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What's it called when you are scared of being scared?
Should I go back to therapy?
why is Anold of California on crutches?
Should I go to the doctor about my knee??
What do you do when you feel a cold sore coming?
How recurrent is post herpetic neuralgia?
Chest pain should I see a doctor?
weird lump on my neck..help?
what woulkd it be called where emotional pain becomes unberrably painful?
What is the cause of dizziness/headache?
How to get rid of pain in mouth?
Weird Pain..........?
Is a canker sore in the back of throat strep throat?
questions about bulgin disc in neck.?
How do you cure shin splints?
Pain in my ear (need 20 characters)?
headache that won't go away?
Why does my muscle's hurt after I got in a fight at school?
help my tonsils and neck hurts soo bad?
I have these pains in my stomach that i cant identify?
My first gallstone attack! Easing the uneasiness?
why is it that when you vomit, the gastric juices that are brought up dont corrode your mouth?
my ten year old sister has a awful cold she had some nerofen and is suffering from a really sore nose?
what is tays sach choroiditis?
VITAMINS! Can anyone recommend good vitamin manufacturers?
Why does hip joint have greater range of movement compared to shoulder joint?
Is it ok to do a 2 week organic juice fast/detox if have some unspecified health problems?
been sick????
I am 18 and onlu 5ft. I want to grow more taller and made an appointment with my GP.?
what is Moton Neurone illness?
How to cure a cold in 48 hours or less?
Has anyone brought their breast implants and surgery seperately?
After Cataract Surgery how long before I am not so sensitive to the sun.?
How dangerous are BB guns fired at the head from a range of 3 metres?
I think i have swine flu. Do i have it?
how many cases in heath hospital cardiff swine flue?
What are the chances of H1N1 and H5N1 combining into an extremely dangerous killer flu?
Swine flu - how long is the incubation period?
When are you allowed to travel after having swine flu?
Does travelling on planes increase the risk of catching swine flu and other illnesses?
Can vaccines reduce chances of a second swine flu wave?
Checklist for work on "Preventing the spread of Swine Flu"?
How long does tonsillitis last in a 15 month baby?
What is this about (swine flu) follow the link?
blood in stool and jelly discharge what could this be, i have ibs?
Prawn alergy?
why would you use chamomile oil in the treatment for conjunctivitis, in aromatherapy?
I have a spot on the side of mi nose and looks like a piece of black hard string ....?
Orange palms?
In hotels have you noticed that the adjustment on the shower between freezing& scalding is 0.05of a mm?
The Dreaded Burn?
I have clusters of spots on my kneck just on either side where the curve of my jaw is. What causes this?
eww my hands are always sweaty, even when its cold :(?
what medication that must be taken with food and why?
bad diabetes web sites.?
Is there a nutrition diet thing if you have aspergus suydrome?
SO if the blood type is OO can this work out or should it just be BO?
To those who had consumed Via Viente?
What is a tactful response from patient to nurse?
what does blood tests show up?
What are the risks of glucosamine causing diabetes, especially with the long term use 4 arthritis?
List the components of blood that can be separsted from blood and transfused on their own.?
Diabetes insulin injection?
hemoglobin increase fruits?
how dangerous is diffuse liver parenchymal disease especially for type 2 diabetic? please help!!!?
Can tell me where can i find some health promotion in australia for Diabetes?
How many people fail the 3 Hour Glucose Test?
FBS Test Results: 116?
I have no appetite?>.......................?
does glucose have gluton in it?
Does anyone know what is considered to be a low blood sugar level in a three year old?
My dog is Diabetic what food can i give him?
I finished a course of antibiotics for acute bronchitis five weeks ago, but still have a fever. Why?
how can i recover from being expose to black mold?
Cure athletic asthma?
carbon monoxide poisoning in a car?...?
Chest pain when breathing, coughing and sometimes walking.?
Had an x-ray it says that "The right major fissure is prominent suggestive of plueral reaction".?
My sister baby aspirated the meconium and has severe breathing problem.?
I got a TB test today?
tell me what are the cause's of sleep paralysis?
i feel like i can't get enough air... what do i do?
i'm sunburnt and as a result my skin has darkened... plz tell me some ways to repair this damage done to the
Does anyone know how many people have died of H1N1 in Ontario ?
Would taking tramadol help with my withdrawals from it? (HELP PLEASE!)?
I get headaches when I laugh really hard?
Why does my elbow hurt when doing pushups?
I hurt my ankle during PE today. Is it worth going to the doctors?
can any on tell me whats wrong with my sister shes 8 ,she keeps burning up ,being sick ,dizzyness ,head ache?
what does it mean when it hurts to swallow and you cant do so without lifting your neck up?
what happens if you take bayers and advil together?
Is there anything that will help in reducing swelling?
When first time mensis come where its pain?
Suffering from Costochondritis :(?
Why is my back so painful?
question about gallbladder?
What can lead to so many head injurys?
I have been getting chest pains?
Broke my rib in the back. Why is it I feel the worst pain when I wake up in the morning?
Please help!! Is there something wrong with me?
depression? i don't know what to do?
How can I stop cutting myself... and how to keep the nightmares away?
Anxiety disorder (gad)?
Why am i sooo sensitive????
Could I have depression?
I am looking for a disorder of where a parent is preoccupied and obsessed with their child.?
help me i need advice?
Do you feel like you do anything productive in your day?
Can somebody help me with borderlines?
If i take ativan .5 mg for 2 weeks when will it start to take effect?
Why do I get nervous?
Is this generalized anxiety disorder?
How to handle OCD in school?
can someone talk to me ? I'm either depressed or lonely.?
Why are there rumors going around that Frankie Lons died of a drug over dose? ?
