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Is ear candling an effective way to remove ear wax?
Info on Melatonin? (is that how it's spelled?)?
I have plugged ears due to a cold and have steamed frequently. Any home remedies to open up a plouged ear?
What is a best Medican for a Sore Throat?
Natural, safe height inhansers?
Does anyone know of a receipe for killing dust mites?
is vinegar bad for kidney?
Bad aching feeling in the top joint of my middle and ring fingers?
i think i just inhaled lighter fluid, am i in danger?
foot swelling..................................?
Why hasn't the swelling or pain gone from my knee?
has anybody fell over in a public place and broken their nose, and got compensation of the council?
'cracking' ankle joint that hurts!?
Can I request a new cast on my arm at the hospital?
Should I get my hip checked out?
Swelling still in ankle 5 months after breaking it.?
I found something yesterday......?
Do ligaments need warming up like muscles do , say before playing football?
I think i've broke my foot/ ankle?
a question about strangulation (serious question)?
I hit my head the other day,could this be making me sick?
need some help on a knee injury?
at work i was working and my knee landed on this peg at work all my weight went on it its been hurting since?
Can I get compensation from military for a leg injury lasting over a year?
are celebrex 100mg anti inflammatory tabs ok to take 2 a day for 2 weeks?
Are there any doctors out there?
Dry skin on eyelids, helppppp methods? :|?
Do I have lung cancer & what now to diagnose?
My nephew has just been diagnosed with a form of Tourette’s. Not sure of the details, but any info would be?
What are really good 3 step acne regimes?
Hydrated all the time can you help plz?
i have a rash under my pits?
rapid weight gain, bloating, tiredness?!!!?
hepatitis B-Vaccination sch. and boster?
If I get ringworm once will I be more susceptible to it again?
are there any side efftects of high potassium levels?
I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Has anyone tried a treatment that works well?
has anyone stopped bulimia without a psycholoist?
Any of you have trouble swallowing?
need help on asthma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting the A (H1N1) vaccine?
Psoriasis on Scalp treatment...?
I have been getting sore dry skin on my face recently, HELP?
I have itchy legs! Why?
what could this red spot be on my baby's face?
i think i have anemia i get dizzy reactions?
how long does mst overdose take and what will it be like?
Whenever i excitedly talk to someone, my hands fidget....?
blindness scam of sorts?
umm, heat rash problem, help?
A lot of blood after wiping, what should I do?
Ive just had two nose bleeds within an hour of waking up and im rather concerned ?
What would you like to ask?does anyone know the name of the anti-sickness?
Just bought 100mg Ginseng tablets, says 1 a day but should I take 2-3 based on mg?
Germs and feet????????????????
Bad effects of smoking?
Which is the most painful suicide?
Woke up coughing....why?
will antibiotics effect blood test ?
HELP ME..... im kinda worried?
Is it okay for my daughter to still take her beclazone easy breath inhaler even though it is abit out of date?
my mum has a needle lung biopsy on christmas eve, will she be able to celebrate with us on christmas day?
The medical magazine Lancet now confirm that car pollution kills and gives more respiratory problems than?
Why would our lungs 'collapse' if they were external instead of internal?
what to do about my cough?
Hey, does anyone know if pharmacies in the UK and Ireland supply Nasodren for chronic sinus issues?
ughhhh still have trouble breathing :(?
Hi, many years ago one could buy a cough syrup called "Antussin" still available? ,if so where can i get it?
Have I got a chest infection?
Question about asthma?
why would using salt stop coughing?
What are these chest and back pains?
chest infection and pains?
Hi, what does pulmonary or pleural pathology mean, have googled it without much luck, thanks?
I have had a chest x ray and was told i had an elevated stomach . any one had similar result as i am confused
scared of having liver biopsy done?
I suffer from serious sweat problems..... 10 pts best answer :) ty?
When I was a baby I had ''Whooping cough'' what are the chances this could of damaged my lungs?
Cross country, asthma, help?
I was woken up by my stomach muscles clenching does anyone know what this could be?
What is the difference between a bone spur and a tumor on x-ray?
medication question..please advise :) thnks?
what is the name of the person whom performs a colon cleanse? What is that outlook like?
What other alternatives are there for iron pills?
Marijuana question please help?
is there a natural drug to cure E.D.?
How to get unhigh. Someone need to work in 4 hours.?
Are there any vitamins you can take to help improve your memory??
Is it true that Canadians have to wait months to see a doctor because of socialized medicine?
Have you ever experimented with drugs?
Has anyone tried Ginseng themselves?
I keep having these stabbing pains in my chest?
Vitamins A, B, C, or D?
what are the many cures of high blood presure and which is best second third etc,.?
Stoned like me?
any home remedies for a cold?
Whats a good way to get rid of a sore throat?
I frequently get strep throat. 5-6 times a year. Was considering going to a naturopath. Can they help?
easy way to cure diarreha?
What is happening here?what is your responsibility as a chiropractor?
colloidal silver?
I have really painful knees, they hurt when I wake up, when I walk, and they are getting worse & they click.?
I got severe heartburn but what is it caused by?
Glucosamine and chondroitin healthy joints ?
pain in my neck/shoulder?
is it better to sleep with less or more pillows with back pain?
hi for years now ive been getting bad headaches?
Can you feel it f someone is injucting lets something into you?
Help me solve this mystery?
are there any good over the counter pain reliefs for trapped nerves?
Severe Back Pain - What is it?
Just been injected for carpal tunnel -how much does this hurt?
What is the best night cream to treat aging skin?
How Long Does Accutane stay in your system?
is 58bpm normal when you're awake..in the middle of the day... Does caffeine slow your heart rate?
Honey and acne scars?
How to get rid of a cold without using medicine and tissues?
What's the best way to lose a cold/ prevent them?
what should i put on my face or just my pinples to get rid of them overnight? (or close to gone)?
What does it mean when you have frequent nosebleeds?
High Cholesterol - 7 years old?
where can I buy peanut free/ nut free coconut?
