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Please help: emergency rooms in San Gabriel, CA with psychiatrist on site?
Should i see a therapist ?
Do you hate when family/friends ask why you're having a pity party when you're actually depressed?
I have OCD, but I can't afford treatment?
Weird Question but...?
Could I have ADD? please help!?
Is it very serious to want to be dead even if you do not have a plan to commit suicide?
Is it Ok I choose to be alone?
I can't seem to find an inpatient mental health facility in my area?
I went to bed at 12 night and woke up at 4-30AM.Only 4 and half hours sleep.Now I am in front of my Laptop.?
Help! I think my boss is bipolar/manic. Suggestions on how to work with her?
Plz help... I feel awful?
are these two related in any way?
Am I developing an eating disorder?
Does this sound like anxiety?
how much money is spent on sleep medication each year in south korea?
Why do i feel like i look different at school than i do at home?
I can't stop picking at my split ends?
Giving up smoking - how is it going for you?
Where can I find a comfortable desk or office chair?
what cause to to blurp often suddenly?
my husband has been ill just come out if hospital, will need surgery in a months time what benefits can we cla
Just noticed my son has a blue tinge to his skin under his nails, any idea what causes that.?
I've got Auditions tomorrow, and i really can't sleep! Any Tips?
i am stood at a machine all day my feet swell up...but my employers wont allow me to sit on a stool...?
Case Study - 82 year old man with severe hearing difficulties?
Why turning the clocks back is bad for health?
What can I get my daughter for a sore throat?
why do some people drool when they sleep?
Worried what this is?
how can i slow down when i speak?
best way to get a doctors note?
red line going up arm?
i want to obtain my medical history?
Does anyone know where to buy the tobacco substitute they have in the amsterdam coffee shops?
Why is it important to differentiate between micrograms and milligrams?
I really need tips on how to get to sleep faster tonight?
snoring how to stop it?
Alcohol related question?
deafness after polypectomy?
PCOS, Elevated Prolactin, Insulin resistance, lack of periods?
does anyone know what polymyositis means? does anyone know someone with polymyositis?
Is there blood group Oh?
i am having my endometriosis removed?
are there any OTC drugs available to cure Leucorrhea/Leucoria.if yes, please share.?
What is leucoencefafalopatia - had 2 strokes in Spain?
i feel ill but dont know what it is?
Glasgow Coma Scale-is it used nationally for trauma patients to determine whether a brain CT scan is justified
tegretal 800mg twice daily for epilepsy for an adult?
does my wife need her gallbladder removed ?
weird symptoms 1?
what are the main differences between sickle cell disease & sickle cell anaemia?
Blood blister on my leg has started to hurt?
Cruciate ligament tare?
i cut myself today and the blood wont stop dripping?
Fell down the stairs... worried I may have fractured my leg?
Have I Broke My Knuckle Cause I Cnt Go To The Doctors And I Need To Know?
what is the acl rehab before surgery?
My toe dislocated, and I have no idea why?
Broken rib hurts 1 year later?
Plz help any idea what this guy could have ...... read on no smart comments plz only genuine answers?
I want to learn more about swan gangz hemodynamic readings and they mean?
Does anyone have any tips about life after knee replacement?
Hunzas (Himalayan Mountains)?
Question about wind in chest? Long question?
Will hypnosis help me to stop smoking?
Social aniexty?
A sudden Nosebleed after 10 years, for no reason?
How To Cure Being Sick?
Should I exercise if I am coughing up green phlegm and have a cold?
whats wrong with me? i am always tired, feelin sick and my temperature keeps rapidly changing?
I Cant Do Press-Ups!?
whats the best thing to do for a kidney infection?
where in the body is the imune system?
help bad tummy problems?
Nose Bleeds?
acne problem?
How do you get rid of Cold Saws ASAP?
quitting smoking tips?
I cant seem to be swallowing food. Everytime i eat, the food get pushed out with lots of phlegm.can sum1 help?
what is it?
doctors please answer!!!?
What does a swollen eye mean?
get daily headaches i was told to get my eyes checked...?
What are the symptoms of AIDS?
Help with recovering from mono..?
My Dad just found out he has lymphoma it started as a lump on his neck.?
how to deal with a relative with a brain tumour?
Should i be scared about the swine flu?
can someone please inform about Asperger's Syndrome?
what are the chances of a 14 year old having breast cancer?
What is in my armpit? Is it cancer?
is it cancer... or not?
I have a lump on my eye or either my eyelid?
My 5 year old child has been sick since begining of November. Runny nose, coughing, fever on and off...?
In the UK how much on average do you have to pay for an eye exam?
buying a different brand of contact lense?
My Prescription?
Is this new prescription hurting my eye?
Eye operation?
Specsavers. I have astigmatism. How long after ordering glasses do you have to wait for them to arrive?
Contact Lense Question?
I am 35 yrs , having -10 number & using lenses from last 14 years if lasik eye surgery is safe for eyes?
Prescription coloured contacts?
my daughter keeps blinking her eyes and strange lip movements this has happpened 3 years on the trot?
Can I wear contact lenses the first day?
Might have lost the contact in my eye?
my eye ???????????????????????????
Laser eye surgery question?
Does laser eye surgery work on hypermetropia?
What HAppenS If I drink Alot Of Delsym(cough MEd)?
Bi-vocals vs Vari-focals ?
Do your organs fail if you attempt suicide by cutting your wrist?
How can you make Ambien more effective?
I said something mean and didn't remember it or even know that i said it right after it happened.?
is there any help for a women who keeps lying?
Is there a speech disorder like this?
How do I gain the Strength to become Independent and not Kill myself?
Is there anything wrong with me being like this?
why do i get such peculiar feelings? can anyone really help?
Anxiety meds for gad?
Who thinks more freely than an autistic schizophrene?
