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Do i have a stress fracture?
i have pain in my right trapezius, what can i do to recover?
After my leg cast was removed, my foot keeps facing to the left when i walk.?
Bumped Forehead on Door?
How can i convince mum mum and dad to get me crutches?
how long does it take for a bruised foot to heal?
I have pins and plates in my ankle and shin after a bad break 3 yrs ago. it has now swollen and gone ....?
is my toe nail going to fall off?
Funny things to say to someone with a broken/hurt foot...?
is there a way to repair prolonged nerve damage?
Hi does anyone know how long it takes for a broken ankle and torn ligaments to heal?
I bit my tongue 2 days ago and there is a cut, can I still eat?
Does anyone now what a long term impact wound is called and what they would do?
is my sons school obliged to inform me of any injury?
Any solutions to this nerve damage issue ?
Whats wrong with my friend's nail?
Deep tissue massage hurts every time in lots of places - is something wrong?
I have a problem with numbness in my toes. It seems to eminate from my big toes and my father is diabetic and?
Is the hospital negligent?
How effective is sleep to a brain injury?
extravirgin olive oil give me a muddy feeling in my mouth my tongue start loading Why?
hiya i suffer from really bad anxiety i have been put on citralopram 20mg?
OK am skint(No cash) got a drink prob and a day till any £?
Can I grow any more??????!!?
Reasons for wearing a nose splint?
need a quick Pick Me Up?
how can you tell if you smell bad?
sudacrem or savalon?!?
How long should a GP's referral take? (UK)?
Why do i need the toliet so much?
how do i calm my nerves before a counselling session?
I have an anemia problem and my blood count is always low. why do my back and legs ache when my count is low?
does stress and depression cause more ear wax?
sat in cold with wet hair?
what kind of pills do emo people take?
whats the best and quickest way to get rid off spots!?
Would you rather be fat or anorexic?
How much do I need to dilute TCP?
my face needs help ,?
How can I not be hungry?!?
how to cure throat sore?help me?
What can cause unknown dizziness?
Is pain before needing to go to the loo and feeling sick and bad stomach ache usual for IBS symptoms?Do they..?
Whats wrong with my back?
Am I the only one suffering a hangover today?
Please help me, I need a suppository against pain?!?
tingle in my head?
Help me please! i need advice urgently!?
Does a helix/upper ear piercing hurt?
I have a pain on the ball of my foot, what is it?
i have a very bad throbinhg pain in my left arm, also it is very weak and my hand keeps shaking.?
My son has had stomach pains and headache for 10days!?
Help...Sciactic nerve?
I have to crack my neck and back every morning to loosen joints. Is this going to damage my joints?
neck pain, feels like head will fall off?
help with a bad back can anyone help?
Hole in eardrum?
those any one have problem whit the hand ? my skin is so dry and they craked?
What are the chances of surviving aggressive brain cancer on the left side of the head? ?
Why do I keep getting a recurring cold?
Question on Stomach flu ?
how to get rid of blackheads?
please help!?
This Holiday Season are you still going to eat out since most of us have the fear of contracting the H1N1?
personal opinion about the overnight mask for sleep apnea?
Is Gingerale good to drink if I have acid reflux problems?
Eczema on the soles of feet?
My Dad has fibermalga and cronicfatigue syndrom but has just recently been diagnosed with fiberwhatshouldhedo?
Do you think swine flu is a epidemic?
I Whent tanning, now my skin is peeling, why?
Why is my skin peeling off!?
i have had a mouth ulcer for a week now, what else should i do part from putting bonjela on it?
Lumps from vaccine shot...!?
how do i write a report on common accident, emergencies or illnesses in a child care setting?
i have a perforated ear drum which bleeds i have been told this is a blod clot, is this dangerous.?
What is the average life expectancy of someone with Alzheimers Disease?
Is this swollen glands or mumps?
Research on Bacterial Meningitis.?
is 2.0 white blood cell count dangerous?
What causes a cyst on your eye? - Ive had two in about the last year?
Swollen lypmh node..?
Medical question-pain every where and a loss of moblity, memory and consentration loss as well.?
have been on citalopram for 4 weeks now, but i seem to have alot of wind, is this a side effect, i dont beans?
How contagious is Glandular fever?
Lyme disease? I think I have it?! |:?
anyone got hiatus hernia?
ruptured organs?
How do antibiotics work?
rushed to hospital with kidney stones??
Meningcoccal Septicaemia question?
any other closet claustrophobics in there?
can I get my nails done if on antibiotics?
My 33yr old friends been told he has crohns disease.can any sufferers tell him whats ahead for him?
Blood group and serological problem in UK?
Can you catch a cold when you have a cold?
Medical Question..?
Does anyone know of any famous people who have had a Kidney Transplant please?
Are the symptoms of hyperactive and hypoactive thyroids extremely similar?
what can i do to help my sinuses recover..?
Might have been a chest infection... now seems like a cold....help!?
What would happen if someone without asthma used a ventolin inhaler?
what the mold that causes athsma?
Why does a sleeping baby's breathing slow down?
what is mild eosinophil?
Why did I just cough up blood?
What are the medical names for the brown, blue and green inhalers?
who's had an operation called a nasal washout and how successful was it?
have i got tonsillitis?
I got shot in the chest and it collapsed my lung, would i be able to smoke again? how long would it take?
what caused urge to throw up?
nasal polyps, could you have one and not know?
i get really panicky & scared thinkin.. about..?
What is causing my chest pain?
what is the condition?
Suffering with wanke attacks all the time?
Tracheitis, any help would be appreciated?
How can I boost my imune system before a longhaul flight?
low blood pressure effects?
problems sleeping:( hints on how to get a good sleep please!!?
Can taking a small overdose of NON-prescription paracetemol be dangerous?
Should I be pushing an electric wheelchair with somone in it?
Phlegm/Sputum question?
