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When is flu session? (UK)?
mental problems. cant talk, cant be myself?
When I am manic I am very disorganzed and sloppy but when I am depressed?
Is this my anxiety????
My friend is having a terrible depression that might lead to a brain disease or somethin'?
Bipolar vs Schizo-affective?
I Think I Have OCD......?
What is wrong with me?
Are side effects of aderall dangerous what do I do?
emotional effects of broken home?
Am I Cursed..what would you do if you were in my shoes?
How should I handle an alcoholc/abusive friend?
Why do I talk to myself?
Anxiety Medication help?
Do you know any ways to relieve stress!?
Bipolar & Lithium interactions: What can be and what shouldn't be taken along with Lithium?
Uhm, Problem? Disorder?
Do you think 'crazy' people are the ones who really know what's going on?
I'm pretty emotional and get sad really easily. what's wrong?
I dont feel like my self anymore.?
ssi question....................?
whats the best cigarette to smoke?
I'm really scared because sometimes I feel like I can't breathe I'm afraid is ashtma?
robitussin problem help?
My eleven year old son has pneumonia again. Is it normal for him to get it again?
What cigarette is the best?
Do I have sleep apnea?
how long does it take to go unconcious after stopping breathing?
is it bad to inhale incense?
Can someone explain what is Cystic Fibrosis and what does it do and stuff?
does anyone know where i can find a support group for caregivers with alzheimer's patients?
How to get flem out of my throat?
what is an ekg? and what does it show?
I'm having trouble breathing, and we thought it was originally allergies; the pills aren't working?
do you think that eye sight will get better if i eat a ton of carrots?ld you like to ask?
Why have I got spots all of a sudden?
how can i treat spots on my back?
what causes bruising inside the body under the bust?
Acne & Iron?
Can somebody have a eating disorder and not know about it?
what are the side effects of a growth on your brain effecting your prolactin levels?
Where can u buy cheap, effective valium on internet?
just had pyogenic granuloma cut off my face - how to prevent another one ?
Has anyone got any experience of skin grafts after necrotising facsiitis?
We know the usa fights for oil.lol. What happens when there is no fresh air at all.?
can i get back hair removed on the NHS??
cannabis use?
Freckles caused by sunbathing?
Flies problem!?
i have a small lump on my right butock, its not piles but it is really hard underneath?
Where can i go to get blackheads removed properly ?
my child has been referred to the wheelchair service?
British Army medical Q?
Constant sore ears :-(?
How do I get rid of acne?
quick question on beard timmers?
what will make my skin less red?
Does anyone know what causes Restless Leg Syndrome .?
How does the live culture in yogurts pass to our intestine through stomach acid and not get killed?
Which celeb has the most STDs?
Can someone tell me if i have a cold sore?
blood level reading - breakdown please?
why are both my ankles swollen?
Do you think I have OCD?
help with throat problems?
I woke up this morning with a bloodshot right eye?
What is it called when people never sleep?
Is this normal for acid reflux?
I am randomly fainting, any ideas?
when you stop smoking when do you feel the effects?
Is there any harm in using factor 50 sun care spray (very high) if you are not especially pale?
Painting Toenail Help?
how to get rid of spots on my back?
Is 'Skill' Really an African Bum Disease?!?
Hyperpigmentation question..?
How to relieve sinus pressure?
Twitches! help!? my left ear and eye is killing me?
Back pain and short of breathe?
How many 5 milligrams of hydrocodone can you take to equal 10 milligrams of hydrocodone?
Symptoms of acl retear after 2 week of 1st acl reconstruction?
Are daily headaches normal?
can an emancipated minor obtain healthcare on his own?
Severe hip pain while pregnant?
pains all around my ribcage?
How many people have been discharged for plantar facsittis?
What could be causing my right hip to feel numb?
how long will it take for my broken elbow and wrist to fix?
What is a Endegonous Viruses?
i am pretty sure i have swine flu several people i work with have it worried if my husband gets it?
Question on swine flu viruses?
does this sound like swine flu? yes or no?
Do you have to have the high temerature to be diagnosed with swine flu? ive had 3 of symptoms and im diabetic?
I'm kind of panicking.....!??!?
diabetic and pregnant UK?
binge ate today, plan for the week?
Why do I get so lightheaded?
chances of gestational diabetes, failed screening?
fasting blood glucose level shows 5.6 and 2 hrs. after meals shows 7.5. am i diabetec?
How many Calories are you consuming to maintain 105 lbs at 5'6 height?
do i need meds if diabeties effects my liver?
what is a good blood suger in the moring.?
Could I have Hypothyroidism?
Question for Woman who have diabetes gestational before?
unexplained bruises appeared since been on a strict diet?
what is a good natural anti-diabetic herbal medicine?
So, type 1 diabetic, monitoring blood sugar before lunch shows a reading of 4 mmol/L?
Hypothyroid medication? Did you lose weight on it?
My Vit B 12 is 217 (in range 150 to 650) Should I be taking the injections?
I did a tour of duty with the UN. Been diagnosed with ptsd. Am homeles I have received no help from the VAC?
I am am an insulin dependent diabetic, I have never worked night shift before .how do I adjust my diet.?
I'm a lady, 58 years old, married & have 3 Sons, I took Omega3 tablets since 50 days, shall I start again thx.
Whats wrong with me? Whats happening in my mind? Anyone else feel like this?
I have just been diagnosed with 'Slow wave sleep parasomnia' I've tried searching for info on this condition
Whats that speech condition where when you speak, you sound like your talking through your nose?
feel like a joint?
What can I do about the constant reappearance of upper right quadrant pain?
can anaemia lead to thyroids?
Can you work out what this illness is??
I need to know if there is a way i can help?
I've just turned 18, I have autoimmune liver disease..?
