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my mum was taken to hospital with chest pains 3 days ago?
I have constant urge to clear my throat
headache, fever & a bit blood from nose?
I'm making a website for SOCIAL ANXIETY sufferers and want your input?
how hard is it to be a Paediatrician?
Getting hayfever at riduclous times of the day?
What's your first impression of me?
I dont know what 2 do im really sick but no insurance.?
worst possible outcome of a 2 day binge?
My Mom is seriously unwell.?
Marijuana and minor surgery, potential risks?
tingeling and numbness in tummy and back and hands?
urine dipstick analysis?
something growing down my fingernail?
head pounding after having a hot bath?
Can i get cancer when i cut my mole?
Im doing nvq 2 health & social care,stuck on unit 218.17, cross contamination,Not sure what to put ?
Does alcohol simply not agree with some peole, giving them awful and hangovers that can last for several days?
What can I do about my continuously runny nose?
Part time smoking damage?
Risks of smoking weed once?
I get up to wee every 1hr during the night..all night-everynight?
Will I be safe in having a nose job?
I have had the cervical cancer vaccine, do I still need to see a gynecologist when I am older?
how to improve eyesight! HELP ):?
i am taking champix to quit smoking can i use another remedy with it?
Can a spinal cord Syrinx start to cause neuropathic problems despite not changing in size?
can anyone help with Parkinson's Disease symptom?
Please help me identify this condition- H---ers Syndrome?
lump on my lower back?
What is an excuse for breaking your knuckle?
what is wrong with my right knee?
is it possible to have a blood lot in your leg without the area being red and swollen?
Do post appendectomy incisional hernias always present with a visible or palpabe bulge?
What should i do to my knee to make it heel faster? torn MCL?
How do I get the council to give me a decent house?
Septic Arthritis?
bilirubin ?????????????????
Severe Chest pains -travelling from shoulder to fingers?
Can Crohn's disease be cured?
How do you know if youve broken a finger? (little finger)?
Raaargh! My head =( ?
can you give a generally healthy 3 year old German Shepherd half of a paracetamol for a sore or pulled muscle?
Neck injury can anyone help?
whats wrong with me?contraceptive pill making me go mad?or is it something else?please help!?
am way too busy to be sick but........?
is it bad for you to be hungry when u go to sleep at night?
Can someone tell me if im really ill?
how long does it take for a sprained wrist to heal?
how can i get my back to stop hurting?
Would exercising help to get rid of varicose veins?
Hip replacement operations?
Does a can of lilt count towards my 5 a day?
How Do You Get Rid Of A Veruca?
i was bitten on my fore arm by my cat two weeks ago?
Is My little toe bruised or Broke? i can bend it without pain and i dropped table mat on it ?
Have I bruised my ribs?
how do you know when to go to the doctor for a hurt nose if you dont know if its broken or not?????????????
Really tight calf muscles...help?
Can you get rid of bruises faster than leaving them to go naturally?
does a heart attack actually hurt ?
Can a person claim for angina?
high blood pressure and cholestrol?
is sea bass an oily fish?
does increased heart rate lead to quicker reaction time?
hi - hope for 47 year old with recent heart transplant?
high CRP and creatinine levels?
Jolts In Heart all day long...I have been getting very big jolts (sort of rumbles) in my heart and i am 13 yea?
ace inhibitors for heart failure?
what is the difference between beta blockers and ace inhibitors?
what the best thing to do for bad circulation?
please could a doctor answer a plain question, i am a 50 year old male, who 8 years ago had a double heart byp
How long should I have an atrial fibrillation before going to A & E? The last one was 10 hours.?
sister had twins 4 days ago still has high blood pressure still in hospital medication not working any ideas?
fast beating in my ear?
do people who have heard bypass heart surgeries in their early 20s live their normal lives after recovery or ?
what causes congestive heart failure ?
Regurgitation - any tips for success - (Britains got talent)?
Effects Of Alcohol On Heart?
Is 38C taken with an ear thermometer classed as a fever in a child?
Should I bother getting the Swine Flu Vaccine? I'm diabetic so... ?
What is the role of an infection control nurse/team?
what is wrong with me?
How long does it take for a consumed drink to enter the bladder & a Catheter bag please?
i get a film over my pupil sometimes and my eye lids are swollen n sore.?
Eyes what now opthamlic students opticians anyone good with eyes tell me?
Red/Green marker on Eye test?
Is it possible to get prescribed Chromgenlenses?
Name of the Eye spray which you actually spray on the eye lids?
Would it have helped if I'd gone fulltime from the start then?
Does any1 use the coloured contact lenses from specsavers?
i had laser treatment on both my eyes for glaucoma 4 years ago, my eyes are starting to really ache?
are eyeglasses repair sites that you send your glasses to get repaired better than going the optitians ?
Do your eyes diverge when you sleep?
my daughter had eye test and was told she had weak eye muscle?
Something in my eye, Please help.?
what do my eye test results mean?
if i wear a base curve of 8.90 in my contacts .....?
Am I going colour blind/blind?
I had a facial palsy since year of 2000 and still have a problem in my right eye ??
reactolight or transitions?
My Nan has had a stroke and is in hospital. She has got short term memory loss and very poor eyesight........?
my eyes keep going really strange?
How can i brighten the whites of my eyes?
In your opinion does the use of botox cure/relieve a squint?
Hip Replacement?
hi have have a failed spinal fusion from years ago and in constant pain i'm on morphine and other pain killers
Hangover cure banging headache?
What is the best sort of painkiller for this pain?
i have constant pins and needles in my hand and wrist?
boy 7yrs old, having stomach ache (cramps), followed by head ache sometimes, diarrhoea once. poor appetite.?
burning hot - but not ill.....?
facial numbness on right side?
I think ive broken my leg HELP ME!!!!?
I have weird lump things on the inside of both my ring fingers?
Cramp in feet..?
what are growing pains and how do we help sufferers?
can anyone help me? i have back pain..?
