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Has anyone had any good experiences with Reiki?
Is there something that I can put on my skin to avoid getting bed bug bites to begin with?
How can I get rid of yellow toenail fungus the natural way no drugs if I dont need to?
how to soothe a sore throat?
Does Hydrogen Peroxide help clear ear infections?
spamming with 'acai berries?'?
Is there a cure, Spiritual, Natural, or Pharmaceutical, for Huntington's Disease?
bees wax candles have health benefits?
can u buy depression pills or do u have to have a prescription?
Do Isagenix and Go-cleanse really work?
MDMA/Ecstacy experiences?
does drinking 2 or more glasses of soda every week double the chances of pancreatic cancer?
Should you take part in PE if you have mild scoliosis?
I have a swollen bottom lip that is red with small blisters.?
i have very very greasy skin on my face and also suffer badly from coarse facial hair?
I have spots that won't respond to various treatments. can my doctor help?
Could an ipod damage one's hearing?
Is it true that a cup of Horlicks before going to bed will help to get a good nights sleep and if so then why?
Been prescribed Temazepam and I'm really not sure!?
were will i purchase allen carrs book on stopping smoking?
Why do I feel so fed up in winter? from Oct to March I feel cheesed off, can I do anything about it? Thanks?
Why do left handed people have shorter lives than right handed people? im left handed ;( ......?
How to get sleep at night?
i wud like to no if i bit my thumb and ate some of my flesh wud that mekk me a cannibasl bcuz i don't wana b 1?
Help! I think I've sprained my ankle! I have a race in 2 weeks, what am I suppose to do?!!?
What shoes can I wear with a broken toe?
A question about knee arthroscopy and exercise?
Can't sleep cause broke my rib?
how do i know if i broke my arm?
Whats with my little toe?!?
Anyone with any medical knowledge please help?
what kind of injury is this?
Knee disclocation help?
Is My Finger Sprained?
broken ankle and was working cash in hand?
whip lash x 2 Please help.?
I have destroyed my knee! help?
Im cold and my back hurts!?
Torn Ligament - What should I do?
How should a back injury be treated (in what order)?
bone bruise? how long will it take to heal?
Feels like something is lodged in my throat - very painful to eat?
why cant i touch my shoulders?
Struggle to fall asleep quickly at night?
My Cluster Headaches?
quick remedy for stopping nose bleeds?
Why do i have a metal taste in my mouth?
How do I get rid of a pear shaped body 10 pts?
I struggle to take tablets HELP?
Have you ever fainted at School?
is weed better than alcohol?
How much sodium should an adult eat daily?
bleeding from nose and ears (no injury)?
Is a nose job worth it ?
If your body absorbs calories instantly.. what do you get rid of when you puke?
will i grow taller if I eat alot of food?
How can i change my voice <3 :) ?
will building up calf muscle make my bowed legs appear straighter?
help what gets rid of an hangover?
can anyone tell me where I can purchase ''WHITE PURE'' antibacterial soap?
Physical symptoms of having high liver enzymes?
Will a colonic irrigation help my IBS?
noises/whispers as im trying to sleep?
I've just eaten a raw fish finger from the fridge; will i get food poisoning?
Might have swallowed petrol - help?
Fingers and Toes keep going white and numb?
what is the best way to avoid rashes when working in lofts?+ any tips on staying cool?
Twitching Forehead?
If I sleep during the day why do I wake up covered in a thin film of sweat?
This is not a question, but is a good time to say Thank You to those who considered & answered my questions...
Passing Wind Problem i think its serious?
Please help me find an answer?
I Feel Really Sick but I don't know why?
Feeling bloated and going to the toilet all the time.?
I've gained 30 kilos in the last 6 months for no obvious reason, can anyone help? Please?
What is cheyne-stokes respiration?
I have a cold and this question is not for the Squeemish!!?
I really need help about drugs!?
What does (N) mean next to donation on my blood donor appointment card?
what could be wrong with me ?
How to get rid of the mucus in the back of the throat?
i think i have swine flu! i have my story and i need advice?
Is she mentall.. i think soo?
Visible and strong pulse?
Does the nose spray work?
does a ganglion cyst grow?
I picked off the scab now what!!?
gastric acid in the stomach?
Loose stools, food not digesting? Could it be bad during pregnancy?
Can is there a way to make your own foot detox pads ?
Has anybody tried the Olive Oil/lemon juice cleanse?
Varicose veins in the brain?
is it safe to take cold medicine after drinking energy drinks?
If someone in their 20's is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, is it usually genes?
Can you get gallstones after your gallbladder has ben removed?
How easily can bed bugs spread?
Herbal medicaion that works!?
Can bacon be used as aromatherapy?
Can drinking tonic water help improve my health?
question for the stoners?
My liver test ALT level of 66 . . . is it o.k. . . .?
Explain why cystic fibrosis shortens life span?
Do you use Visine?
Can a dog take Aleve for a sore shoulder?
Has any food actually help boost your energy?
where can i get my paws on some DMT>?
What causes a person to choke on nothing and unable to breath?
Toxic air freshner?
How do i orally use a Salvia extract?
Would straightening help kill head lice?
i guess this is it ?
I've got a very sluggish liver what can I do?
multiple cysts on thyroid,degenerating adenoma mean?
i was just wondering what chinese suction cups are used for.?
How soon can you drink regular coffee after having Heart Valve Surgery?
What is the weirdest medical remedy you've ever heard that actually worked?
What is the bone, back doctor called?
My artheritis is killing me badly?
i have severe pain in my back [ top] and down my right arm . my muscles have deteriorateded very quickly ?
I have pain in my lower back (right hand side) what can I do to alleviate this?
A dull pain in the stomach..?
Antidepressant tablets ????????????????????/?
how to releive sciatic pain?
pain in my back since tuesday?
My shoulder aches, when i breathe in there's a stabbing pain.
What Could Be The Cause Of My Stomach Pain?
can sitting on ur feet damage them?
i have been dignosed with tendonitis in my shoulder?
