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Cortisone Injection in foot a NHS Hospital Day Case?
Dislocating thumb!?
how do i strengthen a broken ankle after treatment?
what is the youngest age for an ankle replacement/fusion?
i think i am bipolar?
Come off anti-depressants, what's the worst that can happen?
Where can I find a counselor or psychiatrist that accepts my IL medical card?
Is there any help for sociopaths?
What is wrong with my Mom?
Strange phobia!!! Is it really weird?? :/?
what are some symptoms of body dismorphia disorder (bdd)?
how do i convince my friend to see a doctor?
Why does my head hurt when i watch tv or comp. or even use my phone?
I'm thinking of ending it?
This girl I like is Bipolar help please?
Does crying relive stress?
Me and my friend popped pills on my couch. everytime i come within eye contact of it i begin to feel high.?
My stomach has been upset since a week ago. Could this be stress?
Im not too sure what just happened?
wellbutrin, can i just stop taking it ?
I have ocd, how can I fix this?
have you taken ACCUTANE for acne before??
Wax or Shave?? Bumps and Boils :( ....?
What's a skin tag? and how do you get rid of them?
I am experiencing hearing loss and don't know whats the cause?
Pain in joints in middle finger?
I need help with skin complexion.??
Lower legs are discoloured after suspected DVTs?
I bruised my elbow and?
eczema on the lingin of the womb?
Why does my tooth hurt when I bite on it?
Is it actually bad to click your knuckles?
Abcsess treatment?
for UK is there an off the shelf preperation to stop horse flies biting humans ?
does anybody no if orange foods help acne and bacne?
Whats thrush and what are the symptoms?
Meningitis C Vaccine question?
Looks like I have a Pilonidal dimple. Anyone got any tips on how to stop it ITCHING!!?
too much and continues sneezing is symtom of swin flu?
can athletes foot affect the nails?
Has anyone cured Candida?
is this just a bad cold or another kind of infection please answer?
Is Psoarisis heridetary????
What are the signs of the Swine Flu?
Why Does my skin dry out so much?
When a person goes into hospital and you get your designated nurse?
What would cause severe pain/popping in spinal column and hips?
Headach and pressure issue?
small hard lump just above collarbone?
Incontinence, lower back/left leg pain, fatigue. HELP?
Hip pain, but im only 16?
I have this intermittent pain beneath my ribs, what is it?
i have a bubbling feeling in my lower right abdoman?
what is wrong with my wrist?
Worried that I might have back problems?
i sat up quickly and heard a pop and now i have pain on my right side below my stomach close to my hip?
isnt it if you drink water you can get side cramps when you run?
Taking neurontin for migraines?
Why do my ribs hurt on my left side?
Do Lortab 10mg have M303 written on them?
What is this shooting pain in my lower back ?
only 14 - knees hurt really bad when bending them?
I have this bad cut, it kills! What can help get the pain away?
I have a really bad pain in my elbows mostly when i gripp things?
Getting dressed after a kneecap dislocation?
Can I ask for some sort of seditave when I go in for a cystoscopy tommorow?
where do Neurosurgeons work?
I'm looking for UK residents that may have hearing problems, do you have hearing problems?
Unexplained hypokalaemia?
what is a stye?
I keep falling yawning during the day, even after sleeping for more than 8 hours. How do I stop it?
Shoulder pains anyone help?
Cefalexin anyone?
Does any1 get a churning stomach and a feeling of dizziness if they sit at their computer to long?
how can i get to sleep ?
Any good throat sweets you know of??? please help
Staying up All Night?
What are the white things in your nails?
Has anyone else noticed...?
is it safe for someone to take night nurse everynight to make sure they sleep?
Is it safe for an alcoholic to go cold turkey my pal says he may crack up & will I keep an eye on him?
Who has tinnitus and how are you coping?
Can wind get trapped, how do you know when its trapped , how do you cure it please help I have a terrible pain
Help me please..! What could b wrong with me??!?
Can you help my friend?
i cant get to sleep what will i do?? any tips?? p.s sleeping pills ins NOT one of the!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are the causes of headaches?
what are some easy ways to fall asleep quick?
help ............?
night sweats??
People have anti-rejection drugs for organ replacement why not for blood transfusions?
in what type of patients is it not safe to administer nebulisers via oxygen and why?
Total Hip Replacement -Both sides - Should I travel to India for this?
why do we sneeze and yawn?
what are the different types of fits?
Is there a scientific name for when you have slept on your arm and wake up and you cannot feel it?
spine surgery ?
Have you tried..... tylenol?
Help! My sister's is constantly vomiting and has unbelievably bad pains in her stomach?
If basic medication...?
How to take gastric biospy specimens correctly on endoscopy.?
“Is it dangerous to hold in a sneeze?
What are the most common results after you've been wedgied?
What should I do when my Social Services Home Help turns up with a streaming cold ?
Why Are My Feet Always Extremely Cold?
Why do my feet hurt every morning?
I'm having problems!!!?
Sleeping remedies from a chemist?
I'v been haveing a lot of nose bleeds laty what should i do?
why am i suddenly allergic to fish?
Nickel allergy - I think i may have this...........?
is popcorn gluten free?
Anything OTHER than cows milk allergy?
Can you be allergic to water ?
Loose stools and wheat/dairy intolerences? Anyone know anything about this?
i regularly cough up clear phlegm I have never smoked but the problem is worse if I eat dairy foods,?
what foods can commonly present problems for those that suffer from allergic reactions?
since may i'm suffering from a little red spots under my skin on my cheeks,forehead,nose as doctor told me i?
can you have an allergic reaction to blueberries that causes swelling only in your joints?
Nut allergy?