Am I the only one that feels so cold???
I need a Mobility Aid stool which will let me sit down whilst doing household chores.?
I keep having bad pains in my heart?
Periods causing headaches? Any ideas to stop the headache…?
sinuse pain?
Pain in my chest and left arm and fingers temporarily numb but easing off now?
pain in side?
Anyone out there who has Irritable bowl Syndrom I an really use some support. I have had this now for 4 years
The H1N1 Needle.?! :S?
Help with oily forehead please!!!!!!?
My 6year old son has a flacky scalp - what can I use?
Past Year really weird skin issue?
what cream can i use to treat pressure ulcers stage 2-3?
my skins really dry :(?
Cold sore or impetigo?
Mole related question...?
Oily acne prone skincare regime?
I keep having dandruff problems help!!!?
my partner has an unexplained rash?
can you have stretch marks on your shoulders surgically removed?
a question about skin?
quick ways to get git of blackheads?
good cream 4 my face?
What do you do with Skin undertone?
Sudden Face Rash??? HELP!?
Itchy rash and what appears to look like insect bites all over skin, some on legs, some on arms, stomach etc?
Help with dry skin problems?
Help!? I'm always getting red eyes and i want to get rid of it!?
Does the garnier exfo brush work? I want my acne to dissapear, not fade away and come back the week later?
how can i cure my unsettled stomach so i can go out tonight.?
When sneezing can stop the working of all organs,why dont we die?
i have a strange pain in my head when i put my head back, details given, please read?
how long will the Nicotine withdrawal cravings last for?
Why do I get a burning sensation on my neck and chest after drinking alcohol?
Internal bleeding and a coma?
Can Central Heating Make You ill?
will i grow anymore? :(?
I dont know what else I could eat...HELP???
My arm hurts 3 days after a blood test?
Has any one tried anti scar treatments and are they effective?
Is my finger broken?............?
Any ideas on what i've done to myself and how i could fix it?
Tennis & Golfers Elbow?
i have pulled 2 ligaments in my knee, and after 4 weeks i still can't straighten it without it collapsing?
Lump On Thumb???????????
Ear Stretching, dry ear?
All of a sudden my little left finger has swollen and has gone fatter- how do I make it go down?
can a doctor miss a wrist dislocation?
what happens at a fracture clinic?
Have I fractured my knee cap?
Numbness in fingers after hitting boxing bag?
Have you ever rolled on the floor laughing?
I dont know what is up with me shoulder?
Is it possible to cure astigmatism?
Why am I getting sudden swelling of the left lower eyelid?
I'm trying to find an online contact lens supplier who goes up to very strong strengths - i.e minus 15!?
When having my hair covering one eye, will it do damage to my eye?
My eye hurts from using the computer too much. Will this prevent me from becoming a pilot in future....contd?
Bausch And Lomb coloured contacts?
Is the act of moving a long-sighted lens further away from the eye effectively the same as making the lens....
should i of had to pay for my childs new glasses?
if u av been sectioned and u are suffering from anorexia...?
I am on Clexane (Heparin) to thin my blood but I'm getting terrible bruises. What can i do to prevent this?
how much money?
****hi all is true that you can get a alcohol, anti-abuse injection for alcoholics thats taken every month?
normail range of respirations?
I seem to constantly have a bloated heavy feeling in my stomach. It is not painfull.?
oximeter test question?
lots of phlegm getting stucin my chest?
How can you "hear electronic information"? And what does it sound like?
I thought I had a Bit more bottle,but I gave away a Liver I gave away?
lithium olanzapine and setraline?
How can I avoid apendicitis?
Vertigo - Help?
what can i do to be healed?
colonscopy!!any doctors that can advise??
Lump under arm but practically on my back.?
Does clearasil actually cause confidence?
How do i get rid of white bump on my tongue?
Please tell me it's not cancer again. ?
my mom has lung cancer?
What is the percent of catching a diesease or a bug from taking the public bus 4 times 5 days a week?
what kind of gift should i give to an older person who recently suffered from a heart attack?
does rehab work? (this ? is for people who have been to rehab)?
Anyone else out there have DDD?. Degenerative Disc Disease?
does it sound like i have irritable bowel syndrome?
how do i get rid of itchy eyes.?
my wife has small bowel cancer. they are waiting for something to grow before treatment.is this normal?
Allergy Shot Reactions! HELP URGENT!!!?
My Doctor has ordered a 48 hour halter test? Does anyone know what this is like?
Antibiotic use?
is garlic use full for high blood pressure?
Do i have to wake up early to run?
post ingrowing toenail op, is football ok?
are serious accutane/roaccutane side effects rare?
How Can I Get Rid Of A Blister Or At Least Stop It Hurting?
small black spot on forehead?
cuts forming on my skin, without injuring myself?
Skin question (freckles)?
I have been on 60 mg a day of Accutane for 4 months, can i get a tattoo on my arm?
chonic urticaria cure?
Thighs rubbing together?
has anyone treid.. T-ZONE skin rescue spot zapper?
how can you get rid of blackheads?
i have a huge boil on my bum.?
I have a strange rash?
Verruca Question?????
Why should you go to the doctors if you have a chicken pox spot on your eyelids or near your eyes?
If Bio Oil dosent work?
my lip has bumps on them they wont heal?
I've seen people with purple patches on their skin, usually their face and neck?
I need a defibrallator for training purposes only?
How does the body protect itself from diseases?
how long should you rest after having gastric flu?
What is a colonscopy ?
How do you deal with a cold sore?
I have a burning pain on the side of my foot. I walk a lot at work, ?
Does Anxiety cause a burning sensation in the chest?
can advil cause constipation?
I been diagnosed with long tongue syndrome "girls only"?
Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Theres a bump under my tongue,what is it?
Can croup cause this?
why our mouth smells fowl when we wake up in the morning?
Is MS Genetic?
H1N1 Vaccine questions?
