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Is it true that insomnia makes you fat?
am i depressed- this is embarrising :/?
A question for medical purposes (panic attacks)?
dyslexia and genetics?
what do you call the condition when you do nott stop bleeding after a cut?
When i run, my bottom teeth begin to ache. Anyone KNOW any causes of this?
I'm a bit worried about a rash?
Gastric surgery HELP?
if I take 100 30/100 mg of codmols all together would this kill me I am 8 stone and 5ft3?
Ive got a stinking cold :( Ive had it since Friday now, How can i get rid of it?
I want to break my own wrist... but why?? PLEASE READ DETAILS!?
This is weird but its getting worse :S?
Turners Syndrome help! Hormone increase side affects?
really bad bum pains lol.?
When I crouch down, my neck spins a full 360 degrees every fifteen and a half seconds. Am I to be envied?
Any Ideas what this could be?
What is this pain in my neck?
Stiff neck in mornings?
Painful Legs After Clubbing?
what is a neti-pot and how do you use it?
does a saline drip remove alcohol and drugs from your system?
why does a viral infection cause someone to collaps?
went to dr cos of cough. dr said i had a "crepe lung" and gave me antibiotics?
tight throat and chest, can anyone offer advice?
How easy is it to get high off shisha?
please help me about snoring?
do cravings come back after you have finished the 3 month course of champix?
Does a CPAP machine cause nose bleeds?
I have a chest infection and I was wondering..?
on imuno-suppressants?
Cough still hanging around?
Question about Thyroid and Antibodies?
why every morning I smell a smell like someone is smoking?
black spots and blurred vision?
Anyone here Anemic? Did treatment help your hair grow back?
Does anybody have or has had Radial Tunnel Syndrome?
i sleep for about 12 hours a night, but still feel tired why?
managenent of cardiac arrhythmia slides lecture?
pulsations randomly in body?
Cardiac catheterization ?
I got AF at 27, I have mitral valve, pacemaker and ASD. Will I die soon?
Strong heartbeat, should I be worried?
which of the following are true about competitive antagonists?
can i ask some advise please...?
17 and have heart pains.?
Systolic Blood Pressure?
DLA requesting consultants report?
13 Year Old Girl With Heart Pain...?
Significance of pericardial sinuses?
Is there a device that will detect a heart pulse rate realtime and display a graph on a PC via a USB cable?
what are enalapril LAREQ used for this is a spanish drug i dint understand the leaflet?
Result of an ECG - please help if you can?
Laxitive abuse help...?
has anyone ever taken melatonin and 5-htp together?
chat room needed?
How quick did you feel side effects on citralopram?
Self harm!!!!!!!!?
now i'm stuck....?
Does anyone have any firsthand experience with 'bioresonant frequency technology' to treat cancer?
Can accupuncture help me?
Infrared Saunas and pregnancy?
Is it true that you can get animals high if you pet them while you're on drugs?
Does getting your wart removed at the doctors hurt?
i think i fail at life.?
I feel so empty....What can i do?
Would you agree that cigarettes cause a person to react more emotionally to things without thinking?
is this normal or am kinda strange???please give your opinion?
my Daughter has Depression?
Cheer me up people?
do i scare you ????????????????????
Can my mom cure her arthritis naturally?
Why did they use steaks on black eyes?
Sleeping problems?
Can you make a Weed tea that gets you high?
Is herbal medicine good for us?
im scared to tell my parents that i may be suffering from depression?
My twin is killing herself. How can I save her life? She suffers Bulimia Nervosa?
SAGE Tea for anziety??
Can't sleep help pleez?
I'm afraid she won't believe me?
How do i cure a flu Quickly?
anyone heard about LiTrex sliming pills?
Is there a website where suicidal people can go into a pact together? Please.?
Still ok to use a perscribed medicication that was bought on May 19, 08?
Anyone know of some home remedies for scars?
Anybody to share their experiences....?
i never seem to stop worrying am i going mental?
Does anyone have OCD? Can you help me?
Prozac/Fluoxetine....does it work for you & how long did it take to kick in?
I am so so depressed. I have been for many months. I am on?
i have mono but i have no idea how i got it ?
Do you know how to recover from Glandular Fever?
early gallbladder stone symptoms?
Have your ears ever seemed blocked due to air pressure.?
Will Yoga Help improve with my breathing?
What is the home remedy cure for cancer???
I have been giving 0.5 clonazepam to treat my anxiety disorder?
Recurring sinus headache?I suffered 3 weeks of headaches atthe beginning of Dec.When i went to the hospital...
what causes bladder infections?
Removing plaque from arteries?
Does an antiperseptant deodorant cause cancer?
Excessively oily skin?
anyone ever hear of an illness called CHARGARS?
Can I still have a gluten allergy even if I tested negative for celiac?
Why is my ear always itchy?
How do i take this form of Prednisone?
Anyone had this surgery??
I just cant seem to sleep at night?
could i get a possible sick note?
How can i wake up feeling more refreshed?
Can I donate blood even though I smoke marijuana regularly?
I've just had a full blood count test and the doctor has asked that I go back for another one in 6 weeks, why?
EMERGENCY! COURSEWORK! How do fire doors work?
I got sick last time I was on holiday what could this of been?
how much does it cost to have a colonic irrigation?
How much Na pentothal should inject to make patient unconscious for 3 hour surgery without gas anesthesia.?
What's wrong with me....?
How does a messy room prevent a good sleep?
How to stop a cold sore?!?
Is there a side effect to local anesthetic. I had one yesterday and haven't felt right since.?
why does the skin under my left eye keep twitching?
Does fake tan make quite bad scars on your arms and legs more noticeable?
why do i ahve spots on my back?
Raised blood vessels on the surface of my eyes... what can I do?
Can T/gel be used to control scalp psoriasis?
Are red spots on legs caused by bedbugs?
