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Whats the difference between a disease and an infection.?
My blood test shows I have raised ALT levels, on my notes is says the cause may be RPT, what is RPT?
can lupus cause food allergys and bad gallbladder?
I had a bad head cold which has now gone but..?
discomfort under right side of ribs, couple of years now, have been pregnant during this time, any ideas?
urine sample testing for drugs?
panic attacks?????????????????????????
Flying after Pneumonia?
bad cough! HELP!! PLZZZZ!! x ?
had lung transplant on tablets putting weight on please can anybody help me lose the weight?
Can anyone offer some motivational advice, I've just stopped smoking ?
Advice about my sore chest please?
Is the "New Car Smell" Actually Dangerous For Your Health?
Have I made it harder for myself by giving up smoking using patches and an inhalator?
My friend can't breathe after she has a bath...?
Is a chest infection contagious?
Blood in tissue after I blow?
Inhaling Vodka sort of...?
Had pnumonia what is the stasus of my lungs and body now?
where can i buy a wine with no sulphites in it seemingly bad if you have asthma ?
how long does prednisolone last after being prescribed?
Is there a known cure for motanoron disease?
Pain in legs.....Bone cancer?
Why do i get hives?
Has anyone had tubes put in childs ears?
What courses hammer toes?
Chicken pox and siblings and school?
Is it true when you shower with hot water, your skin will get dry faster?
What is H5N1 Diseases.?
how well does acnefree work?
What tests should a doctor perform to investigate severe head aces?
how can i fix an ingrown toe nail?
How long does it take from being diagnosed with cancer to receiving a 1st treatment?
bulging disc things to do for it?
Dislocated Knee Exercises.?
Is it ok to jog (lightly/gently) if I have strained my lower back?
Foot pains when I run?
which type of Dr deals with Whiplash?
I had a fall about 2 years ago and got whiplash in my neck and shoulder (tripezium muscle).?
How long does it take to recover from a total knee replacement (uk)?
should i get checked?
Knee Manipulation What Happens in it?
will my doctor sign me off work?
What would be the physical difference between a broken and a sprained wrist?
I whacked my hand against the bath tub?
Advice for painful, achy muscles/joints?
i think i have a stress fracture?
Knee Manipulation?? Day case or overnight?
can feel a dent in my forehead?
i bashed the front of my head really hard in a cave the other day, now i have problems?
What exercises are best for a person who has recently dislocated their knee?
is it safe to fly with a linear skull fracture?
I accidentally took 3 Percocets and 3 Vicodins. Have I overdosed or should I be worried?
very bad headwound, help me?
is my ankle sprained or twisted?
pain relief after loop recorder op?
is a Connective Tissue Disorder, classed as a critical illness?
Does anyone here have a toe that is just a lot bigger than the others?
have rectal bleed, taken clopidogrel 10 years doctor has said stop taking them will the bleed just stop?
lump in ear, what could it be?
my 20 week scan has shown fluid on its kidney?
What can environmental hormone do to your body?
Ears/aeroplane question.....?
St John's Wort-what are your experiences?
can anbody help me with nvq2 health and social care section hsc23?
I had Hep A injection last evening and i went out for some drinks later .Headache today is it a side effect?
is there anything i can apply to stop my muscle aching?
if im almost 5'5" im 14and a half and my mom is 5'2" and my dad is 6'0" how tall will i be?
Gaining weight question?
Graze - leave it open or cover it?
Why aren't they allowing flowers in cardiac wards ?
if you don't remember you child hood could it be cause it wasn't very good? but have got dyslexia so that coul
i am looking for information on the dangers of spraying palinal synthetic or 2 pac car paint?
pains in left side of neck&shoulder?
Slight Inclination?
i need a hug have had a megga bad day?
i had a chiken pox vaccine when i was 1 and im 13 will i need one agen?
when is surgery necessary for diverticulitis?
What can help my hay fever?
please help.. chicken pox question?
are oranges good for a bad flu? and a fever with soar throat?
bad eye infection hurts to blink?
scabies reinfestation?
Is it possible I could get this disease ...Again?
I have a sore throat... please help!?
My daughters wbc in urine is rising after antibiotics any ideas as to what could be causing it?
If i have a lump feeling in my throat and its hard to swallow is that strep throat ?
Are there any home remedies for treating intestinal worms(Thread worms)?
paracetamol and Ibruprofen?
can someone who have had chicken pox in the past transmit the virus if being exposed to an ill person?
ive got a cold how can i get better?
can u catch hiv if u swallowed someone wiv hiv's blood?
can eating an expired frozen dinner make you sick,?
im 21 years old and i use to be only alergic to latex but now im allergic to alot of foods normal?
how to get over a cold quickly?
Home-made remedies to cure eczema?
how to get rid of a hickey fast?
Is ther anything that will take away my acne..?
HOME REMEDIES for scars????
my poor dad has arthritis. help?
Colon cancer question?
how do you prevent armpit sweat circles???
I have a small lump on my foot!?
i have a tingly sensation in my bladder. what is it. and how should if fix it?
What causes mucus in throats...?
how to get rid of a fever?
My nose always runs even when i don't have a cold! I don't have allergies. Could something else be wrong?
What are the uses of vaseline?
What would you like to ask?Why am i so itchy when i have pubes?
iv been off work sick and i need a doctors note quick, my doctor wont give me one, were can i get one?
Do I need to disinfect everything I've touched after I'm done with chickenpox? And how?
does e45 cream contain sodium lauren sulphate (SLS) ?
Does having your ears pierced hurt? HONESTLY?
I have a very dry itchy scalp. I'm also getting dry patches on my face. Any ideas?
how long do i wait before exercising with a bump on the head?
why do i have painful spots on my scalp?
Bump on nose piercing has burst, help?!?
why is my skin tender to the touch?
ankle problems, should I see a chiropodist or a dermotologist?
Does Zineryt work on skin?
The back of my neck is really dark, how do i get my natural tone back (skin lightening question)?
jupitens contraction? Prevention or cure?
