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oral contrast for CT Scan of Abdomen?
What are the most common underlying causes of severe hand eczema? Effective treatment?
Not so soft skin?
Decreasing Decadron?
Just got diagnosed with celiac disease. How long will it take to feel energetic again after giving up gluten?
what is involved in an upper GI series test?
toe infection/ingrown toe nail?
What can I do to fix my skin problem?
What are the best foods to eat when you have Crohn's Disease?
How would you feel if you got caught at school smoking weed and now they drug test you RANDOMLY until you grad?
How do I get rid of head lice?
I am 32 yrs old. I never had a skin problem ever. I took the pill from 21-26yrs old. Ever since then major?
Itchy, sore and swollen fingers ...?
does aloe vera gel help to get rid of spots?
Large red spot on bum cheek?
Fake tan Allergic reaction!?
How to deal with my skin problem?
Do you ring hours before the tic's go on sale? ?
how to get rid of spots on my chest ?
please...a small favor..!!!?
can't decide which of these helped?
cure for ear dry skin problems?
How many hours of sleep a night should a 16 year old girl get?
If your GP doctor really cared about you, wouldn't they want to know if the treatment they prescribed worked?
i got a cold what shalll i use to help it go away?
where can i find emloyment as a nurse?
is there any rule regarding how long you may stand in one place while in work?
How do you clean yours ears out safely?
i keep seeing anti smoking adverts that say there are four thousand chemicals in tobacco?
i have a summer cold tickly cough runny nose etc any cure?
does snorting cocaine make your tongue yellow?
have i just over dosed on paracetamol?
Hi, I've had a car accident and have to wear a neck collar?
I played a match yesterday, today my right knee is all swollen around the kneecap....?
shin injury?
can i be sacked for being off sick after an accident at work?
I am so ashamed, please help!?
Who here has ever tried an enema or colonic irrigation?
any healers?
I drive 80 miles per day to work and suffer repetitive strain injury on my feet - can this be prevented?
What have I done to my knee?
how do i know if i`m depressed?
2 broken heels? how long did u suffer the pain for after this?
can i book a doctors appointment on behalf of someone else?
Why is it Doctors don't wear?
stomach pains?
do you think mobile phones affect our health?
Bow legs - problems?
my 10 year old son has been sweating and feeling weak for the past 5 day i have taken him to the doctors?
How long does it take for my coxic bone to be healed from a bruising?
Broken Metatarsals?
Quit regular smoking, and becoming a weekend smoker, can it be done?
can i cycle if i've got shin slints? or should i just rest my legs?
I haven't drank anything for 24 hours?
pins in ma foot?
slipped disc?
Where can I find a sensibly priced car seat suitable for 5 year old cerebral palsy child?
Would these two prescriptions the same?
Why Is My Pupil Big When I Look Close Up At Myself?
Every once in a while, seeing patchy, transparent colours (green or yellow)?
Why does my eye twitch sometimes?
I have noticed that one pupil on my right eye is...?
How long did your last spectacle prescription take to be made up?
i am 15 years old and i have a lazey eye can it still be fixed?
How do I get rid of an itchy throat and ear?
beta haemalytic strep. . can anyone explain what it is?
Are there any pregnant ladies that have had the seasonal flu jab recently?
What happens when you give platelets?
When was the last time you played Doctors and nurses.?
depression but...not depression? help!?
omg how do i get my anger out without hurting people or breaking things?
My childerns father died there 13 and 14 what do I do?
Does anyone else get a strange, woozy feeling in their head from anxiety along with just not feeling yourself?
Can some one help me eith these human service questions?
O.c.d plz help me plzzz ?
how can i improve my memory?
My sister has serious problems that my family cant live with and I dont know what to do?!?
My friend says she has been cutting herself to relieve stress, and it even rids her headaches... Possible?
Do you think I need to see a therapist?
i used to have a eating disorder a long time ago i feel like ive never recoverd from it advise please?
what evidence is there that war helped improve medicine in the middle ages?
getting really paranoid, help?
anxiety pain what do you think?
What To do About "Sleep Fighting" ?
Is this anxiety or something else?
How do I convince someone that they need help?
what are the chances of actually dying from cut wrists?
why does Paul get nose bleeds?
jst a random theory.......?
Do you think that a website for worriers is a good idea? Look at http://www.reallyworried.com?
general anaesthetic-i am such a wimp!!!!?
Whats the difference between MDMA and Legal Anti depressants?
what tests are done to see if a person is clinically depressed?
white bits?
If someone is to have a bone spur surgically removed from their toe. Is local anaesthetic painless enough?
Does over using disinfectants put us in danger?
What does tobacco have in common with tea and coffee?
what is general anaesthesia like for a 16 year old?due to get tonsils out in july and im a bit scared?!Thanks?
Argument for doctors to 'play god'?
was told at hospital i have sticky blood?
Anyone no any good hangover cures?
Cleaning Fluid Irritating Eye?
NHS tax credit exemption certificate - how much does it cover for glasses and contact lenses?
laser eye treatment?
can my 15 year old son have his eyes tested by himself?
Will ebooks replace books? will this not harm eyes due to reading on screen of ebook reader?
How safe is laser eye surgery?
Bigger Eye-Lid?
It's gone hollow around my eyes how can I fix it?
is there anywhere i can get glasses made up in the next two days?
I think like a robot?
I've just had laser surgery to correct my vision how long does it take for the eye to fully heal?
My glasses are a little blurrier now?
What caused a dip in my glasses lense?
How can I stop my spectacles rubbing ?
If i look at a star for too long will it burn my eyes?
I keep seeing things in the corner of my eye?
can staring at a computer screen and telly damage ur eyes/sight?
Eyes - Zeiss Vision....?
Eye contacts question?
Laser Eye Vision Help Please?
Colloidal oatmeal - where can I buy it?
flagal medication for bacterial infection left me with no taste?
my wife is alergic to magnesium, which is very rare she has problems taking medicine can anyone help?
