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Boil, spot, bite or other?
whats wrong with my stomach?
Does alum and rock coating mixed make something bad?
does anyone know if this is asthma?
what is the difference between hypothermia and pneumonia?
I have the most irritating thickly cough ?
My doc has advised me to inhale vapours from boiling water to clear a blocked sinus, once a day, but .......?
VITILIGO..............Or something else?
do you think i should get my scar removed?
Abscess recently popped on my body.?
Painful corners of mouth and lips?
How can I get rid of all these blackheads on my nose!?!?
Skin Reation to facepaint?
does any no why your lungs pop and make bubling noises?
Stopped Smoking but now ..?
is smoking tea ok to smoke with normal plane paper?
what care should a carer give AFTER someone has had an asthma attack?
i have stop smoking but am been chewing the gum for the past 5 days,the thing is i have allergy reaction from?
In my line of work i work alot of hours, always feeling tired! Started getting nosebleeds, whats wrong with me?
I have had a bad cold for 2 weeks. I feel awful and am not improving. Dr has already given me antibiotics.?
In the long run, what can we do about hayfever?
Does Elastane contain Mercapto
Has anyone tried the "Medisana Medinose" machine?
do antihistamines reverse IgG reactions? ?
If I suffer from May allergies and have decided to take a Kenalog-40 shot, when should I get the shot?
how to help a dry, stuffy, irritated nose?
What is in Mentos, that gives you an allergic reaction ?
alternative to corn syrup?
I'm getting hives. How could this happen?
runny nose,shivering?:(?
I tried Bee Keeping last year.?
the bottom of my nose on one of the nostrils on the outside really hurts and is a little swollen?
Does Tesco sell wheat germ oil?
I am looking at having grommets fitted in my ears, though my hearing is perfect!!?
how can i get my eye to stop watering?
swollen nose funny but worrying?
Have I had an allergic reaction?
Suicide > Should i or not?
Does anyone else suffer from Spots who takes Levothyroxine?
Grommet in left ear, why so painful?
Head probs!?
how do i find out more about jimmys problems?
Loss of sensation?
i have ankylosing spondilitis and starting to get hump,advice please?
Anyone out there know much about spines?
what is the difference between viral and bacterial and fungal diseases?
Flu or no????????????????????????????????
Chicken Pox with only a few spots?
Common Teenage Deaths?
how can i tell people i have headlice?
who do claim compensation from after neighbours flue wrongly installed a year ago?
Please help Knee Pain?
ankle injury- loud snapping noise coming from outside ankle, long term. Recent sprain, swelling reoccuring?
i think i either broke or sprained my arm.?
will i need crutches?
I have a problem with my toe, what do you think it could be?
Swollen and painful cartiladge piercing?
Why do the joints in my right leg keep seizing up?
I have hurt my leg, is it a haematoma and what do I do?
I have had aches in my thighs, arms, and back for the last 3 months. i feel constantly tired and stiff ?
how long does it take someone to die after smoking for so many years.?
My friend had small bowel surgery (removed). What is a j-pouch??
Did you get the H1N1 Vaccine shot during your pregnancy?
My friend got a boil under his arm what can he do about it?
When do I take my meds?
Is Swine Flu the sickness that is mentioned that would spread in the end times ,from the bible?
HELP! I have a huge zit?
What is the best way to treat a cold when you have asthma?
Dark, stinky urine? Prostate/kidney/liver infection?
Signs of reoccurance?
Should I wear my glasses everyday?
What happens when you get something in your eye and can't get it out but your eye feels OK?
i have not got the best eye sight in the world?
Eyelid Problem... Help...?
Can eyes go worse with contact lenses?
Can keratoconus be cured with hard lenses?
help i cant see!!!!!!!!?
How can i learn to burp?
i cant stop twitching!?
who feels poorly today?
Is something wrong with me? I'm always hungry, always tired and often have a bad headache!?
Twitching eye?
is it dangerous to have your laptop on your knee?
Why does this happen?
Why do I never throw up?
Is it just me or are the nurses that do blood tests reeeeeally patronising?
Can 1 sibling be Rh- and the other be O+ ?
Could there be something wrong with me?
Can anyone give me a few tips on how to stop smoking?
are there any side effects if you took more pills of 'Melatonin' natural sleep inducner?
health issue, please help?
Is it safe to strip wallpaper with a steamer whilst pregnant?
i have a twitching eyebrow...?
I need help EMERGENCY!?
i have to go into hospital for a whole week, how much chocolate shall i take,?
How do I quit smoking?
Which is worse to clean up, vomit or blood?
boyfriend has a child. what website can verify this?
Is there a way to improve your eyesight?
High blood pressure even after a week of being "perfect"?
the normal feelings after heart bypass, 15days after.?
What was the cause of my sisters death? I was told it was her heart but can anyone tell me anything specific.?
chest pains?
has any one had carp tunnel syndrome did u get it cured?
My 5 mth son had DMSA scan kidneys and has 2 patches of scarring on L kidney and 1 patch on R. Is this v bad?
What usually happens on your first trip to see a Rheumatologist?
Are my lymph gland's infected?
How can i build my strength and energy following a vomitting bug?
I have diarrhoea, with no pain??
triple x syndrome?
can i claim disability benefit for having high arches?
has anyone used lamictal for epilepsy?
According to you what are the advantages and disadvantages of coming to a new medical school?
Tailbone cyst/abscess?
cannibis and other meds?
rash on torso and burning?
Why have I suddenly got acne at 18?
ACNE SCARS - Best treatment?
contact lenses, I'm wearing the wrong strength for one of my eyes?
I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision. will I be able to use colour contact lenses.?
Can you make your eyes worse by wearing your reading glasses all day?
Has anyone here ever had laser eye surgery?
Why my head is another big eye?
going for a eye test next week do i pay or get it free?
sometimes my right eye itches and becomes watery?
how much is an eye test at vision express.?
has anybody had laser surgery on 1 eye?
