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compare and contrast acquired and innate immunity?
chicken pox.... can you help?
sickness bug going around?
will abh 12 years ago prevent me from working in care?
If you had chicken pox please can you help?
Liver Function test query?
whats the difference between poly myalgia and fibro myalgia. i know they both mean mucle aches and you can?
How long does it take to get the results of a HIV, hepatitus B and C blood test?
The older you get the last acne you have?
why hand cut pains more?
Banged my knee while ice skating today ?
how do you break your knee ?
on sunday i went to my local A&E as id hurt my hand,,had xrays and the dr told me i have fractured my knuckle,?
Burnt finger help!!!!!?
how long will it take roughly for a knee ligament to heal?
how to ..... your knee ?????????????
Head ache after hitting head?
I seem to have a Grindstone Kneecap?
Cracked rib.. possibly.. help!?
I have damaged my neck badly. HELP?
Do you prefer the feeling when your scrotum is tight?
15 year old boy with back pain?
What's the easiest bone to break in your wrist?
I had a brain injury because of a traffic accident a few years ago, people at home know me so well?
What can I do to lower the bruising from a vein when I gave blood?
Thank you to all of you who made me feel better yesterday.?
cystic fibrosis? Can you have cats around if you have CF?
See Details?
gluten free?
would you consider this allot of meds ?
blood tests tft?
has anyone ever done paid medical trials before?
painful lump in wrist?
is there any herb tea or something like that for acid reflux?
information on thyoid?
colic bowel spasms?
swollen joints?
Is it true that there only about 200 types of cold or flu virus...?
What does this mean?
How can I prevent myself from getting the swine flu?
How much does the price of lice medication cost?
is there a Christian 12 step alcohol recovery program in Toronto?
I wonder how do u get AIDS/HIV and is there a treatment for it .?
what is cardiomyopathy?
Multiple Sclerosis?
IF a person has HEP C should they work in a restarant ? And what is HEP C and how can some one caugh it ?i?
Does proactive actualy work???
What is the meaning of angiolasty.?
What is the best pot detox kit?
my friend might have a "eating disorder" im not sure?
can i take avelox for a UTI?
Fluctuating blood pressure?
How do you tell your friends that your relative has cancer?
i have a calice like bump on my hand, what is it?
I'm very messed up and just don't know what to do.?
i hear voices? why?.?
Can anyone help with snoring problems?
i have asthma and want to join the fire service ...is this possible |?
Problems after coughing up blood?
Please help im barking like a dog?
I inhaled Deodarant by accident?
Is breathing 100 beats per minute normal?
Why do i get out of breath easily athsma?
My chest feels tight and heavy.?
Embarrsing problem. Blood from back passage.?
if smoking is bad for your health, why are some non smokers?
hi im linda and my sister has asthma she hasnt had an attack for 19years and 5 days ago she took 1?
Is this normal for a New Piercing ?
Does anyone else have predominant nasal labial folds (the lines connecting your nose to your face)?
where can I buy prednisone 20 mg without prescription?
what's the difference between potassium cyanide and sodium cyanide?
why the heck I'm so sleepy i went to sleep early at 11 30 at night last night and woke up at 11 am y I'm i so?
How to bind your chest?
Can an electric heating underblanket be harmful to health in some way?
how long will it take for my hair to grow to my shoulders?
how safe is the hairmax lasercomb?
Is it normal to be able to move your own stomach?
Absolutely terrified of being sick, but haven't had bad experiences???Any Help?
why do people cant look at me in the eyes?
Why is it considered bad to combine cough medicine with alcoholic drinks?
Are 34.5 inch inseam legs, long for a 5' 6.5" girl?
About coughing and if anyone else finds so hysterical as i do?
Why do my fingers start to feel as though they're burning when they are cold?
how do I get relief from cold feet at night?
Get a tounge pircing or not?
Dentist: I am having 2 teeth pulled out tomorrow!!!!?
Pain in my lower back. Help please?
I woke up and im death in my left ear?! please help!?
Have I burst my eardrum?
8 year old with leg pain?
My right ear is really hurting....why??
Why cant i get an MRI scan?
iam 17 and have a headache for one year please help?
Chest Pain?
Heel Pain... possible Plantar fasciitis! I am having awful problems with my feet and heel pain. Can you help?
how can i stop really bad period pain i am already taking extra strength pain killers and have a hot bottle??!?
Why is my neck so sore?
I've got a random pain?
Headache for 5 days...?
my right foot is cold?
Leg Pain help?
Is NHS Direct Line a?
what is the average life expectancy for Females in Ireland?
Need to find out how to stop being sick, been like this for 2 days, can't keep nothing down,dry boke, help?
If i took Echinacea tablets, would i see an quick result?
Does anybody know anything about Tinnitus and can offer help?
Snoring devices???
why does a toenail drop off without any previous damage obvious?
Why are my fingers tingling?
Has anyone got SAD. Do light boxes work and where the cheapest? uk?
This is not good is it?
What Food And Drink Is Good For The Skin???
How long can someone hold their pee in for?
How often do I need a TB and Hep B vaccination?
Does anybody suffer with Complicated Migraine and does it stop you from going out alone?
i've got black rot in corner of bedroom ceiling is this harmful to my kids?
Does my needing 10 or more hours sleep per nite mean I am lazier or healthier than most YA members? ?
Can anyone save me a trip to the doctors?
what risk is there in an exercise programme?
do i hav a water infection?
Why am I so tired? How can i stop myself yawning and falling asleep?
How does smoking affect someone's physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs?
is it okay to chew gum while spiritually fasting?
any ideas on what to do when yo get so run down and tired that sleep does not really help, and you feel dizzy?
Very very very itchy?
Does anyone know where i can buy a clear or flesh coloured dermal anchor peircing head from?
What can cause dry flaky scalp to return after going away for a few months?
Whats the best treatment for spots?
should I pop a zit while on accutane?