I'm not sure if i'm ill?
Pl can a dr or someone advise? feel v ill and havin tests but symptoms much worse do i need 2 go 2 a + e?
Does this sound like conjunctivitis?
Why is it exactly that people with external tumors can not be sedated and the tumor cut off and sown up?
My friend ate some gum with dry powdered plaster on it will he be okay?
My son is still sleeping...is that normal?
should ur face fill tingley in a panic attack?
Would you rather have peppers for ears?
Do i have allergies please help?
Help ill :( -- 10 points?
What causes a bloated stomach when you are menstruating?
I self-harm????????????
What would cause these types of mood swings and symptoms?
Is psychoanalysis still relevant today?
my biggest fear in life is calling old friends to see if they want to hang out. i ended things with them?
I think I'm obsessed with Columbine?
Do i have Mental Problems?
I think I experienced sleep paralysis. Are these symptoms?
Tips on coping with death?
Can somebody explain to me what a bad Acid/LSD trip feels like in detail? I think people over exaggerate?
How precise would you say nutrition labels are?
what is a panic attack and how do you have one?
why am i shaking so much!?
Having anxiety and guilt issues.Please help?
Stopping Wellbutrin linked with suicidal thoughts?
What should I do if my doctor won't finish my mental health evaluation form?
Do you think my face is deformed?
compulsive liar at work?
My daughter bump herself on the nose what should i do ?
Is this a respiratory illness?
what is it called when I accidentally get fluid into my airway...?
How Can i Go to Sleep rly fast?
is it my esophagus?? sharp pain in the top of my abdomin and lower chest?
A friend of mine is in 'intensive therapy due to lung failure'. What does that mean?
I have this burning sensation on the left side of my chest it hurts even more when I exhale all the way?
When I talk its more air than sound, and cannot squeez my vocal chords together? How can i fix this?
_____ use(s) advertising, education, and laws prohibiting smoking in certain places to help reduce the use of?
TB test within 2 weeks of each other?
What's the difference between arteries capillaries and veins?
What's wrong with my breathing?
I CANT BREATHE !! please help?
What happens to the lungs when you have bronchitis?
my husband has been exposed to mold and had a ige blood test which was 306 normal being 0-150 is this toxic w?
describe how air in the respiratory tract is cleaned before it reaches the lungs?
Why is it that when I lay down on my back it feels like a heavy ball is rolling in my lungs?
Is there a generic for advair yet? The answer I saw is 4 years old.?
do you and your partner have to carry the same mutation of cf?
my sister smokes and i have asthma please help?
Is it good to moisturise once youve had a spray tan ?
What are the important consequences of atrial fibrillation?
reasons why they are consider duct and ductless glands?
how to get rid of spots ?
I've heard about the benefits of camel urine in treating hair loss & acne.I need to know from where can I buy?
what can I use that will stop my stomach from burning?
**Please answer ASAP!**I can't breath, feels like someone is stabing me in the chest?
How are skin tags removed?
hiatus hernia or two!?
how do I stop my house rabbit scratching his shoulder, he has made it bare and sore. he doesn't have mites.?
how long does phlebitis last?
will spraying athlete's foot spray on clothes kill the fungus?
why would i have blood in my urine and stools?
I Think I Have Bowel Cancer?
I read anyone can do the splits, but I just tried and now I have scar tissue. Have I been lied to?
i take Bisoprolol 5mg and i feel half asleep?
burst blood vessels on face after being sick?
Where to buy Aloe Vera Water?!?
Middle of the night pain in shoulders?
the left upper side of my neck(below the jaw) is hurting for this past few days, what's causing this?
Sharp throat pain and coughing?
what muscles are inactive when in a sling caused by fractured clavicle?
Plz answer my question! Lungs kinda hurt when i smoke!!?
Back MRI and what the Doctor is saying?
I have had a headache since 8 last night.?
how to relieve pain from a pinched neck nerve?
looking for a better solution for bad skin?
How many glasses of water should I drink in day to see results with spots? (Everyday in a week)?
How good is Microdemabration for Acne scarring?
red burning rash on face?
is it safe to apply arnica cream every 2 hours?
swollen glands in the back of my head, is it related to boils in the area?
I've got a small red dot on my lip. What is it and how do I get rid of it??
Help against Hogweed?
Dermatologists: Urticaria Pigmentosa - Cure or Fade?
Yeast infection, Candida, Acne?
What can lighten scars? Help ..?
i am kooking for hydrotherapy specialist?
Japanese encephalitis!! Advice needed please!!?
Did anyone ever get nose infection tablets and the nose starts excreting colourless fluid?
can you get hand foot and mouth disease through manure?
get information on specific models for promoting hygiene and sanitation & integrating hygiene into HIV/AIDS?
Any one got a good cure for hiccups....please...hic....hic...hic....hic?
Was I allergic to Loratabs or could it been from stress?
What causes nose bleeds?
allergic to Penicillin?!?
Anorexia and depression at the same time?
College Depression, help?!?
Im struggling to sleep?
Want advice from schizophrenics or family members... Who are stable enough to answer.?
Why don't I remember what happened last night?
Am i Addicted to war ?
I feel I am not able to handle stress both personal and professionally, please suggest a way to control it.?
Is this really depression?
How do I tell my parents that I'm depressed?
Can someone explain bipolar in a simple way?
I have phobia that prohibits me from going into stores and especially grocery stores..any help?
Have anybody heard of shared psyothic disorder?
a trojan with the following info was made when?(exp 10-2013 TT8300uv)?
Have I got depression or am I just feeling sad?
really bad sleeping trouble?
Does anxiety cause derealization?
count by 11s up to 122?
whats better for you Dextrose Sugar or Hi Fructose Sugar?
