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For people who used Tea Tree Oil on their verruca?
Good tip to get rid of acne?
I had a wart removed by having it frozen and then coated with "blistering acid". How can I stop the pain?
i have little brown spots on my legs...?
how do you treat warts?
How to treat Water Urticaria?
how to make your liver & kidneys healthy ??
help needed nurse doctors opinion?
My Mother age 93 has been said to be having TIA's. I am not convinced. What else could this be?
Diet pills while taking High Blood Pressure medication?
Heart health & Osteoporosis...?
I need some help?
What is the best time to take anti-hypertensive drug during the day?
a few months ago the news reported about a drug to clear blocked arteries but i cant find anything since?
Can heart termours be cured?
How long does it take medication like Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor out your system?
apart from cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking what else could cause an aneurysm?
af treatments side effects?
high heart rate at gym...am i going to have heart attack?
Thai Food and Coumadin/Warfarin?
Angina.. Can anyone help me understand it better?
HEART SURGERY??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!??!?
Heart Trouble?
Hi i have a pain in my right eye and right side of my head?
Unbearable Stabbing Pains?
really bad cramp in my left leg what is it?
How do you reduce the pain in a toothache?
Hydrocodone.... side effects?
Ive had the hiccups for just over 10 minuites, its annoying me help?
Whats wrong with my fingers?!!?
what causes pins and needles and how could u have them less occasionally?
i suffer from tiredness and pains in my arms, legs,back?
i have pains round lower back and sides , at first i thought it was a sore back it eases after moving bowels
is vicodin like tramdol?
sharp pain in my stomach?
why do my shins hurt when i am exercising?
lump on neck after stretching my ear.?
Badly sprained ankle almost ten years ago?
ankle/calf injury in football?
How long does it take sprained ankles to heal?
My knee hurts when I run. Please help me find the problem?
urgent question regarding neck strain, please help.....?
My left knee hurts a lot after doing running and other sports. Why is this?
Can my boss cut my hours on the day of working?
What's wrong with my leg?
What does it mean when I have a 6th toe growing on my left foot?
please answer questions about tendonitis?
Fractured L4 Vertebrae.?
I felt a light pang/snap in the back of my neck?
something protruding over rib, vein?
Does it hurt........?
i have a hunched back im 17 how do you get rid of it?
my toe still kills! ?
I dont know whats up with my ankle?
Tendonitis in sole of foot please help!?
Is dementia hereditary?
is epilepsy caused by genes? and if so should they be breeding still?can medication 4epilepsy coz pancreatitis
Does anyone know if multiple sclerosis runs in families or if it is considered genetically inherited?
Has anyone heard of Oscon? It is supposedly a very effective treatment for Osgood Schlatter condition.
what mobility rate should my daugher who has ataxia
Please Help! emergency!
can a mother with crohn's give her child reumatiod arthritis
External signs of internal problems.
burning and stinging in spine
Any idea as to why the first three fingers of my left hand
perice syndrome,what is it?
I have had constant phlegm build up for the past few weeks. What is wrong with me?
hierarchy triangle?
what is the recommended daily dose of glucosamine sulphate?
Why, when stretching, do your bones crack?
I get 7-8 of sleep but eye bags still?
Why do I get so dizzy when I stand up?
Why do i need so much sleep!!!!?
Do iPods give off any type of harmful radiation?
I get hiccups almost every day?
chicken pox,healing,scars?
What are swollen eyes a symptom of?
I have hypermobility syndrome, what can I do?
Is it true that flu vaccines are over a year old and outdated before the general public ever is given shots?
why dont i like talking about myself or my problems?
Why does Dengue can kill a person within few days?
Heart problems related to migraines?
when i was in bed trying to sleep, my heart kept beating really fast then slowing to normal!!!!?
How did you handle your first coldsore?
How do I stop sweaty armpits?
How do i harden my feet?
What medical condition is having a sore on your leg and having your legs fill up with fluid?
Any Advice/Help Appreciated based on Symptoms?
Why would a drug addict take water pills?
Is it normal to have left-sided headaches?
Im am very overweight and smoke on a regular basis, have not smoked since sunday,?
PEOPLE WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS? How is life like from you, how do you feel having this disease?
Do I have dry or Oily skin ?
Does removing nasal packing after a Rhinoplasty really hurt?
i wet my pants in school =s?
How many steps? :) ♥?
Is there any ways to grow taller apart from getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and a lot of calcium?
urgent! i cant get a good deep breath of air. help!?
any tips for stopping a coughing fit?
Is it bad to turn on the air conditioner at home if you have let's say : the flu,the cold,broncitis,pneumonia?
Please, Please Help? Phlegm Problem?
steroids? different kinds?
Why is there Blood in mucus?
What is the cause of sleep apnea?
what should my peak flow reading be with healthy lungs?
child asthma Vs. adult asthma?
second hand smoke.?
Asbestos Inhalation What to do?
I can't sleep with my mouth shut?
what does Deep breathing means ?
I have an inhaler question?
can warm weather or humid house cause breathlessness?
Cough, flu or what ?
Headache, sore throat, just something minor?!?
Anybody ever had a problem with their nostrils?
has anyone suffered lung infection and did they experience pain with it?
how is a Pharyngeal pouch treated?
i take lithyronine sodium 20mgs tabs.?
if the optic nerve in your eye gets damaged can it affect the way you think...as its connected to your brain..
my little girl - age 7 - has a lump at the bottom of her rib cage, her left hand side. Any ideas?
I get a peculiar symptom in my eye: field of vision,?
What are the main effects of CO poisoning from low-level exposure, and what treatments would be given?
Not to mince words, I keep getting what looks like a heat rash under my breasts to the point that....?
A possible broken toe, but not sure ....no bruising :S?
Does hypnosis work ?
