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Weird heart palpation!?
I pulled my back out and saw a chiropractor and it still hurts. Help!?
Why are my hips hurting?
I woke up this morning at 7:30, my chest was n still is hurting.?
How do i get rid of the fat between my legs?
can you really lose weight by drinking water?
How Can i get Taller?
how can i lose a bit of a belly just a few pounds quick i have stopped eating junk foods thanks?
have you ever detoxed? (colonic, pills, etc)?
Water fasting..?
does drinking water help you lose weight?how?
I need tips?
can your eyes become dependent on FML steroid eye drops?
Why is alot of tears coming out of my eyes?
Question for eye doctors?
Do you think I need a stronger glasses prescription?
Can anyone tell me why carrot juice has an increased motility affect on the colon?
is this safe if your trying to cure something and find that one food type with herbs seem to help ?
What is it anti-depressants contain , that gives the happy and calm feeling?
What is vampire disease? Is it a disease when someone has a long fang like vampire or what?
My son said his stool was green?
Can you please explain the accessory lymphatic tissues and the differences between them?
how do you pick both nostrils at once without touching your brain?
how to get rid of a scar on your face from a scratch?
How can i get rid of acne?
how can you get rid of a canker sore?
How to stop from sweating so much?
how do i cure sweaty hands with home remedies?
is it possible not to release blood when you first break your virginity? and for the process not to hurt?
If you go to a doctor for a routine physical can they test you for HIV or AIDS without them telling you?
I'm scared if I have bone cancer?
can anyone recommend a site to order heated gloves for chemotherapy induced neropathy pain?
Have you experienced a NDE or OBE?
Help! I'm alone...?
I have trouble sleeping and getting up in the morning does that = depression?
second hand smoke question?
a medical condition besides photophia that wood allow you to get your windows tinted darker than 35% thanks?
what is the causative agent for Stills disease?
Any help in the relief of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?
Hypothyroid--how do I lose weight quickly? Nothing seems to work.?
Best treatment for IBS?
Wheres the healthy part??
Why do I get light headed when...?
How come when I eat any type of melon, my stomach starts to cramp and then I have diarrhea?
Acorrding to my symptoms what could I have???
What will make dilated pupils go down?
How bad are vicodin withdrawls?
Lipid transportation?
My heart hurts and I have palpatations. What does this mean?
why during a heart attack is the heart deprived of blood while the ventricles are still full of blood?
what dose atrovastion hci do and what kind of blood levels are called taken for the heart patients what kind?
What is the best way to increase circulation?
how can i check blood pressure, heart rate?
What is the best way to work your upper and lower abs?
I have pink eye and im board?
What is Hepitis c?
Help! How do I cure a fever blister in a few days?!?
What are the four fluids that transmit HIV?
please tell me how can ı stop the smell of garlic after ı ate it while ı was kissing my girlfriend?
HIV and Hep C positive.Fatigue problem?
How can you tell a viral tonsilitis from a bacterial?
Calling all scientists/medical professionals: Is it really possible to build up your child's immunity?
can anyone tell me what a low cd3 level could possibly mean? I had a ...?
Can you take too much apple cider vinegar?
What herbs are best to promote a healthy menstrual cycle?
I put some cayenne powder in her KY bottle...?
Has anyone tried Acomplia?
Is taking Lobelia to help stop smoking going to hurt my husband?
WHy was LSD made???
What are the symptoms of a migraine?
Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
what does taking a bath with epson salt do?
have a cut on my middle finger?
Could my blood pressure medicine be too strong?
Lasix leaches your potassium?
is it better to go for distance when jogging, or sprinting?
has anyone used the tower 200 door gym thing?
I want to lose some weight before the summer?
Ab workouts? How many times a week should I do them?
How do you get a high metabolism?
Can't stop eating after school.?
How can I stop myself from purging all the time??
What is Eye Dilation and what are the effects?
Is there such a thing as reading contacts?
Amazon Kindle 3 - more eye damage then reading a conventional book?
What's up with my contact?
How could someone intentionally make themselves need glasses?
Whitening your teeth with baking soda?
(HPV) If you go to a clinic like planned parenthood to get checked for a std does it go on your med.records ?
My girlfriend has herpes.I don't know what to do.She told me yesterday and i acted like it was no big deal.
My friend has crabs, what should he feed them?
how much do STD tests at CVS minute clinic cost?
Does alcohol have any permanent effect on cognitive function if used in moderation?
How do you get rid of Pearly Penile Papule?
Developing bulimia?
I have severe arthritis in my back & both knees, I can't exercise like normal people as it hurts so bad, help?
What can cause a small bladder?
Those of you with mitral valve prolapse - do you ever get pains in the center of your chest?
How fast does a human heart beat per second?
what is the tel # of phil heart center thanks?
Why does my heart rate increase so rapidly?
What are the two ways blood pressure can be measured?
hey i really need your help on this one this is a serious question about my heart?
Poll....Is there a certain part of you body, that tells you...Its time to lose weight?
how does this sound for loosing weight?
foods that are low in calories?
Why is America as a whole obese or overweight? Could this be the A to the Q?
How long will it take to get abs doing 300 crunshes a day? please read details!?
Don't you hate it when you bite your lip or inside your cheek?!?!?
fainting out because of too much sun?
Non prescription color contacts make my vision blurry?
Type of primary immunodeficiencies?
What could this be?
A limping 18 months baby boy with no history of illness or trauma?
What is a grade 1 internal hemmorrid?
Does anyone know of any rare/bizarre diseases?
I found a blue oblong pill with the numbers 44235 on it. Does anyone know what it is.?
how can i stop cutting?
how long will marijuana stay in my system?
if your shower is too hot is it bad for you?