I am on 40mg of carbimazole and have only one mouth ulcer, is it worth mentioning to my doctor?
Heroin stay in urine for how long(Outpatient labratory test)?
Is it ok to go under just 2 days after having biopsy?
is it ok to do sit ups when your waiting for a gall bladder op ?
Blood Donor in the UK?
Has anyone have any remadies for Myalgia? thx?
if you have tonsilitise (er dont no correct spelling) and dont take ya tablets ie forget to take them?
Really worried? Is the term "posh" used for a certain type of drug. I need to know asap. Thankyou.?
Has anyone ever heard of Artrosilium??? Organic relief cream for Athritus???
ultra sound?
where is my answer tohigh blood pressure& Tinnitus affected by your strip?If If not?
is it normal...................................?
what do statin drugs do?
is bronchitis turning into pnuemonia?
Can nostril enlargers be left in overnight. ?
Do i still need an inhaler? (Ashma)?
I have suffered from asthma for 2 years now, I am 57, but it seems the only time my asthma is ok?
role of nasal passage?
Always Ill ?
what is the differance between morbidity and mortality?
is there any good medicines on the open market for asthma in the uk?
Anyone ever given up smoking using the allen carr method?
If you know that breathing in a city is bad for you, why do you do it?
COPD what as it instore for me?
Another Chest Infection?
how do i know if i have a chest infection or just a bad cold?
what is the best way to get rid of blocked noses !!?
What is the difference between chronic bronchitis and emphysema? Can either be healed?
Queries regarding Asthma?
can you choke on your own blood?
sleeping problems!! how can i sleep?
Need medical advice (throat infection)?
What should I bring to eating disorder treatment?
if you eat more calories than normal, does this mean you can sleep less than usual?
What drug might cause these symptoms?
When I look in a mirror and I look at myself is that what people really see do they see what I see in the?
why do i have so many bowel movements after my staple hemorrhoidectomy?
I had hernia repair and part of my colon/intestine removed in Oct of last year.?
why do i keep feeling tired?
Early Twenties and seeing a few white hairs just recently, symptoms, treatment?
why do people get goose bumps when they hear a song that gets to them?
Any tips on coping with a frozen shoulder,apart from the usual painkillers?
why wont my water infection clear completely. :(?
Just coz your not sick can it still be food poisoning?
If you were to get germs in your mouth and then take a mouthful of as hot as you can take water would it kill?
Can prolonged exposure to air conditioning damage your health ?
Dizzy after getting up?
i sleep too much, what can i do?
Benefits advice?
can someone answer me, i think there is something wrong with me. i'm always tired and i don't know why!?
can't get to sleep HELP!!!!?
I've had hiccups three times today already!! Why!??
sick and dizzy?
what is more toxic petrol or deisel?
can someboby help i got up this morning and my neck clicked .................?
i would be grateful if anybody could tell me whats wrong with me?
whats the national average height for women in the uk?
does anyone suffer from an intolerance to heat,?
Why are teenagers so weight conscious?
how can i help to settle my 4 year olds tummy?
why is confidentiality important in health care service?
does anyone sometimes, in a dream, (or nightmare) feel as if you cant speak or scream. Evn though you yearn to
Palpitations, Tight chest, Chest pain on the left. Is there a Dr on here?
blistering after laser hair removal?
help with oily skin.?
How do I get rid of my acne for good?
My son will be 6 in Oct. was prescr. prednisone for 6 wk, 60 mg/day, - 6 wk taper , how can i build his immune
Does playing billiards put alot of stress on the sternum?
Childhood cancer Survivors.?
sore throat ... ?
Food poisoning or Flu?
Who gets the flu the most babies, kids, teens, adults or seniors?
Can you get the flu even though you had the flu shot?
Is this going to make my acne worse?
Chicken pox vaccine?
Does getting the wind knocked out of you feel like asthma?
I have the urge to urinate 5 minutes after the last time I urinated?
When you are feeling blue, what do you do to cheer yourself up?
gilbert syndrome. does anyone else have it? was the dr helpful?
chiari 1 malformation and pregnancy?
Doctor Doctor...after being diagnosed with a hiatus hernia over 8 years ago and suffering?
What is wrong???
What is morgellons patology ?
name the 2 stages involved in the production of urine in the kidney?
for what sickness the drug topirol gives?
HELP PLEASEEE : bloating and bulimia =S?
White blood cells and protein found in urine??
Low white cell blood count?
Swollen glands in face and just under the jaw?
I suffer from ulcers ,what risk do i stand if i continue taking cimetidine for more than a year?
brain hemorrhage and mrsa?
Can I get parkinsons? Im only coming up 21?
Where does all the blood in a nosebleed come from?
Head injury ten days ago. Constant headaches...?
Fixing my nose on the NHS?
Fractured foot, HELP !!!!?
I got scratched in my eye, left a scar, does that ever go away?
Back Strain - Help Please!?
overnight i suddenly can't walk because of pain in ankle?
When I got hit in the forehead by a hockey ball today, why didn't it hurt until about 10 minutes later?
Why do my legs still hurt (4 days after exercise)?
Please help... what will they do to her?
did i sprain my ankle?
hit the top of my hand i now have a lump and a large burise do i need to see a dr?
is my ankle fractured or sprained?
Finger bleeding from glass?! NEED HELP!!!?
I broke my finger and didin't feel it?
The blood on my cut is still really red after its dried? Shouldn't it be brown ?
Injured Wrist, dont kno if its fractured, sprained or just sore.?
Is this a bladder cyst?
are razors blades good for cutting veins?
When blood tests are done before inpatient treatment (UK), if HIV is discovered, would you be notified of it?
Ive been diagnosed with a UTI and i am feeling better now but id like some advice from a doctor?
ive been diagnosed with a UTI and i am feeling better now ive been on the antibiotics for a few days but..?
how to get rid of headlice sensible answers please?
Can NOT showering 12 hours after going to the gym cause boils on your body?
