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Alties: If you had cancer, would you really see a homeopath?
Can teenagers take Vitamin B6 as a daily supplement?
Is it uncommon to NOT use Novocaine when you get a cavity filled?
Youtube Hypnosis Vid?
For the past two or three days my heart has been racing for no reason. What could this be from?
Been having chest pains, mainly around where my heart is what's wrong?
Are skipped beats normal?
Autospy?? Cause of death?
what is the benefit of taking the cbc test before any operation i need a full details not copy and paste?
Do you ever feel like there is something "more" out there for your life?
How long is too long to take off from work for "Depression"?
What causes Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
Is it possible to be alergic to chlorine?
Will my health be affected if i ate instant noodles everyday?
Ever gotten so high from weed, that you threw up?
What can I do?
Numbness is my left hand?
what could it be if like your chest bones are popping out?
When I breathe I have a sharp stabbing pain on the left side middle of my back?
why have i been having a killer headache for over 3 days?
How can you tell if the herpe is fully gone?
My boyfriend's acne is bad and I feel bad...?
I have a dobutamine echocardiogram stress test scheduled for 8am and dumbly drank about 6 oz of diet coke?
Has anyone tried the OTC medicine Profiderall? I read it's like an OTC Adderall?
How long did you have braces for? If you had/have them?
How can I Stop SNOT from getting out of my nose?!?
What are you allergic to?
Will taking Vitamin C lessen my allergies to dusts?
Are Booklights good for your eyes?
what vision does eye glasses give you?
If I do the following things, will my vision get better?
Does vision get worse as you age? I never used glasses but now Im noticing that my right eye vision is blurry?
Should I avoid cheese, as well?
Does the burning of fat storage in our belly occur 'during' exercise or 'after' exercise?
how do you get your period back after weight loss?
How to lose fat around my stomach.?
two year busted inside lip- swelling and a bubble?
If I have a high TSH count, will I get thyroid cancer?
bronchitis and smoking?
is there a magazine for cancer research and new discoveries in that field?
how many people died from cancer in india in everyday?
Why is my arm sore after i got a SHOT?
My dad retired two years ago and has kept fit by walking five miles every day. Does anyone know where he is?
can you catch herpes if someone is taking valtrex?
if cardiologist says "interatrial septum is a little redundant and mobile" what does this mean?
Mild chest and side pains. Worth seeing a doctor?
I thought I had a heart attack and went to the ER the next day and he said....?
If vaccines don't work, how did polio become eradicated?
what is the proposed cure of flu?
the reason im being a fanatic about eye color.?
Saggy skin?
How To Get WashBoard Abs?
Whats the easiest way to make yourself throw up?
Poll What is the best fruits and veggies to start a detox with?
What are your best home remedies for a sore throat?
Why is it so many people don't believe in natural supplements?
Has anyone ever taken the antibitic Clindamycin?
I have a wisdom tooth problem...?
brushing teeth with charcoal take away the enamel?
When having a bad, what do you do to cheer youself up?
Is there a direct relationship between pollution and occurence of cancer?
PLEASE HELP! temperature problem!! thank yoU!?
How do blind people know when they are done wiping their *** after relieving their bowels? ?
exactly what is "swagger"?
How do girraffes do it?
Im cold, im hot, im cold, im still cold, now im freezing!?
Men's testosterone ???????
Why do I continually wake up at 3am every night regardless of when I went to bed?
Why does your stomach growl?
Blood pressure question?
Everytime I eat I get a stomach ache?
How long should I be on a Gluten Free Diet before I know if it is helping?
Are african americans (blacks) more or less susceptible to getting cold sores and why?
Is it safe to put toothpaste on my skin for blackheads?
Pls help. Lately i have been having severe itching and cracked skin on my groin, armpits and back of my ears.?
How do you get rid of a Callus on your palm?
Does anyone know of a Psoriasis Support group?
what are the benefits of putting honey on my face each night?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
I quit smoking cigarettes 2 days ago is this normal?
this is alot interesting than blogging............What's everyone opinion of the US health care system?
Is a trip to the ER for a UTI or bladder infection expensive?
How does the use of the dietary FullBar affect weightloss? etc.?
Do any of the weight loss pills(lipodrene, trimspa, etc) actually work?
How to lose weight FAST?
How much do I look like I weight?
What's wrong with my nose?
Could mold make me and my family sick?
what happened to perioconcepts.com?
Do the doctors put you to sleep for putting the braces on?
im having trouble with pulmonary arterial hyertenison ?
Why does the body attack itself in autoimmune diseases?
what color do you think her eyes?
My left eye stings whenever I touch it?
Has anyone tried circle lens?
When reading or on the computer, my vision separates... why is that?
What's the cheapest way to buy new glasses/lenses?
Is there an affordable substitute for Flonase?
constant bloody nose?
My best friend is gay and is just starting to date a man that is hiv positive, Should I be worried?
how many people died from aids since its discovery in 1984?
I haven't slept all night...?
how long does it take the average person to fall asleep?
Is there a way out of getting an autopsy?
i need to go to sleep faster?
How is this girl not dead?
Have you ever felt pain somewhere in your body (old muscle pains) when you are going through mental anguish?
restless leg syndrome?
Why do I get drunk on certain things quicker than others?
What types of foods prevent a migraine headache?
is this skin cancer?!?
how could gene therapy discoveries affect me?
What happens if you need tamiflu, have no insurance and can't afford it?
Do I have a fever? Or not?
symptoms of chromes disease?
Which one is the correct term for swine flu?
asymtomatic Aortic Aneurysm wrong diagnosis?
how frequently echocardiogram should be done?
What do the numbers of my blood pressure mean?
Pace maker & Pregnancy?
I have one blocked artery in my heart Left Anterior Descending Artery?
what do the valve in the heart do? and the function of it?
Could I be allergic to alcohol or alcohol intolerant?
Eden pure air purifier?
