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I have been diagnosed with Phlebitis and am flying to Prague in two weeks?
after the surgery of branchial plexus injury!?
am in terrible pain, cant sit, or walk far, cant bend or lift , should i have a spinal fusion?
how do you treat vertical palm cut properly?(with step provided)?
nerve endings?
I'm a senior and I got a total average of 97.4/100 and I'm the saddest girl on earth?
depression and smoking?
can you friendship with ?
What's wrong this mean?Depression or something more?
How long can the human body go without sleep?
I feel stressed even when school is over!?
How can people see the changes in me (how can I convince them) without going to the extreme?
What is wrong with her?
I Feel Like I'm Helpless and Slowly Losing It?
Do I have a borderline personality disorder?
I'm afraid of people?
OCD makes me feel dirty/suicidal? Help?
herbs for anxiety/depression?
Getting your mental state checked out affect future jobs?
can anyone else do this?
I've violated all the trust of the people who loved me most.?
What type of doctor would someone go to for absence seizures?
Are there any home remides to get rid of scars?
Is this just a myth? (wired bras lead to breast cancer..?) [[[read description]]]?
H1N1 - Do you know anyone who got it ? Mild or not? Anyone who died?
My sept father was recently found out he has lung cancer? Does anyone know much on this topic?
Why when I get a cough/cold does it last for weeks?
Has anybody had dealings with Beauty Line Plastic surgery clinic in Sao Paulo,Brasil ?
How important is it to you that your health care professional undertakes continuing professional development?
my daughters hands are constantly a red colour as if she was suffering poor circulation...?
has any one ever eaten a purple fish?
emergency doctors appointments?
How can I get rid of acne quickly?
Anyone have good treatments ideas for adult body acne?
Body Piercing question?
I have a pain in my back, right side, kidney area?
What is all the grit on the weed im gettin..Silica?Fibreglass?glass?sand...wat is it and will it kill me?
is there a fungus among us?
This girl has nasty ear problems?
how do you cure an upset stomach when you don't have any tums,Rolaids etc. any home remedies that work?
what is the normal pottassium level you should have in your body?
Where can I get my vitamin d levels tested?
what determines huma calf sizes?
Anything i can do before it gets worse?
i have anxiety?
Why do I have so many headaches? It's starting to make me worry that something else is seriously wrong!?
Anyone ever had hiccups at work?
suncream high spf...?
Cyclophosphamide & Mycophenolate?
What can i have to drink and eat to unclog my artries??
I am 15, healthy, active and have regular chest pains?
Someone please help me! Why am I throwing up, stomach ache, etc?
do spacers hurt? also do metal rings hurt after the spacers when they put your braces on?
Why am I only sick when I wake up in the morning?
Feel/Hear head pulse?
constipation from methodone so I am taking Milk Of Magnesia Tablets Mint?
Found a lump on my knee cap?
Has anyone taken TRAMADOL and been severely messed up when you come off?
Yes I have a sharp pain on my lower right side, I also have a pain in the front and back of my chest , my head?
How can I get a wider ribcage?
Is there anything better than extra strength advil for pain and inflammation?
My friend has a deformed toe, what can i do about it?
Ive had a swollen throat for 3 weeks or longer, its soreness just came but why has it been swollen this long?
Should i go to the docter?
I have dislocated my shoulder for the 4th time in 5 years and it still hurts?
What can cure neck pain,and fast?
Do Ibuprofen heal muscles? or just a pain killer? or both?
neck pain help please?
Toes Popping.. Anybody else's does this?
so my right side of my throat has been hurting.. and i felt back there and theres this ball like thing?
Sharp, burning pain in the upper right side of my neck and my right hemisphere of my brain?
Aching in side of abdomen?
Do acne pills also help large pores?
red marks/lines on legs, sides, arms?
i think i have bacne. how do i get rid of this? so embarassing?
it feels like i have glass in my foot but there are no cuts or anything, its very sensetive.2 weeks now?
Does anyone know the best treatment for melasma (chloasma)?
How can i get rid of cold sores on my nose?
acne scars (i think?) will it go?
dry/irritated/really red skin?
Advice please if there is anyway I can treat my Greyhounds coat ?
viral skin infection?
whats creams/lotions helps sore cracked finger tips?
Dark Patches......?
Ok, this is a little embarassing and wierd but...?
Does anyone know about primary amyloidosis?
What could this rash be, possible exma??
What do you think this can be?
Car accident - potential broken clavicle?
I got my finger crushed through weightlifting?
Is it bad if i go swimming if i got a scab 3 days ago?
How long does it take for a bruise to heal?
My foot got stepped on by shoe heel, toe is numb, do I need to see a doctor?
leg pains a few hours after exercise?
My heel is hurting me please help?
Would like to be in contact with newly diognosed HIV pos people in Brisbane ....is ther any surely there are?
Inconclusive / Equivocal Test Result?
How long after being diagnosed with chlamydia can we try for a baby?
Balanitis, Herpes, or Herpes Balanitis,?
How long can a women have PID without having symptoms???
I had a lip pierce 4years ago it became very infected i went to the doctors got fluecoxillin they didnt work ?
What precautions should I take and should I be afraid?
Can diseases be contracted from trying on swimwear in stores?
What are the chances of catching something going down under?
cold and cough?
Whiteish Pieces Of Something in My Mouth Help?
help me please im panicing.?
I see people say "oh i got swine flu last week" randomly all the time?
Tonsilitis or swine flu :s?
For how long are viruses infectious?
what is the best anti-nausea drug available?
why is it important to have a range of antibiotics?
what is the mean of HCV?
swine flu. im almost at the end now could somebody help?
Sort of depressed after being diagonised add?
Is there a hotline or someone I could contact?
I Can't Feel Comfortable When Trying To Sleep? :(?
Why do i wake up depressed and what can I do about I?
What to do teen OCD? please answer?
whats my personality?