I have a cold and I need advice?
factors affecting the clients ability to maintain personal hygiene and use the toilet themselves?
If someone has had chickenpox can they still be a carrier?
My mouth upper chapped and itch I need help?
how long will i be out of work after a bronchoscopy and how will i feel afterwards?
can fluid on the lungs be dealt with in a nursing home without going to hospital?
My left ear is blocked!?
Sinus Infection ?? DOCTORS ADVICE PLEASE !!!?
how many ways to go to reduce the pollution problem?
I have recently been suffering breathing, chest and back problems and feel like i might die is there any cu?
can i pass on tonsillitis to my 8 week old baby ?
How to make up honey and lemon to help a 14mnth old with a cough?
Any disturbing smoking video's to stop me smoking?
Urinary Tract Infection or not???!!?
Chest infectionn?..............?
can working in the cold make you become breathless?
Can you give calpol and junior meltus for chesty coughs with catarrh to a 2 year old?
Can lung picturing discover weed smoking?
i always have a cold?
my 42 year old husband keeps taking nose bleeds?
recurrent cough any ideas?
Why would someone who has suffered an asthma attack have an incresed breathing rate and be tachycardiac?
my gran is in hospital with copd, heart failure and a blood clot in the lungs!?
ways to get rid of spots?
can a doctor help me please or anybody with experience ?
what do you think happened?
the effect which personal beliefs and personal preferences may have on the cleansing and toileting for an ind?
How long will it take before i start to notice any benefits ?
Stomach pains at the same time every day, other symptoms?
Do I have to put this on?
When I eat something my stomach "expands", making me look like I'm pregnant, what do I do?
anyone suffer from ME - how do you cope -?
Is there any known correlation between the presence of a choroid plexus cyst at mid-pregnancy and autism?
What advice do you have for treating and relieving the pain from a newly arthritic thumb.?
Getting older....?
I threw up and a black liquid came out....?
I dont know if I am awake or still asleep, help?
Flying this next wkend to spain told i can only take 50gms off prescribed medicines how much is this ?
hey i need help with my sleep
Headaches, Dizziness?
does anyone out there worry most of the time? i worry about the tiniest things and end up having panic attacks
Need something stronger but docs not open til Tues?
Please advise? when ever i eat anything whether it is cereal for brealfast, sandwhich at lunch or eve meal i?
How can i relieve bad Indigestion ?
Cramp in the calf muscles at night?
how do i find a private neurologist?
fear of flying?
How can I reset my sleeping pattern? I'm nocturnal!?
help please!! i think i have...?
Why am I awlways knackered in the morning?
a bird pooed in my eye? help me!!!?
What’s wrong with me? ?
why am i constantly hungry and very tired?
Has anyone bought the product acneace?
How do you treat Keratosis Pilaris? (also known as "Chicken Skin")?
Start of shingles? or a bite?
i have senstive skin and was thinking about Biore 4 in 1 Cleanser?
skin skin skinnnnner!?
How can I stay skinny?? And zits ?
what is the best way too squeeze spots?
I have terrible skin?
Have i got tonsollitis and what should i do?
Catch a chest infection by kissing?
Cervical cancer jab side effects?
when is it safe to meet someone who has just had chickenpox?
What are routine blood tests?
Verruca wont go away help!!!?
why is sickle cell syndrome so high in regions where there is a risk of catching malaria?
My Daughter has very painfull IBS with chest pain and wind,We think it's down to white bread,need help please
pains in my chest?
what do you call the standing frame useby orthopeadic patients?
If you damage the nail how could this affect the growth?
Nausea, shaky, feeling hot and cold, and have a headache. What could be wrong and what can I do to feel better
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ?
What do you think is the diagnosis for Josh?
Is it time the control lobby went into action again?
Meeting others with low latent inhibition?
i keep getting cystitis really bad help?
help me.......... what do you think?>?
what is good for surgery scars and acne scars on face?
Are there any alternatives(natural remedies) for infections?
I have just been prescribed Gabapentin for fibromyagia. Has anyone tried it?
Some of diseases, like this one, may be unknown for the doctors: Dizzy for 3 years when I go to the bed?
Acne treatments for the more mature woman ( AKA late 40s)?
what is the name of that condition where the feet get sores due to lack of circulation?
Help me, anybody, please! How to get rid of hiccups and burp virus?
i'd like to know if milk can effect athritis/joint pain.can it be a contributor?
5 Months +Large Lump on Cheek which is growning bigger?
can u get shingles if u have never been infected with chicken pox?
Does anyone know what causes muscles in the legs & feet to tighten up into a ball,& how to prevent it? Thank U
i cut my finger with a knife how to make it heal faster?
can i sue the school for not having the heating on and it was very cold?
What makes some people bruise easily?
My jaw muscles have gone hard, why?
Can I wash with a little finger splint on?
How do you get rid of scars?
How can you tell the different between a pulled muscle and a ripped muscle?
How could you treat a bad back at home in one or two nights?
Hurt my finger playing netball?
Can sharp food cut the inside of the Esophagus?
Advice please about football(soccer)injury?
what is the cause of a burst blood vessle in the eye?
I've accidently pierced a new hole at the back of my ear lobe?
i fractured my nose had a op on it yesterday will it matter if i take my cast off ??.?
Have i broken my arm?
Cant stand stretch mark's any more?
Help needed with elbow pain?
I have had a bad bronchitis which is much much better however now and again I can feel crackles in my top back
is my bronchitis turning into pneumonia?
Is it normal to not have any symptoms for an ear infection??
what could cause inflated lungs?
how can i stop myself from smoking again?
any medicine in any pathy to curb or minimise snoring?
constant cough???
PLEASE ANSWER!!!Ear infection, Do i need more meds?
What are the symptoms of a chest infection, how long does it last?
can mold on my bathroom ceiling be the cause of my chest infection?
Hi all follow on from my previous question re having endoscopy done am petrified, Have had it done today?
is there any signs that come before an asthma attack?