How does the pain compare
How many milligrams of oxycodone can be fatal?
how can i treat a trapped nerve as i cannot sleep much?
My horse died and the pain wont go away?
Sharp stabbing pain under left ribcage.?
Anybody got anything good to say about Cervical Spondilitis?
Why do I keep Getting this pain in the left side of my chest?
lrighback pain at bottom of righ rib radiating to bak leg weaknessand tingling bowelproblems(not functioning )
Stomach growling/rumbling?!?
is child's urine the same as adults urine?
Is Rabies now safely, under control?
IBS how long does it take for colpermin to work?
question about problems with my eyes.....?
has anyone taken D-Ribose for fibromyalgia and if so did it help?
needing your help with a head dilema?
I kept wetting myself a few weeks ago, now it stopped but i have a constand burning sensation :S?
I almost fainted at the doctors today after having a few injections, can I stop this from happening?
My hand has been asleep for three weeks. What could it be?
Did you wake up at 3.15 last night then 15 minutes later as you were going back to sleep wake up again?
how can you get someone to stop smoking other than using the patches and gum etc.?
I almost fainted after my bath ?
What is this pain? Please help :(?
British Heart Foundation?
Just had the doctor call me about my test results?
Irregular heartbeat?!?!?
Does anybody have mitral regurgitation?
People who listen to House/Progressive House/Electro/Minimal or things similar please read..?
my pulse is very high?
what causes low blood pressure?
how to treat low blood pressure?
After smoking marijuana, smoking cigarettes and drinking quite heavily, will this show up in a blood test?
which is worse: smoking or being fat?
Why do I feel sick after eating?
Is throwing up after fainting normal?
I have a small dark shadow just at the top on my eye?
Im having lazer eye surgery?
I'm about to start: Arise and Shine Herbal Colon Cleanse (28 day)?
my eyes seem to be going dry and sore all the time what type of eye drops are best? x?
I need help with my eyes please?
How can I improve my 20/600 (roughly) vision?
Just been to the GP today for my boy's eye problem.?
Who provides the best laser eye surgery in Ireland?
Sterile solution for lenses can i use it to store my contact lenses?
sensetive and emotional all my life?
Optitions question help?
Swollen Eyelid?
Iro, also known as iro eyes or iro drops?
Hi, i have a persian she is 10 in good health, she keeps getting small spots on her eye lids, think it is ok?
does it mean anything when your toes are cramping up and crossing over on their own?
IS THIS NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :s?
what is laser eye surgery like?
Frame-less glasses - I keep seeing the bridge. Do I get used to it ?
how long will i have my arm cast on for?
my cat was speyed by incision in her flank. Lots of bruising and hanging sack of skin on her abdomen.?
Can Musinex solve my problem.?
I was recently had an mri scan on my neck and spine area, this has showed up some swelling of one disc and the?
I am looking for an article on Lupus and Chronic Pain.I found it once before, but I have forgotten where!?
Question about ovarian cancer?
my fingers killing and i have got a lump on my knuckle, but its jelly what is it?
City water making my skin burn and turn red?
how do i cure a stye in my eye?
stomach flu or food poisoning?
what could the lump be?
compound w for mole removal ?
cannot grip very tight with my hands, drop some things sometimes?
Can mono keep coming back?
Useful and worthwhile treatments for psorisas?
i am having trouble doing my pee,i have presure in my stomach all the time wanting to go ,?
Calling all professors, politician, activists, and doctors! What is being done about toxins in food/envrmnt?
low blood pressure question?
How does a vaccine help to prevent viruses form infecting someone?
What illness does my mom have?
I have dry skin around my nose and its been there for around 2 years now on and off, i keep going the doctors?
i have had a red mark on my nose for about 8 months?
itchy raised heat rash on my back,?
can you put calamine lotion on a place where there is a tattoo?
How will you be able to tell if you are getting a skin mole?
Would you still develop a tan if you had an illness that makes you pale or go pale?
how do i get rid of fleas?
26 weeks to see a dermatologist in Cardiff?
If I Applied Creams To Fade Away Superficial Scars, How Long Would It Take To Heal?
Hives for more that 3 weeks and it burns?
i have quite a large bump on the bridge of my nose help?
i'm 13 and i have spider legs?
Redness above upperlip?
any idea of what causes an adult to have a soft skull?
Can someone tell me if this is normal! Citalopram Help!!?
methods to get rid of a lisp?
What's wrong with my left eye?
hi can some one tell me whats wrong with me for these symtoms below?
Is it too late? Or is there anything else to do?
who has been cured of schizophrenia with alternative medicine?
if you take cold fx everydaywhen your not sick will it lower ur immune sysytem cause it aint natural?
ionized foot spa. scientfic proof?
HELP!NEED A GOOD CHARITY! more details...?
How to cure a blocked ear?
whats the diffrence between concerta, ritalin ,dexedrine ,and adderall?
how can you treat tendonitis?
medical question going unanswered? why & that do people need a lot of sleep if on depressants or that?
how to do a colonic cleanse?
What are good supplements for depression I can buy from GNC?
my friend took these pills, will they overdose?
I would like to find out more about Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi Mushrooms)?
Best probiotics/Candida Albicans?
How to cure Autism/the latest treatment??/?
Does anyone know of natural foods to help keep blood pressure low?
If I where to put omega 3,6,9 oil in my eyes before I went to sleep would it be safe?
How long do magic mushrooms stay in your system?
Is there a natural product that really works. I'm good for about 5 minutes then it's a noodle.?
how safe do you feel taking prescribed medication? or do you prefer to take something more natural?
Depression - how to treat?
How do you describe a psychopath?
At what age should the changeover from 10hrs a night to 8 hrs be made? I still feel like I need a lot!!?
How can I go to sleep?
Any advice on how to reduce anxiety?
Bipolar Anyone?
When will I come to terms with my past?
Do you consider I should visit my psychiatrist for my second appointment?
what are the signs of depression?
Why do they call me crazy?
