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Is there a cure for warts? If so I would welcome hearing about it?
I have nasty red stain marks on my nails after touching toxic hair product without glove. How can I remove it?
How to get rid or help Keratosis Pilaris?
can you tell if somone has aids by looking at their face?
My Metabolism is not working!?
Can people feel really sick when they have panic disorder even if there not nessisarily having a panic attack?
What is Spina Bifida?
Is thyroid disease a serious disease?
Can anyone tell me a product that will get rid of my acne without drying out my skin???
Can anyone tell me if Trazadone is classified as a benzo?
Having a Cold, I hate it! Help?
how do i get rid of redness on nose from popping blk heads?
what is a cyst?
Will chemo lengthen or shorten his life span?
Does anyone know a person with an over the range microwave and has cancer also?
I have had a cough for nearly 3 months now?
Does anyone have Valuable advice from EX smokers please?
i want to give up but i have the odd cig but want to really give up,any suggestion?
I had my blood pressure taken 3 times by the doctor today and each time i was baffled!?
i take 6 co-codamol every night to help me relax and sleep.. been doing for 6 months now. should i see a doc?
how do I get more energy during the day?
Should hospitals spend money on non-essential procedures such as gender reassignment?
Do you think this is really disgusting?
the office were i work has no water supply today, no toilets and no drinking water do i have to go in?
The Thought Of Giving Up Smoking Is Making Me Scared And Depressed?
what causes nose bleeding in the morning after wake up.?
I'm 27, should I have surgery to remove varicose veins in my leg?
what would happen if u got stung by a hornet?
Help me please =[ .. i feel suicidle..?
How many fire exits should a premises with children in have?
Can you die from taking 36 tylenol 500's?
Im 15 years old but im VERY small for my age. How can i grow more?
what is the best way to get to sleep and relax?
Causes of constant tiredness?
i drank alot last night and feel really ill?
What is the longest you can be continuously on antibiotics for?
how do you take care of a cracked collar bone (achieved from a riding accident)?
been to the doc so!?
what can happen if a bone spur punctures the spinal cord at levels c5-c6?
nerve damage after blocked circulation?
How long does it take for a broken ankle to completely heal? (stats inside)?
Are there Lymph Nodes on your back?
hand still bruised and black 3 weeks after cast removal following displaced wrist fracture m u a with k wires?
wot sensation wud u expect 2 feel if a warm pin was pressed on2 a touch receptor in ur skin?
Ouch what can I do?
bashed head ?
how can i stop this pain in my wrist?
can anyone tell me how to get information on installing a "softroom" at home for my autistic grandson
I would like to know why my big toe goes white and stiff?
what damage or impact does smoking have on the brain?
what is incontinence aids?
What dose of zoloft can kill you?
I'm extremely angry, yet externally calm...?
Why do things seem extra long some times.?
Why do I forget things right after I think about them?
Is 5 HTP better than Trytophan for sleep and depression?
Will bipolar disorder get worse with age?
Depressed all the time..?
I think I have ADD, but I don't want my doctor to think I am just seeking uppers.?
does my dad have a mental illness?
Has anxiety ever stopped you from doing anything?
Does this sound like add?
have you ever been in a mental hospital what is your experiences?
can someone please tell me why I'm asking such peculiar questions?
Can my work fire me if i voultarily going into a mental hospital?
How to get my mind off it?
i have a few blackheads on bridge of my nose how can i get rid of them?
When ya get an itch, what exactly is happening??? and why is it so nice to scratch?
Bad Eyesite?
Does music help?
When you last had to use an A+E/ER dept, what was up with you?
Contact Lenses = Migraine?
i want my mum to stop smoking and drinking.. any advice?
I am very short sighted -10 can I have corrective surgery?
Sunbeds - dangerous ?
anyone else use the simply smooth from babyliss?
i went dizzy in chemist?
Does anyone have a permanent cure for Ginger hair?
Why cant u teach an old dog a new trick ?
How do i give up smoking. I've tried everything. Please help i'm desperate and starting to fell ill?
I have a problem with my eyes?
How to cure an irritating throat?
Dietry needs & food allergies?
Is my daughter allergic to something?
Does red light/ phototherapy stop the flow of histamine?
a question about a bread allergy?
How long for my allergic reaction...?
Red Nose big problem?
my dog has a rash and we tried a non soap shampoo we tried everything. His eyes are bloodshot could it be mold?
Gluten free bread?
Do allergies make you more susceptible to colds?
is hiv aids transmitted through smelling and touching unknown underwear?
Called for Std test results why wouldn't she say?
What is the best way to remove LOTS of blackheads?
How to cure yellow eyes?
Urine question/problem - please help?
If you were going into a major surgery, your thoughts?
Herpes tested thru urine is that possible?
does the book The acne cure really cure (get rid of) your acne? cause i want to be certain before i buy it?
how can i improve poor facial skin?
How can you stop hairs growing from moles?
Thrush. how is it caused ? what is the best way to treat it ?
TCP does it work on acne?
I have vitiligo and I have a problem?
how do you get rid of little bumps on your face??
can i get a fake toe nail?
How do i stop mossie bites from itching?
Can i chew Oxytrtracycline?
little red splotches after shaving?
How can i have soft and healthy skin?
Glandular fever, swelling of the throat and ears.. can anyone help me?
i think ive got the flu help?
is it possibe to have something wrong with your cartilage?
Spreading colds, unavoidable?
my joints are seizing up after my illness?
venlafaxine 75 mg?
My 19 month old little boy has an ear and throat infection is it contagious?
All My Life I have struggled with Bladder infections(surgery also)?
Is this pain anything to worry about?
NHS walk in centres? and specialists?
How can i find more about getting started into Nursing?
Is Dyspepsia dangerous?
