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Am i doing right by being with him although he suffers seeing me sick?
What kind of food and drinks is NOT recommended for cough?
I have a friend that shoots up xanax, is that safe?
is there a herb that stops the craving for alcohol?
Question about sudden nausea?
Whats wrong with my right thumb?!?
severe knee pain after work?
Constant sharp head pain in one single spot of my head. What could it be?
Why does my uh Cheek/Lip twitch?
Agghh My Leg Muscle is twitching constantly?!?!?
Why does my wrist hurt?
Switched Doctors in same practice want to avoid hurt feelings How?
popping noise in my neck when I rub it.?
Bad Charley Horses when im sleeping?
Spine core scoliosis brace?
What can I do for my headache?
I took 400mg ibuprofen in the morning now it 2:30 in the evening can i take thermaflu instead?
question about after tonsillectomy?
Has anyone experienced excruciating pain in pelvic and rectum while taking a BM?
i really woke up in the wrong side..is it possible?
Constant cough, sorestiff neck, lossed voice, headache. Diagnosis?
Bone sticking out of my ankle???? Pics included?
How can I get rid of my dandruff?!? ?
Do you have food allergies/intolerances?
how to stop smoking??
I had about 4 puffs on a cigar and I inhaled. Will I die?
Does anyone know any relatively common, interesting illnesses?
one of the staff has swine flu?
Seriouly ill need advice?
is there any truth in the new u.k superbug?
how many days does it take for swine flu to kill you if not treated?
please read woman in need of advice?
how to get rid of red spots and marks? have tried antibiotics!?
What exactly is autism?
my 10 year old sons heart rate?
Why do i feel so tired all the time?
heart pains - do i have pleurisy?
Cole sore means you been kissing isnt it?
does this sound heart related, my dad is breathless and pale looking?
nose job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me please?
Is it normal for someone to feel the need to smoke early in the morning?
Have acne? Read this!...?
what do you call the disease when you cant go out in daylight?
Has any body tried clear complexion tablets?
how can i get rid of black bags under my eyes?
help bad acne?
what do sorbitol or glycerin soaps do exactly?
i have got a rash of the sun bed?
how does medicare work?
Why am I classed as obese for my height?
WHy did this happen? (BP Test)?
pain in left schoulder with tingaling down arm?
What's the worst medical condition you've ever had?
do you know a quick cure for tonsilitus?
crohn's disease. info needed please. x?
what are the symptoms of a brain tumor?
Painful kidney infection?
Cocaine usage problems?
Is there anything they can do for Tinitus?
Dettol poisoning ?? Help?
I have an Iron deficiency?
I'm 5-6 weeks pregnant and now I've got a sore throat and feverish what medicine I should take. ?
Excessive mucus what shall i do?
Does anybody know how to get my friends son off cocaine use?
Coughing/vomiting blood again!?
how many other people are suffering with a cold?
If you are an agoraphobic claustraphobic....where can you go...?
Hi ive just ask if anyone know's about bell's palsy. could you tell me why her face and neck has swollen
I had a bike accident today and now feel a bit dizzy. Related?
I dislocated my little toe 3wks ago. It seems to be healing ok but is still painful, is it too late for xray?
Does tylenol help waxing pain?
Why do our heads hurt when we get a headache?
I can't feel my body and yet I can.?
Femoral artery or lymph nodes?
home remedies for throat/esophagus?
Can you cure my hangover?
Pains in my bladder/left side of uterus?
When you are severly depressed what do you do while you wait for the SSRI's to start working?
I took a left over pyridium, will the doctor still be able to tell if i have infection?
SEVERE knee pain, what could be wrong?
what is considered a long time for taking xanax?
my ear hurts real bad, help?
I feel sick and my head hurts with a cough & idk why but my eyes feel sore,if i look around wout moving my?
why do my hands go numb?
my haed is killin and the daylight and the house lights are hurtin it more its hurtin behind my eyes abd ears?
my palm are swelling,,,?
Severe stomach ache after going to the bathroom ..? pls help?
how to cope up with my father's death?
Problem with my thumb finger?
what is an online drug addiction checklist?
cartilage piercing throbbing?!?
Toothache is killin me,i hv 50mg tramadol,shld i take 1 or 2?keep n mind toothache is killin me!!!!?
twitches after being on fire?
Wrist keeps hurting,help?
why it hurt so bad when gettin hurt in the crotch?
Wrist keeps hurting?help?
Gas Bubble And Back Pain?
When in a coma do you experience dreams?
why do i tend to forget the words when im speaking?
I would like to her some opinions about ECT!?
brain zaps even when i take my effexor xr?
Any idea of what could be wrong with my knee?
Chronic Headache With Ear Pain?
Joint Pain - Bone Pain? I'm scared.?
Weird pain in my shin?
wine intolerance, has anyone else suffered this?
Bad chest pain when i breathe deeply?
What are the differences between Flu and Swine Flu?
what makes dry skin worse and how do you treat it?
doesa breast cancer lump move?
help i have yellow skin!!?
i have these strange red lines on the side of my body that are sorta bumpy, what are they?
I have Dry Sensitive Skin (eczema) Is There any good affordable anti redness and spot treatment out there?
My friend has Trichotillomania, what does that mean?
Why do i have big black circles under my eyes?
symptoms of tonsillitis? PLEASE help?
what the symptoms for a nose infection?
How long does broken skin take to heal?
I get terrible low blood sugar symtoms i.e dizzyness and spaced out in the morning im on a diet any solutions?
Has anyone tried a night guard to remedy tinnitus?
The Swine flu jab ??????????
My child not passing urine?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
Coughing up phlegm that is white, no fever?
Could not sleeping make sick?
bad effect of smoking???please?
