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im really poorly and my mums sending me to schoool?
Can any brain diseases be fatal and cause death?
Social Anxiety help please?
what's the dangly thing at the back of the throat called?
my boyfriend has been complains that when he urinates its burns and it smells really bad.?
Addiction problem! Need help and quick!?
Question about dosage of Concerta, Doesn't feel like its working...?
can anyone help?
Can I sell a kidney?
my mates had this wart on the end his thumb its massive and hes had it for about a year?
I have no freinds-I am lonely and depressed?
I have a bad pain in my ear & jaw, & my jaw keeps cracking & my glands are up on that side, do I need the doc?
are these signs that i'm losing it?
is it normal to sleep all day?
Arm and leg pain. How do i get rid of it?
im having a lot of stomache problems, pls help?
i kinda hurt my back at work.....is it serious?
My back is killing me?
I woke up this morning with a hard bump on top of my tongue by my piercing and ive had it for yrs?
Pain in heart????????
Pain in oblique areas during jogging?
Reason for sore, slightly swollen toes?
Why do i have pain in my rib cage?
chest pain, what could this be?
every time i get a cold y do i get pains in my tummy?
I keep getting pains and weird movement where i get my cramp, what is it?
what can i do about my arm pain?
I keep having pain off an on only on the left side of my head ?
Sore Finger please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my knee hurts badly, and i cant straighten my leg?
Pain above my right breast?
I feel asleep on sofa,woke up early hours,noticed woman standing there ,I think I said who that,that ?
i have a headache everyday. why?
How many drops per min?
Turmeric and lemon juice for acne and face lightner??/?
Can Doctors prescribe 2% or 4% Hydroquinone in the UK?
what does cholecyst/ ectomy mean?
Could A Plastic Anemia be wrongly diagnosed as acute m. leukemia?
i have a jean factor 5Lydon ,i also had a dvt 5 year's ago,my mum died with the same thing shou?
if infected how long does it take for HIV to become apparent show up on a blod test
HIV biological false positive?
do you have to have your period to have a yeast infeactions?
I feel very shy to go to a gyno doctor.What to do? I need 2 have a complete body check up but i am feeling shn?
One day in town someone injected me with something sharp on my back and I was traumatised ever since?
is this an std?
Scratching tip is possible to get hiv infected?
Crabs.How do you cure crabs?is there a treatment to get rid of them all together?The S.T.D?
Rash Problem... please help.?
How much does 1 cigarette shorten your life?
Why are only people in Mexico dying of the swine flu...and hardly any elsewhere?
How to cure a really dry face?
How do you get rid of these!!?
Does anybody know of a treatment for a staph infection that does not involve antibiotics?
I have been fighting a stuffy nose and sore throat and congestion for about 3 weeks now.?
what are the risk in using hydrogen peroxide to relieve ear congestion?
a 2mm nodular opacity within the left lung base?
why and how do we get cough? can anyone please explain me?
Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology?
where can i find the best triggers for death metal...?
what is required to kill endospores?
i just had revision rhinoplasty and they had to take carlidge from my ear , i took 2 panadine forte 2hours ago?
pulmonary embolism treatment!?
What is the cause of my lung hurting? alcohol poisoning?
ankle sprain boot question???, please URGENT!!?
what happens if i don't have my toe nail?
Can a syringe to the thumb cause major problems?
severe stomach cramps after eating?? nausea?
cant wake up in the morning?
my son was injured while in Afghanistan, may have to have surgery on hip now. will he be discharged for this ?
A really quick pulse? (click for more info)?
Why did this happen all of a sudden?
Braces taken off? Teeth hurt?
Does anyone know what this sharp pain could be? please?
no feeling in crushed thumb?
Can cracking your wrist ALOT sprain it?
Leg muscle pain home remedy?
i have light brown stools the past few months along with pain in my lower right side, from the side to my back?
What is this sharp pain in my rib?
feels like theres bugs crawling on my head?
Okay so i have a really bad pain in my throat when i swallow and i havent drank anything but milk and water.?
how to make a splint for a sprained wrist tht doesnt look retarted?
how long will hydrocodone stay in your system?
Feels like my lower leg has no blood circulation, help?
Tense and painful on the right hand side of my face?
I need help, I broke my toe!!?
How can you tell when you are Anorexic?
Been on an anti-depressant for 3 weeks and I feel no change at all?
why do i feel like hurting everyone?
I don't know what to do worry obsessively?
Addicted to painkillers, can someone help?
What is wrong with me?!? PLZ HELP!?
I did something very mean. Where should I go from here?
i need help, i dont know what's wrong with me, is this normal?
Is there someone out there that will talk to me?
How can I sleep without my mind thinking of a million things?
need help figuring out where my mind is please help?
Does living at home at my age give my dad a right to call me all the time?
is this weird or normal?
I can always make other people laugh, but I rarely laugh myself. Is that weird?
how do I convert milligrams(mg) and units(iu)?
what is the function of the heart?
What is a healthy time and distance to set for a running/jogging goal for a 20-year-old with heart problems?
I will choose best answer for the one with most detail?
Do I need a TBE (tick borne encephalitis) Jab if I am going to Germany and Austria?
Will I Die With Swine Flu?
does this sound like swine flu?
will taking garlic pills stop fleas from biting me. im very allergic and so is most of my family?
Hows is a modified bird flu virus formed?
why detrmine unogold and statpak shows -ve yet DNAPCR IS +VE WITH HIV1/2?
when you have the flu, what's the best way to sound less sore when talking?
My skin is oily feels grubby on my face i use regular cleansing n toning products face scrubs..im also getting
If i was with somebody two days ago, that now has swine flu can i get it?
dog allergy - what can i get for it?
what are these symptoms?
why is your poo always a really light brown when you have diaorrhoea and sickness?
What happens to hip replacement prosthesis when a person is cremated?
why is my left hand going very cold/numb?
i have started having iron tablets but it makes my feaces black. why is this and why doe sit happen thsi way?
a non spill plastic disabled persons beaker with 2 handles want to buy?
is taking zinc good for tiredness???
