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Ive got a cold and ive lost my voice?
What is the best way to get rid of Hanging moles?
where is the best place to have laser eye surgery done?
i am having migraine's with aura's but only with mild pain, neck is stiff and i am always tierd. any tips ??
what should i do, im worried ?
how can i sleep during the day time?
What is wrng with me?
i have my arm in plaster from fingers to shoulder how do you cure an itch that is getting on ur nerves i tryed
Concentration Problems?
Trying to stop smoking and won't to try lozengers?
Is there a suicide method involving stopping or slowing down the heart, or shutting down the brain or blood?
whats the best way to relax on a Sunday evening?
do blood tests hurt? got one in an hour! first one...scared?
What is carcoidosis?
Similarities and Differences between anaemias due to disorders in iron metabolism and vitamin metabolism?
Can long term use of earplugs cause inner ear problems?
lymphoma information please?
Any ideas please on how to improve digestive. Unfortunately I suffer with acid reflux and I also have?
been really ill with a virus?
does anyone have multiple scerosis and is suffering with trigeninal neulgia?
what does 20/20 vision mean?
Anyone had a procedure to repair a hiatus hernia? Was it a success and has it changed your life?
Can I donate blood if I take thyroxine or have hypoglycemia?
Is there a medical name for this problem?
lump under jaw?
How long to recover from a general anaesthetic?
Anxiety or more?
What can be the cause of a low blood count?
Numbness in leg...?
Did I pull a muscle in my leg?
I accidently ripped my big toenail almost off, it bleeds when I try to walk on it and is very painfull, what c?
ouchh ive really hurt my foot?
I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago and now my spine still hurts when i move at all. What did I do to it?
medical question for doctors and physiotherapists?
Winged Scapula..Or is it?
trapped nerve? im lost please help advice me?
Where to get a protective facemask for a broken cheekbone?
What have I done to my ankle? Please answer..x?
My dad just put out his back!?
My 2.5 yr old has banged his head?
what can i do over my knuckle and my finger?
why do my ribs feel bruised and stiff?
Strange sensation in ear?? Advice please....?
Is my wrist damaged/broken/fractured/sprained?
i trapped my finger in a door!?
my lower knuckle on the middle finger feels jammed in certain positions, any ideas?
HELP! How can we make the fluid go down!?
How normal is altered sensation after a flexor tendon repair injury?
plantar fasciities and crutches?
Cramp in my leg when I'm sleeping?
Leg cramps...I think...?
what is the difference between paracetamol and ibuprofen?
Solpadol 500mg / Co-codamol 30/500?
I keep gettin real sharp pain in my throat and feel like there is a big lump in it. I just recently read up?
pain in my left arm.?
How bad is the pain when you get cramp? And where abouts do you usually get cramp pains?
Has anyone had problems being sick and pain after gallbladder removal?
hands really stiff from playing guitar?
How can i get my doctor to take me seriously?
feeling sick with heartburn?
iv had cystitis now since friday evening. i don't no what cause it. ?
What causes cramp? help?
Omg in so much pain pleasehelp ?
how do you get rid off an ear ach?
What was it that finally drove Michael Jackson to suicide?
pain in heal?
What could be a sign of pain under the left rib cage ?
What causes gnashing of teeth when sleeping and is it dangerous?
ever since ive been off ill in november till now i been getting eye auras zigzag lines in my eyes?
what are some really quick spot treating remedies??? (im open to anything!!!)?
Can athlete's foot fungus spread to anal areas?
about botox injections?
i have a rash inbetween my toes?
if you have botox and it doesnt work can you get your money back ?
i have been bitten by this insect and i don't no what it is please help?
Help about mild acne?
I have a rash on my neck?
I have skin problems, im very pale & have rosacea & acne?
My small toenails are both yellow and grow strangely - how to improve?
can stem cells cure stretch marks?
I Smoked something quite unusual..?
family member diagnosed with lung cancer, 1 lump in rt lung near heart, why would doctor say it's inoperable?
blistering sunburn?
I'm allergic to the glue in band-aids...what else can I use?
I think l might have Tinnitus. what will stop the buzzing in my ear?
Asthma inhaler refill?
sore throat for a week, extremely swollen gland this morning, yet I went to doctor yesterday...?
My skin is red and it's tearing off, and it burns, how do I make it recover quickly?
If you were given a vaccine with a needle contaminated with the same disease...?
What are alternatives to drugs for seasonal allergies?
How often can one get money off glasses when on jobseekers allowance, please?
The quality of spectacle lenses? Are they trying to rip me off!!?
Looking after glasses?
Do they do exchange at SPECSAVERS?
yellow bump on the white of the eye?
Why do you need to see an optician before getting coloured contacts?
Help me understand my Optician's Prescription!?
What's up with my eye? Quick answer please?
Problem with new glasses prescription?
just watched The eye, got some medical questions.?
what the heck is inside my eye?
Eye Problem Question?
Where can I get a pair of Acetate mens glasses frames in black for under £50?
contact lens removal?
Contact lenses power the same for all contact lenses?
i have weak right eye, what can i do to improve my eyesight?
Why do they have light colored eyes, and I have dark colored eyes?
optical express laser eye surgery?
wake up in morning with blurred vision lasts for about one hour?
Why when I feel faint(hypoglycemia) does my pulse seem normal, but my heartbeat is frighteningly strong?
how do you/or a doctor tell?
Intracranial Hemorrhage?
Does anyone else have problems with toe nails splitting or know what it is?
If I scream my head off to loose my voice, would a docotor know?
what benefits to people with parkinsons disease suffering anxiety?
Cyst on the vocal chords?
can mumps spread to the other side after one side is getting better?
Hi, can someone who has the G6PD blood condition donate blood?
my glands are swollen?
Lump on my foot?