Why do I get so lightheaded?
Can You Die From Radiation Therapy?
What's the name of cancer/disease that makes you choose a scary choice of your baby's life over your own?
what is fraser syndrome?
Does anyone get Sleep Paralysis?
sometimes i think i have a bug on me but when i look nothings there?
ring worm?:|????????
whats wrong with my immune system?
Why do i have a shiny raised bald patch in my head?
4 lumps under my skin. should i be worried?
Any quick remedies for a lost voice? urgent!?
would i fail my army medical if i have a skin condition?
I hate the way people chew?? help?
ways to get rid of acne?
How do people get traveller's disease?
is pear soap ok to use on boils (hidradenitis suppurativa)?
Nair facial hair removal cream left me with a skin burn! What can I do?
i never knew having low iron in your blood could be serious?
how to fake an athsma attack?
mono and tonsillitis for the second time.?
Sore throat from ice cream?
Panic attack from weed?
uncontrolable shaking?
im having a hard time breathing help?
What did Pioneers do when someone got pneumonia?
Chest pains on and off?
Do I have Lung Problems or something like that!?
can hospital patients on oxygen treatments safely use mechanical cigarettes?
Back pain never ending help me?
sharp pain under right breast?
Problem in my neck when lying down (tine-sensitive)?
I've just had plantar fasciitis surgery. How long and painful will my recovery be?
Ear infection? help!?
how do you get rid of mucus without otc products in 8 hrs?
Coughing up a little bloody mucus, need some advice!!?
Painful lump on the right side of body below the ribs?
I need help, sore throat?
The first time I bench pressed I got sore know I don't get sore at all am I wasting my time. ?
feeling kinda weird... some stiffness ?
What is wrong with my hand and is it related to my arm problem?
emissions from car, can it kill me?
How Can I Cure A Sore Throat Quickly?!?! PLEASE HELP ME!!?
what is the meaning of this medical term: Llieocaecal junction?
whats the best cure for anxiety?
how can i stop my conjunctivitis?
Why produce swine flu vaccine for everyone?
is swine flu more dangerous than normal flu?
What is the origin of Swine Flu?
Swine flu in schools?
What could this throat problem be?
Keeping schools affected by swine flu open..the right decision?
How can i stay warm? Can vitemins and minerals help me to stay warm?
Does anyone suffer from oily skin?
What is the best thing to do when you are feeling really down?
My determination comes out as anger?
What is empiric therapy, Supportive therapy, Palliative?
Remeron meds bad side effects on sister. Afraid of me and meds now.?
can anyone tell me true story about drug addiction?
how do i get rid of stress / anxiety and fear of being sick?
My take on anxiety. I just want to share it.?
How can you convince a mentally ill person that they have a problem and they need medical help ?
Mentally ill peoples eyes?
i'v got an irrational fear of talking on the phone,i'm a girl of 20yrs,i'm always terrified of making any appo?
anyone with bipolar disorder?
What is the best way to increase my self-esteem?
Can anyone help me, what should I do. Major depression.?
why do I dream every night almost every minutes, and feel tired in the morning?
What are some effective ways to improve your memory?
Started cutting again?
I think I've reached my peak?
Do I have an anxiety disorder?
How do I get help when you have no one?
Why Do I Have This Tailbone Pain?
Why have i been getting frequent cramps?
Swine Flu? Asthma help?
how many deaths roughly in one year is from anorexia?
what is a good natural anti-diabetic herbal medicine?
Does anyone else get really horrible cold sore out breaks?
I Have Been Having Sock Like Pain In My Chest?
Stomach pains during the morning hours?
Can you explain where the pain came from?
xrays for GSD front leg the wholeleg?
My ankle hurts and i didnt do anything to hurt it?
Bumps in my neck?????
My two knees hurt? Any suggestions?
Ok so I was skating yesterday and I fell really hard on my left wrist it hurts what r the symptoms of a break?
I feel like I have pressure built up in my head. Help?
Both of my arms is so God dang soar! What can I do about the pane?
Major headache can't sleep?
what causes chest and armpit pain?
Is snorting oxycodone better than ingesting it orally?
my lips are like dependant on chapstick now!?
I have upper left abdomen pain under my rib cage..could it be my spleen?
blood in poo please help?
I have been diagnosed with a water infection and am on my second course of antibiotics?
Would you have multiple lithotripsy treatments, or just live with the stones?
how long does skin take to turn back to its original color after being sunburned and suntaned?
I have a hard lump near the passage of my ear canal...?
my 2 year old has had a cough for 7 weeks?
How do you get lighter skin?
i've had a constant cough that wont go away, any idea what it could be?
Who do I always get a sore throat...?
any way to get rid of bed bugs in a simple way?
How do you get rid of cellulite on legs?
How can I get rid of emetophobia?
How helpful is the advice on Perspirex.co.uk for Excessive Sweating and Antiperspirants?
help! infected poor!?
peeling, sore dry skin on labia??? help...?
How long does Gastritis last ! ? ! ?
My face is swollen, tight and VERY red with spots HELP!?
IBS and tiny bit of blood. Can anybody help?
How long should a cold last for?
Why is only one of my ankles constantly sore and swollen?
Could I possibly need my Sinuses Flushed?
breathing problem with a cat?
After doing something strenuous for a few minutes my chest feels tight and can't get my breath back?
Would a heated cloth to the throat stop a persistent cough?
is it normal to have chest pains during a cold?
is asthma curable?if curable how it is?
Chest pains when breathing?
I took plan B, first dose yesterday, second dose this morning....for some reason I feel wheezing?
A few questions about my chest, and mouth.?
what is air moving in and out of the lungs called?
Is sleep apnea dangerous?
How could one afford a lung transplant?