So I got my wart frezzed off with liquid nitrogen now I have a problem?
human relations father and son what is the remedy?
can cephalexin be used to treat swelling of the lymph nodes, UTI?
mold in blood?
Do only bakers get baker's cysts?
where does swine flu is in british columbia?
Is it possible that I have Congestive Heart Failure?
Help with ringing noise in ear?
will penicillin work for a bladder infection?
question about heart transplants?
Does anyone know a good site for activities to print out and use for my dementia patients?
Why do football teams not know about/do extensive testing into underlying cardiac prodlems of their players?
I have Ischemic Heart Disease, and a junior doctor in my local surgery has changed one of my tablets .?
has anyone got intermittent claudication?
this lad named *** help please in less than 10 mins ?
can someone tell me please what the surgeon would have done to repair my husbands ruptured AAA?
Could I by any chance have PSVT?
A heart murmur in the Pulmonary Region?
What can cause the heart to race and palpitations after eating and when passing a bowel movement?
what is reversible ischaemia?
Has anyone had a thoracic anuerysm? And what are the symptoms?
Is this a serious side effect of anti depressants?
Would you consider mental illness a disability?
Can living in a house full of hypocrites drive a person insane?
Why do I????????
Am I Crazy Please explain.?
How do you relax?
i think i am having mood swings i become angry and aggressive, but then im fine dont understand why it happens?
How can you help people who self harm?
how do i fight anxiety and depression?
When someone calls you "strange", Is it good or bad?
Can anybody offer any help on obsessive "hair-pulling" habits please?
What will happen if I continue like this?
how should i handle this or respond to it ?
depressed i think i am want help but when i go to the doctors?
Has anyone else been having strange dreams lately. The ones that seem real on waking?
do you ever have reacaring dreams,?
Will this make me look silly?
Is stress a good thing or a bad thing?
At what point does depression become clinical?
Have you experienced the negative attitudes of others just because you have/had a mental illness?
Have you ever become nocturnal, and if so how did you get back to the days (if you did)?
What to eat after a sickness bug and fainting?
Anyone know any ways to get rid of mouth ulcers?
Is this bad or simply just natural?
I've just banged my elbow and collapsed?
my wife is addicted to tablets and not quite herself and i dont no what to do?
I had Epilepsy until I was 6 years old - I was on medication for 7 extra years!!?
what is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
How can you clear up a urine infection if you cant take antibiotics ?
does anyone know any treatments to make your tounge better when youve burnt it?
how do you know if you have broken your coxics? If I havent what else could I have done to it?
Sometimes the feeling goes from my big toe - why?
I had a trumatic head injury 2 years ago. I have very bad mood swings and I can't control my anger. Is there?
how long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
ive just had a frenuloplasty operation 1 week ago and the stiches have dissolved and the wound is opened help?
Should I go to Accident and Emergency because of my foot?
I'm 21 can i still get a brace?
Should my finger that got broken nearly 4 months ago still be swollen?
Finger numbness and pain?
In football my nail was stomped with the opponents blade trainers. The nail has gone blue?
Muscle cramp, need help! :(?
my ankle keeps going over, how to stop it?
Do ingrown toenail's always come back?
I have left a grion injury untreated and continued to play for a few days, i have a bump on injured part now?
What could be wrong with my knee?
What's wrong with my back?
would a tailbone injury affect me getting pregnant?
how can i do if i see a guy get hit in the groin? how can i help him?
Will taking calcium tablets help my broken ankle mend?
I got punched in my right side what can happen?
I have a bump in back of my head amd i want to know if it can be a tumor?
a seizure is sometimes known as a fit.....?
Is my girlfriend Bulimic?
How Long Does It Take You To Get Addicted To Smoking?
Anyone know what this problem is?
nose bleeds?
i've been getting headrushes?
How many sleeping pills do you have to take to commit suicide?
Is it true that people can get arthritis (in their fingers) by cracking their fingers?
I have a pretty low immune system that needs a boost. I feel tired and run down regularly. I dont feel 100%?
i havent had a nose bleed for 18 years, i had my blood vessels courterised because i got them all the time?
How to avoid jet lag?
So i took 13+ paracetamols...?
Is it normal for your mouth to bleed?
Tips on staying awake?
still not sleping?
whats the diffrence between a ventalator and a life support machine?
emphysema-fev1 50%-info given after tests -by gp to a man of 60?
My husband died of Asbestosis ----?
Has your hayfever started yet?
why is my son scared of sneezing?
Is picking the nose related to blocked sinuses? What are the long term effects of doing this? What damage can?
my baby having cough and cold tell me the suitable meidicine for her?
bronchitis and exercise?
Health Problems Advice Please?
my wife needs a CT scan?
uvula enlargement?
i got a cold how do i get rid of it?
i'm suffering from anxiety?
can your ribs go closer to your lungs?
Asthmatic and chest feels painful when breathing in deeply, filling my lungs full with air?
Has anyone had results with nutritional and homeopathic treatment?
potassium what is natural?
do you know of any natural remedy for warts?
Has anyone there ever tried Homeopathy and did it work?
Alternatives to amitrypline for migraines?
Does drinking coffee and tea help flush weed out of the system?
Any medication free pain relief for gout ?
where to get free viagra?
Anyone recover from Fibromayalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Any helpful memory boosters out there to strengthen brain cells?
Is Aloe Vera Juice Good for you?
constipation from supplements?
Can chocolate cure headaches?
How can I cure my insomnia?
What is the best tea for a cold?
Do u have any sore stomach remedies. I might be pregnant so pls only natural things.?
what are some natural remedies?
what do you think of blood tests I DREAD THEM!?
How can i stop the hospital from giving my teen psychiatric medicines, i am against it and normally she is too?
Herbal remedies for anxiety?
Where is tiredness coming from?
I have red veins on my nose how do I get rid of them?
Tinea Versicolor?????????????
Can I sue a doctor from jail, if they mis diagnosed me with MRSA(SuperBug)?
Does anyone have fibromyalgia?
Do I Have An Ear Infection? What should I do?
is there anyway to completly get rid of stretch marks?