What is going on? I have chest pain, and dizziness. should i be worried?
what is the dose of salbutamol that is put in the nebulizer for treatment of asthma?
what are legal steriods?
how to stop coughing..and i know i have bronchitis?
Respiratory System question? to do with smoking?
Coughing with phlegm even after a full week on clarithromycin?
wheeze asthma mucus cold?
getting rid of nose and chest mucos?
I am sick what do i have? (coughing spells) (details)?
is it possible to have vasovagal syncope and sinus tachycardia?
how does tonsillitis affect the respiratory system?
can the live strength bracelets get wet?
my child has AD HD she feels some pain but things that normally hurts she says she does not hurt.?
Woke up this with my left side of my jaw swollen near my ear. No pain to speak of.?
What could be wrong with my hip?
what can you do a torn roto cuff?
How do I get my ear to stop hurting?
is it bad to pop your back?
Unexplained Bruising?
What do I do for a pain I have in my left side?
I wake up every night with discomfort in my upper abdomen, it takes a while for it to go away if I stand?
Help?? Overdose on aspirin?
Swollen Lymph Nodes and Sore Jaw?
Imitrex....horrible side effects?
Why does it hurt to finger myself when it didnt before?
really bad neck pain?
Left hand falls asleep randomly?
causes for a cyst on your ovary?
how to get a bad stomach ache?
My down there area hurts?
My body is aching n i just dont feel good?
How to fix a neck that's out of place?
Urinating and throwing up blood?
I have just been diagnosed with polycythemia what is it?
have you noticed that people just aren't using deodarant any more?
Does anyone know a natural tratment for menopausal hot sweats, particularly at night.?
Helpp!! :'( my mum found this small lump on her neck ...?
i think my friend my have down's syndrome?
do you think canabis could e a cure for anarexia or other eating disorders?
Sorry for this... but how do I administer a rectal suppository?
My wife has had a brain stroke 4 weeks ago, survived brain surgery and is recovering. Any tips and insights?
what should i take for swollen glands?
i went to the dentist 2 weeks ago?
Headcold query?
Pains in my stomach - puking blood?
What causes splitting head pain after straightening up after bending over?
what exactly is cirrhosis of the liver.......?
I'm terrified of having an MRI scan, has anybody had one and what is it like?
What can I do about blisters on my feet. Every time I do a lot of walking I get bad blisters on my feet?
my ear hurts and its hard to hear?
difference of left and right wrist?
Stomach pain when bending down?
Hit my elbow ... Strong pain for over an hour ?
Yet another knee pain description....help is still appreciated :] can anyone help?
What could be causing my knee pain?
In need of back brace?
My wife has pins and a plate in her foot, she had her surgery in November can she use a heating pad on it?
Jumper's knee strap question?
Sharp, Unexplained Collar Bone Pain?
Pain in left rib area for over 2 weeks now. Bruised rib?
What is this pain in my ear/neck?
How to get rid of a throat ulcer?
Why do I always have the sudden urge to defecate every time I go to Borders or Barnes & Noble?
Minor headaches every day for the last week?
when i walk especialy uphill my calf muscles ache and feel tight?
HELP ASAP! Just took cartilage piercing out..what to do?
Why is sleep paralysis so bad for me lately?
Does anyone know if I can stop taking these Bipolar Meds?
I'm afraid of heights, but I embrace them?
A form of epilipse or not?
What should I do? Anxiety and work.?
I shake when I get mad or stressed?
Looking for a good therapist in Indiana PA any suggestions?
What's your best cure for social phobia?
Horrible panic attack out of nowhere!!! Please need urgent help!!!?
Awful memory, is this normal?
Do I have anxiety disorder?
Did I have an anxiety attack?
Percocet and happiness? I saw the light then it was gone. Please help!!!?
I think I get scared when my haters looking at me.?
Depression Help/coping at school?
Will I dream alot during or before a growth spurt?
Anyone have Cardiomyopathy?
what happens after a minor heart attack?
25% of Heart Functioning?
Pain produced by Root canals?
define cardio pulmonary resuscitation?
Sharp Pains In Chest For A 13 Year Old Girl! HELP!?
my brother has hodgkins could i have it?
hard time swallowing?
I have a really bad sore throat had it for like 2 days. Every morning i wake up its worse! Its hard to swallow?
Terrible sinus pain followed by bloody post nasal drip and chartreuse nasal discharge.... what could this be?
Name the membranes covering the lungs?
Been about 2 weeks now and this cough wont go away?
When you breath does air go thru your esophagus?
How fair is it? A little bit of dirt or cigarette smoke.?
Stuffy nose but not a cold?
if your are congested would your chest hurt when you breathe sometimes?
give the detailed step in effecting cardiopulmonary resuscitation, their sequence &what to do in each sequence?
is it possible that bilateral pneumonia can't be cured though 6 months treatment had gone through?
what is the purpous of the grove extending from each nostril to the mouth?
why isn't the pulmonary artery the pulmonary vein and vice versa?
if i had hyperglycemia wouldn't that mean i have diabetes?
Please if any one can help me please answer unexplained massive weight gain - medications ?????
Why am I craving sugear all of a sudden?
Is my blood sugar normal?
is honey suitable for diabetics?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
high readings with type 2 diabetes?
The best way to give up smoking?
My stomache is killing I feel like scremibg hELP?
Pain when i bend my finger, next day my hand was swollen.?
can panadeine forte affect the pill?
sharp pain in my tounge?
How can someone not wake up after thhere alarm has been going off for a hour!!?
How much is too much when working knots out of someone's back and how to do it properly?
Pain relief from throat infection?
Pain in my left arm in between shoulder and elbow, like dull, throbbing, my heart was racing but I have stage?
should I go to the doctor for this?
WTF??? Weird!!!?? What is this??Do I have to go to te docter for this?? Is something wrong with me ?