Pancreatic cancer in the teen years?
I need serious STI Information, can someone help?
Is my ear piercing infected??? =(?
Can you get weak eye muscles if you don't use them enough, like watch T.V too much?
Could/Should I Sue the NHS over this?
i can not walk becoz my legs do not work im in a wheelchair?
how can i gain acess to my medical records from my gp?
Have i broken my nose or not? HELP!?
finger pulling?
I can hear a ticking in my head?
I have a bunion but it is not sore or swelled up, Shall i still go and see a GP?..?
do you know what the global dimming effect is?
ive just found a lump the size of a marble about 4 inches away from the bottom of my spine?
I have a slight pain behind my knee (leg) when I kick?
Help, I feel so full and sick I can't sleep!?
Are there any site for food that increases irons in the body?
What do vitamins and fish oil actually do?
why am I waking up at 3am every morning?
what's your woe's?
Malnutrition is the result of protein loss through the urine. How does the child’s nutritional status improve
Have you ever nearly fainted during your morning shower?
A bathtime question?
Has anyone ever completed a Tantric self improvement course?
Twitchy thumb.....?
What type saline eye drops can be used for Fuch's dystrophy?
What colored contacts will mix with my eye color well?
How do i make my own tinted glasses?
How can I resolve problems with my eyes?
What are the Pros and Cons about eye surgery?
What part of the Bates method corrects astigmatism?
mild lazy eye and doctors opinion?
saw a eye laser procedure on this morning cannot find the connection on website?
i keep getting conjunctivis?
is it possible for peoples vision to look like a negative photograph?
i just had my contacts check up and ?
droopy eye? please advise?
Will squinting give me Asian eyes?
Darkness randomly falls on my sight for 10-15 minutes,not complete darkness. it shifts when role my eyes?
where is our middle eye?
what should i do about my eye?
Some LASIK questions?
How often should I go for eye check ups?
what would happen if someone PUSHED your eyes really hard with their fingers when your eyelids were shut?
About 'No Prescription Eyeglasses'?
Have I had very mild heart attack?
heart palps and skipped beats!!?
i get pain in my heart?
what do palpitations feel like?
can taking significant amounts of cardiovascular medications over a period of say 5 /6 yrs damage your liver?
Is there anybody here now who has Marfan Syndrome?
can heart problems be controlled completely by controlling food and habits?
Would lack of use of leg muscles give same symptoms as claudication of same?
Exercise exhausts me almost instantly but I'm not fat/old. What could be the problem?
pains in heart, shoulder and down to elbow?
my heart rate has risen from 60 bpm to 75bpm in the space of a 3 days is this abnormal?
What is the difference between Cardiac Ischemia and Coronary Heart disease?
Is there a doctor or nurse member who knows the workings of "water tablets"?
i have constant dizziness.?
heart palpitations, doctors please? help!?
Any advice on oily skin?
Laser Liposuction is it effective? what are the side effects?
Nicotine Patches - how have YOU found them?
advice needed - child throat problem?
what are the disadvantages of weed?
Have i taken too many paracetamols?
Red birthmark, how to get rid of it?
What is the average death age for a smoker?
My girlfriend worries me........??? HELPPPP?
My wife (aged 57) has never had ANY childhood illnesses - measles chickenpox or anything?
why it takes the C word to stop smoking?
Smoking advice ????????
Question about Asthma medication.?
is this an asthma attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
I have dropped white glos paint in my eye?
Please help! First time buying glasses.?
timberland glasses???
My left eye is constantly pishing with water and feels sore and itchy?
Scared of getting an eye test?
Should I go to college tomorrow? (Get dizzy using PC + ICT course)?
Eyesight Question ?!!!?
I am having 418 as my cornea thickness after lasik . but my right eye shows 6/9, is it possible for another?
What kind of glasses, are which provide wearer with protection from monitor radiation?
What is happening to my eyes?
Need an eye test. whats the difference between eyetests/nhs eyetests/sight tests? I'm confused!!?
Why is my eye colour lightening?
does anyone wear purevision contacts -12 00?
Is it ok to buy contact lenses online with different specifications?
help if colored contacts lenses?
eye laser treatment?
vision express frames... problems.?
Spectacle Prescription - How much does axis affect it?
NO glasses or contacts, what to do?
Why do i keep getting little brown dots in my eye?
How can I build up my make up collection?
Why do I feel drowsy and exhausted all the time?
decided to stop smoking and feel no withdrawal symptoms- why?
How to stop bad habits?
Food poisoning question?
i underwent a mastoidectomy operation on 16/6/10 and i still can't taste on my tongue, is this normal?
A drug causing me to throw up feces?
What are varicose veins?
I know how to get rid of it but what about ?
Do I have an increased risk of skin cancer in later life?
isit normal to feel sick after bagging your head?
do you have to be anemic to have a b12 deficiency?
Suffering from anxiety, but i am also experiencing mild/medium headaches and slight dizziness? What can it be?
Is there anything that I can do to avoid getting insect bites?
Should I shave it all off down there, or leave it? what do guys prefer? or what do you other girls do?
spots at the back of tongue and....?
I Have Swine Flu And Red Lumps?
did nhs prescriptions go up this month if so how much are they now thanks?
Help with Orabase Paste?
A question for medical purposes?
What do you do when your not feeling well?
If somone is on 100% oxygen in hospital would they have to keep the oxygen mask on at all times?
when you faint can you remember anything from it?
How valid is hair root analysis in pinpointing significant health problems?
I never knew that the NHS has referred its patients for diagnosis to Yanswers?
Stopped smoking a week ago...?
Why when I become anxious or depressed I seem to get ill more often?
any advice for neck pain???
how do you get rid of pins and needles?
i have a twitch in the side of my head. whats causing this?
I get these strange twitches?
I have developed a small bump on my toe after a little fall!, Its a weird feeling no pain, Any help?
Any ways to ensure it doesn't bruise?
