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I Feel Tired, Depressed, Sick, Weak And Lonely Any Idea What It Could Be? Thanks?
Has anyone with flat feet found that Birkenstock or Crocs shoes help their discomfort/appearance?
what is Wilkinson's disease?
thyroid and hair loss?
is there a cure for gout?
doctor said not jaundice?
a moving lump into my lower rib cage on right hand side. what could it be?
what are the symptoms for the change of life?
irritable bowel constipation and Thyroid?
My granny has been diagnosed with thyroid disease and she also has a very bad cough?
Crohn's Disease??
If Hypothyroidism is untreated, can myxedema coma occur for definate?
Am i anaemic?? Please help?
I have really bad insomnia?
How was it discovered that sharks liver oil is a good treatment for haemorrhoids (piles)?
Why do my fingers feel stiff ????
With TN, is the pain constant, or do you have good days and bad days?
I have a knot on the backside of my knee can u tell me what it is?
Having Pain on the pelvis part?
every time i lay down my stomach feels uncomfortable and i feel sharp pain in my ribs, stomach and chest?
what can cause toe joint pain?
If I have my ears pinned back..............?
Why do I get gas and tummy ache several days after I got a diarrhea?
Why does my jaw hurt when I chew or yawn?
Stomache ache HELP!!!!?
Help? My legs, face, arms, stomach, head, ears, throat are all itchy from something I ate?
ouch it hurts!!!! help!!?
There's a constant buzz in my head for the past 2 months ?
What is this pain in my foot between the ball and the heel?
How to treat migraine head ache?
Pain under left breast?
What's my problem? My throat hurts but not like a regular sore throat.?
Upper arm numbness And discomfort?
I am 64 ailing from prostatomegaly prescribed on alfuzosin and dutasteride since 1 year.?
how long does it take to recover from pleural effusion?
Why is it every time I cough i spit a noogie?
what are some reasons to hospital someone with bronchitis or do they not usually do that?
I am having Chest Tightness what's the problem?
What is a deviated septum?
I was with a smoker for about 4 days and she had a smoke like 4x a day, can i be affected?
I'm schizophrenic, what to do?
Psychiatrist rates, and finding the right one?
Is this teenage depression? What can I do?
Is it weird to act like this?
is this ocd or just a weird habit?
can u overdoes on ad-leave?
What mental illness causes a person to kill??????
I think i was misdiagnosed?
A question about OCD?
help me communicate better?
I am so lost in life.. I don't know whats wrong with me..?
Anti- depressants.. please help.?
what is the effects of jim been and paxil and ambien?
Does anyone have any mental conditions?
How much is ADHD check-up/medication?
How do I get over my anxiety?
Feeling depressed day by day and it gets worse, any suggestions?
How to stop myself from pacing?
How come if you have a mole on your arm or leg, the hairs grow faster around the mole?
why do we yawn at the same time??
how to know if the growth plate is closed for human??
has anyone heard of transparent cataracts?
can I get miralax in the U.K?
images of medical burns seen in hospitals?
What five things does your skin need?
need help with Ketones, if anyone can help me, please do?
What type of socks will warm cold diabetic feet without causing the feet to perspire? Where can I get them?
Is there anyone out there how takes zyprexa & has advice or knows how to avoid becomming as...?
Is lower leg weakness a part of type 2 diabetes?
I'm taking Metformin for hypoglycemia. How does it help hypoglyc when it's normally for treating diabetes?
HELP! how do i get rid of sugar cravings!?
My blood sugars have been 330 to 400. Type II diabetic controled by diet. Dr put me on glyberide, still 400?
Do you have any experience with insulin injections for gestational diabetes?
orovo tablets in australia?
It is all psychological?!?
how is diabetes caused?
what is the cause of frequent skin boil on a person?
Insulin Pump? cost? better or worse?
Why is my glucose level higher in the morning and after i work out at the gym?
diabetes in teenagers?
i havent hit my hand or thumb but my nails black and my thumbs swollen plus im diabetic?
How does insulin work?
DIabetics - BSL readings?
15 Year Old Girl Who's Ribs always ache?
The sides of my stomach are severely hurt. I can barely walk and I keep throwing up. I'm getting really weak.?
Why do I get random sharp pain in my ribs? ?
Why do I always think the worse?
what is this pain in right arm?
If you have a bad back from a hard bed does the pain go away?
My brother heard a crack in his ankle..?
Stomach Ache Help PLEASE?
i have a lump in my hand and it hurts?
i have a headache,sore throat,stomach ache and a low temp. 95?
I Have a really bad sore throat i woke up with this morning some one help please?!?
What do I do about my knees?
No medication and extremely heavy...?
Back Pain from Vomiting?
Horrible muscle cramps. Heat, medication, bananas didn't work. Help?
Hernia surgery questions?
which pharmacy is selling ethex or apotex oxycodone?
My ankle is still sprained after 6 weeks?
How safe is it to wait for my new blood pressure medication to take effect? My doc. says I must wait!?
how do i get a doctors note??!?
Hot and Cold sweats!?
safe to come off citalopram?
I am a recovering drug addict?
How do i overcome autism?
does anybody out there have the hair condition Tricholmania?
Is there anybody here who has progressive multiple sclecrosis? If so how did it start for YOU?
signs of an eating disorder??
why am i losing weight?
Hey U.K. does anyone know what an MRI cost there?
Can an under-active thryoid gland get worse over time?!?
Can do bunjy jumping when i have back problems ?
Are these the early signs of MS?
Sleeping Problems?
i have had kidney infections at least 3 times now?
HELP! Extreme Eye fatigue & Sleepiness?
I have gallstones ,2 of them are just over an inch in size and there are also some smaller ones?
If you've got a bad sore throat how long before you visit the doctor?
how do i know if i have thrombosis?