My baby has green poo!?
UK: Are there any high street shops in UK that sell ADULT bibs (for elderly)?
what is a chudnut winnet?
help! Should I be worried?
tv noise when its on?
knee replacement surgery?
swine flu!?!?!?!!??!?!?
I have started taking spirulina for 3 weeks and am feeling run down, why is this?
why cant i shake this cold?
my past medical bills?
Is immunization compusorly in france for babies and kids?
when was the first cochlear implant in the UK?
any information on brettagh holt kendal lancashire was unmarried mothers home?
Are there some poeple who are immune to stds or herpies?
i shared a smoke with someone seedy and i wanna know what i could get?
I have the cold sore virus but have never had a coldsore?
does gential warts mean you are hiv+?
Anyone had a blood test recently?
i went to the beach yesterday and i think i have crabs?
I have discolouring on my left foot at the ankle?
how do i recover from having a torn ligament in neck?
has anyone been put on citalopram for acute sciatica?
my son dislocated his elbow 6 weeks ago and he still cant bend it fully straight. how long will it take .?
Does anyone know how hypoxia at birth could effect a child?
Can you recomend physios for ankle injuries in London please?
i suffered a slipped disc& had a discetomy.ive got dropped foot,and tremendous nerve pain down right leg?
Achilles again?
What can be done about a frozen shoulder?
Could someone Please tell me what they think this Stabbing Pain is?
Will a fentanyl patch highly affect pre-op anesthisia?
My chest is feeling hot, im feeling nauseous and my hands are shaky. What can this mean?
how to get rid of bad knees/knees that hurt when running, jumping?
Why do i shake when i put my head up against a wall while sitting down?
bit down on tongue and it is really numb and cannot taste?
How to get rid of middle-arm pain?
My head keeps leaning to the right?
i have a sharp pain that is in my left shoulder?
I have a sore the size of a dime on the back of my neck that wont heal, a lump under my skin just below it?
Lymph node pain!! help!?
What kind of painkillers can one take if on an aspirin regime?
I have consistent headaches. What should I do about them?
Starnge sore tingle feelin in leg ?
What could be going on with my head? (constant headaches/migrains)?
Pain at night. Please help.?
ive hurt my wrist alot this year and i need to know what i can do to help it.?
sciatic nerve pain in back of leg?
how do you get rid of toenail or fingernail fungas's?
Can your skin get dark/darker by drinking alot of coffee?
Why do some people have cold hands?
What's the name of the medication that supposedly helps acne?
ive been hospitialized with a duodenal ulcer and on pantoloc for it,will it ever be safe to drink beer again?
I hit my head so bad, knocked out for 15 hrs, strange symptons?
How do I crack my upper vertebra in my neck?
neck pain help, possible whiplash?
Help!! im in so much pain?
play volleyball with fractured thumb?
High pitch sound after hearing loud noise?
Herbal alternatives TO TREAT HOT FLUSHES cuased from menopause?
Why am i feeling different from the headies i smoked?
Can you use a ventolin inhaler past it's expiry date?
lung related issues from air bag/ car accident?
I think I have a urinary tract infection. What can I do?
Can I catch pneumonia from my husband? I'm pregnant...any help?
Do streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumonia bacteria) produce endotoxins or exotoxins?
how to get rid of a cough in a week!! please help quickly?
Smoking on Nuvaring consequences?
Is this my mucus plug?
what's causing me to cough up blood?
Is it normal for a sinus infection to cause SEVERE pain?
what are the signs of menengitus in an adult there are no purple spots visable?
insect bites gone bad?
Is it possible to get face rash from dry skin?
how do i get rid of?
has anyone tried the drug roaccutane?
Could me shaving my arms be the reason i have keratosis pilaris?
scab on my head? need help!?
I am 26 weeks preg and getting leg cramps and back cramps. What can I do to help..?
Head hurts with depressing thoughts?
What is causing my sudden abdominal pain?
can i smoke after hip surgery?
Headache and facial numbness?
Pelvic pain before peeing. HELP!!!?
should i get a massage before final exams?
Why can I pop all my joints out of place?!?! HELP!?
My elbows keep cracking when i work them out and then get sore after is this O.K?
Possible Vicodin Withdrawal?
My wrists hurt, but I definatly don't have carpal tunnel, right?
HIP SURGERY -What do you prefer, lateral or anterior incision?
Why do I feel an intense pain/pressure in my face while I am sleeping?
Severe pain under left breast by the rib cage, doesnt last long?
Im haveing a pain dont know what to do?
what can I give a 7 year old for a stomach ache?
What should you do if you are working with a dull scalpel blade?
How long should it hurt?
How can I deal with the fact that I'm growing older?
How long will withdrawal symptoms of Cipralex last?
What Happened Last night ANSWERS ASAP PLEASE!?
Have anyone took a medication called?
im worried and really scared?
Self harm story. Just a part of it. Read will you? ?
how to get over driving anxiety?
I think I am going crazy?
I wanna die daily: how do I make time go by faster?
Do you think i'm having panic attacks?
Does this mean that I am crazy?
This is kind of long, but i rly rly rly need help!? thanku=)?
I need some help with my anxiety, please help?
Why does this happen to me?
I can't call 800-suicide because i have no phone please help!?
A Maori Man I know takes two drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water every day as a cure all he is 90yr
Im goin 2 India this month wit my mum + dad, but recently heard there is a dengue fever outbreak...?
what would Cyclidine have been given to my daughter for whist in hospital?
Do you have green eyes & are they pretty?
is it possilble to block all bulk mail before its gets to the bulk folder?
how do I meet pharmaceutical dealers in africa?
If I have laser eye treatment once will I need to have it repeated in the future?
Keep 'pop' for bubbles?
Is there any websites where you can predict your future weight?
fairground ride?
My skin is getting darker, how do i make it back to normal?
i have noticalble burns on my feet and have never been able to wear nice shoes or strappy sandals.?
Does anyone know of anyone shop in Nuneaton town centre or Coventry city centre offering private flu jabs?
