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Bad posture...?
i have got a BANGING headache !!?
Why is it that when I lay on my right side I get heartburn but switch to the left side and it goes away?
I am 59 and I am getting severe cramp in my fingers and toes how can I help to prevent this?
dose any1 do stretches before they go to bed?
i get really bad neck ache. many years now. doc no help. pain relief?
webbed toes does it mean your a good swimmer?
I have a searing pain in my throat every time I swallow food or drink, what's wrong with me?
How did the Spartans learn to ignore pain?
Back pain and neck pain?
Have you had appendicitis?
how to get rid of a headache?
What's the longest time you have been in a physical pain?
Back problem - crawling?
I have had a massive lump come up on my wrist and some times my hand gives way what could this be?
Went to bed feeling sick woke up threw up. .?
Ibuprofen dosage for swollen, painful Knee.?
what oil can i take for aching joints?
Chronic Back Pain, Please Help!?
Analgesic overuse worries?
My left ear feels blocked and dulled hearing?
Do onions get rid of warts, if so how?
What treatment is best for hives?
Weird blotchy rash question?
What do you call the lump you get on your finger when you write alot?
i have teh hemroids please recommend me cream?
Burn marks on face....?
how to make flea bites stop itching?
hard white lumps/spots on my skin?
why do my hands go green with faketan?
how could you keep smooth skin when you have acne?
i have these spots about for 2 years or maybe more on my upper arm is always itching its gets really red?
A mole with a spot (achne like) underneath it. What should i do?
i want to remove my mole but i am only 16 and my parents don't want me to , what do you think?
How to remove a sty quickly?
sensitive skin on face?
why do people get lumps when they got eczema?
Can someone recommend a good set of facial cleansers/creams for a person with combination skin?
How do I get rid of them?!?!?!?!?! ...?
what percentage of children in kenya have aids?
What's the best way of coping with the flu?
urgent advice needed if you don't mind?
Why do i feel dizzy everytime i stand up?
i have what looks like small cuts on the side of my mouth, they hurt sometimes and bleed, i've had them for
should i go out tommorrow night even tho its goin to be a late one and ive got work on monday.?
why am i really thirsty and then when i drink i am not ?
My left side of my Jaw really hurts. I cant open my mouth fully.?
State Functions. Do pageboys, who will be on duty for many hours, wear nappies and plastic pants?
does anyone know of a genuine healer in Ireland?
OCD with gadgets?
if you have a pacemaker can you still fly?
Is smoking weed good or bad?
can you fight sedatives?
What time are normally asleep by?
I have a cold but its made me deaf in one ear and makes me drink about 5 litres of fluid a day?
Whats The Best Way To Get Rid Of a Cold??? Quick As Poss??? x?
Why do you need a blood test for tonsils?
I usually follow a healthy + active lifestyle, "let go" last week and now have constipation?
Does anyone know what "NAI" means on a psycological report?
Will drinking cranberry juice help treat a uti?
Son smoking pot, should I do anything?
10 points - Really bad earache - Help!?
Do magnets have health benefits?
Know of any herbal immune system boosters?
What would happen if l take 100 OTC sleeping pills? ?
When we cry why do our eyes water (tears) or when we chop onions or any other situation?
can you advise please?
What is the wall chart in an optometrist's called?
what's in my eye? Help me?!?
can not wearing glasses give your more squinty eyes permanently?
Is this an ophthalmoscope or a retinoscope?
strange i was blind now i aint?
why when i watch tv full on i see normal screen head upside down picture reversed ?
How do you explain to someone with perfect vision what you see without your glasses?
Help! strange film like thing on my eye from rubbing?
Where i can i Find Dark brown contacts that LOOK REAL?
floaters in eyes and balance problems, what can I do?
vision depth issues..?
Contact lenses, wearing time and dry eyes :S?
what do i do next after yr 11 if i want to be a eye specilist?
I am thinking to get laser eye surgery done, what are the benefits and any sideeffects?
can you get new hinges put on your eyeglasses frames and temples if your hinge has snapped?
yellowish skin in the inner corner of the eye?
Hi I want laser eye surgery, does anybody know if there are any 0% deals on at the moment? Thanks Geoff?
What is the derivation of the term SCALES in the phrase: the scales fell from his eyes...is it a metaphor t..?
I know im blind in one eye.?
why mrsa is a cause of concern in hospitals?
Does too much CALCIUM clog up the kidneys and urinary system?
What is the best way to manage a stubborn, painful, dry, hacking cough whilst it runs its course?
has anyone had open rhinoplasty?
Why has my rabbit died so suddenly she was just 3 1/2. She had vhd jab on fri, not right symptoms for death?
What is the meaning of this word?and what else is it known to have?
Stop breathing and I feel paralyzed?
Nose issues....?
Can a hiatus hernia cause coughing and a lump like feeling in the troat?
do some people who use this site also use mind altering substances?
im having time oof work either am or pm due to serve anaphyaxis reactions my work are tyring to termanate my?
please tell me best way of stress relief at work?
why do i keep getting bogies?
Does St Johns Wort actually work for mild anxiety/depression?
anybody with mental health problems ever visited this site?
I just got out of hospital with pneumonia - how long till' things get back to normal?
if i take 11 zopiclone is that enough to do damage?
What is swine flu? How to explane it?
is respiratory therapy a recognized profession in the UK?
ive got hiatus hernia?
how are bloodclots formed on the lungs?
Is it possible for a Cyst to form on, in or around the Lungs?
gene therapy for cystic fibrosis?
itchy throat, roof of mouth and inner ears and throat clearing...?
my friend has been taking the drug SPEED every day for the last 4 years?
I have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow (UK) I'm a bit scared, just wondering what to expect...
I need help badly?
How can I section myself under the mental institution?
Am I in shock?
how are you mentally feeling at this moment?
Could i have kidney disease/failure?