Mederma is making me itch! Can I return it to Target?
ear piercing?
Contacts Lenses Eye Infection....?
How can I make my vision stop getting worse?
I lost my glasses reading kind?
how can I lose 30-40 pounds during the summer?
How to loose weight for a kid?
How can you make yourself throw up?
How long after a meal should hunger return?
What kind of foods raise your metabolism?
please help me im freaking out...?
Does HIV Cause AIDS?.. or does the medication to treat HIV cause AIDS?
I was sharing a cig. with a friend of min. when i noticed he had some sort of sore/scab on his lip ...?
Can sinus congestion cause tooth problems?
do teeth have a form of skin?
How do you know when you are allergic to wheat, what are the signs, i think my son is?
why do i have a weird smell in my nose?
Is Knowlingly Giving Someone Aids a Crime?
what would injecting stem cells in an hiv infected person?
could this sore be syphilis?
How can I ask him if he has herpes? I found some ZOVIRAX (acyclovir) on his night stand.?
Will I become allergic to my new dog?
my eye has been very red for two day yesterday it was really light sensitive?
yasmin for acne??????????
A red mark in my eye for 7 years?
can you overdose by taking adderall, caffeine & marijuana ? without having add/adhd ?
What is the difference between percocet and vicodin?
if im legally blind and wear glasses what are the chances of me becoming blind by the age of 30?
why did my job tell me to fast before a drug test?
After surgery my heartbeat has been fast?
GUYS ONLY!! what is going on with my BF??...?
health poem?
how to get my abbs to show?
your thoughts about the Cambridge Diet?
i plan on losing 28 lbs by this summer for my senior pics...any good diets that wont kill me by June???
How do I get into the right mindset to lose weight? So that I don't give up? Besides just wanting it.?
Does it hurt to get your braces off?
What causes your foot/hand to fall asleep?
please help me my thorat has been feeling like this all day :(?
Why am I having an icy/hot/numb feeling on the outside of my right thigh, with stabbing pain every now & then?
How do I pop my ears?
Swollen throat - EXTREMELY painful?
Occipital Lobe Pain?
I need to stop my runny nose?
allergic reaction flair up how long after eating item?
Is there a medication other than prednisone you can take for hives?
Is there any weight loss pill that will help out with regular workout to loosing weight quicker?
What effects does high fructose corn syrup have on the body and why is it bad for you?
i am 195lbs and i want to reduce 90lbs how long will it take for me to reduce?
How can I get a better health with fat?
My dog seems to have hurt his neck severely..?
Why can't you hear yourself 'snore' ?
i think i have swine flu??? argh!?
Question about bed bugs?
Does lyme disease ever go away?
swine flu, why are tourists the main victims ?
The best way to be comfortable when your home sick with the flu?
Is a scab made of dead or live cells?
Are you paranoid when it comes to having serious symptoms?
How do you ask your girlfriend if she has a std without offending her? And can you tell if she does or not?
What's your favourite essential oil?
what is the strongest Ionic foot Detox bath machine for in home ,spa & professional use?
Does anyone know the recipe to dissolve kidney stones?
Can you be allergic to Peaches?
how do i get a prescription for promethazine with codeine cough syrup?
What is a good remedy for allergies during the pollen season?
What's the meaning of the word Waddells?And the word somatizing?
Is it safe to eat poo?
how many calories should a 5'2 woman eat per day if trying to lose weight?
please help with this?
How to loose 5 kg (10lb)?
why does crying relieve pain?
What is the best way to sleep with back pain?
my baby tooth is still in my gums and it needs to be taken out with braces..?
How can I get whiter teeth?
What can i do to improve?
I'm using this forum to stay awake after finishing night shift but am getting more delirious?
Constant buildup of phlegm???
What is a Liver workup?
I NEED A DIAGNOSIS!! or what it might be..?
Can anyone recommend a really good dermatologist in NY (Manhattan and surrounding boroughs)?
Please HELP....I just stopped SMOKING..?
How can I get nice abs six pack?
What happens if a fat guy does ab exercises?
In 2011 calorie counts will be on menu boards. When will this go into effect?
how can i get a flat belly and lose 10-15 lbs in one month?
red spots appearing and quickly HELP?
Son has food allergy to eggs. What can use as a substitute for Mayonnaise which are made with eggs?
Unexplained blocked sinus?
What happens if you eat toilet paper?
Why does my arm shake when I eat dirt?
What is worse weed or cigarettes?
fasting glucose test?
I have that not so fresh feeling! WHAT DO I DO?!?
what's the best thing to do if you have a fever?
why do your muscles get bigger when you workout?
I have diabetes and like to weight train. I have been looking at Animalpaks (vitamins)?
How can I get my nose unstuffed?
How effective is cortizone 10?
Age restrictions for eye contacts?
Do these contacts look natural on black eyes?
one eye is sooo different than the other what should i do?
Is it bad to get contacts at an early age?
fake contacts? real contacts price?
What might be the cause of watery eyes, obscured vision, irritation, and redness?
What does it mean when you see purple sparkles? Is that related to the Chakras?
OWW OWW, INTENSE pain in my stomach/abdomen!!! wtf is this?!?
Why do I keep having headache on sunny days and after studying?
I have to get a TB skin test, does it hurt? how big are the needles? will i feel the pain of the needle?
Hip pain when walking/standing?
how do i get rid of warts in my neck ????
Sunburned Skin?
Best way to treat a really bad sunburn is?
Why do people pick their nose?
what are 3 possible cancer treatment, their risks benefits.?
what kind of pain can i expect with lymphoma and lymphoma treatment ?
Has anyone had a TRAM flap surgery for breast reconstruction?
need help with a topic for a research paper. cancer.?
What are some famous that have spina bifida?
Will added aspirin therapy cure me of my Factor Five Leyden; genetic blood disorder?
Why it is told that one has to stop watching TV one and half hours before we go to sleep?
How much caffeine a day is too much?