Hayfever advice needed. Please Please Please. Nothing works?
ive been having an allergic reaction im wondering if anyone knows a cure or what it is?
Is it worth having the coeliac test?
Can a flu virus result in prolonged back ache?
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
how is a scoliosis operation done?
Semi-high alt levels?
Broken Ligaments?
I thought I was going for a back X-Ray but it was my CHEST that faced the machine. Is that a mistake?
I am training for the marathon and recently my hip has started hurting - any tips on how to stop it hurting?
I fell on the bath and bruised my ribs and breast, should i get it check out?
Has anyone had a cyst on the lumbar spine?
Whos had a Fractured Tibula?If so how long does it take to mend?
This is the person with the Septum problem. Sounds silly, how do you reply. This is my 1st time on here?
WHO Broke in...?
Broken Wrist?
how long for a trapped neck nerve to heal , thanks?
How to prevent oily skin?
Wrinkles in your teens?
What's wrong with my ear and arm?
Help on acne treatments?
red rash on my face??
Does Vitamin B12 causes acne?
Spots breakout on face......?
What should I be using and eating if my forehead is breaking out?
my sister has had this weird rash for 6 months with bumps that look like chiggers!i don't think thats it tho.?
fungal infection has left my skin patchy ... :(?
Shaving with Eczema?
Tea Tree Oil, Ance and Blackheads?
why do you think i have swollen ankles?
Why do i have red swollen lips?
what is the hard painful lump behind my ear?
Face and chronic eye pain tingling in nose?
Can pain be felt without a cause?
chest pain or heart pain?
what is more painful?
Abdomin pain what is this ?
looking for a doctor near me to give me methadone?
Legs hurt really bad after excising? :/?
i slept weird last night and now i have a small lump on my neck?
Pain under and around left breast?
how long will hydrocodone stay in your salvia?
Help relieve tension and backache?
Take Tylenol for throat being sore?
Pelvis hurts when I wake up?
When i run my this part hurts. HELP?
My back hurts when I move and breathe...?
my left eye hurts when i look left,right,up but doesnt when i look down ?
can you vomit up parts of your intestine?
Is it ok to ferment things like Lucozade? and a load more help needed on that subject!?!?!?
How safe is the swine flu vaccine in pregnancy?
how are diseases spread by the wind?
after a recent blood test my AST level was 47,my ALT level was117....?
drinking on antibiotics?
What causes the reaction when adding hydrogen peroxide to yeast, liver, and potato.?
What are the damages that Anthrax causes to tissue and organs?
Why does it have to be Swine Flu?
can diarrhoea affect mycrogynon 30?
How long can germs live on skin and in eyebrows?
Am going Mexico next year (for three weeks (May - June) , do I need a swin flu jab?
Have you been vaccinated against swine flu?
how mak ur voice hard n i am idiot ?
Do I have a disorder?
Can you merely experience Synthesia?
I dont know what to do anymore :/?
Why does this happen? Does anyone or have you gotten this way?
How long does Seroquel drowsiness last?
does excercising reguraly prevent panic attacks when smoking herb. and dont say jst quit. i dont want 2..?
is this noraml, is this okay?
I'm really scared someone help?
worrying help please...?
What should I do about my anxiety?
Do you love stimulants?
Causing yourself to feel something physically?
If a person can use both sides of their brain, are they smarter than the average person?
Should i be able to do this?
Why won't my Right Shoulder stop twitching?
Weird noises when I exhale. What is this?
Spinal tap pain years later?
Pain in lower right side?
Do I have permanent tinnitus since my ears have been ringing for a week?
Lower right back pain help!?
what synovial joint is the carpal-metacarpal of the thumb?
Does anyone know how long headaches from Tylenol withdraw last?
What can we do with 2 legs?
how do i get rid of this thigh pain?
Two fingers and arm are going numb?
Oxycodone dosage question?
Painful ear bumped ear?
How can i get my wrist to stop clicking?
I have lower back pain..?
can i take a tylenol if i drank 16 hours ago?
ill for a month, feeling lethargic and fed up, what suggestions do you have for brightening my day?
has anybody else heard that anna nicole smith had lupus????
Why am i so tired all the time?
How do the blood pressure readings work?
Is sleeping with a pillow over your head unhealthy?
Do you have a fear of going to sleep.?
feel like something's killing me in my sleep?
How much does the human brain weigh?
what is walking aids and any info on the subject?
why do i loose my voice everytime i get sick or yell?
has anyone experience mastoiditis?
Does anyone know why my fingers go red and swell when it's cold?
How do i get better ???
What is this headache??
Tongue - health indicator question?
how do you deal with failed back syndrome?
Im addicted to chocolate. i want to cut it out. Do you have any advice for an alternative?
Come on all you ex-smokers - help me?
how many people were treated for heroin addiction in America in 2003?
why does a bcG injection leave such a big mark for a little needle?
Why am i having so much trouble sleeping?
Hw are we suppose 2 knw dat our cholesterol is high?
Hayfever - Why does a nose get blocked when you suffer from hayfever?
Glasses or Contact Lenses what is best?
Why do people grind their teeth in their sleep?
knot in my right side of neck and right shoulder hurts, my arm hurt?
how bad is the joint damage?!?!?
How do I help solve these problems with headaches, migraines, and other things?
how do I get a wigworm out of my eyeball?
Why are my cramps so bad?
Extreme pain. Help!!?
This hurts bad:(?help please!!!?
Braces question help!!!;(?
Do Hand Motions Affect Your Memory ?
Sharp Pain on Outside Lower Leg When Fast Walking?
Had a fight in rugby yesterday and my head is killing me?
Do you suffer migraines too?
Having gallstone pain?
Is it normal to have a headache during the epidural and not get it?