4 year old repetitive chest infections, how to avoid antibiotics?
remedy for a realy dry tickly persistant cough please?
What would Barry White sound like, if he inhaled a lung full of Sulphur Hexafluoride?
what is a Bilateral pulmonary embolism?
amoxyillian for ear infection?
im getting burning in chest,throat,mouth has anyone else suffered same symptoms?
Aw cr a p - I fell off the 'not smoking' wagon...?
Epidural anesthesia: yes or no? Why?
Do you have any strange phobias...?
Is Self harm attention seeking?
Do you think some people fake depression?
Why don't people sneeze while they sleep?
Convulsions due to lignocaine in 3 month baby?
What could be wrong if you have nosebleed and pain and redness in your eyes, plus a lump in your breast?
Pregnant with Active Ulcerative Colitis!!?
How to get rid of eczema in hands?
How to get rid of a baby face?
how to get rid of acne without redness?
I plucked a hair from a mole on my cheek and right after my cheek went all numb and swelled up a little ?
I'm really quite confused..?
My nostrils are high up, and purple, why?
does anybody believe there is a link between m.e and dairy products?
Does Therapeutic earnings still exist?
Is there any natural remedy that can make me grow?
What happens to you if you dont treat neuropathy?
What is the process of 'getting your stomach pumped'?
how can i quit smoking weed wasted 20 pound a day for past ten years HELP?
Alcohol - That nervous feeling the morning after.?
When you first get prego do you get really restless and cant sleep and stay up half the nigh?
I quit smoking but im having exams for the first time since i quit and finding a bit difficult to concentrate?
where Can I get a massage from a mature lady in buckinghamshire ?
do doctors surgeries do general check ups?
pernicious anemia..monthly injections, fortnight later am feeling tired beyond. can I buy injections on web?
why do i never feel refreshed after sleep?
when was the last time you had a hang over?
Painful Blemish?
what is the point of toe nails ?
How do I advertise my Complementary Therapies business without spending a fortune, dochsa.co.uk?
How do you keep warm in this freezing cold?
Sleeping problem?
how many hours sleep a night should you have ?
Why do my hands go purple?
Nicotine gum VS Cigarettes - how much less harmful is it?
A few confusing symptoms, can someone give me advice?
what are the positive and negative effects of spending time in the sun?
Does anyone know any easy way to do an off duty for nurses who are really picky with the shifts they do?
Does anyone trust Nick Clegg?
Meningococcal Septicemia - Give Blood?
Can I get a sick bug from being close to someone in a supermarket who couged near to me?
how can i get rid of my ear infection?
high white cell count, uti and swollen throat symtoms?
could i have contracted mumps?
Are people with Coeliacs Disease more likely to pick up stomach infections/viruses?
How can these 3 sign and symptoms deteriorate into major conditions?
do all chicken pox blister and scab?
Some questions about Malaria?
How long does it take to die from carbon monoxide poisoning in your car?
is there a possibility of another strain of flu like the 1918 flu coming soon?
other reliefs for chicken pox?
How are Antibodies released in the human immune response?
can i catch tonsilitis by kissing someone who doesnt have it?? or not yet..?
Can some people just be carries of the chickenpox?
Is there an independant body that tests UK Vaccines?
I just fell off my bike, how to I ease the pain?
I tripped at work about 3 weeks ago, and knocked my shoulder?
I sprain my wrist with day to day activities, how can I prevent this?
Need help with messed up ligaments!?
Could my thumb be broke ?
Just bought a van. Worried about driving position. Cramped up. Any suggestions?
fell down a pot hole?
A relative recently slipped their disc (around ten days ago).?
How do you cure a trapped nerve?
what does clear liquid from my nose after I hit my head mean?
Do you think i will get anything if i put a claim in?
broken collarbone slow to heal, did i re injure it?
Broken ribs still feeling pain after two months do I need medical help?
Can doing handstands cause a hernia?
Plot help? What sort of injuries can kill you slowly and quietly?
what is wrong with my ankle?
swollen ankle bursa, what treatment is likely?
i knocked my elbow at work today and i have pains in my hand.?
what is a posterial broken rib?
Lump on hand after hitting it on table more info inside?
i am under a consultant for a spinal injury my problem is im not happy with him and was wondering if entitled?
How long after the cast comes off a broken foot till I will be able to walk again?
Is this normal after concussion?
my son is on subutex and I know 100% he takes them-but at times still seems very euphoric.Any ideas?
when will i start hearing again after my choleastoma surgery?
food poisoning?
Tell me all you know about Heamochromatic NH liver Disease?
ganglion problems?
i keep feeling sick after eating... any reason why? :s?
does anyone like having their neck tickled?
My doctor told me that i have an apendix problem, what shold i do?
what can i do to add some few inches?
what can i do to get a permanent height?
i have a weird problem .....?
should i go to the doctor????
Can stem cells cure virtually everything?
Does this sound like acid reflux?
Tuberculosis test?
Hi, I had a mole on my face, doctor removed it by some electrical device but now a brownish skin ramains?
What is the best thing to do for hives? What causes them?
Can garlic burn your skin?
V.S.D my parents dissagree on that i need an operation and i am 14 should i do the operation or not?
What's wrong with my toddlers toenails?
canback injury lead to anxiety depression even hight blood pressure?
Is it a Cold or the Flu?
Chest pains when breathing... in pain unable to breath normally, only short breaths, Help?
For 7 years my feet will acke, lately whatever I do my feet will turn purple and hurt, cold or hot, why, is it
it's almost impossible to swallow! just a flu?
Throat Question.. doctors prefered?
Colon cancer question ?
how do i get ride of a hickey?
Do I qualify for free prescriptions?
Can a Hospital Trust refuse to see you?
I suffer halitosis and am feeling suicidal can anyone help me?
Is this alcohol poisoning? please help as i feel so ill?
What would happen if I lied about my address so that I could register with a good doctors surgery?
can doctors force me???? 10 points plz answer?