When do I take fish oil pills? Pros, Cons?
How to lose weight fast and healthily?
How to lose belly fat in a week?
how do i lose weight healthily but fast at the same time?
Is Anorexia My Way Out?
i'm 11 years old i'm aloud to wear contact lenses?
glasses issue :( please help?
It is only when the Type A personality exhibits __________ and anger that the risk for having a heart attack i?
low iron high erythropoietin level?
A drug that speeds you up by raising your heart rate and blood pressure?
can blood test shows if I have heart problems?
how do you get rid of T.H.C. inyour system?
How can i control my appetite?
How to loose baby belly fat?
Is ALLI weight loss tablets really safe and effective in loosing weight?
what's a quick way to lose weight?
Describe the factors that induce transmission of the HIV virus from mother to her baby and how does breastfeed
what is anthrax? What is all of this talk about it about??
Sanitation of vet clinic/cafeteria?
I have a Granddaughter that has a raw mouth, rash on stomach, runnin a high fever. What could this be?
what happens if i caught an untreatable foreign Infectious disease? What will the USA do?
I'm having problems breathing, and I have the symptoms of pneumonia, but my parents don't think I have it.?
I have TB positive, but x-ray negative. Do I need Isoniazid /INH/?
Which brand/kind of toothpaste do you use to keep your teeth white, shiny and pearly?
Is it okay to smoke with mouth stitches?
how do i remove my own braces?
is there hope left for me?
Help! My leg muscles are so sore that I can barely walk!?
a pain in my arm pit!?!?!?
How do you get rid of the burn from capsaicin?
What's Wrong With My Dad's Eyes?
whats wrong with my eye? is this normal?
Do Not Wish to Donate Eyes?
Help Eye Sight Problem?
Dry eyes sufferers - what are your symptoms?
My heart hurts when I breathe?
how long does it take for holter monitor results?
how is the heart beat regulated?
Can I buy health insurance, use it, and then cancel it?
Deodorant makes my armpits itch and hurt?
I have an acne problem. And I wash my face twice a day. But my face gets really oily. Should I leave it oily?
How do i get rid of dry skin on my face?
How to fix dry skin that burns?
Im sick and I have a bitter taste in my mouth. How do i cure this.?
Are there some vitamins you can take, or like certain foods you can eat to clear up your skin?
Can olive leaf extract effect your moods or personality?
how to earn money for my friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.?
Whats wrong with you if on testical is soft and the other is larger and tougher, but no pain?
When I go abroad, how come I don't get hayfever?
xanax or valium?
Sometimes i get a sharp pain on the back of my eye, why?
is there a link between low blood pressure and always being hot?
what causes low blood pressure?
can coughing damage your heart?
What does it mean if my chest gets tight and it is hard to breathe?
Is 111/61 a good blood pressure?
how do you make your thighs thinner?
Is the best time to exercise...?
Has the holiday food already started weight gain and increasing clothing size?
What can I have for breakfast that's healthy?
What to do when your best friends have bulimia, anorexia, and cuts themselves?
marijuana need help fast please?
Why do gallstones cause sweating?
How to become an Insomniac?
Do braces hurt!?! Like what do they do?! :D?
How can i get my voice back?
Come and help people to stop smoking?
help with medical mystery?
Which cold/flu medication is safe for heart, cardiovascular system and brain?
how long do bladder infections typically last?
plz help me google or whatever you can about magnesium oxide poisoning and how to stop the diarrhea that comes
What are the signs or symptons of being Anemic?
flu?? Massive headache, neasia/vomiting, chills, stiff neck?
A question about Malaria and Mosquitoes...?
Is there a supplement for a person low in Potassium ?
Where can I get some sleeping pills?
is it illegal to snort cocaine off your dashboard, while driving 100 mph down the interstate?
Do the Bio Magnetic Bracelets work?
PLEASE ANSWER;; how do you get a flat stomachh?
I'm going to the doctors on Friday?
Does losing weight get harder the thinner you get?
Go from jean size 9 to 7 in 5 weeks?
How much time on a treadmill a day?
Does not getting anti-glare affect what i see?
I need new glasses what features should i look for in buying new lenses?
What causes a person to be blind in one eye?
Plano for bad vision? On contacts.?
Any experience with Byetta along with...?
Could I be at risk for diabetes?
Why does this happen?
Can an aortic aneurysm be seen on a routine echocardiogram?
Am I too young to have coronary artert disease?
What are the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer?
i would like to ask a ques?
How close are we for finding the cure for cancer?
Can you get cancer for not getting enough sleep?
I was allergic to an earring and the piercing became infected. What should I do?
i have leg and hip pain, as well as a burning sensation on my loer back. can any one help. i dont kno wa it i?
How bad does it hurt on your first time ?
Should i see a doctor?
Headache for 5 months...wont go away? Dr.'s just seem to shrug it off?
Why do dirty feet smell like popcorn?
can i get oxycotin online wihout a prescription?
Does problems in type 1 diabetes cause vomiting?
What is the best knee pain relief?
Dihydrogen oxide is colorless, odorless and can kill you. Anyone know what it is?
what will you do first if you have a very painful stomach?
When the Jaaaazzmaaaaaans testifyin?
Would taking niacin be beneficial to my depression?
Anyone use calm child?
presbyopia-- Any tricks besides using reader to help improve your eyesight for this?
what is better for a sore throat, ginger juice, or brandy?
why am i so happy after drinking aloe vera juice/gel?
is eye grade 50 can wear a contact lens with grade -5.00?
Thinking about getting colored contacts?
Can alot of stress cause a stroke ?
What would your diagnosis be?
how can you tell if your diarrhea is going away?
Is my pain related to my TB skin test?
How do I get any warmer?
What's the highest temperature that hiv can survive in?
is it worse to call in sick or go into work?
Is green gas bad for health at all?
Can I use Atrovent in my nebs if I am on Spiriva?? If not why??
