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Why do I see bright blue spots when I wake up in the morning?
medical exemption form?
How do i stay calm?
Does Lipitor cause muscle pain?
when you go to accident and emergency with an injuryin hospital,why take a blood sample?
why cant i straighten my 2 little fingers?
Narrowing of small intestine?
my husband has LIPOMAS all over his body?
I have cittrus allergy, can I use ZINCOVIT TABLETS ?
Anyone take an allergy shot for dander or pets?
How are they going to cure Autism?
totally confused as to what is happening and how i feel?
Do you think im depressed?
You ever had some many health problems going on that you just wanted to end your life?
I guess I am suffering from Bipolar. What can I do to help myself?
Can being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 18 be detrimental to one's future? Specifically for jobs?
I think I have anxiety problems, help!?
Weiiirddd... >.<......?
How can i return to my usual self again?
why do i feel so weird?
what kind of mental disorder is it when an adult talks and acts like a child?
Help I feel unsatisfied with life.?
Is there a medication that will do exactly what Paxil does, but doesnt have the same risk of weight gain?
Am I Developing Bulimia Again?
I'm feeling suicidal but have been in treatment for a long time. Is there any way I can get out of this?
Is their something like the suicide hotline, But online?
What should I tell my psychiatrist?
What causes me to reverse letters ONLY when I type--"taht" for "that." I am NOT Dyslexic.?
I have sharp pains in my ear?
methadone and clonizpan?
Pain in lower, right side of stomach?
Is my toe brokenn? plzz help meeee.? ?
I think theres somthing wrong with my ear?
Pain in lower left part of back?
Really bad pain in my groin! anybody know what it could be?
Cramps....help please.?
Continued lower joint pain after major weight loss.?
Pain what is it? plz help..?
I have IBS? I'm taking tablets for it now. will it help with my weight loss now I've delt with the problem?
The steering wheel of my car is too stiff and hard to turn. How do i correct this? It causes chest pain.?
horrible stomach pains?
help i just got contacts?
i am homeopathic dr from india i want a job in u.k in medical or pharmacy field what should i do for that?
What is a solution to tiny, visible spots over the face?
Pityriasis Rosea: is it true that once you hav had it, you are immune to it from then on?
hives help?
facial hair?
Anyone have any help for Roseatia?
how can i get rid of a double chin without surgery?
Propranolol / Psoriasis?
Rash on my sons face?
can someone plz hlp me with bio oil?
What do I do about reflux after gallbladder removal surgery? Acid, bad taste on my mouth iak!?
treat Itchy flaky Scalp?
is there any signs to carbon monoxide? leekage?
Why do i get chilblains in the summer?
Breast Cancer Statistic needed urgently?!?!?
I have been diagnosed with an under active thyoid?
what should i do scalp problem any help please.? x?
When i think about her i feel nausea?
What does black vomit mean?
lessons that have been learnt from serious failures in health and social care patients and successfell interve?
Why are my hands shaking?
mole removal went wrong!?
I need help . How can i get rid of dry skin ?
whats the best treatment for spots?
Crawling sensation under the skin?
Dry, flakey skin above my eyes?
Chest pain questions?
what is the cause of sepsis?
my child is 2 and has fever and strep can i give her fever med. with her antibiotic?
Some rubbish was burning on the road , i might have inhaled some ash , should i be worried?
How to tell if you have asthma?
When i start coughing i am getting difficulties breathing, and i'm wondering what it is?
she has breathing problems.....?
what causes low rumbling in your ear?
i have a cold and am exposed to cleaners at my new job.?
i get this sharp pain in my chest every once in a while, and when i try and breathe somewhat deeply.......?
Not breathing properly?
what will happen if the esr rate is 100.?.?
why do breath loudly when im asleep?
i have had a horiable deep cough for the last four years an whith in the last year i have started coughing up?
What products other than Mucinex contain high amounts of Guaifenesin?
is it normal for my pugs breathing to be very congested?
my stable gate is covered in manure?
Did I have a seizure?
Heart felt like it was electrocuted. Help! what happened?
Is HCO Health Care One as seen on tv a scam or not?
what would cause symptoms like this?
I accidentally lost some of my pills when I was shopping at the mall today, what do I do?
give an example of when a nurse would use synopsis (a brief review)?
Nicotine detection time for oral test? Will I pass? Please help me out I need this job.?
If you get fired from a hospital are you able to ever work there again?
how to get my voice back?
I think i have a kidney stone, help please?
Mom is not feeling good - Need help!?
The whites of my eyes have turned a dim light brown color. Anyone know why?
Will I ever get used to astigmatism contact lenses?
No idea whats wrong, please help!?
why do veins pop out?
what do small red blood cells meam? should i be worried?
how much is otoplasty?
Why am I so tired in the afternoon after lunch?
what is the procedure called?
Why recently am I sleeping excessively without waking up?
why is it when one person yawns it makes other people do the same ????or want to do the same?????
Does anyone have a really effective way of keeping mossies away?
Eating sponges?
Is it true that tobacco is radioactive and contains Polonium 210 ?
Has anyone suffered with a frozen shoulder-what are the symptoms and cures?
i've recently had my ears syringed why do i still hear ringing?
I have a cramp like feeling in my lower left leg and my left foot. any ideas what it could be?
do your ears carry on growing your whole life?
Should I go to the doctor or stick to home remedies?
Cough + pain in left side of head and neck and lower back?
What could this sharp pain on my left side be?
will the tinnitus come back its been gone over a week?
Random sharp pain in throat down by jugular notch (trachea)?
Is percocet alot stronger than vicodin? I am on 7.5/500 vicodin and want to switch to percocet 7.5/325?
My wife has been constipated for 2 and a half weeks now. We have been to the doctors and also the ER.?
does smoking effect sciatica?