Okay if my boyfriend gives me a back massage or a back rub should I do something back?
Is it safe for people with down syndrome to drink?
Is my bpm normal or high??
how long does being high last?
Cat Allergy Medications?
What is onset of swine flu like?
Are sida cordifolia safe?
Do i have ADD/ADHD????!?
I'm going through depression and everyones calling me emo?
Mental health EMERGENCY!?
There's something horribly wrong with me. I need help!?
Can my mom take my anti depressants?
what is it called when you CAN read, but you just get so distracted....?
Is this my anxiety or not?
Should I tell my boyfriend that I am depressed?
can someone please ease my mind?
What is the difference between self mutilation and cutting?
Sometimes I don't think I'm reality, and stuck in my own funny world.?
Depression problems that I need help with?
Is something wrong...?
Why was I left and not taken away?
Depression Help for real i need some help?
My anxiety is taking a toll on my relationship?
i have a lump on the bottom of my left hand right by where the wrist connects to the hand it doesnt hurt?
How do you describe this extreme feeling?
Solution to ankle pain?
Why do my hands hurt? Is this bad?
Aching in what seems to be behind my eyes?
If my friend's toe is red, swollen, very warm and throbbing what should one do?
I can hear better with my left ear than my right is that normal?
How to help my sore scalp?!?!?
Anybody knows what's good to do wen u have a terrible back n hip pain?
How do I make the pain go away?
insect bites?
Can thrush discharge be slightly yellowy/green?
Acne Scars,?
scalp psoriasis?
I have small spots on my stomach,back,arms and legs.. Can some 1 please help me..?
if i seem to be getting tiny red dots, like blood at the suface of the skin, only 3-4 say, what could it be?!?
Really stubborn wart?
What is this condition? blue lips ....?
What is it with the human body?
Does Vitiligo get worse and can you develop other things from it?
Vichy Capital Soleil Extreme Sunblock Lotion SPF 60?
I have exteme soreness and pain in a section of my upper back.It hurts to use my arm or move a lot.?
how can i get my joints to stop hurting?
How are diseases named?
STI check?!?!?
Is it true that typhod fever has no cure and remains in the system forever. if not what is the best cure.?
how long...?
Has your thigh ever been ravaged by scabies ?
how it is recognised the TB from x-ray and blood test?
How can I stop clearing my throat?
I know sniffing sharpies is a legal way to get high, but what about smoking them?
Ive found out I now have tonsillitis?
Recurring salmonella?
does asthma infectious?? by what?
I can't get rid of pneumonia?
would there be any damage to me if i inhaled burnt stinky smells in my room for a lenth of time?
What are the effects of injectable contraceptives?
Going under Rhinoplasty on thursday and im scared?
left side of chest burning?
Smoking with High Blood Pressure?
how to get rid of iritated zit fast?
Yesterday I was told I had Erythema Nodosum?
how long does it take for Chlamydia to go away after treatment?
I have a rash!!!I think!!!?
Bladder/Left Side of Lower Stomach Pain?
Hi everyone, I noticed after I got out of the shower that I had a ringing in my ear...is it from the water?
shadows on both lungs, help please?
best remedies to rid acne?
I have got very bad stretch marks and feelshy taking off my clothes i have been using bio oil for sometime and?
when do we get cervical cancer jabs ?
What is a unirary infection?
i need to stop sweating?
Can Kennel cough from a dog spead to kids or cats.?
swelling behind ear and face difficulty in eating?
I have misterious rib pain...please help?!?
I have a friend who's been having chest pains. Their not so bad but it hurts mostly when she breath.?
ORAL HERPES??? or cold?
where can i work as an ekg tech ?
whenever i am alone i feel like someone is watching me, Is there something wrong with me?
If you have a really bad case of social anxiety is it better to see a psychiatrist or psychologist?
Is there a disorder for someone like this?
Can't get my awful dream out of my head?
Do I have ADD, ADHD, paranoia, or OCD?
Is this bad for me??
Questions for Physical Therapists, help!?
Is Mind Boost a brain supplement?
i am addicted to using profanity?
does my brother have a bipolr disorder?
What happens exactly when you inhale nitrous oxide?
Frustrated because of not being able to be creative?
Always stuck in my head?
should i try LSD ?!?!?!? what r the side effects :S ?
When i think of hurting people, it doesn't affect me?
How to get over my binge eating disorder?
I feel like I'm going to die soon?
son caught impetigo whilst visiting ex husband?
i am really worried about the fact that my 2year old might have swine flu i dont care about me please how can?
Tonsillitis help pleaseee?
tight chest - hurts to breathe - sharp pain . . what is it ?
Is my wrist broken possible?
got really bad pain in my right shoulder?
am I sick or just have a headache?
Back home and feeling sore and ill.?
Head hurts, what should i do?
Blocked ear plus pain and swishy throbbing noise?
Whats the best brace for my knee??? HELP!?
i am nerves about getting my shot what do you do?
Need to know if I have a tear in my knee?
My shoulder and side of my neck hurts when I run?
I am a consultatio done at a chiropractor office. They did a scan but didnt see anything where my back pain is?
I'm a little confused, should I be tested for juvenile Huntington's?
lymecycline or Isotretinoina?
My lymph nodes on my neck/throat hurt, i have random sharp pain in my skull, and both my ears ache.?
Can anyone help me on this shooting pain issue?
how to help my lungs?
Are pulmicort respules for nebulizers available in India ? .5mg?
question about quitting smoking and my lungs afterwards?
how is a person tested for black mold?
today I had an EKG/only 49 bpm/?
my doc told me i might have a clot in my lung but did not check i have on in my right arm?
what should be done if i cant catch my breath outside,?
Living in a house with smokers?
suffering from Headache?
i been having pneumonia for th past month they gave me antibiotics and i finish them?