How will I know if I've broken my second toe?
Have I broken my knuckle?
Knocked over by car 3 days ago, should I go A&E?
I (21) have started getting elbow joint pain. Please can anyone help?
rotator cuff tendonitis , how to heal it?
How long to wait for knee pain to heal?
Should i go back to work 3 days after breaking a big toe?
My left side of lip numb, left eye closes faster than right and left ear gone abit deaf. please help?
Is it safe to heat a needle and then use it?
Has anybody had the chance to work as a doctor (eye doctor) in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent?
Have you ever lost your colour vision? (like when in extreme danger)?
Can I buy coloured contact lenses from a reputable company online?
spots behind the eyes causing loss of vision/poor vision?
My glasses will they make me get spots?
Where can i buy Lumigan in the UK?
Why is your sight better when you look away or to the side?
Reading Glasses to Intermediate?
Who is the best surgeon / optician in the uk for laser eye surgery?
DALK, surgery for left eye.?
on a bright day when i go inside why is there a green tinge to everything that I can see?
should i buy coloured contacts lenses online without a test at my opticians?
how important is base curve in contacts? better to go above or below?
Does anyone know anywhere online that sells glasses that are quite small?
Where can I find an Optician in the Coventry area that sells L'Art glasses?
compact mirror LED safety?
Spot on my eye, heeeeelp?
can i have eye surgery with Sph -15.50 Cyl +2.75 and be able to get a driving licence afterwards?
Are optrex dry eye drops preservative free?
Is the world against me?
How can I help my Boyfriend?
i think i have ADHD?
dust allergy with a rescue horse?
If you have had open hear surgery, can you still get piercings?
I am very afraid. Am I prone to accidents?
dizzy, a bit sick and my eyesight is a bit blurred.?
why do my eyes hurt when im reading or on my lap top?
Why have I coughed up ear wax?
I have a mole on my breast, what does this mean?
Wet patch on my chair!?
Why do people call me anorexic when I'm fat?
i being sent to see a neurologist to rule out ms, does anyone no the symptons of ms?
Can thrundery weather give you headaches?
How much sleep do you need a night?
What is this weird twitching in my eye?
Looking for the sun? Has this wet weather in the UK made you SAD this summer?
Top ten tips for happiness please?
Would you prefer to be much larger or smaller than the average person?
How do i get my boyfriend to quit smoking?
if i give up my work to look after my wife will i be able to claim any benefits?
Hi iv been on propeica for about a week now because of hair thining and hair line recding, has anyone had the?
I have discoloration around my eyes - what is the cause and how i can stop it?
Permethrin creme and scabies?
scar from scratching?
how can i hide self harm cuts/scars..?
lumps/bumps on back of head/neck?
small discolourasion of skin on shoulder?
what happends to these people in skins?
arghh please help :(:( ?
Rashes on my bfs arms?
how good is nlite treatment for acne scars ?
going out tonight and want to cover up spot?
how to get rid of rashes on my face?
Help! Toe infection---- NOT Fungal!?
How do i get rid of this "heat rash" QUICK?
red blotches, itchy and blood on serface of skin?
Will contacts effect my vision?
Red veins in my eyes and just noticed a yellow tinge??? (model pics included)?
Can hairspray cause eye-twitching?
Long/Short-sighted + Short-sighted = 20/20 vision?!?
Purevision vs Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses?
Which glasses?
I cant seem to focus properly on anything?
Could someone give me their experience of their laser eye treatment?Which one is better Ultralase/Optical Exp?
What's the best treatment available for blepharitis; my optician mentioned one beginning with l, but I forgot?
Sore Eye,Think Its A Stye?
Contact lenses for weak prescription?
Why were my eyes dilated?
Preemptive cataract surgery ? Is that possible?
confusing eye prescription?
Disability living allowance CAN ANYONE HELP?
making loves a pain????
Why wont my headache go away?
anyone got there nape done i want it but does it hurt?x?
help my back is in ago-nee?
Headache & Eye Pain for a Week - Worse after alcohol?
i have pains in my shoulder nearly every month whats wrong with me?
I've done something to my neck and now can't look over my left shoulder?
I burnt my hand and it wont stop throbbing?
why does one of my ankles swell up?
Ear Drop Help - Please Help?
annoying doctors why cant they give us proper advice?
Alien Hand Syndrome!?
i feel dizzy???????????????/?
Are strokes painful?
Is it safe to take nurofen plus and also paracetemol together. I burnt my hand badly yesterday and have been?
Am I right in thinking that surgeons can replace sections of a person's aorta if damaged but not the whole ?
my age is 26 i this age 140 to90 presser is acceptable?
Does it looks like i have a Heart Murmur?
Question about saturated fat?
i have had two strokes am i entitled to any benifits of the state i have allways worked but am now unable?
My wife has MS. She's been diagnosed with very high blood pressure. What could be causing this?
Has anyone tried natural alternatives for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure?
marijuana for help with depression.?
Alcohol, depression. Can you help me figure some stuff out?
anyone knows of any paranoid personality disorder treatments?
how can i get to sleep easily?
How's best to deal with a relative with depression?
Why do people cut themselves, is it addictive?
I have to be up really early tomorrow, How can I make myself seem awake and not fall asleep mid-day?
Sweating Question???
how can i stay asleep all night,after about 4hrs eyes pop open and thats it help please?
How many Sick days off work can you take before needing a doctors line? Uk only!?
I have a sty in my left eye, does anyone know how I can ease the pain before i go to the GP? thanks?
Why is my resting heart rate so much higher than average?
Little help please? .......?
I'm bored, I'm really fed up today i want to hibernate?
what is the heaviest burden you've carried? and how did you put it down?
Which is the best hospital for Knee replacement in bangalore?
anyone else going to................?
Mild dehydration all the time no matter what i drink. any advice?
interested but how do i please help.?
where can i get homeopathic remedies?
how do i get my system back to normal after using laxatives?