Itchy nose that wont go!!!!?
Hamster got conjunctivitis , and can humans catch it, because my eyes are really sore and itchy?
Am I allergic to my Rabbit?
Allergic to nickle what to eat & the symptoms?
Why when I oversleep do I get the following:?
what are the best medicines for allergy to pets ? ?
Does anyone any wheat free products?
where can I have a kanalog injection?
How can i stop my eyes from watering?
i have sinus pressure and phlem in my throat my right side of neck is also slightly swollen.?
what is the best cream or soloution for marks on the face left after youve had spots?
Helppppppppp. Big Toes.
How do I remember to look after my feet?
Rash on my husband's body?
where can I buy organic Indian neem shampoos and other beauty products in the UK, either on line or in the sho
i think i have RSI in my mouse fingertip - getting very sore - any solutions other than stop surfing?
Monthly Repeat Prescriptions (UK)?
Does chicken soup and hot lemon cordial really help combat a cold?
Is 8 hours of sleep enough for a teenager?
I've been smoking for a while now and i feel nauseous almost every time i smoke, Why?
I have difficulty seeing in the dark, Can anybody tell me about night blindness.?
How much longer are we going to get the stroke ads?
Okay you dont need to know this but im scared, help?
i'm booked in for an upper gi endoscopy?
Pins & Needles in my arm and hand?
If I sleep with earphones on can they wrap around my kneck and damage me?
Embarrassing bodies?
how to get rid of this?????????????
whats wrong with my lips?
How do you sleep? And why?
Why do i keep waking up during the night?
Headaches at work due to noises. Can anyone advise?
Can soya milk really cause cancer?
Can a 15 year old grow about 6 inches taller by the end of puberty?
how does high blood pressure gets in you?
Do you think that air conditioning is a health hazard and do you like it ?
is there something wrong?
I have a hemmorhoid and its really sore.?
Is it possible to 'reset' my body clock?
Strained hamstring 3x in 2 years??
Aftershocks felt after an electric shock?
Whats wrong with my thumb?
pulled muscle treatment?
Is it wrong to do musterbute. I am 22 years old. ?
how do i break my cycle of seeking comfort from food?
Is this called something special?
how can I be sure if I'm, bipolar or not, without going to the doctors?
What is wrong with my mom?
I'm to scared to get a job?
whats wrong with me? could i have a sleeping disorder?
Recently I've been watching a TV show with the main character being OCD. I've been copying his antics?
salam every one.my question is that i am a patient of depression "anhedonia".if i marry some one can you tell?
Anxiety and a specific sleeping issue?
my friend is depressed?
What would make you less suicidal?
How does sleeping for only two hours feel like i have been sleeping for at least five When i am sick.?
I'm never happy what do I do?
Why cant i relax and stop thinking?
Bad eye-sight ?????
I am unable to receive 20/20 eye sight. should i see an alternative than who ive already seen?
where can i find thomas the tank engine prescription glasses?
I have frequent things in my eye please help (not floaters)?
Eyes Test Question............?
Eye laser surgery risks, etc.?
can you buy frames from specsavers without an eye test?
Any chance of my eye sight getting better?
i had laser treatment 4 years ago for glaucoma but my eyes still ache?
Eye exam has given me a weaker prescription but my vision without glasses isn't any better, is it a mistake?
Is it normal to feel sick after getting glasses?
if you have had laser surgery on your eyes i.e. correct short sightness do your eyes alter as in diluting?
can I wear my 2wk contact lenses for 3wks? They are Acuvue Advance....?
I'm afraid I have breast cancer.?
How can i get rid of mosquito bites??!?
Is there a way to get rid of acne scars?
numbness in the legs?
what is the best cure for headaches apart from tablets?
Facial Numbness and Paralysis?
I think i have stomach cancer? helpp.?
would you go to a waterpark if you have rashes on your legs? like a whole bunch?
What is the safest Shampoo, Soap and body lotion to use?
Is this normal to be getting headaches all the time?
hair pulling???? need advice?
Have any of you ever heard your heart beat in your ear when going to sleep?
blackheads blackheads how can i get rid of them?
I had a cough and cold about 2 months ago and my voice is still crackling what should i do about it?
Every morning I feel sick?
Where can i download MAR sheets for drug recording?
how do i get a u.k visa with ease without stress?
I wound up in police station...can't remember anything...?
The wife, making frantic hand jestures, wants to know if it's possible to remove a lightbulb from ones mouth
does anyone have any ideas how to reduce bloating?
Why do pop make people burp?
Car accidents?
Anaphylactic Shock - wasps and bees?
Sleep walking?
ESR blood test?
How do men douche? can someone please explain to me as i dont want a expensive trip to a spa to have it done!?
Does anyone recommend taking Bach flower remedies? Do they work?
stretch marks?
Mosquito/Nat Bites?
is there any way to stop creating too much pghelmin ones lungs?
Could having anti nuclear antibodies be the reason why i catch infections so easily?
I have "Burstitis" ?? Housemaids Knee?
What did I do to my knee?
my lower left leg comes off the socket if i bend leg too far!!?
Twitching problems?
my 1 year old keeps getting sick.?
How can I get rid of blackheads on my forehead/nose?
i do this weird thing...how do i stop?
Why do i look at people with the corner of my eye (CREEPY!)?
Possible anxiety disorder ? lemme know ?
Is there something wrong with me?
How would you handle this?
If I accidentally bite and swallow some skin from my lip, is that cannibalism and can I get ill?
I am getting kicked out of my house tmmrw what should I do?
I see the head doctor this week for ADDH, what can I expect?
Is this an anxiety disorder ?
i have agoraphobia, but im starting to suffer from another strange fear.?
Im so tired i just want to sleep, but i can't?
Medication and restless body syndrome?
is there a cycle for pyromania?
What to try next after Paxil is not helping me?