I have long term and short term memory loss from ECT. Any one want to talk about it?
my daughter is 12 and she has some strange behavior?
marijuana use triggered depression, anxiety, and depersonalization?
Is it normal for schizophrenic people to only see people from other time periods? (like the 1800s and such)?
Should I Get Help? Am I completely crazy?
please help me im very frightened sometimes when i sit something shakes it whenever I sit?
How can I be less insecure?
How do you draw the line between hypochondria and being attentive to your body?
When you go to the hospital cuz your suicidal what happens?
What could I buy over the counter to help my son with his ADHD and Bipolar?
Very low mood I need help?
I have a little fluid in my knee i dont want a needle thou, it hurt when i walk how can i rid the fluid withou?
I been on methodone for about 2 weeks know when will side affects go away?
I have abnormal stomach pain ?
sinus surgery stomach pain afterwards?
Sever tingling starting in my right hand ect...?
How to get less "stiff"?
I am getting stabbing pain in upper right thigh for hours, and my toes are numb?
After 2 discectomies and finally a back fusion I thought would help I am in more pain from leg cramps and PLD?
I am 14 years old and 74 lbs. I have a lower back bruise and pain in my back. There is a red dot on my thigh.?
Why do mid afternoon naps make you nauseaus?
What is good for a morphine come down?
Sensitive left flank pain around kidney, please help?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
would 2.5mg or oxycodone (1/4 of a percocet 10mg) show up in a urine test 36 hours later?
causes of afternoon nausea?
My jaw bone ? i dont know if i fractereed or dislocated cuz i kno i didnt break it?
My Leg Needs Help!!!!!!!?
Back popping 2 weeks after spinal fusion?
why is my scalp tender to the touch?
Who invented Swine Flu?
My daughter has smelly feet what can I do?
Are you going to voluntarily receive the Swine Flu vaccination when they make it available?
I Have a Major Sweating Problem!!!!!.......?
what kind of career would i have to pursue to help cancer patients?
The SKIN on my upper lip is CRACKING!!!?
I Need help A.S.A.P!?
what acne product actaully worked for your guys and not that expensive?
how do you slow a racing heart?
Can scarlet fever cause future infertility in men? (my son is 5)?
what happens if guys take The Pill?
What do you think about NOT vaccinating your children at all?
What kind of foods cause acne?
BOARDER-LINE TUMOUR -- Ovarian Cancer - how long can one wait before surgery
It's wrong to profit from a woman's cancer, is it not?
What can I do if my ALT level is 100 u/l high in my liver test?
my unborn baby has a renal pelvis of 8mm & that kidney is in the pelvis, what does this mean?
medical advice needed for Creatimine and urea levels?
do crickters wear black makeup under their eyes?
What exactly is a sequestrated lumbar intervertebral disc in plain english ?
what is the anatomical definition of bone fracture?
what are the laboratory or diagnostic findings for bone fracture?
what are the nursing intervention for bone fracture?
mortons neuroma?
How do you know when you're going blind?
treatment of a foot fracture?
I have had ankle surgery, and was unable to weighbear for three months. how long does it take to recover ?
I have torn a ligament in my wrist.... Need help?
immobility ie car?
How long does it take ligaments to heal?
Can you miscarrie a baby due to contracting Hpv? ?
herpes outbreaks and redness?
I have 3 or 4 rashes on my tongue. These are brown color lines. what is this? Is it symtoms of some desease?
can they find stds on females in the 6 week check up?
How do you know whether you have HIV/AIDS?
How can you reduce Subutext (Buprenorphine)?
Why do we usually get very hungry around 1 or 2 a.m. after a night on the booze?
Will i be cooked from the inside out?
any one had there gallbladder out?
i have spondylosis in my neck , my physio said that the bones in my neck will fuse together on their own?
Why doesn't everyone take drugs?
why do people take recreational drug of abuse?
When did anorexia begin?
Health Problems.?
if you make yourself sick after you've eaten alot (only after that) does that mean your bulimic?
Would you like to be in an Asperger's Documentary?
MRI -Any feedback please?
Why does my toe hurt when it's cold?
i think i have food poisoning?
are there any evidence on negative health effects bought on by working on submarines?
near death experience, care to share?
Is this normal TMJ? And why wont they give me muscle relaxers?!?
How long is the ringing in my ear going to last?
i have this blister on my foot and my whole foot is swollen and my ankle. What do i do?
pain at the neck, jaw end?
what can I do for an ear ache?
Abdominal pain after drinking ?
My thumb hurts when I move it?
why do my hands keep going numb?
Can you take propranolol and co-codamol together?
My appendix was taken out. For how long no sports ?
are there any immediate remedies to stress?
My earache won't go away!?
what would cause me to have pain in my ball sack, its on the left side?
I have two bumps on the back of my neck?
Is Smoking Week Bad Before Getting A Tat?
When I walk up stairs, I get bad pains in my knees. What can be causing this?
what is this on my leg?
bad back pains, only 16 years old?
i was in a shooting accident at my office?
What is the likelihood of one stitch leaving a scar on my upper lip?
Brown patches on my legs?
im getting acne pills which ones should i get?
acne...duac once daily gel? have you used it?
MicroDermabrasion Cloths -do they work on acne scars?
How long does Bio Oil take to work on stretch marks?
Is there really NO definite cure for black circles round your eyes?
doxycycline for treatment of acne?
burst blood vessles?
White spots on fingernail?
Do i have Rosacea?
Oxycodone Withdrawal: Codeine pain killer good or bad?
Experiencing chest and neck pain?
What did I do to my left hip?
Extracting tylenol from vicadin/hydrocodone?
I got sick and now my ears are popping?
what could cause pain when i breathe?
shoulder elbow wrist pain?
what to do for leg aches?
Sharp middle back pain, worst when laying down?
can a chiropractor help with severe tmj or is surgery the only thing?
How to sooth muscle pain?
Is pulsating pain in the lumbar spine area and simultaneously at the base of the skull significant ?
