendroflumozide for blood pressure for 24 yrs?
Paracetamol Overdose?
what is the most effective way to fight alcoholism after 20+ years drinking?
why does ya nose RUN and ya feet SMELL?
does anyone know where i can buy arch support/orthotics?
what do you think about the d.i.y. home testing blood pressure kits??
Does anybody know how to correct your posture?
Im in a full body cast please help im bored?
ct full bladder scan anyone know what they will look at will it just be the bladder?
What are the chances of getting the crohns disease?
Should I be worried about my Creatine Kinase reading?
How can a doctor confirm that you have osteoarthritis when your blood tests come back normal?
Advice needed on child who has been ran over, currently in hospital.?
i have hypothyroidism will i get vitiligo?
I think i have been having seizures for 2 years what are they?
When Having Your Cataracts Removed Can You Have A Lens Put In To Stop You Having To Wear Glasses?
Do I go to antidepressants?
lump on neck glands question?
Illness ?
What is the differnce between the kidney and liver functions in our body?
The bumpy impressions on my knees from kneeling on my carpet for too long are not going away. is this normal?
Hypothyroid symptoms?
what could this be? thanks?
my daughter does not have enought white blood cells in her urine. why?
Placebo pill given for insomnia?
I have a problem and need help!!!?
What could it be?A Blood head rush!?
i am having sleeping problems-i just cannot sleep...?!?
My broken leg, should it have taken so long to heal......?
Have I badly damaged the muscles in my legs?
I am getting my ear's pierced today- going on holiday in 5 days, will I be able to swim?
Left foot pain and numbness?
there is a girl who infected by Hiv in a child care what are the implications for families and other childere?
Nurse Annie are you there??
Cushing's Disease?
I would like to see a layman's illustration of a tumor growing below the skin...the size of a grape tomato.
does taking curcumin everyday help decrease an alcoholic liver?
Any suggestions for treating bad eczema ?
medications for hperhydrosis?
what is the best weight loss system for people with Polycystic Kidney disease?
if water cures all diseases then what will happen to doctor ,pharmasist and drugs companies ?
what do you think is going to happen next concerning the avian flu?
how to get an Alzheimer's patient to drink more water??
have you ever been in a hot boxx?
What is the best multivitamin to take for a music festival?
Anybody know of any natural or herbal treatments that help the rash called Pityriasis Rosea?
essential oils?
Are Canadian Naturopathic Drs qualified to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs?
Does anyone use Colon Rx natural remedy? Is it working?
Myths about cocaine???
Why does your heart slow down as you get older.?
does sam-e work for this?
Question about water soluble fibers?
can cranberry pills cause kidney stones in me or people if used regularly?
What kind of pill is this, its round with half white and half green and it has a capital e on the white side?
Oil of oregano for toenail fungus - What is more effective - Gel cap or under tongue?
Has anyone had an adverse reaction while taking apple cider vinegar?
Essential oils and fragrance oils ?
Does Fenugreek work as a natural breast enhancer?
Sharp continuous pain in the right side of my lower back, what can it be?
advice about painkillers?
i have pain under/inside my ribs?
shoulder pain?
Do doctors tell you off for having more tablets than you've been prescribed?
I have experienced a dull but intense pain in My shoulder and neck area with no apparent reason, Why?
What is wrong with my back??
Hi, Can anyone advise me on the following symptoms.. recently started kickboxing, tonight leant backwards to ?
really worried about surgery?
i have severe headache and pain on my waist and my backbone. what could possibily be wrong with me?
What are some remidies to relief tonsilitis?
when we are neeling in the floor why is ur leg paining and why it is not when we are neeling in the bed?
Has anyone had severe pain after a flu injection?
What should i do about my foot...any advise?
my heels hurt, can you tell me why ?
Pins and Needles?
I have pains in my lower back,on both sides not the backbone.What could this be,and how can I relieve it?
i have a pain like a stich on my left hand side of my chest just above my hips, what could it be?
why do I have an abcess ( red spot, which tingle/hurts) on my tongue, it only just appeared like 5 mins ago?
Does anyone know of a good retreat in Britain for health and wellbeing, spiritual and physical?
if a person has had an anaphylatic reaction how is it that the blood tests come back negative?
where in the body would you find the "Hallux"?
GOUT..any remedies out there?
literature related to best practice in the development,implementation and reveiw of careplans?
why is it gov... think full time carers only need aprox£46 per week to live when could cost them plenty in
Can ZINC damage eye sight?