I have had the flu over a month. Prior to this was able to run 10 miles!!?
my heads hot but my body is so cold?
Is 14 too young to get laser treatment?
What's the best way to get rid of a strep throat?
How do you get rid of lower back pain?
how do you clean your retainer?
how much are ibraces in dallas? has anyone worn ibraces before? how are they?
Couseling question: How can I be sure the person I go to isn't just taking advantage of our insurance?
Where can I get free Diabetic testing Supplies.?
are there different symtpoms of low and high blood sugar?
Problems after open heart surgery?
I need a diet for my specific Heart problems?
nitroglycerin or other like?
If a smoker goes in to a coma for long enough, do they wake up without a craving to smoke?
Questions about EKG--ECG?
What could cause blood pressure of 150/54?
Would this be considered low blood pressure?
HELP! is this serious?
What is the best way to console someone without falling apart?
Under arm sweating :(?
What is the best way to lower high-pressure without medicine?
Can stress worsen the pre-existing conditions one has, or is this psychosematic?
If a person has seizures does that mean they have epilepsy?
Bradycardia and Tachycardia?
Do contacts lenses make you get a stronger prescription faster than if you wore glasses?
If I wear my glasses too much, will my vision get worse?
How do you get a contact lens that's stuck in your eye out?
Has anyone with interstitial cystitis ever been to the mayo clinic? If so, what are your results, or doc name?
why cant pregnant women have the flu mist?
theres a stomach flu going around?
Can you get salmonella posioning from mayonaise?
Does the meningitis vaccine sting? Does it hurt?
Do Hand Sanitizers/Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps Really Work?
How many do I need to take?
I woke up with one eyelid lower than the other!!!?
when will these imatrix side effects go away?
I have been getting really dizzy the past few days with headaches?
What should I do...I have a Dr. complaint?
How can I improve my self esteem when god gave me this horrible acne and scars?
OCD Question.....Anyone that knows what I'm talking about....?
how to get rid of knee joint pain?
How Badly Do Shots Hurt?
Weight loss advice needed..?
Medical Preperation Help?
What causes an ingrown toenail and how do i treat it...thanks....?
What is Lipo Flovanoid?
Does Hypnosis Really Work For Quiting Smoking?
Which is more unheathy, smoking or getting really fat?
What should your blood sugar be if you're not Diabetic?
Possibly low blood sugar?
what is dosing for saltpetre?
ketones and diabetes?
hey how does one lighten your armpit skin? ?
Blood pressure 133 over 114?
random tightening in cheat with fast heart beat?
My 8 year old daughter needs heart surgery - open heart or catheterization?
my heart is starting to feel weird and so as my breathing?
What is a "high grade partial thickness rotator cuff tear"?
Increased heart rate... Am I dying?
Something is wrong with my eyes, Help anyone?
why are my eyes so red and veiny and itchy after a four hours of putting contact lenses in?
Color Contacts :) ?!?!?!?
is it ok to take a nap while wearing contact lesnses if they're CIBA vision night & day?
How is it possible for abusive people to keep denying what they are doing?
Anyone on or know about Lexapro?
How do I get a faster matabolism?
Poll : Girls,how much can you lift ?
Workout song for teenagers :]?
How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?
How to not get bored when exercising?
Okay, this is embarassing - why do my feet sweat so much when wearing pantyhose and dress shoes?
How do i gat rid of a sore throat?
How do i get my teeth whiter without spending money?
Is it possible to have a normal EKG but be in cardiac arrest? What is it called?
What to cook for someone with a blockage in his heart and high blood pressure?
Is 103/60 too low for blood pressure?
Help getting rid of SCARS?
Homemade Acne Remedy?
HELP Me!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a good way to get rid of acne?
What can cause your feet to swell?
Has anyone ever heard of tamamu oil?
What will kill Hepatitis C? I inherited pierced earrings from an aunt who had Hep C, how should I clean them.
Virus that makes you dizzy?
35 weeks pregnant and flu?
What food are you allowed to eat when you have h-pylori?
what causes cdif?
Herps 2 without taking pills?
is there any prove that hepatitis A is convert into B or C?
My husband went thru the interferon treatment for Hep C, he has gone back to drinking heavy what will happen?
When can a fever cause brain damage?
Throat and Ear Itching?
can HPV be seen visibly on men? how can they tell?
Does Spirulina and Chorella (blue/green algae) really cure cancer?
Been to hospital 2 times already! They say it's an anxiety attack...help!?
is mango harmful to diabetic people?
Why is diabetes mellitus sometimes called "starvation in the midst of plenty"?
Hard to control diabetes type2?
normal blood sugar level?
Could this be diabetes?
Grinding my teeth?! Why, how do I stop?!?
I have heart pain that is on and off for 2 weeks now?
Migraines and lights?
my body is "cracking" like crazy!!!!?
why do we get cramps?
How can I not be scared of a blood test?
How can we stay always happy besides having many problems?
Why is my earring hole infected if I haven't worn earrings in 5 years?
What's your best remedy for the flu?
what you use to stop tooth pain.?
will u still remember the time when u r hurt?
Is missing this many teeth normal?
I have very bad vision?
is it harder for you to fall asleep or waking up?
Need help for a cancer patient. Anyone know of any volunteer organizations for shut ins?
Anyone here ever have cancer?
is this breast cancer? help.?
Help me to grow taller.Iam 21yr old boy.iam jus 160cms, i want atleast to be 170cms.plzzzzz help me?
I just turned 21, I'm planning on drinking soon. Have a few important questions about it that i want to.....?
Why did I throw up, I took a multivitamin but had a few bites of breakfast first?
What is the most dangerous piercing you can get?
What is the best cough medicine for a 7 yr old?
What would you do?
how can I get rid of this mucus in my throat?
my girlfriend has mono after she is feeling better is it safe to kiss her?
Is someone with Staph Infection (or just had one) dangerous around a 6 month old baby & a breastfeeding Mom.?
what is the pathophysiology of dengue fever? what happens inside our body if we have dengue fever?