Rheumatoid Factor and Other Blood Test Results?
difference between anxiety and chronic stress?
i havent been feeling well plz answer urgently?
My mouth keeps filling up with saliva what do I do?
If Im Using Acne Medication On My Face Can I Still Put Honey On To Lighten My Blemishes?
when does poison ivy come into effect?
Pills for UTI (urinary tract infection)?
Might have been exposed to herpes?
How do we get rid of warts FAST?
my pulse is pretty slow and my lungs feel tight i have inflamed lungs is that causing it? I am worried.?
what is an antibody and can it spread the disease?
How long will it be before i can wear heels after a broken ankle?
About 4 months ago i took 90 pills of paracetomol and ibuprofen, i threw up yellow stuff, i feel fine now tho?
How should I do about my black eye?
What is best to use instead of Cicatrin?
Ive got a mild sprained wrist.Im told it will take 2 weeks to heal.Shud I not drive my car?
Pharmacist says I cant have a finger splint.. :S?
I think my big toe may be broken but I'm confused?;ss?
Sprained foot possibly? help:S?
Is my finger badly sprained?
It's been about a week since I fractured my wrist now I can move it allittle but how long for it to heal?
is someone has a druamatic brain injury will they ever fully recover?
how long before blood flow cuts off?
middle knuckle numb when bending fingers?
Daily fat intake question?
ive applied for mobility car for my dad who is 68 and had a stroke 6 years ago,ive been told he is over 65?
Does weight-lifting strain the heart?
My father has just had a silent heart attack,what is this exactly?
Are there different symptoms for left and right heart failure if so what is the prognosis/survival rate?
My heart seems to make a click sound every time it misses a beat?
Why was the blood pressure drug "Amlodipine" banned in Holland?
My clinic nurse told me to eat plenty of eggs good for cholesterol, is this true?
Question about Pulmonary Hypertension?
i have been on bendrofluzamide a year and now have low sodium in my blood test result.should i be concerned?
Different reasons for high blood pressure and treatment?
what are protein intake restricted in renal failure patients?
What should you do if someone is having a heart attack? What do you do if there unconscious/ not breathing etc?
i have panick attacks ?
i suffer with angina, can i take zopiclone?
Stretching ears with silicone tunnels?
Why human fall asleep?
what are the effects of not sleeping for a week?
why does my body shake when both at rest and when moving?
Can i ask my doctor to sterilize me?
Blue feet and hands....?
What is the Average Height for a British male and female in 2010?
My stomach keeps getting bloated?
Pea-size lump at the top of the back of my neck, what could it be?
Okay, is this normal to do this?
Has anyone got/had a deviated septum?
rating of dental profession in terms of toughness?
Being sick and feeling cold?
why am I really cold when its warm?
anyone looking for an ana buddy?
Physiotherapy A levels?
Can bad circulation cause blue lips?
How can I get rid of my anxiety?
I think something is wrong with my brain plz help?
Why does lemon juice make me sneeze?
Does anyone know how common the "degenerative myopia" is?
A question about sore, tired eyes?
i tell gettin mini black out?
i have a shadow over my right eye.?
Are soft toric contact lenses any good?
Monthly Disposeable contacts.?
does wearing daily contacts over their advised period of time cause blindness?
Help me with Acuvue Indicator(123)? :(?
Eyeglasses tray/holder..where do i get one?
Cant see properly, kaleidoscope vision?
Why do you get a pulse in your eye lid ?
How does a person get their spectacles fitted if bought on "line"?
Is my optical prescription complete?
hasnt been feeling well all day, but has to go into school tomorrow.?
Am i plain lucky or is there some explanation?
Which is worse - Astigmatism & nearsightedness / or only astigmatism?
Health Professional? ?
Can you tell me the names of the Eye chart(s) used in eye doctors?
Is there something seriously wrong with my eye?
I have had glasses since I was 6/7. Is it normal for my vision to be this bad at 24?
Cystic Acne, Hormonal or Food Allergy?
What to do in case the after shave lotion goes into the eyes?
Whats the best treatment for dried/chapped lips?
Does anyone know what this is?
hereditary dark circles how to fix them help please ?????????????? :'(?
How to make a Surgical Mask?
how to treat mosquito bites?
Why do I keep getting moles?
Irritated my skin with products, top layer of skin came off cheek, HELP?
im 18 and i have dry skin...............?
Does Mederma work on Keloids?
large pores on armpits - HELP !?
will sudacrem make my back acne worse or better?
what is causing my...........?
Do your moles get bigger when you grow?
I been having numbness on my face.... can someone answer my question?
what the best thing for a razor rash?
Red bumpy insect bite on forehead + wedding tomorrow - help please?
Will I die lonely and alone?
why am i affriad of heights?
any cure for depression other than........?
is it normal to look in the mirror atleast 150 times a day..?
Do you get nervous/anxiety when you haven't got any money?
Who of you out there suffers from depression, anxiety, social phobia....?
Can I ask anyone out there what their definition is of a Learning Disability?
i think i'm depressed, i dont want to tell my gp incase he tells my employer, what else can i do?
will I get to sleep?
Can smoking cannabis cause psychosis?
Whats the best way of supporting someone who suffers from depression?
How do you get over a fear of throwing up?
What is the best`treatment for ADHD?
I want to cry all the time?
A Difficult xmas?
My friend died as he was hit by a car, how can I deal with it?
I feel depressed today what would help?
Do you think suicide is justifiable if you have a personality disorder?
y do u lot not read what section a question is in b4?
How do you get diagnosed as having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
really bad dream. what does it mean?
Washing your hands to get rid of the germs?
Will the swine flu vaccine be safe and effective?
Explain how a vaccine could protect people from normal bird flu.?
i have swine flu....?
can anyone please tell me why plants should be taken out of a sickroom at night?
Have I got swine flu?
Ways to stop nibbling...?
Stuffy, Blocked up nose?