If im 12 with a hunch back and tons of warts on my legs do you think i deserve to be with a 23 year old?
how does a fetus contract the herpes simplex virus
I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease 10 days after a tick bite. I had antiboitics for 10 days.?
platelet donation?
low ferritin levels?
Question about deer ticks, doxycycline, and dogs?
What is the disorder where a person substitutes their lies for their reality?
please help i dont want to live anymore?
Medication brain damage?
This recession is contributing to my depression...how to deal?
how do I stop caring so much about what people think... I think I care too much I 'm driving my self crazy?
What are some details about being a Pediatric Oncologist?
What are the side efffects from Radiation Therapy?
NSCLC radiation question?
food for 9 months kid suffering with cancer?
My mom has cancer and i really need advice?
Treatment for blood cancer?????:(?
For ex-addicts to pain meds?
What is the best natural relief for Anxiety especially when you feel a panic attack close to get over it?
Is this problem serious?
Is popping your ear-drum a common thing?
Locked-in syndrome?
Does Tegretol make you gain weight?
can drinking diet drinks cause hydrocephalus (water on the brain)?
people who have lupus, when they get skin discoloration in the toes, is the discoloration white?
Question about Head Lice...?
My right leg started hurting and it hurts when I sleep.?
Please help....I am in a lot of pain right now....10 pnts.?
I need help waking up in the morning what do i do?
hyperthyrpidism..chest pains and palpitations?
If an individual's heart rate is 80 beats/min, what is the lenght of the cardiac cycle?
What healthy foods (herbs) increase your blood pressure?
I just found that HDL Cholesterol is good for heart. But does it means actually Suggest Please?
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome where can I find more info for my report?
High pulse and low blood pressure?
Why do people wuth asthma who take medication with epinepherine feel better but experience sweating and increa
I keep getting these...?
I lead a very active life, i eat lots of low-sugar cereals, proteins, veg and fruits, but never fill up - why?
How can I help my body get rid of the extra salt?
how should i tone up and lose weight?
What things, other than water, can you eat/drink to stay hydrated?
Can i chew and spit out my food?
Can nicotine gum help you lose weight?
how many calories can i burn by skip roping not a fast pase?
What are small changes one can make that lead to weight loss and becoming a healthier person?
What condition is monoclonagammopathy?
Does having hot tea with lemon actually help colds?
Can u tell me anything about Narcolepsy?
has anybody ever taken the lupron depot shot and what were the side effects?
If I'm negative for all STDs, does that mean my boyfriend is?
Showering with an std infected partner?
any remedies for curing flu?
good cold/flu medicine?
how do i cope with my flu?
The deadliest virus/disease/plague?
DEBATE: Is antibiotics dangerous to our future by creating superbugs?
Does anyone know if a doctor has yet 2 find a medicine for the "bubonic plague"?
Someone accidentally spit on my lip.?
what are the signs and symtoms of h.i.v.?
stress test on the heart?
Whats the normal heart rate a person should fall asleep to?
what is toxic shock syndrome?
Help with info on Heart Disease please?
what is a floppy atrial septum?
How to stop sweating?
extremely dry/painful/red/pealing skin on my face.. help?
Thyroid Ultrasound? I have a goiter! Help!?
Jaw pain again, under jaw, extreme pain, swollen, have to push lump down to stop the pain?
What causes sore throught ?
Autism parents - are there any DAN doctors in the USVI?
What could be causing my insomnia? ?
Do Black people ever get Tourette Syndrome?
Can drinking too much soda cause acid reflux?
What to expect with Adenocarcinoma cancer?
Does anyone know about Toe Tumors?
Where does Sarcoma cancer usually grow and progress?
how long do u have to wear the braces?
How do people with meths mouths face dentists without be extremely embarrassed?
dentistry: an underestimated profession or undeniably gross?
I have been dipping for a year and probably have dipped around 100 cans. would a dentist be able to tell?
Does getting braces hurt?
Do root canals hurt even when your numbed?
how long can i put off having a root canal for?
How can I get nice legs?
When I exercise, should I eat before exercising or after exercising?
Lose weight by starving yourself?
How can I lose weight fast in like 2 months?
How to lose five pounds and effectively keep it off...?
who believes that yoga can increase height?
What's the FASTEST way to lose weight!!
how do i shrink my thighs HEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Does doing 80 pull-ups one day, and 120 push ups, the next day, continuously stun your growth?
spina bifida?
Autism increase?
what is orthopedic problem?
horner's syndrome?
carbon monoxide?
How can you tell if someone unresponsive is really dying?
Best over the counter sleeping pills?
Brainquicken Supplement?
Is there a home remedy?
Is it difficult to get a medical marijuana card, and how much does it cost?
when i'am hungry i don't to eat food but i want to take hungry medicine please say medicine name?
You know how one of the symptoms of Diabetes is "unexplainable weight loss"?
This is about the heart condition ASD. please help!?
How does fear shut down the higher rational functions in human the brain?
Losing my voice, need it tomorrow?
Constant nausea without real cause?
white oblong pill W715?
I Don't Like My School?
Can smoking marijuana cause lung cancer?
Does diet soda cause Diarrhea?
Gigantism is a disease that occurs when the body produces too much of what hormone?
How can the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal be eased?
Can a person have Cochlear damage without suffering any hearing loss?
What causes a right hand to be numb for 2 years?
Anyone have benign tremors??
Can a person get "High" from taking to many Lunesta?
Need help finding out if i am single vision or bi-focal?
Is this bad for my eyes? ?
what do you think the prettiest eye color is?
I experience blurry vision in my right eye when I'm tired. What causes this?
Why are my eyes always glossy?
i am trying SO hard to gain weight.?
I gained 6lbs in 1 day HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!?
spider bites?
Ice burning?
what would need to happen if there was a like a fever blister on the bottom of your tongue?
Celiac disease malabsorption question?