Depersonilazation and anxiety disorders! i need help please:)?
Trouble breathing while trying to sleep?
Is councelling good for depression?
Why after crying I feel more relaxed?
Any good cbt therapist in hyd?
Have someone distracted you from talking?
Im allergic to my anti epilepsy drugs what else could I try?
I need help on Allergy advice?
If you have a really blocked nose, but cant blow it, what is it and why does it hurt so much?
pressure in face, temples, nose, forehead?
Medical proffesionals please?
my top lips swollen up?
Rapeseed allergies help please?
anyone see the Oprah show when Dr. OZ was on and someone asked about sneezing a lot?? good cure for sneezes?
Why do I chew my tongue when i've got a cold/sneezing ?
Allergic conjunctivitis?
when a person gets adenoids how does his or her nose looks like ?
any help please?
Extremely sore hayfever eyes - remedies?
old cure for pains?
What are liver cysts and how do they affect you ?
thyroxine - what would happen if a person without a thyroid disorder took it?
i read some where that if you loose a limb you get some thing called a phahtom limb is that also the case if y
affects of cephalexin?
Can Atenolol help against anxiety?
Is so called 'graft-versus-host' disease real!!!!?
if you have hearing impairment, what is the biggest problem that you find with using technology?
Do you have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)?
why don't i sneeze when sleeping?
Has anyone else been to morocco and come back with Campylobacter.?
too much protein bad for your eyes?
how long does it take for ovex to work?
Can non HCP's give Emergency Drugs ?
Threadworms problem.. HELP!?
what would esr 75 indicate disease?
how do u get rid of of being sick in 2 days?
Will smoking marijuana when I have a cold/ flu slow my recovery?
How do I lie in?
why take something the body doesn't need right now?
could you please answr how the following help with communication of patients or service users :?
I am getting allergic reactions to insect bites?
why does my dads head sweat when he eats chocolate?
Vaccinne's that are mixed?
how long does marijuana stay in your system when eaten?
anyone a lifelongbedwetter over the age of 30?
what can i eat to ward of mosquitos, tried marmite and its not working?
Has anyone tried acupuncture for weight loss?
I want to help people with eating disorders.....?
why is privacy an im,portant concept in health and social care?
I have question about my back bone!?
Do you suffer from a eating disorder?
Cosmetic surgery abroad - rhinoplasty/nose job in Iran?
Doctors note?
Why Am I So Jumpy?
what is hyperactive intestine?
how long does a cataract operation take?
What kind of help is available to someone with a mental disorder?
what can i do about BPD?
Should I have my mother committed to a mental hospital and if so how?
Ideally, I'm looking for a response from a Physiotherapist.?
I feel mentally slowed, dazed, anxious?
Do you think this guy is suffering from paranoia if he thinks a foreign government is out to get him ?
How to stop muddling up words...........?
Can an overdose of Vicodin kill someone?
Do you ever think everyone is talking about you at work or elsewhere?
I have a staffy who has problems with her ears?
i have been drining prune juice every morning but i have read long term it is not good. is this true? thanks?
i just found out i have alpha thalassemia,what does it mean and what are the implications?
my friend has just been diagnosed with an eye condition OCP?
Why do I feel like no one loves me?
How to break internet addiction?
hi, does this medical condition mean anything to anyone?
I am 6mths preg with my 2nd son and terrified to go to work.?
whats wrong with me...?
I'm really confused and upset, can someone help? I need reassurance?
What is wrong with me, is there even anything wrong with me?
What is another name for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
Breathing problems with 16 year old daughter?
My friend has been coughing up blood now for the past week,its mainly in the morning and there is quite abit.?
Want to quit smoking?
PLEASE PLEASE READ ...................................................?
Really Bad Pain In My Thumb After A Bones Come Out Of Its Plate?
What happens if your veins on the inside of wrist get hit with hockey stick hard?
Wrist injury and neck injury? Is it anything serious?
i need help plz help me?
Crunching in knee when climbing stairs?
eyes vessels swollen after concussion? what does it mean?
Groin strain. Has anyone had it? How bad was the pain? How long did it go on for?
Is it appendicitis or a pulled muscle?
Could I have Coccydynia?
Painful skin when body temparature rises?
ive had a rash appear all over my body?
Sweating hands - out of control?
How to treat dandruff?
does anyone have results for fenugreek?
Does anybody know who an Ears, nose, throat specialist is called in Ireland?
do identical twins have the same allergies?
I'm crackers, i'm allergic?
Is that a SKIN allergy?
my eyes are always red - the whites of?
Can you develop hay fever later in life?
could i be allergic to the cancer jab?
I suddenly feel absolutely awful, hay fever, flu?
plzzz help!!!.. bromelain...?
Is this Hayfever?.....?
Can anyone give me a web address of where I can find the pollen count for Rotterdam in the Netherlands, today?
Hi i just be told i have high colestral if the Dr put me on pills would it also help me to loose weight ?
how to get my mom to let me stay home from school?
When I get cold, my hands go a real blue colour with bright orange patches. What are they?
eye drops?
How many times in how many years have you been to the outpatient department of the local hospital?
why did i throw up??????????
Can anyone suggest why?
could living next to an electrical sub stn be harmful to your health?
How do I know if I'm too tired or is life supposed to be this way?
Would you eat this chicken?
Any tips on giving up the cigs?
What is your favourite position?
UK only please: is it possible to have a one-off medical check done by a doctor who isn't your own?
Aggy & Kim? Are They for real?
Can anyone recommend monthly soft contact lenses that don't dry your eyes?
Way are we loosing more hospitals when we need more of them as more people come to the UK every day?
Im a teenager who has always had trouble getting to sleep, anyone got any tips to help?
Some one please help... in growing toe nails ???
what is the worst pain you have ever experienced?