What is the best way to relieve sinus pressure?
how did I get this sick?
rate and depth of respiration hyperventilating?
I have a problem with my tongue?
When im nervous i get shooting pains in my wrists?
took lots of tablets, whats going to happen?
When i woke up my throat felt weird and when i swallow my back start to have pain.?
hit my head snowboarding?
Just come back from Egypt-pollution will it harm my baby? 11 weeks preg. Also pain with poss gallstones?
what causes cystitis?
How do I stop the swelling or help the pain to my ear piercing?
Got a cramp in my leg?
Should I get the Scoliosis Operation?
Is it okay to work out if your knee joints are sore?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? please help?
My lower back hurts. HELP?
Abdominal cramping, bloating, and burping?
Stomach ache for a week.?
Which specialist do I go see?
My tongue is being weird after the piercing?
Waking up with headaches?
plzzz help chest pain for than 10 days?
why doesnt my body stop with the pain already? bounus question inside?
Why has my two year old child developed shingles, if it is so unusual for a child to do so?
witch hazel?
Bad skin, but not acne...?
Effective Scar Removal...?
Do you use Nizoral for dry scalp?
Job in acne????????
Why am I so itchy all over my body??
Is this still slapped cheek syndrome or something else??
help! swollen ankles?
oily, acne prone and very fair skin problem...?
My face is like sandpaper - why?
How to get rid of spots on your bum quickly?
Help please I feel so alone?
i dont even know if i should worry bout this?
Are there any side effects of taking Prozac and Adderall. Or taking the two together?
I've been crying almost everyday for 2 years. What's wrong with me?
How do doctors deal with OCD?
Good thoughts have good energy/bad thoughts have bad energy?
When should you start to consider medication for depression?
What happens when you call a suicide hotline?
Is it normal to suffer with insomnia with anxiety?
Zoloft 50 mg for 6 weeks?
This is not a question..?
Have I got depression or some sort of disorder?
how to stop night time paranoia?
I pretend to be someone im not online, help?
Could my inability to have a decent conversation be caused by depression?
Why do you get pressure at the sides of your head?
Hi there! Where can i find the NHS list of medications and their price?
what is the best ioniser on the market?
why is it, when you have already got a bruise or wound on your body, you always hit that same bit?
how low your white blood count got to be before it is serious after injectuon with rebit?
why does a bright light stop you sneezing?
Can medication be dispensed by one person then administered by another. who should sign for the medication?
In Medicine, what does N.I.C.E stand for?
How do you adjust to be immobile after an active youth.?
How many people died of alcohol related deaths in 2005.. or 2004.. or 2003.. any?
why have u got to measure a persons input and output of bodily waste?
High platelet count?
pain on top of the head means what?
How bad is revision surgery on a total knee?
I hit my head... What should I do? Is something wrong?
everyonce in a while i feel a random pain, why?
Strange pains in right triceps brachii? 10 POINTS!?
i dont know whether my shoulder is overstretched or ...(pls help?)?
My throat kinda hurts and?
Knee Locking up - Help?
i fell like someine is right behind me but when i turn around no one is there. what is wrong?
What causes you to throw up in the middle of the night?
Finger pain = Full body pain?
Can someone tell me what this pain in my legs is?
Bad pain in middle to upper back?
My right hand has broken out in hives?
Upper abdominal pain?
Do I have a condition, or is this just in my head?
Can herniated disks that press on the spinal cord nerves cause pain in the arm?
Where can i find a doctor near me?
can you hear tinnitus in your sleep?
How is it a lot of women go around in strappy tops when its cold and yet all I do is shiver ..?
Has anyone heard of lumbago and what are the symptoms?
If I have laser eye surgery to correct my vision and damage my eyes?
what's the longest you've gone with an undiagnosed disability?
i keep having BAD dizzy spells when lying down, they seem to start in the in the front of my head AGE 51?
I feel 92 not 22 aching head ache cant remeber.?
Embarassing lump any ideas? pls help!!!!?
Anorexic, help me...?
o- blood group advantage and disaavantage ?
EFEXOR XR... anybody who takes it too?
why do diabetics get burning in there feet, and what can be done for it ?
Nubaine, methadone, percocet and soma?
do all sugar tests detect diabetes?
How does the Pancreas function?
What are the portion sizes for a diabetic diet?
What happens when u inject insulin incorrect?
How much do you drink as a diabetic?
what can we do to discover for cure of AIDS?
what is a high danger reading for sugar diabetic?
what is dumping, as far as blood sugar is concerned?
why do we urinate 2 litres or water for every one litre we drink?
What is Diabetes?
Can pancreas bete cells regenerative?
Where can I find a good shopping list guide for diabetes?
If pancreas removed what will happen to blood sugar level and diabetes conditions?
I need obesity and diabetes help ( for school project)?
could some diabetics answer this question about my symptoms im 23 female?
mechanism of hunger?
DEATHLY DEATHLY afraid of needles?!?
Help? Fainted, and sleeping issues?
3 herniated disks in my spine and im only 16. help me please?
not using my wrist - ummm advice please?
Hip pain ? Help me please?
WTF IS THIS headache?
how to help chest pain?
i have lower back problems, skinny, young, and active.?
I had a pelvic exam 2 days ago and yesterday morning I woke up and I was?
Pain in joints in middle finger?
I bruised my elbow and?
Why does my tooth hurt when I bite on it?
Is it actually bad to click your knuckles?
I need to know what is wrong with my knee!?
My hips/sides hurt. What does this mean? PLEASE HELP!?
Right Eyebrow Pain (Slight swelling)?
Should I be worried about this pain?
My big toe is swelled up and it throbs what does that mean?
Does moisturizer actually make a sunburn last longer?
Sinus infection? Strep? Help!?
Sore throat, painfull cough?