Any herbal releif or cures for hayfever ?
Shortness of Breath - Can't Take a Deep Breath.?
How does cystic fibrososis affect?
Tonsils and adenoids?
twitchy jumpy legs at night, what is this?
My friend has really bad headaches that are getting worse?
any ideas what i have?
Changing antibiotics due to side effects?
I have a 5 year old boy on seretide preventor and singular tablet at night for cough variant asthma,?
Can you be prescribed Medical Marijuana in the Uk?
strange pain in back?
Is our face slighty swollen when we wake up on a morning?
why does my 17 yr old son get sleep paralolisis?
possibly a silly question but I want to be safe rather than sorry, can you help?
why do i always think people are talking and laughing at me?
i have the norovirus- have had it for 3 days now..?
OK--I am no longer giving into my insomnia.Good night everyone!!?
glasses problem!!!!!!!!!!?
Can lack of sleep make you poorly?
what is the red acne with no pus called?
can humans catch diseases from cats?such as stomach upsets &flu?
I had a meibomian cysts (or 'chalazion') removed by an operation 2 days ago...?
Do I need medical help?
Why do I get tired if I have over 6 hours sleep?
dark armpits ~ what should I do to get rid of this?
bad body odour and 16?
what do you think of all these Pro-Ana sites..?
I really wish i knew what this was...?
What are the most reliable online pharmacies?
what is so bad about having a low waist-to-hips ratio?
What's the best moisturiser for normal skin?
How can i prevent catching sickness bugs? I have a huge phobia of it & want to try & be normal :(?
Would sniffing mannitol powder alone produce a laxitive effect?
is 5 foot 6 a bad height for an 18 year old?
Help?? Very bad hayfever and exams are coming up ?
how can i get to sleep?
broke my arm 3 weeks ago & still extremely painful is this normal?
i fell of my skateboard quite bad.. broken/sprained wrist?
i banged my head and now i have two dents in my head is this ok?
What is this lump in my foot?
ive hurt my back :( help please?
I hurt my toe three weeks ago and i physically cannot bend it , is it broken ?? please help xx?
How long can it take someone to recover from facial reconstruction, and having their every bone broken?
I feel a bit down and need advice?
My Jaw clicks & rips? HELP?
The Back Of My Leg Is Really Hurting?
how do i get steady hands?
bang on head, the lump has gone soft?
how do i know if have i broke my toe?
how to apply make up on a open wound?
How long will this take to heal? IMPORTANT?
cause of pain behind eyes?
Face seems slightly swollen thought i had heat rash any help?
hollow section under my toe nail what could be wrong?
why is the tip of my nose sore when i press it gently?
Coma question please?
Ways to improve recovery of a TBI?
How long do i wait to have a child?
pituitary gland tumor?
Do any of you have?
Ringing in ear.?
Does anyone have or know much about Chronic fatigue syndrome aslo known as m/e?
Does anyone know what the underlying cause of Iritis is?
Dizziness And Shakes??
What is AZO's?
Glandular Fever?
I'm so depressed?
Why do I have fuzzy vision?
contact lense advice?
Nicky Hambleton Jones?
i usually wear glasses but now i wear my contacts,how can i get rid of the redness on my lower lash line?
What is the cheapest provider of contact lenses?
What is the latest treatment in ARMD, and is there?
I went out with my glasses for the first time (usually wear contacts when I'm out) and my eyes felt sore. Why?
On an eye test, why does the optician ask if the red or green light is clearer ?
My contact lense has snapped?
I can't read black lettering on pink or purple backgrounds. Does this mean anything?
Contact Lenses Help Please?
where can i get contacts?
hi, i have dry eyes and i find eye drops terribly difficult to use properly. Usually it misses the corner?
Monovision toric contact lenses on trial - wrong way round?
how to get rid of acne NOW!?
Strange vein/stretch mark?
Iam suvering thickness in my eye leds only when Igo to sleep,Iwash my eyes with water,it is difficlut to open ?
I've been given a Visual Acuity rating of 6/30+2 in one eye. Does this mean it is 6/30 or 6/15?
Is there an alternative for contact lens solution?
What am I supposed to do? Please Help me.?
how can I tell if I have the correct contact lens in the correct eye?
can anyone tell me how much laser eye treatment costs and who they had do it?
my Blood pressure is130/100?
roller coasters and blood clots!?
should blood pressure drop after a work out?
dizziness and heart prob?
Any docs in the house?
heart valve problems?
Theme Park high blood pressure?
Why can I feel my heart beating no matter what position I'm in.?
fiance stopped taking his high blood pressure meds?
does anyone know how doctors would clear a blockage in your large intestine?
is this a problem, i regularly wake up with chest pains and have regular heart palpations?
What could this be? anyone?
mechanical heart valves so loud
Smoking Related Diseases ?
what does my heart beat 148/7 mean?
I have had a ESR blood test, for a swollem for, they need to repeat this again in three weeks, any idea why?
what's wrong with shaking hands?if we were all germ free, would'nt our immune system become weak?
What are symptons of lung cancer ?
Bad Diarrhea?
Can someone have Crohns and Lupus?
I am looking for a list of food for a very low fat diet?
why does chemo not travel to the head?
My toenails turned purple after basketball?
An Alzheimers question?
my eyes see light specks?
Can you catch measles?
How long does someone experiencing a heart attack have to live?
Is it possible to have strep throat with one symptom?
What are the different ways to catch/different symptoms of mononucleosis?
Why can't you take a deep breath without your chest expanding?
No period for almost 3 months now.. Face is full of acne?
i am 17 years old andf every day i wake up feelin tired, it takes me a couple of hours to get to sleep?
I am feeling exhausted and feel light headed and sort of flimsy. What could this be?
My GHD's turn on and off and the light flashes, whats going on?
What do you hate more?? Vomiting or diarrhoea?
can employer stop hilidays while i am on the sick leave covered by a sick note?