I am Having Trouble Breathing am Bulimic Please Help!!?
i have spots between my eyes can any one help me as dont know what it is?
where can i find photos of skin grafts and expanders on the net and has anyone had experience of this procedur
Help my skin is breaking out!"!!!?
can predisimol be given more than twice a year?
how to get rid of fungi on toe nails.?
can my wife take omeprazole for acid reflux with zirteck for cronic articaria at he same time?
Epileptic seizure?
whats the treatment?
Have I got Swine Flu or just normal flu?
my nephew 's gastricism.He's 7month_ages. He refuses to eat.My family worries so i need advices.Thanks!
anorexia? ? ? ? ?
ailments that can be helped with aquapunture?
whats Addison's disease?
I am having bunion surgery under local anesthesia. ?
gallstones advice, i'm really worried about my mum....?
Can anyone help?? Strange lights and feelings?
please can you tell me what lupus is ,?
anyone with coloboma?
do i have OCD please help?
What causes dizziness?
ive just had a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy because of chron ic diarria they said my bowel seemed normal?
How do you get help when a doctor won,t refer for an endoscopy for a stomach problem?
i have a pea sized lump behind my left ear! help!?
has anyone ever had a lump on their eye-ball?
What could it be?
My eyelid and eye hurts! Help please?!?
Can someone be allergic to Chlorine
Does any know how to make soy free milk chocolate or where to purchase some?
How do I know for certain if I have depression?(or am depressed)?
I just moved out and im depressed please help?
Long depression over childhood?
Why are so many people with mental illnesses feel compelled to kill?
can a person be avoidant and dependent at the same time?
I can't stop burning myself?
should I go to bed or stay awake?
please give me advice because i on on the brink of the abyss to kill myself (answer my question please)?
What is the least offensive way to approach a monster from behind ...?
I have ADHD???? (I know I do)?
Anxiety Problems?????
Paranoid about biting?
Tell me what i should do about this sleep problem?
Should i get myself admitted tonight?
A friend of mine told me she hasn't slept in 7 days. Is this possible?
I can be Blunt but...?
Serious question, what should I do?
Am I skinny enough to have an eating disorder?
what causes chest and armpit pain?
Basketball-ankle pain- please read details. ?
what does it mean if i can't feel my legs?
For the past week ive had severe pressure on right side of my head not behind my eye or my sinus it just hurts?
why do i have lumps in the back of my neck and groin?
excruciating period pains, Help!?
should i get my knees looked at?
Severe pain in my back/rib cage?
Someone help me i have this pain down my side?
does the jrotc patch go on the left or right arm?
Is a pain pump the way to go?
appendicitis with out constant pain?
Neck, Lower Back Problems/Please Help!!!?
Random question about thyroid pills...?
My famly r sick. Can I get by talkin to thm over skype?
i think i have Parkinson's disease?
How do I get a tick head out of my sons head?
what is the best way to stop acne?
Are these signs of vitiligo?
is thread worms the same as pin worms?
Toddler has a cold sore?
im not getting alot of vapour from my e cig does anyone know why?
what is this mark on my skin? WORRIED photo attached?
Question About Larynx Cancer?
Acne subsided on back....?
what in the body makes your skin tan?
What can blood in the urine be?
what do you think about brain treatment would cure all diseases some day?
Last night i was woken up because the back of my leg was really itchy?
Does this sound like skin cancer?
Swollen upper stomach?
Respitatory Issues. Is it Pneumonia.?
this is seriouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Chest & lung pain diagnosis?
Is shot gun smoking as dangerous as inhaling it your self?
How many asthma attacks do you have each month? and what level asthma do you have?
swollen left foot, infected thumb and now plurisy, are these all linked?
what prevention methods could be used to stop young people from using inhalants and depressants?
how can we stop doctors from misdiagoning?
How to cure laryngitis?
What is the fastest way to get rid of congestion?
How high can chest voice beyond?
Weird breathing pattern, nothing or a problem?
do i have asthma i just started having problems breathing?
Something wrong with my throat?
Cold and painful breathing?
im having knee pains?
How can I stop wanting to kill myself?
i think im depressed but i don't know how to tell someone.?
how can I cure really bad anxiety?
I feel so weird but there's nothing I can about it?
Why does de ja vu happen? and how do you know about it?
questions about depression?
Why am I so emotional all the time?
Has anyone dropped out of highschool and not regret it? or find another alternative?
I like bleeding? weird, help ?
What do you do when you're scared of storms to cope with your fear?
What can be done legally for a relative who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's? He is losing his home,?
HELP. help this teen please. / help me. females only please.?
PTSD. How to sleep at night and stop having flashbacks?
Did A Woman Commit Suicide Off Of The I-80 Bridge In Tinley Park?
i procrastinate all the time how can i quit?
Why does it hurt to eat?
tell me about Suboxone?
i had surgery on my knee 3 months latter my knee is still swelling up. should i get a second opinion?
I am getting surgery soon. Any advices? ?
I have very bad pain in my upper left arm and my left side of my upper back?
Bruising and swelling on my foot?
Bloody stool and upper leg joint pain in a 23year old ?
what are you suppose tio do if you end up with a Split Big Toe Nail and it peels off and you get a Scab?
Is noise in the stomach before and during mestruation normal?
My tongue feels as though its being pulled from the back!!?
I am having sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen. What could be the problem?
Both legs-sore calves?
what could be the cause of sharp pain from neck and up through your ear?
what do head lice and there eggs look like. and what do you look out for.?
Does Clearasil work on Moderate acne?
CHICKEN POX AGAIN! dark blotches??
what is the best way to treat a black persons face naturaly.?
Graze on forehead?