My Son broke his arm, just throwing a ball at school.?
how come when we go to the toilet, we don't the lose weight we just expeled?
If i wake up at 5 am what time should i go to bed at?
Do toenails grow back?
How can I get these bruises gone by next week?
Cause of swollen right calf and knee?
I think i have done something to the ligaments of my knee?
3 weeks ago i had teeth out my face has gone numb?
How come I've never had a nosebleed?
If i've got mild achilles heel is it okay to go on a hike thing?
Does compression only temporarily stop bleeding?
Will your broken foot hurt after its been placed in a cast?
whats wrong with my toe?
ugh? pulled hamstring PLEASE HELP :/?
how to break your foot/ankle yourself?
How much force would you have to use to break your foot with a club hammer?
if you break your neck how long do you have to wear a collar for? how long is it until Your fully recovered?
I hurt my shoulder ligaments at work. Had physio for a very long time but no luck?
infected cut..........?
Need help with my muscle condition myotonia.?
I have a Knee injury now getting strange pains what should I do?
Anyone had cracked broken ribs?.... read on...?
i pulled the muscles in both my arms 2 days ago and it keeps getting worse?
whats wrong with my ankle?
i have incredibly dry and hard skin on my feet, and i always get pins and needles if i keep my feet?
why is my heart beating so fast?
I have a few questions about marijuana?
I Have these Tiny Bumps On my arms [Pictures] What are They?
Can too much Sun exposure cause anxiety?
heart palpitations..feeling weird not normal beats?
is there anywhere on-line where i can buy the migraine treatment (zomig)?
Grave's Hyperthyroidism?
Brain tumor?
someone i know has got T.B -tuberculosis and they are coming to my house to visit,is this dangerous?
Would a punch in the head cause headaches?
im on azathioprine and pentasa tablets can this cause very dark urine?
anyone else ????
going to italy need to know how to get an ambulance if needed my son is ill?
Why do people get swollen bellies when starving??
Does anyone know...?
What does Arthridite mean?
Hi all, does NE1 have or know some1 who has spina bifida acculta and is now having difficulty in walking ??
what is the kidney machine?
Do blind people have feeling in their eyes?
Can the Pituitry gland be dislodged during brain surgery?
Parathyriod tumor - has anyone had one removed?
Does anyone know anything about "malignant hyperpyrexia" ?
panic attack!?
The inside of my chest feels raw and burnt, chest infection. Advice please?
Age is 80 yrs,Female,Having chest infection. Antibiotics Started.Patients is drowsie.Days required to recover.
Is a nose infection the same as a soft tissue infection?
what dose surgery for a deviated septum involve?
Where can I buy a nasal cannula from?
Chest pain on left side at night for 9 years! Advice appreciated?
has anyone used nicorette inhaler?
what is legionaires decease?
help breathing problems worse when lying down?
can my father chose to turn off the respirator? He is awake and aware.. he can not breath on his own. 6 weeks?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blood poisening...please help !!!!!!!!!?
does anyone know a good cure for dark circles?
i have half of my face like paralize and i feel a fact lip whats going onn?
how do you know if your have fungus feet?
wondering about taking a accutane course in the uk?
I have an itchy yellow substance on my scalp, which looks like cradle-cap. How can I get rid of it?
If i eat too much fibre, will i get diarhea...?
Good lotion for dry skin and protect against heat?
Why do my hands and feet always sweat even if I'm not anxious?
The best Anti-wrinkle Cream for 42 years woman?
Chest pain; my heart has been feeling heavy for the past 3 months?
Does this sound like an ear infection?
Does my brother have swine flu?
SKIN EMERGENGY!!! please help me!!!!!!!?
What does it mean when I have itcy red bumps on my face?
Does anyone know where I can find statistics of a pregnant person with anxiety passing it on to their child???
Why do some fat people have very clear, mark free skin?
do aedes mosquitos transmit HIV?
pseudocholiesteroze, Liver????????
HELP!!! Poison Ivy - poison Oak - how to get rid of it?
I'm worried I may have flu.?
Question about shingles?
swine flu vaccines for toddlers?
any women with crohns diesase ever had?
Why am failing to lose weight despite strict dieting and regular exercise?
Length of rheumatoid arthritis flares?
Really bad ocd stage about getting hiv from dirty needle?
I want to hear from any Army Doctors and Nurses, what qualifications do i need and did you have to go to war?
medical professionals only ?? my 4 yr old son?
Tingling in the heel when my mum wakes up, what can it be?What would you like to ask?
Spinal Bifida help ?
whats happening in the new doctor who?
Does this sound like insomnia to you?
underactive thyroid and PCOS - unable to lose weight?
My earlier question had a misspelling! It should have been: Peyronie's Disease, why is it virtually incurable?
Will i grow taller? helpp?
Can I take ADHD meds (for my daughter) to Rhodes on 2 wk holiday. Do I need to declare?
How to prevent getting a cold from swimming?
Do I have OCD or am i just a clean person?
Why do my kidneys hurt?
having weed tomorrow night, what should i expect?
Shoulder Injury-Inferior Glenohumeral ligament tear (IGHL) ?
ok my coccyx hurts but the x-ray shows nothing?
Does Septoplasty work?
Most of my fingernails have no moons?
What are you allergic to?
I have a pain in the middle of my back. Cancer???
What is a good way/product to get rid of acne in hard places like right on the rim of the nostril?
I have acne and i don't know what is causing it?
I have a mole that appears normal, but all the pigmentation in the skin around it has gone away.?
Does wearing Glasses with medicine mess up people vision?
i want to buy prescription swimming goggles on line but dont under stand the prescription, can u help?
Why were my pupils really big ?
sunbeds and eye damage?
What is happening to me?
Blending Essential Oils?
i smoked ganja once 403 days ago and am worred it will show up in my army medical test urin/blood tests ?
am i to old for laser eye treatment?