Previous depression, antidepressants and nicotine?
Is there any online free counsling websites?
Do people throw up due to stress?
i could kill............?
If someone has Antisocial Personality does this mean that they also have conduct disorder?
Is there a disorder for people who always feel guilty?
Are narcotics known to produce sleep or stupor?
paxil- what were your side effects?
Is it possible to commit suicide by just eating klonopins? NO, I'M NOT TRYING 2KILL MYSELF, I'm trying2 prove?
I think i'm depressed and my mom IS NOT making it better?
I don't have ADHD but I had the medication forced on me for five years. What are the effects?
Can a computer addiction cause blindness?
I think I'm suffering from anti-anxiety/depression withdrawals?
hi..i have a question i am hoping someone can help me with in regards to disability?
trying to sign up for Parents of BiPolar preschool and young kids and it won't let me! Help!?
How do you know if a person has a mental illness or is just mean and nasty?
I need tips for getting a good nights sleep!!! ?
Trying to get an operation but going round in circles ?
Antidepressants: what is your experience?
My 9 year old boy has Guillain-barre syndrome help?
what is 'htmlerger syndrome'?
Can someone explain the purpose of a calcium serum blood test please?
Help I need recipes and diets for diabetes and wheat and gluten intolerance, I am going to starve else.?
sounds like skittlemans disease?
My cousin has just been told he has a brain tumor?
I have complications after Whipple operation I do not agree with the NHS trust answers?
what are the up-to-date treatment options for multiple myeloma ?
can u help?
what is cellebelum syndrome?
fried fish causes heart burn abd indigestion?
how to get rid of a cold in one night?
Lyme Disease -Please Help: how long does it take for the antibiotics to work?
how does 'social contact' link to sick children?
Will there be a swine flu epidemic in 2010 ?
What's happened to Dr. Frank on this site? Has he gone on holiday? He's been missing all week.?
Are anti smokers mainly ex-smokers or non-smokers?
what is the website and email address of Plabtutor?
what is the best thing to get rid of a block nose.?
How serious of a drink problem?
health, diet etc..?
please help i think i have something wrong with me?
Why Does peeling/cutting Onions make a persons eyes sting and Run?
has anyone ever actually benn sick from eating the digusting thing on fear factor?
What is the best thing for blisters?
Weird spots?
How to end drooling and snoring during sleep?
I have a really bad pain under under my left rib cage.?
what does it mean when i get really itchy when it gets hot?
horrible abdominal and chest pains? please help!?
my daughter has tonsilitis when can i send her back to school?
back problems ..?
Tight chest, Shortness of breath - what could it be?
Is TB completely cured now have they really found?
Broken/fractured rib or just a pulled muscle?
What can I do to help my wrist?
What shall i do my wrist is really pain full?
What foods have gluten in it?
How to get rid of dry cough?
If you have never had the flu, should you get a flu shot?
what colour can a scar be?
Does anyone know a good cleanser for acne???
excessive dry skin???????? 10 pts.?
Does radiation make you confused?
Is there a way to jump-start your immune system?
I have a small black mark on my big toe nail, what is it?
Is it ok to mixed Lysine in food?
What should I do about my ear?
sharp pain in the lungs?
Two questions about smoking and stuff... Please help!!!?
What causes hair loss in adolescents?
head aches from reading the board?
How can I get rid of a sty?
has anyone heard of these pinhole glasses for improving eyesight? can you provide a link to a www that has....
Why do my contact lenses hurt when I blink?
Reading spectacles ... Well, just recently I've had prescription reading specs.?
Where online can I purchase Cooper Vision solution for soft contact lens?
Just had an eye test, can somebody tell me what these mean please?
I have a "weak eye" since childhood. Can this be treated with Laser eye Surgery ?
The right inner corner of my eye has been itching for weeks. Help?
New prescription in my glasses doesnt feel right?
Lasik surgery on the NHS?
Sunglasses with better sun protection?
my eye is swollen? please help !?
Do the NHS pay for your lenses if your under 16 every time?
Can a person with normal eyesight see things far away with a low power of positive diopters (e.g. +0.5 or +1)?
Coloured contact lenses how do i stop them making my eyes feel dry.?
how can i prevent my daughter from getting refractory error?
I think I lost my contact in my eye can you help me?!!!?
puffed up eyes?
used eye whitener every day and now my eyes are even redder, how do i cure this?
can anybody tell me about RGP contact lenses and wat they do for my eyes?
gas permeable contact lens and sight distortion?
Questions about floaters?
My blood pressure is 155/78 , is that normal for an 18 year old ?
is my blood pressure low?
Are people more likely to be allergic to synthetic ingredients in toiletries, or organic ones?
has anbody got any allergy due to Garnier facial cremes?
first immunology appointment, allergies?
is there an alternative to naltraxone as this causes an allergic reaction?
why cant i eat,food makes me feel sick just at the thought of it?
celiacs = does anybody else's face swell up whenever they eat gluten or casein?
sunset holidays?
I have stuffy nose and keep sneezing, what shall i do?
Why do i keep constantly sneezing?
thanks for the info on my bites?
does this mean i am sesame intolerant?
I was taking roaccutane tabs. for 3 months and stopped six months ago but still suffering from nose dryness?
Question about allergies and restlayne?
aminoacids side effect?
goats milk bubble bath soap ect?
what is the shortest time you can b in a coma and still get amnesia ?
I'm not as well as I thought (strokes)?
will antibiotics clear folliculitis for good?
what are implication for my son of having iga insufficiency? Producing but well below normal. 18 mths old?
What exactly is ferrous sulfate?
pain in feet, neck and hand?
Has anyone suffered painful...but NOT swollen glands...?
has anyone else in the uk?
staying up for as long as possible?
Why is bullying a psychological harrassment?