Do only white people get cold sores on their lips?
so has this swine flu been all hyped up then there is a lot of debates in m country about this?
why does the skin on hands and feet get wrinkly in water?
Why are British GP's so useless?
Why am I so achy?
how can i wake up for school on time?
Which country did the flue H1N1 come from first?
was there ever a hospital?
what is the best artificial limb for an 81 year old male amputee?
can somebody explain how i'm going to get up for work at 6.30?
i just drank mouth wash should i go to hospital?
what do you do when your stung?
why am i constantly sneezing?
what is a good and natural way to cleanse your liver?
Is there a way to hypnotize myself so I will stop over eating?
Hemeroids...badly spelt sorry but does anyone have any natural remedies that work?
I've have a headached since saturday afternoon, and?
Strange pain around my right pelvis....?
Why do I wake up with upper back pain?
Does anyone know a cure for stomach aches without taking any painkillers please?
how much compensation would charley get from seany who stepped on charley's foor?
does anyone know anything about neralgia?
why is my ear piercing still hurting?
In soooooooo much pain?
If ritalin is a stimulant, why is it used to treat hyperactivity?
Tennis Elbow??
my legs hurt please help me,any doctors out there?
are there side effects from too much vitamin c if so what are they?
Are there any non-prescription anti-depressants?
Spinal Cord implant gone wrong?
what do you think of reflexology?
I'm in a lot of pain with a cyst in my Thyroid gland .........?
Natural and Free Ways to Improve Your Eyesight?
How long does it take for marijuana to not be traceable in ones system?
Will drinking vinegar or peroxide help pass a drug screen?
Is it safe to use energy drinks or pills if you have high blood pressure?
I keep getting a very warm feeling in my lower leg, it comes and goes throughout the day......?
HELP! recently iv been suffering a pain from the top of both of my tibia (shin bone) anybody know what wrong?
how do you treat high cholesterol using natural methods?
Do i have liver damage?
I'm 26, why do I have a few gray hairs?
Tylenol vs. Advil???????????
I have really bad skin! help!?
It made me a fever or It made me fever or .... ?
What are these red dots all over my body!!?
Good,Healthy, Cheap meals for person with GERD?
I have Parkinson's disease?
okay... my feet r really dry...?
Sleep Paralysis- What if I purposely hold my breath? Will I wake up? ?
how do i get rid of black heads?
Clear EEG and CT Is an epilepsy syndrome still possible?
Hi. What should someone eat to lower his cholesterol?
Omg, I feel so sick! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Does a plantar wart on my foot mean I'm HPV positive?
Eyes can't Focus properly when I wake up?
How much is eye test at tesco?
What could this thing in my eye be?
I went to the opticians saturday and i've got to go back....?
can I take sculptress maxi tone capsules when I am using medicines for my thyroid disease?
what is the average age of getting motor neurone disease?
vyvanse and chest pains?
when to start and how to prevent CHD?
When your pacemaker battery begins to run out do you feel any change?
can someone find me some info on how dark chocolate can help prevent cancer and heart diseases?
Have i overdosed on propranalol?
Should I continue taking multivits?
Are Heart attacks from injury treated the same as normal heart attack?
What might a Q wave represent on an ECG.?
hole in the heart-is it dangerous and can it become larger?
what is the right blood pressure for a eight year old.Is 93/64 normal.?
Has anyone had, or do you know of anyone who has had bariatric surgery on the NHS in Scotland?
Is there a cholesterol world league table?
If a person is hypertensive?
what is normal blood count i was told my count is 22?
i know something is wrong.?
Left ventricular outflow and mean aortal pressure?
What do I have to look out for if my Bicuspid aortic valve has started to leak or is narrowed(stenosed)?
can x rays test for infection in a finger?
Help! I sliced my arm and now my festival band is stuck :(?
2 times in one month i have blacked out, whats wrong with me?
Why is my thumb swollen?
I fell down the stairs and hurt my foot, i went to the doctors and they said i hadnt broken anything?
Problem with my knee ...?
I pulled my hamstring now my knee hurts?
i had to have stitches about eleven months ago and now my scar has come open. what should i do?
Headshots, is this true?
Do you need a cast if you have torn the ligaments completely in your knee?
Lumbar fusion of five discs?
I have an unusual question.....?
I tore my calf muscle when i took a tumble on the ski slope?
please injured my shoulder help ASAP!!?
omg i think i've got carpel tunnel synodrome *worried*?
i have hurt my finger and its gone purple?
Something penetrated my shoe and cut me, do I need a jab ?
What is wrong with my hand?
Severely sprained wrist! ahhhhhhh?
My boyfriend left me as he didn't like the girl I ecame after a traumatic brain injury. He has trouble?
My Finger Swelled up? On the Joint?
I'm 13, but i think i have depression. Is this possible? Or is it just teenage growing up?
r u happy with yourself, no genuinely happy, what would you change?
Afraid of ones self?
So I'm seeing a Psychiatrist.?
What are the causes of Social Anxiety Disorder?
Dry hands, need a good cream?
Help im 15 and me and friend are addicted to speed . i dont know what to do but my life is going down hill?
any ideas what could be wrong with me?
Would SPF 50+ work on adults skin, even though it says it's for babies and children?
How would you handle it?
Help i have a health anxiety disorder and panic attacks what can i do?
please help me urgent!!!?
im self harming at 23. please help?
what is my problem? what do you think?
married with 4 kids but i have become brain dead. Please wake me before i die.?
is Cheryl Cole the perfect woman?
after ive been on a night out on the town drinking the next day i feel guilty like ive done somthing wrong?
my best friend is suffering from annorexia?
Help Me With My Panic Attacks?
Weird Voices inside my head at night??
boyfriend of one year is a coccaine addict. how do i help him and deal withthis myself?
Has she really got agoraphobia, or just winding me up?
contact lenses help please?
would my doctor prescirbe me anything for allergys ?
