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how to sleep better at night?
Could this be a blood clot?
Why do my hands always smell like sour fruit?
There's a bump on my leg...?
Why am I getting so dizzy?
what is normal pay for phlebotomist?
Hospital and Physician Bills?
Why do i have the shakes?
what should I do to be awake all the night ?
Is it normal for someone to sleep so much, please what can i do?
I'm sleepy????????????
how to remove someone from nursing home?
Massive gastrointestinal bleeding after surgery, other causes besides surgeon error?
Can a medical doctor give shots and draw blood, and also stitch people up.?
Do anyone know about a hernia?
i took 66 pills of Tylenol and was sick for 3 days but i feel fine now should i still go to the doctor?
lower back pain and cold to touch?
just got out of a leg cast, exercises for calf?
Why does my neck hurt?
What's wrong with my leg?
Foot pain? Kind of like an aching pain?
i have stomach ache all the time?
Why do i have a heavy head feeling?
Warm sensation in right foot?
Left Lower Jaw Bone is Swollen?
Why do I have a pain in my right leg on the inside, 4 or 5 inches below my calf. Gets worse after running.?
How to untighten tendons?
77 year old broken vein in upper back thigh. What is the danger of a clot? Should she stay off the leg?
I have a bit of a random, maybe silly question: I have a chest that is quite sensitive?
I'm scared of having pain in my leg.Help?
Weak heart beat and stomach pain?
im 17 yrs. old female and i always feel weakness,neck pain,headache but not severe and dizziness.what is this?
reduce redness?
strange looking skin pigmentation?
mole removed?
Looking for good cures to a large amount of self doubt ?
is that malabsorption causes skin placid look? what's the remedy?
Is there any successful treatment against morphea?
I am a black mixed race male, should i get hazel or green contacts?
Why is my eye constantly tearing?
zovirax cream! does it work?
anyone one a virusfree website that i can download movies from?
if a person had aids ?
how do you start up the std conversation with a partner?
Is an AED only used for cardiac arrest?
Is it a guarantee that azithromycin will cure chlamydia?
whats the difference?!?!?
what do herpes bumps look like?
Does anyone know if the Drink (Fuze) can cause congested heart failure?
Why am I afraid of the dark?
i think i am useless....?
Are there any free online emailing therapist?
social anxiety email correspondence?
I see death when I see my some of my family members, I'm 17 help?.?
is there a name for a fear of being cut?
does any adult have adhd-inattentive type?
I feel old. Are these thoughts normal?
ssdi question for mental problems?
How to cure my addiction?
Ive been trying so hard to be strong, but im at the point where i cant be anymore. Anyone else?
Dealing with my drinking problem?
I have ADD and need help on how to get started on studying and other tasks?
Why am I feeling like this?
i gag a lot during the day. what does this mean?
will Ice cream clog you up if you have copd?
why do non-smokers hate on the e-cigarette? Do they just not like the fact that they can't holler second-hand?
Asthma symptoms or angina?! What is wrong with me?!?
Can I take Tussionex with Soma and Gabapentin?
How long will I have sinusitus for!! :(?
how to reduce chicken pox scabs?
what should i do for a burn?
Throat Infection Question?
Do you think that my toe is broken?
throat And Infection????
ChickenPox, when it is not infectious anymore?
What does a scale of 10/15 GCS mean and what is hypercarbic acidosis?
rash from sunbed....?
Pilonidal sinus that I had twice?
What hapens when mum catches the mumps. My son is 4 months and got his 2nd vacinations last week?
Do I have mumps or is it something else?
my son keeps getting a cold?
Bellybutton piercing infection?
How big is my head and is there any chance of me growing into it?
my skin isn't dry, why is it itchy?
can i pass a health check even if i have asthma?
What kind of acne is this and how can i treat it?
Why do people blow their nose when they have a cold?
What are the websites for information about "Water pollution in Mexico"?
Comments please on wearing contact lenses!?
where can I find affordable medical identification in GB? I have Diabetes Type 1. Too ill to talk.?
Does anyone have any successful drug rehabilitation stories?
Have you ever taken Ritalin?
i think my daughter might be sniffing solvents she has got a few ulcers in her mouth also sore throat a?