I have a family history of glaucoma.?
Every how often do u have to change ur colored contacts??
i have a pus spot on my eyelid?
can I drink alcohol with cefalexin antibiotics?
what is wrong with me!? HELP?
Opticians: Is the work tedious?
Claiming back cost of lenses?
wehat is the difference between febrile and pyrexia?
sick after eating help !!!!!!?
Where is the best place on the body to stick a Nicorette patch, so it doesn't come off? ?
Contact lens wear?
How can I deal with Floaters?
Can anyone answer why i keep getting ill ?
What can i do to help me calm down?
How has Epilepsy effected you ?
My eyes keep hurting when waking up at my house, just stayed at friends for a nights and my eyes didn't hurt..?
Relaxation Techniques?
Am I slightly colorblind?
how long after eye surgery can i use optrex sparkling eye's eyedrops?
i've just started wearing a contact lens, how long before the irritation stops?
how much does an eye test cost on average?
Soft contact lens help.?
i see stuff from the corner of my eye?
Would you want an extra hand(s) so you could do more work?
Optometrists ? I have this pressure behind my left eye?
How much to wear glasses -175/-250 I'm confused with different recommendations?
Can you cry through your ears?
Why do i keep getting ill?
Any help on how to get a good decent sleep?
Unexplained lower back/ chest pains?
stopped smoking 8 months ago?
"Zyban" has anyone used it, if so did you have any side effects, & did it stop you smoking ?
I av a cold and a cough...?
Signs of Rheumatoid arthritis in 20 year old male?
i have this lass shes 13 am taking care of her and dose anyone no anything about eating desorders?
the BCG injection, i was wondering if i actually do need it!!?
Phlegm - What are the bubbles?
when you gave up smoking.............?
I am afraid because of asbestos.?
what are prednisolone tablets for?
do illnesses like bad circulation, heart disease, stroke etc tend to onset in later life?
My pulse is 150???????????????????????/?
what would happen if you ripped someones heart out while they were alive ?
Hepatic Peliosis - what is it? How bad is it?
what is arterial cirrhosis and is there any cure?
It has to be done but can I handle the responsibility?
What is POCS?
Can anyone please tell me the definition of the medical term "MYLOPLASIA?"?
Why have i got weird bumps all over me after my holiday?
sty in my eye what treatment?
Reiki Healing Problem ?
Is there any way to get rid of milia without needles?
Dry Skin????....Help!!!!?
scard & spot prone skin?
dry white flakey skin on face?
what is dry skin? dry skin?
How do i get rid of sunburn quickly?!?
what could it be? helpppppppp?
If i have sunburn now when will it go away...?
How can i cover cold sore?
how much dose this medication cost with out ins permethrin cream?
How sore is it to have a tattoo, seriously?
How can i get Emla cream 5%?
i think i have a varruca or wart on my top lip its really small but i really want it to go?
eczema and hospitalisation?
Is there an alternative to taking anti depressants?
How to cure a sore throat quickly ( 10 points guaranteed ) !!<3?
Sore throat soothers?
is it ok to take speed and ecstasy?
What therapy is best for anxiety?
Can anybody tell me the dangers of consuming nail polish remover?
If I cut off my ears could I hear better?
is it the additives in most tobacco products that are the addictive element?
What legal substances are safe to snort?
Is there a book explaining chiropractic?
IS this herbal anti-depressant safe?
is there a scene where LSD Acid is used regularly?
Does eating cannabis have the same effect as smoking?
what can i put in a bath to relax all of my muscles?
Nutmeg high, Worth it?
Does drinking milk help sore throats?
if both my parents have A+ blood groups will that mean i will be A+ too?
Do you think Acupuncture helps reducing body numbness?
How can you take Opium? and what can you do to make it?
What would make you feel you'd had a great refelexology treatment?
Is this Sunstroke please help?
For people that either smoke, or have been able to quit?
Need help with extreme anger?
Is Cannabis really that bad?
i have a kid that throws up......?
EAR PIERCINGS :P pain? guns?
When you have a hangover..?
Is it possible to stay awake for weeks or even months?
help me stop smoking?
How to lessen hayfever symptoms?
Strange feeling in throat and don't know why?
What are you addicted to?
I never had a nose bleed is this normal?
is this normal please help?
feeling like im going to faint and lightheaded dizziness feeling with back of head pains ?
energy boost suggestions?
hats the name of that healthy shop you get in UK high streets?
Should I go to the doctors?
what is this white patch beneath my eye?
I have lots of bruises on my legs?
How to make myself sick. Below for more info.?
how do i get from a slightly bump stomach to flat so i can slightly see my ribs?
What is rugby ball eye?
Which high street opticians sell the best quality glasses?
Suitable for laser eye surgy?
visual fied test results...now abit worried?
Can I get new frames for free if my numbers have changed?
why does water come out of your eyes when you cry?
Do you need a parent or a guardian at an Eye Test at Specsavers if you are under 16?
Is there any treatment or cure for eye enlargement due to irritation?
How old should I be to wear contacts and how much would it cost?
the veins in my eyes are really red?
Can specsavers order in glasses outside of their range?
double/blurred vision in one eye?
how often do our eyes blink?
So I had my LASIK eye surgery... And the results were better than expected?
Laser eye surgery, are the results permanent or will your eyesight slowly deteriorate again, if so - how long?
I got a new pair of glasses recently and my eyes have been straining for over a month. I got headaches too?
Eyestrain really really bugging me! HELP?
Can i wear 'crazy' contacts if i have astigmatism?
please please help i need it?
Here's a common question, what are the simple ways to stop snoring?
Explain to me the process of immunisation?
is it just a cold?? or worse?
What is typhoid - please help?
My 52 yr old sister is gettting the Flu jab is there?
can glandular fever make males infertile?
