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how can I get rid of a spot on the end of my nose?
Does anyone know any products that get rid of spots or blackheads?
spotty trouble again & again
antibiotics arent working...
can you get your legs waxed if suffering from folliculitus.
How do i get rid of fly and flea bite scars?
is it really necessary to moisterize oily skin?
whiteheads on my arm
why are some of us more prone to suffering from excessive gas than others?
Wart on my big toe! removing it today! 10 POINTS?
How Can I Get Locked Up In A Mental Hospital?
How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes?
How to get that glow without.....?
Acne Problems?
My grandmother is dying, how long can she go without food and water?
infected throat? looks like its turning grey'ish black
Does smoke from cigarettes affect children?
Anyone out ther have any answers on fibromyalgia and chronic pain and how to get by on a daily basis?
How much of your intestine is safe to remove?
Are there certain types of skin cancer that are itchy?
My 13 month old has a Dry couch and cold. What natural remedies can I give her?
Cold or Flu? Is it ok to take a day off school? :(?
Is a cancer diagnosis along with chemo a reason to go on disability leave from work?
My Doctor advised me to have surgery to have my bowels removed. Will I be able live a normal life ?
Can you get an allergic reaction from a tattoo that was done 10 years ago?
im allergic to penicillin and have taken some what should i do?
how do you cure eye sty at home?
Allergic to furry animals. What shall I do?
how do you get rid of a blocked nose?
anyone with any med knowledge whats the best way to test whether you would have an allergic reaction to royal?
Where can my wife purchase a latex free bra?
my daughters birthday party she will be 3 years old and there is 2 children with a nut allergies help pease?
I need to get a healthier sleeping pattern.?
how long does it take for alchol to leave your blood stream?
i have numbness in my 3 toes on my left foot?
Having problems breathing...........?
who has the right to put older people in a nursing home?
I dont drink a lot of water, is this a bad thing?
should I go to sleep now?
Can either a smoker or non smoker?
whats the difference between an operation and a proceedure?
I am a German national coming to work in the UK. Do I need health insurance or can I use the NHS?
Help I feel really ill but my mum is making me go to school?
Does anyone know what can help a really stiff and sore neck?
REALLY NEED HELP? indigestion remidies?
I have something wrong with my eye!?
sudden drooping eyelid - help!?
Excuse for a broken arm?
How long does it take to recover from a strained quad?
Fractured wrist treatment?
Is the right side of rib bruised?
does anybody suffer from simple partial seizures (epilepsy)?
Anyone had experience of a tumour on upper arm?
Having muscular pain in my right foot (top bit) even after 3 days, started while i was asleep?
Eye surgery?
anatomy of the knee?
Anyone got any tips in removal of ster skin closure strips?
breaking your ankle?
i would like to know how long it takes for a fractured bone to mend?
Problem after using punch bag?
Old ankle injuries have left them swollen. How can I get rid of the swelling?
how fast is your reaction time?
when i had a shower the other day?
My girlfriend badly hurt her ankle?
Nose job and bandages???
Something cheaper then a Humidifier?
Contact Lens Advice?
what are tape worms?
how do i overcome Hay fever?
is it safe to take tramadol 50mg and aulin 100mg together?
does losartanpotassium cause blurred vision?
what are the hazards from using a infrared heat lamp on someone?
would it be worth while trying to claim DLA for asteoarthritus inmy lower back?...?
How can you reduce the risk of back problem in a health and social care environment?
How could i eat food healthily?
supplements for dry skin?
How many people love the way they look?
Can I sell my old glasses lenses?
I have something wrong with my eye!?
what is a REEEEEEALLY effective home remade for acne ?
what r some intreasting ads for smoking?
how to fix a popped zit?
how much would a bulimic/anorexic girl loose in a month?
Likelihood of HIV infection?
Does Tap Water Give Cancer?
How can you get rid of bad breath?
what is the best acne treatment you can buy?
What is wrong with this body of mine?!?!?
how can i hide or help a bruise heal faster?
Does the shot that protects you from cervical cancer hurt i heard it does?
Does eating yogurt make your pee smell bad?
muscular sclerosis?
how do you cure burnig of the eyes from welding?
how can you cure psoriasis?
What could this be, cancer? Or something else..?
any one suffer from rossica redness to face?
can verrucas reappear?
Is it a rash, or something to do with my blood?
Vetitnal What Are Its Side Effects?
burning sesation in the mouth?
Multiple sclerosis and financial help ?
why is one of my big toe nails going black?
Burning sensation??
What will happen if sample collected for tropnin delayed to be processed?
Do hands have minds of their own?
I fell of a skateboard!!!!! Help!!!!!!?
does anybody know why when i get my period i get a pain in my right thigh and not my stomach .is this normal?
Overworked/sore muscles?
I was given Tramadol thru IV about an hour ago... Is it ok to take the hydrocodone the doctor prescribed now?
I jammed my finger 5 days ago at the top knuckle, what should i do?
whats the best way to get rid of verrucas?
what does it mean if the [email protected] u experience?
Anyone any suggestions on how to get a good nights sleep.I am 63 so no violent exercise and nothing illegal !!
I have been diagnosed to have a duodenal ulcer. What food and drink is the best for me to take?
I Can lick my elbow.....Isnt it impossible?
HOW MaNY concordes?
Do you reckon it's possible to OD snorting coke?
Why my big toe nail goin brown ?
Question Of Weight...?
why do I find it so hard to wake up on a morning?
what's the worst pain someone can experience?
is pregnancy dangerous when you are blood type A positive?
Need to know a little more about Laser Eye Surgery. As any one had it done or know any one that as had it done?
what prescription do most people have?
how can i improve my skin complexion?
How do I renew my Prescription Charge Exemption Certificate?
am suffering with constipation due to being on dyhydrocodine?
What percentage of the US population are surgeons? World population? Less than 5%? Less than 2%?
vitamin B12?
where are the lymph nodes in the thigh?