I have a low red blood cell level (2.?), yet a raised haemoglobin level. What could be the reasons for this?
i feel sick, but im afraid of being sick so im doing everything i can to stop feeling sick? what foods help?
How to get rid of blackheads?
how much is a hair test for alcohol?
whats the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist?
Can a stutter be inherited; what could be the cause of an entire family having one?
how many hours sleep should a 17 year old get?
Lower leg muscle - shins?
Why is my sense of smell so bad?
how long does it take for a cocaine user to stop the addiction? and also weed?
went away to Egypt at end of August & was will & am still suffering some unpleasant effects. Any ideas?
Question about Prosthetic Legs... (UK)?
What do you hate most about your doctor doing to you in a checkup?
why does the sound of scratching nails down a chalk board make you cringe?
I am really tired and wont to go to bed, but i've got a stomach ache and am frightened of being sick?
My friend keeps giving me her nits , what should i do?
This Maximuscle Cyclone protein shake give me slight diarrhea what should i do?
Why am I dry so quickly after a shower?
Bio-oil - is it as good as it claims to be?
Where can I have something tested fo drugs?
Is Forever Living Aloe Vera a scam?
is anyone else worried about snow fever.after 10 days on the ground snow becomes a risk to some genetic groups?
How do I kill my lip sore before it kills me? lol?
What are the symptoms of appendixitus?
White blobs in stool?
Could I have been jabbed by a needle?
How long does it take to get over viral meningitis?
I have swine flu and have just finished a course of Tamiflu. How long before I start to feel better?
When did you know you were starting to recover from Glandular Fever?
How can you tell if an operation wound is infected and the patient has to go back to hospital.?
Is it wrong not to complete a course of Tamiflu?
has your child been offered the swine flu vaccine and if so did you have it done....?
Cough, Chest pain and yellow mucus? Help?
i slept 8 hours last night ,"what you would call a heavy sleep"?
I'm 14 and i'm scared too sleep alone?
I found a white powder in a small plastic bag?
I Have Bags Under My Eyes - What Is It?
anyone in recovery ?
yoga, pilates or knitting?
How do i stop myself from squeezing and picking spots?
Does my company have to pay for me to have my eye test?
What to say when booking a doctor's appointment and...?
any ideas as to whats causing this?
how would you know if you had sustained carpal tunnel syndrome through useing a keyboard and mouse?
Gurgling on my right side?
I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago and now my spine still hurts when i move at all. What did I do to it?
Why do i get back spasms when im lifting dumbells doing the bicep curl?
medical question for doctors and physiotherapists?
smell of weed came in my house does that mean im breathing it in or is it just the scent?
What's the best way to cool down?
can you drink the night beore...?
Is eating bran really going to give you cancer?
I have wee's so many times today, is something wrong with me?
can dr. reconnect nerves to my spinal cord?
Is this normal for contact lenses?
can't breathe properly when i wake up?
Which is worse ?????
Sciatica- who knows what can help with it?
what are the cons of organ donation and transplantation?
Whats a good vitamin/supplement to take for clear/perfect skin?
plantar warts on my foot? :(?
hi i have come up with a full body rash and my face has swollen i really dot knwo what to do.?
I`m very worried about something...?
i have little bumps all over my legs..mostly on my thighs..they arent red nor do they itch..and they are small
I need a disease that affects the way you look for a short story I am writing?
Hair loss, constant thirst , dry mouth, fatigue, and on and on and on?
I have got crack in my heals. Have you got any permanent solution for this?
How will any one know that he is suffering from blood cancer????
how can i get a lower heart rate?
skin peeling...?
I have hives, how long until theyll go away.?
whats this disease called?
Can Anyone Diagnose these sympthoms? too serious?
do allergy tests hurt?
How do I get rid of a plantar wart?
Does anyone no a quick way to get rid of spots?
Any one suffering from plantar fibromatosis?
just been diagnosed with epilepsy not aloud to work looking for relationship bit feel it will be let dwn help?
what is 8:10st in Ibs?
raynaud's syndrome..?? should i take the pill to help me????
Quick question on Albinos?
what`s the medical term for someone that persistently lie`s ?
please help worried ..?
has anyone had detox for alcohol problems-what was it like?
How goes genetic engineering help cure illnesses and disease's such as parkinsons?
tumor?its monster?
What is a 'Polycystal Kidney'? Is there any cure for it?
I have to have a hepititis b jab??? I am really worried, how do i calm down??
How long to diagnose autism?
pain in left flank and now blood in urine?
Is it possible for somebody who suffers from panic attacks to work a normal job?
how long does it take antidepressants side affects to kick in?
I keep getting a strange rash that fades in minutes (pic included) - what is it?
how much is a 1/10th of weed? like how many joints can you make with that? and how big is it an equivilent to?
how much can i expect to earn an hour been a massage therapist for a day spa?
Is it bad to feel something hard around my new piercing?
website about childhood obesity uk ?
can i become a phisiotherapist if i just have gcse's form a-c and nq level 2 and 3 in beauty therapy?
at what age limit can i train to be a hairdresser, im 53?
on average, how much saliva would a person accumulate throughout their life?
how long does it take to bleed to death from an open iv cannula?
Why are are my feet like this?
Dents in fingernails?
Scars!!!, 2 part question please read description!! 10ptsss?
Suffering from a cold/virus. Feeling "out of it". Help?
how to get a husky voice?
Cant go to the toilet and my stomach get bigger...Help pleasssee?
my doctors put me on sick for depresion,can i claim benifits,am on jobseekers at moment,dont know what to do?
Under eye circles help?
if i go on the sunbeds will it help my spots go?
Do you have to book to go on the sunbeds or can you just turn up?
Can you get ill from touching maggots, or do you have to actually physically eat them to get ill from them?
I get slight pains on the left side of my chest when i drink water should i be worried?
Painful back and hip.?