I'm Writing A Book And I Have A Question...?
specsaver opticians eye test voucher?
Strange Visual Disturbance?
what and how does glaucoma affect your eyes?
anyone know where I can get magnifying glasses to clip onto my own glasses for close up work.?
Rate of change in eyesight?
nausea + eye twitch in left eye for a week.?
Would it be safe to use Optrex Sore Eyes (hamamelis) with lens implants?
is there a type of eyeglasses lense or coating you can buy that is smudge proof?
Can looking at a computer screen for too long every day, cause one eye to be constantly red?
Red veins in the whites of the eye after new glasses?
In the UK; does a self employed tattooist have to have a health & safety certificate when working from home?
my son has been told by occupational therapist he has roaming eye what does this mean?
contact lenses burning?
RED marks on my skin !!?
what is a good treatment for spots on my nose?
Itchy bumps like insect bites?
A girl in know in my classes skin was dark brown now over a year shes become white. Whats wrong with her?
very dry skin between my fingers?
can i aim a question on yahoo answers to a particular person, or are all questions open to anyone to answer?
i have back acne and don't know how to get rid of it?
The best and most effecting treatment for plaque psoriasis?
why does my nose always go red?
Solutions for Seborrhoeic dermatitis around the nose?
TCA or Glycolic peel?
Spots on hairline what are they from ?
the place underneath my chin itches and tends to get hot sometimes,tell me what is the problem?
what can i do about my dry eyes they feel sore?
How Do I Get Rid Of Blackheads?
I just got diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis?
Contact dermatitis from lens cleaner?
hi all i am asking my first question ever anyway i want to heal my acne scars they are ice pick and really big?
If Diagnosis is Guyon's Tunnel Syndrome?
What type of illness/cold can make someone sick for 2 weeks?
what do you think????
How to people in coma's poo?
Ear Infection?????????
What is Autism?.......?
What do these symptoms mean?
Why has Adocoryl in Orabase mouth gel been discontinued in Europe but not USA<Australia New Zealand etc?
I've gone deaf in one ear after swimming what can I do?
what does it mean when my tummy grumbles?
multiple sclerosis debate?
i think i have a thyroid problem im going doctors in a hour help?
bad cramps in feet this morning, now in hands: cause ? cure ? ?
pulsating tinnitus i have to go back?
I have a minor OCD.. What's yours?
blood test results, need help figuring liver function test result out?
Warfarin, feeling unwell lately?
Feels like my head is vibrating / shaking what could be wrong?
Can I Still Get Taller At 17 ? (Late Bloomer)?
I need an ace come back?
IBS suffereer- Really bad pains, cramps, bloated, constipated...anything i can do to help? Thanks?
Will my feet grow any larger?
Eggy / Sulpher burps. How do i get rid of it.?
How can you calm down the severe pains and tummy cramps and bloated feeling with IBS when it flares up?
Stopping smoking advice needed - on day 3!?
Anyone have IBS and suffer with bad wind and pains and constipation? Please help? Thanks?
Cold for a very long time?
whats the average height?
how to spot Tourette's in a child?
Could this be lack of a vitamin?
if i dont eat regular,i feel feint,why?
help i´m really worried as i have glue ear/otitiss. I need advise?
Is it okay to put a hot water bottle on the head?
will i ever grow ..... im `4 years old?
why do i burp when i yawn?
is excersing after 9 at night bad?
Paracetamol for a headache after a couple of overdoses?
DRYSOL anti-perspirant?
A question for black and mixed-race women?
maybe a doctor could answer this one!!?
Pain in my foot - what could be wrong?
how to know if you've torn a knee ligament?
Very sore upper arm and shoulder?
I had head injery 07 my forehead cut open had stiches?
Do i have writers cramp/repetitive strain injury?
Bit worried about something just below my chest?
I've repeatedly stubbed my big toe again and again and it really hurts when i bend it whats wrong with it?
my knee is grinding when it bends only started the other week does not hurt i am very active and only 25?
My helix (cartilage) piercing just got ripped out - the ball part pulled through the hole! What should I do?!?
is my foot sprained or broken?
I've damaged ligaments in my knee. What exercises can I do to keep fit?
broke ankle at work. employers want OH to see me. i have a current sick cert. can they make me go back to work?
total ruptured achillies tendon?