Omg, need help fast...I dont know what to do...my girlfriend is bulimic and a drug addict and shes not even 17?
What can I do about a sty on my tear duct?
Would the Air Force medically discharge me if I have degenerative disc disease?
my grandma is dying from leuberics disease?
brushing teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?
Rapid Heart Rate and Chest Pain!?
Cholesterol Explanation Lab Report?
sudden cardiac death?
heart attack???
I had an episode that left me sweating profusely, extreme nausea to the point I gave up, diahhorea, but why?
Anyone ever experience irregular heart beats while jogging?
If you chew/dip on occasion will you get cancer.?
Leukaemia help please ?
how many years life span after ca.thyroidectomy?
Does the cervical cancer injections hurt?
when will my lungs return to normal after smoking for 6 months? i just started smoking 6 months ago and im 16?
masterbation, does it cause acne?
What effects does dayquil and alcohol have on your liver?
could i be lactose intolerant?
Did you have Fibromyalgia? Were you treated with Cytomel?
Does anyone have OCD if so how do you cope with it?
Heartbeat/ whooshing sound in my ear?
How does someone who had surgery on their stomach multiple times get a nice stomach?
I'm seeing stuff that isn't there, it's not huge, but it can't be normal. Should I go to a doctor?
Is it true that Baby oil can help remove excess ear wax???
What herbs can't I use during pregnancy and nursing?
what is autism?
What is the quickest way to lose 50 pounds in 5 weeks?
If you've done the Wii Fit for at least a month, how much weight did you lose from it?
Getting rid of belly fat?
Why does my right side hurt when I jog?
Does fat really keep us that much warmer?
what is the most important factor of alcohol poisioning?
Have You Been Molested? have Anxiety? depression?
What is mono?
How should you treat a head cold with an infection in a 14 mon old, with out going to the doctor?
My sister has lyme disease is there any natural remedy or anything I can give to make her get better faster?
what are the symptoms of mono?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a sore throat?
Can liver disease cause diabetes?
has anyone ever used Humulin R with insulin pump?
type 1 diabetics? ?
any relation between diabetes and milk consumption?
Can any recovering alcoholics answer this health question related to alcoholism?
drug addicts?
One a Day Energy . Sleeplessness and slight hallucinations. Anyone else?
How many of you suffer from pentheraphobia?
I am so worried. Can there be something done?
one last question about Xanax?
Whenever I wear contacts my eyes turn red, water, and hurt!!?
right contacts!! PlzZz answer x?
this girl in my class had red eyes?
how to make something for swimmers ear?
do i have strep throat?
I am coughing ALOT! I'm weezing really badly... Please help im scared!?
i am wheezing and unable to sleep. what can i do to soothe it? home remedy?
About Asthma ADVAIR DISKUS Medince?
The mucus coming outta my nose is a diff colour for each nostril; dont know whether to laugh or b concerned?
white blood count low?
Can someone go to jail for giving someone HPV?
What is the difference between a Narcissist and a sociopath?
Donating Blood....?
Why are my feet swollen?
HELP me !!?
concerta for ADD medicine??? please tell me any side effects or personal experiences you had with it?
Anyone wearing a thong?
is laser operation for eye retina holes required again and again after 4 or 5 years or only once is forever?
What is the name of the new allergy relief nasal spray?
After IV injection 5 days ago: Swollen, sore arm from elbow to armpit. Why might this be happening?
how often do i really need to brush my teeth?
Is it healthier to brush your teeth before or after breakfast and why?
Ways to whiten teeth naturally [without strips or going to the dentist?]?
What's kind of mouthwash/toothpaste/toothbrush is the best while you have braces?
Best teeth whitening product?
Why do people use fluoride toothpaste?
When you are at the dentist, what does...?
Can an adult choke to death?
Tachycardia and Mitral Prolaspe?
I am 14 with sharp pains near my heart?
is mucus in a bowel movement a bad thing?
Need help with snoring problem!?
I get severe pain and cramping when going #2... whats wrong?
Do I have Autism? (I have phonological dsylexia and painc disorder)?
The Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder: What Does It Really Mean?
What would cause a person to smell unfamiliar aromas that others do not smell?
Symptoms. Started out with a stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, eyes look like bleeding, headache. help?
Whats makes you get diahhrea from certain foods?
what is wrong with me?
What time of day do you usually stop drinking coffee . . .?
How can I lose little wieght in little time?
Have you ever tried the 2,4,6,8 diet?
What are the best shoes to wear while walking a long distance ?
How to lose 5-10 pounds before May 17th?
how to get stretch marks to go away?
what are ways to cure acne?
Does a mole have to be a perfect circle to be non-cancerous?
Do I Have Oily Or Dry Skin?
I was bitten by a bug in a grassy playground and its red, swollen, size of a kiwi.What is it?
Why do I heal slowly?
Is this a good sight for home remedies?
When you go to your Dr's office in tears from muscle cramps and he hands you a Rx for yet another...?
what do i do to help? my girlfriend has bulimia.?
How do I tell my film lecturer that I have epilepsy?
Why is there mucus in my stool?
Is It My Liver or Kidneys?
Question about brain tumor?
Contact lens help. When ever I go to put in my contacts, they keep on inverting on my index finger.?
I have a question about my eyes?
Lasik surgery = dry eyes?
does this sound like a busted blood vessel in my eye?
What is the cause behind my disorientation?
breast cancer patients using tomoxifen?
I'm fifteen years old and there are times some days where i have severe/excruciating heart pain?
did i have a stroke?
Why does his heart flutter?
whats the heart rate of a 8 year old after playing outdoors for hours?
What REALLY is Norman Blood Pressure?
Is there any way you can have diabetes and hemophilia?
One doctor says this is pre-diabetes another says it's impaired glucose tolerance which is it?