I have green eyes, yet one eye has a brown streak through it. Why is that?
what is good for dandruff, I've tried all kind of shampoos and nothing works? thx in advance.?
What causes my husbands nose, which is very oily to turn bluish? What could he try?
What is a good way to get rid of lice besides the shampoos and combs and shaving your hair?
sometimes my own thoughts sound too loud...migraine related?
whats good to wash your face with that wont cause acne?
I have clear fluid like bubbles on my feet, then red tiny dots form after accompanied by peeling. What is?
My daughter has been told she has OCD. She has trouble sleeping at night, bites her nails, angrey, but some da?
how to make scars go away?
What is the point in lips?
Whis is it I hardly sweat on any other part of my body but my feet?
What can cause the left side of the body to go numb, after a night out?
Are my eyes normal?
How can I get some sleep with a really bad cold?
How many hours sleep do you get-need a night.. What age group are you?
My boyfriend refuses to go to the doctor?
Any miracle cures for a virus??
NHS - What has it done for you?
Why do i still feel tired after almost 10 hours of sleep?
Should I be worried about this?
Im tired all the time and i get over 8 hours sleep per night?
how can you make yourself appear ill to get out of something?
sooth puffy eyes (bags)?
Anyone else have the same problem as me with their eyesight?
Do I need to have an STD Test?
Sedation during colonoscopy?
im 7 weeks pregnant and had the routine blood test and it showed low hep b antibodies??
Does the 3rd gardasil shot hurt?!?
how does someone with Hiv feel ,and look,andwhat symptoms occur before going on to full blown aids?
Is an HIV test after 1.5 months useless?
im scared of blood and test?
can you catch a cold sore from someone with the virus who hasn't got one at the moment?
Herpes.. do you need time off work?
Why do I get shin splints?
What is causing this pain?
Why do I have bicep and tricep pain after every workout?
i have a pain at the very tip of my right shoulder.?
the gabapentin is s helping my pain?
Sharp Shooting head pain?
Neck aches and light headed?
Weird question about my throat?
Weird muscle pain in arm?
Back pain, middle of back, just right of the spine. Kidney?
Lower back and leg cramps ?
What could be wrong with me?
I have an extremely sore shin but there's no bruise and I don't remember hitting it?
got hurt at work and they told me to rest till i feel better what can i do?
Stress Tension Headaches?
really bad head ache?
severe pain,sweating,gas...?
Do you think i have carpal tunnel?
is 100 mg darvocet the same as 5 mg hydrocodone?
i have broken my leg twice in the 15 years and seem to be having problem with my ligaments and tendens as my l
What intensity should therapeutic stabilization exercises be preformed at?
I looking people talk email/im "survivors rta carcrash/coma"?
where help penpals/im chats rta survivors north west uk?
Can i help you,im a Orthopaedic Plaster Technician in the uk any problems u have regarding plaster casts etc ?
I help/details group/info I "asphasia" caused rta car crash?
i have tendonitis in my wrists and golfers elbow any remedies?
what causes little red blood blisters?
If more oxygen enters your bloodstream each second, what happens to the oxygen reaching your muscles?
how long does the nicotine of one ciggarette take to leave the body?
I've had this dry Hacking cough for 3 years they say its acid reflux but I do not have any symptons of this.?
Can parasitic infection cause common cold?
I'm coughing up yellow stuff, what does this mean?
Swine flu and body temperature?
BBC Swine Flu Plan? what?
I cant sleep as ive got the flu (swine flu i think) + high temp?
I suffer from candida (fungal infiction)- live in rising damp?
How can I get rid of my stress?
how do i get over a depression?
How can i help someone who wants to kill themself?
Please help me somebody?
Is this some kind of medical emergency ?
Is there any support websites for teens?
What are some ways to get over depression without medication?
Does ADD or Depression effect short term memory?
I really need some help!!!!?
what would you call this condition ?
Anger issues/ depression?
when im on the computer my sight get all weird and everything seems to be bigger!! how weird lol?
Antidepressants that work best and over the counter?
help with Depersonalization disorder its dystored my life?
is my childhood gone?
My son has learning difficulties can he get into medical school?
What are the best medications for depression?
What is the phobia of rice called?
What are adolescent Residental Treatment Centers really like?
i have a really bad headache and afraid it could be a stroke or anerousm....?
Headache when I cough hard with a slight tickle in my throat?
Extreme ear pains that trigger fever, swelling, and residual pains in the throat and teeth?
Twitching in eyelid, temple, and head (above ear) should i be concerned?
Find orthopedic foot & leg braces near 90043?
Why are my teeth hurting around one side of my mouth?
What causes kidney stones?
Upper Right stomach pains..?
I'm sore everywhere an it's painful?
which is stronger lortab 5 or oxycodone 5?
IS it normal to get shocks in your head ?
Will tramadol or ultram show positive for opiates on a 10 panel drug test?
I am having chest very mild "pains"?
I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery, what exercises will help strengthen ligaments in my knee?
pins and needles in my back?
How was epilepsy viewed and treated in the 19th century, and were restraints ever used on sufferers during a f
Is there any medical evidence that pulling your fingers to make them click can give you arthiritis?
Is HIV transmission possible in this case?
I have had chlamydia 2 times n scared that i will get it again will i be able to have kids if this is true?
chlamydia and infertility...?
would a pap smear test show hiv?
what does STD stands for?
Can i get herpes before the person actually has a break out?
little bumps?
How is a guy tested for STD's and AIDS?
i have a small cut on the inside of my lip, is it safe to kiss my girlfriend?
can a stress fracture still hurt after it is healed because it doesnt hurt when i jog lightly only when i run?
Cleaner in wound. Damage?
Dislocating Shoulder Question?
I twisted my ankle should it hurt?
where abouts in the heart is blood pressure at its highest? ?
Pain in my lower left tummy and my bum is painful too? please help?
I've got this really bad headache. How can I get rid of it? I've already taken Panadol and it hasn't worked!?
Have you ever slept funny and it gave you a sore neck?
What does it mean when only 1 of your calves are hurting ?