Sore backsides of tongue mornings/night?
Does it pain while removing ear wax in hospital?
Why does my foot hurt so bad?
every time i'm stressed my chest starts to really hurt is this something serious?
what is this small bone sticking out right underneath my ankle bone?
im a cna could that have anyhting to do with my numbness and pain that i am having in my left arm?
whats wrong with my foot?
Lump on back of neck?
Is it normal to hear popping and cracking noises in my neck? I dont feel my neck cracking though.?
A Daddy Long Legs has just stung my son!!! What next?
How to het clear skin ?
how to get rid of dead nit eggs?
alapisha is caused from what?
What diseases can humans be immune to?
Potential cure for cancer?
Long term burning pain and bloating in my right side which gets worse at night. What is it?
Head feels swollen Or something ?
Can you take paracetamol with immodium plus tablets?
could he have cystic fibrosis?
Is there a healthy way to clear your throat?
is a steam room good or bad for a respiratory infection?
Multiple Health Issues?
I have every symptom of having a under active thiroid but blood tests are negative can they be wrong?
Random diarrhea HELP?
My head feels heavy , I get dizzy when walking etc I feel weak all the time?
shadow on the lungs? what it mean?
what cheese would you recommend as a moisturizer?
Sweating in your sleep?
Does anyone know these symptoms?
Can you develop a fainting reaction to blood?
feeling sick everyday help :(?
How can an under active thyroid cause you to gain weight ?
Do i have OCD pleassee answer!?
im 23 and my feet keep going blue even when im not cold. anybody know why ?
What can cause tinnitus in young children?
I only have a cough, but it won't go away.?
Hi There. Can anyone help with a Kidney issue.?
stroke rehab?
What is Graves disease?
Is magnesium a good remedy for palpiltations caused by anxiety?
headaches, with nose bleed and dizzy spells, feel week and have a lack of energy?
Hypoglycaemia . does any one else out there suffer with it?
Starting Antabuse (Disulfiram) treatment....?
Advice needed please for a DVT-Bllod Clot?
I have iron deficiency.. I took tablets, & got a healthy iron level. Now it's low again?
Liver Desease.?
How can I find friends for my 26 year old son?
What is wrong with me? Does everyone feel this way?
Why is my best friend so silly around me but serious and shy around everyone else?
Help my anxiety has gotten out of control!?
What is this strange feeling inside my head?
Anxeity & panick atacks finding a job anybody care to read thanxx?
Sometimes I feel like i will never amount to anything, I am 22 yrs old and have not accomplished anything.?
Any good anti-eating disorder sites?
Is there a cure to selective mutism?
sleep paralysis or lucid dream?
If SSRIs make you aggressive, does it mean that you have bipolar disorder?
life and worrying problems help?
Is it depression or something else?
What is the coses these simtoms?
Is opium tincture (laudanum) still available in new york?
How do you test possitive for ADD or ADHD?
i need some depression help?
my head starts to throb out of nowhere?
break down the name flexor digitorum superficialis?
Why do my shoulder sockets hurt?
i embrassed myself on accident?
Please help me! weird tingling in my back!?
what is the quickest and easiest way to break a bone.?
numb right hand thumb?
Is taking hydrocodone once every two weeks considered an addiction?
tongue piercing pain?
Arm pain, above elbow?
Ache/Pain in my arm i've had for 24 hours what is it?
What is the name of the doctor that helps with your shoulder & neck?
I think ive broken my arm it look weird position help !?
does beer really help ibs(irratable bowel syndrome)?
Should I hip stretch?
should i go to the doctor?
My T.M.J Bone Hurts What Should I Do ? 100 Points ,?
My Echo test shows Moderate grade posterior mitral leaflet prolapse, Normal V function EF=71% what is it?
This sudden sharp pain in my chest, close to my heart?
Is an implanted de-fibrillator advisable for a man 83 years old ?
I reached the target rate on Stage 1 of my treadmill stress test is this normal?
I just had rapid heart beat.. I'm experiencing strange sensations afterward. Help?
How bad is Pericardial Effusion (fluid around the heart)?
Hmm, why can i feel...?
What can I do about a high systolic but low diastolic?
I get sharp pains when I breathe in...?
What home methods can I take or do for a headache?
my blood was too thick at dr office what caused that?
Good ways to crack back?
In NYC can I be signed up for my fiances health insurance? United Health Care?
Small,painless bump on lip?
dryness on my tongue? :s?
I have redness in my cheeks, how can i get rid of it?
not convinced driving myself crazy!?
Swollen cervical lymph node?
please help? ...........?
Mine is similar to Jade's, I have never breath with my two nostrils, its either the right is blocked or the?
Why Have I Got Rashes On My Face?
what happens to the hair on our skin when we are cold ?
Clear fluid dripping from nose on bending down??/?
will the pill clear up spots?
Who else has turned black overnight?
7 months pregnant and have a rash on the insides of my arms?
My throat is getting unbareable?
Do I have a sinus infection?
Having skipped heart beats?
My face is always dry and i get white marks?
If i miss out words when writing/typing does that mean i have a disorder/condition?
Is there a doc in the house ?
My stomache is always bubbling and rumbling even when im full?
Why does exposure of a hand to alpha rays not cause serious damage to the person?
tight, weird feeling airway?
Trouble breathing in?
mild discomfort while breathing?
popping ish sound in chest?
AHHHH i just took 120 ml of cough serup?
what is located above the trachea?
hydralazine side effects?
My mother keeps coughing?
does emphysema have symptoms?
how to ween of oxy ir 4 20 mg?
How long does pain in shoulder last after cortisone injection?
Reasons the top of your spine could hurt?
What could these pains be from?
why does my eat hurt so bad ?
Why do opiates make my voice deep?
how to relieve pain on my arm?