What are the best foods to eat with a sore throat?
Lack of concentration and ability to think - what's the cause?
HELP! What sort of anxiety attacks am i having?
What happens if your on meds and getting a tattoo?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
The guru who has never eaten in years?
how can you make yourself get a rash?
Help me get rid of constipation FOREVER?
is this normal, cracking bones :/?
im 13 and have bad knots in my back/shoulder blades.?
would u get a pain in your lower back if u was constampated?
suture threads - where can i buy them?
When will my MRI scan results come back?
What is wrong with my nails? (Pic included)?
Is my fluid intake really bad?
Yawning during the day?
Is it normal to have a smelly forehead?
tips on how to get up in the morning i hear my alarm but i just fall asleep again?
Is Driclor safe to use?
NHS Optical Voucher Value? ?
What does my prescription mean (different on the left but not the right)?
what happens to your eyes if you apply an eye whitener to your eyes for about 2 months ever single day,.......?
Does crying with your contacts in irritate your eyes? Easy Points?
toric contact lenses help please?
NHS entitlement voucher for glasses?
What sort of price can I expect to pay for glasses lenses(short sighted)?
My contact lens toe and I cant find a piece of it. Could it still be in my eye?
Temporary way to store my contact lenses?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Should my friend get her eyes tested?
Why is measurement of the Pupillary Distance not part of the standard UK eye test?
Does anyone else feel happy when it rains?
Metronome use for insomnia?
What is this? Cold and headache and more..?
Are inoculations good or bad?
A question about this medical examination?
does this mean i am sesame intolerant?
What is this sickness? How to cure it without doctors?
high blood pressure....?
Has anyone used any kind of herbal therapy to treat depression?
How much would 3-5 joints cost to buy?
Where is the best online store to buy natural vitamins and supplements that is reputable?
i feel absolutely terrible .....?
Can I burn off fat by smoking marihuana?
doctorsss!!!!!! helppp mee?
Why is it so difficult for people to research better ways to health instead of relying on prescription drugs?
I'm looking for a natural remedy to cure headaches (not migraines)?
any other solution to migraine?
PLEASE HELP ME !! I'm losing memory ????!!?
looking for help with Hypothyroid?
I have had a really annoying cough and cold for 5 weeks now. When is it going to go?
Is it pointless for smokers to exercise, when they have a strong chance of dying of lung cancer later?
Can alcohol affect your respiratory system?
is emphysema a disabilty?
Calling All Doctors !!! Seriously !!!?
My mum has COPD, is depressed, how can I cheer her up?
Swimming when i have a chest infection?
Why am I coughing up blood.?
can a sinus infection affect the way you think..make you feel confused..?
quiting smoking, the after effects?
What would be the best eye correction surgery for a current (-7.00 myopic)16/17 year old to take in the future?
where can i get contac lens fitting in san antonio,tx for just non-corrective color contacts?
Where is best to buy prescription sunglasses in UK if you have a high prescription?
Headaches from contacts...?
should i be worried about my eye?
Does astigmatism have some role to play in your actual prescription?
overwear of contact lenses?
why do we have green, blue, brown and gray eye's for?
does any one wear contact lenses of power - 12 00 and drive ok?
Visual Field Question - Please Help - Scared?
i keep rubbing my eyes...?
Can you still join the Police Force if you have had Implant Eye Surgery?
i sometimes see half circle of rainbow colours flashing lights which gets bigger and bigger untill disappears?
What is the procedure of a cyst being removed from an eye?
Constantly bloated & crampy pains & nauseated? I feel weak & go dizzy & tremble sometimes?
What exactly does the drug HGH do?
Headaches and dizziness.?
Does anyone have Pernicious Anaemia on YA??? What were your symptoms?
how do you get rid of dark under eye circles?
i eat obsessively! help me!!!?
I keep getting dizzy,eyesight goes bad, unsteady, legs like jelly & give way, headache, tired & hot.......?
I really think i'm going insane / crazy?
Do i need anger manangment??
do you suffer with depression(some questions for you)...?
why am i tired all the time?
There is a man standing outside my house with a telescope pointed at my guest room?
I'm scared my thirty year old secret may be discovered.?
Does anyone else struggle with thoughts of suicide?
My 18yr son is unmotivated and sits in front of his computer all day. Nothing I say motivates him...Help!!?
I am being bullied and i want the person bullying me to know what i feel like..... read on....?
Is depression always caused by repressed anger and frustration?
Do i hear voices or is it just my emotions?
My sister cuts herself, what should i do?
What foods are best for uplifting mood?
no point i n life?
hey were u nervous when u first started anti depressants? and when did u notice a change?
i seem to have two personalities could i be schizophrenic?
I'm crying at the moment! help please?
Does anyone suffer from anxiety?
Stress, can anyone help?
What causes depression?
is it normal to get spots on your back?
I have these sort of spots of my upper legs and upper arms, HELP!?
I have A Huge Red spot?!!?
Please help with my cold sore problem?
is it possible to have a verucca inside your toenail?
has anyone ever had a blocked tearduct is operation on a blocked tearduct very sore?
How do I beat mornings?
murmur in pulmonal stenosis?
Free blood pressure monitor?
My mother of 87 has been given a new digital hearing aid?
My heart hurts...?
is there a real group called five heart beats?
What is gross concentric left ventricualr hypertrophy?
should i drive a car after having a stroke?
When Your hubbie Has a Minor stroke...?
Heart question......?
Clarity on heart attack figures ?
describe the meaning of a pulse echo?
Am trying to get travel insurance whilst awaiting to see a specialist who will give a prognosis who does this?
this weather has done severe damage to mee?
Did i just fracture the tip of my finger?
Injured my knee any physio type people out there want to diagnose it or give me any advice?
could i have concussion?
Lumbar arthoplasty compared to a lumbar fixation?
what do you think i have a bad knee?
