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What is the normal blood sugar level approximately 4 hours after eating breakfast?
Please need to know, has anybody else had their Carer's Payment cut when their diabetes 1 child turned 13?
how to do the best job of injecting insulin, i am 75 yo man and my doc wants to put me on insulin?
Please I need your input!?
Where do the secretions in the pancreas go?
I take inslin humalog 75/25, and i have a smell through my skin. any help?
Should a person with diabetes take chromium polynicotinate?
i have a speech problem, i just cant make the s,sh,th, all the shh sound. can any1 help me?
I was diagnosed with GDM yesterday, any tips or hints for me?
drop of blood in my pups urine?
What do uncontrolled tremors represent. Happened while standing?
how much blood sugars can i have after 1hr of each meal in gestational diabates?
is it normal to weight 45 at 20yrs old? if not how can i gain weight?
Salt reduced foods in WA (suitable for diabetics)?
how do we start carb counting for diabetes type 1?
Is there a blood type?
How many endocrinologists work in New Zealand?
type 2 diabetes and ttc?
Low Blood Sugar - Blood Test Results?
Why do I get so angry all the time?
I am a cutter and I am 16.?
What can I do about feelings of "emptiness"?
My best friend has depression, need advice please?
is this depression? or just a faze im going through?
How can i relax at the end of the day?
My recurring depression as a teen?
I know a girl that has a alter ego does anyone have any info?
Do these symptoms make sense?
My anxiety is coming back?
Ive been on zoloft for 29 days?
I'm in a bad mood ; how to fix?
What could these symptoms be caused by?
Why am I addicted to highs?
Why do i get strange feelings from my unit?
I'm 250 pounds! Is that what is causing me fatigue and depression!?
why do you feel more restless when u sleep more than less?
Are GP's totally necessary these days?
If you got a regular 2D ultrasound done at a obgyn and a cardiologist was there do you believe that they would?
Target Heart Rate? PLEASE answer?
i suffer from really bad lower back pains :'(?
Is it normal to have pain in shoulder two days after doing a blood test?/?
Lump on the right side of my neck.. its a few inches from behind the ear.. HELP?
crackling noise while pressing head?
My thumb on my right hand twitching?
Scalp pain right on the root of hair, what is it?
TMJ Question, Need help!?
Do contact lenses hurt?
What is the best process to close 8 gauged ears?
Why do I get a horrible pain in my ancle? read description>?
why are my legs so weak?
Why does my body feels so weak and numb?
whats wrong with my eyes then to my head ?
How long should be one session on knuckle conditioning?
Is it possible to be allergic to fruits?
What is this sharp stabbing pain in my left ear and on the left side of my head?
ILLNESS... would like some help plz...?
I need help with a lump answers ASAP!!?
what is wrong with me?
Does Yakult Work? How can it survive the stomach acid and make its way to the bowel to do any good?
What is a rigo?
Deep Vein Thrombosis,,,,, How bad was this episode?
what if you have better eye sight than a 20/10?
Can untreated Anaemia become dangerous?
What percentage chance does a female teenager have of dying from a smoking related disease?
Is there such an illness as....?
could i be anemic or is it something else? what can i do other than the docs?
Huntington's Disease Help Very Worried?
i have been told im suffering from sinusitis and i have a constant foul smell and taste is this also a symptom?
I think I have food poisoning but im not sure?
watery bloodshot eyes?
I have been very poorly for a week now, have had urine tests and blood tests done and would like some advice.?
In Haemophilia, If a Woman Is a Carrier does that mean she Has Haemophilia too?
how long does it take to detox from opiates?
how can I die with out pain?
what is this lump on my leg?
My sister lives in New Your State. She suspects due to the happenings in her wrist she has carpel tunnels.?
Bone popping out sort of.. From neck?
Does my boyfriend have a concussion?
Sharp Pain in right groin. Please answer?
why do my testicals ache and sometimes a sharp shooting pain?
my eyebrow piercing is swollen, red and puffy whats happening?
I'm getting my ears pinned back soon and I wanted to know what happens/does it hurt/how long will it take ect.?
Why is my sternum popping?
My thumb hurts! why???
Whats wrong with my wrist and shoulder?
How come when i exercise my knees hurt?
Guitar fingertip pain cures?
it feels like something is poking my heart and it hurts?
I overused my right hand cleaning my house and noticed a bump on the top of my hand right between my point and?
Can anesthesia used during upper GI endoscopy cause brain damage/memory loss?
I know it sounds like a dumb Q but is it possible that the HIV virus destroyed my antibodies?
What are four body fluids that can transmit the AIDS virus. ?
what is hiv means??????????????????
nova tramadol is this used for std treatments?
STDS and AIDS wondering?
rashes appear on my left leg the all over doctor took CBC, urinal and Vdrl, told me i was sporadic disease?
Can stage 4 syphilis get fixed?
anyone out there able to give me any info on the condition Fibromyalgia PLEASE..?
wire worts - how to remove?
me and my husband is waiting to have ivf but my husband suffers from anxity will this affect us?
How to stop excess sweating?
Head aces when landing with Air plane?
Is there a condition where a person can't/doesn't ever get goosebumps?
how effective are Nivea products on one's skin?
Do collagen tablets work?
Wigs on the NHS?
bio oil question?
Granuloma Annulare?
Which vitamin?
is it vital to mosisturise after washing becoz my skin seems to be better when i dont, but it may b coincidenc
got very dry sore lips and a very itchy neck coming up with excema?
Roaccutane Acne?
behind the counter deodorants??
why have i suddenly come up with lots of tiny spots all over my chest?
skin lighting cream, I need them?
Acne + Acne marks and md formulations product line. Need help, dont know which one to use?
I can't breathe properly all of a sudden?
health problems,what could it be?
i have been coughing for the past few days?
How can I to stop a persistent cough?
I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis 4 days ago and was prescribed Augmentin and given flonaise. I have notic?