My 11 yr old son was diagnosed with mediastinal emphysema due to air leak , pls explain possible causes.?
what is pigeon chest?
Lung function test- "Mild Restriction"?
can a viral infection cause a bacterial infection?
Am I doing enough to control my asthma?
What causes blood clots in the nose?
Help with weight and parents ?
Where Can I Buy Native Remedies Focus ADHD Formula for Children in stores? NOT ONLINE!?
why does ambien cause this feeling????
Should I take an maoi?
Got my g.e.d. 4 years ago, would like to go to college to be an addiction counsoler.?
How do you deal with survivors guilt?
Whats wrong with my friend?
Anxiety and depression cant cope?
I have depression & fear of being alone.. How Can i Control this?
depression from copegus?
really want to stop worrying about being sick when i am nervous. how can i stop this?
How to stay awake in class?
Diagnosed with Anxiety and now finding it hard to even go to school?
Are you forced to speak in group sessions at an outpatient rehab clinic?
If I smile too hard, will my face fall off? Please help. I think it's starting to happen.?
If I sleep 20 hours can I stay up the next day?
I need help making friends, but something is holding me back?
what increases dopamine so much? how does the process go till positive symptoms (schizo) are already shown.?
i have a really bad pain in my right arm?
I want to know of companies in the UK that offer free pharmaceuticals.?
Ideal weight?
RSI what are the symptoms?
How long does it normally take to get results of a scan from the hospital?
Asthma! How do ventalin inhalers work?
what is the minimumage for a childto have a tonsilectamy?
vomiting while passing stool?
Is it okay to take strong antibiotics at the same time as anti-histamines?.?
Any cures for bad tension feelings on waking in am for no good reason?
How much mercury does a typical blood pressure monitor have ?
My left side of my back is swollen and i have a shooting pain all the way down my leg to my ankle ?
I always wake up with a headache..?
Does my arm sounds broke.?
Sudden, sharp back pains?
My husband had laser surgery for his varicoise veins on one of his legs.?
I shake my head to fix my hair and now i get headaches?
I have clicky knees, is anything wrong with them?
Dealing with constipation (my first time)?
Why Is My Stomach Feeling This Way?
How to cure this foot nail?
I'm having bad knee pains?
anyone who has done air alert ever get this pain?
Knee replacement cause hip cramp?
migraines food to not eat?
Can anyone with IBS actually feel their spasms in the abdomin?
What is the best way to come off anti-thyroid drugs and chemical hormone replacement?
My shoulder blades are absent! Am I suffering from Yunis Varon Syndrome?
my ears - i think i have a problem?
Rainwater run off from an asbestos roof - used to water vegetables....?
what is korsykov syndrome?
Anaemia in teenagers?
kidney failure or anamia in the elderly?
Is there hope for recovery? Could someone share their anorexia/recovery story, i want to know if it's possible?
I keep getting a red eye and swelling on side of my skull above my ear- any ideas???
what can cause an epileptic fit?
can anyone tell me arguments that support the link between the mrr and autism?
Sinus problem, advice? :)?
Has anyone experienced ringing in their ears?
Epilepsy In Theatre ( when your watching a play) Please read!?
Eye that is painful and then seems to water with a thick 'water', once gone the eye is OK.?
did i damage my wrist ? ?
What could be the cause of my frequent headaches?
Does Rapid Detox for Opiates Work?
sharp pain from forearm to wrist?
What's wrong with my hip?
Could acid reflux cause side pain near the my back/kidney area.?
I'm getting an irregular beating action at the side of my chest when laying on my side?
Pain in leg around knee area Please help?
My hearbeat kept me up for hours?...?
I wake up at night to my jaw stuck forward?
leg pain from basketball?
im having 2 molars out on Tuesday please tell me if this hurts or not ?:S x?
how force bad stomach pain?
Sharp pain in my back...?
Lumps down side of neck few bumps in the head...?
what is the difference between a disability rating , impairment rating ,and permanent physical restrictions?
What are these headaches?! :(?
Whats the name of the "hole" or "gap" on the neck? It's positioned right above the chest.?
Anyone here use Humira for psoriasis?
Spot on cheek?
I am 60 and have milia on my arms and body. it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas of cause or treatment?
ithchy eyelids?
Spotssss !!?
my girl has a rash on her ankles - any ideas?
how do i get rid of this coldsore!?
Does a foot spa do any good?
greasy skin?
Small Moles That Change Colour, and more in the sun.?
Im trying 2 figure out what product is most effective in getting rid of spots.Without it bein harsh on my skin
does oxy 5 work ?
im having my toe nail removed & want to know what the after care is?
Do tame rats carry the "Leptospirosis" bacteria ? (Weils Desease)?
Malarone side effects.?
does this sound like a common cold ?
tonsils waiting list!?
any one know anything about muscular distrophy?
Doctors or not? Tonsilitis?
Someone please help and tell me what I should do?
am i depressed? do i need to see someone?
i think my bf has bipolar disorder? :(?
My WEIRD social disorder?
Is there a home drug test that detects heroin in a person who is prescribed methadone? ?
Hmmm...... how do you guys take the stress off of your mind?
Is my friend suffering from depression?
debilitating depression?
wear size 1 or 3 jeans and small shirt but i look huge?
I will be a new mom shortly, and am in desperate need of tips. Can anyone provide help for a nervous mom?
I am depressed and need help?
what is this and what can i do about it?
Why am I being like this?
Is there a medical term for people who think out loud or talk to them self out loud?
What do I do to get help?
I may have OCD help!?
I have ADD but my parents don't understand?
I have this heavy feeling on my chest?
a tightness pain in the upper airways?
who has had a deviated septum before and got it fixed?
is this a panic attack?
i have a persistant cough and ive had it for about 3 plus months now its been getting worse what can i do ?
physiology of blast lung injuries?
coughing, phlem, rib pains, headaches everyday...any advice?