Do you think this is right, regarding organ donations?
How to stop a clicky knee?
Why is my nose indented from one side?
How can I help bad burn pain?
what are the 7 bones in the ankle called?
Pains in my pelvis/lower back. URGENT! i need your help! 10 point best answers i?
I got punched in the head a month ago and I can't go underwater?
My nose aches/hurts after I apply slight pressure to its sides.?
Yesterday I slipped and fell. while falling i banged my Head on the wall.?
how long will it take my burn to heal? will i have any left over marks?
Muscle wasting after knee injury?
Do I have trichotillomania?
Is there a natural way of getting rid of allergies?
I have been told that i am a cold and untrusting person?
Can you get a disease or condition from having too much vitamin c?
Daughter with chicken pox in eye?!? HELP!!?
How can i make sur that i don't get swine flu? How can u tell u have it?
i have glaucoma can amoxcillain affect my eyes?
Is there any way to bring my blood level down ? ?
im having an MRI on my brain?
My 10 year old son has a pain on his lower left jaw from his ear to chin.?
Any female With Hypothyroid Disease And is on birth control?
I just developed Brochitis last Sunday and ended up in the hospital because of problems breathing.?
how to spell bersitious,a calcium deposit in the muscle?
how do you get rid of stomach aches and nausia?
piercing my own earlobe ? staph infections >?
I feel really unwell -what's wrong with me?
i was taking 10mg butrans patches for at least month and half then moved onto 12.5 mg fentylan patchs?
Is smoking illegal for 16 year olds?
I have a very sore throat,coughing up phlegm,little bit of a runny nose&a hot dizzy head...?
What would i have that is causing these sharp stomach pains?
my ear wax is green is that normal?
Propranolol and alcohol?
mole that sticks outt!! helpp!!?
how can alcohol affect your health or physical appearance.?
i am having trouble falling asleep what should i do?
i am 15...could i work in a pharmacy or do you need tobe a certain age?
How to stop nose bleeds in the morning?
What would a ambulance driver do in this situation?
Going for a minor eye operation... but im scared... i'm 15?
Is there any way i can stop myself from ever vomitting again? I have a huge phobia & its really taking over me?
I have a really annoying dry tickly throat & it keeps making me choke? How can i get rid?Thanks?
I have real sharp bloated stabbing pains,feel sick,kept me up lastnight&now i have lots of wind?Is it normal..?
how do you make yourself throw up without sticking anything down your throat?
39 body temperature in 2 year old?
Aching neck and shoulder , can anyone help?
plz any professional advice?
can i wear my contact lenses with a small cyst on my eye lid?
Does anyone know about visual stress in children. Can it come & go or do you have it all of the time.?
replacement for glasses?
How can I get under-corrected glasses?
Advice Needed For Eye Issues?
Are continuous wear contacts comfortable?
glasses prescription - confused! When should we wear our glasses?
Eye Exams - Different methods of determining your prescription?
do i have a problem with my eye?
feels tired after even 15 mins on pc!?
my vision in my left eye is very poor ?
can someone help me read this prescription for glasses picture included 10pts?
Can you recommend a laser eye surgery clinic in the South West (UK)?
can i smoke on the day i have laser eye surgery?
Train my eyes?
White eye reflection in adults?
What could be wrong with me ?
is there any way of getting both eyes vision if your blind in one eye?
Since about 3 days ago It feels like I have a permanent crumb in my left eye that's irritating it?
strange eye pain and blurred vision?
how long can i store a pair of contact lens in the sealed container with ReNu solution in it ?
i am round my friends house and forgot my eye contact solution?
How do I do the salt water flush successfully without vomiting?
what is a good razor without aloe vera/aloe barbadensis in?
approximately how much does laser treatment cost?
has my 3yr old heart/valve problems?
Help on malnutrition?
Can shingles interfere with your period?
best "drug" for getting rid of acne(or similar) on the body that i may not no about yet!?
I don't feel that my GP is very knowledgeable?
My cousin has recently been diagonosed with anorexica?
What Causes Red spots under arms?
How do i get rid of this?
What can I do to help sun damaged skin on my face?
what can i put in my presentation which is about "how stroke affects communication with the elderly?"?
why is my skin always going black?
Heart Murmur & Reflux in babies?
exfoliating bodyscrub..sugar?
Why am I suddenly getting spots?
health,skin and water..?
Is this atrial flutter or sleep apena?
MESSAGE For User PERFECTION: ON Is cystic acne related to polystic ovaries?
is cystic acne related to polystic ovaries?
There's this small white dot on the tip of my mouth?
Abnormal spots on my shoulders...?
can eczema flair ups be related to periods?
Damaged skin, HELP! Need advice!?
a very good cure for dryyy lips?
Line on both cheeks which are visible in clear lighting?
How cool is this..new cholesterol count within normal range?
Where can i get an aloe vera moisturising cream with spf?
Treatment for itchy scalp / scalp psoriasis?
which cleanser would you recomend for sensitive skin?
Does she need to be watched?
My boyfriend thinks im lying or cheating on him and im not what do i do?
how can i tell if my husband is using cocaine or heroin? the symptoare very similar..plz help?
Has religion helped you to deal with your mental illness?
How to be stronger?
How do i forgive someone?
At my lowest point ever- will it get any better?
How do I forgive my father and let go of my bitterness?
I am having problems breathing....?
Have I Been Exposed To Asbestos?
how can i tell if i have lung disorder?
what cause's the aches down my left hand side? It comes and goes..?
ultra sound scan on kidneys?
how do you get rid of flem without using antibiotics?
Dry Cough for Now 3 Weeks ? HELP?
Forgetting to breathe while awake?
help!!! is this a cold?!?!?
If a person kept drawing blood from another person everyfew days,is it possible it could be misdiagnosed asHIV
I'm always cold,what can I eat to help get me warmer?
What was this pain in my chest?
what is fugus?