Why does the organ hurt above my stomach?
headache and pain in the back of my head upon standing up ?
Breaking up hurts... this much?
Why does my arm do this and does it damage it in any way?
Can Penicillin counteract the affects of depression medication?
im stressed out as can be(school), help?
I sleep really weird...?
I need help! I'm losing my mind over my ex?
Why do get emotional when people show concern?
Is it possible to wake up with a hangover when you haven't drank because your body is used to being hung over?
I think i am failing..?
heroin recreationally?
Would this trick work in an argument?
Can someone go from Anxiety to Dementia?
How many on here have fear and anxiety?
Why do i have truble falling to sleep at night.?
What does it mean if some girl you barely know "sleep calls" you and asks you a very disturbing question?
I'm scared that I can't love people?
Does anyone else experience this?
What to do if the 18mg of Strattera doesn't work on a child of 7years old suffering from AD HD?
What should i do? Depressed? Not sure?
What was Your favourite childhood injury?
What can you give a 3 year old child for hay fever?
All these new cases of swine flu ? UK?
Cold Throat?!? Read below and tell me if you know anything about it.?
candida overgrowth..................................?
is this normal or rejecting ?
Why burning back pain? Post Flu pain?
What are the Symtoms of Swine Flu?
i have a virus do you think it will spread?
Tick bite when pregnant?
Will the doctor prescribe antibiotics?
now i take medicine prescribed by doctor ,it is now130/70,is it OK?
Contact Lenses Question?
laser treament - pcos?
How to get rid of scars?
Old hypertrophic (raised) scar treatment?
Does anybody know a anti blemishing skin cream that really works for dark skin?
Moles that feel rough?
Has anyone tried Peptox wrinkle relaxing cream and Liptox. It is supposed to be an alternative to botox?
Boi Oil help??
has anybody used nlite here?
Does Aloe Vera helps to get rid of body acne?
What can I take for allergy if I am taking BP medication?
Have stenosis in Aortic valve. Can this be the cause of extreme breathlessness, will valve replacement help?
Help I think i have HIV my arms and shoulder feels like a heart beat and is making me jump. what is it?
Headaches, nausea- Why wont it go away?
Why is quiting smoking so difficult?
how can i relieve a soar throat?
what can you use to stop athletes foot?
Itchy sore rash on my face and swollen glands, anyone know what this could be?
Ingrown Toenail....Going to Doctors?
Whats wrong with me headaches/thirst/fatigue/hunger?
Please help me on my itchy scalp...?
do you think my retention problem will come back again as antibotics didnt make it any better?
How to make a blog website about acne?
Does this sound like munchenhausen syndrome PLEASE PLEASE HELP?
how can you remove old scars left by mosquito bites ?
do you think i should vaccinate my baby against hepatitis b?
Do you know any acne cures?
Yellowish coulered stool and im 15 only happened once earlier ?
Is there a way that i can stop getting bitten?
Potty-mouthed Britain: why is it getting worse?
How much does a colostomy bag hold as my uncle gets through 8 pints of guiness crisps and 4 pickled eggs and?
what causes a protruding cervix?
Anyone have any good cures for dizzy migraines?
School jabs ( important or not )?
is berocca good for you ?
what method would you suggest to overcome a frozen shoulder?
do you want to know what you'd look like with a Crystal Meth addiction?
cosmetic surgeries bungles in the double bay area of sydney,let me know of your experience?
Money back on an order of contact lenses?
what is the difference between acute and chronic conditions?
my msn is not comin clear and i cant see the emoticons any ideas?
Adive about MMR ASAP please?
do any one like a person who think that they nose it all ?
What is the part between the throat/mouth area and the ear called?
when drug trialing, what is the name of the tablet that is not the drug?
swine flu in tyne and wear?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
is ther any free diagnosis websites ??
Does the CJD outbreak in the 90s support a history of Cannablism in the UK?
Do people with shunts have a shorter life expectancy?
What can this be?
is swine flu in Turkey?
If you get the MMR vaccine can you have alcohol like 5 hours after?
Has Swine Flu reached Northern Ireland?
good argumental points for why we SHOULDNT worry too much about swine flu? (UK)?
How to make my hay fever better?
is laryngitus infectious?
help please glandular fever or just mild infection or mumps???????
I'm worried that my mother has swine flu?
I Lost My Voice , What Can I do?
What is the diagonsis for my sleeping problem?
Would you recommend a tonsillectomy?
sinus infection sore throat, can't sleep?
Charlie Dunn wants to know...?
I am 18 yrs old.. and i had this cracking bones since i was 10. please help!?
My throat is really dry!! Need advice to make this go away! Thanks!?
does giving blood over a period of time eventually damage the veins in your arm.?
How do you make yourself fall asleep?
i have scoliosis back pain?
Why have i been getting frequent cramps?
What should i do about my foot?
I get a tingly feeling in my brain when I'm about to fall asleep. Any clues what I might have?
Can you inhale poppers if you are taking a mild blood pressure medication?
Does it sound like my son has a pinched nerve?
My left hang tingling after exercising?
What to do with lump behind my left ear?
what could be this sharp pain I am having on my left side?
what causes you hands to go numb and tingle in you sleep?
Why does my head/scalp hurt? I did not hit it.?
what should I do for formal?
Should I worry about my back pain?
Constant Headaches and Dizzy?
Why am I in this much pain and can't eat, if there's nothing wrong?
Pain in my lower left side ?
Chest pains in sternum?
Can a sinus infection clear up on its own without antibiotics? Are there certain herbs or foods...?
Am I suffering from asthma?
i am 38 year old female i have been waking up with internal tremors, then i throw up air and bile..?
Some asbestos dust was tracked into our house. We have three small kids should we be concerned?
I've had a sore throat for almost a month?
what can control a cough?