Why am I so shy?
Isn't prevention better than cure?
self esteem?
What's your oldest memory?
What can i do now, alcohol problem?
Do you think there is too much pressure to be "happy" all the time?
nightmares - can you wake yourself up??
drs and nurses please help,medical advise needed!?
do i have a chest infection?
steroids use and abuse?
I need a doctor, now! 'asthma attacks are killing me'?
Asthma, chronical illness/serve 12months hayfever help?
second cold in 2 weeks?
Is it possible to stop myself from fainting?
Genuine swine flu sufferers-please can you explain in great detail..?
What are these tiny bumps on my face?
I have a white sty on the top of my eyelid between my tear duct and the begining of my eyebrow!?
What are the signs or symptoms of lung cancer?
why does the heart pump blood to the lungs?
financial help with debts for persons dealing with cancer?
Best remedies to removing Acne?
what is an itch, like why would i all of a sudden want to scratch my nose?
What would cause someone's body heat to raise high while sleeping?
Could this acne be only temporarily? Please help?
do you think i have swine flu?
I have trouble sleeping.Any Ideas?
What Is Aids and How did it start??
Temporary relief of urinary tract infections?
celiac,I am looking for recipts for cooking for a celiac?
nose ring?
Is it possible to transfer a human's brain to another without dying?
cant sleep!!..?????????
how much of an effect on your health would smoking just ONE cigarette be?
anyone know of any sickness and insomia remides?
Stop smoking help?
Are 12 hour nightshifts illegal?
Introduction of the smoking ban in England?
A deaf man walks into a court room....?
speckled dot in my eye won't go?
I need your opinions?? PLEASE READ THE WHOLE QUESTION!!!?
Do Cardiac Physiologists carry out invasive prcedures and treatment?
My 5 year old has a 2/6 systolic murmur?
i have recently been taken off the contraceptive pill due to extremely high blood pressure, why??
heart pulse at 130bpm for 2 hours? is there something wrong?
Can you have another aneurysm if you have had surgery to repair your aorta?
left arm pain and tingly hand?
Embolism question help?
Heart goes out of rhythm if i panic? Should i be worried?
why do people keep touching a cut even though it hurts?
Had a hernia operation, I was told no lifting for 4 to 6 weeks?
what should I do when i hit my head?
i am in bad back pain when i walk or sit an try to get up it feels like bones breaking?
i was injured at work and will lose pay......................?
Metal plates in forearm?
Have you ever broken your arm ?
what is this random painful muscle spasm in my neck and how do i prevent it?
My partner went for a mri last wk and then was telephoned to go for another one.?
Self Injury Awareness bracelets?
fluid/ hard tender swelling remaining on inside of ankle joint 6 weeks after severe blow - what could it be?
Should I get my project up and running or put it on hold for a while?
Is carpal tunnel syndrome the same as repetitive strain injury?
had my back tooth out 3 days ago?
Motorbike accident help please?
i cut my finger in the kitchen bout 1 cm deep what should i do?
Rather painful big toe?
Blackheads (Tiny Blackspots) Help please?
how to get rid of prison ivy?
What treatment can I use for hyperpigmentation?
Any ideas on how to stop this itching?
Red little dots on arm?
i know Black people are more prone to hyper pigmentation, but are black with really dark skin prone to ...?
Will Aspirin and water mixed together to make a paste get rid of a keloid on the back of a tragus piercing?
iv had a mole for ever but a littel whit sopt has aperd?
how to get rid of red rash?
Painful, dark red zits, I've tried everything- I really need help! :(?
whats the difference between a verruca and a corn?
What are your experiences with Roaccutane to treat acne?
Red Spots on Inner Thighs?
My doctor diagnosed me with globus hystericus but can he be wrong?
Pain in left side of Stomach?
why did i get pain like this in my temple? help!!!?
How long before the results of a biopsy?
Eating disorder recovery?
What condition do I have?
help with my constant headaches?
I have been diagnosed with Bells Palsy, my right eye is bad, any advice? Should I rest or go to work?
How can I improve my immune system?
why do i feel shakey and weak ?
how painful is reflux oesphagitis?
Can I put Sudocrem up my nose?
I'd like to know what could cause a complete lack of the sense of smell?
i might have to get my gall bladder removed .. ?
i am looking 4 a good sun block lotion? i burn very easly even with sun block on?
Write me please a topic "illnesses and their treatment", I need it so much((?
dad has colon cancer..has to do 12 treatments.. why is it 12??
can you get fever from acid reflux?
I have a black bump in the back of my throat?
If my dog has been vaccinated with a rabies shot, does that mean he is immune to rabies for a while?
Is he likely to die from this?
Will Buckley's or a hot toddy kill flu bug?
How to comfort dad after his brother passed away?
I got small red spots on my right side of body. What are they?
Please help I'm desperate! tiny bump rash?! high Quality pictures available?
Where can I donate my hair to make wigs for cancer patients?
Symptoms of Hyprothyroidism ?
Really bad stomach pains, it hurts to even cough!?
Magnets and our health. What benifits are they to us?
I have a bladder infection. Does Alka Seltzer really work for curing it?
Can anyone recommend treatment for chronic sinusitis?
i don't like to take painkillers what is the best home remedy for a toothache?Urgent!?
Whats all the nick nakes for marijuana cigarette(joint) that you know of?
Can reiki healing or meditation cure obesity and maladaptive metabolism?
has anyone ever suffered from morphine sideeffects?
cleaning system of drugs?
Just a few hours ago I ask a question about?
hangover cure?
Is there an over the counter prescription that will stop perfusive sweating?
What is the best way to get your vitamin D levels up?
Your opinion: someone has damaged liver from cancer meds, told to avoid milk thistle,as interferes with meds.?
Any suggestions for a natural deadorant. I am interested in trying and am not sure which one to try?
Throat KIlls ? (10 point)?
Can methadone be used to treat fibromyalgia?
Bronchitis home remedies?
what in nyquil makes you tired?
have you ever used an enema to clean out built up mucous?