Why have I so much shame?
important, can you help?
A few questions about life?
am i a "sight reader"?
I'm 13, and have anxiety. I am freaking out right now and I need help?
Been taking ambien and xanex for 6 years?
my friend is really depressed?
i feeel like ive changed :S....?
im 13, and i need peace!?!?
what is this called? sometimes i hear my fiance talking but he is at work right now.?
Panic attack a day ago, now losing mind?
What are some ways to lose your sanity and go insane? I am afraid of that honestly?
What would you think if this girl @ your job eats all the time but doesn't gain any weight?
Why cant i sleep o.O ?
is this anxiety or something life threatening?
I can't speak today. Could this be a result of sleep deprivation?
Question about Epilepsy being hereditary?
Is it a delay thinking?
What can I take into hospital?
my top eye lid keeps twitching, like it's in spasm.. ?
a question for any medical professionals...or anyone with knowledge of overdoses???
I am very scared but I need a blood test?
Has anyone heard of Melaleuca (the wellness company) products?
What Should I Do? Help Please(:?
What do beta blockers do?
could you get HIV from....?
Does Hot sauce help a stuffy nose?
Do private patients pay for blood?
Should a Doctors receptionist have access to your medication files. ???
Dealing with an in-growing toenail?
Should I stay awake after a long night of drinking? And should I eat or not?
my m8 thinks about killing her self somtimes?
if your employer gave you a sick leave allowance with full pay, would you take advantage of it?
How do you know if you have arthritis?
Teeny mice and springtails?
After a Staph infection I developed a very high sed rate. All autoimmune and cancer tests were taken and were?
Sore Throat : Recurring Tonsillitis and white lumps?
Can Cryptosporidium be spread by urine?
Have you ever had norovirus? If so what's your blood type...?
what infection do I have?
Is ME/CFS real. Have they actually issolated a specific virus?
clouds. what are they made off?
if you'd never had cheese in yoUr life would ur breathe Small like cheese?
What is the best known method for quiting smoking besides cold turkey cause that an't working for me.?
Question on the human body?
Taking coke............ need advise?
Visit sick person: do and don't?
Anyone help ?
At what age can you donate blood?
Can you come down with Flu/Bad Cold overnight?
Why do I get a hangover the morning after the night before??
Why did the doctor give me an inhaler for my cough?
where can u get the new tablets to stop you smoking /?
some one explain b eastality?
ever since i wanted to be a wrestler, y isit i manage to escape death?
how long does it take to pass a kidney stone?
can i take methadone...please help?
How is the welfare benefits for elderly in UK?
Why do you get 'Restless Leg' at night and how do you stop it??
after eating what should suger be?
heart pains?
What is the process of being diagnosed with an eating disorder?
Angina help?
hot to KILL Acne!?
Do you know what this red spot could be?
i have a very Strong pain in my right lung when i breath i dint know what is it am 34 years old and am smoker?
what helps burning hands?
Bloated feeling?
What is a coma? How does it differ from just being unconcious?
I have a painful swollen knee, waiting to see orthopod but doc does not know the cause - I feel like something
PARATHYROID Where can I find a directory of surgeons using MIRP in the uk.?
Anyone had or know about strep b turning into sceptecemia?
What is chronic fatigue syndrome and what are the signs?
Does the air pollution in Beijing affect the life expectancy of the people who live there
what do i do asthma + sleep?
Anxious/ self conscious around everybody?
I have a question for anyone that overdosed and almost died.?
How can I solve my sleeping problems?
does being fat mean you will be a better singer than a thin person because you have a greater lung capacity?
Pisces male lost in his own mind!?
how to not be so emotional?
What can I do if I do not agree with a Doctors prognosis?
Sometimes I don't think for hours on end?
how can help my husband to get rid of smoking?
Are you breathing comfortable?
Is my daughter depressed?
Am i weird, I like to watch people sleep at night?
i have breathing problems, could you help?
my flat mate has a very bad snoring problem any suggestions to stop this?
Is it weird that I constantly think about death and fantasize about my own funeral?
Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital?
How to get over depression?
Is losing your appetite something real or a state of mind?
withdrawal from anti-depressants and anxiety medication ?
Do you think I'll be able to love another girl again in the future?
Trouble sleeping.....................................?
Why did I see a shadow person?
Is teenage depression hereditary?
I need proffesional orthopedic and physical therapist advice on my knee!?
Is it dangerous to breath in smoke from a fire started with a kitchen torch?
I have bee out of sports for a few weeks with an injury but now my injury is better. The problem is that after?
Why did my hands swell when they got cold, and my thumb is still tingerling?
Help with my ribs how long will this take to mend?
Thy muscle pulled on my leg?
What's wrong with my ankle?
Pain at the top of fibula?
Broken toe healed but walking very slowly?
I become nauseous and dizzy everytime i take caffeine, be it coffee or tea?
little white mites - what are they?
My ears wont unplug!?
Bodybuilding, Protien and an allergy to dairy?
how to cope with my allergies?
why cant i stop sneezing !?
Does anyone know any treatments for an allergic reaction towards zinc oxide?
Am i alergic???????????????
a way to get rid of a blocked nose in the TUB!?
What are the point of tears when we are upset after all they serve no purpose as we do not have dust to clear?
how does ciculatory and respiratory works together?
MY NOSE IS BURNING FROM ALLERGIES. how can i help it without leaving my home ?!?
Am I allergic to garlic?
Is there any normal bought shop chocolate that is free from wheat?
how do you get blood out of a crack?
11 hour rule?
Can you help me get unsick!?
My boyfriend pooed blood?
how can i feel better? dodgy chinese last night.?
Can you go to the doctors about nail biting?
what can i do to help me sleep more? my routines are all over the place?