I have multiple health problems and a low immune system due to Rheumatoid Arthritis...?
What disease is commonly found in children?
Does everyone end up having blurred vision as they grow older as a teenager?
Numb face & tingling feet. Insomnia?!?
How many people have had Osgood-SChlatter?
How do you know when you're going to throw up?
what are these pains in my legs?
Shoulder pain from softball?
Health question please help me?
why does my back hurt when I breathe deeply?
How to handle negative emotions all times?
ADHD/ADD treatment options?
Anorexia Recovery... Idea of Weight Gain is Freaking Me Out?
how do i gain 300 pounds?
how can i become anorexic.?
is size 13-14 considered fat for a woman if shes about 5'4"?
Should i blame my boyfriend for me getting hpv?
Just confused on whats going on?
What do my symptoms mean?? Please answer this.?
persuasive speech on HIV/AIDS?
Can metronidazole cure gonorrhea, chlamydia and other stds, or just BV?
Has anyone ever seen a spider(?) that is about 1/4 -1/2" long, greenish in color & oblong?
A lump near my ear. What is it?
Is stress a disease?.?
I have question on bulimia?
Autism and other disorders..HELP!?
Has anyone ever had organs on the revers side of their body such as the heart, liver, stomach. . .ect.?
Can superventricular tachycardia be fatal?
Heart Palpitations in a 14 year old?
what are all the possible emergency heart problems an 11 year old with a good ekg have?
How many heart diseases are there?
Questions about colored contacts?
have you used colored contacts for fun?
When having eyes dilated how long from drop installation to optimal dilation?
I think I'm having vision problems, what do I do?
What is red eye,can red eye infect?
Can I get by with drug store readers for the time being?
Whats wrong with diapers anyway..?
Is drinking fruit juice bad for you?
my throat hurts?
where are my glasses?
what is the regular temperature for a person in degrees fahrenheit?
Are low Tar and low Nicotine cigarettes less dangerous for health ?
Nasty taste in throat?
Immunization debate?
I was just wondering if the teeth that dentists extract, stink?
What can i eat with braces-IM STARVING!?
How can you minimize the risk of getting skin cancer?
multiple sclerosis can somebody please explain:(?
acne scars?
where are my cigarettes?
I have a sore throat, stiff neck, and fever what could be my issue?
I am not sure if I have a kidney infection or trauma to my kidney.... how can you tell?
How long does laryngitis last?
I feel like im going to pass out?
How can i make my cold worse?
What are some good protein sources for muscle building?
How many more calories do you burn while you're awake than when you're asleep.?
Is it safe for teens to take diet pills?
How does water speed up your metabolism?
Has anyone had the surgery to correct spinal scoliosis?
does T-Pain have aids?
where can i find White spot syndrome virus?
why is sanitary to cary around hand sanitizer?
how old do you have to be to get your tonsils removed?
What is the best medicine for eyes allergies ???
I'm a binge eater and I need help....?
anyone remember this from the news during the late 80's?
dehydrated (opinions wanted)?
ringing in ears cure ?
Why is Muscular Dystrophy a Neurological Disorder?
I am so exhausted, what do you think may be causing it ? There are 4 possible things, those include mono, ...?
My cousin feels nervous whenever her parents are away?
What are the symptoms for ADHD and ADD?
Diagnosed bipolar w/psychosis, my behaviors seem to repeat every 6 months?
How do some first time smokers not get addicted?
Why should you not put ice on a snake bite?
Please help Yahooers, My bunghole is all irritated and soar what do I do?
Need help, don't know what to do with my burn, for a day.?
what to do for mosquito bite swelling under eye swollen?
Do I have unstable angina? Please help?
i had a thyroid test done tsh and it came back o.963 it this good or bad i have a nodule also?
pain near my heart.....
Is it OK for the TOF operated kid to go for swimming?
Has anyonebeen to St Jude?
Egg protein and Cancer risk?
where do you find resveratrol's in malaysia?
How deadly (dangerous) is malignant uterine cancer?
gastritis pleaaaaseee helppp?
Does anyone think Restless Leg Syndrome can be a result of Childhood spanking?
I need help in understandig what my thyroid test means?
Wanting to vomit but not happening?
could these be panic attacks?
My eyes are declining dramatically and I'm still a kid. HELP!?
How Premier glasses are useful for eye wear?
I want to get Laser eye surgery. And want to know results?
I am shortsighted and wear glasses does my sight gradually get better or spontaneously get better one day?
How can I strengthen my eyes? Eye excersizes don't seem to be doing much for me?
Does anyone know a dentist that will take payments?
How to heal my 7/16 earlobe blowout!!!?
get rid of blackheads?
mosquito question please help?
I have a rash but it keeps moving?
the edges of my tongue are really wavy?
Chicken Legs?
My legs are really fat, what kind of exercises can I do to help? *pics*?
what fruit that no need to take out the skin and can eat?
i have been working out regularly, gaining muscle but not losing fat! What do I do?
Do you think these Islamic diets are effective?
Can a pear shape become an hourglass?
How do you gain more muscle when you have a hard gaining weight?
Psoriatic arthritis?
Does anyone have or know of a baby that is on thyroid medicine for the rest of there life?
stomach noises??????????////////////////?
Do i have a serious disease or illness?
any medications for hypoglycemia?
I ran out of my paxil. Can I take my wife's prosac for a few days until i get a refill?
what does the thyroid gland do?
How do u prevent a Charley horse?
I have pain. That's all I know.?
+numbness of of fingers?
Help with really bad pain?
More stomach pain?
Can Sitting at the Computer to long give you a headache?
what should i do? please help! back problems!!?
|| What could this be?
Why does the blood pressure's limits differ between old and young people? smokers and non-smokers?
High Blood Pressure, Blurred Vision, and Loss of Appetite?