Does too many nose infection tablets have any effects on teenagers?
i have been taking 10mg statins for 20 months, now i have?
i know there is no cure, but does anyone have any sound ideas on how to combat , eczema on palms of hands, and
Fatty Liver?
Monistat 1 not working?
how do i lower cholesterol?
Weird sensation in chest?
Does anyone know where can I get help for a love one that suffers from Bipolar Disorder? in Miami, Fl?
Should i be ashamed? and am i the only person who wants this?
HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I think i might have OCD? Help?
am i suffering from videogame withdrawl?
Why am i so emotional over almost nothing?
Xanax(Alprazolam) vs. Ativan(Lorazepam)?
Is it normal or am I weird.......?(mind solving?!)?
Create My Future... I'm Letting You?
Am i depressed? :| if not whats wrong with me?
Is there such particular personality that is prone to trauma?
Can heroin slowly kill you?
I hear a car alarm every time I'm in subconscious; keeps me from sleeping?
Is anyone on citralopram and how have you found it?
Fun as a form of drug?
whats the best way to kill ur self?
Can someone here please help me?
What are some herbal supplements I can buy at the store similar to Good day supplements?
Bipolar/schizophrenia question?
OCD or not????????????
why is my eardrum green?
What metal do surgeons use to plate broken bones?
What has happened to my arm?
my rhinoplasty splint is about to fall off 8 days after my surgery,what should i do?it supposed to come of...?
are there nerve-endings in our navel? why does it tingle?
how do i get help for my son who is having spinal injury since 2002?
Torn cartilage- knee (key hole surgery) anyone?
Iam a lifeguard at a leisure centre can i do heavy lifting 4 weeks after a hernia repair?
What is this?
how long does it take for a trapped nerve in leg/lower spine take to heal?
question about laser eye surgery?
my eyesight is getting worse due watch my laptop?
contact lens query-help!?
Why does the DVLA want me to see a Consultant Opthamologist?
Can you help meunderstan my glasses prescription?
how to repair eyes naturally?
Pupil Size Difference - Drooping Eye Lid?
Why does tiredness effect the eyes?
I have a twitching problem with my eye?
Is it better to wear glasses all the time with this prescription?
when i was seven my eye-sight was blue but it later stopped and now am almost eighteen and its happening again?
How many vitamins do you take a day?
i miss my babies really badly..... cheer me up?
Health Care Professionals....?
What could be the cause of my nose bleeds. I do have high blood pressure?
My 7 year old has been vomiting for 2 days now..?
I keep waking up?
I may have to have surgery tomorrow, but am nervous about going under general anaesthetic. Any tips?
How can you stop a stye for good?
what is the feeling like as soon as you are given a general anethetic?
What type of patient are you? Martyr or victim?
Can a cigarette go bad?
One of the following chemicals is NOT in cigarette smoke. Which one?
cant sleep properly and really tired?
Always tired?
I cant sleep HELP?
New Hospitals - where are they being built?
Anyone have these symptoms before...?
been on 10mg felodipine tablets for 8 days got swollen ankles do i need two worry?
Advice/info on Marijuana please.....?
visual impairment - which eye operation? please read for further details?
What is the diameter / width of arachnoid fibers in the brain ?
Patients Records?
can someone tell me what my symptoms can be i have had a burning sensation feeling sick and hot abit dizzy too
How many terminally ill children are there in the UK?
how do I increase my confidence?
twitching help please some advice?
why have I lost so much weight?
Can anyone tell me where I can find a booklet or similar for using "vibra blade"?
Best ways of sleep?
is their an age limit on have corrective eye lazer treatment?
can yiu take Zantac while on beta blockers?
Spot problem?
Fear of Surgery (Being Put To Sleep)?
Does anyone know if olive oil, is an appropriate treatment for dissolving ear wax?
has anyone else been suffering from early hayfever (tree pollen)?
info on vitamin B12 deficiency?
Ill celebrities?
burning liquid?
i have no reflex reactions in the soles of my feet, ankles and calves - what does this mean?
What would be the most appropiate way of describing someone who has Down's Syndrome?
aniemia and weight loss?
can anyone tell me if clips should be removed during cholecystectomy surgery?
Can anybody tell me what are the symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin E Please help me?
what does this sound like to you?
is motor neurone disease inherited?
How can you get rid of spots in 2 days or less?
help please?? anyone got good advise?
embarrassing itch :(?
are these symtoms normal for food poisoning or is something else?
is there any way of getting rid of acne scars in about a week?
What is the catalyst that has the most impact on a person relating to Seasonal Affective disorder?
I am getting mouth ulcer regularly for past 3 months. What should I do?
i have high ttg enzymes but no celiac disease, could it be crohns or colitis?
was wondering if you could answer my question?
What happens if you have TMJ and you leave it untreated? Can it be serious? What do they do to treat it?
Unknown Rash That is Sperading?
what are the symptoms of lymphoma?
Do I have Skin Cancer?
what do people think about?
i feel depressed after a concussion its been 4 days?
adhd and the military does it mix and will they send me home?
Why do I feel so unmotivated?
Help me please! This keeps getting worse and i don't know what to do.?
Depression and feeling dumb...?
My grades have been suffering this year :(?
can stress cause you to get angry ? if so can you give me some details ?
what should i tell my psychiatrist ?
How do I know if I have problems with depression?
Depressed and mad from a relationship.?
How come people tell me that they think that the governments won't let me get married?
Was this an anxiety attack?
Why do I just do bad things?
What are the positive physical mental and emotional effects of the media today?
whats the best thing to do with my rash?
Sneezing alot and blocked nose a really bad cold or something more?
are CASEI and CASEIN the same thing?
Why does my nose go runny and stuffy everytime I go out in the cold?
Is this an allergy to something in the candy?
Anything OTHER than cows milk allergy!?
Can you prevent nickel allergy from a watch by putting clear nail polish or sticky tape on back of face?