My daughter is 7 and has complained of tummy ache almost every day for almost a year.?
My muscles hurt all over, I haven't done lots of excise, so why is this?
WHY do we get pins & needles?
what is the best treatment for sciatica?
wrist problems?
alternative to codiene?
mystery hip problems?
i have severe pain all down my left side and back and neck numbness and muscles are not working right?
What causes cramps in the leg?
can i use a tens machine on my head when i have a head ache?
Weird feeling in head and neck?
Please help...tried everything.?
Help. sharp stomach pains what are they?
what are the symtoms of arthritus?
Had this pain for a while now.?
what causes pins and needles in your hand or foot?
what's good for bad knee's?
i have a sore throat and find it hard to swollow?
I am 19 with a lot of back pain, is this really bad?
When i sit down for over 30 mins my legs start to ache !! they really hurt too.. what should i doo ?
Does a wound make Staphylococcus aureus worse?
How to treat swine flu?
Should I starve myself for 2 days?
is glandular fever meant to make you feel this way?
a question about my throat?
why has my partners wound not healed.?
Pinworm/threadworm problem?
is yellow jaundice in adults contagious?
Hand Hygiene Procedure?
I can't get rid of this cold/glandular thing and its really bugging me now!?
Have I just destroyed my hearing?
How to get rid of spots in 5 days?
how bad is my Vitiligo, should i worry?
What exactly happened to me here as a child?
What possible knee injury do I have?
don't know what to do can any one help me?
what medications are given for broken ribs?
Jaw moved slighty out of place?
i triped over and hit my shoulder on the floor and its been hurting everytime i move it for a week now?
What is it like to Run away?
Pain in knee after being headbutted by a goat?
I get shin splints; for a diagnosis etc where do i need to go? (UK)?
Leg smashed,hip dislocated,now what?
i hit my ankle and now its swollen any help?
Can somone tell me the meaning of this dream about my girlfriend having a dream about me being killed?
How long does bruising take to go down?
Can I ask a hospital about information about my brother without anyone finding out?
How to avoid being eaten by a shark when you work in a fish and chips restaurant?
How did my boyf break his finger with a ball?!?? :/ 10pts best answer?
Fell down some stairs and hurt my foot?
Problem with my knee? (help)?
can spondylolithesis reappear?
How does someone make sleeping pill not effective?
How to encourage my partner to quit smoking.?
Can anybody tell me why?...?
Having sleeping problems!!?
when i close the door of my car or touch any metal shelf or table i get a shock with a crackle.?
how long will it take to get a nose job on the nhs?
Why am I so tired?
Does anyone have any tips on beating cigarette cravings?
Can't Go Back Too Sleep Help!?
forced to go to doctor?
tips for a good night sleep?
I Feel So Flu-ey! Please Help..!?
i am 17 years of age and my eyesight is very poor, how could i improve thyem?
What does bile actually do?
Do crosswords exercise the brain?
I didnt have my appendix remove will I die? Help me!=[?
Is impetigo another name for staph?
What are the risks tht come with boils?
What are these little red dots I have on my face?
heart attack verses heart burn?
Is there an effective home remedy for eczema?
What could cause sneezing and respirtory problems in a new home but is 2yrs old first owners and was cleaned?
How Do I Get Help Without A Family Doctor?
i suffered from severe urine infection.after treatment i hav high blood pressure n my heart beat is very fast?
Excessive peeling under lower lip?!!?
what are biopsys?
What am I allergic to?
How to protect myself from the flu?
swollen eye !!!?
what effects can come out of abusing tranquilizers? short and long term.?
Sore eye ????
what are there more of in the world - obese people or smokers?
what do i have ? please help i am sick .?
how do i get back into working out?
what are thegood effects of giving blood for the donor?
what is the difference between a chemist shop and a pharmacy?
Have you or anyone you know ever had a bad reaction to a general anaesthetic?
how long does antibiotics stay in ur system?
Polio and M.E. I have heard there is a link?
will NF1 evenutally seize up my knee joints?
does the offshore medical include a drug test?
i am ulceative colitis patient and 14 weeks pregnant?
My doctor said, he has to inner check my back because i have irregularity in my bowel movement.?
paralysis of arm, should i seek help?
Folic Acid...?
Any way of improving my chances in an audiogram test?
what happens when someones salt levels get low?
relief for strained stomach muscles!?
i have a lump in my ear , i really want to know what it is?
can u tell me pls why is my 3 yrs old son has swollen glands every 2 weeks//?
what is it when i feel like i have a stich going down one side?
is oxygen at 30% good for me with chronic fatigue syndrome?
is it the cough that carries you off,?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
Is 1 cigarette a day enough to cause serious damage?
Can whooping cough cause hernias?
has my chest infection made me go deaf?
is it possible to smoke a cigarette through your bum?
chest pains from trapped wind?
Im exhausted ...help me sleep!!!?
To die of "respiratory failure" ? What does that mean and what are the medical symptoms ?
Why do RNs think that they are licensed to practice respiratory care when They're NOT.?
Painful when I breathe?
symptoms of chest infection?
Sometimes Difficulty breathing night times?
I have a cold and cannot stop sneezing and it's hard for me to study for finals. how to make the sneezing stop?
When you smoke what happens to your lungs?
Breathing problems: What do you think this could be?
Do you know any acne cures?
I have pinhole phimosis...what are some ways i can stretch it?
Can anyone give me info on psoriasis?
I have a wart on my head?
Please help with my cold sore problem?
why did my heart rate decrease?
travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions?
Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects?
Question about the heart?
Is my cholesterol better or worse now? please explain answer?
i'm having an isotope bone scan are they safe ?
can taking proplus affect blood pressure?
My heart sometimes "skips a beat", literally.?
how do i quit smoking?
When should i go to bed?
Is pooing 3 - 5 times a day normal?