Is there any way to improve eyesight?
Glasses Help! Lenses problems...?
Ive been told to cut back no wearing my daily contacts - why ?
can i claim a discount on my son's glasses with my nhs exemption card, he is 19 and at college.?
Does Bates Method really work?
In an eye test why does the optician measure your eye?
Body fat - shape and appearance - what's the difference?
How does anaesthetic effect surrouding brain tissue ?
types of tears?
my poorly friend?
Solitary outside activities?
how do i get the council to give me b&b as im homeless?
Left or right: which leg can you stand on the longest...?
Why do I have some much more energy when the sun is shining?
what is going on for over a year I've been drinking two litres of cider but...?
Why did I feel sick?
good morning to everyone home(england) and abroad?
Metallic taste in mouth, Pregnancy? Having tonsils out next week?
does anyone know what is wrong with Chris moyles producer Rachael??
Black watery diorrhea?
Allergies in Pregnancy?
I am allergic to all formaldehyde products, is there a list of cosmetics that are formaldehyde free?
What are some foods that cause irritation in the Vocal Chords....?
i am allergic to lignocine . why is it taking so long for a substitute i have been waiting 3 week?
has anybody ever suffered from an Allergy to cobalt?
When I get cold, I get itchy hives and a rash?
If wine is processed with casein, does that mean it actually has casein in it?
where can i buy gluten free suet in the uk?
I have an allergy to Vitamin C.Is there a multivitamin I can take that doesn't have a high dose of Vit C in it?
Why am I developing food intolarances?
Possible Hayfever? Or not?
Is tooth ache always present in a sinus infection? Symptoms listed - HELP?
What is a sneezer beam and is it safe to use?
Is powdered egg white still considered allergenic if a product containing this ingredient is cooked?
Serious eye bags for approx 18 months and getting worse?
why is my fingers going numb and hot in one hand?
What is the soft but solid, powdery, green and lumpy nasal discharge coming out of my nose.?
What can cause mucus to be in your urine?
okay so im allergic to just about every pollen going?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get your ears pinned back or a nose job in the united kingdom?
a question for men about breast cancer?
persistent coughing due to cold at night?
anxiety attacks and heart attacks/frostbite.?
what's wrong with me???
Choking..have you ever heard?
osgood schlatter disease??I play soccer?
Can Nail fungus be passed on by nail polish?
911 skin care Help(acne issues)?
SKIN BREAKING OUT????????never happened before?
What products do you find work best for acne?
i had a heart surgery my legs are still swollen and one side of my heart is getting harder and not pumping wel?
famous people who have leukemia or died from it or family member with it?
Stomach Virus, Nausea, Vomiting, stomach cramps, etc.?
how can i lower high blood pressure?
ive had tonsilitus 14 times?
what is the feeling like as soon as you are given a general anethetic?
Damaged my hand somehow, not sure what to do?
How long does it take to get mild hypothermia in the outside air?
Pain in upper leg joint?
I have a black band, across the bridge of my nose and it's not going away?
Can you vomit with a headache?
i keep waking every morning without fail with a headache...?
After i quit smoking Cannabis a week ago... i still feel slightly strange in the head...?
What can I take for Labyrinthitis in pregnancy?
ive been having headaches right above my right eye.. on my forehead obviously... they feel very tight.?
Home remedy's for acne treatment?
Jock itch - does it sound like I have it?
Body is very sore and aches?
I just had a bronchoscopy for a lung mass. Doctor said to call tomorrow for the results. Is this normal?
This is urgent, please answer thoroughly. A friend of mine has an alcoholic mother?
my feet are experiencing numbness more frequently than before,what is happening?
What is Gingivitis?
Do you bite your nails?. why?
Can people die of ordinary flu?
Is Menopause a disease?
My ear is plugged up from ear drops?
Do I have bronchitis?
Black Heads?
Why do my feet smell after i take off my shoes? Its embarassing and gross. HELP!!?
How Do I Get Rid Of A Sunburn?
Do i have OCD?
If you've had shingles can you still get chicken pox?
what is the absolute best way to cure acne fast??(10 points for best answer)?
Whos smokes ciggarettes?
I have been feeling sick for the past 5 days, and I might have symptoms of mono. Help?
glasses brans , what one ???
when your on jobseekers allowance are you supposed to get eye test and glass"s free(lens and frames)?
Swollen Back of Eye???
Whats wrong with my eye?
Whats it like to be colour blind?
My eyes change colour what does this mean?
Contact Lenses Test at Specsavers?
How can I be treated for double vision?
Why do my eyes water so much when i cycle, or when the sun shines...?
Eye prescription missing some numbers / information?
I have some eyesight issues...?
Can I get a lower prescription if I want my vision corrected to 20/20 instead of 20/15?
Peripheral vision how can I test mine for normallity?
Can you get such a thing as extended wear (overnight), coloured contact lenses?
my boyfriend wears glasses and has been complaining about itchy eye lashes and his eyes are becoming puffy.?
My eyes are often sore...?
question about my eyes and my health please read important?
isit weird for a guy to have stripes on glasses?
corrective lenses help?!?
how does the eye doctor test if i am farsighted?
is it very important that both sides of your eyeglasses (hinges and temples) are symmetrical ?
Antihistamines and betahistamines?
whats this about sensitivity to bright light?
1 year old with astma like episodes?
I have a an allergic rash I think caused by wearing wool or something?
Cycling with air-borne allergies?
Has anyone heard of local bees honey helping hayfever?
Will beconase side effects die down?
permanent cure for cat allergy?
What (fatty acid metabolic/food allergy )problem would cause a person's temperature to drop on activity.?
Spam Vs Pork what are the similarities that would cause an allergic reaction?
i have an allergy to orgeat?
health, alcohol and hives?
Is it possible for an allergy to make all my joints click?
is it possible to have a cold but without the runny nose ?
what is resion to love?