Bleeding blisters on back of ankle?
Physio therapy for broken wrist...?
groin strain recovery - please help?
my daughter came back from cyprus with very sore swollen feet after 5 hour flight i phoned abulance i was so?
about skull fracture,and skull being taken out of the head to heal?
Why does the ps3 get yellow light of death? How can it be avoided? And how common is it? Is it more common?
How much does it cost to have a cochlea implant privately rather than waiting ages on the NHS?
I am trying to find some medicinal liquid charcoal prefer chocolate or herb flavour?
what is a itch?and why does a scratch make it disappear?
my 7 months old son lost 4 oz in one week.i that normal?
do americans feel ashamed for being known as a fat nation?
how you catch MRSA?
I had a op of fusing my ankle for pain relief a yr ago. My ankle has still not fused after a year. help...?
Any websites (UK) for open toe shoes for men - This is for a orthotic medical condition?
down syndrome.......?
Autism? Please help .?
What's the difference between gout and arthritis?
twisted pelvis and slight curve of spine in my daughter?
if two adults suffer from sickle cell anemia trait...?
If someone has fatty liver what can be done to reverse it?
What can I take into Rehab?
Pituitary gland condition?
what should i do when i have a flare up from crohns disease?
What is the prognosis for a burst ulcer?
why does my head feel so bruised?
how long will be the treatment process for pcos in uk?
10 points best answer what are these piles/haemmorroids called?
How to know if someone is on cocaine?
im a self harmer, is there someone taht can help and give me advice so i can sgop?
What do you think of smoking/self harming?
Im going to commit suicide? please help?
How do you make yourself sickk?
im depressed?
What do you call the personality disorder where people lie all the time.?
How do I deal with this??
How do i cope with my nannas death?
peole i really need help can some1 help me ?
What exercise is effective at lifting depression and how often should you do it?
Would this be considered suicidal?
have you ever got so fed up with having bad hangovers that you have stopped drinking?
i just woke up feeling realy depressed?
Not a question just a thank you?
all ways feeling tired?
i feel sometimes that i don't want to do anything or talk to anyone. is it normal? am i depressed?
What is the secret after death?why people are crying when somebody died?
what's the hardest thing about giving up drugs / alcohol?
How Do I Overcome My Shyness?
are you scared of death?
What to do when family causes depression?
How can I get people deeper into my web page.?
Has anyone ever tried the baking soda DRINK to heal yeast infections?
how can i quit smoking weed?
Calling all herbalist - Garlic: Can garlic kill good probiotics in the gut because of its antiviral effects?
Have you tried Salvia Divinorum?
Vitamine C?
pro and cons chiropractor's?
Hi everyone! Is there anyone who knows who's the best chiropractor in Vancouver?
case studies for massage?
Acid Reflux Natural Remedies, anybody got real success with it?
How important do you think is diet itself as a form of alternative therapy ?
Smokeing green tea is good for u?
Do you know wich plant gives you strenth and energy/?
Is there a way to find out if this information about FDA is true?
What can taking a tincture of Blessed Thistle help with?
A question about a pill..?
soft lump on back of hand?
Really bad pain on the side of my face?
What causes Tingling in your arm, mainly my right arm.?
Please help me! Bad pain in my lower right back!!?
why does my jaw hurt?
recently had a couple of major stressed times and have nearly lost eyesight?
Female catheterisation and the lubricating anaesthetic gel?
household or herb remedies for heartburn?
I have a virus.Can this cause neck pain?
Pain in the head?
What is a frozen shoulder and what is the cure ?
Problem's in lower back... help?
could i have a appendicitis?
Can anyone give me advice on Migraines?????....?
headache for 5 weeks?
why do your fingers sometimes sound like they are snapping when you push them together?
what is wrong with my arm?
what side effects has anyone had off codeine?
coccyx spasm knee pain neck pain mussels in the back of leg are they all connected?
my partner has v dry hands and they're slowing starting to turn greenish. i'm v worried- any remedies please?
Why do i keep getting sebaceous cysts on my head?
whats a good home remedy for bruises ?
How to warm up body lotion so its not so cold on your skin after a bath?
what the heck...my eyelids are puffy in the morning what is going on?
Recurring Lump on the Side of my Face?
how can i get rid of my spots?
Pale/White Skin Pigmentation?
get rid of cracked heels?