In which position do sleep ?
Skin rash after donating blood?
In which UK newspapers and magazines am I likely to find Stop Smoking ads, please?
why am i drinking so much liquid?
Is the sleep you get before midnight more beneficial than sleep after midnight?
I got really emotional this morning at the petrol station I just started filling up! is this normal.?
Cannot Sleep. I have been lying awake for almost six hours.?
can two blue eye parents have a brown eye child?
question about my eye sight :p?
Blocked tear duct procedure in adults?
When I get my glasses can I go back in a few weeks to add "anti- glare" to my lenses?
Is it possible to clean, store and reuse daily disposable contact lenses?
Will Specsavers give me lenses for glasses I never purchased from them?
I NEED GLASSES, i know i need glasses but have not worn them for 8 years and am starting to get some nasty pai?
My eye is really itchy?
where can i get a customised eye patch?
words just seem to move around on my page is there something wrong with me or is it just normal?
my eyes are always red and watery looking. any tips please?
Is it impossible for someones prescription to improve during their lifetime?
what does my eye exammination mean?
anyone had an operation on the nerves at the back of the eye?
picked my new glasses up last week is it possible to change the the prescription.?
How bad are my eye test results :|?
How long can you wear colored contacts?
billberry for the eyes?
Does Sunglass Hut sell eyeglasses?
I have just been told by the doctor I have a frozen arm, what are my work rights?
Im prettty sure i have nerve damage in my foot, please help!?
Inner ankle bone (medial malleolus) was bruised now feels like bone has grown on top.?
Whats the easiest way to break your wrist? (not that i will try, just curious)?
Any Physios on here know what treatment I will get for Shoulder Instability?
HELP?! I'm pretty sure i've broken my ankle, but no ones into help!!?
Question about an operation on a broken leg? Im a bit confused.?
could wearing ear plugs night and day for 4 days harm your hearing?
Scissors injury through my knee help!!!!!!!!!?
whats the middle bit inside your nose called that keeps the two sides apart?
Should i go to school with sprained finger and hand?
I cant feel my left hand at all.... please help.?
Anyone know what might be wrong with my foot?
Is this just a concussion?
I have damaged my shoulder doing the bench press?
Could my knee pains and dislocations be related to this...?
my heel hurts when i run. its so sore. How can i fix it. Male 14?
Do hospital gowns ever show up on xrays?
i have just developed patela tendonitis?
Really swollen leg, help.?
Sleeping & Dying????
I need help here please about the swine flu vaccine?
Have any pregnant women had the celvapan vaccine for swine flu?
I have swine flu - on the Tamiflu?
i have a lump on my arm for a week now after the swine flu vaccination. is this normal?
PLEASE ANSWER - What are the different types of vaccinations available (in the UK)?
I've already been in trouble at work for having too much time off but I have bad flu?
Has anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis had the Swine Flu jab ?
what are the symptoms of h1m1?
A question for those with experience of chronic progressive illnesses?
what can it be?
medical term for heavy breathing?
Want causes can cause dizziness and stiffness of the legs in elderly?
Does anyone else get big dark under eyes when they are ill...like a cold etc?
By my thumb my skin is dry and it looks fungus. Try alot of moisterizwers. What should I do? What is it?
is it hard to live with?
working with dementia and alzheimers sufferers?
Does baby oil help dry skin on face and hair?
my hand go,s numb?
stomic pain please help!?
PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY COLD!!! its really bad!!!?
weird lump inside head?
what type of cancer is this ? first she had the tumor in her brain .. now there's one in her lungs.?
What would hapen if the government told the people that H1N1 would almost be as bad as the black plague?
What's the best thing to take for a cold?
what cleanser should I use?
help me please, dont know what to do?
H1N1 Flu do you know anyone who has had it?
How do you heal a second degree sunburn on your face?
Glucose/sucrose in urine?
Heart Attack Symptoms?
I have a tsh level of 2.71 I have absolutely every sign of hypothyroid,?
Do i have Asthma?[People w. asthma]?
How long does it take to get the results back after wearing a Holter monitor for your heart?
i have bad acne on my back, shoulders, and chest and face and i was wondering if epsom salts would help it?
Is anyone out there taking Celexa?
my chest is congested my head is hurtin cant eat anything im weak. i need an old get well remedy?
Is my son suffering from growing pains at 14?
Is there anyhting I can do to stop/help my back ache?
Pain around heart area?
Lanzoprazole side effects.?
Feeling of trapped wind in my chest?
Twice when I have been on a plane, as we start to land, I have experienced excruciating pain in my head ....?
what cause lack of sleep and breast pain?
Slipped Disc, will it heal?
Dull ear,cattarh or wax???
I get really bad migraines?
who is sitting on my left?
hernia inflammmation?
I had a headache all day, is it normal?
Short, sharp pain in area of heart every month or so....?
Im In So Much Pain.....Can Any One Help Me?
Chest Pains?
Can i take pain killers while taking mefenamic?
I have had diaarhea for more than 5 days, what should i do?
HeLp TeNnIs ElBoW !!!?
head aches?
Has anyone tryed Zyban or Champix in order to give up smoking? Did it work for you?
How can I heal my cracked lips?
I drink 6 cups of decafinated coffee a day - is this healthy?
any 1 know a good remedy to get to sleep?
why do i shake?
what is the foul odor coming from a boil?
will a sun tan cover up stretch marks?
Worried about a mole?
i was sun burned recently and i found?
Does anyone know the mortality rate for heroin users?
What could cause me to wake up always out of breath?
It's started to really hurt when i lie on my sides?
I have spots on my chest. How do i get rid of them?
Why This Reaction? everytime i do that ...in the next 5 seconds my eczema become worse(itchy and burn)?
does charcoal tablets helps when the stomach feeling gassy ?
How do they treat anorexia?