Total Bilirubin count - is this normal?
Do saunas kill lice?
Risks of surgery?
sick mother?
I had my hair bleached and now I feel nauseous with a headache, should I worry?
Has anyone over 20 had their tonsills out?
what do you say - Graves Disease or Basedow disease ? Do you know anyone who has this disorder ?
What's going on with me?
coidiene- how much is the highest amount in a painkiller u can buy from chemist in uk?
i have a phobia about being sick?
Does anyone know if anyone has been squashed by an elephant?
If they'd transplant a male head onto my body, would I still have to shave?
I have just had a tonsilectomy?
Is it normal to have symptoms of a fever after taking paracetomal e.g. sweating, feeling hot ....?
what is gilberts syndrome?
what is policeman's foot?
Duchenne muscular dystrophy?
Subungual hematoma - care and advice required please?
I've had a long thoracic nerve injury which has caused a winged scapula. How long till it gets better?
I recently (last week) damaged my achilles whilst playing football. How long will it take me to recover???
torn ligament and muscle 5 years on??
What is the best lotion for lightening acne scars that you could get at a drug store?
My neice was diagnosed with helicobacter pylori from one Dr. and ananorexia nervosa from another Dr.?
How can I get rid of Acne?
i want to write a cancer song?
feet are swollen and toes turning blue?
How do you get rid of scars???
Summer flu?
What facial soap or product would you recommend to remove shine?
Help i'm having chest pain trouble!?
What's the best way to tell people you have cancer?
What does this sound like?
How to remedy my loud night time breathing?
if we are cancers does that mean we are going to get cancers?
Breast Cancer ?
what causes herpes, what are the effects on the reproductive system, what precautions be taken and treated?
Are you hungry again after vomiting?
Loss of movement in wrist?
Upper lip irritation and nasal congestion.?
had surgery on one side of collar bone, now other one dislocates?
Can I take adderall 5 days before my Rhinoplasty?
Headach and heartburn always at the same time?
My right eyeball is bigger than my left..is there any way that this can be corrected?
Skin Problem, Problem pores?
I've just had otoplasty (ear surgery) and I feel a sticky like subtance behind my ear?
Indentations in my skin what are they? No marks just that the skin is puckered with these indentations?
any tips on how to remove spots,blackheads etc.?
Suspected Vitalligo?
my grandsons breath always smells of garlic he is 1 and dosnt get any garlic ?
hard skin on the side of my thumb?
effect of johnson's baby lotion on dry skin? ?
Accutane Users Please Answer??
I have a small hole in the skin on the ball of my foot?
How long does it take to recover from chicken pox??
Acneaway? does it really work- cause i want to buy it.?
can opticians like specsavers adjust plastic eyeglasses frames in there shops by heating and bending the frame?
Having trouble putting in and taking out contact lenses!?
Are shop bought reading glasses as safe as prescription glasses?
Are £1 Shop Reading Glasses Good?
Eye Care - only people who know things about eyes please! (This is my sight we are discussing!)?
Is It Possilbe to....?
Do you like black/brown eyes?
Why do some people have the inability to tell between Orange and Yellow? They're not colourblind.?
Do the eye drops for glaucoma stop you going blind or jsut slow you down?
nail vanish in my eye?
Contact Lense Help Please?
Do anti-depressants work, how did they work for you?
I just got baptized on Sunday and i want to change my life. But where do i start?
How to get by on 4 hours sleep/night for 5 nights?
how duos somebody get over feeling sorry for their self?
Do online bullies use the word disabled often? Are they themselves?
Anyone else have bipolar?
Can somebody please tell me some ways that I can de-stress/relax?
Let me get this out. then don't answer me again with negative or abusive remarks?
Do you think I can get a green card if I tell the Doctor I have anxiety and trouble sleeping?
I am addicted to food, Please help?
Im suffering from forgetfulness especially while studying.?
what should i do about dealing with the death of my mom?
Can somebody point me in the right direction?
Should I take a mental health day tomorrow?
Name of this Phobia(s)?
I have generalized anxiety and a little bit of depression. One day I had severe depression I could not sleep?
What would you give someone who has no conscience?
Can anyone help with treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis of the big toe?
Can Chronic Fatigue Syndrome slow down the metabolism and make you put on weight more easily?
possible hernia?
This Is Sooo Embarrassing !!!!!!!!!!?
If you had SEVERE toenail fungus and got cured, I would LOVE to hear from u!!?
do u think they really found the cure for cancer?
If a guy has a rock hard lump on his chest? could it be cancer?
fevers, what is a normal temp.?
are you getting the h1n1 flu shot?
Could I have given him Chlamydia?
i itched myself "down there" and i had a cold now that im better i think it is infected..?
what does it mean pain in right arm?
Why won't my soar throat go away?
What is this Shaking in my head?
My lower right side of my stomache hurts really badly?
I cracked my neck while sleeping & it hurts, what should i do?
Where can I get advice on my constant recuring colds ?
anyone know anout pet allergies?
free NHS Voucher for glasses - under 16!!?
Why does my eye twitch ALL THE TIME?
Andbody know what the glasses that "part" in the middle are called?
Is my pulse normal?
I have really sore and painful eyes at the moment....does anyone have a remedy.?
Any ideas of the main cause(s) of the following? I have had these symptoms for three days now. Very worried.?
I have heard that Botox gets stored in the fat cells of your body and never leaves, it that true?
If glasses damage your eyesight especially if your short sighted, why a higher give prescription?
when my son falls and cuts himself he gets w hitehead where the scab should be this then heals v quickly why?
if you have 1 bong wiv a lil bit of weed in 1st time ever how long wud it take 2 get out your body??
support for elderly couple?
Are Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Available Within The UK?
Height- can anything affect it?
Gas permeable contacts, - How long to adjust?
achey stiff back?
tremor inside body all over worse with touch what wrong?
