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Should I get a tonsillectomy?
Proof of household income!?
Will smoking really affect Zoloft?
Will My car ins go up since I take prescription medication?
does anyone else get severe back pain when having an acute intermittent porphyria attack?
I'm experiencing mild chest pain and shortness of breathing. Help?
Ray Ban and round face?
After Effects of Dehydration?
Could smoking actually save lives?
What's the name of the condition where a calcified ball of mucus develops along the bridge..?
am i getting it wrong with cleansing face?
why do people self harm?
Horsefly bit me on the head, why does it feel like he bit my brain?
Sleep pattern probs zzzzzzzzzzzz.?
Increasing cough over several weeks, sweating, lethargic...... cancer?
This week ive had 8 nose bleeds. What do I do?
Keep scratching ears will they scar?
How to ease viral UTI symptoms?
Is there increased risk during an operation with general anaesthetic if you have COPD?
How long does colon cancer take to develop from stage to stage?
HELP!!! skin peeling off underneath my abdomen/ bikini line, all red, raw and painful?
HELP! Stomach realy is anoyying me now?
cold sweats, blocked ears, sore throat....help?
what is an average death of a heavy smoker?
is this curable at this stage?
My scalp smell's......?
Anxiety/Depression Medication and it's side effects?
Social Anxiety Disorder, I Need Help?
How much do childhood experiences really effect who we become as adults?
Can Lexapro cause serotonin syndrome by itself?
how do you get through life when you have nothing to look forward to?:(?
i think im recovering from depersonalization?
Whats the best way to get over flashbacks?
How do I get over this depression an lonliness?
Anxiety psychiatrist making me wait?
My husband has no energy, help!?
How should I handle my anxiety disorder and my sisters wedding?
Do you ever insufflate your Wellbutrin?
Im not crazy . i hope someone could help me? Prt.2?
Is there any one that can help someone that suffers from anexity is abusive verbally?
could it be just winter depression?
My best friend in hospital with his appndix removed why do I feel like it's my falt ?
Daughter attempted suicide two days ago!?
I think I may be a sociopath?
How can I relieve stress?
How to recover for the day after an all nighter (please read the rest of the description)?
While eating or drinking I can feel the food go down then get bad chest pain!?
Stomach pain, vomiting after eating anything why is this happening?
i burned my leg against the radiator and it just keeps hurting?
why does my neck constantly pull back to the left side?
what is this lump in my neck? please help?
Mysterious chest pains and menstrual cramps while exercising?
What's wrong with me hip? Please help ASAP!?
How to get over a serious cough and headache?
what helps a bad headache?
Is swine flu man made?
3 year old has chickenpox, supposed to be flying to greece on friday...Help!?
whats wrong with my hubby?
what happened to the bird flu virus?
whats that thing they put on their nose to breathe?
What have I done to my wrist?
Have you had problems after gastric bypass surgery?
What are the Symptoms of heart disease ?
waking up in the night feeling like i am having a miniture heart attack!!!?
Question about Baclofen and Soma?
Pain in collar bone????!!?
When do UVA ( NOT UVB) rays start going away during the day?
can my husband get me health insurance without him getting it?
what does this mean "Greater of $15 or 40% coinsurance"?
i sleep alot , i'm changing is this good ? plz help :(?
are there any health risks to staying in hot water for extended periods of time?
is this sun poisoning or heat stroke and what should i do?
Dilated pupils......?
How to get rid of a farmer's tan?
Does Medicaid Go Back 3 Months From The Day You Applied Or The Day Your Approved?
what is an A55 Tulip?
What is the name of this finger?
adams apple?
What do our doodles mean? and why do we doodle?
Why do mints make you (my wife) sneeze ? Seems odd !?
Ear Piercings?
What are the possible effects of cjc-1295?
Why I see so many black spot shen I went outside this afternoon when the sun is so bright?
what is a high dependency unit?
cramp in leg ?
How can I get rid of two spots on my face their not chicken pox ?
How to become a nurse in the UK?
in what strength does prozac tablets and liquid come in?
my mum just died of respiratory failure, she got taken into emergency at 10:30pm and died at 5:00am.?
I have chest pains everytime i breathe in is that good?
ceverything about a Visectomy?
Why is my throat so dry?
i am having a panic attack how do i make it stop?
whar are the side effects if you use afrin sinus for more than 3 days?
i had a ct scan done on my abdomen, everything came out fine im just worried about the radiation?
Help What Should I Do????/?
What happens if I have a collasped lung?
Please help. I cant stop yawning and now my chest hurts?
Pain in upper right chest while breathing?
Why do i keep having back pains and chest pains?
Mucus Problem(Gross...i know)?
a sore throat with no other symptoms?
Whats good for a asama attack besides a inhaler?
what causes loss of taste and smell, my partner lost his a year ago. he has no sinus or nasal problems?
Symptom: blood either rushes to or from head suddenly. What does this indicate?
is svt dangerous left untreated(ablation)?
Could anyone tell me what the itchy patch on my finger and arm is?
Does bee propolis salve really relieve shingles?
Cold Sores?
Oxytetracyclin..whats the best time of day to take it?
does Acnezine really work for congeted skin and blackheads?
What treatment(s) are recommended for nasolabial folds if thickened overlying skin ALSO occurs on upper side?
What do doctors do at an Asthma check up?
Is this acne? and How bad is it? Pictures!?
Are these the symptoms of lung disease or bronchitis?
my gp prescribed colofacfor ? ibs never diagnosed offically .Now i get crampy pains and watery diarrhoea after?
Help - I still feel sea sick?
multiple abscess problem, mrsa?
i have got a cough from the commom cold, but i think i am losing my voice now...?
What happens before a bone marrow transplant?
What's a good way to get rid of acne?
My kidney area really hurts when i cough, how do i fix it?
how do i get rid of chicken pox scars on my face?
serve burning and sting sensation during blood test?