Psoriasis help please?
COLD SORES, please help?
Large, Painful, Dime-sized Bump on Underarm... Help!?
Ladies Only Do you have very dry skin on your breast?
What is Mutation?
Post spinal surgery: Can nerves regenerate (e.g. bladder neck, bowels)?
COPD ---- What's considered a high concentration of required supplemental Oxygen?
Fever and rash?
what insurance can be acceptable at a dermotologist?
severe weightloss after pneumonia?
Will the Swine flu hit everywhere in Canada? I live in Winnipeg, what are the odds?
two head CT scans...?
Does anyone have an ansa to the condition known as Angular Chelitis. I tried all the well known creams'n stuff?
How to get rid of acne fast!!!?
does anyone know a cheap natural relief for psoriasis?
I have had dandruff for well over a year now?
why is my red eyes help!!!?
what is a stroke.........?
cholesterol levels. Can someone answer this please?
Runs of consecutive ventricular ectopics - what do they mean?
Blood pressure too high?
what is the effect of fruit juice on blood pressure and the pulse rate ?
mild angina?
Has anyone had, or know someone who has had, a micro maze heart operation for atrial fibrillation, please?
I have a hole in the heart & pulmonary stenosis doctors considerinf doing TOE does anybody know what this is
Regarding stable blood pressure. What primary structures are responsible for detecting any change?
severley high blood pressure question?
High INR reading and corresponding risk to health?
Atenolol dreams every night?
heart palpitations...............?
not on pill anymore ...low blood pressure?
Possible Heart Attack?
can i join the police if i have coeliac disease?
IBS is turning me into a Hypercondriac?
how rare is cerebellar ataxia?
Is this a manic episode?
what are sore ears and sore head a sign off ?
why have I got constant headaches?
Tinnitus and Headaches?
Olive oil to remove ear wax.?
What vitamins/suplements are good to take for hormones?
I have diarrhea and bad stomach pain... what shall I do?
I swallowed mercury (of glass-thermometer) 5-6 years ago? Why I'm alive then?
Help I'm terrified Ill be in agony tongiht!?
why do people with short-sightedness wear glasses?
Can I still grow taller?
when body too hot, what do MUSCLES do to help cool u down?
Why do my vein always show?
What does it mean if people brush with their fingers?
Why haven't I started my period...?
What can I do about bad hayfever?
Do i take in enough calcium a day ?
can irritable bowel syndrome cause contraction of the body or expansion?
how many % chance after you get swim flu you will survive?
can you be a carrier of swine flu?
So and achey and tired after swine flu?
Swine flu and auto-immune conditions?
Hand foot and mouth, Pregnant?
are the nhs still giving out tamiflu to people who start to show symptoms of swine flu?
Is it true that the UK schools won't open till October because of swine flu?
I've not been dancing because of an injury do I have to take it slow to start with?
knee injury what could it be?
What wrong with my foot?
Will i need one if i decide if i want it removed?
Where can I get a posture brace from?
Involuntary twitch of bicep. Not painful but been continual for a couple of days. Any ideas?
I left the hospital...Can i leave it untreated?
Badly bruised leg - What do I do?
Why does my knee come out of place when i walk?
I have a painful lump at the top of my shin just under my knee joint, is this shin splints?
RTA Whiplash who is at fault?
hurt my back somehow is it serious? more detail below?
Hammer Toe - Should I report it?
How long will it take to heal?
why is my knee cap no longer smooth?
What should I do about my blister?
what have i done to my foot?
what have i done to my leg?
Shock off the mains through the hand?! Will I be okay?!?
what are the causes of kidney stone and what are the curative measures?
i had an aniexty attack for the first time one month ago and know im always having a dull headache?
burning stomach after soya?
do you know anyone with the hutchinson-gilford-syndrom?
Could My 19 month old daughter have celiac disease or a wheat intolerance?
Can I get ink poisoning?
what causes the feeling of hunger?
Monkey Allergy?????????????
Is it possible to break someones trachea?
how do i measure my lung capacity?
How does asthma in adults develop?
what is the propholactic treatment of dvt?
Do I have a chest infection or is it just a bad cough?
low iron endoscopy investigation?
I took an asprin and i have a cold, but i only took one asprin, will i get reyes syndrome?
Does Asthma cause other diseases?
why am i waking up on a morning gasping for breath?
Coud someone explain this anxiety feeling im getting?
ive had chest pain for the last 3 days and is now shooting up to my shoulder?
Why do I develop lung pain and breathlessness after carrying my backpack?
i got a critical update for my vista basic i thought it was not due out until mid April this happen to anyone?
I have lumps that hurt when touched. They are in my stomach, leg & arm. What should I do, what are they from?
Shall I wrap my head in vinegar and brown paper..or something else.?
I have white lines on my tongue at times its sore?
what are the longterm effects of methadone for people using no other drugs but that?
What's the least painful way to die?
i have really sore legs/muscles?
suffer from fibromalgia and osteoporosis?
What are the possible causes for a pain that i have been having in my right hand.In the mornings I get a cramp
16 year old female, and have noticed a large painful lump on my calf?
Stomach pain for the last 3 days now on my right side.?
Pain in right shoulder / arm?
Any home remedies to get rid of a headache?
i get pains in my lungs and my hart when ever i breath. why is this? HELP!?
Sharp pain in my lower back and thigh - any ideas?
What is the best way of getting rid of spots and acne?
Becoming a Reiki Healer?
What are some good tips on quitting smoking cold turkey?
Anyone heard about coral calcium as an alternative medicine for cancer & other diseases?
What are some health benefits of coconut oil, is it really "bad" oil ?
Has anyone ever tried using laser therapy for smoking cessation??
Is Bach Flowers good?
Weird kinda acne type rash on my face?
How to get rid of bad scars?
Chiropractors, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy - What is the best treatment for back pain?
Any urgent advice is welcome thank you?
what is a good healing stone for memory?
itchy freckle, should i worry?
what are the best vitamins for dry macular degeneration?
Are there any natural/home ways to treat ear infection ?