Ugh!!! In soooo much pain right now!!!?
My neck feels like it's tightening up while exercising?
can smoking cannabis effect your eyes?
Iliotibial band syndrome.?
need docters advice please i have a contraception implant and its snapped what will happen?
Check out What can you do with a broken foot ? with one foot?
What foods will enhance and accelarate skin growth/repair?
What are the correct ways to walk using crutches?
Will eye color fade or turn black if gets a themal burn.?
Can i break my spinal fusion L5 S1 after 3 months?
Spine (tail) injury will vitamins Help healing????
has anyone ever been to a&e and then felt better?
Foot injury.. What could be wrong?
Re Swollen finger?
physiotherapist, carer?
Knee Injury... what could this be?
Underactive thyroid - anyone had to start using triiiodothyronin (t3) rather than thyroxine to help symptoms?
Should i be worried left arm pain?
Migraines after concussion?
Dialated pupils? ( I don't use drugs )?
I need Help carrying groceries from my car to my apartment.?
Strange finger cracking none stop for a minute?
My ankle hurts! What should I do? (please read details)?
treatment for infected finger...?
I am a paraplegic live with debilitating pain?
Im only 13 and my back is hurting really bad! Please Help?
So someone gets on my nerves.....?
Why Does my tongue ring hurt after i change it?
I have had issues on my whole right side of body ever since having wisdom teeth out?
Wrist hurts, Hairline Fracture?
My daughter hit her head and has a big bulge and bruising what should I do?
What type of exercises can I do to reduce back pain?
How long does it take for antibiotics to start working?
Do Bones Hurt When They Heal?
I have a constant headache, what could it be?
why do i have pain in my right shoulder after drinking apple juice?
Nodding out on prescription Oxycodone?
Tip of my finger hurts when touched?
What did I do to my knee???
Why does my leg muscles hurt?
When I drink alcohol, I get a pain in my stomach & chest like heartburn...?
Why does my arm do this?
What causes a gallbladder to go bad?
How to address lower back pain?
has anyone heard of the nut bra?
Why do I keep burping after all food?
best treatment for hayfever?????.............................?
could i just develop an alergy to my dog?
what is levocetirizine dihydrochloride?
My son is allergic to all the sun creams I have tried. Can anyone recommend one?
Can you be allergic to hypo allergenic products?
Why does my nose make a smell?
Is there anywhere that can tell me whether medicines have opiates in them or not?
Nose always runs after hot meal!?
Blocked noses change when lying down?
Why do my hurt from the back ?
HELP I don't know if I'm allergic!?
What is this redness on my cheeks?
How to clear up allergies fast!?
Please tell me about Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
Meningitis C Vaccine concerns?
Should I ring my GP about swine flu?
my nephew who is in hospital has tested positive for swineflu?
Whats up with me ? :S?
Should people with IBS drink actimel?? Is actimel supposed to lessen diarrhea?
if one get 100 piriton tablets once?
Could it be Guillain Barre Syndrome?
how do your eyes, skin, air passage, and Gut fight of diseases?
The MMR Vaccine questions?
Do dairy products or any other foods reduce the effectiveness of Erythromycin like some other antibiotics?
what kind of desease is typhus?
What are the risky medicines with Mebeverine hydrochloride. can it be taken for prolonged period?
If you do fail to complete an antibiotic and the infection returns, should you be put on the same antibiotic?
How can I tell the difference from swine flu and a bad cold?
Watery eyes what causes this. Like when you walk out the door and you eyes start watering?
i need my acne gone asap., please help?
Why do i grow sporadic hairs on my chest,neck and face.am a 54 yr.old female?
Best solutions to get rid of underarms odor?
My mom smoked 5 cigarettes today and feels sick...?
Wat is this on my toe? it's like a small growth on my toe about 2mm and is soft to the touch?
healthcare system Good or Bad?
How long would a person with stage 4 ovarian cancer live?
What is a skin tag? Has anyone had them?
Signs of an unhealthy person...?
How do I get rabies shots? Please help!?
What can I do to avoid getting sick with a cold when everybody else in my house is infected?
Am i ok or am i actually ill?
When is it better to breath through your mouth rather than your nose?
How can i replace a lost medical card?
damage from alcohol?
Stopping Smoking?
What is going on,, my speech has suddenly become really slurred like i am drunk...?
whats the legal temperature that you can work in a kitchen before you can say enoughs enough and go home!!?
what foods should be avoided with a stomache ulcer?
Is there anywhere I can get a seaweed bath in the UK. and if so how much will it cost?
If a person is immobile is it bad idea to rub the area the pressure has been on?
I think I am ill, even with no symtoms?
What causes a throbbing?
My son has pneumonia?
What causes my clicking knee?
Serious question, how often should a healthy male go to the toilet (for No. 2)?
please answer asap really worried!?
White Marks On Nails.?
who thinks the MMR vaccine can causes Autism?
Is it bad for your health to chew too much chewing gum?
Is it supposed to feel this way or not?
June 4, 2006..............................?
Awkwardness is taking over my life help..?
I've been losing days at a time?
How can i stop this issue?
someone who has been clean off drugs?
I was prescribed Adderall XR for my ADD but decided to buy the generic Brand instead because it was cheaper.?
How do you meditate?
Why does my mom get upset when people tell her I am more like my dad?
Flashbacks of probably very early stages of life?
Im So Stressed please help?
Behaviorial health treatment, no insurance?
I think I might be bipolar...read details?
When your dream job is no longer able to be accomplished, what do you do next?
Why do i feel like this?
How do some rock stars deal with drug and alcohol abuse?
Woke up with pain in inner left ear and ringing sound?
my age is 42. my head is feeling heavy but no pain is there. suggest a doctor in delhi & tell why is it so....?