What can I do to help with constipation while on a candida cleanse.?
How Can I Get To Sleep?
What are these twinges?
Stomach in agony, what is wrong with me?
nothing lasts forever?
i always said i would never ask a medical question but......Arthritus sufferers?
what would pain behind the ribs be?
He shot me in my leg.I felt it like it was real life then I woke up.what does this mean?
ihave ms and keep getting random shooting pains in my neck and face?
My stomach hurts and is making noises. Why?
haemmorrhoid-pile, help me please I live in Spain and I am suffering from a severe pain in the bum,lol?
Is there any way to stop my knees from hurting after a run?
would a slipped disc also make my left kneecap swell up and cause considerable pain?
my belly always hurts and it feels like it 'pops'?
How do you sort a painful back out?
I pulled a muscle in my chest?
Finger injured by a cricket ball?
if I took 6 400mg ibuprofen tablets..?
Ouchhh help! pleeease =[?
i have been getting pains in my chest when i run and it has escalated?
Stomach tightening, cramping, lower back pain, bloating?
Been given Propranolol for my migraines, it has reduced them.. but..?
what legal high is like cocaine and has no ecstacy feeling?
Kidneys and bladder pains?
Dermatitis on scalp?
any1 taking antideppresants?
Isn't it weird...?
Is there anyone who has learned 2 control or even jst live with anxiety/panic attacks and if so how can i too?
i need some support i have the docs in 30mins to try and tell him i have an eating disorder?
Ever felt pointless?
My daughter has been diagnosed as having depersonalisation. Blacksout daily and also goes into a trance. Help?
Is anyone else really bored at the moment? YAWNNNNN?
do anti depressants generally work?
Is being left-wing an indication of mental illness ?
Depression and anxiety what action to take?
what happens?
Always tired?
What is wrong with me?
should i tell my mom i cut myself?
having a really, really really bad day, just feel like screaming :-(?
I am living with my ex we have 2 children he lost his licence for drink driving and i needed a place to live?
if there was a god why are people we love dying at young ages?
Has anyone took Prozac and what are their opinions ?
I dream excessively, any idea why?
Contact solutions question...?? uk question...?
circle lens? with prescription?????
Glasses, Contacts, Laser Eye Surgery and the British Army?
Where can i get contact lenses for my lazy eye?
Does anybody know of any new treatments......?
Pregnant woman & Swine Flu?
Is this measles? Or something else?
Can any body suggest some ways that I can keep cool?
how often can you use daily disposable contact lenses?
uhh!i just got glasses today i really dont like the shape of them what do i do?!?
smoking matter , help me?
Does anyone know if you can get...?
can vomiting be one of the symtoms of a chest infection?
Why is it important to drink plenty of fluids when you are ill?
what would be the causes of a collapsed lung?
Can anyone else smoke without being addicted?
back excercise strenghthen?
beat knee can make a claim?
Okay, I've asked before but, INGROWN TOENAIL HELP!?
What is wrong with my foot?
Help please! ;?
Coccyx injury really beginning to bug me...?
I'm in agony with cracked ribs. I did it years ago and it keeps coming back. Is there anything I can do? Or?
a leg injury question ?
Is there anything i can do?
where can i get a muscle relaxant not prescribed by doctor?
I pulled a muscle in my neck, what can I do about it?
When you fall onto an outstreched hand, do you break your arm or wrist?
Crutches! broken foot HELP?
How much compensation can you get from being molestered by your dad?
Why does my back hurt after i trot with my horse?
My bf had a hernia operation 4 months ago and it is still giving him a lot of pain?
Can you tell me about your ankle sprain?
Stretching My Ear. Please Help!?
Damaged my wrist about 5 years ago, now it is hurting again?
Have I broken my ribs?
scaphoid operation. whos had one?
Urine Problem... help?
Any way to get rid of black floaters in your eyes?
OCD?? Please someone help much appriciated?
can an normal xray tell if an older person .............?
Where can I find a list of food that react with the medication Warfarin?
I have bad diaria , what do i do ?
Please, I need to know if my liver is failing.?
problem with prescription medicine?
Brown spot on my foot?
Has anybody heard of a skin condition that has a folk name of "witch burns"?
very sore and runny nose is tissue or hanky the best?
dose spots cause permanent damage?
Can anyone explain why tea tree oil gets rid of my spots?
I have a couple of red sore spots on my face and i'm going out at the weekend.?
Do any acne remedies work?
I have dark pigmentation around the eyes ?Which laser treatment would be best with my condition explained ?
can i use the e45 cream on my face as i have dry skin?
Little green bugs in my hair?
what are these bruises?
What drug is best advised for old patients when systolic BP is high and diastolic BP is either normal or low?
does smoking Marijuana influence INR level (blood thinness) of blood?
childrens chest xray?
why do my mother get heart palpitations?
Why does my heart beat so fast after baths and when I am tired?
Concern about weight loss ?
Will my new heart medication affect me?
I had Angioplasty on Friday.........?
Cod liver oil?
doppler carotid arteries?
i need some help and advice on writing the following paper?
Borderline ECG. P-R-T axes 75 91 65. Should I be concerned?
how does the cardiac system interrelate to the renal system?
Does marijuana thin your blood or is it just alcohol?
How well does this profession pay?
What make Medical Weed (marijuana) different?
What are some good (non-perscription ways) to get to sleep, and stay there?
What is the difference between medicinal and regular marijuana?
Why did people have to come up with home remedies back in the day?
fish oil,flax oil,olive oil,clay water,apple juice,tomato juice make my eczema worser,red and itchy, why?
natural remedy for pneumonia ?
layout of business cards for free?
HEPATITIS C. Alternative treatment vs. Regular?
What would you do about ear infections?
LSD or Alcohol?
ultimate healing is it worth the money?
How does marijuana prices fluxuate everywhere?
is it okay if i drink coffee and take fish oil and spirilina supplements?
Is it okay to breath in Lavender oil?