Skin Health problem need help solving.?
does cranberry juice work for urine test to clean you out,if not what does work from home or a local store?
Natural Treatments for ADD?
i cant swallow pills!!! help?
How can quit drinking and drugs?
What is a good natural cleanse to clear out the toxins in the body?
best way of relaxing?
Natural constipation cures?
Can you sleep with your eyes open?
why are my veins blue but my blood red?
Anyone here ever gone for surgery to remove eye bags?
why is it you can feel tired, but not sleep still?
how to control a 5year olds cough variant asthma?
I keep weeing...infection?
did i have alcohole poisening??
i resign from work because i am being treated bad,i am still on sick where do i send my sick note help pls?
Help ! i have holiday tomorrow!!?
feeling run down?
It's 5.10am - shall I carry on and stay up all night, or go to bed?
what cause diebetis?
Does coffee stop you from having symptoms of sleep deprivation?
I have started twitching uncontrollably and just had a nose bleed. What could this be?
Been prescribed Propranolol for Anxiety, but i need advice on the section that says "do not take if..." Help?
Why is it that as soon as I wake up, even before getting out of bed, that I'm waking up dizzy?
Do you have any recipes for snacks & main courses for my Diabetic son?
Does a doctor certificate state whats wrong on it?
anxiety caused stomach problem?
i had a blood test a week ago now and the doctor said they would call if there was a problem? ive had no call?
i have an exam in about 4 hours and my hayfeever is so bad i keep sneezing. what can i do?
help me with my nerves.?
I'm able to see the mirror.However, mirror feels shame to see my face. I'm ashamed myself.?
anyone had there gallbladder removed?
I'm always being sick????????
my hair is falling out because ive been taking depakote , when will it stop ?
i had stomach ache an suddenly felt the urge to be sick an all that came up was small traces of blood.?
i cant wake up in the morning!! why?
can smoking cannabis and taking paracetamol together cause fits?
Why do I feel so sick and dizzy?
Which antibiotics can you take that dont make you sick?
Can I help anyone? I'm on msn right now if you need to talk.. Msn = [email protected] :-) x?
Euthanasia, read description please.?
Can a reoccurring absis clear itself?
Will taking Hair,skin and nail vitamins help my hair grow if it's damaged?
Real sharp stabbing pain in between ribs right at the top of my stomach? What could it be? Thanks?
why have i got a cold in summer?
which tablets are used for Iron deficiency anemia?
took 22 paracetamol in 24hrs.?
My dad keeps getting a tingling feeling in his left hand, I’m really worried what is it?
Can you get an abnormal ECG EKG caused from anixety can they tell the difference?
can there be a problem wih a heart that soes not show on a normal echo or an EKG?
any ways to control vasovagal attacks ?
Enlarged left ventricle?
Low Blood Calcium Levels?
A question for anyone with a heart pacemaker or a medic please.?
how long does an Atrial Septal Defect surgical repair take approximately.?
Have A.Fib as a result of childhood rheumatic fever,affecting a heart valve(will need replacement)?
will heart sto for half an hour?
Anyone in there feeling low, try reading this.?
good resting heart rate but makes my chest pulsate?
stress with computer games and high blood pressure?
what are the dangers of?
Can I use the powerplate machine at the gym, with a weak heart?
Help uric acid levels sky high?
if i have a high cholesterol and a clogged heart valve, and chest pains can i have ischemic heart disease?
geographic tongue cure please!!!!?
Am I suffering from adrenal fatigue?
What happens to you if you have enlarged spinal cord?
Lower rate care component of disability living allowance.
how old do you have to be to get your ears peacrced?
Could I Become A Living Kidney Donor?
What illnesses could be related to blood glucose?
Painful and weak from stomach?
Cocaine damage to nose - repair / surgery?
can i cure cystitis just by drinking lots of water so i pee more and flush it out?
i was diagnosed as anaemic 3 months ago and was prescibred 200mg of ferrous sulphate 3 times a day?
5 Stitches in my Knee- general advice?
should i leave the glass in my foot?
Is it ok for other people to make a doctor's appointment for you?
Torn meniscus - should i have surgery or not?
Have your ever purposely knocked yourself out before?
Major breakout problem: How do I get rid of acne?
What are some natural ways to treat acne?
If i caught the swine flu what should i do?
Why is it that even after someone is given the flu shot, it is still possible for them to get the flu?
should my 7 year be in the hospitle she has a fever that has lasted for 9 days now?
Creative asthma slogans?
Can you be allergic to the rain?
How can I lessen the discomfort and most important the appearance of hives?
Will alot of drugs show up in my blood test results? (URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?
Best Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis..?
small Holes on face left from spots?
I have dry scaly skin. Would it be smart to use Clean & Clear along with aloe vera? Or it's too dry?
My 9 month old is having a scan on his lungs?
I have a sore throat on the right hand side.?
does antibiotics mask illicit drugs in your system?
how long will marijana show in blood test?
Has anyone used a nasal spray for Migraines?
BCG in schools ?
how to reduce red spots?
where does carbon monoxide come from?
If I am on Pulmicort turbohaler, is it possible for me to donate blood?
does prime minister Gorden Brown has a young son with cystic fibrous?
i have been having palpitaions mainly at night for years i have seen specialist and doctors with no out come?
I frequently have sneezing fits where i sneeze up to 20 times constantly - what's causing this?
I have a really deep severe cough.No phlegm is getting out. Antibiotics have made no difference. What is this?
X-Smokers can you relate to any of this?
cough syrup abuse?
What to do after leaving the smoking and smoking could not stand anymore?
why is emphysema not curable or `volume` not be reversed?
will i still be able to have a general aneasthetic if i have a cold?
What foods should you EAT and AVOID if you have high cholesterol?
Does anyone know any cheap remedies to cure insomnia?
Smokers; where do you smoke?
I need a cure for streap throat?
would the smell of marijuana go away if...?
Can anyone recommend a good natural method for treating acute leukemia?
Natural Depressants? Know any?
does consuming apple cider vinegar everyday help?