My mother inlaw has a sharp pain?
i am having pain by my spleen?
Snorting Oxycodone hydrochloride?
what is wrong? Pleas help me!!?
Why am I getting headache's every single night?!?
Only 14 and getting bunions?!?
nose bleed + headache + ear ache?!?
Burning sensation in througt?
Having pains only on my right side, what would it be?
My cramps hurt really bad :(?
Experienced people only. How to sleep with a glued head?
My lower back hurts.........I cant sit, it feels like im constipated...?
I get a bad chest pain in the upper right side of my chest?
Is it safe to ride a rollercoaster or any ride while high on pot?
I broke my baby toe 2 weeks ago. Now it is tingly and feels like pins and needles. What's going on?
What's the deal with that hair removal cream stuff? Nair I think it's called?
colour blind help?
Do you think that medicine has advanced so much, its hard for a doctor to say nothings wrong with you?
mockled skin?
what cause scoliosis and thanks for telling me that it called that?
does anyone else feel great?
why when you feel nervous does it make you need a poo?
Is it possible to see your full medical records via the computer?
which country has the lowest incident of cancer?
Clicking Wrists?
BAHA users?
How long does penecillin take to make any difference?
I have suffer from hyponraemia. Is lack of salt in the body. Any one else had/have it.?
anyone else get sunburn how long does it last ?
I keep itching everywhere....?
Little red bumps on the bottom of my fingers?
Could anybody recommend a reliable spider vein removal cream that works please?"?
i get blisters appearing anywhere they feel like it,why?
help on itamin deficiancy?
what does heat rash look like ?
Whenever i go in sun i get itchy red spots that itch like mad!!!????!!?
Can you get delayed sun burn?
A Rash on my arm?
skin lightening creams?
Acne rosacea. Do you have it? What has helped your skin?
Does anyone know what a doctor is testing for when he makes you lie down, close your eyes and bends your toes?
Why are my fingers stiff in the morning?
Does anyone know what causes shin-splints? Also is there anything to be done to cure this?
im looking for ah website that sells clothing with no seems in it ........ im ah spinal injury c5 c6 lesion?
my mam had a stroke?
I have a problem. I had a reflexology session last week?
Spinal Fusion?
my ankles been swollen for 5 days when will the swelling go down?
Can an x-ray taken from one side of body part detect break or fracture on otherside too?
Pain in wrist and thumb area?
Tongue Periodically goes numb?
Headache for the last 4 days with shooting pain help :(......?
aspirin causes gastrointestinal bleeding....then what?
What can I do for ruptured veins?
i tore my knee while doing basic training?
need help question about fused si joint?
A random pain in my jaw.?
Best way to treat a muscle sprain in the back?
I have a fidger. What can use on it to be more confortable? Hemroid meds dont work.?
Should I go to the doctor?
Chest pain! very sharp. i find they go away if i chug some water.. is this normal?
How much ibuprofen do i take?
Sharp pains all over the lower half of my knees (on the sides to)?
My knee started hurting?
I'm 16 how how much sudafed tablets should I take?
Brown eyes or blue eyes? or another more subtle shade?
gettting depressed.... :/?
Is this dyslexia or what?
I feel like a wreck :(?
My mom is acting really strange and i don't want to be around her?
I think I want to die, how do I get rid of this feeling...?
Ever since I started going to the gym regularly I stopped getting panic attacks...?
Why do I feel doomed?
My grandpa has Alzheimer's Disease. I have become extremely depressed about it, how should I cope?
Friend who is very depressed???? IS she bipolar?
My housemate has the hygeine of a rotting carcus, what do i do?
What things can I do to prove to my wife that I'm serious I want our marriage to work?
Crying in my sleep? Please Help?
Why does every mental diagnosis make me feel more peaceful?
Chronic anxiety/ worry?
I think I have social anxiety, what should i do? i know my parents wont help or believe me?
What is the difference between a state mental hospital and a sanitarium?
Depression... Need help!!?
Why do I sometimes have trouble speaking correctly?
Should I tell him about my depression?
I got drunk with my family. I feel anxious, should I?
how does doctors no if your lactose intolerance?
OK linked to my last allergy Q, If I have those radiator covers over my gas central heating radiators?
I think I may be allergic to pesticides - anyone else heard of that before?
Why is it that when I use Honey I get flue like symptoms and I cannot stop sneezing for ages?
My dog has been losing her fur for about three years now?
Swollen puffy eye question?
I suffer from bad chronic allergic rhinitis. What long term strain is this putting on my body?
allergy advice?
Can adults take Piriton Syrup for allergies?
i need cheering up...?
is there other people out there how like to wear nappies like me?
why is this so addictive?
is there any medication that can help prevent dreaming during sleep?
Blood tests?
what are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
bath water/shower water?
migraines ?
I have really bad indigestion?
does making a poultice of cider vinegar and water soaked cloth wrapped around a knee very effective for arthri
have severe pain in left leg, similar pain in wrists,knees and ankles at times, but not as severe, what could?
Lower Chest Pain/ Bloating?
I have a very hard time getting up every morning, why?
Why does my eye hurt?
Is there anything the Anesthesiologist can do to reduce how sore my throat gets from being put under?
Do I have a sprained wrist?
what do I do about my Burning Eyes 0_0?
Why does my left arm hurt a lot?
My left calf muscle hurts?
My middle/lower back and everything from my waist down ache when the weather changes, why?
I hurt my neck pain wise I'd say 6/10 butIt's bothering me.?
Pain in fingertip with pain in upper chest area (pectorial muscle)?
Who do you see if you are always in pain?