Ongoing Bullying Problem?
Need Help I feel depress and wrothless can anyone help me?
How to stop my parents?
i had a dream that my arm was hurt and it hurt when i woke up?
small animosities, what is that?
what is considered to be acne?
do antihistamines work on itchiness? ?
do i have any chance of getting in the army with me having eczema?
Whys my skin so bad!?
prevention of pressure sores?
what is the treatment prescribed by doctors for the condition pinhole phimosis?
Ive got broken capillaries around my nostrils, how can I get rid of them without having anything surgical?
Skin pigmentation in the legs.?
fungal disease in my finger?
I have had a red "spot" on my skin like a burst blood vessell for as long as i can remember and a bit has went?
I have a moderate level of acne and have been prescribed Erythromycin tablets, should i take them? ?
My acne is destroying my confidence, I have stopped going out and seeing my family yet I still pick my spots?
what causes oily skin and dry hair?
MY FACE =O it has loads of red dry patches? and spots so painfull HELP please!?
help with oiley skin....?
whats the best way to get rid of spots?
I am allergic to chlorine. HELP.?
Ethiopia twig, hayfever cure?
Allergic to anything orange and pringles?
are fleas causing this? how can i kill fleas?
my daughter has skin reaction from a list of things if i list them will you recommend?
Drinking alcohol makes me feel sick, why?
Has my boxer pup give me and my partner hives?
wheat intolerance - what are the symptoms?
I have been on a wheat free diet for a month and today eaten wheat?
red blotchy rash on tummy?
how do i know if my baby is allergic to dairy products?
what medication can i take for hay-fever symptoms?
My hayfever is unbelievable?
I have a wheat and oats intollerance, can i eat for christmas lunch a goose that has been fed on oats?
My boyfrien dsuffers from Myalgic Encephalopathy, he's having a relapse.?
help with vitermins?
Can anyone recommend a good herbal remedy for anxiety?
What can I do to help fight a cold?
Why can't my local GP be more like Quincy?
Would you trust a dentist with rotten teeth?
how would u describe a person with a bubbly personality?
wholegrain wheat and acne?
Is there any way AT ALL that I can get rid of the symptoms of a bad head cold and cough quickly?
my doctor gave me 2 lots of penicillin at the same time and its made my infectiond go but made me ill?
what does cod liver oil heal?
Is there an automatic cutout on a facial sauna? I have come to work and left mine on and I'm panicking!?
piezo SPHINCTER replacement devices in use today?
Bad reaction to alcohol?
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and feel my heartbeat in my throat, nose and head?
Is there any way to treat strep throat with OUT taking antibiotics?
What is wrong with my mom? Help please :(?
Is this serious for my health?
Mosquito bites???
Where Should i go to Have Information on Paxetas Pills?
Can anyone tell me if bells palsy &neuropathy?
What can I do about the scars on my arm? They're ruining my life!?
Can I consume alcohol on an antibiotic?
Is my boyfriend having a panic attack?
Plantar Warts?
How long does poison Ivy usualy last?
I was vaccinated for the H1N1 close on 3 wks ago, is it possible to get the swine flu now?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
My blood pressure is 105/53, is this good?
Why do I feel so exhausted the days I don't take my Adderall?
is there any way to give myself amnesia?
I want to kil my self any suggestions how to kill.?
Depression Help/?!?!?!?
Need help 16 year old schzophrenic?
How do you cope with being Bi-Polar?
taking 6o mg of cymbalta and still depressed what else could i be doing?
is there someone to talk to?
strange feeling, like brain zap?
I can't think anymore, at all.?
How likely is it that oppositional defiant disorder becomes conduct disorder?
Question about Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder, please answer!?
is this the signs or symptoms of schizophrenia?
Have you ever fallen asleep and then woken up like?
im feeling so insecure because of my pill.. is this a good idea?
how do water tablets work ?
I have a stutter and hate it(people laugh) and want to get rid of it can you help?
I can't sleep, and have only has about 6 hours in the past week - please help!!!?
Is it a good idea to have only one hours sleep tonight?
instead of graphic warnings on cigarette packets, how about showing the posotives of a smoke free life?
what has happened to this baby?
Does hypnosis help to stop smoking?
I can't get to sleep!?
does anyone feel good most of the time?
why do i have veins showing on my hands? it is embarrssing!?
my eye lid is really red,dry,itchy,sore?
is it ok to hold a wee in? I go just before bed and then need it when i'm half asleep?
i cant get to sleep, how can i wind down at night?
Why do i look a mess in the morning?!?
Why do my feet seem to swell and expand if I fall asleep on the bed with my shoes on?
How do i stop waking up in the middle of the night?
how do I choose a good mattress?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it safe to sleep on a sofa bed permanently ?
Sun protection - is anyone else as annoyed as me?
My girlfriend's bum is often very cold when the rest of her isn't particularly. Why is this so?
How to prevent catching diseases?
can you have lemsip cold and flu lemon drink when pregnant?
How do you get rid of viral illness?
is any one else here a coeliac?It means you cant eat wheat.?
hi.. ive been sick since last thursday and i wont stop coughing and it hurts every time i cough and breath?
is there any other people allergic to salt?
Food Intolerance Testing in Hillingdon/Harrow/Berks/Bucks?
why do my eyes go red in the steam room?
Slight reaction to hair dye / Allergy tests?
Is milk intolerance a food allergy?
white spot rash in chin?
is there any really good non-dairy milk that is not rice milk or soy milk?
why do I have a light cough after I do exercise?
i get a film over my pupil sometimes and my eye lids are swollen n sore.?
dust allergy with a rescue horse?
bleeding from nose ears?
allergy to wholegrain?
Is there anything other than milk or milk product that may contain lactose?
My brother is not well at all....?
Recommended natural ways to cleanse blood not a detox but blood cleanse please!?
do you know about the word trade senter?
The best Peer2Peer groups? what do you use?