Spots on bottom,at the top,just below the small of my back-are they caused by sweating?
What causes itchy skin?
I have a zit on my arm?
red spot on my upperlip!!?
what can i use one my face?
i have little spots on my armpits?
Have i been bitten by a spider?
how to get rid of spots on my back?
I keep getting spots around my mouth/chin - causes? HELP?
Has anyone used Nizoral to treat dry scalp with dandruff and found after a month the dandruff is still there?
weird skin reaction?
whats the best advise for getting rid of spots?
i have keloids on my upper back, whats the best cure or treatment for it?
Why do I get angry at medical tests?
what foods can increase testosterone?
Blood coming form the bottom?
What happens when you give blood?
Why am i waking up in the middle of the night?
Any way to stop snoring and/or talking in my sleep?
how many Ecstasy tablets are you allowed before your are charged with drug driving? my mate says 40. true?
i have had huge headaches and fever can lack of caffeine cause this?
does vitamin e capsules balance hormones for less facial hair?
while your ear go back to normal after taking out expanders?
I am currently off work sick?
tramadol whats the side affects?
Which one of these ingrediants makes the body drowsy?
anyway i can rest my mind?
Internal Bleeding - I need answers from anyone who can help me please?
body out of whack after haing a baby?
My collar bone sticks out, very noticeably...?
healthy and safety test resolved question?
what causes a high platelet count?
what are the illness a company can not disiplin you for.?
Any reviews on ENT dr. Mark Draper, Milton Keynes?
What will happen if scientists develope a drug which will stop ageing process?
what does a lumber puncture test for.how many illnesses can it detect?
cranberry juice does it affect bowel movment?
Been really unwell last 2 days, what is it, how can i get better?
GP/Doctor's phone went off as she asked me what the problem was...?
Giving Blood?
im hanging upside down and the blood in my veins is rushing to my head at an alrming rate any suggestions?
wrist pain. diagnosis?
I injured my knee a week ago. It isn't sprained, because it dosnt hurt to move it, but sore bone?
Did a dry third generation astroturf field cause my achilles tendon to snap while playing soccer .?
How long will it take for my ankle to heal?
Bathroom slip... Ouch, Help!?
Could I have fractured my arm?
throwing up white and yellow liquid?
Sprained knee, what should I do to pass time over the next few days?
Broken arms..... after cast is off.?
My little bro just hit my funny bone with a hard toy it hurts alot and its nto swollen or anything help :(?
Why do you think I fainted?
What are your long bone, short bone, flat bone and irregular bones for?
It feels like i've swallowed something sharp, what should i do?
Dose any one have a cure for blisters?
How long should sprained ankles take to heal?
im a bit confuesed over MRI REsults?
how do i tackel nerves???? i need help because its starting to really get to me!!!?
My foot slipped into a hard wooden pillar when I was skidding on my carpet. Now my heel hurts when I walk.?
Deformed little finger?
sore foot :( what could be wrong...?
does someone have to carry on using methadone if the last time they took drugs was 8+ years ago?
What do I feel next to my ribs?
does anyone know best way to cleanse liver before a liver function test?
why do i have to have a ct chest scan in 6 months?
Girls, how much does acne turn you off?
help ! have sunburn on legs and feet now im swollen and in pain?
I have a nodule on my thyroid does this mean cancer?
if some one get poke with a drug needle , like in a finger, what will its look like , will it heals?
Osgood Schlatter Disease destroyed my Knee?
is hemoptisis contagious?
Question about sleep apnea, and the pauses in breathing?
Is it weird to have a mole on the face?
I have asthma and I quit smoking over a month ago. Since then I have been taking my rescue inhalers more?
Can i cyst bleed.?
Which is better to reduce weight treadmill or elliptical machines?
Quickest way to get rid of acne. (Acne remedies)?
How long does it take for Antibiotics to work?
Iam having sleeping problems!!?
is excessive saliva a symptom of pms?
Breathing problems?
Cystic Fibrosis?
Can GTN spray. (Glycerin Tri Nitrate) be bought online?
Dicloflex did i get given the right medication?
could I have asbestos poisining?
Chronic Sinusitis Question?
Elevated ESR?
Can I improve my peak flow reading quickly?
can you get fibroids in the lungs?
how to get rid of this cough, im taking bronchial balsam for it?
What's the long term effects of inhaling formaldehyde?
Asthma related chest pains?
runny and blocked nostrils, sneezing and got a sore throat! does anyone hav any good remedies?
What is the cause of pneumonia?
I have been put on Augmentin Duo today for a chest infection, How long till I can expect an improvement.?
Do people speak from the nasal cords or the vocal cords of the 'neck'?
Bad cough / cold & Asthma?
What will make colored contacts less noticeable in a close up picture, and more nat?
what should i do if i want my eyes become healthy again ?
my baby daughter is going for an eye exam at the hospital what should i expect?
lack of sight in one eye. anything new to fix it?
Why is one eye bigger than the other in my reflection?
why are my new contacts making my eyes feel dry?
only one of my pupil fully dilates and the other only half, whats this called?
well the over day when i was on holidays i sparyed sun tan in my eyes and that day i was blinking alot?
what is cp4 colour blindness?
How much would the procedure for getting a prostetic eye inserted in a dog cost?
i have dry eye syndrome,just had an operation to see if my drainage tube is working...now ive to have tear duc?
i am ill and in pain, any help? PLZ!?
having bad pains in hip any ways to ease pain?
why do we get pins and needles?
tennis elbow question?
How do I get rid of my leg pain quick!!!?
i really need your help....i am in pain...?
what is this painfull lump in my back?
dipclophenic painkillers ?
Can someone who is paralized from the neck down have a baby?
what is gallstone colic?
Arthritis pain......?
recently developed pains in legs???
how many 25 mgs amitriptyline tablets would it take to overdose?