How do I get rid of my acne?
has anyone used 'wartner' on skin tags on their face?
What is the best diet for acne?
how to get rid of a coldsore without buying expensive products?
Does gargling salt water with an open mouth ulcer help it heal?
How can I prevent myself from loosing my voice again?
I recently had a blood test. It showed (HBsAg) Antigeno de Superficie Positive?
our staffi pups have dermodex mange?
Is hepatitis a treatable.?
How contagious is conjunctivitis?
Has anyone here ever had a tapeworm?
Why do I have Diarrhoea?
What can contracted pupils mean?
I've been to the doctors who says i have a virus but it could possibly be glandular fever.?
i have bad stomache pains and chills on my back and torso?
achy, worried, flu? been sick for a week?
are all these infections in hospitals a modern day plague?
MMR, do you think that this contributes to Autism?
right some sort of bone disease does anyone know what its called?
how do you claim benefits on charot marie tooth desease?
Catheter inserted in prostate?
My son has OCD and its got a lot worse. He is only 10 but the Dr's want to put him on SSRI's. ?
Know what causes dark line across inside of upper lip?
born with a small brain?
Colitis: Use of steroids: Moon face?!?
why has my forehead swollen?
Cyst on kidney - should I have been treated ?
how old are girls when they have rubella vaccination?
What's a good product to help with dry skin on the face?
Since I started work in a new office 1 mth ago I have felt sick & v.tired on a night. What is wrong with me?
my three grandchildren 12 3 and 18 months have the measles , confirmed , all vaccinated whats up?
how I can I make my immune system better?
Cloudy urine causes.?
How do I get rid of a fungus growing in the layers of fat under my belly?
Whats a disease or sickness or anything that you need to go to the hospital, last a few days and suddenly die?
can anyone tell me the disease where your head grows forward?
My mouth/throat feels slimy and dry?
How can one get parasites out of eyes?
please help me quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What should i except!!!?
Are blemishes and acne the same thing?
resting heart rate to high?
Muscle Aches in my upper arm?
Pains from long healed scars?
Karate with a pulled/strained muscle in my back?
hit my head off the ground?
Omg please help me im badly injured?
How to stop a nosebleed?
Do I have a wrist injury? If so, what should I do about it?
what does it mean when the middle of your thumbnail starts to change color and bend inwards?
Hey I go stung by quite a nettles 4 days ago on my leg but I've still got a rash?
please help me!!! i cant move my leg!!?
answerss pleaseee ?????????????????????
How can i hurt my arm?
I was punched to the face in a night club, i have sustained a broken cheekbone nd jaw?
how long does a split nail take to heal?
Putting shoe laces in my nose?
What is wrong with my thumb?
I accidently kicked a table and hurt the bottom of my foot near the top, its still hurting for 1.5 weeks...?
fingers jammed due to nerve problem in hand?
Broken Toe Nail Question?
What color do you like ..?
how can i die?
i want to do drugs because i hate thinking, im only 17.?
Will it just be a long recovery..?
Does anyone have a complete list of the specific names of body parts for tattooing?
Myosis affects which part of the human body?
Can someone tell me why I have earwax?
how can i lose my voice by TOMRROW ?
why does my stretched ear bleed when the taper is taken out?
Why does urin smell like popcorn?
where's the cheapest place to get good aftershave and perfume? I don't mean nasty knock-offs!?
i have to wakeup and 7:00 am?
Do I suffer from insomnia?
What are the symptoms of anxiety?
How can I heal my lip?
Diacetylmorphine is the technical term for which drug?
Is it safe to get a tattoo if you have Hemophilia?
I am taking the correct steps for solution of my problem?How many time will take to get a appoitment?
Can I Still Get Taller At 18? (Late Bloomer)?
Is Shisha worse than smoking cigarettes?
Why do i feel like this sometimes?
what happens if you smoke weed ?
Laryngitis symptom relief?
Is Swine Flu Vaccine Infective?
10 pts: I am finding it hard to breathe when I am trying to sleep, what is going on?
my sister has these .....?
Sick for a few days... symptoms listed.. help?
Has anyone taken Aloe Vera drinks? What affects have they had if any?
swollen calves and extreme pain?
hey does anyone know what technologies a person with bad-eye sight could use?
Thrombossed Hemorrhoid turmed to fissure after birth?
Pain under left side rib cage?
DLA question?
What's wrong ?
how do decongestants help with both a blocked nose and a runny nose?
My tragus piercing bled when i cleaned it...?
Hi, has any-one got a nevus behind the eye, i have and i,m worried that i,m the only one ?
Does the Novovirus detox your system.?
Hi, does anyone suffer with dry eyes, mine tends to be in one eye more than the other and sometimes it really?
What should I expect after brain surgery??
had lumps on and off in the armpits for months now very painful and smells alot?
Does everyone get acne at some point in their life's?
I have cream/foundation coloured fat deposits under each eye. They're very prominent and people notice them?
RASH - please help, please?
I have these spots on my back that are spreading?
Is waking up crying something to be worried about?
how to get to sleep tonight help
Can you get spots under you nails?
How can I sleep? ?
How do i quit smoking?
What could be the cause of this strange lump on my hand?
Can you go to the doctors and tell them you think you're depressed?
What causes bad eyesight and the need to wear glasses?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes?
what would vodka and over dose pills do to someone?
What could be wrong with me if anything?
does anybody know a name for description below:?
Back problem - help!?
Is 5'11 tall for an 18 year old guy?
is it bad to have almost no sleep O.O ?
N H S operation deep clean?
how to stop snoring...?
Would having my tonsils removed be a good idea?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Why do flatulents smell worse [better] in the bath?
Im always drinking,eating even after dinner, always sleepy i can sleep all day and always weeing?
i had a full body massage yesterday and last night and today ive felt awfull is this normal?
I have a sore throat?
Can you have gingivitis and tonsillitis at the same time?