Whats wrong with my ear?
Best treatment for IBS?
Does picking ears lead to deafness?
Is there an oral prescription drug for the treatment of dandruff or seborrhic dermatitis?
Will these ever go away?
Blemished and scarred skin after spots?
I have black circles around my eyes.How do i get rid of them?
Does anyone know of any home remedies of how to treat hives... ?
Both my arms are in plaster,after breaking them?
Does Anyone have Cold Urticaria ?
is there a quick way to loose a dark skin spot caused by something like a dirty towel (nose)?
What are these small red dots on my arms?
i'm so pale! please help?
Blue lump on the side of my head?
help plz. i have small pink like moles on my stomach,tops of my arms shoulders, and legs. very speradic.?
rash thing on foot, any good treatments?
Candida Cure !!!!!!!!!!?
Acne treatment that works?
any one no a good vitamin i can buy for my skin hair as its gone dull and try?
Where can I buy Vitamin D cream?
Are there any signs of "the end" in an end stage lung cancer patient?
If I waited another 50 years, would we be any closer to a cure to cancer?
How do u get rid of undereye circles?
I think my kidneys are failing( im 25 yearold mom) please help me.?
Where in the UK can I buy Avon Bug Guard moisturiser?
breast reduction why so much in this country?
What's the best paid caring-work agency in and around london?
Live each day...?
laser eye treatment?
After I eat anything, I get a horrible, bitter taste in my mouth for a few minutes! What's going on?
why do we have nightmares for?
why have my fingernails turned yellow?!?
How did he put him to sleep?
When the smoking ban comes in (UK), will those laboratory beagles still be allowed to puff away?
Why do i lose my appitite after taking exstasy? I havnt wanted to eat a bite for almost three nows now....?
Strange deep daydream?
how can i hide being on ecstasy?
Really need help.....?
how can i stop feeling to emtpy and numb inside?
Is it okay for someone like me to try "drugs"?
Has anyone ever experienced this? I think I'm loosing my sanity.?
Random moments of sadness and crying?
why do i snack so much when i'm nervous/anxious and stressed?
Does anybody have any happy advice?
What are some ways to help stop cutting?
Wondering if I have an anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder, or something else...?
Is there free (valid) test for bi-polar?
Does Adderall XR sometimes not work?
I feel like commiting suicide?
Please help me :( :(?
i'm really worried about my mum, bit long winded this story but please read it?
i have just qualified in reflexology and have been treating my friend,in 1998 she suffered?
9 year old niece has perthes + type 1 diabetes. calpol + nurofen 4 times daily basis any other suggestions?
I'm going for a blood test tomorrow. Had loads of them before, but different boxes ticked this time..?
HI! can anybody recommend a motivated DOCTOR specialised in head diseases...?
Microbes nd diseases antibiotics?
swollen stomach.?
have you ever had a tilt table test?
What is a completion proctectomy?
what is erythema?
Any medical proefessionals?- Tiredness and aching bones?
Has anyone heard of "hand arm vibration syndrome"?
Advice needed regarding verruca removal (aftercare)?
Please help?
Its no good thinking you're broken even if you are ?
slipped disc what is the treatment and how long does it usually take to recover?
pull or trap nerve real scared and down?
HOW LONG for a sprained shoulder to heal completely ?
can you get as fit by cycling without running?
can your blood literally run cold?
DVT due to travel long haul at weekend, I am on HRT, had operation in Oct and over 40.?
What I should do about faulty exercise equipment that caused me to sustain an injury.?
70 year old lady broken knee patella not healing after two years and three operations need help?
i would like to know is it normal for quails to fight ive had one quail loose a eye and other head injury?
i keep getting a sharp pain at the back of my neck that goes?
Damaged knuckles?
I have sparined my wrist and need to know how long it will take to recover?
has anyone elsa had it done?
Nausea, chest tightness/pain, shortness of breath, side pain?
Is a body temperature of 39.5 in a baby 15mths dangerous?
Homemade natural way to get rid of blackheads?
Whats Wrong With me?
i get these weird head rushes?
how do i get rid of dandruff, head and shoulders will not work for me?
I've always had small bumps all over my skin and I was wondering what could possibly cause them?
how does hair grow back after u gotta do chemo again?
my baba was just diagnosed with.....?
How to stop diarrhea?
What acne system works best?
I measure my pulse 150 times a day , how do u stop ?
Is suicide really selfish?
If Pinocchio said, "My nose will grow when I finish this sentence," what would happen?
Bi polar father son relationship?
What do anti-depressents help with, how do they work?
How can a doctor find out if your lying about taking your meds for anexity?
Please help me stop cutting?
if my friend is scared to sleep then goes suicidal and says i hope i kill myself in my sleep what do i do?
How can i fix my sleeping problem?
i hate myself (disgusted)?
i keep hearing weird voices in my head?
How do I tell my teacher the reason I missed her lessons was because I'm depressed?
can wellbutrin (bupropion) make you nauseous, even its only your first daily dose?
symptoms of teen depression?
School stress help please?
I am depressed and feel so alone, can someone help me?
I am having a really hard time!?
i'm not aloud Dairy or Wheat?
itchy rash on chest after drinking alcohol?
Lactose Intolerance help?
Is corn syrup a food additive in other countries besides the U.S.?
Gluten free chocolate?
Extreme saltiness taste in my mouth for over 1 week now, what can I do ?
Is it possible to take something or do something to stop my nose from running ALL DAY!?
Am i allergic to my cats?
How can I stop my eyes from watering?
can i give my westie piriton for itching and allergies,can this be the piriton from a chemist.?
why does my nose feel full up after i've eaten a meal?
What should i do if i suspect side effect from my medicine?
HEALTH! - side affects? cold & flu?
URGENT ! Is it dangerous to go out while recovering from tonsillitis? Need to know asap?
Can you take anti-biotics and norethisterone?
is this because of my cold?
if you sleef few hours aday can you diagnose hypersomnia by any chance?