Will I Diee ? Help !?
is our milk still safe to drink after cnoble the Russian disaster because it was in our airspace?
I am looking for information on the hormone, seretonin. I want to know about the symptoms.?
How many days should I have off school with tonsillitis, also..?
Why do colds exist?
Friction Burns, help please!?
Why am i always Cold, Tired and Dizzy?
Has any one?
What causes pins & needles?
What's your worst story about going down with a stomach bug?
What causes the noise when you crack your knuckes or any other joint?
I can't sleep...!! Any tips..?
Diverticulitis?? If any of you suffer with this can you tell me your symptoms please?
can a chipped bone get infected inside and cause blood clotting?
Under Active thyroid results?
My dear old dad is getting out of breath, particularly when bending, he had a bypass?
Do you have Hallux Ridgidus?
why does this happen?
Are there any friends of Bill W or DR Bob around?
bak and hip pain in the morning...?
Ramsay hunt syndrome?
Dou you suffer from virtigo?
don't feel unwell or have pain but have sensation of having something at back of my throat. Possible cause?
dupytrens contracture.?
If you have had pneumonia once what are the chances of it re-occurring?
Does anyone know why Benylin Day and Night Tablets have been taken off the market?
Any asthma suffers here?
Having sharp pains on the left side of my chest and shortness of breath? Only 16 years old.?
My mum thinks i smoke...but i don't!?
What are these chest pains?
Asthma help??
do you die from copd?
lung x ray shows there is an infection in left lung , antibiotic didn't work! what can it be?
Chest Pain Please Help :(?
Is a drip bigger than a drop?
why is emphysema uncurable?
I have what feels like a constant mucus/phlem lump in my throat for a month it doesn't hurt but what is it?
Hospital: what do they do with the blood they take from patients they don't use?
breathing .. ..?
I have had a cold every 2 weeks for the last 6 months, what to do?
i came across today dat i have chicken pox. I want to knw if i can travel by flight today itself?
AIDS: What are the stages of the disease?
a person with a dementia and how to deal with a situation?
all about bacteria and viruses?
Does chicken pox start to pop as soon as there appear?
Anyone had Chicken Pox - for adults?
What happened to the 'feared' swine flu?
Is it likely i have glandular fever?
If a person has had previous Septicemia 5 years previous are they still contagious?
Taking metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis?
What's the use of safe handling pathogens?
my partner has managed to catch a nasty cough! he has had it for over a week now!?
Chest infections??? And antibiotics?
a question for health proffessionals etc?
My urine smells sweet. What can be causing this?
what are your best cold sore tips?
What,s Best In Sore Throat?
Whats a good acne removal cream?
What does it mean when an EKG comes back abnormal?
My dad has had TIAs.. He has lost the sight in his eyes temprorarily.. Is this a problem?
My 81 year old Mother takes warfarin daily? Should she limit her eating of green, leafy veggies?
Severe Joint Pain - With Flu Like Symptoms?
do u get a sore throat with allergies?
nail glue in eye help[?
how to get rid of a sunburn on the arms?
High blood pressure and he is ?
Dismissed by NHS Doctor?
I think I have a trapped nerve in my arm and it's very painful. Is there anything which can be done?
Advice about the 6 stitches in my knee?
I have been off for 3 weeks but went back to work today.?
Is there any medicine that gets rid of anxiety?
jogging running pain ?
New virus...swine thing? please help?
Will activated charcoal help in curing thyroid problem?
am i alergic to chocolate?
i have gone over on my ankle when i fell down the stairs, its swollen, burning and painful and i can't move it?
I had the top of my ear pierced 7 weeks ago and its still sore?
What to do when you have swollen Knees?
blackmans pinch under my thumb nail?
Neuroma developed on ingrown toenail...?
can you get cancer from really big bruises?
Feeling alone?
Stomach growl fetish?
Why do some of my turds sink, and some float? I mean even from the same batch?
What are the side affects of the pill and what age do you have to be to get it?
drug testing kits where can i get this item from?
Anyone know any methods of waterproofing materials, like cotton, while still friendly to the skin?
FLU?!, bad tickly cough, sore throat , keep loosing voice?!?
whats wrong with me? i gave birth 15 months ago and had nothin but problems scince.?
I have been feeling realy tired and not havin much energy in the afternoons past few days any ideas?
Gamma GT of 90. what's the implications?
What causes foggy eyes (not migraine related) and loss of speech????
my friend has developed a swelling?
High Blood Pressure?
gall bladder?
my son is 11 year blood iron 12.5?
Bladder Problem?
Please support Grandad by signing petition to allow macular degeneration sufferers Avastin treatment on NHS?
What does it mean to be registered as partially sighted?
what do nail technitians use to sanitise hands?
Excema treatment and Hydrocortisone?
whats happening to my body?
i have loads of littel spots undermy skinn on my forehead, how do i get rid of them ?
How do i get rid of Rash?
i got sore throats easily?
Is High Blood Pressure Dangerous..............?
1 day ago I asked a question about migraines................?
This really freaked me out does anyone know what this could possibly be?
do u crack your bones????????????
I have IBS. 2 of my favourite things chocolate & coffee r triggers. Anyone know how to get round this?
How do I stay focused while studying and doing homework?
What causes puffy ,sore ,bright red lips?
Pain in Right Side? Help Please?
can anyone tell me of laser eye surgery correction pros and cons?
how old do u have to be to get a hernia?
Do you have faith in the nhs ?
Two part question about eyecare?
If in a good state of health,what should my poo look like?
I've had a 'slipped disc' in my lower back on & off for 10 years, will it ever go away?? my gp says no ;-(
My boyfriend wants to quit smoking using the drug Champix. How successful is it?
Is this healthy? or unsafe?
what is the permanent remedy for ulcer?
My doctor wants me to give blood, why?
what tablets r out for losing weight i know reductal orilast?
Could those Glucosamine capsules for joints be the reason I have to go loo every hour through the night?
what r the symptoms of calcium defiecentcy?