Am I have a growth spurt? growing pains? what is it?
sharp pain under left rib cage and knot is on their and also on lower back hurts all the time even will breath?
I think i have Knock-knee legs....and my knees hurt right now what should i do?
my left side of my stomach hurts, why?
How to stop the pain in my foot?
my age is 42. my head is feeling heavy but no pain is there. suggest a doctor in delhi % tell why is it so....?
I have glandular fever just before my HSC.. what do I do?
How long can pinworms last for?
Does anyone elselike having jabs?
I have a impetigo question?
hepatitis A and B, immunisation with these vaccines do they provide life long immunity or do you need a?
Can you get infections in your intestines?
Swine flu vaccine is it necessary?
How does being too clean cause infections?
Whats with the Smoking building flu guy?
Does a negative EBV blood test result mean that I didn't have glandular fever?
i got told by my doc yesterday i got swine flu?
I have a malaria project and i dont know anything URGENT?
have i broken my arm??? please help?
help me i'm scared what do i do?
Do I have a broken toe?
is there any hope or treatment for severe tredness five years after a stroke/CVA?
Cant afford contact lenses?
Acid reflux problems?
feeling ill?
can you catch the sun through glass eg when driving?
What should i eat in a day to have a healthy balanced diet?
I would like to know if anybody out there has had problems with hpc Health Proffessonals Council?
Is anyone taking mycophenalate at what dose & do you suffer any side effects ?
have you ever trumped whilst siting in tight jeans?
Why does the colour drain from our face...?
My GP diagnosed IBS, I have tried Mebeverine, Buscopan but nothing stops terrible rumbling and noises. Help!?
If i decide...?
How long would it take for approx 53 lorazepam tablets to get into the bloodstream and what would happen?
whats the best swimwear????
be honest...?
Citalopram and alcohol?
Can milk cause fits of anger?
What does a high blood platelet count mean?
I was que tipping my ear ^^ and the whole end broke off :/?
Does my back hurt because my back isn't strong enough?
BUGG BITEE HELP!!! pllllzzz..?
Knee hurts suddenly.......?
I had surgery on my leg and now my tongue feels weird?
Back pain from standing up at work?
Bad bad headache after spinal block and c section?
my daughter has birth mark on left hip back side what it indicates?
My hip feel feels like it pops out of place?
Tearing Sensation in my foot?
I have sharp pain in the tips of m fingers. What is going ?!?
Leg hurts when i lay down?
What do you look for on an MRI?
Pain and aching in my right wrist.?
Numbness in fingers after waking up and lasting throughout the day?
How is correct posture important for you?
Do you think my jaw could be dislocated or broken?
How can you tell when you have heartburn?
What can i do about my lower back pain?
Has anyone ever had Acid Reflux?
What causes your eyes to get worse and worse?
How do I get rid of this one huge zit?
is masderbating bad for u cause i read about it and it said if over practiced can get psycalogical imbalaces?
Memory loss - an emergency?
how do you get rid of a sunburn and fast?
natural skin cancer prevention?
I have a double hernia- can this produce back pain as a symptom?
is this normal?
Anybody ever find a successful treatment for psoriasis?
Can i get my skin lighter?
Is there a way to make scars go away faster?
Please help! How long will it take for these blisters to heal???
Why are women more prone to breast cancer?
The spots on my chest just dont go away!!?
can any one identify this pill.?
Do you think Wireless internet and Cell phones cause cancer?
do u think if i use only one of my eye for some time that it will improve my vision?
If the eye gets a thermal burn from a flame or heat will the eye color fade or turn black.?
who regulates botox treatments and who do you report negligence/dangerous practices to?
im avin an ingrown toe nail removed and how long will it hurt when i have it don?
How did I get this bruise?
sliced through thumb tendons medical advice?
if a person becomes ill as a result of a industrial injury how would the compensation be worked out?
is there any way of geting rid of bony callus of mid 3rd tibia?
Can anyone advise on some good core strength exercises to do at home please?
L5 disc problem?
Can someone help me with cutting?
i have a fear of tiny holes or clusters?
early schizophrenia warning signs?
how to gain more confidence ?
Depression? Or being a over emotional sook?
Can You lose Your memory from quitting Prozac abruptly?
I don't feel pretty at all?
What do you feel like as you recover from mental illness?
What is wrong with me?
have u ever stayed at home for whole month ?
i lost my medicine what should i do?
painless ways to kill yourself?
why am i so emotional?
Why is my sleep pattern so irratic?
Can slopy seconds be seeing someone last?
why does this soothe me so much?
I think I have ADD? Honest answers pls?
Epilepsy and absences ?
Can anyone tell me what MAC DOT DYSTROPHY is ........?
Can you get Osgood-slchatters disease as an adult?
does anyone know if ?
has anybody had a myrgoplasty operation on there ear if so what was it like?
does anyone know if guillin barre syndrome has any links to raynards disease?
how long does a endoscopy take the one without sedation?
what are ances and amoebas?
eye problem...?
What is the small bone next to your ankle on the inside of your foot called?
What to do about purple toenails?
Feeling extremely weak out of random?
Does anyone know a good doctor?
foot does something weird at random times?
What happened to my right knee?
I have a lump on my leg.?
pain in the ball of my foot?
I pulled a muscle! HELP ME!?
I had an aneurym in my femoral arterty, is it normal to have a ache or burning sensation in my leg?
How well does tramadol work compared to vicodin?
What specialist can I go to to get my shoulder impingement carefully examined?
Pain pills and relaxation?
Could I have torn my acl for a second time?
i got my gallbladder and gallstones removed 3yrs ago but i am now suffering with the same pain can dey gro bac?
