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I've got swollen ankles and feet and they're really bothering me tonight. What can I do?
Headache problems?
I can't walk on my heel!?
I couldnt move my arm for about 10 minutes. Why?
I have a tiny fragment of glass in my foot?
I was wondering about a long scratch that I got a week ago on the side of my foot,?
i just banged my haed help?
Any Doctors out there? Please Help!?
How can someone get a blood clot in their fingernail?
My back is sore please help?
I had an MRI today and they called back and wanted me back tomorrow, the radiologist wanted me to have dye,why?
Feet hurting strangely, please help?
i dropped something on my foot it is swollen and red could i have broke a bone?
Question about ruptured spleen?
i banged my head a little hard, will i get concussion?
Broken ankle???????????
Possible toe tendon surgery (pics included) help please?
Is it an occult fracture? If not then what, and what treatment will the doctor give me for an occult fracture?
Can you pass out from hitting your elbow?
Lacerations On the body?
How long would it take to get....?
Hard lumps behind both ears?
How can i stop picking my bogies?? Its soo addictive?
Pain under ribs and lower abdomen.?
Are there any real asthma remedies out there that work?
nerve sensation and function...?
do you think buying organic cotton clothing is a joke, or worth the money?
Vitamin Q's!!!?
how to treat or solve household moulds.?
I really need to start getting a deep, rejuvenating 8 hours or more of sleep...?
What's the best way to treat chronic intestinal Candidiasis?
Is there an alternative to embryonic stem cells?
how much of B6 and B12 are you supposed to take?
How well does Potassium Iodide work as a radiation blocker?
If you could change anything in the Y!A Alternative Medicine section?
Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?(its about weed)?
smoking that sheesha?
what is the best way to gain muscle? (no drugs)?
Is it ok to use all these Vitamins etc?
What are some foods that dont contain these things?? its for medication?
Do health and wellness magnetic bracelets actually help do whatever they claim to do?
Is there anything I can eat or take(remedies/vitamins) to improve my body's natural steroids?
Can I take Echinacea everyday?
Do the Cranberry pills help any For Bladder infection??
I would like to find a comparative guide to different vitamin supplement brands.?
Is 2000 mg of vitamin D too much to intake for me?
i have been on a temp contract for 19 months now, how long is it before this should be made permanent?
Recurring Tonsillitis Question?
Whats the big deal about Swine flue?
do you have to go to a gum clinic to get a sti check or can you go to ur local doctor?
Why do alot of flu virus start in animals,like bird or swine etc?
Do you know how many cases of swine flu have been cured?
do i have a mouth disease?
Would someone be able to tell me anything about a cyst found on my thigh and full of blood?
How shall i cure my very painful stye?
One swollen lymph node, what is causing it?
have i got herpies or just spots or acne?
Quick Solution for Spots?
Do Any Of You Get Itchy Skin During The Winter?
second time with skin cancer? what helps prevent it?
Is this something I should be worried about? UK freezing spell - painful toe on very cold feet?
Carbuncle/Infected serbaceous cyst? Help please?
is there anycream that you have found that give you reallyreally bad spots in the uk?
Other than tying or burning them off any ideas how to remove skin tags?
Why do I get really dry and purple hands?
How can I Ease My Dry Skin?
Some kind of skin problem around my mouth?!?!?
what is inside a mole?
i have a mole that i want to get rid off...?
can any1 help, i have psoriasis.?
i just went for a pee and my urine is really clear almost like water colour is that strange?
Ridges on my nails..?
should i become a donor ?
Help me please!!!!!!!?
Laser eye surgery.?
My hand is in great pain i think its due to me typing to much? help!!!
ive taken this many painkillers?
Do you use Nytol? What do you think about it?
Why am i ALWAYS thirsty?
Help! I'm losing my voice, and I'm in a show on Thursday! (musical!) Is there anything I can do?
Having sleep problems.?
I have a stomach ache, can anyone help?
I have got serious pain in my stomach! What is it?
Why do I suddenly find it hard to breath?
I smoked Shisha, doctors, nurses and experts preferably lol?
Smoking for a week (5-10 a day)..What damage could have been caused and how long to clear the system?
i feel like i have a constant cold.....?
How do I get out of this routine?
Anybody know of an ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR supplier in Yorkshire specifically?
why is it you are more tired if you wake up later than usual ?
what should i do??
What are the signs.....?
i keep getting these little blood blisters on the walls of my mouth when eating certain foods can anybody help
What is your sleeping posture?
What is this medical condition?
Dietary advice on Coeliac disease?
White Blood Cell Count 5.8, Im 20 years old. Is that okay?
What is the cause of both kidney failure?
When do doctors give you medication for underactive thyroid?
Very unwell with tonsilitis and fever. And i have many exams soon.?
wht obsessive compulsive disorder in a child aged 10?
i feel tired all the time?
Hungry, tired, thristy,?
I'm not happy with myself, i have a problem with my bad breath.?
What are the top 5 killer non infectious diseases of the united kingdom?
can you get hemorrhoids from coughing eg from a cold?
Where can I go for yoga to help with kidney disease in london?
Upper arm pain? feels like lump?
I'm deaf but I like listening to music on high volume?
High Blood Pressure in hospital help please?
since two years i am suffering from burning under the skin of my belly.?
Why do doctors in Britain prescribe antidepressants to so many people?
What is this bleeding lump slightly above my bum hole but not coming out of it?
Unusually concious of my heart rate/beat?
is it normal to feel a bit anxious coming off warfarin?
I was ill today at work. I felt really run down, then got a sharp pain in my lower back and ribs on the left?
What causes, and can help heal sties in the eyes??
sore foot: help please? :(?
Recently broke my leg, what happens when I get my cast completely off?
When I hit my thumb, I feel it in my lip. Why?
Help please - could this be serious?
How long does a broken wrist take to heal?
i hit my hand really hard and now i have a lump, is it a bruise?
Help!!! problems with self harm scars?
Pulled My Hamstring Muscle?
Does taking cannabis and antidepressents have side affects? is so what side affects?
my body temperature is naturally warm that i have to be outside in the cold a lot whats wrong with me?