My nose is infected !!!?
I NEED help BADLY!!!?
What could cause sharp head pain in one section?
What is causing my wrist pain?
Why do my elbows pop?
What remedies do you recommend?
A lot of pain between ear and jaw?
Lower back pain!?! Help!?
If my arms are not sore after working them out yesterday, can I work them out today?
Help my neck is killing me and related questions?
Inner thigh muscles are sore?
Ive been having pain under my left armpit?
Can appendicitis conflict pain in the lower left abdomen also?
Back pain & left shoulder blade pain?
I need help? Dehidrated? Foot Cramps? Head ach! im only 13!?
Odd Pressure in my Ear?
How to get rid of foot pain?
Burning Rash spreading across face causing blurry vision. Should I go to ER?
Triceps sore.. how do you relieve them?
Just had surgery and noticed a lump...it it serious? help :-)?
Constant burping sounds like a drain?
Is gabapentin a pain killer?
hi i am a bodybuilder ive got a injured shoulder how can i train round this?
Ingrown Toenail? Please Help, PIC INCLUDED?
symptoms of appendicitis?
how long till i can walk again?
I need a quick and easy way to get myself into hospital?
what should i do, in serious pain:|?
whats the process if u take your child to casualty with broken fingers?
how do you deal with scar's?
Knee injury from running?
How am i supposed to stick to my exercise routine when an old muscle injury keeps returning?
what could be wrong with me?...........?
why when you have a cold do you sometimes get really shivery?
can people with astigmatism wear all day all night lenses?
nvq level 3 health care HSC360?
why might the veins in a foot be protruding obvious and enlarged?
information that i need !!! please???
How many tear ducts do we have in each eye?
i feel like im gonna faint?
Has anyone had liposuction to their thighs?
If one was to set fire to a medical waste dump......?
Who offers life insurance for a person who has spina bifida?
what is a bleeding ulcer? what causes it? how do you treat it?
How long do I have to wait!?
Does this mean that she'll die?=(?
who do i speek to for some advice on my son problems or has anyone ever had dealings with xyy syndrome&epileps
Advice on the symptoms of Cushing's disease.?
Hereditary disease normally occurs in females but ...?
aching in limbs and pins and needles in hands, insomnia, headaches?
Please help, medical advice would be great =D?
What do people suffering from TRICHOTILLOMANIA have a sometimes frustrated impulse to do?
Is self-induced vomiting a compulsory symptom of bulimia nervosa?
Scoliosis Surgery????
11 year old that has been having headaches, maybe 2 or 3 weeks now?
Is there anything that can be taken to prevent or reduce bloating and wind?
why are my ankles swollen?
How long should a kidney infection take to clear up?
outline the short term medical and surgical management of patients with gaseous distension?
what happens if you drink water before fasting blood test?
Anyone know where you can buy Dreamfields low-carb pasta in Australia?
I have type one diabetes when my sugar drops My right arm muscles tighten up why is that?
what is less harmful for a diabetic person: carrot or pumpkin, banana or date, whole meal bread or brown rice,?
does having having diabetes affect your period?
Can a blood sugar in the 500 range effect a BAC reading?
my father is diabetic ?
how much swell is too much?
what is glycose intollarance?
Does anyone have Insulin Resistance?
high blood sugar level 8.3?
Retinal Detachment?
What is the average lifespan of an adult, after being diagnosed with diabetes?
What are stem cells used for?
carb counting using nutrition tables on bought foods?
what bloods can be accepted by... all blood types, AB or A?
I meant to ask: What specific effect do old test strips have on gluocse readings -- high or low?
Type I Diabetes and food to insulin ratio...?
I have high uric acid, what are the things I should avoid?
My blood pressure is 91/61 is that normal?
any natural medicine for coronary artery disease?
'm getting extremly sharp pains in my lower back?
Is it normal to have been sunburnt and 4 days later it still hasn't improved?
Who measures legs knees and hips?
Could this be a stretched ACL?
should i go back to the doctor, or just wait?...?
I Woke Up Dizzy This Morning?!?
my head hurts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why wont my cough go away?
Any known reactions between Kariva (BC) and Oxycodone (Pain)?
why do my veins hurt?
What is this knot on the palm of my hand?
Strange bump on leg.. feels like bone?
My apendix hurts??? I dont know what tio do?
My whole body feels odd :/?
I broke my leg and they just put me in a boot but I can't seem to get my heel all the way down is that okay?
Apendix problems!!!!!!!?
I have pain in the pad of my foot, mri shows nothing?
Extremely itchy/painful leg?
Is it weird to like needles?
I think im depressed. what are the signs. By NO means do i wanna hurt my self. I just want to sit by myself ?
is there a relation between bipolar disorder and epilepsy? if so how is it related?
Fear of sitting on sharp objects?
Does anyone have any ideas to help me deal with stress?
How can I wake up easier in the morning keeping the same sleeping schedule?
how do you treat depression?
I'm Always Tired........?
Could these be early signs of schizophrenia, or is it nothing?
I think I might be bi polar?
Why am I always Sleepy/Tired?
Why won't ANY antidepressants work for me?
what is happening to me?
I think I have depression & I have told my mom but she wont take me to the doctors what to do?
Why do I keep crying?
Phobia of freezing to death...?
Do any of you ever feel the need to stay awake all night?! Read please :)?
A woman who hurts herself to threaten a man?
headache that feels like a brain freeze...why?!?
The side of my left ankle hurt, pretty sure its not sprained?
Pain in my hands and won't go away?
Anyone know what this abdominal pain could be caused by?
how do i get rid of anxiety symtoms?
Experience with Panic Attacks?