Pulled neck??what can I do?
any tips on pain with slipped disc?
do you think that pain killers are a placebo?
Do i have arthritis in my fingers?
my throat is sore it hurts?
both my big toes are numb - causes?
Best Cure for Kidney Stones UK?
what happends if you have to much sleep?
I have an awful urge to do it?
is it bad to have too much sleep ?
what is the trigger to this feeling?
medical question...........?
how do you treat phlebitis?
I keep getting feelings of hot liquid & pins in my muscles in arm&leg ?
Sharp pains in calves and bicep on left side, not very bad but more like pins & needles & sharp pin pain?
I don't wear my glasses , can I get headaces and dizziness because of this?
why did my vision change?
Anyone with ibs know what the main trigger foods are?
My left ear blocks when I'm tired, should I try olive oil in it?
why do I have a weak bladder since giving up smoking?
REALLY messed up sleeping patterns?
would nhs 24 be a reasonable place to call up regarding my stomach problems?
QUESTION: Does Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff actually work?
i cant cry any moree i dunno what to do any one got any ideas?
Anyone that has had an operation?
Contact lenses for astigmatism ??!!?
Is there such a thing as Post-Menstrual Syndrome as opposed to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome?
Have you stopped smoking and what was your .....?
SURVEY.......how many times have you tried to quit smoking?
what could this pain be?
So in England, it's been cold throughout summer, now it's freezing winter...and i have a cold..?
Does anyone else get really sleepy around 4 in the afternoon?
stop smoking champix?
Thanks to hay fever i have to take a blue sometimes brown inhaler?
Clinical Trials?
Smoking's Starting me to me tired and dizzy?
Has anyone tried the new prescription tablet to quit smoking?
please tell me a one day sample menu of israel?
why does air con make me feel light headed?
Sleeping problems? snorning?????
Need to sort out my morning routine, help!?
Can the natural anti-parasite kit 'Paragone' get rid of a tapeworm?
In aromatherapy, what would be a good middle note if I am using lemon and vanilla. What about vanilla mint?
Is there a homeopathic remedy for ongoing tachycardia?
Does Oil of Oregano really work to treat colds and flus?
Do You Think Ginger Is A Great Herbal Medicine?
Pot and a Migrains?
is the front and back massaged in a full body massage?
Cold FX: Does it work?
can anyone cheer me up?
What is a good cold remedy for my one year old?
I took an ION (feet in water) detoxifying treatment and am puzzled to know what Candida show means?
kind of a strange question...?
Is taking an acidophillous supplement healthy?
How can I vent pent up anger?
is there any "alternative medicine/ herbal medicine for thyroid"...help please!!?
Can someone be really messed up in the head?
Why are you here?
Can sleeping pills be bad for you?
How can I learn to properly meditate?
How do i tell my parents that my counsellor wants to send me to a eating disorder clinic ?
whats the quickest/easiest way to get asleep,i just cant sleep properly?
does anyone have that S.A.D?
How does d-mannose work to treat bladder symptoms?
Whats the Best Anti-Depressant?
Merry Christmas everyone!?
Will I ever beat depression, or is it more sensible for me to just learn to live with it?
I feel different, what is happening to me?
im 6'3" 257lbs and i have a hart rait at rest jumps from 57bpm-170bpm bp of 72/51-209/150 is this normal?
Has anyone had a tilt test? What was it like and what kind of things does it show up?
i am on tildien a channel blocker. for high blood pressure and carotid artery?
Sore arms and legs, very tired after minute stroke, why is this?
Where in the heart is the coronary os?
Is there a difference between an heart attack and your heart just giving up because of old age .?
What effect does the following have on (only) your HEART?
does anyone have costochondritis?
Question about chest pains!?
Heart attack symptoms ?
Are children with heart murmurs weak?
can someone tell me the cost of an angiogram + stent +treatment if i go private in the u'k please.?
Metformin overdose what are the consequences?
My mum is having an ultrasound scan for bloating but won't tell me what they could find. Can anyone help me?
Help With An Infected Cut ?
medical professionals pls help?
Get rid of constipation?
I think I've got OCD?
what can i take for my restless legs?
what causes the amputated legs to get infected with blood poisoning?
any idea what these are symptoms of?
I suffer with sleep paralysis?
ESR levels in my blood test are high... help?
my sister isnt making red blood cells?
Have a swollen knee after 3 weeks, anyone have this experience after a fall?
Cystisis Symptoms...?
Doctor; sole of foot / toes / heel/ purple/blue/black?
SGOT Levels of 35 (liver test) and 17 weeks pregnant, anyone else with this?
can i scubba dive with brittle bones?
What can cause someone to have a lisp, and a clutter, and to repeat themself and mutter to themself constantly?
How do i get rid of warts without pain?
Does Marijuana actually cause aggressive testicular cancer?
Do you suffer from boils or do you know anyone that does?
A product for stretch marks was featured on the view?
How strong is the human heart?
Where can I buy foot massage oil and lotions?
Why do I have pain when I'm breathing?
I was just wondering...?
I need to break my thumb and soon, any help?
Has anyone ever been stung on the ear drum?
My toenail has split up the way. Has anyone else had this and will it heal?
Could my finger be broken?
how to heal finger when pin peirced the skin?
Knee Injury...? Anyone know what this is...?
Help? I cut my vein on my foot? :O?
pain in lower leg after sport?help?
Will red facial spider veins go away?
Can a cleft chin be removed? ( Please help)?
Differin Gel and Doxycycline?
can i use hydrocortisone cream on broken skin?
The hair in my right armpit always seems to be a bit sticky and matted?
How can one treat or get rid of the lump underneath the skin left by unbursted spots?
How to become pale??
how can you get rid of a spotty bum?
Got these spots on my face now looking red and angry need tips to get rid of them please!?
Skin Irritation help?
Going to the doctors about acne will they give me something that will clear it up?
