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Diabetes testing supplies cheap?
My Heart Beats Normal Then Beats Fast Then Beats Slow When Laying Down Why?
High SGPT, SGOT and Cholesterol problem.?
Vomiting issues...i guess (mature answers only please.)?
Strange Symptoms. need help!?
What type of diet may contribute to gall bladder disease?
hi what would be something good to put on the skin to clear your hands up if you had been?
Blurry vision despite glasses...?
I'm worried about my eye sight?
I can't put my contact lenses in... could it be because it's TOO BIG for my eyes?
is wearing someone's glasses dangerous?
How to reduce prescription on lenses?
What happens when WHO raises the pandemic alert level to Phase 6?
So what does everyone think of this swine flu?
What's worse~The flu or the flu shot?
What makes a sore throat worse?
does the color of the phlegm determine whether it is viral or bacterial?
question about swine flu?
I have some questions about Tonsil removal?
Have you ever had these symptoms and what was it?
Vomit phobia?
What makes a person repeat songs in head for hours?
Anyone on Abilify? Any side effects?
How do you know when someone is Bi-Polar?
its there anyone that has lost weight while taking seroquel XR the new medication?
Can you buy Metoclopramide (anti sickness drug) from the chemist without perscription?
Have you ever given yourself acupuncture?
How do they guide catheter in artery so they can reach coronary arteries when implanting stent?
How High Can Someones Heart Rate Get Before It Is Too High?
Contacts turn my eyes red?
Help little dot on eye lid~!!!!????
Do I need glasses? Trust me I don't want them, but do I need them?
I blink a lot... how can I stop it?
What is deemed the "INVISIBLE DISEASE" ?
please help - Health Experts !?
Optical help! Am I going to go blind? Question about cateracts?
Can you get Asperger's Syndrome later in your life?
Stereotypes on Autism?
How do I get rid of germs in my house?
Having severe anxiety attacks with pregnant ?
i just found out my mom has diabetes?
I took a walk to bring my sugars down at 12:midnight.Igot back around 2:00am.?
Lip problems... =/?
my boyfriend shaved his chest and stomach.....and now?
what foods can cause a man to get cellulite?
Bad foot odor with strong ammonia smell?
Proactive Solution?
Why do your hands nd feet turns cold whenever we're nervous?
Athlete's foot treatment: Menthol Powder, Sodium Silicate, Brimstone, Triple Sulphate Pow, Kaolin. Is this ok?
How do i get rid of a belly crease developed from slouching?
Can Someone Please Set Things Straight With The Deaths And Confirmed Case Of This Swine Flu?
how many days do you need to wait after taking an antibotic and you want to take another.?
Recurring sore throat?
Is the swine flu the next pandemic?
Does anyone else think the media is blowing this Swine Flu thing out of proportion?
How long can you live if you catch the Swine Flu?
I want IV sedation not general aneth..?
is it bad to have sugar if i have tachycardia? AND is it bad to RUN??!??!!???!?10 pnts 2 best answer!?
i have my hyper acidity most of the time..specially i did not eat in the exact time...?
What's the youngest age you can get LASIK eye surgery?
Rainbow Halo's at night? and...?
Advice on contacts...?
How to correct a lazy eye?
I was suffering a rusty voice from my Gerd. Is it possible to regain my natural voice again after medication?
Can a trigger thumb be successfully treated nonsurgically? If so, how do you treat it?
does anyone have cervical dystonia?
Can huntington's disease kill?
Post Prandial Upper abdominal pain?
my wife has scoliosis, 42 degree curve, how would pregnancy affect this condition? any experience?
total hip replacement in those under 45 years with osteoarthritis?
I had a painful swollen lymph node on groin and it burst on its own, is that bad?
Hey Boomers! What are your aches and pains?
Can a allergist write a prescription for a central vacuum?
Does acupuncture work for chronic muscle tightness around the shoulders and traps?
What’s a good style of martial arts to take?
what does a doctors excuse from crisp regional hospital look like?
Supplements for a sharper memory?
How can I clear my thoughts?
what is natural way to reduce high cholesterol?
Where can I buy organic unsulphured Goji berries online?
how do you find someone who practices homeopathy?
What is the best sleep medicine ?
Does grapefruit juice potentiate xanax?
Has anyone ever heard of a disease like this?
Why is "massage" so healthy for you?
9 yr old son rolling eyes?
Can you put prescription lenses in Spy sunglasses?
Is there any way to enhance your eye color?
what is the best treatment for pancreatic cancer?
Has anyone ever heard of an albuteral inhaler causing a fatty tumor to grow?
How do you treat or get rid of keratosis pilaris? (chicken skin)?
Will benadryl help the itch that comes with chicken pox?
How effective is the use of ascorbic acid(vitamin c) in treating gout?
What's wrong with me?..I feel Horrible "/?
What can we do to make our brain sharp?
What is the function of the gallbladder? Can someone lead a normal lifestyle without one?
I had an eating disorder for 10 years. Im finally done?
Is it normal that a 13 year old to have acid reflux?
Over the counter anxiety medication?
Ever felt like you're not good enough?
What is it like being the spouse/partner of someone who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
why do i feel so bad everyday? depressed.?
why is this world so corrupt?
why am i always constipated ?
Why do kids need more sleep than adults?
Is it alright to eat burnt food or is it bad for health, notwithstanding the taste?
What are good ways to relieve stress?
Heartburn? acid taste in mouth and throat BURNING!?
I have a arm fetish i like to look at the moles and freckles on girls arms can u help me out?
How high does a heart rate have to go to become a heart attack?
How to feel not so paranoid about this?
What is the normal blood pressure for a 17 year old girl? (Is 88/48 normal?)?
After surgery, I was prescribed "vicodin". It made me projectile vomit and itch horribly. So I was prescribed?
Is nasocort aq a good fall seasonal allergy treatment?
do hospitals use scanning electronic microscopes to analize kidney biopises?
is there an alternative to antibiotics?!??!!?
is flax oil ok to use?
is it bad to sleep to much ?