Non-itchy viral rash that won't go away...?
What are the symptoms and long term effects of liver damage due to taking too many paracetamol tablets?
what chances is there of catching someting from saliva?
What can I do to feel better? Flu/head-cold?!?
Which are the best malaria tablets?
Concerned about my water infection....Any advice?
I want to know about vocal chord cyst surgery?
Wat type of illness is this?
i have a cyst with a infection that's come back?
how do you stop sweating?
I'm all of a sudden getting bad at everything?
Advice on needed on my eyes?
What your tryd and testd method to get rid of a hangover?
Is it normal to feel extremely high after pulling an all nighter?
what is the best legal drug that will help me focus on my studies?
Could I go the doctors for blood tests?
My breast are really small and I feel like no one will truly ever want me?
British people - Are you worried about Swine Flu this year? Ive heard already 6 people have died :( ?
i have a sister that is nearly 12 so can she take lemsip?
What are good healthy foods?
I can't function properly after a big disappointment, do I need to go see doctor?
Is it possible to be home sick when at home?
Need a video on how alcohol affects the human body. URGENT.?
I have bad breathing,headaches & tiredness and mould on walls at back of my bed what cud this be?
Person told me fluoride in water makes you docile?
i'm 14 and i keep getting this sharp stabbing pain in one paticular small area on on the outer side of my left
Is it worth while going to a chiropractor for the pain of Sciatia (trapped nerve)?
I have tonsillitis and my mum is making me go to school tommorow, what do i do i'm in a lot of pain?
Chest pains?
i have severe pain on my right side especially when i breath. what could this be?
how can i relieve severe muscle ache caused by lactic acid after exercise??
Quick sore throat remedies please?
painfull cramps?
Sharp pain in my heel
is there anything you can do or get so your eyes wont be sore on the compture?
Deep Heat and Period Pain. . .?
Unable to use right arm?
What, exactly is "Musculoskeletal Injection"?
whats the safe dose?
I woke up yesterday and i couldnt open my hand all the way about 50%?
pain at left side of head when smoking?
for the last 5 years my bones and joints have been giving me a lot of trouble.?
a few nights in the past month i have been woke up not able to breathe, move, or talk. can ne1 help me here?
I want my belly pierced?
How to get rid of dry skin instantly?
Throat and mouth cancer, any possibility it might be viral/fungal in origen and related to fellatio?
is this a symptom to a disease or some sort of infection?
Does eczema ever go away.?
when you have food poisoning do you vomit or have diarrhea first?
Why do I get diarrhoea when I eat lettuce?
question about chicken pox??
Could this be hay fever?
what do you think is the cause of my swollen eye ?
Why do drug commercials never tell you what their drugs are for?
What is this small, hard bump in my earlobe?
What's it called when you feel like puking ALL the time?
How to break free of the bulimic mindset?
what are some good ways to avoid back pain from working in construction?
Boot caused lump and pain on back of ankle?
why cant my friend "Harley" remove his finger from his arse ?
i hurt my ankle ? help?
i swallowed a fish bone on sunday at 23:45 its tuesday 13:34 should i still be worried?
Can you bruise from sport without noticing?
i've broke my ankle, cast is due off, what's the next step?
what causes trapped nerve in index finger which is going black and blue?
Is it normall to still have swelling after 12 days?
what is wrong with my leg pulled muscle or torn.?
Hi im julian. im a 15 year old girl im turning 16 this year i had workout before my knee injury that was about?
Unexplained painful injury in the sea?
When will this burn go down-It's from a very hot pan?
I have a splinter under my left index finger's nail?
Knee Injury at work, how to proceed?
can muscle strains cause bruising?
What would happen if Thyroid Gland was gradually shut down in 3 weeks? What are the pro and con in doing so?
I jammed my toe into my coaches arm in Gymnastics and heard lots of crackling. I can't walk on my left foot so?
Can blocks of ice break toes?
Is there an I.E.P. or specific treatment for XXYY?
peyronis disease?
In an overdose does alcohol really make it that much more dangerous?
Slipped Disk in the spine?
Dodgy Thyroid!?
MMy blood results showed red in my liver what is that?
help! my eyes?
why dont i feel any better?
have you met anney one with williams syndrome?
Addison Disease, if you have this how are you feeling most of the time??
i have just had an mri brain scan what do the red arrows with codes on mean?
Can you have laser eye surgery done under sedation?
Eye Issues :( Help ? ....?
Vision Express Lenses Prices?
What effect does dust have on the eyes?
What is the highest and lowest figure in eyesight?
Has Herpetic Keratitis come back???
why is the corner of my eye very red and very sore?
Where can I buy a magnifying glass in the High Street?
can anyone find a pic off the internet of an eye with a layer of film over it?
i had an operation on my eye last summer?
not wearing glasses/contacts cause a squint?
what exactly happens in a contact lens examination?
Did my eyesight get better or worse with this new prescription?
hinges on my eyeglasses frame are bent can they be straightened perfectly again so my glasses sit straight?
vision loss every time he coughs or blows his nose?
Why are my contact lenses doing this?
Where can I find a pair of glasses with a wider "bridge" for my nose area?
red green colour defect eyes test?
Can glasses be flexible in the middle too?
Why Do I Feel Tired and Sick!?
What to do when Dr's get it wrong?
Can depression cause you to have bad grades?
i stopped smoking two weeks ago and im bored what should i do !!!!!!!!?
i have a common cold how can i get rid of it quick!!?
Why do i always have stomach aches that make me feel sick?
is MDMA / ecstasy really that bad for you? and why is it a class A?
maturity difference between age 18 and age 21?
how exactly does phaeochromocytoma cause sweating. pallor and headaches?
Hoq many zopilcone tablets can kill you?
how many days I can take sick leave with out a sick note?
When I put a few drops of olive oil in my ears to loosen wax I go deaf for a while. Is this normal?
Why does my hair fall out so much?