What was in the drug Thalidomide that caused the deformities in children ?
can anybody give me some advice please?
What's involved in the Occupational Health Checks?
Getting your appendix removed - What are your experiences?
Besides giving blood and registering to the NHS organ donor register, is there anything else I can do to help?
What's wrong with me? Worried :S Is it a rash, or......?
Why is It when you sleep in a car, you wake up with this taste in your mouth thats so weird?
What would an overdose of Parecetamol do to you?
if you were drunk at a drs appointment would they say anything about it?
going to the toilet is painful! what is it?
what is causing this odd feeling i get when i move my eyes..?
Shes so sick! what do i do?
what can you do if a hospital refuses to correct an operation that went wrong?
I have a serious problem with?
How old do you have to be to buy aerosoles in the UK?
how to stop having cracked feat?
What age do u stop growing in HEIGHT?
Can I still grow taller naturally?
im really nervous about having my tonsils out tomorrow :S?
constant hearburn and chest pain...why?
why do you urinate more when your feeling cold?
colored contact lenses?? xx?
what is a urc clinic?
Eye problem. Anyone know anything?
accuvision vs ultralase for eye surgery?
What is near triad?
Why do my eyes hurt when i am trying to sleep, hurt's to close them?..?
Atropine eye drops?
how can i get my eye rounder i heard eye openin srgry but what kind of surgeons do it plz helppin ( harley st)?
can you buy optrex eyedew dazzling eye drops from any stores or is it just online? if so where can get it?
Doctors think I have AMPPE/APMPPE (eye condition).. Any information?
floaters and staring at the moon.?
Anyone had laser eye surgery?
Glasses for long distance?
Any help on this confusing EYE subject?
Eye Test and possible problems with sight?
i have slight sinus infection and eyes hurt?
Memory loss/forgetfulness , head ache, speaking difficulties, concentration problems?
How to get diagnosed & treated for pcos?
What various medications are there for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
can you take propranolol long term?
Small red blood cells without Anemia iron count is ok any ideas what it means?
my hands go numb and tingly?
Regarding medical conditions, what exactly is a "formal diagnosis?"?
How can you get rid of a verruca without pain?
i know this is a gynaelocical problem so why have they given up i know there is defWhat would you like to ask?
anyone suffering from ibs?
What are the tests involved for cataracts and glaucoma?
Can you get food poisoning?
would you go to work with diarrhea?
Is someone can tell me what my son?
Is the super-growth supplement a scam or a legitimate way to grow taller?
What do you think of silver nanoparticles?
How is the job of chiropractor ?
best remedy for healing a sprained ankle?
a question about senna leaf?
Anti-depressants at 17?
suppository for taking mercury out of the body instead of kelation?
Personal experiences with flax seed oil?
Nerve pain in foot and leg - the best cure.... and or medicine to cure or alleviate this pain?
Is it true that...?
My friend is taking extasy while he's on medicine?
Can you overdose on flax seed?
What to do about acne, got worse after using clearasil?
I have blue toes now?
I am a pianist and I have a weird skin problem on my fingertips......?
I have really cold feet and they itch and hurt what is it?
Where can I get Cradle Cap & Infant Eczema Treatment products online.?
Loads of small blisters on my little finger?
How to get rid of love bites?
if you have tonisilitis whats the best thing you can do to help get rid of it? apart from taking medicine?
How can you treat a Keloid scar on one's arm?
i had a sweat rash round the groin and it has left a mark helpp!!!!! please?
is it possible for a white wart to burst?
Spot wurries?? ... !!?
how do i reduce redness on my face am balding and look like a berry?
Can GP's prescribe retin-a gel?
Rash on leg...maybe ingrown hairs?
im really sick?
i am going into hospital for week, how do i smuggle in that much cider?
what is wrong with me?
what will help me fall to sleep?
My son is nearly 11, 4ft 6 and weighs 5st 5lbs (77lbs) is a terrible eater. Is he underweight?
SAD....beating the Winter Blues....?
i live in glasgow,what should i check the yellow pages for.really got my heart set on this tattoo plz help?
Is my heart healthy?
Stroke Volume Measurement?
what is framingham test?
What is a stenotic Coronary Artery Atheroma?
What is a convalescent?
Can you advise me the right things to eat and drink as I have just been diagnosed with angina.For instance can?
i have a high pulse rate, but bad circulation. could this be sign of a heart condition?
does any out there know anything about the genetic condition marfans syndrome as my thirteenyear old son has i
Re an MRI brain scan..Is there any Neurologists or Doctors that could advise me on the results of my scan plse
what voltage does a implantable cardioverter defibrillatorshock at?
Anyone been diagnosed with Bicuspid Aortic valve?
ill every couple of months?
how to get a good early nights sleep?
what is a melancholic?
Wat are Kidney deficiencies, their symptoms and what can one eat (food rich in h)to reverse any deficiencies/?
How to wake up feelish fresh & awake?
Dizzy spells and feeling faint?
what does a cardiac nurse do?
I can see my heart beating though my chest, should i be worried?
age 64, colestro 3.8, low pulse,good diet, exersize 3-4 /week eg 6km run,why high BP. genes yrs but mechanics?
how much does it cost to call a bedside phone on a hospital ward in switzerland FROM THE UK?
Why do some people cry when laughing out loud?
WHERE DID!! where did the saying come from,when you break wind "more tea vicar"?
Are Care Homes making money out of the sick and Vulnerable?
Examples of medical or healthcare products?
How long does paracetamol and ibuprofen take to work?
Can anyone explain why this habit of keeping the air conditioning so low-temperature in Summer.....?
ear infection?
Did you give up smoking using Allen Carr's method?
My own tinnitus sounds are worse at bedtime. How can I get help getting to sleep?
is flouride bad in drinking water?
How to get a good nights sleep every night?
I keep getting strong feelings of sickness for about two minutes or so..?
N.H.S.care to patients?
covering letter?
Tonsilectomy advice needed!?
Random numbness and dizzyness?
do i take the drug or do i not?