Piles! Any advice please?
What schemes are in place to combat the problem of bacterial resistance?
are there people out there......?
does anyone go to total fitness in whitefield? do you no kev the lifeguard?
Is a crick in the neck technically a cramp in the neck?
How do i close my pores?
ganglion removal?
Do you have any ways to keep me calm?
health and social care q?
if a doctor started being distant as if you have done something to him. he usually is quite friendly?
what is a sickline?
health matters?
bad habits?
skin lightning for dark circles(pigmentation around the eyes),freckles and liver spots for dark skin..?
sore blisters on my nose from trying too squeeze blackheads?
How to cure/itcheness Excema?
The last 4years on holiday i have came out in red bumps all over-like a rash after 3-4 days?What cud this be?
I am getting broken blood vessel spots or bruises with little red spots on my arms ?
Who has tried a Wheat & Dairy free diet?
Did sudocrem give me a rash?
had a setoplasty 3wks ago got terrible smell of sweaty feet ?
How do cope with eczema?
how to treat knots that have seeped.?
Treatment for cracked heels?
what foundation would you reccomend to buy in the uk had i suffer from acne and have oily skin i use ?
what is the fastest way to heal a scab on the face?
How do i get rid of dry hair?
Has anyone been...........?
Ive done cocaine for about 5 months, and ive never had a bad reaction until last night, i was shaking....?
anyone try using champix to quit smoking?
i have a headcold feeling sorry for myself what can i take that will help?
how do you take the sting out of mosquito bites? or ways to stop itching them?
This is really kinda odd, but i er...slept with...?
medical disagnosis?
my sister has an alsation who is very very ill the vet is suspecting luekemia but her red and white cells are?
dose smoking or alcohol affect crohn's?
my friends mum is not well she has toxins in her stools(poo)?
IBS, does anyone else have bladder related problems caused by this?
Stilnoct what is it ?
What's the best treatment for Bolimia?
i've just read that..........?
is there cure for hiatus hernia?
Is my optician alarming me unecessarily?
brain scan?
Yea, am addicted to weed:) i need to quit it:) please help me:) ?
Problems sleeping? NOTHING WORKS. Please look and help!?
What are some ways I can deal with my stress and anxiety better?
What is the name of the psychological disorder where you behave differently in front of the camera?
am i claustrophobic because it seems like it?
What are the signs of Bipolarness or am I just crazy?
I don't know why....but every day is like opposite day in my head?
I just had a very weird sleep issue and need help?
I've been having sleeping problems the past couple of nights and need some advice?
I get really bad panic attacks I'm having one right now I just don't know what to do?
Im afraid my fiance has PTSD from Iraq...?
eating disorder question for a book?
Antisocial or Isolated?
Im so confused...my bf wants me to hide that we are going out from everyone! help?
what are treatment options for a hyperactive five year old boy? He does not listen to his parents directions?
Marijuana: Acute panic anxiety reaction?
Question about switching from one antidepressant to another?
Spiral Fracture?
how long do i need to keep my knee covered with a dressing for after having a few sergical stitches in it?
I think I have damaged a tendon or muscle in my arm is there any point in seeing a Doctor?
Fractured ankle recovery?
shoulder problems.?
Pain in side of Knee Cap?
Can anyone fix me?
I was on my wight bench,bench pressing pushing out hard my last few reps when!?
When you tear a tendon, can you hear it go?
Serious question, medical professionals or experienced people only...?
Is laser surgery or Microdermabrasion or any plastic surgery sufficent in removing or masking scars?
can an X RAY show up asteo arthritus ?
when you sit down for a few mins why is it that when you get up you get a tingely thing in your foot?
Spot on Brain?
stress or thyroid problems?
What are the first indications that someone may have cancer and can swollen ankles?
why am i shaking?
Does anyone have any personal experience of cataracts?
where can i find out about types of epileptic syndromes?
TSH Levels?
has anyone had problems with avonex with there ms i was diagnosed last year with rrms?
Just a few hours ago, I started feeling stomach cramps and now, I have a headache and I feel a little nauseous
how do i control my patience?
What are statons in the blood?
I have diabetes, M.e, fibromyalga is it normal to swell??
am i allergic to dogs?
i think i'm allergic to bananas?
i have this REALLY weird reaction to orange colouring, any1 ever heard of this?
How can i stop?
Why can't red nose be every year? It is more important than christmas to me.?
Sniffy nose & headaches - allergy? ?
Can you have a major allergic reaction from a nettle sting??
my cat just sneezed on me?
Ear/throat problem, help?
does anyone know of a good cat allergy treatment?
What are some natural remedies for hay fever?
I am allergic to all creams and hypoallergenic tape?
what do you think or has anyone felt relief by smearing nostrils with water?
Is coconut a problem for nut allergy sufferers ?
Keep getting very bad headachs everyday..?
I feel ill what can i do?
I'm in agony, advice?
What type of invader is HIV?
True or Flase?
What is sickel cell anemia - I heard only Black People get this?
Swine Flu????????????????????????????????????
Mortality rate of people sufering from Shingles.? Also how to aliviate post shingles aches and pains?
Is proactiv good or bad for you and does it work well ?
Can anyone give me sone details about metastatic brain cancer and life expectancy?
What would you do??? PLz help!!!?
Left arm suddenly goes numb?
I popped a bump on my face and now it turned red!?
mrsa remedy?
Anyone here have strep throat?
Is their a way "you" can "cause" breast cancer?
anyone recommend the best slimming tablets ?..herbal if possible?
What your favourite bit of your body , and why ???????
can every one downlaod lime wire?
My eldest daughter is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. My second eldest daughter is in a beauty contest
Where have you put your bare feet?
Difficulty using public toilets?
If a deaf person swears, does their mother wash their hands out with soap and waer?
why on the outside corners of my eyes do i have brown streaks like cleopatra?
ladies does size really matter?