How do I get rid of my dandruff?
bedbugs?!?!?(serious question)?
Why do certain shampoos give me a headache?
Girls, is acne a deal breaker, even on attractive guys?
i noticed that my left labia minora is longer than the right labia..it's also a darker brown whereas the right?
I've had a headache (back of head and top) for two days straight. I took a half percocet and it didn't do
What could this be?
Help! the whole left side of my arm hurts!?
How do I stop cracking my knuckles?
ouch! how can i make it stop??
How Can I Get Rid Of These Leg Cramps?
Black spots in my vision?
Does watching LCD screen in dark hurts the eyes and can be harmful?
Can eyes change color?
Do you think I could handle eye contacts?
Is it Bad if I smoke weed 24 hours before surgery with general anesthesia?
I've been up today and haven't gone to sleep I need to stay up! What should I do to make me stay up?
On a blood test my blood sugar and Potassium was low. How do I get those higher?
Why won't Cheerios lower my weight and cholesterol?
how bad is my cholesterol?
MY BP is 96/66 and pulse rate is 83. is it normal?
which vitamins will increase your hand eye coordination?
Which should I use contacts or glasses?
What does +0.75 and +1.00 translate into as far as a 20/20 type measurement?
Whats your favorite post workout meal?
How to get six pack abs quickly?
Is diet soda really worse for you than regular soda?
What do you really prefer healthy food or junk food ?
Sharp stabbing pain in my heel.?
Severe Pain Please Help?
Why do people pretend to feel sorry for you when they reall don't?
Do they pump your lungs if you have pneumonia?
what are the symptoms of bronchitis?
what are the side effects of drinking in cold weather?
how can i improve my breath?
If a person has COPD is a swamp cooler ok for them to use ?
is pnemonia contageous?
what's a good way to calm down the itch of a poison ivy?
What do I use, it's so embarrassing! And ashamed!?
Oily skin.............heeellppp!!! ?
When do red marks go away on your skin from acne?
my lips are red and itching because i used a chap stick that i'm allergic to ?
Anyone ever had a stye....?
ew i have a zit on my, well, idk what's called exactly?
Is there a support person in Scottsdale, Az. who has had neck cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)?
Will cervical cancer seriously affect a pregnancy?
Should I have my 2 year old tested for a genetic Heart Condition?
anemia for two years give me heart disease?
What could this bitter taste be?
Can my daughter get a flu shot if she has a cold?
Is there a cure for fragile X??
What is mersa and can it be cured?
Does the Flu shot breed stronger Flu Viruses?
Who was the Patient Zero for AIDS?
HIV testing and false positives?
i want to know about tongue diseases.?
23 no dentist?
My aunt has breast cancer i want to dedicate my solo to her. Any song ideas about breast cancer & fighting it?
does anyone here has cancer?
anaplastic astrocytoma- for doctors only, please !!?
Tips for clear and healthy skin?
Tips and tricks for clear skin?
Why do my gold rings sometimes turn my skin black under them.?
Are cranberries good for acne-prone skin?
do we get AIDS if we get a scratch from nails on our body?
-Ichy and burns-?
My 3yr old Sheppard mix dog is very itchy. His skin is white and has big flakes of dead skin coming off.?
LDL calculation is invalid when the trig is greater than 400mg/dL?
Do I need to go to the hospital for chest pain?
Will I have a heart attack?
When you have a "knot" in your back/neck what exactly is it?
my heel/ankle joint is hurting after cross country practice(long distance)?
How can I lose these impossible 15 pounds!?
ok so ive been hearing that wu-long tea is a great tea to lose weight fast has anyone tried it. Is it any good
I want six pack abs. What are some straight up exercises that I can do daily that will get me there?
Can too much pepper be bad?
Have you ever been hypnotised? Would you please tell me all about it? Is it scary?
How much Cranberry juice for a UTI?
Why is Soap only 99.9% eeffective at killing germs?
Will sulfa antibiotics work for an chest cold/ infection?
How long does it take to get rid of a...?
Which infectious disease has greatly affected kenya's pop. ?
what is the ultrasound eye procedure and why is it used for?
I have a mole in my eye(conjunctiva)?
Can you diagnose this for me?
Can prostate cancer be detected in a blood test?
do you get hyper when you eat sugar?
what is away to get sick that is easy?
Nose question??
I think I get cold sores in my nostrils.. Are these cold sores?
Would you have syptoms of parasites living in you?
i want to know about heart tonic angioprim.is it best for heart?
i want to get my pacemaker removed?
How safe it is to go for dental treatment with dental student in dental school?
what can cause continuous headaches and nausea?
help for diabetes !!!?
What does it feel like when you slip a disk?
Stabbing stomach pain & passing out?
is A sharp crushing pain in the chest that radiates through your back and numbs left arm a heartattack?
I just ate a whole pizza by myself, do you think I will get a tummy ache?
severe headaches...what to do? any cause suggestions?
How do you get rid of your migraines?
What is the History Of acupuncture?
is there any herbal medicine from plants to cure hepatitis b?
Any known home remedies for shingles?
how can i get rid of my soar throat?????
GAH! My roomate has strep!!!?
Any ideas on what I can use for a debate of being against DDT?
what is life expectency of someone diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis?
Can I have a contact lens fitting without an eye exam?
Can I wear 2 pairs of contacts at once?
I'm taking an antibiotic right now (penicillin). Can I keep taking benadryl at night for an allergy?
does my child have a allergy or a virus?
What are the dangers of "Chewing & Spitting"?
What is a fast way to slim down (and show) in 3 weeks?
What is the quickest diet plan to lose 20+ pounds but it cannot have too much exercise?
Which one is healthier?
What are some good exercise to do in the house when its raining?
Is this fat?
What is it like to get an ultrasound of the ribs?
need to loose weight?
