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I have cold chills, no energy, sore body?
What to do with a sharp pain in the chest?
Effective laryngitis remedies?
Chlamydia, how can we not let it effect our relationship?
my boyfriend is incompitent?
What's in toothpaste that makes gential warts dry out fast and tend to flake away!..How soon does this work?
what is herpes ?
my sister has an std what kind of std would she have?
If you go to the doctor and you are a minor is the doctor allowed to tell your parent's about anything?
Which place has d std code num 08702?
hi, i want to know if you can get STI's from having a brazilian wax? does neone have any evidence of this?
can i get syphilis by merely using clothes,or things or by ordinary contact of a syphilis infected person?
dose waxing below hurt and how much?
would beauty salons/spas employ freelance massage therapists for 1-2days a week or r these jobs all fulltime?
Need help with tonsillitis?
How come you don't get carsick when you're driving?
WHY DO THE EYES OF NEW REPORTER JO ANN BEMORAS APPEAR DIFFERENT (i.e. uneven; left eye is always wide open)?
i have a squint in my right eye????
Can the fashion industry be blamed for people's body image?
Immigration Rules - if someone travelling from the west Indies came to the UK for a holiday?
OCD...... whats yours??? part 2!?
why does no hair grow on the human upper inside thigh?
Can anyone suggest me a good orthopedist in London(England)?
can blind ppl be dyslexic when they read braille...?
whenever i walk or run up flights of stairs?
What should you put in your ears to soften ear wax prior to having them syringed?
how do i deal with embarassment?
Why is it bad for children to have phones?
does any one know?
I've been feeling kind of a tingly sensation on my lip for several days now...?
i tried to just push the a needle into my upper lip to avoid pain but it wont go in. help!?
My 79 yr old mother has started having knee pain. Her doctor gave her Meloxicam. Is this safe?
Why does my eye hurt?
sleeping remedies i need help?
Water rushing sound in my head?
How can i help a friend through pain?
why was i told to do this by my doctor?
Help most everytime after I eat my stomach will hurt?
Sometimes when I take a dump, I'll get a sharp pain when a turd comes out. What can be causing this?
I Am Aching Everywhere. What Can I Do?
I have a pulled groin why does it hurt to sleep on my side?
The area in the back of my tongue hurts when I swallow?
Has anybody ever had a tension headache for more than a month?
Workers Compensation and a Bulging Disc/Spondylosis?
xanax and tylenol 3.?
lower back stretches? help?
i have high blood presure and have had a stroke is there some kind of diet that will reduce my weight gain ?
what do you give a coeliac person for midday meal, evening, snacks and beverages?
does any one know of Motor Neuron Disease ?
Are tears bad for your skin?
emergency...skin problem?
Is there a way I can get help from an eating disorder without my parents knowing?
I have recently discovered that I may have anxiety, but I'm not sure.?
dealing with kids growing up?
I cant feel anything any more what should i do i realy wont to feel things agian someone please help me?
If you spend more than 2 years in therapy and therapist still can't figure u out, r u then defined as crazy?
Feel out of control, and can't control self harming? Dunno what to do until I seem my therapist?!?
When does zoloft kick in?
Is it Depression??? Help!!!!?
What can I do to lift this depression? can't take any more silence?
Energy drink addiction help?
I am very depress .i take more of med tovsleep ?
What are the legal issues of Xanax?
Dealing with insomnia?
Feeling Sad Over Other's Happiness?
I need help surviving on a daily basis. PLEASE, HELP!?
How do I figure things out on my own?
Citalopram, anxiety, depression, food.?
what can i eat that wont make me throw up?
Doctors on TV afternoons, do your Doctors give that amount of care?
If you were in the A/E in Hospital how soon do you expect to be seen?
Cominuted radial head fracture?
Does anyone know about having a "cataract" eye operation.In particular is it an easy recovery period. Im Irish
What is the best way to build and maintain cardio fittness when injured?
looking for a lumbar support it was made in the USA called the revolutionary posturepad?
How to get rid of cramps fast?!?
What are the most comfortable running shoes for someone with bad knees?
2 years post carpal tunnel release surgery?
why do I have really bad cramps?
What are the best ways to get rid of a sore/irritated throat?
Is it ok to do hand relief on daily basis?
My 2nd last rib and hip bone (pelvis) is showing?
Headache from weaning myself off caffene?
i cant breathe properly since 2 months niether from nose nor from mouth what are the rasons behind?
Loud music inner ear pain. need help?
Whats a good back pain exercise?
Help Is this restless leg syndrome????10 POINTS?
Sudden sore achy body?
Why do I have heartburn?
Why is my tailbone is poping?
Help with what I think is appendicitis.?
What can I do to make my foot feel better?
headache that has lasted a week no pain mrds. helped itas h?
i have a sharp feeling on my right arm .?
What are respiratory problems?
Middle ear cavity , orbital, oral,nasal and synovial location? help please?
I am required to have a 2step TB test. I made and appointment with my Drs office, had the test done and went?
What could be wrong with me?
what to do about a sore throat that comes and goes?
Someone who knows TB Very well .!!?
why am I getting chest pains? what could this mean?
What's worse, a dry cough or a sore throat?
Is it bad if i have a sore throat, even though i had my tonsels removed this summer.?
my recent ct scan showed a mass consistent with a residual thymus. what does this mean?
occasionally I feel a crackle in my right lung, what could it be?
How can i improve my voice so it doesn't sound as raspy and whispery.?
our heater drys out the air and makes my nose dry and burn?
Carpenters Syndrome - How is this defeact transmitted ?
With herpes type1 is it normal to have lumps on the back of ur tounge ??if they just come up like a out break?
Whats the difference between HIV and AIDS?
you get stds if you and your partner are both virgins?
which countries dont let people with aids in?
When i eat apples my lips become swollen and blotchy???
Eye Irritation, help?
Where do you get tested for STI's in Melbourne?