Can you be slightly austic?
shoulder neck pain?
off work sick with a virus?
Metronidazole.. Bacterial Vaginosis.. Question?
Dizziness, then i woke up on my stair well.....any suggestions???
my daughter is 18 austistic left home is their any rights to bring her home she cannot look after herself?
Life? Whats the point in it? dont you ever feel like just giving up?
my 15 year old son has twice in the last 2 weeks?
how long do kids have to stay in with chicken pots?
How do you prevent yourself from falling asleep in the Day?
My 93 year old mother has had a very bad accident whilst actually in hospital - any advice anyone?
Is it possible to get hold of my full medical records?
I have a black toenail but not sure what it is?
Help neck turning blue!!!?
I keep feeling faint?
S A D Sydromme any advise on how to help with the blues old days?
Tips on how to get to sleep?
Why am I so sleepy in the mornings? I am working in Iceland where it is dark to 11am. Could this be the cause?
Eye Laser Surgery, Lasek, Lasik, waves etc can anyone advise me please as this is huge decision for me ?
Explain the American health system please?
Any advice on sleeping problems?
my nan died from warfrin o/d but was not on it does it occur naturally in anythig?
shaking in my sleep?
where can you buy the treatment called tend skin from? please answer
Best way to kill yourself?
Might I have an anxiety disorder?
I have a fear of getting fat when I get older?
How do you get through hard times?
Do I have a learning disorder?
Weird facial expressions anxiett?
Is Paranoia found more in girls or boys?
Why am I confident sometimes but other times I am not?
Is it normal to sometimes call people by their wrong name or say a word you didn't mean to say?
Help! I feel depressed.?
Coming off medication and cannot sleep, pls help.?
I lost interest in my life...?
Does lexapro make you yawn a lot?
sometimes i say stuff and i dont remember ever saying it! is something wrong with me? :(?
my new manfreind is a recluse and always wants to be on his own?
I feel tremendous shame over this...?
Short sight getting worse, Why?
Is there a link between drugs for cholesterol or high blood pressure and the formation of Kidney stones?
has anybody heard if people do toenail replacement surgery in London??
What is translucent chromosome disorder (21 & 10)?
does probiotic get rid of cystitis and any really good cures apart from antibiotics any1?
Has anyone had the operation for Duypuytrens contracture?
Work and illness, what should i do??
Has anybody out there had the procedure...?
Multiple Sclerosis and neurofibromatosis?
Gallbladder removal and diarrhoea....?
what is t.p or something like that used for ankolising spondilitis?
how do i know if i have testestrone deficiency,how to i repelish the deficiency?
how long does it take to recover from a fractured hip?
Is there anyone out there that can help.My husband has two herniated ruptured disc .?
What is a "Split cast" ???
Knee Surgery?
Ive got loads of bruises...?
Does Anyone know how long you have to wear an air cast boot for after ankle fusion ?
I want To know How You Do A quadriceps muscle strengthening excercise ?
My Legs Never Been The Same Since...?
Whiplash Injury?
how to stop a burn from scaring?
My knee ceases up if i sit with it bent for about half an hour..??
am i entitled to a free opperation?
My 4 year old keeps clearing his throat.?
Is it better to feed a fever...?
Bronchitis or Pneumonia?
how do I get rid of my acne?
get over a cold for tomorrow?
Is there a disease or cancer that causes the person to lose their voice?
How does one avoid stomach problems from drinking coffee?
White spots on tonsils?
Very important question about H1N1?
how can I get hepatitis?
Short term effects of bulimia ?
how can you tell if your cancer is spreading?
i hava had a blood clot in my left leg for about a month. i'm on blood thinners?
i used the tingle tanning lotion, i'm scorched, my body is very hot but i have really bad chills what can i do
medical term for nose bleed?
Why are you not supposed to take paracetamol for more than three days?
Billions extra spent on NHS "largely wasted"?
is it OK to sleep toooo much?
should i claim DLA?
I would like to drink less but find it hard. It doesn't cost me in my life other than financially. Ideas?
if any one out there can help me with my ibs constipation?
What are the Side Effects to having the H1n1 vaccine?
How come my finger tips are always cold?
how long does it take for weed to leave your system?
What medical disorder could this be?
What is the time frame for a doctor or crisis center to petition me into the hospital for mental evaluation?
How do u improve a person's memory?
how can I beat a soda addiction?
AnxietyAttacks)": Plz Help Me?
If you have been on your own for a long time can it cause you to be clingy?
im a sensitive person that has depressed episodes?
What do the numbers 7356008 mean?
I forget almost everything... even if I just did it.... what could this mean?
I'm prescribed 100mg of Bupropon HCl (generic for Wellbutrin) for ADHD but I am still having trouble focusing?
What makes body dysmorphic disorder an obstacle?
Could I be bipolar, or what?
for some reason I feel guilty when I take adderall?
I think i have depression. What do i do?
I am so stressed out? ?
Lsd , flashbacks..........?
What will happen to my friend ?
Do i have something seriously wrong with me?
Does anyone know how i can get physiotheapy voluntary work in london?
What is the easiest quickest way to drop a dress size or two??
deaf people!this is good dont worry?
Do you get hair loss and/or white hairs?
Does anyone know how to get rid of black-heads?
Cosmetic surgery enhances quality of life. Should it be available free on the NHS??
Spiritual journey?
Might a surgeon have removed a patient's kidney as early as 1880 in Britain?
My six wk old baby has Hirchsprungs Disease and has had the pull through op, anyone got any advice/info plse?
Is it possible I have HIV/AIDS?
HIV problem?
How to get rid of crabs?
How can u get herpes ?
im a girl and some times it hurts when i pee?
can you get hiv from kissing?
can u catch std from?
How To Get Rid Of Spots
How long does it take for acne scars to fade?
i have red marks under my skin after acne, how do i get rid?
just got a brazilian done, and next day broke in little white head spots. Why did this happen ?