Is breathing in powder copy toner dangerous in long run?
what if your kid cant breathe good?
my dog is twitching in the neck and she is breathing heavy and wont get up?
am i having a panic attack?
why am I so cold and feel sick?
what is the size and shape of the virus bacterial pneumonia?
will drinkin alchol and taking prednisone hurt anything?
what happen to lungs when inhale a poison gas?
chronic appencitis, what else?
i've smoked the other night and have to be druged tested for proabtion in 5 days what can i do to pass?
if u get asthma attacks do u get high blood too?
Am I going completely insane?
Is there a medical and/or technical term for someone easily distracted?
Why does stress make me not hungry?
Just desperate for advice on AD/HD, depression?
Attention issues? can anyone help me?
Weird noises when laughing Help!!!!?
Can someone help me with my music hearing tests please ?!?!?
Is this daft yea or no?
I have suffered from anxiety for about three years please help?
Why have I been sleeping so long?
why am i getting so nervous?
is revengeful,a positive thinking ?
I am feelin’ kinda lonesome and blue?
i can not sleep in my own room or on my own help! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!?
I have a purple blister looking thing?
To tell or not to tell...?
Will a yeast infection go away on it's own?
what microorganism causes HIV and AIDS?
What is sparodic disease can it be caused by an STD?
Question about aids in work place.?
What is the possible evolutionary trend in the relationship between humans and the AIDS virus or HIV?
does fear have an odor?
a few questions bout herpes.?
Why is there blood when I poo?
I have a Lump on the back of my head should I be worried?
I have itchy spots and I have already had the chicken pox What Are they?
what happens when love turns into pain?
my left foot has had a strange vibration and pulse like felling?
upper left jaw pain near my ear when i chew or bite is it a heart attack its been like this for 2 days?
Why do joints/bones ache during inclement weather for some people?
Popping noises in my back.?
I think my thumb is dislocated..?
what happens if you take narcotic pain medication and you have asthma?
There is a bump in the back of my head?
Whats good for shoulder pain!! ?
I have a lumb right above my but hole my mom said it is a boil but it does not have a white head it hurts?
I am getting pain at foot joint back nerve.?
should i go see my doctor?
Pain in elbow playing basketball?
Why is my left eye hurting?!?
Sore throat and headache?
What could be causing my back pain?
bump in vein on hand?
Weird body pains and such?
My left ear has been clogged since this morning...?
What can stop you feeling hungry?
Warning Signs - Do I have Diabetes?
how high is to high for a diabetic coma??????????
Does anyone have an idea on how to help my blood sugar with fruits... I'm a vegan?
can anyone one give advice on the effectiveness of Clexane or warfarin and the dangers the pose.?
Can "Keytones" affect the level of alcohol in the body?
Which is healthier Oil or sugar?
Are capillaries considered punctures done on the finger tips for glucose checks?
If you have diabetes type II and control with diet and tablets and then commence injecting insulin,?
I have a yorkie roxy 5 months and she has low blood sugar. is this normal?
I have my eyes burning all the times and also i am bit overweight .. and my hairs have grown to grey ..
my hubby doesn't work out and his ck level has tested at a level of 1000 at the highest what could cause this?
How much sugar is in an entire 1 oz container?
Diabetes - Why is Lethargy one of the main symptoms for hypoglycaemia?
What is the difference in medicine "glyciphage" & "glyciphage G" used for diabetes?
Where can I buy cinnamon capsules in Sydney or online in Australia? Helps to lower blood glucose levels?
What causes diabetes?
Can you have corn starch with gestational diabetes?
do all fresh blood products have the same monitoring requirements?
I have Lupus. How can the NHS help me?
i have two lumps behind my left ear ones quite big and the other is small does anyone no what it is ?
Are these any symptoms of illnesses?
What type of virus reappears when I'm tired and stressed?
Is it bad to have Anorexia at my age im 12 and a harf?
Stroke - and personality change?
to which disease is vaccination given before going india?
I'm renting &found droppings all over my 3yr old sons cot and room. I have a new born baby. Wat r my rights?
i've lost 2 stone in about 1 and a half months?
Do i have a metabolic disorder?
why do you sometimes get a stabbing pain in between your ribs?
I have a question?
isnt it possible to cure hypothyroidism by replacing the thyroid gland?
can anyone tell me how to detox myself? i feel really bloated and its disturbing me.....?
Lactose Intolerance ????r?
What are the symptoms of an endocrine disorder?
If you discover a cure to a horrible disease and......?
Can not eating properly cause depression like symptoms?
Upset stomachs and water?
Rheumatologist appt tomorrow?
if cold hurts my finger can i put heat on it for swelling?
Knee pains and i'm only thirteen?
can a comminuted ankle fracture heal with a cast?
Is this a yeast infection or no?
Question For Those Infected / Effected With HIV Or AIDS? ( Canadians Preferred)?
Does this sound like herpes?
anyone know much about aids. How can you help someone with this disease?
What level og government in Canada do I have to talk to about my concerns with Aids?
bumps on the back of my throat?
i GOT A std is my life over now? should i just kill myself?
Is this hiv Test REAL?
is this a std on the mouth??? plz i need 2 knw?
do any of you have updog?
when will the herpes vaccine come? Please let me know by sending mail at [email protected] Thanks.?
Does anyone know a site I can get independent information on breast enhancements ?
Danger strong tides and fat women in bikini's?is this a good sign for the beach?
Does anyone know the song we kissed and touched each other?
What does it mean when....?
the right side of my stomach is always rumbling, why?
Why do salty things help my headache go away?
whats wrong with my wrist?
Very bad leg pain for diabetics?
What could a small painful lump underneath my chin be?
Will i have a hunch back later in life ?
i wake up with a hard on every morning and why?
is Tylenol a really a pain killer or does it trick the brain to thinking that the pain is all gone?
Why have i been having blurred vision and extreme fatigue its not when i get up from sitting down. ?
Is this normal? Or can something be wrong with my knee?