I am doing a report on Self-injury and we need visual aid help?
Wish i was dead most times...?
Is it true reading makes you smarter?????Lol...PLEASE ANSWER..,?
What and how is polyps caused and is there any permanent remedy for it?
glycagen storage disease?
where can i find details of jobs asa support worker with people with crohns disease?
STD Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
is there a link between AIDS and HIV?
Ok,this is really going to sound gross but my really close friend has crabs and asked me for help...so..?
my finger won't straighten and is in alot of pain?
lower back muscle pain!?
Part of the body is numb?
How can I prevent myself from sleeping on my left side?
broke wrist pain 1 year later?
I lost strength on the right side of my face muscles?
my hand and neck hurt when i raise my hand up all the way?
What's wrong with my throat?
Does it hurt your first time?
friend with a dislocated shoulder, please HELP!!?
My right tonsil hurts and my right gland is swollen?
Headaches, is this serious?
Severe Back Pain After Pregnancy?
Lower back really hurts I work at UPS?
Will Lack of food cause my sides to hurt?
Back burning sensation/pain?
Why am I hearing my pulse in my ear? Could it be an earache?
Did I take too much Flexeril?
Help! My lymphnoids hurt!?
My stomach makes weird growling sounds, but I'm not gassy or hungry?
Slept on arm wrong. Unbearable, constant pain!?
Shoulder Pain- What could it be?
what is this pain on my ankle?
Wondering if I should go and see my Doctor?
Is smoking Cannabis/Weed better for you than smoking tobacco?
how did you break a bone.......?
should i accept £950 for whiplash?
how do you break your foot ineed to get out of gym?!?
Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
Do you think you could live in your house for 2 weeks without leaving?
For pepole with warts read?
do you think i have geman measles?
skin problem?
Ive had milia around my eyes for years now, does anyone know a good treatment i could use?
skin tag problem?
rash on breasts and on face?
Would it leave a scar if i ....?
what is the exact procedure for removing a toe nail?
Organic moisturiser non-oily?
I have a fungal rash which I'm using Nizoral 2% cream for...?
Does 'fadeout' cream work on flat moles..?
does taking too many laxatives cause any internal damage?
I saw a young man yesterday who had a leg amputated ..?
what is worse for your body a) having 10 cigarettes in one night b) drinking to the extent u can barely walk?
Effectivness of Hair Drug Testing shampoos?
ive got swollen glands, whats wrong with me?
Why is it when i need to sneeze..........?
Does cat poo/urine contaminate soil where food is grown?
can i use medical exemtion certificate for opticians and dentist?
My wee girl aged 4 is not well had her to docs yesterday.....?
why do we get earwax?
what is the name for a doctor who studies hearing loss?
body piercing.?
Have purpley?grey blotches on the whites of my eyes what does it mean, dont feel ill and my eyesight is fine.?
What is this 'placebo effect' people keep talking about?
Is a bone stronger after 3 months of fusion in your spine?
Can the effects of starvation show up on an MRI brain scan?
How long does an ear infection take to get better while taking clarithromycin tablets?
Has anyone every suffered with a frozen shoulder?
herpes!?! dane cook says 1 in 4 people have herpes! this isn't true is it?
how do you know if a guy has chlamydia?
can u give herpes to some that doesnt have it,?
Herpes question plzz answer i am terrified?
cure for hiv/aids?
Is it possible to have an std for over a year and not know.?
i have to get a needle tomorrow and im really scared?
I am not sure what to do with my future. can anyone help me?
Scared of losing my job all the time?
How can I ask my parents about getting antidepressants?
ADD Question, Can you become depressed along with ADD?
Will anxiety medication make me?
Why am I sleeping so much.?
would i be fine if i took a meloxicam pill before school?
is there such thing as entenze for teens?
How to get my psychiatrist to prescribe strong medication?
What is a common ativan dose?
I think the guy I'm seeing might be a paedophile....Help?
my lie feels ruined. now what?
What Disorder do I have?
what does this sound like?
is copd related to agent orange?
How can I work on breathing better?
im 16 years old and for almost as far back as i can remember ive been getting chest pains are these normal?
how do you get rid of phlemg and congestion?
How long for lung surgery to stop leaking. Top Right lobe was removed, almost three weeks ago. Still leaking.?
can thyroid problems cause a loss of voice?
How is hiring going on for Respiratory Therapist in USA?
I have a question about heart attack?
Why is jaw pain a symptom for a heart attack?
i want to study in depth about heart attack for this i want to get data ?
pain in shoulder after falling?
what to do with throbbing,swollen ,red index finger?
help! do i have a fractured hip?
which third of the clavicle usually will break?
Surgery On pectus excavatum?
How to make my calf feel better?
Why does the tibia bone on my right leg hurt?
How can i ease the pain on my broken nail?
can you strain your bladder?
What is Street Value in AZ, of 20mg tabs of oxycontin?
how to stop clicking your fingers?
My shoulder keeps popping out of place, is this anything to worry about?
Why do i have a ball behind my earlobe?
YAWN! i ish be so tired.?
I have a cyst....operation tomorrow.?
Why Can I Bend My Elbow, But Not Straighten It.?
my ear feels clogged like something is inside..what should i do?
What could be the cause of intense stomach pain?
Have I broken my arm?
How do i fail an eye test?
Dr. Roland Chalifoux, W.V?
I used cycotec and feeling very uncomfortable(i have been bleeding,With lower abdominal pains) ?
Pressure in ear? Feels clogged? Will it come back?
im only 10 and iv got cramping and blood comes out wen i pee but it also hurts to pee?
Pain of labret piercings?
I have a pain above my upper right rib cage and when I strain my body, something bulges out of my rib cage.?