Whats the best homemade colon cleanser recipe?
whats a quick home-remidie for constipation?
E is for Ecstasy, key is for what?
Can doing drugs and drinking affect one's long term memory?
Chamomile and children?
is there thc in marijuana seeds?
Both Chinese and Indians classify foods as either hot or cold. Are the foods classified the same way?
Whats the best way to have the best sleeps at night?
What is the best natural remedy to rid cold sores fast?!?
is it possible to be so baked?
Anyone heard of oxygen pills or liquid oxygen supplement?
what are the nutritional benefits of eating dates?
How can I improve my quality of sleep and/or energy levels?
Coughing up blood? anorexic girl ?
visiting the GP when the receptionist does this ?
where can i buy a at home drug test over the counter in london?
Have you ever felt overwhelming, all-consuming sadness?
What do you think is wrong?
I've just been to my first ever yoga class....?
feeling dizzy after drinking a whole grapefruit with skin?
whether Anesthesia can be swallowed, if not tell me any other medicine which can make us unconscious?
If I sleep during the day, wake up at night, is it healthy?
Describe how some medications may require a physiological measurement to be taken?
why dose the bottom of my shower curtain turn red?
Should i worry about my health after cleaning some really awful plates?
Why does it take so long for a torn ligament to heal?
Is this what I think it is?
Why does drinking water make me cough and choke?
Can anyone help me understand why my ear is blocked?
is it true when your ill you sweat out the illness the night before?
Severe Migranes and Diarrhea?
If somebody faints, and you stand them up forceably, will they die?
How do I get over a seizure?
whenever i get confused about life, i get dizzy and i cant breathe.what should i do when i cant breathe?
how to reduce blackness from beneath the eyes?
Should I take marijuana?
could i have a ganglion cyst?
I have taken 3 of my antibiotics today - Making me feel sort of sick? - like i keep burping?
i cant sleep most nights? Help?
Puffy eyes, unusal tiredness, fatigue... Please Help!?
How do I get rid of this cough and make my throat smooth again?
what causes shadows on liver?
to put my mind at rest, can someone diagnose what happened to my dad?
can i have the hpv vaccine if...?
What are the treatment for brain tuberculosis?
medical advice required!?
I was cutting down a tree yesterday and the axe slipped and hit my foot. are my toes broken?
My Eyes are troubling me? :/?
NHS!! Compensation, medical negligence, after traumatic birth. Nerve Damage.?
Can someone explain in non complicated words?
what can i do to fix a torn hand muscle what connect to the spind?
Self Injury cuts/scratches?
been told my sister has got mild traumatic brain injury.is it long lasting?
If a lumbar disc is ruptured and left untreated for too long, will it cause Stenosis?
My eye feels bruised, but isn't...?
i cant arch/bend my back properly what can i do to improve the flexibility in it?
How can I get a good posture and ease off back/neck ache?
What are the noticeable effects of permanent brain damage from a mild traumatic brain injury?
when people break their backs...?
are there any alternatives to Crutches?
I had a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago but I really don't like myself anymore. So many of my friends don't?
Can sleeping positions worsen a traumatic brain injury (concussion)?
i slipped on ice a week ago and my bum is no better then last week i have a lump and bruise on it what is it?
Is it normal for men in their early 30's to have disc wear in the lower spine, when they haven't heavy-lifted?
I'm so tired, need to go to sleep, is there anything I can do to stop me falling asleep.?
what are effects of amoeba,causes,cure etc need to elaborate?
Deos exercise & drinking water decrease your chances of illnesses while being a smoker?
to those people who are feeling depressed, tell me something postive about your life at the moment..?
Are you afraid to die?
How do i get Lazarus Syndrome??!!?
blood pressure question.?
is it safe to be taking champix smoking tablets along with ramipril blood pressure tablets?
How can i lower my blood presure i have lost 10lb in weight by diet and exercise and it won`t come down?
should i be concerned that my heart rate goes up to 183 when i am the cross trainer i am 39years old female?
What is the equation connecting systolic pressure to pulse rate?
investigations for cardiovascular disease?
I've had a 24hr ecg and have been referred to a cardiologist because of pre ventricular beats.?
How can I find out how many operations my surgeon has 'messed up'?
What hospitals in Western Europe are practising the recently-new "keyhole" aortic valve replacement surgery?
If a patient just had a stroke…..?
what happens if during a 24hr ecg, one of the wires falls off and wont go back on?
What does Grossly abnormal ECG showing T wave inversion mean/imply?
cause of aneuerysm question?
Having a stroke and travelling?
High Blood pressure, high cholesteral, diabeties, sleep apneo, fatty liver,?
oily skin at the end of the school day?
What should I use for dry eyelids?
How do depressant drugs AND stimulant drugs affect the nervous system?
5'5" with 28 inch legs, too short?!?
What can cause large beads of perspiration that shoot out of the glands?
whats up with my ear?
I have been sick for 6 weeks now?
Why do I have random tear drops now and again? I am perfectly happy with my life.?
Ear plugs that block out the noise of slamming doors?
When you are unsure or nervous why do you get knots in your stomach?
What happens if I hold my nose and push?
does a micro discectomy bring positive results?
Is it too early for hayfever?
Can chocolate cause shortness of breath?
I get Dizzy in lifts, why is this?
How do medics tell when someone is short of blood, and to what extent the shortage?
Strange feeling in my leg/foot?
What foods can I eat with a sore throat?
self esteem is even worse! :(?
Why did I faint so harshly?? What has happened to my vision?
My stomach is growling!?
I have a -13.5 & -12.5 eyes and I want contacts. What is the highest prescription and what is the best brand?
contact lenses uk???????
what is it when you feel dizzy and everything goes red?
If your vision can only be corrected to 20/40 with glasses does that mean your visually impaired?
Help i think my optician has missed the problem?
What's Up with the Red Rims of my Eyes?
Where can i get either red, topaz or black contacts from on the Isle of Wight?
There is a small thin opaque layer around my my eye, is this something serious? could i become blind?
Test for legal blindness in the UK?