Can we be both fit and overweight at the same time, as some claim, or is that a false hope? What do you say?
Glasses... >.< >.> <.< ^.- ^.^?
Is radiation or chemotherapy necessary after multiple organ cancer surgery?
Any one have any good diet tips?
Should I be worried...?
The World Health Organization projects that the number of diabetics will exceed …………? million by 2030.?
what can happen if your blood sugar stays in the 500 range??
Why must you drink plenty of water while taking colace?
Pounding and pulsing noise in my ear?
What is this? Still allergies?
Help Get Rid Of Runny NOSE!!?
what are the symptoms of the stomach flue?
Why do doctors look in your ears when you tell them that you think that you are coming down with a cold/flu?
I have a raised MCV of 104 also a raised MCH.How long does it take for them to be lowered.?
what is the disease Smalltopia?
I'm looking for daily contacts in specific sizes?
Where can I got an eye exam and a pair of cute glasses the cheapest?
Does adding astigmatism correction to glasses make everything very bright?
How much would it cost to get contacts?
Is it possible to have pink eye without your eyes looking pink or red?
What would cause an 11 year old child to forget who they were, where they are, phone numbers etc?
Natural remedy for urinary tract infection. My cats gets them often. Thanks.?
What is the best herbs to treat gout?
Questions regarding health supplements?
Why does my elbow HURT?
What do I have? At night I woke up and tried to stretch out my leg and it hurt like if someone had hit me...?
What is the best treatment for bursitis?
how long does it take bread to mold?
allergic reaction?
What's the best over-the-counter allergy medicine?
anybody know any calve exercises that get them stronger?
Asthma: What are some ways to control a cough for a child with asthma?
My daughter was on steriods for a recurring ear infection as a small child...?
What do I do if my roommate smokes?
Sore throat for +3 days. Allergies or virus?
Weakened Immune Systems?
What steps to take to become an Infectious Diseases diagnostician?
How do you fake a sore throat so you can stay home from school?
emergency!!!! i swallowed bleach!!!! ?
when you have strep throat do you have to have pus on your tonsils?
Colored contacts! easy 10 points. please answer?
Lasic eye surgery at 19!!!!?
What Laser eye surgery is better,Lasik or PRK?
Blurry vision with Contacts?
What causes men and women to have low self-esteem, resulting in depression and suicide?
I have nosebleeds ALOT?
My dog ate all my marijuana, what do I do?
Brain mapping thing in House? Is it real?
What was your most scariest salvia trip like?
does bleach have a taste?would it kill you to drink it?
having a panic attack / hyperventilating / getting dizzy need help now?
Do anti-psychotics and anti-depressants hinder creativity?
Do you find that when you are depressed you can't get much enjoyment out of music?
What causes type 2 diabetes?
my blood test showed a3.00mg/dl level of alchol I DONT DRINK?
i need a poo, but dont wanna walk up the stairs!!! what do i do?!?
Changed to a healthy diet, lots of water, not really losing weight?
eye pain that goes away when i put my contact back in?
Falling asleep with disposable contacts in?
does looking in the mirror improve eyesight?
Can you remove a glass eye?
Does anyone Know any good vision insurance in the state of Texas?
What can I do to get super ripped?!?
How to get Ab's?
how to get firmer more defined muscle?
getting weighed in front of the whole class?
I messed up big time today?
I am looking to lose 10 pounds and was wondering if taking?
how i can lose 20 pounds? I'm 5.3,150 lbs and...?
Where to get Financial aide for cancer patients in the U.K?
Help! I've been having anal pain and anal drainage since receiving an Ostomy during surgery for Colon Cancer.
My grandson is 9.He may have Coats disease or retinoblastoma,Is there any treatment for coat's?
WHat piercing hurts the most?
Help, I have restless leg Syndrome and i NEED to move my legs and i cant sleep!?
What's good for a sore throat?
How did the spanish influenza start and where?
thrush Symptoms, what are the normal symptoms?
what to do if you beleive you have tuberculosis.....?
My roommate might be A mutant...PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Swine Flu, School Effects?
Swine flu H1N1 vaccine question.?
Hepatitis C question how exactally is it transmitted?
losing weight with thyroid medicine?
i am selling my kidney but i don't know where to sell it?
my son keeps looseing his balance.?
how to check on your doctor experience?
blood test - fasting?
My nose... Is it broken? If so, what can I do?
I see eyes before i go to sleep?
im terrified going into theme parks. help! plz?
How much are glasses?
hydrocodone vicodin withdrawals?
Can I rid myself of this backpain?
Natural way to treat SEVERE Rheumatoid?
any way of getting rid of a headache, without taking pills or anything?
Is this growing pains?
how to get rid of a head ache in fast time?
nasal bone fracture?? PLEASE HELP?
whats the best place to get food allergy testing on the internet???
Can a food allergy cause a severe coughing fit?
Allergic reactions?
How do you know if you have a food intolerance?
bipolar disorder?
Has anybody tried the bar of soap under the bedsheets for night leg cramps. Did it work??
After safe natural remedies for my 2 year old's fever?
º¿º Vick's º¿º?
Does anybody know if acupuncture helps with migraines? I was thinking about getting a treatment done.?
What happens when you fall into the water while asleep?
Every time I eat I get really bloated?
what are the sweet words you said instead of Cancer and AIDS in your comunity?
Sometimes cough up white stuff from the back of my mouth?
if u breathe in cat litter can u get pneumonia?
Please help, is this serious?? Please answer quickly?
Eye twitch that will not go away?
Is it bad to drink eye contact solution?
I order a product for scars called Mederma, i have a raised keloid scar will that be better than scarguard?
my sister has a million scars from mosquitos. how can she remove them fast?
What is the best way to get rid of feet odor ?
What causes itching?
where can i find surgical or gemical scrub? About how much would it be?
How can you get rid of tag warts?
if your sugar level is 385, how do I get it down quickly?