Im having pains shoot through my right side of my body.?
Sharp pain in the upper abdominal - what is that?
what can i do tonight to make my ear ache not feel so bad? home rems or something....?
Painful headache question?
having pain in my legs?
I just got put on Ranitidine and Sucralfate an have slight stomach cramping and a slight headache. Is this ok?
Intense chest pains/nausea, followed by self-vomiting?
What will drinking Tylenol cold severe, liquid medicine do?
Shivers and constipation? Cold? Can't be appendicitis.?
What do they prescribe after getting your tonsils out?
I burned my tongue, suggestions?
What is methocarbamol?
Has anybody had pain relief from supartz injections?
is it possible to erradicate swine flu?
want info on drug related to enbrol?
Chest Pain?
who got the shot for swine flu?
Short sighted people.............................?
I'm Always Tired and have a Lack of Motivation, what's wrong with me?
can i get jail time for givin my ex and std?
Mandatory Test for AIDS in the workplace?
Help! Think I might have got an STD but I might be over exagerating!?
If a mosquito has bitten someone with aids then bites you can you catch aids aswell?
AIDS Question?
If a tattoo/ piercing parlour was reusing needles..What are the most likely virises that could be passed on?
how long do olanzapine side effects last?
Can Genita Petralli really cure mental illness ?
what do you do when you really feel like committing suicide?
What tests would one undergo to be diagnosed as a demophobic?
How to improve my body..?
Sleep walking and screaming!?
Is my birth control causing my anxiety?
I think I'm depressed, but I don't know how to tell anyone...?
Depressed about gioing back to school..?
How can I not feel sleepy in classes?
How do I stop wasting my life? i don't seem to care about anything?
Do i need a psychological treatment?
Possible depression help?
Why does being happy seem hopeless?
Why am i Always depressed?
Could someone please tell me whats wrong with me?
help with health sites!?
Help with writing on cast?
Have you slipped over on the snow and ice yet?
Has anyone else accidently had a drink under a hand dryer and what were the consequences?
Do i have a right to claim???
i just recently woke up from a 10 year coma and?
i have a breathing issue help?
When will this fluid in my ears drain?
What do i do if i think i have asthma but i checked with a doctor and she found nothing?
4yr old rat,breathing fast,balence is off,If dieing is he suffering?Should i put him down?
Pain in chest, upper back and arm. I carry my 8mth old a lot. Normal ekg yesterday. Is it from holding him?
dose it sound like a chest cold?
i've been having stomach problems. any ideas what it could be?
Right hip area hurts while walking?
Pressure in right ear just started?
Why do I wake up with a headache every morning?
I just took 2 codeine tablets, and I feel all anxeity and figity as if something is wrong, whats up with me?
Ive been having adominal pain?
Fix a bad posture/spine?
I have pain in the right side of my head off and on and it's a really sharp pain!?
I need some help to stop cracking my knuckles?
what are these pains?!?!?! D:?
can lower back pain cause you to pee alot?
headache after cortisone shot?
How do I get rid of heartburn/acid reflux caused from alcohol?
Why does my back hurt?
Get rid of Trigger points?
How to heal my herniated discs?
My knee to ankle Pain?
has anyone tried the Nlite laser treatment for acne?
question if it is ok to eat with hand?
Red spots on fingers after holiday, not itchy but a little sore......?
What are all these little red dots all over my leg?
heat rash?
hi , is there any one who will me help me out about VITILIGO?
When you get sunburnt, why does skin peel afterwards?
any sugestions on how to heal a badly sunburned neck with painful blistering ?
Does gymform duo really work as the tv says so? ?
Need Medical Help Please?
When is fresh coconut/milk bad for you eg heart condition?
have you heard of capsules called CO-TON A00 used for bowel care?
how do i get rid of my herpes if i didnt want anyone to know that i had it?
if a person kiss a woman or girl who is hiv positive or have any other std diseases mouth to mouth what can b
Did you hear about those people in Chicago who got the AIDS virus from the organs they received from a donor?
what symptoms are there with chlamydia?
me and my boyfriend are 3 years now but I just Got it after 3 years. Is it really herpes? im not sure?
If you hump a pillow can you get STD from that?
my 2 year old hav 104 fever under his arm?
who can i get rid of my acne?
Since This 2009 Pandemic Began Is almost every Question in this Section about H1N1 SWINE FLU ?? REMEMBER BACK?
How serious is it if I'm coughing up blood?
What vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines and supplements do you take?
I hurt my neck so bad should i go to school?
Worried for My Mother's Neck Surgery?
pain in forearm... because of weight-shape?
I have a really bad cramping pain under my left lower ribs and its kindof a bubbly feeling too what is it?
Sharp side pains both sides ?
How do i stop a runny nose , head ache, and sore throut?
headache help please! i want to go to sleep! :(?
What's wrong with my ear!!?
help please :S headache?
sore left toe- in the corner?
Dancers: back pain from lifts?
my foot hurts really bad.?
Why do my knee's hurt when i stand up. Im only 14?
Why is my body shaking?
I have a sharp pain in my right shoulder in my underarm and inside my shoulder can anyone tell me what it is?
does ice really num u up ?
Pain in tendon in my ankles?
Pain when pressured? soccor?!?
what is this pain on my lower back area?
Texting or live chat helpline?
am i crazy please help?
Can procrastination give you anxiety?
Do I have OCD (Details included)?
Dealing with dyslexia? Help please.?
Where to start fulfilling a new years resolution?
What can I do to raise my self esteem or keep it from falling any lower?
Why do I want to kill something?
went of prozac two weeks now when can expect to feel?
Help! I Googled everything on this planet, I'm very depressed, bored and crying?
How to end this hate?