Does lactose or casein intolerance include being allergic to eggs, do eggs have lactose or casein in them?
can glycerin in allergy drops cause itching?
Now that spring is here,Gnats are back,HELP.?
Allergy medications while pregnant?
Anyone know of anything good for hayfever? My tablets arent workin!!!!?
does anyone know if cuprofen (a ibuprofen tablet maximum strengh) cause any problems with the pill.?
is there a way to make something on your medical record go away?
Why is sunburn always more sensitive/painful in the evening?
do kalms tablets work (the stress relieving ones, not the night ones)?
Am i weird?
does anyone know what a burning sensation in your legs means or perhaps what a white tongue is caused by ?
If the area around and behind your knees aches while you're walking round the shops does it mean you're unfit
correct medical name for?
what could be wrong with me?
hiddenhearing aids out of news of the warld mag 4weeks ago payment made to directextress company name?
Whats better in life?
What are the effects on the body if drinking a bottle of wine a day and taking Dothiepin?
I had an iron level of 26 which went upto 31 after a month of iron tablets?
Could I have 'Ciguatera' fish poisoning? Docs are stumped!?
Q. what is a good old-fashion home cure for the claps?
Panic attacks and fibromyalgia?
stomach pain?
i have a red patch running from the back of my tongue towards the middle.?
can it take more than three weeks supply of antibiotics to clear cellulitis in the leg up?
Is it dangerous to sleep with a mouthful of water?
Sleeping shuld i keep this up?
Is tinnitus a symptom of coeliac disease?
How long will it take Actimel to make me healthy? & how many before i feel better?
if i had a 600ml cup how many would i have to drink to get my Dayle allowance?
Putting eardrops in at night gives me an orgasm - you?
Is this healthy?
What is 'chitosan'??
breathing through nose making a whistling noise?
Sweating Problems!?
has anyone been in bed nearly asleep and felt like they were paralyzed?
who has the best healthcare system in the world?
Why do i keep waking up?
Will Methadone show up in an over the counter drug test?
If I only get 3 hours sleep each night for 4 nights in a row, will I be ok?
if you were shopping & someone nearby has BAD breath, would you start gagging?
Embarrassing problem!! Excessive flatulence.PLEASE DON'T LAUGH : (?
Dreaming too much??
I get cramp quite often in my calf?
Alcohol limits?
if 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea?
Can I get back in the Army after a knee injury?
Whats Wrong With My Knuckles/ Wirst ?
How do you hit a girl in the Groin?
The top right of my left foot numb?
Why does my head hurt when i lift heavy objects?
Shoulder cracking with pain?
my toe and ankle hurts?
Stubbed My Big Toe A While Ago. Very Sore and Red Today. Any Remedies Please?
Should i go to the hospital?
How to cure hypnthyroidism?
does derma roller really work/helps?
is there any difference in the visual acuity of men and women of the same age [statistically speaking] and....
Recently had laser eye surgery and have just returned to work?
What is wrong with my eye?
Corrective Eye Surgery?
Contact lense care? Urgent!?
Do i have to wear glasses?
If i buy contacts online, will i get the right size?
where can i buy septobore eye drops in the uk?
is there any place in the UK that does prescription contact lenses that make your eyes look different?
i need glasses...........?
Why do I have big pupils?
i'm still worried-squint surgery?
what age do you have to be to get laser surgery?????
How do i stop crying?
what is wrong with my eye?
What is the starting salary for opticians?
I hav a slightly red eye. Do I need to have a pure white eye. I feel no pains. Is it natural?
ma white part of the eye is in yellow colour,is der any way to make it white?
do i need an eye test,?
"Custom" contact lenses?
Injections needed in year 10...?
i was taking cephalexin for a urinary tract infection?
Chicken pox or just a rash?
Do you intend to get the regular flu shot this season and the H1N1 shot?
What's the best way to get rid of acne using tea tree oil?
Doctors HELP!!!! CHEST PAINS!!!?
Sore throat help?? Homeremedies?
My husband got the swollen feet suddenly, I would like to know the reason. Thank you.?
what could these symptoms be?
I have had a chicken pox vaccination but unsure about some things?
what is the rational for naming hiv the immunodeficiency virus? is it cause it attacks the immune system?
Ok i think im addicted to cutting myself. please help.?
Do i have lice? Please help!
When do you apply your facial moisturizer?
Get rid of this please!?
Withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking.?
Asthma trouble! Help!! 10 points!!!?
Why do i keep stopping breathing?
I inhaled a can of spray paint will I be ok?
what single ingredient is it in Vic's vapour ,rubbed into your feet that works?
why do only some people snore?
Why the peoples and the animals exist?
what is the difference between heartburn and indigestion??
can it be broken?
Can you explain this rash?
alcohol sensitivity??
what does gooseing mena?
i always feel light headed?
Why do we dream.....?
are there any doctors on yahoo answers?
Explain how legislation, policies and procedures are used to promote health and safety...?
Has anyone tried Matula tea? Just wondering can it really heal stomach ulcers?
feel awful-tummy bug/trapped wind?
has anybody heard of the drug Ambrina? How can I get it in Ghana?
My Ears Popped? now I can hear everything really clearly?
Am I having a growth spurt?
what can causes a sinus infection?
Is it possible to get shock reactions from a severe allergy to grasses?
Help me with milk drinking?
SHould I rub his nose in it?
what is allergic ferengitis?
Hay fever allergy reliever. Does it work?
antihistamine advice?
I take metroclopramide tablets, they make me very sleepy; I was wondering if there was something to wake me up
Cold Sore or Oral Allergy Syndrome?
The importance of following instructions about children’s diets to avoid known allergic reactions, h?
alergic to eggs,please enlighten me more re tapestry?
Can I buy Atarax over the counter without prescription in the UK?
what are the ingredients of pulmo bailey cough syrup?
drinking alcohol whilst on prednisone and cetrizine hydrochloride...?
what are the side effects of not getting alergy shots?
How can I both have a food intolerance to milk and be OK with cream???