I have a really bad pain in my right side and i have been using the bathroom. what might it be?
I am having a lot of shoulder pain after a fall?
My ear feels uncomfortable?
clogged ear what to do.?
Why is my body achy??
can i hav dinner if i take my jogging sessions in the evening?
Why does the right side of my back hurt?
is this really high pain tolerance or cipa sensitivity too pain?
Whats up with my throat?
severe crippling stomache pain, HELP!!!!!?
Neck pain?What to do?
Been feeling like theres a lump in my throat on and off daily, also been having feeling od pressure on my....?
question about my back and left clavicle?
im thinkin of having my ears pinned but it is expensive.im thinking of going abroad.is this wise .?
What is a reasonable fee to speak at a medical or social care conference?
why does skin wrinkle in the bath?
can alcohol cause epilepsy and stomach ulcers?
ways not to get jet lag?
blocked nose?
Do I need any injections if I'm going to Yogyakarta for a week?
Can someone exlplain to me what's Gluten?
Im near signted and im sick of waering glasses and contacts. i want 20/20 vison. I do i get it?
I wanna have laser epilation for my all my body--chest, legs, arms etc. Can that be harmful for my health?
How to overcome the fever (37,5°C)?
Kaolin and Morphine mixture?
i have osteoporosis and arthritis in my spin which is degeneriting i am 53 woman i am on oxycontin?
why do i keep getting 'Pins & Needles in my feet when i wake up in the mornings?
ankle replacements......?
i think i'm stopping myself from feeling unhappy because i have no reason to be?
why do people suddenly forget something?
Help me plz!!! )": I'm scared!?
Am I suffering from alcohol withdrawal?
I need advice..please help?
Anxiety disorder generalized anxiety?
I think my mom might be depressed...please help.?
I need tips on mental preparation for the new years?
trying to get back up but leaving to myself to the point of being WROTHLESS Plz can anyone give me some advice?
What do you do to help you sleep?
Anxiety related to deaths in car accidents. How can I fix this?
What are other examples of being paranoid?
how can reducing the dopamine in nerve cells cure psychiatric disorders?
What are rapidly shifting, shallow emotions?
I Think I Have Anxiety Disorder?
Someones been reading my diary?!?
Why can't I sleep now?
will a physical show if i have the disease? pls help?
what is a human toilet?
i need to know if these are an STD?
oral herpes? help! so confused?
Linen Underwear and STD?
Getting STD tested with my boyfriend?
What does conservatory in bones mean?
allergic to cats and have asthma.any solutions>?
Why does my foot make a clicking noise when I put weight on it?
Side effects of a contrast?
in europe which foundation will help to my children medical needs & education?
What can the problem be if you have a lump on your achillies heel and lumps in muscle of my neck causing stiff
Is it normal to have to wait a day for a cast/crutches after being to A&E?
help like lines on my legs?
Why do I keep getting a Red rash everytime I shave my chest?
why is sodium thiosulfate used in Treatment of smoke inhalation and/or suspected carbon monoxide exposure?
What disease do I have if my hand is a yellow-green?
I have really itchy stomach but it onlt gets itchy in the evening.no new washin powder or anythin. wat is it?
Can someone help with my snoring problem?
How do I get rid of a rash that i have got from allergoc reaction to tetracycline?
My head is numb and i need help?
Would this product work - blackheads?
I am sick and cant be sick tomorrow and friday?
If you snort 1.5 10-325 hydrocodone and swallow two, can you od?
Acneeee help!!! Quick remedy to remove it!?
i hav 3 huge spots on my face!!!!! pls help me!! ive just got rid of a allergy problem and now i'v got SPOTS!!
shortness of breath and chest pains any idea what it is ?
why does my left leg always fall asleep when i sit criss-cross-applesauce?
has anyone used Burt's Bees hand or day cream? do they work for very dry skin?
tea tree oil..?
is there any way of seeing a dermatologist without a gp referal (uk only please :)?
Back pain ever since I had my daughter...?
Help with dry heaving?
what is meant by lipoma?could it be secreted in the chest region of a male?
Eosinophilic Folliculitis?
Nipped finger in a door and...?
right arm still hurts after a injure over two year goes?
Based on my symptoms, what's going on?
Too much urine leeking and headach and pain in near utrus area ?
eeeek chicken pock's?
does bonjela get rid of the ulcer or should i dab salt on the ulcer?
Sun protecting?
What pain management clinics offer out-patient ketamine infusions for CRPS/RSD?
I have L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1 Herniation. A lot of Calcification, and Big bone spurs on two of the bones, Been in?
What is meaning of Partial sacralization of L5 vertebra seen?
What does my throat hurt?
Lower left abdominal pain?
Will TB kill my Grandmother?
Why do my insides hurt? Help!?
What are some really good home remedies for a bad crick in the neck?
I'm having trouble swallowing.?
Having extreme stomach pain?
What can I take for bone aches?
Why do I keep getting chest pains?
what investigations may be used to confirm a diagnosis of TB?
hubby has a tummy bug..?
How long does a stomach ulcer take to heal up?
Is there soap remaining when washing hands?
how can i hide scars?
is vinegar really a cure-all for just about everything?
Was this the beginning of frostbite or something else?
Hypoactive thyroid: does it mean you need more salt intake?
Acne help / tips?
Which one do you think i will have the best results for bad breakouts. Clearasil, Clean & Clear, or St.Ives?
If you are poisoned at work via chemicals, can you sue your employer for negligence?
My left ear will NOT pop! How can I cure it?
My lower back hurts when i run. I have football tryouts tomorrow. What can i do to help it?
Side hurts when i pee?
You like wake up in the morning?
Lower Back Pain...what could it be?
What is this? Shooting weird pain in left arm, maybe 6 or 7 times in the last 3 weeks.?
What else could it be other than Osgood Schlatters?
Do you my hyperacusis could get worse if i keep singing?
standing on your toes?
Can ear ache cause toothache?
What could this headache mean?
back pain, and hospital cost?
what is on my foot please help, im scared?
Why does my neck hurt so bad?