Can you be too tired to fall asleep?
Will microwaves make my food radioactive?
is neuropathy an autoimmune disease?Do you have to have diabetes? How is it diagnosed? What are the symptoms?
What sicknesses are realated to head aches and major weakness/ tiredness?
Is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome a disease or disability?
Thyroid Cancer and problems now a year later the Dr. is saying now I have "hyper thyroid???"?
high cortisol?
What is the chance of recovery from a brain tumor?
Can autism be mis-diagnosed?
there is a black dot in the center of my vision and i get migraine headaches or sharp pains in my temple?
What is the best things to do for a migraine attack?? Please Help!?
Whats can i do when i have back pain?
Horrible pains in my leg in the middle of the night?
What are the most common types of eyes diseases a dog can suffer?
Im getting the H1N1 flu shot what should i expect to happen?
Will it hurt me if I take pin worm medicine and I don't have pin worms?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
Swine Flu?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Left contacts outside...are they safe?
How concerned should I be about vision suddenly going blurry in one eye?
Is it safe to try on non-prescription color contacts another person has worn?
Can you put two contacts in the same case for only about a day ?
How much do glasses cost? (Eye Exam+Frames+Lenses)?
How strong is my son's eye prescription?
My left eye seems to be falling out and what should eye do about it?
Unnecessary Jaw Surgery?
Anyone schizophrenic................?
How can I become less confrontational?
Toxic family?
ways to get to sleep faster?
My fingers are short and stubby. Is there any way to make them longer?
Do pediatrician offices serve as recruitement centers for the pharmaceutical industry?
Is there anything to do for my eyes against sun allergy?
Can I get contacts for sports?
Are the Cleaning chemicals for contacts bad for your eyes?
what happens if you fall asleep wearing contacts?
if you scratch the eye with contacts?
What did my eye doctor mean?
What is the Piercing with the Most pain?
Anybody else with chronic pain find they sleep better on the couch?
. Pls pls help and answer (question about fungal infection for person who is suffering from cancer.?
Dr. Oz (on Oprah) has mentioned a battery of tests called Bot Physical 250?
does anyone know the survival rate of adrenal carcinoma?
what is a good medicine for naseau from radiation?
what is a good natural way to cure a urinary tract infection at home?
swine flu Vs reg flue?
will i get the swine flu?
Is there any help for people with HIV?
How can I protect and immunize my kids against swine flu?
what can I do? sick husband?
gay relations?
What is the scientific name for Mononucleosis?
Can people that sleep with their eyes open actually see while they are sleeping?
Do the muscle building programs really work?
sudden dizziness?
how to help sleep with possible sickness/ a fear of death during sleep?
is it possible to develop autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease at 14-16 y/o?
people think I stink?
I have symptoms of never being able to hold food down and vomiting it all back up...what is it?
i talk when i'm sleeping??
should this be good enough to get rid of this infestation?
Insomnia treatments lose effectiveness over time?
I feel lump or something inside inside my ear lobule.... WHAT IS IT?
I am getting Lasik surgery done on Friday. Have you had this? How long was your recovery and how did you do?
how much money will i need to save up if i want to get myself an eye exam and contacts??? need help??!?
Why is vision better outside?
Can anxiety cause blurred vision in one eye?
Floater or light in my eyes (can't see well)?
Ovarian cancer and Liver cirrhosis?
Has anyone ever heard of a company called Bureau of Prescription Help?
What can I do to fix and avoid sunburt eyes when playing soccer all day? Please help asap!?
I have to pee really bad!!!!?
What makes you sleepy?
Did you grow taller after 17?
What do these symptoms mean?
whats the best cough syrup with the most Dextromethorophen in it?
What is wrong with me?
Is it bad to wear an expired contact?
Prednisone 20 mg, 2x a day, after laser eye surgery?
eyes twitching on same side of the eye every day and wanting to know why?
im geting contacts im 13 is it scary when they put them in?
What are good ways to improve vision / eye sight?
What begins to happen to your body after sleeping 61 hours straight?
Lost my voice...... help!?
Are you an breast doctor.?
¿What is the risk of getting infected with hiv using a piercing gun?
Ménière's disease, symptoms?
why does blood pressure always check in cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever?
Under careful treatment, how does bacteria grow resistance to antibiotics?
What is a virus???????????????????????????????????…
i need advice?
what does it mean to be pre-diabetic and what precautions are to be taken before becoming a true diabetic?
My sister bought a back massager, and it said that diabetics shouldn't use it?
Celebrites with type one diabetes?
Diabetes, Is it OK to put lotion that heats on your feet ?
Is Sweet-in-Low/Spenda sugar safe to use?
My administrator who is diabetic just fell asleep at her desk?
Where can I buy Bloom archive simply good collection of aromatherapy products?
I am looking for a natural sleeping aid for 5 year old.?
2nd attempt-How can I get the word out to believers of alternative health on yahoo answers (including minx)?
How do I strengthen my immune system?
Has there ever been any serious studies done in favor of magnetic therapy?
What are the best vitamins and supplements to take while undergoing chemo & radiation?
Color Blind Test....................................…
Help me identify an eye tag growth?
Will slightly scratched eyeglasses hurt my vision?
Why do my contacts keep tearing?
a way to whiten you teeth?
Moles / Skin Tags in a strange area...?
How to get Rid of corns on toes?
Can anybody recommend a good fake tan that won't irritate my skin?
how to get rid of acne?
burn scar help.?
breast cancer.....?
How do you know if you have Cancer?
what is cervical cancer?
Is Tramadol a narcodic?
Am I allergic to my new cat?
Any remedy for Asthma patients?Please help.?
am i doing this right??
Staph infection and infected sweat glands causing knots under arm pit...10 pts. BEST ANSWER!?
Other than diabetes, what would cause you to have sugar in your urine?
Do you think it would be ok if someone was allowed to sell their body parts like a kidney?