How concerned should we be about our every day use of sodium lauryl sulphate?
My niece has been rushed into hospital with a bleed in the brain (aneurysm). She is going to have surgery?
poped ears?
Why do blood vessels constrict when lifting your arm?
dose anybody else have a child with landau kleffner syndrome?
how to treat runny eyes?
Can some explain aspergers?
How do I get rid of suicidal thoughts?
can smelling your breath give you lung cancer?
how to get motivation in life?
How much do depression medications cost? And if your under 18 how can you get them?
Why do I keep seeing things?
Why do I feel like I'm going through post partum depression 5 years after giving birth?
What's the difference between Akathisia and hyperactivity?
how do you cope with bad anxiety attacks!?
Ready in theory and planing but not ready when I'm actually about to do it (suicide)?
Is it OCD if you don't feel like something bad will happen?
I have a eating disorder, should I tell?
geodon and weight loss?
Can somebody out there please help me?
How can I drastically improve my self-discipline.?
Do I have an anxiety disorder?
My toenail is barely hanging on, should I remove it (cut it) or just let it grow out?
I fell 2 weeks ago and walloped my knees and my funny bone ( nerve in elbow)?
is it normal for a bruise to itch?
What would happen if someone with normal vision wore prescription eye glasses?
In the summer i get red eye.?
pain - cant clench fist (left hand)?
'You left me standing here a long,long time ago...'?
NHS waiting lists in Leeds and surrounding areas for replacement hip operations?
Bruised/Cracked Ribs? I fell and bruised my ribs and am in a lot of pain right now.?
i accidently banged my wrists together hard yesterday?
a lot muscel pain?
Eye test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do 2 week lenses mean you wear them for 2 weeks or can put them on for 14 days?
I had a blood test last wed, and my arm is still bruised and painful. Is this normal?
Injured back?
Good ankle supports?
my friend has a large scar on back of her head does any1 know any plastic surgeons in london that can help?
Can pinhole glasses worsen your vision?
Does anyone know about nerve tests?
Recover from a comminuted radius fracture?
How to get very sick?
if you smoke a pack of cigarettes will u get cancer?
Are sunglasses that say 100%UV Protection mean they are UVB and UVA protected?
What creams/oils are good to help fade cutting scars?
Why does my urine taste like Tic-tacs?
Constipation and Diarrhoea??? HELP!?
Does anyone know how mrsa is spread and will you always have for life?
Can you prevail cancer if you've been diagnosed as it being almost untreatable?
Does anyone else get hot flashes in the mornings?
What kind of vireses does limewire cause?
Why does a tatoo never come as skin cells replace and replenish themselves?
How to relieve stress?
20 year old female. Sharp pains in stomach, sudden, not constant. Once and a while.?
can bulimia or anorexia cause red capillaries to burst in eyes?
Um. Is this a hernia?
numbness in nose after a fall?
Weird skin irritation?
Aqueous cream good for oily skin?
Can you have eczema and psoriasis at the same time?
Could my newly pierced ears be infected?
treating thrush help?
is actimel a LIVE yoghut and can i use it for curing thrush?
i have a redish lump on my eyelid any ideas?
Suggestion regarding Accutane course?
why is my skin hurting? I have no rash or marks, just a headache also. It is really sensitive to touch.?
skin itching........................?
When will my spot go?
Red sore rash around base of nose?
when you squeeze a spot normally a hard lump but loads of clear liquid comes out - is this pus too?
i ve been usin dermablend 4 masking vitiligo marks.but unsatisfactory, pls suggest any gud ones.also wer 2 get?
i think its rosacea i have it burns hurts goes bright red on nose and chin cheeks?
Is frothing at the mouth, a recognised side effect of smoking too much cannabis?
how do you test for diabeties?
can you die from not getting enough sleep?
how to get to sleep!!!?
What do you do or how do you find the best way to relax and unwind?
I took a dizzy spell last night and again tonight, only it was more severe this time. What could it be?
What causes constipation?
quick cold cure?
Is smoking bad for everyone?
sleep too long? or not?
What could be wrong?
Cough, Cough. My subject today is speed bumps. May I ask you what you think of them?
Shunt Information?
Bulmar Palsy?
i am having palpitations and they are giving me a headache is this normal?
will i ever feel normal again.have sto?
anybody been to or know somebody who has been to al-anon?
Can one illness keep out another?
how dangerous is stage 3 kidney disease.?
I would like to know what 'indoramin hydrocloride is used for in conecttion to a medical illness?
Sodium Valporate Syndrome. ever heard of it?
Gastroparesis .. does anyone suffer from this ?
I have several health problems but dont know if these would be taking into account for?
can anyone help this is for a friend,its regarding metabolic alkalosis, gene mutation plz.?
please help i have a lump just under?
Is inhaling helium (from a balloon to give you a squeaky voice) bad for you?
When is it appropriate to carry out an occupational hygiene audit?
eye surgery (not laser surgery an operation)?
does anyone know why i have th shakes all the time?? Is it a sign of anything medical??
Where can the sky bone expander operation be performed in Plymouth?
very bad cough?
why is my asthma so bad lately?
How to treat or regulate high Thyroid with herbs or alternative medicine?
I think I might be allergic to dogs?
My Cairn Terrier has allergies. HELP!?
Alcohol hand sanitising gel allergy?
itchy blotchy rash? driving me mad?
I want a kitten but my boyfriend is allergic....?
can i get a alchol intollerance test?
nose piearcing smelling...?
Gluten free shopping, any help appreiciated?
What should I do (medication reaction)?
Sudden hot rash on my arms?
can I use contact lens solution to cleanse my eyes?
I wear eyeglasses and have no...?
i suddenly can't see properly?
contact lenses?
what is the difference between thin lenses and extra thin lenses?
Did I blackout, if not, what happened?
eye problems blinking?
No one can help me with my anxiety but myself?
i want too see a psychologist but i don't want my parents to find out?