Alzheimer's what are the signs ?
Can you eat your way out of a bad case of food poisning?
strange lumps on my ear and in my ear..help?
is it possible to get irritable bowel syndrome?
how long does it take hpv virus to make a stain/injury on the cervix?
Is there often any effective treatment for huntingtons disease..?
can another person from eu get medical treatment in uk?
dull ache hammstring?
I'm having surgery for a slipped disc, should i be worried?
I have a pain in my calf muscle.?
how painful is back surgery?
my splip lip looks like a giant ulcer!?
Right shoulder pain from weight training!?
I have an unexplained bruise?
when i was in turky i stood on a huge black bee and my foot sweld up ang ichted for days is it normal?
What do you do if someone splits their head open?
i recently burnt myself with 230oc straightners and im not sure if its infected its painful(carriedonbelow)?
Is my finger broken...?
question about stitch healing time?
Do you need physio to recover from a radial head fracture? (elbow)?
how long dose it take to recover after having key hole surgery on the lower part of the back?
Is this normal for bumping your head?
had an operation 2weeks ago,scar area is very hot?? does anyone know why this might be..?
my son has a compound fracture of the tibia?
How can ease & soothe muscle/joint pain?
soy mimics birth control?
Have you ever tried acid?
How can I tell if its pure MDMA..?
i wana do pgd in pharmacy in canada?
smoked half a gram an hour ago but no high?
Why does my mole itch?
Would a pacemaker help with SVT.?
Swollen lymph nodes.. Very worried!?
how did people fight diseases 50 years ago?
How do I become an ER Nurse?
What is the best way to deal with seasonal allergy?
will kalvol be good for clearing snorty nose of a 4 month old boy?
What are these itchy bumps that appear on your head every once and awhile?
What to put on eczema?
Does car gas cause cancer?
how do i get rid of sun damage (brown spots)?
Cough for 1 month and now sounds like a whistle?
I have bronchitis, doctor gave me inhaler. Has been a month still not better any suggestions?
How do I get rid of sunspots?
Do I have Mono?
tanning pills that work?
How long does it typicially take to recover from pneumonia?
Scar Tissue issue?
does anyone know a pain releif for arthritis?
Prolonged lower back pain? Any ideas to help?
i got my ear peirced.?
5 things you can do to destress and make you happy?
my daughter is in agony with frozen shoulder/ whats the best way for quickest relief ?
help!!! my leg hurts!!?
what are these trimethoprin tablets used for?
My work colleague had a seizure.?
how can you tell if your aneamic?
I have something on my body like a spot but its not.?
Drinking urine to cure eczema?
Red line down each leg?
how can i get rid of these little white scars?
how can you get rid of spot really quick?
Why do teenagers get cellulite?
Best treatment for burn scars?
If you have taken tetracycline for your acne, did it work for you?
anyone had acne marks on face(redness) and how did you get rid of it?
Is skintag/mole removal available on the NHS and if so what are the risks?
I think I have a white head spot on my lip, what do I do?
Does anyone take Roaccutane for Rosacea?
can having abscesses on your body stop you giving blood?
earpiercing problem....?
Can moles grow back if they are picked.?
Two underarm sebacious cysts that just wont go!!!?
Sickeningly worried and feeling hideous?
How to shrink your feet?
I think I have an ear infection as my hearing has gone in one ear. What can I do to clear this?
what is up with me? HELP?
Can I Still Get Taller At 17 ?
how do you get a referral to a chiropodist on the NHS?
What are the pro and cons of having an EEG?
why am i getting pounding headaches?
Chest pains after being sick?
I'm having daily headaches?
How can I relieve cold and flu symptoms without medication?
Tiredness, nausea, stomach pain, headaches, loss of appetite - what's wrong with me?
what is it if i continually get a lump of sick in my throat?
Bit of a question about blurred vision, disorientation and headache?
im going on holiday, whats the best thing i should do about..?
Do i have rheumatism?
Am i suffering from hypothermia PLEASEEE HELPP!!?
How come I can feel a pulse (My heartbeat) when I put my finger on my ulcer?
I fear for my daughters health!!?
Spa Day Treat - what order shold we do treatments etc...?
do you have to be a certain age to wear contact lenses in the uK ?
Why did i faint whilst having blood taken?!!?
what causes nail fungal infection, and how do u treat it?
nhs direct question??????????????
What Have I Caught Please Help?
is 38 'c a high temperature ?
please help especially if your a nurse or a doctor?
Anyone know any good snoring remedies?
How do you lose your voice VERY QUICKLY?
I am looking for Pill Boxes?
I have a question about 2nd hand cigarette smoke?
Nurses, doctors in UK, Please need advice?
i keep feeling ill every few weeks help?
why cant i sleep !!!!????
Had a dream that i was signing autographs with J.Nevah as my name..anyone know what this could mean?
has any one come out of work due to arthritis?
Why do I feel as though I am going to faint when I have blood taken from me?
can stress put your blood pressure up.?
We desperatey need central heating as damp in my room is making me ill?
chewing gum niccorette?
diarohea and sickness?
worried that I am finding giving up smoking too easy...?
Sharp pain in my ribs, could it be cracked or bruised? Can it happen in my sleep?
I am 20 years old and really don't like how I can see my bones just above my small 32a chest?
how long sould you leave it after taking anti biotics before you go back to the gym?
Could i have pulled a muscle in my leg?
My knees crack and click and one hurts? :S?
what is this?& how will it get cured?
I have a lump on the back of my heels, what is it?
can a ripped bicep muscle be repaired 12month later?
Compressed Vertibrae?
if i push my bone hard enough, will it break?
What can I Do About a Dead Arm at Night?
i sat on my ghds that get up to about 230 degree's and the burns really sore, what should i do?
Fallen and bumped my head! :|?
cross trainer hurts my kness and back!!!?
What have I done to it? Please answer?
i broke my leg 5 weeks ago today and i have a holiday in 2 weeks from now my doc said cast will come off 6-8?
is it normal for your back to crack everytime you bend down.?