How can I get rid of my dark circles?
is it normal to have a pulse in youre stomach?
can trippy weed damage your sight after u smoked it?
Itchy back without clothes?
My urine changes color?
Help for my friend, lumps and bumbs?
why do i have spots on my forehead on the opposite side to my fringe?
How do I change bad sleeping habits? Fast...?
If a human hand connected in leg place, it will stay alive? If yes it will reshape to a leg or stay hand?
Is it true that if you don't eat enough, you get more hair on your body?
Why are my eyebrows disappearing?
How to hide cuts, on your wrists?
do pharmacies open on bank holiday mondays?
How can you convince your GP to refer you to a specialist?
nose insecurityyyyyy !?
What natural herbs can you smoke and get high?
Is this a normal thing to happen?
i keep getting what i think loooks like conjuntivitis?
What physical traits do most girls find attractive in boys?
Why do i get Heartburn all the time ?
how do i get more motivation and dedication?
Is there a proven technique to compress sleep such that one can achieve maximum possible rest in minimal time?
Different words for constipation?
what sort of job can i get....that?
Are my headaches stress-related?
Why do I get diarrhoea when I drink alcohol?
Whats the quickest way of streching your ham strings in the legs?
Why do we get 'sleep' or eye bogey in our eyes each morning?
Has anyone else recently gave up smoking?
i have a cold coming, but i am meeting my girlfriend TOMOROW what should i do?
nhs overnight helpline
how do i know if they are poisonous or safe?!?
Can you reduce the chance of illness by travelling at the front of the tube train?
why does it sting when cigarette smoke gets in your eye?!?
my eye keep twitching.. any reasons why?
Would you complain about a doctor who...?
my boyfriend said he quit smoking but..?
What's the best way to get rid of trapped wind?
can you suggest dog diet for pancreatitis kidney probs bladder stones?
Does anybody know how long its takes...?
weight issue doesanyone know of drugs that work for weighlossand where to get them?
Ive just started taking cod liver oil tablets 120mg, but i noticed i get an indigestion feeling after, does?
i want one medical website where i can say symptom and there i can get result what is the disease?
I'm in a lot of pain with suspected Ankylosing Spondylitis.I may be pregnant. Any ideas for safe pain relief?
I want to sell a kidney of mine?[serious]?
clear liquid in stool?
Are the people who are allergic to perfumes are also allergic to skincare products that are not fragrance-free?
Are there neurologists in Toronto who specialize in Parkinsons?
Will a facial help me wiith acne?
bad dandruff?
How do you get rid of ringworms?
If you are going for chemotherapy how long does it take before your hair has fallen out?
Does my friend have an eating disorder?
Is Neutrogena a good acne product?
hepatitis b?
How will I know when the flu bug has ended?
1 year old got a rash and diarrhea w/whole & 2% milk. She eats reg yogurt & cheese fine. Is she allergic?
2 year has runny nose cough and 100 degree fever?
Does your vision loss cause you to read less?
my friends period wont stopp!!?
Swine flu help please, 10 points?
Will I get Food Poisoning?
Why do we produce mucas when we have a cold?
is the Swine Flu Jab safe and Can a Blood Test tell you if you have already had the swine flu?
is the swine flu jab safe enough for children who have special needs?
How long does this take to heal ?
i have an x ray tomorrow and im petrified?
Urgent advice needed! What can I do?
Lump below ankle on right side of right foot?
I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and it started hurting again?
do nose jobs hurt?do they give a major anesthetization before the process or just a local anesthesia?
Quick!! How long should i hold this ice pack on her head for?
does cannabis have mental side effects?
What to do?
A friend's house is really dirty and cluttered. She is very depressed by it all?
Is it normal to be over the age of 16 and still be afraid of...?
I really need help?
Echocardiogram and Angiogram...?
I have been adviced by my cardiologist for a coronary artery bypass graft surgery?
when did hospitals start existing?
Thise question is about heart attacks?
I was on a heart pill but doctor too me off. Can I still get into theArmy?
Why are the benefits of taking a daily statin. Fortunately I've been told that I ?
Can an arrythmia make you feel dizzy and pain you slightly but feel painless kinda?
How do I tell Mum I want Surgery -- emergency!!?
What are the causes of problems with blood pressure?
How many times unconscious?
My heart beats really hard?
Um...this really doesn't sound too normal...?
How long does a heart attack last for?
in this day and age?
I feel mean?
Falling During Sleep?
where to buy boric acid?
how does asthma start out?
what causes this problem?
When will I have my growth spurt? Is there anything I can do?
my ear is blocked after yawning?
need to gain weight!!?
Question about NHS Direct and the Police?
what are the effects of playing video games with hands and feet at the same time?
Why do I keep getting constant headaches?
horrible pains in my stomach!!!please can anyone relate?
I have this weird problem?
does screaming stop motion sickness?
Feel like I don't need to breathe...?
I have had headaches everyday for about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks, jaw pain. I'm really worried, what could it be?
Can anyone remember the recent advert for Indigestion relief.?
How do I stop feeling like this?
friend feeling unwell she has a headache, vomiting and a high temperature any ideas what she may have?
can I take diclofenac and solpadol together?
Daily headaches and sometimes a little bit of dizziness. Could it be related to my anxiety and stress?
Why have i got hair growing on my tongue?
Why am I waking up in the morning with perspiration dripping down my face and my Hair soaking wet?
i have a tender stomach and keep going to the loo whenever i eat?
Swollen thyroid?
Is it just an ear infection caused by eczema?
can a uti cause swelling on the hip???
how is it possible that when get operated for stones by laser it doesn`t damage the skin?
Cerebral Palsy technology?
Is there a cure for restless head syndrome?
does anyone no wat is wrong with me..please help!!!?
I have Crohn's disease which i have had since i was 17yrs old.?