Problems with rash/spots on side of nose?
Has any one used "Septiclense! on Leg ulcers on a human?
What acne product really works?
Can you get chloramphenicol ointment on perscription?
Why cant I find simply 'vitamin a' to buy?
am i taking my roaccutane correctly?
why do i get severe fluid retention in the sun and heat?
How can I get rid of this spot on my face?
Why do moles grow hair out of them?
what shall I eat with a sore thoat?
Should I get the flu vaccine?
Why does apperance matter so much?
Levetiracetam tablets?
Whats a Boots hearing test like? Do they make you buy an hearing aid?
To those who dont want to donate organs after death - what are your reasons?
Do u get worse hangovers with High blood pressure?
How does your body deal with too much alcohol?
6 reasons why people may need to take medication?
so much pain in my lower back with the following symptoms?
What is causing the frothy urine?
What is Beclometasone nasal spray used for?
What's the difference between B vitamins and B-Complex Vitamins?
Is there software/website that tells you how masculine or feminine your face is?
What will happen if I stop being bulimic?
how to stop yourself from fainting?
Can Any One Help Or Tel Me Whats Rong? :-/?
why do we occassionaly take a deeper breath than normal?
Anyone know of any drinks or foods which calm acid in your tummy? thanks?
I am getting bruises really easy what is wrong with me?
Has simon really had some of his toe cut off or has he just stubbed it?
does anyone know of sites i can use for the study of enteral and bolus feeding?
Does anyone have experience of weather ionisers work for asthma or migraines?
Are there standards regarding workspace allocation per transcriptionist cubicle?
what is baby colit?
Where can I obtain NON-FETISH men's support tights? Not women's repackaged, but support tights for men?
Why are some people more prone to insect bites than others?
is there a support group for hirschsprungs disease?
Massaging is a thearapy option in vogue now. what are the advantages and disadvantages to our health and well?
Shortsightedness in young adult?
I'm worried I might have amblyopia!?
i was at the optician today?
Complete Colour Blindness?
eye problem small red area?
This Q is for people in Ireland with contact lenses?
Alternative to polirized glasses for night time driving?
what biological feature allows us to see in 3d and how?
Why do i feel sick whenever im excited and how can i stop it?
my eyes keep watering and they are not stopping?
I have undue pressure behind my eyes is this something to worry about, otherwise my sight is ok?
when repairing an eye squint what does the term dvd mean?. Please no jokes.?
What are the laws on contact lens sales?
How would you engage and establish an effective stop smoking service with optometrists?
What are the white spots one sees when closing one's eyes?
please help advice asap xxx?
What is Gordon Brown's USB port for?
experience of laser eye surgery?
I have a 7 year old, old english shhepdog, his 3rd eyelids seemed to move across his eye temporary is this ok?
How do i fix the magnets in my herb grinder?
Is it safe to take a 2 multivitamin pills (for adult) at age 18?
Growth booster plus??? www.growtall.com?
If I drink green tea, will the slight caffeine content of the green tea...?
What sort of herbs can keep you awake?
Where can I find Bag balm, which stores in toronto east or downtown have it?
Whats works best for a killer hangover?
Is testosterone cypionate a controlled substance in Canada?
I used regular iodized table salt for my salt water flush?
has anyone used acupuncture for something in throat and did it work?
can oxycotton make you sleepy ?
Is there a herb that will stop ringing in the ears?
How do I remove blackness around my neck?
have the flu and poor diet lately, i need to rehydrate, but water and any fluids go right through me,?
Anyone have experience with Herbal Magic weight loss systems?
What are Viagra pills? is it what i think it is? ?
Has anyone read "More Natural Cures Revealed"?
What is the history of hot stone massage?
Adding essential oils to high efficiency washing machines?
best way to stay off heroin?
Does vitamin K cream work for spider veins? Anybody use it with results?
anyone out there suffering from lymphedema?
Do mosquitos carry diseases from human to human?
What is Chung Thruss(or Thrush) Syndrome?
planter fasaiton?
Can you help me get a specialist doctor of moyamoya in Canada?
Can you swim with a plantar wart?
help 4 a 10 year old kid in need plz anser!§§§▒?
What exactly is cognitive therapy and who does it?
Can a history of NeuroSarcoidosis predispose the patient to developing mental health issues ?
what is a normal factor viii level?
blood in poo please help?
What is up?
Headache- food?