THRUSH! what do i do?
Feeling pressure around my nose, ears, eyes...?
do i have a cheese allergy?
is my mum allergic to chlorine?
I can't hear very well out of my left ear after being prescribed olive oil ear drops.?
Why do people always call someone else where your considering Sucide?
Hayfever advice...?
Can you catch a disease from a bandaid found in a dryer?
The bottom of my feet heel part is cracked...?
Does Pro-Active really work?
Will the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Cleanser work?
pink eye/conjunctivitis?
How do I get rid of insomnia?
Accutane - Weed and Alcohol?
I am a 49 year old male and have just started to have smelly urine, I do not have a bladder infection and had?
Is it true by waxing your skin will get harden, rough and will get skin irritation?
Is cancer contagious?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold ?
i dnt understand whats wrong with me my whole body just started hurting i dnt get y can some one give me some?
My hip hurts at night?
Do Lumbar spine epidural injections really work for anyone?
a bumb on the side of my throat?
I was in a bad accident in 2006 now after I run the back left and right of my skull are killing me?
What could this chest pain be?
Why is my stomach hard?
Are these normal symptoms for bulging discs in the neck or maybe I have something else?
What can I use 4 wind pain in my stomach? Doctors please answer me.?
Why is my spine so stiff suddenly?
RELAXERS? What do you know?
red neck help!!!9medical)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Inner knee pain, especially when torqued or twisted?
is it my gollbladder thats hurting or my ribs?
Tendinitis Surgery Recovery?
How long to use ice after surgery?
What causes chest pain?
Has anyone had experience with use of LYRICA in the elderly.?
Has anyone tried enbrel for AS and found it NOT to work ?
who is the smallest personin the world?
Tendon hand op?
tony hairsnape?
I am a big city girl staying in the countryside..Is that why I have gone insane?
how do i grow taller in a feew weeks?
Has anybody had the flu without runny nose,sneezes and coughs, just joint aches high temperatures?
job description of an accident and emergency?
any ideas for cronic insomnia, I have tried acupunture and am currently taking homeopathic remedies?
Does rain cause hair to break?
Laser eye surgery?
Have trouble sleeping? Any sensible solutions?
Head ache and brain surgery?
Socialized Medicine: Favorable or Not Favorable?
what is buffalo hump and what is the cure to it?
is pityriasis rosea a yeast germ?
I have swine flu and can't sleep for wheezing so much?
how long can a person live with hiv, diabetes, and hepatitis all at the same time?
what is the window period for hiv blood test?
If you have had HPV but the body cleared up the virus, does the HPV come back again?
if a girl kisses you on the lips with herpes can u get it?
does everyone thats comes in contect with herbes of the mouth always get herpes is there a chance you wont?
wot are the signs of hep c?
HIV screening at blood banks in Taiwan ROC?
what are the odds of catching oral herpes?
can you get herpes from if you bit the finger of a carrier?
are all warts caused by hpv virus?
Feeling very strange - is it pain meds?
Severe back, hip and heel pain?
i just woke up with extreme pain in my stomach and lower abdominals.?
Why does my stomach always hurt? :(?
I got into a car accident and its worsened my scoliosis, i have gaps in my spine...?
I have really bad shaking probs.?
Knee Pain!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
why when I run the back of my head shakes?
I have a migraine headache that pounds for a few seconds on my right side and goes away what could cause this?
I get these weird chest pains!?
why is my hip hurting?
bad pain in my right leg going on for 5 months?
Why did my left finger tips go numb all of a sudden?
Why do I have this really bad pain in my chest?
can i use oxycodonew/apap 5/325 for infections?
Do i depressing everyday?
What sleep disorder is this? It's freaking me out.?
I don't feel so good how can i feel better?
I am very confused about this break up?
At the hospital but em i overeacting for coming?
Have you noticed this too?................?
can drinking fabuloso kill you?
ADHD and medication, is it safe?
Mom Sees a Midget on Her Dresser?
Extremely indecisive ?
how do I stop this addiction?
Sleep and depression??
When i start to sleep i start seeing stuff in green?
I need help! I have had to stop taking paxil with out weening off of it.?
Has anyone on here ever called 1800SUICIDE?
What happends if you stay awake for 24-35h?
i think i might be having panic attacks?
Why do the palm of your hands sweat.?
how effective is eucerin creme?
my skin has become dry and patchy on my arms !!?
Skin problem?
Spots.... why??
Itchy bumps on my skin after eating a pizza?
Is there a way of getting rid of chilly burn in my hands?
how can i get rid of the dark patches around my eyes. techniques remadies?
What's the best ointment to use on persistant spots?
3 year old with a rash and a dry cough?
glycolic acid?
Having issues falling asleep!!?
Vertigo.... Never ending nightmare!?
I got a pain on central right side of my back. HELP.?
Tooth ache, arm and hand swelling?
my lower stomach is killing me wit sharp pain, what does this mean ?
the left side of my stomatch hurts under my chest, what does this mean?
Does stress cause a migrane?
Why do I get weird tingling sensations on my tounge and head?
My collar bone is giving me pain?
Why do I get headaches when I read a book?
What do I do for shooting lower back pain when bent over?
stomach hurts, no appetite!?
Can I exercise or smoke marijuana while taking naproxen 500mg?
i have a pain in my lower left hand side under my rib cage?
can abdominal pain cause a miscarrige?
My neck hurts really bad. I think i have Whiplash. Helpp.?
Chest pains after a car wreck?
my periond had been longer. whats wrong with me? ):?
have been experiencing lower back and abdomen pains especially in the morning?
Head hurts worse after chiropractor, What the heck? can u figure it out?
heartburn from not eating?
I think my 42 year old sister is sniffing rubbing alcohol..........?
Accidentally drank some mouldy water and little concerned what could happen?!?
What helps you sleep?
How do doctors test for worms and what is causing blood in your stools?