Can someone sum up what is wrong with me? I've had a headache for 4 days now and I keep feeling bloated!?
the side of my back and my right breast itches and stings really bad?? what is going on?/?
My head hurts,have lower stomach pain and have a little fever.?
When I put weight on my hip it hurts, why?
Muscular ache in thighs?
Calf pain question, can anyone give me an answer?
coccyx pain, feels like its bruised.?
Bruised or Dislocated Jaw?
i have ringworm, please help?
Whats the quickest and effective way to clear your skin after a sudden outbreak?
Dermatologica, Murad or Skinceuticals?
Advice, ive have a Red spot on my nose for months??
Can anyone help me. My son has a rash on his hands, arms, feet and legs.?
Spots in my ear?
What is it when you go numb in your hand and it swells up then goes back to normal?
Vasticular wounds question about infection?
getting moles cut out?
If You Suffer From M.E Can You Die?
My nan and grandad are getting getting old and grandad keeps falling over..where can they get a pt carer?
does anyone have a problem with main tendon underneath foot?
Brain surgery?
arthritis symptoms?
does any one know of any other way to deal with fibromyalgia?
What should i do-think i have food poisoning?
There is a shortage of corneas and I noticed?
Massive swelling under left eye (in the bag). Came up suddenly, imparing vision but no pain...?
Cystitis and blood when I wee. Help!?
can u help me please.my heart rate is beating 2 fast its ranging from 120 bpm to 149 beats can u help thanks?
Can osteoporosis make arthritis worse?
I've been told I have a viral infection but the symptoms I am experiencing are very worrying, can anyone help?
food and drink for diabetics...?
Can steroid asthma inhalers cause baldness/thin hair?
Can black people be born with dwarfism?
can melatonin the sleeping hormone be bought in the UK?
I have just been told i have IBS?
Very fast weight loss for morbidly obese woman?
do doctors have to sign scripts?
Diabetic...how often do you have a drink and go to the toilet if you think you have it?
blood everywhere???????????????????????????????????????????????
Heavy drinking with diabetes?
have just found some candy advertised as being good for diabetics....?
I am a diabetic and i am having severe abdominal pain on my left side...What does that mean?Am in trouble?
Can a diabetic use accu-chek lancets a couple of times each?
I am 28 weeks, Is it ok for me to travel over 300 miles via car by myself (diagnosis with gestational diabetes
symptoms in child diabetes?
Blood sugar test......I have a question?
can high stress and anxiety significantly deteriorate diabetes condition?
Opinions on day and night contact lenses?
Can def people hear their thoughts ?
Effexor / Venlafaxine side effects.?
Why do I get attached to people?
Why can't I have a relationship? Am I meant to not have friends? Am I bipolar?
what is mood disorder nos?
If one of the parent have mental illness?
Why the massive taboo about Bi-polar?
What do you do if you think you may have a psychological disorder?
can anyone help me before i go downhill and get....?
my boyfriend is depressed, are we too new for me to help?
what is this disorder called?
mannerism is one of mental health disease.?
I can't focus, or pay attention... Worse enough, I have terrible memory?
Adderall vs vyvanse ?
i feel sad and lonely?
Why did I do that and why do I want to do it again?
Is being on the pill a pre existing condition? Health insurance?
My chest, throat and teeth started hurting while I was cycling?
Woke up with a horrible neck ache!?
My lower back is hurting me like so bad! And I've been gassy alot, and very nausious what can that be?
How do I deal with the pain?
Sore Hands(Cheerleading)?
what causes loss of sensation in face?
hard lump on my tongue !!!!!! help me?
What is causing my wrist pain?
info about back surgery?
Pain under left breast?
Is pain 5 months after rotator cuff surgery, normal?
why do my bones crack and pop?
What are signs of infection after wisdom tooth removal?
Cortisone shot in both knees>..?
Is their a type of foot surgery that will help my dad?
Why is that I just feel the fever inside but when I take temp It doesn't show up?
How long (after you have contracted Swine Flu) does it take for Symptoms to show up?
Been Sent Home from Work because of Swine Flu?
MMR , HEP A, Chicken pox vaccine for my One year old?
questions about swine flu?
Can people get swine flu again?
how does one catch swine flu? is it like normal flu?
I am 33 and for as long as i remember i chew and bite the inside of my mouth and continually take chunks HELP?
Hey I'm really worried, could this be serious?
Can you get a noes job on the NHS if someone has hit you and disfigured it?
i slipped on my arm. do i need to go see a doctor?
Is having a sore cartilage normal after a couple years of the piercing?
Have you ever wanted to be knocked out cold before?
Could you catch yourself on fire by rubbing your hands together?
food poisen??
Any Suggestions?
Have I broken something?
What do you have if you feel constipation every few hours?
headache that feels like a brain freeze...why?!?
Tight feeling in stomache?!?
Headache and stomach pains?
Why is it immensely painful when I swallow? (Throat Problem)?
Pain in My Lungs, What should I do?
Pain in my hands and won't go away?
I don't know what's wrong with my wrist..?
am i seriously injured?
I hurt my wrist snowboarding the other day and it hurts what should I do?
Head Hurts, I Keep Throwin Up Everything I Eat, And I Keep Breathing Hard HELP ME! :(?
What's wrong with my knee?
left eye ache.. please help me .?
Reoccurring pain throughout my right foot?
My BF having internal hemrroid surgery 2morrow what 2 expect and how do?
I fell today and hurt my knee. Here are the symptoms?
What would be the best solution to reduce pain from gout without taking prescription drugs?
I got my tongue done last night how long does it take for the pain to go away.?
I have a question about a Bowel issue?
information about alzheimers?
swelling of the feet and hands?
my head just went really dizzy, what is it?
how can hypothyroidism effect the skin on the face?