I think i sprained my ankle...PLZ HELP ME!!!!?
Is my thumb broken in some way?
This boy really badly hurt me, i'm not sure what to do!?
How can you tell if you've popped your knee out of its socket?
I have a sharp pain behind my left rib which hurts when i take deep breaths even more...?
What is the likely cause of losing feeling in your leg?
I hurt my right knee ligaments 4 months ago when at the gym, and my right knee is still really weak. Help?
Back fractures. Does anyone have knowledge on this subject.?
I have a small fracture of my humerus (Upper arm bone)3 days old?
How Long Till I Can Play Football Again ?
cant stand or walk at 17 months?
what is the pain in my foot when i stretch it?
finger splits on end.?
techniques for manually lifting people?
Sports Massage Therapists in the UK?
What would you do if you only had a thumb and a little finger on your right hand?
What are the effects of circumferential trunk burn injury on lung capacities and volumes?
My Big Toe hurts... What do you think is wrong with it?
does anyone have any info on this please?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Why does my forehead vein keep pulsating?
Anyone got an electric foot warmer.?
How can i get rid of foot smell?
I am currently giving up smoking.?
Does anyone know what the difference is between Medical Olive Oil and Cooking Olive Oil?
How many hours sleep do you need, to feel you can function properly the following day?
Can much else go wrong with me?
i am have alot of pains in my stomach?
What causes varicose veins and spider veins and what can I do to prevent them?
my moler tooth really hurts?
how long does he have to live?
you know when you get the twitchy bit round your eyes?
I cannot fall asleep at night!!!?
Improving eye strain/function and eyehealth supplements?
Is hypnosis dangerous to quit smoking?
Gift for nursing grad?
why does a person with emphysema get out of breath while climbing stairs , but not while resting in a chair?
Asthma attacks- please help?
whats causes coughing fits and shortness of breath plus wheezing and what treatment is available?
how long does it take to die from sleep apnea?
coughing fits in 3 year old boy?
Has my sister's asthma returned judging by these symptoms?
What would cause a continuous heartbeat in one ear?
How to get rid of recurrent sore throat infections?
Do anti-pollution filter masks really work?
champix im on day ten gave up smokin on day 8?
What tastes/smells like mint when it's smoked?
Carbon monoxide test for quitting smokers?
my glasses lense has chipped will specsavers fix this?
how do screens damage my eyes?
Mascara on contact lenses?
I have a really bad pain above my left eye near my eyebrow?
can a plastic surgeon, or any other type of surgeon make your eyes look bigger?
Which opticians in the UK are offering free sight tests?
Improving my eyesight?
laser eye surgery risks vs costs?
does a burnt retina heal?
My eye has went wonky :(?
My eyes when I'm nervous and people stare?
if opticians like boots have there own brand eyeglass frame with name on it does it men they manufactured them?
Prescription sunglasses?
laser eye surgery - optical express?
Red/Silver Eye in photos?
Colour Blind - Electrician?
Should I go to the ER?
The human heart: Can an abnormal bp (too high, too low) be a way to detect a heart problem?
why am i getting high BP at night?
atrial septal defect closure?
how long for propranolol to work?
How is cardiac output controlled by the body?
am i entitled to INSIST that surgeons perform a 'full frontal labotomy' if i pay for the surgery?
During a blood pressure measurement with a spygnamometer, what are the rules when deflating?
blood test?
What is the average survival rate for DVT in 20th Century?
Am I too young for TIA?
heart problem, or nothing to worry about?
What is the mortality rate after a Triple heart bi pass?
i have frequent heart palpitations and the feeling of not taking in enough breath..?
Child screening for Heart problems....?????
my bum is on fire!! any remedies?
i get pins & needles in my hands & the pain runs up arm to my elbow, what causes this to happen.?
how do you get spots on your neck?
what is the dry patch under her nose?
Hyper and hypothyroidism?
I wore high heels all day yesterday, and now my feet are in really bad pain, and my toes feel really numb?
Cold Blood?
laxative abuse, collapsing?
Giving Blood?
Give Blood?
Sore throat?
Protein in blood. What does this mean?
Does St. John's Wort Work?
What is the best field in medicine?
How do you pronounce 'Goji' Berry?
Will this show up on a drugs test?
Is it possible for anti-depressants to workfirst week? in the ?
What is a good tool, or a good way to dilate the sphincter at the end of the sigmoid colon?
i wanna try weed what do you think?
How do you pronounce St. John's Wort?
lemsip and green tea mixed together?
Dies alli work properly?
Is it possible for a person to live 150 years or more?
I read this about the acai berry about it's health benefits -stops cell damaging free radicals, can it totally?
I need advice on treatment for threadworms?
can u people tell me about the drug morser d for what purpose it is used?
can you go to an alternative address if on sick?
Medication Help! 5* for best answer?
feeling sick home remedies ?
What can you misuse in a pharmacy?
What is Rhodiola Root used for?
drinking while on medicine?
I have a tumor on behind my right thyroid, what are the risks?
Having bad headaches!!!?
How tall do you think i will be?
Is there anyway i am addicted to this?
Is 40 mg of Fluoxetine high dose?
White patches of skin on my feet?
Can you take prescribed medicine and still be Straight Edge?
What's the difference between contagious and infectious disease?
Whenever I lift I get headaches during my workout?
what medication can i buy for nervousness when public speaking? can i get it without prescription?
How do i get rid of the feeling of food sitting in my stomach?
Is it bad to eat a bannana everyday?
Why is there a spot inside my nose?
How do i stop getting stitches in my stomach?
Bad stomach pains what should i do?
horrible pain in hand?
Give an interesting unknown fact!?
why when we write several times on paper it breaks but on skin it just washes off?
Why do i see myself as taller than other people?