Whats quickest way to get rid of coldsores and spots?
What's a good cream to get rid of scars?
What is this lump/bump on my sholder?
What is the best way to get rid of thread veins?
Why has my eczema returned?
What the best treatment for post surgery scars?
Is it okay to mix Almond oil, bio oil and vitamin e oil together (to get rid of stretchmarks)?
can I apply laser hair removal treatment on skin with tattoo?
What are some effective ways to avoid getting stressed and fatigued during the exams?
My daughter fainted for the second time, She wants to know why she keeps fainting?
Why do I feel the need to wear my dead mother's fur coat ?
Can nurses wear retainers in thier piercings?
if water is injected into fat - what happens?
does anybody suffer with dizzyiness and nausea with anixety ?
what does it mean if you cant swallow tablets?
Whos an insomniac here?
Is it normal to be able to see your spine when you bend over?
pressure to be thin- what to do?
Can you get ill from canned squirty cream?? It says once opened consume in 14 days,weve had it for 3 weeks?
what do you do when its my mums birthday today ,gave her her presents ,but she got dementia and kidneys failue?
What causes a large neck vein to bulge?
can acidic stomach problems effect you having kids?
How do I wake up in the morning?
Do you always need anti-depressants or can you get yourself out of depression naturally? Thanks?
Does anyone get this problem with their arms ?
feel like i have too much energy before i go to bed and have trouble getting to sleep?
Intestinal blockage somewhere in my body, however why does nobody believe me?
Why can a cold cause 'cheek pain'?
what do i tell my doctor to get sick leave for work?
How can I help my boyfriend recover from a severe asthma attack?
does symbicort increase your appetite?
Why is nasal congestion common at night?
Whats wrong with my breathing ?
Medical question?
Why does the body produce so much snot when you have a cold?
aches and pains in lung and what seems galbladder?
what are the signs and symtoms,treatment and causes of elpelesy?
doctor said my mother-in-law has a murmer in the side of her throat. what is this?
I am always bringing up flem by clearing my throat. Is this good or bad?
I went out cycling in the cold weather on Monday, now every time i take a deep breath i cough uncontrollably?
What would spitting up blood with no cough mean?
Chest pain,cough and pregnant?
Pink frothy phlegm with blood?
How can I get a copy of my vaccination record if they have shredded my file???
After 10 years I gave up cannabis a month ago but now Im having serious trouble sleeping?
Is there a symbol for disability?
Would doctors think this is weird or is it a good idea?
What happens if you get no sleep on a school night and cant stay awake during school?
My 2 little fingers in both hands fall asleep whenever I sleep at night. What could be causing it?
I cant fall asleep... What can I do? HELP?
I do not drink alcohol but sweat really badly in bed at night, why?
Can anyone recommend a good certificated basic massage course reasonably priced in Berkshire?
How do you keep Pigeons out of an open front workplace?
my fingers turn yellow when they are cold, why is this?
Help driving me mad an in so much pain?
how long do nits live outside the body for? ie on clothes hats bedlinen etc?
What is causing my mouth to be dry at night?
Dizziness , giddiness (room spinning) ?
Can a 17 year old have their ears pinned back by the NHS?
Don't live a healthy lifestyle but rarely get ill, should I be proud or worry?
I`m at my wits end. How can I overcome this problem?
any medical people out there can you please tell me why my fingers are numb?
has anbody here taken the tablet champix to help stop smoking?
why do i have to tell my doctors receptionist mine or my childrens symptoms ?they arent qualified to decide?
i have found a hard lump behind my ear?
My left foot has been swollen for 4 days?
can i have anaesthic with a cold?
open no one answers im so ill help i have acromegaly symtoms but wot illness could it be sharing the same symt?
pain in my wrist !! help plz?
Is it natural to pick your nose and eat it?
what if any a vitamin to boost child's appetite?
Is there any signicantly good herbal medication for type 2 diabetes, and if so what would you recommend?
pile problem?
where can i purchase flax seed oil?
How much does it cost to see a doctor in canada?
Ginseng or Echinacea - Which is better?
How do I know if I am really baked?
Can you improve your eyesight naturally?
what stores can i get natural acai?
Thoughts on Holistic Nutritionists?
How can I change my voice to make it more girly?
where is DMT sold mostly.?
Will the method of pinching my nose for my nose bleed also work for my runny nose or is medicine the only cure?
When is best to take acidophilus?
What sort of drugs are opium, morphine, and heroin? (few examples)?
how come whenever i try to smoke up?
is gingko supplements safe to use?
Where's the best place people with Eczema and asthma should live?
Are Social Workers Twisted?
why cant i get the help i need for my depression?
what do you think i wrote this like a year ago !! when i was depressed ??!!(self harm poem)?
I haven't been out of the house for two weeks. Help?
A poem. What do you think?
So f*cing bored. Is all life acquiring and spending, crummy tv shows, competing for things, drudge routine,?
If someone runs out of medication how do you go about getting an emergency supply of anti psychotics?
on anti depressants...stag do in 2 months?
how can i releive sheer utter boredom... tonight?
I can't sleep! what do i do?
what shall I think about when I go to sleep tonight?
Is euthanasia for long standing, treatment resistant mental health problems available anywhere in the world?
severe anxiety, sensitive, worried, depressed, nervous, ocd, pills?
panic attacks?
If I know - from experience - that meditation helps me, why don't I do it?
how do i get my g/f sectioned?
how do i start getting my life back after depression?
What helps you relax when you are stressed out?
Have you ever felt suicidal?
how do you cure scurvy?
How do I get rid of m and dark eye bags?
After how long with a fever of 101 F+ (38.5 C +) should a 20 year old female seek medical attention?
OMMG , what is wrong with my heart?
i think i have lung cancer?
Im allergic to misquito bites and I have big bumps all over me - how do I get rid of them?
how do you end up with a fever?
why is my skin dry after using proactive solution?
my doctor gave me cephalexin for an infection in my body?