I had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago but still get the same pains, what could this be?
My throat is really sore when i cough, what should i do?
back pain when i sit and get up?
i have six toes on each foot, is this normal?
Whats the best way to sooth hay fever?
if on antibiotics what pain killers can you take apart from paracetomol?
why do my hands and arms hurt every time i sneeze?
Eating ice-cream while throat is hurting?
Bad pain in right lower side when I? Please help..Thanks?
I asked a question yesterday regarding abdominal pain and you guys thought it was appendicitis i went to the?
What will make my could go away ?
What is indian head massarge??/?
Why does my upper right molars ache for prolonged periods of time?
knee pop out of place. Could walk with no pain, but felt it may pop again. 2 hrs excrutiatin painful.?
what is the best way to help ease the pain of bruised ribs or chest?
Is it okay to take ibuprofen for a headache if I'm prescribed buprenorphine?
What is the pain in my hip and how can I deal with it?
the pain im haveing under my right beast is this gall stone?
Appendix pains? - Or am I exaggerating?
anyone know of a good muscle-rub?
Will i grow taller ?
lower ab pain and nausea?
yesterday i was really thirsty, and hungry, but kept feeling empty after food, woke up today severely dizzy?
Broken ankle?
i have loads of little red spots on the bottom of my bum cheeks. They dont hurt or feel uncomfy but ..?
Acne question PLS help!?
why are my toes yellow?
Where do i see a dermitalogist foir acne????????
I am itching all over help?
what are these little white circles on my arms?
Can anyone recommend a moisturising shampoo please, or deep treatment?
A good dry skin cream?
Red spots on the back of my tongue.?
Dry nose in the morning HELP?
rodant skin ulcer,,,,,?
Why are my hands always sweaty?
does anyone know how to get rid of freckles..?
lump under skin,on my chest in between my breast?
Dark mark UNDER my skin?
Guys hairy pits??????????
has anyone tried Xen Tan?
Ways to get rid of spots?
Spots..How to get rid of them?
how to keep a scratch?
trapped nerve?
Is anyone aware of any new insects in the UK that are new to this country,& that bite or sting?
I saw an advert for apply once a day suncream, but cant find it again. Anyone know what it is?
I need a stockist for a special ayurvedic massage oil called Sandal made by Keo Karpin in Calcutta India.?
Are there late evening shifts for hospital workers, especially porters?
picture for a poster on Difficult Airway Management?
lower back pain?
I had 4 ECGs done all of which showed the same result..Anteroseptal Infarct, but my stress-echo was normal.?
intermittent claudication new symptom?
Heart transplant anomalies?
Regarding High Blood Pressure?
psuedoxantham elasticum?
bicuspid aortic valve with mild aortic stenosis and concentric left ventrical hypertrophy?
how can i learn to do clinical observations in a hospital?
In James Bond Dr. No's heart is to the right and this is how he avoids being killed, Is there a name for this?
Where can I find a comparison of the British and American ways of measuring cholesterol?
Has anyone had A problem with dotpay?
my heart feels like its being twisted happens a few times should I go see a doctor ?
does anybody out there have a child with marfans syndrome?
my shin very sore a week on ,could it be fractured,also a lot of bruising?
If i have pulled a muscle in my back, should to do 100m?
Nerve Damage On Face, No Help From Doctors. Any Advice?
How do I know if i have broken or sprained my leg?
Knee injury, help please?
How long before you can swim after having surgery?
i got a cut on my left eye bout 3 months ago.can someone tell me what to put on it cuz its still stings.?
knee injuries - how do they happen?
I suddenly can't move my little toe on my left foot.?
What have I done to my foot?
Sprained Ankle is this normal?
Swollen ankles - not pregnant, not on feel ALL day and feel tired.?
joint pain... what can they do?
Anyone know what to do for this:?
medical question?!?!?!? any help?
Changing finger splint type?
What are the causes of burns?
Is it possible to PULL someone's arm off?
Can your hearing be damaged from noise exposure while you are unconscious?
what happens if cardiac dysrhythmia is not treated on time with thyroid patients?
what sign migth indicate that a person is experiencingg pain or discomfort?
what causes a child of 7 years to wee frequently?
What illness do I have? Don't know what it is?
Can any former Trichotillomania sufferers help me?
Is this a manic spell/episode i am experiencing?
Time is passing really slow for me?
What could it be?PLEASE HELP!!!!?