Has anyone suffered long term stomach problems such as GERD and Gastritis?
Verruca problem? Please help me!!?
eye test what should be done?
am i gonna die soon ?
what should i do if i think of other people dieing?
I don't have complete control of my brain?
Could my mom be over heating(in freaks me out)?
Suppressed sadness and severe OCD?
what makes you relaxed?
Going into A physcriatric hospital for 21 days for Eating disorder and Bipolar. WILL THIS HAPPEN...:?
I had been feeling down since the new semester started.?
how can you tell if a person is psychopathic or its just part of their personality?
have i been hallucinating?
Can I confide in a younger brother for help with an eating disorder without altering his image of me?
Whe am I becoming very clingy?
I understand masterbation is normal but a 14an a 15 yr old doing that to each other i think im gonna have prob?
Visual learner help???
Is it okay to see my psychiatrist alone, like can my mom wait outside?
relief from an anxiety attack..?
I feel so hopeless. Help?
what are the differences between bipolar disorder and cyclothymia?
Pain in middle of right side of rib cage?
Weird tingly sensation in my legs?
I have a bruise on my neck from viola, is this normal?
stomack has been hurting for the past week?? plzz help me?
is it elegel 4 kids 2 threw bricks at my hous?
What is wrong with my left hip joint?
Hump on my neck. I think it's fat. I'm overweight. Stress/posture related. What is it. ?
My whole left arm hurts like starting from my shoulder.?
Swine Flu and VSD's is there more risk?
Swine flu or paranoia?
i definatly have swine flu i'v grown wings and trotters?
Is there a vaccine against chickenpox and herpes zsoster ?
Wheres this Dr. Frank question re swine flu please?
Temporary blindness loss of hearing.?
what is quinsey?
my mum is blind in one eye...
Are family members at risk from contracting MRSA?
I am 21 yrs suffering from pain and inflammation in my right ankle with high esr(75) what is my problem?
Why they didnt tell me the results?
whats tapeworm and how does it make you lose weight?
Is Doherty really 'clean and sober' if he is going to the pub?
carpol tunnel syndrome??
I am suffering from severe irritability, heavy periods, headaches and hairloss, what could it be?
what is this pain in my back?
what is the safest and easiest way to straighten out my back?
I'm 13 .... do i need any other injections now ?
My eyes get patches of red all the time?
is laser eye surgery good for you? if you have had it done have you experienced any side effects?
I am going to the Drs?
Im having a breast enlargement and................?
Fetishes. Advice please.?
how are eye folds related to sleep? help!?
are theses slendertone ab toners actually any good or are there just a big waste of money?
Why is it....?
How many mcgs make 1 mg?
can my work really discipline me for being off sick 4 times this year when i had a Drs line each time?
why is it when you are sick it look like carrots in it when you have not eaten carrots?
Has somebody given you their cold and flu bug????
help!!!!!!!! what does protein in the urine actually mean?????
how best can a person care for stinking feet?
Life's to short?
digestive probllems related?
The CT Scan of the brain shows appearance to be a degree of atrophy with widened CSF spaces around the brain,?
Eye Drops.?
Can anyone tell me which over the counter tablets could make you have heart palpertations?
Can anxiety be a life long illness that u get used too?
Ah! Should I tell her, or not?
Doctors diagnosis. Acid Reflux or sinus infection?
I get colds the flu all the time, my nose gets runny and I have a cough that does not goes away?
what would happen if i drunk 200ml of cough medicine?
cystic fibrosis question?
Antibiotic Question???
Feeling of no air passing through the throat into the lungs?
Feels like chest is hurting.?
Can someone please help me?
dizziness for days after episodes of anxiety?
Strange issue with dreams?
white clear mucous disharge not pregnant?
Hi I have back pain and chest pain?
I get nervous really easily?
marijuana helps me with depression?
If you start taking Symbicort, then stop, does asthma get worse ? Thank you.?
Starting to have respiratory complications all of a sudden...?
Is it weird to be afraid of of the sound of other people chewing?
Omg!!! life and death situations please answer!!?
Easiest way to stop taking lexapro...already down to 20 mg.?
Question about adhd and ocd?
get rid of congestion in my throat?
Why do you get sicker at night?
Angry at myself for being weak!!?
Can you get a contact high from sitting in the same room with a vaporizer?
asthma inflamation& irritation during hazardous air qual I use Advair twice daily.?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Questions about depression?
Want to fix a deviated septum, im really worried about rhinoplasty, what is it?
Why does my chest hurt?
i was short of breath for about 1 week, now when I have a slightly "phlegmy" cough and slightly taste blood?
Anyone can help me understand what can be the effect of cjc-1295?
is it bad to pop your fingers all the time?
How do I get the tingle out of my twitch?
How do you fall asleep?Sometimes I just can't?
Whats the "CUSHIEST" health care/physician job that exists?
I got married and am on medicad in MI, will i loose my healthcare?
How do i know if i have Lemierre's syndrome?
Can TV and a computer cause radiation?
What is wrong with me?! :(?
My left rib felt like something suddenly kicked it, i lean forward and something popped?
Health Insurance , Help Please.?
I'm dizzy and nervous at night, whats wrong with me?
has anyone been on ambien cr for a long time and been able to get off of it and sleep on your own again?
what is the cause of over sweating? any Dr can tell me whats the problem?
skin is peeling and looks like burnt patches like a chemical peel,help?
ouch i hav like 100 nat bites wats a good way of gettin rid of them?
any one had problems with boils?
Anyone used a laser treatment for acne called an N LIght and what were the results?
roacutane anyone know where to get it cheap?
how effective is microdermibration?
what causes bright red,puffy ,sore lips??
Why do I get so hot and red say after a step class? Others dont and work as hard!?
i have a lip infection.. doctor gave me antibiotic cream??