Have you ever faked ill health to keep away from doing something you didn’t want to do? IE. An exam?
Not being able to sleep???
im nobody, i need a change in life!?!?
What do you do to insure you have a good nights sleep?
is it ok to take viagra while taking other medication ie atenol & spironolacton?
when I make love with my boy friend, a lot of squirt sprayed. I want to know can this thing damage my health ?
Boyfriend started to snore and its keeping me up. how can he stop?
How long can I stay in Freezer?
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being". Comment if correct or not?
I sleep nomal but I have a big yawn at least once a minute whilst awake. Why is this?
i start work at 5am, i get up at 4am during work i feel like i could fall asleep what can i do to prevent this
concerned - how do i improve my health?
stinging while peeing?
Irratation of the joints and/or muscles discovered through blood test?
Is My Girlfriend Ill?
Has anyone experienced psychosis as a result of Parkinson's medication?
Which is better for relieving lower back pain? Aerobics or Yoga?
Can I purchase Champix in the uk now. And where ??
i am suffering a lot anxiety and panic attacts becaue a lot of people have hurt me in past?
Drugs of the age.?
am i allowed to drink?
Which company is the biggest wholesaler of supplement in UK?
For those with hayfever or colds Why don't you carry some tissues?
What causes dimples (in your cheeks)? Is it hereditary?
i have really bad problems with my nose its always blocked regardless of even using those sniff sticks?
feel in a excited state?
why im always feelin tired, and nervous?
At 37 .... Is this arthritis?
what is the advrage wieght for a child ...?
Number ones and twos?
does anyone know how to read optician results as i need to have 6/36 vision for job but not sure if i have?
Average height for an english man and woman?
Was I molested, I'm really confused ;S?
Obsession Help Please Urgent?
should i tell my doctor i want to die still?
Help! I actually cant cope with this anymore :(?
Could it be schizophrenia (question revised)?
I have lost interest in everything. What could be wrong with me?
What do i do i am so mad?
I think i may have insomnia?
what's a nostalgic memory from your childhood?
I'm surrounded by people but alone..I can't stop cutting.?
Whats happening to me, having a panic attack?
Cutting when overwhelmed with pressure (school)?
Can neurofeedback / biofeedback treat psychosis?
Cant be myself??????????????? :(?
Irregular heartbeat - any advice or similar experiences please!?
why does duffusion occers?
can ferrets get tonsillitis?
what will happen to my daughters cyst?
How do I become a neonatal nurse?
How does a vaccine lead us to developing active immunity?
how long does it take for cold or flu symptoms to apear ?
What is pityriasis versicolor and how can it be treated most effectively?
can it take more than three doses of antibiotics to clear cellulitis of the leg up?
What is a trauma orthopaedic surgeon? Why "trauma"? and are there many of these surgeons in London?
what is the structural makeup of the Polio Vaccine?
polyarteritus who knows ?
Feeling very nervy and edgy?
What are the most common ENT, Head and Neck surgical procedures in the UK?
Kalawalla (Polypodium leucotamos) for autoimmune disorders. Is anyone currently taking Kalawalla, please?
Somebody Plse help me...?
i've stopped taking flouxitine in may after having taking it for 4 years (20 mg)?
We all know that its possible to have a heart liver, and kidney transplants etc. but is it possible to have a?
Help for M.E sufferers in the South of England?
what is the easier way to give up smoking?
any help to help stopping smoking?
Please help me. My husband has had symptoms of sinusitis since April.?
How can I sleep better? I've had this problem for years?
Ive been having chest pains and my mum is taking me to the doctors, what will they do and why do i need to go?
does tuberculosis only infect lungs?
I'm trying to get my mother to stop drinking, any suggestions?
Whats wrong with me? PLZZZ?
My husband had the mumps twice as a child. Is it probable that he is sterile?
I think i might have Swine Flu?
Do anti-acne lotions realy help???
why do i sometimes have shortness of breath and chest/arm pain when having SVT?
How many times can you suffer from septic shock?
how do u get rid of head lice?
Can hair dye shampoo kill lice?
how to get rid of Fibro? I am suffering since one and half year.?
What are the chances of getting food poisoning?
What's it called when your iron is too low?
Does this look infected?
Any inspirational words or anything please ?
strep throat advice please!?
Dont read this if you don't want to hear a gross question about intestinal parasites in humans!?
ive got a twitch?
Glucosamine. Does it work?
sleep parlaysis.......i have had this only twice and both times ive heard and felt something in my room. One?
Just got in 8.40 sun - drink with friends. Sleep now and ????
why am I always tired?
Do you get really sleepy in work in the afternoons?
Sometimes I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly. Any idea why or what to do?
How can i stay awake?
I get sleepy during the day...?
are you a experiment for the NHS when your over 70?(uk)?
my akkles are swelling evey evening around 5-6/. I am no longer pregnant. Any explination?
why do smokers find it hard to give and others dont? i was on 40 a day and just stopped and smoked for 2yr?
Just how tired can you be????
My fingers allways stink when i wake up?
How do I get my partner to go to the hospital?
Im always tired?
what exactly happens to someone if you dip their fingers in warm water while they sleep?
If you're allergic to chicken eggs, would you be allergic to Quail's eggs?
why am i constantly sneezing?
i reallly like to drink buckfast tonic wine...is there any long health damage to drink this?
Is there any medicine/eye drop one can use that will help in removing of cartrat.?
i get this horrible thing in the morning..?
Could this be a wheat allergy?
can DAIRY products ie cows milk ,cream etc?
waking up in the morning...?
i am in year 9 and am having trouble picking my options. What must i pick if i want to be a doctor?
health survey How many folk out there have been prescribed an aspirin a day? ?
are allergies getting worse because of imported plants?.?