You think Vitamin D intake is a good way to prevent conditions like swine flu ? "D" is available in drugstore.?
Does someone need to be certified in relaxation massage.(not massage therapy)?
Has anyone had any success with an anti-yeast diet program?
How to get back good bacteria after antibiotic treatment ?
Are Doctors really the Third Leading Cause of Death in America?
i am hooked on presciption drugs admittidely...?
why is it whenever I have conversation with someone at work, I get really hot, go bright red and even sweat?
What are the first signs of a blowout when stretching your ear?
Get My voice back soon?
what is the best food and drink to eat for a sore throat?
Bad stomach during a long journey.?
Runny + blocked nose, whats the best thing to do..?
Why do i not like sleeping please help?
Why is the cost of medicine and medical devices so much higher in Ireland than in the UK or Northern Ireland?
I hiccup everyday, anyone know what this means?
Been refused disability living allowance?
After vomiting do you wait til your stomach rumbles to know when to eat again? Thanks?
why do i keep getting one cold after another?
physical symptoms of anxiety i get them without knowing im anxioux ,why?
Does anxiety cause stomach acid and how?
how can i get rid of my horrible hiccups?
can anixety cause constent feeling of nausea and spells of virtigo?
Have you every got RHINOPLASTY (nose job) if so then how was your experience?
What exactly is stomach flu and what are the symptoms ? Thanks?
is this normal.... coz its really upsetting me :( ... (grief)?
Why do we have days when we feel and look awful?
Burnt my tongue - How to get rid of pain>?
I got a sunburn on my feet?
my eyes burn like crazy?
2 year daughter has virus?
what are the effects and signs of "lime disease"?
what's the mortality rate of liver cancer patience?
What are signs that you have high blood pressure?
Solution to Chronic Sinus Problem?
Does a Skin Tag ever dry up and fall off by itself?
Where could i buy 100% tea tree oil in Toronto?
if a person has sweaty palms, what can he/she do to cure it?
Why would a persons scalp hurt to touch?
Low White Blood Cells - what is happening?
whats the longest time you've ever had a cold and was it annoying?
Home remedies for hemorroids?
left side of neck is sore..Only problem I have is when i swallow i can feel it. I have no temp, or feel sick?
Do anti-depressants make you fat?
I cry because of life, help me?
Panic attacks - I get them, especially when I'm on a plane or train and cannot get out - how do I stop them -
Depression - Help NEEDED!?
I don't have enough medication?
how can i stop this??
I am feeling really down and lonely and depressed tonite, is thereanyone I can talk to?
Panic attack is taking over my life!?
How can I get my past to stop haunting me?
What can you tell about my mental state by looking at my avatar?
How many of you use alcohol to self-medicate your mental health problems?
Panic attacks?
my wife has been self harming cuttin extremly deep into the arms and her head!?
Do you have depression?
I had ultrasound in which a hyperchoic foci(2-3 mm) was detected....(hyperchoic foci 2-3 mm? -needs follow up.?
Had extremely bad pain last night, and now still getting darts of pain (gallstones) help!!?
Lump on right side of neck?
im on 200mg of ferrous sulphate 3 times a day?
I have acute asthma, garlic really plays it up! Ive been given tablets that have aged garlic in them,?
Why Is There No Cure For The Common Cold?
Is it true that giving just two puffs in the morning of asthma inhaler is like giving nothing at all?
need some advice about coughing and lung problems, may be related to asthma ?
are there any amphetamines found in any asthma or hayfever related products that would show up in a drug test?
Is BBQ smoke dangerous if you inhale it?
My mother died of Alzheimer, I'm worried that this could happen to me. I'm 54 years old .?
as a medical expert what is terminal and non-terminal condition?
I have the Flu what do i eat?
How can I stop a tickly cough? Its driving me mad!?
can you change brand of antibiotic half way through your course?
could this be due to smoking?
How long should i have off work with Tonsillitus?
Collapsed Lung?
Is The A Cure For Mild Asthma?
Would I Be Unhygienic...?
How am i so tired?
7 mth old baby very hot but pale faced & week... ?
How do I get rid of tickly cough, quick and effectively?
what is formal and informal carer do?
Lost voice for 4 days now.. will it ever return?
Do your eyes ever water when you wee?
Can anyone tell me what a GATOR CAST is?
Anger management ???
How can i avoid continious burp?
Could it affect my health?
do i have a health problem?
Does any1 else like me find that feeling of falling asleep in bed an odd sensation enough 2 wake u up again
My mate is worrying me and i don't know what to do, please help!?
what's the cure for vertigo ?
what services can nurses implement to the elderly with depression?
I would love to donate bone marrow but the pain factor puts me off?
if you are signed off from work sick are you covered if you go back to work before the end date?
Loud music can it really damage your hearing?
i wear shoes almost 24 hr nw its my habbit i couldnt even sleep without shoes..is it bad. plz rpl?
Trapped My Toe Now Painful?
Would I Get A Cast If ?
Dihydrocodeine isnt working should i try tramadol?
How Do i remove my nose?
is my toe broke???i hit my toe on the wall and it hurts when i walk on it.how can i heal it & for how long?
Why is my skin wrinkling really quickly in water?
Who do little cuts hurt more than bigger cuts?
Can you get ringworm on your tongue?
Does mole removal leave a scar?
My Wart Has Given Birth To A Little Wart. What Can I Do????
How to get rid of a red looking zit?
Spots in between forearm and upper arm!?
I want my mole removed?
Under the skin spots - help?
how do i get rid of mosquito bites scars?
does aqueous cream help acne?
How to fade red marks left from spots?
I have a sore, hard lump on my ear what could it be?
Is it healthy to wash one's hands for 30 seconds to 2 minutes?
Trouble: Lip Creases?
what are the 1st symptoms or body changes someone with scleroderma has? rash?
I have been diagnosed with Organic Illness but am unsure what it means.?
I've recently been diagnosed with suspected IBS. Can any IBS sufferers please share their symptoms with me?
