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Is this ethical?
Hep-c Antibodies in your blood?
Autism rates one in every fifty six children now affected.?
I am a lady 48 years of age.A recent blood test showed ESR of 46. What can it signify?
how do i get rid of constant anxiety?
what is this cough, it just wont go away!!?
Bone on the back of neck, like a vertebrae stiking out?
How would this kill you?
Stomach pain after eating?
pointed heels on women shoes are a fad, yet they cause much pain when standing still. why?
what are egypt doing about swine flu influenza ?
So my sister has swine flu, and i have an headache and the cough, a funny stomach, but no high temp etc?
Swine Flu:I believe that uk has had so many different types of virus; we should overcome it naturally.?
why is it that people are dying from pig flu in the uk and not in other countries?
Im really worried now, whats the chances? Obstetric Cholestasis?
Does a bird spread germs when it flaps its wings?
How do i stop overthinking and overanalyzing?
What to Do When Your Child Bullies Others?
Depression or can't go to sleep?
what can i do if i cant sleep until 6am and sleep all day?
Any Tips For Not Being Depressed?
I Dont want to die Im scared though?
What are the most common effects of vyvanse on ppl without adhd?
What happened to me? I tend to forget a lot lately...?
What are your experiences with adderall?
What can I do to help me with my extreme panic attacks?
brain shuts down, cant do anything!?
Am I Crazy Because I Cut?
what do you do when you get really negative thoughts?
Mind feeling like it goes Blank.?
Im so depressed for no reason?
scared of my father killing me in my sleep?
is it typical to give drunk patient Benzedrine's to the extreme of causing respiratory failure and consciouses?
help with chest pains?
how do you unclog one nostril??? hurry!!!!?
Do i have a chest infection or pneumonia :S?
Sneezing, Stuffy Nose, Post Nasal Drip Ugh!!!?
Ultrase FDA approval?
You are not able to produce surfactant? In order to inhale a normal tidal volume, does her interpleural?
Is my finger broken or just jammed?
How to cope better with tired, aching feet?
What to do for sciatic pinched nerve?
why does my shoulder pop?
Why do I always feel weird at my apartment?
had a brain aneurysm clipped on nov. 16 im having trouble with my scar it aches and stays sore also have pain?
Pain after eating leafy foods.?
What can I do for horrible back pain?
medication for my 10yr old for migraines? uk medicines only?
What are your secrets to good health and life?
Fire extinguisher powder on cooking utensils, should I throw them out?
somebody suggest me about having a foot massage to clear my headache!!anibody know where is possible have it?
champix the stop smoking ill?
What did I do to my toe?
my leg is really sore, what could be the cause?
I have a sharp pain in my shoulder?
why am i hurting all over and how can i make it stop?
Weird painless pounding in my head?
Are jumps bad for you?
Hi - Does anyone else want to wish Dr Frank a speedy recovery?
Why do they call it swallowing your tongue if it blocks the airway if you are unconscious?
Why do we have 5 toes and not 6?
stress relief methods?
How can your doctor tell..?
I got kneed in my thigh?
Why do my legs become numb?
where can I buy zone bars in the uk on the Internet?
Headache and back pain - what could this be?
Involuntary spasms?
What was your most memorable case of hiccups?
Growing Pains.....can you still get them as an adult?
does any 1 know any gud rhinoplasty surgeons in uk?
cold problem?
some times we say my heart want this thing whether my heart want it or not.can brain and heart think separate?
should i be concern or is this normal for some?
why does my heart do this?
Why Does this keep happeing like im exited about..nothing?
Horrible toe problem ?
Does anyone know why my wrist keeps doing this?
What is this sudden sharp pain in my foot?
lower right abdominal pain, can anyone help, or know whats going on? what should i do?
I Hav a bone that sticks out of my chest in the middle only sticks out when I breath in but it seems to hurt?
is Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray okay for a piercing?
what is the spot below your stomach called?
Earlobe 20-18 question?
what is the diference between oxycodone and oxycontin?
Another 'attack', 2nd in several days? :/?
I take omega 3 to loosen my joints but nothing has helped I hurt all over?
Do i have a broken leg?
What does it mean if you have sharp head pains?
My tongue hurt i need help?
should i play a sport with a ear ache?
Aching hands, can barely pick up certain objects?
I lost my voice and my throat hurts like no other?
I'm really suffering from what I can only describe as a pins and needles sensation across my head. Any ideas?
Role Of Genetic?
i went to my doctors and was giving tablets 4 IBS but they havent worked had this for a few years now?
I have a sharp pain under right breast in my rib cage, can somebody please help me identify what it is?
Ectopic Heartbeats??
severe upper abdominal pain?
Cause, symptoms, cure (depression)?
do you have to have a cough for a chest infection??
Excess stomach acid please help?
what causes floaters and intermittent blurred vision when reading?
can u please tell me what these symptoms mean, i am really scared?
Having an operation with a cold?
My brother attempted suicide at the weekend --- I need some information from any Doctors out there?
Does any1 know why my fella,s leg twitches in his sleep?
Am I ill or is it all in my head?
advice on helicobacter pylori. and stomach ulcers.?
i think i have bells palsy?
Having tests for aching joints and bones. What could it be?
Really anxious about school tommorow please help me?
Multiple personalities?
I don't know if I want help or not?
Could I have anxiety? And if so how do I tell my parents?
What are signs of depression? In woman? In 13 year olds? In genaral?
I don't know whats wrong with me?
I hate my life so much?
What are some foods that can help me fall asleep?
How to fix problem with boyfriend, and how to deal with myself?
What does it mean if I'm not walking outdoors, eating, or online learning more about myself?
Is it ok to have memory trouble after a seizure?
Ugh, I took Prozac and I'm still messed up from it? Wtf?
I think im becoming addcited to marijuana? what are some tips to help me quit!?
Which is stronger: Ritalin, Adderall, or Concerta?