IBS sufferers?
Childhood Arthritus...?
What causes iron deficiency anaemia? And is it serious?
Severe fatigue! HELP!!!?
can you anyone tell me what causes a dry kidney?
paracetemol safe amounts?
I'm scared of injections - what do I do?
I can't move my neck, please help :(!!?
My Poo Feels Sharp And It Really Hurt When I Go?
my boyfriend is a singer and is experiencing pains int he back of his throat behind his adams apple???
stomach pain..should i be worried?
I know you will say "Go see my GP" but......?
serious back pain . . beginning to ruin everything . what should i do ?
can i buy kapake tablets online?
Whats the best thing for stomach cramps after a heavy sesh up town?
What Could This Be?
I have to go to the doctors tomorrow ?
What do u thinks wrong with me?
appendix removed because misdiagnosis,cause of pain found and operated on,this has caused alot of trouble.?
any ideas plese thanks migraines ?
Please Help.! Pain..!:(?
Calming remedies - what is the best over the counter calming rememdy?
occasional pain in my hand...any ideas what could be the cause?
is 500mg paracetamol tablets strong?
14 years old constant headache????????
lump in lower eyelid?
Why do I randomly lose my sight?
good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!?
i haven't been able to sleep... but i don't feel stressed???
Has anyone been to casualty and saw a child with a saucepan on his/her head?
Where can I sell my blood for money in Nottingham ?
Anxiety and no Sleep.....
why does my little finger sometimes go really warm? lol?
I think i have a bad stye or infection in my eye!! Anyone going through this?
Is this constipation?
is it possible for someone to be allergic to all types of meat and fish?
Laser Eye Surgery?? Info please?
how good is eye laser surgery?
I'm 15 and i'm really short sighted, my left eye is -8.5 and right eye is -6.5, are there any ways to help?
Slight myopia - is it worth getting glasses?
Will I Be Able to Drive?
Should I have laser eye surgery?
Laser eye surgery - who here has had it?
Eye Doctor or Optometrist?
i have half of my face like paralize and i feel a fact lip whats going onn?
Skin changes colour when there is a slight change is temperature..?
I Have Superficial Scars On My Legs And Sensitive Skin, What Shall I Use To Remove The Hairs On My Legs?
Can Anorexia Cause Spots?
How do I stop getting spots on my neck and jaw-line?
What is the best simple natural remedy for itchy legs, not due to shaving or allergies?
ive got thrush took the tablet today but stings when i go to the toliet how long will that last?
popped my whitehead!?
What is this itching?
How do i get rid of spots on my back?
i am itching all over my torso and limbs...i feel it could be two different things..?
My daughter had big blisters that appeared on Weds morning.?
Why does my right eye itch?
I had a spot , it's gone but it's left a red dot?
Is it normal that a guy like to burst my spots?
I need advice on birthmark removal...?
i am thinking of using a sunbed is it worth it health wise? i am 21!?
Concern about safety of diamond?
What does a drifting eye mean? I am an 26 year old who has had some vision problems please help!?
strange feeling near my ribs?
Cerebral vasculitis (advice)?
my aunty has parkinson disease will she be able to get motability?
how do i prove that I've been sick?
any one suffer or suffered from anorexia and if so now eating ok does your belly swell?
Are there any advantages to being epileptic?
I've got epilepsy,Do I need a note from the doctor if im going abroad?
Has anyone had surgery for Dupuytren's contracture?
Can people with Dyspraxia get DLA?
ever worked with autistic people or know someone that has autism?
Taking Warfarin -problems with hair?
Can frozen shoulder be cured?Can I work as a driver with frozen shoulder if its not too bad?
Methotrexate and alcohol.?
What type of medications are used in the treatment for high blood pressure please?
Stress: Who tends to suffer more, Men or Women?
My flatmate has OCD, what can i do to wind her up?
Best pills for anxiety?
Do some people get bullied at their work place?
why dose it always rain on me?
Does anyone have any recurring nightmare?
What Flowers Can I Get My Girlfriend Who Has Hayfever?
Do you keep a little mirror in your pocket to check that you have no sleepy dust in your eyes or anything?
Are my legs short for my height?
red and bloodshot eyes!!?
What to do with a bulimic sister?
What i will need to do to become a paramedic :)?
Shaving legs with a razor?
I feel sick when I stand up? >.<?
can weed mess your brain up ?
where to buy boric acid?
what causes this problem?
my ear is blocked after yawning?
just been told im enemic?
Should my broken arm still hurt?
How did it not break? Im in shock?
shoulder pain what could it be?
how can you tell if you have chipped your bone in your elbow?
will my knuckle present me anymore problems in the future?
suspected broken nose?
my toe nail has gone black because of football will it fall off?
is this kind of bruising normal?
should i go to the hospital?
Headache After Hitting My Head?
Can you really snap your own neck?
Loose kneecap... please help me?
How long for a leg cast to be on?
I Went Ovaa Handle Bars And Hurt Stomache And Feels Sick x?
I got hit in the head?
whats the crack with Scaphoid fractures?
Can weight training and Abdominal exercises cause straining and abdomen swelling?
my dog's pelvis is completely shattered and gone, nothing left to piece together.?
Is it carpal tunnel syndrom?
My finger hurts and i cant really use it?
lump on vein on my arm?
What Happens To My Knees?
Did anyone else get a full body rash with the flu vaccine? Any explanation?
The Doctor told me I have suspected swine flu but I'm not sneezing or coughing can i still be infectious?
howlong does thrush last 4?
in the UK is it illegal to go to work less than 48 hours after food poisoning?
Feeling much better after having swine flu?
I am considering letting my 3 and 1 year old daughters have the swine flu jab. however am worried about?
Can shingles give someone who has taken the vaccine chicken pox?
how many types of antibody does each B cell secrete ?