Everytime i eat i get pain in my lower stomach and i feel sick.Why?
Constipation and Diarrhea?
still feeling bad after a recent kidney infection?
Clinical trials for under 18's?
does anybody know anything about lupus? I have been ill for years and have just been diagnosed with it and im?
Causes of stomach cramp and sickness?
Symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome?
Can sombody please help me with Doctor's notes?
How to make your armpits smelling fresh all day without deodorant (i'm allergic)?
Why am I feeling so dizzy when I lay down and sit down?
Can Anyone Help Me My Ears Are Driving Me Crazy!! :@!?
Dog allergies-help to overcome them?
What exactly does CPR do that helps keep someone unconscious alive?
How can a 20 min nap make feel awake most of the night?
weird drunk feeling and head pressure?
I`ve recently acquired a twitch...?
Anyone have IBS, whats your worst symptoms and how do you deal with them? Thanks?
Shall i take 1 or 2 senokot tablets.... as i am very tiny!?
Phobia of catching a cold or viral infaction Help!?
What is the name given to those people who believe it is wrong to see doctors or take any sort of medication?
Whenever i go out jogging i feel sick, tired and very faint, help?!?
why can't you take promethazine hydrochloride for more then 8 nights?
Is over the counter serotonin safe, or does it have side effects?
Curing severe phobias....?
Work experience for medicine?
To smokers only - Is smoking really that addictive?
My blood pressure varies from 200+ over 100+ range to 80- over 40-. i am on various meds Renal artery OK?
Did indegestion cause my nightmare (wierd)?
I have just read that At last, some good news: Champagne 'is good for the heart and brain'?
which ECG measurement relates to the pulse rate and how?
when the man Jan Egil Refsdahl had a 4 hour cardiac arrest can you tell me what happened.?
can breathlessness result from menopause or rather cardiac problems?
Heart beating very fast!?
update on i have high blood pressure ?
I am 13 and can feel my heart beating and sharp pain in my chest all day?
Electrical Conduction and Excitation Contraction Coupling of the Heart?
factors influencing use of oral health services?
Im having palpitations?
Understanding iron levels test results?
can you die from a murmur?
i've had an epigastic hernia ever since i was born.....?
is chamomile tea good for minor or any kind of colds?
Is it worth being a chiropractor?
Can gallstones pass in stools?
I have a small kidney stone of about 2 mm. How can I remove it by herbs or other natural way?
any good home remedies for psorasis?
Can you cure an headache by a jolt of caffiene?
Where is the best place to buy a microwave heating pad?
Chantix/Nicotine withdraw ??
Remedies for stuffed-up nose:]?
Is it Illegal for Doctors to prescribe placebos? Are they still used?
How do you get over the fear of swallowing a large pill?
does amoxil make you drowsy?
What are natural ways to add fragrance to your home?
can you eat hash and get high?
What is the best shampoo organic or natural for kids?
What is the most effective natural remedy for concentration & to improve creativity?
what type of medicine can you take to throw up?
What will the buzz be like....?
My father bought the book from Kevin Trudeau is true?
In your opinion is there any validity to vibration therapy?
Are there any type of Pills that?
What is a human's natural diet?
Diseases of the Pancreas ?
Is Everythink okay ??? Please help ?
iv had a cold for about a week maybe less, and iv started with a blocked nose .?
In the 1800's did the majority of people die through lung problems or should I be worried?
does anyone know what the coxaki illness is?
what happens if the cystic fibrosis test is inconclusive?
panic attack and inhaler?
What do I do about chest spasms and tightness?
Why am I burning up in the night?
am i having enough exersize?
I just got my nose job done. What will happen if i sneeze?
my sis is reallllly ill?
i have loads of injuries?
I think I've either bruised or broken my tail-bone (ie. The very bottom of my spine)... little help?
I cant rotate my right foot upwards. And my ankle is slightly numb. This happened after I was jogging?
Why is it so hard to get up on Monday? but you get up at 7.30 every morning even weekend days!!!?
Many years ago in USA a young lady went into a coma. Why? Did she recover, Is she still in a coma?
has anybody tried MACA to increase libido?
If one's vision is constantly "spotty" what could be the cause?
How cold does it have to be before you can refuse to work?
How many hours per day shall i sleep? im 15 boy?
Can I take Diazepam and Ibuprofen together ?
you can have access to your gp records .can you gain access to your hospital records?
what is chondrosarcoma?
does standing in the rain make you ill?
Anyone ever taken Zopiclone?
Swollen glands, moving up my neck to my jaw line so far?? :S?
Why do my Brother blank out more often?
little lump on my eye ?? anyone?
I have 22q11 its a genetic disorder... when i get divorced will i qualify for disability?
Has anyone had any real bad side effects from taking antibiotics?
Did anyone take out their tonsils? One in their mouth and on in the nose...?
I got a cochlear implant on one ear when I was 10 .. Should i get the other one done?
Is ecstasy addictive? and are there any long term effects?
how can i make my fingers swollen?
can you use home remedies for acne scarring while on accutane?
should chilblaines peel?
How to get rid of acne?
What is impetigo........?
keratosis pilaris and tanning?
What is the best cure for acne scars?
How can I get rid of the scars and spots on my legs?????????????????
What is the BEST skincare range for Rosacea sufferers. I have tried Clinique, Body shop, Liz earle products.?
homemade cure for aids?
Is beaching solution is alright for my sunburn?
plz plz help!!! im on mynocycline now fer my acne and im using neutrogena face wash and a zinc oxide paste?
my wife has bruises appearing on her legs, do we need to worry?
how can i differ between impetigo and acne?
i have a flat head, can anyone help me?
salicylic acid and wart removal?
Whats The Best Way To Get Rid Of Skin-Tags And Moles (Without Surgery)?
Facial mole question.?
Tetralysal 300 how long does it take to clear/start working to clear acne?
My glasses have tiny little spots on them?
got blocked ear because of earwax?
can anyone help explain the term "dynamic living medicine" please?
if you take 16 500mg of paracetamol will you die?