Does anyone know the price of private eye cataract surgery?
What is the lens measurement of very basic first time reading glasses?
How do I make my eyes the same size? One is bigger when I focus on something!!!?
Wanting to get contact lenses.. help!?
my hubby had lazer surgery?
Recently, at night, my right pupil seems larger than the left....cause for concern?
eye treatment...................................................?
Is it okay for a person who has astigmatism use nontoric colored contact lens?
green laser pointer went in my eye?
What does it mean if my asitgmatism is oblique?
My head went really weird today? what happened?
I have a Chalazion in my eye?
why am i so scarded of sick?
Do Copper/Magnetic Bracelets really work?
Massage therapy anyone? What should I expect from 1 hr massage therapy session in terms of actual massage time?
Hi. What’s the best way to quit smoking?
lung pains/chest pains?
Does anyone have this recurring sinus bug?
best cure for a sore throat?
In comparing conventional and alt. medicine practitioners, which do you find to be more coercive and negative?
Flu shot crisis?
Anyone know anything about honey?
My 5 month old has a very rattly chest. I took him to the doctor on sunday and he was given antibiotics.?
Phobia of breathing overbreathed air?
Can an acupunturist or narturopathic doctor helps me with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and depression?
Does Ginger give one indigestion?
Could my marijuana have been laced?
what natural ingredient helps to lower blood pressure?
is LSD stronger in pill form ?
What does it mean when someone talks about 'IV heroin' or something IV?
air conditioning?
the dark chocolate used in CFS study.?
My 4 month old has chesty cough, blocked nose, vomits with phlem sometimes. I want a cure for it pls.?
what's the difference between MDMA and cocaine?
Pharma. drugs have a placebo effect. Is it greater than in Homeopathy?
can nasal polyps cause any problems such as headaches?
once a person is no longer able to swallow, what is the life expectancy?
Does General Anaesthetic Cause Shortness Of Breath?
Recurrent Croup in children?
why does the TB vaccine not provide lifetime immunity?
Treatment and Prevention of Migraines?
best ways to cure a hangover?
How much money do you make as a massage therapist?
What if I threw up bile 1 night and the next morning I feel fine?
Is they a coughing bug in england at the moment which is making people ill?
info on treatment for a abusive controller?
i have a very bad tickly cough and it just seems to be getting worse.?
Cheyne-Stokes Breathing?
How do you decide which dietary supplements to buy, on what advice/evidence of efficacy, and where d'you shop?
Burning SAGE?
How much to charge for Reflexology treatments?
insomnia..? should i just stay up?
what is a normal rate heartbeat for a female aged 31?
I have to stay awake for the next 2hours but i feel like im going to fall straight asleep!!?
I have this bone sticking out of my leg - increased fibula or something , anything to worry about?
Sore arm after donating blood...?
Why do my finger tips always feel numb whenever I've been drunk the night before?
why am i so ill !! wots wrong wiv me!!?
Is there something wrong with me?
Taking a good multi-vitamin instead of eating fruits and veg?
do kalms tablets work?
What do you think of memory foam mattress? I suffer a aching back while trying to sleep.?
GP says he's going to write to a specialist for me, and to leave it with him, but I forgot to ask him how I?
Need a stop smoking tip. Can anyone help?
Please help my friend! shees a little embarresed!?
Are all incense sticks and candles carcinogenic?
its 6am uk if i go to bed now, whats a reasonable time to set my alarm to get up?
i have just been woken up. i have been asleep for 25HOURS!! how can that happen?
numb fingers and wrists?
How to cope with injection tomorow?
where can it hurt when you have bad gas?
I am 15 years old and am having excruciating growing pains in my ankles, wrists, and knees, help!!?
I had very strong headache since morning until night. Is it migraine?
what would you use for acid indigestion and severe heartburn?
migraine's is it normal?
if i took 50 paracetamol tablets would i die?
How to get rid of headaches?
I've had a headache for about 5 weeks?
the limit of an adult man?
Pain, like stitch under left side ribs ,what could it be??
Just thought I'd put this out there...?
Is there medication i can take to cure a itchy skin?
Brain tumor treatment.?
how do you get rid of dark upper lip?
what might happen to a person that has 3 blockage and want take the surgery just only take medication?
I went into a coma, had a seizure and was in a coma for 3 days!?
Please answeer im scared:|?
Pesky Mosquito bites?
When do stop using 1 lotion and start using 2 for tanning beds?
How do i know if i have HIV?
What causes an enlarged kidney-- so large I can feel it poking out of my abdomen?
How can I tell if I need a colonoscopy and is there an age limit for it ????
Help Please? Upset stomach an something like diarrhea almost every morning?
Does Smooth Away Really Work?! What About Burts Bees?
I have acne in my back how do i get rid off it?
Help with colon polyps?
Where is there AA meetings in Toronto or surrounding area?
Which home test is the safest for determining if I have low stomach acid?
Urinating frequently, losing weight and cant sleep?
is the drug rivaroxaban still under phase III clinical trials?
Can Keratosis Pilaris skip a generation? My 19 year old son has just been diagnosed but no family history?
Could my headaches be caused by antihistamines?
How long will I have to wait for surgery after I see the ent?
My doctor says I have dyspepsia. Is he right?
why do I gag a lot!? heeeelllp?
Kidney infection? How long until it gets serious? Help quick please!?
How long do sprained wrist's usally last for on average?
Case study on Scoliosis; Treatments.?
i kicked off last nite !!!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME?
Operation to correct a prolapsed disk in the lumbar vertebrae?
I have a bad knee...?
Painful bleeding lump on big toe? Please help me :(?
how long will my rhinoplasty swelling last?
Broken foot help?. . . . . . . . .?
what is this lump on my ankle?
My friend fainted and her eye turned black when she hit her head on the floor?
what is wrong with my arm (please answer)?
Could i have chipped my bone?? Lump on arm....?
is it normal to be having pins and needles in my foot when i have a broken ankle?
Sprained knee.......?
Hit my head hard at work today ----?