Tinnitus Problem?
I don't know who to go to..?
how long does laser eye surgery last for till eye sight starts deterioting again?
Botox has given me a droopy eyelid - has anyone else had this
eye question again! please answer!!?
why do you get tired?
would laser eye surgery now, affect fuchs dystrophy in the future?
I have a white dot othe outer edge of my pupil causing discomfort and redness to the eye.. *continued*?
I can see something strange in my vision....?
do i have acid reflux problems?
I keep feeling dizzy, I can just be sitting there and will feel like I will faint?
Will a doctor backdate a sicknote if I cant get an appointment on time?
everytime i have a poo i bleed?
A Bite Or An Allergic Reaction?
I went to a friend's party and I've woken up and can't feel my legs?
I had a fall at work and now need treatment, can i get my workplace to pay for my private physio treatment?
How can I make a sling for a sprained arm?
hurt my ankle - what do you think?
i damaged my finger a few months ago, had 2 x rays resulting in no broken bones , the finger is still a little?
Can I claim compensation from this injury?
i was stung on my foot by a wasp about 5 years ago.is it normal that it still hurts now?
Do you have a tendon in your wrist?
I just poked my eye on accident with a Q-tip I'm scared?!?!?!?
i had a head brain injury and cant smell or taste?
How is snot (bogies) Created?
Instead of suntan lotion what can i use?
is there any over the counter med for tonsillitis?
Have a sore throat every morning, how to stop this?
Really clicky wrists, is this bad?
Im 5 ft 8 inches, is that a bit too tall for a girl?
What happens if an object is shoved down the mouth and is stuck in the oesophagus?
what are the really painful spasms in my calf?
how can i increase/improve my reflexes?
Does applying Omega 3 oil directly to skin have any benefits?
Name of 'doctor' specializing in eating disorders?
What happen if i drink 1 mouth full of bleach?
Honey on blemishes??
what could be wrong with his feet?
I'm only 16, but sometimes my heart suddenly hearts for 2 or 3 seconds? Why?
Most Of My Friends Have A Very Hard Fist How Can I Get One?
What is the lips between your legs called agian?
should i take drugs to quit smoking ?
I have red lumps under my arms, what is this?
Ive got loads of flem in throat!!!?
What's going on with my stomach?
Hi my mom is feeling somewhat lethargic and a burning sensation throughout her body.?
Accutane & Weight Gain?
I dropped a weight on my toe, and the toe nail blue. Will it fall off?
Can you feel a brain tumor?
B12 deficiency,if you have a drug test ,would there be anything i should know?
What will cure my acne fast?
Pain on the front of both thighs...skin sensitive to touch..what is it?
I'm REALLY sick with the flu and puking bad! How much longer should it last?
Could two seperate body parts scab and heal into one?
How can I help my 7 yr old with chickenpox. Using Calamine and calpol already! Any help much appreciated.?
umm need some help healing skin?
Should i do anything about my grandaughter not eating. I feel there is more to it.?
I feel like i have been punched in the back.?
Swollen fingers.......?
how would i be able to cure OCD?
Breathless? dizziness? Help!!?
medical question gland under my arm?
Why did you start drinking or smoking or taking drugs?
wot scares u the most coz i wonderin if the things i scared of is the sme as other peeps fears?
men and Depression?
self harming?
Does anyone else write a diary? I mean, anyone who isnt a teenager!?
Is it normal???????????
my friend told me that you are not a real man unless...?
I had a dream last night, seriously weird! explain it.?
Can you help me relax?
Please please read and try to help.?
would dating a guy with borderline personality disorder put you off ?
How to deal with panic attacks?
who's got the best brain?
What causes schizophrenia?
i am being bullied at work do i go off sick or stay as i am trying to find a new job
am i a normal teenager?
I started cutting myself last night..?
Has the improvement in medicine placed mankind at an advantage?
trouble sleeping - 13 years old, help?
can you treat stutters?
Can I have laser Eye surgery twice?
How do you Pop/Crack/Click your Joints?
What is wrong with me, help?
Pizotifen pills for migraine. What are they? Do they work? How do they make you feel? Side effects?
are there any light boxes for S.A.D that are effective but dont cost a fortune??
what are these symptoms?
Why don't sun cream adverts show people the dangers of the sun here in the UK?
can't stop dreaming - no sleep?
My son has his little toe's toe nail split right from the top of the nail to the bottom.?
cracking joints?
How to get to sleep at night?
Everything sounds much louder all of a sudden for some reason?
can a 15 year old girl have varicose veins ?
Can i drive with an ear infection that causes a constant ear ache?
I have a Chest Infection whats the best thing to do?
What would happen to you if you dont drink anythink for a couple of days?
How do hair removal creams work?
Do you ever get to that point?
My hands and feet have gone numb after drinking??
reason for cramps in legs at night?
how can i prevent back pain when i sleep ?
How to tell if my appendix have burst?
Co-codamol 30/500 Addiction?
Ive had a twisted gut for 24 hrs-doctor said I shouldnt have left it so long before calling him.why, any help?
Help me, the pain is astonishing.?
i have something wrong with my feet as i cant..?
what is a chiropractor?
sick feeling?
Is this an anxiety symptom left arm pain,tingling in fingers.?
Question re. friend addicted to painkillers?
What is the Pain in my foot ?
hi people i have noticed this brusing on my leg plezz hepl!! mi so worried?!?
Should I go to my doctor's with this?
Cartilage piercing, how much does it hurt and what should I expect?
please help solutions?
Does anyone know of a reason not to have repeated chiropractic manipulation?
Should i go to the gym, with sciatica?
Lower back pain?
How many people die each year due to respiratory diseases?
Feel a cold coming on ?
Sphenoidal polyps -Info needed...?
i need help with the tb?
Do i have a respiratory infection?
What to eat while diagnosed with hypertension?
what are the symptoms of blocked sinuses?
sinus and smoking?