What causes warts?
glandular fever.....3rd week in!?
whats this about swine flu after he visited parhead is it a piggery?
whats the difference between an endemic, an epidemic and a pandemic?
how close do you have to be to someone sneezing to catch a cold...?
Why is it when i urinate i dont need to poo? but when i poo i automatically urinate????
What is this feeling I get in my chest?
What causes congestive heart failure?
How long can an upset stomach or food poisoning last?
The doctors are useless. Need some advice please?
why do i get a cold every season?
what are the survival rates of cancer of the larynx?
can you get cancer in you bum crack?
what to eat to strenghetne your bladder?
how safe is candesartan 8 mg?
I have a few recurring instances of mysterious injuries?
excessive face and head sweating..is it my medication?
Swolen outer ear, really tender?
Just been told i have a stomach hernia what happens next.?
Colonoscopy results and discomfort?
Is humid or dry air more healthy for you (especially your lungs)?
when i was younger i used steroid cream on my face and now its left me with white scars?
Can I take Thermogenic push and abdominal cuts ?
stomach pains,back pains,cant eat nothing without throwing it up ?
What's worst, the pain or the hangover?
Why does the right side of my stomach hurt?
I just had a really bad migraine (i think) on the right side of my head and theres a warm spot inside now?
pulsing fast heartbeat dizziness please help!?
Stomach bloating & pains!!!!?
Pain in 3 digits of each hand?
I am 18 and I have almost constant knee pain. Could this be Arthritis?
Why do my shoulders hurt really bad when i raise my arms up fast?
When I barely lift up my leg.....?
i'm so cold, and it hurts.?
Very nauseated - recently found out I have two gallstones..?
Intense hip pain that happens once a month?
Can excessive use of blood thinners increase respiratory output?
Is there something seriously wrong with my toe?
Can you pass on wolff parkinson white syndrome to your children?
Suicidal thoughts? Help? Thanks.?
Never happy to not do anything?
I need help getting through depression?
Why isn't psychology a solid science yet?
How can I help me depression while waiting for a professional?
Been on zoloft 50 mg for 6 weeks?
Could I Interview You For A Book If You've Overcome Anxiety Of Any Type?
Does anyone else here take Concerta for ADHD?
Am i a misanthrope? please help.?
I have no motivation to find a job?
is somthing wrong here?
How to deal with job search depression?
My psychiatrist wants therapy?
Does having a daily routine help mental health or too hard to achieve when depressed?
Is 400 MG the TRUE high dosage of Zoloft?
Am I depressed? Do I really need anti depressants?
solutions or tips on against sleep deprevation?
Does anyone know if this is dangerous?
when should your Peak flow be tested and what diagnosis must be monitored regularly?
How to approach a work issue?
Is this low blood pressure, sinus problem, or what?
what do these veins mean...?
Is this possible and if so, is it actually harmful?
Can you check yourself into a hospital?
my right lower part of my stomach has been feeling like there is something flip floping around?
How to have good sleep in 5 hours?
not eating but im not hungry?
why do phamacists take my name and address?
do you think im going to be hospitalitzed?
I'm 15 and want to be a nurse. How do I take my first step?
Need help determining if I have a dislocated or fractured knuckle?
My 63 yr old Mother is being switched from Zoloft to Prozac after 15 yrs. Is this common?
anyone change there cpap presure with success?
high fever hallucinating?
need help with a breathing problem?
would nicorette gum do any harm my friend has been on it this past 5 years she says she will never somke again?
Do I have a Deviated Septum?
What does it mean when you stop breathing randomly.?
How do i treat halitosis using irish moss?
sinus infection question?
what is a good cure for sore eyes+?
Hypnotherapy for arachnophobia?
smelly weeping wounds?
What is causing these liver problems?
How to get rid of hunchbacks/round shoulders?
How to obtain a copy of medical records?
i have been bit all over legs from a nat how do i stop pain n itching?
I have lost 10 stone and really need skin reduction surgery, NHS has turned me down, savings taking years!?
can you quicken the course of chicken pox?
I suffered a traumatic sub arachnoid hemorrhage fallowing a fall in April 2006, I am suffering problems ?
How to prepare linseeds?
Why do my palms sweat so much and how do i stop it?
Alopecia help!?
Are viseline Eye drops (for eye strain and redness), available in the UK, and from where can i buy them?
under the skin of my eye is white does that mean i have an iron deficiancy?
What is EHS???
Have you had this virus?
Where in Scotland can you by Manuka Honey?
If you take Glucosamine and Chondroitin, can you still take silica?
Where can i buy genuine Uprima tablets?
Physical therapy for upper back and neck?
Gallbladder attack or anything from that?
Shoulder Pain. nurves or something bad?
How do I make a sore stiff body feel better?
Update(new symptoms) on my previous question?
Im having pain on the inside of my cheeks in my mouth, and i dont know why. Please help?
really bad chest pain that radiates down left arm and other symptoms, HELP!?
Aching arms and back?
Sudden sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen?
Did i break a bone in my ear canal docs don't know what is wrong?
What helps relax you when you are super tense? So tense i twitch sometimes.?
Is the swine flu test blood or mouth swab?
labyrinthitis does anyone know much about this or have this condition?
Why is everyone so w?
how do i cure jockage?
is there any link between?
i hared you can over clean you skin?
swine flu..? levels and what is it?
psiorasis marks?
Please advise me on my skin?
does any one know what is the best way to get someone off ghb?
could this be due to zinc deficency?
Hi I have two dark lines above my upper lip which resembling a moustache?
Small red spots on hands?
can you get a wart on your lip?
Is Fusionbeauty Lipfusion really safe eg is it nano tech, etc?
anyone ever had re occuring impetigo if so how on earth do you get rid of it for good?