How Do I Prevent Spot & Dark Spots From Happening??
Skin Specialist? Arranging an appointment?
neurofibromatosis? any one have this?
lipomas on arms - anyone had surgery to remove them?
have great dane 11months gets blisters under chin and outside upper lip can u help?
Okay serious question, are you able to get any diseases of any sort from drinking someones blood?
stung by infected needle?
When virus of HIV enters in a body, after how many days blood test shows positive result?
Freaking out! Please answer!?
what if it is a creamy discharge and it has and odor?
is hiv aids transmitted through smelling and touching unknown underwear?
my test results came back with blood in my urine what does that mean?
how can you tell that your heart is healthy?
Get rid of stretch marks!?!?
does stress cause brain cancer?
how often (intervals) should men have a psa test to monitor for cancer?
My older sister has pink eye. How can I avoid it? (we live in the same house)?
What is the name of that thing people rub on there chest.?
Can I still work after having a positive Mantoux TB test?
I have really dry skin, and looks bad, and sometimes hurts. I tried rubbing an icecube on my face, is that ok?
What helps fight bad breath?
small lump in my breast?
overnight remedy for dry red itchy skin on arms??
My father has prostate cancer. He is having pain in his lower back what could be the cause?
Severe Stomach Ache.?
20 yr old female spitting up blood?
Does anyone know the difference between a disease and a syndrome?
can smoking weed make your lymphoma worse?
I left my bf cause I have leukemia..= please advise me..?
I think I have herpes, and I am scared?
how do i tell if a song on limewire is not contaminated with a virus?
can you die from warts?
i've got this lump on my lip...could i have std?
should I tell my boyfriend I had an abnormal pap smear?
I have a problem with test ?
Can u get std if both of ur partners....?
can you tell if somone has aids by looking at their face?
Is it possible to pass the Herpes virus just by kissing someone ?
I think I broke my toe is it worth sitting at the hospitol?
is it possible for a Doctor to get an X-ray wrong?
Now ive had an MRI scan on my knee, how long do i wait for the results?
is swelling normal after inguinal hernia op?
Back pain + Leg numbness, Neck pain.?
applied for a hearing aid?
i've got a trapped nerve from my waiste down?
bad pain, fells like i have torn a muscle, wot is it? is there anythin i can do the releave the pain?
i have just broken my ankle playing rugby how long do you think it will be till it heals and i can play again?
I recently bruised my leg ......?
I had a T I A 5 days ago and still have speech problems, is this normal?
Has anyone had an operation for a crushed vertabra?
Delicate question: Why is it when I wipe my bottom I always get a?
If you have 'offed' yourself and are now floating above yourself are you annoyed that you keep bumping your
itchy ears!!! why this is?
I have ADD and am learning the piano. Is my difficulty with sight reading anything to do with ADD or not?
can it be treated ?
What causes changes in your sense of smell?
Holiday jabs.. if i had a blood test the day after holiday jabs could it affect the blood test results?
i have been suffering from Labrynthitis for the last year which includes dizziness and now migraines?
regular palpitations?
can taking antibiotics make your temperature rise?
swollen parotid glands?
What are the early signs of lactose intolerance?
Will their ever be a cure to Cystic Fibrosis?
He used to but what do u think?
I feel affraid and depressed all the time?
Results of Abilify...?
Bipolar kids and hospitiliaztion?
Is this a normal thing or not?
I am really stressed out, helpp?
Blame myself for other peoples actions ...why?
I nned to talk to my mom a bout getting help for my problems, please help me.?
Effects of Ritalin for people with ADD how it has a short effect ?
Does anyone have stories about how they over came depression or a stuggle?
Should this make me feel young or old?
Anxiety vision problems!!! help!!!?
will the weird fealing go away?
How come no one understands what it's to not feel loved at all ?
please don't judge me, i need help, im a self harmer?
if a friend told you to check into a psych ward, would u go?
I got a hot rash on my feet after power-washing my patio. Lasted a week and is now very itchy. Any ideas on?
why do you sneez when you go out on a sunny day?
causes of nickle rash?
what is chihuahuas alergic to?
can prednisolone make your discolour your teeth?
can a wheat allergy cause breathlessness?
When my nose is runny, the fluid produced is clear like water so why does it change to that awful greeny..?
What is this rash on my beautiful, Jane Russell legs?
Eyebright and hay fever?
has anyone had an allergic reaction to st tropez tanning mousse?
my daughter hada blood test to see if she had a nut allergy?
Why doesn't my doctor believe me?
Do you know what is wrong with me? PLEASE HELP?
How can you make yourself be sick without sticking your fingers down your throat?
how do you stop someone snoring?
Can i get my money back on a prescription i paid for but did not use?
Anyone diagnosed schizophrenic (etc) having difficulties with medical authorities?
What causes really cold hands and feet?
plz can someone at least answer me, my questions never get answerned!! kinda worried now?
should i have had that last glass of wine last night?
Ok serious sleep problems people!!!?
why dont we remember falling asleep?
Does a heroin addict ever stop wanting heroin?
What are your experience of a bad hangover?
Don't want to take a number 2 at a friend's house?
Why do doctors think they are always right?
recommendations for best multivitamins...?
blood pressure? help?
eye pain with migraine.?
What does Vitamin E do ?
What can i do to take down my high blood pressure?
Why do you need to stop smoking 48 hours before an operation?
how does ....?
hey pls help about shin?
POO. What should healthy poo look like, and what shouldnt it look like!?
cheap lambert and butler?
photosensitive epilepsy?
Ith anyone on here hiding their thpeech impediment?
Can antibiotics cause low white blood cells?
why does deoderant make me sneeze?
Adult Human Male Bladder Capacity?
I want to go to a 4 or 5 star hotel in England?
i get a ringing in my left ear when i yawn?
how can i get rid of a migrane?
How do people with herpes cope ?
is there a way to tell how long you have had herpes?