Why does my back always hurting ?
How does my doctors note change my uni grades?
Unknown drug help, please?
Chesty cough, help and advice.?
Is it normally like it?
what does it mean when left ear burns?
Does anyone know what i have?
How to relieve stress? Needed for medical purposes.?
Why don't I poo!!!!!?
Is this hayfever or anything else?
Addiction to Prescription Meds?
Why am I always tired? Do I have narcolepsy?
i need to get up in the morning! I'm too lazy!!?
what are the long term effects of ventolin use?
Took antibiotics 2 times a day instead of 3, will this cause major problems?
I have to breath for myself when I think of the word breathing?
Does anyone know if Emphysema is classed as a Critical Illness..........?
tenting of the heart???
does insulin break down tissue eventually?
what is systolic?and what does it mean?
Question 13/01/2010 asked if car accident could cause angina in patient suffering with unstable angina.?
having a stoke the 1st signs?
Mitral valve prolapse having palpitation?
Explaining illness and procedure to 4yr old?
how many deep vein valves are there in your leg?
success rate of a second stints heart operation?
Low blood pressure. What causes it and what symptoms are there if any.?
Did anyone have the Norwood Procedure?
My mother had a screening done with lifeline screening back in November but shes had no results yet?
regular headaches behind left eye and temple?
What is this pain going down the left side of my hip?
What is cervical myelopathy?
Pain in lower calf/top of foot?
Does anyone have permanent back pain; what do you take for it?
are jabs suposed to hurt?
finger is killing. HELP!?
any one just had there tetness needel yet it didont hurt me but it is hurting now ouch?
Should I worry about this mild, snowboarding injury, or am I just being a wimp?
cramps in leg and how to deal with them?
my pains when i swallow r becoming worse???
strange feeling in my leg?
What causes the pain of a headache?
dizziness, faintness and flashing lights?
what causes night cramps and is there a cure?
my consultant is going to give me botox injections to paralyse my?
my knee keeps popping is it normal :P?
My big toes really hurt!?
My back really hurts ): I'm 16..?
wen having chest pains and the doctor cant find anything wrong but you keep on having the pain everyday?
My dad would like to know what his knee/leg pain is?
Is this fibromyalgia? When I am touched or poked in the ribs the pain lasts over 5m & is very painful?
Whats the treatment for a heel spur?
I have Got a sore eye help ?
what is sick building syndrome and the symptoms ?
Would you say this is anxiety?
I have a numb mouth, and there's something up with my eye. Is this serious?
Hearing problem in right ear?
I find it really difficult to wake up in the morning?
I have otitis media with facial palsy! Has anyone ever recovered from this? How long does this take to heal?
Vision Express Opticians?
what does drum your nails mean?
eye twitching, please help?
Why did Iraq spill millions of tons of oil into the sea during the 1991 Gulf War?
Anybody using Champex to quit smoking?
Did i get my drink spiked?
Do antibiotics make you feel over-emotional like one would feel at the 'time of the month'?
Can anyone recommend a good spa retreat that's not too far from London?
need advice and help(NHS OPERATIONS)?
I halved my alcohol intake over Xmas and didn't get an hours sleep from the 24th till last night and escape?
Absolutely NOT pregnant but what else could someone have if they have the symptoms of pregnancy?
in yahoo answers how do you answer to a person?
Americans living in America with health insurance , would you sit and suffer if you couldnt afford health care?
my friend pointed out last night that i have sleep apnea?
please i need as much helpful answers as possible?
What is a fast, natural way to detox THC/Marijuana from your system?
i have swimmers ear, and my doctor gave me drops but no pain pills, IT HURTSS!!!!!!?
what to do about Candida?
My brother got a burn on his back by the carpet. Parents arent at home. What do I do???
If 1-2 whole bottles of advil are taken, what are the changes of dying?
I heard that Omega helps with childrens memory - do you think it helps?
quick cold remedies?
Does apple cider have the same benifits of apple cider vinegar?
Is it possible that fatigue can indicate a deficiency?
Copper or Magnetized Bracelets?
question about salvia/marijuana?
How can I get rid of a cyst naturally?
Bach remedy for anxiety?
natural remedy for gallstones?
Has anyone ever made pot cookies/brownies?
is there any vitamins that can make ur metabolism faster?
I am thinking on doing some sort of detox, what are some good ones?
Did you know that you can prevent Cold Sores from breaking out ?
what skin care product would you recommend for the mature client with dry cheeks and forehead?
How do you get a big temptation to itch? :) please...help?
Can you use Dettol surface wipes for your own personal hygine?
how does the natural ageing process affect the skin?
What are the best herbs for skin and to treat acne available in UK ?
How to get rid of these spots ?
I have a friend that has ingrowing toenail?
Apart from Zovirax how can I stop a cold sore from developing?
embarrassing spotty bum!?
how to solve BIG spot problems?
How to soften my hands and feet?
small spots on arm, is it Meningitis?
My feet are all dry and cracked - with sore peeling skin - how do I sort this out in the least painful way?
How can i get rid of scarring caused by spots?
every time im due on my period, i get a rash that is slightly itchy?
Sunburn 2 days before school photos !! Help ?
Nose Infections After The Use Off Cocaine??? <3?
How to make myself sick without sticking my fingers down my throat?
Help! My head hasn't been right since i have been drinking :S?
why does it take so long to recover from h.pylori?
what to do when there is Blood in stool?
Losing my mind....teen with dementia?
does anybody know anything about candida in the stomach n how best to treat it?
why can't children under 12 take regular cough medicine?
Stopped smoking nealy 3 months now but..............need some advice?
bioclinical effects of cannabis on human health?
My left foot has been swollen for 4 days?
just found ot my daugther is smoking herion what do I do?
can i drink & smoke..!!?
what are signs of lupus?
I Feel Really Unwell...Help.?
When you feel poorly, why do you feel even worse at night?