Is this a mental disorder/condition? ?
I need help. This is my desperate plea.?
i feel terrible all of a sudden, for no reason?
can body dysmorphic disorder be cured?
Is Stacey Robles hotter than Stacey Hayes? Who has the better bridge? Job?
im so confused on what i want to do with my life?
why am i not getting over this?
I think I have the early signs of swine flu?!?
swine flu question about europe?
how can you tell if you have swine flu?
swine flu: do I really have?how long do I have to stay at home?
swine flu............................................................................?
Why hasn't Britain tried to contain the swine flu virus?
I think i have a meniscus tear?
what are the signs of coming out of a coma?
Even other week I have chest pains and I now just started getting nose bleeds. What should I do ?
what is a bilateral organ?
bad dreams awakens me with tachycardia,internal cold feeling, face feels sweaty but it is not wet?
What components of the arterial blood will be most valuable in determining if the acacidosis is of respiratory?
Coughing, Body Aches, Nausea, and Head ache?
very bad cough, could it be something serious?
grandad needs pacemaker? IS IT DANGEROUS TO HAVE IT PUT IN?
Dehydration question?
Sore throat for 4 days or so, goes away for 3 days, then comes back, this has been ongoing for about a month..?
Dizziness while working out and exertion?
Why can I still not taste?????--fungal infection?
What is a nurse practitioner?
Has anyone ever had fatty (cholesterol) deposits removed from the eyelids - if so how - and did it work ?
Has anyone used CYTOTEC before? Any side effects?
Sunshine hotel with good spec gym?
How much would you bleed if you severed a vein?
I have heavy legs when running...? what am i suffering from...?
What is the likelihood of me bein signed off?
Is physical exercise the best way to build confidence?
Anyone know where I can find used medical equipment?
anyone else ever been on citalopram?
bunged-up due to un-shed tears?
Do specsavers get your glasses ready in an hour?
I heard that rubbing ginger onto moles every 2 hours can lessen their appearance,?
being cost effective and quality care, any conflict?
what exercises can you do to treat nystigma >?
how do I cure hypochlorhydria?
i was getting red spots on my back for months n then some little brown ones like pigments...they r increasing?
whats the quickest way to get rid of spots and blackheads?
I'm having a minor operation to remove a lump from my upper eyelid.?
Does toothpaste sting ur skin when you put them on spots?
help I have overscrubbed my arms!!?
erythromycine or oxytetracycline for acne?
30 mg accutane?
Sudden greasy hair and skin?
I get regular headaches?
I can move a vein in my right hand, and I'm wondering if that is normal?
How can I make my sore throat not hurt so much?
What causes pain in both hip bones?
Can I be this sore after sleeping on memory foam?
Left ear hurts a week after piercing? Could this be an infection?
What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
please help me im so sick it hurts?!?!?
What is the small lump in my finger joint?
can you take lyrica with klonapin?
What is wrong with my throat?
Do I really have Arthritis? (17 Year old Boy)?
What are those things called right at the back of your throat?
Saw stomach, diherea, back pain and trapped wind?
Pressure in the back of the head, on the left side. Help?
Everyone's getting ill - how can I keep away?
Huge bruise on upper inside part of my leg....?
Back pain, only at night, once or twice a week, what is it?
Knee popped out I think...? ?
How about joint pain?
Why do I feel so rough all the time?
Children with a wheat allergy/intolerance?
I have a red rash after a bath. My legs and arms are the worst. Can anyone help?
HELP.. i have no clue about allergies!?
What is the pain like when you get shot (around the hip) if possible :-)?
what does it mean when my bones make a loud clicking sound when I walk?
What would happen if I took 20 nurofen meltlet tablets?
Where can I find alum in powder form?
I fell down the stairs the other week and landed on my coccis. Now I'm peeing a lot more often. Is this ok?
Can you get poisoned by solder?
I have fallen and broken my ankle.?
i fell down a couple stairs this morning is my toe broken?
my friend was in a really bad accident!! how can i cheer her up?
If I become an organ donor?
what is a sacroaliac dislocation?
Im havin an op on my foot and am worried?
men !!!!! what is your biggest turn off, in regards to woman?
What can I use for muscle pains?
I suffer from sinus infections every month but do I wait till I'm blowing out yellow or green take Amoxicillin
Is milk good for your skin?
how can i get rid of my acne!?
can someone help explain the dizziness?
Abnormal Pap?
I'm orginally from america now living in the UK. How come here in the UK woman are totally clueless about HPV
Can a body contract hepatitis by wearing an unwashed, new pair of pants without underwear? 10 points!!?
why is AIDS spreading so fast throughout the African continent?
yeast infection how to test?
blood tests and HIV....?
why are lips cracked all the time?
how many pills of zithromax do you need to cure chlamydia?
Help! Shap pain between shoulder blades when eatin or sometimes swallowing.?
How can I stop my feet from getting sore while I am doing exercise?
How do I nurse a dislocated shoulder?
I have sever pain under my left rib feels like they are ripping apart.?
what is going on? I woke up this morning and my boxers had white jelly in them, but it was salty. Please help!?
any signs of a twisted spine that you can tell?
Need help with ear stretching?
Pain after i eat and drink below left rib cage?
help very bad eye pain also looks lazy?
Pain in lower right abdomen when I urinate?
I grew too fast for body, my joints and bones have developed properly, would vitamins help?
Really bad knee pain?
Why do I feel pain behind my right eye when I cough?
My back hurts now when I do my intense sit up ritual?
Pain in my left side under the ribs?
why is my right knee swollen and hurt?
500mg Lortabs how much?
Can someone ppleaasee help?!?
what kind of doctor studies sleep walking?
What's a good description of a person who makes such a statement.?