I think i have acne scars but im not sure? they are dark smooth spots where some acne just cleared up.?
What is AST test in Blood test?
How to quickly get rid of a cold sore?
I'm getting bruises in the palms of my hands and fingers with no reason any ideas why?
Anxiety Disorder Chest Tightness, Hyperventiating and Left arm Numbness/Sensation?
Bisacodyl Laxative?? Info please! Has anyone taken it before?
what is wrong with my stomach?
why is my stomache swollen have wind and burping any suggestions?
what does foamy urine mean?
Have I got food poisoning?
theres blood when i wee. im female. it also hurts alot when i wee HELP PLEASEE!!!?
I heard there was a place in london that gets rid of nits profesionally, i saw it on embarrasing bodis on ch4.?
Has anyone had adult squint surgery?
I have suffered a traumatic brain injury?
Can someone with a Harrington Rod (fitted 1977) get an MRI scan?
does anyone know why my eye is swollen?
How much would it take to get food poisoning...?
Woke up this morning, left hand was numb with pins &needles in all fingers. It is still the same.?
bad bad bad green stool?
Temporomandibular joint disorders?
How do doctors treat acute food poisoning. Is there a drug which cleanses the system and flushes out toxins?
Pain near sternum, not all of the time though?
is there a clothing grant for polymorphous light eruption sufferers?
any ideas what could be wrong with my friend?
how long should a blood blister take to heal?
Any natural remedies for bicep muscle cramp?
is there anyway to make shin splints better?
pain from my shin is making my thigh and foot hurts is it fractured?
Is this normal with my blood?
why hasnt my mum asked to seen it or take me to hospital?
Stomach feels tense when i use the muscle?
really confused about smp?
has anyone ever had a deep tissue massage on the IT band to loosen it up?
Slipped disc, what happens next?
Can a broken Coccyx bone ever be healed?
Have I trapped a nerve in my arm?
Hairline fracture in elbow?
Foot Problem: Is it broken?
does this sound like whiplash?
Can Cracking Your Back Be Bad!? PLEASE HELP?
Burn to the foot... need help?
Does whiplash get worse over time?
Muscle/Tendon sprain in crook of elbow?
getting very hot cheeks for no reason does anyone know what this can be?
Birth mark that makes me self-conscious?
do you apply sunscreen on hair?
what face wash has Alpha-hydroxy acids and/or salicylic acid in it for blackheads?
I've got a boil on my nose that wont go?
I have always had a habit of licking around my lips now if i dont use vasiline it irritates me?
red,sore burning, feet fingers and palm of feet?
I've got a spot like the Burj Dubai on my chin. How can I get rid of it?
Why won't my spots go?
Why does chocolate cause blisters on my throat?
what is a good way to get rid of head lice without using chemicals on the hair?
l have been told that there is a none surgical way of removing skin moles, is this true.....?
Lump on my arm where i got punched really hard?
has anybody else had a really deep itch in the soul of their foot? it is an agonising itch?
why would a bruise under my eye from a month ago still be visable..?
How to get get rid of a double chin?
My spots just wont go!?
If your stomach rumbles not just gargles is this a definate that you need to eat? Even if you dont fancy it?
Are Silica Complex tablets any good for skin and hair ?
Best zip back pyjamas for special needs with incontinence who undress? Any suggestions for UK-made sleepsuits?
How do you control your IBS? Thank you?
i hav skin comin off my hand everywhere!!!?
can you treat patients anonymously in hospital in the uk?
How can I get over my fear of needles before my next immunisation?
sense of smell problems what causes it?
Is this normal after being to the dentist?
2 questions in 1, about my cat and my mini operation?
as anyone used the steroid site apn pharmacy?
Who is the smallest person that has lifted you off the ground?
Daughter overdosing on heroin?
why do i keep getting colds and easy ways to prevent them?
Anyone else feel sick and dizzy and hot when hungry and thirsty? why does it happen? Thanks?
Has anyone has this done?
organ donation what do you think?
Help I can't stop sneezing!!?
Why do I keep falling asleep in class or during study periods?
I've had a bit of a cold and have suddenly got a cold very dry feeling in my throat is this normal?
do you get natural highs when you're much healthier?
My Nans is progressively loosing the ability to walk, is there anything we can do ?
If I stay awake for 40 hours, how long will I sleep for afterwards?
why people didn't live as long as the live today?
What's wrong with me?????!!!!!!?
Whats wrong with me? PLEASE HELP!?
Please somebody help me who works in health care?
what is the gravest environmental threat to public health in the UK in the 2nd decade of the 21st century?
Bladder Feels Like Its Going To Fall Out During Urination.?
Is my Dr. fully qualified ?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why do i have large knee bones?
how do i know?urgent please answer!!!?
How do i bring up the subject.....???
Do you know anyone who gave up smoking for health reasons...?
excess wax in ear?
could these be symptoms of a mild migraine
How long should you sleep.....?
why is my tongue always yellow/coated?
Heart bypass Operations on the NHS?
I need information ? Why the tests?
What could this be a symptom of?
why am i getting palpitations particularly whilst resting?
Circulatory / Heart Concern?
OK i have decided on my patient for my hypothetical case study!?
Do you suffer from Atrial Fibrillation (AF)?
if your heart beat kinda hard that it actually starts going in and out of your chest?
what would be the course of action for this?
Is it too late to correct/reverse mouthbreathing?
why do my knees crack everytime i kneel or bend down?
How do I become a morning person?
how do i get to sleep?
what is a ganglian and how do I get rid of one?
breathing problems is there any solutions other than surgical?
What is the likelihood of engine failure on any jumbo?
abstract infection?
still got pains in centre of chest despite all neg tests?
What are these symptoms of?