Can I get into the Army if I had asthma as a child?
If i do not smoke regularly (by this I mean 2-5 cigarettes a month, does it affect me in sport?
Experiencing Ebay panic!?
to clear my lungs, I've been advised to have two ten-minute facial steams a day. is this bad for dry skin?
Will being overweight affect my asthma greatly?
How many of you have an Ironing Board with an Asbestos plate on the side????
dizzy/light headedness/tired, help?
how can i relieve the sypmtoms of my cold?
Is it possible to be allergic to milk but no other dairy products like cheese??
How to remove moles on face and at home with no pain ?
I've been having this 'cold' for about 3 weeks now, Is it Allergies or something?
Is it possible to have a very mild case of Swine Flu?
Flu, or something else??
I have a skin pigmentation called vitiligo. Does anyone know a cure or something to help me or it?
but i go to like three doctors now i dont want to go to the hospiotal ok ?
Product buildup on my scalp?
Why do Kleptomania and Bulimia Nervosa often co-exist?
The cancer research consipiracy, part II?
Is Chlamydia like a Yeast Infection?
My tonsils are infected but I really want to drink on new years?
i have been told that i may have a slow heartbeat, has anyone got any experience of this too?
What do you think it is? slow heart rate, low pulse?
I had a cataract operation 2years ago my eye was great till last week can i have another operation?
what are the ethical issues in a person who has dementia and who has telecare( a monitoring system by soc serv
how longer a delay should there be for the pacemaker to kick in?
About seizure...my husband had a previous accident that took him in the hospital for several weeks,?
What is high blood pressure?
Can anyone with medical knowledge only tell me what could cause someone to feel very hot while walking out in?
intermittent claudication?
On heart attacks.Does anyone know how the inferior Troponin works?
Do people with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy die in their 20s?
hav you had open heart surgery?just watch tv about we girl was sad :(?
Itchy head after vomiting?
crohn's and epilepsy?
Do benecol products really lower cholesterol?
i started lithium carbonate (priadel 400mg per day) 6 days ago and want to know how it could affect my heart?
what is atheromatous aorta?
In bad pain last night, now its starting again, please give me advice.?
Can I change my glasses?
Just had an eye test. What do the results mean?
have contacts mussed up my vision?
how should i go about getting awareness for my condition?
"Vision Without Glasses" a scam?
Anterior Uveitis advice please?
What type of glasses are in fashion?
Online shop to buy computer glasses?
new glasses too strong so do i ring the optician back as its possibly my fault for not answering there questio?
My glasses are making dark marks on my face..... what can I do about them?
What are dome good eye drops?
Physical exam for raynauds disease?
What's the price range of contact lenses......?
witch hazel is a component of optrex. could you use witch hazel on its own as an eye cleanser, either diluted?
why do i feel like this is there something wrong with me?
Optrex drops (chloramphenical) side effects question?
Stabbing pains in my stomach?
Contact lens tips for a beginner?
Contact Lenses.. Sauflon brand....?
Will My Eyes Bo back?
Looking downwards, then looking back straight ahead makes eyes blur and causes dizzyness?
nhs optical voucher?
Could long term/permanent exposure to UV light damage ones health or effect their eyes?
is there any eye drops that relief dry eyes but also help stop bluriness?!?
Vision Express Returns Policy?
Which High St optician supplies the best lenses?
Do you think it is a good idea to get Plastic Surgery abroad?
Is this true? (please read)?
Is it healthy to eat antacid like candy?
Has anyone ever heard of the Landauer Cosmetic surgery group?
i cant stay awake after a single night of no sleep any suggestions?
List of things to avoid doing in order to prolong one's life as much as possible?
how to reduce my stammering?? pls suggest me..?
how to get into a good sleeping habbit?
how can you tell if someone smokes properly?
What is sleepy and why do we get it?
Can anyone tell me about their mole removal experience?
Do you think I'll grow taller?
Pains in my stomach when i eat and drink?
is wearing a nickel coin safe?
I've been using olive oil to treat excessive ear wax but my ears are itching with the oil?
I can't get to sleep.?
broken ribs or not??? please help?
Looked like a canker sore.. but it wasn't?
Injury at Work leads to Disability - Just need some advice?
I was playing volley ball and now my wrist really hurts when i move it...?
how long will the cast stay on my broken ankle? It has been 6 weeks now?
annoying pain in my shin when i walk?
Pain in heel after broken ankle?
i slipped on some ice yesterday nd really hurt my bum. the part higher at the back close to the tail bone area?
Is my ankle twisted, sprained or broken?
If you was having a massage treatment would you like to fill your own consultation form out ?
shoulder injury can anyone help?
How painful is a radial head fracture?
Why are NHS hospitals reluctant to give X-Ray or CT?
Help! got a foot problem!?
Why is my hand hurting?
Have i got a ,muscle knot and how ccan i get rid of it ?
my arm really hurts have i done something to it?
ankle stretches..............?
i got a tragus piercing 4 weeks ago, its developing a pus bubble in the back should i be worried ?
In the last week my first finger has smollen & is sore to bend the digit ,I dont recall an injury, any ideas?
are paraplegics a 20th century invention?
what is this hairy lump on my chin?
how can i get rid of stretch marks on my bum quickly?
i have Erythema ab igne, help!?
I have these rashes on my hands that look like they're starting to blister, what is it?
Who in the Government likes to rub salt in the wound?
how to get rid of teenage spots?
ezcema problem, how to stop my 13month old scratching his head?
I have insect bites like bumps all over me?
I have acne scarred skin - which foundation should I use?
What do you think of the Clean&Clear morning burst cleanser?
i have a bump on my head?
What is the best way to get rid of teenage blackheads?
how can i build my chest and shoulders so i become hench im 14 aswell?
Im 14 and have rough dry skin on my hands all the time? What can i do?
How can i get rid of my eczema?
i have dark circles. have tried many things but none worked.. any help?