Broken ankle? HEEELP PLEASE!?
how comes a nerve in ur ear cant kill u but a nerve in ur tongue can kill u ?
What Have i done to my hand/knuckles ?
have i pulled or torn a muscle?
Driclor proper usage...?
Large swollen area on the side of my mouth?
anyone know about birthmarks?
What is the cause of the broken blood vessels around the bridge of my nose?
Depressed and the usual?
Is it possible to become acclimmated to Buproprion xl?
very sad, sad, normal,?
I don't feel like I am a physical being. I just feel like a thought floating around?
is there a way to eliminate dreams?
If you take perscribed Adderall? or are a doctor?
How to be more interesting?
All nighter last night, can't sleep now?
If I think I have an anxiety disorder, where can I go to get medication?
My sister and mom are anemic am i anemic?
how can i control overeating when stressed?
If somebody has all the symptoms of depression but they are happy are they still depressed?
Why am i anxious always?
What could be wrong with my niece (slow to talk)?
Should I stop taking these anti depressants?
Whats wrong with me? Please answer!!?
injecting testosterone ?
What will be bad for us next?
Anyone on here been a bone marrow donor?
adrenaline rush?
can anyone let me know of a reliable online pharmacy selling valium(diazepam) please no free drug counselling?
Sensitive feet?
Why cant i breathe properly on planes?
I recently hacked off a bit of my thumb in a drunken kitchen accident...?
Sickness and headaches-i know being on here is not helping?
Where can I get my DNA tested in order to know my multiple ancersters origins?
blood test?
Are very low CHOLESTEROL levels actually DANGEROUS??
Does anyone else get dizzy and blurry vision?
Please Help Me! NHS Complaint - Need Help..?
Champix. New wonder drug or just the same old...?
I've acquired a facial twitch. why?
Gromits question ?
what are the long term effects of magic mushrooms on the brain and the body? do u become faster slower what..?
Getting rid of a cough and cold quickly?
What are benefits of taking fish oil supplements particularly in relation to Kidney disease.?
How do I change Dr Surgery?
did you ever have a heart attack?
Does anyone know the name for the disease which affects ur bones and organs???
medical problem?
i had squint surgery yesterday afternoon...?
Can computer vision syndrome affect my visual acuity?
My blood shot eye is still here?
if i wear a patch and exercises will it help my lazy eye?
Eyesight is getting better?
Not sure I need glasses?
Problems with english words, I'm italian, can you help me please?
Eyes Watering At Night?
can i go to the docotr alone?
can looking at the computer screen too much cause you to need glasses?
What plastic Is used to make glasses?
little blister/lump in my eye?
My right eyelid has been twitching for AGES! ! HELP !?
i think i may have scratched the inside of my eye?
How do I store my contacts best since I don't have a proper container?
Does my employer have to pay for my eye test?
how long could a person have a detached retina before noticing that they had?
short-sight symptoms?
Nsh Optical Voucher Help!!?
Can I wear TWO pairs of Contacts in ONE eye? lol?
What is a good over the counter decongestant one could take for ear fluid noises.?
Why is there purple goo in my urine?
Help! Whats wrong with me?
Any good products that will get rid of blemishes on back and shoulders?
Very odd flu?
I have very bad, BAD blackheads on my nose area; anyway to get rid of them?
How do you stop vertigo?I have a bad case of vertigo and the medicine is not woking.I don't know what to do
How do you know if your Lactose Intolerant?
what's wrong with me?
I'm only 16 and I'm having heart/lung problems at the moment..?
what are you symptoms for h1n1?
Can Polysporin be used anywhere on the body?
help me out with this smoking question?
other then genes what else effects having a white/dark baby?
What is wrong with me? Symptoms included.?
how long does one need to be on meds for bipolar before improvement?
Can you be addicted to massages?
Does cracking your fingers give you arthritis or is it just a myth?
What is the best washing powder / liquid to use for people with Excema?
Tips on getting to sleep?
can ingrowing toenails heal themselves?
Do cough mixtures work?
if you eat just before a anesthetic what happens?
Why people use fear, not love?
Why does your lung capacity increase when you quit smoking?
Whats the best thing for a mouth ulcer?
Worried about ink poisoning!!?
Cataracts : Easy operation ??
when shaving pubes....how do you stop yourself from getting a big sore shavin rash?
What is wrong with me? (medical)?
detox foot pads?
Do you drink, smoke, cuss or gamble? ...or all 4?
why can't i get up? whats wrong with me?
I need 12 hours of sleep every night!!??
Think i have worms but i'm embarrased to say anything?
I take 10mg prozac..can I take 3 10mg prozac pills all at the same time?
i use negative contractions but never positive ones. does that make me weird?
Child Behavioral Therapy/OCD/Tourretts?
i always feel sad, and lonely?
Extremely scared to become a parent?
Please just a few comforting words im panicking. please?
Wanna quit, but Mom is making me feel guilty?
Am I stuck feeling depressed for the rest of my life?
How to improve my sleep?
How do you pronounce Zyprexa Zydis? I might go back to it.?
feeling ill everynight, please help..?
are there any support groups for grief in Bakersfield, CA?
I have friends but im so lonely?
How can I convince my sister to see a psychiatrist?
Is there something wrong with me, i feel like im the incredible hulk secretly?
Can i put something in my dyson to keep allergys down? it has no bag - its a special allergy vacuum.?
Spring Hay Fever in England?
Clear throat and congestion?
allergy!!! face rash help!!?
Rash sort of thing. Any suggestions much appreciated ?
Betahistine Alternatives?
Feels like head exploding when eating popping candy?
What is the difference between 'anti allergy' and 'non-allergenic'?
Nasal polyps - any cure during pregnancy?
I have been told it's an allergy but an allergy to what?
I have a sore throat and there's a red patch at the back of my mouth?