No doctor will even think about prescribing me benzodiazapines for my severe panic disorder and agoraphobia!?
can a 26 year old be attracted to a 16 year old? is he flirting?
help me please i asked this question once a little bit ago but im adding information.. depressed?
Social Anxiety & Gym, Help please?
Emotionally hurting yourself?
Any suggestions for getting used to using my BiPaP.?
is it true that the air we breath is all?
vomiting and dairrhea i was dehydrated and in icu 4 days in hospital i am still sick?
What can cause a chronic cough?
Medical Question on issues with my nose?
What's wrong with my hip?
my stomch relly hurts?
Why do i always feel dizzy?
I have 2 prescriptions missing and 1 check missing, can you tell me where they are or what happened to them?
what are syptoms of diabetes?
im a type 1 diabetic and i think i may be developing anorexia and bulimia?
is regular tooth paste such as colgate blended with sugar as it tastes sweet, ?
If you are of blood group O- can you give blood to someone who is blood group O +?
Can we reverse INSULINE RESISTANCE completely?
What's the target BSL for diabetic on medication?
Any juice is bad for diabetes for instant raise of Blood sugar within 30-40 mins.?
what kind of pain treatment can i expect?
muscular atrophy involves a process in which?
As a type 2 diabetic (well controlled) I have decided to come off LIPITOR an antistatin.?
Diabetes 2 and Metformin?
My elbow hurts! Help?!?
Chest pain!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!?
Left Upper Quadrant pain?
I got hit on the side of the head...?
Where can you buy syringes from?
If I'm a little drunk,but have a headache now, which medicine is safest to take for it?
Left ear vein QUESTION?
husband has pain on his hip bones, what can it be?
When i was 13, i had a bad pain in my stomach on my lower right hand side, doctors had no idea what it was?
How come when you sit down....?
Why does my left hand keep falling asleep every time i lay down?
What could be causing this head pressure/headache?
Weird feeling in stomach?
Is foul smelling urine a sign of diabetes?
What causes headaches?
What causes your appendix to brust?
I noticed latley that ive been peeing 4-5 times a day is that normal?But i have no symptoms of diabetes?
Insulin Resistance, Help Please?
is there a sweetener extracted from dairy milk, safe consumption by a diabetics?
my husband does check after each meal but his dr has him checking 4 times a day?
Should the govt fund free weight loss surgery for obese diabetics?
PLEASE help Blood sugar 240!!! Is my Hubby diabetic?
gestational diabetes - what can i eat?
i need to help aperson a human. how can i make some money for my problem?
Why am i getting vertigo?
gave up smoking 8 months ago but....?
Help with motion sickness?
help scared to go out ?
what is the difference between hypotonic and isotonic sports drink?
What can we use to cure ulcer .?
can n e 1 help ???
Why do Health Care Workers get paid so low?
Why does it look this way?
When you donate blood does the donor service inform you if the HIV or syphillis test come back positive?
NHS direct??
Having low BSL?
Skinny legs in need of cosmetic surgery....?
Do u need any type of medication to go to Brazil? any jabs?
Is there a link.............?
Overall Aches and Chest Pains.?
Is it possible?
What is a Hernia, and is it serious please?
i feel so embarassed! please help!!!!!!!?
why does poo smell so much?
what help can i get as single mum with multiple sclerosis?
What can I not eat to avoid a blockage of my small intestine.?
Mumps, can it be passed?
How do I get rid of a cold?
what exactly is swine flu?
What would be the implications of a pregnant woman coming into contact with /catching swine flu?
UTI/Bladder infection symptoms..... urine test negative?
when did swine flu come to my town?
I have a sore spot right below my right knee and a little to the left. It is a little swollen and hurts?
Was hit in the head earlier today, temple pain?
Is it a good idea to do whip its the day after getting my wisdom teeth removed? ?
lower left side back, about an inch left of spinal cord, its very tender, once touched hurts for hours,?
Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Chronic Fatigue?
Dull headaches that come and go...?
I have a headache, fast heart rate, flushed face and my head feels hot.?
My knee hurts when I straighten it, put weight on it, and when I move my foot a certain way. What's wrong?
What causes a person to be sensitive to barometric joint pain?
Migraine Help!--Sorry it is so long.?
Elbow hurts and arm goes numb throwing a softball.?
Hurts to take deep breaths?
Should i take percocet?
Is my throat okay? :/?
There's a sharp pain on the left side of my ribs?
What is behind my ear?
why does my neck really hurt?
I have a weird foot pain, what could it be?
Im seriously worried for my health?
do you think my parents are unfair?
why do i feel like this?
Do i have a [eating] disorder or is this just normal?
Therapy for depression and anxiety. I feel like I have hit a wall?
how many boys are diagnosed with ADHD as of 2010-2011?
Anyone self harm????
I get depressed for no reason at all?
anti depressants and weight gain?
Can I learn while I sleep?
I need a good psychiatrist in the Anchorage, Alaska area?
Why am in a dream state most of my day?
why can i never get to sleep?
helppp i think somethings wrong?
Why do I have to see my psychiatrist every 6 months just to get prescription refills?
Trying to fight anorexia but negative feelings?
Unsure feeling i have had all my life...?
Grade 8 HPV.vaccine help?
i dont want to go to counselling is there a way to get over this?
can u suggest some natural selfe help messures to get me to sleep?
can you get copies of X-rays?
Can I sue for damaging my ligaments in my ankle?
I get a pain in the inside of my left knee just below the knee cap when I start to run.
What is wrong with me how can i get it to go away ?
I woke up this morning with my little finger and 4th finger numb. it's still numb now - should i see a doctor?
Im very CONGESTED , do you know anything that helps?
What could this bad cough I've had for 2+ months be?
Coughing after running?
Ive been wheezing...Will ER give inhaler?
Pulmonary embolism with Jolessa birth control?
Wednesday the 21st I will have been on Symbicort for four weeks why am I still tired?
i have a quick question about having asthma and exercising?