CRAMPS!!!!!!! :( please help?
my right arm has been sore the last couple of days what will make the soreness go away?
Ok my left side of my chest hurts almost everyday my arm also hurts at certain spots any clue why it hurts?
Sinus pain and headache?
My hand gets numb all the time, what should I do?
what ng per ml is an overdose of ms contin?
my rabbit has been unwell for 3 days now her back end seems to have gone?
Suffering from Flu???
ive just found out my brother has a viral infection and he has been round my 3 month old baby what do i do?
what do chicken pox spots look like in your mouth? Martin asked (:?
Name me vaccinations and pills that prevent malaria?
question about ear drops?
two colds in one month?
Do i have mumps?! please help?!?
How do you spell an infection word called remonia?
When do the HIV acute symptoms usually show up?
Am i still suffering from flu?
have i got an eye infection?
Could this be a reason for my breathing problem?
what should i do to get rid of mucus/flem in my throat permanently?
Medical: I had a blood test showing a PTT of 56. Lab showed limits of 22.4-37.2. I was on 75mg Plavix.?
Is Diaphragm Paralysis?
sample nursing notes for chest pain?
Is it an ear infection?
My mom has major breathing spasms?help?
I have had a bad cough for about 4 weeks now and unsure if I should see a doctor.?
smoking makes me gag?
What is the difference between joking and ridicule?
how reliable are online self tests for depression?
How do i tell people i have bipolar? Or do i just keep it to myself?
im scared of remotes?
I don't know what to do. plz read and help..?
How can I fall back alseep?
Psychiactric ward to cry it out ?
does ritalin work instantly or does it take time to build up to work?
How do I help my boyfriend understand Borderline Personality Disorder?
My friend's sister is developing an eating disorder?
I am scared of men, what to do?
i am bout to have a panic attack........because i am worried about this?
Was i developing an eating disorder to happen latter on in life ..... ?
ADHD:Licensed to laze, do you agree?
I wanna kill myself I need help because I really don't want to?
Is it normal to laugh at these things?
Can't stop sneezing after a trip to the attic?
Ingrown toenail?
My skin keeps going flakey and i can't stop it! HELP!?
Please Help! Teenager Acne problem. How do you get rid of bruises on the face caused by acne?
spots, blackheads, and little dints on my face pLZ HELP!!?
a veroka??
what is the difference between sun lotion and sun block?
Has flaxseed oil helped your skin?
i have little white dots under my skin,what could they be?
Why do I blush so easily - how can I stop this??
Hi, can anyone tell me the best drops for dry eyes, im going to america in august and i need to take some?
tea tree oil for ane/zits?
skin+sun help?
can i give a dog hydrocodone for pain?
Drainage and ear ache?
Ive broken my wrist and after 6 weeks the hospitat Doctor?
Very sides of pelvic pain.?
How long should groin/leg pain last after had a heart catherization?
What is wrong with my neck?
How can I tell if I broke my elbow?
Pain under right rib cage?
I have had knee pain ever since i was seven and i continue to get them till this day. should i go and see a ?
Hand fell asleep and wont wake up?
What do I do? I stappled my finger?
my hearts been stinging when i bend down or when i laugh. this doesent happen all the time to me,but sometimes?
Terrible pain in my neck?
How can you make a pinch nerve on neck stop hurting so much?
why does my shoulder hurt?
my thigh feels like there are big bubbles bursting in it.?
I have been having pain in both sides of my hips what could it be?
Medical survey! Has everyone on medication remembered to take the tablets today? are you certain?
is suboxone a narcotic?
pain in ankle when curling toes?
Should I let my bf, who has a concussion, get some sleep or should I keep him up?
can muscle strain in back or sides cause shortness of breath?
Fell on the ice & Landed on my Left Knee ?
My top lip has swollen?
If you didn't go to the toilet, would you die?
How do I stop cutting my wrists?
Injured Knee - Fell over on the ice yesterday, slammed my knee pretty hard! Now I cant walk properly! Whats up?
should i call nhs24 or not?
I have a pain in my knee...what should I do?
what to feed on after surgery?
dodgy knee - getting worse now I've started exercising?
not cardiac...right shoulder blade?
my heart muscle is weak, what can i do to improve it?
Does anyone have any relief ideas?
Hydrocodone overdose?
Why Can I only breath on one side of my nose?
Which medication is best for back pain?
is it bad to hit the back of your neck (please help awancer)?
Really bad stoumach pains keeping me awake?
Difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone?
After having rotator cuff surgery why would a person continue to get stabbing pains as if being jabbed ?
Upper arm and Shoulder pain?
How to cure a stomach ache?
i have lower abdomen pain>?
Terrible Hunger Headaches?
My right ear is clogged up?
Am I wrong for feeling this way? ?
Back pain after sledding?
is it bad if my knee is always making a loud popping in one knee, and a bunch of small pops in the other?
why are my arms so sore?
Glasses nose pads pressing against the top of my nose problems?
how many people sleep or have slept on memory foam matresses,(tempur etc) are they worth the money,if so why.?
any tips on conquering bad fear of heights?
Is this true: Bacosides A and B - Bacopa Moniera can enhance memory?
a thorn went into my ankle in june since then i have experienced great pain either from a tendom or ligament?
i have retinitis pigmentosa can i get help with paying for my glasses?
How can education help improve health?
my dr has put my son on a sucrose, lactose, fructose and sorbitol free diet but says that he can have sugar if?
i need some more low potassium menus.do you know where i could find some?
Word blindness (8)?
what does stress do to the blood count of a diabetic? ?
whats a re ways to prevent diabetes???
Can a type 1 diabetic drive a truck(big rig) in the USA if he is clear to in Canada?
Will a movie trigger an epileptic seizure or blackout?
Is there a condition that causes insulin to make diabetes worse?
Daily vitamin in-take?
help with these diabetics?