Injury question please help!?
i've just eaten glass by accident, what'll happen?
My cats eyelids take a while to move back?
Is my arm still broken?
A good friend of mine is suffering from cocaine addiction and alcoholism?
Just found out Mom has breast cancer Should I still move out?
Rubbing my neck and i found a bump.?
My 6 year old has a bump (like a not) above his right ear, says it hurts, has been sick & sleeping a lot?
Can i get mono from my boyfriend?
What are som good products for vey bad, back acne?
Is cannabis is more dangerous then cigarette?
SHould I get the H1M1 flu shot or what?
Does dying your hair give you a better chance of giving you cancer?
I stept on a rock at the beach?
I have a red bump on my elbow?
help what is wrong with my throat?
Where do you get the Cervical Cancer shot in the body ?
Can my sister get help with epilepsy medication costs as a student in America?
what would cause excessive blinking in a child?
Do I have hypoglycemia?
If i halve a levythroxine tablet which is 100mcg, would that be taking like 50mcg?
Any one with Multiple Sclerosis Ever had an Operation and were there any Complications?
There is something wrong with my brother? help.?
Is there a cure for sciatica?
how to cure acid reflux and wind pains?
Is it safe to do weightlifitng when you have a ganglion cyst on your wrist?
How does amiodarone affect patients with hypothyroidism?
tiredness, sometimes drowsiness on wakening?
Tuberculosis - Are These Symptoms Worth Getting Checked?
my son has a lump behind his right ear its swollen and red and causing a lot of discomfort can any 1 help?
Does cod liver oil cause anorexia?
black ... after taking pepto-bismol, is it normal?
what's the differential diagnosis of thick wall bladder in young female?
what are the symptoms of scurvy?
what condition do i have?
how do doctors diagnose IBS?
Is it okay form my little sister to have the lemon tea made for 12 and older?
insomnia cure - I have restless legs syndrome and looking for a cure?
Why did Marc Emery (Canada's "Prince of Pot") surrender?
Good Gifts for Young Herb Enthusiasts?
If I'm alergic to coding is it safe to take hydrocodon?
how do i find a good dvd containing the foot reflexology sequence?
Quick relief for sore throat?
If I stopped taking multivitamins could this happen?
Question about snorting powder?
This gel burns my face but works..why?
What does the DM on cough syrup mean?
Which herbal tea is better to treat insomnia St John Worth or Chamomile tea ?
Can you take tylenol 4 and penicillin?
Would i be able to apply for medical marijuana?
I am 3 days into a Candita cleanse and I am very tired, can I have tea or coffee?
i just took docusate sodium for constipation?pleaseplease answer!!!!!?
My hair seems to becoming thinner and thinner need some natural remedies.?
does anyone know anything about isagenix?
Can One Day we Eradicate any Diseases?All this Money goes to Funding and not one conclusive Find?
Sore throat?
Confused by the prescription my optician gave me, it's blank! How can I take it elsewhere? ?
can i claim invalidity as i suffer with Atrial Fibrillation?
I am on meds 4 hyperthyroid, can prolonged stress make thyroid worse?
What Riacavilol 25 mg tab used for?
can someone tell how it is to have a gastric tube fitted can i refuse this treatment?
Is it possible for a teenager to have stress cardiomyopathy "broken heart syndrome"?
Heavy thumping irregular heartbeat in a healthy 15 year old?
What is heart disease and how does it occur? What strategies could you undertake to combat heart disease...?
treatment for stroke patients.the company..re..rereuron..surrey.search lab.have found a cure.can anybody help.
worried about cholesterol levels?
If you had been put on a holder 24 hour test monitor and it only recorded 7%?
i had my left hand pale painful and cold,it remained like this for 30 min,but i still feel cold my fourth fing?
Is consistently normal blood pressure (120/70) indicative of a healthy heart?
How to distinguish Rheumatic fever from Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome ?
what should we expect to happen at the post op appointment after repair to AAA?
does anyone know of an effective treatment for parkinsons being used in australia?
my husband suffered burst aneurysm and had repair op complication?
arteriosclerotic aorta?
Any one that knows Re-entry mechanism of arrhythmia?
why are my fingers clicking?
Hey..should i stay up 2nite?
Anyone ever had someone stand on your foot? by accident?
what would be a good way of putting yourself in hospital? ?
one of my ears is slightly bleeding.it does not hurt?
How much sleep do you usually get and do you really need more?
My son had a verruca, and we've been using a cream from doctors, it kind of was hanging off?
What is this blister on my thumb?
How can I reduce spots on the Chin?
back acne and scar cure help! ( answer only if you've had the same problem)?
I'm sure this is normal but....?
Non active persons diet (wheelchair bound)?
Why am I vomiting every day & feeling nausea with stomach pain?
i need to take a urine sample to hospital....but?
Sneezing makes your heart stop for a second?
What does it mean to dream of bleeding feet?
How soon after eating food thats bad does it make you sick(vomit)? Thanks?
can you get children's club penguin spectacles/glasses from an optitions?
What do the different colours on rizla packets mean?
blotchy skin??????????????????
penicillin and birth control?
I was told my blood results were normal but the doctor still wants to see me. Why?
Whats the scientific reason for pins and needles?
How long do you have to be bulimic before it becomes long term?
How much dose a Nephrologist earn?
Would you ever 'be' with someone that has a Colostomy?
ticks and young children!!!!!?
I have an MRI scan on Thursday and couldn't go through with it the first time but have been rebooked.?
Flashing lights and floaters?
Has anyone had RSI and got rid of it?
tell me how do I heal piles?
what is a pseudo fit? Does it mean that somebody is putting it on and pretending to have a fit?
emotional memories when having dementia?
Nice guy syndrome is a real disease?
Would you say I had "Insomnia".. ?
what is wrong with me?
how many hours can u work a week legally at 16?
sleeping problems.........?
What is a hernia?????????????????????????
I sometimes say things back to front, and what not?
MBT shoes, Masai Barefoot Technology, do they work?
Any1 ever have a near death experience?