Do Yukka plants produce pollen?
can you have an allergy to a hydrocortisone cream?
Cure for Catarrh?
yeast and sugar free foods??
gluten free message board,?
Is it safe to take distaclor if you have a penicillin allergy?
How good is Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine for testing allergies?
yeast allergy? ?
im 15 do i have type 1 diabetes?
I think I have diabetes...?
concerned about my hubby and his diabetes...?
what kind of sugar can diabetics have?
my child had a randon blood sugar of 362 , the next morning he had a fasting blood sugar of 212 be diabetes?
how can i prevent protein from being secreted from my kidneys. i am a type 2 diabetic.?
Why do the cells in a person with Type Two Diabetes refuse to respond to insulin?
do you think i have type 1 diabetes?
Does smoking (tobacco) affect type 1 diabetes?
low blood glucose in middle of night?
Ongoing lower left abdo pain with no period and weight gain! Help!?
Any Type 1 diabetics can give advice?
ok question to others with dibetes. did you develope it by being fat and eating rubbish foods?
how long can i go without diabetic meds?
how many type of insulin are there ?
could i have diabetes?
Please tell me what to eat if I'm at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes!!?
Could i have diabetes?
if your blood sugar is 135 does that mean your a diabetic?
vomiting after having muesli for breakfast.?
diabetes?? should i get tested?
I want to get my toungue done but i dont know if it hurts? Some people say it does but some say it dont?
alcohol abuse?
Why do I feel so dizzy?
I develpoed a sharp pain in my right lung 2 days ago.?
i have a really weird embarassing problem?
Ankle pain after running on treadmill - help please?
cant go to sleep at the night?
Anyone in the UK still awake?
When I go for a number 2 sometimes theres blood...?
i did something really bad please help?
Having trouble falling asleep, Cannot take sleeping pills due to fits, Any tips on things that could help this
How may would it take to ... ?
swollen glands?
Has any one ever had Nodular Pruraigo??
if someone has kidney, liver and heart failure, how long can they live?
What ear is better at listening to people?
my blood pressure is 109/64, is this good?.?
Constant Bloatedness?
Should the doctor have told his parents he was sucidal or judt take a chance it was bravado?
Why is it that our elders say that we should sleep in the north-south direction?
Headaches and Blood Leakage?
What's a good bedtime for a 16 year old?
Epilepsy injection?
Hypothyroidism TSH 180?
blood test called chromathosis k?
Are the 12 steps for me?
my friend has gilberts disease what is it?
My doctor says i'm anaemic?
How does the nikitine patch work? i know i spelt it wrong lol?
temperature 97.2 is this ok?
Is drinking green tea better than drinking decaf tea if so why?
golden retriever had seizure with pre med will this happen with another drug?
where in the uk is there a place that i can go to and my leg put in plaster and model i know of places in usa?
been on usa and german website they have plaster cast fetish wondering if there is uk place model & wear cast?
clicking jaw...?
Wrist bracelet mens wear? heard its for medical, need help?
What are the symptoms of the imbalance of the hormones?
Breaking nervous habits?
Severe Acne, can i get treatment other than antibiotics?
what is keratosis pilaris and how can you make it better?
wierd red blotches on my skin?
Fordyce's spots- Anyone help?? ?
How do I get rid of a red blotch on my nose?
i Always get sick at least a few times a year!i cant take it no more?
Can a person have pneumonia and a doctor not know it?
nice advice on showering, please help!?
my mum has a Optium Xeceed Meter and it always says E-6 even when the strips are new. what can i do?
list possible sighs and symptons of T2 DM?
If protein is eaten along with the consumption of sugar, does the body produce less insulin?
Hi! Im travelling to bali in 2 weeks and im a type 1 diabetic, whats the best way to keep my insulin pen cool.?
2 hr glucose test and sugar was found in my urine?
how does insulin pen works?
do you lower your calcium level if you masterburate pretty much everyday?
woried About possible diabetes?
I been doing 18 units lantus and around 10 units novorapid but had some hypos but still better than novomix?
how can i solve the problem E-6 on optium xceed?
Is Rsbot 108 safe to use?
What are some areas which obesity would not be a problem and why?
the doctors took a bag and a half of blood out of me in one go is this to much that them take out of me as iam?
Two cells have the same internal concentration of sugar solution.?
Is there anything to do to help Urself out of depression?
Inpatient centers for teens on the west coast?
ocd... how to make her believe me?!?
how do I know If i know if i have alzheimers?
I'm too depressed to socialize?
I can't pee while i'm being monitered for drug tests!?
Anxiety disorder how long do i gotta wait?
Do you think my friend's boyfriend really treats her well in private?
Symptoms of depression but i don't quite fit? I honestly give up i don't know what to do anymore :'(?
i feel like im disembody?
Adderall improving my strength?
How long does vicodin withdrawal last?
Does my husband have a sleep disorder? REM Behavior Disorder..?
What is my best option for psychiatric treatment?
How can I find out if I suffer from memory loss?
Do I have sleep paralysis?
My boyfriend can't handle my kid's depression?
Why is my ankle still swollen from 5months ago?!?
Possible broken finger. Is it too late to get it looked at?
is this a stretched fasciitis?
Why do I bruise so easily?
if you tore 3 ligaments in your leg and was given crutches would you be walking normally without crutches?
My tights are burning when I walk?
I fell down stairs and now.....?
I banged my head help?
Jaw Problem! About a year ago i fell on my chin,?
signs and symptoms of a broken heel?
i have got a pain in my collar bone?
My five year old alsation had an injury and was treated, but i dont know if he was given the right because?
is it OK to feel little poking in your left shoulder one day after giving blood and plasma ?
how do you defecate if your paralysed from the waist down?
Is HB and BP RELATED. I am a high blood person and my HP is also high.?
I have sudden onset of visual disturbances?