Injured toe and knee, still painful after a few weeks?
Sprained ankle (:?
Does my hand have nerve/tendon/ligament damage?
Whats wrong with my muscle?
I fell down stairs at offices 2 hours ago - should I see doctor ?
cardio workouts to do that have very little affect on your ankle?
Whats this lump in my neck?
Sprained ankle ? what grade ? is it fractured .?
i have an arm cast, what are some funny comments to put on it?
I dunno what i have done............HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hurt my wrist.... please may you help ?
should he have had an x-ray?
i have had my lip pierced for a week now and have now got a painfull lump on my lip?
Spectacle lens diameter?
wart removal from outer eye any one had this done?
Is it possible to get contact lenses which are prescribed and coloured from vision express?
when you point at something and close one eye...?
Can I get lazer eye surgery through the NHS?
More info anyone? I have a hole in my retina how common is this, is it a threat to my sight & wht wl thy do?
Mosaic type eye tests?
Why do my eyes keep on doing this?
Left eye feels pressure/pain after using eye drops? Please help!?
Blurry contact lens....?
anywhere you can buy colored contacts that are cheap?
Sleeping and Eyes Problem?
how old do you have to be for lasik eye surgery?
the differance beetween an occulist and a prosthetist?
why my eyes are so sore and tired?
Twitchy top lid of my left eye?
I have three black dots on the iris of my right eye that form a triangle. Are they just birth marks?
Where can I find data on the type of customers who have laser eye correction/surgery?
Cilia eyes are not dense and is not long what i can to us to prolong and intensify my eyes and eyelashes ?
has anyone sent there eyeglasses to be repaired to national frame repairs? just wondered if they was good?
Optrex Dry Eye Drops - Product Life?
My eyes have been hurting recentley? :(?
Contact solutions question...?? uk question...?
autoimmune liver disease....?
Is this a Gland? Or should I get it seen?
constant pulse in my big toe its driving me crazy what is it?
where can i get free phone help in england as i feel realy low?
at what point do you become an alchaholic or addict?
i think i'm ready to kill myself.?
POLL: Would you die for the one you love.?
If you were able to beat to death anyone you chose, armed only with a wire clothes hanger...?
what are your suicidal thoughts like?
I can't sleep!?
Is it better to be a pessimist or bury my head in the sand?
Why do i get so obsessed over people and over emotional?
how can i deal with my close friend killing herself?
My friend said she took 16 pain killers because she hates her life, what do i do?
Do people with depression find books like "Chicken Soup For the Soul" helpful?
Feeling Pathetic for wanting a hug?
Please help?? How do I get back some confidence after years of been put down???
Does anyone else think that the constant stream of anti smoking messages in the media is too much to cope with
Male counsellors?
People with Bipolar please answer?
if you've ever had a tongue piercing infection...?
trying to be sick...help!!?
Is it true that black people who smoke marijuana are more prone to becoming psychotic?
what is the best treatment you can buy over the counter to help you if you have a bad Central nervous system?
I faint a lot, what is the cause?
Do you think I have swine flu?
i have itchy arms and legs?
how can i grow taller during my teens?
Can you get a verruca in your mouth?
I Think I'm Depressed?
When I'm tired why do my legs get itchy?
What to do about sweaty palms?
hemorrhoid?! help.|:?
Salmonella and Meningitis?
Do I have a bug? Ive been feeling poorly for days!?
I was just suddenly very violently sick... why?
My Mum is currently suffering from a sore eye...?
my dog ate minocycline what do i do?
wat are signs of thrush and wat causes it?
How to get rid of mild impetigo?
Im 68 feeling my mortality apart from"live for today" any advice as to being very positive?
If you scratch yourself with a sharp object, why does it swell?
Why is it having cold feet can make you feel more cold?
What can activated carbon do to you if swallowed?
Really need mental help with food?
sickness benifits what to claim when how where and when?
what is health and ill health?
Could someone please explain my daughters eye test results?
How long will it take for me to get used to my glasses?
Lazer pointer in the eye?
How important is it to get my eyes tested for contact lenses?
Is my eye prescription bad?
Help! "swimming effect" on my contacts!?
do you think my son will be eligible for laser eye treatment?
Are Johnson and Johnson toric lenses stable? Have you tried them?
Why does my forehead hurt when I shine a torch in my eyes?
If i wear contact lens will they damange my eyes and sometimes they could slide into my eye ball shall i get?
what is wrong with my eye ?
Eye'm worried...my eye..?
does anyone know any homemade eye cream recipe?
Is laser eye surgery any good?
When i am trying to sleep i have flashes in my eyes?
why do i feel sick in the sun?
Can listening to my ipod damage my hearing?
a question about falling asleep?
If a doctor's family fall's ill , would they ?
Is disease a matter for doctors only?
is it possible to have a sore throat/lose your voice ; without feeling unwell?
Is sweating whilst sleeping normal?
Have you ever had close to death experinces? do tell?
i get a wake up shock when going to sleep?
sticky poo advice please i have lots veg fruit please help me?
Do the colours expereinced by clients during a reiki session have any specific meaning_?
Why do my fingers down to the first joint look blue and are always cold?
Why is it always 13 mins past the hour when I look at the clock?
what are the advantages of social work?
Time to quit are you?
any suggestions to stop snoring?
Could I be dehydrated?
pleaseeeee help,feeling really dizzy!!!!!?
where can I learn how to use bidet?
missed my doctors appointment earlier will they have a go at me when i go 2 see the nurse?
I have a friend who has amoebiasis :(.... what to do?
infrared on arthritis?
How to get rid of puffy eyes?Hereditary?Im 24?
What to do to get rid of bloating?
Time off work with labyrinthitis?
Does anyone know a multivitamin that contains non-flushing niacin?
if you were at the peak of an Ecstasy trip,can using cocaine actually increase your trip or take over?
Any good natural products for iron deficiency?