What's the Next Move?
i am 24 yr man, from last 3 yrs i amn suffering 4m hi tensn fear of anxiety attack. fear. not able to travel?
What could be causing this?
What are some goods tips/tecniques to QUIT smoking.?
Help please?!! ADDICTION PROBLEM.?
if you take kolonopin or aiti depressents can you became a psychiatrist?
I often imagine and get distracted when I'm stressed . How do I deal with it? Read details please.?
What is your opinion on counseling?
Do you have low self- Confidence?
How to control paranoia from weed?
please help feel like im going crazy?
Having a Fever?
how do i know if something is wrong with my bladder,liver and my kidneys?
What could this be symptoms of?
i slammed my finger in the door and my fingernail looks horrible! what should i do?!?!?
How will a deep cut on the inside of a lip heal?
drain doctor franchies anyone help?
my dog has a sore bottom lip?
Why do I pass urine frequently when I am feeling unwell?
Best way to obtain a diagnoses for an adult with suspected Aspergers?
I have a torn cruciate and a broken leg, will I ever play Rugby?
Ankle Fusion- Arthrodesis?
Something having?
my 5 year old had a really nasty bang on her eye on sunday?
I tore a ligament in my ankle 4 weeks ago and?
Piercing problems, please help and advise...??
Cubital Tunnel Surgery to Elbow?
Have you ever had a twitchy eye like bubbling?
Is it alot harder to drive with just vision in one eye?
Why is it that I get a good 9-10 hours sleep and am still tired?
Do you ever feel like life is?
Why do i have tingling on the left hand side of my face?
Why do people nearly always sneeze twice in a row?
Your best remedies for chapped lips and mouth/tongue ulcers?
What is that on my back?
what is the name of gas sold in cans that can knock you out and what is it used for?
Am i anaemic?
If i fell asleep on my desk and no one was here would anyone know i was snoring?
Where can i buy................?
does panoxyl foaming acne wash work ?
What can i do to help all my skin problems? (Spots + blotchyness + excema)?
i just bought the spot treatment gel...?
how do you get rid of blackheads that are deep in your skin??
Acne Scars How To Get Rid?
2 Litres of Water and Acne?
I'm 22 and have suddenly broken out in spots.?
Dry Skin - after doctors prescription?
Ingrown Toenail Worry !?
my left eyelid is swollen and very sore,i felt somethin go in it last night and thought i got it out.?
Whats the best way to get rid of a verruca?
Anyone know what this is ?
I think my optician spoilt my eyes?
For Opticians, my husband friend was born with a lazy eye,?
who is the cheapest for laser eye surgery?
Eye problems, having weird colours in the front of my eyes shaped like the outline of my eye except in a?
How many glasses under 18 can get free of charge in one year?
laser eye Surgery in UK?
I'm Having Lasik On Monday?
Why do my contact lenses keep moving out of place?
what causes eye floaters - and why do they disappear when you look directly at them?
Is this Borderline or Avoidant Personality disorder?
Weird sleep thing early in the morning?
are they gonna put me in the psych ward. ? :( help?
Friends & Family have Disorders.. how can I cope?
What is the safest way to get off Effexor?
I obsessively text guys....?
Can't focus for prolonged period of time.?
Last Christmas this happened too?
boyfriend addicted to yahoo answers?
Diagnosis...? So scared.?
How do you tell if. you have depression?
recently realized im depressed how do i deal with it?
how does depression work?
Sleep paralysis, help!?
How do I cope from my mother........?
Does my friend have an eating disorder?
I need help thinking clearly?
Nervous tick/throbbing nerve in my eyelid?
Has anyone claimed industrial injuries at work benefit? If so what does the medical consist off?
Vitamins name,where there found,etc?
any info on health anxiety please,has i have just been told that i suffer with it by a doctor.?
hey guys need help here have u ever had kidney stones if so read on?
Health risk in a "metal" environment?
How long does degongestant stay in your body?
I have cystitis and I keep on feeling sick and light headed anybody have any suggestions to why this is?
Holes in my Tonsils?
Cuba has the best healthcare service in the World?
This might sound kinda gross.....but?
Anabol (Dianabol) Have you taken it? if yes what were your results? What side effects did you have?
Lansoprazole and Metoclopramide tablets have been prescribed by my doctor. How safe are they?
why do i go faint at the very first sign of hunger?
My armpit hurts!?
best way to get sedatives?
When do you stop growing???????
How do I give a back massage correctly ?
I am a 34 year old male ans i have been told that i have a over active thyroid?
Is there such a thing as mild septicaemia?
diagnosed with emphsema in 1994 life span supposed to four years can anybody tell me if this is right?
human transitional lumbar saccral junction a symmetric looking for prognosis?
What does NHS Cover?
Toxicology related question:?
has anyone a copy of Extreme conditions Obsessive compulsive disorder that was on discovery?
what are the side effects to testo-sting?
can adults with cerebral palsy develop parkinson's disease?
constant pain in ankle?
Is it possible that I made myself Lactose Intolerant?
Can you get a second anaphylaxis attack in your sleep?
how to cure allergy rashes at home?
mosquitoe bites - help!?
eaten food contaminated with confused flower beetle?
I have hay fever and am struggling, any sugestions?
My nose is blocked but isn't?
How can I stop the itchy skin caused by hayfever?
cough 7 weeks- why?
I have terrible sinus problems?
What allergens are active in November?
is palm oil suitble for nut allergy sufferers??>.?
red face from milk?
hou can i look after my apple trees,which already got som deases?
What do i do to get rid of my cold???
how to get over fear of heights?
why does almost everytime i smoke weed i get paranoid about being busted or raided by the cops,?
5-HTP, does it numb your emotions similar to an anti depressant?
How to get ambien without a prescription?
How can i not think about her?
Council a grieving mother?
i Just found out i have lupis im scared i have absolutley no clue what to expect?