Is there a more comfortable maks for sleep apnea?
How can check my oxygen levels?
Can a person be tested positive for TB and then later be tested negative TB?
what else besides strong coffee cause crackling in the voice,almost like theres tons of flem in your throat?
How man Days does it take to feel normal again after your first panic attack?
does this sound life threatening?
which is stronger, vicodin 5/500 or ms contin 30mg?
I have been coughing for 3 weeks?
Some questions about going back to the doctor with walking pneumonia?
will smoking this effect my health?
My doctor suggested I get my tonsils out because they are still very large and I am 20 years old?
shortness of breath;?
What is the difference in you inhale cigars or not?
Why am i feeling this way? (please help?)?
Some alternative ways to control Bipolar Disorder when Drug therapy has officially failed.?
How do I fall after drinking some really strong coffee?
My pulse rate is 48 bpm and I feel a liitle fatigue please help!?
when will my sadness and anger go away!?
How come i try to tell myself not to do something then have fun doing it?
How do I tell my mom I need help?
How do I get off of Zoloft?
Is there a chance I have schizophrenia?
why do i worry so much about little things?
how do you make yourself quit obsessively thinking about something?
Boyfriend wants to take pills.... help?
How do I deal with all this when it seems so difficult?
Anxiety and depression and need help?
I have TERRIBLE LUCK?!?!? I HATE GOD!!?!?!?
When i get nervous my voice sounds weird & unnatural...what can i do?
what are the chances of this happening?
skin loss on fingertips?
My right thigh is aching?
feeling sick have a swollen belly?
are spray deoderants still linked to cancer?
anyone here tried l-theanine supplements, they are for anxiety and strees?
My friend has a terminal illness, should she tell her employer?
Bowed Legs Surgery Xxx?
My thumbnails have become very thick and hard.?
are there any better tablets than metformin?
a rash on my chest what do that mean?
Why are calf muscle cramps so painful?
Is there any way of telling a cough from a chest infection?
any radiographers out there???
following a drink drive ban and applying for your licence?
my tonsils are huge, really really huge??
Anyone able to tell me about steroid reduction?
kindred spirit body spray etc where can u buy it?
why do people with dark skin have white hands?
What can I do for my hair skin which itches in two days after I wash my hair?
My 3 year old son has had a bad cought since early Dec - Given antibiotics not helped and is being sick - Help
Can an unhealthy diet cause heart palpitations?
What causes sudden bruising?
Whenever i want to relax i feel like i need a joint,?
Back stiffness after a strain?
I was kicked in the legs two weeks ago?
?IT Band Syndrome Question about the strap to relieve pain?
i just got a cat scan and found out i have a cyst on my spleen? im 15 and super nervous..help?
i have a lump on my lower neck?
opana 20 mg help....?
I took 4 aleve within 24 Hours?
My throat feels swollen and hurts to swallow?
Can you do a Cold Water Extraction with liquid hydrocodone/APAP oral solution?
Pressure in inner ear and head?
Yellow Fever vaccination cost?
do you need anti malaria tablets or such if going the maldives?
When you have the flu... is it normal to get traces of blood in your phlegm?
Can you help me on flu?
if you wet yourself could you catch any germs?
Food Poisoning All in My head?
what uiversity is the swine flu in cambridge?
vomiting blood. what could cause this?
soar throat than cough?
Help, what can relieve a dry nose in the night, it irrates my throat and I tend to cough?
what does cybstic fibrosis mean?
have had a cough for 7 months deep?
Hard to breathe what is wrong?
colds gone but still has sore throat?
how long will it take to get voice back after being on an artificial respirator?
I have shortness of breath without typical symptoms,no coughing,known infection or heart problems.what could?
I'm having breathing problems I don't know whats wrong?
what happens if you smoke weed that has blood on it?
CT scan and was told that I have a cyst in the back of my sinus cavity connected to my brain will i need surg?
Pain when breathing out and in?
gallbladder attack for the past 3 days..?
Vomiting And Coughing Up Blood?
Whats shortness of breath feel like.?
I have these symptoms what is it? Here are some of my Symptoms: Chest pain lack of sleep/ disturbance of sleep?
What stage of lung cancer are you on when you start seeing these symptoms?
My Brothers had a cold for a over a month now, what should I suggest?
10 POINTS! What is normally better to keep you from sweating spray on deodorant or stick deodorant?
Men's cologne, long asting, projects over 5', last more that 12 hrs?
Why do my finger tips feel numb?
Stomach problem? Hot Tea?
Swollen/sore throat, runny nose. Do I need to consider staying home from work?
what does 10 mg/100ml blood alcohol mean?
is this a muscle spasm?!?!!?
does xanax take more than 3 weeks to be out of your system?
My birthday is really not my birthday?
Is it normal that I feel physically ill after working 17 days straight?
I can't move my right arm.?
Why is cold water good for your health or make you live longer?
Please answer this question! I don't want to go to the doctor for this?
The food that is supposed to help against bloating/constipation is making things worse!?
Would it Be Okay To Have 1/2 Cup of Blood Drawn For A Yale research Study After Having Blood work Done Twice?
What is the common starting salary for newly qualified nurses in Ireland?
How do I overcome the fear I have for driving on open roads and across bridges and waterways?
Ear infection caused right ear to no longer equalize. How can I fix?
I am allergic to cats and I was around one a few days ago ?
What is wrong with my best friend?
Looking for help coping with depression in London?
I'm so terrified of my parents dying?
What is wrong with me? Someone please help me. I'm not sure if it's anxiety, panic, depression.. what?!?
Is depression a mental disorder?
New to Adderall have major concern, am I addicted?
what are over the counter topical ointment for psoriasis?
Rash all over Body?
i keep getting small white septic spots on my lips?
Not sure what to do anymore? Felt more supported in Middle School...?