Please help. i am a really light sleeper and i have problmes getting to sleep. im always working myself up?
i keep fitting, but i'm not sure what the causes or what it is?
I can (and do) crack my back and shoulders all the time. Is this bad for me and what is the noise that I hear?
what can i do to get rid of my fear of the dark?
Does lack of sleep make your eyes appear smaller?
How do you lay when your in bed?
Shaking uncontrollably ?????????
what are some of the good health tips?
Strong smelling urine (like burning rubber?)?
cost of presctiptions in the UK?
Why do I have to do this trying to get to sleep?
How long does it take to recover from tonsilitis?
why do my legs twich when im nervouse?
wots the difference between a bug and an infection?
Acne problem... how to treat it?
Some 1 once told me that for each cigarette U smoke...?
how can i stop sweating?
What causes your nails to spilt down the middle? Also there is a red painfull bump under the nail.?
black spots..?
I have a bad fever i need help :(?
how can you get rid of spider theins of face without laser surgery?
Extreme Heart Pains? Please Help ...?
which is better metamucil or benefiber or are they both the same?
I've been really itchy downstairs?
Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E cream for my scar?
Where can i buy Emu Oil?
Asthma breathing test?
how does one get to have liquid in their knee's / or their lungs?
Has anyone esle had a fasciectomy for anterior tibial compartment syndrome?? Are all of your symptoms gone?
what is this??
Bladder infection..?
What do you need to work as a massage therapist?
does chinese medicine work for repairing organs in your body?
What do you think about Thermogenitc pills? ?
Has acupuncture been proven to work by a university?
Is there a cure for heal spurs?
evening primrose oil?
I tend to sprain my knees and wrists ... how can i prevent this ??
Is it ok to take probiotics and antibiotics at the same time?
My Sore Throat Kills!!!?
Can you take tegratal and smoke pot?
Is it possible to send mdma by mail in canada ?
Why are some people against Stem Cell research?
I am looking for a book on alternative veterinarian medicine?
What is it like quitting drugs?
Does my body smell if I take fish oil capsules?
help i drank exppired medicine?
help with single spot acne?
What would cause a foot to only be numb at rest?
why does the skin at the top of my thumbs crack open?
how long does a broken toe take to get better?
what's wrong. have a friend who fell 2 yrs ago. there was a very large haematoma (bruise) on her leg. and now?
broke wrist, plaster 6 weeks. when can I return to work once plaster removed?
Overload? Sports Injury? Hip bones grinding togather.?
can an upper back injury cause wind and indigestion?
Where does the toe tag go on a dead person if they don't have toes?
I have fractured my ankle, how long untill i can play sports again?
What is the thick line that goes through the middle of your wrist down through your arm, and is it bumpy?
What is wrong with my toe, is it broken?
I got a few sharp stabbing pains in my belly this morning, why?
What happens immediately following a subcutaneous transposition of the ulnar nerve?
Whenever I bend down both my knees click really loudly....?
Nose bleeds everytime I wash my face?
Were These Bruises Coming From?
My friend lost his leg in a work accident..?
If I had broken a metatarsal in my foot, would I be able to walk on it all day?
to anyone who has a pacemaker?or knows about them?
what are my chances heart problem?
my cholosterol has been measured at 5.5(slightly higher).how long will it take to lower this?
The blood pressure in the systemic arteries is greatest during?
whats life expectancy with heart stents?
i had tachycardia (150bpm) a week ago and my heart still feels a bit strange.. is that normal?
Does reducing your LDL cholesterol actually reduce the amount of fibrous plaque in your arteries?
hormone replacement therapy,for men?
Has anyone had a loved one go through Motor Neurone Diesase (MDN)?
are PVC's really harmless?
My mother has a aortic aneurysm what are the chances of a rupture?
What is cardiovascular disease and how can it be prevented?
Eating Disorder: How do I tell my parents?
Would the cost to my gp's surgery have an impact on investigating a 'possible' gene fault?
What should I do if I feel nauseous after taking any kind of pill?
10 Points - Am I dehydrated ? If not what could this be ?
symptons of under active thyroid?
Why do you think in many areas of the UK and other nations, Autism and Asperger's are "Forgotten Conditions?"?
everymorning feel like passing out.?
Is shortness of breath a symptom of graves disease?
When will i start to feel less tired?
Will not eating and drinking much effect my body when going to the loo?
why are my hands and feet usually cold at all times?
Why do I have so many moles?
I can't go back into school! HELP! How do i fake sicker to keep off?
How to do my eyes like lady gaga. where she had her BIG eyes in bad romance. Picturre included.?
Ears Have Not Popped 12 Hours After Flight?
What help can i get for depression without NI-number?
can a FBC (full blood count) reveal a b12 deficiency or vitamin problem?
Are there any dangers from exposure to microwaves?
help please , tony and guy , chester email address?
what does this mean <she has got cold feet > haha?
I fear my doctor/physician after he drugged me.?
what does dehydration and hunger do to your body and organs etc?
why do i keepgetting headaches?
I have diarrhea and I feel sick...?
I was eating spinage for the first time when all of a sudden a really bad pain came in my sinuses for 5 second?
what are good herbal teas for IBS?
Having trouble staying asleep. Please help!?
A Problem with coccyx(Tail bone)?
I have IBS, please help?
what just happened? (making question loong)?
How can I fade my tattoo without getting rid of it all together?
average hair on body?
cholesterol--what would be a high reading for a person in their sixties? Is it different for males/females?
Will staring at a computer screen all day, damage my eyes?
why are my my leg joints aching?
e-mail address for local doctors surgery?
my 9 month old sons lips and face was grey he was cold sweaty and floppy returned to norm after 15 mins?
Why don't our muscles feel fatigued right after sport, but the next morning when we get up?
is shisha or smoking cigarretes worse?
If I am on perscription medication for Nausea, can I take an OTC medicine for a bad cold/cough?
childrens homes in cleveland. where???
my husband has angina?
my surgeon has only give me a 85o/o chance ofmy foot operation being a sucsess when he has done it twice befor
i cant get rid of this bunged up nose i cant breath i had this problem 6 months i tried sudfed and olbas oil?
ok this is a dumb question?