Help! My ear hurts what do I do?
I have sharp pains under my left breast when i breath?Is this normal & what causes it?
is blood in stool part of gall bladder problem?
What is the lethal dose of Darvocet-N 100?
i took a vicodin today and i need to be clean in the morning how do i do that?
i feel like needles are poking my stomach?
Question: how to feel happy again?
All i wanna do is cry and sleep.. these pass days im emotional and im hurt. whats wrong?
Sometimes I feel so tired and my mind feels empty and I am so afraid of losing my mind. Can that happen?
do i have ADD without hyperactivity?
Why don't like sleeping in my own room?
How do I stop daydreaming?
I've been really stressed and little time to be-able to calm down and try to unstress?
how to stop depression?
How can I fix my life? Stress, Sleep, Relationships....?
When should you admit yourself to a psychiatric unit?
i seem to have lack of empathy what can i do?
Am I ADHD patient? major symptoms are there but not all!?
my mother has narcissistic personality disorder and i need help?
What medicines are okay to take that won't affect my anxiety?
anybody Know of this? or had the same deal :(?
Need help....? Really strange things are happening?
How can you tell whether you have swine flu and not the regular flu or a cold?
How do you prevent yourself from vomitting?
I have a bite on my leg hat I didn't notice until I woke up and now have 3 or 4?
what's the best treatment for acne? for oily face and does the skin type count? ?
Is there anything that someone could buy that helps get rid of strtech marks ??
CAN TOOTHPASTE REALLY GET RID OF the redness form acne?
What is a good Cleanser for morning and night?
I don't get the point of cancer research. Isn't it just our diets and lifestyles?
why do people get cold sores?
gassy issues?
what is a good way to get rid of zits naturally?!?
Kidney infection! Help?
Does anybody else out there wake up with headaches?
Why are there so many hospital waiting lists?
how much sleep should my four year old get a night?
I only got 3 hours sleep and I'm going to fall asleep in class, what shall i tell my dad to let me off?
Information on Cannabis?
What insect repellant should I use?
do i need a doctors note to return to work?
How much am I supposed to sleep?
Why do I wake up in the middle of a night?
Lower stomach pains, not my period!? :'(?
Why do my ears hurt when i use earphones after a long period of time?
If I broke my arm when I was 8 years old and when it healed it healed in such a way that...?
Injured under my left rib cage?
has anyone ever had surgery for tmj?
How old do you have to be to go to a pain clinic in TN?
have pain under left rib then sometime in left back under left ribs?
Pain in tummy? Please Help:/?
I have been having severe pain in my lower left abdomen and back on the same side, also severe swelling?
if i have been cleaning it evry morning and night for about 3 weeks is my new earring healed?
pain in the right side?
Is cracking my anklles really bad?
Bad migraines recently?
Help...My feet are killing me...Can you recommend a shoe?
How to make HORRIBLY SORE thigh muscles better? Quickly!?
spine is crooked and twisted one leg long than the other chronic pain what can be done?
are my wrists supposed to hurt when i play piano?
Lower thigh/back of knee pains?
I feel weird after waking up on the couch?
what causes muscle fatigue?
ears & throat are killing me!?
Knee pain just above the kneecap.?
Olanzepine Overdose?
What and where is your Carotid Sinus? Why are you not allowed to use a TENS machine on it?
what is the success rate on surgery for abdominal herniation?
Could someone please tell me what Neuro thorax is,not sure if i got the word correct or not sorry?
How are immune responses to a pathogen distinguished from auto-immune disease?
hiya, how many of u have ever suffered with sleep paralysis, old hag syndrome?
What is Ashworth score?
Why do you have pain in the head when you have a headache or head injury?
is a bmi of 25 or 26 really bad for a 16 year old?
Where on the body are the "Lymph Nodes"?
Whats an adams apple for? And how come some have very profound ones and some you cant see them?
Sharp pain in back of neck going up to head?
Can antibiotics cause pain when having a poo, without it being diaorriah?
Anyone know where you can buy Certain Dri antiperspirant in the UK?
I recovered from Swine Flu a few days ago however i still have the cough...?
Leprosy: Injuries leading to gangrene - why do sufferers not die from blood-poisoning?
Help clearing thick mucus?
My partner & i are just recovering from a bad flu and now our 1 year old has the symptoms, what can she have?
Question about the flu?
After a stroke-infarct with ex vacuo dilation of the adjacent ventricle?
If I have private medical insurance should I still register with a GP at my arrival in theUK for NHS purposes?
The weirdest thing on my legs!!!!?
Severe Cramp in Middle toe of right foot! Any ideas why?
What's a better mattress a full memory foam one or foam and springs?
anyone else gor a cold tha pi ssin them off???
swine flu vaccination. Should teh general public have it done or not (and why?)?
can you catch swine flu by ordering things from abroad?
Do I have the swine flue and should I go to school on Wednesday?
Tamiflu jab - Is it safe?
have i got swine flu?
Are you getting the swine flu vacination, if you are not?
MRSA Help please????????????????
MRSA help please.10 points?
I,ve been suffering from persistant tinnitus for many years and its getting worse anybody any advise?
MRSA help please??????
MRSA Help please, 10 points?
The majority (61%) of tuberculosis cases occurred in young adults aged between 15 and 44? Why?
Do you know anything about Myasthenia gravis ?
Can you develop an allergy to cats ..rabbits etc even though you never had problem in past?
Am I allergic to bites?
Could this be a milk allergy or something else?
are walkers chips gluten free?
why is my snot dark blue?
Can we reduce allergy to cold weather by letting ourselves be exposed to air conditioner little by little?
Are allergy shots effective?
Is It Possible To Develop An Allergy Out Of No-Where? x?
Am i allergic 2 my kitten?
Am I allergic to Pear Cider?
Can I be paranoid without having a disorder?
Losing my social life after correcting adhd/bipolar?