Has Any one taken the Disease Modifying Drug (DMARDs) for their Psoriatic Arthritis?
re cat brain scans?
Bump behind my ear, any details?
i had a loop cone excision 2 weeks ago?
One of my cousin's baby has something called a duplex urinary bladder. Does anyone know what's the treatment?
has dresselers syndrome a lifespan?
How can we prevent kidney stones to form? Are there people who are really "stone formers"?
Do i have the stomach flu?
Vocal Fold Nodules?
Who would you like to, POKE in EYE?????
does looking into a Laptop damage eyes?
NHS specsavers help two for one question?
How much do the opticians charge for a eye sight check up?
flashes and dots of light what should i do ?
I can see colours when listening to music?
Are Green eyes rarer than blue brown etc.....?
can you tell your day of birth by eye test?
Corneal neovascularisation?
I have a dillema - what should I do?
Are all eye tests free in Scotland?
blood appeared at the corner of my eye?
Optician recomends surgery?
20/100 will you need to wear glasses all the time?
Has anyone got lazer eye surgery ?
Blinking Problems?
Is it safe to expose your eyes to Chlorine for a prolonged period?
Should I Get Laser Eye Treatment When I'm Older?? ?
Buying contact lenses online - box quantity?
my daughter has eye ache in one eye why would this be?
I need to interview 2 people who have OCD and preferably someone who has had some kind of treatment for it?
I have stress and anxiety, my doctor only prescribes wellbutrin and klonopin, which should I ask for?
can stress provoke cancer?
seasonal affective disorder [[seasonal depression disorder]]?
All her symptoms won't fit in the field...?
what should i do to improve my concentration towards study?
when you build up to a certain dosage on ritalin does it start working right away?
how is heroin deadly?
could i have gotten this from my father?
Did anyone else have this weird side effect with Lexapro?
i'm 38 years old, some times i feel that i'm old!!! what do u think?
Is there a genetic component to bipolar?
Is there a genetic component to schizophrenia? What are the genes they think might be involved?
Please Help, What's happening to me?
Friend needs help. Has ICE addiction. How can i help them quit?
Hypothetically speaking, why couldn't a ingest pure GABA and get the same effect of Xanax or Ambien?
What are the side affects of stopping smokeing?
if fatties say it is a glandular problem and not a glutton problem,?
Who are the most-stressed, and most carefree?
i am only 4ft 8" and recently i have been offered an op to extend my legs sugically. should i do it or not?
i keep waking up, with blood in my nails?
varicose vains can they be treated?
Should I just go to sleep?
Why am I so tired in the mornings?
could anyone tell me the proper way to make a hot toddy/toady,.?
what does it mean when ur mattress shakes?
How do you treat insect and spider bites?
Where can I get my ears syringed in Central London at very short notice?
Cleaning you ears using Shower Water?
Its 5:30 and I have to get up at 11 Is sleep worth it?
hospital gowns? why do you have to take your clothes off??????????????????????????????
Does anybody know any dogging car parks in wales?
Can I get carbon monoxide poisoning from sleeping with my head under the duvet?
I work with someone who constantly closes the windows....?
Does these vitamins work ?
What does it mean when my faeces won't flush?
i quit smoking 3 days ago and cant concentrate at all?
why is urine always yellow?
Can you legaly buy medicin on the internet.?
Our Doctors know all about us and we don't?
I think that nic nac should be told that a lot of?
What happens during the two days of ACLS certification?
Is it really necessary to complete a course of antibiotics?
What participant observation studies on epilepsy exist both in the UK and around the globe?
What should I do about cloudy eye problem?
epilepsy question?
Excuses for going sick from work?!?
I've heard that Cod Liver Oil can help arthritis. Which is best - the oil or capsules? Or are they both good?
4 How long should i wear a cap after radiotherapy in the head, and how long does the anesthesia last, ?
What is the part of your hand called on the side?
What is a sonographer?
HELP: I think i am getting a wort on my hand how do i get rid of it?
what is the procedure for removing the cartlage from the ear.?
I have a spot on my chin ?
A Sty/Stie/stye-HELP....???
Hand Recipes Dead Skin Rough Hands ?
How lond does it take for your skin to heal after dermabrasion?
how long does it take for Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub to work?
strange lumps/spots?
I suffer from really dry skin on my cheeks and its really getting me down does anyone know what i can do?
omg again. mole [s]?
Acne scar help? Altenatives to Surgery. ?
Clear, Healthy-looking skin?
How do I get bleach off my hands?
i have eczema, and dont know how to get rid of my scars..?
Can the smootie be taken while i ve flu , thus badly coughing ? ?
How do hospitals treat patients with salmonella?
Cold sore problems, please help!?
Throat lozenges sold in Italy?
[Prognosis] Sneezing snot with blood particles [help]?
Nose piercing? could the piercing be infected or could I need to go to the doctor?
What product is there that will protect from insect bites?
I have a streaming nose,cough, wheeze and sneezing after every single meal, is this an allergy?
What is in English the following,Rhume-Grippal?
how do you chew and swallow rice without feeling that you are about to choke?
What is my allergy? Thought I was lactose intollerent but i have the same symptoms (cows milk) with soya milk.
Prawn Allergy - Can you be affected by airborne particles?
A question about an insect bite that still hasn't gone away...?
Washing Powder Allergy...why?
Am I allergic to wholemeal?
vet fees for kennel cough injection?
How long after taking roaccutane for first 6 months can you start another 6 month batch?
anybody on anti tnf treatment for rheumatoid arthritis?
is anyone else getting fed up reading questions that are too long....or is it just me....?
how come vets are open on sundays but not doctors surgeries?
what are the obvious symptoms of ms?
What is Mild Degenerative Disc Disease? What isMild Anterior Thecal Sac Indentations?
Is there any medication that can be taken to control tics?
is it normal to prescribe anti-psychotics for autism?
i fell on my knee pretty hard, after i couldnt bend it at all then i fell again.?