Why do guys act nice then mean?
Pink patches all over my body can this be caused by stress?
am i normal or do i have a personality disorder?
A cream similar to ELYCORT?
I spend a lot of time on my feet and my leg has become extremely painful?
So, What is Dementia exactly..?
mentally talking?????
What to do about my anxiety?
Why do some zits squeeze easily, while others have to be dug out with fingernails?
help me pleeeez!!!?
scars on my leg itch?
Do pH diets work in curing Lupus Decoid?
Recent cold sores have left really bad scarring on chin and lower jaw What can my daughter do?
Does my son have autism?
I have a inner ear infection for 3 months?
how many people suffer from back acne out of 10?
Can absolutely anyone diagnose my condition? Not serious, but very difficult to diagnose.?
worried about what to do next? kidney infection?
I breathe heavily when I wake up?
are yellow stools a symptom of ibs?
I suffered a traumatic brain injury a few years ago and lost everything in the year after it.?
Could I have/had Alcohol poisoning?
what does pak 2 mutation mean?
What happens if I'm allergic to morning glories?
What is the more common name for ascorbic acid?
Does Bio oil work to cure acne scars?
how do i tell my boyfriend i have acne?
Why do I keep getting chest infections?
whats hiv positivee and negative?
What is the best diet for someone with hepatitis C and pancreatitis?
Swine flu, over-reacting, mexico, medicine?
What is the reason for vomiting blood?
So, scientists say that 1 in 3 in Britain will get swine flu?
whats the name for a virus that takes control of its host?
Is there a flu going round just now?
i fill sick but on normal my temp is 95 or there about it has been 98 99 for the past 2 days how do i know if?
my boyfriend fingered me and now ii wont stop bleeding .. whats wrong?
Burnt myself on straighteners - Seem to be getting worse...?
what have I done to my leg.....?
Differential Diagnosis? Long QT Syndrome?
Why do I keep getting palpitations the past couple of days??
Does Co-Enzyme Q-10 have any negative side effects?
what department does mr v sadiyappan work on at city hospital in birmingham?
Negative results for rheumatoid arthritis. What else can cause the same symptons?
quit smoking - why do i feel more hungry?
why can i hear myself chew more than the person talking to me at the same time?
i have a wee ticking/tapping sensation behind my right eyelid. what would it be?
Why are Asda contact lenses so cheap? Are they made in China?
Why does salva build up...?
am having breast augementation, how long should i not drive and do gym workouts for?
I am having my wisdom teeth out in 2 weeks...?
do I need vaccinations to go to Bulgaria?
Can I Fly With Tachycardia?
are there any sites that offer help sheets for nvq 2 health and social care?
Is cimetidine (tagamet) only otc in the UK?
How to treat High Thyroid? My TSH is 6.33 mU/L High ,Free Thyroxine is 12.9 pmol/L.?
Arthritis Diet?
Does tiredness and lethargy follow a sustained period of moderate drinking?
My son is constantly clearing throat. He says he feels like there's something there. What could it be?
Is there any treatment for crossed or weak eyes for a 24 years old adult?
how long are you off work after appendix surgery?
Does anyone know if a specific diet would help M.S.?
Does anyone suffer from polysistic ovaries?
Do we run a risk of DVT if we sit in a car for long periods of time?
Is it Carpel Tunnel Or something else?
Is this really Tonsilitis?
What is Viniseera Grape seed flour?
I've been having a lot of trouble breathing in the past few days. I feel like I can't catch my breath, or take?
Worst sore throat ever?
What is wrong with my throat?
how does inward screaming affect your voice/vocal cords?
I can barely breathe sometimes ..?
what do i need to have for respiratory therapy?
I'm sick of lying...?
i rented a home and found out it has sever mold growing in the vents .?
Whats Wrong with my breathing ?
i have a question i hope i can get some answers to.i was wondering why i cough uncontrollably at night when i?
does inscence burning have a negative affect on your singing/screaming voice?
i really don't know whats going on with me. help?
15mL of cough suppressant q8h x10d?
Where did the smoke go?
I'm coughing a little blood, what could it be?
Smoking Tobacco School Project Help!?
Do you think i have pneumonia?
i was wondering is this normal?
Blind area in center vision within my right eye?
10pts to the first correct answer!?
My contacts turn my eyes red?
I don't feel like myself anymore. Im going to give details and stuff below. Please Help!?
Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Society?
Has anyone gone off Effexor without any major side effects?
Is there any hope for her?
Why do I feel tired when I get enough sleep and hyper when I don't?
are dyslexia and ocd complete opposites? or are they similar?
Should I quit school for a while and get a job?
I need help. I am having problems at work. What can I do?
How can i live with my life like this? long but explains everything.?
I have bipolar 2 and I think it makes me incapable of certain things, any input?
Fear of Moving? What should I do?
celexa, worried about increasing dose?
how long does it take risperdal to work for schizophrenics? it is a day or a week?
Help on becoming more calm and relaxed?
Mental Health - Have I gone insane?
My friend and i were fencing and he sort of stabbed my scrotum.?
What can I do for severe, chronic migraines?
When you're in bad pain, does your body turn...?
how to get rid of super sore legs over night?!?
Lower back pain for 3 months please help ?
toe cramps once every month-fortnight?
help please,knee cap...?
i have a pain in my lower back near kidney,?
why does one side of my head hurt all the time?
How serious is this injury?
Left side of body has felt numb for years?
i want bloodshot eyes?
is my son allergic to raisins?
How long an allergic reaction will last?
I'm bulimic, and need help please!?
Does anyone know of any online sites for support with alcohol abuse issues?
Has anyone else here got ME / CFS? What things help you?
all my spot creams and stuff!?
Am i at a higher risk of getting cancer?
citalopram and alcohol?