Am I paranoid? Help please?....?
How to get friends with generalized anxiety disorder?
how can i get over not liking being touched?
These moods are affecting...Help?
Why do I never cry? How can I?
Could my dad be an alcoholic?
Anxiety and depersonalization?
Closet Alcoholic????
Is this depression????
do i have dyslexia??????????
I feel like i need to get away from here?
What can I do if I say I have some kind of emotional disorder, but the doctors say you don't?
Why do I go through phases of being very irritable and antisocial?
Why am I feeling so sad for no reason?
Should I tell my family that my boyfriend is bipolar?
Out of the two which is better: longsightedness or shortsightedness?
what is causing my discomfort?
does anyone have any tips for quiting pain killers?
i have a left side lower back pain!?
Why do my bones feel fragile?
how to relieve neck stiffness?
my lower back has been killing me on and off since the beggining of soccer season. it's still sore.?
What might I have done to my foot?
What is a good narcotic or opiod for chronic pain?
what causes hip and ankels to cramp?
Before Arthroscopic knee surgery??
What is causing these severe pains in my head?
What is causing my hand pain?
Do Lidocaine shots in the wrist hurt?
what are the most common causes of jagged vision with no headache?
I was an idiot and I think I took too many excedrine?
What to do about shin splints?
What foods reduce Keratin Levels in the body?
Is there any alternative medication for dogs with skin conditions?
Spots,Acne,Zits HELP ME!!!?
how can i get clear skin ?
what is the best spot/acne treatment tablet to take?
I suffer with psoriasis on my leg.?
how do i get rid of melia spots on my face?
Skin question, please help?
Is herbal skin doctor dark eye bag remover good?
does the acne treatment called 'exposed' work?
On 5mg for 1st month...?
Lower, upper back and neck pain, tingling in middle of back, and periodically weak arm and tingling fingers?
please answer..in alot of pain?
but can the doctor cut the tail bone?
Pains on my right back. also i feel sharp pain on my right shoulder to my wrist. If i swallow i feel the pain.?
What happened to my hip/pelvis?
I am having lower back pains?
pills or injection for lower back pain?
help?? my elbow really hurts?
My back recently started hurting about a month or two ago??? Help!!?
diabtic patients have burning foot sensation how can it be reduced?
my symptoms woke up with sore throat and next day worse with headache and no appetite?
Pain in lower back right under left rib?
Lost feeling in my big toes?
I have a very sore ear, tendon?
i have a pain the right side of my stomach and when i go to the toilet blood comes out of my bum what is it?
Will my neck be ok soon?
kidney stones cases shoulder blade pain?
Sore abdomen, chest and neck? please help?
Migraines or Something Else?
Can 12 months of spinal cord compression in the C5/6 & C6/7 cause perment damage?
i have old avulsion injury of lesser trochanter is surgery option for repair?
Muscle strains: I have pulled my left thigh muscle in a football match.?
What is the hard lump under a recent facial wound which was stitched?
Does anyone know?
drop foot can any one give me advice/information please?
medical/ professional advice on pulled muscles PLEASE!!?
Why is sleep important?
have spondylolisthesis due to have operation has anyone had this operation and was it a success?
i am scared of my own toes. does anybody else have this condition and if so is there a cure?
before giving introvenous furosemide which electrolyte levels should you check and why?
cervical spondylitis will it spread to other parts of my body?
Who pays for my psychiatrist visit?
Do I need help..........?
I'm a little bit messed up in the head..what do I do?
mind over load? what is this caused by?
Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm too paranoid. What can I do?
Is their anyway besides a Dr. to tell if i have depression or not?
How do I admit myself to a hospital?
How do you go about finding a therapist who specializes in intimacy issues?
How can i stop subvocalizing my thoughts?
Was I wrong???????????????
Am I a psychopath? If not, then what am I because I know I'm not right?
What's there to live for if your not happy?
Still anxious on zoloft 50 mg?
Feel SO ALONE!!!!! HELP!!!?
Nauseated, head aches, dizziness, weakness, what could it be?
How much advil will kill you in general?
Is pelvic pain and lower back ache always a sign of uterine cancer?
i get cold sores all of the time, what should i do to get rid of them?
I have Sensitive Skin and really bad acne... Do u kno anything that'll help my acne go away???...Quickly???
If there is a cure for swine flu why is it still spreading and noone is getting cured?
flu or food poisoning?
Panic attack or Antibiotic reaction !!!! I am scared!!?
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Sugar levels fine on meter?
help with ....... diabetes type 1?
help with insulin and diabetes?
How do you get hayfever? I want it...?
addicted to vicks?
Why does pefrume ALWAYS make me sneeze?
Am i allergic to my cat ?? ?
Is it an allergic reaction?
what is the tool joiners brace?
lower left side stomach pain?
i got my cartilidge peirced about 3 months ago and it still hurts is it infected?
Is there a way to help reduce nausea?
my right arm falls asleep all the time what is this caused from?
I can't sleep, my muscles hurt, what's wrong with me?!?
what would cause sudden onset of severe hip and knee joint pain?
Spinal Spasms in School?
Really bad pulled muscle?
My tummy hurts and feel weak ?
My lower back hurts when i bend over, whats wrong?
What could be causing this pain/numbness in my right thigh?
Did i dislocate my shoulder?
Could my wrist be broken?
NEED HELP BADLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My ankles and knees hurt when I work out?
corner of fingernail hurts?
Pain on left side after sleeping?
Strange feeling in head that just started please help!?
chest pain. can someone help me?
Any one else had this and question on swine flu ?
Is it possible to still try for a baby when your husband has cirrhosis?
how long do viruses last?
how can i overcome this swine flu fear and do i have it?
do i have a infection ??????
Which groups of people refuse vaccination for whatever reason?
i am suffering from gastritis ,these days i have cold and fever ,sir,,,plese write me which medicin i can th?
If i was with somebody two days ago, that now has swine flu can i get it?
vitex agnus castus query?