Should I get swine flu vaccination?
i have been so ill the past week?
Is there any side-effects from £ating out a lady?
Can i drink on Flucloxacillin?
If I have had & recovered from the swine flu. Would my arm have the usual warm patch after the Swine flu Jab?
What does it signify when someone sees a lot of sparkles? A migraine did not accompany this. Is this serious
is this a high fever???
is it bladder infection?
what does a cardiac muscle do?
help!stressed and breaking out?
HI , I am 19 weeks pregnant and have been having severe upper abdominal pain?
What's your experience with Tourette and ADD?
how likely am i to get cancer?
What are signs of second hand smoke?
What is the treatment for anorexics in a hospital?
I have low adrenal functioning and was told it could be the nerve block injections i am receiving, help?
Ive noticed I just got an eye exam done?
My socks are stuck to my feet?
Do I have heart problems...?
how to deal with acnes ,permanently?
Is Tea good for bringing down blood pressure?
Can anybody help me recover?
is vicks vapour ok to use in pregnancy?
i've been recently coughing up phlegm including black bit and sometimes blood, what should i do?
my daughter who is 2, had a very bad clod virus. she now still has a husky,croaky voice and its been 4 weeks?
got a cough & now lost my voice, will it come back?
Can you get immune to asthma??
i normally see blood when i blow ma nose.what causes dat and what can i do to stop it?
I recently got told that smoking tissue is just like smoking but less harmful, is it true?
i stopped smoking 5 months ago, after 20 years on 20 a day, are my lungs ever going to be pink and healthy?
Does the swin flue vaccine kill you?
What is causing my breathlessness?
Ive had an electric shock?
Has anyone felt their heart skip a beat?
operation help needed..............?
Problem: You are too tired to do anything.?
Please help - children's health?
Iam a good sleeper at night but I can fall asleep at anytime during the day. Can anybody help solve my problem
Quitting smoking feels good, but is it actually because of that?
is there any way i can find getting up at 5.40am easy or is it completly impossible?!?
Is it true that organ transplant patients should not use whirlpool or spa baths?
what is reprinol?
What's the hardest part of stopping smoking?
do you agree with my fiance's opinion?
promoting anti-discriminatory practice?
This is a very odd question, but sometimes, when you think you're going to sneeze....?
Any advise???
Best Way To Give Up Smoking??
Something odd happened while i sleep?
What can make you tired when you get plenty of sleep?
Does having good health simply mean that you are dying at the slowest possible rate?
when i belch i have a bad taste in my mouth like boil whats causing this and can i get medication for it.?
is it better to wake up naturally or with an alarm clock?
I drank 6 cups of milk today, is that bad?
action towards fainting?
General Surgeon?
Social anxiety disorder?
i get a sicky feeling after eating and ive seen the doctor, but this time i was sick and there was blood too?
How do you get rid of a nervous tummy!! sometimes it gets bad and have a dodgy tummy any advice please??
Pernicious Anaemia?
I#m taking penicillin - how can i minimize the side effects? (tummy/liver)?
new alzheimer's drug!!!?
food poisoning?? my brother has it and is really bad..?
What over the counter worming treatments are available for a 1 year old ?
has anyone had a test at a lupus clinic
What does borderline platelets mean on your blood test sheet?
Anyone have any idea what is wrong with me?
Can you help me with this?
Diastema is the medical term for the gap between what in the human body?
How do you get rid if swimmers ear?
Deodorants and after shave..are they safe?
Why does cleaning your ears with cotton buds provoke an involuntary cough?
How come I always feel thirsty?
i got a new hair cut and is it possible that it could effect my mood?
does Cliff Richard have a colostomy bag ?
Can mydriacyl be bought in UK without prescription?
why do i get a white coating on my tongue after havin dairy products???
what is this? arthuritis?
i need help with anemia?
Any ideas of a good way to relax?
Chest pain because asthma.?
what leg length is consider short ?
please help i have a really bad stomach ache!?
Extended Use Purevision Toric - diameter issue?
Can you still get exercise on prescription, if so what is the criteria and how does it work?
I Think I Have Anemia?
please help me?
What causes stress?
omg! what is this pain .......?
ideas to help aching feet?
soles of my feet ache when i wake up n i find it hard to walk downstairs, also my toes have started to ache?
Aching hip. Anyone know what's causing it?
im having a brace on monday does it hurt>?
strange smell coming from my gas fire which is giving me a headache?
Does the numbing cream that you get given for needles work?
TENS Machine PADS ?
can you drink with Tramadol and Amityrptaline?
Unexplained bruising?
Sudden neck pain..?
Aching coccyx?
what causes cramp in your legs?
Worried about wisdom teeth extraction!!?
My hips hurt when... I cross my legs?
need to see a dentist as im not regested with one anymore ,ive made an appointment to go private .?
Iv recently started running and..?
How to get rid of scars on legs?
How to Heal with Oil?
Make up to cover rosacea?
Will my stretch marks go away if i loose weight?
Red/black dots on legs after shaving?
Will My Spots Eventually Go?
would i be able to dye my hair with midge bite on my scalp?
How to get rid of sunburns fast?
my mrs has developed bad spots on face on neck and i knw its not acne!?
Hi, I am going to turkey in 4 weeks and I have white skin, so i thought i should tide my skin over using the?
4 year old keloid scars from chicken pox.?
Red rash and bumps...?
Will a chemical burn leave a scar?
Mole removal...............?
How to get rid of eczema scars?
why do i get these red things on me face?
How do you naturally fix chapped lips?
My son may have a heart defect/murmer?
Can you completely cure Hep C?
How long can a heart not beat, before it causes critical damage?
Why would your blood pressure go down after a cartoid stent procedure?
keeping getting urinary track infection....?
are there any cellphones that don't cause brain tumors or kill brain cells?
Has anyone ever been put into group for eating disorder recovery?