Do I have a serious drink and health problem?
Do I sleep too much or not enough for my age?
Why do i feel sick, tired, weak and shaky? :|?
Old toenail nearly come off, should I remove it now?
Tennis & Golfers Elbow - Part 2?
Sprained ankle 6 hours ago need to wear heels in 8 hours can it be don?
Should I make an injury claim from this accident?
I'm a 14 year old girl and I don't know how it happened but I have a really painful bruise on my lower back?
Broken little finger no pain.?
I've got a really sore ankle- do you know anything that can soothe it?
have i broken my finger?
Bad back fixed by fall?
I some how hurt my neck last night. What's wrong?
how long should this take?
What makes your legs go like 'jelly'?
Is my hand broke or not?
My really weird finger and arm?
i've recently hurt my back after being knocked off a bike, when will i know to get back on the bike again.?
why is my finger swollen?
black toenail.. what happened?
My son (8) broke his tibia a week ago. Should I encourage him to use crutches yet?
My brother has a broken collar bone and a big in 2 MONTHS !!?
Plaster cast problems:(?
fumes from fire kills..? was it painfull?
how is this an adaptation if you break something?
flu after mouth cancer?
Could it have been Swine Flu?
Pinworms, will they stay forever?
Hi, can anyone update me on whether it is still safe to travel to Punta Cana due to swine flu?
How long should i stay at home from school if i have swine flu.?
what shall i do about work if i have white worms?
i have a weak bladder..?
is there any infections that arn't that dangerous but are based on your blood?, if so please tell me..?
Swine Flu vaccine for children (UK only)?
average cost for Human Diploid Cell Vaccine?
What do you think of cats with swine flu?
Swine Flu vaccine...?
Approximately how many cases of Swine Flu have been reported worldwide to date?
Vertigo, migraine...or something else? Help please!?
If the transglutaminase test shows normal patterns but is related to a low IgA, Can you rely on the results?
How do I unblock my ear?
Will motilium (domperidone) make me hungry?
Given my symptoms, might I have CFS?
How do you relieve pain in your eye?
are you getting the h1n1 flu shot?
Is this a real disease?
How do I get rid of my dry hair?
skin question - for those with experience with acne?
Can someone tell me about the disease multiple sclerosis.???????????
Does hair bleach kill lice AND their eggs?
what is trisomy21?
How to deal with Eczema??
Any good home remedies for a chest cold?
My feet can't stop dancing! Why won't they stop dancing?
Natural freckles help? I get more when in the sun is that Cancer?
What is the possible cause of white spots on the tonsils with no other sypmtoms?
How is cholesterol measured?
Is having a high metabolism good?
i want to work in healthcare what do i do?
I keep getting headaches...?
any help on this? we need help?
how do i find out what courses t take for specific careers?
I saw a question on knitting, can someone enlighten me some more on what is knitting?
what is sleep in your eye? and why is it still produced for a little while aftyer you wake up?
What does very high consumption of vitamin C mean?
What is the matter with me - this is ruining me?
I keep getting really really bad..?
I have a pain in the bottom, right of my tummy, and I keep feeling dizzy if I stand up too quickly, what's up?
can someone tell me why honey is healthy??what does it do and to what ?
I have had this feeling in my chest?
What is wrong with me?
Do onions really affect your mood?
anorexiaaa? please help?
Hypnosis and weight loss, does it work?
Why should children/early years have the right to NHS care?
can some one explain to my boyfriend why its hard to sleep with the tv on, please no rude remarks I would?
What is false about freebasing cocaine?
Which vitamin would you recommend to give energy?
werid little bumps after eating fruit... :s?
Can i drink on erythromycin (antibotics)?
Worried about Citalopram?
can i drink alcohol around 24 hours after metronidazole?
how long does risperdone take to get rid of panic attacks?
what range strength of tablets are used to treat high blood pressure?
Which is best natural growth hormone booster supplement?
Which INR therapeutic range should I use?
What are the best anti-inflammatory foods/herbs for sinuses?
Should I worry changing from atorvastatin to simvastatin?
how do i sterilise an ear stretcher?
is it ok to have a blaze after the exam?
I Am On Citalopram. Which Recreational Drugs Should I Avoid Regarding Serotonin Syndrome?
Has anyone had Deep Brain Stimulation for spasmodic torticollis dystonia?
Risperdone help! Please answer!?
Prices for valium (diazepam)?
where can i buy exocin without a prescription?
my friend has just been diagnosed with water on the lungs is this bad?
is it normal to have discharge of green mucus during pregnancy? ?
Took antibiotics 2 times a day instead of 3, will this cause major problems?
can people with emphysema work around food?
Horrible wheezing and cough..?
Is glycerine good for snoring?
how can i get flem out of my throat?
will my peak flow go up the fitter i get?
Oxygen level what does this mean?
how can I stop snoring?
Tramadol, Painkiller. What is it? What are it's effects? Anyone know anything about it?
What's the quickest way to relieve a stiff neck?
I have constant pins and needles in on my left hand?
Backache, degeneration of the spine...?
Why Do I Feel Good?
Headache behind my left eye?
Neck pain from under right ear, radiating to back of my head and down neck.?
whats this awfull pain?
My body feels weak and I am feeling hot?
Disability living allowance?
Any tips on how to get rid of my stomach ache ?
What is pins and needles?
Acupuncture - can it really help me to quit smoking? And is it also good for neck pain?
What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?
what's the best natural remedy for headache?
does cold increase athritis pain?
I have been addicted to Co-Codamol 30/500mg for pasted 10 years and having problems coming off them.?
why do my shins hurt when I run or excercise ?
ears popping badly on the plane!!!!!?
I haven't really had an appitite recently; can anyone give me a thought as to why?
Pains on left side of upperbody?