Respiratory System Help....?
severe pain in throat and ear?
How do i get rid of a really bad headache?
My first hurts from the punching bag.?
persistent reoccurring dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and nausea. What is happening?
I've been constantly throwing up and my stomach was hurting from when i woke up (6) till an hour ago...?
Eye Twitching and Eye Ache?
Does this sound like i might of broke or sprained the top of my leg ?
i have a heaviness in my chest and having trouble breathing?
Forehead Aneurysm? any definite cure?
I've been having throat problems. when i swallow it hurts but only on the right side..?
my blood pressure reads 157/107 and i have a headache since i woke up, should i go to the ER?
why does my heel hurt?
Healing after appendix surgery?
Do injections hurt ????
With knee replacement, falling and not being to get up is a problem. Is there help?
what should i do if my throat is slightly burn due to hpypochloric acid?
Can epilim (Epilepsy medicine) stop working due to weight gain/body mass?
Making patients pay for certain operations is a fair way of rationing healthcare within the NHS?
What's good for chronic fatigue?
My girl-friend wants liposuction surgery.?
What can I use to hide my hyperpigmentation marks?
Why does cleaning my teeth give me such a strong urge to urinate?
What meds/condition would a doc prescribe that restricts drinking coffee, but other caffeine or alcohol is ok?
IN the UK Can a person change their medical records?
Toe Nail Help!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, I was told once that an Aussie had bad Rheumatics in his hip, so he & dog walked around the Aussie coast!?
Why is the left kidney positioned higher than the right?
getting taller?
Has anyone tried medical testing as a way of making money?
Help! Advice about an abscess!?
what are some good ways to help cope with bad allergies?
How do i stop myself from clearing my throat constantly?
how do you avoid shaving rash?
why is it important for kidney dialysis patients to not have saturated fat? Coconut oil?
Does anyone use novorapid and lantus for diabetes control if so does it work ok for u?
Can I eat licorice after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
exercise for neuropathy?
can i live without eating any fruit or anything that turnes into sugar or glucose besides vegitables ?
my daughter has type one diabetes with the stemcell ban overtutned can i donate my eggs for research?
type 2 diabetes and a baby?
What are some effective ways of lowering my Blood Glucose Levels?
Emergency for Diabetic!?
I just found out I'm a diabetic.?
What"s a good diet for an alcoholic?
has anyone had experience with the injection medicine called Byetta?
type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
What happens to a diabetic if they get all worked up ?
what is the normal range for a blood sugar fasting test? I have an exceeding?
hey guys can you help??:)?
i need help i woke up this morning and just started having sharp pains in my lower abdomen area?
Is it my appendix orrrr?
Pain on the right side of the throat?
Can terrible posture lead to chest pains?
It hurts and I cough when i exhale?
I have scroliosis and having serious back pain HELP?
Gallbladder removal surgery?
Tailbone pain help please help?
Pinky toe hurts when I wear my heels?
Slight tingly feeling between thumb and index finger?
Am I sinking back into my old ways?
what helps with the sickness after taking tylenol 3?
How long did it take you?
is it possible I have Arthritis?
what are ways other then surgery to help with back problems.?
Are u better after chiropractor adjustments?
i cant sleep for the late night what i have to do for better sleep.?
plz help!!! will a regular doctor write me a note about depression and aniexty, and living with my parents?
No matter how hard i try to not think about being sick, i always feel that i may throw up on future flights?
CT scan or CAT Scan.. Good or bad?
what is something i can take for stress besides xanax or atavan?
how should i get rid of these cheap girls?
Is something wrong with me?
What you do if you want to avoid drugs if u are addict?
Multiple Issues to resolve (5 STARS)?
need medical help in la?
Dizzy fits and fainting when I exercise?
how can i fix my sleeping cycle?! please help?
my best friend has a 13 year old daughter who is mentally somewhat handicapped. she has alot of bowel trouble?
I need help i think i have brain tumor or watever.?
What causes dyslexia?
Please help, my sister is bulimic?
Whats wrong with me ?
i am a mother of two recently moved to florida so my kids can have a better life. but i suffer from depression?
I had a recent EEG, in my results it showed my heart rate was between 35 - 40 while I was awake?
Diagnosis Help needed?
this is an important life or death question?
Spots !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
13 year old knee pain?
my collor bone feels like it's being pulled down?
Ankle really hurts! What should I do?
What is Sciatica like?
Lower right side pain how to tell.if it is appendix?
why do my hands hurt when im ill?
Does saboxeone show up as an opiate as it is a high opiate in itself?
sharp pain in back of head and forgetting alot?
Why does my knee feel like its being torn?
is there something serious wrong with my knee?
How to get rid of leg and foot pain?
severe stomach cramps after eating?? nausea?
cant wake up in the morning?
13 year old with chest pain.?
How do I crack my upper vertebra in my neck?
neck pain help, possible whiplash?
Missing someone so much it hurts?
Pain in right lower abdomen?
my 21 month old son has a lump on the left side of his head at the bottom by the hairline. what could it be?
self harm scars...please please help?
how do you use a nebulizer for rosemary, oregano vulgare, lemon grass, or herb?
What is the cause of the polycythemia and its benefits? Could it have any adverse effects? •?
Where can I find parts for my vaporizer?
Medicare dilemma: Medicare allegedly will not pay for home oxygen when grandpa out of state. Your suggestions?
how can you tell if someone has asthma?
can i gain weight in a month if so pliz help me with what i can do!!?
ear molds in england?
Massive problem about getting a good nights sleep. PLEASE HELP?
I have Arterial Fibrillation. Can I increase Ventolin Intake?
please tell me hosw long for a trapped nerve to heal , i go to physio and get weekly treatment , thanks?
Permanent pen fake tattoo, how long will it last?
peripheril neuropathy and disability?
if so, what year did you take dope in and how old were you?