Why cant i ? 10 POINTS?
is it true that you don't pay for an eye test if a relative has glaucoma?
What happens when you get muscle pain in the chest?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Bump on bridge of nose?
The first time you smashed did it hurt?
How do you get rid of painful bladder problems?
my friend had back surgery awhile back and recently it started hurting him and i wanted to get a massage mat?
My friend reckons he pulled a muscle in his shoulder whilst doing some DIY at the weekend?
Have I broken my little finger?
I was wrestling at school and did something to my hand,the bruising is really bad and covers most of my hand.S?
have you gotten your appendix taken out?
pulled muscles in armpits after yoga?
has anyone had this?
quantum damages kemp & kemp for fractured leg and on going operation and payment of damages how much to receiv
I feel pressure in my ears?
When I squeeze my left foot with little pressure, it hurts like crazy. Why?
I hear this weird bubbling sound in my ear only when i yawn or swallow water or saliva?
Street value of liquid oxycodone 300 ml at 20mg per ml?
Can anyone help out with an exercise for the lower back?
Pains on heel of foot !!!!?
my eyes and parts of my head hurts often why? this has been going on for 3 weeks?
what is the treatment of the pain due to indirect pulp capping procedure?
what if after 3 months of appendectomy there is pain in my stomach?
Im freaking out after surgery on my toes!!!?
can i be allergic to my cats?
Mosquito bites getting worse - any ideas? Please HELP!?
what are my chances of a bad reaction to the injection?
Why does beconase nasal spray smell like flowers?
is this an allergic reaction to food?
why have i got this metal taste in my mouth?
Lactose intolerance/coeilac help?
so i know i have asked this before, and i don't want to bore you?
i it true that when a person is lactose intolerant it would make the person crave for more.e g milk?
Am I allergic to milk/chocolate?
Does anyone have any ideas for improving the symptoms of Labrynthitis?
im a beauty therapist and i keep ruining relaxing treatments with this annoying and embarrasing chesty cough?
why does my mouth taste salty?
We are looking for a good GP in Maida Vale, St. Johns Wood, Little Venice.? I would appreciate your help.?
how do i sell my body to medical science?
is there a online support group for herpes?
Can you be disqualified from the air force in the MEPS find out you have HPV?
i got tiny splash of HIV blood in my eye during orthopedic surgery i haven't yet taken PEP.will i be infected?
can you get pregnant after having chlymidia for two years, but not knowing i had it?
question regarding hiv and a biopsy?
HIV chef precautions to take?
Syphilis during pregnancy..............?
just had a Blood Test Yesterday, hope havent got STD, (Stomach hurts)?
I take my pap every year and this time it come back adnormal ASC Im not sure of this?
My daughter is 11mo. and my husbad and I are not intimate as much any more any suggestions?
Cardiac Conversions, what is it like and do they actually stop your heart?
Cod liver oil -liquid form?
I feel like I have water in my ear and it has been like that for days, anything I can do to solve the problem?
what are symptoms of burnout how longs recovery take?
tic disorder/ fish odour?
Is there a doctor out there that is familiar with hemaparalasyis?
whats the best thing for a facial skin disorder called rosacaia?
i think i may have a minor concussion, do i need to go to the doctor?
What household items can i use to get rid of acne fast?
Viral Infection NEED HELP ASAP!!! PRONTO!!!?
How do you get rid of the swelling from a cold sore?
Does the H1N1 Vaccine really hurt?
I have so many black heads, how do i get rid of them without paying a fortune?
You should NEVER use soap on a sunburn the skin is already severely dry! Use Aloe Vera (Alcohol free kind)?
could I have low potassium?
My jaw all the way to my ear feels bruised!?
has anyone had hunger pains after meals?
why does my right heel hurt sometimes?
Really bad back and shoulder pain, help?
Hole in touth an it hurts?
What are the effects of severe hair pulling abuse?
severe lower abdominal pain - help!?
what are some causes for pain in lower right quadrant in women?
If you have bad posture will it be easier to break your back?
is this a dimple on my thigh?
Naproxen and acetaminophen ?
What causes pain followed by itching in my daughter's legs?
Swollen left ear after getting hit in the head.?
what do i do if i have a bad headache above my ear i never had on above my ear before so scared?
Pressure headache off and on for days?
Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel Sport Replacement Insoles for BASKETBALL?!?
what do i do for bad muscle spasms in my back?
Please help me.... I don't know how to be happy anymore.?
wierd thing on my toes?
i might be bipolar .?
help! hav ringworm,been using 4tubes- 5g quadriderm but each time it healed & i stoppd med, skin is reinfected
Blisters Oon Feet?
whats best to prevent acne?
i have a very dark mole on my ankle,have just read article on skin cancer?????
A question for anyone who has suffered from Henoch-schonlein purpura? Please share your experience...?
Please help im scared and worried about this?
Help! I don't understant my father?
can you tell me the condition when someone has yellow eyelids?
Should I have my varicose vain removed??
decaband treatment for psoriasis?
Does acne itch?
Best way to get rid of spots??
sleeping: whats wrong with me?
Clusters of tiny blisters?
afraid to choke in flight? :s?
What mental illness is this?!?
Obsessive Body Washing: Could this this be sign of OCD?
how to deal with a bipolar breakup?
Why am I so insecure?
laser treatment for thread veins in glasgow?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
The things that i think of, i really need help?
Does fear/stress get rid of your appetite?
Question about changing antipsychotics?
Your thoughts and views on this?
Anyone got any ideas about the impact of anthrax on the animal industry?
Who has O negative blood type?
Is it possible to get a varicose vein on your labia?
i have a really bad headache above my ear what does this mean?
I Have A Strange Pain?
Wrestling problem: I began to wrestle again, and both my toes began to hurt?
Is it possible for a dog to get herpes by comming in contact with a piece of clothing that contacted the area
should i work if I'm too sore?
a therapist i have been visiting for almost 4 months very unhelpful?
what is suprapatellar pain?