How do you get ridof a stomach Ache ?
What can I do about poor blood circulation? How can I change it so it is normal?
Is brewers yeast really good for hair & skin?
I have been feeling sick for the past week and i have tried everything help?
Why do I keep waking up screaming?
I think I'm Hannah Montanna?
How can i calm down more after being angry?
What's wrong with me???..... PLEASE HELP.....?
what causes finger nails to peel ?
as a carrer and a resident dies why do ppl see them when they gone cause your jobs finished?
Lumps please help?!!?
Mind versus body dilemma?
good points to being small (fun sized) height wise...?
any natural red heads out there that are happy with being all natural?
I fainted after smoking weed - why is this?
i cant sleep at night.....?
sleeping tips to help me get to sleep lol?
Feeling tired?
Does lack of sleep make you more hungry than usual?
I'm so lazy it's really getting on my nerves! How can I get more energy?
I am always feeling tired, weak and lazy...?
knackered but don't wanna go to bed?
is there a sleep virus going round, cant stop sleeping?
Dripping feeling at back of throat at night??
i went to my gp and he said i have fluid on my lungs is this dangerous please.?
what is the symptoms for anyone to refer to the pharmacist?
What is it that makes us snore?
Please Help I have been vomiting for 9 weeks about 7 times a day?
I need to know... what is asbestos?
dry ticklish coughing wont go away=[?
chesty cough, and difficulty breathing?
why is it important to diagnose asthma early?
Could I Have Asbestos Poisoning?
what is the meaning of odour?
how did you give up smoking and how long did it take you?
Cystic Fibrosis?
Question about antibiotics and sinus infection, please please help :)?
The Vest.....Airway clearance system.....dose anyone have one???????????????????
Am I at risk due to MDF dust in my D.T lessons?
can muscle strains cause bruising?
i have four prolapsed disc, and now my feet and ankles are swelling up,is there a connection.?
Big toe nail hurts at side ?
Is there a scent free alternative to Muscle Rub?
How long can my pain last after rear end crash?
How to survive a shark attack?
My ears are constantly popped?
My ankles hurt after I do some exercise, what can help my ankle?
how long for a broken ankle to heal?
Need advice on thumb nail injury?
Cosmetic Surgery For Leg to Correct Shape?
Is this serious do i need to go A/E now or am i ok?
Can scans pick up muscle and tendon damage?
Where can I find a neck brace (UK)?
Ok my eye lash has just fell out and went behind my eye ball. is this bad?
Pain at top of spine by neck...caused by slouching??
has anyone else used DDA to get protection at work from being sick?
What to expect?
Do you know of any wish foundations for adults that are terminally ill?
rhodiola or ginseng for depression? risk of palpitations?
Can Omeprazole effect thyroid function? My level 49?
Food poisoning?
have got inflamed nasal passages , can you recomend anything please , even my gums hurt?
What foods are harsh on you if you're prone to ulcerative colitis or chrones disease?
Best place in ireland to get light box?
What food can I eat that is good for my liver but low in iron?
my mri scan concerns me?
MY son 3 yr old had blood in urine ( quite alot )?
Which food can be given to kids with Cerebral Palsy?
i dont get ill very often but?
i have had a nasty ear infection for 11 days,?
Can You Get Glandular Fever From Not Kissing Anyone?
adult seems to have mumps,can go to work?
My friend has had a check-up for a possible bone infection or tumour in his tibia?
Can antibiotics heal a septic wound?
just had my hep c jag?
How can I not catch a sick bug?
Could I have malaria?
Essay on innate immune response in protective immunity?
17 and infected with first time chicken pox?
I have a bacterial infection and started taking moxyvit forte 500,now my teeth started hurting?
My dad has crohn's disease, what are the chances of me having it too?
how do i keep myself from getting this bug that everyones got?
Weird question! Related to Tonsillitis....?
can someone explain my eye test results?
Is this normal? "Twice" conjunctivitis....?
Toothpaste or Listerine mouthwash for acne?
Doesn't hilary Duff look anorexic???
my skin in between my legs are brownish, whats up with that? how can i get rid of it?
slow bowel movements?
My 4yr old had itchy scalp, but didn't see anything except maybe dryskin, now she has tiny red marks the ...?
where can I get cheapest Adult Diapers?
What's Going On With Me? I Don't Know What To Do?
my doctor gave me levaqin for an infection in my body?
I have mild case of excema. but i have under the wrist hands cresses lines and they are pink.?
what is the life expectancy of a woman after a mastectomy?
My dad told me that a rock star died of the swine flu, but he could not recall the name.?
how to eliminate bacterial infection like red swelling in legs in natural ways?
i have pimlples on my chest,on my face,on my shoulders.Help!! i don't know if it is acne. HELP!!?
Can someone help me please?
Help please!?
how do i stop this ringing in my ears?
back pain, was washing my hair in shower today, i only reached up to rinse my hair and now im in agony help ?
bitten off large dog through back of hand, the pain is so intense, worse pain I`ve ever experienced. help?
tell me about rheumatoid arthritis?
What causes this pain in my head and is it normal?
my girlfriend had her gall bladder removed a week ago?
i have £2000,i want to go for gastric banding,any options?
after having meningitis my husband has had realy bad headaches and neck pain?
Help with my awful migraine?
I get a lot of headaches and painful earache neck pain and my eyes hurt a lot what is the problem?
Rectal fissures?
How much does it usually cost to see a chiropractor about back pain?
How many Ibuprofen can you take in 24 hours?
im taking diclofenac sodium does anyone know if i can take extra pain killers obviously not ibuprofen?
I have a painful lump on the front of my throat/neck.?
Any advice about heavy headaches?
What home remedies can cure a sore throat?
how do you treat shin splints?
When people say their heart skipped a beat, does your heart actually skip a beat?
why are our lips red?
It's 3.30am and i feel ill and i can't sleep? :(?