How to get rid of a cold?
Do people with cerebral palsy die younger?
Any ideas whats wrong with me?
Can I still take my 5mg diazepam (when needed) with liquid Erythromycin 250mg/5ml (four times daily)?
Small lump on back of neck?
What is M.E is it a real illness?
Is writing phrases and words down a compulsion of OCD?
Do people with Raynaud's have blue fingernails?
A good Resource Book on Natural remedies/info?
silica supplements + hair and skin benefits?
Location Of Stores that carry Herbal Products?
Can I use Traumeels cream with an asthma medicine?
my wife has on open angle type of gloucoma on her right eye?
Horrible tonsillitis and NO HEALTH BENEFITS, help?
What foods have the least amount of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) or Niacin possible? Or none at all?
Can Glaucoma be treated naturally?
Know any natural, herbal remedies for cystic acne?
dermophytum products?
How I now that the food that I am eating (juices of vegs and fruits; sprouts,beans) is doing well for me?30ys
ayurvedic products??????????
Looking for info on Chelation therapy, to remove plaque in the Coronary Arteries. Can anyone share info?
what are good sleeping remedies?
Do you know any natural remedies?
marijuana laws?
Pinched Nerve in face?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Can I drink while on Cipralex?
Highest Medicated County?? Anyone know?
Is it unhealthy to talk to yourself or is it the first sign of madness or may be a kind of release.?
What can I do to stop a buddy of mine becoming alcoholic?
I cut myself really badly this week, is it gonna be ok?
What is the best excuse for stopping of work?
how do u know if you got schizophrenia?
For anyone who has suffered anxiety?
I am 23 and I've attempted suicide numerous times and I'm still suicidal?
How do i get out of the habit of sleeping during the day?
This wrong of my school to do this?
How do you deal with the following regards to proper waste disposal?
Visible veins freaking me out!!!?
should i change my gp as he is not very good,?
Is this constipation?
I have sleeping problems, help?
Question about dehydration?
Why does my deodorant say 0% alcohol but contains benzyl alcohol in the ingredients?
what does it mean when you get sick, light headed, or even a headache when you think about someone?
where can i buy a ear piercer?
People with poor circulation?
what is hania in the medical terms?
how do you make yourself sick?
why do hairs grown back so quickly with epilator.?
why am i always tired and have no energy?
Can anxiety cause rumbling, gassy stomach?
How can I persuade mum to let me have surgery?
Can I Still Get Taller At 17 ? (Late Bloomer)?
How does too much stress and too much alcohol affect sporting performance?
Does anyone know why when I eat fibre I get constipated?
My Mother died after 3 weeks in hospital,she was 3 days ot of hospital.?
what are the possibilities of a couple with genotype "AS" and "AS" both "O"+ producing children with "SS"
I gave a kidney to my Uncle 8 yrs ago, why am I always ill now?
My feet hurts, help?
i want to buy kudzu herb supplement in DUBAI, but no one seems to sell it. can i get it shipped here?
Watering eyes, allergic reaction to Optrex 4 kinds of drops no good.Dont have blocked ducts.What can I try?
In France I spent 179 euros on a doctor and a visit to hospital.My E111 didn't count at all, why do we have it
Loss of smell & taste...?
whot action do i take when someone has a cardiac arrest?
What is 'The fainting game'?
im only able to hear out of one ear and im dizzy!?
I think I have acid reflux?
Wife with extreme OCD?
I can't pee properly?
is anyone taking warfarin?
Ear feeling like trapped pressure..?
How To Get Rid Of A Lisp?
What effect did having an alcoholic father have on you?
exploding head syndrome , does anyone suffer from this?
Dyspraxia and other conditions?
Pain in the abdomen when pressed down, is that a sign of a relapse?
Fast Heartbeat, shaking and hot!?
numb toes and panic attacks?
Does a mild stoke suggest another bigger one is on it's way ?
Blocked ears help needed please?
is it possible to reverse osteoporosis?
Is dementia an inevitable result of old age?
Someone Have a solution for Meralgia Paraeastetica?
Anyone else experience liver problems taking celebrex?
Can I wash and reuse Hollister Karaya5 drainable pouch?
how can I get the free book(let) on COPD sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.?
How to lower excess uric acid in the blood without taking prescribed medication with side effects?
What are the odds HIV/Aids in Canada?