I'm I going blind? please help I'm so scared; 10 points for the best answer?
I've got something in my eye?
i sprained the muscles in between my ribs on my left side...i'm wondering how long it takes to heal?
Do Chinese women have the world's smallest feet, and if so is it a genetic legacy of foot binding?
What have I got? Painless pink spots/scabs appear without itching and dry up. some on my forearms and legs...
skin breakouts?
Can I treat my sore flat feet?
I have been feeling generally unwell for a couple of months...?
Can a potential employer look into your medical records?
How long after my breast reduction can I havr a bath?
ocd sufferers?
Does anyone else suffer from sleep paralysis?
how will i know if i have breast cancer? is it connected with my polycystic ovaries?
iv just found out iv got mg i live in a flat.?
Headache question?
What is 'heavy' cannabis use?
I never get sunburn - do I need suncream?
what can i get for spot scars?
Ok, I have acne how to I improve my skin drastically naturally...what can I do..please help me??
what exactly is a lesion i have developed one in my foot?
!Loads of red insect bites on my body, been to Italy 2 days ago...!?
I have a lump in the corner of my eye - like big angry wart!?
any tips on reducin acne redness?
how do you get cold sores?
anyone tried aloe vera juice especially for acne?
what exactly is Thrush? i have an itchy bell , and it is a bit red and massive.?
What can i use to neutralize glycolic acid on skin apart from bicarb soda ?
Just hooked up and now I'm in pain?
help me with my leg please???!!!?
My sternum is uneven and painful?
Misalignment of the occiput and feeling like I can move my ears up and down/the sides of my head?
Please someone help me...?
My face feels numb and tingly? Could it be from stress?
Help! Why doesn't my cough go away?
Sore and stiff all over?
strained or pulled mucsle in back hurt so bad?
im 14, i run track and XC, and have major back pain?
Which one is more painful?
What to do about collar bone pain?
my body feels cold,tingly,achy and very tired.?
dull, achy pain in both legs, What could this be?
anyone here have rhinoplasty surgery? Tell me about your recovery?
I would like some input on minimally invasive resection of intradural extradullary spinal neoplasms?
Why do I always wake up at 3:33 in the morning!!?
Was it a seizure or just a pain convulsion?
es bueno tomar chocolate o cafe cuando se tiene dolor de cabeza?
Pain in throat and swollen gums!?
shoulder pain that makes my arm weak?
If you catch Swine Flu do you die automatically?
why doesn't the government sue the tobacco companies?
I’m having chemotherapy, is it okay to eat out in restaurants?
Acne Question....?
What are the risks of smoking Marijuana?
What would you do if your partner mention to you that he had AIDS?
Am I more likely to have depression side effects on birth control pills if I have a history of depression?
disorders/illnesses people can develop after a death of a loved one.?
My unconscious voice is saying things and straight away I believe in what it is saying?
Please tell me As the computer with inadequate RAM MEMORY HANGS?
Going to a psychiatrist today for the first time?
Is it possible I'm delusional? or something else?
Seeing things out of the corner of my eye or in periphial vision.?
I can't get over this guy who treated me so badly, why do I still love him?
Why do I feel like this all the time?
Are there any specific vitamins or minerals that stimulate hypothalamus growth or use?
Need to cleanse myself. Help please!?
i was raped and molested and i dont know what to dol?
please urgent help whats wrong with me?
How to reduce stress?
schizophrenia. please help.?
Is she being a baby????????
where to get a SPECT exam in the UK?
In the morning when I wake up and as i stand feel really dizzy.?
Is it true that in the UK you need 2 separate appointements ith your GP if you suffer from two conditions?
How young can you be to die of old age?
What is happening to our NHS?
The past 5 days, I've had a major pain in my left calf muscle.Not a cramp.?
I seem to sneeze every day? Even in winter, what is it?
how can i keep myself awake?
Whats the best way to avoid/cure a common cold?
How can I not give in to pressure from people around me who are trying to stop me from smoking?
why do i worrie so much ?
Why do you get a snotty nose when you cry?
Why does urine come out clear when I drink water up until I go to bed but when I wake up it's dark again?
how old do you have to be to be old?
Anyone else out there having a bad day?
Why do you feel disgusting after sleeping during the day?
Help i really cant sleep?
i think i have worms?
Has anyone used canadian pharmacies are the products any good?
what are the health risks of being a size 0 model? (school project) and the benefits? xxx {no silly answers!}?
Have you ever been caught sleepwalking?
Should I get ankle weights and if so what kind are good?
i stretched my leg super weird?
Do i have aura migraine?
took lots of tablets, whats going to happen?
pain in my rectum/pelvis area?
Osgood Schlatters Disease?
How does Tubigrip actually work? I have taken it for granted it does but have just been asked how it works?
can tarsal tunnel syndrome affect your leg also besides your foot?
Ow! Mr. GorgeousFluffpot has sprained a muscle in his hip and is in a lot of pain! Advice please?
I Broke my 5th metatarsal on 28 Dec 06, the bone was displaced too.?
i've had a protuding navel since i was a baby and i've never felt comfortable in my own skin?
How are you able to apply cream/lotion on your back with your two hands without straining your shoulder musc?
my back just made a cracking noise? and now....?
pain in my leg possibly from running?
What is the best pain clinic in florida?
how to relieve numbness in your feet ?
Constant Stomach Ache?
When im swallowing pills it hurts and gets stuck...?
Elbow pain while playing football?
What does it mean when your stye hurts alot ?
How can I get rid of a toothache that is so bad that it ismaking the whole side of my head throb?
i keep headache after oral surgery?
how to stop this horrible stomach ache pleasee someone help me?
What should I do about my knee?
Should I go to the doctor's?
my 2 big toes are lifting from the cuticle?
Got a fist to my temple?
Does a professional foot rub work?
My hand is twitching and has nerve damage .Which doctor should I go to ?