Can I still give blood if I have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)?
lump on chest and vomiting blood?
lobe of ears connected to head?
Are there any symptoms of severe anxiety or disorders?
Does staying in bed really help if your poorly?
My friend has been told he has an abnormally high "inflammatory count" following blood tests. Whats this mean?
why am i seeing stars?
is this possible ???
What are the chances for a belly piercing getting infected?
what does this sound like? nerves or blood problem?
do i have an eating disorder?
Overactive thyroid- Is an operation the only treatment?
what are the chances he's infected with herpes plus any tips?
Electric shock tinglig feeling in my foot. ?
are suboxone withdrawals easier than roxy withdrawals?
Quick solutio to ankle pain?
Sharp Severe chest pain tightness and heavy hard to breathe-Costochondritis?
weird coughing is it bad?
What is the best, fastest, easiest way to get rid of my congestion?
Can't keep water, food, or pills down? I have bronchitis...?
I have a bad cough! wat should I do about.?
I had a panick attack and now I'm frightened to go to sleep?
Who likes the snoring sound?
Will lymph node tuberculosis return even after medication?
who discovered legionella pneumophila?
How can I sleep better even though i wheeze?
is Respiratory therapist a good job? also is it competitve to get into? I have a 3.4?
my father in law has mercer in his lungs and nose and his health is not great?
What are the symtoms of having an asthma attack? Should I be worried?
Belting in chest voice?
does air pressure influence headaches?
my dad has a cough that he has had for years. they have done many tests and dont know where it came from?
my throat hurts when I swallow/eat!?
Can Mountain Dew (caffeine) cause sore ribs to hurt more?
Do you need medication for a inflamed chest?
Excruciating back pain, can no longer pick up my babies, please help?
What's wrong with my toe?
Problems with my posture...?
i get these crazy cramps from time to time, it feels like my muscle is twisting!?
My head hurts!?? Room spinning?/?
What should I do about the pain in my toe?
Back pain, over the counters?
Pain right above my waist please help?
What could this pain be?
Why do some medications say not to lie down for 10 minutes?
I need attention all the time help?
How does a suicidal, depressed person deal with having no support?
How can i sleep i have trouble sleeping early?
Im going to the hospital cuz i just overdosed on meds, what will they do for me?
Whenever I shovel the sidewalk or go sledding my pinky finger freezes?
Am I in need of sleeping pills or some type of sleeping aid?
i feel shaky when i smoke weed and i feel like everyones looking at me so i shake more?
I need help with my stomach it hurts ?
Do I have attention deficit disorder(ADD)?
Why do people like to get high off pain killers?
Please help, I don't know what to do about my eating disorder?
where can i talk to someone about bipolar disorder?
Fever only hot in and out of my head! & Migraines :( :(?
how long after abdominal pain does nausea and vomiting begin in appendicitus?
Midrin...euphoric feeling?
my knee has a major problem?
With no medicine, how can you help the pain of a bladder infection?
what is causing my painful arms?
if worries tend to fade does that mean your ignoring them?
Do I suffer from anxiety disorder?
Dyscalculia or ADD?????
Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms?
Is this Multiple Personality Disorder?
why cant i cry anymore?
Why I always feel like everyone's going to something bad to me?
Getting rid of oldish scars on my legs?
Roaccutane question?
Does eczema always spread?
home come?
A Trichologist told me about stinking scabs could anyone elaborate?
please read..?
Does Any1 Have Keratosis Pilaris????
Blocked Ear..?
When we are tired why do we get dark circles (bags) under our eyes?
will nose bleeds stop converting with age?
at what age does someone die of old age?
Why does the NHS treat us with kid gloves? Don't some of us know our bodies?
what do gp's do?
High Cholesterol?
I really want to know some things about AIDS in Africa?
Underactive Thyroid?
re occuring dream?
gastric bands?
how many patients can a GP see in one day?
Bluish tinge to the nails?
glands under ears?
How to Relief Pain in these areas after martial arts training?
I have recurring lightheadedness every day at work in the late afternoon/early evening.?
Why does my back hurt?
Headaches and Nausia?
Is it dangerous to take 5 doses of Tylenol?
has anyone had scolisos surgery? what does the pain feel like? Can anyone describe it?
Should I see a doctor? I fell pretty hard on my head.?
Going snowboarding with feet problems?
i have hip pain on my right side an i just finished playing bakestball?
Whats wrong with my bone?
Yesterday I threw up for about 6 hours straight today my throat is obviously sore but underneath my chin it's?
Pain on left side when breathing occasionally?
Does white wine make any body's stomach hurt?
do i just have a pulled muscle?
How long does oxycodone work?
How to get my split lower?
pulse in my left ear??? driving me mad?
What muslces do but kicks help?
could i be diabetic?
has anyone got any answers?? Tonight while testing for diabeties we tested my friends little girl.?
Hi ... new to all of this at the moment.. just want to know if anyone know's of help for ppl that faint at..
diabetes type 2 and nightime urination?
How are patients diagnosed as diabetics?
What types of food do I eat for diabetes?
Is fruit put into a powerful blender to make a smoothie good for diabetics?
How do you no if you have high blood pressure?
I'm 60 yrs old and was dignosed with diabetes about 2 yrs ago, my?
what substitutes can I use instead of refined sugar in my diet?
My mom has type 2 Diabetes. What are the normal blood sugar ranges?
how do you check your blood sugar level?
Help! What can I eat? I'm celiac and dairy intolerant, and now I'm told I'm pre-diabetic?
How would you explain diabetes mellitus type 1 to an 8 year old?
How do you develop diabetes?
How can I prevent getting diabetes?
what are signs of Diabetic?
B+ blood type?
Do you have an under active thyroyd and feel unwell?