How do you know when there's somehting wrong with your glasses prescription?
where can i buy computer glasses?
what effects can cracking my neck and back have on my body?
Is my eye okay from super glue vapor?
ok quick question on medication!!!!!!?
Whats A Good Product To Get Rid Of Break Outs?
Reddish rash under breasts and piercing pain on one side?
scaley legs on my chicken?
What does hydrogen peroxide do to skin?
How Do You Get Rid Of Itchy Swollen Hands And Feet?
Tiny brown splotch with tiny tiny black dot in it?
Red spots on back?! What are they?
recently i've been expiercing with white spots around my eyes?
my granddaughter had the shot and now has the chickenpox, why?
I have a rash on my arm (more inside)?
How to get rid of dark circles?
Can scars which were left on the skin by spots fade?
Acne treatments and supplements?
HELP: I keep getting very rashy and spotty after shaving ...?
my boarder has a cat that is balding and has developed open sores on its neck?
Question about spots?
can i take cefalexin with flucloxacillin?
pulmonary hipertension to heart failure?
i keep having regular heart burns?
what are the chances of someone living if they've had a heart attack and had do be induced into a medical?
is sarafem prescribed in the uk?
swollen ankles and joint pain?
what is hyperextensability syndrome?
blood pressure and heart rate question?
i think i got a heart problem? ?
What exactly is a heart murmur and how are they caused?
what name is given to the sac, which surronds and protects the heart?
bulmer palsy?
What's visceral hyperalgesia?
Who can I see regarding night blindness? Is there a specialist? Is there a cure?
The muscles at the front of my neck become hard and painful to move my head why?
are there links with cerebral palsy and increased likelyhood of developing parkinsons?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms?
why does pee????
2nd test raised platelets now increased to 621?
2 weeks ago my feet ,legs, ankles starting swelling they hurt real bad. doc has me on 2 high dose water pills?
Ears pinned back on nhs?
swimming and contacts?
how to quit smoking marijuana ?
what is the average height of a 13 year old girl?
do you think its annoying when you get pins n needles in your bum?
If I die with my eyes closed do they stay closed ?
How are you supposed to know when to drink water if you dont wait untill your thirsty?
having a mole removed! help me dr's out there!!!?
how can i treat an ingrown toenail at home?
How long after stopping smoking does the dizziness last?
Going to stop drinking as much, how can i flush my system out?
Hiya i keep waking up with such bad headaches?
how can i reverse the symptoms of taking laxatives?
What smell do you think would make you throw up instantly?
what symptoms do you get with gall stones?
Why do I feel sick after eating?
I smoked weed and... i had these effects are they normal?
Mood swings are ruining my life?
How to buy cigarettes when you're under 18? (uk only)?
Could Lupulus, Castoreum or Argentum Nitricum, treat an excessive sweating problem?
how can i make up a bach remedy room & body mist ?
What should I do..............?
does any 1 no if cho yung chinese weight loss tea works?
can someone tell me what makes muscles relax after a massage. Is it the actin & myosin at work?
Does risperdone stop panic attacks? please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are the benefits of starflower oil?
EMS -- electronic muscle stimulation that can build up weak muscles Does it realy work?
names of pills available in india?
took risperdol by accident?
Have had approx 6 cigarettes, 1.5 years after quitting. How do i stop going back to being a smoker?
Can I kiss him on the cheek even if he's sick?
Why is there roach killer and polysorbate 80 in the HPV vaccine?
What would you do if you had back acne?
How to get rid of acne in places?
Eczema on hand + under eyes?
has anyone had their gallbladder removed?
Can you become amuned to the pain of strep throat?
I have a friend that suffers from Psoriasis and has problem getting blood out of her clothes. Can anyone help?
How do you get rid of rashes that Itch like crazy!!!!?????
Why would exposure to carbon monoxide increase breathing rates?
Do newts carry salmonella?
Razor burn with rash? SEVERE?!
Dry skin or eczema?
my head fell off and I'm having trouble seeing the screen. HELP.?
I tore my muscle in my shoulder, how long to heal?
my hip joint is injured how long will it take to heal?
I Blacked out and hit my head on concrete floor 3 days ago. Still no knot but starting to get sore in places.?
I touched a bone in my nose!?
can dropping an ice skate on my foot break it?
My foot is really hurting but I can't remember spraining it. What could it be?
I swallowed my gum.....now what?
i somehow hurt my forearm, and when i twist my hand around i can feel my bone or tendon pop out...?
Why is my elbow soft?
years ago hurt my back bad leg at moment the xray showed i had two collapsed discs, but?
swelling after sprained ankle.?
getting cramp whilst doing pull ups?
Mysterious lump on bottom of spine?
I Have sprained my wrist can anyone tell me what's the best thing to do or use for pain relief?? :(?
Is it normal to get muscle twitching after a total hip replacement?
someone tell me whats wrong with my toe?
can you grab someones wrist and let go and fracture it?
MRSA Help please????????????????
If one child has swine flu should all the children in our home take tami flu?
what have i got... infection or what?
More advice needed on the - Should the NHS focus funding on the prevention or treatment of CVD? Question ..?
How bad is Swine Flu in your area?
What's Wrong With My Eyes? Help Please!!?
Medical help: peripheral vision hallucinations?
Eye Power Degree? HUH?!?
Is it alright if i wear my glasses while on my laptop?
Can pregnant women use optrex eye wash?
Can your eyes improve?
My vision acuity is 6/5 (6.5?) VA. What is that in terms of 20/30, 20/20, etc?
Do eye exercises really work?
What does it mean to have 'better then '20:20' vision'?
why do i feel dizzy this morning?
liver test at doctors?
UK answers only?
i need the location of the cornors office in luton and dunstable hospital?
why tears are hot when you cry and cold while laughing?
doctors please answer anorexic with strange symptoms?