How long should dissolvable stitches take to dissolve?
when a girl shaves her thighs using a razor, does the hair grow back fast?
where can i buy a botox kit to do at home?
Will I grow taller at 17?
amount of water required to drink in order to get water intoxication?
What is it like being high?
Why do paracetamol/ Painkillers lift my Mood?
what's wrong with me?
What happens when take 8 500mg paracetamol?
How can I improve my toddler appetite?
GIRLS WHO HAVE BEEN ABUSED - Do you do this, too?
Bass music causing damage?
will my docotr prescribe me growth hormone?
Genetic... questionss xx?
can you get a medical card for marijuana or cannabis in the uk?
what are some adverse effects after having Vacuum suction on your body?
why does the middle and bottom part of my stomach hurts?
I have really bad back heads on my nose, does anyone know how to get rid of them?
Feels like I can't yawn. Anxiety symptom?
is the cure for depression close friendships?
9 month course of accutane (roaccutane in uk) finished 1 week ago but stil spots?
nothing clears my skin? please help?
How to treat burn marks caused my veet cream ?
will a pore refiner lotion help me get rid of my whiteheads?
what could be wrong with me?
A close friend of mine was on a course of antibiotics..?
Is routine a good or negative thing?
Question about my favourite subject - stopping smoking!?
If vegetable oil is made from vegetables and olive oil is made from olives, what is baby oil made from?
Immune to local anaesthetic???
what is the cause of being hungry but not being to eat?
Am i taking too many Vitamins ?
Help with my sore eye?
How do I stop 'butterflies' in my tummy?
is this juat a virus?
When I yawn I can hear my heartbeat?
I get a pain in my eye when i wake up in the mornings?
My boyfriend is having ear trouble - Do I book an appointment with the Doctor or the Nurse?
I have to have a tonsillectomy...?
weird taste in my mouth?
Should teenagers under 16 be aloud to use sunbeds?
how can you sleep longer in the mornings?
SH!T! I just got cramp in my ankle!?
how young can you be but still die of old age???
nocturnal epilepsy?
inheriting a cleft lip and palate?
Chest virus thing sweeping the uk at the mo...I have it real bad and got completely caught out with no?
I was watching Foyle's War last night and his son said that sinusitis affects your eye sight. Is this true?
bowel problem?
Under active thyroid weight gain - how much can you gain?
A question for doctors?
Parkinsons disease?
hard lump on middle finger, palm side at the base, hurts?
Blood tests ...?
i have an exam & not sleeping?
Anyone know much about metocloperamide??
Endoscopy and colonoscopy in australia?
Fear of Blood (Hemaphobia)?
What exactly is the difference between becotide and severant?
what does turn your head and cough mean?
ANOTHER chest infection!!..?
I have asthma (mild) does that mean i cant be a firefighter?
Why can I smell cigarette smoke all the time? Its beginning to make me feel very sick.?
dust on the lungs?
Its abt my cough?
what are the long term effects of ventolin use?
Do you think i have still got asthma?
Deep Pain right in the centre of my chest when breathing all the way in, but not effecting my breathing?
High Jumping Knee Pain?
i thought i sprained my ankle last wed. but last night i noticed bruising that wasnt there about a week ago,?
my knee hurts when i do exercise or when i twist my knee. is there any way tht i can speed up recovery?
how do i know if i twisted or sprained my left ankle?
is recently sprained my ankle?
does it hurt more if you are shot at a short distance away?
bruising question..? :)?
I woke up and my lip was swollen around my piercing?
Anxiety attacks? ...muscle pain and numb arm?
My joint keeps cracking?
My finger nail just cracked halfway through the side of it, how long would it take to heal.?
What is the technical term for the hollow at the back of the knee, sometimes called the knee pit?
i recently banged my toe now its severely painful and has bad bruising what could this be?
I have snapping hip syndrome in my right hip and crutches would help. How can I get access to crutches?
Pulled back muscle,rib pain?
I cut my tongue with my braces? Anything I can do?
my son has small fracture to middle bone from 2nd toe in, what would be considered the best type of cast?
Rub Some Dirt on It or Go To The ER?
Weird bulgy runner's toenail?!?
Chest Pains ( sort of) could it be gas?
I,m looking for the desease call fromalgia?
Most effective treatment for toe fungal infections?
Best ways to get rid of acne?
Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Question.?
I think I' immune to sleep aids!?
HELP! I believe my daughter is in early stages of Anorexia..?
what is the best pain medication for osteoarthritis?
BLACKHEADS! Is there a cure?!?!?
whats a really good drugstore moisturizer for excessive dry skin?
What can I take orally for dry skin/scalp?
Are you okay with mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations?
How do I get a REALLY bad stomach flu?
why is my heart rate so high? my heart rate is 107-140 bpm. and im only 20 yrs old. i feel healthy.?
coughing up green phlegm!!!!!?
Will wearing ear plugs every night cause any future problems?
Could I have a parasite?
What could a sore red lump at the bottom of the neck be also am feeling flushed?
how do you cope losing your mum when you have found out she was not treated by the hospital and doctors who yo
Advice on restarting my crohns meds (azaithoprine)?
Could it have been a touch of food poisoning?
How is the Norwalk virus (winter vomiting bug) spread (HOMEWORK)!!!?
Does anyone know how to stop the headache from food poisoning?
Essay about transmission cycle, epidemiology,and control of named zoonotic or vector-borne disease?
can you crush metronidazole antibiotics - it does say swallow whole on pack but I cant!?
What Are the Causes of Recurring Sinus Infections?
I have fecal matter on my hands and I do not know what to do!?
sneezing and tickly throat....diagnosis please?
coldsores and sudacream...?
How likely is it for a 9 month old baby to catch chicken pox?
I'm 17 years and my height is 155cm. what must to do to become taller nearly 172 cm ?
The cold weather is making my skin EXTREMELY DRY?