OK WIERD QUESTION BUT PLEASE ANSWER, ok so 2 weeks ago my dad passed away of a massive heart attack at home?
Can you die from West Nile Virus?
What are ways people who are bulimic use to get sick?
What is OCD? And could I have it?
I have a bad cold..soar throat, congested, headaches...but?
I need a product to help me get rid of my acne!?
Heart Attack Question :S?
Post gallbladder removal?
when i smell pot my lips feel weird can you be allergies to pot?
My son developed eczema at 12 mos on legs and diaper area-nothing seems to work (not even Rx by doctor). Help!?
Is it true that you can get cancer if.. ?
I Would Like to Donate A Kidney?
Is there a medical condition?
Does anyone have/had esophical varices?
i have hyperthyrodism so is it possible that it can change to hypothyrodism??
Thyroxine? Low thyroid function??
Nausea, diarrhea, tired, loss of appetite?
how long does it take glandular fever to heal?
water infection................?
Is it good when a verruca bleeds?
how long is a cough contagious after getting a cold?
What are the symptoms of a cold?
doctor give e medicine by e name of Lochinvar or ab acyclovir how serious is the infectious is?
feline parvo is it contagious to humans?
signs of chicken pox?
convulsions and fits?
can humans become infected by dog Pavia virus?
I feel as sick as a Parrot, have i got Bird Flu?
Sore throat, Tight chest?
I'm so scared?
Tarsametatarsal fusion surgery help ?
undiagnosed fractured wrist?
How can i stop the pain in my foot?
Should I go to the doctors about my back?
Finger trapped in door HELP!!?
my toenail is bruised really dark?
Could I have hairline fractured my foot?
i have a claim for a bad injury at work going on but want to move to france can i do?
Cut on the sole of my foot? Dangerous?
I have an Unexplained Bruise?
why does the inside of my foot hurt ,could it be too much football?
Upper muscle back pain and slanting of body!?
My right thigh feels tight and i cant move my toes. What should I do?
how long do you need to have off work if you have key hole surgery on a torn cartlidge?
how do you get popped blisters to heal up quick?
What keeps biting me when I go walking on the moors?
how can i get the knots out of my neck?
I've got a 2nd floor flat and am worried it's just the right height for marauding T Rexes to bite me. Help me?
Is it an ingrown toenail or just a bad infection?
Has anyone ever really slipped on a banana skin?
Will my fingernail grow back?
Symptoms of a hairline fracture in the foot/ankle?
bruised kee realy painfull?
Has smoking (cigarettes) been/ become an issue in your relationship...?
is this a normal cough?
how to a stop a coughing fit?
What gases given off by decomposing mouse under floorboards?
Can you die from Asthma?
does this sound like hayfever?
Do you ever recover from smoking?
how to treat bronchial asthma?
What causes emphysema?
Every time I get the flu or even a cold, it turns into a chest infection?
Why has my baby had constant colds and wheezy chest with coughing?
could i have cystic fibrosis?
how can smoking paper affect people?
Anyone have any knowledge of trachestomys? - Breathing tube through the throat?
strep throat treatments?
Has anyone got the sniffles yet from the cold weather.?
If you sleep alot and dont excersize can you get neuropathy?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
What is the British perception of American health care?
does inhaling the vapours of menthol crystals help blocked sinuses?
How to i stop stomach cramps and nerves before exams?
How long will it take to heal? (bit inside of mouth)?
Can a broken heart make you sick?
Headache or Migraine??? My partner and i have just had a disagreement okay, now?
my eyes hurt :(((((((?
Why do my eyes ache when I look at a computer screen now? Its been fine for years.?
What is the best reference source to know more about ablation of atrial fibrillation?
went to doctors today and was told i had an irregular heart beat he has now sent me to hospital to have furthe?
does alcohol have high cholesterol?
Blood pressure readings which is the most important and why after taking medication to?
I would like to hear your views on tablets to lower cholesterol?
would it be good to see everyone resting again on sunday ?
Is 101.4 considered a fever?
what should a person with a common cold take if they have an ulcer?
sharp pain in right side of chest under my brest what is it?
I get frequent headaches?
how do you tell someone new that you now have gential herpes? my friend is dealing with this!?
I have been vomiting for 5 days and not showing signs of stopping?
I have weird scratch marks on both of my shoulders. Help?
My Dad has symptoms of having a Stroke?
My friend is allergic a lot of stuff, what can she eat?
are cold sores suppose to be this bubbly?!?
Is a strong pulse in your abdomen normal?
temporary paralysis after sleeping?
so with mano, as long as i have no fever i won't be contagious?
What kinda disease can cause you to have multiple heart attacks.?
I've recently decided to go on the pill and my spots have seemed to get worse than normal, advice?
do bald people get dandruff?
is 500mg of penecillin 4 times a day alot?
when I wake up everything I look at has grey lines like pencil marks.whats this?
My sister is 11 and I very nearsighted please help?
Eye irritation, white bumps?
can contacts eventually make you blind???
laser eye surgery how safe and how long does it last?
How much do new lenses in glasses cost?
im not sure if i should ask, but i am so confused, i need help in chossing my career, midwife or Radiographer?
So, how much does the LASEK eye surgery really cost?
Can a soft contact lens get "stuck" behind the eyeball?
Why have my Contacts gone steamy/Cloudy?
Glasses-FCUK What are my rights?
Do enhancers contacts work and how are they used?
What is cornea euphemoldystrophy?
Does high blood pressure effect quality of eyesight?
Whats the Symtons of an eye infection?
My eye doctor has given a lower prescription for my contacts.I got contacts last month?
i had my eyes tested today i now know i have to wear glasses but am not sure how good or bad the result are?
Contact lens advice for buying online?
i fainted today after waking up...why?
does anyone know if nose jobs safe?
Get a flat stomach after Christmas, and clear spots?
What are the chances for a successful kidney transplant supposing that...?