Info needed about brain hemorrhages?
Ok this is disgusting and its really bugging me...?
am i too young 4 this op?
what is wrong with me, any advice?
GPs,who De-register patients who make a formal complaint?
Tips on how to relax and sleep?
can anyone help me find out whats wrong? it's driving me mad!!!!!?
Why do i get a twitch when i lie down to sleep?
ONE A DAY or CENTRUM or something else!!!?
help im ill and need advice please?
How to get into Occupational Therapy?
Why am I not feeling better?
has anyone else got a disabled child?do u find it hard to cope?
I know your ears nos n throat are connected before anyone says....?
Is it possible to ingest multivitamin/mineral tablets as a suppository rather than orally?
how long do you sleep for?
Are all Hospitals the same, they try to rush you out so they can make a bed free?
Some Questions On A Bad Back?
Using cosmetics which have past their expiry date?
Any harm done to my baby?sprayed RAID insecticide in my baby's room w/o opening windows etc b4 entering room?
I Have Really Bad Breathing Problems Can Anyone Help?
Panic attack? and now wierd breathing patten.. will someone help me?
pulmonary fibrosis?
what are the health hazards to breathing in solvent?
What is respiratory tract infection, caz I think I might have it?
my 3 year daughter is about to have her adenoids out along with having grometts inserted?
I have just found out that i have copd (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) has anyone else got it?
My husband has a shadow on his lung following a chest infection?
Can honey & water help relive asthma?
Ventolin in USA?
A Reasson why you should not leave a plant in a pateint sick room over night?
I've a friend who is now in Nigeria and his daughter got infected with malaria. Can he fly back her daughter ?
reactive airway disease?
My nan has pneumonia, anyone know more about this ?
Annoying tickly cough?
is this an adrenaline problem?
Will I grow any taller?
what happens when my foreskin burns and how do i stop it?
i wanna be imortale or have just a really cool life?
Is it possible to stay awake for weeks or even months?
what time do you wake up?
Strange feeling in throat and don't know why?
Tinnitus worse in the morning and ears hurt sometimes?
How does dehydration lead to headaches in people?
Is there any health problem or benefits with hot water intake?
will risperdone stop my panic attacks?? PLEASE ANSWER?
When can I change my bellybutton ring?
i have some lumps on my head what do you think they are? please Help!?
how can you get rid of a rash from shaving your chest or round your private parts, just above?
Any good acne treatments in Australia?
Infected ear piercing?
Are there any shampoos to help with alopecia areata?
How to reduce scarring on legs?
Are there any home remedies for Warts on my hand near thumb, and verruca on your foot?
Why do the palms of our hands have creases/lines in them?
Rash of blood spots.. why?
how to help sun burn?
Cystic Acne Agony!!!?
Does bio-oil actually work and how effective is it?
i have little clear bumps on my leg?
why do i get burnt so fast out side from the sun?
Frozen wart blister on hand?
Ways to get rid of a boil? (apart from squeezing! D: )?
could strengthening your immune system get rid of acne?
losing your eye sight?
are contact lenses free on the nhs for chrildren under 16?
How are stitches in the eye done?
Bacterial conjunctivitis?
Symptoms of overwearing contacts?
Two different coloured eyes: one grey. one green. One either has better eyesight than the other. Is this why?
Eye laser treatment at Optical Express ?
Eye prescription query?
What foods should I eat/avoid while recovering from Food poisoning?
Severe Anxiety over HIV?
Anxiety attack or Antibiotic reaction !!!! scared!!?
whats with the swine flu?
Is it common to survive cancer 3 times?
Partial Mouth Paralysis only when looking in mirror. Symptom?
Help! I think my doctor's wrong. Why have I been getting sick for months straight?
Do you think people are making a huge deal about the H1N1 virus?
Is there anything that makes your blackheads go away ?
What does 124 Systolic/ 104 Diastolic Mean?
Sore on tongue and will not heal even with medicine.?
My husband lost 25lbs. within 3 months. He looks so frail & pale, any ideas what it could be. He still eats,
I suspect there is mold in the house I've rented..........?
do i have food poisoning?
how long does your hair have to be to donate it to cancer patients?
how much sleep do people in there 30's need?
Doctors - is there any anotomical reason why when I swallow my ears get blocked and I need to pop them?
Does anyone have a child with Di-george syndrome?
what is the side affects to Atonal?
why does one scratch his/her head when thinking.?
has anyone ever had major problems with vertigo?
Help please.I suffer from R L S.does anyone know if im entitled to disabilty.thanks Phil?
Is there a way you can change your voice? I really don't like mine.?
has Any one got the same as me i have no body reflexes loss of strentgh numb fingers face lips and tongue?
were does diseases start from?
if there is stone in bileduct what is the treatment?if GB removed there is chance having stone in bileduct?
Is loss of feeling(torso&legs)(numbness) linked with kidney problems?
my chihuahuas needles?
Swollen hand?
back and chest problems?
Burned myself on the oven last night (On front of my arm just above wrist) What is best way to prevent?
do i need to get my head checked ?
Sprained ankle ? please read the more detail can not fit it here?
can you fly with a broken arm?
Can exposure to the cold cause muscle pain?
I have pain in my knee whenever i bend or straighten it?
What can i do to recover my wrist?
why is only one of my fingers cold and the rest on both hands hot?
What have i done to my knee?
have i really hurt my self ?
How do I heal a pulled muscle?
will i make it round the london marathon?
tearing of the meniscus ligament ( knee)?
when i lean forward sometimes it feels like my body is shaking back and forwards slightly, its quite scary?
I had Microscopic meniscus knee surgery 6 weeks and 4 days ago,should it still be painful?
I Have A Trapped Nerve?
Have I got Arthritis in my ankle after injury ? 38 yrs old.?