I just ate expired food!!!!!!!!?
Is Lye really that dangerous?
My new glasses are so Blurry!?
One eye smaller than the other?
what is the lowest age to get laser eye sugery?
Is Costo a good place to get contacts and about how much do they cost?
Why do I twitch when I'm high sometimes?
how long should it take for my Astragalus, Echinechea, Eyebright, Propilis, and Bilberry supplements begin to?
does homeopathy work, if so how?
Simple Detox Remedies?
Does anyone know a herbal remedy for profuse head and facial sweating?
How to quickly cure a minor cold?
i need help very bad?
wha do you know about people who are bi-polar?
Why do I feel much happier when I don't get any sleep?
What is the least painful and most effective method of suicide?
Need a good recipe for a diabetic with heart problems. Something filling.?
Im sick of having type 1 diabetes. does anyone feel the same!?
greesy face after poactiv?
Has anyone used a product to get rid of stretch marks that really worked? I heard Mederma does.?
wassh face with cold water or warm? for acne?
how can i prevent /help my face from being so oily?
Does anyone know any home remedies for Plantar Warts?
Does MEDERMA work great on acne scars?
Unfortunate Family....help?
i blink way too much and blink too hard. its been happening for years. how can i stop it?
I have just recently quit smoking, any good ideas to help?
I drink about 4-5 cups of green tea a day, is this actually bad for me?
You breathe for my personal entertainment?
Dairy products adding to congestion?
Are there any charities that help pay for childrens operations in Australia?
How do i grow taller ?
what can cause nausea?
I left my contacts in over night, but theres more..?
does beer affect blood sugar?
When will I get a pump? I'm a little confused...?
Type 1 diabetes.?
Has anyone had Gestational Diabetes and did not have to take blood tests daily?
What are the best foods or fruits to increase your metabolism?Thank you?
Is it problem if someone have a pet at home when he/she has allergy to pets?
haha. embarrassing question. :P?
Why can two parents with high blood pressure can have a child of normal blood pressure?
Any parents of children that had open heart surgery..?
im going crazy!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
I think my menstrual blood is talking to me!?
I'm happy now, but I still think about suicide too much.?
This is such a pathetic question but is it a girl's fault when she gets raped if?
CNN: Are Unfaithful People More Propensed To Get Cancer And AIDS Or Suffer Big Accidents ?
Occiptal Lymph nodes. Can they appear in the center of the back of the head or do they have to be on the side?
i have overactive thyroids.is this a form of cancer?
What defines stage four throat cancer?
what is the best way for me to whiten my teeth?
Removing a Bad Luck Spell?
Bladder & Problems and Beer?
Im abusing my body on purpose?
I heard that a person could get epilepsy from a iguana. Is this possible? My son started with seizures at 17?
Splenda causing intestine problems?
Please help me?????!!!!?
sudden dizziness world is spining?
why would the right side of my back hurt???
Does anyone have this? My Echocardiogram showed "traces" of Mitral Regurgitation as well as some of my other?
My systolic blood pressure was very high, should i be worried?
What will the Prognosis be.?
Please having anxiety attack?
The Swine Flu and the government?
what are some common misconceptions of diseases today?
Sickle Cell Disease....?
How do you get a urinary tract infection?
sore throat, fever, hurts to swallow?
Light headed and dizzy when out in the sun?
Will internal worms go away on their own?
Laxative Question..Please Help!!!!?
Does anyone have a cure for migranes?
Excreted a LOT of blood, with horrible stomach ache with really bad gas?
Help i have a phobia??
P90X? anyone know anything? 10 points!?
Something in my head snaps when I walk!?
Can you tell me how close I am to being blind? (EYE PRESCRIPTION)?
PLEASE HELP:- Examples of Pleoptics Exercises for Cataract Patients?
My wife is suffering dry eyes, and having no luck with eye drops - which gel/ointment is the best?
Is it easier to read horizontally or vertically?
im getting eye surgery im realy scared :(?
how to reduce blood sugar in p.p.?
what happens when you stop taking klonopin?
if i keep getting dizzy and my eye sight is a bit blurry dose that mean i could be diabetic?
have you got diabetes?
What are my chances of getting skin cancer?
am i gonna die slowly without knowing it??!!!?
is this leukemia????????
Should I get checked for Cancer?
I have a hard lump around my lower armpit and it hurts should this be checked out...and I'm only 15.?
What is it??
What Can Cause Enlarged Adenoids?
I need medical advice/help, QUICKLYY?
Is ear candling safe?
what are the best anti contraceptive pills?..nid your help plss..?
Question about eye contacts?
Where to get anti-glare glasses for cheap?
Why do eyes look bulged?
Hypothyroid - Postpartum Thyoroiditis, seeking help?
What is wrong with me? Please help.?
My two toes next to my big toe are like... attached?
why is my pee bright blue?
My hip feels like it has a giant bruise...?
Are there any bacterial diseases that have no cures?
what is the survival rate of anorexia?.. its for a project?
I have a sore throat, so should I not work out today?
LYME DISEASE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
a question about the heart..?
am i okay or not????????????
Random rapid heart beats?
Heart is beating fast?
Lower abdomen pain? Anyone know what it might be?
chest pains when i take deep breaths?
are there any over the counter anxiety pills?
I'm worried about how my sisters ADHD medicine is affecting her body.?
how long does it take to catch a habit with suboxone?
Why is there an increased risk for venous thrombosis after a heart attack?
help deadly maybe?????!
What happens to u when ur blood pressure and ur heart rate gets to high?
I wanna know about your virginity..?
I always seem to get sick, yet all my tests come out normal, immune system/bloodwork normal too. Help!?
Poll: Do you think Massage Therapy is beneficial to your health?
why do people snort pills?
is it true tobacco is really more addictive than heroin?
Anyone know what the signs of Addison's disease?
how would you react if someone you cared about told you that they self harmed?
What are common/successful pills for Paranoia and Anxiety?
how to get a cold away quick I need to sing live in 3 days!?