Why do i always feel sick after laughing for even a few secs?
I have heard that you grow in height faster in the Spring - is that true? And if so, why?
Cold hands and feet??
I burnt my tongue really bad?
Would i make it through MEPS with PVNS in my knee?
Woke up with neck problem. Please help, it hurts!?
why do i have hunger all the time and growing pains in my legs?
I've had a headache for the last 5 days on and off?
why do I have leg pain were artery by pass surgery was done years before?
bad toe hurting for week?
Why am I feeling so tired, fatigue and achy?
Pain and pointy bump right above knee. A little help?
Is it normal/healthy to click my joints this much?
Worse than before after knee arthroscopy?
what is needed bone growth?
How can i keep my back from hurting when it's cold outside?
my mom she is 42 and i think she have backache and she cant bend over??and that her tendon and leg hurts??help?
my tailbone hurts! please help!?
how can you get rid of diarrhea?
blood in urine and im petrified?
What are these symptoms of?
What illness do i have?
4 yr old with temperature and arms hurting - any ideas?
What is this lump on my forearm?
Do I have Brain Damage?
I have mild cirrhosis of the liver, What is my prognosis?
Has anyone suffered severe shoulder pain following the influenza vaccine.?
rheumatoid arthritis; just diagnosed?
how do i get gastric banding on the nhs?
What symptoms/effects may i carry after a brain operation ?
Pain in urethra - can anyone help?
Mitral Valve Prolapse pregnancy?
whats the best thing i can do to calm down from stress?
Do You Think The Craigslist Killer Was a Bad Guy?
How come I get anxiety while laying down?
Why do i keep cutting myself? I need an answer before its too late.?
In Full 2 depression n stresssss?
Who to call about panic attacks?
Why does my birthday make me cry?
how can I let this go?
What are the most common reasons that psychiatric patients are admitted to the hospital?
Childhood problems... did I have avoidance disorder or something?
Anyone bipolarr? what were your first symptoms and how did u first get treated?
I think I may have a mental illness bipolar, chronic depression but idk and I'm desperate someone please help ?
Anxiety always no reason?
What's the life span of a smoker that starts at 15 years old 10 pnts to best answer?
Zoloft and mid morning anxiety?
should i rent a room with horrible natural lighting?
Is it normal to feel this way during my first week on Zoloft?
Anxiety disorder medications?
What happens during Celexa withdraws?
I have a fear of techno-phobia.?
could you get an STDfrom usin a viberator?
my husband's blood group is O- and mine is O+ but my daughter's blood group is B+ how is that possible.explain?
Quitting smoking and developing diabetes?
How long do Glucose Tabs last? There isn't an expiration date on any of the bottles I purchased.?
traveling with a diabetic?
Diabetic Problem?
Can you donate blood if you have HEPATATIC B?
does anyone know if ican take diclofenac with oxycodene?
foods to avoid for gas related stomach problems please?
35, morbidly obese, chronic pain syndrome and change of life please help?
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Sugar levels fine on meter?
Can blood sugar too low cause headache and chest pain?
i get sweaty and hot after i eat could i be gettting diabeties? ?
Hypoglycamea kit?
blood groups!!!!!!!?
exclude neuropathy, what is the other long term complications of DM2?
Does eating protein cause an insulin response?
what effect does using expired test strips have on glucose readings?
Blood clot and diabetes?
I am having speratic pains on or in my head?
Does ibs cause these things?
Whats wrong with my knee?
What causes horrible headache?
I have a stomach ache?
Is there a back brace that would be best for me?
I Think i have a blood clot in my leg?
I've been getting a sharp pain above my left breast. Does anyone know what this might be?
When i yawn i hear 10 times better?
will 10 1 mg klonopin and 1 oxt 10 mg and 3 10/325 norco hurt me?
Extreme stomach pain dont know what too do?
I have a major pain only in the top left part of my head.?
What is wrong with my feet/toes?
walking on concrete,the best shoe or boot,ive tried~step up,nike air,new balance,still pain sometimes?
what did i do to my femur/knee?
Sudden hearing loss in one ear?
What is gonorrhea? what are the causes and symptoms? and what is the treatment or cure?
zovirax cream! does it work?
does this sounds like normal bronchitis?
Swallowing/Eating issues?
Why do I get congested when I drink alcohol?
supplies needed for first timers stretching their ears?
Do i have an ear infection?
exposure to asbestos?
What kind of medication would I take if I recently had mold poisoning?
Anybody have Asthma?? i need help with mine?
I work in a hospital. I had to have a PPD test for TB. Never had I had the site swell up like this.?
I can breathe now so why can't I taste or smell anything?
How much can a sinus infection effect an athletes performance?
can rsv cause a rash weekes after the child gets out of the hospital?
feeling as if you cant take a big enough breath to fill your lungs?
my daughter has had a cold off n on for awhile now she gets fever with it n is sleepy what could it be?
What causes excess water buildup in the body?
Question about asthma..?
methylpred 4mg 21,this medicine i took today as prescribed by doctor.on seeing the side effects,i want to?
Whats a good song for an anti-smoking video?
heavy breathing, chest burns, for 13 year old?
How to stop nose bleeds caused by warfarin tablets?
Whites of the eyes?
When will I get the result of an MRI scan? please answer im so scared?
tingling when touching?
how far back can alcohol be traced in the blood with a liver function test?
Ive been getting stomach ache and feeking sick every morning now for a week! Could this be indegestion?
why cant i be motivated to do my university work?
Eczema and sun screen?
Is it normal for small hairs to grow on acne spots?
Swellings on inside of knees!?
I got a scratch on my face, but I picked off the scab. Will it scar Can i heal it with anything? Any remedies?
How much I nedd to get rid of a keloide scar in my arm with plastic surgery?
knee pain =[ can anyone help me?
Pain in right foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Do I have appendicitis?
I hit my finger playing basketball.Any advice?