I had a terrible breakdown..? (short)?
do people suppose to dream every night?
If your face got caught in the door, would it be damaged forever or am i just a freak asking this question?
Am I just normal teenager?
I think Im suffering from depersonalization?
Does hearing things have anything to do with these?
whats wrong with me? i have illusions of..?
How do you rell if someone is in a light sleep?
ok so i cant sleep because of this fear of ghosts idk why and also i have a fear of the movie the ring i some?
I can't control repeating words?
Why cant i ever go to sleep?
Why am I always so scared?
Upset due to teasing b/c of weight?
What is my diagnosis?
What are the possible causes of sleeping alot and low appetite?
How can monitoring blood pressure indicate good health?
Its urgent that i get blood drawn but i can't handle needles?
Weird small thing.... can you tell me what it is?
Is there any medical reason why I have been falling asleep at work, especially after I eat?
Deralin 40-help with blushing?
Concerns With Being Light Headed?
My body temp is 96.3?
i constantly black out allot!! is that normal!?
bad sleep pattern help?
if you went to sleep at 9:54 and slept 8 hours and 20 minutes what time do you wake up?
Will Blue Cross Insurace (British Columbia) ask me if I have EVER smoked even if I quit smoking a while ago?
I have dizzy spells and I don't know whats causing it?
I am 19 years old would I qualify for Medi-cal?
How do I get over this?
Is it bad to take Benadryl as a sleep aide?
Difficulty breathing, should i go to the hospitla?
Chest pains? Please help me?
Would gaging my ears be a sin?
Is north sea healthy?
Is there a certain medical term that describes seizures occurring after a women has a baby?
my 4 year old boy is coughing heavily and last night turned purple and couldnt breath is it whooping cough?
what is the drug pcp?
i can't get a deep breath in and yawn a lot?
After accidently jabbing a cotton bud in my ear, what's the worst that could happen?
My acne, and a general lack of confidence stops me having fun?
If someone has the breast cancer gene and they have a masectomy they can't get breast cancer anymore?
I have 22q11 its a genetic disorder... when i get divorced will i qualify for disability?
How do i get rid of a hard, tight, dry,patch on my face?
What help can i get with my Amblyopia?
Gagging everyday for no reason?
what are red dots under my skin on my hand and wrist?
Fluid build up behind eardrum- Blocked eustachian tube?
had sinus infection for quite a while?
Does doxycycline hyclate work for acne?
I can't feel my heart beat?
Can we give a virus that attacks the body another engineered virus that only attacks the damaging virus?
can you send me any information on mmr injections please. Thank you?
Weird burn all around my neck?
I've been biting the left side of my tongue while I'm asleep. Why?
What could be wrong with my back?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
I'm in pain and I think its my lung but I'm not sure.?
Is it Normal to have constant Leg Soreness/cramping after Thyroid Surgery?
Help my headache is so sore?
why does my voice change slightly?
How do I get my fist out of my mouth?
How much would this hurt? ?
Why does my back hurt and keep cracking?
what is heart when heart is broken the pain in heart why?
What age do you have to start worrying about heart attacks / strokes?
Why does your face itch?
Spotty skin?
my ears have been ringing for four days straight, and I am going crazy... I went to the er, no good. HELP!?
wet eczema in dogs any cures?
small hard lumps under the skin - help!?
Skin problems?
i have broken blood vessels on my cheeks. how do get rid of these?
Has anyone out there ever heard or seen a fungal infection called Fusarium? My male cat has been diagnosed.?
what do i do to after shave bumps and the spots?
Does Tazorac really work for acne?
am 18 and i would like to use?
is Discoid eczema passed down through the genes?
Shopping at Boots? whats the best face treatment - cream!?
Is my big toe infected?
How can I make my conjunctivitis less noticeable?!?
meningitis ?? what do u guys think :S:S:S?
Ive a 3 urine infections in a months anyone know why?
Hay, Are there any germs on?
My doctor thinks i may have Glandular fever.......Im not convinced!!?
Second wave of Swine Flu will set WHO's level to 6?
I have always wondered how long germs last for in those vinyl and latex gloves they use in hospitals?
What should i do-influenza and exams :/?
RE: Bacterial Infections.......?
Explain how bacteria may gain resistance to antibiotics by the following processes.?
Antigens?? Antibodies?? What is the connection?
what are the risks from a mmr vaccine that is4 months out of date and taken from a multidose vial?
Is depression possibly hereditary?
Would this be considered photographic memory?
Why do some doctors thinks schizo-affective disorder is not an actual diagnostic category?
I am having trouble sleeping, but does it make sense?
Why am i so angry and irritated?
Deathly shy, how can I talk to him?
Is 11 hours of sleep to much?
I'm a guy but how come I get turned on when I smell mens body odor?
Has anyone gone 2 days of no sleep?
I rock back and forth, BPD and Generalized Anxiety?
Why do they say its normal for teenagers to think about death and realize it will happen?
why is down syndrome such a common genetic disorder?
anxiety or low blood sugar?
Doctors only please: mole?
Does sweating make your ........?
cigarettes with white filter?
How To Get RId Of Milia At Home?
How long does it take for Iron supplements to take affect?
Do you think I might have an eating disorder?
Milk allergy or lactose intolerance?
how do you get the puss out of a catilage piercing?
Is it safe to use anti aging products to help my acne scars and pigmentation?
How to get rid of my cold?
i want to make a card for my aunty who has breast cancer, is 'You Are Beautiful, No Matter What' appropriate?
does a thyroid disease count as a disability?
I have Pin worms - worried!?
I have an infestion of my skin called Streptococcal Group G?
What is wrong with me, constipation?
Bump Behind ear on bone...?
Is it still possible for me to have familial adenomatous polyposis?
Why does it cost so much to stay in a hospital?
what benefits to delmar gardens on the green employees get?
is taking iron pills if your irons not low be dangerous?