How do i cope on a daily basis with my mentally family member?
Why do people come in here and brag about their false bravado?
How can I feel better?
How can i get my mom to take me seriously?
Health issues :/ help?
Need help finding herbal items.?
Should I be worried about this?
I think I have a personality disorder?
Why do more boys than girls have tourettes syndrome?
How should I tell my mom that I think I'm depressed?
Is generalized anxiety disorder ?
Insomnia and depression after rear end collision?
What is ERCP for certain procedure?
how do you find out how much tar is in a pack of cigarettes?
why is the liver producing so much ammonia?And what can the Dr.';s do to fix this?
My child is 7 years old due to some water infection in blood her WBC comes around 9,600/=?
i have a Lump in throat and kinda concerned about it.?
I sound nasal for some reason?
i think im having anxiety attacks?
Sinus infection complications?
Toddlers and Albuterol?
Do I have 'Smoker's Cough'?
Please don't judge! Mike & Ike fiasco?
Pains every 20 odd minutes?
What is wrong with my leg?
my grandma is feeling a pain from her shoulder to her wrist?
How to deal with emotional pain ??? ?
Frostbitten finger please help?
2 medications for TMJ?
why are my fingers always so cold?
when will this feeling go away?
do I have a pulled muscle or could it be my kidney?
Muscles Tightening In My Face?
Strange feeling in neck?
Stomach pains every day?
Do i have left hand side brain damage?
Our family dog has hurt her back right leg. She will not put it down. This is day two. Vet visit?
My foot has been hurting?
My throat has been hurting for 2 days now and just recently i havent been able to swollow.?
Whats wrong with my calf?
What should I do? I'm feeling really down today?
breathing problems from tonsillitis?
Constant water infections - can anyone help?
Treatment for Verucca?
Is the Chickenpox vaccine commonly available in the UK?
Is Swine Flu in England ?
I dunno whether i just got the general flu or swine flu?
is it a bone infection?
what is swine flu in welsh.?
If your tongue goes yellow, is that a sign of malnutrition?
Will my industrial piercing get infected?
herpes question???
if u get an std when will u no it?
tested positive?
Has anyone been cured of herpes by using Dr. Sebi products? If so please let me know!!!!?
got cured of chlamydia went back for check up after the fact and now 6 months later it's back. how?
Found this LabCorp bill at my house! What does it mean?
im worried i may have contacted hiv, my palms and feet sweat all day but not when i sleep, is this a sypmtom?
Is it possible to get an STD by sharing soap bars?
Isn't it wonderful to hear that HIV Aids can be cured in 3 Years....?
If you write on your skin with metallic pens?
i have a skin problem on my upper arms, can any one help?
Am I lactose intolerant?
ive noticed that i have some white blotches on my hands as well as other parts of my body, can anyone explain?
What did I do to my leg?
Can flat moles be removed by slicing?
Severe leg pain from thigh to foot?
Dermatologist in London?
Really bad pain in my joints?
How can I better my posture?
My Husband has itchy, tingly hands?
do lower back pierces hurt?
What blood pressure contraindicates exercise?
whenever I drink my knees hurt?
All over muscle pain?
I`m worried about having a mole removed....any advice?
under skin spots ?
hard skin on my heels ??
doctor prescribed bentyl how do I take it?
Is there a scratching epidemic going about ?
Excising And Effect On The Heart?
Does it hurt to go from 20's(regular earrings) to 14's?
Any Massage Therapist out there?
I have a burning pain to left of navel can this be an ulcer?
Hydrocodone and alcohol?
When i twist my body, i hear a weird sound from my bones?
i keep getting earache and headache. Help! How do i get rid of it?
i am addicted to a tablet.. can i get rid of this addiction..?
What's the name of having a shower obsession?
I can't sleep}: at night........?
Question for the young or old, Are you getting more forgetful these days?
What are some things to do that give more comfort than sleeping?
i cant sleep! any suggestions?
Could This Be Sleep Paralysis, Or A Dream?
I need help what can i use to cure a hang over?
Is there any way to get a free qualified tutor(s) online? If not I would be very very depressed...?
I don't know who I am?
Do mental illnesses intrigue you?
severe pain in throat and ear?
i have had a really sore head ache for the last cpuple of days is there anything wrong plesae help?
How do i get rid of a really bad headache?
will yoga help in getting more concentration of mind overcome distractions.?
Please help? Anxiety issues rising again?
question about marijuana?
when i was in school the other day i had a bad migrain and now i keep getting little headaces ?
The 1# cause of the death in fire situation is smoke inhalation not flames or fire?
How does Carbon monoxide kill?
I have been having chest pain for the last 3 months and I am concerned?
I want STD testing done. What EXACTLY should I say to my gyno?
Std blood tests, what exactly do they check?
Effects of HIV on little kids?
am i having a heart attack?
I need answers please about Herpes.?
I recently got a test back for abnormal pap and HPV Positive. IM terrified...now what and how much pain is it?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
do you know someone with HPV virus ? If How did if effect them, and what did they do about it?
aahh! how can i get rid of my cough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my dad just had a colonoscopy, found out he has a tumor..?
Can you get AIDS from wearing someone elses pants?
no one has it?
If STD's are acquired from an already suffering parthner, then how then how did the 1st person get it?
Can a 34 year old man just have a freckle appear?
does the aids virus remain dormant for ten years or longer?
anybody know about TMJ ?
I have a slight pain under my 2 bottom ribs about 4in from the center on my right side what could this be?
My knee is painful does anyone know why?
i woke up this morning with the left side of my jaw in excruciating pain?
when i hit my elbow i blackout, and when im out i seem to spaz out. What should i do.?
my wrist hurts and my mom doesnt belive me?