I believed I pulled my Rectus Femoris? Please help!?
How to make your toes straight?
Upper Stomach pain on Right?
Paralyzing tailbone pain?
Getting a pain in my wrist?
my tounge for one week now?
why does my shoulder hurt the most in the middle of the night?
how can i convince my mum to let my have my ears pinned back (otoplasty)?
After a leg cramp why does your muscle feel like a rock?
I'm 17 and I'm having major growing pains!!! Is that weird??? strange?? Normal?
I have a pain around the shoulder area?
My right eye hurts... help?!?
over dosing? help me excedrine migrane?
ears lack of popping causes worry?
I'm feeling really angry and agitated for no reason!?
How to prove a mother has narcissistic personality disorder? How to get visitation modified?
My hands feel tight. Am I having a panic attack?
Question about eating disorders?
Please let me know if what is wrong?
I dont know what to do!?
why do i do this a lot ?
I'm trying to quit drinking and have this lonely feeling when I think about being sober tonite, why?
Why am I so moody? help?
what are ways too deal with depression and anxiety????????????///?
Nervous all the time for no reason?
Is there a cure for Shopping Addiction?
Exams, stress, loneliness?
how to talk to a psychologist?
My dad has a mild source of depression and its bringing all of my family down. What should i do?
R the symtems for bipolar d?
What are some jobs that deal with dreams?
do i have sedatephobia ?
Depression? please help!!!!!?
why when you hit your funny bone is it a different pain than anywhere else?
Have i dislocated my thumb?
Can hypertension cause rapid weight gain?
where can I find a perscription writing pain doctor in Mobile,AL?
I have more than 3 headache/migraines a week anyone know why?
1 week ago i hit my head through train side upper rod that time it was little pain but after words no pain and?
everytime i inhale i feel like my lungs are cramping on the left side?
i have pain in my neck and middle of back. coughing and lots of drainage. what could be happening? i?
which drugs or medication is used to comfort children during hospital procedures?
Why do I have pain above my hip on the right side/back after drinking?
What causes a cyst on your vocal coards?
Head feels numb with slight pins and needles feeling after waking up?
Why doest jaw keep popping!?!?
Pain/Sore after I quit smoking cigarettes. Normal?
Dry, sore throat? Help?!?
Can your parents keep you from getting prescribed painkiller?
Are frequent thigh cramps bad or just growing pains?
Ive felt very sick lately. cough but no mucus comes up, little drainage, dry eyes, body aches, fever, short of?
do i have carpal tunel or is it nothing?
What are the chances of a herniated disk going back to normal and not having to worry of a reoccurance?
Why am i dizzy? Should i consult a doctor?
what's wrong with my finger?
Any ideas why I'm having these pains?
Am I intolerant to milk?
I got mono about 2.5 years ago, since then I get sick with EVERYTHING! I?
is tuberculosis contagious even if symptoms aren't visible?
Sore throat difficulty breathing?
what is the positive and negative between smoking and time?
can you get pnemonia from inhaling water in the nose?
Why cant i taste anything and how can i fix this problem? I do have a lil sinus infection by the way.?
Doctor didn't charge me on my visit? Common?
would smoking just one swisher sweet a day cause any health problems ?
I've been having a pain my stomach for a week now what can it be?
what would happen..............?
Weird blood?
Diabetes and leg cramps?
epilepsy - what is the main danger?
How do High blood glucose levels effect alcohol dispersion from the body?
can you die from dibetic keto acidosis? and what can the ambos do to save you?
Are my blood glucose levels normal?
IS type 1 diabetes common in France?
can a child with b+ blood type have a father who is A+ or A- blood type?
Will someone help with my chinchilla?
when does fasting finish?
pleurisy.bronchial asthma hayfever high blood sugars and then a commomn head cold.?
diabete levals?
Question on diagnosis of Diabetes?
Type 2 Diabetic wants to get pregnant?
my HA1c is 6.2. no medication. what does this mean?
I might be diabetic? What do you think?
Why do type 2 diabetic patients need insulin infusion during surgery?
What is the best website for providing information on low GI foods and high GI foods?
Statistically - how big is the risk of my son developing diabetes type 1? I have it but nobody else in family.
Can chemotherapy raise your blood sugar levels if you have type 2 diabetes?
suicide by insulin overdose?
R there any health conditions that can cause ur muscles to be pulled more easily or cause them to just hurt?!?
why does my forearm hurt?
I think I broke my arm??!?!?
Sharp, stabbing pain in neck?
help please burning fingers?
If someone with hypochondria is not really ill, why is it classed as an illness?
hot, and shivering for no reason? whats causing this?
This has alot of questions in it about knees?
why does the whole right side of the joints on my body hurt 24/7?
do you have trust in heeling?
where would i get instuctions to build my multi gym?
how long do bruised bones take to heal?
sharp shooting pain on both sides of adams apple?
pls help quick?
my thighs hurt and arms?
Dizziness when Sitting?
L5 and S1 vertebrea disjointed?
My vains in my hand starts to hurt?
Why do my knees hurt while I have the flu?
Get Pressure in my head some times?
Pain in neck and dizzy?
if for instance, some woman had breast cancer and?
Pain receptors do not adapt. why is this important?
how do u do a rooted hairline in a wig, to make it look more natural?
Percocets and Xannex? the difference?
why am i feeling this way?
How can I get over my fear of women?
The past 2 weeks or so Ive become overly emotional. I cry over almost anything good or bad. What is my deal?
I'm worried about my mental health- please help?
If i take 15 prozac pills each with 20mgs will it kill me????
I find it hard to believe in forgiveness?
should i be checked in to a mental health facility?
I feel ill? What should I do?
Why do I always have to turn my tv up to a certain number?
I'm so stressed for no reason at all?
what should i do? i dont feel like myself.?
help please, i want to sleep but i can't, how to sleep well?
how do i make my self happy?
I need some advice....?
please help with my lack of dedication?