Oxytetracyclin...did it work for ur acne....and when did u start noticing results?
can shingles effect all the one side of your body?
Will my chickenpox be gone soon?
fast heart rate and deep breaths?
does anyone know best way to cleanse liver before a liver function test?
can i stop taking ramipril?
How can I help a family member that has MS?
No balance after plane, did I have labyrinthitis? Mal de debarquement? Or something else?
If not hypoglycemia, then what is it? Blood tests results...?
Is it normal for my stomach to make these noises?
i have glandular fever, going to france next sunday for 2 weeks, what can i do so i enjoy it and am not tired?
Has anyone taken prednisolone for a chest infection?
What can I do with my sensitive skin?
please help visual disturbances migraine? pregnant?
what can i do my hands still feel the burning sensation from cutting chili . i've already wash it with milk. p?
i'm writing a book about a girl who wakes up from a coma?
red itchy bumps that continue to come back?
Help with severe back pain?
Dislocated Knee. Have an tips?
Sharp pain in upper left chest near armpit area?
my eye hurts....what could it be?
can a general medicine treat me for my rhuematoid arthritis and the rhuematologist has never seen me.?
Thumbs numb all day, make it go away?
how much Hydrocodone to get high?
Passing dark stool can anybody tell me what this is?
My brother has sharp pain?
What can be done for a cracked bone?
what does ESR stand for when having it checked in a blood test and why do they check this?
My husband had /has kidney stones i just want to know...?
I need to go to a pain management clinic that does not need a referra from a doc in Miami for tomorrow or wed.?
Could these symtoms be down to obesity and subsequent depression?
kidney infection?
Baker`s Knee what is this, is there a cure, how long will it last.?
Hurt my foot in gymnastics, is it broke ?
how long does it take for swelling on the head to go down?
does anyone have experience of crohn's?
Hurting real bad in the back of my right of my head?
I took my meds and I think its stuck in my epiglottis ?
My Health is finished, very disheartening?
help coping with food poisoning?
crohns disease?
what do they do in the operation for sufferers of perthes disease?
Routine blood tests....?
what type of mental condition is this?
i have a lump come up under my arm pit, in the past 2 days, but ive got a cold and ear infection,?
help with multipple sclerosis please?
how to get rid off my addiction to yoville?
Sore throat any help ?
Why am I having chest pain?
I started smoking plain paper a couple months ago, I need help quitting?
will breast cancer lead to lung cancer?
I have bronchitis and might get oral steroids?
Blood in post nasal drip - help!?
Dog cant breath properly or make sounds?
2 year old coughing in night mostly?
if you have a med card and someone is on probation can you still grow marjuana?
Nasally voice and breathing problems.?
HELP I suffer from Tinittus and CANT SLEEP!!?
Woke up with a really tight chest this morning.?
i have had a sore throat for about 2 weeks following a cold how can i cure this?
I know the end all be all of hiccup cures!! Do you?
i have a sinus infection and cant smell or taste. is this normal?
I have trouble breathing all the time?
What is the lining outside the lungs called?
i need an answer within 1 hour??!!?
I have a knot the size of a quarter from a bruise....should I be concerned?
I can't recover from panic attack. Please help me!?
Would you consider her mental health facility material?
What can I do to make me feel less hungry and I have trouble sleeping?
I am getting circumcised - when I go to the toilet my friends might notice and laugh. I don't think they are?
I have body dysmorphic disorder. I need help.?
Trouble sleeping? Help?
What are the signs of a CRAZY person at work?
Has anyone tried Hypnosis for their Major Depression?
I think may have OCD. Any help?
can use help me, please :(?
What do I do? Life is empty.?
____________How to cheer up? :(?
can someone answer my question?
Please anyone, help me, i hit rock bottom. I have no one to talk to?
Why do i feel this way when i'm nervous?
What drugs can you use to kill yourself?
What did I do to my wrist?
Why does my elbow pop and hurt?
help me about.. oxycodone high!!?
i need advice regarding jammed finger?
What are some back exercises that I can do daily?
5 Vicodin and 15 tramadol?
I have had a really really bad headache for 3 days now..should i be worried?
Fell down the stairs and still pain 2 months later?
Massage therapy? help?
as i stretch, my muscle tend to get sore in mostly my whole body.?
what is the best the best school to go to for massage therapy?
Pelvis is getting wider?
i have the odd twinge in my pelvis?
in a lot of pain help?
why is there a big lump on my knee?
cramps in my left arm please read!!!!?
Throbbing Pressure in solar plexus area after workout!?
Does your first time hurt?
for the past 4-5 days ive been feeling like..?
How do you get rid of freckles?
How can I get rid of the pain of mosquito-bites?
What is this lump on my forearm?
Why am I spitting up black mucus?
Where I can treat my niece Reolysin she is very ill with cancer that is m. ...?CHILE?
Why does this family wear bandages round their ears?
smoking problem am i safe or not?
What do white spots on your fingernails mean?
do you have fibromyalgia?
Heart pain and shortness of breath?
am i allergic to something?
I have marks on my shoulder :-/?
can doctors tell when you last smoked?
Good tips on how to get rid of phlegm on the chest?
how can i heal nasal polyp?
red small bump on dogss nose?
How to get rid of persistent verucca?
would i qualify for laser eye surgery?
When I woke up my eyes were blurry and all lights were refracting into halow of rainbow?
I'm so confused about blood sugar levels. Please help.?
Can you get rid of Type 2 diabetes with a healthy lifestyle?
What could cause Nausea?
IBS treaments?
Excluding such as rotting carcases or mouldy food,Is money the biggest germ spreader of all?
i have a small lump on my neck just under the back of my ear lobe, is this normal?
Faith Healers?
Alzheimer's At 17 years old?
i feel sick all the time, what could this be?