My eye has popped out - How do i put it back in - No Medical Insurance?
Help How to get rid of this pain in my leg, its driving me crazy !!!!!!!!!!?
Painful Rash on my leg?
Feeling like my skin is burnt?
why do i get spots on my chin and collar bone?
Does fake tan cover a rash?
where can i buy oxy chill factor daily wash?
Dianette and acne. Help please?
bio oil acne scars????????????
i have a really hairy back and torso...?
cold sores! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i had a cyst removed from inside my face?
Get rid of acne? What has worked for you?
why do they say diet doesn't matter when it comes to acne! lies!?
HELP! How do i get rid of spots and blackheads?
is it true? that having an orange everyday during pregnancy.it vl change colour of baby?
i have a purple bump on my upper eyelid. it is hard and painfull. what is it?
If you had threadworms for a long time can you get rid of them?
chrones disease help?
Can you vomit in a cycle when you have Crohn's disease?
What might be wrong with me?
Is this a condition or just me?
can dehydration cause a lisp?
How to sleep and recharge quicker?
If everyone is so worried about lung cancer why don't they just stop selling cigarettes?
What happens at your first physical exam at the doctors?
Fainted for the first time today. How can I stop it happening again?
what happens to the body when it is low in protein?
Alcohol Detox: What should I expect to feel like?
girls only !! I want to get a Chastity device?
Please, someone to talk to?
I think my ear piercing is infected!!please help?
is there a medical explanation for this? HELP NEEDED?
why when i eat garlic i am sick and get stomach cramps?
Why does my body temperature rise when I am stressed or anxious?
My boyfriend wants me to chop his thing off Should I?
Reiki...why did her hands get cold?
how to CURE crohn's?, RIFE machine? zapper?..diet, etc?
Is detox safe ror some one with health issues ??
what is the most potent marijuana out there and were is it grown?
a question about Massage Therapy.?
Marijuana Pros and Cons?
Treating severe and chronic constipation?
How come sometimes nothing happens when I eat magic mushrooms?
Is it better to sleep on your back or on your side?
What are the best things to help wake you up that are natural?
Is cooked honey really toxic? I know the Ayurveda's says t is, but what is the science behind it?
What are the exercises to combat sciatica?
What Herbal would you recommend for Anxiety?
anybody ever had an intestinal parasite?
Can my Dr. sue me ,which I used to work for , for prescribing Rx my self (not a drugs) just a cream.?
where in UK can you purchase medi-bracelets from a shop?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
How to deal with Thyroid lump in neck until you have surgury?
Commercials...what is the puck that u put into the shower to help with colds?
meditation training?
substance abuse help, 15 years old and in desperate need of help!?
Will swine flu vaccine reduce severity of mutated swine flu?
Why have i still got severe headache 5 days into antibiotic for ear infections?
if you dont have fever but lots of other symptoms is it possibly swine flu?
How much unintended weight loss should one be concerned about?
Pemphigus Vulgaris .How do you protect your blistered skin from being further irritated by your clothing?
What can I use that is just like neosporin?
Is my iron considered dangerously low?
Which one is worse for your lungs?
My mom might have breast cancer can someone give me more information?
can babies catch cat flu?
do ingrown hairs scab?
Why does my breathe smells bad all the time?
Downs syndrome missed?
anorexia and bulimia help?
what happens if you take too many sleeping tablets at once?
How do you recognise a healthly poo and a not healthy one?
my 9 year old son is so faddy!?
how does one g et rid of moths?, they seem to be immune to poisons?
anyone ever quit drinking / smoking pot + found that life is better?
Noisy flatmates-in need of ear plugs!!?
im 36 year old woman and getting terrible leg pain?
How good is your eyesight?
running clubs in or near greenwich london?
How do I treat small blisters on my fingers?
boyfriend has really bad chest pains, what could be causing it?
my partner is due to give birth in 9 days time and her ankles have swollen up would a foot spa bring relief?
really bad indigestion?
why do we get ear wax?
How do you cope with stress in the work place?
Is feeling the need to drink more water "at nights" a sign of diabetes?
Do hopi ear candles work? Please don't say, only on rabbits.?
I get bad neck & shoulder pain down 1 side which causes terrible migraines about twice a week, know any cures?
arggggh what helps ulsars?
something stuck in throat via chest, its really uncomfortable and causing temperature?
Its non unform day What hsould I Wear ?
why couldnt i breath when i was laughing so much?
Throat Problems?
has aybody had any side effects.using rimonabant 20mg tablets....?
sudden shortness of breath?
Sore throat on just one side?
I have had a very awful hayfever, I am constantly sneezing, itchy eyes and wiping my nose-chest is also wheezy?
My Dad is having a Bronchoscopy this week?
Help can not breathe normally?
medical question.. driving me crazy?
what does c.p.k and l.f.t mean in doctors notes?
every day at about 5 thirty i get a tickle in my throat and it makes me cough constantly.?
Excercise Enduced Asthma (probs Allgery one too), What to do when without inhaler?
How much damage do asthma pumps do to the environment?
Low Hb and Ferritin....?
what are the signs and symtoms of a major drug reaction?
PLEASE HELP!! What is Hirschbaum's disease?
large hernia in stomach?
Swollen Neck Gland on right hand side help?
my sons feet smell like cat pee?
Why have i gone deaf in one ear ?
Constant, pounding headaches.?
If you know you're going to be sick do you drink water?, What do you do...?
how to stay awake all night without coffee?
My wingspan is 8cm lower than my height, is this weird?
Questions about Blepharoplasty/Eyelid surgery?
my friend can control their heartbeat?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10!?
How long do Diazepam take to work and for how long?
How can you grow more during puberty?
How do i get taller? any kind of method is welcome.?
Why do sneezes sometimes disappear?
Old scar has turned red and started flaking?
Why do I keep getting spots on my face ?
How many cigarettes do you smoke before arriving at work?
Is it bad to have the inside of one nostril more open than the other one?
how long will it take me to grow taller now?
Sick out of my nose - Why?
anyone have any tips on staying awake?