Problem doing push ups, my elbow hurts?
Is there anyway to make pains in your legs go away?
was playing football and made a sudden stop. i felt that my heel pop.?
Sore on tip of tongue-HELP!?
'popping' chest pain? does anyone know what this is?
My husband used to come out in an allergic reaction when wearing a watch. Will he be allergic to an omega one?
Hot body but feels cold...?
Best soloution for a blocked nose?
My ear feels clogged and my neck feel irritated?
Why are my leg so sore?
does anyone know why this is happening to me?
my 4 year old has being complaining of headache?
I have a sharp pain attack on the outer edge of my right nostril and then it goes away?
im experiencing severe hip pain 32 weeks pregnant and cant care very well for myself its getting harder?
Does anyone know anything about the condition 'Periarticular Porosis'?
Will anxiety medication..........?
Why are depressants used to treat depression?
hhelp! i cant stand it anymore!?
Why am i like this ??????????????????
In your opinion, whats the worst thing you ever experienced?
Why did my heart flutter a lot of times in a row?
Bipolor Disorder Symptoms?
I have been diagnosed with severe cinical depression. It has gotten bad throug?
How can i reduce worrying and stress?
Should I be paranoid about my mom finding out?
Zoloft 50 mg for 25 days?
What would you think is wrong with her?
I need help getting over OCD..?
ok, i drank loads last night!, really bad hangover what do i do!?
'what to do if you get prinkled by a syringe?'?
midlands rough people?
what is the rate of infection after operation to sew the achilles tendon back together?
degrees of burn?
how do you heal a broken shin bone and recover faster?
Is this a pinched nerve & how do I sort it?
injection absess?
What's wrong with my knee?
something on the bottom of my foot?
I have had severe cramping in my abdomen for 4 days now..?
Please help:: Should I take a cranberry pill to flush system?
how do i keep my back straight?
Tingly arms help immeditatly?
why cant i feel my legs?
horrible pain in my chest?
Aches, Shivering and Headache?
Back pains after lifting?
Sharp upper left side abdominal pain!?
I got a x-ray recently and they said I had levoconvex scoliosis what does this mean please help?
Blue vein behind my knee?
When I cough I get a "pins and needle feeling"!?
Foamy spit, dry mouth, headache, back/neck pain?!?
Knees kill walking up stairs?
Could i have gotten aids if i peed in the toilet and a bit of pee hit my upper lip? I was at a resturant.?
AIDS Cured ! So many MIRACLE CURES, But How?
lets say someone has an std, they touched themselves down there and touch you down there too. can you get it?
Smelly pee?
What do u think the chances are of getting HIV from the following situations?
can blood test for herpes be wrong?
is the hpv virus the cause of cervical cancer?
Is it true?
does any one know why our stomachs rummble and make noises??
what do people think about health and well being?
I have an eye test tomorrow but should I wear my glasses prior to the test?
What does a blood pressure reading mean?
Is a GNVQ3 health & social care course the same or eqivilant of the NVQ3 health and social care course?
neuro fibromomatoma?
I've had cold-like symtoms for almost 8 weeks?
which pharmacy or chemist can i get the self cert sick note in croydon area please?
how long??
what is the purpose of a professional body?
if you get tired when you are dehydrated,does water keep you awake??
do you ever feel,emotionally,physically,mentally well?
What do you think of this?
Does a flu friend and patient need photo ID? (In West Yorkshire, UK)?
Swine flu - How many people in you place work, in your estimation ...?
How do you know if you've got fatigue?
Question for the UK-swine flu?
Are swine flu masks given out at Gatwick airport or is i best i buy one?
where can i get some good swine flu?
about tattoo removal, a doubt....?
I ve been feeling unwell for a couple weeks, had sore head, feel really weak, i go very pale.?
magnisum sulphite paste?
What causes moles?
can mold be a cause for this disease Gastroschisis?
is this bronchitis or not?
Spots, problem solving!?
Will this scab be gone by Friday?
sensitive skin?
what is abnormally rapid deep breathing?
Someone please help. I have had a sore throat for over three weeks.?
How can i repair my sun damaged skin.?
anyone who has/had spots....?
Black streaks in mucus?
I have a bad cough. HELP!!!?
Would carbon monoxide poisoning hurt?
some congestion and tenderness?
Would kissing cause cold sores?
If you are a smoker....?
If you were 100% positive that rubbing your on pee on your face would clear acne... would you? Seriously.?
What do I do to keep myself from breaking under the stress of family members having cancer?
feeling headaches dizziness/light headed constantly?
anybody find thefentynal patch does not work on day 2 or 3?
Is it normal to have a lump under the skin on the left side of my neck?
Does having Mono hurt more than getting your wisdom teeth pulled out?
my jaw clicks nonstop?
Was jack kevorkian a murder, or something else?
What would be the best way to treat Plantar Fasciatus?
Painful ear ache after Strep throat?
How do I get rid of my headache!?
My knee really hurts! Help Please?
what are sore throat, sore back of the neck/head and a headache symptoms of?
I threw up foam and had a massive migrane?
Sore leg relief FAST?
i have been having symptoms with my throat, esophagus and neck.?
Nose bleeds, hernia, headache, etc? What doctor?
having back pain and problems?
how to get rid of a tension headache?
Problems with your ears.?
Why do women suffer more than men, generally, with Thyroids?
how many goals did manchester utd george best score 4 his beloved man utd?
if ya die wud'nt it make sense that u wud leave ones character behind due to them just bin bodily chemicals
Pain on the right side of the throat?
okay well i have a question about aids ?
What is the most common Sti/Std???
verginal problem?
i dont know if i have a yeast infection or not?
the blood test for herpes?