Im having problems with my jaw bone. Any ideas?
What does ASIS mean in my physiotheprapy report?
My hip is clicking and its soo sore?
i had a accident at work split my head open?
What is this lump, under the skin on my fore head ?
can a person have venticular tachacardia when they are sleeping?
Has anyone taken the drug Amitriptyline. What reactions (if any) did you have?
have you ever had to deal with bedbugs?
How do you get a cold sore?
Husband has been told he has ulcerative colitis, any advice or help?
Elevated heartrate ?
Isn't fibromyalgia just something that comes from a of lack of knowledge?
are there stomach flu's that last only 24 - 48 hrs?
How do i get rid of eyebags quickly?
My hands sweat, even when I'm not nervous?
dry skin on my feet?
does anyone have a sore throat cure?
What's the survival rate of a person who was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma?
how to improve your discipline? please help i feel as if i need therapy.?
why can't I let something that happened to me all through my school years go?
Sigh, what can I do; I am in a deep hole?
Is there a drug similar to adderall that will not make me sad? for adhd?
is it true that sleeping on your back causes nightmares? i also heard it was healthier to sleep on your back?
anyone with social anxiety?
question about prozac?
I just want to make her happy?
I get really bad anxiety attacks during tests! please help!?
what are reasons for getting a good rest the day before a game?
Am i depressed? Please help.?
I might have to take vailum for my anxiety?
Do you think i have a disorder?
a question about heroin addiction?
HELPHELPHELP pleasssee answer?
Anxiety Support groups?
Does anyone have OCD when it comes to new items? I hate new things!?
If your friendsand family sponsored you for charity would you be more likely to stop quitting?
How old is too old to have your tonsils out?
my snoring is getting worse and i wake up in the morning and my throat feels sore and strained?
help for anorexics?
why ?
What do you do to relax?
I feel fearful of everything and always think the worst will happen, why?
What is Happening to my Partner's Body?
i do use soya milk but powder whitener would be easier to take in by bag wben going out?
what is a positive body image?
Has anyone had lasting problems after wavefront laser eye surgery?
always tired and feeling off balance?
looking 4 seft certificatefor beening of sick?
do any body know if you can buy multy vitimin caps with out citric acid?
It would appear that many of us must feel initmated by asking our doctor for?
scabs up nose?
biochemical basis of von Recklinghausen syndrome a.k.a. neurofibromatosis type I??!! HELP?!!?
Low Body Temperature?
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)?
how can i stop drinking and smoking i want to but its hard and my boyfriends getting worryed about it?
i can't breath after running. please help?
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis?
how to cure gnashing of teeth?
What are some of the causes of gnashing of teeth while sleeping?
Help Big Ear Lobe!?
my daughter is 37 and has a lump n her arm near or on her biceps,she does a lot of heavy lifting etc. any idea
anyone on hemodialysis,how are you finding life on it? whats the one food you've had to give up/?
baby dropped on head as a child (somewhat).. brain damage?
I want to breath a new life into my question i have clicked on the question but i dont know the Action Bar?
can chocolate affect arthritis?(osteoarthritis)?
im desperate to loose weight?
omega-3 fatty acid / maxepa. anyone have any experiences with children taking it'?
I so skint i have just signed up for medival.?
how do you fight eczema? besides cortisone?
I get beat up every day until i bruise and bleed help?
Twiching and memory loss?
will flea bites leave a scar?
My daughter is 12yrs old and has blackouts about 3 times a day. Does anyone know why this happens?
i just started using acne medication 3 days ago and it just been giving me more acne. why is that?
What can I use for dry skin on face?
Why does my skin turn purple?
Fell down the stairs and hurt my back, now what?
Knee strengthening exercises?
Out loud, is the fact of these person stinging?
whats wrong with my arm?
exercise for someone with a prolapsed disc? advice please?
Pain in my arm and hand since car crash on wednesday...?
feel and hit the palm of my hand now my finger tips really hurt?
Ankle Injury??? Two Years Later!!!?
Anxious around every body?
Why am i so tired all the time?
I need serious help.?
It "hurts" to look at pictures of celebrities?
Is your mind awake while sleeping? So strange!?
how do you increase you mental abilities and iq?
What are the effects of ecstasy on students?
Why are my de ja vu moments so weird?
I don't feel tired, but i want to go sleep, what can i do?
What do anti-depressants feel like ?
Are each of the following classified as mental disorders or emotional disorders?
All I want is to talk to someone?
Help me! councelling or not?
I've been really feeling down?
i dont know whats wrong with me mentally?
General anxiety disorder?
AFROXIL B15 Cow Vaccine.?
What is the ingredient used in hair dye that some people are allergic too?
when u have tonsillitis do u get a blocked n runny nose?
Is there a way that I can become not allergic to my cat any more?
I have found out that i am allergic to our 14 month old golden retriever. ?
as i hit 40 im suffering with mild roseacea, are there any over the counter lotions to help with this in uk?
how long will my dairy allergy rash last ?
I keep bringing up these strange yellow chunks from my throat. Any ideas on what I should do?
Around my eyes become very sore and wrinkled due to itching caused by hay fever can anyone suggest a remedy?
Black streaks in Phlegm, should I be worried?
Why do I still have bloody snot?
monosodium glucamate (msg) allergy?
Am i allergic to chocolate?
Does it burn her ears? Or is she allergic?
sudden hotness with light headiness?
I've been smoking crack all week...?
i really can't sleep, any ideas on how to get to sleep?
How to get rid of an eye infection?
sore eyelid?
Optic nerves are swollen,anyone had any experience with the same thing?
Answer if you wear contacts.....?
if you didnt have an eye, could something get in the hole and go to your brain and kill you?
Attention all contact lense users i need your help!?
Glasses commercial?