Quistion about being sad?
What disorder might this be?
anyone tried sensiclear for inflammatory acne? had any good results generally?
anyone tried zyporex for acne with success? is it good for inflammatory acne?
goats milk?
If i was a spot. Where would you like me on your body.?
i discovered i had vitiligo, september 2006, and it was diagnosed last year i was given steroid creams but....
Rashes on arms, legs and now chin. - Help!?
Dark circles possible cure?
ive got very bad inflamed acne on my left cheek+neck only- please help?
To prevent spots from kitchen?
where and how can keloid and bumps be treated?
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
Follow-on from previous shingles questions any advice?
Wht could it mean to have WBC in kidney with no UTI. Fighting an infection that is not there? what is this?
Why is it safe to eat meat from the blue tongue decease?
Where are the Poultry Rights activists?
How possible can shingles occur twice in 3 months?
taking Zonegran.......?
Where in New York can I find the most offordable fee for the Shockwave Therapy Treatment for PLANTAT FACIITIS?
I have excessive bruising on my legs?
pain just under my rib cage left hand side?
I'm going back into contortion any tips?
weird feeling on my back ?
Gallbladder question?
how to my my knee feel better?
I have suffer migranes for the longest time?
My back hurts! Ouch!?
my mom has just broke her hip shes 65 she has just had the operation but she worries me because her chest is r?
Lot of pain on left leg?
Tingling and numbness in right side of body?
Can a swollen face turn into face and neck fat?
bad rope burn under my arm and it really hurts. what do i do?
Who has a cure for a person who has a part of the body filled with a sharp pain?
help i feel shortness of air cause of asthma?
i just smoked for the first time in a month..?
Do the nicotene stickies and nicotene gum work?
exposed to TB 15yrs ago, never took medication for it, do i have a higher chance of it becoming active?
Coughed up black mucus with a tiny bit of blood. why?
why cant i get an oxygen reading?
what sickness has the symtoms of coughing nose running ,and eye lids stuck together?
Could I have "walking" pneumonia?
what kind of non drowsy cough medicine is good for a 5 year old,will be 6 in june?
I have trouble sleeping?
Broken, should i go to the hospital.?
I have a little acid in my throat. help!?!?
Minor headaches every day for the last week?
How many mg of hydrocodone is in a loritab10?
i need to go to a dermatologist and i dont mind to pay if its not to expensive,what should i do to ?
Mine is similar to Jade's, I have never breath with my two nostrils, its either the right is blocked or the?
I have every symptom of having a under active thiroid but blood tests are negative can they be wrong?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
What's the difference between ME and CFS?
Have Any Tinnitus Suffers Used This Site?
TO ALL DOCTORS: SYMPTOMS: Please i need some advice fr my friend x?
dose any body know what causes like white crystalles on the out side walls its going on the other walls?
Does the doctor have to tell my employer why I have to go off sick?
What is more frustrating than doctors who can tell you NOTHING?
what are the symptoms of Bulimia and how can i gently confront someone about it?
Is there a single condition that can result in left hemiparesis and right facial droop??r=1258493551?
Help me! I have ocd! its so frustrating and how to i talk to some-one?? x?
infected tattoo, tattoist blaming me!!!?
my bladder is always full of urine why ?
Diarrhoea stomach bug, How to get rid/minimise the symptoms?
What can this be???
im 15 and have a lump behind my ear?
Having surgery for an anal fistula?
I have been taking prednisolone tablets and have started with 'hot sweats' is this common ??
Is epilepsy hereditary?
How can i sort out my head ? Its like a drug!?
why do my ankles keep swelling?
please help me, how can i help myself to get better?
i need help with my decisions in life please if there's a Psychologist out there,m help me?
When a person is tripping on LSD or acid, what do they look/sound like?
Im 23 single i have a nice job im in school i have my own place nice car but i feel so alone i cry every night?
Is it worth my mental health?
Dislike being touched, but feel like I'm missing out.?
Does anyone here have hppd? Do I have it?
Is it paranoia or an overactive imagination?
I enjoy getting myself lost?
Im an emotional wreck:( plz read.?
I'm in a severe what Depression need your help people please don't ignore someone who is helpless?
I think I have depression?
Am I going crazy or what else could be happening?
How do I get over my fear of death?
Returning to school after anorexia?
Can bipolar cause someone to question their love for someone else?
Will anxiety medication stop me from feeling nervous and self conscious?
anxiety makes you sick read story?
how can i get the scab bits off ....i just had a tonsillectomy?
Anyone ever been in Killearn Hospital in Scotland in the sixties?
Can anyone recommend a good eye revitalising treatment?
does any one know about learning problems caused by cortical dysplasia on the left side of the brain?
Anyone ever used Bergasol tan activato?
Has anyone heard of panic attacks after a major emergency surgery?
How do you get rid of ingrown hair after waxing your legs and arms?
Broken Nose (after 6 weeks)?
is the nhs failing to meet the needs of britain?
Peircings problems?
Does anyone use 'Blink' eyedrops for contact lenses? If so, what do you reckon?
can anyone tell me what this means. c3-4 moderate foraminal stenosis secondary to facet spurring. thanks?
How to stop fingers from hurting.?
what is discomfort in ribs/shoulder blades/upper back?
I got hit on my adams apple and now feel like there is a large amount of pleagm in throat?
Why do I get extremely dizzy when I stretch?
What causes a concussion?
Cant hear out of my right ear ?
Why does my neck hurt so bad?
pain around 2 inches below my knee?
I had THREE teeth cut out today and was prescribed Ibudone for pain. Is that similar to a Lortab?
I got in a week long coma and when i got out of the hospital my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand went?
if i eat a banana,that night i get a charley horse,?
Help me fast. it's about chest pains?
Is it possible to collect disability with arthritis?
my wrist has pain and numbness in my fingers?
help? dizziness from type 2 diabetic diet?