What might these symptoms be?
What sickness do i have?
What happens if you swallow a couple of drops of eye drops?
where is the bird flu most common?
what means wbc 3.2, RBC 6.92, MCV 64.8, MCH 20.4, MCHC 31.5 RDW 16.4 what does this mean all other test fine?
IV chemo for CML?
what age are u supposed to get screened for colon cancer?
What is the small organ behind the pancreas?
bunions? (please help! scared)?
I have a coworker with a stick shoved in a certain orifice...?
Generic zoloft and celexa?
I am getting braces...?
s it normal for an 8 year old to have an irregular heart rate?
Is my blood pressure OK at 105/65?
If the cells of the SA node failed to function, what effect would this failure have on heart rate?
What is Liver Biopsy? and what causes it?
In which group, breast cancer occur more in married women or non-married one?
this is embarrassing but almost every time i leave the house if i have eaten anything that day i get diarrhea?
is it possible to correct to better than 20/20?
i just got contacts and have visible eye vains, is it bad?
Eye problems please help?
Any idea what this means? Trouble switching from looking away to reading close up?
Is it normal for glasses to distort shapes?
Can Cranial Osteopaths Rebuild Missing Brains?
what is the best medicine to take fore a sore throat? (nothing behind the counter)?
Energy balance bracelets I didn't believe the worked ?
Should I consiter the ciropractor?
what is exactly is corny?
what is the normal reading on a gluclose testing machine?
can taking ambien long-term affect your memory?
what are home remedies that reduce bags under your eyes?
How can I get sick by tomorrow?
Electronic cigarettes?
Can heat exposure cause nausea?
Sleep Paralysis............?
How many nights in a row is it OK to be without getting any sleep?
How do I keep myself from staying up so late?
this guy at my school just died of cancer...?
HELP!!!! Real Radiation Risks from multiple Ct scans and Procedures?
what can i do with sb who has a high bs if he were under chemotherapy.he hasn't this problem b4 CT.BS about?
How long after quitting heroin until you start to feel normal?
help with an alcoholic family member..?
I am hungry all the time?
Do you think autism is over diagnosed?
Am i Agoraphobia? What is it?
What is more tough, emotional or physical struggle ?
Are there still any inhumane psychiatric hospitals left in the usa?
Are these earrings safe?
can salmonella be transferred through breast milk?
Is swine flu airborne or only human-to-human?
What is the best way to beat the flu, any foods to eat? Liquids to drink?
question about suspected swine flu?
Should I check for Swine Flue?
How can I get medicine for a sinus infection with no income and no insurance?
gator blood can it cure aids??
Who is a doctor? One who learned to diagnose, treat and cure or one who knows to diagnose, treat and cure.?
Is it bad if my fingers turn very white for no reason? im mexican?
How do i train myself/my stomach not to be weak?
what is behind my ear?
What cause an adult to be super tired and sleepy?
Headache for 5 consecutive days?
Stomach pain after drinking soda, juice, tea?
Can a poor diet lead to colon cancer?
Do I have stomach cancer???! Please help?!?
Does fibromyalgia cause sweating?
I often feel sleepy during the day?
Can sweet potatoes cause bloating and gas?
a question about iron deficiency anaemia.?
OK so i just learned that this girl is in my french class has a tumor =[?
What medical condition can this be?Really urgent...?
help i have not opened my bawls for 8days as i hurt my back and have been tacking codeine and now in pain with?
different sized eyes?
embarrassed to take out my contacts and wear my glasses at a sleepover?!?!?
Guys who are dependent on your glasses, can you give me some advice?
Can you wear glasses with non prescription uv contacts?
Seeing spots when I look up or sideways?
my daughter a a dark ring around the neck i cant spell the name 1 yr ago she was checked for diabetes?
PCO and diabetes type 1?
can somebody help real quick?
What is the difference between Humalog and Humalog 75/25?
what is the latest advanced Insulin which has been made?
Glycemic load?
is this a good diet???please let me know?
I feel horrible and have a fever but no tylenol- would a lortab fight the fever?
ughhh I'm scaredd helppp?
Temp of 95.6 and sick?
What's mono?
Where is the gland that produces mucus located?
Blister on foot, pop it? how do you treat it?
what is one of the best treatments normally found at home for insect stings or bites?
what can I do for a realy painful earache?
right side of my face is slightly numb, info?
what is the best walking shoes for bad knees?
How does the chinese Tiger Balm work to stop pain in my joints if i put it on my skin?
What is a good natural cure for hot flashes?
Have you ever used or tried "GABA" to help with SLEEP and or Stress Relief?
I feel so confused about these different opionions?
What are some really effective sore throat remedies?
I have an astigmatism and I wear color contacts but they spin around in my eye!?
Pink eye, when can I wear makeup,contacts, and other questions.?
is there anywhere i can order contacts without a doctors consent?
Where can i find these eye glasses?
Is it safe to wear my contacts to bed for just one night?
So my vision is pretty bad.?
What are some Over the Counter treatments for Keratosis Pilaris?
Any genuine quick acne cures?
I have "permanent goosebumps" on my legs, how do I get rid of them?
How to Get rid of Black heads homemade remedies?
For hiv/aids what's the incubation period like when the symptons are apparent ?
What are the different types of HPV and what do they cause?
Is herpes simplex virus 1 serious?
what happens in a mental hospital?
How to stop being impatient?
can deaf people hear things inside their head?
Medical Question: Is it possible to save this man?
how is cervical cancer caused?
Lung Cancer, diagnosing and treatments?
Do you think I have cancer? (leukemia) Please HELP!?
Leaky Valve...?
Who all had a toss n turn kinda night instead of sleeping well?
Lugarics Disease?
In the UK the government is not mentioning a stockpile of flu-masks...?
To cut down with a sickle or machine and gather in.?
HIV vaccine?
swine flu????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pleasse tell me?
Why do people have crooked teeth?