Dog Allergies????????
can you have oral allergy syndrome without hayfever?
about three days ago i think i was bitten. at first i thought it was just a blind spot as it swelled up to the?
are there any ways to soothe a cat from runny nose & watery eyes?
Lines on paper move around, and I can't follow them with my eyes.?
i have stigmatism dr have now said no to laser?
I have been diagnosed with Retinal Drusen. Has anyone else out there got this?
what's wrong with my eye?
Has anyone ever used an contact lens inserter & remover?
Can someone explain my eye test results?
contact lens question.?
i want to have laser eye treatment, have you had it done?
How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out?!?
Can I convert my contact lens prescription to a spectacle one, or do I need another eye test?
I think i've damaged my eye lashes. Need some advice?
Is this bad for my eyes?
Could you answer my eyesight questions please?
What the heck is up with my eye!?!?
How bad a prescription do some people have for glasses?
How much is it usual to wear glasses in the region of -2?
white eyes?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
How much worse is my eye sight likely to get?
Spectacle frames, why so expensive?
how would a person with asperger's syndrome require support with learning?
Tape worms?
What long term effects can pinworms have on the human body?
should i continue my 2nd jab of cervarix?
name and describe three epithelial tissues?
How common are systemic blood infections?
Would the fact that I am such a gloomy person have an impact on my immune system?
My mum has cold and I don't want to catch it...?
What could be a good shampoo for a trichotillomania patient?
How to get rid of spots?
facial redness from change in temperature?
Why do I have a solid line way across my palms? Why is my head line and heartline joined together?
How do i get rid of this? :?
What should I do, I have lots of spots on my forehead, and around my cheeks? Best cure?
dermatitis .? any help?
A friend of mine had a car accident and suffered only a whiplash. After 3 months blood clot apeared.?
Glass in foot poisoned?
Could My whiplash injury last a long time?
How Many Bones Have You Broken?
Lump behind my ear...Should I be scared!!!!?
I am a canadian. I want to find an american medical clinic?
I'm 20 years old and have a family history of breast cancer, when should I start getting my mammograms done?
Why are people so worried about swine flu?
Can Cellphones Cause Cancer...........?
what the maximum time you can you survive without oxygen?
Can you suggest a deoderant I could use?
Swollen glands under neck..?
sleeping paralysis?
I just pierced my ears a couple days ago, its doubled pierced and its on the top part of my ear.?
DOWN SYNDOME Parents with this will the baby also have it?
What's the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
can 22 years old female be a victim of heart attack? if she is a patient of low blood pressure?
I had an EKG today and was told they found an irregular heartbeat.. Should I be worried?
Would a gas mask protect you from thw Swine Flu?
Why am I so ITCHY!!!?
Almost driven to suicide by eczema. please answer.?
Daydreaming when you're in bed at night?
5"3 , 10 stone and size 10, do i need to diet?
got anxiety? and tips?
does anyone know the difference?
Does taking Ginseng, Vitamin c & Royal Jelly have any long term effects to health?
do i really need to wear a headband for a week after ear correction surgery, or can i just at bed time..?
how long to be dead without sleep?
What is the cure for dipsomania?
Painful Heel?
Water? What illness can you get?
What are the benefits of taking Evening Primrose tablets?
If your feet smell and your nose runs , are you built upside down?
can you tell me how to cope with fibromyalgia ?
What can alleviate the soreness of a tongue after radiation treatment please?
How can I ease the discomfort of bloating?
in medicswhat does these idioms stand for?cytotoxic,tnf,chemokine,cd8,il-2,il-4,il-5,cox-1,cox-2,pgh2,pgd2,?
what is the HSC?health and safety?
my daughters have bot severe sickness and diarroheoar, they ate 2 chicken mini nan things, after looking at?
Why do I get fever feeling when I get heartburn?
Strange Postural Headaches - Any Ideas??
Does anyone know where in the UK a laser treatment clinic for quiting smoking is?
How can I reduce the ringing in my ears?
What year did vaccinations start in the uk?
Feel so bloated what can I do to get rid of this?
i feel as my lif is bouring how can i change this feeling.......?
what is it called?
help snoring??????????
I accidently breathed in c02?
I have had a continuous cough for a week now...?
I have had a cold,and have been left with a bit of a chesty cough.Whats the best medicine to get?
how can i help the pain of blocked up ears?
whats my chest pain?
Symbicort inhaler for asthma, advice please...?
Can only B blood group be rhesus?
Can you recover from tendinitis and stress fractures in the hip area?
Emergancy i have never felt this sick !!! please help?
Blood in phelgm...? I smoke occasionally, is this why?
is there a treatment for acne rosacae?
i think i need Help, really Bad!?
allergic reaction?
More info about the hayfever releiver Probes?
how long does a HEAT RASH last!!! its been 4 days!!! please any help!! it itches likes a beast!!?
every time i eat i come out in a rash can you help?
Does anyone one here have oral allergy syndrome ?
Is a workplace legally obliged to change the soap if a worker is allergic to it?
What chemials do I need to make a treated bed net? I live in South America and mosquitos are bothering me terr?
I lost my voice and need it back. help!?
Is their such a product available as a anti pollen spray?
What is Rosita that makes the nose look red like someone who drinks a lot of wine?
ive just bought a humidifier and its making the surrounding areas wet?
Could i have a dust mite allergy?
How can I get rid of a really badly blocked nose?
Do you prefer wearing glasses or contact lenses? And also I'm worried about people's reactions if I get them.?
do i need to see the opticians?
my eyes are -3.00 and -2.75?
I need help with glasses?
Do you think my glasses prescription are really bad?
For general all round use, which single vision lenses should I choose for my new prescription glasses?
Laser Eye Surgery 'problems'?
Excess eye rubbing can cause eyes to?
A flea crawled into my eye when i was asleep. Could this really harm me? Badly even?
Why do Boots Opticians do not want to give me Gas Permeable lenses?