Can anyone help me with my Chronic Fatigue?
why is your personal conduct important to maintain the health and safety to a beauty therapist and client?
I can hear my heartbeat in my ear, what's happening?
People say I look tired?
Delayed sleep phase syndrome...?
Why do so many people smoke when it tastes so bad?
my face, lips and hands are tingling?
do i do a facemask before or after a bath?
can i still grow, girls only?
Tragus piercing pain?
How do i get rid of redness and occasional spots from previous acne problems?
What is the difference between NHS foundation trusts and NHS hospital trusts?
Why have I still got morning sickness?
where can i get 1 contact lense with a dilated pupil?
How can i get rid of excess phlegm?
i have 2 cartilage piercings in my left ear, i think one may be infected iv put tcp on them,will it help&clear?
How long would you stay home if you had headlice?
can we consult doctors through online toget the answers for my questions?
can you die from meningitis ?
what is the main disease in the uk ?
how long till shingles is not contagious?
If animal organs were used as donors, how would priority for them be decided?
How long Hep C bug can live outside body?
will compensation of 6000 affect mt sickness benefit?
are kittens safe with flu carrier mum worried?
Does my dog have an eye infection?
Just found out we have threadworm. Is it better to have a bath or shower? Can we share the bath?
what specific aids to communication may used in your area of work?
what is verdonberg syndrome?
Alcohol - Which is worse for your liver and body in general .........?
Help with lowering blood sugar levels?
seizures due to heat?
What foods are good for inflammation of the joints and are there any foods that should be avoided?
Doctors - these are the symptoms:?
can you take antihistamines for hay fever . While on antibiotics?
anorexia nervosa?
My boyfriends quite ill, help?!?
i am 15 years old and one side of my ribs are pushed out more than the other side what does this mean?
does anyone know if your wee toe is bigger than your 4th toe what it means?
constant ringing in ear and pain in jaw..?
MIdlle pinki toe is it broken?
How to improve recovery from a TBI?
sternoclavicular dislocation seems to be getting worse...?
i had an operation on my testcles,for about two years abck,but some time it's pain me?
i've slipped at work & although i never fell over i twisted my hip/leg & jarred my back.?
Why do cuts on feet bleed loads?
How to get rid of heartburn?
Slight pain and sickness?
when i go to bed and lay down i fill dizzy even when i close my eyes. i have also got a rash on my neck?
Why do i feel dizzy when i stand up?
advice for injections?
When I pee.............?
Whats this pain!!?!??!?
Ear piercing.........Pain...........Numb?
my lower back hurts sometimes, LOADS when i run ???
My 4 and half year old nephew has a lump on back of neck?
My Girlfriend has headache every day,possible reason?
is sleeping on the floor good for your back?
Unsolvable back pain.. Someone must have an idea!?
Pulse in my right eyelid??
has any one had lazier eye treatment?
my husband has a constant headache and feels sick?
Cost of prescription when visiting GP in UK?
if you had a time machine?
Can you cough OR sneeze in your sleep?
Care strategies for asthma???? Thank you?
what can cause a headache?!?
what is this thing in my nose?
when u have crohns does the fistula be repaired or is in the connection permanent?
Is it normal to wheeze and cough after laughing a lot?
How to get a second opinion for a medical problem?
poorly ear??
My Kidneys Feel Really Warm?
Bad breath - halitosis?
i work in a safety critical job on the railway and have recently been diagnosed with copd can i be downgraded?
why does my voice go throaty deep when i wake in the morning?
Why am I getting these recurring infections?
Bald patched on my head.!! HELP ASAP?
my nape piercing is getting dark from sleeping what can i do? please help?
Won't this be worse for your skin?
Getting rid of spots and marks on your face?!?
molluscum cantagiosum in children?
Can anyone tell me if this is psoriasis?
Why am I breaking out with small itchy red lumps on my legs.?
dog has red blotchy rash all over body?
Immunisation jabs?
has anyone quit smoking through hypnosis/therapy?
Why am I sleeping twelve hours naturally?
Why do we sometimes 'fall' as we are nearly asleep?
Feel dizzy and lightheaded?
Has anyone had colonic irrigation,how much is it?
going commando or knickerless?
Every day i wake up i can't hear properly out my right ear?
sweat problems, please help!?
I have to take Dalacin C capsules -but I can`t swallow em-is it safe to just swallow the powder in them?
I have arthritis in my fingers my joints swell up once every few months or so should i be off work on benefit?
do you think my husband should see doctor he is 65 and retired 3 months ago but all he does is sleep he goes o
Why is my muscle twitching?
How long does it take the average person to fall asleep?
What's the oddest death you've ever heard of?
Has anyone heard of a dodgy so-called Doctor falsifying medical records?
Is it safe to sleep outside in a tent in the back garden of a middle class home every single night?
protein in urine/mettalic taste/nausea?
blood tests have shown that i have enzimes in my liver. normal is 60 i've got 100.?
Dry eyes. what are the symptoms and treatment please?
question for doctors?
My koi are dying, no visible marks, water changed as ph low, all now tests ok, medicine for parasites added?
does anyone reading this suffer with lupus?
glandular fever?
My Blue Blood appears a little Red !!!!!!!!!?
Hi My wife has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis can anyone tell me which supplement is best.?
Is there anybody else who's had a disc disorder?
Anti-convulsive medication and alcohol?
What is Parkinsons Disease?
Wife diagnosed diverticulitis, disease descriptions say pain left side of abdomen but she says its onthe right
what is the difference betweeen bells palsy and ramseys hunt syndrome?
Hi im a 13 year girl, and im a 36DD and boys seem to be adicted to them. Are they to big?
can't help going bright red, or blushing or just feeling really hot when someone talks to me... help!?!?!?
Boyfriend has white sticky goo on mouth in mornings...?