Taking edge of Extreme Axiety and stress?
Would a multivitamin benefit me, or should I just not bother with taking any?
Does anyone know of a natural sleep aid?
Is Ecstasy more harmful to you mind and body Than Alcohol?
Is LSD and Shrooms addictive?
Whats the best thing to take instead of iron pills..but just as potent and minus the constipation?
Does oranges help soothe a sore throat??
what r 5 medicines u'd find in a medicine cabnet?
Isn't having the alt.med.section controlled by detracters akin to having soul/r&b music forum run by Klansmen?
What is the best way to feel better from a weed high the next day when your feeling sluggish?
Are nutritional supplements really a rip off? What's the truth?
Immune System Boosters?
Is there a cheap alternative to Viagra and if so where can I get it?
Can eting raw apricot seeds cure cancer?
Medicines found in the Rainforest?
Excercise, creams and bio-oil?
How do I get rid of spot scars?
How can I get rid of my dry skin on my face? It hurts too!?
how can i get rid of my stress rash?
Why have i constantly got swollen dry skinned eyes ?
what cosmetic surgery would be available in uk for a boy with severe burns on his face?
If You Have a Lot of Birthmarks can you get rid of them?
Is it possible to have an In-growing verruca?
Advice needed please, dislocated knee cap!!?
An old rib injury starting to hurt again - can anything be done?
My left hamstring feels tight what can i do to make it better?
heard a click while stretching and there is some pain in my back, not too bad - how do I know what it is?
strapping an injured foot?
Possible fractured/broken rib?
i got a small thorn in my finger around 10 months ago, is it dangerous?
gym accident to the head?
My pinky toe is a little purple and swollen?
Does grade 1 osteoarthritis show up in x-rays of the knee?
my toes are numb from both feet from wearing heels... help?
If you break your growth plate in your wrist, are there any permanent injuries?
I don't know if my ear is blocked or damage.....Plz help!!!?
Lost my nerve and may pull out of the play with a week to go! HELP!?
my arms still sore after giving blood 3 weeks ago?
i was involved in an rta 16 years ago and ...?
My knee really hurts and i can't bend my leg...?
Have you ever broken your arm, and how?
What to do for adult acne.I keep clean, but it keeps returing.I get it on my chin, chest and back. What gives.
okay does this sound like asthma?
what are the symptoms of anorexia?
how do you give a virus to somebody else?
how do you stop restless leg syndrome at night i cat make it stop. thanks.?
i had throat pain so doctor send me for ultrasound, if i have cancer will it show ?
gigantic red mosquito welt on head..how to get swelling down A.S.A.P???
should i get the H1N1 SHOT?
My doctor phoned just now...?
Is there a disorder or a problem with touching your hair?
Parkinson's disease question...?
suffering for depression..what to do? don't want to be put on antidepressants?
what do i eat so that i do not become hungry for a long time?
does anyone know of a support group that can help with mental health issues UK?
I am very worried about loosing my youth?
Do you suffer w/ depression?
Health advice needed: What natural remedies are there to reduce palpitations? Not medicines?
guys,i m in trouble`?
i feel really low today?
What is wrong with me?
I need to control everything: time, mind, body, friends, ideas...what´s wrong with me?
How to beat depression?
Beating Axiety?
what song means the most to you?
How to support a spouse suffering from severe depression but who does not want to get professional help?
whats boosts you confidence?
Ive had nightmares for aslong as i remember, help me =[ ?
I am extremely lazy, how do i stop being lazy?
Does anyone have a similar experience to this and got out of it or tell me what it is?
What is the max for eye test and glasses at Vision Express?
help, new glasses! strange dots from sun flare?
I have dark brown eyes and its very hard to see my pupils?
Where can I buy Acuvue 2 Opaque in the UK?
How do you reinstall software for a Henson 6000 visual field screener with windows 2000?
what is my eye prescription mean and shall i have to wear GLASS all the time?
Whats the matter with my eye?
My vision seems normal, but my eyes always go out of focus?
looking for a good quality optemetrists in london and surrounding areas for extensive eye exam?
Can anyone help me with a question on Heterochromia?
The Senior Doctor at the eye hospital has.................?
Optometrists: how do you explain procedures to patients?
My eyeball is bugging out. ?
Blurred Patches In Eyes?
booking an eye test to detect a problem?
What antibiotics help with blepharitis?
why are my eyes always gloopy in the mornings?
Maintaining eye sight?
What is the U.K. equivalent of the eye drop Visine?
Has anyone had their eyes laser at advance vision care?
Squint surgery .........?
Removing a scratch from a spectacle len?
Tsh level 136.57? Help?
Best Remedy for Congestion from Bad Colds?
I think i got a chest infection which is affecting me,ears are blocked up .This been going on for days.?
Cough when you give up smoking?
Can doctors do anything for anxiety attacks?
I have a throat problem at regular intervals. The other day I gagged out a solid small lump snot foetus..help!?
fed up got pains in my chest ?
I have empysema.i want some advice please?
i have a viral chest infection,iv had it for a month so far?
causes of nose bleed?
The Duke of Edinborough or Phillip to you and me was admitted to hospital?
could this be whooping cough?
bleeding nose ?! wont stop !?
Why is my blood pressure rising higher than it ever has been and I am on meds.?
What to expect from first appointment with cardiologist?
Cath kidston bags uk?
is coenzyme q10 available on prescription (NHS) UK?
should there be more education re; aneurysms?
how was the definition of hypertension derrived?
Im a TOF kid, and cant wash my food down.?
Can I do Tia Chi if I have a heart condition?
I have been told that I have a one in three chance of having a Heart Attack in the next 10 years ?
exercise, sometimes feel faint, other times fine?
what duse an ecg measure?
Quick question about the brain |Stroke| Help?
Can high blood pressure cause outbursts of anger and could this be caused by the contraceptive pill?
increased bp and pulse?