What is the best way to get rid of Nausea? I am chronically sick this way and need a remedy.?
sleep apnoea and cardiac arrest?
I have a boil on my anal area and my culture showed that I have E coli. How did this happen. I had no signs?
what is a fast way to treat a fever blister without prescription medication?
who is prone to senility, men or women?
Eye surgeon : Will i be unconscious or conscious during my eye surgery ?
Which coloured contact lenses are the best?
Which is better Lasik surgery or keep wearing glasses?
Can girls be color blind?
a question for those who were contacts.?
Are there other people who don't use doctors or health care?
What are the specific health benefits of fasting,for 3 days?
What can help my moods?
Help! I just overdosed on my homeopathic medicine!?
fenugreek for stomach issue?
How do I deal with my anger problems?
Does being Bipolar make you question things?
If you take an over dose and make yourself sick will that mean your ok?
What can I do to stop my arm from hurting ?
at home swimmer's ear treatments?
What happens if you hold your pee for more than 4 hours?
Cold sore fixes??????
How to make my knee stronger.?
was there something on stem cell research for diabetes?
Does Anyone know if there are any scholarships for diabetics wanting to attend Med-school to study diabetes?
Marlboro 25's, what is the point?
Is it possible for animals to have STDs?
anyone real with HIV? what were your initial symptoms?
What is a day like in an African Aids Clinic?
My ex knowingly exposed me to HPV, as he has other women. HPV is not reportable, how can I protect others?
Can the Herpes simplex virus cause long-term brain damage?
what does the "v" in v-code from the icd-9 book stand for?
what can cause the heart to flutter?
how is the digestive system related to the cirulatory or cardiovascular system?
does niacin and water really make weed get out of your sytem faster?
Side affects of ADHD?
i need help am shy to talk to people?
Help! my vision is all burly! i cant read propperly!! there like a tear - ive closed me eyes - help!!!!!?
Do you store contacts in the same type of solution you clean them with?
Contact Lenses make your eye worst? O.o?
lightning bolts in my eyes?
contact lenses questions?
I have very yellow teeth...?
how to does it feel to be high on weed? (:?
which one is best for combating anxiety and mild depression?
How effective is Laetrile in cancer therapy?
whats a natural product to sooth a soar throat?
In Chicago. QiGong Master offers an "emotional liposuction", consists in moving blocked energy in ur body
Did you know a 70% Isopropanol (W/W) mix will kill any virus?
Does the smell of nail polish really kill brain cells?
Should Medical Misdiagnosis Be a Crime?
it feels like little bugs are crawing threw my hair is it lice?
How long is Pink Eye contagious after starting antibiotic?
Can Frontal Lobe Brain metastisis cause hearing loss?
Who is in remission from Hodgkins lymphoma stage 3bs or similar?
Tingling in all parts of my body, not just hands and feet!?
How does new contact lens usually feel?
Leaving your contact lenses in for weeks. what will happen?
Would you date someone that told you they had chlymidia in his or her past? (many years ago?)?
i have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, what are the next steps?
Am I over/underweight?
The roof of my mouth....?
I had an ear infection and I still can't get the fluid to drain?
They say weed is not addictive?
If you take klonopin once, just once, can you become addicted?
Why is shake cheaper than actual bud?
What is the most effective (and cheapest) detox I can buy online?
Could i have parasites?
swine flu vaccine a scam?
can you roll a joint using baking paper?
can I have Hiv, from fingering?
what is elevated Hgb/HCT?
explain what mono clono protein is?
Can drinking any cold beverage for a while cause you to be cold even if in a warm area?
is it unhealthy to loose 2.8 lbs a day, for diet?
I feel lonely to often?
how do they check your Thyroid?
legs asleep!!!!! help!!?
Swimmers ear?
Is there a DIY way for cheap laser eye surgery?
What dose my eye prescription mean?
How can I pass the vision test at the DMV?
Is it ok to use bottled lemon juice to help acne?
What causes warts and are they spreadable?
Does the Zeno Acne Treatment Device work?
about the 'acne free in 3 days' book?
Wondering about combined spf?
Am I getting a heart attack? I feel like I'm choked up in my chest a little and feel a dull ache in the center?
How to heal a leaky gut?
what would be the best treatment for bells palsy?
What are natural home remedies I can use/take to get rid of my stuffy and sometimes runny nose?
I have all the symptoms of a systemic candida infection but my IgG IgM came back clean. What can it be?
Can matches cure hiccups...???
Is it okay to smoke weed on the weekends as an athlete?
Is a stomach ache and general ill feeling normal symptoms of a sting?
Help! do i have insomnia i need help im only 15!?
what would you rather have?
How old is the world's oldest person?
How do I keep from fainting after giving plasma?
what can happen if i swallow shampoo?
How can i loose weight in the upper parts of my arm?
What are some of the healthiest foods you can eat? Your favorites?
can you get STD from saliva through a cut on your lip? no kissing involved.?
Whats Syphilis?
Blood Test?
Can you use something like CompoundW to remove warts caused by HPV?
Do you believe Magic Johnson's story about how he got HIV...?
is it my gallbladder?
thyroid .. ?? can someone tell me what i have ?
What can I do to help my liver?
I'm under a random drug testing policy at school. I haven't smoked weed in over a month. Can i still drink??
what can I eat on an upset stomach?
does being cold causes a cold?
why does booze cause hangovers?
ways to improve my eye sights, and how should i make them more comfortable.?
what does my eye prescription of OD +0.50 OS +0.25 DS mean? do i really need reading glasses?
I got new lenses but I dont see any better, would lazer surgery help?
Eye pain from looking at Computer/TV Screens?
lasik eye surgery can i sue?
Could staring at the computer screen, and text books too long be the cause of the near site?
Is flax seed oil soft gels healthy for someone with type 2 diabetes, on metformin, statin?
How low is too low for your blood sugar?
Diabetes....last 3 a1c results....6.1...5.4...5.4....?