Blocked sinuses. What actually works for this? Sudafed isn't v good for me.?
always feeling sick after i eat?
Is it possible to have adhd, scizophrenia and ocd and depression at the same time and lead a normall life?
Can the swine flu vaccine reduce severity of a possible mutated swine flu?
Sty issues?
what's swine flu i've seen it news?
Plantar Wart... Please read on! i really need your help!?
My blood pressure in hospital suffering from cellulitis went down to 77/60 how bad is this?
Chicken pox - when you are exposed how soon do you become contagious?
Does my 7 year old Stepson have an eating disorder?
What are the latest HIV infection statistic in Canada?
Anyone got any great prayer requests lines?
how can i deal with me hating myself?
What ingredients are in Sauflon Multi?
do i have an eye wisp? help :]?
Do you have experience of laser surgery for ocular pressure?
Strabismus Surgery in Ireland?
How much is eye bag removal surgery?
What is the black line on my eye?
Can you help diagnose this strange eye condition?
Coloured eye contacts?
I'm seeing white spots?
Contact falling down my eye?
Dose any one know where to get black morgan glasses?
Do I really need my eyes tested again so soon?
laser eye surgery from optical express?
laser eye surgery in ireland?
My screen is so birght despite reducing brightness, the glare hurts my eyes?
Why does my eye take a while to regain focus?
Whenever I look at something then look away I can still see, for a second or so, the first image.
10 points...How long does it take day soft to deliver...?
How long to get accustomed to new bi-focals?
the NHS eye consultant keeps moving my appointment because she has to take her annual leave, please help me?
when awakening in the morning Iget patterns in front of my eyes what causes this?
Enlarged heart and link with Alcohol?
My friend has this severe low back pain, and the Doc. has suggested that he quits his job.?
I have been turned down for higher rate mobility and want to appeal can anyone help me.?
Are mechanical blood pressure monitors more accurate than electronic ones?
whats the normal blood pressure for a 60 year old man?
Do you want to help the British Heart Foundation???
Do I have marfan syndrome?
how long for blood pressure tablets to work?
What is this itching caused by?
i am having my thyroid removed i smoke allot i am scared to death i take ativan and beta blockers?
Im at my wits end dont know what to do any more, my 10 year old son suffers chronic constipation?
Will they test for an underactive thyroid?
Do migraines have to hurt?
How long for full recovery ?
sports injury, fractured leg must see need answer PLEASE?
How do i fix my broken nose?
How best to deal with a muscle strain?
help with a sprained foot.. i can't cancel today's plans.?
what would make you walk?
Should i pop a burn blister?
what's the worst injury you've ever had?
Does serious bruising cause dizziness/headaches?
i have a sore knee any idea 16yr old?
mysterious bloodstain?
How long will my verruca take to heal?
I had surgery, but cant raise my middle finger, any help?
i am 46 and had a motorcycle wreck and broke tib fib and would like to know if i can do anything in home?
How Many Days will it take till i can walk?
can baking soda be used as an antacid?
HELP! im scared i have really damaged my Knee!?
Whole Herbs vs. Supplements?
Does an x ray always show a fracture?
Is Crestor Safe?
tonal chiropractic, does it work?
What's a cheap and easy way to get marijuana seeds?
Is it possible to treat bipolar disorder effectively with alternative medicine?
ACNE: Antibiotics or homeopathy? (pictures included!)?
What is the cause of hyperthyroidism? How can be prevented?
How is Multiple Sclerosis cured with juicing ?
extacy ... pleaseeee helppp someone pleasee!?
having seizures on wellbutrain?
Home Colon Cleansing "recipe"??
Have you tried hypnosis for quitting smoking? Did it work for you?
Cowbell==Why has this laxative been taken off the market in the USA?
Help with liquid Benadryl for a 14 year old?
i'm really not sleeping well, i was wondering if taking sleeping pills would help?
What are the effects of amino acid on the body? (5-HTP)?
What is Ipecac syrop??
What is the best way to help someone quit smoking?
how long does it take for naproxen to work?
How to get rid of a blister on the lip?
Best creme that removes spots?
How to get rid of really really really oily skin? (:?
I have really sensitive skin please give me advice?
how can i qet my stretch marks to go away be for the summer?
The skin on my face is really itchy!!?
6mth old insect bite burning - please help!?
I breakout when i'm on my period?
Can the scars fade completely after mole biopsy and what creams are best to use?
why does my skin go blue?
Remove 30 moles on the NHS??
how to speed up the healing process of a burn?
I have gone on a diet and as a result my eczema has flared up REALLY badly?
What are some good facial cleansers that don't involve sand paper?
Is it safe to remove moles?
Has aloe vera ever help eczema?
Body Massage .?
What is the best way to prepare and deal with a night shift?
Does anybody know a yoga teacher or a class that I can attend on Sat am in the Berkshire area?
My sister has a problem where she blacks out without any prior warning and falls to the ground.?
Ive had a cold for three days now?
Since last Friday i've been constantly tired despite many a good night's sleep. Why?
I live near a mobile phone mast?
why have i got the shakes?
Is anybody addicted to soluable solpadeine??
Can UV rays penetrate through glass?
nhs nose job?........................?
hi - need abit of advice folks, getin really bad electric shocks..any cures?
Do you think that investing in a Craftmatic Adjustable bed is a good investment for general health?
protocols in pressure ulcers?
Why are there so many chemicals in ciggarettes?
what kind of hazards are their in a school environment?
Why am i always soo tired ?
What am i too expect in hypnothearpy?
Why do my legs click when I move them?
my 3year old complaining of pains in her chest?
I have IBS and get constipated and after a week of being constipated i then get soft poo?!?
Urge to go under duvet?
i am hard of hearing and wear 2 hearing aids,am I entiltled to disabilty benifit?
How can I get red/bloodshot eyes?
need help with weight issues?
I smoked weed for 1 week and want to know after how long I can pass my urine drug test the early est?
hospital bedbaths. what happens?
my son suffers from hay fever, grass pollen?