I'm olive skinned toned and I have a small black mole and I wasn't sure if it was cancerous?
How to get rid of and avoid stretch marks?
Can I get a viral wart treated for free in England?
Is this hyperhidrosis?
How long does a wart hurt for after having it frozen?
Dry skin help please?
Itchy skin after bath?
I have a wart on my finger and went to the doctors...?
My 10 year old cousin has moderate/severe acne?
very sore lump in elbow?
what is the point of botox?
I need help with a bump question ASAP :(?
Ways to get rid of spots ?
Son has a bone cyst in upper arm?
What is happening to my skin?
How long does a full set of aryilic nail take to dry?
i have 4 blisters up my nose? its sore and yuck makes my nose swell?
Iv'e got a cold and because ive been blowing my nose alot im getting sore dry skin around it?
what are the top acne medications only obtainable by prescription in the uk?
How can I stop getting spots?
How much is laser surgery for acne scarring?
my grandaughter has scoliosis and may be offerd an operation for it, is there a web site that other folk who?
Gall stones? Is there a way to get rid of these, without having surgery?
what are antibodies attacking the body?
i have severe facial&neck spasms and cold tingling in FACE&NECK following car accident what is it?
Is my excessive Pepsi Max intake the cause of KET in my urine?
how is a kidney which is not draining properly treated?
what causes cramp in your calf muscle?
Gilbert's syndrome?
what helps to relieve a sharp pain in my wrist?
Can people actually see when they sleep walk?
Anyone had an operation for Hallux rigidus? Was it a success and do you recommend it? Any advice?
looking to find out about a conditon called SPASTIC DIAPLEGIA?
Any one out there with vertigo ?
it would appear you can not get "paractin" in the uk.how about "phosoplex"?? is that sold in the uk
Is it wrong to cancel counselling meetings after two?
my girlfriends eating disorder?
I just want a bloody hug, you know... you need one every now and then!?
did i do right thing?
need an answer !?
What do i do now?
sudden onset of dementia?
Are paranoid people simply more aware and sensitive to the mind games that go on in everyday life?
Would cannabis help to relieve my depression?
Am i in an obsession crisis or in a kind of addiction?
Does anyone else feel they can trust no-one but themselves?
depression self harm and suicide?
Do sleeping pills actually kill you like in the movies?
Nearly crying, please help :(?
have you ever been admitted to a psychiatric ward?
so my lip has swollen?
Ladies: Do you like toiletries as gifts?
A build up of plaque has formed on my new web piercing which i got on the 16th of jan. what should i do?
ADRENALIN...extreme sports...?????help ....?
iv been feeling sick the last few days and alot more tierd then i useally and?
Went too get gallbladder removed today but got sent back home by doctor cause he said he wasnt happy?
Would you say she dresses too immaturely for a 27 year old? (pic)?
Keep having eggy smelling burps, have pain in the top of my stumoch after eating?
arghh what could be the reason for me feeling sick!?
Haemhorroids? Can these be removed surgically, and will my mate need to be knocked out?
Is it possible to have a broken bone?
i've been doing so well with quitting smoking, the only time i relapse is when i get stressed, mad, or upset?
why does my stomach constantly rumble?
Stoma Nurse Trainning?
is it true that SHISHA can get you CANCER or not?
What is the average heart rate for a 11/12 year old when resting?
Can you catch sickness bugs from the air or do you have to be really close?
right and back side of headaches and sharp pains in nose?
I feel faint, nauseous and am short of breath!?!?!?
What exercise should you take if you have Scoliosis?
General Anaesthetic Help Please :)?
I have an ingrown toenail. How do I get rid of it?
What causes headaches?
How to heal a strained medial cruciate ligament?
hurt my finger playing basketball carnt move it so sore please help :(?
breaking an arm, plz answer :)?
Fell and hit my head?
i am having my acl reconstruction on the 17th of june after i had ruptured it on the 6th of october last year?
My knuckle on my middle finger..?
Help! my muscles are aching?
Do i have a trapped nerve?
I was lifting my barbell and when I placed it down after my bicep curls the back of my head starter hurting?
Is it safe & wise to take liquid oxygen AND supplements with metals like Iron, Zinc, Copper AND anti-oxidants?
Are witch doctors legal or illegal? What do they do really?
i live in ottawa and have a license for possesion and cultivation of marijuana how can i become a supplier?
Information on Multi-Enzymes?