My 9 year old son died of pulmonary portal hypertension?
asthma inhalers cause unequal pupil sizes?
about the pneumonia vaccine.....?
how can i get my soar throat better?
Have I got an ear infection?
How long after smoking are the chemicals still in your blood roughly ?
How long should an inhaler last for?
Asthma information needed.?
i had an mri scan and showed patchy changes in my lungs. has anyone had this before as im worried?
had a chest infection, it has returned!?
Suffering from a very bloated stomach?
Small puss dots under eyes?
I have a burning/cold sensation in the toes of my left foot. What could this be?
Can you feel gallstones as they grow?
what foods are gluten in?
health question?
What's the percentage of smokers who have either developed a disease or have died?
how bad is it to stop breathing when you are laughing to hard?
How do you know the difference between a regular cough and a cough that needs to be checked out by the doctor?
i dont know what it is but I woke up with a raised red space?
im trying to get over my throwing up illness that i had for 2yrs, please help me?
What are some things I can do for Kidney Awareness Month (March)?
Scared of cancer; scared of electronics!?
What is normal internal eye pressure?
Is This A Cold Sore?
help!?! Pneumonia?
How can I prevent blisters from forming?
how can you stop acid reflux?
Do you think celebrities who openly talk about their psychiatric problems help reduce stigma?
A giant bunny rabbit has been appearing to me, should I be worried, he says the wold will end and tells me...?
Are most of the suicidal peope on here teenagers?
Is there a cure for shyness?
Hallucinations? I need help ?
Does the doctor have the right to stop my pescription of Diazepam?
How can I control and reduce irrational temper outbursts provoked by small issues?
have you lost your marbles?
Citalopram 10MG?
i feel neglected?
should i go and see another doc?
Flippin' Mental!?
Why do i have an urge to put pressure on the big toe nails?
can you claim money for under aticve throid?
What is the best way to approach a blood test?
Tiredness + random aches and pains?
what will happen to my aunty who has serosis of the liver she is 80?
Heaviness in left arm?
Is the cure of dimentia and the causes found?
Stop Mobic prior to ESR and CRP?
What is the difference in symptoms between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?
Where can I get Xanax in the UK?
what kind of cake can I make for my friend who is recovering from ulcerative colitis?
Is there any cure for IBS?
What are the main symptoms of M.E and how does it get diagnosed?
How much weight have you put on due to prednisolone?
Pressure build up in my ears leading to headaches?
about ear smell???????????/////?
can i use clonozapem for alchol withdrawl?
How long will this last?
can my 20 month old drink echinacea tea?
Has any one used Melatonin, on Children, It's a natural sleep aid. What do you think.?
Do you think the Canadian government will ever pay for alternative health care?
question for those who know meditation, hypnosis or relaxation techniques?
I am Quitting Drinking ?
17 yrs old + medical marijuana?
Regarding alternative medicine bashers....?
avena sativa side affects?
can drugs make you sick?
What is the best stop smoking prescription from a Doctor?
Very cold,shaky hands,inability to sleep,agitated,fearful.What is this condition?What is causing it?
Cod Liver Oil or Omega?
What to do for a sore throat?
How can i not have a sore throat?
Any home remedy for gastritis please?
do you get more high when you smoke marijuana with tobacco?
Is it safe to take Benylin and Senokots at the same time?
Do you grow & harvest your own herbal remedies?
What home remedies help coughing and a sore throat?
What are some prescription medications that help you quit smoking in Canada?
GOUT Cures???
Why does my lower back hurt?
Please help me my earring back is stuck and it is causing me so much pain!?
My legs are in agony. I cannot walk up and down the stairs, stand up or sit down. Should I go to work?
I had an injection yesterday. Why does my arm hurt?
Does sleeping on a board can really help with a slipped disc and sciatica?
fast detox?
I often have walks for health,but as soon as I start walking I have a nasty pain on the muscles?
have u ever had one of them poos ?
when the inject the liquid into your arm for your BCG does it hurt ?
I had my galbladder removed (lap) 5 days ago and still having pain help?
does anyone know what sliiming tablets jade goody was addicted 2?
Suffering from knee pains?
I have a ganglion on my wrist?
really bad cramps in my lower abdomen what is it and how to make it go away?
Whats difference between chiropractor and osteopath? Who should I see with low back pain?
My head really hurts!!!?
I need advice on relief for sinus pain?
When tensed, gluteus maximus is amazingly solid... feels almost plastic!?
Why do I always get a headache when I've overslept?
whats this lump in my mouth?
Why do I always feel tired and hungry?
snogging help please :| ?
information included on medication label?
Recovered anorexic; now have 37 inch hips, is this fat?
For what is this Chemical peel useful?
Should I still play basketball? My sprained finger, im sick...?
How dangerous is the drug Ecstasy (MDMA) ?
can you get tonsillitis from making out with guys?
I get hot flashes and start sneezing!? why is this!?
When i wake up in the morning i get really dizzy & lightheaded & am terribly thirsty & hungry? Is this normal?
why do i get headaches?
what is the effects on the brain of alcoholism (long term drinking of too much alcohol).?
Ive had a fowl taste in my mouth for about 2 weeks and it seems to be coming from my stomach?
help i have bright blueish stuff coming out of my nose when i blow it but i dont feel sick?
Why do I always have it cold?
Can i get disability benefit if i have chronic urticaria?
i cut my foot on the beach last week, why does the whole foot hurt?
how can you heal a cut fast?
Help with my shoulder!!!!!!!?
i have hurt the inner upper side of my right knee...how can i heal it?
Top off Back is sore?
could my knee be broken?
My eye really hurts after beach party?
Bad pain in my wrist for half a year?
can a matarsel fracture heal in a cast?
A bump inside my ear, please help.?
My ankles keep swelling up what could it be?
Perforated Eardrum, But can i still listen to music through headphones?
could you remember a face you've seen just once 6 years ago?
Foot and ankle pains - flat feet?