Poll: On treatment for Acne?
heat-sensitive lately, like, the shower feels too hot etc?
How long will my sunburn hurt for?
best cure for chicken pox?
Regarding UK employment, are Artiritis (Cervial Spondylosis) and Fibromyalgia recognised conditions by DDA act?
What would happen if I used an inhaler?
Where can i buy Leukaemia Awareness bracelets?
smoking before breast reduction surgery?
Larium Anti-malerial tablets. Anyone had them?
sleep & brain waves?
Chest infection?
When is going to the loo too much?
what are skin moles and why do we have them?
Is paracetetemol a painkiller or mild anaelgesic?
MEDICAL is it ok to take anti biotics and / or paracetamol with milk or any other dairy product?
How does anesthetics put people to sleep?
why do i have a lot of dry snot?
how many people put in hospital from drinking last year?
By the end of the day my eyes get very dry , this makes removing my contact lenses quite tricky, any tips?
One day I eat healthy, the other day unhealthy. How can I motivate myself to eat healthy always?
Kill em dead spot and acne treatment?
pilonidal abcesses....?
What is the most effective way to exfoliate using a kettle (acne wise) and how often a day is most effective?
i have under active thyroitism. i lost lot of hair. i take the medicine even. anyone know any solution for tha
Doxycycline for acne on back and chest?
Can a doctor prescribe the mederma gel or do you have to purchase it?
If Fucidin cream is used for a long period of time could it cause acne?
I have a mole on my arm can it be removed?
Is It Possible To Get Rid Of An Old Scar?
I need help with dark patches on face, any ideas how to get rid of them please?
How do I get rid of myomectomy scar?
Sharp pain in left breast? what is it ?
I have a bump on the side of my foot?
How can i deal with this addiction?
How to cheer myself up and fell beter.?
Is it true High impact workouts like Crossfit are eventually bad for you? Especially for beginners?
Memory loss in young people XD?
Can you guys please tell me the symptoms of borderline personality disorder??????
How can i get relief mental stress ?
If you're depressed for a long period of time, will this cause your face to droop?
18 going crazy please help. help now soon?
18 I think I am going crazy, hyper, staying?
I think I experienced something similar to a blackout?
Is this something serious?
I think I'm losing my mind, am I going insane?
Can she be thought mentally healthy!?
How does Marijuana lead to irritability?
what are 7 tips for stress management?
Can a doctor prescribe antidepressants to a person who is gay and unhappy?
Help, I think I am addicted, what should I do?
can registered and enrolled nurses give injections?
Which course should i take to become a Dementia care nurse?
what are picked up in a full blood count?
Should my company / business be preparing for the pending H1N1 swine flu pandemic?
Dr Frank or Nurse Rhianna - advice please! Limes disease concern?
how to take azithromycin?
If swine flu is a virus then how does tamiflu cure it?
Are children protected from measles if they have had an MMR?
Infection Question????????????
What is an infection rate?
How severe do you think Swine flu will be in the winter?
Bong Measurements help PLZ i need to get the right Female diffuser and perc AC!?
Still having trouble 6 months later after tonsils removed?
HIV/AIDS video ? I need one for my class?
How long does it take for a STD test to come back?
I am fatigued with much congestion and a sore throat, could this be a mono relapse?
loss of lung capacity?
side effect of nuclear medicine treatments?
Right side chest pains?
sleeping problems? Help!?
I have mold growing in my A/C vents. What problems can arise from this?
Is their a way to tell if you are more susceptible to cigarette smoke damage?
Is it from my sinuses?
My left nostril is more blocked than the right one?
I fell on my elbow yesterday from skating! Is it broken?
asthma and congestion?
what are the probable causes of chest pains in the lover left rib area, and right chest area?
I have knocked knees!?
Is there a way to get Norco early without insurance?
if i was around second hand weed smoke about 3 weeks ago...will i fail my drug test?
i heard that smoking cloves in like 5 times worse that smoking cigarettes is that true?
Mucus in throat. HELPPP!!!!?
my 40 days old lab is not eating anything,i showed him to vet also but he is vomiting after even the medicines?
Help! Worse back pain eva??!!!?
I'm having an MRI of my hip?
Normal For A Sprained Wrist?
Has anyone had success with dr scholls ingrown toenail remedy?
how soon can you go back to work after a cortisone shot?
Serious back pains after pole vaulting?
it's like my heart beats fast sometimees and get real nerv.?
Does anyone other than me have heart palpatations?
My father died about 2 months ago......I have extreme guilt that if he would have had Life Alert, he could hav?
what causes a massive stroke?
question about blood clots?
Is this high bloods pressure?
What is the best treatment for Hyperthyroid eye disease?
For people with Lupus?
I have red cheeks how do I get rid of them?
What is wrong with me!? Dizzy/ Weak Spells?
Is there any way a doctor or surgeon can clean your eyeball?
Severe headaches mean WHAT? I'm seeing a doctor but I'm insanely paranoid right now?
Anbody who has had H.Pylori PLEASE HELP!?
Help, do I have heat stroke?
Is it safe to use a solarium for 10 minutes once a month?
wart accidentally cut....swimming?
has anybody had symptons like this?
what do i do with my cough problem?
What will eating mold do to you?
Would it be possible for somebody who suffers from haemophilia A to become a coastgaurd volunteer? :)?
Lump On Inside Of Elbow?!!?
i want to be a nurse?
artheritus (sp)?
WHY do bath products (Radox etc) claim to?
Anyone take Buprenorphine (Subutext) & how did u come off it?
How can hemorid be treated?
Why do I feel the need to drink more often at nights compared to the other times of the day?
Blind People?
can you use high pressure sodium lamps to treat s.a.d seasonal affective dissorder?
Can a sore throat be caused by mould? I have had a sore throat but no other symptoms for a couple of days?