I am having chalazion cut in my eye lid tomorrow?
Which contact lense solution?
Am I worrying over nothing? I need glasses?
My right eye is really red and sore in th corner.?
I just had a shower wit my contact lenses in?
NHS free eye test and free lense for glasses?
Constant Blindess paranoia?
I shaved my face and now i have spots all over, How do i get rid of them?
How long does cystic acne heal?
Other ways to clear acne?
Which is better for your pores? Steam Room or Sauna?
What's up with my arms?
Red Patches On my face Help?
blood tests and showing signs of cancer?
does anyone know what that disease is called...?
Information needed on Down Syndrome and what to expect in the later years - health, life span, etc.?
What is this bump on the back of my neck? (PIC PROVIDED)?
what happens if a kidney doesn't work?
The best way to quit smoking?
If a person has liver & stomach cancer, can a living person donate those parts to them & help them recover?
Why were some people immune to the back death/black plague?
my whole body has been itching for about 2 weeks now and i havent eaten or used anything diff Someone HELP!!!!
HELP!!! Big zit on my nose!!!!!?
Why would someone think that thyroid cancer is not a sad moment?
My son age 11 has like a mapping pattern on his tongue, sometimes a bit sore.?
When a person is ill, with a virus or something, why does the body temperature rise?
The Killer In Me?
toxic or not?
big voice box?
Head Become Cold, Feeling uneasyness,?
Problems with my kidneys, can anyone help?
Are minor side effects from blood pressure pills actually doing you any harm?
Is this a normal heart rate?
Can someone tell me my contact lens prescription from my glasses prescription please?
I got shot in the eye with an airsoft gun am i ok?
Will my eye be okay please HELP?
Can anybody else breathe out of their eye?
How much is an eye test in Specsavers for a 16 year old?
A runny eye!?
Does this happen to anyone else.?
thrush in healthy 4 year old? please help.?
what good cures for a sore throat?
NDM-1 "Superbug" N Bugs?
Do people still get trichinosis? When was the last reported case of it?
How can you tell (by recovery time) if you have cracked a rib?
How to treat my bruised finger nail?
what does it mean if your right side of yurr ribs are black ?
high body temperature and swelling due to an injury?
Are you meant to cough up and spit out phlegm and what can happen if you dont?
Is the smell of tar harmful?
Diagnosed with pleurisy on Monday(but hadn't felt well for 2 months!!)?
the doctor would not give me an antibiotic for my sinus infection ive had it a week!?
worrying pain in my chest?
Could this be a chest infection?
My husband has a shadow on his lung following a chest infection?
Is UK medical system ridiculous ?
A bad cough that happens in the morning?
Whooping cough?
do i have a lung disease?
copd diagnosis and treatment?
Where on the planet is there any FRESH AIR<< is this a difficult question..?
Symtoms: a sense of fullness in ears; nausea; light headed when move; lethargic?
how does an endoscope works?
What is Health and Illness????
giving birth after a gastric bypass?
Are there any real Doctors here anywhere that i could have a chat with?
boney feet...?
what cause's the burning sensation in throat?
What does a white blood cell count of <10x10^6/L mean?
what benefits are you entitled to when you have chronic myloid leukaemia?
How can I transfer Photos from an old BTopenworld to new Yahoo?
RGN number?
Dissiness and blurred vision?
Is this normal........?
I am looking for a cosmetic surgeon to liposuction & breast reduction at chennai. who is best in chennai?
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
internet Addiction!! how can you get rid of that?
why is it!!!?
Asthma getting worse?
Is there anyway to ACTUALLY prevent a cold?
any 18-20 year olds with colon cancer?
When will i be too old for heart surgery?
Do i have Multiple Sclerosis?
i have wide feet is there a way to get rid of it?
I have acne on my back?
Not eating much due to flu. Had chocolate cake, tylenol #3 tonight and it came back. Codeine the problem?
Question about fatal asthma attacks?
how can i get rid of a blister?inside my mouth and ton my lips help?please fast?
how to get rid of emo scars.. picture included.?
how do i stop smoking?
Im 16, should I get the H1N1 Vaccine?
how do you treat your childs eczema?
What is wrong with my eye?
Why do my eyes water for half an hour after I wake up please?
is looking at computer screens and reading for long periods of time effect bad eye site/lazy eyes?
Which one is lazy eye?
Is eyewear a used term in the UK?
What is a hyatus hernia?
Couldnt sleep last night, want to go shopping in an hour or two no energy and a bad head HELP.?
My foots going numb! Why?
What causes varicose veins?
I've been feeling quite strange recently?
Does someone know what symptoms arise from liver damage?
Have you ever fainted before?
Why do my fingers swell up when I eat certain foods??
ive got school in the morning and its 3:20am and i cant sleep ! Any help?
Why do I go to bed at 1- 5 am?
Should pharmacists have the right to refuse to dispense emergency contraceptives?
Ok.. can't sleep? doctors? pills?
Why when I lay on my front I go dizzy for about 5 minutes and see stars?
Has a fly ever woken you up from a deep sleep?
Help I'm really scared!! What just happened?
last night i blacked out for around 20mins, after half hour of doing cocaine, why?
Can Humans catch Kennel Cough from their dogs??
I'm so constantly bloated at the moment...what could be causing it??
Why do our eyes water when we go out in the cold or the wind ?
How do i get a good nights sleep?
Chilblain treatment suitable cream?
why is my skin burning and itchy?
how to get softer skin?
Help! I have a white tongue, foamy mouth, bubbly tongue and throat, raised bilateral tongue bumps, post drip.?
Spots, bad skin around mouth?
why it is important to follow procedure about allergies?
is costus root oil toxic if a drop is snorted throgh the nose?
green tea bag on face good for?
Recently my eyes have become itchy on the lids and below them, The lids are also puffy, what could be wrong?
I have an allergy in my nose and running aggrivates it. Why?
How can it affect me if I keep on eating foods I am allergic to?