Anybody have a cure for persistent rhinitis?
overseas nurses programme wherein london?
lime scale?
Is It bad if you have a low blood pressure?
swollen ankles while flying?
What should you eat when you have a bad kidney infection?
if i have the stomach flu,will my kids get it too?
Is pneumonia contagious?
Acne Products?
Can anyone relate to this disease?
Dry Skin Around Mouth - Treatment?
what do doctors do if a patient who is suspected of?
Is Cerebral Palsy Painful in young children?
Do I have acid reflux?
Did swine flu deserve the attention it got?
i have aspergers how do i fight the symptoms?
my 8 year old gets a rash all over his body.. i think is cause of the weather.. what can i put on him?
My eyes are burning from water!?
Will antiperspirant deodorant give me cancer?
when you get a hinge replacement on your eyeglasses frames how do the repairer put the hinge on correctly?
Anti-glare lense coating: Can you notice the difference when you put on your glasses?
What NonProcessive Conditions Cause A Visual Field Defect?
Eye Test Results R sph -0.50 cyl -0.50 axis 15.DL sph -0.50 cyl -0.25 axis 170.D explain better please?
What could dark red inside my lower eye lid, I've had for 2 days, be?
Anybody heard of Cats Paw pigmentation?
What is wrong with my eye? face and eye is swollen and weeping etc..?
Human Eye Pupil: I read the cornea magnifies the pupil, but by how much?
My left eye feels bruised and it's itchy?
vision express and autorefratometer?
Regarding fungal toenail infection, does anyone have information please?
Is fluid behind the eyes for ever?
pupil distance.. help please?
my cat has discharge from her eye?
Sore eyes and roof of mouth, tiredness and loss of appetite. Could this just be a virus?
Dr Frank can you please answer this? I really need help?
Optrex Actimist Eye Spray - 10ml can you use it with coloured lenses ?
how are the tendons attached to the eye?
What type of phoria I do have? What type of prism should I use?
Where in London can I get Lens implants?
chicken pox abnormalities?
How dangerous is Swine Flu?
What is considered "contact" with a swine flu sufferer ?
Help, eye problem, please help?
Can wearing glasses weaken the eye's colour?
i am looking to get a black pair of perscription contacts?
Changing Iris Colour with a laser procedure?
Can You Get Laser Eye Surgery Under The Age Of 18 With Parental Consent?
darkened blindness in my right eye at night?
Can astigamatism be cured thru surgery?Any one with experience?
is there a cure for crohns disease?
what causes low blood pressure?
pins and needles please help?
I had an operation on my wrist. There was a higroma and it was removed. Howv long does it take my wrist to hea
Major Fear Over Needles.?
really bad pains in my left arm?
:S I've hada stomach ache for a good 3 and a half hours...?
My wrist really hurts?
What should I do about my ear ache?
I am having difficulty swallowing and it feels like my throat has swollen but it isn't painful in any way. ..?
i have hurt my knee coming off my motorbike?
How do I feel less confused from sertraline and co-codomol?
Why do your fingers ache when you cry?
Which one? My arm or my leg?
Back Pain?
serious fear of injections, help!?
I keep getting cramp in my right leg from the thigh downwards which eases when sitting down. Does anyone?
my joints hurt when it gets cold, help?
Pain after eating ?
how could i woke up early in the morning?cause i am a lazy person i couldn't woke earlier before 11:ooa.m.?
how do i beat crack and cocaine?
Lower back pain localised to the left SI joint...?
Are there any herbal remedy recipes to rid your system of sedative drugs or to reverse narcotic effects?
What are some natural remedies for hair loss?
What are the nutrition facts for the red reishi herb?
chinese herb medicines?
Reiki treatments..do they really work, or is it all a farce?
Is there any danger in using a plastic kettle to heat water or is better to use a metal based kettle?
Would you ever try acupuncture?
Where to buy Aloe Vera juice in Canada?
How do you send energy to a future time ? Reiki?
Naturopathic treatment for GABA?
Are there other ways of getting probiotics other than through eating yoghurt?
Acupuncturists, are there any trigger point/s to release endorphines in our body?
where do I find dilaudid in Halifax, N.S.?
Is it bank holiday today? (uk)?
can tense sore or inflamed muscles in the back of your neck and base of your head at the back cause migraines?
What are the effects of massage on the skin, nails and muscles?
Drug Test: Will i pass?
Hit hard in the stomach now strange pain?
Knee injury HELP! Diagnosis and treatment.?
I fell on my ankle last night?....?
Calf Muscle cramp after waking?
Do you know if you can get sore sides?
Pain in elbow after kayaking?
i have had shoulder pain for a week it started after playing squash and has got worse, any advice ?
how do you keep a straight back?
"ONYCHOLYSIS" - Is nail varnish going to effect the growth of my toenail?
Is anyone familiar with psychiatric issues in conjunction with Neurological Sarcoidisis ?
What is the safest way to quit smoking for someone with current risk of strokes ?
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia?
Where can I get a monitor that can detect the beginning of an epileptic type seizure?
What causes Magnesium deficiency and how can it be treated holistically?
what is hercepton?
What is Angelman syndrome?
Who knows how to help meniere's disease?
how can i get a clear face i have sooo many red black brown nasty dots on my whole face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does anyone have raynods?
Why can't Docters fix the back, like they can fix anything else?
Can a person get a tattoo if they have loss of pigment meaning being real light skinned ?
lymph nodes?
Is embryo screening able to identify hereditary heart disease?
i went to the dr. today and the baby's heart rate was 156?
How many people have had two open heart surgeries?
heart surgery in kids?
mr wasserberg?
what kind of drug is tildiem,[diltiazem] i know it is for high blood pressure?
Coronary Heart Disease - Ishemic Heart Disease?
Anyone else growing or grown a third bum cheek?
If you have had a urostoma fitted....?
Why doesn't Isolated Systolic Hypertension cause an increase in diastolic pressure?
my baby has super ventricular tachycardia,what are the risks of the anaesthetic?
i have attacks of I B S and want to go abroad this year but I am worried I will get ill?
what condition cause interruption in Homeostasis?
is vigrx safe on heart and blood preasure any one try ?