What are the symptoms of Diabetes?
If diabetes basically means the pancreas is no longer working properly why don't severely diabetic people get?
My dad has Diabetes Type 2, Will I become a Diabetic?
feel light headed,and warmand have blured vision?
diabetic tiramisu?
What is a possible hormonal treatment for Insulin shock? Aside from the administration of glucose?
Why would blood pressure increase in patients with hypoglycaemia?
Why do people suffer from diabetes?
does anyone know how pregnancy affects diabetes?
morbid vision immunity? healthy or wrong!?
type 1 diabetic and Im having a tough time.... help?
Does Metformin..?
How do you control diabetes?
How many drops per min?
Is a Dsi worth getting?
I need to know how my heart murmur is affecting my diabetes 2 blood sugar level when I am under stress.?
What are the symptoms of low iron levels?
what has hormones got to do with diabetes?
Was there a time gap between the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007?
With an X Ray of a Hip does it show the cartilage as well as the bone.?
I have been taking doxcycline ane antibiotics for about 2 and a half months now and my face is still bad?
my soap bar is lightly fragrenced, is that going to upset my acne becoz the soap is aloe vera soap so????
what is the best hairloss treatment, regaine, nourkin or apopecia?
Red cheek condition.?
how can I get rid of bad eczema on my face without steroids? Please - i'm desperate!!!?
sanex shower washes?
foods for healthy clear skin?
my 2 year old has small red spots/bloches comeing an going all over?
Where can I buy Fluconazole (thrush treatment) cheaply or in a multipack?
N-Lite treatment?
I have a bit of a skin problem thats getting me down...?
Recomendations please for skin lightening treatments,I'm a white female with dark skin pigmentation upperlip
pain full blister!!?
I have a random soreness ?
Ughhh! Throat Issues?
Causes for the pain in my temple?
i'm just starting so stretch my ears, i stretched them to 14 yesturday LOL?
lump on the back of my neck?
when i lay on my tummy i get a severe headache what could be causing this?
my throat has been sore but now it is kinda like a burning.?
PLEASE! Anything to help ease these muscle pains?!?
help my toung hurts!!!?
What does "the left neural foramen is totally effaced" mean on a CT scan?
why do we have headache?
Shoulder pain for 2 weeks.?
i need some help with my knee!?
in very much need of suggestions for a BAD tooth that causes ear n jaw n tooth pain?
I think i over dosed/ feeling dizzy.?
is swine flu worst as spainish flu?
How do I know if I have N1H1 or just the regular flu?
how many needles is the BCG jag?
can i get swine flu from the air on the plane?
I have swine flu .......................x?
What does it mean for someone to be immune deficient? Is that person an AIDS candidate?
need help with swine flu?
swine flu and Tamiflu? should I take it?
Very good swine flu question (see details)?
ciprofloxacin does it work for people who have trouble uranating?
What are MRSA symptoms?
can you get nicotine patches without a perscription?
Articles/Info on Legionnaires disease?
If a respiratory surface dries out, gas exchange will:?
Could we have had swine flu?
the dust from body filler/bondo dangerous to breath in?
i am 18 years old and i am still in nappies?
how many of you have or had swine flue or know anyone with it?
travel insurance and the current situation with swine flu?
swine flu? ???? ????
does anyone know what smoking video I'm talking about, and how do I find it?
Could i have Swine flu?
can an animal have the swibe flu?
SWINE FLU important...?
Lately I've been having difficulty breathing and a chest cough early in the morning...?
swine flu ....................?
When will this sore throat go away?
Describe the inflammation response, including how it is triggered.?
what is the cpt code for postmortem examination,gross only, with brain and spinal cord?
cerebal palsy?
Why have i got a strong immune system when i dont look after myself?
i was diagnosed with acid reflux two weeks ago when the pains started, been to the hospital twice?
l have low potassium, does anyone know what causes this, and should i be worried?
Disturbing dream meanings?
How can I help someone who was hospitalized for depression?
Mental Block in Math. Can you help?
Should i make a complaint?
Am i to stressed or something?
laxative abuse?
How can I forget her name and the old memories?
Why do i quit so easily?
why can't we use bleach in hospitals and save lives.?
Help with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome)?
Does anyone have experience of "Linden method" if you have panic and anxiety attack?
dont know what i should do?
How to feel better about myself and my life?
My girlfriend is starving herself ): I don't know what to do?
Looking for the clinical definition for something akin to schizotypal disorder...?
Eating problems and parents :(?
having depression makes your?
Why does she do this?
I think my friends bulimic...?
lump on thyroid?
tingling in feet?
do you have ear lobes?
Lump in throat sensation?
Has anyone had their colon removed or do they know someone who has?
Do you think this is depersonalization or something else?
Do I have ADHD, I cant do anything more than 30minutes?
I am paranoid, is it from rispidone?
Is there something wrong with me?
what are the latest cardiovascular drugs?
In a blood pressure reading of 120/80, 80 represents the pressure?
Can you become immune to painkillers?
I Don't Know Why My Leg Keeps Shaking!?
Has anyone else been having really non-stop bad migraines and dizziness and nausea for more that two days?
How do i get used to pain or rise my pain level?
I was in ER for stomach pain and have questions?
What Causes Femur Pain?
I can't breathe at night through my nose and when I wake up my tongue is severely cracked, what is wrong?
Trigeminal Neuralgia -more questions?
A burning numbness in my arm?
I feel burning pain in my bally on right side in line of naval below ribs.Ultra sound and Lever function?
My leg has been hurting and i cant sleep because of it. What should i do?
Pressure build up in right ear...?
Bad wrist pains still!?
I feel like I'm going to puke. Do you think it's better to try and do it, or should I wait it out?
Why do I have pain in my abdomen?
what is this...when i exercise i get a weird feeling in my neck?
im a cna could that have anyhting to do with my numbness and pain that i am having in my left arm?