Arthoscopic surgery for knees...?
severe leg (mostly knee) and foot pain?
can complete damage acl ligament cure itself.?
i have this majyor pain on the left side of my face just under my jaw.?
did he this actor Lucas Grabeel had chance of dying if no IV in arm?
I have been having pain in my mouth, mostly where my bottom inner lip connects to my gums. What could it be?
I have a lump in my finger?
What causes a change in taste/smell of breath?
amitripyline hcl?
how to get rid of redness around my nose?
headache from SAT's?
Smoking Ban ever wondered????
I have to have a prostate biopsy. How painful or uncomfortable is this?
what is the best way to avoid severe tanning in a high temperature climate?
im going to see my psychiatrist tomorrow about my facial appearance?
how do i get to see david veale i have little money and one session is 220 pounds?
Has our appendix ever been vitally neccessary to our well being?
My 16 year old grandson is due to have a ilizarov frame fitted .?
Has anyone managed to successfully get rid of cellulite.?
I work for the the samaritans i phoned in sick the other week thay talked me out of it is this right?
How does sticking your tongue out help you consentrate?
Help! Joint pain, dizziness, muscle pain, fatigue? What can be causing it all?
Sharp pain in my left temple! Is this serious?
Why do I push on my feet when I sit?
are naproxen addictive?
I recently feel like throwing up when im excersing and just walking sometimes or sitting down?
Severe pain on right side.?
My wrist joints are like?
What kind of cramp is this, and what can I do to stop it?
Is my knee all right?
Lower Arm Pain, possibly Tennis Elbow?
Neuropathic pain arachnoiditis ?
is it normal for your throat to hurt after giving head?
what can cause migraines?
Epidural Injection My husband had one about a month ago for his neck pain. Hes alot worse.?
why has my finger been numb for 4/5 days..?
Sore knees...ice or heat?
where can I get pain meds in Beckley WV?
Pain in my neck/spine seems to be caused by pressure. Whats wrong?
Can this get any worse with sinus and migraine?
What's the difference between swine flu and normal flu?
how do you test for jaundice?
do i have the swine flu?
Please help xx should i get this jab?
What is good for a cold?
Are you going to have the swine flu vaccine?
Can I just get the Tammi flu vaccine without having the symptoms?
How long does a sore throat normally last im pregnant aswell?
Do you think I have the H1N1 "Swine Flu"?
Sickness Bug Advice Please ...x ?
Clostridium Botulinium?
can you catch weils desease from drinking out of cans?
What should I do about really high fever?
Why are my fingers asleep when I wake up?
could this be a blood clot dvt?
futon beds?
i have had a dry throat cough for six months now medicines have made no difference, any suggestions?
i've been having this reactions on my face that look like eczema but not eczema. some eole say is allergy.?
no sleep for 3 days now :(?
Psychiatry diagnosis? Anxiety?
Where can you find LIVE online counseling for teens?
constant blocked nose for years?
anyone else feeling the cold at the moment?
I have a mild hangover, feel sleepy but am at work!?
Giving Blood?
Hayfever remedies whilst trying for a baby?
My son cant blow his nose he never could do it what is the couse and what should i do? its blocked but he cant?
is it possible for a child to be allergic to something that the mother, or even both parents aren't?
Did my brother physically abused me?
If one is taking antihistamine a day how long will it be until my hayfever symthoms are gone?
I haven't stopped sneezing for weeks?
Is there enough research actually being carried out on childhood and teenage depression?
do u think this is weird???????
why are my hands swollen?
I was prescribed Klonopin for sleep .5 mg?
Why am I afraid of my feelings? Any empaths out there?
could anybody tell me why i seam to have gotten an allergy to bread?
How to calm nerves/anxiety?
Is she allergic to champagne?
A question about death/ grieving help!?!?
Lexapro side effects. ?
Is this really OCD or nothing?
A career with eating disorders?
Its been about a week since i smoked weed for the first time and i still feel weird?
I don't know whats wrong with me?
Is it ONLY reason most people don't want to act lost temper for other people desire because not safe body?
Is the bump above my eyebrow the glabella?
breaking out on by shoulders?
Acne free in 3 days.
Who is the best dermatologist in Dublin?
How can you cure Phimosis, WITHOUT seeing a surgeon?
Is there any cure for stretch marks??
What is the best treatment for scalp psoriasis and dandruff?
Why won't the sore on her leg heal?
Does sudocrem work on spots?
why cant you buy epsom salts anymore
Advice please. (HEALTH)?
'm getting extremly sharp pains in my lower back?
Who measures legs knees and hips?
My hip is really sore?
Inferred Sauna Therapy?
I tripped on a badly sunken pavement Wednesday evening,,,can i claim compensation?
Treatment for a ruptured achillees tendon?
Cousin (Aged 17) stuck in Cyprus with broken thigh bone - can anyone help?
any one have any ideas for a ladies night out?
I have a hernia. What should I do to avoid making it worse and what is the recovery time after the operation?
abcess -help i've got an abcess on my breast!?
I've broke my toe..?
Injury claim?
Are tongue piercings really painful?
Why do we catch cold more often when the weather is cold?
Pancreatic cancer? Has anyone known anyone who dealt with this?
Can you have MS for 4 years at age 51 and not any symtoms other than tiredness? Can you never be diagnosed?
Itchy red bumps on arms and legs?
How to get a good natural tan?
Ovarian cancer causes your intestines to shut down?
How do I get rid of Tinnitus?
if someone cant see, they're blind.if someone cant hear, they're deaf. what do u call someone who cant smell.
Is there any other treatment for a Child with A.D.H.D.? I HATE ritalin!?
Best Drug Store Acne Cleanser?
If you contract AIDS/HIV nowadays would you still die from the disease or do they have medication for it?
who has or knows someone who has an eating disorder?