Red rash on neck!!!!?
what happenes if i apply alcohol on my acne? [ beside yelling akhhh and ayy ]?
How do i quit cocaine? help?
malingnant melanoma, blurred vision, deafness in ear, and eye disorientation i.e eye turning outwards help?
any free eye tests available in the UK?
why my eye lid is shaking?
Glasses plus contact lenses?
Optimax laser eye surgery?
my eye tends to drop! is there a name for this condition?
can excessive exercise cause eye strain?
mechanical pencil flew in my eye?
Eye Moles Again!!?
My eyes are changing colour...?
Lights catching my eye...why?
A few questions about contact lenses ...?
Problems with my eyes?
I have these bumps on my face?
i have a few red scabs on my head.?
Is Anxiety an actual disorder.?
My daughter's doctor has ordered metabolic testing, what is this, and what could she have?
which medication is best for acne scars?
Im getting really scared.?
Is scoliosis hereditary?
why cant some kids get acne?
OMG Did a tick just bite [email protected][email protected]?
itchy head+bump on my head=BRAIN TUMOR?help please im only 13:(?
What is scope if you have ulcer?
Is my doctor right....Do i have to be Anemic to have Celiac Disease?
I have white puss coming out of my eyes?
Urinary problems related to kindey stones?
is Murad Acne facial wash any good?
what is bipolar disorder?
What do you think are the main causes of stress at work?Why?
I have no emotions, what is wrong with me?
Depression! Any Ideas?
True or false:My anger management problem will improve if I cut out coffee and cannabis from my lifestyle?
What would you class as an addiction?
Dont you hate people that smirk because they make a living off tax payers money just because they are bone?
unusual phobias?
change this horrible habit (anxiety) help?
shortening of breath when depressed?
Ok so this sounds weird but see what you think... when i am asleep at night I sometimes find that...?
I have headaches only when lying down, anyone know why?
i have a sebaceous cyst i would like to know about removal?
Is Calpol bad, is this child's health at risk?
For the last two weeks, I have had a creamy taste in my mouth. No I am not pregnant. Any idea what causes this
Someone at work has got terrible flatulence,how do i deal with it?
how can i soothe my muscle? PLEASE HELP!!?
how do i stop sleep walking?
do drug abusers use nail varnish removal?
I have a stinking cold that I cant shift..?
has anyone expiranced their knee give way..why?
what products to use for hydromassage baths?
instead of vomit i sneeze?
Why do my ears feel like a speaker that has blown everytime someon talks to me?
My 16 month old may have a bit of a tooth in his lung, had a chest xray, is this 100% accurate?
oh my goodness i forgot hot to breathe! HELP!!?
what is cystic fibrosis?
Does anyone have info on cfs (me)?
I'm worried about my dad smoking...?
Has anyone had a lung scan before? What do i expect?
Where to start with getting fit?!?
How to get rid of annoying dry, tickling cough - but I am breastfeeding a baby!
blood clot and warfarin worry
I think i got swine flu?
Does anybody know..........?
astma plz plz plz help me?
why do light smokers get infected easier then heavy smokers, is it the genes??
why Voltaren use is contraindicated in Asthmatic patients?
how long the fever last in tb.?
asbestos danger in loft?
Does anyone know how many people in u.k suffer with aspergillosis?
Lump on my head?!?!!?
Private health care estimated cost of a Scaphiod fracture operation and consultation fee etc?
ive recently fractured/dislocated my shoulder in an accident, any ideas how to help it heal quicker?
i re pierced my ear a few months ago?
Knee muscle wasting after injury?
Question for doctors and nurses only..?
How many bones have you broke in total.. and how?
is my wrist needing hospital attention?
i have been put on 2mg diazepam for my anxiety and has anyone got any experience with them?
What causes indigetstion? I eat healthy but sometimes i can be pacing the room in agony!!?
in the uk does your doctor have to see you for an appointment within a certain time?
Why do feet get cold easily?
how to prevent getting blisters from my new shoes?
My partner has SVT, will our baby inherit it?
I'm constantly pulling my hair out, and I don't know why?
why do humans keep severely disabled people alive?
has anyone else been stuck feeling tired and lack of motivation to do anything?
My hands hurt when I write in detention after school?
i'm sick of hearing about?
What is the difference between psychology and mental health nursing?
What can i do with my weekends?!?
can i talk 2 someone who is experiencing panic attacks?!?
I smoked weed a couple of hours ago and now feel sluggish, whats wrong?
Are you happy or sad today and y is this? (just being nosey.) Kinda hope noone is sad!!?
If you suffer "whities" from smoking cannabis does this mean you have psychotic tendencies?
Does Depression Run In Families?
i cant cope anymore?
What can I do for my daughter?
thank you. do you know anything for stress relief?
i have been prescribed diazepam for anxiety but can only take one when i feel really anxious.?
BB Pete. Why is he not in a hospital?
Why am i so unhappy?
Computer addiction?
Where in the UK can I recycle my Eyeglasses online for money?
I hate having super side vision!?
Why do I feel like this?
Headaches from computers at school, but not the computers at school? :S?
eye laser treatment?
Asking it again,,anyone have side effects on Advair disk for asthmas?
When looking at a ct scan, can they say it's cancer?
How long will a urine specimen keep for lab testing?If it is a week old is it no good to test for blood in it?
Heavy breathing?
how did it happen???? cut on inside upper lip?
how to unclog a tear duct?
I have a blister at the end of my toe. HELP!!!?
Ear Infection please help...?
Will Differen ( acne topical) work better if i leave it one 24 hours?
Are tingling chins something to worry about?
stuffed ear?
Numb lips what is that about?
Any suggestions for someone with psoriasis?
Random red bites out of nowhere?
my eye's really itchy?
I'm extremely sick! what can I do to feel better?
I have been recently diagnosed with Colitis and have recieved proper treatment now all my hair is falling out?
What should I do???
Not sure what my condition could be ?