What would you like to ask?why my fingers and hands are swollen in the morning?
I have severe pain in my lower part of my back on the right hand side?
article by luckhurst on person centered standards in elderly care journal?
Free prescriptions in Wales.Can i get a prescription in England and get it dispensed at a Welsh chemist free?
Aching knees/ankles at night?
does your form of transport reflect your personality.Mine does its old, worn out,diffucult starting?
Why do my eyes always go dry?
i keep feeling light headed and slightly dizzy , whats wrong with me, thanks?
Hearing aids and how long it takes to get used to them?
I'm nearly 38 and have been told I have a cataract. Is that normal?
DR FRANK- do you have any experience of any 'alternative' therapies actually working?
where/how can I get hold of x-rays?
I have an OBSESSION in popping spots, i don't have any left.... can i pop yours?
ethical practice in healthcare?
How can i get my daugter to?
my chest hurt a bit i can feel it thumping i have been under stress?
A US Govt. worker diagnosed with a heart attack. Dr says no work x/60 days. Can he be fired from his job?
doing adderall with heart problems? ?
brownn discharge please helpp?
to those women WHO have HPV?
I have sympthoms of herpes but and did a blood test that proves i do not have it.Can the test be wrong?
can someone get an STI if they're a virgin?
can oral herpes get worse if untreated?
Does Chlamydia ruin your chances of getting pregnant natrually?
if someone has a std and another person used their eye-make up can they get an std?
if a person has had chlamydia befor can they ever get pregnent?
just wondering about herpes?
why is everyone saying that Ria has aids?
Aftermath effects of bulimia?
can not sleeping for 24 hrs reset my body clock?
How do I speak with the school counsellor about this ( Im afraid she'll just think im an attention seeker)?
I am Depressed about school what do i do?
Are there any online sites to counsel someone to break from emotional abuse?
Obsessed / addicted?! let's see....?
Can any one help me?am i mentally ill?
dose this sound bulimic to you?
Is "gender identity disorder" considered a mental illness? Do you find this term offensive?
Help, I have a strange cinnanom Addiction, don't know if it can harm me?
Am I paranoid or another disorder?
do i have a mental disoreder?
My mind gets fogged up/'heavy', and then I freeze mid-sentence: what's wrong with me?
Why can't I sleep? Grrr.?
I need help writting a song about my life experiences im trying to work on accepting myself(counselors idea)?
How to be happier in my life?
Does drinking alcohol destroy dopamine cells?
What are internal+external factors affecting nursing profession?
where can i find a table or graft on kidney failure in the UK over the last 10 years?
Are there any long term effects of getting 'pins and needles' too often?
BEHCETS Syndrome?
Could I possibly have asthma?
An injured athlete presents with the following vital signs: BP 78/60, pulse 110, and respiration 24. what is y?
is rotocap inhaler is safe for children aged 7 during cough.?
im having heart an chest problems?
Where can I find free Nicoderm patches?
How to get rid of a wart on my hand?
is psoriasis an autoimmune disease?
Why its my breast pain and when i touch its pain tell me why?
achilles tendon pain?
A friend with a sharp pain?
heavy bleeding, and pain on my right?
What is the difference between arthritis and arthralgia?
I have 325 mg hydrocodone. I'm pretty sure that's what the bottle says. Is that a lot?
What do i do about this back pain?
how much ib profen should a 12 year old take?
I noticed I started to have heartburn after dinner for 3 days. Why is that? Today, I felt sick after dinner?
Im a guy...Sharp pain in bellybutton when I move, Lasts for about an hour then goes away. Help. ?
Is it possible to break your foot right after sprainging it?
Does doing perks make that person jaw go?
pains under ribs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
Knee problems ? Need a good opinion on what to do ?
Y do I always have fluffy ball things in my bellybutton?
Got the shot Monday, its Thursday and I have pain in my arm pit. Is this normal?
Just under my left ear is alot of pain once touched or pressed?
I have been feeling very lonley and depressed am I emo I seem to enjoy the feeling of pain should I see a doc?
How long is it after a very serious dead leg that you should stop ice and compression and begin stretching?
recently got over a slipped disc, then i started gettting headaches and migraines everyday for weeks,?
Has anyone had 2 ACL reconstructions on the same knee?
Don't you think it is really fantastic news that a Bionic arm has been given to an?
What is Crips Injuries-Broken Arms?
Health/Injuries-Broken ArmCrips?
high esr level?
posterior tibial osteotomy ?
My ears seem to be blocked as if they are full of water?
what helps cramping calves?
Side effects of numbing shot?
Something is wrong with my wrist but I'm not sure what?
please help im in pain :(?
I have a real bad pain under my 6th rib going down. Hurts when i breath caugh sneeze, what is it?
What does it mean when my knees hurt when i bend down?
i take up 2 20 exedrin a day how bad is that?
What kind of exercises can you do with an inflamed knee cartilage? (chondromalacia)?
Could you give me an answer please im in pain?
Very painful, help me please?
Please Help With Chest Pressure..?
Is my toe broken or just badly hurt ?
Whats wrong with my ear?
Is it ok to soak my gauges in rubbing alcohol?
Legs hurting! is this normal for the flu?
can you imagine pain or make it worse?
My wrists and joints in my fingers hurt really bad (possible carpel tunnel)?
can you get an std or anything related by sitting on a dirty toilet seat?
Determine Herpes By Just Looking?
Will the HIV transmit Through Recycled water usage?
how do doctors test for cylamidia?
Can you get an std by drinkin off someones pop?
can u have clymidia 4 4yrs? dis is wen my partner cheated on me.i now have it and i DID NOT cheat on him.?
My Dr. said that i have a blocked fallopian tube and that there is no surgery to fix it. is it true?
what is the root cause of PID's(Pelvic inflamatory disease)and could it be cured when it become chronic?
do find humor in intentionally giving people herpes?
Would the doctor's office ask me to come in right away if I'm HIV positive?
I know someone that was born blind. It has since been found out that they have a two problems with their eyes
Are there any neurologists out there? Perverted temperature perception in MS?