What is your life span with emphysema if you contiune to smoke?
How do I calm down after a panic asthma attack?
mucus plug!!!!/?? just want some more oppinions, thanks.?
Constantly have to clear voice?????? helppppppp?
pain near your chest what could cause it?
Pressure/heavy feeling in lower throat and upper chest area?Qucik answers needed.?
Experiencing really bad right chest pain...?
I have a mild discomfort in my chest?
Name 2 diseases caused by alcohol abuse?
why does my head randomly hurt?
Persistent jaw ache w/ thyroid?
Fell and hit my head pretty hard? ?
Back hurts after sit ups?
My lower right abdominal hurts!!!?
what is in the back of my neck ?
how come burping relieved my nausea?
how can you tell the difference between a right rib, and a left one?
Which is more painful to have pierced, Hip or lip?
Woke up from a nap and my left eye is now blurry?
why does my cartilage hurt?
I have a hurt back, not work related. I have been going to a chiropractor for awhile and my back feels?
what;s the better treatement for my knees? i fell deep pain especially in morning. thank you?
Does Tempurpedic provide pain relief? ?
What is causing the intense pain and throbbing in my leg?
Can you buy prescription only medication on the internet in the UK?
How do you prevent spots??
Does St Johns Wort have an effect on antibiotics such as Penicillin?
Proportion of the world's population with blood group 0.?
Hospital Doctors or GPs - Please tell me..?
how are so many people getting medical marijuana cards?
LASEK Eye Surgery?
why do your muscles spasm when you're asleep and wake you up?
Why are you motivated to pursue further training in Trauma & Ortho? In what way are you able to demonstrate th
Why when I have a migraine do I get black dots in front of my eyes?
just come off anti biotics?
How do definitions of health differ across the life span?
Why is sleeping for too long bad for you?
main points of the health and safety at work act 1974?
what diseases could night sweat and weight loss excess facial hair ?
chronic headache, any thoughts?
colonoscopy..... doctors??help!?
I have been told I have AMD age related macular disease any advice please?
How soon will it be before a cure to huntington's disease is found and will there ever be a cure?
ok, what is this, (bubbling) its freaking me out? Please help?
What could be a cause of fatigue?
What are the appendix for?
heartburn conditions?
Are these ear problems just part of my cold or a separate infection??
why does my son smell fishy?
NHS treatment?
Does anyone else suffer with tingling and sometimes numb fingers ?
ive been getting stomach pains,nausea,thirst, joint pains,excessive burping,stomach makes noises and is stiff?
Is it medically possible to have a stroke that...(please read)?
I know a girl who has recently had strange spells, after hearing a buzz in her ear she falls unconscious!?
Help with excessive sweat!?
What is the medical term for the symptom of mouth/ facial drooping?
I have Arthritis but also have the symptoms for Fibromalgia. Does anyone out there have it?
Does anyone know about Aspergers Syndrome?
I get an upset tummy quite alot?
Hayfever: Was yesterday the worse day for hayfever sufferers?
Accutane Dry Eyes/Lips??
Advice Needed!: Blushing :(?
Alcohol caused skin problem.....?
If I'm make exercises, I'm feel punctures throughout the body and I need to stop, why?
Have you tried healthy eating to clear acne? Does it work?
Self Diagnose - Red Spots?
Just got back of hols but came out in?
If we're not meant to scratch an itch...?
If you have scabies,do little lice eat their way into your body to have babies ?
Big red spot coming up on my nose ahhhh! What should i do?!?
lassers paste?
Could this pain be caused be weight?
Left ear completely numb?!?
Why is my pinky numb:(?
how to stop wrist from hurting?
My right knee hurts, but I didn't really do anything to hurt it?
my eye sometimes really hurts?
Inside of my head feels really hot?
dr. in memphis who treats pain with methadone?
whats it like to lay people of work?
Neck pain from muscle knots!?
Why do my legs get cold at night, from the knees down.?
Pains a little above the waist line.?
Pain in abdomen on right side?
I have a soccer tournament on Friday and need to get rid of my sore throat before then... PLEASE HELP?
what causes your jaw to lock up ?
What is wrong with my foot?
What's wrong with my knees? ?
Should I be concerned with wife's mental health?
Am I weird for not having my pictures online?
Should i quit toking?
How do I speak in front of a class if I have speech anxiety?
are the hidden dreams viberating panties good?
If 2 ssris dont work?
If I tell my therapist about my suicidal thoughts, what will they do?
Were the Columbine High School killers mentally disturbed kids?
What is the difference between see and know?
I hurt my wrist snowboarding the other day and it hurts what should I do?
Why i am going dizzy lazy sleepy and weak day by day?
why dose my head hurt ........?
what are symptoms of being in love?
klonopin side effects?
How do I help my husband understand my mental illness?
Where do I find a web site that gives sugar levels in achohol?
will hyponosis work? any thing I could do to ensure its success?
Can anyone help with insulin pumps, type 1 diabetes etc?
Can someone recommend a good nutritionist for diabetes management or how best to find one?
Are any of these breads Okay for a Diabetic?
Why is my FBS fluctuating. with exercise, strict diet control for two days it becomes 80. No exercise 135 etc?
Hypoglycemia and Diabetes?
I have diabetes. How do you change the date on an Advantage Glucose reader?
is it legal to buy insulin syringes without a prescription in TN?
Does any one know of the herb rue ?
why does glucose appear in the urine of a person with diabets mellitis?
Diabetic Retinopathy?
from hypos to high glucose readings, advice please?
Can you inject clorazepate?
Can diabetics take berroca?
What are three differences between diabetes 1 and 2.?
How do i get rid of this disgusting zit?
How can I get rid of head lice when there are sores all over her head. I've tried all the otc shampoos?
yeast infection - stds?