How much is a Dr.'S visit with no insurance?
can anyone tell me approx. how long it takes to bring your haemoglobin up to normal?
what are reseans for high blood glucose with high cholesterol, triglceride and alp?
diabetes problems?
is there anything you can take to stop bad sugar cravings?
How did you know you had diabetes?
will you make it cheaper for home dialyses patients before their power bill forces them back to hospitals?
why do cells become insulin resistant? Are they gummed up from too much refined oil or do they have no energy?
Can People with Prader willi have normal height and have puberty at a normal time?
What is the cycle of sleep and what is the importance of REM sleep and What is REM sleep?
hospital stay length with trouble breathing? HELP PLEASE?
I feel kinda achey.. but I have no tempurature. Am I sick?
Vertigo, Chest Discomfort, other abnormalities? (long)?
my 16mos. old daughter has low WBC and platelet count. help!?
what does smoking weed?
Help! Pain in my side and lungs?
My right thigh is numb?
what is the pain in my lower left side?
hydrocodone BT----IBU?
What could this be? Should i go to the doctor?
REMEDY FOR CRAMPS- I AM GETTING CRAMPS in my legs and fingers?
What can I do about this horrible back pain?
How do you dislocate your knee?
How can I treat Anhedonia wilthout pills?
Possible heel spur in right foot?
Can someone give me info on my Elbow pain?
i here if u sit under the tap, thepressure feels good on your fanny.?
Is it ok to take Ponstan (Ponstal in the US) longer term? Say for a month or 2, 500mg tablets, 3 times a day?
Pain in the lower left of my tummy. Is it hunger?
Headache & Dizziness! :/?
Dull pain in my heart??
Why do my sister's bones crack when she does push ups?
i think i have an std where should i go?
How do i comfort my boyfriend? his father is dying of stomach cancer.?
How do i get rid of acne?
pigmentation ?
how do you use Preparation H for dark circles?
Treatment for Venous statis eczema?
Has anyone tried the resurfacing skin?
to the person who emailed me about psoriasis?
Exfoliate your skin twice a week?
36 Hours without a cigarette after 10 years everyday , surely I can just have one if it IS only ONE ?
I am in soo much pain.....?
why when i work out my head hurts and after work out??
Calves PAIN for no reason?
right thigh swelling?
muscle pain vs bone pain?
tragus peircingg?? how bad did it hurt?
Why do I get full and dizzy?
It feels like there is a boogie so far up my nostril i can only breathe in ... not out it what should i do?
Could this be back spasms or what? Please help?
i cant get away from my past?
why does my head hurt when i cough?
ganglion cyst on wrist?
i have Crunchy Knees?
My arm feels like it's asleep?
i have chest and arm pains?
Avoid stretches which?
Why do you think my head is hurting?
am i right for putting my foot down?
I need someone to help with Pain Management?
What can i do to get rid of this?
i have a pain in my lower side of belly and pelvic area?
Ulcers on the back of my throat?
How do i comfort my brother, and could he have a disease?
question about mumps ?
If you have had avian flu, are you more resistant to swine flu?
People under Tamiflu / any antiviral for swine flu?
How long is it before gastric flu becomes non-contagious?
will heal or not?
So I hit my head and it's pretty sore?
How can I convince my parents that I can go shopping with a bad foot?
How do you fracture a wrist or hand?
What are the effects of swallowing mucus?
Is This an Ear Infection?
Someone help, having breathing problem..?
is honey an asthma irritant?
Sinus problems causing ear to ring.?
Have you ever had a viral infection of the lungs?
can promethazine cause depression i was prescribed it for a caugh?
teens help ....contraception game?
can you get chlamydia from fingering yourself?
may i take anti viral drug with antibacterial drug same time?
I woke up one morning and my lip was numb. it happen before when I get to hot but this time it has lasted 3 w?
painful ulcer on tongue (help)?
Im have pains idk why?
why does things hurt more at night?
Why does the right side of my head hurt?
been feeling very dizzy?
Bad hip pain!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
When I barley hits something it still hurts?
Will phenylephrine and oxycodone combine dangerously at low to moderate doses?
Numb tongue and lips with headaches, tooth pain and ear pain?
Burned Throat???? Please Help!?
How do I stop my medical boot from squeaking?
pain in the upper abdomen?
when i sneeze sometimes my side cramps real bad?
why do i get pain in the roots of my hair?
What cause sports on tongue?
5 weeks ago i began to get pain in my right shoulder when lying on it at night.?
Which piercing hurts more?
Does this hurt......?
ok question here. I want to know how prone am I to getting dibetes?
about vitamin deficiency?
17 Years Old Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic and PCOS..?
where can i order eucaltyptus drops?
help feeling sick after etaing bad food?
Blade - Krista's mother nearly gets injected with what?
Can having diabetes make your ears ring?
Why do they sterilise lethal injection needles?
have been recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Am taking DIABEX 850 sucessfully.?
need help about blood pressure!?
why do families have a medicare card?
Help with information about gestational diabetes?
what is glocuse pp?
What is the normal range for RBS?
Cortisol levels update and help needed~?
my dad is a diabetic......?
Thirsty, dry-mouth specialy in morning and I am shaky and seem to have some muscle weaknes Altho takig gudfood
my ggt is 133, is it within the normal or reference range?
Is there a link between gestational diabetes & kids not telling colours apart?
dizzy, 10 points to best answer.?
Am I wrong for feeling this way?
I have pain in neck, shoulder & spinal cord.for 7 months.?
Why does my lower back aches and aches more when I drink cold water?
ok i have a really strange feeling in wat i think is my esophagus?
How do I stop myself from cracking joints?
why does my lower back hurt only at night?
I pushed my neck and head hard against my pillow, while I was trying to get comfort in bed. Could this stunt..?
Some times my testicals hurt is that normal?
Dull face :( what to do?
Whats wrong with me, and how do i fix it?
Muscle pain in leg??????????????
i have a possiable ganglion cyst on my acl and it is very painfull so do docs perscribe pain meds for that?
Horrible pain in side?
how likely are allergic reactions to minocycline?
i have black purple eyes...?