London school of hygine and tropical medicine?
where can i buy marinol and what class drug is it?
What's the difference between 'hydrochloride' and 'dihydrochloride'?
why do i keep getting hot and cold part 2?
John O' Groats To Lands End Charity Cycle - Help?
Are novadetox any good?
Swine Flu - what do people think of the plans?
My friend has swine flu (no joke)?
what is the incubation period of swine flu?
How long after having swine flu (with medication) are you still infectious?
Can my gran still drink cranberry juice when taking antibiotics for treating an e coli urine infection?
Swine flu information.?
Infection down below? Woman!?
Someone at work has got swine flu and im pregnant.?
Mental Health: I get very nervous at work, and I have a world of trouble getting myself to do much?,?
Snake needs your help...??
anxiety. depression .Please Help?
Lithium overdose question?
Are there any treatment plans for social anxiety?
I know I have social anxiety (I have all the symptoms), but I'm scared to get treatment? Help?
I am 16 and i do hand practice 2 to 4 times week,i want to know that does it decree my learning memory?
Ways too feel confident ?
Why do some people date guys who think nothing of hurting them?
adhd and depression/bi polar meds?
Do I have anxiety/depression/or something else?
Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder naturally?
why do i see what i see,help please?
Am I depressed, this has been going on for about a year.?
Behavior disorder...... ?
Why do my feet hurt when on heat?
why does my hips hurt?
sinusitis / headache question?
I have exteme soreness and pain in a section of my upper back.It hurts to use my arm or move a lot.?
Will I die from taking 5 or 6 extra strengh exdrine pills??!?
My car fell on me while working on it from underneath. Could this be the cause of my back/neck pain?
Could bruise on top of my hand be serious?
everytime i have a cigarette it makes me need a number two?!?
Plz Help Pain Near Shoulder In Right Arm?
how to sleep faster on nights ?
Is there something wrong with me?
I have huge cluster of anal warts in my rectum can I remove them by ripping out?
weird feeling in chest and throat?
I was bored so I took pliers and punctured a can of silly string and I think I might have inhaled the air.?
where can i get this done i need a tb test?
i think im addicted to cigarets, what can i do?
Describe best first aid after ingesting anti-freeze far away from professional help?
has anyone with asthma stopped using pharmaceutical drugs and gone to holistic methods and have they worked?
Some times I stop breathing when i'm a sleep and if I'm near dogs day time No I don't have dogs inside?
what is causing my chest pain?
Coughing up mucus weeks after being sick?
Constant Flem is it normal?
can high humidity cause chest pressure/discomfort?
can a person survive if food get stuck in the windpipe and can't get out?
how to speed up healing of bruise?
how long does it take for swine flu to spread to someone....?
I have two weeks left of my contract at work - however, two people have died of swine flu near?
What are my symptoms?
Could Bird Flu turn into an epicure? Like it just passed from person to person and nobody could stop it?
Is there a cure for swine flu and are they making one?
Swine flu and underlying health issues?
What is wrong with me (flu)?
I have just had a dye in my eye at the optitions to check my cornea how long do i have to wait till I can put?
do i have the swine flu?
I have suspected mumps?
What should be my blood pressure if my heart rate is 58/Minute?
High Blood Pressure, Emergency?
my itchy shin?
Skin Problem?
redness due to drinking alcohol?
acne help please?
what keeps spots away once you get rid of them?
what is copillaritis?
im 29 still suffer from acne been on alsorts over the years my doctor put me on Zineryt bout 6 wks ago and bio
psorisis ...i need to know?
what can i do about my greasy skin?
my skin is a mess?
Why is my skin still spotty?
no funny jokes please i have a red nose all time from washing face heat cold it never gos away?
can an osteopath sign a sick note?
is it true that the left side of the body is bigger because its closer to the heart?
clinical vs medical?
How do you get rid of an extra eyelid (due to excess/lack of sleep) ?
what is this? aorta caval compression/aortal caval compression?
Has anyone's hands, feet or height increased after the age of 18?
is anybody willing to talk about anorexia and/or bulimia from experience?
what effecets does damp and mould have on people.?
Can anyone help me to find a link for medical records...?
who is the youngest person on here?
epilepsy helmets ??
I am anaemic, taking iron supplements. Does dairy products inhibit the absorption of iron?
is there any medical reason why someone would drink alcohol just before a epileptic fit.?
role of pharmacist?
What is a focus H and P?
so what happens to the people 1.3 million people dont know they have HIV?
Right pain pains,lower back pains,fatigue,stomach cramps..?
the side of my finger turning green and its numb and throbbing?
I just recently started having a terrible stomach pain and then i would burp, how do i get rid of this?
My mom has a knot on her foot is it a blood clot?
Lower right back pain.?
horrible arm pain after lap band proceedure?
Sharp pain when I swallow. feels like something is slicing my throat?
How to get rid of severe chest pains?
Chest pain on my right side..help?
Is my sleep walking a problem?
Am I depressed? (read symptoms)?
What are the medications for ADD, OCD and Paranoia?
I don't know what's wrong with me mentally?
What's the proper exposure therapy for work-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
I need to get off lexapro due to severe weight gain?
Mental health institutes in Wisconsin?
I cut for the first time. Help me?
Medation question! How to focus your mind?
Sleep Disorder, Sleep Problem, or What?
I still sleep with my nightlight on. Is that normal?
Anxiety?stress? What?
Do antidepressants or antipschotics age your face?
How can I stop having suicidal thoughts?
Is it just depression/depersonalization?
I've come down! 20 (characters)?
What is the best non-surgical way to treat Kyphosis (about 33 degrees) of the spine?
Phytex Paint for fungal infections?
could anybody tell me what legal issues are when a fox has mange?
im worried....swine flu?
When will the Swine flu vaccine be ready in london?