Does anyone out there suffer from rhinitis?
What in cheese spread to you reckon it is I'm allergic to?
For the last few mornings I have woken up with itchy and tired eyes. Is it an allergy?
Anyone know where I can find stats on how many people suffer skin allergies in the UK? please help!?
Is this an allergy to Scallops, if so how long will the effects last?
I have just been treated for skin/ear irritation now it feels as if it's in my nose?
Wasp repellents - Found out I am highly allergic last summer!?
I have a egg allergy is there a cure or a treatment I could take that can cure my allergy?
I have a citrus allergy (been to see the specialist) but what in citrus am I actually allergic to?
Is sugar a respiratory sensitiser?
Allergy and friend advice question?
allergic / itchy rash?
Nickel allergy.....ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?
A question about milk and dairy?
my four year old is having a tonsilectomy?
Magnetic Sensitivity?
is it safe to look after client with kidney dialysis if carer have cold symptems?
HYPOthyroidism is destroying my life :-(?
I have a lump on my shin?
how does spina bifida affect people?
What is the best way to treat Crohns Disease which is causin Pleurisy cos the inflamation is spreadin upwards?
my horse has bloodshot eyes?
Friend with severe Parkinsons + trachaeotomy in hospital seeks to communicate but how?
Europeans did not seem to suffer vast disease-related casualties during the conquest of South America?
When u microwave food like eggs does it turn the eggs cancerious or it just kills the good stuff in the food?
Eczema help? Not hives, cortate is not working!?
I have recently been diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis?
Are these considered as Diseases?!?!?! 10Points?
Can you put wart removers on warts that is on the neck?
Moisturizer for my face?!?!!?
Could I have COPD or some other problem?
if you are going into sergery for pancreas cancer, whats the percentage of you living?
Does my daughter have swine flu?
I'm noticing large red splotches (3-4") on my 6 year old in the morning.No swelling or lumps.Any ideas?
My husband is ill what's wrong with him?
I want a tattoo on my upper back but I have acne problems, what can I do?
What is the best way to check for colan cancer ?
how do i prevent ingrown hairs?
My foot really hurts! I don't know what to do. Please help!?
What's this wound on my knee?
I have DOMS(Delayed onset muscle soreness) and it won't go?
What am I meant to do? ;(?
Trapped nerve - help?
A desk fell on my toe!?!?!?
Nose problem!! Wierd cracking noise?
I have had an x ray on my knee and a bone island was found what is this?
Why do I still wake up felling rough after cutting down on alcohol and other things?
i am a nurse who was caught to work in private home while off sick in nhs will i be procsecuted?
Why do i get blisters on my hands after workout sessions?
Multiple Knee Ligament Injury Damage?
is it bad that my piercer put a nose ring in straight away?
How Can I Make My Nose Stick Out Less?
My kneee is a nightmare and i am only 17 ?
i took 20 ibuprofen 2 days ago i feel fine but will i be ok?
very painful shoulder?
how is heart rate controlled?
is it possible to get rid of a urinary tract infection at home?
is there a natrul way to get rid of thred worms?
I have these bumps on my throat!?
A couple of weeks ago i had food poisoning and was passing blood as well. I thought I?
What are the after effects of bacterial meningitis?
I have a inner ear infection for 3 months?
any one ever heard of the book ''cold sore free forever''?
Ice cubes for swollen foot.?
My baby boy of 7months has chicken pox.........?
is hyper acidity normal to a person having chicken pox?
Can conjunctivitis be caused by not enough sleep or eye-strain?
What do you haltest von Dieter Bohlen?
Help ?!?!?! Whats wrong with me?
what to do if you have oily skin?
Whats the best way to get rid of blackheads?
will i grow out of my acne?
Quickest ways to remove spots?
how do i get rid of a dry patch on my face?
Skin condition mystery?
Does toothpaste over night really get rid of hickeys? help please!!?
Please help me with my spots!!!!!?
Wounds on Legs that refuse to close up or dry up!?
Bad spots ??????????/////?
If you have coeliacs diesease could you please contact me so that i can email you some questions?
allergic reaction to clinique three step ?
Why do so many middle/old aged people have lumps on their faces? Why don't they have them removed?
Constipation and orange juice intolerance advice, please read x?
Runny Nose but Active.... (Rats - Any expert / experienced advice please)?
will the NHS ever get out of the hole it is in?
disability help. I'm confused?
Blood Colour?
Health-Nail Color Question?
Anyone shocked by channel 4 docu: drinking yourself to death?
i hear this often lol?
Bloated lower right stomach?
Short leg but longer spinal column area?
relaxing in the evening without alcohol?
in a playgroup setting can soiled nappies be put in with the normal everyday waste along with sanitary waste?
How do I stop the old Chalfont St. Giles from this terrible itching?
Is it safe to drink when using Hayfever tablets?
whats the story of 'under the weather" especially when the?
Why does taking Thyroxine cause insomnia?
pa nick attacks?
They found during my regular physical that my blood platelets were 514,000. Should I worry?
A.A.A.D.D. - know the symptons.....please read!?
coloboma 2?
Is it true that there is a place in a man's head that if you shoot it it explodes?
Have you ever nearly died?
how can i gain confidence?
yet another stabbing in london...im scared now this is way to common now?
why is it important that the MMR jab is not given before a child turns one year old?
digestion, white stools?
45 yrs old n having phyllodes tumour 2nd time should i go for surgery tumour/should remove complete breast?
does this sound endocrine gland related or what?
What is causing my blurred vision after meals?
why won't my doctor prescribe sleeping tablets?
I really fancy a cigarette...?
Would putting a cigarette out on your tongue hurt?
Feel like I'm gonna throw up....?
do the cravings get any better?
Why do i hear a high pitched tone in my head?
how do people who have been blind from birth dream? They can't see pictures if they have never seen anything
faint and dizzy spells?
I have been signed off sick- when do I go back to work?