Heart problems in young people?
Safe to get a belly piercing if you have a pacemaker and..?
Anyone know if there is a list of foods that reduces the heartbeat naturally?
if APTT is prolonged to 1.29 (N is 0.8-1.2) after thrombolysis post AMI, is it good or a bad thing?
Is compulsive lying for attention linked to any mental disorders?
Can i get the flu from someone who just recently received the flu shot.?
'swine flu' no longer exists?
Tonsilitis, Strep throat, or something else?
How many cups of coffee is equivalent to a line or cocaine?
I get headaches?
Can anyone tell me why I have a headache after I cry?
What is it when you feel a drop of water on your arm?
2 days ago i cried my eyes because i started thinking i had a brain tumour. know i cant cry?
I have a simian crease on both hands...?
Anemia in only one of my hands...?
Does anyone know who has had a tumor in the pituitary gland?
HELP:CONSISTENTLY: Low HCT and RBC High: Platelet, MCV and MCH.Negative for Celiac.Any idea's as to diagnosis?
Why do my eyes blur while wearing contacts?
is it proven that vision can get better naturally?
When will permanent eye contacts be safe?
What's the difference between OS and OD in lenses?
Is coffee good or bad for you?
Is it bad to work out every day of the week?
what food has the most fiber?
How can I lose weight fast?
I Want A Weight Loss Diet?
Anyone had any experience with homepath remedies which helped with migraines?
Can motion sickness pills get rid of dizziness?
what food help's with sleep?
Does anyone have a home remedy for Gallstones? I'm looking for one that involves salt water and lemon?
Magnesium dosage for palpitations and anxiety? Should I add calcium?
Sign of Type II Diabetes?
my chest hurts, what do i do?
How do doctors know if you have clogged arteries or plaque build up. ?
Is this a heart condition?
What is it called when you have a blood cell that can burst or ruptures?
what are the complications of a heart arythmia?
Is there there ever going to be a cure for herpes?
I have oral herpes, but when I kiss someone in between breakouts, should I still be worried of passing it on?
Keep getting coldsores, one goes and keeps coming up, why is this?
i think i have throat cancer?
Final stage of prostate cancer Radiation: Seeds or another 29 sessions of conventional Radiation?
Leukemia is passed through family?
what is systematic desensitization? what are different types of S.D. and their relative merits and limitations?
What excercise can i do to get a flat stomach and drop lbs quickly?
Should you use Whey Protein before or after you workout to get the best results?
do you think she's fat?
What exercise is best to reduce the chin and cheek fat?
What is the cause of an Albino?
How can I tell if I'm anemic?
how do you get rid of black heads??
How do you fix dark lips?
What homeopathic options are available to lower cholestoral?
Can I brush my teeth after eating sugar?
Is it true that if you have healthy and clean teeth then you make good grades?
heart failure?
High Cholestoral(please Answer and read)?
Why don't doctors intervene when 70% stenosis is in the left anterior descending Artery(LAD)?
Triglycerides elevated?
How do I wake up when I'm in a nightmare?
Is this depression or anxiety? Stress?
Do you think crying makes someone look weak or strong?
How true is love at first sight, or In my case ONLINE love at first sight?
Why should I still exist?
how long does it take effexor to get out of your system?
Why are my eyes so red?
What does it mean if I have a bubble in the clear lining of my eye?
I see stars in my eyes can any one help?
What type of eye Dr. would someone who has MS see since vision will be affected over time.?
Does eye excersises really work?
hyperthyroid or hypothyroid?
Can Alzheimer's cause a Seizure?
what causes tingly in both hands?
If u are off work for an injury/illness do u have to take short term disability or can u just take vacation?
How does neurofibromatosis happen?
Appendicitis or Constipation?
Does eating lots of fruit help you lose weight? & are bananas good or bad for you?
Does it really matter what you eat as long as you dont go over a certain calorie limit a day??
Does throwing up or an eating disorder mess w/ ur metabalism..?
Would you take a tapeworm to lose weight?
Which is better: running for 15 minutes, jogging for 30 minutes or walking for 1 hour?
Lose 15 lbs in 2 weeks?
How to build a six pack? how long does it take?
Exercises for arms..?
General male HPV frustration.?
How do you prevent aids?
Is there something wrong with my knee?
septic appendicitis: post op pain?
COPD and Coeliac disease?
Is there a cure for Hemrroids without surgery ?
my legs are soar should i take a bath with hot or cold water?
EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I just found this big black bug in my head?! What is it?!?
How can I stop Ringing in My Ears?!?
What is ALS disease? is there a cure?
How can I treat myself from complex PTSD?
I am a psychic but also have a mental illness and also aspergers syndrome?
Heart ablation or maze?
heart pain/burden due to anxiety?
Is Diovan a good high blood pressure medication?
Which is the best definition of congestive heart failure?
If you get the flu shot, does it make you get the flu before it makes you better?
104.1 fever in 5 year old...?
what to do with Food Poisoning..?
can human flu be contagoius to animal's?
Is it true that when someone falling from a high altitude they die in mid-air?
why do people with red hair have more freckles than others?
wats it mean when you get hiccups a lot.?
what is the smallest bone in human body?what is the lagest muscle?may i have a sammary of cranial nerves.?
How much Pressure to use while brushing?
peroxide and baking soda to whiten teeth?
4 crowns on front teeth how long does it?
Do strawberries really whiten your teeth?
what does it mean if my stomach keeps twitching?
advice on autism in family?
What is "gold weed"?
Is there a herb that I can take that will help me remember details?
Homeopathic osteoarthritic Knee remedies?
Whats Going On With Me?
Is Niacin the same as Niacinamide?
Why can you get cancer from standing near a working microwave?
I have a question about cancer?
what are the signs for the throat cancer?