There is a sharp pain in my shoulder, can someone help me?
My finger is stiff and messed up . Please help?
Questions about getting a concussion.?
who to beleive optician or hospital eye doctor?
I was wondering if anyone could help.. I went for any eye test and got my prescription for the lenses I need.?
??? H1N1 flu shot? and being temporarily paralysed?
how can I hide scars on wrist?
i am a women 52 years old and i am desability y can not work i am broke i need help thank you?
topical steriod?
Best way to AVOID stretch marks?
how do you get rid of brown patches on your face? i don't know what it is called.?
medical websites?
is it okay for relatives to see the same therapist for private sessions? is it not recommended therapeutically?
is it weird for me to sleep in panties?
Constantly forgetting things?
why am i so addicted to my fiance's blood?
pain during doggy style?
I stood up and felt a 'rip' going downwards in my lower stomach which is now causing pain, what could this be?
What can i do to help my leg from hurting?
I have an intermittent pain in my right subscapular area. It responds to naproxen sometimes. Liver & gs?
Why is it possible for me to find it really hard to get addicted to anything?
Not Feeling Well Please Help!!!!?
How to know if you are in the right?
Why do I count my steps to make sure they are even?
I talk to my baby doll all the time...?
is it normal for a bby to stiffen up for 5 to 8 seconds in the middle of them crying?
Is this chest pain serious?
Need help deciding what's best for my 6 year old?
my girlfriend i think has social phobia and i need help?
I am done with life!!!!!?
How do you feel happy?
Should I tell a friend I feel he may have bipolar disorder? If so, how?
really bad lower back pain?
what should i do i am so lonely?
What do I do about my extremely painful charly horse?
How to talk to mommy about my eating disorder?
Why my body shake or bounce when I'm sleeping? ?
is this really an eating disorder or just more anxiety?
Help!!! Back Pain and im 13!!?
How do i cure menstral cramps?
Teenage Growing Pains?
Pain in my upper right arm?
I suddenly out of the blue got a pressured pain on a side of my skull and jaw?
knot / tight feeling in upper stomach ?
woke up with a swollen right hand.?
How do I get rid of scoliosis pains? ?
Back pain? Has anyone ever had an Epidural for chorinic back pain? I just had one on Nov 8th the?
Am I eligible for medical marijuana?
anyone ever had mumps? how long did it take you to recover?
Reinfection Of Threadworm?
will somebody please help me?!?
Mouth infections in pregnancy or just coincidence?
i think i have swine flu?
Does the seasonal influenza vaccine protects against H1N1?
Have I got a cold or swine flu?
why so many headaches?
the right side of my jaw is really tender and puffy what is wrong with it?
Is it wroung that I fell a since of relief?
Weird ankle pain when I work out?
Swollen lips for close to a year.is this really an allergy?
Whats inside my nose?
Why does my throat.....................?
Is Hives catchable ?
i have hayfever i use to take piriton but it stopped working so i tried clarytn but it gave me nose bleeds?
What happens to someone when they have sunstroke?
how to get rid of a blocked nose??quickly?
What to take to eat? I am going on a coach ride for 3hrs 40 mins and do not know what to take to eat.?
Can anyone tell me why, after a nice meal, I almost always have a sneezing fit. ?
Am i allergic to my kitten?
Sore, scratchy throat, feeling a little breathless, tired out?
for how long can the use of steroids start showing side effect?
why is it when u mention the word ants,you start to itch?
shoulder blade popping and sticking out?
Help With Sprained Wrist?
I have had a constant dull ache under my left breast for 2 days. does any one know what could be the problem? ?
What is Oxycodone...?
Why does my wrist watch stop when I'm wearing it?
maybe a silly question, but does strengthening your core help prevent cramps for running?
is there a safe lower neck massage to help with stress pain?
why does love have to be so painful?
I have had a side stitch in my left side for about 24 hours - how do I get rid of it?
I've been having recent elbow pain?
Can anyone help decipher my MRI Findings...?
Is ultracet a narcotic?
Right Chest pain, please help?
Severe Pain on Right Shoulder?
have i got a high pain threshold?
Can any Help me find a Ear Doctor?NYC?
Chest tightness and abdominal pains?
I have a sharp, but mild pain on my left side of my body, it is on the side. What is it?
Why does my neck back and chest hurt? Please help..?
why do families have a medicare card?
How do I get rid of a cold asap!?
Will i get lighter skin if i avoid the sun for 2 years and moreee?
want to test swine flu?
*10 pts* I have heard vitamine E is good for acne scars but what do i do?
Very Very important question...?
I have acne and I don't know what to do anymore...?
anyone else got an answer for me?
SEIZURES! please help?
What does the surgeon mean?
why do knees turn blue??
high blood pressure?
how long does it take to recover from having your main nerves in the leg connected back together?
how do i find my own x ray from 1998 i was stabbed with a kitchen knife in the stomach?
talus bone fracture?
Why when you get stabbed?
Could shock be the cause of my headache and nausea?
broken toe?
Will my GP prescribe me a pair of crutches if I have a weight problem and feel like I can hardly walk for pain
Ink in eye?
My eye has gone jellyish after trying contact lenses - anything to worry about?
I've sprained my back?
Sleep disturbances, related to epilepsy?
want to know about the hicks disease?
Embolization: Glue vs Wire?
Is there a drug called paremesein?
low kidney energy?
How to deal with matyr syndrome?
Developing Paranoia due to drug use?
Nausea, body aches and jitters...anyone else had these side effects from Lexapro? How long did they last?
Can you be put into a psychiatric ward for attempted suicide?
Im about to start paroxetine ? but sorta scared?
feeling angry, depressed, worthless?
How do you help someone going downhill?
i hit my head on the car?
What are salvia effects?
When was Bipolar disorder discovered?
I feel I'm falling into a depression. Advice please?
Am i addicted? pleas help?