How do we stop the spread of flu?
how can i get rid of headlice?
Am i getting tonsillitis?
what does it mean when you cough up blood?
Can do I anything about bronchitis?
How do you stop smoking dope if its all you ever do? after ive been to work i smoke a LOT and play pro evo....?
I coughed up what I thought would be mucus but instead it was bright red blood. It's the lst time this happe?
Any experience with Prednisone?
why am i getting chest pains?
Why didn't I get invited for the flu jab?
is getting a blood clout in Ur arm common?
can co-codamol cause sudden shortness of breath?
Help/advice for a chesty cough!?
Can u still get poisoned with carbon monoxide....??
This is a two part question?
My mum was rushed to hospital a couple of days ago...?
do you get cold weather pay out on incapacity?
I am a smoker having heart pain, blocked nose & breathing problem. Plz help?
what does lumbociatica izquierda limitante mean?
what is a vaginer doctor called?
Anyone every have an anxiety attack from an MRI?? If so, what option did you take to make that test happen?
taken 8 codine 4ibiprofen a few paracetemol please help me?
iv ran out of inhaler and need 1 over the weekend but doctors are closed what should i do?
having autism, how would this condition affect their learning?
what can government do in order to reduce the spread of various diseases in India?
Remedies for acid stomach that help arthritis pain?
can blood tests or physical give u any indication of a brain tumor.?
Could this be vertigo or worse.?
Is it a fracture or something else?
Why can't I lift my leg after a knee cap dislocation?
Would NHS hospitals loan out crutches for a week?
wet is a Musical spasm?
had 2 x rays 2 weeks ago?
why do we feel pain when the wound touches the water?
have i had a hernia.....?
Sport Injury, Really Need Help, Doctors & Physios?
my dad has shattered his tibia & fibula he is 53 and lives on his own help?
Pain in my knee?
Does any one know where I can find a tonic known as Dawn of Life?
How thick are your musclus?
I am not sure what is wrong but i shake a lot...?
fried chicken?
What is the most effective naturalistic way to deal with stress?
please help me!!?
At what point does a cold sore become contagious?
anybody know what kidney sweat is?
Is there a name for the area behind the ear?
Neck problems...what's wrong?
Toe shortening?
Is it a real health risk to smoke before a operation. Whats the risk ?????
wwhat's wrong with me? i feel sick and dizzy a lot and im always tired?
what does F.R.C.E.M stand for in Medical degrees?
suffer from thunder clap headaches . does any one have the same problem?
Best filter for contaminant removal and preserving minerals?
Urine specimens for new patients??
looking for doctor babajide thomas in london uk?
Hands are Extremely Dry and Hurt? What is wrong?
Is Sejaa Pure Skin Care good for skin?
I have a mole, I picked it, what do I do? ?
I have a yellow bump on the side of my tongue?
lowering drining age??(statistics needed)?
I'd like to do research and find a cure for schizophrenia?
I have this ear pain and sometimes my head hurts too.Why is it?
If you are really afrid of mice?
tingling after spectro acne pads?
Please help I have Adult Acne.?
how can I heal a coldsore quickly?
i have this weird rash type thing?
What blood test can be done to determine the amount of heart damage?
How does smoking cause cancer?
Information on TIA?
Should i be eating food imported from mexico during the swine flu outbreak?
My husband an alcoholic w/ cirrhosis, should NOT drink- BUT sneaking beer every 4-5 days -? Need to know...?
Urgent......I need suggestions to help stop pain from acid reflux.?
strep question please answer?
Pharyngeal Pouch?
Where can I go for some parental support after my child being diagnosed with a visual impairment.?
I always take things too harshly?
What can I do in order not feel like s**t all the time !?
if your child has a mental illness can the mother keep he or she out of school?
My social phobia is killing me, what can i do? :,(?
Im soo stressed out.. help me?
i need help with weightloss and depression?
I feel like i have no control over my life, help me?
What is the difference between "typical" depression and post partum depression?
I Am too scared to tell her?
How do I sleep? Wehn I can't sleep?
what makes you more tired/calmed down?
would this be considered self harm?
Sleeping Time(Need answers)?
Sleeping problem? Help me please?
Counciling? what would they do?
need help cant sleep?
What foods should i eat? i'm always cold.?
how can I keep my feet WARM?
Have any fellow stammerers found that their lack of fluency has affected their career prospects?
I am so tired yet i wake up in night and cant get back to sleep??help!!!?
it is so hard to quit smoking i dnt know what to do plus i have a cough?
what happens when you are tired?
Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask whe
My right hand side keeps going numb and I feel really low and keep bursting into tears for no reason?
had blood tests at doctors said blood low and i have 2 go 2 hospital for more tests any1 no what tests they do
Do you like to look back when its hard from behind?
can it get you high or what can ?
Anyone else got the heebe geebes today?
Sominex and other sleep remedies?
People get ill 24/7 so how does a gp expect to work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday?
It is ok to do jogging at 5 o'clock in the morning in the heart of London?
Thinking of having laser eye surgery anyone had it, and would you recommend it?
A GP was very rude to me, even tho I told him I will not spoken to in such a manner, I'm still peeved...?
Why do men have hairy bums?
NHS Complaints?
Twitching at side of palm (little finger side, along side of hand)?
is there a website that lists the types of cough medicines?
Is this an allergic reaction? Would it have done permanent damage? 5-HTP.?
Whenever I eat fresh pasta I get an upset stomach....?
I'm allergic to all face paints, could i also be allergic to some types of make-up?
How do I know if an allergic reaction will occur again?
Am I allergic to white wine?
I have an allergy rash but only on my legs - can this be caused by the new fabric conditioner I am been using?
Bad period pains Am I allergic??? Dizzy!!!?
Sore throat lockets and a rash?
What does it mean when your hamsters eye is crusted shut?