I'm very afraid of pain?
Help need some opinion?
alcohol and tylenol????
Why Does My Wrist Keep Cracking?
I took some medicine for a headache on an empty stomach, Noe my chest hurts, could that be a side effect?
HOW CAN I CURE MY wrist tendonitis?
Swollen lump under jaw. What is it!?
Why do I have a lot of pressure in my head and hear a whooshing sound?
My bones hurt and i don't know what to do?
HIV + back in 2002 but no symptoms of AIDS still.. totally healthy and its been 8 yrs!!!?
has anyone ever had a spinal stimulator for nerve damage in their feet and legs?
I wanted to know of any home remedies to reduce the flare up of eczema?
What is a hot water bottle? Everyone keeps telling me to use them for cramps but what are they?!!?
Immigration and HIV? Any tips?
I have a light yellow Vicodin that has the marking of "170" on one side and nothing on the other side.?
Pain at the bottom of my ribs, and now in my back?
How would you describe the worst pain you've ever had?
Help!!!pain behind big toe?
Ear infection.........?
In the days before medicine, how were tapeworms, roundworms and pinworms treated?
how does the death actually cause due to swine flu?
white patches in the throat?
Virul Infection Help Please?
How can i treat an ear infection?
does anyone know how long the syptoms of swine flu last?
Is discitis a fatal disease? What is the usual prognosis ?
My sister has been very ill "Concerned that it could be swine flue"?
lump on the back of my neck?
What is your biggest cause of angst or personal fear?
been on a night out, ive just got in and my stomache feels off and i cant get to sleep, help?
will slapping a drunk person help sober him/her up?
i really want to stop smoking? but how is the best way?
Anyone any suggestions to staying asleep?
can some1 give me the reasons why soft drugs shouldn't be legalised??? i'm in late and i need it now plz!!!
What would happen if you drank 30 pints of strong 7% cider one after another? Would you die?
I'm so tired and don't know why. Its becoming exhausting!!!?
about smoking??????????????
Finished anti-biotics but don't feel any better, what now?
What's with the lump in my throat?
I need some health advice?
How does aneasthetic knock you out?
How do you find your self esteem when you have lost it!?
Energy tablets or something?
how can i keep cool in this heatwave at work?
Did anyone catch cold or flu-type symptoms during this August in the UK?
cant seem to sleep at night 'but abt 6.oclock on wards sleep like a baby any body know why?
i got a wet dream at 12. im not sure of what to think and i feel embarrassed to tell my parents. im unsure of?
What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?
as anyone had sinus surgery and taken along time to recover from it?
wieght lifting???????
Osgood Schallater Disease?
i fell of a bus 3 yrs ago and since then i have had problems with my foot?
Tendon problem/shin splints?
Whats wrong with my throat?
flu question please??
Do you feel congested in the mornings when you get up?
I have hayfever and it really affects me is there anything anyone could suggest?
What is the best cure for Ultecaria Allergy?
Do you think that i have asthma? ?
I'm allergic to chlorine..?
what is lactose intolarance?
Hayfever problem?
How do I find out what foods I am allergic to?
I am a non-smoker and i keep getting this horrible smell in my nose like cigarette smoke its terrible any clue?
Sinusitis or something worse?
Why have my ribs been aching?
How long to take vicodin after surgery?
What can I do to alleviate burning sensation caused by difficulty in urinating ?
ulnar nerve tingle in wrist/palm?
Why does my nose hurt?
What is this stabbing pain in the back of my knee?
I have a pain on my foot?
solid codeine from a vicodin?
Back Pain/Narcotic Prescription Help?
How can i get rid of my period cramps there realy bad and im only 13.?
Bad back/neck pains...?
My hands fingers wrist and arm is hurting im in tears ! :'( i took a ideprofen but it still hurts like freaki?
my whole toe nail just fell off?
Should we be worried?
Why do my knees bend out and in?
Why does Percocet help me think clearly? Im afraid of the pain and the mind block. Help, please?
can a straight spine cause you to hurt in the back of your neck?
ive been getting sick for the past few days, im not sick now but my throat hurts?
where is the anterior left falx?
Why do I always feel sad&depressed&angry for no reason at all?
My Depression is hurting the woman i love, what should i do?
Can you recommend a good certified grief counselor?
is it normal to do this?
has anyone successfully tapered of Lunesta and able to sleep without taking sleeping tablets?
I don't seem to feel certain emotions?
Can being to tired cause fainting?
what are these symptoms of?
How treatable is generalized anxiety disorder?
what is intra-partum care?
Sometimes I randomly feel like I'm in a dream?
What is a hallucination?
What does this say about me?
Depression and anxiety?
I don't know how to ask for help about schizophrenia?
Is there anything wrong with taking 1-2 Tramadol (50mg) once or twice a week?
Am I bad at math due to adhd?
My grandmother had Cancer, Will I?
what happens if your bp is low? what causes your bp to be low?
Can Marijuana cause brain tumors? Please answer this is desperate.?
Is it too late?
Does anyone know anything that get rid of really really dry rough cracked feet!?
Acne and chocolate?
If i have strep throat do i have to go to the doctors?
while sleeping my partner starts to shake for approx 2 to 5 seconds then stops all thru the night whats wrong?
Pins and needles help?
why does my shoulder hurt when I burp sometimes?
how did my foot get so far up your a$$?
painful palpitations?
what to expect from gallbladder surgery?
Popping noise in my ear when i lay down?
Hurts to swallow but strep test negative?
Bubble like pain in left side?
Leg/ back Pain........?
my 9 year old daughter been geting really bad headach she had them about a week now?
Why do I stay sleepy all the time? I take lortab 7.5 for back pain and it makes me even more tired and sleepy?
I have scoliosis, is it this normal to have this much back pain?
Is there any treatment for Post-herpetic neuralgia?
Pain on my right side, under rib cage?