Is it ok to tell someone you have AIDS "AFTER" you have slept with them?
what are the consequences of having a normal or abnormal child from mixed racial mixes?
pego? oh no! HEEEELLLLP?
could i have std herpes of the mouth!!?
Do I have an STD or am I overreacting?
Can you get a cold sore once?
I have Knee problem ?
when I bend my head up or down I go dizzy?
What's the worst thing you did in a lift?
if you had a car accident and ended up in a ditch and you banged your head could you have done some damage?
Toodler help!........?
i got in to a fight thursday and got a black eye will it b gone b monday ?
How do i get rid of a painfull infection on my finger?
what is the name for the vessel that carry blood to the arm?
Can bronchitis make us so very tired?
whats up with my ankle?
what to give a toddler for a ear infection?
Vomiting up chunks of blood?
FAST dry cough cures??
What does Chronic changes in the brain mean?
is a collapsed lung self healing?
How do I get rid of a month long cough?
Cutters: When you cut your wrist how deep? Did it scar? How long was the scar noticable?
How long should I wait ?
Can you have a hart attack with a normal pulse of 72?
Tendonitis in the arm?
Need help hurt my knee!?
Your broken bone experiences?
Head injury, possible concussion ?
cartilage piearcing?
omg i have just found out that please help finger problem (pictures inclided)?
I had my posterior and anterior cruciate ligament replaced when I was 17....?
Can people with cystic fibrosis have pets?
ive just started going on my exercise bike...?
Sore throat remedy, gargle with liquor?
i have a relly bad stiff nuck how do i get it to go away plzz someone?
had carpoltunnel relese on my rists both ristsnot worked?
I need ideas for a Cystic Fibrosis tattoo..?
Explain the reason for this change in HR when moving from to supine to standing using physiological terms?
Heart quickens for no reason? Lasts bout 3-5 seconds, then goes away, but occurs again later?
High Blood Pressure, Zoloft, Lorazepam: Age 75, 1mg Ativan for 10 years, recent HBB/PANIC:Dr says take Zoloft?
Is the advil pain reliever addictive?
Has anyone ears crackle/click when you swallow? What did you do to make the noises in your ear to stop?
does anybody know why when i get my period i get a pain in my right thigh and not my stomach .is this normal?
Overworked/sore muscles?
Just put on my first Duragesic Patch and am really nervous, What can I expect?
Knee Pain, Any Ideas?
Chest pains :( help!!!!?
I have ear ache, not so much as the pain just yet, just the consistent throbbing.. can anybody help?
why am i feeling tired by 6-7 oclock?
pain in my vains?? i think idk what it is?
My right eyeball is bigger than my left..is there any way that this can be corrected?
my kidneys or lungs some times hurt they like sting wen i take deep breath like some one is stabing me?
what does it mean pain in right arm?
i have a nagging pain accompanied with swelling that sames to be worse on the left side but runs to the right?
what happened to my leg?
earache before dizzy spell?
headache, rash and now a lump...?
Can any help with accessing uk medical records.?
hot ear lobes why?
how do i take dark cercles off without any creams?
nursing in saudi or dubai?
I think there something wrong with my hand?
What reasons are there for high blood pressure ?
Do you know what high cholestrol levels can do to your overall health.?
why is yawning contagious?
Old Glasses Lenses?
My friend has just had a cannula removed she now has a sore angry lump that feels hot is this normal?
Severe bloating after drinking tea?
facial for acne?
Are thyroid blood tests accurate?
Dizziness Sweating Fainting :S?
Remedies for cystitus?
If two people are both infected with Herpes 2 or HSV-2. Are they a threat to each other?
Acid Reflux - Natural Cures - Can anyone please give me first hand advice.?
Will they ever be used?
How do you know if you have "Crabs"?
how to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection?
what's the difference between thyroxine and t5?
Can Warfarin and Aspirin be taken together or not?
are hamsters bad for your health?
I have my contact lenses in but my left vision is cloudy?
Swollen Glands Underneath Ear?
Should I consult a doctor for this?
I was told today i have low thyroids afterb a blood test is it bad?
OK, is this media discrimination?!?
i have burning sensation in my arms and feet andpain in me joints and tightness?
i get a rash down there every couple weeks what coulds it be ?
carpe tunnel syndrome?
How do you know if a girl you met in a club has STDs?
If I'm showing these symptoms, what would you diagnose me with?
How to u get used to cold water?
Can anyone tell me what COPD means in medical terms, Thanks.?
does anyone know what glance disease is ?
what are the symptoms of a chest infection as i think i have 1 i also have asthma ?
Norovirus && emetophobia?
Why would you not give a child MMR if they have measles already?
How do igG and igM antibodies kill pathogens?
How many Dementia Beds are there in UK Nursing homes?
How do i complain,about hospital treatment,to the NHS ,online?
If i get a needle stick when will you bleed or not?
Recurrent Infections?
Why do I love it so much when someone looks at me?
Ever have the feeling that life is passing you by while everyone moves forward?
is i normal for people to cry whilst they are sleeping?should i be worried?
How can I overcome this deep depression I'm feeling?
can depression be cured?
Will Marijuana help with my anxiety?
Is Sleep Really Needed?
Is there a way to improve your memory naturally?
wtf is wrong with me?
Lump on bone behind ear?
why am i feeling this way again?
sleeping Question Number 2?
How to adjust my sleep disorder?
How much arguining is normal?
Is there a prescribed or over-the-counter drug that helps with anxiety for situations?
My lower right side of my stomache hurts really badly?
tounge is numb? (piercing)?
I cracked my neck while sleeping & it hurts, what should i do?
symptoms of gall stones?
Um. Is this a hernia?
Dizziness and muscle aches please help?
my thumb keeps locking and hurting?
Can not eating cause a stomach ache?