What is the heart rate?
Do pacemakers come with any warranty?
Should you squeeze an infected sebaceous cyst that has already burst?
since when did being a randy sod who cant keep it in his kecks become a treatable illness?
UTI Home Test kits Recommendations please (UK Only)?
I have Myalgia (muscle aches).Can anyone suggest a cure or treatment?
Recovery time for prolapsed disc surgery?
What's wrong with my legs? Is it bad circulation?
whats the easiest way for me to work out if my 2yr old has a food intolerance and to what?
How long does pepto bismol take to work?
are sit ups safe to do after a kidney transplant,the transplanted kidney is in my tummy,and its been 4 months?
lindum medicle centre.uk?
Itchy eyes?
Can any one help me by telling me the Secretary General of World Health Organisation?
I'm getting terrible pains either in my womb or my bladder what is it?
What is the hard skin lump I have on top of my foot?
just suffered a bout of gout,?
definition of a chiropractor?
any one medically qualified?
Air conditioning or not?
My throat hurts a little bit but every morning when i wake up my voice is all cracked. How can i stop this!?
What is the term for a guy like this?
Is it ok,hard and possible to hold down a job if you are taking an anti depressant?
Is a child classed as disabled if they have ADHD ?
How can I deal with/turn round, my negative outlook on life??
i can't sleep anymore!?
I'm really depressed and need help?
I can't get to sleep?
"Mental Illness Rising in Workers" is anyone surprised?
i have recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder am i a danger to other people ?
How can you tell if someone (or myself) has a personality disorder?
Are you happy.........within yourself?
2 weeks into recovery from addiction?
When things get so bad, you feel theres no point to go on....?
how can i stay positive?
how can i get to see a councillor to help me with emotional problems i may have.?
Why do tourettes sufferers use swear words in their outbursts, and not normal words?
My GP wont prescribe antidepressants until I've quit drinking(that's fair enough) but what I forgot to ask is?
Anger management?
Ive been diagnosed with peripheral neuropaphy. will i end up paralysed?
When i think about her i feel nausea?
My mam has high blood pressure she take medicine for it shes sometimes gets very tired and has 2 lie down and?
I have tonsilitis, and i am afraid to take the medicine to cure it?
Dramatic temperature drop after effort. Why?
Best vitamin for hair loss in male?
what can i do to help ease pain of gallstones attack?
We're encouraged to be economically self-sufficient,to solve own woes;re-health,U think govt.gives same advice?
Aloe Vera Juice.. whats the best brand to use?
taking more then ONE vitamin and mineral Supplement?
How much does a massage therapist make?
Can ReaLemon be used as a substitute for fresh squeezed lemon in a hot lemon drink?
Taking Different Vitamins and Supplements Together?
What is the best natural stool softener ?
A friend of mine may have to undergo yet another surgery?
What is the difference between pre biotics and pro biotics?
How much is TOO much apple cider vinegar?
what are the side effects of the arthritis treatment neovisc?
I am sick with FBS, failed back syndrome and want to move to canada where there is a med pot available, how do
What makes Chicken Noodle Soup a cure for colds & sickness?
Where can i blog/chat about acid/LSD?
Where is Secret Clinical Strength sold?
Sleeping question??? HELP?
Canker Sore Natural remedies?
Question about scarring on skin?
dose everything you swallow go throw ur boday?
do anyone have experience with hypnosis? How much it cost for a trustful and professional service?
whats something i can do to get my voice back?
laxatives? help please?
Could my brain be chipped?
i have a viral infection, can i still have the cervical cancer jab?
help with laxatives please?
why are my feet cold?
Thinning hair HELP ! :(?
How to get rid of warts!?
What are Amphetamines?
why am i waking up exhausted?
are my contact lenses safe with a puncture?
How to stop cracking my knuckles?!?
Im having a cosmetic operation in 2 and a bit weeks and ive got tonsillitis.?
i am blind how do i get d.l.a at the high rate of £45?
Best Mosquito Repellent?
Am I almost fainting? What could it be?
Any physical reasons why i am waking up depressed ?
Alcoho;ic,stopped drinking,can't sleep. Any solutions? Cheers!?
Disaplinary action due to sickness?
Why is my body....??????????????????????
is anyone taking effexor xl and if so?
Twisted ankle, can I play football in two days?
I have the ability to block my nose from the inside on demand without it being visible. How do I do this?
accident at sea what do you recomend?
I think my toe maybe broken?? ? help!!?
The back of my brace feels lose?
fractured foot hurts!!!!?
Could I be bleeding internally? Please help, I scared.?
Pain in the joint of my big toe..?
st mayrs abotts hospiyal maloes rd,kensington,london?
Can anyone identify my wrist injury please?
Why is it called a funny bone, when if you hit it, it's not funny at all?
i dislocated my toe today for a little while, will it happen again?
aching shoulder but plenty movement?
My legs ache after the gym, should I go again?
ouch! whats wrong with my hand?
numb foot with tingling sensation?
why do my ribs hurt alot?
what do they do with your bone left in your stump after amputiation above the knee?
My fingers start to hurt really quickly..?
If my nose has been broken, is it possible for me to rebreak it and push it back into place?
I think i sprained my ankle, should I go see the doctor?
How to heal a strained medial cruciate ligament?
Can you dislocate your shoulder...?
Can Anybody help with my sudden knee problem?
severe varicose vein?
i have lower back pain?
My husband has kidney pains,It always seems worse after he`s had a drink.Shall he go to see a doctor?
Pain in my side - what could it be?
were dose it hurt most 4 a girl to be hit?
Can Anxiety cause abdominal pain ?
Should you drink Tea in the morning if you have a migraine?
Migraine with Numbness: What is the cause?
Pins and needles, both arms and both feet, with pain in feet.?
I have a lump on my spine. I get shooting pains up my spine and my legs go numb.?
Pain behind one eye?
Woke up with funny vision?
My ear is Itchy?