What Is Wrong With My Ear?
my head hurts And i fell like im going to throw up?
Intense lower abdominal pain? HELP?
Heel pain... What do I do?
The tibiofibular joint is made up of which 2 bones?
my right side of my nose feels wierd from inside when i do sports? does anyonw know why it can be?
Dry thinning hair, skin and nails are usually naturally occurring as you age, -?
Why does my shoulder hurt?
Can anyone tell me what these are and if i should be concerned?
Ankle hurts! Please help!?
Standout Freckle?
Did you use Roaccutane?
Strange, possible heat rash on my foot?
my child has puss in his toe and he says he can't feel his toe what shall i do,there is puss coming out he's12
Is there any UK Chemist where I can buy Odaban Antiperspirant Pump Spray?
skin condition down there? helpies?
Can anyone else see something wrong with this?
Have you ever heard of this?
Home and Away HIV/AIDS storyline. What do you think? I think it's a great idea!?
i have herpes 1 & 2 but never had out-brake on the mouth how did this happened?
I have a Brown discharge, its not thick, but it smells what is it? I'm scared?
Can you take Azithromycin while on your period?
I was recently diagnosed w/gential warts...now about getting them orally...?
Oral Thrush and weird throat problem?
????!!!! Can antibiotics you take for acne cause thrush?
hi im a girl and my boyfreind gave me anal last nyte and my bums bleeding is this owt seriouse?
What is the amount of people who have had or have AIDS from 1980 - 2006?
Instant cat scratches between a person infected with HIV an myself?
Stable condition?
Why am I so tired?
alcohol problem : where do i get help ?
I have scaly fingers and I am only 13. How can I make my fingers not scaly?
My czn was born with TCS abroad with v.poor medical care does anyone know of any charties that can help?
Why do u get a contralateral hemiplegia in Foville's syndrome (lesion to lower pons)?
radial club hand?
Is it common to suffer hallucinations following a stroke.?
is the nhs primary doctors a joke?
what activities can a young man do after sustaining a brachial plexus injury in a motor cycle incident. What p
I appear to have a swollen head, y do u think this is? explained below?
ive landed on my leg twisted at ice skating and niw my whole calf muscle feels twisted,?
am i entitled to a benefit after having cognitive disability?
Where can I get Low Intensity laser therapy using my private health insurance?
What are the usual causes of having a foreign body in the knee joint?
nerve ends?
What does a doctor do when treating a person that has a spinal injury?
travelled to Italy no insurance,car accident, in intensive care.will hospital still give treatment?
Since hurting my shin at football 3 years ago, it is still painful. Can you help?
taking cold and flu tablets with sleepping tablets and pain killers at the same time what would happen?
population spreading???/?
what is rheumatology?
New HIV Vaccine - Vaxaids, anyone ever used it?
Very itchy and hot red spots on face and neck?
im in a quandary about swine flu?
confused bout my chron's!?
I have a temp of 101.9?
Can a flu jab give you nausea?
Question about diabetes and swine flu vaccine?
my children have been in contact with someone with swine flu, what should i do?
Any Doctors, need diagnosing?
what are the actual odds of contracting salmonella from raw eggs?
Seveer acne scarring?
Acne problems what is the best way to have NO MORE?
Cream to get rid of scars?
if i were to take twenty 50mg sertreline (zoloft) would it kill me?
i have diagnosed gall stones,what should i eat and not to eat?
Does anyone know why a person who has had surgery has to wear tensor stockings while in hospital?
My stomach hurts from gas pressure?
how do you catch hiv/aids?
Is Diabetes a types of food allergy/food intolerance?
Do i have a cat allergy?why do people get allergic to cats?
Is there a way of testing for alcohol allergy or intolerance? ?
anti histamines?
Why does a heat pack help with a bad posture?
Can Benzotropine get you high?
every morning when i wake up i have bad headache what going on?
Are you a doctor or dentist that can help?
About heavy cough and backpain?
my ear is swolen and it hurts? how do i make it go away?
Sore chest and ribs to the touch?
I feel like i have a Lump in throat everytime i swallow?
Sharp Pain in Ribs and...?
What's wrong with my foot?
My cheek on the left side hurts and my mouth is swollen whats wrong?
Can some one help me with my torso aches?
Is it possible to get a bunion on your heal?
Is my toe broken or just stubbed?
My jaw keeps popping?
Why is my knee making a nasty crunching noise.?
pain when i breath in?
My left leg is pink.warm and swollen above my ankle to above my knee what could it be?
Cause of sudden nausea, vomiting, and sudden lingering severe pain?
Pain and suicide, please help.?
I Don't Know Why My Leg Keeps Shaking!?
Has anyone else been having really non-stop bad migraines and dizziness and nausea for more that two days?
I ate some hot food,now 3 days later feels like heartburn, but its not, like a sharp pain at the sternum.?
Sleeping patterns changing?
what do i do if im depressed......?
How can one set their standards lower?
Follow up question: Asked before but didn't get any answers=(?
Am I depressed? (14 year old girl)?
My breathing caused AND cured my panic attacks?
Please help me i am becoming suicidal?
where online can i help teens with depression?
do i have panic, anxiety, or anger problems?
Is it too late for me to improve my GPA? Should I kill myself?
what should i do when i disturbed psychologically? how i need to survive in disturbed mind?
My LSD Experience. After Effects?
i dont feel like myself?
Do you ever get scared that you'll develop cancer?
Benadryl for anxiety?
What's wring with me.....? :'(?
I have the need to Change my underwear every couple hours?
itching testis?
could i have passed it to my husband?
If someone borrowed your towel and they had an STD but you washed it would you catch it?
how long does it take to find chlamydia in a man?
job as a sterile service tech,in marbella high care hospital?
Had an abnormal pap smear result... HPV?
is p24 test after 44days accurate? please tell me!!!!!!?
What's your view on the impact of HIV and AIDS on young people around the world?