What is swine flu and how is it passed on to other people?
Swine flu question; vaccine?
Is swine flu as dangerous as the normal seasonal flu we normally get?
does anyone know anyone who has had swine flu or had it them selves?
strange feeling in neck/shortness in breath?
shortness of breath and chest pains?
heavy chest when the air is thick?
why is my guinea pig breathing so hard?
does anyone know about huntingtons disease?
what's the best hospital in the treatment of asthma?
what can you get from a store to help with IBS?
Extreme Stomach Pain?
i've had my ear syringed but i hear a ringing?
What vaccinations and medication do I need to vist the Dominican Republic from the UK?
What medical ailment causes hands to go purple / black?
Am I good in condition?
red circle with white center next day pus and drain like a blister?
Can HIV show up later in life?
treatment of facial rash in children less than 2years?
The management of tyloma is aimed to surgically reducing the amount of callous! True or false?
What is a hygienic method of disposing treatment waste?
An ulcer is a visible discontinuity of the epithelium! True or false?
My friend has black insects on skin she can't get them of her and has got one of them when she did it...?
Sore red nose :-(?
Knees Grinding and Pop?
After a tonsillectomy is it normal to get food caught in the scab?
how do youtreat a boil [infection] on skin [neck]?
A Plugged Up Left Ear?
How do you break wrist?
How will you cope with travel restriction?
The NHS paid £5 million to Leslie Ash for her catching a superbug; have there been any similar payouts to?
Can parents of contagious kids with chicken pox carry the virus and be contagious themselves?
My right leg weak, achey..?
Help Me Please? (having some pain problems)?
I hit my head hard and my neck hurt's really bad?
Uk swine flu statistics?
how do i relief my stress?
My friend always feels cold?
Please give me advice on surgery!?
severe eye pain feels like a rock in there?
My ears keep ringing, I'm scared! Please help?
I had a vp shunt put in my head a month ago, the actual shunt ?
question concerning swine flu in the uk?
What's the difference between strep throat and tonsillitis?
Who has had food posioning from ready prepared food?
how long to diagnose measels?
How do you get rid of a cold?
endoscopy result normal .but still persisting indigestation pain.tested positive for pylori had antibiotic?
question about my eyes? there sore and gewwy?
My boyfriend has an eating disorder, now im starting to copy him ?
what happens when a wrist is slashed?
Im really ill.. please help, ??!?!?
Cystitis help?
Osgood slaters disease...?
Liver Problems?
Does having Hypothyroidism cause continuous weight gain?
High Blood Pressure! Help?
my dog has got a bad case of the itches. what can i do?
allergy to glowsticks? help?
I'm itching uncontrollably from this soap whats wrong?
I went hospital but I'm still worried about my ankle...?
Taking personality and more: Bad or not?
How do i reduce my stress level?
Is this weird, i dont know?
who is known for studying antisocial personality disorder.?
What are the negative health effects of cutting?
Wondered how many ppl around my age are emetophobia?
Mental health clinic/centre, London?
What is wrong with me?
Is this considered paranoia or anxiety?
What is wrong with me?
im not feling myself. . please help?
im worried about my depression, help?
sometimes im very sensitive to noise and other strange things happen aswell?
is this a good enough reason? long but 10pts best answer please!?
Lack of motivation since STOPPING drugs?
I feel really depressed for no reason?
why am i miserable and have no friends .or better i am not happy with my friends please help .?
I want clear skin in time for school?
Medical condition that limits the hair growth?
is there a cure for gout?
swollen nose funny but worrying?
can you have your ears pierced if you have epilepsy?
How can I get clearer skin?
crying because of chest pain/heart pain :'(?
Banana Skin for verrucas - for the people it worked for?
Mosquito bite protection supplies - UK?
Every morning I wake up with a sore throat and headche?
I have a HUGE red swollen.. something on my chin?
Why do my ears feel blocked?
Under active thyroid?
will you get a heart attack if you drink cold water with or after eating your dinner?
i cough a lot first thing in the morning and some times sick?
What are these blister-like things on my hands?
Has anyone been attuned to ARCH (ancient rainbow consciousness healing)?
Can a severe cough weaken your lungs?
what are the causes of vocal straining?
What am i sick with please help?
how can i calm my athsma without an inhaler?
Question about a virus cell?
omg.. What could this be?
How long after being exposed to a cold will symptoms start developing if you have caught it?
Is swine flu more widespread in Britain than authorities are saying?
Why is there no swine flu in south africa?
What type of illness do I have?
Swine Flu Cases in London?
what are the symptoms of legionaries disease?
lymphatic drainage and power plate, will it help cellulite?
Will Disneyworld close because of swine flu?
I always get the Flu should swine flu be a concern?
WHO declare Swine Flu a global pandemic, several million to be infected!?
glandular fever can it come back?
Third HPV shot! Help!?
Why are most conjoined twins female?
Is sunlight needed by humans as much as plants need sunlight?
Please anyone knows any deals about laser eye correction?
I smoke 20 a day - is it costing me a packet ?
can i take redutil and xenical together? will either of them affect my contraception i take depo-provera?
what is"labyrinthitis?
B12 deficinecy?
what should a 14 year old boy weigh?
Why do some people snore?
what is good for your kidneys and liver?
Pain in the roof of my mouth?
Advice on pain above my right ear.?
why strong men sweat excessively when taking tea/ being asked questions?
what is a rehabilition ward in a bog standard hospital? who does it generally treat?
Upper arm has a visible pulse?
Foot pain is this serious!? What is the cause?
I have misterious rib pain...please help?!?
i have pain in my lower back for 3 days now and it hurt when i try to bend over what might caused it?
I have a friend who's been having chest pains. Their not so bad but it hurts mostly when she breath.?