Trouble with sleep, any idea what this is?
I think I have ADD... what do I do?
Whats wrong with me please help?
Does anybody here with schizophrenia or depression know how often they do a disability review?
Why am i like this can somebody help URGENT?
Depersonalization disorder...please help?
I think im depressed.....?
I'm 14 years old...how can I get over depression?
Is there any online therapy for free?
Do I have anxiety don't just say yes cause I wrote that please help?
Are there any medications that help with anxiety/panic attacks?
I feel very shy to go to a gyno doctor.What to do? I need 2 have a complete body check up but i am feeling shn?
how long does it for your blood to show that you have traces of herpes in it?
Imagine a world with no such a thing as HIV or STDs....?
I have muscle spasms in my back,neck and jaw .What is the cause?
If there was only enough money to fund one antidote, where would you choose the money go; Cancer or Aids?
i turned quickly when my alarm went off this morning and now my neck reaaly hurts - what is it?
please help me, this is killing me...?
My doctor says theres nothing wrong but i'm in so much pain.?
Will you all please be quiet cos I've go a headache ???
what would happen if i dont get full sleep?
Tiredness after eating?
can u just buy lenses for your glasses at high street opticians and which ones - i already have frames?
what is enfisema and where can i get some in depth info on it?
how often is too often to smoke weed? AND PLEASE CAN NO ONEE SAY NEVER AS I KNOW U WILL!?
is my resting heart heart to slow at 40bpm?
my body is static-ky???!!!?
What will happen if i only get 2 hours sleepevery night?
how can i get rid of this sore throat?
I'm very tired and should go to bed...?
Can you take an average swallow without gripping your teeth together(NOT swallowing from a drink)?
why are children and the elderly at greater risk of side effect related to medication?
back surgery?
Cold Showers?
My 8yr old daughters knee has started clicking - why?
I feel so lighthead and so tired everyday, I can sleep all day and still feel tired?
prescriptions in uk...are they normally for a month at a time or....?
Need to stay awake overnight. Advice please?
When do GPs stop practising?
What to do if a human has worms that was gotten from a cat?
Does anyone wonder what the future holds for kids who seem to have no worries about the damage they are doing?
Can you get a dinkle reduction?
Number 1 AND number 2 at the same time?
what are the symptoms of sunstroke?
Hay fever and prozac?
how can i get rid of these?
You have trembles sometimes? And why? you know?
Long term use of pantoprazole?
cold hands, feet and fingers?
Where can I buy VSL#3 (my gastroenterologist recommended it)?
cyanosis of the back?
I seem to have lost my sense of taste and smell over a period of time , is this a symptom of something else?
Think my drink been spiked positive nothing happened to me...what effects and how long they last?
What ws the symtoms of the worst ilness uv ever had?
Should Yahoo Answers Medicine/Health answerers be given a NHS subsidy?
why do u go wrinkly wen uve been in bath for so long???
Anyone had a Spinal manipulation with an epidural?
sciatica nerve?
pain i lower right hand of abdomanal cavitiy?
how do you prevent muscle spasms ??
I had an operation on my hand two weeks ago. How long should it take for the internal stitches to dissolve?
i had orif surgery ten weeks ago on my left ankle i had two breaks and a dislocation and i am still in a lot o
Red patch on arm since Thursday?
pulled ligaments?
Ankle swelling?
Exercises for a broken Leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
had total hip replacement 9 mths ago. when will i be ok 2 go 2 gym?
i tore ligament's in my foot how long will it take 2 heal and will i need any therapy done??
has anyone ever had a nose job?
is smoking about 3 cigarettes a day bad for you?
5 year old gone cross eyed anyway of treating this?
My right Eye hurts at the top when I look far left or up?
Glasses and headaches related?
Plz HELP!!!Eye is red and itchy!!!?
How much are Womens Glasses in Specsavers if your in full-time education?
I have a black eye and I have to go to school?
Is it hard to change from specs to contacts?
my eye wont stop leaking?
My 9 month old Grandson eye surgery?
My Friend Has Glasses +1.00 lens strength, i have glasses -1.00 strength...whats the difference ?
seeing black spots in sun?
I just had my eyes tested, what do these numbers mean ?
I'm going for laser eye surgery. who has the best technology- Ultralase or Optical Express?
i missed one day of my tablets for acne?
Human papillomavirus?
Sunburn swelling?
Relax Soho - Has anyone been ?
Given betamethasone 1% nose drops. How can I possibly measure 2 drops? I just can't tell how much coming out
Stinging in mouth palette, nose and breathing difficulties?
runny nose and sniffing?
Can immunotherapy injections for hayfever cure it?
How do I stop nose bleeding for ever?
heat rash on face after certain foods?
Does rifater make a person very tired and itchy?
Congestion from decongestant nasal spray?
immune booster for acne?
found mold on my carpet?
what could this allergic reaction be to?
i thick i am allergic to dust mites how do i tell?
supplements for wheat and gluten free diet?
Blotchy itchy rash?
Why does my son has bit spots on his nose?
am i allergic to coffee??????????????????????????????????
yeast infection please help?
does anybody know what musculorskeletal arthritis is? and how bad do you get with it?
my bloodtest results say im low in neurotphil.what does this mean? is there any treatment available for this?
Antibiotics and ear syringing?
can people on dialysis eat smoked mackerel?
Helicobacter - What is it when you need to be hospitalised?
To add more to my other question?
Can epilepsy get cure? my daughter is said to have, she has 12 years now, the scanner results show onepart of?
Has anyone ever had a Hydatidiform mole? Guys dont answer with witty puns about them digging up your garden!?
does anyone know the maximum length of time a patient should take carbimazole for an overactive thyroid?
Tendon Sheath Ganglion?
what percentage of doctors correctly diagnose anorexia?
has anyone got 5 interesting facts about haemophilia for my sons biololgy project???
i am feling so lethargic?
i need to reverse my messed up sleeping pattern! anyone?