If my eyes have a prescription: (ODsph -2.00; OSsph -2.25), what vulgar fraction (eg 20/20) are my eyes?
i just took my contact lens off and my eye hurts what should i do?
if you are always on the computer then will you have to wear glasses for the rest of your life?
Eye Infection Help Contact Lenses possible cause?
is kc causeing my vision problems or not?
Just a quick question..?
Photo-therapy for Eczema, good or bad idea?
please help me, it really hurts!!?
taking zyban to stop smoking?
Does any body see weird visions in their minds that come true.?
Drug interactions making me psychotic?
any optomerists/eye doctors in the house tonight?
medication regulation in Spain?
blood pressure is really high?
What are three effects that thyroid hormones have on the body?
Why can't I download a typical will so that I can use this as a basis for my own will?
what would you be suffering from if you had dislacussis?
How can I stop going red in the face all the time?
Is it necessary to follow through?
What's the best treatment for common warts on fingers?
why is it difficult to swallow, I don't have a cold, could it be stress related. please help, it's an awful f
how can i tell if someone is bulimic?
is it true?
My dad might have cancer...!Pleez help!?
Be honest, how bad is my acne?
ok i know something is wrong, but please tell me its not cancer!?
H1N1 Vaccine ........?
I been smoking weed for 4 months...?
What's the problem?
Severely dry skin on my face, help ?
Asphalt safety sheet query ?
In your opinion, what causes nonhereditary sight impairment?
Could it be dangerous that she's caught a cold...?
Aching upper arm, why?
What percentage of the training undertaken to be a General Medical Practitioner is mental health/illness based
Kidney function - urine output?
What is Chondrocarcinosis?
Qu for people with ME who've tried lightening process?
medical/ pharmacology?
Blood tests 'show something' and colonoscopy booked in.?
ileostomy problems?
PCOS, Coeliac disease & weight loss.?
How can I eat when I am disgusted by food?
straitgies on The Great Depression ?
My stepdaughter shes 10 years old and when shes over her father house they sleep together in the same bed!?
Should i take councelling or not?
I can talk to people but..?
17 year old son is heart broken but not sure how to deal with it..?
Anyways to have complete inner peace? Things to do to calm youself?
I think too much? Do I over-analyze or are my worries real?
Im not sure how to cope with a loss of a love one please help?
Do you ever see/mistake things out of the corner of your eye?
Unable to concentrate well - it has been going on for 10 years.?
Strange sleep habits.?
i can't sleep at all during the night and i am 14!! plz help me i need my sleep?
i on zyprexa now and been on it since last tuesday?
What do you do when you're dizzy from not taking Zoloft?
What are the differences between lexapro and wellbutrin?
worried sick about heart?
Did I seriously injure my foot?
How do you make a pulled muscle go away?
How long does a small cut on your foot take to heal?
Pain in my side? What is it?
painful knee ???????????????????? please answer?
knee trouble ???????
okay i have to ask this..?
sprained or broken thumb?
Possible bone fracture?
Why does my fracture still sting?
Do you know what I have?
If you thought you might have anaemia, would you go to the doctor for a test?
What are some effects of over eating?
What is your experience at the hands of a chiropractor? I am?
Is anyone else reaaaally tired?
how do you know if you have a perforated eardrum?
I know i just asked this question, but i need to clarify!?
Migraines when being on Computer?
really tired, please help?
Why am i always more tired on my day off?
how ca iget to sleep???
How can I discipline myself to get to bed early?
I am trying to maintain my weight- what time of the day should you weigh yourself and how often?
Im about to go for a blood test.?
who on here as never smoked a cigarette in their life?
Reiki? has anyone received?
What's the best way to nap in your day?
betta go bed now..work in the morning!!night everyone!!?
can a memoryfoam mattress cause heatrash?
red rash with little white spots- what is it?
is it possible to become addicted to nasal spray (oxytocen) if used to cure social anxiety?
My ear keeps on blocking?????!?
Why does milk effect me more than cheese?
Allergy bronchitis problems and need help fast!?
has anybody ever had an allergic reaction to cuticura cucumber daily facial wash?
when i wake up of a morning my nose and lips are cold and the rest of the day i feel as if my nose is runnywhy?
Does anyone get an Itchy palate, back of mouth?
Allergy to Penicillin... Face swelling...?
Allergies! where does all the mucus come from and .....?
Allergies / hayfever advice...?
puppy help! is my dog in heat?
Allergy advice please - short-term growing intolerance?
cream for sun allergy?
Sinus advice :) pleeeeease :)?
what is your favourite essential oil and what do you use it for?
I have pain in the inside of my left ankle, feels like the skin is being pulled tight, it feels numb, help!!?
Does anyone have experience of neimann pick disease?
Does one's hearing improve, when one's eyes are closed?
Topless in Hyde Park?
anyone know anything about the drug risperdal...?
time management?
Who Invented Cigarette?
What happens when you lance broken capillaries?
presciption charges - uk?
I keep getting headaches after i have lifted something quite heavy. What could this mean???
Tiny white lump on eyelid?
i woke up this morning and lots of red inflamed spots have appeared... heeeeeeeeelp!!!!!?
Vitamin therapy with MS?
What are the symptoms of autism in children?
why is my lip swollen?
Arcoxia for pseudo gout any advice?
Is there something called CATTARAH or something like that, I was told you get it in your throat like a blood?
avascular nercrosis/severs disease?
Does anybody know how to get rid of piles without having to see the doctor?
is this IBS?
what is paul ding malnutrition?
im always depressed...........?
What am I experiencing? Stress related sickness?
how to deal with depression?
HELP! Do i have ADD? I cant focus, concentrate, remember, or think complex anymore! It has gotten too hard!?
i really feel like i have borderline personality disorder..?
Lately ive been spacing out, alot, but i dont know why, or what im thinking about?