What is d cost of chemoradiotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's Stage 2 in Calgary for a non-resident?
boy with bulimia?? im scared :(?
Red spots on stomach..??
under eye swelling?
What is the normal thyroid (tsh) level?
eyes have turned Cloudy?
tonnns of family issues, what should i do, :/?
Please HELP me! I need help badly!?
Anxious mouth cant talk?
I've always felt so alone. How can I change it?
How to just talk and stop being self conscious?
Why didnt ativan .5 work ?
How to pull yourself up when you've hit rock bottom?
Some advice! What do you think about this?
I binged at my boyfriends (bulimia)?
i am anxious and depressed..?
How can I help my wife understand my Bi Polar?
going through a hard time...?
what will the psychiatrist do?
Something else might be wrong? Help?
Ok...........this is a little disturbing but I need help!?
What is wrong with me? I think I need help but can't get any..?
To self conscious all the time?
How do i control my anger management?
Could this be a stretched ACL?
should i go back to the doctor, or just wait?...?
I Woke Up Dizzy This Morning?!?
Has anybody ever had a problem with the skin on their eyelid? i know it may seem random but read on if U have?
how long do i have to stop taking minocycline i.e. antibiotics for acne before having the nite treatment?
Mole problems?
How do I know if I have IBS? What are the symptoms and can it be controlled by diet?
i need help with spots I've tried face-wash, I've got cream from the chemist please help!!!!!?
i fell ill and rubbish, does anyone else??
Im really embarassed about this but.....?
What does the O in blood type O positive mean?
my indigestion/heartburn is so bad i cant sleep helppp!?
what causes the inside of my throat and inside my ears to itch, its driving me mad????
Nurse told me i have protein in my wee, what could this mean?
Emergency solutions for insomnia before I go insane !!!?
How many women are putting Viagra in hubby's xmas stocking this year?
what to do with a bag of sick?
If I get the first of the 3 Gardisil shots, but don't get the rest, what are the risks? Do I know have HPV?
nose bleed...?
How to calm/sooth large insect bites?
Rash and swollen ankles what is it?
Why does my nose become itchy when I chew gum?
Need Some Help With Dust Mites?
Have I had an allergic reaction?
has anyone got an allergy to bites . dont know what bit me but my skin is swollen and sore?
why is snot green?
Are those fleas???!!!
I am allergic to fish,does this mean I should steer clear of any foods with the omega 3 supplement in it?
Why do i go bright red after have one alcoholic drink?
Help with Allergic Reaction!?
do galz like swallowing that white water in or they...?
Am I allergic to plums/do I have oral allergy syndrome?
Does cycling make allergies worse?
can anyone tell me how beneficial oxygen is for vascular dementia? and how can one get hold of it?
if someone had chronic kidney disease dos a doctor Waite 3 months before repeating a blood test?
what is best method for overcoming post viral fatigue syndrome?
complex partial seizue/longterm ECG?
How do tou get rid of acne, without buying creams?
I think I'm losing my hearing.?
What do you do for someone with terminal cancer?
Very dry skin?
Why doesn't the ringing stop???
does anyone know how to remove moles without getting surgery?
i have a red dry itchy scrotum. what is it??
Am I having seizures? Serious answers only please!?
how long does the first out break of colds sore's usualy last? and what is the best way to get rid of them?
Does anyone have dumping syndrome after having their gallblader out?
can you get symphysis pubis dysunction after you have your baby?
misscarry 4 weeks ago?
how can you treat broken fingers?
can you dent a bone in your arm?
can you tell me if the avulsion cuboid is part of the foot or the ankle, which one please?
how do you produce resistant soya beans?
morphine is there any other paine relieve,?
Dizziness after a one-sided headache. please help .. im really concerned......?
why was my vision out of focus after i washed out with a saline solution?
What about the Kids ?
what causes changes in the formation of the human navel?
what are the possible solutions to a portruded navel?
Are there any countries that have banned the M M R jab?
Is it really true that women live longer than men because they dint have wives to nag them.?
Shaving Beard?
When i go running my eyes sting & actually hurt. After running i find my eyes are very bloodshot. Why is this?
What are some products that are bad for the skeletal system?
i talk a lot in my sleep. what can i do to help stop this?
lowest cost private mri scan in uk?
i cant sleep?
I need help? I'm depressed and feel alone ?
do i have dyslexia????
I'm a 12 year old boy and I want to feel more positive and let life be good but it is HARDER than alot ofstuff?
How is fish good for the brain?
Is there a way to control the future?
Simple things that make you happy?
Coping With PTSD Symptoms?
Anger issues related to Games :(?
trying to get my sleep patter back to normal. but im always tired.?
Is there something wrong with me?
Help! What can I do? I feel alone?
Why does she imitate me?
Why do i always fall too hard too fast?
Dealing with strict parents, I have some who are making me feel powerless?
Stress, depression, and anxiety? please?
Am I a kleptomaniac??
Is it OK to get the flu jab even though I've got a cold at the moment?
How do you get a sore throat and a cold? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Sars, Bird flu, swine flu, terrorism, what will be the next control of the people?
What does the Swine Flu vaccine do to you?
I Have Swine Flu And Red Lumps?
Did I have Swine flu?
My best friend has swine flu!?
how to differentiate between swine flu and regular flu?
HELP... How do I get Rid of a Stye?!?!?
Does he have swine flu?
I had a throat infection?
Is it possible to pass on chicken pox from somone with shingles?
Does Mebendazole the treatment for pinworms affect birth control pills?
How do you get Bacterial Vaginosis? And can you give it a man?
Under active thyroid gland?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
Why is wee sometimes yellow and sometimes a watery colour?