If i lie on my right side in bed?
medical help.....?
Sinus problems on-going?! Why........?
Anorexia..? Confused...?
constipation in children unhappy with the doctors?
I'm taking a B/P test next week and need to lower my B/P by at least 10 points, any quick ways?
Has anyone taken coreg before for mitral valve prolapse and does it causes hair loss?
i need to go to a dermatologist and i dont mind to pay if its not to expensive,what should i do to ?
Unclear diagnoses , doesnt help my anxiety?
Ingrown toe nail post surgery?
cough and wheeze why ?
skin is peeling of my toes whats best thing for it?
is there any treatment of retina pegmantosa?
what is a statin drug ?
SWOLLEN ABDOMEN??????!!!!!!!?
can morphine cause stomach and chest pains?
fever if i get up but if sleep no fever help?
Is a mild, 24-hour stomach bug a mild strain of the Norovirus?
I keep getting red rash itchy patches on my hands?
gerd does it make u breathless?
anyone had a ring pessery?
how to get rid of a cold fast.....?
Tight feeling in throat?
will more cysts grow back if I have one removed from my head?
is sterlisation dangrous is thier any effects?
which one of the following statements is FALSE about how asbestos acts as a carcinogen?
do you know anyone who has or had Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.?
have you ever had pain in your toe like this?
Why does my jaw hurt?
really painfull knees?
my legs are so sore & its day 2...any suggestions?
So much is going on in my head?
can you only get swine flu once ?
Is argentina and mexio more vulnerable to swine flu because they are ldc?
ulcer on the inside of my lip should i be worried?
Which company is in the lead for swine flu vaccine?
Swine flu vaccine question?
Feeling unwell on holiday?
Would you even know if you got swine flu?
Do i have swineflu these are my symptoms?
painful right hand?? ):?
I have these pains, someone help please and thank you?
Should I get my neck checked out?
Is the Carpal Tunnel Condition Lifelong?
Where relative to the knee cap does luxating patella hurt?
Why does the side of my right eye hurt when I blink?
Did i tore a legament in my knee?!??? plz help!?
How to stop the pain of crutches?
every time I eat my eyes get heavy?
What's wrong with my cheek?
lower stomach pain mainly on left side?
Rheumatologist appt tomorrow?
Why does my back hurt every morning?
Does anyone know about Sarcoidosis treatment r/t chronic pain?
Knee pains and i'm only thirteen?
HELP i cant feel my legs?
Does anyone know how to correct knock knees without surgery?
is suboxone a narcotic?
Stomach Pains? Help? ?
I dont know what i did to my leg?
Sharp pain under my right breast when I exhale, poke it, or sit up straight, then slouch?
Does anyone suffer from ventricular tachycardia?
Mucus in my throat causes me to become nauseated whenever i exercise. Can someone help?
Does dehydration cause ...?
what to do when kid swallws a little wd40?
How long do I have to wait to run if I had spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung)?
Do I have an ear infection?
Parents who have children ages 1-2 years old who have been on Albuterol and or Flovent?
Whats wrong with me im coughing up blood?
Is this life threatening? And why do I keep getting this? I want answers, I cant take this anymore!?
Recently I have been having trouble breathing. Do you think I have asthma?
my granddaughter has a bad cough and fever,we were told to give her benedryl for it but she throws it up?
What does COPD do to the person who has it?
what system is the lung in?
How do I avoid getting bronchitis again?
I believe I have borderline personality disorder *PLEASE HELP*!!?
Ginkgo Biloba. Good and bad?
is there any way by which hair can grow on burnt skin else than palstic surgery ?
How long does it take to diagnose a Mini Stroke?
Panic attack or strange form of hallucination?
So ive had swelling in my head and i got an mri. the doc sent me a letter what does this mean?
How come some people don't feel happy unless they're in a relationship?
Anyone know a reputable online pharmacy to buy SSRI's without presc, also can these pass through customs in uk
Is writing violent poetry-like things a safe way to vent?
Why do people often tilt their head when they have an ear infection?
i have 2 white blisters on my feet y dont they hurt?
Why do we cough?
Hi i have agoraphobia but i have my a levels and havnt been going into school can i sit A levels at home?
i believe im mentally unstable... how can i fix this?
how do you know what supplements e.g. vitamin c, zinc etc you need to take?
I have a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee, do you have any info on treatments?
i can't stop thinking about my appearance?
ibuprofen overdose - what will happen?
Do crazy people only buy?
i have a high level spi. i currently take dilaudid which is not working for pain?
Why am I still jumpy from this event?
Why do we sneeze when we feel cold?
Anxiety/Panic attacks?
Headache for over a week? Please help me!?
do i need to go to a mental hospital?
My elderley Mum has been told she is very aenemic (sorry about the spelling if thats wrong).?
Is it normal to get a bruise on the back of my leg from kneeling down? The bruise is sore and has grown since?
my hemms wreck my day, is there a way to get rid of them?
i am scared to use the product differin?
How can I get a cortisone injection?
is my toe broken? if no what have i done?
where to find information on death by alcohol poisoning and the limits required to kill and is this debatable?
Arm hurts? Please help?
Lump on Kidney? Hyperchondriact?
Can a bumble bee sting you 3 times?
How do i get the swelling to go down in my foot?
Itchy casts.....?
have you ever seen a grown man crying because of a sudden physical pain?
How do I know if Im seriously ill?
I have some scars on my scalp?
How can i be confident in my body?
my dad chucked me into an iron chair and my back..?
My Son said he found a maggot in a tin of food?
Can anyone tell me about Paxil?
How to recover from a bicep curls? [Having pains in my forearm]?
Children that have parents with eating disorders?
Food must not be prepared if you have this illness. What is the illness?
Pain in center of chest?
Remedy for face wash to clear blackheads?