Does enyone know how to find my nearest pharmacy thats open 24 hours (in UK)?
I smoked weed 6 days ago and i still feel really weird?
How to get sleep easier at night?
Please help me to SLEEP better.....Really driving me mad!?
my daughter s had belly pains in belly 4 about 3 wks now needs scan & bloods wot does doc think it could be?
medical question?
I've had these symptoms for five days, and i really don't want to go to the Dr's. What Could Be Wrong?
Really sore throat, what to use?
I just like passed out for no reason, am I okay?
does this count as self harm?
Who is quitting cigs on 1 jan 2010.?
i am 60 and when i wake up i never feel refreshed. Is that sleep apnoea?
pain becoming unbearable?
Why do i cough so much?
What Causes Pneumonia?
Few questions about asthma?
will this help?
What symptons can occur ?
What is a sore throat and how can I cure it?
My stomach feels like it's burning.. like something is literally eating away at my stomach.. what is this!?
Bad stomach pains after taking iron pills?
Can gallbladder stones cause severe swirling dizziness,nausea & vomiting?
Do you have to be panicked to have a panic attack?
Will a child be a guaranteed liver match to their father?
is pneumonia contagious?
I work out constantly and try to starve myself do i have an eating disorder ?
Hand cream for eczema?
i want to get my appendix out, PLEASE ANSWER?
Help please! Do I have AIDS?
Removing Blackheads on nose, Home remedies?
My eyes are feeling really tired but it is not from overuse of contact lense wear! What could it be?
why does your eye sometimes become blurry?
monthly contact lenses question..please help?!?
Reading glasses question!!?
I would like to know what my sight is like when people say they have 20/20 vision?
white eye reflex?
do i need glasses if my left eye is "9/9" and my right eye is "9/6"? ?
Went for eye test and the optician gave me 6/4 ua. I'm confusd. Do I hav bad eye? shouldn't it be 6/6 or 20/20
My eyes are acting strange :S?
Opticians. Who do you recommend?
eyes problems?
Non-reactive pupils.. what does it mean and what causes it?
what is that sleepy gunk called that gathers in the corner of your eye?
Hayfever & contacts, help!?
My bottom eye lid swollen but doesn't hurt?
What can i do to fix a "squint" in one of my eyes???? help!?
What to do if cirus gets in your eye?
What is this seperate bit of colour in my eye?
how far down on the eye chart till u need glasses??
why don't the British army approve of laser eye surgery?
Can i have heart disease at 15?
Lymphoma or glandular fever?
What are the symptons if I have got shingles.?
are you eligible for D.L.A. if you have ankylosing spondylitis?
How long will will i be in hospital for if i have a synovectomy and how long does the procedure take?
what are the symtoms of gallstones?
How does vitamin C help to cure a cold?
any way to get rid of bed bugs in a simple way?
Subaracnoid hemorrhage - has anyone had coiling and stent please?
Cystic Fibrosis: Distribution?
citalopram up and down?
whats the first signs of r.a?
Is fragmented froth part of a billious attack, or should I escape from my straitjacket??
had bad attack of ibs last few days bad stomach ache etc feel bettter after taking pepto bismel but feel fulll
How long to take stemetil for dizziness and what do if dizziness reappeare when the drug is discontinued?
fake cigarettes.?
Does a person with severe hypokalaemia (i.e. very low potassium levels) need to be in hospital?
I have a stye under my eye that is stinging and itchy so was given this golden eye ointment to apply?
reading glasses to help with computer eye strain?
do eye prescriptions change from country to country?
eye test uk - few qs?
help i keep seeing things in the corner of my eye?
When I look to the side (roll my eye) it gives me a bad headache?
i have this stuff cming out m ee its kinda yellowi greeni and i am keep having to wipe it what is it?
tattoos after smallpox?
What does laser eye surgery do?
Blurred vision in one eye (due to dryness)?
Gammy eye - what is it?
Is reading a book as bad for your eyesight as using the computer or playing video games?
is this normal for eye vision?
How can I adjust my eyeglasses to better fit my face?
laser eye surgery, how was it?
Opticians: will a 1.74 thin and light lense do the trick?
Opticians please! Q about thinner lenses?
When do you pay for eye laser surgery?
Coloured Contact lenses (technical info)?
A question for those who successfully managed to quit smoking?
Can a bang on the nose cause nasal congestion?
painful yellow and red bruise on my thigh?
please help me sprain my ankle!?
I have had headaches for over two years; what could it be?
Soleus muscle pain advice?
I sprained my ankle! (PLEASE HELP)?
I think I pulled my hamstring? Help!?
Can anything be done about eyelid nerve damage?
is it normal to have sore ribs after being T-boned in a car accident?
where can i buy a leg ankle cast from they are plastic and padded with velcro straps so they can be removed to?
ciminal injuries under 18 ?
if doctor send you to hospital for a x-ray of your foot and a bunion is it serious?
How long will it take for my ribs to heal?
concussion getting worse?
I Passed Out This Morning, And I Still Feel Dizzy?
i have a burning feeling going down my forearm and iv had a cortisone injection thinking it was tennis elbow?
How long will it take for me to walk after dislocating my knee cap?
i am in year 9 and am having trouble picking my options. What must i pick if i want to be a doctor?
If I start a regime of going to sleep at the same time every night,what improvements will happen?
What pills can you get from the Doc to help quit smoking and what do they do?
Red scabby spot things HELP?
what can i do about my dry flaky skin?
A week before and during my menstruation I get rashes. Is it normal?
What would help me manage my psoriasis? Does anyone have any tips?
Best acne spot treatment??!?
I have this numb area on the left upper part of my back, and it leads around under my arm, almost like a strip?
Multiple Sclerosis, is it really a combination of illnesses?
im addicted to chocolate. is there a name for this? is this a type of illness? its really serious?
I can't hear out of one of my ears... why?