Is this diabetes or not?
could i possibly have diabetes?
what's going on with me?
What's the best way to get rid of blackheads?
Foods I can eat if I have fever and diarrhea..?
What would you tell a person diagnosed as HIV positive?
What do I do when I've tried everything I can think of?
Why does my middle finger always smell like vomit?
just got braces, they really hurt!!?
best workout routine for pear shape women?
What do you think of my weight loss plan?
Is it dangerous to fall asleep with contacts for a short period of time?
Help please? Red rings around my irises and discomfort with contacts in and out. Any thoughts?
Corneal Ulcer Healing Time?
How do I get rid of this dry cough?
I just woke up from a nap because I had a mild tension head ache and my right eye can't focus!!!!?
What are all the bad side effects or risks of having Lasik or PRK eye surgery?
Would universal health care be good for America?
ingrown toenail??????
Ive thought about it for a while and i have no idea what to do..... please help me?
Need help! Breakingout so badly! Need a complete stop and back to my old perfect skin!?
Why do my "eyelashes" hurt?
Whate are the best acne tips?
Help?! I always feel hot and sweaty, what do i do?
My wife is getting chemo and radiation for esophageal cancer can she pass that to me?
If we always eat vegetables.. we can avoid breast cancer?
What are some things that help during chemo treatments?
so I know this guy who said some doctors found some spots on his lungs?
mom lives in miami, needs to go for treatment at City of Hope Hospital in Calif. Has Medicaid. What do we do?
What is the best thing to do to lower or normalize the cholesterol level?
What is a one time deadly blood pressure level?
What Would Make Blood Pressure Drop Dangerously Low?
How to get on Hormone Replacement Therapy?
ok why after 46 years do I have heartburn eveyday?
When you right here by my side?
back pain/cramps and i have to do a fitness test tomorrow! help please !?
Sharp pain when breathing?
My doctor gave me a scrip for 180 tramadol, is it more dangerous than other painkillers?
Are you all aware of a new STD strand? That came from San Diego,CA?
Can herpes be passed on from kissing each other on the lips?
flexibility / stretch questions? heel stretch and split?
workout using children as weights?
How can i lose 50 pounds by June????
What causes the red lines in your eyes to appear?
Anyone knows a guy that had lost an eye in an accident?
What should I do I got hit in the eye with...?
I've got a blurry eye sight?
Is it possible for me to wear Circle Lenses? Please Help Me Out! >.<?
Will my eyes get worse if I don't wear glasses?
Can non sugar sweetner affect your blood sugar?
What medicine should I prescribe for a diabetes patient?
Can a person choke and die on a life-saver candy?
I have Type 1 diabetes, can Glucophage be taken with or in place of Novo Rapid?
Blood type question - please help!?
fasting blood glucose higher than random/casual testing?
Is Asperger's real?
What is my next step in dealing with Multiple Sclerosis?
For treatment of Adult attention deficit disorder, are there any alternative medications to ritalin.?
ringing in ears ?
Could i have some disease?
i need to fake sick or fake a fever?
is this my appendix that is hurting?
Does the Hair Club for Men offer chest hair replacement?
Is there a minimum age for donating/giving blood or plasma?
Why am I always hot..?
NEED HELP!! Mom is Hallucinating due to pills she took.. Please Help!?
What happened to her?
Are there agencies that will help with the burial of cancer patients.?
Do you think this could be cancer?
CP clearance in medical term...What does "CP" stand for?
how many valves are in the heart?
Blood work back and had high cholesterol; he prescribed this...?
I'm 14.Am I having a heart attack?
How does your significant other cope with your mental health problems??
Depressed, Need Someone to talk to?
What can I do to treat a skin problem I have between my legs?
Please help with house bug bites.?
my skin on my face...?
What would make my hands and feet sweat constantly? I dont have to be nervous or hot ...?
Dry, cracked hands alert!?
I have a heatlh related question.........?
Headaches/Sinus Allergys??Any Real Advice on the best pill to help?
Does the H1N1 shot hurt?
help... i burned my finger?
How to get defined waistline / flat tummy?
Question about stomach virus and..?
I've lost my appetite ?
Can your partner's germ filled mouth rot out your own teeth?
I touched someone with herpes and im now itchy , could i have it?
question about donating blood and STD's?
is it possible that i have herpes?
is it ok to drink a little wine to help fall asleep?
I'm 21 with high cholesterol.......?
You can contract a disease by bad breath, right?
help bug bites!! please mysterious i need help fast.?
I have the stomach flu (respiratory influenza) and i was wondering if i could have meat (i am on the BRAT diet?
Once you have had the H1N1 virus are you immune?
Swine Flu in an old book?
I know- this is weird. When you die...(this is about your eyes)?
How much are Toric Contact Lenses?
Eyeglasses: Do you get what you pay for?
Eye astigmatism prescription, how severe do these numbers look?
plzzz answer thiss !! (i really need help )?
What is the managers role in an optician?
Loosing belly and thigh fat?
what are the benefits of drinking water?
My foot is being weird.....?
I'm 40 And Getting Minor Aches And Pains, Will They Get Worse As I Get Older?
if i have 4 herniated discs in my back why did the doctor say i can go back to work full duty?
What do they do at pain clinics?
Your thoughts on Lyrica?
eating disorder recovery help please?
brain cancer?
A small lump at the front of my chin underneath?
Falling alseep then I feel my heart beat going fast and not being able to breathe?
kindeys cause blood pressure to be out of control is this possible why?
Has anyone had a Bone Spur removed from your Gums before??
Is there a special way I should clean my retainer (details inside)?
wisdom teeth...do i have to remove?
What kind of glue do they use to glue on braces?
Question about retainers?
Tricks on not being sleepy in the middle of the day?
when i cough my tricep twitches why is this?
why does my stomach hurt?
what is most dangerous, LSD or Methamphetamine?
Can anyone offer any help for IBS symptoms?
Should I get this looked at or is it probably nothing? (about my eye)?
Cant get contacts out of my eye?