Lung Cancer?
When can i get an insulin pump?
Guess my blood sugar part V?
If I eat three mini York peppermint patties how long does it take my blood sugar to rise?
The__are endocrine organs active only during specifi life cycles stages.?
my tsh level is 11.0 is that normal or high and does that indicate hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?
Stranded without insulin - Diabetes type 1?
I (34yrs)m a diabetic, i manage without any medicine, is it necessary to have medicine?
can the use of asthma medicine advair cause the thyroid to become enlarged?
How do I know if my Dog has allergies?
Minocylcine has caused my lip to swell up!?
Neti Pot water not going anywhere... whats happening..?
Why do i wheeze when i breathe ??
Worried about my vision?
What the beep is irregular astigmatism and it's symptoms?
can i get contacs lens if i have hyperopia and Astigmatism?
Can someone help me understand the pros and cons of standard versus crystalens cataract surgery?
Recent dislike for meat?
Increasing lung capacity?
What do the prices for Curves range from?
How do low iron levels effect your body?
how to loose 30 pounds as quick as possible?
Pineapple For Weight Loss - Do Pineapples Really Help In Reducing Weight?
Why on earth, can't I write today.. I simply cannot follow a thought?
How to cure insomnia (or help it)?
What does dying feel like?
Does exercising after eating increase chance of appendicitis?
what causes a blistered swollen slightly purple(underneath) tounge with earches and irritated throat?
Mental Exhaustion/Brain Fog/Chronic Fatigue/Confusion?
What exactly is a head cold?
pain in upper middle stomach?
Please put the parts of the heart in order.?
knee pain?
throat pain?
How do men get HPV?????????
My Husband had anal warts, did he cheat?
Why was Farrah's cancer detected so late?
Do you think i have Leukemia?...?
What are the symptoms you have cancer?
11 mm lobular modular density in breast, what is that?
Is There A Connection Between Asbestos And (Non-Respirstory) Cancers?
What can happen if you have spine cancer?
Use of white blood cells from donors to cure cancer ?
i have bad breath! help me?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
Teeth Whitening? (:?
What will happen if i continue sleeping 4-3hours each night?
How can i be happy again? I been battling depression for a long time and been on all the pills. Nothing worked?
My 6 yr. old has a lump in her knee. An MRI was ordered due to the blood flow through the mass. What is this?
Does taking Metamucil for a long time causes body addiction?
What am I looking for?
I need help with an issue please!?
My mind is spinning please help me ? I will give out 5 stars to the best answer!?
i need self confidence help !!?
Instead of medication, why not try to use ADD?
is there a cure for the sweating of hands?
Why do enemas feel so good?
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar???
what causes sleep walking?
what is ice?
Natural remedies for severe lower back pain?
Six Pack!? Strong Arms!? Strong Legs!? 10 Points Best Answer!!?
how can i stop the habit of eating when i'm bored?
How much should a 13 year old girl weigh?
How to lose love handles?
I need help, PLEASE?!?!?!?
why do fat people smell?
Can I put on eye drops while using contacts?
shall i choose contact lens with or without astigmatism?
how long did it take you to get used to putting contacts in?
Does anyone who has had lasiks in the past have any latent symptoms, even minor?
My parents wont let me wear contacts. Help?
Heart problems?
I was diagnosed with having one of my arteries going through my heart muscle and every time I have severe?
Can you feel ventricular fibrillation?
in what Chamebrs of the heart does systemic circulation begin and end?
How do I get my blood pressure up?
how fast can a cardiac arrest make a person die?
Has anyone tried Global Health Trax ThreeLac probiotic or a gluten-free, casein-free diet for autism?
are there any ear drops for temporary hearing loss ?
Diarrhea for 4 weeks?
is there a really easy way to get rid of lice, without changing sheets?
Q about marfan syndrome?
How to handle a violent alzheimer's patient?
Have you ever been diagnosed with anything before?
how can you get rid of acne scars on your face.?
i have a walnut size wart on my knee cap is it edible?
underarm problem!!!!!!helpppppppppppppppppppppppp…
Do you think this can be cancer?
If your friend said they feel life is pointless, would you leave it at that or would you see it as a red flag?
Do you think Yahoo Questions and Answers should carry a mental-health warning?
I'm depressed about time going faster as I get older?
Some one help me to figure out what is wrong , i'm scared !?
Could floating stool mean high metabolism?
All of the sudden, over the past few days, my urine is a bright neon yellow- any thoughts?...?
Help, I have shortness breath, leg swelling, tired?
Eating disorder? 10Points!?
is liver cirrhosis a transmitted disease?
How can i get rid of Mono fast?
Benign Brain Tumor?
Am I or dentist or lab responsible for broken bridge?
What antibiotcs will help a absessed tooth"?
What can I use to whiten my teeth without a dentist or whitening strips?
Should I worry about my heart rate being 96-116 when resting?
secret heart stethoscope?
I have a question about my heart murmur?
Why do i have fast heart beats after eating?
Blood Pressure when Walking?
how do you worry less?
what's the difference between a lipid and a triglyceride?
Does taking magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) for regularity on a daily basis bad for your health?
What can happen if you take too many acidophilus tablets?
Fasting with juicy juice. ( Is juice from concentrate okay to fast with?)?
any natural remedy for goiter?
Natural Antidepressents?
rememdy for insomina?
In Homeopathic preparations what is the difference between 30c and 6X?
What do you think of Acuvue Oasys contact lenses? My doc wanted me to try them out for a week?
Are my eyes bad (right eye is -1 and left is -2)?
Can I wear a different Acuvue Contact Lenses?
My eyes are burning, bad, what should I do?
In what year do you think that life expectancy will eventually increase by more than a year each year?
alcohol poisoning??????
what is this could that is going around?