Does an abnormal pap smear always mean HPV?
I feel bad and then I feel good and then depressed and then happppy?
Are these signs of OCD and obsessive/intrusive thinking?
Why do i keep thinking about anxiety?
Whats your new years resolution?
Do I have a control or attachment problem even with animals?
I get hallucinations sometimes but I really?
Thirsty, depressed, I have to pee ALOT what's wrong with me?
Quit cheer, depressed?
does anyone just want today to end?
What should I do to improve my memory?
please tell me its not real?
How do you do Gene Therapy?
how to end hatred/disgust of males?
Anti-hyper tensive drugs?
Why is it when you try not to think of something, you think about it more?
Have a lump in the ball of my foot that gets more painful the more I walk. What could this be?
is tylenol head conjestion...?
Is there a tool or a scale to determine muscle stiffness?(specifically forearm or arm)?
What would happen if you were kicked in the throat?
Holter Monitor Reading?????????????
how bad does it hurt to get an indutrial piercing?
Needle-like pain and numbness in toe?
has anyone suffered the same thing as me?
I'm cramping terribly?
My feet swell up and hurt like crazy.?
back pain problem need help?
Scalp numbness and twinges?
Severe gas pain after gallbladder removal?
What do you do if you have tons of injuries since Having surgeries everywhere would be Unrealistic?
What happens when you cramp?
If Atrial Septal Aneurysm's aren't suppose to cause pain then why do i have pain?
weird burned tongue feeling? any idea what its from?
If you have a heart condition are sudden constant hiccups a bad thing?
Why does my 3 week old make grunting sounds?
I ran in the cold, and now it hurts to breathe?
Cold for 5 weeks now?
can people on oxygen use vicks vapor rub?
What r the charges for CT Scan, MRI Scan & X Ray in S Africa both at a Private & Public Hospital..Very Urgent?
male right breast pain chest congestion?
is taken diazapam 5mg and flexaril 10mg dangerous?
how can u tell if u have asthma?
my dad is 89 and his kidneys is slowly shuttin down. his arteries are all clogged. is he slowly dieing?
Can my puppy get infected with parvo only by breathing it through the air?
what is the metabolic function of streptococuss pneumoniae?
discuss the role of the lungs and kidneys in maintaining the pH of blood.?
Can the feeling of not being able to breathe mental?
What happens if you abuse adult Robitussin DM Cough & Chest Congestion?
Do Chihuahua's really take away asthma..?
Can i Overcome my asthma by making myself have an attack?
i have a hard time getting air into my lungs?
Chest hurts REALLY bad after drinking?
where can i buy equipment fpr someone with motor neurones?
how do i drain my ear?
what is public health?
has anybody ever took Zyban to help giving up smoking??
Is Fabrice good?
Do u have Bom Chicka Wah Wah ?
Whatever happened to Carbolic soap?
At what age can we no longer claim to be young, fun, dumb and full of c.um?
Is Tenuate the same as Diethylpropion?
When you stand up quickly why do you get a head rush and why does it feel like someone has given you....?
I'm going to grab 40 winks....?
.what are the advantages of systematic reviews?
Any tips on how to improve circulation?
Unable to BURP?
I must make my question clearer gp making decisions that conflict with treatment have become fed up.?
vegEPA capsules to grow the brain cells?
how do we know we dont all see colours differntly?
at what grade orf tiredness are you in your life?
I keep getting headaches can anyone stop them, please look at my profile before answering?
why do we need vit B 12?
I have chlamydia and have had it for a long time.?
std problem?
do i have herpes or syphilis or both? how can i tell?
if my partner (man) has hpv is there any procedure that makes it possible for us to conceive safely?
after i go to the toilet i am getting a burning itchy feeling around my ring hole. Is this healthy?
blood coming out of anal?
Homemade remedies for sunburn?
i have external hemroid how do i get rid of i have no pain itching a little but i know it keeps on growing?
i'm 41, i'm having a great loss of my hair. is there any solution to stop that emmidietly.?
Throat Infection? Help?
can a liver transplant be an opion to help the survival chance of a person with liver cancer?
What is the tapping sound in my ear.?
Why does my foot always cramp up?
Constant sore throat. Can't bare the pain. ?
HELP! Real bad pain on my neck and difficulty breathing with excessive amounts of saliva building up in mouth?
Why is it when I bend the top of my head hurts?
spacers Help ????????????????????????????????
Experiencing Growing Pains Possibly? Legs aching...and such.?
why is my nose going numb?
Dentist told me i have "mild" dry socket?
Left and Right abdominal pain with lower pain?
how does tyenol interact with wafrian?
is there something wrong with my appendix?
pain from my jaw up to my temples?
My jaw cant open all the way?
If you have a herniated disc in your neck would it mean that you neck would be flexible and loose?
My chest hurt every time i get exited or upset and i get lightheaded to its that concerning?
constant knee cracking?
how to make the pain in my ankles stop?
30 headaches in 4 months?
Anyone tried Botox for Migraines?
Knee pain when jogging/ walking?
My head hurts when im around metal?
Is chronic pain a result of stress and/or adrenaline?
I damaged vocal cords, i think? baby backheaded by neck and my voice seems to be damaged since. Went to ENT?
what is seborhoeric keratosis?
trapped nerve?
how can the NHS let someone do surgery on a child knowing that the persons NOTexerenced nor qualified to do so
I have a torn ligiment in my foot, any ideas how long to heal(no pun intended)?
What are shin splints?
what is erbs pulsy?
arm pain curious of your random diagnosis?
I overstreched my muscles (hamstrings)?
what causes shoulder blade pain?
Has anyone ever had any promlems after gallbladder removal?
Throbbing in groin and thigh?
HELP! Do I have a stress fracture?