Should I talk about my OCD?
alcohol withdrawl depression?
please tell me this is just a normal teenage thing?
i dont feel that i am as strong as everyone else?
So what are your New Years Resolutions?
Next time I can take more ibuprofen?
What is this weird pain in the chest?
am I able to drink 3 after my sugery?
my sister (11 years old) has back aches in her upper back right below her neck?
what causes sharp pain goin from my navel straight down to my pelvic area?
why are my sons pinky fingers bent?
why does my stomach hurt early in the morning!!?
Is it possible that I can't get out of the car because of my back pain?
Should I get my foot checked?
Whats wrong with my jaw!?
My left side and back hurt....help?
what could cause annoying arm pain?
Sharp pain on left side of head?
Getting rid of horrible stomach pain...please help!?
Lump in lower half of leg? what could it be? ?
I have a purple dot bruise on my leg, is this normal?
Why do I have bruising on my leg and arms?
Why do i have pain in my left shoulder,that shoots down my arm making my thumb hurt relly bad?
Knee help please....?
Colonic irrigation....good for your health or bad?
i can crack the bone in my ankle very loud i mean loud?
There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.....?
what is the damage of one cigarette to your body?
Is the act of having a poo the best feeling in the world?
Paracetamol stuck in throat? (gross question)?
REALLY Stressed.....need a way to calm down and relax!!?
why do we need a little toe?
What can I do to get into a pattern of waking up later that 7 am every morning?
Where can i donate unwanted medical equipment?
who has had enough of this humidity in the uk here today.?
Is it normal when you have you blood pressure taken that you lose feeling in your arm and pins and needles too
my 10 year old daughter has been having nose bleeds with clots in an she haslumps back my tongue?
why is my snot more runny in the morning?
anyone out there allergic to real Christmas trees?
Toddler with possible hayfever?!?
Is this a complicated allergy?
Allergy to washing powder?
Is it the responsibility of the GP to interact with a consultant regarding a patients unusual behavour?
cartilage hurrtssssss!?!?!?
Really sharp pain around right breast area?
Weird feeling in biceps muscle after seeing chiropractor?
Why does my tongue go numb and causing dizziness?
can sciatica kill you?
I get these random sharp pains under my fingernails?
will spinal anasthesia have numbness of full body or lower back alone?
Why does my hip muscle pain when i run ?
just had an electric shock..any help?
Cancer survivor getting health insurance or life insurance.?
What's Wrong With My Arm?
What was the last thing you had to take Tylenol or Advil for?
my throat feels like it has a lump in it... what could it be?
pain and stiffness of both my middle finger knuckles and joints?
Unbearable facial pain?
I woke up this morning with a lump on my lip. it's smooth, not really protruding much, and isn't painful?
To:Richard C.Is it just from having a neck adjustment that can cause a stroke?
What's wrong with my ear/jaw? :( Please help!?
Why is my neck occasionally hurting?
What size do I need for a wrist brace?
help with acne?
Is it possible for a 12 month old to have thrush?
if you have acne prone skin what do you wash your face with and what works?
High Blood Pressure Question?
My ear hurts when i hear loud things?
Where can I get help as the wife of an alcoholic?
Have you survived cancer?
Complete Bood Count (CBC) test ?
How and where is infectious medical waste from hospitals and clinics disposed of?
How can I get over being carsick?
Why can't I bend my big toe without my second toe bending as well?
Why are the symptoms of my cold (coughing, etc) worse when I'm lying down compared to when I'm standing up?
i have a very bad flu and chesty cough, does anyone have good homemade remedies for this?
Any help woth posture?
i suffer with premenstrual dyshoric disorder what can i take to help?
any ideas for how to reduce fatigue?
cold sores, really tired and feeling low?
is it normal for my friend to eat his bogies?
SERIOUS QUESTION: why do people ask medical questions here which are not embarrassing with the obvious answer?
Why do drip-feed bottles have a kink in them?
lotto games help speech therapy lisyening skills - who are the stockists in the UK?
is a "satisfactory" medical test result (endoscopy and biopsy) the same as "normal" or "clear"?
why do the joints on my knuckles hurt?
what is the loudest someone has ever broke wind?
HELP HELP Introduction to Counselling website needed for past answers?
my ganglion...?
Do Dementia Care Homes Practise "true" Person Centred Care ?
how can you tell if your overweight?
Problem with feet when walking?
broken collar bone: how long before I can drive?
wrist injury from judo?
i need exercises for my Sternocleidomastoid muscle in my neck.?
had my lip pierced 2 days ago. its swollen but not painful. should i be worried?
My friend has a problem with his foot. I call it slappyfoot! What about you?
what is a mackintosh procedure in surgery?
Is ti ok to have a fore skin?
Red face after shaving,?
My arm hurts super bad ! help?
What can the diagnosis for something like a really bad migraine?
I have a headache along with stiffness in the neck that will not go away. I have been gassy and bloated?
Neck pain from sleeping wrong?
Is this true why my belly piercing is hurting ?
If I suddenly turn my head, sometimes it feels like something is being pulled in the back of my head..?
just got back from my independent medical exam. the doctor says im still hurt. will that help my case?
Why don't I have any feeling in my fingers?
How many days fever with swine flu? (for a child)?
How does a sodium/potassium pump rehydrate a cholera patient?
why do fell sick even though im not?
What is this sharp semi-painful feeling in the back of my head?
Why does it hurt? is that bad?
Stomach Pain?( been 5+ hours )?
What kind of headache is this?
How do you get past the pain of cutting?
treatment for influenza? I cannot afford a doctor, please help!?
temazepam dosage frequency?
Roughly how long is it before Tamiflu tablets start to kick in and take effect, please, guys?
Bone infection/ radiation treatment?
Tailbone pain help!!!!?
Question about sinus infections and antibiotic? please please help :)?
when is impetigo contagious?
if i have two days off because of swine flu will i still get my ema?
Will everyone coming to British Columbia for the 2010 Olympics have there H1N1 shots?