I have mild acne and have had it since i was 14 i'm now 18 when will it stop!!!!?
Laser vein treatment, how much does it cost?
has anyone tried zeoderm?
Is there any cure for Virtiligo?
why do my eyes go red and sore when ive been in shower?
Re the crepey skin problem I think it needs something a bit more radical?
is there any creams that will disguise open pores and small holes made from acne?
Will my skin come back darker or lighter or exactly the same?
antibiotics for the skin?
What are good health websites like Scientific American that are free?
can i view my medical records from birth online?
has anyone had lasik and it has failed?
A glint in my eye ?
Where can I buy Retin A online without a prescription to ship to the UK?
What careers involve a requirement for knowledge of anatomy?
Anyone have this particular shortness of breath issue?
how to get rid of nasal problems?
Does anyone know about histoplasmosis and lung nodules?
docs not taking new medicare patients under 65?
Would a doctor be able to tell?
This question goes out to all the anesthesiologist, im asking for help?
Excess mucus in the bottom of my throat?
i have a lil bump under my eyes? ?
I fall down the stairs but i was on my bottom what should i do and is everything okay?
Has anyone had a cervical discectomy?
Are leg spasms normal after a hip replacement surgery?
my joints pop a LOT, what's up with that?
Does ibuprofen help or hurt symptoms of a concussion?
Post-skiing muscle soreness relief?
Can chalk cure a stomach ache?
severe stomach pain what should i do?
what will i feel like after getting my wisdom teeth out?
Lower left side of stomach pain?
What causes the middle of the back of your head to the right side of your neck sharp pain?
Whats wrong with my knee?
topamax?? 25mg questions..?
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) cramps?
Whats wrong with my hands?
Why do I get this intense pain in my shoulders and arms when I sneeze or cough?
Can wearing backpack aggravate a herniated disc?!?!?
Green Tea diet pills?
Do you still need to fill the Rinse aid reservoir even if you use the ALL IN 1 Power ball tablets?
i have just had chicken breast and it was still pink, will i get food poisoning?
Would you be concerned about buying Malarone (anti-malarial) online?
Swine flu pandemic in the Autumn?!!!?
can u have chickenpox without spots on face,arms and legs?
the flue is leaking from the joint over the top of the boiler?
HIV Testing - Why wait?
Hi, I injured a toe a few months ago but still get pain, any ideas to speed up recovery of the lasting pain?
How can I get rid of/hide bruises quickly?
Nose bleeding uneasy to stop , bruises appearing from no where? Any idea what's wrong with me?
what exercise can you still do with a torn/sprained calf muscle?
does key hole surgery for cartilage....?
What could cause a small lump on your chest which is sometimes very painful but someones barely noticable??
I have just been sent to pain management due to chronic back pain. They did an xray and found a compressed ar?
Will smoking camomile get rid of a migraine head ache?
How is the pain during Thoracic radiofrequency ablation?
Why do i keep twitching my toes??
Does rice wrapped in a towel and heated help muscle tension?
What options do I have for these pains?
What could be causing lower thigh pain when returning to a standing position.?
Really bad toothache!?
i have been havin lower back pain and sharp pains right under my rib on the left side?
How can i get rid of arch pain today? cant even walk.?
Could it be all in my head?
My throat started hurting when i shouted really loud and it continues to hurt what should i do?
i have a back pain and i want some exercise for it?
Why's my brain sore??????
my head hurts if I dont drink?
help!! My appendix area. Please?
Does anyone know why I'm in so much pain?
Is Tramacet stronger than T3's?
Trigenimal neuralgia, heart problems and type 1 diabetes?
I'm so SCARED !! Please help me?
During a regular yearly checkup involving blood and urine tests, do doctors check for STD's?
diadetes mellitus its prevalence complications and nutritional intake during pregnancy questionaire?
what are the regulatory functions of the hormone insulin?
I have RA and taking methotrexate ,embrel for about 10 yreas, Is it possible I could have diabeties also?
Explain the effect that heating the food immediately before eating will have on the likelihood of?
what is Hemoxide 11?
Diabetes - PPBS and FBS - how do these tests indicate diabetes/prediabetic etc?
has anyone had any success with gluconorm (repaglinide) for treatment type 2 diabetes?
What is the connection between the high rates of Type 2 Diabetes today and the protection era?
how would you support someone who has diabetes?
What would cause calcium levels to drop when adding 2000 IU of vitamin D to the diet? ?
what is the target tissue for the pancreas?
Can FatZap or Lipodissolve help reduce lipohypertrophy?
My Urine microalbumin is 613, and that is from a 24 hour urine test. I've had type 1 Diabetes for 25 years?
has anyone had an adverse reaction to cortisone injection, with insulin pumps!?
Is adult enuresis and tingling in extremities, such as fingers, signs of diabetes?
what is causing the battery light on my BSL monitor to flash til it is warmed up?
Doctor in Adelaide, Australia for T3 + T4 thyroid hormone?
how does the liver process glucose?
Does anyone use an accu check go BGL meter?
Does urinating/sweating lower alcohol levels in the blood?
I have been diagnosied with Hyperglycemia oustide of Diabetes?
Best cleanser for getting rid of acne?
Is having one cigarette a week bad for me?
When is bacterial pneumonia more common? In the summer?
Anxiety attack what can I do?
my creatinine level 1.6 what can i do?
what icd 9 code is for acute neonatal hydramnios?
why is my right side of my body twitching? (my eye,leg, and arm)?
is lyrica good for toothache?
I'm 16, 5'7 and about 159 lbs. I havent grown since 8th grade but for the last 10 months I've been having chro?
Drumming ear pressure?
I woke up today and my right shoulder was killin me?
Best back brace for posture?
my face is numb. any particular reason?
My ears get plugged almost everyday and my nose to feels congested? sometimes they hurt.?
How do you pop vicodin? ?
Feeling sick, hot flushes, black outs, loss of appetite!?