Can you take Trimethoprim if you're allergic to pennecillin?
I think I have insomnia, why and what is it about?
If you hold you head underwater, with you mouth shut........?
What are the other symptoms of alcohol intolerance?
Anyone experienced side effects of Imatanib?
i have watery eyes....?
hayfever anyone?
what do u think?
(NHS Related)True or False? You cannot overspend when it comes to health?
Doctors notes?
just about to finish work!?
i what ways can service users and carer be involved in the desing and delivery of services?
The transition from Active care to Palliative Care.?
The socio-economic factors that influance health and the black report recommendations?
The cultural and environmental influence on health? or other?
My eyes seem to randomly water ?
Is there any euthanasia clinic in UK?
how do you get rid of a mole?
why do we have adenoid & what do/did they do?
why do we get ulsers on our tongues?
How do I find old hospital notes?
Does anyone know the meaning of Child Pugh B?
I ahve a nose bleed i plan to see a doctor what should i do now(at the moment)?
I want to change my docor but they wont let me. Im not happy where i am, and i have asked to change at two?
Could anyone tell me how safe the medication 'Gaberpentin' is?
Why does morphine make you itch?
how do you know if your sore throat is a viral or bacterial infection?
Quitting Smoking......?
sleep paralysis...?????
Blacking out during making out :o?
Would you tell your GP that you smoked, if you knew you would not get treatment till you give up?
Why have I got a cold?
cant sleep someone snoring what do u do ?why?
why do i have a sore throat at night?
what is the best way to get rid of the smell of cig smoke?
whats the longest anyone has sneezed for i mean just kept sneezing?
Important Question About Smoking.
help! my husband has terrible problems with cattarh.?
everything is possible?
What is damp syndrome?
Walking problems?
medical help?
best deoderant for male teen?
We want to plan a fashion show to raise money for breast cancer...BUT i don't know where to start! HELP!?
Do you think its mono ?
How to get rid of a cold? ?
A dry, red, prominent patch that does not itch at all. What is it?
what kind of symptom or what kind of pain a person with lung cancer have?
Do i have kidney stones??
How can I prevent my oily skin?
Anemia,can it be cured with iron pills?
How do I get rid of scars???
Is it true that people of African heritage don't sunburn?
what can i do about oily skin?
Do Allergies cause chest pain?
i have a bump in my eyebrow?
swollen lymph node in neck?
EEEWWW ! Athlete's foot? First time ... what is the proper care ?
I have a lump on my neck.?
Is the day coming, or is it all fake?
Is it okay to crush up zoloft when taking it?
I need feedback on Xanax?
Paxil 20 mg no effect?
medication for fear of death?
I get very nervous when taking on big responsibilities.. Help?
Why do the same random thoughts keep coming back?
how to get through the hard times?
What are signs that you or your friend is clinically insane?
Question about schizophrenia?
how fast does vyvnase starts to work?
what do depression pills do?
Weird reoccurring "dreams", can anyone help?
Is there anything wrong in your life?
How long should I wait. I'm scared for him, and me.?
This girl makes me really nervous, Help on what to do?
What does coming off of anti depressants feel like?
how can you stop cutting yourself ?
How can I get rid of acne forevar!!!?
Homemade acne recipe?
How to get rid of blackheads on the nose and face? PLEASE!?
How to get rid of spots?
I am worried that I may be experiencing appendicitis?
Can anyone give me advice on Ear Infection?
how do i prevent my brother getting my cold?
Can you have a fever without a warm forehead?
what should your blood pressure be if your a 40 year old women?
Do I have low blood pressure?
I am really worried about my tongue piercing. It is very swollen and I'm not sure what to do.?
I have had this bite on my arm for 3 yrs and its not healed, why?
Does your mouth lead to your bum?
Cold/numb right foot?
Ankle pain again? I had torned ligaments which are not easy(...)?
What is this large lump on my skin bone that is kinda numb?
It took my friend 4 months to wake up from his car crash, and he wasn't in a coma. Why?
I have some leakage from my bellybutton after a Umbilical hernia operation 5 days ago.Is this normal?
What's the difference between a migrane and a headache?
Pain in the shoulder that starts back of my neck to near my shoulder blade. Only on one side. ?
Its 5 year since I last had a migraine, I've now had 3 in 7 days, anybody know the reason why?
my mum is 80.But active for her age.This morning she took a sudden numbness in her leg.What could it b?
marfan syndrome/motability & DLA benefits.?
is there an on line test for autism?
My boyfriend is 6ft and I'm 5ft 2...!?
Is it possible to condition yourself to need less (or no) sleep?
Im Scared? My Nan is a witch?!?
Is there a way to find out which blood group you are without a visit to the doctor?
blood count results?
Who can tell me, why my legs are systematically becoming red, beginning from my feet upwards.?
low blood pressure?
what does it mean if your protein levels in ur blood are a bit higher than normal??
Vitamin Tablets? how much is safe?
What is iron used for the body?
Tingling hands?
what are the criteria and how do I go about claiming incapacity benefit?
Im Tired all the time and i cant get up in the morning but i have loads of energy in the evening,, whys that??
I only drink when i am thirsty, as i need the toilet whenever i drink, is this normal?
sleep deprived!?
Do you ever feel ill, hot and flustered around certain people?
I eat six raw mice a day could this be the cause of my constant indigestion?
What is the weight of a 3 ft 4 year old girl?
why does sitting in the sun make you tired?
can i take b12 tablets without getting tested for anemia?as all the symptons relate?
How to gain Muscles really fast.?
Why do 'superbugs' - such as MRSA - only seem to exist in hospitals?
If someone had a stomach bug sat in the same room as you how long does it normally take before i get ill.?
why do some reoples feet smell realy bad?
why cant you sneeze with your eyes open?