Do humans have more diseases than any other animal species?
streptomycin how does affect ears does it cause deafness and tinitus?
I work nights and have been having trouble falling/staying asleep a friend suggested calcium will it help?
If you're sleeping for 8 hours a night, How many hours should you nap?
I'm only tired in the morning.?
I'm 16 & I have a vein popping out behind my knee?
Hairy armed 5th grader!!!!!?
I can't wake up, I'm hot, hungry and nauseated?
dizzy, tingling fingers,diarrhea, shaking,, weak in bodY>?
HSA Account - switching to a non HDHP plan?
how do you wake up after a long nights sleep?
when should i take my vitamin (morning or night)?
what can i add water to to save money and reuse?
All doctors please open!!?
Can vitamans help you sleep better?
if i smoked only two cigaretts and havent smoked in seven months how long will it be in my system?
im taking wellbutrin XL and it keeps me awake!?
Medical Services- is there a point to go abroad?
can any one tell me what it is when you have small tiny lumps that look like goose bumps.?
heart palpitation at night can I die?
is something wrong with my heart or blood?
Is it safe to take warfarin, plavix, and aspirin at the same time?
Would it surprise you to know that Multiple Sclerosis is, basicaly brain damage!?
cortison injections....?
Sad news, one of my friends as been rushed to hospital?
Am I supposed to tell people this? ?
obsessively counting letters?
is there some thing wrong with me if i feel like someone is watching me all the time?
Anxiety and Paranoia-please help?
if your 17 looking for and go to a doctor looking for anti anxiety medication do you need a gaurdian with you?
Ssri medications not working for my generalized anxiety?
Do i suffer from a real mental illness?
can you get valium, xanax, klonopin or ativan over the counter?
Is this feeling what you call depression?
I think Im bipolar..how to start?
What type of dance class would be best for my anxiety and OCD?
How do I tell her suicide isn't the answer?
How much Benadyrl do i have to take to start hallucinating?
How should i deal with my depression?
I feel i need to see a doctor but im scared of going.?
Is this normal for a teenager?
Will there be a rush hour 4?
Will an SPF30 sun-lotion work when using a sunbed?
What causes heat rash?
is there a home rhemody for pearly penile papulles that actually works???
Does Ketsugo Antibac Gel and Oil Neutraliser really work??
Any of you psoriasis sufferers got any tips to share?
Drinking alcohol...?
Remove mole with herbal paste?
i was wondering what shades of brown eyes are their?
what are the effects of smoking?
Will snorting Methylin do any damage to my nose if I only do it a few times?
MAJOR breathing problems when running?
i have been working in black mold for 2 days now about 10 hrs, will that make sick?
What are the early symptoms of diabetics, blood pressure, asthma and week eye sight any homemade test to find?
What are the health symptoms when black mold is present in the household?
If pneumonia is left untreated will it cause bacteremia?
what is chronic venous?
How long does kennel cough last?
My 14 yr. old son says he feels like he cant get enough air into his lungs?
my doctors weening me of cocodamol 30x500 iam worried how iam going to be when iam of them?
Hard to breathe while running, whats wrong with me?
Help Please! I'm having a lot trouble breathing?
Robitussin night time robo trip?
I have had a cough for 4 weeks! I think it might be there for the first day of school :(?
What is causing the problem?
I've had a form of Upper Respiratory Infection for the past 5 months. Stuffy Nose, Mucas all day long, cough?
What can I do about this toxic mold problem...?
What happens when you have allergic reaction too deaodorant? Like what are the symptoms?
If a person has hives could that person get a tattoo?
How long for Antibiotics?
Do I testicular Cancer?
I have extreme violent diarrhoea for the 8 days, waiting results from bloods and stool samples.?
if their was something you get rid of for good what would it be?
Can I get rid of scars?
My nose is constantly snuffly and running - how do I get it to stop?
I got these small spots on my skin?
How do I stop donating to Heart Research?
Small red itchy bumps over fingers?
my friend is bulimic, but she says she only throws up occasionally,?
What would you do if?
can i buy prescription water tablets on line?
Muscle knot in my leg for days...?
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
Feeling like something is stuck in my throat? Inflammation/acid?
what do doctors look for when they do a throat culture?