Have Gaviscon stopped selling the lemon flavoured tablets ?
How to get rid of stomach marks?
is shuffling your feet bad?
How do you get rid of blemishes?
If you get dizy when you get up is that good or bad?
Non latex reusable gloves?
Why do most people have trouble breaking in new docs ?
Epilepsy question?
What are the best supplements to take to protect the liver?
why sometimes eyes get red? morst time headache sleepy that is the reason?
What happen to you when you can not wake from your sleep?
can ear wax do this? please help!?
giving up smoking, whats the big deal?
Life support machines?
How many times have you been drunk?
i have an ear infection & cant get water in it,but i need 2 wash my hair,how do i stop water getting in my ear?
british weather?
when your sick?
Where can I buy Zicam in London?
How do you make yourself relaxed to go to sleep?
my nails on my fingers are running lines down what could be causing this?
Why,,Am i soo dissapointed.?
can my GP write private prescriptions for me? (UK)?
i have this problem where i keep falling asleep on my keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd?
About painkillers?
Really bad ulcer on the end of my tongue!
Should I stay off sick ?
Has anyone ever been drugged?
can anyone help? how can I prepare for my appt. tomorrow?
Infection... what should i do and what's the treatment?
I think being gay is a mental illness does anyone else agree?
Fighting off chest infection?
Chest infection: antibiotics with food?
Breathing dificulties when trying to sleep, help I'm so tired?
Steroid use?
what happens to your body when u have emphysema?
I grew out of asthma, is it possible for it to come back?
How long does food poisining last?
Menepouse and symtoms?
still want to smoke shisha?
tips to quite smoking??????
does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of a cold?
Please how many Oranges do i take to reduce the effect of Smoking? How many oranges per sick of cigar?
Anyone suffered from sleep paralysis before?
i left my turkey in the sink with no water last night and this morning i fill up the sink with cold water...?
air conditioner or cooler?
my son as facial ticks and feet movement are some what going through new shoes as he cant seem to keep still?
borderline liver function?
Does anyone know anything to help with camptocormia, please - anything ?
How on earth would one vomit silently?
Swollen Lymph node ( Im very Paranoid)?
How to hide cut scars?
Elbow problems after fourwheel crash?
what part of the body bleeds the most when you cut it?
black eye...........?
i got hit in the eye ....help?
Did i pull something in my neck or throat?
Confusing wrist injury, pleassee help ?
Chronic Ankle Pain ! any ideas ?
Head Hurting After Gym?
I really need ALOT of advice please help!!!!?
Chronic Ankle Pain !! please help?
My finger still hurts after seven months is it normal after breaking it.?
I've just had my ingrowing toenails cut?
Spinal Fusion Surgery at L4/L5 - HELP!?
question about broken finger????
Sore elbow, even three weeks on?
Why Is My Wrist So Sore.?
Do I need crutches? Please help.?
I've been prescribed Dermovate cream by my dermatoligist... for vitiligo on my face and body?
what does surgical debridement mean?
If a person has high Blood Pressure ?
if a patient is nil by mouth for 7 days and starts eating again, how will it affect them?
deaf due to MENINGITIS as a child?
how long does it take for amoxicillan to work for strep throat?
questions asked in cross sectional study on prevalence of diarrhoea in children under 5 yrs?
have you tried Baclofen?
whats the difference between flu and a cold?
Help on "Stomach Flu" or viral gastroenteritis PLEASE!?
What's done to prevent malaria?
diseases brought to the uk due to immigration?
does taking antibiotics lower your imune system?
can a dog catch mange more than once?
Is there a cure for a viral infection?
what are the long term effects of meningitis?
pain at the top of my ribs on the left?
pain in my neck all the way down to the bottom of my back really tired also any clues?
Sciatica - any top tips for helping and does it go away?
I have a really bad side pain!?
Has anyone else out there got "Hashimoto's desease"?
My nephew has just been diagnosed with hemophilia. Is it easy to live with on a day to day basis ?
what will an ear nose and throat specialist do? just take swabs?
mirtazapine and zopiclone in pregnancy?
Am I at risk, after having three blood transfusions in turkey?
anyone know anything about xanax 0.25mg?
Slap cheek?
Is medication causing muscle cramps?
Facial exercises....after tumor removal.?
Alzheimer's - Have u read this article by Joan Bakewell?
Do you think I have blood poisoning?
Why and what causes a tingling and numbing sensation in the top of your legs after going to the loo?
help really sick whats wrong with me!?
Do i have emetophobia??? :[?
Can I Have You're Opinion?
Why does having a cold make you feel sick and get swollen sore stomach ache?
PLEASE HELP!,hypnotherapy in the uk,nhs,pay if needed!?
Why does my throat hurt more when I drink alcohol?
Do you want get rid of premature aging problems at your home?
can u take cold and flu tablets before sleeping?
Do breast enlargement pills work?
Do i need more sleep ? :|?
Is this a normal blood pressure?
severe back pain?
Does taking calcium supplements affect your body odour?
What's the best way to deal with an extremely smelly work colleague?
Why do my feet go really cold and purple?
pins & needles?
Ive just had my cholesterol levels checked and its low...?
Does anyone have good advice regarding treatment for tinitus?
What is a Stitch.?
I need to quit weed asap any advice?
hi i need tips for gettin 2 sleep at night?
tips on staying awake?
Do GP's get paid per prescription they write?
I went for a eye test today...?
what exactly is sickle cel anaemia and why do only black people get it?
Dots appearing in eyesight?
Night shift workers?
Unable to wake on winter mornings?
What effect would a nicotine patch have on a non-smokers health??
Do oximeters (fingertip oxygen reader) qualify as a medical expense?
what could this be im getting pain in my heart?
How to recover from a cold? Fast?
prolonged high fever without any virus detected after blood test?
Is it ok to take a warm shower if I may have a strep throat?
Could This Be Melanoma?
what can I do for fungus under my big toe nail?
ive had a back operation done 2times 4disc shattered in lower back buti also have kidney infections?