I have to without fail wear rubber gloves before doing any type of cleaning chores do I have OCD?
Do I have a strong jaw?
Why do I get ill worse than other people?
I got my ear lobe pierced for a joke but I really hate it.?
Returning medicines to the pharmacist... in Ireland?
can missing antidepressants make u sick?
im a size 14 leaning towards 16 in some clothes?
I need help stomach problem...?
how can i recover after being sick for so long?
Have I overdosed on Caffeine?
Health and Safety or what?
How to get rid of spots from chicken pox?
sore throat, flem, cough, feeling sick and a tempter.?
Blood Test with HIV concern?
How can we be 100% certain that we eradicated smallpox (serious question)?
has anyone had any success with Dr. Day's (M.D.) raw foods diet?
Why are people so scared of the swine flu?
Probably a UTI.?
Is terrible chills a symptom of food poisoning?
Is tonsillitis contagious?? How long does the pain last?
My mum's shivering, but she hasn't got a fever, she's having terrible chills!! HElp ?:(?
my child has a fever , severe headache a sore throat and body aches what could it be?
Dog hair in my eye , will it result in an infections ?
why do i keep coughing?
Can you suggest a deoderant I could use?
is it okay to drink milk when you have a bladder infection ?
Could an intermittent fast heart rate and itching of the body be related in any way at all.?
Very High Blood Pressure-anyone medical out there?
Nicotine replacement therapy?
are our blood pressure levels right?
Low blood pressure & heart rate?
Please some someone tell me if there is treatment for very low blood pressure?
i would like to know what is involved in hiatus hernia surgery,do they do it through your back?
Why would anyone answering a heart disease question begin with "I fancy you rotten".?
Please help about my random heartbeat.?
please help me understand the mechanism that raises the blood volume back to normal following a fall in level?
heart pains doctors help please?
Children with a wheat allergy/intolerance?
How long does a baker's cyst take to mend after it has burst?
Getting a spike driven through your finger?
i hurt my upper right back doing weights?
treatment strained leg ligaments?
Whats wrong with my foot?
I had a plaster cast removed from my leg today after eight weeks...?
I banged my elbow on a fence yesterday and hurts like heck today. bruised and I'm having tingling down my hand?
Fractures - Broken Ankle?
how long does it take for an ankle to be rebuilt?
Could there be a broken bone ?
How can I help my elbow?
broke my pelvis 2 years ago but since I have noticed that I have a little pot belly?
What is wrong with my ankle?
examples of very heavy objects? ten points for best answer.?
I just hit my knee cap, hard, on the corner of my coffee table?
i started boxing about 4 months ago and i kind of over extended whilst throwing a jab, a straight punch.?
will i get a black eye?
i had steroid injections in my shoulder for there was a lump coming up through the top of my shoulder?
How to get rid of or reduce scar tissues?
what does lemon juice do?
How can i cool my face down?
what is the best way to get ride if blackheads?
I had a TAH 3wks ago &I was quite poorly after as my colon became paralysed.I was sick,lost my apetite & 14lbs
Gluten intolerance?
Diagnosed with Intermediate Uveitis and Macular Oedema - any advise?
cold sore?
Can your liver function affect your mental health?
my alt ggt and mcv keep going to a high level i have not drunk now for well over a year please help?
can this contribute to hyperventilation?
Quitting smoking?
Do UK doctor's surgeries have an asthma nurse?
does anyone here suffer frequently from acute chronic sinus attacks?
Problems with side effects when taking Thyroxine.?
Im am dealing with a 70 year old male parent who has been diagnoised with dvt and is refusing any medical care?
Why do I stop breathing in my sleep?
Cost of private ct scan?
does any 1 no if asbestos can effect you just a year and a half after u were exposed to it?
tuberculosis testing? Anyone know?
gave up smoking two years ago when ?
ASBESTOS EXPOSURE one and a half years ago someone help me?
Last year i found out i had emphysema.?
does talking to a therapist actually help?
i went to the hospital today they said i will get a phone call tomorrow about having a scan ?
After each meal I keep coughing...?
Where is the ceapist place to obtain Ventolin Nebules 5mg?
What does it mean if you doodle alot?
More pain relief ideas!?
i want to improve my posture . what are the best ways ? any tips?
Whay am i Feeling so nauseous at night time?
Why have I started writing pairs of letters the wrong way round?
I can't sleep lately.?
Can you guys tell me if this is normal pleeaaassseeee?
I keep feeling dizzy...?
What is wrong with me!!!?
anger management?
Why do i get head rush when i stand up sometimes?
Can I get Vitamin D benefits thru a glass window?
I am working in a factory making windows what is legal temp for walking out?
i really am ill, what do i have ?
problems sleeping at night any advice?
Its winter yet I can only fall asleep with my fan on! Help!!?
What's this lump on my bum?
i am feeling pain and numbness on left arm an right leg, sometimes it feels a bit colder than other parts of?
what position do you sleep in?
can someone expain food labeling on packages What should we be looking for?
like to know peoples experiences with traditional chinese medicine?
what is the best way 2 prevent bad eyesight?
How long would it take for the council to rehome you after getting a medical letter of a doctor?
does anyone know much about the cure rate for a gastrointestinal stomach tumour or the treatments for it?
Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with her?
At what BMI is somebody likely to be hospitalized at?
What kind of illness could my girlfriend have?
My MOM has Skin Cancer!!! - i think... HELP!?
Expired medication?
Body shakes violently at night?
Is there a way for people to solve the problem of gluten intolerance permanently?
does anyone else hate doctors?
Help! Brain cancer question?
Can someone tell me any artificial light-induced ilnesses?
I think I have a yeast infection, but I only have itching. I put the Monistat cream on, and...?
Extreme night time allergies.. need help!?
what drugs are safer to use in patients with acute viral rhinitis complicated with congestive heart failure?
I Smoked something quite unusual..?
I have a swollen lump below my left breast?