If my fasting glucose is normal is it safe to say my fasting blood sugar would also be normal?
How should diabetics follow a healthy diet?
what problems can arise for diebetic with sugar in urine?
How can I be more positive?
Is it possible for one bite of food to make you really sick?
Can you actually absorb anything through your feet?
what causes skin tags? Are they dangerous ?
Health Tip: Microwave Your Toothbrush. Your thoughts?
Will MACA help P.M.S.? In what way will it effect it?
why does my back hurt?
what is the correct spelling for siadek nerve?
tens units????
What is the best way to get off Pain medications without narcotics?
Bloating, cramping, tired, and throwing up....what's wrong with me?
24 year old mom suffering from pain please read doctors nurses people with pain ?
My head is about to explode, I have a headache, and I'm stressed and tired?
is nonhodskin lymphoma curable?
What is a best cancer center for Cancer - lymphoma?
What are these conditions symptomatic of: perodic soreness in the side of neck with pain in the eye socket?
Any nurses out there? Question for a nurse....?
I am 45 years old, and I am always tired. what could be causing this.?
Where is Vision in the Brain?
why is it that when i get up and just walk around the house or just stand my heart beat goes up to 130?
Does it sound like an appendicitis?
How CAn I Tell If I lost My Contact in My EYE?
What will happen if you use your inhaler too much?
Sometimes I get blackouts, I feel faint, and I lose my balance...what happening to me??
will facials help acne???
chest heaviness and tightness?
i have an enlarged aorta what kind of exercise can i do?
Is morphine the most powerful pain killer out there, or is it something else?
What is this pain in my shoulder blade when I lean foward?
I have a headache? help me please?
Does a Podiatrist treat foot pain and numb legs?
Chronic Back Pain Relief - Which Treatment For Chronic Back Pain Works?
Gallbladder Attack?
Why does my leg/hip hurt?
Can u still become pregnant if you're a diabetic?
was a diabetes diagnosis a complete shock to you?
are restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea related?
I just found out that Armour Thyroid is no longer available. Canadian pharmacy websites don't have it, either?
Multiple sclerosis sufferers - what were your first symptoms?
Where can I try sample colored contact lenses?
what's a good way to fall asleep fast if you're not tired at all?
Why do I get a flu all the time!!?
What is MRSA and how to clean up after it?
can you reinfect yourself from your own cold by germs that you spread in your home while you have a cold?
ok so im bulimic/anorexic and i smell really bad. ?
I have been feeling extremely tired lately...?
air purifiers?
lip care chapped?
what is Stockholm syndrome? And is this disorder treatable?
Body Aches, Sore throat, fever on and off, and headaches?
is it possible to have an allergy to chewing gum??!!??
My throat is Swollen, What the heck?
can i buy my prescription contacts with out seeing the dr. i already know my prescription mines jusst finished?
improve eyesight?
im getting a lasik evaluation next week?
just got over pink eye, but i'm still on the antibiotic drops. the drops say that i can wear con?
what kind of eye contacts should i get?
what can a babie with coelics desease can and cannot eat??
Does my daughter have autism?
5 year old constantly burping?
signs and symptoms of having diarrhea?
How can I help prevent breathing in cigarette smoke?
This morning i threw up white foamy stuff?
What would happen if I did this?
About arthritis.....?
blood sugar levels went high after work out? any insight why?
Who has Diabetes type 2 insulin dependant?
What foods are good for a person with type 2 diabetes?
A Diabetes Care Specialist?
Am I at risk of diabetes?
How do doctors know that the leg of a diabetic will need to be amputated? If a diabetic his leg started?
is 166 over 83 a bad blood pressure?
Smokeless tobacco?
THERACYL IS DANGEROUS it is just hormone replacement therapy; why don't lawyers sue THERACYL like HRT co.'s?
How to survive breast cancer?
Any one with Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease?
Families with Asperger's Syndrome?
Healthcare Professionals: What physical reaction does a person have when they receive a blood transfusion?
Essential Oils to get rid of fleas??
Where is the cheapest to get a eyeglass prescription?
Is There A Disease Called 'Disturbia'?
My lower back and sides are hurting...kidney or liver problem?
should we be seriously worried about the H1N1 swine flu virus?
How can I make my throat red?
Quickest way to cure a sore throat? (read description)?
Has anyone else tried using a banana peel to get rid of warts?
For people who are taking Lexapro EASY TEN POINTS!!!?
What are some alternative medicines for stroke?
Does anyone know about the pill Zoloft? Can Zoloft affect the natural chemical production in your body and?
What is this infection around my eye socket?
Can a sleep apnea test be dangerous for a 92 year old woman?
sprained knee. how long to get better?
Whats wrong with me??
some patient at the hospital said drinking apple cider vingerer for alot of cures. ever hear of that????
Does anyone have a hard time swallowing pills?
Anybody here found a effective way to treat sinus infections without antibiotics?
ANXIETY..do you have it?
Tooth extraction?
I have Higth cholesterol?
Blood pressure scare..?
is massaging with coconut oil increases serum cholestrol level?
Why my sgot and sgpt are high?
Does anyone know about local reiki healing circles?
EX-Smokers How did you Quit?
rubbing my eye to hard resulted in this...please help.?
what do u think about people getting their eye color change PERMANENTLY?
Is it a sty in my eye?(read on)?
started getting bad headaches in July, MRI,CT scan both OK. Neurologist says they are migraines..BUT....I also
Red and a little swollen, what is it ?
why do i get runny nose when its cold?
is it possible i am diabetic?
How many people are affected by Diabetes?
Is baggy eyes and tingling in feet a sign of diabetes?
could this possibly be diabetes?
can high amounts of sodium cause blood clots?
My mothers heart rate is 112 while resting is this dangerous?
If I've had heart surgery about 13 years ago, and I smoke occasionally now, does it affect my heart? ?
Muscoskeletal pain or Heart attack symptoms?
i think i have the swine flu....... :'(?