Kissing help please?!?!?......?
How to GET a sore throat?
my daughter has chicken pox?
what pain reviler cream burns the strongest hardest and longest.?
laparoscopic cholecystectomy?
Can swine flu go on my sickness record ?
is this swine flu? =/?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of people with infectious disease getting quarantined?
best treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee?
i have a pain in my head in a small area like ive had a bump it is allways acheing but gets intence when i cou
how living conditions and lifestyle affect the spread of disease caused by self harm, dietary, degenerative?
Whats wrong with me and my brain?
Why am I having a hard time sleeping?
Does my mother have mental problems?
I need some help with my life but am afraid of guidance offices. Help?
Help with sleeping problems?
self hatred, suicide?
What disorder categorizes this word confusion?
When I'm sleep I can smell the man breath who raped me what can I do ?
I am very nervous and scared around people sweat and turn red?
So I've always been looked at as pretty but quiet?
Would you rather have adhd or gad?
how do you control ADHD in children?
do i have a day dreaming disorder?
Do I have paranoia? .?
How come I can never Open up to ANYONE?!! PLEASE HELP!?
My 15 year old daughter is about to take Concerta for her ADHD. Can anyone tell me how well this drug works?
why have i been crying so much?
Are you married to a cancer survivor? If so how do you view life today compared to before the cancer?
Am I allowed to buy a Hookah?
i'm looking for a phlebotomy school can someone help me?
Sick. Not sure with what tho.?
chicken pox question?
Can I sue a doctor for giving me a wrong diagnosis as well as the wrong medication?
do you think i have cancer of the lymph nodes?
What's the worse thing that can happen if you eat potato chips that have been expired for 10 days?
some viruses can be spread through the air. name two other ways in wich microbs can be spread to cause disease?
My mom wants me to take a drug test, and I smoked pot about a month ago. Will I be okay?
Is autism related to the mmr vaccine?
Why is there never any muscular cancer?
HELP how to prevent/get rid of a uti?
common cold - a step towards cure? wtf!?
MRI Results: Buldging Disk?
i feel dizzy laying down and standing what do i do?
im good day today yesterday is bad day?
Have chest pain. Have air inside my left side of my abs.?
Anxiety problems ????????
is a knee brace jus for a hurt knee?
Why does my middle finger hurt?
Why would the top of my left leg hurt?
My back hurts when I do exercises?
I've been on Percocet and Valium for 10 months due to herniated discs and spinal stenosis.?
Leg exersise!? my legs are huge please help.?
why do my legs hurt so much when i walk? :((?
very small pain in my apendix?
If you take 4 pain reliever pills will that kill you?
does morphine make you lose weight?
Broke leg can't afford cast what do I do?
A friend recently was stabbed and was given Norco,hydrocodone and cleocin and drinks heavy what r dangers?
DEATHLY DEATHLY afraid of needles?!?
Chest Pain After Drinking Alcohol. What should I do?
how to help chest pain?
Do you think I have got hay fever?
Goats Milk?
Has anyone suffered after effects following a severe anaphalatic reaction to penicillin but months afterwards?
Nose hair....?
Is it possible for food allergies to be passed through the generations?
Anyone in the South East of England with Hayfever? Have you noticed your symptoms have been . . .?
SALT: Why do I involuntary gag/ cough when I have salt on my food? Even small amounts can trigger a re-action
If Iam allergic to rabbits, am i also allergic to guinea pigs?
Can anyone tell me the symptons of this:?
ear mucus draining from my 13 month old's ear?
Im thinking of having a baby.?
dizzy, heavy head, nausea since weekends?
Head hurts and my eyes are not white?
how many oxycodone can you take at one time...?
Why does my knee hurt?
I have a dull ache on my left side between my waist and my ribcage? Just a pulled muscle or a serious problem?
oxycodone liquid Roxicodone?
What is this sharp eye pain?
Find ruptured follicle in the RT ovary with free fluid in pouch of Douglas?
pain after second treatment of prolotherapy?
I'm having a very painful, weird sort of headache and have no idea what it could be or what's causing it.?
how long do i need to miss work for a rib contusion?
What foods help osgood slaughter?
Are there any companies that do medical trials on people under the age of 18? (I'm 17 and interested)?
What's wrong with having a big 4head?
Why do i feel pain in my left ear when i chew?
Is it normal to have cramping with pms? (before period)?
I have a big head, what should I do?
how many vicodin pills will it take for you to over dose?
I just had my tongue pierced and in alot of pain...?
My feet hurt!! Any ideas what the problem could be?
When i push on the right side of my abdominal region i feel a small pain, why?
Citalopram and dizepam together?
who has recurrent headaches and do you know why?
Do you think there is a chance for me to claim disability allowance?
Oh My do i need to go to the doctor?!?!? HELP?
Its all up in my ear!?
Bad hips, knees, & ankles. Joint problems?
I took amitriptyline and threw up within 15 minutes (not related to the medication). Can/should I take more?
sores in my ears?
Please could you advice me on where I can buy bottles of medical alcohol for sterilizing purpose (for skin)?
How long does it take for the body to replenish stocks after giving blood?
What is pain? There are situations some people feel “when your gain is my pain and your pain is my gain”.?
Help with ear problem?
roaccutaine and prozac?
I know men have these but why do women?
My husband has a sore cracked tongue?
i need the nigerian govenment number?
I broke my foot 3 years ago, why does it still hurt from time to time?
my big toe is killing me and think i mite have a ingrowing toe nail?
I have a condition called pernicious anaemia. since diagnosis i have been having vit b12 injections?
treatment/selfhelp for muscle spasm on rib cage?
Broken Pelvis?
I had my cartilage (upper ear) pierced about a year ago, although it doesnt hurt it is a mess at the back.....
i suffered a neck injury in a traffic accident the other driver was drunk?
knee damage, hurts, clicks op no good will it ever get better?