So my ear is really plugged up Help? haha?
throat piercing, will it hurt?
I' m about to lose my voice, and my throat hurts. anything I can do to help it?
Regional Pain Syndrome...?
Really bad growing pains help?
Where can i get a brace for my pectus carinatum in Califronia?
What does this sound like. My throat is sore and my nose is burning on the inside.?
knumbness in your right arm?
How to get rid of a stiff neck? please help?
my boyfriend big-toe nail broke in half down to the white meat!! omg its pretty bad..?
SOME 1 TALK TO ME PLEASE =( can someone? I'm hurting emotional / from my bf / my friend..... suicidal stuff.?
What Should I Do With Myself?
Is bingeing and purging considered to be starving?
Bestfriend has mono and refuses to sleep or rest?
Is there any therapy or groups to talk to having a Bi-Polar family member to deal. with in there family?
How do I talk to my mum?
Sertraline side effects?
is there something wrong with me(im 15)?
I think I may be depressed?
I am a 14 year old guy, I sometimes have weird thoughts?
How can I help myself get the right amount of sleep?
Is it possible for me to be bipolar now?
Do I have Anxiety disorder Please read?
I'm absent a personality, a life, reason for being, social skills, or am I?
When did adult terry nappies become popular in the Uk ?
any 60's children remember duraphet?
How do blind people know when they are done wiping?
Does any company make 'flesh coloured' plasters in all skin colours?
brest enlargement pills?
I need clipart to put on a plaster cast instruction sheet for children leaving hospital, any ideas?
I am not well somebody make me smile or say something funny?
have u had about HIV in your country?
I want 2 Distille oil from plants. Useing things found in the average kitchin?
Survey! do you know of any way to stop having teary eyes and a red nose when ever the really cold winds blow?
Pain in my legs continues to move around?
What push up methods works the back and the trap muscles?
Scoliosis Surgery Cost?
What can I do about my extreme foot pain?
kidney stones and gallstones = no surgery?
i fell off a horse. dislocated my hip, tore soft tissue in my back. need help.?
i keep gettin pains on the left side of my chest they last for ages i get the pain in my left arm too. im 21?
What causes throat aches?
My tongue is no longer attached to my tongue web! should i go see a doctor & have surgery performed?
what is physical therapist prn?
question about prednisone and bulged disc?
I woke up one night and my wrist where killing me does anyone know why?
how to get well from a stomach ache?
Neck Pain and Bad Headache?
Why am I getting headaches every Thursday?
How much ibuprofen is too much?
Strange sensation in upper tummy?
how to differentiate symptoms of swine flu, with normal flu in infants, children ,and adults?
Really Worried At The Moment...?
Blisters on my throat.?
I have dont have an active thyroid and have to take thyroxine. Will it effect the condition of swine flu?
is there any regulations in place concerning quaranteen in hospitals secure units ect because of swine flue?
swine flu victim? now has a rash?
so people have swine flu near me?
My head hurts, i got a drum stick thrown at it//?
Fell over and hand took the damage...?
bruising ?
How can I kill this Mosquito? Ouch! It bit me again.....?
why there are many cases of self harm involving females than males?
What support should I use for a strained ankle?
I got hit by a cricket ball below the rib-cage on Saturday. feels swollen internally. should I be concerned?
does anyone know?
How can you strengthen the ribs?
what excercise can i do?
If i put some "Vaseline" on my hand and then i exposed it to fire، will the fire burn on my hand?
how long will a trapped nerve hurt for?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Hand damaged seriously?
I had a toe nail removed 3 weeks ago, still sore, gunky and still can't get shoes on, is this normal?
what is the best thing to help a bruised toe?
A physical injury has made me very depressed. How do i deal with this?
Is it better to tense neck in a crash?
any home remedy to get rid of a cold sore or to heal it quicker?
i got bottled across my head June 2005 the group was never caught by the police can i still claim?
is it normal for broken ankle to hurt?
Pulled muscle help?
On average how long does it take for a sprain to be fully healed?
Is it possible to lower/raise your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate etc. by will?
Urgently need advise!?
i keep getting spots on my legs that causing my legs looking horrible nothing i try wont get rid of it?
Does shingles only ever appear on one side of the body (left or right)...?
Can the skin on your scalpel underneath your hair get sunburn the same way your other skin can eg. on your arm
in painnnn!!? any ideas whyy?
This morning I accidently breathed in a large amount of hairspray ....?
what is other name of anterior pillar of posterior pillar?
what are the effects of el niño?
what is the likelyhood that i have emphysema?
what jobs are suitable for someone who sufferes from arthiritus in their knees?
Have i got Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism?
Is Atopic eczema and contact dermatitis the same thing?
Spot Location?
Relief For Earache Caused By Cold Wind?
Yeast and acne?
Spots...Please Help!!!?
Could the area (half moon) at the bottom of fingertips that are white, develop a bluish color be something?
Omega 3 oil & acne?
I am 60. What is sleep apnoea and does it affectdriving?
why do i get a sore head...?
Anyone any idea on how to travel with methotrexate?
Do I have sleep apnea?
Best way to get rid of a spot?
I had a mole removed?
How to avoid production of Phlegm in the body?
nose job on the NHS with breathing trouble?
Need help: my girlfriend has been having stomach aches and shortness of breath?
What Harm Has Been Done After Smoking For 6 Months? (Smoked 3 Cigarettes A Day On Average)?
Could I possibly have influenza?
it feels like i have fluid in my lungs what is this a sign of?
Upper back pain left side?
Anybody addicted to Pain medicine?
what should i do after i missed dose migraine medicine for many days?
Oxycodone liquid & overdose?
Worried.. numbness ??
Ovarian cyst causing herniated disks?
My ears! help?! Hole Stretched?
what is the best way to break your leg?
which therm does not belong in the group: Tibia, Ulna Fibula, femur?
Chest along with arm pain...?
why do my knees hurt? and why are they weak.?
my right side hurts when i move around.?