Will my little sister get food posioning?
Weakness in chest and arms.what is it?
When I get really mad, why do I scratch myself?
Will Gravol help with nausea due to nervousness?
my head spins around sometimes?
My ear has become very painful over the last few days...?
the foot is __ to the knee?
ture of Falls ture or Falls ture or fulls?
How long does percocet ten stay in your system?
can Abdominal pain cause chapped lips?
Is anything majorly bad going to happen? Sleep Deprivation?
Does sleep deprivation have something to do with delayed sleep syndrome?
Trouble with initially falling to sleep, any ideas?
What are the different types of ticks?
how do i know if this is pertussis?
"How do I tell if a young child has a sinus infection? Can i treat a sinus infection at home? "?
how many mg of dxm are in robitussin cough gels bottle?
Chest pain for 3 days now..?
why is it more likely to get an asthma attack in sport?
i cant get a full breath of air...?
why does the body expand overnight?
Happy New Year! Did anyone else get a cab home tonight that smelt so bad of sick that they nearly puked too?
what could it be....?
Does my new website look okay?
Where can I buy hospital supplies from as a retail customer?
When doctors test moles how do they do it.?
Are tonsils vital for our immune system and if so, why were mine removed!!?
my nan and my mum have bronchitis, is it heriditory?
Do women have a prostate gland?
care work vacancies in stoke on trent staffordshire?
What is the number of patients in the UK presenting to GP’s with shoulder pain?
How much is it for a small bottle of pain tablets in NY I'm having cramps and v little cash now ?
My knee hurts like a mother........Any tips?
Is there this kind of a femur brace?
What could be causing my bone pain?
what happens when you dont get help for tarsal tunnel?
I have an ache body dizzy weak and a cough that makes me head hurt my moms got the same thing and 2 guys st wo?
MY foot is KILLING me!?
why do i feel too cold than ever and sweat at night. I am afraid.?
will swimming help my neck & back?
What's the best way to stop my shoes rubbing my heel?
What's the worst thing you've ever found in your ear?
where's the strangest place you ever woke up?
Getting dizzy when I get up?
How can you stop inflamation from a wasp sting?
What's wrong with me hip? Please help ASAP!?
How to get over a serious cough and headache?
Why do my eyes keep changing color?
Please help, am I anaemic...?
Could problems with the gallbladder -?
am i a freak? what is wrong with me!?
How do you keep a job when you have Lupus?
In layman's terms, can anyone tell me what BILATERAL RENAL PARENCHYMA is?
burning when i sometimes urinate. Advice please!!!?
Carbon monoxide?
Ear Problem????????......?
Frequent body spasms ? cause?
what does it mean when your heart races and you feel like your gonna throw up and your shaking?
What are all the measures that are to be followed at the age of above 60 years?
Fear of being judged or not being liked.....?
Witch is worse Cymbalta or Lunesta?
What do you do after a death of a loved one?
Why do i always wake up around 2 every morning?
my depression has came back worse!?
Is OCD what ruined the relationship?
Difference between depression&Anixety VS. MAKING IT ALL UP IN MY HEAD (More detailed..)?
so scared of death these past few months what should i do to live a normal life?
What kinds of accommodations would be made for anxiety and depression disorders under a 504 plan?
Why don't I care about anything?
Suicide interview Questions.?
concerns with anti-depressants?
Is this just some built up tension?
coping with almost-but-not-quite-yet depression?
Help need to keep my mind occupied...?
DEPRESSION. I have a question on DEPRESSION .?
How many people in Canada are diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
Left work due to infliction of emotional stress?
Valium, are doctors being told to not prescribe it?
my staff has come up in heat bump type lumps all over her what are they and what can i do about them?
Spots on chest after spraying perfume!????
white spots under my eyes and on my eyelids and in between my eyebrows look like heat bumps.?
tiny yellow blisters?
GenRX Doxcycline acne antibiotics?
what is the skin's natural pigment?
Why do I get red 'spots' on my face?
help im almost 17 and have "laugh lines" already and dry peely skin?
The varicella chicken pox vaccine: Is it one or two shots ?
Why does the ps3 get yellow light of death? How can it be avoided? And how common is it? Is it more common?
spots question please help...?
is evening primrose oil good for acne/spots??
can any body hep plzzz.i have been looking for part time jobs from home all morning and no luck. help plzz?
What would cause your nose to turn purple over night?
Will i catch swine flu from eating a mexican chicken sandwich?
Help with dry skin after swimming?
my bf had a nose bleed and he bled in my mouth, he has just recovered frm glandular fever is blood contagious?
what is swine flu and how does it affect humans ?
Bleeding tonsils with tonsillitis?
I've just heard that malaria is becoming resistant to antibiotics?
is it food poisoning??? or is it sickness bug?
How do you know when you should go to hospital for an asthma attack?
What is causing my wheezing?
Getting rid of a cold?
something wrong with fingers?
My ferret has orange skin under his coat does anyone know what this is?
whats the best treatment for ingrown hair behind legs?
my father has gallbladder cancer and a biliary drainage what should i expect next?
i keep waking up in cold sweats whats going on?
how long will take for the dogs lymph glands to go down?
reduce redness on face? and get rid of spots?
I have got to have LLETZ treatment?
Thyroid results back?
found a small lump in my breast and scared its cancer?
Autism UK and India-which is a better place for diagnosis and treatment?
i had meningitis when i was very young but is there anything i should worry about in the future?
is it possible for teenagers and older to get head lice?
Vomiting from something very stressful and scary?
horrible pain in the side of my neck?
My right arm aches? Why?
How do knock someone over without actually causing pain?
I stubbed my big toe last night, should I go to the doctors?
i cant hear out of my right ear clearly?
Why was there shivers in my left arm when it was warm?
why do the muscles near my tibia hurt when i exert pressure on it?