In all seriousness, what is heroin like?
Can you develop Schizophrenia under a lot of stress, or living in a Stressful Environment?
Harry Potter is the only thing keeping me alive.?
How come whenever I call the suicide hotline jokingly, they always find a way to make me depressed?
getting an evaluation?
What are some tips to becoming more organized and timely?
Alternative ways to help with the sympotoms of schizoaffective disorder?
Shaps tuoba aionarap?
Sleeping problem, weird?
How do I get through this?
aaahhhh this cough is gettin on my nerves help me??? x?
suffocating dream. help help help?
How long can someone stay in the ICU with you?
My sunburn has been hurting for 3 days...what can I do?
Why can't you just take a pill to get rid of it?
How to get rid of acne scars?
get rid of body acne?
Heart Attack- 24 Year Old Female- NO Family History- GOOD Cholesterol- NO Drugs- NO one can figure it out?
How to get rid of eczema?
What foods will prevent a gout attack and what foods will counteract one?
Could I possibly be infected with the swine flu?
I'm not a smoker however my lips have turned "black!!" does anyone know y or wut I can do to reverse this???
Tell me how to keep eyesight good,without using glasses for reading/T.V.or computer?
Stabbing Pain when i lift my foot :(?
Very embarrassing poo question?
Anyone know what foods help with indigestion/ reflux?
WHY?!?! my left eye has been twitching?
wrinkles around my eyes?
How do i stop someone from wanting to try cocaine?
My sister has been told by her doctor that she needs a knee replacement operation.?
Facial expressions?
3 1/2 yr old may need gromits! Explain.....?
Feeling veryyyyy tired,and dizzy!?
What's wrong with me?
excessive sleep in older person?
what is the best remedy for nerves?
am i dehydrated is this cause for concern?
Can anyone tell me if a person has the right to have things removed from their medical recor?
What's the best way to naturally detox your body from marijuana?
When was the last time you knocked one out with your hand?
i have had an operation for a detached retina. how long does it take to heal?
Has anyone ever had a biopsy/gastroscopy for celiac disease?
is it normal to sleep so much?
Can anyone please explain mastiod ear surgery to me. I had it years ago. My right ear is near enough deaf.?
My son's cough and flu seem not to let go of him,what could the problem be?
whats happened to my ears?
Why does my head cold last for weeks ?
My blood test showed an EGFR of 75. Age 40?
does anyone have scheuermann's disease?
Can anyone help me plz?
Is there a good book (with pictures) on tissue viability ?
What would be the first symptoms i would experience if i caught the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)?
my cat as just been cleared by the vet for cat flu but my other cat as still got it can he catch it back again?
wife in hospital CK levels 23000, after swine flu vaccine and diabetic treatment , explain please?
What food is best for helping u stay awake?
does sleeping on your ears pin them back?
What is a good way to get rid of blackheads?
rumney,merthyr tydfil?
laser eye surgery?
reply to sonnumbertwo,?
All day non drowsy Hayfever Tabs... Still snotty...and itchy.. How many dya reckon I can have in a day??
How can I improve my posture?
Why do people call us Ambulance Drivers....?
does anyone have any tips on how to make a bad day turn into a good day? feel awful?
does anyone know how to sort out a throbbing problem i have?
What should I do about my ankle?
boyfriend had a bang to the head?
form of psorisis in the scalp flakey skin help?
How bad is my wrist? its been sore for nearly 4 months!?
Medical opinion on a broken nose please?
What's up with my toes? Could they be broken?
Why is my leg suddenly misaligned?
Broken glass or a fresh shaving blade - what's sharper?
Don't want to sound like a wimp but......?
my wrist and my hand hurts?
Popping in achilles tendon, sudden pain?
can any one tell me where i can buy a water proof plaster cast protecto for the shower?
biting tongue while having a seizure?
hurt my elbow falling down stairs?
Is it a respiratory problem?
If I eat anything sweet or containing natural/processed sugar I feel ill? Any ideas what it is?
foods gluten free please?
dog allergy?
Allergic reaction to flea powder - what to do?
Do cycling masks really prevent inhalation of pollen while cycling?
Hayfever causing Asthma?
what are the side effects of neoloridin, montek lc ,mometasone furoate monohydrate nasal spray?
can you be allergic to fibre?
Who is the highest rated Homeopath in Wales?
Warts on my child?
Beconase nasal spray for 4 years old?
Tartrazine and Sulphur dioxide?
Not feeling my Klonopin?
Whats happening to me ?
sudden development of anxiety, depression, and violent break downs caused by medication and brain damage?
What should I do about a goal that seems unreachable?
Can somebody Help me! I dont know whats wrong?
Looking in the mirror..Can you help?
Ex-boyfriend cannot remember large periods of time. Could he be bi-polar?
is the cure for eating disorders to stop and that's it?
What's considered "healthy support" when dealing with sister with bipolar?
why did i do this...?
What's wrong with me? I keep on saying the wrong words and not realizing until they're out of my mouth?
How can I fight deppression?
Could a change in medication alter someone's personality?
Cannot enjoy any music at all?
How can I make myself Happier? :L?
Does this sound like an anxiety disorder?
can you tell me whether i might have worms?
hi i have gallstones why kind of diet can i eat, i know that no fat?
Sinus CT Scan --- what are they looking for ?
whats wrong with me?
how to get rid of blackheads...by tomorrow ! thanks?
I sometimes get electric shocks in my head when I am sleeping, or partially asleep!?
Connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin lack?
I have numbness between the middle and ring finger of my hand does this need treatment?
does bleeding while stooling pose any serious medical risk to sufferer?
Anybody suffer from EHS? Exploding Head Syndrome?
I am a dialysis patient and want to go to...............?
blood transfusions??
Benefits for people with Dementia.?
Cures or help for Parkinsons ?