Terrible Cramps more and more frequent?
I have a pain in my arm.?
Chest pain really bad?
Do they make 750 percocet?
I can bend my left arm/foot back more than my right arm/leg..is this normal?
Ear lobe stretching. Where to start?
my daughter woke up the other morning and her wrist was hurting,she thought she had slept wrong?
How can I get out of bed in the morning?
I'm creeped out! Help!?! Please!!?
Is there a mental disorder in which you believe you're an android/robot?
I'm having trouble with my speaking?
Should i tell my mom how i feel? Please help?
last night sleeping!!! help!!?
Is it possible to gain so much control over your mind that you could block pain receptors?
Is there something wrong with me or my brain?
What do I do for depression?
MATH ATTACK!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!?
Finding it hard to deal with change?
Problems sleeping at night?
Can love cause anorexia/loss of appetite? If so, why?
4 weeks of zoloft 50 mg?
Excessive tiredness; how to break it?
can adderall cause short term memory loss?
ever dream but you were almost positive it actually happened?
Sugar Tablets- Period?
Acidosis and alkolsis, I was just wondering if anyone could explain how to do this, and give example plz :)?
3.) What are the dangers and/or advantages of using insulin shock therapy in treatment of schizophrenia?
My red blood cell count has been dropping slowly but steadily over the last year ...?
sweetner 950,955 does this contain aspartame?
what is a pancreas infection, how do u get a pancreas infection, and what are the effects of it?
My cpk has risen to 30,000 with aldolse of 198, The RA has dx me with polymyosistis. But, the meds aren't work?
one more question bout BYETTA how long does it take to take effect as in lowering ur BGL'S?
I think I might have diabetes?
what is the highest level of iron that i can have?
Do I have diabetes? I had gestational diabetes and after giving birth have just had a glucose test?
I was wondering if the accu trim beads really work and if there are any side affects?
how would less insulin level brings problem in the body ? and what are the causes for less insulin ?
Where can I buy Glucerna SR in Brisbane, Australia?
Diabetes, does anyone know if liraglutide been releasd in Australia ?
GANOCELIUM and type 2 Diabetes?
could i become a nutritionist with an advanced diplomia in nutrition?
why patient on antidiabetic drugs cannot take more than one aspirin a day?
Has any Type 1 Diabetic had lap banding surgery?`?
Smoking increases the Risk of Diabetes?
Can drinking alcohol make u do a number 2?
pp is small?
What is the name of the company Steve Renouf set up with his wife supplying diabetes related products?
I'm a 20 year old female?
Could I have swine flu?
body ache skin sensitivity headache tiredness upset stomach?
darvocet: what is replacing it?
h musc does oxycodone 20mg syurp cost on the black market?
i am a 43 year old male avid cyclist and i have been having an ache in my left leg below the knee for a month?
My legs are so sore from a workout that it worries me.?
How to convice someone in a lot of pain to go to the doctors?
Right lower back hurts?
really worried, constant noise?
can you get stones in your adenoids?
Sickness and Sunburn Pain?
Major Pain in my Chest?
Should I get checked out?
My jaw hurts? What should I do?
Bone in leg popped out of place?
I took triamcinolone cream last night and now my head hurts?
hi good day we will like to know alittle bit more about the works of bail bone?
question about post nasal drip?
can i put saline nasal spray in nebulizer ?
what is the difference between effusion and diffusion?
Can taking these change Protime?
sorness of the trachea?
how can i remove 1year ban?
What is the Origin of Pertussis?
Dizziness and Chest tightness?
Marlboro cigarette???????????
What do the authors propose about how sunshine helps to cure tuberculosis (TB)?
Exercise induced asthma?
What is wrong with me?
Should I see a counsellor?
Please help????????????
How can I be more motivated?
Why would someone fake crying?
Anxiety Treatment Center/Rehab center?
am i getting too obsessed?
anxiety help please!?
I think I'm depressed?
can i kill my self if i feel like no one appriciates me?
I huff house hold items?
Whats my problem? How can i fix this?
I feel so alone, but I have to be?
can i get positive feedback?
Where can I find a therapist?
I would be really grateful for some advise. I was seeing somebody 19 years ago.?
please help, what is wrong with me?
Should I go to the other side of the world?
Is there something wrong with my collar bone?
How do you cure shin splints?
Eye and ear pain while swimming?
I had emergency appendix surgery about 6-7 years ago and all of a sudden my scar started twiching?
why do i have pain in my right arm after having surgeory an my neck 5 years ago?
Its all in my head right?
What happened to my neck?
tylenol codeine no 3 street value?
back problem???????????????
Why do I have knee pain?
Yesterday evening I was hit pretty hard about an inch under my temple with a toy that felt like a baseball.?
bad pain in right shoulder blade and under right breast?
every morning my stomach starts to hurt til I get to school could it be morning sickness?
has anyone ever had a cyst on their neck?..or know anyone that did?
Am I getting my wisdom teeth?
slamming doors hurts eyes?
2 months ago, I hit my finger knuckle on a wall. It's still sore and black/blue. Why still?
What are the chances of re-dislocating my shoulder?
I think I have broken my metacarpal bone between my wrist and thumb, is there a way to tell with no doctor?
How can i have regular menstraul cycles even if im overweight ?
Do you ice the injury ot the pain?
is she lying or can it be?
Should i get a nose job just before i go to uni??
I have fell and have a huge bruise on my shin now turning yellow?
how do people break their arms and legs at home?
I fell over and banged my knee 8 days ago, slight bruising appeared?
What's wrong with my foot?
i think i have a dislocated knee, my leg wont go back in place and i cant straighten it?
I have suffered permanent hearing loss in 1 ear due to NHS negligence, can I claim compensation & how much?
can i go to jail if i give someone hiv?
High Blood Pressure and drinking water.?
Enlarged Part of the Heart?
has anyone used the cream freederm HC for eczema?
The dreaded bacne?
what are these itchy dry spots at the side of my nostrils?