I have broken my right leg tib & fib, my ankle and heel, any ideas re recovery process/length?
I have a lump in my belly & is very saw when I touch it!?
Please help me, EARS NEED TO POP?
I had a fall 2 days ago and in a lot of pain.?
Anyone had a stroke from head injury and recover 100%?
what is a good supplement to take for your liver?
what determines someones immune system?
Medical Advice Please!!! Help?
Gastro-resistant tablets are not working. What is this?
my mum is taking alendronic acid what reasons are there why you cant receive dentle treatment?
Do I have viles disease?
What causes black or dark stools?
I really need help with my lisp!!?
I want to know has my son autism or a disability?
degenerated bone disease?
How long should i have off work following carpal tunnel surgery?
What illness do I have?
Is This Some Sort Of Eating Disorder?
ultrasound results question?
Is it just bad circulation?
Symptoms and causes of a stomach ulcer?
Can volume depletion be diagnosed from just a blood test?
Tonsillitis problems...?
what would happen if you got brain damage in these parts?
When I rub myself, I get wet..?
How to remove the acne ! ? !?
If you have any cure for getting rid of scratch marks with stuff from the kitchen, what would it be?
How do i get rid of this rash under my lip and above it?
How to get rid of dry cracked lips fast?
Hi im 11 and i picked my mole of will i get cancer.?
How can you treat a burn?
swollen flesh on thumb, no skin abnormalities?
Greasy skin teen problems :/?
Can i get treatment for ankylaglossia (tongue tie)?
Sore red blemish on my chin, no whitehead though?
Why is my big toe all red?
List all things you can think of that cause spots?
Do I Have Escoliosis?
What to do with oily spot PRONE skin when uv tried EVERYTHING????!!!?
Help my skin is really red and dry?
how to get rid of spots on my bum?
What does 'minor bilateral calcification' mean in globus pallidus?
Depo - Provera. Do dentists have access to your doctors records?
Havent had any sleep for 25 hours?
how long does it take for laxatives to work?
Blood count and op?
Contact lenses; anyone any experience of the monthly ones that you sleep in? ?
What can I do? Please help!?
If u drink alcohol controllably but not get drunk, would u still be harming ur body some way? how?
Why am i feeling so dizzy?
If you are awake right now...?
anyone suffer from ibs?
How likely is it i have a hernia?
is sleeping on the floor better than sleeping on a bed.?
How many fingers am i holding up?
how can i get my taste and smell back?
why did i throw up ........?
do Gp's test for illegal drug use or smoking during routine blood tests for fatigue ?
drink before blood test?
Random body shaking/tremor?
Sinus infection advice :)?
Why can I only book on the day for some doctors and not in advance?
can i get mentally sectioned voluntarily any-wear in britain?
what is this? please help?
Can you buy herbal cigarettes at the same places you buy regular ones ?
reflexology related ?
Tonsillitis?? help...?
Did not sleep last night?
What's a good supplement for chronic fatigue?
Fluoride toothpaste...is there an alternative product i could use instead?
girls wearing mens underarmour.weird or not?
Snoring....need a cure!?
St John's Wort?
what is the herbal product called maca?
A good weight loss aid/supplement to help boost metabolism...naturally safely?
Ear aches body pains Sore throat?
Is it okay to eat sore throat candy if you don't have a sore throat?
Is there natural remedies to fix chronic tonsil infections?
Do magnets really have any effect on health? This guy says he can make people immortal..?
What medicine should i take if i have bad cough?
Body rejecting juice after water fast?
how do i figure out what i'm allergic to? (enviromental allergies, not food)?
Are there acute stages of rheumatoid arthritis? what homeopathy reduces the pain?
Should I start a Candida Cleanse?
is so-tox an apiril foul i think so?
whats a normal dose for a for a 12-13 year old of CONERTA?
What of types of drugs are in the medical profession that can be used to treat thought disorder?
Has anyone heard of this illness?!?
how can food poisoning causes rise and fall?
I cant' stop shaking?
why do i always have "sleep eyes" (muta i filipino) or morning glory for most?
reasons for a slightly raised p.v (plasma viscosity) or e.s.r blood test?
Will antibiotics effect blood test?
I have trouble sleeping (details below)?
Is there any noted condition that would mean people sometimes slip into a perception like this?
What is the medical name for the condition where you can smell things that aren't there?
whats wrong with my lungs and why won't my GP listen?
what is worse under or over-active thyroid?
what do shingles look like?
is it ok to want to be ana (anorexia) i think im pro ana?
How can I stop my nose running?
Will I ever grow any taller?
Why do I feel sick after eating food?
Headaches every day? need answers?
Regarding a stomach bug, and drinking out of a bottle?
Doctors Sicknote and Sick Leave?
I used to self-harm...?
A bit of a random question but do.....?
does sitting on the floor to eat help digestion?
Can you use Cold & FLu drinks for hayfever?
Fellas, skinny or curvy?
Detoxing from alcohol should I?
Really bad hiccups because of bruising?
Explain in the simplest form (that even an idiot can understand), what is a drug?
I have Lower back pains ? 10 Points !?
I'm injured...What type of injury is this?..I did a bicycle kick while playing football, landed wrong.?
really aching muscles from MMA help!!?
Remembered a thing i thought about awhile back and was wandering now?
I had surgery, but cant raise my middle finger, any help?
Shoulder area hurts to point where I cannot move it when doing Chest-Press in the Gym.?
To anyone who's been high?
If you hipnotise a friend and they won't snap out of it, what should you do?
how long can you hold in a poo ????????
I've had a constant headache for about a week..?
What's good for a sick stomach? My grandma has just been very sick!?
Felt like I was floating 1 inch above myself? why?
can you tell me more about diabetic?
How do we control the spread of measles?
Does "e cigarette" work and is it safe?
Can you share your EFT tapping experience?