What is Cerabal Atrophy with Chronic Ischemic? My mom has an MRI of her brain and that was the result.?
I have conjuntivitus in my left eye the doctors arnt open on a weekend ER say wait til monday wot should i do?
after what age is a Lazy eye permanent?
do you think that my eye is itchy?
Does Lazy Eye Treatment work?
im freakin out over havin white eye in some pics can ne1 say anything reassuring?
Anasthetic. I m 26 years old, about 2 stone overweight. My blood pressure is 124/85. I ve been smoking 20 ?
Some of my toenails are coming off/ I do not have any infection fungal or otherwise?
how can i stop sweating?!?
whats the definition of a acholholic?
For UK. Do you trust your GP as much as you did say 10 year ago? If not why not?
How to quit my social smoking?
minerals lost through sweating alot?
Why are yawns "catchy"?
Does tate and lyle golden syrup have antibacterial properties?
I feel really tired this week i can get home from work then sleep then sleep all night do i have a problem?
why is it every time i go outside i feel like im going to be sick?
Can you become constipated by holding it in when you need the toilet?
What is the medical reason for cannabis giving someone 'the munchies'?
I'm a smoker, why do I tend to smoke alot less when I have the common cold?
anyone else trying to stop smoking?
Yoga to control panic. & stress......is this possible?
Does wearing an eyemask help sleep?
Why does my 7 yr old son's breath smell of acetone when he is ill?
is borax safe to use with young children.?
Im depressed, i feel to high hung over,sometimes i wanna die, what do I do to stop hurting myself?
How could I get help to treat someone I think has DID?
Please help me to control my social anxiety disorder?
I really need help its strange but?
I am having problems sleeping. can someone help?
I know this is a very strange question but...?
what is this problem?
I can't stop doing meth. Can anyone tell me solutions to this terrible addiction. I'm loosing my family.?
what are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?
Do you think I have BDD (body dismorphic disorder)?
What is wong with me?
The Symptoms Of A Concerned Teenager (help me)?
Why do I cope in this way?
Whats with the looks,i dont understand?
Dropping everything to focus on mental health/getting better?
I need to talk to a real mental health dr online for free?
Do using ankle weights bend your legs?
muscle ache gel/cream recommendations?
Is my elbow broken, fractured or just bruised?
I got punched by a friend relatively hard on my shoulder and I started to bleed. Is that normal?
Nose punched 1 week ago, needs to be set... when?
I got a really bad cut the other day...?
how to get rid of a swollen bruised knee?
How can you tell the difference between repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel in wrists, when they ache?
Fell over and bumped my head in the snow please help my neck hurts?
do they keep you in hospital if ...?
What should a typical adult's peak flow (asthma) be?
what causes chest pain that is relieved by burping or belching?
Persistant dizziness for about 2 years getting worse?
I just made myself sick and I cant stop coughing?
who sells betahistamine on line?
is there free software like "scream saver" to keep you healthy at a computer? any other typing tips welcome
help wih spots?
Cervical Erosion - what should I do?
Why does stress cause epigastic pain?
what would you do if you had to buy some tea and the only salesman left had red hair and was from wigan?
whats your worst habit?
Whats that bony bit at the tip of yor nose?
Where can I find back support from bulgaria called kocmocдиск.?
Do u fancy ur partner's clean body sweat smell or prefer perfume/cologne smell?
A health resort? "_ pa"?
How do I find telephone numbers for the Ministerio De Convalesciance Spain?
If there was no NHS would the government care so much what people did with their health?
Effects of Long term use of pantoprazole?
What is Occupational or Industrial Deafness?
spiders!!!! what do you think of them?
has anyone ever heard of pagets bone disease?
any one know about chinese connections website? is it genuine?
what treatment has anyone found helpful for stress/chronic fatigue?
Dodgy arms?
Does anyone know of a disease where the biopyschosocial model does not apply?
please help? im worried he may get a blood clot???
Are there connections between ASD and dyslexia?
can some one tell me if ocular mytttathenia is classed as a disability?
Have just had a colonoscopy in the report it said they found some aphthous ulcers in my bowel what are they?
The mole on my foot came off..?
Squeezed a blackhead, now it's a big yellow bump?
Good moisturisers for combination skin, ( from boots/superdrugs would be good)?
Name 6 diseases in LEDCs?
Tongue changes to dark colour, lips & tissue inside my mouth become weaker after kissing my girlfriend?
I think I'm allergic to summer...Help?
Why is hamburger making me so sick?
How can i stop the sniffing my nose habbit xx?
Allergies, allergies, always allergies!?
What will get rid of a tickly annoying cough?
Have you ever had to deal with a lumpous flaking skaney ?
i suffer with dermographism and have been taking an anti-histamine every day for the last five years. ?
Coeliac - Question about yeast?
How do I know for sure if my son is lactose intolerant?
MY 8 pound yorkie just recently got a cough and sort of like he has flem but cant cough it out.? is it allergy?
my mum's all stiff with her allergic reaction! like she can't walk well?
im having time oof work either am or pm due to serve anaphyaxis reactions my work are tyring to termanate my?
im allergic to the average harir dye what can i use?
tight chest while taking amoxicillin?
how can i get rid of eczema without a prescription?
get rid of something stuck in my throat?
What do they mean by the Swine Flu could mutate?
Does a routine blood test in emergency detect cancer?
How much time should i spend in the tanning bed?
How to rid your nose of blackheads?
How to quit smoking after 40 years ?
Little girl has HIVES 24h! Help any other ideas? Thanks!?
Can you die from cirrhosis of the liver and Hep C?
What is the drug's generic name?
My ex quit smoking a year ago and now has been told she has cancerous tumour's on her bladder?
If you crave ice cubes, does that mean you are iron deficient?
Anal bleatching iritation?
Is this deadly? Please help!?
i'm on day 3 of not smoking, i'm using the patch?