Red dot in my eye! PLEASE HELP ASAP?
ive gotten red veins in eyes from wearing contacts?
is using contact lens safe ?
Biomedics or Acuvue Contact Lens? Help Please!?
I have a question about vitamins and depression....?
Wrecking my life!!! ???
Mental Illness & Suicide?
My friend is cutting herself what to do?
what are the withdrawal symptoms of Celexa?
when is the best time of day to go jogging?
What food/s should I avoid to have a flatter tummy?
I never drink water... yet I seem fine..?
How can i have deep sleep for 8 hours and not feeling sluggish in the morning?
Ab Endurance?
I would like to know if I should gain weight?
I've got 3 months til prom...How can I lose Weight??????
Fasting, Good or Bad?
green bowels, abdominial pain, and mucous in the stool?
Difficulties sleeping?
5 weeks and rash on hands?
what causes the sole of your feet to be scaly and hard?
home remedies for acne? dose oatmeal work?
What kind of things at home can i use to remove zits?
My face is swollen & puffy?
itchy throat ??
how long can the HIV virus lay dormant in the body, and during that time is it still possible to spread it?
Is leftover Amoxicillin safe to use?
I feel like i have something stuck in my throat...What is this feeling? It feels like i have something HELPPPP?
does it hurt to get a taattt on your?
Why is it when a adult gets Hurt they get alot of pain?
My Glasses Prescription.?
Is it safe to go to work with an eye stye?
How do I know if I have astigmatism or I am just nearsighted?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Where can i find designer eye wear?
I burned my tongue pretty badly-- How can I make it stop hurting?
Do I keep the burn covered or leave it uncovered?
What is First Aid? What is its use? What are Present in First Aid?
Essential Lavender oil for 5 1/2 year old boy w/ ADHD?
moon light ..or ..sun light..?
How do you treat an ulcer. I am taking protonix and slugging down mylanta. Mylanta helps a lot.?
Getting Two Teeth Pulled?!!!!please help!?
Should I go to school after my wisdom teeth extraction operation?
Is flouride really that good for your teeth?
Is it common practice for orthodontists to file teeth to create space?
can I have some advice how to eat healhy and exercise to loose weight and stick to it.?
Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]?
Any Anorexics Out There/ Or Anyone For That Matter.?
What do you think is the cause of Autism?
Post Nasal Drip - Solutions?
This morning, i sense tingling on my lips..?
What is the tissue located in the kiney tubules?
do you NEED both lungs?
what is anxiety?and what cause is having for it,and what treatment for her patient ..to have anxiety problem.?
Is there anyone out there with cystic fibrosis?
Has anyone taken Chantix? How did you like it?
Can you feel in your heart attack affect/give you pain in your back?
bloodpressure medications different types?
how long does chlamydia stay in a guys system before he has symptoms?
how likely am i to get oral herpes from someone who already has it?
am i or do i have diabetes?
do any of you have a disease?
how high can your blood sugar go before you die?
Can I have hypertension if I control my diabetes?
I feel sad..... I mean, just sad. Am I crazy to be sad for no reason?
What's the main reason people get depressed over the holidays?
How Can I interact with the dead? I really want to get intact with my grandfather.. Please Answer..?
do you think i am fat?
How long will it take to lose 13 pounds?
how to lose 30 pounds in 3 months?
I am trying to lose 30 pounds in 3 months what should I do?
Why do I hate exercising so much?
whats a good workout to get a six pack and arm muscles in 3 weeks or less?
What can I do to lose 1-2 lbs/week?
Does anyone know anything about Customhrt.com, the web site seems not to pull up. Any suggestions?
what to do with a burn?
have you seen the u tube thing on Marijuana for a cancer cure?
How are blisters formed?
Has anyone here had a facial peel to help with acne scars?
I have a dime sized rash on my hand?
How long does it take for clinique acne solution to show the full effects? GARENTEED 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER?
what is the longest successive period of time you have ever gone without a Shower?
How can i get rid of my stretch marks ?
How to get rid of under eye dark circles.?
How to get contact lenses out of the jar?
If you wear your monthly contacts like three month will they become blurry?
Do Contacts smudge like glasses?
Can you lose your ability to see color by being hit in the head?
Reasons for a puffy eye?
can i continue wearing an eye contact that has a tear or imperfection in it?? 10 points!?
Can the herpes simplex 1 virus survive in the refridgerator on meat?
Well if douching can cause infections, then what if you use a showerhead to clean yourself?
What causes really high fever?
whats the diesease called when you steal everywhere you go and anytime you can?
Can strep throat affect eyes?
I've only had a mild case of the Chicken Pox, but am I immune to it or vunerable to it?
What is happening to my lungs!?
Is it weird If I gag myself before I sleep every night?
how to make a person asleep by only using your hands?
If 1 out of 4 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that 3 enjoy it?
So I am doing a research paper on crack cocaine?
I need a doctor who can listen and who takes medicaid?
All About Braces..Warning Lots of questions..!?
How can I lose 25 pounds in 2 months!?
How many calories do I burn per day?
what does fiber potassium and protein do to you?
Which multivitamin should I take?
how often do you think you should change your workout routine?
PLEASE answer this?
How do you treat callouses?
bed bug bite?
i have a swollen lymph node on my neck right under my ear...should i panic?
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?
Is there a way to relieve the side effects of (APL) leukemia (at home)?
please help!!!! please!! throat problem?
Can hip resurfacing fix hip impingement and range of motion problems?
When you turn 50 does the Dr want you to have yearly bloodwork?
Alzheimer's disease is it curable?
How come people dont get goosbumps on their face?
What is best recommended for someone who has discoloration scars?
What's the easiest, most natural, way to lose severe acne?
What is a kiwi face ?
Is this true?cam you lose more weight doing this?
I need to Loss 50 pounds. I want to do it fast. Does anyone have any ideas? Help!!!!!!!?
How long does it take for your body to do this?
i want a fit summer body, help :) ?!?