Does getting a second eat piercing hurt?
Who can pay for the surgery that I need on my knee? ?
I cannot put pressure on my right foot without collapsing in pain!!!!?
My toes are still numb, it's been a week, and I don't know what the problem is?
my breast hurt why is this?
Very strange body aches?
My wrist has been hurting alot lately and I'm not sure why. I write alot and now it hurts to even write.?
Both knees grind when I bend them!?
Do you have to wait 30 days for a Soma refill in PA?
how to get rid of a sore throght? yahoo?
What's the difference between Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis?
would bath salts effect acne by ur face mixing with it in bath?
Clear Complexion tablets?
how long does it take a finger nail to grow back?
I have Alopecia areata, the Dermatologist I saw last week detected very low B12 and high red cells in my blood
i have had jock itch for 3 years and tried everything.gp wont help.any ideas as i am in daily pain?
Oily nose...?
I have Eczema on my face, what suncream would be good to use this summer?
Does appyling ice to ur skin help prevent acne?
Red spot on eye.?
Asthma,My moms hands are crackin open and burning she takes predizone do u think thats the problem?
Sleep apnea. 16 year old male?
how can climbing stairs affect people with health problems?
WHAT should I do help :(?
I've had a somewhat productive cough for the last 3 days, mid grade (99.1-100.1) Temp. what do I have?
to adults who have had there tonsils out ?
can you die from carbon dioxide? (no i do not mean carbon monoxide)?
Can smoking cigarettes cause side pain?
coughing out of no were?
What kind of sinus infection is this?
I just got my 1st tatto done on april 17th. 2day (april 22nd) it peeled off n now its itching like crazy!!!?
Please help, no bashing me please, but question on chlymidia.?
For school, I have to do a brochure on an STD....?
Is safe scissoring possible?
During a regular yearly checkup involving blood and urine tests, do doctors check for STD's?
so my sister's friend found some blisters down there, can you get them from not washing enough?
which type of blood test for herpes(STD)?
white bumbs all over my crotch what could it be?
Is it true that wet material can give you HIV?
What is the difference between the impact of lactose and glucose on a diabetic person ?
help with insulin and diabetes?
Please read below, should I be concerned?
still in ketosis!! after having four whiskey and ginger ale drinks!!?
Multiple wake ups?
diabetes pump questions?
Give 2 causes why blood glucose levels still fall in an untreated diabetic?
Is my 2 hour tolerance test accurate?
Hi, have just been put on Diabex, 500mg at night, tell me bout the weight loss.?
when changing my pump do i just change the line?
Has anyone got experience using the diabetes drug diabex?
how many levels of jannah are there?
AUSTRALIANS: Is Insulin Prescription Only?
is it possible 2 live on lollies and not get diabetes?
Pain in the abdominal area, anything to worry about?
I think I sort of hurt myself skiing?
Fix shoulder bursitus?
my mate has fructose malabsorbtion. what will happen if he drinks 1 beer? 2 beers? 3 beers? 4 beers?
Lightheaded, bad headaches = ??
Throat pains after eating snow?!?!?
how long does an injection of dilaudid last?
Why does my arm hurt!?
Can you take nucynta and NyQuil together?
Is it possible to take your elbows off at night if they make sleeping uncomfortable?
What to do about shoulder and elbow pain?
ok so im 27 weeks pregnant and should i be having all these pains?
Health question about chest pain?
Joint pain at a young age?
Why does my chest hurt when I eat pancakes?
Owww pain please help?
Does a ear ache have anything to do with the following..?
Upper back pain... help!?
How to relive back pain?
Why do i have lower back pain everyday?
pain in the back of my foot (tendons)?
Help me, I'm Feeling Pressured To Go On Sling Shots?
what do you have if a fever , headache , stomach cramps , and vomiting ?
How hereditary are thyroid problems. My sister was recently diagnosed with Graves disease?
Can I go to A&E to be seen if I cannot get a doctors appointment (video included)?
Can anyone tell me what illness these symptoms are related too?
Why does it get bigger when I rub it?
abdominal pain/bloating/frequent urination?
about the citalopram?
can a blood donor donate more than thrice a year? Is it ideal for a 43 yr old to jog for 5 km a day?
What kind of hospital admissions does an M.A.A.U have?
a friend has a hernia?
Do yer ears hang low?
is there an excuse for not giving blood?
What happens when you have the blood vessels in your nose cauterized??
is glasgow coma scale useful in medical (non-neurosurgical) patients?
it safe to give cats evening primrose oil, and what are the effects?
what do back braces look like and feel like for scoliosis? Are they noticable under clothes?
Fibromyalgia and driving???
Diarrhea after Alcohol. HELP PLEASE.?
how many plp u know have ms and what treatment on plz?
help needed please - stroke?
Underactive Thyroid and High Cholesterol?
How much folic acid does the human adult need daily?
Is this acceptable??
Who will read me a bedtime story and tuck me in bed ?
What is the treatment for an ulcerated intestine?
Help please major sleeping problems?
What can Hypoglycemia lead to?
Last Night I stopped breathing?
pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve in my neck.?
Sprained ankle - should it be strapped up?
Broken leg swelling?
Aching back and ribs, chest?
Is my little toe broken?
what is the ama paper they make you sighn at the hospital when you refuse treatment?
chest muscle or heart pain?
Can I drink red wine and take generic Zocor?
i have a 105 blood pressure reading?
How do you get tested for HPV?
whats wrong with these lips?
Im willing to pay for herpes specific serology testing? Why is it so hard to find where this can be done?
Is this a cold sore? ?
how long does it take to not be detected in your urine, after the day you stop?
Is it possible to get HIV through an injection that does not go into the vein?
I have a high White blood count but no other symptoms I have just taken my 3rd bloodtest. Shd I b concerned?
i nee your help about this ATRIPLA?