Pinal idle sinus?
Turrets or bipolar ? ?
Well i was anorexic...still underweight but now im binge eating!!! help?
How can I be more grateful?
Can't remember if I took my dose of wellbutrin?
Why would a medication such as Xanax cause nightmares when you take it before going to sleep?
identity crisis pleas help(re-posted)?
A little irritability on SSRI....?
Depression is getting worse?
Do i need mental help – take 2?
Why does my memory feel cloudy?
16 and may have a drug issue?!?
Cant stop thinking about anxiety?
have i developed an eating disorder?
Lexapro Zombie???????????
Do I have a mental disease?
What is going on with me?
I am kind of nervous?
i have a red spot kinda thing on my nose - cover up?
Why do fingernails fall off?
Does anyone have any alopecia experiences?
How do spots occur?
how mutch is pin worm medication?
why do we only get spots on our faces?
Is it OK to eat mushrooms picked in a field when the horses in the field have ringworm?
I have been on co-cyprindiol (or 'the pill') for almost 6 months now, to treat my adult acne, but in vain! :(
acne problem, help!?
i keep sweating...?
genetic bumps?
freckle on my bottom lip?
Why are The spots on my face filled with water?
Mole removal scar?
any good (and effective) ways of getting rid of spots?
recovery period after treatment for cerebral anuyrism (sp?)?
What can be done to treat food poisoning?
why is medication taken in different ways?
Feeling down?
Ear Pain help?
describe the factors that may influence the equality of opportunities of individuals.?
thank you so much for your support?
head rushes and aches and pains?
Pain relief from sinusitis?
need COSH details for house hold products?
any one knows anything about several calcifed lymph nodes in lower chest area?
Does lifting weights, benchpress etc stunt your growth???? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Why don't eyelids poke your eyes out?
I am on Prozac?
Upper chest pain in 17 year old girl?
my cat starts wheezing, then coughs and breathes real heavy. He does this about every hour. Can you help me?
Does stress cause illness?
Anyone suffer from Meiner's disease? How do you deal with the attacks? Does Meclyzine help?
albutoral replaced by spirvia ok for bronchitis ?
Help!! I can't breathe properly?
Cause for worry over my pet potentially having a collapsed trachea!?
why cant i wake up proply?
Cold Help Please NOW?
would hydrogen peroxide kill a verruca /?
what does having Hepatitis C virus antibody (anti HCV) mean?
has anyone had a cold with toothache is it a virus ?
Is anyone else going through gallstones symptoms at the moment?
Flu jab question please?
Would a virus make you............?
incidental abnormality?
How do you get rid of bladder infection?
Could having chicken pox a few months ago contributed to my weight gain?
Why is the medical name for swine flu, h1n1. What does h1n1 refer to or stands for.?
when does someone with strep b need to go to hospital is it when mucus plug goes or when waters break?
Can you make me a one week staff rota for members of staff in a care house?
I have a runny nose and a cough its worse at night do i have swine flu or not?
Buy oxycodone in Italy?
Pressure headache, not sure whats wrong?
What is wrong, inside?
Why do my legs ache, never have before?
Why can't i move my arm?
My neck pops when I turn that way?
Pain on right side of chest?
How to NOT swing my hips when i walk?
Should I get my thumb looked at?
Is there anything I can do while I'm getting my helix pierced to reduce the pain?
Hand gets cold plus pain?
my finger stays curved and has stayed swollen for a couple weeks whats wrong with it it doesn't hurt a lot?
The back of my right eye hurts?
My eye hurts and is red..?
My throat feels cloughed up?!?
Why would a surgeon remove a perfectly healthy appendix?
how do i improve my posture?
Does a spinal block hurt?
why does it feel like im being stabbed in the ribs?
How long can i use hydrocortizone cream on my 8 month baby's legs?
hiv concerns for false negatives?
lip piercing infection?
Potential risk of HIV/AIDS?
what are the syptums of puberty?
aids show up in a pap smear? more to flollow///?
If i have an std can i get cured if i found out i am pregnant? will my baby be healthy?
How is the green monkey related to Aids in Africa?
what can i do to stop having cold sweats all the time please can some one help?
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency can this be common in rottweilers?
Why are thyroid problems a contraindication of massage?
Has anyone had Guillain-barre syndrome? How long was it before you could walk again?
sinus surgery?
Ruptured tendon rehab?
Has anyone had an triple fusion operation in there late 30's?
I am trying to get free medical help for a refugee child in Cairo Egypt?
cousin hit by bullet?
How can I get Medical Help for my cousin?
I am doing makeup on a film and need to create a head wound from a car crash. How would it be stitched?
Does any one know how many people have broken bones or sprained ankles by slipping on conkers?
when was the first BSc physiotherpy degree introduced?
Sprained ankle!!!?? Help plz?
how to tell if my wrist is broken?
headache/ eye pain, what could it be?
i have pain in my neck and middle of back. coughing and lots of drainage. what could be happening? i?
Headache lasting more than four days,chills,body aches, shaking, soar throat and muscle spazzims.?
My hip hurts after running? Please help!!? 10 points(: ?
Is there anything you can do for 'chill blains'?
Pain on left side of chest?
Right jaw pains, help!?
excruciating migraines. doctors can't seem to help. what can it be?
How to get rid of stomach ache from taking too much medicine?
What's wrong with my head?
i get this pain in my side near my appendix?
I am having a hard time feeling the left side of my face...?
whats wrong with my wife?
Why do I have a lump feeling in my throat all of the time?
I m drinking Pepsi 4- 5 /day frm 150 Days;wat wod have affectd my body n also wen pressed my left rib pains?
Why does my Neck pain after i do push ups?
Why do my wrists feel uncomfortable if I bend them?
what should i not do to stop my knees from making squeaky noise?
pain relief from arthritis without medication ideas anyone?
pain relief for arthritis looking for natural?
why does my left eye hurt? :(?
Am I having a stroke?
Why would someone worry about what they eat and not worry about who they sleep with?
how long will it take for you to get an appointment with a phycharistrisrt. about bipolar?