What do you do when you feel alone, but seem to be just fine to everyone else...?
Animosity towards inanimate objects?
Is there a cure for jealousy?
What do I do for my terrible back pain?
What could be the problem?
Headaches Caused By Movement?
I will just be walking and then my knee will get a sharp pain and it hurts to walk.Should I get a knee brace?
Do you like foot massages or are u too ticklish?
I want to join the gym to lose weight. But, what should i work on?
How many calories can you burn doing housework? like say vacuuming and picking up toys?
If I eat ONLY healthy, natural foods and do 1000 jumping jacks a day, how much can I lose in 3 weeks?
My husband has diabetes 2 can you tell me if this affects his mood. Sometimes it seems that he goes into rage?
When i type in Vicodin on the internet to get imfo, ?
Story explaining how Gastric Bypass surgery can cure diabetes?
Strange feeling on my chest?
does anthem insurance cover hormone replacement?
Son needs VSD surgey?
Can someone with experience with blood/heart health help me?
im 17 years old male and i am having heart palpitations and shotrtness of breath when i try to sleep any help?
I lost my baby tooth and it was a canine and the permanent tooth still didn't erupt yet, should i worry?
I'm going to the orthodontist today, should I take my retainer?
help me with my teeth..?
how much a year does a dentist earn??
I want to get teeth whitening treatment, like a home kit, where do I get it from??
does it hurt when they take off your braces?
where is epson salt used for?
How to treat sciatica using acupressure therapy?
can you take to many natural herbs?
body detox?
How can I cure cold, sometimes purple hands?
Drink MORE water for fluid retention?
blood in my stool?? What is it?
Which is more effective for social anxiety, xanax or valium?
self injury?
Is it possible to misdiagnose ADHD instead of depression?
Why are my pupils contracting like this?
What do i need to be able to cure aids starting from the beggining?
I feel that I am a very strong,independent woman but I'm scared to death of living alone,what's that about?
I want a flat stomach!?
how to raise hdl cholesterol?
Question about ECG; if there is an abnormal ECG?
Holter Monitor Results?
Can we live life without spleen?
What causes Appendicitis?
My toe is swollen and I don't know what to do?
Can you get colic as an adult?
pressure in my forehead and nose and temples?
How can you tell if your bipolar without asking your doctor?
how to remove itchiness from the ear?
What is good for a bee sting?
What are all the different types of braces???
How do you get your breath to smell good all day long?
how much are braces if needed for only bottom row of teeth?
What is the best toothebrush for braces..??? no price range =D?
how to help chronic fatigue syndrome?
My doctor gave me Methisoprinol and loratadine for chicken pox, what is it really for?
what are the symptoms of aids or hiv infection?
Help! Cookie dough problem...?
my refredgerater just stop getting cold?
I think i have the common cold....And?
does coffee cause blood sugar spikes?
Can anyone recommend good sleeping pills?
what does it mean to donate plasma?
how do i find out how much it will cost me to get a colonoscopy procedures done ?
My duaghter came out with blood spots on her arms only, could that be sign of some form of cancer?
i really need help? do i have cancer?
do you think its wierd that a boy stands up 4 breast cancer?
What can I do for my knees which ache and sometimes hurt?
Is there any quick natural cures to get of excess abdominal fat and be skinny before summer?
should i get eye contacts?
What is this pressure in my eye?
What will I do if i get sleepy in school?
can 15y/o develop systemic kidney disease?
does anyone know anything about aniridia?
Can I drink water that has been sitting there for a while?
Why Am I Constantly Shaking?
are there any pre morbid personality traits that can be found in persons who suffer from bi-polar disease?
mi blood pressure is down to 90 over60 what can i do m'i on danger?
My heart rate has dropped and I'm scared!!?
My heart? When I lay down to go to sleep, after a while, my heart beat will become irregular.?
is there a way to loose weight in your calves and ankles?
does anyone kno a home on how to get ride of a sinus infection?
asthma review?
Can you take dexamethasone for bronchial asthma if you are currently taking phenobarbital for seziure control?
I have an Allergy will it go away????
Gluten-Free Soy Flour?
Actifed Replacement?
Liver damage from drinking?
diseases where the symptoms are inflammation in various part of the body?
tourettes syndrome?
what illness is this??
Why is my face always red?
How long after eating gluten does a rash occur when you have Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Celiac of the Skin)?
Accutane for mild-moderate acne?!!?
people with SEVERE acne?
What is a good treatment for callused hands?
medical: I am having severe pains my lower abdomen, the pains are very severe in morning hours.?
Hey if i threw up last night?
I'm having jaw pain and think it might be TMJ..?
My friend's mom has a problem with huge lymph nodes in her armpits.?
What percentage of a change do I have of getting cancer?
My mom is a 3 time cancer survivor?
lawsnorefusing day treatment in fla?
hydrogen peroxide baking soda = Whiter teeth?
Is it easier to become a Dentist or a Pharmacist?
Is there a cure for gingivitis?
How did u feel when you first had your braces on?
what should i do about my teeth?
I just got braces......XD?
which teeth are usually removed for braces? The first or second premolars?
Lab for Equipoise partials ?
alternative treatment for irregular menstruation?
What is the best resource to learn meditation?
Does anyone know any drawbacks or negative affects to taking red algae supplements?
Have you ever had cupping done? What does it do?
does sombody tell me about homeopathic medicine for weakness of near eye sight?
Safe to start taking Chantix if now taking Benzphetamine HCL?
"bad breath" smell when i blow my nose?
what natural remedies cure acid reflex disease?
Did a doctor really fabricate results of a study linking pediatric vaccines to autism?
I have a condition called Misophonia and it causes extreme anxiety sometimes, how can I calm down?
is vitamin Zinc good for childeren?