Has anybody ever dated a bipolar with substance abuse problems?
I know that im living with depression what do I do now?
Does taking medication help with dillusions?
If you take anxiety medicine?
need help from people with weed experience?
Do I have ADD or ADHD?
I'm almost constantly depressed, but I have random "attacks" of hyperactivity and irrational thinking. Help?
Is something wrong with me?
how to get rid of this pain which has gathered inside me..? m depressed....i have a lot of anxiety..?
Anyone know anything about Herbal Cigarettes? Psychoactive? I just want some that aren't psychoactive.?
will benadryl help my anxiety attacks?
Do i have insomnia? or just a messed up sleeping schedule?
I Think I Have OCD/ADD?
what can I do to fight depression? SUICIDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Finding happiness in life..?
What should I expect during my therapy session tomorrow?
I think theres something wrong with one of my eyes...?
Imbalance in vision between eyes?
black floating almost translucent dot in my vision please help?
Opitcian question?
If you have bulging eyes does that mean you're brainy?
How often is it normal to need check ups for short-sightedness?
could anybody tell me the pros and cons of laser eye treatment?
NHS optical voucher?
how long is too long to wear daily disposable contact lenses?
i was told on here that prescription swimming goggles were really expensive, i paid £24?
what the f**k is a stigmatism?
I have new glasses. When i wear them I feel disorientated and queasy. I have persevered for over a week.?
What does 'Rx' mean.?
help how do i put in eye ointment?
Bands of fibrous tissue connecting bones?
why do i only have a panick attack at nite and between the same hours of 12 and 3 and never during the day or?
how many mg in a amp?
How to measure hips..?
about paractemol?
Why is it that when choked with mucus, if you lie on your left side the right nostril clears and vice versa?
If the waiting time for a MRI @ the local NHS is longer than 15 weeks, can I go to another centre instead?
enumerates the guidelines on cancer prevention?
How do they notice a down' syndrome in Mongolia?
coccyx clicked after a sneeze now to painful to sit down?
feeling possitive?
can prescriptions that come from the UK be refilled in the USA?
Help Please?
if you are fatigued?
In anticipation of the smoking ban?
I have really painful tongue?
Does anyone know any non-chemical cures for insomnia?
can he claim?
mike nolan from buffs fizz who won the eurovision song contest?
i fell backwards and landed on my coxix and am now in agony with it. Does anybody know what i can do to ease t
I stubbed my little toe, now my big tow and the two next to it are Numb..?
It's over a month since I asked you if you had cleaned your?
why is it that when you have a harvester you need a poo instantly?
why does it feel like my body is attacking itself?
Due an operation!! Will they operate?
what does having itchy eyes, blocked nose, bad cough and headaches and tiredness suggest?
Who else is awake? UK...can't sleep....so bored....?
White spot on back of throat (left side)?
Keep experiencing dizzy spells?
I have a brown spot on my eye?
Does cocaine affect tastebuds?
How can I keep wasps away from my house?
What should I do with so much time?
Short lived sickness question?
I dont like sleep ......?!?
Cheering Up?
HELP! How do i prove to my parents that i never smoked?
what is happening when i faint?
Can anyone explain to me why I often sneeze once or twice when I first step into bright sunlight ? Cheers :-)?
which type of fruit would make my facial skin look good by eating it or by putting it on my face?
Please give me your honest opinion; Are varifocals better than bifocals?
If you have a blood transfusion will this change your DNA?
Weight in my belly, trees are my back, nails in my ribs, feet I do lack.?
How can I get rid of facial hair on my chin?
Can scratching make eczema worse?
how could i stop sweating?? please help me.?
My Armpits are itching?
Will my acne ever go away?
Please help! May have lice.. what do you i do?
Left Handed Issues.?
did the diagnosis of cancer bring your family closer or further?
Does anyone else get electric shocks from Tesco's shopping trolleys?
taking painkillers help!?
Stargardts disease?
my mum has a blood clot in her leg and had a bypass on it?
Swollen glands, any ideas?
My Friend refused Beta blockers (trimitol i think) for her glaucoma?
Medicine for treating barenness?And how can abaren woman become futile?
does anyone know of any link between bells palsy &rifampicin tb medicine?
has anybody got arthritus in there big toe?
What ever happened to BSE?
I have Contonious Muscle pain and high blood pressure if eat anything salt it get worse?
Do you have a "Cure all" that you would recommend to friends, relatives and people from YA?
Does this seem like Malaria to you? Over the past five days I have?
Can I sleep on the couch?
How can i do this well?
I have been on Wellbutrin SR for four weeks should I feel better at this point?
I keep thinking dragons are going to kill me in the night...what should I do to get over this fear?
Short term memory problem?
Do you live for money?
I was taking celexa..highest dose....cut it in half for 5 months... now i stopped altogether and i feel horrib?
What are some signs of bipolar disorder ?
As I go through my study guide I'm finding some questions I can not answer or find does anyone know these?
My whole life revolves around weight...help!!!!?
What is the best spot to shoot yourself at?
how dose my brother nowse what i ask?
How to tell my best friends I have panic attacks?
how can u tell if someone is jealous?
How do you sleep when you are excited?
Has my epilepsy caused my eating disorder?
i have mild memory loss. should i worry?
has anyone gone abroad for eye laser surgery?
where do I complain about specsavers?
what does it mean when ur eye keeps jumping? LOL it's so FxCKIN IRRITATING!!!!! grrrrrrr... lol?
I just started wearing contacts this week and just wondered if it normal 2 experience aching of eyes + itching?
how long after laser eye surgery would i be able to go tandem skydiving? two weeks long enough?
Will it damage my eyes to play Yahoo answers whilst wearing my 3D glasses?
my left lower eyelid is itchy and sore and there is a lump inside?
Can you have ur eye colour surgically changed?