Skin Problem does anyone know what it is?
why does your scalp itch when you haven't washed your hair for a few days?
is it legal 4 a prego person to get numbing cream in newyork?
Has anyone used Agnijith, a herbal cream for burns?
does anyone else with anemia get really itchy? and scratch themselves until they bleed ?
Stinky Bum being a problem?
Why do scars hurt when you itch them?
i am a 44 year old woman who has suffered with psoriasis all my life!?
my nan is elderly - 90 years old - she is going to the doctors for a skin disorder?
Can doctors prescribe me anything for my acne marks nor scars?
How To Stop Eczema Being So Red?
laser surgery for dark under eye circles?
Get rid of/hide scars?
What causes us to Itch?
Whats the chance of hair falling out when using accutane?
i have tiny red/purple veins(1mm width) across the top center of my back?
pllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help....duno wot to do???????
What foods and products are good for getting rid of spots and redness?
Why does oatmeal soothe the skin?
what is left ventricular hypertrphy?
hi all i have just had an artereal bypass and got an infection have been told it is m.r.s.a. any advice please
Chest Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm worried what my doctor will say..?
Please help!My grampas not well :-(?
do i have a heart problem is this normal !?
Blood pressure problems leaving me and my NHS Doctor confused?
What 3 exercises are best to control Hypertension?
Where can I buy GTN spray?
what is the standard after care for a ruptured aortic aneurysm survivor?
Working out BPM from ECG ?
Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome?
Hearing tests any adive would be great?
whats the differents between Green Tea and psyllium?
Can you tell me how it feels having a pace maker?
Is there a relationship between epileptic fits and drug abuse?
constant rining in both ears?
List some related conditions, Illnesses or diseases that can lead to a form of dementia?
What can i do to help my rat when he has a tumor?
what is this lump in my neck?
second blood test in as many weeks show raised creatine levels?
does mom have alzeimer's or parkinson's because have movement tremors, poor muscle and balance? not forgetful?
whats the best treatment for suspected siatica?
Does cystitis get worse as the day goes on?
Is it possible to just have one tonsil removed?
How painful in Shoulder Replacement Surgery?
Can tonic water help relieve cramp?
I suffer from hipothyroidism and I do a lot of cardio in the gym lately. Might this affect my health?
i think i am anemic, i have the symptoms, help?
Under arm pain?What could this be?
Do people with dementia know to get better?
Severe Ear Pain When On A Plane?
Have a swollen tear duct?
I've just come down with a rotten cold a day before my trip away, what is the best thing I can do to cure it?
what is an anxiety attack?
Is my life doomed! I can't ever see a future for myself. ?
activities to do with people with dementia?
Help! How do you cope with pressure of anorexic?
how do i scare my nan?
does any one have bi polar disorder?
What's the best way to get over a fear of heights?
i am naive i have a cannabis question i think?
Is 4 hours of sleep bad?
How long did it take you to get used to your new pillow that you sleep on?
Nurses in United U.K?
what colour parasol for keeping out the suns rays?
Will i still be able to join the army.?
central heating and nose bleeds?
my child lost 5 lbs after gastroentaritis?
Can pumpkin or sunflower seeds keep you awake?
breathing exercises and meditation?
Can illegal drugs cause long-term fatigue problems even when you've quit?
I'm having a laparotomy 2moz has any one?
buring toe joint?
the cost of a prescription in england?
hi all as i said before fibromyalgia is the main question but i am also suffering from other things as well?
What could this be? And how can i change it?
Why did I "pass out" ?
AHHHH Sleep???????????
Is your left hand really handicapped?
when i do excercise i have fits?
i have been finished from work through ill health (i am 59) ?
How longe does a cat scan take?
Why do I get muscle twitches on random parts of my body, like my arms and hands?
How powerful is Nicotine in comparison to other drugs?
Will I still grow taller now I'm 18?
Ativan was the final drug that helped me, finally?
why do we need sugar is it a drug?
How dangerous is a blood pressure of 180?
i am having a colonic due to health reasons but can this help you lose weight too?
Why does my urine smell like metal and why do i have to pee every hour?
Child drowsy wont eat or drink?
have had quite bad stomach pain for the past four days?
why do i feel sick all the time.?
how many burning candles are dangerous to health?
Berocca for cold/flu?
never hungry but when i am and i eat i feel sick. help?
I seem to always have hot sweaty hands?
I woke up and was starving so ate breakfast, then had problems? Any ideas?
would gradual exposure to sun produce/increase more melanin overtime?
Asperger Syndrome Benefits?
Does a hot, burning sensation in my chest mean I am ill?
Disciplinary proceedings and doctor's sick lines?
ive got laryngitis and an audition with britains got talent in 6 days ive got antibiotic s but need my voice?
does anyone know how to get rid of itchy red bumps caused by allergies without taking steroids?
doctors or smart people HELP!!!!!!!!?!!!?
My 13 yr. old son has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. So how can I help him, what will be his limitations.?
Recently had pulmonary embolism. Still on blood thinner. Am I considered in the high risk group for H1N1?
How do embalm a body?
Will he leave me if diagnosed?
How to deal with a major skin irritation?
What's better for your face - Proactive Solution, or Murad?
do i need to fast before i go for a hepatitis blood test?
how does one go about getting diagnosed with adult ADD? my daughter has it and i`m pretty sure I have it also.
need advice please????
Heart Palpitations...At what point should I be worried?
Has anyone here ever had their glasses Rx change twice in a year?
Help! Bad Body acne!!?
Has anyone had trouble with weight control while on anti-depressents?
can you have breast cancer at 13?
French kissing and teenagers: Health Hazard !! FYI !!!!?
if you are 185 pounds and only 5'4. Are you fat?(Female) oh yea and have Hypo Thyroid?
i'm not sure why.. but i've been itching my legs so much .. they are just so itchy.. what could it be?