I'm 12 and Dermo wants me to go on Accutane ..Should i?
hard lump on neck?!?!?!?!?
Please help...someone with medical experience needed?
Ok Eating Disorder Question?
What do you do when you're waiting for an answer?
what impact or risk effect does marijuana have on the ability to derrive types of cancer?
For the past 2 days, whatever I eat tastes bitter. Sweeter things are worse??
how do yuu no if yuur having a panic attack?
Is there anything can make you unconscious?
i had Pneumonia after havin a c section.....?
ear piecing ?????
is this some sort of condition?
Why do I have phlegm?
How to stop hic cups?
Stopping smoking?
Difficulty with breathing?
Its my grandpa of 70 plus.He had a mild stroke 15yrs back and from that time he coughs frequently.?
What can I do and what is my problem?
****STOPING SMOKING*********?
if a person is having sinus what is the cheap medication?
My father has been told he has a formation of tissue on his lung, what does this mean?
any knowledge about emphysema?
I cant bend my knee or straigten it all the way straight?
knee ligaments - no help?
I think I may have broken my toe - what do you think?
fell down stairs and hit my head, what to do?
my eye is hurting,please help?
how long does a broken toe take to heal ?
Have i broken my ribs?
Is it easy to stop self harm after 2 years, Mother worried for 16 year old daughter ?
I got an implanon implant the other day & have some really weird bruises around the little wound,is it normal?
why do you have to rise your knee above heart when applying ice to it thanks?
can they do blood tests in other places then the crook of you arm?
i sprained my lower arm 3 weeks ago?
why would a cut not hurt?
what are some signs that a damaged ulnar nerve is beginning to work?
Had surgery 2 years ago have a large round scar just below my collar bones?
im not gona do it- how do you break your leg/knee or both quickly and easily,RANDOM .?
my calf muscle hurts...?
I whacked my elbow really hard...what's wrong with it?
My Toe is swollen...?
In an overdose situation how long does it take for aspirin to leave the body?
This is just randum.. but it came up in my head if its true?
how to treat abdominal cramps?
Plantar Fasciitis Help ?
Does it hurt having you're ears pierced?
Is A Bitter Pill Hard To Swallow?
I just took 15 pills and a bottle of wine. Will it kill me? I'm regretting it..?
I think I'm SUICIDAL what should I do?
When i Want My Dog To Lick me Out What Can i Use?
Attention all smoking quitters?
massage. I have been having massages for a long time with the same lady but she as now moved away?
Is the store Lush open, in the UK on Christmas Eve?
what is the difference in effects when inhaling either ether of chloroform?
I am really bad at doing my make-up? Help!?
Does drinking plenty of water really help you maintain good skin?
What does my colonoscopy results mean?
I have tinitus and it drives me mad sometimes,what experiences have fellow sufferers had.?
what is the best vitamin to have to recieve the best skin?
how to grow taller, i'm 17?
Getting rid of or hiding a mark/scar left by a cold sore?
could 72 mg of concerta cause fatal effects?
Can black people blush bright red?
do tragus piercings hurt more than tongue piercings?
How much is it (generally) to have a nose job in the UK?
What are the side affects of smoking ?
Does this mean I am a deep sleeper?
Are you scared of aging?
are hot and cold flashes normal cold symptoms?
Does moisturizer help you get a better tan on a sunbed?
anemic diets, low blood pressure?
My dad had heart attack about 6 months ago, and is on tablets and is sick nearly every morning?
low bp ?
if the average heart rate for a a male @ 40 years old is?
my blood pressure is 160 over 110 and my cholesterol is 6.2. i need advice please?
Upset stomach every morning?
When a person has a heart attack does their heart rate speed up a great deal?
do you or does anyone you know take atenolol blood pressure tablets?
Humidifier for Congestion?
what can you do when your blood pressure is up and how do you lower it?
How do I get rid of the itchiness of flea bites on my skin???
Blood in urine?
PLEASE HELP Heart Palpitations Question?
Hi, this is a question regarding my head or brain, is this normal?
Rosacea sufferers?
How to get rid of Acne easy?
I feel cold/numbed from knee down when temperature is below 20C, but wife says my knee/foot does not feel cold
Is there such a thing as Octopus cancer in the brain?
Does Brain cancer runs in family's?
looking for a pot to fit on toilet to catch urine for 24 hrs?
How can I restore my skin's real tone after lots of tan?
I have rosacea, looking for mild but great face cleanser and moisturizer. HELP!?
How can you detect a cancerous cell?
How to get rid of dandruff?
does vaseline help scars and stretch marks ?
Eye prescription glasses?
are colored/fashion contact lenses bad for your eyes?
How long do Atropine Eye Drops last?
Will Specsavers be able to back date a receipt for me, if I asked?
Daily contact lenses & school..?
contact lenses for dry eyes?
Wearing sunglasses at the computer?
Will, having a slight red eye prevent me from having my vision of 20/20 after the test?
could large [wall] photographs of landcapes and distant vistas be beneficial to gaze at, for people who either
Is it likely for SPH measurement on eye test to change from 0.50 to 1.75 in a 6 month period?
Are weak eyeglasses damaging to a persons eyes? ?
i have lazy eye since two weeks and syst wot do i do?
Who has had laser eye surgery in the UK?
Would full black lenses alter your vision? (Make things darker as if you were wearing sun glasses)?
whats up with my eye ?
How do I know what type of lenses I have? (Glasses)?
Question about eye problem?
a personnel question?
just went to the optician about my contact lenses...?
can someone give me a site where the MMR vaccine is shown as a bad idea?
i got a white blood count liver and kidney blood test?
Will i catch MRSA from visiting my nan in hospital in an open blister on my hand?
NHS needle question (HIV and Hepatitis)?
Can you discuss the solutions to foot and mout disease?
What are the main causes of infections in schools?
Is it meant to look like that?
is yawningng contages?
diarreah from activia. help!!?