The eye condition with an odd-shaped cornea?
how do eye-whitening eyedrops work?
does specsavers mend broken glasses?
Thinking about having laser eye surgery I would like to hear stories from anyone who had it done. Thank you?
do women have wider vision then men because of having larger eyes?
any exercise for hearing loss due to sinusitis?
Has anyone else had success in stopping allergies and gum disease with SensiStop?
is piriton syrup stronger then piriton tablets?
i get hayfever and sometimes get really puffy eyes, i use all the treatment my doctor gives me but my mate?
Dry nose all year round?
my son still has a runny nose?
Sneezing when eating chocolate- Allergy?
Why would i puke out my nose?
I have a cat and a dog which I want to treat for fleas(they don't have fleas and I want to keep it this way)?
Can anyone explain why we get the goose bumps?
problems with nasal passages .....ouch..?
Extremely sensitive skin?
Wheat allergy sufferers - what are your symptoms?
If I wash my face I get a nose bleed HELP?
what factor sun cream for egypt in aug for normal skin type?
i get small spots on my forhead which seem to be under my skin?
What is this rash?
Sensitive and Oily Skin?
How fast do we sneeze and how far does it travel?
is it ok to take paracetamol on a daily basis?
Anyone suffered wtih Candida? I'm just getting to the last leg!?
my doctor thinks i need a holiday free from stress where should i go and should i go on my own?
medicals by dvla?
which pharmacy stocks VSL 3 probiotic?
bad headaches!!!?
Low blood pressure - should I be concerned?
Im sick and have had no sleep and a rubbish week!?
My blood sugar....?
Tell me about "The Secret"? Is it working for you?
Whats The Longest Amoun Of Time You Have Worked For?
How can you tell if you've got tonsilitis?
Why is there no South African flag in the international answers page on Yahoo answers?
what are the long and short term aims of exercise prescription for minor prolapsed disc?
Does getting your ears pierced hurt? (Please answer quick as might be getting them tommorow!!)?
i cut of part of my wart on my foot, will it be okay?
Why do i get a lot of cold sores?
How quick do you get better from the swine flu?
What is the best way to get rid of acne fast?
How to clear up a dry face?
Does anyone know of a good wart remedy?
Is there an disease, infection, etc. that is usually diagnosed as a terminal illness?
Have you ever brushed the dandruff out of your hair and then counted the flakes?
How did the swine flu originate?
How can my friend get his sense of taste back after chemotheropy for cancer.?
Y do I get angrey 4 little things an sumtimes I feel myself boil up inside but deep down I no it's wrong. ?
If you suffer a severe quadricep contusion and mistreat it initially should you go back to RICE?
IF you are healthy should your ribs stick out?
What could i have done?
how long do i need to rest a thigh strain?
Pulled tendon in finger or worse?
Pain in lower left abdomen/pelvis below naval - the search continues....?
what are the issues that concern the spead of HIV?
How can a man be an aids patient?
Chicken pox scar??? 10 points for help!?
Dizziness and racing heart.?
What is the longest time you have waited in A&E? My record is 13hrs.?
Have a really strange headache, it hurts down the sides at times,mainly along the front and by eyes at times?
Who is the least happy of us all?
Hot Water Boiler?
I can't sleep..........???
What physical effects are there in totally cutting out alcohol if you're alcohol dependant?
do you think car fumes are more dangerous to your health then passive smoking?
How long does Cocaine stay in your system for?
I'm really tired but need to go out soon so how can i get less tired?
Does cracking your knuckles and fingers cause arthritis?
How old dou you have to be to join a "quit smoking* group?
Why do I feel sick?
best way to to fall asleep?
What are the symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT?
why do we grow old and die?And also why does God permit suffering? .?
Why do our ears change as we age?
how do u quit marijuana?
REd ring in my mouth?
Menieres disease?
what are the causes and effects of osteomalacia?
Hereditary diseases ....?
I have cholesteatoma?
what is a chromsome disorder ?name one chrosome disorder that can result from nondisjunction?
Ears popping?
has anyone done the grape cure? how long for and what results?
PROBABLY NOT. But has anybody heard of Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome (MEWDS):?
Mild (untreated) hypothyroid but difficulty conceiving?
First time Xanax use question?
What's wrong with me?
writing mobid poems again is this a sign that something is wrong?
Why does ritalin make a person feel euphoric as well as concentrated.?
Really really weird dream :S ?
ive been having trouble sleeping for the past week?
What happens if I tell my doctor I've gotten low to the point were I am contemplating suicide?
Help, I feel like I'm slipping?
why don't want to live anymore if he doesn't love me?
Is it possible I can get back to who I was?
Which voice do you prefer?
Could I be cured of this?
Why do I feel like this so often?
am i over-reacting to this do you think?
is it possible for someone?...?
My brother is very forgetful?
How to make my life more happy?
Are there things you can do it avert a Bipolar - manic episode?
Do you think I have seasonal affective disorder?
My left eye won't stop watering?
is spec-savers opticians open on good friday in the arndale centre, manchester?
3 yr olds out of control rash....please help?
How much should an xray cost?
Has anyone had eye laser surgery to correct short sightedness? What are the pros and cons?
Is it time to wake up yet ?
Is Dead Sea good for a person with Geant Nevus ?
i have a coldsore, how do i get rid of it using something in the house?
what to use to get rid of a fungal infection in toenail without spending lots of money?
When you sign your treatment consent form for surgery....?
i had cold coagulation treatment the other day?
What are the age and weight requirements to install a baclofen pump?
recently been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. can someone tell me what to expect?
what is Muscular/skeletal inflammation?
Could someone give me list of disorders where having protein is bad for them?
can anyone explain Bi Polar disease?
Underactive thyroid & high blood pressure, chest pains.?
I had Lap Chole on Weds pm, how long will it feel like I have done a million sit ups?
Can anyone give me ANY info on poly cystic ovaries?
Attached to my truck?