Is it possible to get hepatitis B even though you are vaccinated and can you pass this on?
high pitched whistling?
Has anybody experience of Forerunners surgery in India...?
Doe's epilim chrono sodium valproate help prevent migraine.?
How to deal with stress?
What is sinusisitis?
how many people in the uk suffer from a physical disability?
How can I Detox?
What causes pain between your spine and your rib cage? Arthritis???
why does my head hurt when air pressure drops?
lower left stomach and back pain?
What should I do my 16 year old sister is addicted to pain meds?
Anything i could do to get rid of this feeling?
can i take dilaudid 2mg po and percocet 10/325mg together?
Why do the bones in my chest hurt?
Can I chew Anadin Extra?
what if i'm addicted to hydro's but they are not perscribed to me?
if i have a prescribtion of lortab and i tell them so will i fail a drug test?
How can I report a someone who is abusing their pain medication when the doctors office wont do anything?
standing long periods of time shoes?
My ear hurts???????!!!!!!!!!?
pain in lower throat?
Am I addicted to lortab?
Tell me the solution for migrain headech?
ringing in my ear all the time?
I have been having pretty intense pain in my two big toes, and the nail has started turning blue?
Left arm just went numb?
does anybody know a way of getting rid of skin tags?
strange skin feeling ??
has lynz deoderant 4 men changed ingredients ?
whats the best ways for treating hyperhydrosis?
Does Bio oil work on old scars?
Iv got this small lump on my left shoulder , its been there for yrs , what is it ?
How do u get rid of Spots? Any ideas?
friend with acne?
how to get rid of varuccas?
need information about eye desease?
I tied some cotton round my fellas skin-tag on his shoulder and it looks really scary now!!?
can you find me a picture of dry facial skin?
hot flushes what causes them?
I have a small strange looking wart like thing ,at the back of my leg in my knee bend,its sort of rough on top
spots / lumps on head?
Best treatment for RSI?
Why can't I learn to relax?
my husband has just had microfracture surgery on his femur/tibia. would love more info & rehab ideas.?
achilles tendonitis, got painful lumps on ankles any advice?
Dislocation help?
heavy head?
It spunds amusing but it isnt in practice for I am waking up whilst my nose remains numb for about a further?
Will I be able to get around?
i have a new invention what do i do to sell it?
Why do only 0.2 % of Brits wear earthing straps, are they not ?
How much sleep should a 15 year old get?
What do dreams mean?
Shingles and Chickenpox?
I've recently started finding it very difficult to wake up and get out of bed is there any tips to help me?
Would you say a water infection is a good enough excuse to call in sick at work?
i have had a sore throt for about 3 months now and the doctor want send a letter to hospital to get theam out?
I have a small just a bit bigger than a pea sized lump on the bottom of my neck, any ideas?
If smoke from a cigarette suddenly solidified and you were sat in a pub with friends how would you escape?
Women: does the man in your life take ages to poo, whilst you are quite quick?
Anyone sufferin with a twitchy eyelid?
Strange symptoms... negative herpes test.. positive partner with no symptoms.. whats goin on!!?
What is the difference between Chlamidya and Gonorrhea?
What tests do you do for this?
how long does it take for them to contact you?
what are the negative and positive effects of contraceptives?
do people with the hpv virus get watery discharge??
What STD's do they test for at the gyno?
is it normal to have hairs on shaft? look bad tho.?
how accurate is the blood test for Hepatitis B and C?
Popping noise in my hip when I lift my knees up? or it does when I'm laying on the floor and move my legs?
Is it bad to take low dose chewable aspirin then right afterwards take an advil 200 mg?
standing up straight?
Why does my neck crack when i turn my head?
Anyone else frustrated with migraines? How do you cope?
Pins and needles feeling after eating?
tendinitis in my right shoulder please help me and read below information thanks?
Is my cartilage closed ?
extremely stomach pain...? HELP Please?
i wanted to know if anyone knows what might be causing my discomfort.?
Help with a stomach ache?
neck pain please help?
I feel like i have something lodged in the left side of my throat?
how does realy high pain tolerance work?
My neck and shoulders are stuck.?
what to do to make my knee to stop hurting?
Help!! Stomach area pain but no diareah or vommiting.?
Help!!!!! Pain relief!!!!!?
Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease?
What is melancholic depression? ?
how do you overcome manic depression without medication?
why im i so down and deppresed?
[Please?] I'm feeling very lost right now...?
Why am I still not over my grandma's death?
My mom is dying (long but plz help me)?
How does Adderal make you feel?
What is wrong with me?
Does he have too much power over me? What do I do?
What are some good books about self injury/depression/suicide?
Do i confuse you? cause i confuse myself?
How do you know if you have serious memory problems?
Do sedative medications cause memory problems?
What are some great ways to relieve stress from a broken heart?
could i be depressed?
How do I know if he still loves me? Is it just depression?
My moms health?please i need your help?
One Billion orders for swine flu vaccine...vaccine shortfall imminent?
is it tonsillitis or swine flu?
How Do I Know If I Have a BCG Jag before?
If a puppy has kennel cough can they fight it off by themselves or do they need antibiotics? How long does it?
Could it be swine flu?
has my scabies got worse after treatment?
swine flu is any one worried about the vaccine or is it just me?do you trust them to give it to your children?
Throat Question??????????
What's the strongest antibiotic to get rid of water infections?
How Can I Get Rid Of A Sore Throat?
how do short term physiological effects of anxiety cause an increase in blood pressure?
Anyone else feeling?
do cough medicines work?
why do I sneeze after exercise?
How can i turf my self out of bed early in the morning??
How does marijuana kill nerve endings in your brain? is this true, if so how?
Enemas Where can I buy reusable enema from?
Optimax laser eye surgery - have you had an offer letter?
Need help for pharmacy interview?
i got up about 7am 2day. but i have came over really tired and its difficult to keep my eyes open.why is this?