Are the AIROPTIX Lenses any good?
question for ppl who wear glasses and the eye test........?
whats best way to get rid of red veins in eye?
Can I get colored contact lenses if I have astigmatism?
what causes busted blood vessels in eyes?
how bad is my vision?
Blinking too much by someone who is speaking?
is wearing glasses make your eyes smaller or just small?
Can contact lens solution bleach your skin?
thinking of getting laser eye treatment?
Are there glasses available for programmers to block peripheral vision?
Leave in Day and Night Contact Lenses....?
Where can I buy Optrex eye products online (which website)?
Which glasses store is the best?
how safe is ultralase?
just got contacts for first time, help?!?
could headaches be because of my eyes?
Do I have the wrong prescription?
Bloodshot eye, andnnot seeing as well....?
Computer/TV and Eyes?
Is milligram the dosage or the weight?
what is the best moisturiser to apply before and after waxing your bikini line?
Why do you think turning back the clock is bad for your health ?
what intake of food is essential to reduce hair fall?
Does caffeine and nicotine affect anti psychotic medication?
I bleed a lot when i wipe?
Do you have to be a certian age to buy CASTOR OIL in the UK?
What makes people clumsy?
Why is my boyfriend waking up in the morning being sick?
Pausing before i speak? Help!?
I've got Cervical Cancer jabs soon and I'm scared...?
Hydrogen Peroxide without carcinogens?
Is there something wrong with me?
Tinglying/pins and needles sensation?
For those of you that use sunbeds, how many times a week do you use them and for how many minutes each time?
Will propranolol and sleeping tablets hurt me? ?
whats wrong with my nose? I injured my nose 2 years ago, slipped over on ice..pls read on..?
I have slight pain in the back of my eyes which goes when I close them? Does anyone know what this could be?
what sort of people are most likely to wear varifocal lenses?
How can i overcome my fear of needles?
When I sneeze I invariably seeze three times in succession. Why? Is this common?
i went to the doctor today about the lumps i had on my head. he said it was skull cysts, do anybody know the?
i ave a transplanted kidney of 18yrs ad now my blood count is dopping even though i am having epo injections?
What is meant by this?
My boyfriend twitches?
how do you know if a friend/family member is bulimic?
Renal Failure - The End Stages - How Long Will She Live? -?
Clinical Depression?
if your lip gets swollen can your throat get swollen too?
What does gram positive and negative stain do inside a bacterial cell?
How much does a Tuberculosis Vaccination cost?
What other staff in the NHS do paramedics work with?
Adult Chicken Pox -- Should I get the Vaccine?
why do they say starve a fever,feed a cold?
How long does the winter vomiting bug last?
Can glandular fever lead to ME?
What effect can antibiotics for spots have on my body?
Five examples of viruses and what illness they cause?
does it pay to be silent sufferer?
Should I get a second opinion?
What is current prognosis after being diagnosed with heart failure - it happened to me in May 2009.?
My father can't sleep at all after having a stroke.What should we do?
my heart beat is 45 beats per minute. should i worry?
What is a healthy blood pressure reading for a 14 year old?
why does blood clot in the arteries of people with coronary heart disease and at risks of strokes?
I can't get rid of my acne. I've had it for two years. Any suggestions?
Would you get tested if...?
What is the best way to treat Acne?
wat type of dreams do you most have???
So if you have a hole in the lung can this be repaired? If so how?
37 weeks pregnant with blood clot on the lung?
information on pneumonia?
I need to buy a nebulizer. Where and how much?
my skin is so dry and tight what should i do?
How to build a strong immune system ?
how long after a cough starts would i get a cold?
how to get real nice skin?
How to get rid of blemishes from spots? :)?
What are the symptoms of a baby with Asthma?
shadow of the lung xray meaning?
KEEP FEELING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
panic attacks i don't understand?
have cough and shortness of breath?
Are there any support groups or phone helplines for people with children who have asthma?
Lump in throat?
The latest wheeze to make money?
What is wrong with my ankle?
on Wednesday i was kneeling up in the bath and slipped. i banged my side on the edge of the bath?
scruffy voice - how to cure it?
Red Lines in my eyes?
serosis,not sure if its spelt right,how do i get rid of it.?
always tired?
What Type of anemia?
Does anyone know of a help site?
Help! not a fan of doctors. Stomach pain, more gas then normal, bloated (sometimes) headaches, feeling tired.?
I know this sounds bizarre but?
How can I get calcium chloride 10% solution? I used it for years abroad as preventative medicine for migraine?
My boyfriend just told me he has...?
what is tummy migrane?
Labyrinthistis? Do you know anything about this illness?
24 Years Old...Could this be Athritus of the hip?
what are the symptoms of liver disease's??
is this heartburn / acid reflux....?
Eating Disorders?
how serious does my bulimia have to be before i am admitted to rehab?
Dizzyness and Diarrhoea?
Could I have sun stroke or something?
How do you get a good nights sleep?
Why do I always feel so tired?
What causes an 'Itch'?
stressed at work ,what can i take with out a prescription in the uk?
i feel nauseous like the whole time?
How do I cope with fatigue during the exam period?
Do i have to produce a letter from my doctor to my employer to give up my job on health grounds?
Got a pain near one of my glans in my throat?
Free health care.....how does this work?
what does the nhs actually provide?
Will this help me quit smoking?
Itchy fingers/hand?
How long roughly does it take for cigarette cravings to stop?
what is the current rate of sick pay?
I Am FAR Too Warm to Sleep? What Can I Do?
tingling/pins and needles in fingers?
having a bad day?
ive got a large hard build up of wax in my ear the doctor is syringing it next week?
Can employers deny doctors excuse and fire you?
Caffine High?? HELP!!!?
is the lump in my mouth a visit to the doctors or dentist?
A going to the toilet question..................?
when it snow my hands and feet get frozen then start to hurt?