Does carpal tunnel syndrome only affect the hand or?
is oral chelation therapy safe & effective?
what changes have you encountered after a heart attack?
How do I care for my comatose mother?
How bad is 20/250 for vision?
Eyes get irritated every time i wear contacts?
Can wearing plus-lenses improve short-sightedness?
Why do I have very severe eye pressure after 10-15 minutes of computer use?
Electro shock therapy for?
Why are diabetics so fearful of taking insulin shots?
Does reducing your body weight bring down blood sugar? How and why?
What are my chances increased by? Please read?
Why is there a link between obesity and DM Type2?
Do i need a Diabetes test?
is it possible that injecting insulin raises blood sugar?
which diabetes they're talking about curing type 1 or type 2?
please some one help me?
Medical Terminology Help?
does anemia cause hallucination?my father cannot remember us.he acts like a child now.is it caused by anemia?
My Eye Is Very Red??? Could It Be Disease?
Why is such a big deal being made about the swine flu?
How do I get rid of bug Bites (please answer)?
How Do I Not Catch Swine Flu?
high blood pressure and caffeine?
question for doctors?
Could you tell me what this ECG report means?
Risk of Pulmonary Hypertension?
teen pressure and eduication?
your take on Autism?
Did Lyrica take away your fibromyalgia pain completely?
What medications can i take that won't hurt my liver?
Long Term Low Grade Fevers, Tiredness, Joint Pain, Insomnia...
Can you have a seizure in you nose?
swallowing a leech...?
How to stop all the cravings??
My six year old wants to know, "why does my mommy work out"?
Can stress cause heartburn? What's a great natural cure?
what is nearsighted and farsighted?
What is ladogal?
Is there any treatment of sudden Senso-neural Hearing Loss and tinnitus? I have taken steriod, naturopathy alr
tounge piercing?
what kind of teeth whitening should i use??
I just bought aquafresh teeth whitening trays and..?
Do I have to wear glasses forever?
Confusing question about my eyes!?
what are the spots in my eyes?
What are some eye exercises I can do to help my eye work together?
Thoughts on Laser Eye Surgery?
Process of getting eyeglasses in the US?
Does Lung Cancer Cause Sudden Mental Impairment?
Is a body temperature with a range of 97.2 - 98.6 normal?
how do you get cancer?
what are the affects of leukemia?
how long does a person last with blood cancer?
If you touch a toy which has cancer-causing substance and touch another surface, will it be transfered?
high high blood pressure?!! help?
My palms are getting very hairy, and my vision is failing?
Any suggestions on what to take or do to handle or manage Diverticular Disease with?
Can you have pain on your LEFT side with gallbladder problems?
how can hypertension effect my vision?
Do fat people date other fat people more often than thin?
What drink helps with sore throats and coughing?
How much money does America spend on AIDS research?
hiv and air exposure?
what are the odds of me getting diabetes?
Why do I randomly slip into dissociative states?
Whats the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?
OVer-Reaction To SWINE FLU?
How does toprol-XL affect the libido?
what type of foods reduces coronary plaque blockage?
Beta Blocker Pros and Cons?
Low Potassium w/ 3rd degree heart block?
Cardiologist ! I have to have my heart shocked to get it in rhythum. What do you call this kind of cardiologis
I am taking the following suppliments. Omega-3. 1200mg, Neurobion, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E 250 I.U.?
i have pain in my left hip goes to back . what do i do?
Why can't i throw up?
Having leg pain with no Dr. explanation?
Lower back pain?
pain killer..darvecet?
For people who used to be addicted to food, how did you find more healthful ways to overcome it?
Is taking 'shrooms bad for you?
It's 4.15 in the uk and i cant sleep im going to stay up all night & all day tomoz so that im tired tomoz nite
My eyelashes are falling out and whenever i comb my hair i have some hair falling ou too?
why do we have to pee when we wake up if we dont drink anything all night?
ADULTS: advise please!?
My FINGERS,WRISTS, & HANDS have started becoming Painful & Uncomfortable what could this be?
Satoyoshi's Syndrome?
Water Pills?
What should my TSH level be when i have a blood thyroid test completed?
My 2yr old daughter has pulmonary valve stenosis. Her Heart mummer is getting louder should I be concerned?
how does ciales or viagra afect heart?
He is suffering from a heart mumur accompanied by endocarditis. What is the likely way to contact endocarditis
Questions about Dental work done at Dental Schools like UMDNJ?
If you were to create a kids toothpaste what would you call it?
Can not drinking water or sinus problems cause bad breath?
What is the Best toothpaste that U used?
What is that orgasmic feeling i get when doing cardio or heavy wt lifting?
Would thicker frames for glasses look better on me?
HELP!!!!! eye problem?
I forgot to take off contacts ?
i scratched scratched my sclera ( white part of eye) help!!!!?
Why does too much TV, computer, etc cause bad vision?
What's a food that's high in calories but healthy?
Taking a probiotic, digestive enzyme, and a multivitamin...cause up set stomach and diarrhea?
UTI At Home Remedies?
LSD with SSRI...advice needed?
what home remedy is it good for a blader infection?
What type of herbs or medicine did people use to "cure" smallpox in the dark ages?
Pau D'arco as tea or supplement?
I sleep on the floor every night is this why my back hurts all the time?
How could I better my posture and fix my hunched back?
SORE MUSCLES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Food labels and wheat allergens?
What are the odds of surviving Gleason 9 prostate cancer at age 56?
Question on stomach cancer?
What is best treatment for cancer?
I had WPW, got the ablation 2yrs ago. Now I have low blood pressure, do the 2 relate. ITs been as low as 40/20
Do you have a pacemaker?
Had an hypertension episode yesterday 150/100 & all is ok, was the 1st time, but im scared it may happen again
When measuring heart-rate,?
what are symtoms of high blood pressure?
what is heart burn?