Does anyone here snore or sleep talk?
describe health and safety working practices in a nail salon?
really bad stabbing pains in the lower left of my stomach?
I Feel Sick , Whats Wrong?
PLEASE HELP!!!! (1O points?)?
any ways i can clean out my liver?
does doing exercise help prevent scars to a scab picked wound?
How can i get rid of spots? 'Read On'?
Im 15 and 5 foot 5 how do i grow taller?
why is that pain?
Can water from a hot tap burn?
I can't smell or taste anything?
Can diet cause epilepsy? Can faulty enzymes be the cause of seizures?
I can't sleep, how can i make myself feel drowsy?
Has anyone had such a big poo that it makes your eyes water?
Cold remedies....good or bad?
Where can I go for a really good free medical in England..?
Is there a way to get rid of a runny nose?
changing tongue ring?
Are excessive hours on a compute linked to poor eyesight?
i have decided to quit drinking and smoking as its affecting my life in bad ways,i was just wondering if?
What is the difference between being 'high' and being 'stoned'?
Do i have a problem with my eye?
How to get rid of a mouth ulcer... Quickly...?
How many hours is a adolescence meant to get?
is tramadol addictive an what are the side affects?
what can smoking cause?
I feel sick. I need to puke. Help?
how much would it cost to have bottom ribs removed?
Do I have angry problems?
On average how ong does it take for a man to go to the toilet?
can anybody think of reasons why i mite chew/gnaw on things made of rubber eg the back of my sky remote ?
What does it mean when eating making sugary things makes you tired and want to sleep?
Do you have to book an appointment at the opticians?
hey guys!!! what's your advice on getting rid of a really bad cold - fast?
How much sleep does a 15-year old need per night?
can someone tell me somethng really interesting cuz i cnt get to sleep?
Reflexology,therapy where the soles of the feet are massaged.?
unfortunately i suffer from " Anorexia Nervosa ". Why do the doctors not give me some sort of Steroids to put?
Helpp, i feel like i can't breathe?
If someone experiences "acute pain",does that mean they are incapacitated by the pain?
What does it feel like to get an MRI scan?
Would thrush treatment be cheaper in an independent chemist....?
co-codamol 30/500 --- Solpadol?
painful lump inside ear and earache :( :(?
What's causing the pains in my leg?
Pains in middle upper right shoulder, neck and head?
Constant lower back pain, worse if standing, numb/tingling toes?
sharp pains in the head?
My throat really hurts. Could this be the problem?
Bad Headaches?
I am having pains in my chest, it feels like cramp. not all the time, but when i get streest ort upset and wo?
Has this ever happened to you?
I got problem with my Bum HELP!!?
What is the most effective way of getting rid of a hangover?
terets my left foot?
How common is D-bifunctional protein deficiency? Please refernce it to a journal. TY?
I had severe pain in my lower ribcage/chest and left arm last night...?
I have a U & E blood test come back showing a problem can anyone tell me what this may be? thanks?
Do bra manufacturers offer support to breast cancer victims?
Dose using macro wave cause cancer or not?
Can you spread plantar warts in your home shower?
Please I need help. I need info on a disease?
thyroid problem?
What is it like to go to a professional for a bikini wax?
I have a bad flue! need your advice! what to eat or drink and what not to eat?
Smoke and breathing difficulty?
Why is pee yellow? My son wants to know.?
do you think anything is wrong? i need help PLEASE!?
Does anyone know if there is an antiperspirant that helps to keep your under arms dry?
How is it possible ??? Only after one day?
Help for someone with psoriasis?
I have tonselitis, whatcan I eat/drink that won't hurt my throat and thats good for me?
Is giving plasma the same as giving blood? Should I be worried about contamination?
Any suggestions for clearing Post Nasal Drip?
tonsilitus and flaryngitis please helppppp?
forcing fluid through drip to fast into vein...is this dangerous?
Quitting smoking - lump in throat?
sharp pain round my ribs, and chest?
which is best a sauna or steam room?
My mother has fluid on the lungs and has only 12% lung capacity .What are her chances or expected life span?
Cold plus Strep Thorat = yellow catarrh?
Is being a GP hard? ?
Medical advice needed for hard persistant cough?
what will be the ailment if your sputum changes its odour and color?
When Doctors are diagnosing Asthma what do they look for?
Asthma and a permenant blocked nose!?
I want to get a good workout dvd but I have chronic asthma so want one that is not going to puff me out?
is sacoidosis life threatening?
Can I eat ice cream even if I have chest infection?
3 year old with coughinhg fits in the night?
If you don't cough up phlegm, will you get pneumonia?
Anyone got any good "Bogie" related stories?
What is wrong with my knee?
Pain when I press gently near centre of rib cage, both sides, under peck?
How Long Would you stay in hospital after a Blood Transfusion?
whats wrong with my leg?
I have a match tonight and my legs are really sore!! HELP!?
finger joint swollen and not going down?
what do you think of the NHS?
I have a broken toenail?
Kicked someone in the leg now big bruise and lump ?
I broke my wrist 9 months ago and it's still weak, what do I do?
Is my arm fractured or bruised?
Was smacking a normal thing between 1995-2003 ?
I was playing football/soccer today...?
sore eye socket after drinking?
question for the medics please?
i have been doing pyhsical therpy and been seeing a chiropractor for over 2 months and nothing seems to work?
Weird scratch appeared on face whilst asleep. Any ideas on what could be the cause?
What do you do if you think you have broken your toe?
help knee injury and i'm going on holiday in two days!?
knee problem!! (stiff knee)?
Would you recommend Me and my family to get the H1N1 flu shot?
Could I have got EBV (Epstein's Barr's Virus) from my brother? He's not the most hygienic of people, he?
Would'nt it be great if bananas can indeed help prevent AIDS?
Slight cold with lost voice.. how to get better quickly?
How long does it take for antibiotics (Clarithromycin) to work?