Big trouble with eye lenses. Anyone know why?
What should i Do for my Eyes?
can i still wear my contact lenses even though.....? [10 points i promise] :D short question!!!!!!!!!?
Please can I have some help in what is wrong with my eyes?
Pupillary Distance Rounding?
Why have I developed double vision?
broken cheekbone causing eye floaters 6 years after accident?
Do I need help?
What activity's are good for the brain?
Is it normal to get annoyed by small things?
Why does one have to pee more frequently when it's cold outside?
What is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia?
I'm anemic and will receive my first iv iron treatment. How fast will I start to feel better?
Does dying your excessively cause brain cancer?
Who was the oldest human to survie; That smoked cigerettes?
Would you believe this about cancer?
wore new sandles yesterday-was rubbing between 2 toes. Blister broke and area now is infected and swollen.?
Does all the early HIV symptoms occur at once ?
Can you contract an STD from a recently deceased corpse?
how do u get rid of a flu?
I have a cold help!!?
Is there a "natural" way to stop underarm sweating without tissues and pads, etc. under the arm pit?
What is a fast way to cure a cold?a?
Migraine Relief after 10 days...prescription isn't working?
Is it healthy to regularly drink a glass of water with teaspoon of baking soda added,for the alkalizing effect?
Is it really true that lemon juice gets rid of freckles?
How do I get rid of this wart?
I went through a very traumatic experience with Acne (Accutane). I need help with choosing new makeup...?
what causes your skin to be all numb ?
Question on glucose tablets?
Which one is better, diabetic pills or injections?
What's the latest time u go to bed routinely?
is this baddddd ???
Does sugar actually make you hyper?
If i do 70-100 sqauts a night when will i start seeing results?
How do I lose stomach fat?
How to loose inches off your waist? PLEASE HELP!?
overweight...is it that bad...?
While exercising should you breathe through your nostrils or mouth?
How much weight can someone possibly lose (safely) in a month?
16 year old girl who needs to lose weight?
What are some tasty foods to help you lose weight?
When to use a colon : ?
why would a dr. run a protein test?
my left ventricle(diastolic) is dysfunctional. i am 49 years old with BP 140/80.Lipid profiles normal.?
what gets your blood pumping and heart racing?
What should a normal heart rate be during exercise?
Can stress cause my eye to be red?
Sometimes when my eyelids are closed, and I'm tired, the center of one eye has little twisting, turning lines?
Why do my eyes blur whenever I stand up after sitting down?
Can my eyes get damaged by the sun's UV rays if my sunglasses don't completely block light coming from above?
Do you know of any natural eye care tips?
My husband & I had our eye exams at Sears.?
alchohol consumption for liver cancer patient?
Demanding a CT Scan?
I need to know how to get ahold of Dean Kraft, the healer. For a friend with als and for a friend with cancer
What are some treatments for vertigo?
Has anyone heard of Tourette's Syndrome being treated with the antipsychotic drug Risperdal? Did it help?
My fellow overweight people: Is your abdomen hard in the area above your waistline but below your ribs?
my daughter continually gets nosebleeds for now reason.. Put her on Iron pills with no luck, Please respond?
all my muscles hurt ...whats up?
Coldsore inside the nose...ahhh...help!?
Why is it that none of the over the counter meds...?
Morning breath?.. Normal?
Which type of retainer is better?
Sacred to tell anyone I've been molested.?
how can i ask for help?
Scared to take Klonopin?
Do you doubt your symptoms?
Will you stink after urinating in your bath?
I was smoking with my friend and she threw up?
Why am I so afraid of doctors?
Will fluoride in the tap water eventually make people sick?
Has anyone ever had to go diarrhea or urinate in a bad traffic jam?
what are some common migraine triggers?
Chances of death from Adderall?
Flu sick ALL the time, maybe weak immune system?
Ectopic Atrial Rhythm?
information on a university study that cured high blood pressure in 3 mins?
My blood pressure is 160/95 when I first sit down, but if I wait a few minutes it gradually starts?
My heart rate is 119... is that bad?
is pain a symptom of heart failure?
my blood pressure is 130/80 is that ok?
where are the many places in your body you can feel your heart beat?
Help I have a habit of eating at night time!?
Why is it better to do cardio and weight training instead of one or the other?
weight loss plan for a teen girl?
i eat like next to nothing all day and i workout daily yet im still not muscular except in my arms why?
What does it mean to be "Healthy"?
Does it really matter what time of day you exercise?
What should I eat WITH my cereal for dinner? healthy choices? quick points.?
What is the standard dose of erythromycin when treating s. pneumoniae, or similar bacteria?
Excessive Moucous in Eyes?
im seeing a small white dot in the center of both my eyes when i open them half-way after i wake up, what?
Could not open my eyes...?
Has anyone bought glasses from America's Best?
if you have even slightly below 20/20 eyesight, do you need glasses?
Research for my book, what can temperairily blind someone for a week?
Does A Cataract Form In The Iris?
What exactly is so deadly about cancer?
my teeth are yellow? :(?
Getting Braces soon? 15 point reward!!!!!!?
How can I tell whether i'm getting a blockage in a vein?
What can I do to stop my 4 year old daughter she wets her bed daily and many times in a night?
help with autism/other disorders?
i feel sick after tanning..?
Is Pastor MELISSA Scott the expert herbal doctor who treated Dr. Gene Scott?
What sort of test do they do to test for arthritis?
Not sure what is is, I'm thinking diabetes? A few symptoms...?
Without necessarily resorted to orthodox medicine,what options can i explore for the treatment of ulcer?
The T wave on an ECG tracing represents?
Resting ECG shows narrow and fairly deep inferior Q waves but stress test is normal. What does it mean?
my friend told me if i drink a pint it can race my heart and give me a heart attack?
What is the difference between getting arteries from your arm for heart bypass instead of veins from your leg?
what is a anxiety attack?
I need a summary of the process of circulation through the cardiovascular system?