Can anyone tel me wat da negative results would be after having an ECG test?
i have just been dianosed with angina, would love to know about, diet, help, as i want to loose weight. any do
What way does A.D.H.D. effect adults,does it effect girls in a different way.Is there any treatment for adults
what would swallowing cooking oil do?
I like nurses. What do you like ?
If a 14 year old smoked all their life, how much more money would a non smoker have at the end of their life?
Why do I always get so hungry at night?
I am completely afraid of vomitting, i cannot say why, i just panic uncontrollably, any help please?
Do i need medical attention?
stomach cramps need advice?
Any one help with sleeping remedies?
Can you get a throat infection without having any tonsils?
hey is this a sighn of mental illness??
My first drugs experience (Cocaine, Ecstasy, Speed), will i be ok?
lump on left side of stomach?
Why CAN'T I SLEEP !!!!?
Am i sick???????????????????
How to laugh so much so that ur stomach hurts? anyone know? :(?
Can you please help my hands are gone old etc!?
i've had a headache for over a year?
how do i make calf muscle?
What does my opticians results mean and why are they refering me to the hospital?
If you have a flu, how do you cook without spreading the flu?
Is it safe to take Beecham's flu plus with any antihestamin?
how do you no if your allergic to amonia?
sometimes i wake up in the morning with a really bad headache?
im in my second year of training to become a nurse.. help please?
I got 2 coldsores on the same lip?
Worried about taking time off work - 2nd question?
i have a red sore eye really painful i think i have a broken blood vessel is this possible?
A question for anyone who has had an ingrowing toenail?
headaches before i sleep and when i wake up ?
what is a twisted hernia?
I have something stuck at the back of my eye!?
How does the sunshine make you feel good?
why do i not feel hungry?
can i take parecetamol then fall asleep straightaway?
Does hynotherapy works for someone who is trying to quit smoking?
any ideas on what this could be?
will my chicken pox scar?
Spot has turned into a burn!?
Spots. How to get rid of them?
i have acne more than 2 yrs?
how to solve eczema on face?
How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?
what does this face mean ;)?
what are the causes of 'dry eyes' and what is a remedy please?
Why does Duac Once Daily Gel for acne have to be applied in the evening?
Do scars caused by burns go away ..?!?
what shall i do about my skin?
I have spots on my upper back and some on my arms?
How to keep away acne when i've finished my treatment?
How do you get rid of acne of your cheeks and chin?
best body moisturiser for dry sensitive skin... ? i have psoriasis also?
how to get rid of, or dusguise stretch marks?
iv'e got an itch??????????
Could someone explain my eyesight prescription?
Why do I dream more often when I..?
optician!!!!!! NHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Getting used to soft contact lenses?
Would you recommend this website to get contact lenses...?
why is my eye constantly twitching?
Where can i buy contact lenses online?
Eye Issue ....?
Blurred Eye, Itching, Dry Throat. Whats wrong with me?
How bad is my eye sight...?
Diagnosed with Pan Uvietis both Eyes?
I saw an ophthalmologist today and I was really scared?
cheapest website to buy freshlook colorblends?
Does Granier Eye Roll on Work?
My eyes are making a squelching noise when I blink, what is this?
I had laser eye surgery a week ago, one eye is blurry??
Contact lenses - does it matter which eye you order them for?
Non prescription coloured contact lenses?
Can someone please help explain my Eye Prescription?
Right eye twitching and feeling like i'm getting less vision in the eye?
Where do complementary therapies come from?
anybody got anatural cure for sciatic nerve pain?
Should I keep on being quiet about my feelings?
Is there a good home remedy or herb to help keep gout away?
Are there any serious differences between name brand and generic drugs besides price?
I have a cold and i need to know how to get better HELP PLEASE i have exams this week?
Can I eat after taking homeopathics?
If eating raw garlic would cure you, would you do it?
What's a good way to cure a sore throat?
does anybody know how they remove wax from you ear?
How can I get better circulation naturally in my hands and feet?
Cocaine VS Marijuana?
natural remedies to calm nerves and get rid of anxiety?
what's a good alternative treatment for a bad liver? reiki, bowen, qigong, herbs, foods, naturopathic doctor,?
Patchouli oil?
Are skeppies just some wierd cult that wants to deny that holistic medicine works better than the usual?
Why is my water bong harsh when i smoke it?
where could i find apple cider vinegar pills?
Can anyone recommend a good encyclopedia-type book on gemstones and/or aromathrapy?
Meningitis symptoms and its effects> ?
whats wrong ?
what are the symptoms if you take too much calcium,can it do lots of damage ,is it very unhealthy,can it kill?
serious bowel problems?
how to get skin clear of pimle breakouts tryed everything?
If i have auto immune deficiency?
what's wrong with my stomach?
Does the shape of the nose change at all after Septoplasty?
Consequence of air injected in the medial cubital vein?
trouble breathing! :(?
Any one out there with pace makers?
Question for smokers?
About a Heart Murmur?
I am desperate to find out, the damage an MRI can have with electrodes left in the back with not knowing they?
Is it safe for an 8 year old to use ProActive? (Child acne problem)?
What can you tell me about the chance of a cure for CIPD?
Is it safe for a person with a pacemaker to use a spa/jacuzzi bathtub?
compartment syndrome help?
white blood cells and nitric in urine but only kidney pain?
Is it possible to get stomach flu after normal flu?
what could this lump be?
how much on average do you get for compensation for mild neck and shoulder whiplash uk only please?
my tailbone hurt really bad when i sit on it and when i walk!! what should i do to make it stop!!?
How long would you be in hospital for....?
4 days after car crash, im in more pain than before...?
my cat was speyed by incision in her flank. Lots of bruising and hanging sack of skin on her abdomen.?
Physiotherapy problem?
my rib sticks out on one side??
do i wait for recovery?
my fingers killing and i have got a lump on my knuckle, but its jelly what is it?
will my burn leave a scar?
my lower back molar ...help please?