Ok, so do lubricants expire ?
std/sti question- read please?
Do I have arthritis or not?
I haven't been able to sleep for the past few days?
How to extract the worms from my brain?
Constant pain in the testicular region, please help!?
advice please, lot of pain!?
Having crazy mood swings?
how to lower uric acid fast & natural?
i need to see a docter now, but the only place i can go to is the er?
Will tylenol pm Xtra strength keep me asleep even if i was drowning?
I have a question about accident victims?
Will I ever cure my self doubt?
why does my arm and elbow always ache?
Methadone addiction; need medical experts help?
I am stress at work how to release it?
What is going on with me?
whats a good way to kill myself with common household items?
is there anything i should be worried about?
I'm really scared about gaining weight while on anti depressants?
How can i fix my bad self esteem?
Whats wrong with my finger tips?
Is it normal for Ambien to make you sleep walk?
Why do i have heavly bleeding and hurting pains?
Extremely sore upper back?
pain relief for lower back pain before trip?
How can I calm down? I'm leaving soon, and my stomach hurts a lot?
Nurse to physio?????????????
Insoles to relieve toe pain?
How much should i way if im 12 and 5 foot 2?
Need help medical back pain cant breathe well. 10 Pts. point?
OCDers- Do you still do your rituals while under the influence of alcohol?
I want to run away from my life. help?
How long will/ should my ears hurt or be sore?
concentration help?!?!??!?!?!?!?
smell weird smells freaky?
Help! I have a swollen mosquito bites and it really hurts and itches!?
I have some warts on my chest?
Mole Advice: Again. Urgent!?
GP help - What could this (not itchy) rash be?
Need help diagnosing someone, possibly with MS? They think its an infection of the Nervous System?? =?
What causes Gout and how can I alleviate it and prevent the attacks from occurring?
what is an ivu,my mother has to have one,she's under the urology deptment?
home remedies to cure sore throat?
Does anyone else suffer from this when they have a cold?
what happens if a doctor has lost my medical records?
Why am i beginning to feel depress over something i didn't have?
My 16mth old son has a limp on left leg gets very bad to the stage of dragging it when tired ??? Any answers ?
i was invloved in an accident and now my bum bleeds after bowel movement?
What would you do if your best friend has an eating disorder?
Is the current bout of flu that's going round in the uk contagious?
does a colonoscopy hurt?? iv been told its really pain full. also would very bad adheasions in the stomach?
is my poor circulation causing...?
whats going on with me?
are there any free programs to help you prevent eyes strain and RSI at computer, that stop you working nonstop
I feel sick after eating, and sometimes at other times. What is this?
Why Is My Stomach Burning?
What is the hard lump on my shin?
upper back pain accompanied by slight chest pain. is it something to worry about?
throbbing, right side of head, comes and goes?
What's wrong with my knee?
pain in the mid of my head and neck?
I had a few drinks then fell asleep.. my girlfriend pass my ringing phone but I couldn't remember anything?
restless leg syndrome?
Very, very, very, VERY bad stomachaches when hungry?
Teeth extraction experiences ?
can you take indocin before surgery?
How can I get my neck to stop hurting so much?
Chest pain while eating?
Why can't i straighten my arm?
canker sore or strep throat?
abdominal pain only at night?
I was just laying on my bed talking to few friends on my lap top. Suddenly, i felt a bump on my bottom lip.?
why do you get ulcers in your mouth an what is the best cure for them.?
how long does it take for an earywig to make you go deaf when its in your ear at your eardrum?
Help: I found a rumble-form , light blue pill. On this pill is written ASIA. What is this pill for??
How do I become a UK sales Representative in my country?
What are the signs that death is approaching? What can the caregiver do to make the patient comfortable?
Why aren't those viewing an MRI scan take place allowed to have metal objects on them?
Has your eye laser treatment worked?
Cleaning ear makes me cough and cry?
what affects do computerized systems have in hospitals??
How much will I be expected to pay for Acne N-lite treatment?
Does Haiti have the largest HIV rate in the Caribbean?
Has anybody heard of Temporary Luminous Phenomenon?
How can I minimise the risk of post-surgical infection?
Anti-malaria tablets for Malaysia trip?
where has swine flue been?
aren't we more prepared for battling influenzas than ever?
how long can swine flu last fot?
swine flu the duration?
Do I have swine flu...?
how long does it take to get the results of a biopsy?
my 15 yrs son was suffering from viral fever and we?
How should i deal with flu and work especially with the current swine flu scare?
What is the connection between those who sell drugs and those who make illnesses?
What is the cause/cure for chronic liquid build-up in the ear?
when ever i cough it hurts my gut?
Is Symibcort safe to take?
constant coughing for the past week.?
Help - haven't slept in over a week due to cough. Need advice?
_______________________ muscle fibers do not fatigue very easily?
Past week had a sinus infection. randomnly just disappeared. to good to be true?
Everytime i breathe in i smell smoke?
how do i treat a viral infection?
what is the diagnosis for swooshing noises in the ears tightness of the chest and head?
Zyrtec and weed combination?
What might have happened to cause her cessation of breathing?
Should I get my tonsils removed?
sneezing , sneezing , sneezing?
if i re enlist to reclass when will that become my primary mos befor or after ait?
I had stiches done on the palm of my hand. is it infected? PLEASE HELP!?
omg? UTI?..:S?
Is it posible to not die of hiv?
I'm so SCARED !! Please help me?
how long it takes to see symptoms of Chlamydia?
when you pee does it supposed to hurt: if not is not bad and i dont have stds or adids?
Can Acyclovir be grounded up into powder, and placed on a serious herpes outbreak to increase healing?
cramping in stomach area is this a sympton of hiv?
what's the difference between STD and STI...?