My lungs have started to hurt when i take deep breaths. i have never had asthma or smoked. What could it be?
Lump on back of neck?
I work in a factory that imports bananas.?
How can the diabetes type 1 be passed onto the sufferer’s child?
why are people obese?
Ok i'm confused, could someone help out?
Gestational Diabetes at 16 weeks,on insulin,taking 8 units ,but still sugar levels show elevated.?
what is glucose????????????
Glucose Tolerance Test results?
what food will you give to someone who is vegetaria and she is been diagnased with type 2 diabetes.?
what are the risks of sugar in insulin?
Diabetis 2, my weight is a problem?
I'm a type 2 diabetic and am applying for permanent residency (856). Would I pass the medical.?
Anyone drink a lot of diet soda during pregnancy and have perfectly normal/healthy children?
Why do they/did they need so much blood?
I'm unmotivated, tired, edgy, etc.?
does anyone know where in Melbourne I can find out info on Neuropathy or if anyone else has it pls email?
Ear drum beating, pulsing, feels like heartbeat in my left ear?
Knee pain for 5+ years?
help!! something about behind my ear?
Pain in stomach from pop?
appendix sickness? please help?
arm pain or anxiety???????
Feels like something is in my throat?
5/325 apap oxycodone?
neurologist please help?
pain in my hip? please help?
Why dies my side hurt?
What could be causing this?
Strange pains and feelings. Please help me.?
Percocets /OXYCODONE?
What is wrong with the back of my knee?
Headaches in right half of my head around temple.?
My head,stomache,and back have been hurting for 4 days now..?
I am having ankle pains?
Will I die/get internally hurt from drinking vinegar?
What it means if i have piercing pain in my ankle?
I feel breathless everytime i eat anything ? HELPP?
[Important] Phelgm at work?
will these 2 meds have a interaction?
i am recovering from an ear infection and cannot hear very well and ther is ringing in my ear HELP!?
Asthma and no inhaler. Advice, please?
what can be causing these chest pains?
what causes a pevic infection.?
i am coughing up small amounts of blood from strep throat?
How long after you quit smoking will shortness of breathe decrease?
can i join the army if i got asthma?
Wheezing, persistent cough occuring most while laying down?
I have had a bad cold viral pharyngitis?
Symptoms: Stuffy/runny nose, coughing, no fever. Why do I have this and what can I do about them?
Im having throat problem?
Smokers: Why do you smoke?
IGA Deficiency advice needed?
if i sellotaped my cigerette together would anything happen if i was smoking it?
Glucosamine, Chondroitin?
my right knee bent the wrong way while playing 5 a side soccer, it hurts at the top of the calf and right side
okay my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
Ear Problem Need Help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
are my fingers broken (pic)?
Ok so i broke my little toe yesterday, I’ve literally broke it in half, bust it as the doctor said.?
I've got a back injury from a car accident - what gym exercises can I still do?
have any of you ever been struck by lightening ?
most nights i walk up with pins&needles in my hands im not lying on them what is causing this?
How much longer will it take to heal.......?
Any advice for a bad back?
What sort of injury have I done to my ankle?
are people who end up paraplegics in wheelchairs after breaking their backs just lazy or weak willed?
where can i tell my story to the public about what a nhs hospital/doc done to my son more info on gmc site?
I think it is possible I have adult ADHD...?
Explain the impact of addiction to Hallucinogens?
From your experiences do you think this male is on any form of illicit substances?
What restrictions can you expect to experience after being diagnosed as bipolar?
I'm 16 and need help with life?
Starting new job and feel really scared and feel like i really dont want to do it. help please?
Do i have a personality disorder??????
Help? I think I'm bulimic?
will you go unconscious if you connect a taser to your forehead? is it good as a sleep aid?
I feel anxious all the time for no reason. Please help.?
Do I have hppd or just anxiety?
What does it mean when you are told "you want escape from yourself"?
Boyfriends Anger Issues?
If you had a lot of problems when younger......?
what can show false positive for thc?
Who to see about ADHD?
how do you support a friend who has bulimia?
Do you think alcohol should have government health warning on its labelling as they do with tobacco products.?
Musculo-skeletal system?
Blood, Protein and white blood cells in my urine?
Is there any way to get the hydrochloric acid out of your stomach?
My Throat Hurts So Much, Is This Kind of Pain Normal?
why does my neck hurt ?
Could psuedo siezures followed by numbness in left are and leg be result of mini strokes?
I have pain/soreness in my left under arm, left side of my chest and the are around my left shoulder blade..?
Hard lump on right lower back?
how to get rid of sinus pain?
AFTER $EX it burns up inside and feels uncomfortable afterwards?
help? i wanna know why this is happening to my feet.?
Ear Pain! HELP ASAP!!!!?
1,800 mg of ibuprofen?!?
Should I go to the Doctors for this?
Is 800mg Motrin safe to take?
I woke up two days ago and couldn't move my head....?
Help! My mom has severe stomach and back pain!?
Has anyone had an ASD closure they were allergic to?
Can any Doctor or Dentist or someone Medical help me about a Canker Sore?
leg pains a few hours after exercise?
My heel is hurting me please help?
What do you think of my website?
How do I ease the pain of this terrible blister on my foot?
can homeopathy stop chickenpox spots from blistering?
Is the treatment for hiv in south africa good comparing to the UK one??
Infection base finger nail?
i think i have got it ??
Flu and tonsils?
Tonsilitus and bleeding throat?
i have the folowing acne topical creams to use (see in details) which 1 will get rid of my white heads by 2moz
Creme De La Mere - Can anyone testify to it being good?
Red, Swollen Nose?
purple colour from head of unwashed hair???!!!!!! :S?
will using leg thigh toner pants get rid of cellulite?
I need scar removal tips?
Herpes Simplex Problem?
please somebody help, i am suffering from mouth ulcers?
Nevus Sebaceous Operation?!?!?!?
Get rid of a cold overnight?