What do you think of a guy who knows an awful lot about STD's?
I think i have herpes , but it does not look like the pictures on the internet ?
help pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss?
Assignment of "SYPHILIS"
long-term relationship- am i clean of stds?
Mothers with HSV-2? Please help?
herpes! please help....?
Is my lip ring possibly infected?
what can men who have been infected with bacterial vaginosis do to cure it?
Anyone had a blood test where they used green cap needle? Did it hurt?
hiv questions need help?
what are the symptons you get from STD's?
what is incontinence aids?
How do I make an appoitment for an STD/HIV/AIDS test?
Ok let me rephrase my quetion to those of you (especially the men) saying it is an STD...i was mearly asking?
My wife has a real bad toothache at this moment, how can she help the pain go away? ?
should someone go for hiv test after one year if report is negative after 8 months.?
I was tested for HIV today cause I am pregnant. I have been with the same person for 11 years.?
Orasure hiv test?
What is the catholic church's view on HIV/Aids?
My scab smells funny but it looks normal.. is it infected?
How can i treat black henna burns?
dose a phill effect your memory?
My boyfriend says I say things but I never remembering saying things when he says i do?
Why does this keep happening and can I prevent it next time?
headaches slight vision pain in left leg?
I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines 8 yrs ago and have had only 3 attacks now being the 3rd.Help?
should i feel bad for spending most of my time on the computer?
talk to yourself - normal or not so?
How do i control my anxiety habit?
I'm heading into a nervous breakdown but I can't afford to do anything about it. Help?
Thyroid problems. My sister had an overactive thyroid, now it' under-active?
high immunoglobulin?
Can you trick depression?
How do I get over nostalgic depression?
Has anyone had side effects from taking citrolopram?
midas syndrome?
Irritable and anxious mostly with family?
How can i improve my memory?
artho gipses multiplex? ever heard of it? where can i get any info about it?
I am suffering with gallstone need an op no attack for a while, drinking green tea wonder if that has helped?
Could 'bungy' reply to my question has anyone had the new procedure for acid repflux disease called Esophyx
important relationship/health opinion?
ear infections?
what are the signs of kidney damage in a baby?
Have you ever experienced depression?
HELP! I can't wake up in the morning! I'M GONNA GET FIRED!!!?
My doctor has told me that i have loads of thyroid blood which my bone marrow is making?
What causes Alapeasha and does it go away?
I have emetophobia and i am very naseated and scared almost all the time like right now help scared!?
I think I have depression. Help?
why do i help everyone but myself?
Can I see a second doctor today without either knowing?
The urethra is about ___________________ long in women and function in the ______________________________ of u?
what do i have, three times its hurt when i pee?
blood tests and STDS?
what are six items commonly used in ppe health sttings?
chlamydia question please answer?
I have like a burning sensation when I urinate, and I started using ovules for that...?
Has anyone had excess blood when needle enters during blood test?
Herpes tested thru urine is that possible?
Got tested for STD's called the nurse and she said the bloodwork was abnormal?
anybody had fluid on there fingers,above the joint?
iv had a tummy tuck 3 wks ago and everything seems to be going well altho the recovery time is taking alot?
Back pain + Leg numbness, Neck pain.?
Transferd my weight to my left side to get fuse-ball table on stage. back hurts but goes away , permanent dam?
help union reps!!?
Could anyone recommend anytime for nerves on driving test, also any idea's to get to sleep the night before.
Are homeopathic remedies ok to take if you compete in an olympic sport....?
Why are lemons good for a sore throat when they are so acidic?
Is your GP pleasant towards you?
What is the best way to get some energy if you are up early and are feeling drained?
do you think i have drink problem (alcohol)...?
How can I stop biting my nails, other answers haven't helped!?
please anyone tell me How to get fat in 1 week?
What causes the tongue to go kind of numb feeling.?
weak bladder?
I just woke up! How do I change my sleeping pattern?
My company has given me bupa healthcare,What are the benefits?
How do you tell if someone is making themselves sick?
pierced ear problems - please help?
Anyone got any tips to quit smoking?
it is possible to be negetive vdrl and tpha?
Penile discharge with STD?
Can you do self testing for pet allergies?
why do i speak like i have a blocked nose? it's been like this all my life. i don't have allergies.?
lost inhalor, and got footie tomorow?
Can decongestant tablets be taken regularly for hayfever?
Can an A fib patient do something to reduce water retention?
how many people have the ebola virus right now and how many are likely to die from it?
Where can I buy melatonin pm strips?
how to build some more confidence?
Lamotrigine (lamictal) side effects?
How to stop being miserable?
i can't do this anymore i need advice?
I think about suicide every single day. Whether or not something bad happens...?
im bipolar and need to get help. How?
Why do i depend on nicoteen?
i have problems? help me!?
Will my psyciatrist cancel all my meds if I tell her this?
what are the benefits of being on 20 mgs prozac and 1 mg klonopin?
how can I get the munchies?
Addderall and resistance to it?
Is this weird that I haven't gone outside all day?
help me im nervous and dont know what to do!!?
I often have a hot spot of pain on the left side of my head it is very uncomfortable, should I see a doctor?
lump under toe?
carpel tunnel syndrome?
ileostomy and bulimic?
Best Acne/Spot Treatments?
What's the difference between a mosquito bite and a spider bite?
how do u get rid of spots on ur bum quickly?
Random question i have a small scab under my nose and what looks like a carpet burn on my chin?
my white staff has developed 2 large red round raised rashes at the back of his leg i am wonderin wot it miteb?
what is the recovery rate for steven johnson"s syndrome and is the scarring permanent?
what vitamins are for the skin? and what happens if you take more than stated dosage?
I have a lot of spots and blackheads any home made remedies please?
My skin itches really badly after i drink alcohol, even just half a can of beer?
Stretch Marks on my back?
what can cause a person to bruise easily?