Which pair of muscles are used in an embrace?
I have a little pain in my left breast. What can be causing this?
Mal tracking of the Patella?
it may have been an asthma attack but i'm not sure...?
why would I have a red face?
Could you please tell me what the York Test is?
can you buy zimovane sleeping tablets on line with a debit card?
do those de-tox patches that are worn overnight on the soles of your feet actually work, or are they a con?
I had my leg fused last year, but during the operation i developed blood clots and sceptecemia.?
what can i do to reduce the swelling of my face from an illergic reaction?
Help with ileostomy bag?! URGENT?
why am i feeling numbness on my toes?
My mother fell and hit her head on the hard wood floor this morning, is she going to be ok ?
Stabbing Sensation in leg?!?
I cant even stand up straight my lower back hurts what do i do?
Getting cramps in my foot?
exercises for stability after shoulder dislocation?
Hydrocodone question?
what medication would make oxycodone not show in urine screening?
Why does my right lung hurt?
What Is Wrong With My Ankle?
Been having some serious issues with my jaw for the past 2 weeks. What could be wrong?
why do i get cramps in my calves?
i feel like throwing up and right side pain what is it.?
My back and ribs hurt in the morning...?
whats with these headaches?
Am I going to have a migraine?
I take a few prescriptions,for seizures,anxiety .I have a tooth ache can i take aspirin?
what do i do my ribs go out then hard to breath?
If one has an STD or an UAOQ and then an answered one with spam, does that count as an answer?
My toddler has oral herpes...Any suggestions for relief?
I may be moving with my son to Africa but am concerned about his health.?
where to get underage tattos with concent?
Lost... in need of answers anyone please..?
How long should I wait to get a chlamydia test?
Are warts on the hands caused by a build of germs?
Anyone had really bad OCD about getting blood test and thought they got HIV?
I just 4 pills (one dose of Metronidazole) 500Mg each. How long before it takes effect and when will it clear?
Help I'm having pain in my abdomen?
My tonsils are really swollen and also really hurt.?
Need help falling asleep!?
It's 1am and I'm fully awake?
I can't sleep?!? Any advice?
Did I break my big EAR?
Looking for a dermatologist in the limerick area(Ireland)?
hi i have been using a home microdermabrasion kit for three days now and my skin around my cheeks, chin and?
How can you cure and prevent blackheads on nose?
I am bipolar and I take adderall is that a problem?
I am so lonely what do i do?
Is this social anxiety?
help. whats wrong with me?
Need help with my anxiety.......?
who can I talk to about my problems?
It is through Christmas that i have really realised...?
Why Can't I Sleep? Is there something wrong?
how do i know if my sister is bipolar?
Im so crabby, And i turn down everything im invited to cause of my pain. And everybody gets mad at me. ?
Should I listen to my psychologist advise about my girl friend?
Observing life, not living?
what should i do for my depression?
What's wrong with me?
Someone help me please! Im desperate!?
Lamictal Withdrawal question?? How to cope?
Emetophobia question?
what made u have anemia bad diet?? how come u developed it? (please answer those whov had it thanks!)?
Is it true, that if you pull a funny face and the wind changes, you'll get a hernia?
Why is sleep harder when I get when overtired?
do you ever pass wind and?
Anyone else getting that afternoon tiredness yet?
Is there a grant available to help make a bathroom for elderly person?
How soon after surgery can I go swimming in a public swimming pool?
Have you ever glued yourself to something with superglue?
It is possible to sleep less but not feel tired?
neck injury from judo?
banged my head now got sore ear and side of head is sore cananybody help me?
How do you apply a plaster spinal jkt ?
who has ever been for liposuction? how much and where should i go?`?
Thumb throbbing. Dont know why. Is is my tendon?
Discectomy and fusion????
I have had surgery for an ingrown hair twice, but it is not closing?
why does my foot (top and bottom) & toes hurt when it's my ankle i've broken?
I'm so sad.. I got cancer :"(!!?
Can you help me ?
what kind of anti-inflamatory is NOT,,,I repeat NOT hard on the stomach?
do i have swine flu? i'm scared!!?
How to get rid of my socktan FAST(maybe before school starts)?!?
help!!!! it's urgent.... i need some tips/ suggestions right now.....?
Small Black Dots Above My Upper Lip ??
is clean and clear products better or Dove's product?
hi, ime on a drugs trial for cholesterol should i stop taking tak 475?
I hear hepatitis B is genetic?
hi all. I was just woundering if there is a link between ovarian cancer and the HPV?
What is the likelihood of false negative Herpes type specific blood test with background of Lupus (SLE)?
How many people in australia have aids?
Can u get a yeast infection every time after your period if you have had STD before?
What is this creepy body sensation?
Please Help , in trouble?
Where can I get a STD test in Melbourne, Australia?
i need help girls or guys...herpes?
Could they be an STD?
does anyone know a treatment for hpv warts while breastfeeding apart from tca?
I'm looking for somebody that performs prolotherapy near Montréal.Someone told me that it could cure my back.
where can i find work involving hiv/aids in melbourne?
Can FatZap or Lipodissolve help reduce lipohypertrophy?
Major rib cage ache and shoulder blade ache?
What's causing these painful cramps?
i keep getting pains?
Accutane-Muscle Pain? How long can it last?
how bad does someones back have to be get leg braces for it?
need answers for increasing leg pains.?
Why does my heart/chest hurt?
Is it okay to consume three and half beers twelve hours after ingesting 30 mg of oxycodone hydrocloride?
How can I manage my day if my body is sore?
I get a random pop on the left side of my neck!?
How can i regain feeling in my fingers?
IS IT PAINFUL?????????????
Is it safe to take a 10mg hydrocodone pill 2 hours after you've taken 1mg xanax?
Why is everything that feels so good is bad for you?
Making a thumb splint/cast?
I took 800 milligram's ibuprofen, 100 milligram's tramadol & 400 milligram;s neurotic will i be okay?