I forgot to mention as well as a limp my foot turns in (?
What is a good tool, or a good way to dilate the sphincter at the end of the sigmoid colon?
my 2 year old toddler has just been diagnosed with asthma, but im at a loss as of what to do?
Please help :)?
homeopthic remedy for bronchitis with yellow phlem,wheezingin chest and pain in chest. very tired. chilly.?
carbon monoxide in the communal entry?
how long will this cold n virus take to go and is there anyone in same situation with asthma?
Will smoking a cigar affect allergies or asthma?
why am i feeling so dizzy?
What is low blood pressure and the cause of it?
Valve-replacement operation? (Open heart surgery)?
Cardiac Edema/Oedema?
blood pressure upside down?
What type of blood pressure meds worked for you to control your?
How to increase good cholestrol levels in the blood?
Why does alcohol cause high blood pressure?
What is the effect of statins on cardio-vascular disease?
what happens with cholesterol?
What happens if I take an extra dose of Warfarin am instead of pm ?
why does blood pressure go high when you have done exercise and what can it go up to during exercise & b safe?
Can a common blood test diagnose a heart defect?
What does my eye test results mean?
leaked battery in eye!!!?
Why does my eye color change multiple times in a day?
Single Visions Glasses?
How much is an eye test in specsavers roughly in the UK?
Is there anyway to get rid of eye floaters?
Eye patch.....how long should i leave it on?
why are my eyes bloodshot?
I had an eyetest today and was told....?
Why do your eyelids feel sore when you are tired?
when i blow my nose i sometimes see blood is this normal?
i nearly faint after I've been sitting down for a short period of time?
Stomache acid coming up?
why does my leg keep kind of pumping in the part a bit under my bum?
will i die if i take more than one hayfever tablet?
where can i get health care experiance?
local anaesthetic during hair transplant?
What is the best factor of suncream to use for protecting against the sun?
how do i get rid of a sweet tooth?
It is safe to scan x-rays?
drug question, is this true or not?
Has anyone had any dealings with geopathic stress?
How to keep cool when it's so hot?!?
(PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!)Will I go blind if I don't wear glasses or contact lenses and I am short sighted?
most nights i feel tired but just cant sleep any suggestions please? ?
what is hepatitis b?
What causes heart palpatations?
Is there a special cream for varicose veins.If so where can you get it from?
how is the best way to take out my contact lenses?
Private Healthcare - Is it possible to get a one off appointment or do you have to get insurance with them?
Does anyone know if radio frequency treatment for snoring work please?
electronic cigarette is health products , which has no harmless and taste is the same as real cigar,have a try
I am getting a urostomy can any one help me as i am really nervous about the operation?
i have just started taking Zyban to help me stop smoking. Can anyone tell me what to expect?
quickest way to get better? i need to be better by the end of today!?
I need to have a pre-employment medical and want to know who conducts these type of medicals.?
What's this piece of medical equipment called?
i just collapsed after feeling dizzy.. help?
what are the best vitamins/minerals to have for anti-ageing/de-stressing?
How long will it take for me to get better from the flu?
Is there a difference between a cold and the flu? My fever and sore throat seem to be over, but my runny nose?
Swine flu...............................................?
how can i catch a sickness and dioreah bug and quick?
what are the symptoms of swine flu and how does it differ from a very bad cold or other flus?
H1N1 swine flu vaccine safe in pregnancy?? but never tested?
how long to recover fromswine flu?
this Friday just gone i had flu symptoms so i called nhs flu line and as im pregnant they told me i need to?
swine flu jab, 35 weeks pregnant?
Coldsore? - small little white thing above lip?
I have a problem with my eye sight?
I have a goitre but normal T3 and T4 levels. Is there any way I could have underactive thyroid?
a question about drugs for mental illness?
Levels of AFP?
is thinking too much about everything a kinda mental illness?!?
What is flat optic disk? What are the consequences for the health of the patient?
leg ulcers?
What is the best, at home cure for stress and insomnia?
why are my ducks feet swollen and hot?
what is the best anti inflammatory drug aganist?
Feel dizzy, extremely tired and nauseous?
Bone Marrow Donation?
Vestibular disorders? Do you know anything about them? Please help?
I'm looking for help with medical coding. Can you tell me what the code is for subluxation of the Talus?
Ear infections followed by temporary deafness?
Illness Query?
have I got tinnitus?
Please urgent help rabies accidents and bites Cats and dogs (Please send information about articles or papers?
how do i get rid off boredom?
whats the medical term for passing excess wind?
should i worry?
is it to late for help?
A whole day of runny nose...constant sneeze....Next day its gone?
Why am I getting new moles? *freaking out*?
what is the quickest way to get rid of dark scars?
how can i get rid of nits!!!!?
I have a painless red patch underneath one armpit?
what do you do with a sore shoulder?
My dad's blood pressure reached around 180, does he have a chance of survival?
what do you think of naltrexone treatment?
How come during a cold we don't sneeze in our sleep?
First aid steps for Inhalation of fumes?
is acetazolamide the usual treatment for a acute glaucoma attack?
how can i get rid of a chesty cough i've had for 4 weeks?
my mother has copd and also angina hardening of the arteries in right leg , she has just been diognosed?
symbicort side effects?
can men with cystic fibrosis still have children ?
Can i catch bacteria caused pneumonia by kissing someone who has bacteria caused pneumonia?
why blood is protected for the light when it is collected for vitamins?
what is the Epidemiology of Cholera?
sneezing,feel abit dizzy,dry nose,sore head feel different?
cystic fibrosis how does effect the family and?
My pulse rate is 103 ?
Can I play soccer today? [with acute tonsilitis]?
Christmas time and all the strain.?
What would my peak flow reading be if I didn't have asthma?
What are the signs of damaged vocal cords?
how dangerous is pollution from cement factories?