Migraine Aura?
im young with varicose veins - dangerous?
What is this reddish spot i have got on my skin?
i have a brown rash/mark on both ankles any ideas why or what it could be?
Why do I laugh when I'm in pain or see pain?
Do I have rheumatoid arthritis?
i have had gall bladder surgery and i still get pains that feel like its still there. what could it be?
why does my head hurt?
Diagnose me please hand pain?
How do you get Carpal tunnel?
i have a dubble ear and sinus infection is it normal to have a stiff sore neck along with it?
Nausea and left temple headache?
I need help with leg pain!!?
Can codeine show up as two categories of drugs? and if so it's an Opioid and a?
can the live strength bracelets get wet?
Swelling of my calfs.....?
I wake up with a sore thought every morning?
What could be wrong with my hip?
I have had tailbone pain for a few months now and I don't know what to do about it?
Back of knee pain any solutions?
Do I have symptoms of a DVT?
Why Do My Knees Hurt?
Having weird chest/shoulder cramps during exercise! Need advice!?
Possible Concussion a few days ago, still have symptoms?
I need to go to a pain management clinic that does not need a referra from a doc in Miami for tomorrow or wed.?
I think i either bruised or broke my wrist?
how long does it take for the dizziness to go away when you start smoking?
Does air pollution cause asthma?
If you smoke marijuana with hairspray on it what can happen?
is the esophagus located in the chest?
Shallow breathing and heaviness below the chest cage.?
Could this be Internal bleeding HELP?
is smoking paper bad?
I have breathing difficulites when i run, help?
Why does my throat and Tonsils swell for no reason?
is there any one on here who is proud to smoke tobacco?
can asthma inhalers weaken lungs?
Panic attacks, chest pains, arm pains, light headed?
Quit Smoking with Coffee?
Question: what is ADD?
how can i not cry as easily?
Prozac and insomnia...HELP?
hearing voices in head? depression?
Does Godzilla really exist?
I have problems that affect me deeply. I dont know how much longer i can take it please help me?
Is it borderline personality or bipolar?
Could you help me find this book i read on anorexia?
Third year with depression at uni? Should I move back home?
What are the effects of depression on the human body?
I've been drinking ALOT, but i think i broke my toe. it hurts SO much, is there anything i can take????? xx
Ow ow ow I have a broken little toe. Does anyone know how long before I'll be able to walk without pain?
Student: in need of guidance about my situation?
Is this normal? It's really scaring me :(?
Scared to fall asleep?!?
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... WASP !!?
I think I'm Dyslexic and I don't know what to do ?
if I asked a question and got a reply, someone asks me how or what how do I reply?
say you've done something to your ankle...whats the order of ice-pack and heat pack thats good for it?
How long does my mum have left to live?
Can Scheuermann's disease, kyphosis or other spinal deformity cause excessive sweating due to an issue with?
Is dairy free the same as lactose free?
How do I get rid of a wart?
how long does a mastectomy take?
is it possible to give yourself Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Is my thrush going through bacteria medicine?
On date my ESR in Bld report says 50. What does it indicate?
Is my mom's pain linked to gangrene?
How long, after taking warfarin, must I wait before I can drink again?
29 pcos with acne/breakouts?
My knees hurt when I do lunges and squats or walk?
Why is everything turning black?
vicoprofen discontinued from market anyone heard this?
pain in right side under ribs?
i woke up in the middle of the night and felt as if my temple was bruised and swollen...?
Okay i need to know if i am overdosing. i took 2 morphine for some intense back pain than i didnt feel ?
Im having a shoukder pain, help?
pain in my left breast?
I have had patellofemoral pain for years now but lalety my left knee gotten worse, should I see a doctor?
how to stop the burning from mace or pepper spray?
Why does my chest hurt when I move?
What home methods can I take or do for a headache?
please help, in lots of pain?
What did i do to my knee? please help?
Swelling of the left side of the face?
My eyes water and I start having a runny nose after/when i am eating chinese food. Always???
What's wrong with me?
Hi i have been told that i have Hypothyroidism?
i look worse than the elephant man why will my gp not send me to a reconstructive surgoen....?
Can IBS be a cause of excessive alcohol consumption?
has anyone ever had a kidney stone? If so tell me all about it ...?
Any techniques to fall asleep quick?
what does statin mean ?
Recently Diagnosed With Under active Thyroid?
HELP does she need help NOW?
are you entitled to dla if you have chrons diease?
Tillesard a homepathic medicine?
Anyone actually know how old the healthy person that died of Swine Flu was?
Does anyone know any pregnant women with swine flu ?
watery eyes what could it be?
swine flu in babies??
will there be a working swine flu vaccine soon?
Can Swine Flu Be Transferred To Pets?
mmr - high risk factor in child who has had febrile fits.?
Why does my ear hurt?
What is a migraine? Hmm?
please help....eye pain.. movements?
How do you pop an ankle?
How to sooth sore muscles?
i am a 19 year female that is feeling sharp pain on the lower right ribs and it hurt when i move?
What Kind of Pain is this?!?
Why is my stomach hurting so bad?
Help!!! How do I stop this!!!?
Headache in back of my head?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Kendo?
Hurts eyes to look up, left or right.. causing headache.?
Hard lump on my jaw. What is it?
I have been feeling really ill lately and im not eating or drinking much; whats wrong with me?! Help please!?
how can I still be hurt after 3 yrrs?
How can i relieve pain from a bad tongue bite?
Will I be ok if I take only Half my medication for Chlamydia?
how long does it take for a chest x ray to reveal results?
what are the causes of chest allergy? Any home remedies are available?
breathing problems please help!?
why do i have trouble breathing?
why am I been so down luck for the past 5 yrs up till todate?