Am I really really insecure?
am i doing the right thing to combat my agoraphobia?
my feet are always cold..i kan barely get enough slep im always up n when i do sleep im out for the rest of?
Do I have ADD or ADHD?
what can i do for my Hallucination?
im scared and worried about this can you help me?
Why do my emotions seem so fake?
How to stop thinking about anxiety?
Mental Hospital Search?
Period anxiety? need help.?
Questions on smoking and addiction?
What have you been diagnosed with?
Can you develop depression after suffering a serious medical scare?
Calling a suicide hotline?
alcohol detox on librium?
Why do my ears get hot?
My back hurts and has numbing places what's wrong with my back?
Pain in the sternum area?
sore pain under left ear?
okay for the past 2 days i have has serious cramps in my stumic they are like shocks of pain. help?
recurrent sholder dislocation surgery in india?
Upper back pain (scapula region) see an orthopedic doctor?
why does my ear hurt so much?
Which position would contribute more to carpal tunnel syndrome?
What do I do I have a hemorrhoid?
how can i tell if i broke my foot? or toes idk?
Please help :( did i break my foot!?
intense pinpionted pains in random places all over my body. What is a possible cause?
Is it bad to have pain on your left side? Is it bad? What is it?
ralgex cream gave me redness rash can any one tell me how to get rid of the redness?
I always thought HIV/Aids was when a person......?
are there any other stds besides for AID/HIV that can be fatal after some period of time?
have i contracted an std from fingering a girl?
i have almost all the symptoms of leukaemia.. what do i do?
can i get aids after smoking weed after someone that has AIDS, on the same pipe?
1 herpes blister in same spot every time, and same size. Normal?
i have a yellow thick discharge and i thought it was a yest infection and i was treated but it didnt help???
If a HIV positive man ejaculate in a simming pool , is there any chance of getting HIV for others who swimming
Herpes test results...anyone help please?
Is there a pill that can prevent hiv from spreading within the first few days of bein infected?
How Long It Take Antibiotics To Work?
My aunt got a sickness? (were not sure what it is)?
there is no information about babies under one year old with swine flu and i am very worried.?
I have an ulcer and have had it for a while now and all of sudden i can taste loads of iron. Is this normal?
what are the symptoms that .......?
how do these diseases (swine flu, sars etc) kill you ?
Can (swine) flu cause regular nosebleeds?
Carbon Monoxide Question?
What is wrong with me?
I wake up with blood in my nose every morning.?
I have pnuemonia, @ I was told 2 take fenugreek supplement. But I need 2 know can I eat while taking this?
Having a slight asthma attack,?
SIDS and Sleep Apnea?
how long does it take for a sinus infection to go?
A pt. with adventitious sound r/t fluid volume excess are indicative of?
Why are (dangerous) epinephrine inhalers available over the counter while (safer) albuterol isn't?
why do i have a white spot on my knuckle?
why do people get cancer?
What is a restless leg syndrome?
Deodorant gives you cancer?
if i cut a cold sore off would it come back eventually?
Guaranty I am not Pregnant?
What's the worse place for acne on your face?
is my pulse to highh?
Jumping heart beats ?
Pain by right side of throat?
Making achilles tendinitis worse?
please help my back of right side of head very painful?
Really bad knee pain (kinda long) please answer!?
Burning sensation in right shoulder blade?
Eyeball pain and treatment?
Leg pain... Can someone help?
Should i mention the numbness in my legs?
Sinus headache relief?
My ear hurts really bad , what can i do ?
So my ear hurts, any idea why?
Should i be worried and what could be causeing this?
I need help with my bruised finger?
welcome to my world i have blown out the same knee twice know?
Is this pain blood clots?
what symptom is it when left thigh trembles?
my fingertip are green, i didnt touch anything green or blue. they are green!!! it looks like my vains?
Will i have to get surgery?
Help with my broken ankle?
my system does not agree with milk&milk products.It leaves me constipated.Does it mean i am lactose intolerant
are tea breaks compsulsory?
Is liquorice actually good for helping to prevent arthritis ?
why are accurate microbial counts important?
I wish to buy Cinfamar Solucion Oral, Where can i purchase it in the UK?
declining wheelchair?
q about addictions?
HEY MINX , hope you read this!!!!!!!!!!?
Acne Scaring?
i have a prob with my thumb. when we do the thumbs up sign the tip of the thumb tilts backwards mine doesn't,Y
Contact Lens Case?
does anyone know how long amoxicillin stays in your system?
Is it possible to 'grow into' a lisp?
A Bionaire Air Purifier question?
best rehab for elderly hip fracture?
how long for broken tib and fib to heel after triggen nail fitted?
Does anybody have any exercises or websites for back posture?
broken leg wont re-knit after 19maths please tell me why?
How can I get rid of water retention in my foot?
I'm about to have an ankle arthroscopy, does anyone know how long I am likely to be on crutches for?
With hypochondria, can your brain make you actually feel the symtoms of the disease your scared about?
What is an easy way to break your arm or one of your fingers?
I feel really weird about myself?
Need help that is about my therapist???Please...?
Why dont doctors take me seriously when I tell them?
What will it take for me to get away from my childhood and live a happy life?
how many painkilllers to have?
how do i get over my fear of fire?
Can music cure depression?
How habit forming is AMBIEN?
How do you overcome bad anxiety?
What does depersonalization FEEL like?
Stinkbugs ruining my life? D:?
how do you know when you have memory problems ?
Which is worse and which is easier to treat?
cant breathe, in work and very worried!?
Isi it normal to feel depressed about new year?
What's wrong with me....tired all the time?
Anxiety over my life?!?
How is general anaesthetic applied and how long does it take to work?