Irritation in my right eye? What's causing it?
can you have too much?
iv got this weird thing where i suddenly feel really nauseous for a few seconds and then i sneeze and the sick
How long does it take for your UK blood donor card to come through?
i have ingrown hair in face, and doctor wont remove?
deteriorating eyesight?
My sister thinks shes dyslexic how can she get tested and where?
Electric pylons???
Are GP's benefitting from prescribing certain drugs?
What are those mystery pains?
What does dreaming about an specific person mean?
Has anyone ever had experianc with Suboxone.Subutex.Buprenorphine & how did you come off it?
Every time i drink?
does pulling of fingers until it click, if you keep doing that often,do it cause any damage to the fingers?
Pain in the neck and back from computer work. What cream can I use?
How often is it normal to need check ups for short-sightedness?
sings of bleeding lungs?
how does exchange gas occur in the alveoli?
Annoying Cough!!!!!!!!!!?
what coursed me to have a chest infection.?
Tips on Soothing Itch Cough Throat?
why am i bleading form my lungs in the morning?
can any one tell me the name of the new tablet coming on the market to help you stop smoking?
I think my 12 year old son might have started smoking?
how long does the smell of weed stay in the air outside after it has been smoked?
Smokers lungs...?
Is Rhinoplasty possible?
What is the worst scenario after having a liver biopsy done?
Medics please!Lung Xray show a shadow!if not an infection!what could it be!wots the best scan,is it the MRI or
does anyone suffer from a hiatus hernia and acid reflux?
Is the human placenta really a cure for asthma?
what doesn it mean that i get a painful throat and tightness while running?could it be exercise induced asthma
Shuddering when waking?
blood tests?
Is Tourettes a mental Health Issue?
Could it be M.E???
sometimes i have small involuntary spazzes, in like my arm or leg. any info on this?
i'm due to have a hip rotation op in march and i dont know much about it help ??
how do you get piles?
what does mural thickening in the sigmoid region mean?
Toxoplasmosis from cattery?
I have just been diagnosed with high potassium and cholesterol,what does this mean.I am 58yrs old?
How do you feel after Intracranial pressure measuring?
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
I tend to get severe social anxiety to the point where I will be dripping in sweat when talking.?
Two dr.'s I went to didn't give me abx for my red throat and pus.?
Itchy red little bumps everywhere?!!?
whats the big deal about the H1N1 vaccine ?
I feel like I am overweight and know I am about to become bulimic and I don't know what to do.?
Feeling a little insane!!?
Gallbladder or something else??
to all the people trying to quit smoking!!!!?
Food Poisoning Symptoms?
Does anyone have information regarding Idiopathic Edema?
What do you do to help yourself when you have the flu?
I have a frien who is copd and since they put her on oxygen she seems to be getting worse,i?
I can't go pee! Need some advice!?
I am tired of going to the doctor about this, but I seriously think I have hypothyroid?
What happens when they operate on your liver?
Going for another eye test.. but I want contacts?
just had an eye test today.?
problems with my eye sight?
Serious question about eyes?
Can an optometrist tell you the thickness of your cornea?
if the hinge on your eyeglasses frame is bent slightly can this cause an imbalance in the way the glasses fit?
what is the leaking and soreness from my eye?
problems with eyes what could it be?
had enough of my eyes?
What do you think I should Do? (about my eye's)?
Slight pain under my left tear duct?
How old on average would you have to be to wear daily disposable contacts?
Eye sight- Minature black and white dots acting like a canvas, is it something to worry about?
how come 1 minute my eye is fine and the next minute it goes all white?
How does laser eye surgery work and how can it blind you?
Can you get coloured contact lenses for any type of prescription?
can eye contacts damage your eye?
What skills are required to make glasses at Specsavers?
An Eye For An Eye..........................................?
Rigid Gas Permeable?
what are the symtoms of gallstones?
Can i request the chicken pox vaccine for my 3 y/o?
what is nose bleed?
What undiagnosed medical problem would cause a dentist to tell a patient to see a physician first?
Has anybody tried the new stop smoking drug champix ?
wat you think of the smoking ban. i like my cigs innit. man told me to put out me cig cause me next to 2 kids?
Ive recently signed up for Clinic tests...?
Anyone else have a really annoying cough?
I keep moaning about how cold it is what shall I do to keep myself warm?
What happens when someone wakes up from a coma?
anyone got photosensitive sneezing?
My father was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer, where can i go enquire about a claim?
what is a normal resting pulse rate for a 39 year old?.?
i was just wondering what is the speed of smell?
Do you have a high Metabolism?
What effects does 'ESTROFEM' have on a male body?
i want to feel happy?
humidity is it better high or low for breathing?
I bumped my head this morning and now I have swelling on my jawline?
i'm almost always really cold, especially my hands and feet...?
Tickly throat, chest pain and trapped air?
Why do guys always adjust them selves ?
what could this pain be?
im sooo dizzy !!?? ...?
What is wrong with me ?
What is the best way to ease palpitations as they happen?
prescription drugs stop nausea or vomiting?
When you get a touch of the grrrs for no reason, how can you shift it?
Will my body recover from my eating disorder???
what on earth is a wicklow?
Can you continue to claim DLA if you return to full time work?
Does anyone know whats wrong with me?
What is your fountain of youth?
Questions for ADULTS only!?
How do I wake up in the morning w/o an alarm?
What is the name of the treatment?
i am noticable veiny?
how do i get rid of warts?
Anal skin tag removed lots of pain help?
Why do I have white spots on my face?
I get "burns" on my skin from white crystals?
I found the Phrase Chocolate Alcoholic in one of George Orwell's works,Can anyone tell me what that is?
is it bad if i'm having my peroiode on and off now for like 2 wees?
Guaifenesin, Fibromyalgia and gel nails?
ive had pouchitis for 4years and cant get rid of it,please help!!?
What would cause low iron levels of 4, painful joints, fever, high glucose levels & extreme fatigue. Help pls!
Pneumonia and using saunas, good or bad?
can a kidney cyst give you pain?