I am taking mycobutol for TB, What are all the side effects of it?
What is the best spot cream for a young girl (aged 12) ?
Will a negative biopsy turn cancerous fibroadenoma?
please help, what does this mean?
what causes recurring tonsilitis in babies?
How long will it take for..............?
Friend lost 70% of hearing?
How can I get over my fears?
Mental Health Service Required?
how serious are body tremors?
Does Multiple Sclerosis have a high infection rate in Cork Ireland?
Am I biploar? Mixed state problem, symptom list in description?
Tv show premenition, what is this called? ?
Breathing difficulties?
Do you ever get tiered of life?
Is it safe to take L-Tyrosine prior to MDMA or BK-MDMA?
do i need anti depressants?
Has anyone added Abilify to their Effexor?
Acid Reflux and Oesophagitis.?
Bad Speech? I don't know what's wrong with me?
Is this part of my OCD or something else?
Should I ask about seeing a therapist?
Do I have anxiety problems?
please tell me if this is normal?
Addiction or Eating Disorder?
anybody with agrophobia and/or other mental health problems?
Is my dosage too high (Lexapro)?
whats the best way to get rid of poisen ive?
Wart removal?
e45 cream causing my sons flare ups?
How to use bazuka gel?
what types of disfigurements are there also what types of deformities are there and also what types of?
What causes an itch and why does it go away when you scratch it?
An anoyoing spot for 3 years. What is it?
i have recently been diagnosed with i.b.s(irritable bowel syndrome) anyone else suffer from this?
My head feels heavy and sometimes i worry i have a tumor?
Asperger Syndrome? "AS"?
I have had an overactive thyroid and have been on carbimazole and atenolol. Has anyone had radioactive iodine?
What are the yellow fatty deposits on the white of the eye and how do you treat it?
what is the risk to human from a tick bite?
links between crohns disease and hypoglycemia?
doctors help please?
i am 14 years old, and i have a high pulse of 104, should i be worried?
Too many antibiotics?
why can't you use salt substitutes when taking Avapro for blood pressure?
Why does the government contradict them selves so badly?
Why do we lose our sense of taste/smell as we age? or when we have a cold etc?
I need help on heart failure information. Experienced, experiences, or doctors preffered. Heart failure or not?
Bulimia in the woman aged over 40?
damm cough?
What causes a Mongolian Blue Spot?
laser eye treatments..?
What does a verrucae look like?
Does anyone else get a severe ache from drinking red wine?
im fixing to have left subclaven bypass surgery in a couple of weeks,,,, my questions is how long is the surge?
The NHS is available free at the point of contact: is this is as true as it was in 1948?
are there 10 rights of drug administration?if so what are those rights?
Does a normal ekg and stress test mean that there is nothing wrong with my heart.?
I'm getting some daily disposable contacts and were wondering whether anybody rated the specsavers easyvision
Why do my bones/muscles ache when I am ill?
Have you ever been waiting for a Medical Report that could mean the difference between Life/Death?
pain killers help me please?
What is the diagnosis code for left-sided paresthesias of leg, arm, and face?
what is worse suboxone or methadone withdrawals?
Shooting pains? help?
My wrist hurts when i bend it?
help help help plzplzplz plz plz plz?
Why does my jaw hurt?
Pain in abdomen 2 days ater Hida Scan?
i have a swelling in my thumb of my feet.. it's near the end of the nail and it has pus and blood. help?
my legs are so sore & its day 2...any suggestions?
So much is going on in my head?
Soreness in my arm after pitching?
when the back of your leg hurts?
What can I do about osgood schlattets disease?
Is there anything i can do to help chest pains?
Ive been having problems with my knees, and its not because i hurt it... its like i wake up in the morning....?
Fell on ice...now neck hurts and is stiff?
I get very bad headaches! What's wrong?
I bumped my broken hand, now it's hurting again?
Pain in left side of my right Knee cap?
Concussion and how long does it last??
incapacity benefit/personal injury award?
Is it possible to have a fracture that doesn't show up on x ray?
What happens if I'm allergic to morning glories?
Diagnosis of my illness?
Are brain tumours heriditary?
some natural pain killers when you wax ?
It's been a year since I experienced ABDOMINAL PAIN,?
ear popping sensations..?
is my wrist broken? im not sure?
What can this knot be?
Pain on right side of the lower quadrant of my rib cage?
Tightness in left shoulder blade?
Ear feels clogged, what could be wrong?
what is wrong with my hand?
Bad Lower Belly Pain?
Leg/Back Problem. Help!!!?
Chest pain and back pain in the opposite side?
Hhow much does q bellybutton piercing hurt?
lookings for a good doctor to go to for pain managment?
i have scoliosis, can anyone answer my question?
what re leaves constipation after bladder surgery?
It's hard to explain.....?
Any suggesstions about Lexapro?
Please answer to put my mind at ease?
I think I'm depressed?
does your body get used to Effexor?
Question about Effexor for severe depression?
My doctor put me on Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) and seroquel(quetiapine)?
Nervous all the time?
Why do I feel sad :(?
I feel depress/suicidal because I'm dumb?
I'm 15 and Bipolar...?
Ways to deal with depression?
Anxiety disorder............?
Would you call me a pathological liar?
Anxiety disorder problem?
What should I do about my depression?
Is it normal to get destracted reading books and have to go to an isolated queit place to concentrate?
Why should teens sleep early?
what happens when you have an asthma attack? what does it feel like?
what is mild torasic levoscoliosis?
Bad cough- hurting rib?
smoke-less cigarettes...?
major systemic artery that receives blood from left ventricle?
What is sharp pain in your back then your chest called?
i have been coughing up an orange substance for awhile only in the morning what does this mean(i snore ?)?
Lump in the throat sensation!?