I got my ear pierced about a week and a half ago. I cant tell if it is infected or not.?
What chemicals are in cigarettes?
How can I feel clean right after workign with fast food..besides showering..any "on the go" cleaning up ideas?
What is it called when someone is decapitated from the inside?
eyebrow pericing? can i take it outt?
How do i stop scratching my nose?
my uncle had AIDS and I am finding it tough to get over?
What exactly does the term 'Notification' mean in referring to STI/STD?
i have saliva drug test on the 16 i urine drug tested myself yesterday nd failed for pot its been 3 WEEKS THO
If a female had hpv for 8 years can it still be detected with an hpv dna test? No high risk hpv detected.?
How much do the antibiotics for the Chlamydia treatment cost?
ahhhhhh THRUSH!!!!!?
help! so paranoid I caught herpes off my friend through a drink..?
What are the first warning sysmptoms that somebody could have contracted a STD / AIDS ?
is albuterol and pulmicrot the same as salmetrol and propionato de fluticasona ?
What are a tobaccos? Are bad?
Why am I so out of breath?
panic attack/ anxiety help and information.?
dissy,loss of sight and loud ringing...is this weird?
Why did my cold get a little worse after I exercised?
Can anyone tell me the experiences you have when using a cpap machine? good or bad?
can i get ssi for my son who has asthma?
i went to the doctors, what does this mean?
how does MUCINEX work?
How soon after a fundopliction operation will I be able to eat properly?
why do some people get spots on their back?
i have lost all the fat under my skin..how can i put it back.?
I am having trouble sleeping.?
do anti-biotics increase hunger?
Anybody with a squint/lazy eye had laser eye surgery?
i was on cipralex 10mg my doctor has now changed to cipalopram 20 mg what is the differance?
Foot cramps!?
does cracking your bones really cause athritis?
How do I get rid of a cut in my nose?
well its national so smoking day tmoz 14th,will u stop for the day, or are u going to try and give up any tips
why did my mind think someone was hurrying me?
Weird anxiety problem?
im seeing stuff and i know its weird!?
How can I cover the bill of the ER if I went in for mental health issues?
what should i eat in breakfast before the maths exam then business studies AS lvl on same day?
How to quit laughing at every single comment?
Can the suicide hotline trace a cell phone?
How can I ask my parents if I can go to therapy?
Zoloft, ativan paxil didnt work?
I've been feeling really down for awhile. How can I turn this around?
I'm home alone and freaking out because I keep hearing noises!?!?!?!?
Severe general anxiety disorder?
I think im addicited?
Do I have an eating disorder?
HOw is a colorblindness diagnosis?
How can I help deal with a suicidal world?
Clinic Skin Care?
Can someone please tell me whats wrong with my knee?
Feeling down for a while?
Pains on the side of the abdomin!!!!?
HELP unexplained aches in chest, anyone relate?
What is wrong with my body?
Sometimes i get really dizzy and after i get a slight headache. What can cause this to happen?
Sharp Pain In Throat!!!?
Chest pain on the left side?
Why am I having pain where my diaphragm is?
Why has my wrist been hurting all day !?
Will you have side effects taking fentanyl with lyrica?
How do I do a six o'clock if im hyperextended?
What is a good way to get rid of sore muscles?
Got spacers 30 minutes ago... What kind of pain am i in for?
would u die if you swallow a razor blade?
My lower back hurts :( quick fix?
Fluttering and pain on upper right side... ?
does getting a physical Hurt?
what causes wrist and finger cramping?
My upper abdomen feels bloated and full, I'm constipated, short of breath, light headed. ?
is not alot of sleep bad for you?
im not being funny-but why is poo brown?
Theres something wrong with me! i dont want to go to the docs! Symptoms:.....?
Do many of you out there need to have Vitamin B12 injections periodically?
How do you get sick like, overnight? I just woke up with a tickly...?
Why do we feel more cold when we are sleeping?
what is phlebitis?
I met someone who has a wart looking thing on their lip should I get involved with them?
i need to know,why my boyfriend was negative and i was postive?
How long does it take to know your STD testing results?
pains from fingering?
How many STD's are there?
how long does monistat 1 take to work?
does blood test check for hiv?
cOld SorE???
my boyfriend and i have herpes?
My heart, whats wrong?!?
I inhaled Calcium Hypochlorite?
i have been having sleep problems?
Strange Coughing. What could this be?
Had A Change On Your Lung?
I have a cold with a pain in my chest?
Is there a chance i could have swine flu ?!?
help with cellulitis question?
Was swine flu in the UK in early April?
H1N1 do hand gel works?explain plz?
My 7month old has swine flu, her chesty cough has changed and is now very tight sounding - is it getting worse?
Buccastem tablets for anti sickness?
Why Memory Is Going Down Day By Day !!?
I need to go to sleep but I cant?
Feel a bit lost in life, can you help me?
Is this Anxiety, Paranoia, Depression etc.?
Why do I feel so horrible?
Running away at 15 yrs old?
why cant i remember my childhood?
How can I help my girlfriend?
Whats going to happen when I go to the doctors for cutting myself?
is this depression? ?
Is this some kind of phobia?
I am feeling sad for no reason and i don't know why. HELP!?
do electric cigeret hurt or help u?
do you need a superscription to by pain killers?
What are some good lies?
How to cure OCD, Depression, and Bipolar.?
Bruise like pain but no bruise?
How to get rid of a Migraine?
dose the meningitis shot hurt more than the hepititis shot?
Memory loss ?????????????
How do SSRI's prevent panic attacks?
I can't talk to people is it because of my depression?
Can you throw up from fear/stress/being upset, without having nausea first?
i cut myself and i hate most things in my life but i dont have depression, why did i do it?
burning in left hand and numbness - what could that be?
My hands are freezing then suddenly start burning?
My dad's left index finger has a vein that is swollen out and it was painful 2 days back and today.So worried.?
I have a runnie nose and my thoreat hurts what can I take ?
what causes appendicitis?
Why do we need knees?
Did i bruise my lung?