Would a human survive only by eating fruits?
is it ok for my ear lobe to swell while stretching?
Everytime I am sick I get in trouble?
Blood when going to toilet?
Why does honey make the mouth sting?
recently got glasses and getting and headaches and experiencing blury vision ?
About how many people have overcome their depression?
Sweaty hands really embarresing ,,Any solutions except going doctors ..?
is it wierd that I ...... When i do a poo?
Do target pharmacys sell syringes?
Embarrasing Problem, Help Please?
im 12 and addicted :(?
How to get hips ?? thenkyou?
Why can't a person tickle himself and laugh? Why is just others who do it for the person, that'll work?
eyes very sore when moving them?
what are the physiological effects to the male reproductive SYSTEM on contact with trycholoroethylene fumes?
is it possible to get sick by reading to much?
Should i have this torture done to both of my feet, or just the 1?
I have a dull muscular pain just under my ribs on my right hand side.?
too much painkiller?
Where is this pain coming from?
Hi, Can anyone tell me about AMITRIPTYLINE?
I,ve just been prescribed H R T,?
why do i get headach in one side of my head?
I had my gall bladder scanned but they if you gall bladder is not performing right your right side would hurt.
how do you get rid of a cold and a sore terote?
Help dealing with Back Pain?
Is there a doctor here? I need help :Paracetomol?
Alternative cures for Lower back pain?
Muscle Pain! Any suggestions to help it? Natural!?
Does anyone elses hands suffer from using the PC mouse?
SHARP pain can you help?
I get really bad heartburn?
wats bulimia??wat was lindsay lohan upto?
can we get big zits on the cheek of the face?
what does it mean when your kidneys aren't functioning normally?
I have atrial fibrilation: I am on Flecanide acetate tablets.?
Whats the prognosis if you are ill and have no fluid?
what kind of foods will help flush out your arteries and help blood flow and digestion system.?
whats the medical name for low blood pressure?
Can I take Valium with low blood pressure?
Blood pressure question?
Ihave just had a heart attack an have had a stem insert and need help like d s and dont s?
blood pressure..........?
Could cramp be a symptom of heart problems?
upper abdominal pain- the area between my ribcage fe its been hurting for daels like somethin is squeezing it?
My sister is severely anaemic, how can I help?
Weakness And Sweat Under Arms??
digestive problems?
Citalopram - Makes you better or worse?
I had a virus last week, but why do I still feel really nausea's have no appetite, really weak and tired?
is a negative duo hiv test conclusive at 12 weeks, or shall i retest at 3 months?
How to get rid of a cold?
so if don't have enough sleep it could cause seizers?
if i have perforated bowel what should i do about it...?
Have i got a urine infection?
Pierced my cartilage myself?
Can Levothyroxine 25mg be making my throat sore??
if you could have 1 season to relive again and again what would it be?
what are symptoms of brain tumour for teenager ?
Have we learned something from the Malaria Pandemic?
Can I catch AIDS from cycling?
To any one who has had surgery for Diverticulosis,particlarly parpartial romovel of the Colon.?
Got a swollen eye...???
why is it every time i do some little thing rong i feel soo bad?
sickness....stomach bug?
How long does it take for an eating disorder to develop?
Can ptosis be corrected on the NHS, if not how much does it cost?
Medical question - Kidney failure?
what causes fungal infection in women?
i have a bladder infection?
I want to run away. Help me?
UPSET - I get red rash/areas?
my birth mark grew back?
I have cold sore on my lip?
what are the areas to avoid when applying Zineryt topical lotion?
why is my nose itchy so mutch all info in side?
Bumps all over body help me please?
Is there any way to fix ueven ears?
do teenagers gets acne from hormones or food or both?
how long does botox last?
who do i get rid of bad dry skin in my feet?
5 days off work with water infection& now got hives?
Erythema multiforme...........?
I have patches of red dry skin on my face.?
How to remove chicken pox scars? Please read description?
Problem of some sort?
when ii change deodorants it hurt underneath my arms what should i do?
who has better skin a person?
Im still wide awake here...?
How long your lungs take to clean themselves after you quit smoking?
can i take prescription drugs and vitamins together?
How to cope at night with Pinworms?
Cant get a proper breath!!?
what blood structure makes clots?
Daughter had xray and they have found something!?
what is the condition called when your bones in your chest rub and give you chest pains ?
i suffer from an anxiety issue?
constant cough?
Palpitations.. Any one suffer these? yet have no medical illness known?
Altitude sickness?
I cant breathe through one of my nostrels?
i have recently stopped smoking was wondering if any one had any advice?I have also been feeling?
my legs go dead and lose feelings when i lay down or set in one position?
A friend of mine says that I should only tell people quickly and not making a big deal out of the accident?
Is my wrist broken or just sprained?
My Foot Still Hurts!?
Can i have advice on a fractured arm?
Inflamed toe help please as im not sure?
Are steps 'deep' enough for safely walking down?
how to treat if i done overdose paracetamol and ponstan 3 days ago?
I sprained my ankle last saturday, but I was wondering if I could work by Saturday? some one please answer!!?
ow! fell onto my arm which is in a cast worried!?
is it true about headless chickens? why no cure yet for paraplegics?
I have a severe crushing pain on the bones that lead to the toes on the top of the foot?
is it normal to pop your foot?
went on a fun fair ride first time going on it yesterday was so scared :( now ive a pain .............read on?
Constantly feel like im being whacked in the back of the legs when i walk?!?
question about scaphoid fracture?
my legs hurt when i walk please help?
Question for he medics please?
My knee really hurts whenever i stretch it out?
is my forearm broken?
Why is my bum bone killing me?
recently i have just been feeling really thirsty?
Before the rule was changed on hips i had one done,about two weeks prior to the change,d i still have to pay?
Increased white cells and platelet levels?