Knee Swelling and buldge?
im 13 and experiencing heartburn...is this normal?
What Happens If You Drink Alot Of Cough Med?
Just a question, do eyedrops hurt?
i had hernia surgery 8years ago now i have a pinching burning sensation any idea why?
lower back pain..and so much more?
Headaches in right half of my head around temple.?
I've had a headache for 8 days?
does anyone have any good remedies or relief tips for ecema or dermitis?
why do my ears hurt sooo much in cold weather??
If a woman's neck is a dead giveaway on her age-what's the giveaway on blokes?
breathing exercise?
a description of an appearance of a bruise?
y do we go grey with age?
Cactus conundrum.?
Breast Enlargement?
Musculo-skeletal system? Question 2?
Why is there always a que for the ladies toilet and not the mens?
why is my poo sometimes green?
on my feet all day and get very aching feet, any good remedies to cool them down and stop them aching?
Is there something wrong with my body?
waking up early???
suppliers of sea clay used for body contouring?
tonge tied?
Is it ok to take lemsip after 3 pints?
What are the health implications of low energy flourescent light bulbs?
Has anyone had ultrasound therapy on their back?
'light therapy' for allergies?
I find I can only focus and bemyself when I'm on some sort of downer...?
Terrified of car rides... please help! Is something wrong with me?
I have a weird Phobia?
Why am I afraid to meet people?
depression in children?
Help! Im trapped in my closet!?
Help, I have bulimia and don't know what to do...?
what is the gap the thing that i am missing?
Do I have a eating disorder?
is this a std ? or something else. ? please help?
legal sitchuation has got me depressed again advice?
On prozac and seroquel for 2weeks, feel like a zombie?
Psycho Cousin? Is she crazy or am I over reacting?
what causes herpes, what are the effects on the reproductive system, what precautions be taken and treated?
what is that foundation about finding a cure for aids you support them by buying something?
Is there some type of mental disorder like this?
I have a problem regarding my interests.?
Can syphilis (or any sti) rashes be mistaken for shingles?
why can't I sleep more than 4 hours a day?
how would you know if you are having yeast infection?
I have a creamy pink dishcarge with a slight itch no smell. I have just been treated for thrush.?
Help with recent anxiety?
Help on my commitment phobia..?
what are the symptoms for bulimia?
my house was sold today...?
What are anal beads?
Is it common to have HPV (high risk) and Warts?
What Are The Odds Of Schools Closing Due To Swine Flu?
Have anybody here contracted Swine Flu...yet?
Can Chemical peels Damage the skin further ?
PLEASE HELP!! facial mole removal!!
Does fungal nail disease lotions really work
i have a red patch on my back by my shoulder blade
armpits cysits any cures for them ?
my skin gets sore, red, dry and peels
Anti-redness creams?
Ho do i get rid of these stubborn spots / sores on my back.
Whats The Best Way To Get Rid Of Shaving Rash?
Psoriasis and any new treatments
Injection on my acne caused scarring?
why does my head hurt when...?
Why does my rib hurt?
Can I take aleve two days in a row?
I am prescribed codeine for leg pain....?
Something to help with headaches?
I had a bad experience with propofol, any alternatives?
does the tragus ear piercing hurt!?
how to get over the pain ?
pain and swelling at base of skull?
HELP back of my neck and throat are throbbing?
I just ripped my left earlobe after stretching my ear to a 1/2 in. I work in fast food and need a quick fix?
Hi, I have tension problems? can you help me?
What is the best type of orthotic for flat feet?
Tongue tie/tongue tie surgery?
How do I get this handmark of my face?
why do i get regular rigor attacks?
What is a Neurotologist's area of expertise?
what is the etiology of cholecystectomy?
Am I a hypercondriact or do I just attract illness?
i care for a girl of 28 who keeps having stroke type symptoms?
Can acid reflux make you feel nauseous and actual vomitting?
how to know whats wrong with my foot ?
I am having knee pains?
Right in the middle of my chest hurts.?
Healing, carpal tunnel?!?
i had c section 3 weeks ago and I fell off the chair when I tried to sit down today and now I have some pain?
is it possible to have a permanent fake nail put on due to an accident?
Why do we need an appendix?
uti infection...or something more serious?
Is my nose broken? What should I do about it?
some pain under left armpit?
Ive been having Abdominal Pains?
Nausea, head throbbing & exhaustion?
Broken collarbone? Any exercises or interesting things to do?
Foot cramp while driving?
Burnt the roof of my mouth?
I have pain in my front upper thighs?
my ribcage starts to hurt after sleeping too long, why?
I feel very bad headache right after I wake up and I feel nausea for 3or 4 hours plz help?
what if you pop a bumb with a hot nedel?
My finger hurts? is it broken or what?
what kind of headache do I have?
Last couple of days I have been having pain in my throat like I am being?
what to do with runner's knee pain?
What will replace Darvocet?
Pain on the right side of neck that radiates to right arm and chest?
Pregnant after Chlamydia?
What is meant by virus load?
Are you screened for yeast infections in a general Std test?(Male)?
wot are the signs of HIV?
i need help i live in sydney nsw and i want to get checked for stds...?
Curious about Helpcure.com?? (People who have experienced this procedure only)?
are there any docs out there who can help please?
Last week i had a virus and this week im having a virus to and im rlly scared.Do i have to have surgery?
Is it True uncircumcised men spread STD Diseases more than Circumcised men ?
i need to pee, but its really weird.?
DynamiClear for Herpes?
Is a 4.6 White cell blood count abnormal?
Can you get headphone type hearing aids ?
I need Glasses but my optician said i didn't need them?
Leaving in Contact Lenses?
Water eyes when i go outside?
Is that B+ or AB+ is same blood group?My mom himoglobin is getting low every week.on la?
When you cut yourself, how does the body decide to heal as normal tissue and when to heal as scarred tissue?