I have just had an ultra scan and it's showing I have a bulky ovary. I have been have pain in lower back and
5-10 things which elevate heart rate??
What does a low white blood cell count mean?
had the swine flu hit canada yet?
Will I have heart problems when I'm older even if I exercise and eat healthy?
Mosquito bite turned to bubble?
Can anyone give in info on quiting smoking?
what is another name communicable disease?
do you autimatically loose your lincisence if you have had a siezure?
what does bing mean..when ur bullimic?
iv changed my meds from lithium to valproate 6 months ago.....?
Can the regularity of your periods be hereditary?
Showering with an open wound/abcess?
ankle ligament damage?
compensation for facial scars?
Foot/big toe problems?
how to prevent injuries in a care setting?
I am a pro mma fighter and have recently had an acl recostruction will growth hormone help my recovory?
Please help! Nerve/shooting pains after blood test.?
i done a huge yawn today and it felt like my jaw clicked out of joint is was very painful.?
Healing in clavicle fracture?
I broke my left shoulder 8 years ago. It was a nasty break and i dislocated it at the same time...?
broke wrist but they took cast off after 10 days never re xrayed,just got splint for few weeks to wear at nigh?
Bruised and weird foot (not broken)?
How long does it take back spasms to stop ?
Skin torn off Do i do anything?
i have but a ice pack on my burn does anyone no how until a burn stops hurting?
bits of me keep swelling up?
how did you all break your ankles?
how long should i rest a pulled calf muscle for?
My knee pops out of place sometimes, why?
what is the best way to fix a broken nose my self?
I had the flu just over 2 weeks ago but how long do the after effects last?
persistent cough, any suggestions?
uk can u get high from benylin dry coughs?
The Respiratory System.?
Does or has Artex ever contained blue asbestos?
how do I get passed a medical if I have asthma?
how long must I continue to suffer?
carbon monoxide at work?
Is this temperature abnormal for swine flu?
Should I tell my doctor this?
Is it normal for a chest infection ...?
Would asthma stop you joining the police in the UK?
does thin blood make you feel colder if you are taking warferin?
Is it possible for a tablet to go into your lungs when you swallow?
can any1 help me with my throat problem?
Malcolm in the middle, the episode when malcolm started coughing up blood during some basketball game?
Green sick, is that normal?
Why are the Spamming Docs allowed to post rubbish on here?
Why do I feel so tired all the time?
How can i avoid catching a cold beforei have a rhinoplasty?
how to be a successful band like u2?
What's wrong with me?
Are you as regular as clockwork...?
Upset stomach from lack of sleep?
hypnosis??? does it work?
why am i such a shorty.....?
Why did I wake up with a black eye?
How to speed recovery of the cold?
Strange sore throat problem. Please see below.?
how can i help RSI in my fingers? I use a computer and already have a ergonomic mousepad for the wrist.?
what is wrong with me?
I'm either not sleeping enough or I'm sleeping too much but whatever I do I feel exhausted. Why?
Have you ever been woken up by an attractive doctor/nurse!!?
partner is complaing of painful joints?
I take 1 tamazepam and 2 nerofin at night and sleep very well is this dangerous?
Why do I keep seeing Blue Lights?
Will a glass of milk before bed help me sleep better (and can it be cold) and if yes, then how?
I am trying to locate a drug and alcohol agency in the southampton area, any suggesstion?
Wierd skin condition??????
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma or Leukemia?
what CAN you eat with acid reflux?
Does this sound like swine flu?
Sweaty HANDS!!?
Getting rid of Acne?
I'd like a better understanding of why Hypothyroidism causes joint pain.
my partner was prescribed trimethoprim for kidney infect was this ok?
Looking for some advice from anyone who has or knows someone who may have suffered from gallbladder problems.
will drinking alcohol bring on a gallstone attack?
Nodule on thyroid part solid part liquid, what might it be?
What would cause constant stomach ache, and how do you get rid of it?
do you get this with hay fever?
does Crohn's disease and IBS affect the pill
Can my autistic child have free prescriptions for gluten-free products like the people with coealiac disease?
Do witch Doctors really cure illnesses?
For all those doctors on here....?
i 'msuffering from underactive thyroid Does this affect on heart pulse rate it stays high & hands-feet swollen
Eating disorder damage- Question for doctors (but anyone can answer)
young son has brain damage, any ideas how to stimulate him inbetween physio?
help with Stomach pains?
Do you have to drink water for 20 week scan?
ive had a problem with my tounge right at the tip of if am gettin a really bad salty taste?
I am terrified of vomitting, anyone else had this,what can i do?Ive had cbt.thanks?
How do I get an appointment with a doctor I like?
Would goat's milk make my body smell different?
I think i got anxiety disorder ?
Tonsillitis - any help will be great!?
Rate me?? .................?
Is a blood cholesterol level of 350 mg/dL high?
is this allowd please help sigmoidscopy tomorrow laxative prep?
i have incredibly dry and hard skin on my feet, and i always get pins and needles if i keep my feet?
I detest blood tests! I recently had one after putting one off for weeks. Do you think I am a wimp, or....?
If someone works very hard throughout their life?
Has anyone here had an endoscopy?
Hey boys!!!!! Do u prefere slim girl or normal girl more shapely?????=)?
can i grow much taller?
my contact lenses burn when i put them on.why?
Should i go doctors ?!?!!?
Eczema at the back of my neck, behind ear - is it because of my shampoo?
Can you see a doctor about bad skin problems/severe breakouts?
need help spot problem?
two similar itchy spots on the body?
How do you get rid of spots fast and easy?
i have really dry hands,feet and legs and i drink 1/1,5 litre of water everyday?
Has the doctor every helped you to get rid of dark cirles and did it work?
I NEED to get rid of eczema FAST!?
Anybody eaten dandruff?