Vigorous facial massage...?
What do I need to do to get a perscription for Morphine?
My Knees Randomly Hurt Right Now.. Why?
About wrist tendonitis?
Sharp pain in left breast? what is it ?
Could anyone tell me the average "peak flow rate" for a woman aged sixty.?
Pain under left eye......?
What is difference between paracetamol and paracetamol BP?
identify how services are funded?
got a cold?
changing roles of health professionals in the NHS?
do anti inflammatories work on flu symptoms and sore throats?
I have written a article for a medical journal, issue of copyright.?
what happens during a physiotherpist and occupational therapist consultation?
Can anyone help me please???
are you trying to stop smoking? then read this!?
Who pays for the coastguard helicopter in the UK?
why do our eyes sometimes water when drinking fizzy drinks?
pukeing caused by dehydration...?
coughing up flem entire pregnancy?
I cant breath properly. Should i call an ambulance?
What would make someone make a loud sniffing noise every few minutes? They don't have a cold or anything.?
whats this very long mucas bloody string type thing?
Is a tonsillectomy a good idea for a singer like me and about how long would it take for me to sing again?
Would mixing promethazine w/ codeine and promethazine dm be dangerous?
My friend's child grabbed a raw turkey sausage from the pot and stuff it down her mouth and swallow so fast.?
Would a bruised knee get me out of PE!?
Questions about healing 5th metatarsal bone?
Ruptured varicose vein behind knee PHOTO?
why is it still affecting me ?
I want to know if this okay, for my dad?
okayy , soo i really need your helpp !! Dx?
How can I get nasal strips to work?
I just came back from a party with wild music and have tinittus. Is this normal?
can you hallucinate from smoking a cigarette?
how long will pills that made me sick stay in my system?
Is my friend dying of tylenol / acetaminophen / paracetemol overdose?
do i must wash my lips with water or soap?
What are some way to fall asleep?
Is bloody stool normal?
Why do I need the toilet all the time?
I feel nauseous when I'm standing up. I feel worse when I lay down to rest.?
can someone explain, thoughts, help me?
Why I can't sleep at night if I drink too much water?
My eye is blurry after swimming?
Recently been diagnosed with M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Encephalopathy)?
What food should i be eating with suspected gallstones?
I have a Hereditary Medical Condition. Advice needed please.?
What are fibre foods? What causes weak rection? Why do I have blood in my stool?
okay i have a bump near my under arm and i dont know what is should i worry?
How to help a friend with Aspergers Syndrome?
Whats supposed to be included in a contact lens fitting?
Is all yellow discharge from incision pus?
can 15 0r 16 years olds get some cancer?
Any Help with vitiligo?!?
What is OCD scrupulosity?
does cocaine causes eye pupils to expand?
Liver transplant, is this possible?
Should I go see a doctor or buy this product?
Are we born with freckles and moles?
What should I do about my anxiety?
I need help, I don't want to kill myself.?
If someone has escapist tendency, should she/he give up their life?
Will my ability to remember things like names, numbers, etc, improve with practice or am I doomed to live with?
Why can't I kill myself?
OCD intrusive thoughts..?
what r the signs of bipolar depression?
Is my job exacerbating my anxiety problems?
What can I do to naturally help my Depression while transitioning to a new antidepressant?
How to make self hipnotism for anxity and self doubt?
How di get rid of panic attacks?
Help! Are these symptoms of panic attacks?
Affraid to like things I dont want to like..?
help, whats wrong with me?
I've lost all my confidence?
Invega weight gain question?
Emotional abuse help?
fluoxetine (prozac) side affects?
why night sweat in TB?
Has there been any confirmed cases of swine flu in the Domincan Republic?
Swine Flu! are you ready for the aPORKalypse?
Forearm Pain After Wieght Lifting?
i got burnt on my leg with a soldering iron *the one for clothes lol * IT HURTS?!?
I hit my head really hard about 6 hours ago , can i go to sleep?
4 ibuprofen 2 Tylenol P.M. What can this do to you?
Random pain in ankles and knee?
Is my nose broken or is it just sore?
What's going on with my throat?
Headache treatment shots?
four days in a row i have been having killer headecks?
Separated Pelvis, Lower Back Pain from ATV Accident?
pleasee help. cramp in my foot?
My ribs hurt when I touch them and when I cough.?
strange rash...due to the tablets??
Why do we get itches? What causes them and what is the point of them?
Ive started breaking out in boils on my face wondering if any one knew why?
how to clear up redness of acne on skin?
Why does my skin feel niggley and itchy?
bad, dull, scarred skin-any advice?
When you were young....what did you think you would be doing in the future? Are you doing it now?
Kink in the throat???? help?
I have a problem with computer screen glare and mobile phone effect.?
Mole revoval?
A question on manufacture of cigarettes?
Irritating Chesty Cough?
A rash on the inside of my elbows?
I keep falling asleep suddenly. Can anyone help? I'm told my condition is called narcolepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
They say that...?
do you suffer from stage fright in a public toilet?
Bad posture?
Feeling really tired and unmotivated, is there anything I can take to perk me up a bit?
does anyone know?
Does anyone suffer from lower abdominal pains?
This is regarding ENT's and sinus infection surgery?
Please help me! What is my problem? I think I might have fluid build up in lungs?
What is this pain in my chest?
i had a cough, and it hasn't gone away?
Chest hurts when I breathe?
my son is 2 and half yr.old and he has cough from last 2days.?
Can smoking tissue/paper halm you?
What's wrong with me, I have had a cough for 4 months now, What's wrong with me?
Will I fall asleep on half of a xanax bar if i have no tolerance?
What side effects does staying awake till dawn has long term?
Is the lapband procedure a good choice for me?
I'm 14, and I may have breathing problems?
for 3 days ive had numbness in my forearms mouth and hands is this a stroke or something else?