Any body know any household items that cure spots?
What is Bakery fat ? Is its consumption good for health?
how old do u have to be to go on sunbeds?
what is drug and alcohol use?
Are there any other people out there who DONT look forward to summer, dreads it and is glad when its over?
how can you stop your eyes watering/hurting when you're tired?
2 weeks ago I had a total big toe joint replacement. anyone know how long before I can walk normally eg. mile
Bovine Colostrum?
how much sleep does a person really need to stay sharp and healthy??
Lasik Surgery is great?
eye removing protein drops?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Astigmatism post LASIK surgery?
sore eye/eyeball .when I rubbed my eyes the clear covering looks thicker?
I've had an eye sty on the lower eye for 8 days now; is it likely to stay for ages?
Macular Dystrophy as a young adult?
Itching Eyes......................?
Eye Health my right eye is getting sore?
Can you fly if you have been diagnosed with iritis
please could someone explain prescription.?
Alternative to LASIK?
Has anybody used focus clinics for laser eye surgery?
Boots Vision Plan?
Career prospects for a dispensing optician?
Where is Aqueous humor produced?
Strabismus Surgery in Ireland?
how old do you have to be to donate platelets?
How long does it take for Thyroxine medication to get into the blood stream?
anyone feeling extremely cold due to thyroid problem?
Renewing DLA awards ?
if you have multiple sclerosis, how long can the tingling sensation go on for?
does the GP (UK) have to disclose immediately if there is suspected disease?
I have had this headache, high fever, and nausa for 15 days, what could be wrong with me?
have you neurofibromatosis NF1 ?
my friend has nf type1 this is a genetic condition the doctors said that the tumors?
Is their such a thing as a sinus disease?
how one person get porphyria illness?
Are there any clinics for fibromyalgia treatment in Ontario?
what are soars and how do you get it ?
How are Hemochromatosis and walking on beaches connected?
How do I know if I have Lime's Disease?
Does anyone have information about Tourettes Syndrom?
Anyone in therapy for anxiety? Panick attacks?
Has anyone else been diagnosed with rectal cancer stemming from the HPV virus?
I am looking for other Canadians with KLS (Klein Levin Syndrome)?
What is the difference between ADD and ADHD and how do you 'handle' teenagers who have them?
what's a punch biopsy? Do I need aneasthetic for one? How long does it take to heal?
I think there's something wrong with me...Please help?
how do i tell?
Anyone with a mental illness?
Reccomendations for anxiety?
Why Am I Always Feeling Tired?
my husband has ocd ,is very jealous ,controlling and has made me loos all my friends over the last year?
Question for people who have attempted suicide/knows someone who has?
What treatment do you recommend for anxiety?
Introversion issues, please help?
Driving and Panic Attacks?
Weird Liking?
depression what did you do?
what is bipolar ?????
should my doctor be giving me meds?
any advice??
Why is it that I toss and turn all night and can't sleep during the night?
how did your eating disorder start?
my son is developing tics ,any advice......?
i have to force my self to see people?
Does stress cause skin irritation.?
What can you use to help surgical brusing dissapear faster?!?!?!?
I have red spot inside my eye, what should I do?
Would someone be able to tell me anything about a cyst found on my thigh and full of blood?
Rickets is it coming back in children? I've heard it's making its way back?
Is there a homeopatic treatment for 'Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder?
which is a better profession, and paid well in india out of these . veteniary , agricultrue, ayurveda?
If you are a stutterer what are the chances of passing that on to your kids?
Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM - what if I miss a dose?
Where can i find dry acai berries, like dry cranberries but dry acai berries?
Does anyone heard about bloodless surgery?
What is Cantharis30 a homeopathic remady for?
Will consumption of the following herbs negatively affect high blood pressure?
Does taking acidophilus probiotics make you nauseus?
Does making an extract make the it stronger?
Please help ? New on medicatons...?
Wasn't "Therapeutic Touch" debunked about 10 years ago?
What can I do to cure a monster earache and painful sore throat?
if my school gets swine flu how long would it be closed for?
Where to buy herbalife online?
Chinese medicine: what are the side effects of too much Korean red ginseng if you are a 'hot' person?
Any simple ways to increase joint mobility and flexibility?
how many states have legalized medicinal maraijuana?
Have you ever tried Wild Yam tea? If so do you like it? Relaxing?
Would like to contact UK female with Bipolar Disorder?
Why do I find cuts and bruises on me ? please help me?
What did i do to my foot ?
How can i tell if ive broken my coccyx?
numbness in toe and pressure all over my back. pinched nerve?
What have i done to my toe?
sprained ankle need help?
i tink i have broken my foot?
Is it normal that ive lost sensation in my finger around where i got a deep cut...?
i have raised bumps on my toe joints perhaps from the joint rubbing on to the shoes when wearing flats.?
Possible leg injury how do I know and what can I do?
Have you ever been knocked out cold before?
Can I claim any sort of disability allowance for a reccurring dislocating shoulder?
sit up lump in stomach?
I cannot even stand up and I feel very dizzy????
Can you still pass glandular fever after recovery?
My dad has been to the doctors and they have told him that he has something wrong with his kidneys?
at what age can alcoholic hepatitis develop?
Do you think the HPV vaccine did this?
DR Andrew Wakefield the result?
I had a lump in my ear lobe, and it didn't bother me for about a year. Now it has swelled up, taking over..?
Thyroid conditions - does tap water in the UK contain iodine?
I have diarrhoea and stomach cramps, but im still hungry - what is safe to eat?
has any1 else had an ultrasound for there stomach?
Small Lump Above Elbow?
Wheezy breathing and yellow mucus help???!?
glandular fever blood test?
Fainting,Coma, Hospital?!?
Anyone had there eyes done?
Is this headache a cause for concern ?
What Mental Disorders Are There That Would Cause...?
Should i go to the doctor if i have a iron deficiency....?
I keep feeling lightheaded, I have not been sick and i do not feel sick. Can anyone please help?
what is the drug slv354?
when i blow my nose there is blood?
Can anyone help with a GUM appointment?