My voice has virtually gone, what can i do?
Do you think people should be able to get a gastric band operation on the NHS?
Does anyone know how to get rid of dark patches and eye bags?
HELP...Tips to have a good nights sleep?
was he taking drugs?! - could this explain it?
does blood group descend from your father?
Do I Sleep Long Enough?
All about Warferin?
How do i sleep normally again?
eye bath? *please help*?
Should i take her to hospital ?
I want to stop smoking but a few years ago I had major stomach surgery....?
Why are my nose, fingers and toes sooo cold && How do I treat it?
I have anemia...???????What should i do?
What happens if I swallowed a tiny bit of burnt tobacco?
How do I get more energy?
Just wondering....?
Is it neccessary to sleep every day?
Self Hypnosis question?
Can a pensioner take up smoking ?
trouble breathing, but i don't have asthma.?
Stomach pain and runny stool?
I have eaten way to much. ?
How can i get rid of this by Saturday?
what you think which people can do the best spa (massage)?
Do guys care if your stomach is chubby?
Do these sound like normal cramps to you?
Medicinal benefits of drinking your own urine?
extremely accurate measurements - what do i need for the perfect body?
Dry rash???????!?!?!?
How do beauty therapists have such nice skin? What do they do?
Is there anywhere online that I can buy tablets to stop unwanted hair growth caused by Hormone Imbalance?
What are the basic functions of water? What water is best?
please help me ive got the tetnus, polio and depheria jab tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
In what year did the first Red Nose Day take place?
me and my son had our medical last nov 2 and after a week they text me and i need to make another x-ray?
is this a birth mark?
Can a person with a nosejob! get his old noseback! if he have many pics of this old nose?
Difference between Weed & Cigarettes?
Why is my mums skin shedding?
Which areas of the body scar the worst?
i have got sunrashh ;( and i have a really big partaay laters :(?
I have facial eczema, what products can I use?
can my barber check for head lice?
Is it possible to get my nape pierced?
any remedies to get rid of warts?
I have something pointy in my nose. the inside is pointy but on the outside it's round.did i chip my cartilage?
Ive been getting sudden head aches for no reason..?
I have been taking 30mg lansoprazole in morning and 300 mg Zantac at night for 6 months?
My ear hurts?
What is non specific colitis?
I Got an Unknown Parcel in the Mail.....?
Why won't my period stop?!?
What can cause ringing in the ear? 2 questions?
What is the disease that affects the head size:brain size ratio?
Ear popping? Ringing? ah!?
can perthes disease be hereditary?
Has anyone been to a proctologist?
Is it only humans that need clean water?
ive read tha drinking excess alcohol contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome. how does this work?
what is celiacas disease?
Perscription question for vision?
where is cheapest to get a UK eye test?
jumping into water with contacts in?
Is that normal to you ?
I'm Getting Contacts Soon ..?
My sisters boyfriend is just gone blind how can she make him feel safe as he has just lost his eye sight?
Why don't we all campaign for free specs?
Have I Got A Problem With My Eyes?
contact lens eye test..!! cheapest on the high street ??
Flash of light in my eye?
can i wear contacts???????
i am an optician but want to become an optometrist. what additional schooling do I need?
would i still need glasses?
What is Near addition (ADD) on a glasses prescription.....?
Has anyone here had a secondary lense implanted in their eye?
My contact lens tore and I cant find a piece of it. Could it still be in my eye?
Morning eye Problem.....?
when my eyes are red when i wake up does that mean they have taken damage?
Sharp pain when breathing in?
How long does pleurisy take to recover from?
Are there any ways to get rid of asthma?
tingling nose, what is it?
I have a constant pain in my back,sholders and rib cage?
Asthmatics: Have you tried the new Salt Air Inhaler?
I know there illegal but where can you get proper steriods from?
I feel sick all the time?
do think i have the effects of mold poisoning?
what do you think of belindas snoring on bb9?
Why do steroids thin the skin? Is there any way of reversing the effects on the skin?
Breathing problems :/?
clear fluid on my chest or lungs?
My breathing cycle is very long. Is there any problem with it?
Does someone know whether is asthma or not and how to cure it?
Can any one tell me if someone has a tension pneumothorax what is there chance of pulling through ?
mm think i may have asthma?
My partners father sadly recently passed away and a coroner has said that it was the fault of the hospital?
respiratory and urinary systems?
i am 29 weeks pregnant and i have really bad swelling from my feet to my knees... what can help?
Do i have h1n1? i have couple of the symptoms!?
I burned my face with acnefree face wash. Will it go away?
Can fybromyalga graduate to the severity of crippling, walker, wheelchair?
Help with allergy pills??
An acute death of heart muscle resulting from a blood clot in a coronary vessel?
What can I do if I forgot my cholesterol pill at bedtime?
hi, I just recently had a bone marrow biopsy and waiting for results, what I would like to know is that I have
What happens when you drink pretty bad for years?
Ridiculous Question but what do you think would happen if a pregnant lady got infected with a zombie virus?
Weakness, Dizziness, Tired, Headache 12 years old?
Do you think this is a planter wart? (Description, not picture!)?
What other than proactive works really well for acne for fair skin?
How long will I have headaches after giving up coffee?
Have there been any diseases that were created accidentally by scientists?
what are these funny spots that have started to appear on my skin?
Acne Question?
Thyroid Cancer -problem with Thyca Groups?
Does a cigarette filter allow THC through a joint ?
side of toe is infected and swollen and doctors cant see me til monday what can i do til then ?
what are the chances of bleeding in the brain?
Pins & Needles in the arm.?
I think i strained my arm muscle?
okay, so in 6 days im going in for surgery.. im 14 ..?
compensation knee injury?
when does a wound need to be checked by a practice nurse........?
Muscular knee injury?
My appendix scar is painful?
I have burned myself and think it is 2nd degree?
I fell on my arm and it's painful to pick things up...?
what is more painful? being burned alive or being skinned alive?