How does the swine flu kill a human? (H1N1)?
principal symthomps of HIV?
What was the name of the disease--?
Why wasn't the bird flu such a pandemic like the swine flu?
Why dont you get it from misquitos?
Dry eyes are irritating me?
Issue with a stye on my eye?
Can you buy your own frames and have your eye doctor put lenses in?
contact lens help! this is the first time this happened to me?
what's the normal frequency of bowel movements an adult should have in a day?
why is dating so hard?
What u dislike in paramedic?
to avoid wearing eyeglases with lense what is the best vitamin for the eyes?
Can people with Aspergers love?
10 facts about mental health/illness?
I cry to easily, any ideas for help?
Feeling of a tightness and a lump right underneath adams apple, what could it be?
Why is there fluoride in the water?
Help me Please. (need to quit smoking)?
everybody makes fun of me cuz i have toe fungus what should i do?
Gall Bladder not working..Quick question about it?
bad headache/ twitching??
I think I might be Lactose Intolerant!?
Misdiagnosed with lupus?
If I don't wear my glasses my eye turns inward?
Can you help What is 2D Vision ?
Is there a such thing as eye replacement surgery?
where can you get colored contacts without traveling far i live in new jersey?
what price range is an eye exam w/out insurance?
What this blood work might mean?
What are the main symptoms of your gallbladder going bad?
Has anyone out there used the product Zenerx and if it is effective as claimed?
Is this for real? #3?
Really bad heart burn? (I think)?
Falling asleep?
how can i wake up early for school?
Is it normal to be this skinny
smoking weed YEEE HELP!! ?
Cleaning ear with qtip now cant hear?
How can you go to sleep when your not tired?
is milk necessary for development?
What are the long terms side effects of laser eye surgery?
If my daughter swallowed 10 Aspirins, should I worry about this?
busted blister and pointe?
I please help me what can I do?
To the Derealization sufferers?
Help - do you think i could have a personality disorder??? as well as autism / aspergers?
Do you know anyone who has commited...suicide?
Where is your self esteem on a scale of 1-10, and what things do you find affect your self esteem?
Which contacts are better for your eyes? Higher or Lower water content?
What does my eyeglass prescription mean?
what happens if i wear tow left eye contacts?
How to stop an eye from twitching?
Increased fibre intake causes more flatulence?
I feel like I'm falling... but I'm not. I also get really dizzy often. What is wrong?
How do Fennel and Pepperment tea relieve bloating?
How much glutathione capsules is the normal dosage?
I need some tips with organic shampoo?
Is it low blood pressure and how do I fix it?
My new baby heart rate is showing 99?
aniexty question/help!!!?
I am suffering by acidity . After taking meal I feel pain back of neck and head also secretion and fee?
My Husband has had a headache for 5 days now in the back of his head?
If a person has a weakened immune system, are they more likely to get cancer?
recurrence of ovarian cancer?
Why does breathing in sheet rock dust cause Cancer?
Is MITOMYCIN-N, an injectible medicine, an alternative to radiation therapy for cheek carcinoma?
can type 1 diabetics get tattoo's?
Diabetic Supplies?
Who all can have diabetic chocolate?
i am diabetic and have lost weight?
Anybody has experienced about LASIK surgery ?
Advantages and disadvantages of Lasik?
Does the I renew bracelet really work?
where can I get short term health insurance?
3 signs of a person whose health triangle is not balanced?
Is it dangerous for a heart failure patient to abruptly discontinue Atenolol?
Is there a medication to lower your cholesterol that you can still drink occationally? How about one that?
Is that heart problem yes or no?
is there anyway to cure a urinary tract infection without having to go to the doctor?
cough medicine what does it do to you?
Is my husband going to die of cancer?
what woman was a outstanding doctor in the cancer chemotherapy ?
When is it time for bunion surgery and how long is the recovery?
I've got athiritis in my knees. My right knee is so bad I can hardly stand up. Any suggestions? I can't take
help please?
This is SO SO weird! Whats going on?
Do chiropractors really help or hurt your back and kneck?
saw flashing colors when i blink, and a huge headache afterwards?
There is something wrong with my eyes?!?
What is wrong with me?
muscle damages?
How long do you think a broken collar bone should heal?
When taking hydrogen peroxide internally; what is the ratio of water to h2o2?
Why do my eyes leak when I'm sad?
im staying at my friends house because her parents are gone, shes very ill, and watching her lil sis but..?
I feel....bad...Help?
I feel like my soul is disintegrating & my brain is deteriorating, & no one cares. I need help. Why do I...?
How can I cure writer's block?
i always get head rushes when i stand up....?
Does meditation really help you?
Is the human body capable of producing all the enzymes it needs?
what is the fastest/best way to cure a muscle pull/strain?
what is your experience with ritalin?
What are Acupuncture after effects, is intense pain normal?
good home remedies for sleep?
What makes salt promote healing?
Where can I buy god quality injectable vitamins?
Why mostly Women alone do reiki?
I have a question about seizures.?
What is the best thing to do if you think you have kidney stone?
H1N1 virus has hit our community?
is gardasil safe?? What should I know about Gardasil befor I use it?
Swine Flu Weakining!?
how should i start my smallpox vaccine paper?
Why are people panicking so much over Swine Flu?
why do i get really light headed when i stand up?
how do i clean my system from weed in 2 days its been 2 weeks sence i smokeed?
Why do i still feel tired after 10+ hours of sleep?
My mother had cancer once already, and it has once again come back.?
panick attacks? (a little long)
I'm feeling kinda sick...?
How bad is LSD for you?
How to get bruises on your legs?
Is it possible to die from a migraine?
How to tell older brother to stop smoking pot? Help?
Oprah is having a show on today about diabetes. What is that?
How long do you wait to take your postprandial blood glucose test?
Any one who can send me pictures of all stages of diabetic retinopathy with description of the findings.?
Infomative Speech about Diabetic Ulcers?