Help i dont want horrid people answering.?
ok ive been challenged to a drinking contest what preparations should i take b4 like eating stuff anol?
how do you know if you need stitches?
Why do people self-harm themselves, have you and why?
How long would it take broken ribs to heal?
question about a REALLY PAINFUL Injury?
Can you have bronchitis and not cough up any mucus for the first week or so, only shortness of breath?
more than a cold??? please help?
frequent urination?
my bird has bird flu?
I usually clean all hard surfaces in my house with vinagar to stay away from cemicals.Will this kill swin flu?
Strange symptoms could it be cancer?
Do I have cancer? I'm 16 years old and..?
rabies?!?! HELP PLEASE!!?
Inner thigh discoloration how do you get rid of it?
Biology project, anyone know about leukemia?
I think I may have a brain tumour :'(?
Weird thing found in my leg?
Multiple sclerosis and cold temperatures?
MY scalp is peeling?
whats up with me why do i keep waking up early and feeling sick i need to no x?
Why do i feel like this all of a sudden?
How bad are salt and vinegar for health?
how can i make myself sick?
How many espressos does it take to give someone a heart attack?
Why do people smoke? How does it feel good for them?
What would happen if I injected bleach into my arm?
does anyone know the ratio of size an infants legs and body should be?
Cystitis in 6 year old? can she wait til the morning to see a doctor?
why does my pupil go so small when i am in the car ?
started getting panics attacks in the last few months , why? and is it bad for your health?
loud high-pitch screaming when falling asleep?
can you be put under Local anaesthetic for piercings?
health and social care, biomedical and socio medical?
How old do I have to be to apply for an Organ Donor card in UK?
I have stopped smoking. I need to treat for my lips .There are black spots?
lip numbness after piercing?
would alcohol kill a person in this situation?
how long does general anaesthetic have an affect on your body?
I slept for 65 hours solid, is this a record?
Broken Nose.! what to do?
why is my eye puffing up?
on my glasses prescription from vision express it has a table headed aided va.?
hat is the procedure if a child goes missing during the outing?
Eye drops for sore eyes from contact lens wear!?
have i got a lazy eye?
black spots in visibility when seeing with left eye closing right eye....?
Astigmatism on opposite axis?
how do i remove dark shades under my eye?
Laser surgery, will it be long before it will work for Far Sightedness?
Eyes extremely sensitive to light!?
Help, i fear that one day i will end up....?
Shortsited and i wear my glasses most of the time?
eye test help pleasee :S ?
Daily disposable contacts?
My optician told me ..?
my eyelids feel sore?
Tax Credit Exemption Card, How much would it cost me for glasses in £99 frame range?
Shimmering in my Eyes?
Where can I buy cheap Osiris glasses?
Pinhole glasses gave anyone long-term improvement in vision?
what is disodium 5-ribonucleotide?
Is there a standard written down procedure for treatment of a hamstring injury in the elderly?
how can i tell if i have a heart murmur? please help?
listen to my heart (8)?
is coronary heart disease and ischemic heart disease hereditary?
leigh syndrome has anybody got any imformation regarding this condition?
tachycardia in toddler?
the use of statins on children?
I am going to have a heart attack because I am out of shape?
Im 13 & Have Regular Palpitations . Could This Be Serious?
A friend had a triple bypass not even a year ago but died of a heart attack ?
Yeast infection on my tongue?
I think i have animea?
HELP! Sore throat - What is it?/What can I do?
AHH Blister !!! help?
Should we kill animals for meat?
will this acne cysts ever go?
how do i get rid of scaly rash on my legs?
What does a cancerous lump on the skin look like, how big and how quickly can it grow?
I have spots that won't respond to various treatments. can my doctor help?
Can absolutely anyone diagnose my condition? Not serious, but very difficult to diagnose.?
the removal of keloid scars?
skin has suddenly gone dry?
Questions about Isotretinoin? Acne Pills?
Why do legs ache?
Best way to deal with migraines?
whats the best way to ease leg muscles after a half marathon?
is your heart on the left hand side or right ?
if i take a ibuprofen .. ?
does anyone know how to strengthen the nervous system?
how can u stop cramp in your leg?
Pain in my stomach?
Pain and discomfort in the neck?
Back pains?
i went too doctors for really sore shoulder,arm,so he sent me for x-ray thinking its frozen shoulder?
What is it?
Knee arthritus question - please help!!!?
any way of getting rid of a headache without pain killers?
Pain in my foot and its also swollen?
Pain relief medication - free from ...?
why do i feel so bad when i wake up every morning?
Problem with my foot, toe becomes blue?
I've been having pains in my right side for nearly 3 days. Could it be my appenix?
blood tests?
How good is this most recent 'breakthrough' for Alzheimers treatment?
Does antone have idea about a good 'SPINAL CORD SURGERY' in India?
CT Exam is right?
Brain tumour?
Scoliosis, Spinal curve!!?
why am i hearing ringing and thumping in my ears and head? i have bad head aches?
Feeling a bit sick 4 days left of school don't need/have to go?
Spammers, what will happen when someone dies?
If I am found to be borderline aneamic (i.e have a low red blood cell count) will this affect the anaesthesia?
Severe Ventriculomegaly < 15mm?
Can i take Nytol to help me stay asleep...?
Do I need to see a dematologist?
how dose health influcene behavior?
Does Colofac make you gain weight or retain water? I have gained a lot of weight since taking this.?
How much cocaine would i need to snort to overdose?
how long should i have to wait for an op?
Concern about mens shaver cutters?
Is Zydol 50mg a more effective painkiller than Kapake?
Nose Infection?
Can you use moist toilet tissues as hand-wipes?
when i yarn i feel like getting sick .why?
Does anyone know how long labyrinthitis will last if you are only feeling dizzy and had no pain or vomiting?
Help! No idea how to answer this looked up anatomy book but cannot find answer?
Wonder if anyone can help....?