How to keep my skin moisturized?
Acne - The Last Resort?
Can you catch diseases from handeling prarie dog carcases?
does anyone know how u get scabies?
what would cause gall bladder to shut down?
When I woke up this morning my left eye was almost swollen shut, why?
People that to give their hair for cancer patiant, it`s Panten something.could you help me?
How Do i Get Rid of THe High?
Friend-brain cancer... I have become depressed?
please help with my FLU??
anyone ever had a 'sebaceous cyst'?
Impetigo for 16 years! Any advice?
how do i get rid of my eye wrinkle?
Quick fix to get clear skin!
Acne: Should I go on the contraceptive pill: Pro's and con's
Mole removal creams.
can anyone suggest a natural remedy to stop itching skin?
Small flaky patches on scalp?
I have gluten allergy and get food products on prescription, but can i get energy bars?
Do I have an allergy?
Are there any Heatlh and Saftey implications for Hay Fever sufferers from what crops Farmers plant on farms
Is fruit skin mould dangerous to touch?
Avoiding 'brown' drinks for bedwetters.?
Why does lime juice make my throat tickle...?
I was prescribed pseudoephedrine 60mg and amoxicillin 500mg?
is fiberglass wall insalation just as harmfull as aspestos ?
how do you know...................?
I am allergic to wheat, can I eat yeast ???
is your nose meant too bleed out of two nostrils ?
I ate skate fish. Are some people alergic to skate fish?
who is allergic to fish or fish batter?
Allergy help?
still having trouble with westie skin. sores etc.have been to vet, says its food allergy. any suggestions on w
How do they test for really minor food allergies?
Breaded Fish bad Reaction,what are they putting in it ?????
rash on arm?
What is the rationale behind a dietician prescribing an overnight NG feed as opposed to daytime?
What time does the pharmacy in sainsburys close and is it open on easter sunday?
I'm lonely and always feel down...?
How can I get more help for my depression and ADD?
How do I get my mentally ill friend to go to a doctor?
The room is spinning. I have a headache. I'm dizzy. What could this be?
Starting Lexapro need advice PLEASE!!?
Is there a suicide or depression hotline that uses im-ing?
I think I have a disorder....?
Ritalin side effects?
cybalta and other drug interaction..?
Alcohol and Derealization?
is there any online free therapists?
How can i get my father to get checked for bi polar?
How Long Should I Give Celexa to work?
Therapy Question - Can they take action?
Does anyone know anything about long term effects of Abilify or Cymbalta?
will i get my memory back?
what can i do about my fingers?
I am in constant excrutiating agony?
Is flat feet a disability?
Prednisolone question?
How do I stop myself eating too many sweets and biscuits apart from eating more fruit which full of sugar too?
How can I prepare myself for my first ever night shift!?
I get a tingling in my hands and feet and my feet ache all the time-is this bad circulation or something more?
When you use the bathroom for a" Number Two" suggest a way to get rid of the smell if you have no window?
Could you date someone who has unhealthy habits...?
Do you have really stinky feet?
what to do if there is a bomb alert in a salon?
medical people help..?
can antibiotics be sent through the mail okay? my mother came to stay with me from another state and forgot?
can not eating make you have less energy?
Can quitting stomach give you a bad stomach?
Help:I am out on a very important function tonight: can I have a couple of glasses of wine I am on Antibiotics
What does it mean when?
Does watching computer, mobile and tv harm eyes and cause myopia? does this increase myopia? please give proof?
Is the mucoid plaque fact or fiction?
Sertraline hydrochloride?
chlamydia question help me ASAP please!?
How can i get my skin clear fast?
Faking lung cancer.....?
What if I chipped 2 of my teeth but I am scared to go to the dentist what should I do?
How long does a bone in the hand take to get back to full strength?
How long does it take for a broken bone to heal?
I have bruising on my shin not sure how i got it could this be shin splins?
Cartilage piercings...?
How long should it take a dislocated toe to heal?
Ear Infection?
i take satins do these bring on muscle problems?
about 8 weeks ago i broke my right ankle after a fall?
Is podiatry covered by the NHS?
After having a seizure in January my daughter was taken in to hospitol?
how long does it take to a smashed finger to bruise?
what is the pain in my lower back?
Left ear completely numb?!?
what could be wrong with my back?
Have I bruised a rib?
Last Week, I went in a sunbed and burned my eye. I was wearing sunglasses but were not adequate, please help?
vision express?
Can you stop yourself from getting food poisoned?
Uvula - what is the function of this in the body?
why when I use my wireless mouse does my hand start tingling ?
Why am I so hungry after breakfast?
Why do you sneeze?
They are experimenting with a new drug?
can i use a tens machine to relieve temporomandibular joint dysfunction?
my psychiatrist says im delusional with borderline personalty?
Have you ever used "Compeed Anti-Blister Stick" on your feet?
Anyone heard of Mydoctorphone?
I keep having wierd noises in my stomach...?
Lump on wrist?
Are there jobs in midwifery in the UK?
Please help! am going out of my wits, any drs out there?
Found out I am a anaemic GP wants more tests?
Tightness in head behind ear?
can i take co-codamol with mefenamic acid?
does anyone know someone who has Lambert Eaton syndrome?
Eye laser surgery, any long term results yet?
What percentage of the UK population take anti-depressants?
Where is Maria Hall?
Does anyone know how much the test is for Irlens Syndrome?
Gout on my left toe and diabetics type 2?
-----------------Do i have diabetes?----------------?
what could be the problem with my legs; whenever I scratch my legs even slightly I feel a lot of pain.
What's wrong with my skin?
What products do I use on oily skin?
How can i makesure my septum piercing will heal straight (it's flipped up)?