Mom Is Not Feeling Well?
What is keyhole surgery?
does anybody have problems billing for 99091?
Does this affect your REM sleep?
Are paint fumes really harmful?
ONLY one of my contact lenses moves around when I blink?
Screaming problem haha?
did i almost black out?
why does feel like my heart its bruised or something ?
do you pick your nose?
What is Aids/HIV? what are the causes and symptoms? and what is the treatment or cure?
Do I have an eating disorder?
wye dose my arm hurt?
why do i always feel depressed?
Two day headache helpp?!?
Do you know what caused my problems?Please?
Sharp pain behind left nostril of nose?
I have high blood pressure. I had a sharp pain in my right temple what would cause that?
I have feelings of someone brushing against me when noones there..what is going on?
why do i always have a headache?
Is it legal for a mental health dr. to deny you your meds for a month over a treatment plan risking withdrawls?
what can help with my fear of rejection?
I need help with anxiety!!!?
I need help, but I'm scared to ask for it?
Am i to young for sleeping pills?
Which other health care professionals might a physical therapist work with for patients with back pain...?
Do you think I broke my wrist?
Why do I not feel guilty for failing a course in my last year?
Zoloft Side effects, how long?
My foot hurts on bottom when i put pressure on it ?
what can i do to help with my untreated bipolar disorder?
I'm depressed and my friends are trying 2 help me but what if the depression is caused by them not noingly?
Can u play video game with a dislocated elbow?
I don't think i'm normal?
Can you treat hyperpigmentation (caused by old acne) and current acne at the same time?
I'm ill but not sure what it is iv got?Help?!?
can a paramedic test for swine flu?
do u think the fact ive moles on my face could be reason why i cant get a woman?
Medications for epilepsy - epanutin (phenytoin) & lamictal?
How can I help my Nan? She has Lewy Body Dementia.?
Who gets drunks faster, someone with a good liver or a bad one?
Why is my forehead ichy when I sweat?
how long will I have to wait for my cholecystectomy? UK only please?
Rash on my back, what could it be?
what are the areas to avoid when applying Zineryt topical lotion?
important tests at school... how to get rid of my cold?
What happens at a neurologist appointment for tourette's?
Chest Pain and Pulmonary Embolism?
why can't people get over the swine flu?
problems with acnease?
How to find employment with Parkinsons disease?
Problem with my upper eyelid...help plz?
what could it be any one with a genuine answer please help?
Flaxseed Oil tablets and Sage Leaf tablets?
how long do effervescent salts take to work?
Ear infection?! please help.?
not sure what my doctor means?
Is it possible that I have asthma?
I am sick. I had a fever, coughing, lost my voice and my stool is reddish brown. What do I have?
my 4 month old has a dry cough and shes sneezing?
stomack has been hurting for the past week?? plzz help me?
best way to get rid of a cold in a toddler?
Is there any side effect's endoscopy?I am so scared it?
What is sickle cell?
does anyone know anything about testicular cancer?
how to grow taller?
How often does rhinoplasty go wrong?
why do they sterilise the lethal injection?
Why do the elderly get scurvy in the winter?
i am being treated for an overactive thyroid and am on carbimazole 20mg i have developed a sore throat ears?
What are the signs and risks of high blood pressure?
Hey fellow epileptics: Which is the most effective medication for stopping seizures?
i keep gettin strange feelings that makes me feel sick, it only happens occasinally?
what does it mean when your both of your index toe nails on both feet suddenly fall off ?
Why am I so tired today???????????
i need someone who supports the universal health care plan..?
My towels smell like smoke. What effect can this have on me?
How much sleep do you get?
Super glue dangerous?
How can I contribute to providing care to underserved communities?
Is it true that health insurance can cover the cost for a substance abuse in patient treatment?
I get these odd feelings, like I'm shifting or phasing out of my self, what is it?
my heart beat goes up and dont know whats causing this please help.?
where can i find norms tables for children's heart rate?
How has the health care system changed over time?
all because i slept less ????? what do i do >?
I need info. on costochondritis?
What do you think this means?
any cure fof vulvar dermatitis in a golden retriever?
my daughter (2 1/2 years) has couperosis on face, GP says there is nothing to be done to correct it help!!!
How long does terbinafine take to clear up my fungal toe. I'm 8 weeks into a 12 week course and nothing.?
How do you avoid getting acne?
severe itching...on my legs?
painfull mole when pregnant?
My son has a blood spot on his face... can i do anything with it?
Has anyone had any serious side effects of roaccutane?
mild/moderate acne help!?
hi question?
help with facial wart remides?
what can i do ? .....?
yellow hard lump in mouth?
Wouldn't it be much easier to live in an impoverished country than live your whole life without a sense of...?
Prozac - What would happen...?
is there an oppisite of anorexia when...?
How do you get rid of insomnia? And what about dreams?
How many people starve to death a day?
How can I tell is someone is Bipolar ?
What do i do about my feelings?
How long does it take to be out of the loop?
How can I sleep?Nightmares?
WhyDo Flouurescent Lights Make Me Woozy?
I want to be happy! and i'm always discouraged..?
Fur-Fur! I need my fur.?
Food that help you sleep, what are some...?!?!?
What are your fears ?
what are the side effects in this?
What causes this? Panic attack or Heart?
is 135 over 75 pulse rate 60 good for blood pressure?
My friend takes up to 300 mg of morphine a day...?
Scoliosis surgery or not? opinions or advice?
mysterious backpain, what can be done about it?
I hurt my elbow?????????????/?
Lower Back Pains, Growth Spurt?
Why does my upper back and my upper arms hurt?
My left hand is TINGLING.?? Help ;/?
Sharp pains in thigh?
Does salt help relieve cramps?
I can't hear from my left ear..........?
silver bands around molars for headgear pain?