Does anyone know, where I can get my cholesterol level tested, other than going to my GP i.e. high street?
Can't sleep? Can anyone help me please?
Do i have to pay for a copy of a referral from my GP?
Fell very heavily onto my bottom and really hurt my back?
Can't stop shivering?
Has anyone ever had keyhole surgery on their knee cartilage?
my son is getting a operation for a curve on his back would like to know more about it?
ear problem cant hear in left ear?
Can Betnovate be used to balance my skin tone?
Depression: How to deal w/ highschool without friends?
Left stabbing pain above bikini line?
Is this a good idea regarding getting sponsorship for a charity walk?
how to break ankle/foot on purpose?
trigger point injections gone wrong?
im gonna go mad?
Why do plug in air fresheners give me a headache?
I have got these spots on my lowwer arm, how do i remove them and is it bad?
One of my goldfish has a black protruding bump on her body. Do people have suggestions? Any help appreciated.?
How to get back motivation to do anything?
Can any one help/advice?
Anyone recommend good anti-aging moisturiser that is oil free and will firm combi skin.?
How come when you hit your elbow, your arm tingles?
how to get rid of acne?
I have 2 orange in colour marks around one of my eyes. What could they be?
im always tired and have a bad headache most day anyone help?
My right ear hurts!? HELP?
How To Identify Lazy Eye?
dry skin ?
How do i keep from stressing out?
how many people?
I've noticed a scar on the bottom of my foot.?
chest pain that started during my soccer game...?
I broke my 3rd & 4th metatarsal on my left foot. only had a cast on for 4 wks, then no xray, told to go home!?
Want to go abroad in abour 6 weeks, is it too late for immunisations?
Have i broken my knuckle?
I have erythema on my face, the doc has tried a few things without success, what can I do?Thanks.?
Cysts on body?
What is the difference between 'signs' and 'symptoms' with regards to observation of a disease?
What are the symptoms for Huntigtons disease?
any guesses as to why i keep getting a deafening tinnitus whenever im anxious or stressed?
Anyone know how to sell a formula for cream for ECZEMA that really works - have the formula?
has anyone tried anti-smoking drug CHANTRIX?
how many people were treated for prescription drug addiction in UK / USA between 2000 and 2006?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, HELP!?
crohns disease help?
Chronic asthma dog dander what to do?
Waking up unable to breathe?
My Brother Keeps Coughing How Do I Make It Stop?
How can i lower my nicotine tolerance?
Disability (Marfan Syndrome)?
ok i went to my nusre and asked her to look at my throut and she did....?
what could be causing my shortness of breath?
Could it be a sinus infection even if my mucus is not discolored all of the time?
Night Time Dry/Tickly Cough?
Slight pneumonia how many ml of amoxicillin should i take?
blood question: About what percent of the fluid removed from the blood is eventually returned to the blood?
friend has bronchitis,how long to know if i caught it?
do i need a draining tube in my ear?
how to keep asthma under control ?
how do i sing with a stuff nose ( cold)??
my left vocal cord is paralised?
Where can I find an list of all the things in cigarette smoke with % in the average cigarette?
Do I have diabetes? I've been getting really sick.plz help!!!!?
What are some early signs/symptoms of diabetes?
How much weight will I lose if I don't eat for 4 days?
How is energy related to glucose level in blood and glucose level in body cell?
can't control it.?
ok serous question. My mother has very bad dibetes and so does my auntie?
What is the reason that people with diabetes are so prone to infection, what are bioological process's?
my mums a diabetic and may have swine flu.?
What type of cookies can a diabetic can eat?
after i donate my organs do the recepient have to pay for it?
looking for cookbooks, that focus on diabetic desserts.?
A diabetics diet? (Type2 diabetics)?
Where can I get insulin without a prescription?
if u have diabetes can you eat fruit?
Is there a special diet or specific eating habits that will prevent my developing type 2 diabetes?
What is causing my knee pain?
maximum payment for carpal tunnel surgary both wrist?
'i am becoming deaf from my left ear & begining to not feel my cheek it is numb.. my right ear the noise is v?
Taking OTC Anti-inflammatory drugs for OSD knee problem?
Why does it hurt after swimming?
My arms and back are aching ?
Anyone have some pain help?
HELP! My toes are injured and I have a basketball game tomorrow!?
I have burns on my hand?
Please help in pain!!?
Is My Head OK? Do I need to got to the hospital?
What is wrong with my throat? Please help?
Severe back pain... what can I do? help!?
my side hurts really bad and it has like a pulse.what is it ?
Why am I having harsh pains in my back?
tingling is the leg for two days straight?
sharp intense pains in lower abdomen?
ive been having really bad chest pain and sometimes adominal pain. lately my pea is really dark?
What is wrong with my heart?
My heart keeps on beating really fast is there anything wrong? HELP?
does this sound like a stroke or are there other things that could be possible?
Im scared swine flu cases have risen to %50?
Can swine flu be very mild?
What is this infection of the bowel called?
what is the difference between strep B and strep D?
Is getting a vaccination that you don't need, bad for you?
are the nhs stockpiling drugs for a swine flu pandemic?
Colonoscopy rule out Crohn's disease?
if you go to the doctors can you....?
Extreme dizziness and head pressure after getting out of hot tub?
i'm very constipated!!!?
ive got tonsillitis but i work miles away from where i am registered with a doctor?
I get sharp pains in my left chest area when i breath in, and shortness of breath. Any ideas of what it is?
Does anyone know how much an MRI scan costs the NHS?
How long do i need to wait for test results (medical) to come back?
any cures for a......................................?
when i go for an ultrasound scan, will they tell me then and there the result.?
can you tell me if im bulimic?
What to do about gout?
how many times a day should you take cod liver oil tabs?