I'm a high school catcher, and my shoulder has major pain.?
what does it mean when i have a sharp pain in my whole leg when i put pressure on it?
why do i get charlie horses at night?
Why do my legs and arms feel weak and feel like throwing up?
Are my hands and feet unporportional?
Wrist piercing......?
Im Going To Town Today And Need To Get Some Products For My Skin To Cure My Spots?
Malaria recurrence...?
What's a good way to get rid of acne?
Two live vaccines within just three weeks time for one year old baby.?
Is there a cure for Keratosis Pilaris (KP) ?
serve burning and sting sensation during blood test?
Help does these symptons sound just like thrush of the mouth?
How long is the incubation period for Flu?
what is the cause of glandular fever?
What is co-morbid anxiety?
Is is depression or something worse?
how to stop myself being so paranoid?
Is something wrong with me?
Am I qualified to have a MENTAL ILLNESS?
I'm depressed and need help?
Why are abusive relationships so hard to get over and out of?
what does it mean to be self-denying?
I have urges for dihareah but nothing will come out. It makes me feel awful and sickall day?
Anorexia and depression?
I just don't seem to want anything anymore?
Should I tell my parents I self harm? How?
Can you share some advice for supporting, helping out and coping with a depressed and suicidal partner?
If the mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time, how can 'clinical depression' exist?
How can depression cause coccydynia? (pain in my tailbone)?
how to deal with spots?
How can I get rid of these post pregnancy spots?
Can Morphea Hurt?
How long does it take for minocyline for mild acne to work?
patches on legs?
HELP with getin rid of SPOTS?
waxing problems?
my son has really sensitive skin and child sun cream is making his skin really itchy and sore?
got naasty heat eash in nt chest m its itchy ans sending me crazyts like a priclkerly heat rash ,?
small white and pink spot on arm?
do you need to keep ringworm covered after you put the RX on it?
mother-in-law having double valve replacement & artery bypass surgery. what are the risks fem/60s/obes/smk?
I started Adderall about a month ago. I am on BP medicine. Why would my BP lower?
When you get something in your eye, and you rub it, where does it go?
How much weight do teenagers loose after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy?
Help for hurting throat?
Weed. coughing up black mucus or ??
I have had ear problems since last August?
Mass effect 2 DOC Help?
Why am I having a hard time breathing?
Can a CAT scan show a new smoker's lung?
I have been ill for over 2 weeks now and it's gotten worse what could it be? need advice?
Has anyone had tapeworms?
viral infection without any flu like symptoms?
My brother keeps on getting headlice and i'm afraid i might get them?
i am on metronidazole and i drank alcohol...is it possible that the antibiotics quit working?
Had measles as a child but I'm not immune?
Central heating, window open...no heating window closed..whats healthier when sleeping?
If you change your sleeping patter for sleeping later and staying up later does it make you tired?
What Vitamin/Mineral is best for your skin complextion and in what food source is it most commonly found?
why do itchy bits always move?
Weird skin problem?
How does the water content in a contact lens affect the wearer?
so if Vaseline clogs you up, does Vics do the opposite (if eaten of course)?
if the government cant get Prozac out of the drinking water , will normal happy people get depressed, meaning?
Have you consumed....?
Why do one in four people who smoke get cancer and the other three don't?
The doctors are useless. Need some advice please?
Verrucas on the sole of foot?
How often should I intake heroin so as not to be addicted?
what to eat to strenghetne your bladder?
Prescription pain killers. Is there an experation?
Help please, both my appendix and diaphragm hurting?!?
I hit my ribs on pavement no it hurts to breathe , stand or cough, what do i do?
can you die from a brain injury?
Shooting pain on right side of head on the top that comes and goes?
what does the gallbladder do?
Can anyone help me on this shooting pain issue?
what is a pain management specialist and what do they do?
What is wrong with me?
i havent being to a dr for physcial for 3 years would the office let me come back?
Tore my tfcc 2.5 mm mid substance?
Can threadworms cause upset stomach?
I have my ears guaged and the smell funny.?
My eyes and bridge of my nose have swollen?
How to prevent BBS (Burning Bum Syndrome)?
does donating platelets hurt?
How and why does your stomach make noises???
What are the symptoms of Parkinson's disease?
hair loss, weight loss, tiredness, dizziness and sickness, what is my illness?
tingling sensation in fingers?
how much is a normal does of citalopram?
Need help with my illness please?
Withdrawal from Citalopram (Cipramil)?
my 3 year old boy has swollen glands in neck please help?
Iron deficiency anaemia?
can a person always tell if their blood sugar level is low? Why or why not?
help with type i diabetes?
Prediabeties?? Have you heard of it?
what foods lower blood sugar levels?
diabetes cause kidney problems? if sugar is too high?
Does Marijuana increase the sugar level in your blood?
my mom and I have sugar lows once in a while why?
Do I Have Diabetes?!?
Testing Blood Sugar levels?
Any one familiar with Stevia?
Could I have diabetes?
Is my random glucose too low?
Extreme Fatigue after eating sugar/drinking sugary beverages sign of diabetes?
Blood Glucose for 11 year old girl?
I'm recently diabetic,taking pills to control it. I need to lose some weight and i'm afraid i hit a plateau!?
Insulin in a non-diabetic?
low in iron...help please!!?
Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar and drinking too much water?
My Blood Sugar was 22 last Tuesday when measured at a lab. Is this dangerous?
Are protein bars OK for non-diabetic hypoglycemics?
I tend to crave sweets all the time..?
Why do I keep getting colds?!?
Humans and ticks question?
what could be the consequences of poor infection control measures?
How to know that you are completely cured after treatment of swine flu?
why haven't any farmers gotten swine flu?
tonsiltius and spots in children?
im concerned about catching a stomach bug?
what happens during an adult tonsil removal?
Could I have swine flu?