Can you use neat spearmint oil on the skin?
Hi anyone take alot of over the counter sleeping pills like nytol or unisom?
I have recently lost all but one fish to WHITE SPOT DISEASE?
Fractured second metatarsal, going to the fracture clinic tomorrow but don't want a cast?
I have an injury at my wrist and the doctor gave me piroxicam? Can I change to neurofen?
Does this look anything like a burn from fire?
I lay on my tragus piercing awkwardly 2 nights ago and it's VERY swollen,what should I do?
could anyone describe what "shock " is?
Should I go to the hospital with this particular knee injury?
i damaged the nerves in my knuckle years ago, will i inevitably go on to get arthritis?
how is a trapped nerve treated?
Should I be worried about my cut?
help!!! what could be wrong!?!?
How do you speed up a broken leg recovery?
im doing race for life tomoz but i have a achilles tendon injury how do i strap it up?
Broken 4th and 5th metacarpals?
What was the worst injury you had in your childhood years?
what should i take to hospital when i go in for my operation?
How long does it take to heal from Gynocomastia surgery?
my grandson aged 6 has cracked a bone in his little toe how long will it take to repair and how long before?
Am I alright, or just being a wimp?
So ambulance crews can not be disturbed during their half hour breaks ?
extra digets?
When i can't sleep in the am hours i feel that the hole in my tum has to be filled with a big chunk of choc...
has anyone ever been on theme park rides with scoliosis or prolapsed disc?
Anyone on here had hypnotherapy and did it work?
How soon before Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate work on the joints?
Is this going to go away before tomorrow?
What is the average waiting list time for surgery on a broken arm on nhs?
ive have a Headache and Blurred Vision the blurred vision has been getting worse over the pass 24 hours?
Do you think that it is a good idea that doctor training is reduced to 4 years in the UK? Would you feel safe?
I was up at 5am ready to get to work for 7am, i am there till 5pm and due to christmas stuff won't be home..?
sinusitus infection?
Please answer this, Im worried ?
icantdo normal push ups. but if i do wall push ups and knee push ups for days will get. Abs and better muscle?
weightlifting injury?
Next summer the UK smoking ban comes into force is there a specific date that this takes effect?
When i was younger i had a pretty bad stutter/stammer but as i got older it went away?
When you crack/ click your Knuckles what actually clicks/cracks?
Can teeth clenching while asleep be related to a medical condition?
i wanna die right now v.v please help?
I keep waking up in the night really dizzy and shaking?
its like 4:30am here and i cant sleep?
I have oily skin what can i do to help my acne and decrease the oil.?
blood pressure?
i don't have acne or bad skin, whats a good daily face wash?
How do you deal with anxiety attacks?
Why is important for the body to keep a very precise control in the appearance or disappearance of blood clots
does an overactive thyroid have anything to do with our immune system?
what are the cause and effect of microorganisms in food?site examples?
what causes vomiting and diarrhoea from eating pork?
what is an anascope and how does it work?
why is ddt nolonger used for indoors spraying in preventing malaria?
I think I might have appendicitis, but I'm not sure..?
How long does it take to recover from swine flu?
latent labour...how long?
pregnant and dealing with MRSA patients?
I had my swine flu jab but have to go back for another one in 3 weeks.Am i at all covered till my next one?
how do you use yougurt to treat thrush?
Is there any risk in pilonidal surgery?
I had the swine flu jab, and now i feel SO ill! What can i do?
Throat Problem!!!!!!!?
What does avian chlamydia look like ( what is the shape and structure)?
What does {blood 2+ on dipstick and deranged U & E cr 138} mean?
Could water/urinary infection possibly come from drinking water or any other external means?
signs you need appendix removed?
anyone have any knowledge on chiari information?
URGENT...its four o clock in the morning and i cant get to sleep because there are fleas in my bed...?
what is it like to sleep on the streets?
1% hydrocortisone ointment on face?
spots!!how do i get rid?
My legs especially thighs do itch a lot when I go for a walk or run in the morning. Any reason for that?
Bad acne scars, what can I do for them?
Help with oily skin. Products?
How to get rid of Milia/milk spots?
Can anybody please explain why I'm itching so much?
What do you do when you feel miserable?
do you think that suicide is selfish thing to do?
Can someone have a heart disease but still have a good blood pressure?
Could I have a type of asthma?
does anyone know how to cure a dry cough?
How accurate are CT scans?
Not that I'm being pathetic (I'm certainly not staying off work!) but I've had 8 colds this year...
I have asthma and so does my friend but ive had it for a short time. How do i tell her?
Can anyone tell me about asthma, please?
does having a cold make you hungry?
why does my stomach fill with stuck air when I dont eat at the right time?
At what age can you start wearing contact lenses?
how can i make my toenail grow faster?
I just made myself sick!!! please help?
Im sick but havent got gp, what should I do?
health and safety in the workplace?
What is causing my light-headed dizzy spells?
Can you still get Fidji perfume. I used to have it about 25years ago?
i need your expertise?
Will the doctor know that ive been smoking Marijuana? help?
I am wearing a hearing aid inside my ear,will that mean that earwax will accumulate in the ear?
when and why measuring and recording of an individuals output and bodily waste be included in their care plan?
How do I get rid of this sore throat?
Is having a bad cold a good enough reason to take a day off?
Why do people start developing colds at this time of the year?
Often, when I try to eat, I get part of the food stuck in my throat and suffocate, why?
I really don't feel to good at all.?
can i grow tall? plzz answer!!!?
why have i got a purple nose?
why does my face go red when i do physical activety?
work experience?
If you managed to quit smoking, how did you do it?
How do you treat migraines and visual disturbances?
ways to help me got to sleep at night?
liquid like water solution coming out my mums nose?
How can i feel more awake?
Kidney infection?
Will something very bad happen to your eyes if you use PC everyday for like 1,2 or 3 hours??