Should i get a gastric band based on the following?
Viral Infections...?
Meds for nervousness/ anxiety?
When is my life going to get better?
I really need help....?
My Weird Problems.....Please help me?
I have a bad memory how to help it?
Is it unhealthy when you see everything through a sociological perspective?
I have tried everything to help myself. I am starting to see no purpose in trying.?
How do I find out who I am?
How do you deal with someone that lives in a fantasy world?
BiPolar, just don't feel like taking medicine?
i think i might have the dissociative identity disorder?
Am I making a big deal out of nothing ? ?
Switching over from Xanax to Xanax XR, a little help!?
Can depression cause this?
What are the short and long term effects of sleep deprivation?
really affectionate, no one to love??!!?
Could i stay up at school?
oxycodone is not working, still in pain and abusing medication?
my right arm goes numb and hurts really bad?
Can nursing women take aleve or tylerol for a headache?
Trigenimal neuralgia, heart problems and type 1 diabetes?
my ankle is burning and stinging after i did something to it?
Doctor Please? Bad heartburn or something worse?! Please I can't see the doctor?
Pain under my jaw? and blister on my lip?
my wrist has been hurting for 6+ months?
My throat felt like it was closing up?
Major knee pain- worth going to the doctor?
Why does your head hurt when you're hungry and why do I feel dizzy when I get up from the couch?
does getting the top part of your ear peirced hurt?
Something moving in my eye? help!!!?
Is it a dislocated shoulder or not and how to handle it?
Close friend of mine has been overdosing on tylenol pm for 2 years help please?
MRI questions and how to get one done?
would a swollen lymph node in the neck cause pain similar to a pulled muscle?
Chesty cough & sore sides.?
how long can a person live with chf and very swollen legs?
can you check O2 saturation at home without a medical device?
need recipe for hot toddy for sore throat and cough?
Are there toxic fumes coming into my house? funny smell? is it harmful or poisonous? what is causing this?
My doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis yesterday. As far as the coughing goes...?
can u get high from some body else smoking?
When you have a hole in the chest cavity, why is it good to apply pressure to it?
how can you reverse the effects of not getting enough sleep?
Has anyone ever had an asthma attack?
Can Sharpie fumes make you sick?
Can anyone tell me where I can get an acapella version of Drake's "The Calm"?
Weird question about spit?
Well-controlled studies of vitamin C supplementation on the resistance to/recovery from colds is representated?
How to find out if I have COPD?
Zero calorie cough drops?
why do i always become ill when i've just had a week off work?
Should I wear suncream just before useing a sunbed?
when the smoking ban comes infect will it apply to prisons?
i have got panic disorder and agoraphobia?
does anyone know if Scott's Emulsion is mercury PBCs cadmium free? thanks for reading?
why do u get sweaty palms?
whats the best thing to take to get rid of a temperature?
diazapam - effects of long term use?
Is the use of microwaves harmful to our healths?
An environmentally friendly supermarket? Would you use it if it was in your area?
Why are boogies green? my daughter wants to know and i cant answer?
Looking for new type of contact lense that you wear at night only?
what is this and how did it get there?
Broken wrist and arthritis?
i would like to know if in the US there is available the medication called TRIMETABOL(Appetite Stimulant)?
do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?
If two people are badly injured are 2 ambulances called out?
Can you bandage a broken cheekbone?
What will the doctor do?
How long does it take self harm marks to fade?
I may have broken my toe...?
About Sunbed?
I need some help about my skin care..?
What have I done to my ankle?
overgranulating wound?
Yasmin pills for acne?
Red vains on face!?
Heard of skin peels to get rid of freckles caused by sun damage. Would it work and how much would it cost?
I`ve got a coldsore?
Am I using wartner wrong on my warts?
I have had a scab for 2 weeks and i just came out of the bath and the scabs gone :( will i have a scar?
Face is terribly dry after comin out the pool.?
about zineryt?
Whats wrong with my immune system?
Should I take Imodium?
my sis lips going up oneside with shivering.. is this due to nerves weakness?
Knee bracing for hiking?
my foot is swollin what can i take for it?
Feel horrible. Please Help?
What is wrong with my throat?
recurring stomach pain?
Difference between main functions of pain killers?
why sometimes when I sneeze I feel pain in my arms and legs?
torn throat lining in my neck?
i have a lump inside my tongue?
Why do i hear a constant noise all the time in my head or ear?
Why is my ear "fluttering" and how do I make it STOP?
Shoulder painswelling?
How can i have regular menstraul cycles even if im overweight ?
By mouth or hand? in bed?
Why can't i click (snap fingers)?
Can anyone recommend a diabetes cookbook that matches all this criteria?
Is insulin resistance the same as diabetes? (type 1 or 2)?
has anyone heard of the bitter melon, chinese origin, a cure for type 2 diabetes it appeared in a woman's mag
type 2 diabetes?
im worried about my sugar Levels.?
Pregnant and craving for chocolate but have diabetes? What can i eat as an replacement?
How are the body parts affected with diabetes?
Is it diabetes ?????
Does this mean that I am diabetic ?
type 2 diabetes?
Should I be worried about having prediabietes?
does my daughter have diabetes?
Is non-diabetic hyperglycemia diabetes???
symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
I have a question about type 1 diabetes?
I am Worried about having neuropathy and HIV?
Symptoms of diabetes?
What is the best diet for type two diabetes?
is nitrogen rich food detrimental to a diabetic person?
I don’t know if a CORNFLAKES breakfast is good or bad for diabetics?
A Syndrome that causes people to hide food or take food out of trash bins to eat later???
whats wrong with me? :(?
Can you just 'develop' lactose intolerance?
Is there anybody out there who is suffering from anorexia?
Do I still have epilepsy?
What could this be!!!! EMERGENCYY?