Is there a sure fire way to tell if you have broken a rib without getting an xray ?
Should I worry about a small bump on my forehead?
should you keep up your protein intake when your injured and not lifting?
I heard cracking knuckles can damage soft tissue!!! How can it heal?
Education on the harm of hitting a deep vein?
any suggestions as to how to prevent blisters from playin football on hard surfaces?
My ankle is painful to walk on but I have no swelling or anything that indicates a sprain?
can you break your knee by ...?
will i get a black eye?
my pulse is19*6=114 bpm during resting while i am sitting and i am 22 years ? is it serious?
Heart Rate for 15year old / 182?!?!?
Can a person with a mechanical heart live as long as a person with a real healthy heart?
should i go to hospital or not?
Heart bypass 40 years old?
"Defibrillator" help please?
can low blood pressure cause headaches?
What is the difference between heart rate of athletes and non-athletes?
Is a persons blood pressure supposed to show a constant reading. Mine fluctuates between?
heart feels like its skipping beats?
does this mean i have sun stroke ?
i had a heart attack two weeks ago will my critical illness cover pay out?
when i was 12 i was 5'9 i'm now 21 and still 5'9 is this normal?
why do i feel sick if i dont eat for long?
Could this be anemia and how could i find out?
are long lasting lipsticks bad for you?
Do i have ocd? Please help me out!? ASAP?
16 years old with crows feet?
When you buy a natural sea sponge is it dead or alive?
How old do i have to be before i can take photos of a cheeseburger whilst picking my nose?
skin problem: i got dry skin after pregnancy,?
constipation help please answer?
Will I never grow again?
Headache for days after sunbed?
why do i eat so much when im high?
CROWS FEET - I'm 16 and have crows feet, why?
has anybody had problems with plastic surgery in costa blanca spain?
What do people think?
what american size am I?
I'm 28 and am allowing my self to be bullied. Please help?
my g/f is deaf and has been told that she needs a green card to get dla does any1 know how to get one?
polysystic kidneys??
i have to go and see a throat specialist as i keep losing my voice?
Helping the Liver!?
What if my ears started ringing and my thyroid gland got tight and my lower leg muscles got tiny spasms?
What is the easiest way to catch chicken pox if you havent had it before?
can you get worms from sushi if so how common is this?
If you have a sore throat if you talk, does it help?
Throat Coat Question?
Best wax strips for senstive skin and first time users?
Anyone have knowledge on Probiotics im taking VSL#3 need some advice?
Can you go you go to a swimming pool with a verruca?
Yesterday night I ate a whole Camembert French cheese & tonight I've come down with a fever/aching body &..?
can i catch the vomiting bug?
Will using Riemann P20 help me tan?
I have an under the skin spot?
I have white spots on the back of my throat its really sore!?
my 16 year old son is suffering from high temprature of 40.9 on and off since november?
is it okay to drink milk when you have a bladder infection ?
tonsillitis cures and saliva production?
if your lip gets swollen can your throat get swollen too?
Aspergillus and liver problems?
plz help, i think i have a cold or something worse?
what is yawn and why is it contagious? I have no answer for this please.?
minimal exposure to asbestos?
Please help!!?
my cousin detected brain tb and she is under medication now does she will be normal again?
My cat is suffering from bronchitis. What should i do to treat him?
Swine Flu Prevention ?
Is taking the final breath painful ? How does anyone know??
Blood from my back passage?
cheast hurts when i breathe?
help with huntingtons disease?
what's the alternative to antibiotics for getting rid of a chest infection?
panic attck?anxiety?im not asmthatic?
I wish to buy champix / chantix anti smoking pill in UK.Also tell me champix coupons reviews too please than?
Its about hospital,help!!?
what throat problem could make you feel like you have too much air trapped in your lungs, like when you?
Does England go by NHS Scotland recommendations too? or are they completely seperate?
Help! I can't stop sneezing!?
How can I make my eye stop twitching? Its been twitching all day.?
Why are steam rooms good for you ?
ways to stop coughing?
im having trouble getting to sleep im usaly lying in bed up until six in the morning.?
What's the thing in your throat?
Why do Doctor's never seem to hear what you are saying.?
extreme tiredness!?
I switched to the Electronic Cigarette recently and wanted to know if they will ever get banned?
tips for relaxing?
inner sides of my both arms and hands go numb when i go to sleep. does anybody know?
epilepsy. Regardless of income, what benefits are you entitled to?
Why do I get light-headed when I stand up?
Things taste sweet why?
What other medical donations can I do other than giving blood, as I am too young (i am 13 now)?
Need to cure my cold by tomorrow...?
how many people who answered my smoking question drive cars and pollute the earth much more than we smokers do
have i damaged my ear? help please!?
why do i crave fatty foods/take away when hungover?
I'm always smelling a burning smell and no one else in the house can smell it,its driving me mad?
My lower legs feel like heavy. It feels like there is no energy in them at all, what do you think is wrong?
Rheumatoid polymyalgia?
Is an elevated ALP liver test something I should be worried about?
Can a child go down with appendix problems just as an adult can?
I have Fibromyalgia/CFS and need to reassess my situation.?
i have a lump down below, what is it?
Flying with a leg ulcer?
Why Do I have a lump in my cheek?
How is it that a person with anorexia can seem well and ok but then suddenly drop dead?
Least damaging alcoholic beverage on the liver?
Help my stomach hurts i have terrible acid reflux:( coz i didnt eat for so many hours!?
Is there anyone out here who is on dialysis treatment?
How do you know you've got Gastroenteritis, and how is it diagnosed?
Anyone taking Humira for treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Explosive Brain?
Is it possible to fall in love with yourself if you're as nearly perfect as me? How many people have done this
what is your favourite colour?
cheer me up please?.10points.?
I have hurt my ankle I think it may be sprained. Should I go to a doctors? If not what else should I do?