How do I get rid of this "lump feeling" in my throat?
Bad Stomach Pains, how do i get rid of them?
I'm addicted to caffeine?
Is there any way i can get in contact with a paramedic who treated me? to say thanks?
Boyfriend Vomits Blood?
how would i know if i had stage 4 colon cancer?
what do i do a bout my mole?
Is the flu vaccine effective against swine flu?
i'am taking warfin because oh blood pressure and stroke ani i'am on a vitamin k diet is there an updated lis l
Just started Flovent for asthma ...have a question?
How do i prevent zits from popping out again?
Do Pistachios and Avocados help lowering Cholesterol level in the blood ?
Severe Constipation question. Please read, you might be able to help.?
Worried Mom again of 1 Yr old?
Handwashing: Do you or dont you?
Question about sweat marks?
How can you cover bruises?
Dislocated big toe 2months ago and still can't bend at all...Should I be worried?
Do i have Achilles Tendonitis?
cold or allergies?
Bruise nose- how long will it take for the bruising and swelling to go?
how long would it take ruffly for a ear piercing to heal up because i want to get it re-dun?
I really need some advice. I burnt my hand very badly yesterday on hot metal. I went to A&E last night, they?
Bruised my finger during basketball?
How much air in a line going to the blood does it take to kill you? Like say an IV line or dialysis catheter?
My right thumb is swollen,it hurts so bad even just 2 hold a pen,it feels really tight @ d tip,i cant bend it?
I had a blood test 6 days ago and it still hurts, is this normal?
Dark blue cut on my finger?
is my thumb broken or sprained?
Will my ankle get worse if I play basketball on it?
I've got a dent in my wrist is that normal?
Best treatment for a painful sprained shoulder?
Would you pay for crutches?
why do i keep getting nerve pains and spasms?
Painful fingernail - what could it be?
Skin disorder ringworm?
Sore Scalp At The Very Top Of My Head ..Hurts To Touch!?
Would it be possible for rashes to develop several weeks after handling rock wool/mineral wool?
Acne scars treatment (UK)?
I have a huge spot of Cellulitus on my leg?
Blushing Problem.SURGERY!?
Has anyone been on oxytetracycline for acne and developed photo sensitivity?
Boil that won't heal?
How can you get rid off Broken Capillaries on the Nose?
i have spots that i cant get rid of!!!?
how to get rid of a milk spot :) ?
Botox to Treat Strabismus?
Why is it important to care for children's skin and how should this be done?
Why do I get a rash when I shower?
Almost everyday at some point the my skin starts to itch.?
What is this lump under my skin? it's rock hard, moveable, and hasn't got any bigger since i was little?
how can you get rid of birthmarks?
my mons pubis is very large and depresses me im nearly 40 and have had 3 sections?
Anyone heard of Optic Neuritis?? Anyone Experienced/Can Tell Me What it is?
It was retina surgery on my left eye but he just looked at my right eye now i can't see properly out of it..?
how can I find a qualified eye surgent to remove eye bag in london?
Question about irritated eyes?
How can I treat and prevent eye strain?
whats an eyeglasses bow?
I occasionally get a squint in my eye when I don't wear my Glasses?
Do monthly contact lenses build up protein in your eyes?!?
how can this eye problem get better> help please???.....probably pseudo myopia?
Different base curves - Acuvue Oasys - Still Uncomfortable?
Is laser eye surgery good? Pros and Cons?
Do I have Central heterochromia?
At what point in the progression of cataracts, does a human eye become blue-cloudy?
What is a Latent squint of the eye.?
In the eyes of a ranger, the unsuspecting stranger...?
Where can I find good articles on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Cahllenging behaviour?
Are laser surgery and chemical peels good for treating eye wrinkles on black skin?
How many pixels do we see in?
scarring of eye tissue......?
Optician told me I have a flat green lesion to the back of my eye?
Don't You Feel Like You Already Did Something And You're Doing It Again?
Should the prescription of your contact lenses be stronger or weaker than your glasses?
It's about syndromes?!?!?!?
France and heart disease?
what are some signs that you are due to have a heart attack soon?
these question woul be about heart attacks?
Just out of hospital,i got Acute Pericarditis?
What should we do to avoid Silent ISCHEMIA?
Sir Randolph Finnes heart attack?
Who can help obtain information about a patient in a hospital Meppel?
Pulmonary Vein Isolation?
how many rheumatoid arthritis sufferers out there have a esr of 79?
which blood tests need to be taken for fasting cholesterol?
got worms in my tommy..HELP?
How many people interested in alcoholism have read our book "Phoenix in a Bottle" available on Amazon UK?
someone please help me stop smoking!!!!?
Why are my hands always so cold?
it'ss getting worse.?
How to get a good night's sleep every night?
Pins and needles?
Hi I quit smoking a short while ago and have since ...?
why do i get heart burn every time i eat tomato purreed based foods?
i woke up and had slept on my hand, bit worried about it, it doesn't hurt but think it looked swollen maybe?
I want to quit marijuana, please help?
Any ideas?
is there pills to keep you awake?
Waking up and not being able to move?
what is wrong with me??weird reaction with chocolate?
Need medical help please?
when do you recomend i go back to school ?
How do you stop muscle twitching?
Is it bad to flex my fingers?
Aura migraine sufferers?
Cocaine Comedown...worried about my cousin?
3 year old daughter has one kidney and urniates alot?
my 1 yr old swallowed a small amount of shampoo should i worry?
do you have /know anyone who has retinal pigmentosa?
If a stage of an illness is described as 'chronic compensation' what does that mean exactly?
Recommend something for the sore throat?
Is it possible to over-stimulate the immune system ?
Can I cite the nuremberg code,in order to refuse the compulsory "swine flu jab", that seems to be coming?
About the self proclaimed sceptics of alt med, do you think they personally BELIEVE what they say ?
how do you remove a high count of "urea" in the blood?
Should drug company advertising on TV be banned?
Can drinking green tea give you fluorosis?
Flax seeds ?
Is the homeopathic treatment of fibromyalgia better than drugs?