What is the best coldsore treatment from a chemist or home?
How can you get rid of crepey skin on the tops of your arms?
Using Oxytetracycline Anitbiotics for Acne?
Bulmers Rash or Meningitis? Please Help!?
Pilonidal Disease - UK-only answers, please! Thx!?
is there any spider vein cream that i could use that works?
Getting rid of bed bugs with chemicals?
What is Fordyce? And can it be treated?
renovo scar clinical trials?
I am going to have a small sebaceous gland removed from my face. Have you ever had one done? Did it scar?
skin problems?
How do you get rid of love-bite type bruises?
swine flu in ireland?
Are there any cases of swine flu in the campus of Portsmouth University?
Strep Throat Help Please???
what are the chances of me catching swine flu?
What is the latest on the Chinese Plague outbreak?
is swine flu caused by pigs? and how can we avoid catching it.?
how quick does septicimia take to get into your body and kill you? if left untreated?
Can humans catch rabbit pox from handling rabbits in the laboratory setting by infected rabbit blood?
What is ME?
when was the first insulin injection used in India to treat Diabetes?
High insulin levels with normal blood sugar?
Metformin hydrochlorid in Thailand?
Is there anybody out there that has had the lapband surgery recently?
If you get constant pins & needles?
Does anyone know the diet: www.medisoft.nl/dieet/engels?
What might be the problem if we have sudden Haemoglobin drop and nothing wrong with stomach or intestines?
My mum said i have Rhesus Negative blood & if i have a baby it would need a blood transfusion?
how long does it take for mrsa to reach the blood stream?r=1224229771?
what are the effects of the following feelings on the body?
O Negative blood type?
is Metoclopramide safe to take? how bad are side effects?
clinical conditions where FBS is higher than PPBS level?
What happens when you stop taking vytorin or replace it with a herb?
gastric bypass surgery anyone had it done?
How can I stop the Cravings and how long will it take till its stops?
i am 32 year old man, bilirubin level is 1.5% in blood how can i reduse this level,?
Type 1 Diabetic & Nose Piercing?
any pharmacist experts?
how many people with diabetes in the world?
wbc is 12.0, mch is 32.3 and gran#8.1 and lymph#3.6 calcium level 10.5i am also type 2 diabetic.?
Why is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance a danger?
Where can you get 146,147,148?
Symptoms of high thyroid?
Has anyone done the body for life programme here?
·Why does pepper make you sneeze?
what is the cost of an eye test in manchester uk?
Can you catch a cold from going out without a coat on?
thyroid question?
intracellular or extracellular?
how common are hiccups in adult life?
can you take caltrate in conjuction with Protos 2g?
Would you be "legless" after consuming 17 standard drinks over a whole night?
I keep getting back pain?
how do i peirce my septum at home with less pain?
I have pain when I sit on my tailbone area. MRI showed nothing. I don't remember hurting it. Now what?
jaw pain only when laying down-has anyone ever had this?
Can I make my knees lighter?
Constant Lower Back Problems...?
when ifinish my period i get pain in my abdomal stomach,the pain its last for 4 days and my left leg is crampi?
why does the right side of my bladder hurt?
Can a pinched nerve or pulled muscle cause ear pain or ringing in the ear.?
What could this small lump under my right ear be?
Why do my legs always shake?
how come everytime i run, a part of my body next to the ribs,hurts?
Continued pain after having gallbladder removed.?
Neck and leg pain! help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Any tips on how to relieve severe tooth and gum pain?
is it normal to get pins and needles in you upper back?
What Is This Light Pain In Experiencing In My Chest?
whats wrong with my arms?
can some one tell me the seriosness off having an underactive thyroid please?
What is Bronchial Exertion Spasm's?
Have you ever experience the lack of oxygene in the cloudy weather?
i have Bronchiectasis and suffering from everyday mucus brownish in color.tired of antibiotics any suggesstion?
Chest Pains on Left Side?
medical problems with the endocine system?
5 Causes of antibotic resistance?
Describe the path followe dby air from the trachea to the alveoli?
had a biopsy on my stomach and they found TB?
Dyspnea :( What should i do?
is sleep apnea a chronic serious health condition ?
Is my finger broken or just jammed?
How to cope better with tired, aching feet?
i have really bad back pain and i am 15!!!!?
I pulled a muscle how do i fix it?
Why do cancer patients lose their hair?
my head feels numb im only 15?
18 years old getting 2 Cortisone shots?
What do you think would cause the most pain?
When is it appropriate to go to Urgent Care?
How can you ease your cramps w/out pain killers and a heating pad?
I'm getting lower back pains randomly. What's happening?
whats wrong with my rib?
Whats wrong with my throat?
is chest pain from too much caffine caused by an irregular heartbeat?
Weird feeling? It's a problem! ?
The inside of my left Hip hurts, Help!!!?
Why do my ankles hurt so bad ?
OK. So I get these weird painful foot cramps! MORE INFO BELOW. Help!?
withdrawals from medications.?
NEED HELP I have been sparring and I'm noticing that I'm also losing Strength?
I have been having aches in my head for almost a month now?
my brother lost his consciousness since he was 3 years old after he suffer high fever what should i do to help?
I have 'Ideas of Reference'. How do I best cope with this. My pain medication interferes with medication nee?
Missing my boyfriend so much, that i can't sleep?
Would it be okay to see a at my university counselor to help me with my eating disorder?
Help ! Cant sleep -.-?
I'm pretty positive my boyfriend had a stroke a few days ago, he's acting delusional help!?
How can I get my adult son into a good rehab.he is a meth addict?
Anxiety, hpychondria? whats wrong with me?
Feeling terribly bad, can you help me ?
I cant sleep. I feel depressed and i feel sick i just want summer to come so i can be free of school.?
Ialways get depressed after my surguries.. Will this happen again?
What would cause extreme difficulty concentrating and making decisions?
worried and scared hear?
All i want to do is sleep. i have no motivation at all?