I have developed a knot on the inside of my wrist?
My rhomboids give me trouble. Should I get an electric toothbrush?
What can I do to help my bad back?
What is the organ that is on your left side, in between the ribs and hip?
has anyone else prolapsed before?
why do my feet hurt when i wake up?
Why does my rib breastbone hurt if I touch it or if something comes in contact w/ it?
Weird stomach Pain, painful to breath and move...live?
why is it that although I am allergic to wheat, I can eat couscous with no effects whatsoever??
i get regular nose bleeds and have been going on for years can anywun tell me what to do!?
Can a GP work in a practice and in a hospital also?
where can i get a tattoo ????
i lost three fingers from my right hand, is there a solution?
is it common 4 young people (16-25)to have a thyroid problem?
Help----head cold!!!!?
I have been told that there is a small amount of plastic in all shampoo. Is this true? as I'm allergic.?
Got what I think may be a wart on my face near my temple/eye. Whats the best thing to get rid of it?
Hi, i have constitutional disc dehydration, what does it mean?
is smoking self harm? as bad as cutting or worse?
Free Driving lessons?
What's the most secure chastity belt? Male and female?
If you could grow a spare body part what would it be and where would you want it?
Is the cat's meow in Hemingway home?
can someone help me with a few medical questions?
When nerves regenerate, are muscles affected. Can it cause tightness burning, and strange sensations.?
What blood tests are done for kidney and liver functions?
Does anyone else have scoliosis and get neck, head and back pain?
Post viral fatigue syndrome! any tips please,?
Why does your sense of taste and smell go when you have a cold?
can one buy liquid nitrogen in small quantities?
Is there a way to train your abs by isolating your neck?
I had a car accident just over 3 years ago and following this i couln't move or feel the right side of my body
I have bruised the sole of my foot, how can I help it recover quicker? obviously apart from resting it?
i fractured the 5th metatarsal in my foot and the plaster is due to be taken off on weds 18/10 - how long...?
How long does it take for tissue damage to get better?
how long do i have to wait to find out if my broken 5th metatarsal needs an op, its was displaced 2/9/06?
looking for chemists open on sundays in nwlondon?
What can I do for my dry feet?
Someway to stop fingertips from splitting on females hands?
I am wondering if anyone has tried Acai berries and Noni fruit to prevent the recurrence of cancer?
if i am black how can i get brown skin back again?
What might happen to the frequency of the Sickle-cell gene if malaria were eliminated in Africa? Why?
Cleaning Up Acne?
Care to share?Just diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.Hurts like crazy.Anyone else?
cramping and pain on left side?
What colour are fever blisters for cold sores on the face/ lips and how long its takes to open up?
Very painful kinked neck?
Can antibodies and antigen from the blood specimen vanish if taken more than 15 days ago?
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome do you deserve a compensation package ?
My whole body itches...what could be be?
Why do i keep swelling?
My brother is having chest pain...?
Still missing one thing?
My caves are always in pain?
what causes chronic muscle pain?
13 years old and back pain?
plz help!!! over the last few weeks i have ben having these really bad ear-aches, it seems to get worse at?
My knee hurts really bad!?
Can the women partner have "trick" but the male partner not have it?
is there a posibility of making HIV?AIDS to infect the human race through the air?
Concussion or headache?? please help!?
What could the pain in my thumb be?
What are the chances that I've contracted oral herpes from a woman with a noticable cold sore?
What causes dull pain in foot?
Small White Oval Pill With A Triangle like Image On One End And An M On The Other?
my neck hurts when i read, what can i do to prevent it?
I felt sick after my workout?
Left side of face from top of eye to top left teeth feels like i got a bad Novocaine shot?
Why does starvation give you a headache and stomach ache?
How long can HIV survive inside a hollow bore needle?
Is there something wrong with me and my discharge?
correlate the electrical component to what is seen on an EKG?
after three glasses of wine does this sound like i have been spiked?
I'm severely depressed and I can't afford a therapist or anything and I have no clue what to do?
Frustrating life. How to deal with stress and depression?
I think I'm obsessive, but what kind?
How do I know if I have addiction problems?
do i have ocd? because im not sure?
could certain anti psychotic medications be used in the treatment of alcoholism?
My mother having conversations with herself?
I am seeing a Psycoligist or something today and?
if i kill myself, will i wake up?
just about to give up?
Is not wanting anything bad for you?
Psychological Disorder?
can a bad childhood cause sever depression?
I'm 17 and I feel like my life is ending ... Like I dont have much time left .. Please help me!?
Do I have ADD?????????????????????
my girlfriend has depression, help me?
I have an urgent question to people who suffered or are suffering from sever anxiety?
What is the worst part of having an anxiety disorder?
I feel like I am depressed or have some type of personality disorder but don't know for sure. ?
does anyone have M.E/CFS?
my son -in law suffers from frequent bouts of tonsillitis. When he went to the GP with the same symtoms?
lots of symptoms?
my husband gets chest pain with numbness in his leg and hand?
this rash on my neck is bad... Its causing neck pain... I dont understand why... Any suggestions?? Wish i had?
why does my sister like squishing balloon with her bare feet?
My vein almost poped?
Cure or any remedy for interstitial cystitis?
sore throat, difficulty breathing, irration when swallowing?
bone and joint pain!?
Leg pains?Nerves?please help!?
My first time smoking a legal herb.?
Help! My ear won't stop ringing!?
Slight fever and bloated and sore throat?
why does it take so long to get seen at the Er?
Sore arm after breaking it?
strange throbbing pain in neck?
Question about headaches...?
best way to stop taking pain medication?
Strange Stoughmach Pains?
Excruciating earache for about 2 and a half years now ;/?
Help, pain in neck, top of shoulder and back normal after rotator cuff surgery?
Anyone know about throat problems?
can i still fill this medication?
Cigarette smell removal.?
My body hurt so much what can I do?
Am I sick? Or.. What Else?
bronchopneumonia is linked to TB?
sleep apnea in 3yr old?
Reason for Hip Joint Pain?
Headache experts! Help!?