Need help... What do I have?
It makes me uncomfortable when other people cry?
what is an example of a "Former" mental illness?
i do not have a passion for anything could this mean I have Add?
Asd (autistic spectral disorder) treatment?
Anxiety for no reason cant get out of my head?
Why do people show parts on OMEGLE and CHATROULETTE?
i have a close loved one that does coke.. im in shock please help..?
CAN u get feelings back or get feelings for someone when.......?
Question about anxiety medicines? Serious answers only PLEASE!?
what can my depressed story character do now?
Did anyone else miss a lot of school due to depression and aneixty?
Where can I get help?
When im ill, why do i dream the same thing over and over again?
Whats wrong with my body when i sleep?
If a product says it contain?
What is this?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?
Hayfever symptons.....?
I have a friend coming to dinner who is egg, gluten wheat dairy intollerant and any ideas for a main courses?
I keep having parts of my face swelling up,the lips especially and my forehead.They don't hurt but itch.?
bread recipie for people with celiacs disease?
weaning with milk allergies?
I have been taking hayfever treatment for 2 months but the swelling in my nose has not decreased. Help!?
If allergic to cats can you be allergic to all cats?
I have mold in my bedroom, and i don't know why it is there or how to prevent it from coming back?
Can anyone tell me about any stomach excercises that wont hurt or affect my bad back?
Is Flixonase (flonase for Americans) or fluticasone propionate an antihistamine?
Pulled muscle in thigh?
help. i keep getting very cold on left side, my daughter said same thing happeninbg to her , help?
broken collar bone with neck pain?
Mosquito bites..?
I fractured my rib, how long does this take to fix?
I have an allergy to eyelash glues, which causes itchy eyes, soreness and swelling. Whats the cause?
Best scar removal method?
is there a specific time length of benifit for double heart by pass?
compensation claims what the difference between tendon, muscle ligament injuries?
How long does it take blisters to go down naturally?
Hot Water Scald Treatment?
I had a flu jab when I had only just finished a course of antibiotic pills .Is this O.K.?
Where is best place to go 4 contact lenses?
Whenever I'm driving and headlights get shone into my eyes I blackout for about 5 seconds.?
Eye Floaters? Please Help!?
My friend cured his hyperopia, is this true?
Why dose the red eye on one person show red on the right eye and pink on the other eye in photographs?
any advice on laser eye surgery?
Please help me, a foreign student, to make a conversation between an optician and a student.?
how long will it be before i get my new glasses?
omfg, how do i rid of bags under my eyes!?
Lazy Eye. Help !?!?!?
On my eye exam prescription card, what do these headings mean: S, C, A?
why some people can focus for hours everyday on a computer or laptop and not get glasses?
My eye has been constantly watering....help please.?
Help on my prescription and wearing glasses?
Can i wear my Glasses for being Short Sighted infront of the Computer?
I want laser eye surgery but...?
Contact lenses .....................................?
why is one eye bigger than the other?
What happened to my elbow? did i sprain it?
How come my swollen pinky won't heal?
What should i expect after the brostrom procedure (ankle surgery)?
How to sooth a sore neck? PLEASE HELP!?
What is the best process to close 8 gauged ears?
Why does my body feels so weak and numb?
back feels bruised but not bruised?
How can a person not fear for there childs life when so many of there relatives have been diganosed w cancer?
Do I have to get it removed?
My daughter has terrible acne. What is the best acne treatment on the market?
please help... i'm concerned?
I am all alone at my house and having these scary symptoms can someone help me!?
is it aspergers/autism spectrum disorder?
How to get rid of pink eye fast?
how to get rid of a TERIBBLE sunburn?
How do you..........?
Can a vasovagal attack kill you?
Medical Condtion " Lazelle Syndrome"?
Why does this happen? anxiety sharp head pains?
I have no self confidence and I can never get myself to talk to girls help!?
my body runs off no sleep, and is fine. Help?
Theres this guy i know whos obsessed with my hair and all of my friends/other girls hair (im a girl)?
what is wrong in my head?
Do I show signs of having minor OCD?
I have been taking effexor xr for 3 days now!?
How should I tell my parents I'm depressed?
Why do I always get the facepalm reaction?
Anxiety question ?????????????
What to do with my Insomnia?
Getting scared too easily?
way to deal with depression?
I'm worrying a lot...?
My life is unfair!!!!!!?
weird emotions going on.kinda weird!?
I just get so angry that I just want to kill somebody!?
I need help with Cipralex!!!!?
I'm myopic (-2.50), is it healthier for my eyes if I wear my glasses all the time, or just every now and then?
Blepheritus??? Help Please?!?
In November, I had an eye test at an optician in Glasgow?
Eye Floaters? Please Help!?
Does anyone have a 'prism' in their eyes?
At what age can I get lasik eye surgery?
I've blurred sight from nowhere. eye test shows nothing, what else could course this?
Eye laser surgery, two years ago but my eye sight isnt that great any more.?
are eye drops good or bad for eyes?
Are contact lenses bad for your eyes?
What is this noise i hear in my head?
What is the definition of 'distance' for glasses prescribed for distance (ie nearsighted)?
If you have just been told you have ARMD in?
blood blister???
how harmfull is the class a drug e?
Has anyone had problems with yahoo mail today?
Does anyone know how i can get scratch marks off my specs?
whent to doctors had to give a wee sample had results?
whats a sn node?
what's the name of the resuscitation method for drowning that involves the person laying face down?
Who is the author of London PLAB handbook and where may I buy it?
Is it possible to develop an eye squint?
feeling very low today?
Had A Fairly Heavy Drink Session Last Night-But..........?
squint surgery?
in terms of symptoms, what is the difference between shin splints and stress fractures?
I have a little lump under my ear lobe. it could be a cyst, what should i do how are they dealt with/ removed?
i have these friends who have been smoking cigarettes, is it bad if they have done it 7 times?