Protruding wrist bone...?
Why do the tips of my fingers get cold?
Groin Lump/Bulge Or Inguinal Hernia?
how does soreness in rooftop of mouth go away?
my mom wont let me stay home from school?
Has anyone eaten Ritz Wheat Thins and found rock hard pieces? Is it safe to eat?
I have had my tongue ring for 5 weeks now and it's still swollen, is it infected, what should i do !?
getting hives after going in the ocean/bay or walking on the beach?
12 hour Contact Lenses?
HELP!!! Planned Parenthood for infected piercing?
Throat problems? Please help.?
Sweating out alcohol.?
i am looking for a job centre that deals with Home Help for the Aged in St Austell Cornwall?
having your stomach removed - what are the changes in your lifestyle?
Gave up yet??
toenails and what to do with them?
with eye movement I get these minnute shocks in my upper body?
blood donors/uk is there a limit in the amount of blood someone can give in a year/life time?
what is ethrogen and what is it used for?
How long do the withdrawl symptoms of coming off morphine patches last?
searching for Doctor lewis makandidze, can you help me find him?
I have fybromyalgia and wondered if anybody knows best way to highlight the problem in the uk?
can anyone help me get bottles od what was called LIQUIDSORBUIN was bought from a chemist approx 12 yrs ag?
does anyone here live in ipswich i joined the gym but need a gym partner as all my friends are lazy???
how do you become a counsellor or therapist in England?
anyone else feeling like we're all so much dust in the wind right now?
I have a child that is 4 years old and cannot sleep due to cough. I have given her all sorts of things.?
My Mom inhaled too much Chlorox?
Upper Respiratory Problems.?
What kind of heterochromia do i have?
how long can i wear my oasis disposable contacts?
Would it be cheaper to vaccinate the poor pigs ?
Has Tulisa From N-Dubz Actually Have Swine Flu?
Swine Flu - Will i still be able to go on holiday to California?
my mcv is 101.86 is this dangerous? cud anyone help me?
Would like to contact UK female with Bipolar Disorder?
is it ok to have MMR booster at 9 if single measles and rubella doses were given first time at 2?
what are swine flu symptoms?
im a bit worried about swine flu!?
Is there such thing as fear induced hallucinations?
My hair falls out and i don't know why?
i think im depressed?
HELP! I just cut myself for the first time!?
Can some tell me all about Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Im a cutter and I need help please I am deperate?
can A.D.D. make your anxiety worst?
why do i feel so weird?
Do I have some sort of mental disorder/problem?
Feeling depressed because of childhood abuse?
Why does this keep happening?
Did Heathcliff from Emily Brontë's Wurthering Heights have borderline personality disorder?
Anti-Neuronal Antibodies Test Results?
What organizations treat teen depression?
Why is it that this happens?
How do you wean yourself off lexapro?
any one have a stomach bug over xmas, our whole family has had it?
retin a gel. Been using it a week now my skin has become sore red and is peeling. How long will this last?
Should I take the antidepressants?
what happens after major organ failure ?
why don't we get scabs on palms of hands and soles of feet when they are cut?
Verruca - wartner?
why do i have very small patches of dry skin around my body?
I have a question about a minor concussion?
im a iron worker and stand on rebar all day the ball of my feet,heels,bunions extremly hurt.i need a good boot?
Pregnenolone Supplements to help with my debilitating issue? 10pts...?
Extreme Stomach Pain?
Does Darvocet mess you up like Vicodin?
why do i get discomfort at top of my stomach after eating?
Can you take tylenol arthritis with excedrin back & body?
c5 c6 chronic degenerative changes?
What would happen if i was at school if pain pills or mi doll?
Is headache a neuropathic pain?
Can anxiety cause my wrist to ache when I bend it also my calf muscles to hurt when I move them and click?
Why does my tailbone hurt?
What could this be? Arthritis maybe?
i burnt my tongue what should i do?
nobody wants to answer my question?
varicose veins after surgery?
what does "stressed gait" mean?
i cryed last night before i went to bed? now my throat hurts?
Is it hard to have a MD cna license switched over to DE?
is my eyesight really bad or no?
Why are my eyes always red?
Woke up and couldn't move my fingers?
ahh ankles are attacking me :/?
Blood pressure has been low recently?
Is This Food Posioning Or Something Else?
Taking Excedrin for migraines... I had one this morning and popped an excedrin and Ive just felt "out of it"?
how do i get sleep paralysis to have in out of body experience?
Why am I coughing so much but have no fever?
What is.............?
what's the usual response time of an ambulance after reporting a replica gunshot wound?
I have had a bad cough and it itchy throat but now my chest hurts real bad.?
i got my plaster cast wet :S........?
What is the risk of short term side affects for Prednisone?
Is it possible to cancel an HIV test?
help! on this cream!!! 10 points to the best answer;) buts seriously i need help!?
Is mouth cancer treatable?
Runescape - If i share the chocking ivy spot with any1, will it decrease my xp rate?
chicken pox in nursery?
Big red bags under eyes and red cheek problems?
how long dose ganja stay in your system ? i smoked ganja once 403 days ago.. ? is it still in my urin/blood ?
Pin-point pain in left side of chest.. could it be just anxiety?
What can I do about my zit?
I lost my prescription cream?
On my back there is little circles which are red and black ?
how to prevent an infection if you accidentally pop a whitehead while washing your face?
Can sinus infections make you feek sick?
i need these hikkis to go away as soon as poosible ? pls helpp me?
johnsons oil spray with almond and soy oils?
how to cure myopia instead of wearing glass or surgery?I heard that alwayz looking at green plant help.?
why do we get hick ups?
i've recently had my ear syringed but there's stil some ringing?
why do people need physical care?
Is it true that after a nose job, you may not be able to breathe properly afterwards (permanently)?