Should i go to the doctors? (fainted and head injury)?
Should I go to hospital with a suspected broken nose?
I had a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago. I am still dealing with it and it is hard but I am doing quite wel?
If someone is willing to undergo cosmetic surgery - how do you get time off work?
About the 1 guy 1 cup (jar) video? after the glass broke, how dangerous is it?
I dropped a glass bowl on my big toe about 3 months ago - the toenail is black an is about to fall off I think?
Can a sinus infection (allergic, bacterial or viral) make you feel very poorly?
my king charles has very quiet day some times vomits white flem and has dioreah often gets dehydrated?
Symptoms of Endometriosis or somethign else?
Does anyone have children which they think may have been exposed to asbestos and what did they do. ?
is there acure for fibrosites of the lungs?
Been smoking heavily for 4 months, want to quit now,how long until all that catarrh and croakiness clears off?
feeling horrible.. lethargic, tired, can't be bothered?
How much will my health be improved now?
Chest pains, hard time breathing and shortness of breathe after playing 5 mins of basketball?
where does catarrh come from how do we produce it?
Why do I hear breathing when my air conditioner is on?
Can I drink alcohol when I am taking the antibiotic Cefradine?
can you live with 1 lung?
How much is the overage life expectancy if you are suffer from emphysema and you are on your 40?
What can I do to stop snoring?
Hey ectopic heartbeat sufferers, does potassium intake help with relieving the irregular beats Dr Frank maybe?
heart rate at the gym?
what is in a vaccine...?
Anyone have the flu??????????????????
What Can I Use To Get To Sleep Better At Night?
Question about short-sightedness?
Why do I need to go to the toilet every 2 hours?
can i sue a hairdresser for not performing a skin test and me having a bad reaction?
Were you ever addicted on marijuana?
Can anyone explain this feeling?
What happened to the nicotine substitute cigarettes that we were able to buy back in the 70's?
how can I change my dominate hand?
what is wrong with me/?
can anything be done for my little imperfections ? is it worth pressing to try and see if anything can be done?
Sneezing All Day! Driving Me Insane! Help?
Do I Need to go to hospital?
Is it possible to increase weight/fat on a particular part of the body?
Health and safety legislations - the law about office/workplaces?
I need tips on how to get a good nights sleep?
what is a fear of rejection/?
Is there a name for this:?
Why are my tonsils hot and swollen and why is it making me sweat through my face but feel cold on my body?
anti depressants no help?
i love them and they are bad what should i do?
side effects of clomephene?
Will I gain weight with a growth spurt?
Is it weird I want that surgery?
does the jedi mind trick really work?
How much money is spent by the NHS on drug rehabilitation programs such as "methadone"?
I dont think i can carry on ...?
why is my doctor saying i am normal.... :'(?
Help. Self Harm.?
Is there something wrong with me?
Has Owen Wilson harmed himself? Who else thinks of this ?
my dad has Alzheimers..?
What should i do please help me
What's your views on self harming!! eg. cutting!?
advice please?
how long does it take to recover from a heavy cocaine session?
Is there any other treatments for depression apart from anti-depressants?
Is it common for only the manic symptom of bipolar disorder to be treated and not the depression?
How do the UK public regard our psychiatric nurses in terms of intelligence?
Do you think my mum knows about my cocaine use but is too afraid to say anything?
how can i prevent back pain when i sleep ?
personal radiology readings?
Does anyone suffer menieres disease? Dizziness?
What's the technical medical term for a kidney transplant?
Chemical smelling stool in 15 month old?
Help!! My ear has swollen!!?
my son (6) had a cut at the corner of his mouth?
Why do people with naturally oily skin get commented on often?
does anyone know what this could be on my sons cheeks?
NoBump skin treatment says that it has a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects.. :(?
little red spots on arms.?
how can i get rid of a really bad belly piercing infection ?
Cystic Acne, Hormonal or Food Allergy?
how do i squeeze my spot?
ive got a red rash just below my cheeks?
Is M.E hereditary?
Do I have a water infection?
I have blood in my vomit and a really bad cough?
Has anyone experienced a dizzy head after using spray or roll on deodorant?
Why cant a pulse be felt on a vein that is close to the surface?
Will walking and pushing down on my kneecaps affect my height?
Can't sleep at night ?!?!?!?
What happens to artificial hip and knee joints after they are removed from bodies before cremation?
If you stop smoking and eat healthy,do you actually FEEL different inside?
what is the best way of getting off to sleep??
For the last 2 days my left eye has been constantly twitching?
Whats The Best Way To Stop Smoking For A 15 Year Old?
Mega pain in both ears and nearly total deafness, could i have ear infection in both ears?
Why is health promotion important?
How long does it take to recover from having a gall bladder removed?
pain behind ear?
My eye keeps twitching!?
I have a cold and i cant taste anything what should i eat that i could taste?
Why can't I keep any food down?
My stepdad talks in his sleep, and crys and gets angry! What could this be?
Can you tell me the craziest fear you have ever heard of?
Is British water cleaner than American water?
whats wrong with me , i feel freezing but my temperature is high ?
whats the best way to cure a hangover? ?
what is best for lowering blood pressure?
Has Anyone Used Valerian?
Natural mosquito repellent recipes?
Natural antibiotics?
How do i make my skin darker...Does anybode know any natural herbs that do this...?
Best sleeping pills that are safe?
Best website for health and well-being updates?
How to reduce a fever?
pros and cons of smoking weed?
are there any home remedies to stop a cut from bleeding when there are no medial supplies handy? ?
why does antibiotics give me yeast affections?
what would happen to someone if they took too many sleeping pills?
I need to drive 2.5 hours home tomorrow, but wont be sleeping, how can i avoid sleeping while driving?
Can police dogs sniff out pharmaceuticals?