Is it possible to break your foot by cracking it?
why when only drinking half of a small glass of wine 125ml I need to get to the loo pretty dam fast to avoid?
Can douching be harmful to our health??
How do you treat restless leg syndrome? Usually comes on at bedtime, lasts for half an hour or so.?
Has anyone had their gall bladder removed?
how can u tell if some1 is bulimic or anorexic what the difference?
what are the benefits....?
why is my baby vomiting and got diarrhoea?
When do HIV symptoms usually show up and is 3months the right time to get tested ?
Know any remedies for sore throat after a flu?
I have had a sore throat for about 4 weeks now, I have been to the doctor who prescribed voltaran for the?
how often "iodin tablets" should be given to children and why?
what biological mechanisms make HIV virus can't survive and reproduce in animals?
spot prevention help?!?
what can be the problem when the lymph glands .?
I have the mumps now 2 weeks plus and my son is only 4 months what are the chances of him getting it?
Hand Foot and Mouth. I only have 3 spots, is it o.k. to go to work?
Measles, how long does the rash last?
treatment h.bacter pylori in pregnancy?
Medical question is this just a cold?
whats r common warts?
What is the best medium/high strength oral Antibiotic to take when taking Coumadin?
Would I be able to go to the hospital or doctor without any health insurence and no Id?
double vision in one eye, am i okay?
how long does it take to pass a kidney stone?
how do i get rid of mosquitos?
When you take a laxitive have a good bm then its water are you completely cleaned out?
what if i got nosebleeding?
I am a 13 year old girl. Is going to bed at 3.30am - 4.00am and waking up at about 12 midday, ok for a week?
I dont smile too often cause smiling would like inflate my cheeks.!!HELP?
I ripped my septum piercing while i was asleep.?
did I have a seizure or what?
Why do my eyes get tired after I rub them?
I got electric shocked and now my whole body feels queasy, help!?
Why am I so warm all the time?
Is 122/60 with a pulse of 68 good or should I go to the hospital?
Anybody Experience with Wellbutrin?
Depressed at night, especially sundays?
How do I improve my self confidence?
I feel like I don't have control over my emotions, what do I do?
Is there such thing as speedy/fast counseling?
How to find ways to cope with being ill and having to take care of someone else?
Can anyone give me some ideas I been stuck this way 10 points?
My body hates me!!! :(?
Do you think my cousin planned this verbal attack on me for a long time?
How do you fight off the urge to kill yourself, someone, or something?
i need help got a problem?
Do anti-depressants cause a lack of empathy?
Could it be a mental disorder?
i sort of think i'm going crazy.?
Do I have OCD with these conditions?
Possible brain issue?
when does bird-flu come round and what ages will it affect???
I have been experiencing the following symptoms:?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.... advice please?
What does it mean when your pupils are small and fixed and dont dilate when in a dark room?
Whites of eyes yellow - does this signify anything?
HELPP! runny poos there never solid?
Can you drive straight after an HPV vaccine?
Can a person in a coma feel physical discomfort?
My friend thinks he has gluten intolerance. Can anyone tell me anything about it?
Why is it recommended that people with varicose veins don't use foot spas?
Unmanageable upper back pain?
Why does the inner corner of my eye hurt?
Took too much Tramadol on Accident?
what should she do about this type of pain??!! Please Help!?
my right side hurts, but i already got my appendix out. what can i do?
Weird dull pain in my leg. like shooting through my whole leg. whats causing it and how do i get rid of it?
Bad back?! Spinal chord sticks out far?
I can't focus on my school work after having a migraine, what should i do?
if you sent a xmas gift by ship to canada how long would it take ??
Do I have to pay for a sick note off my doctor if I'm off sick?
Are there bifocal contact lenses for astigmatism?
are there any ways to stop snooring??
Who attack by Acid Reflux Back Pain?
Why have I been coughing for 4 weeks with no kind of sickness in sight?
Could i be exhausted?
chest, left side and back pains?
what does it mean when it says bronchitis is "self limited" ?
What are the two substances in cigarettes that interferes with normal respiratory system?
mysterious coughing for three years?
Prolonged exposure to mold?
the xray result says my lungs is clear of lesions what does it means?
New miracle vitamin discovery for alzheimer's disease. Is this just a convinent £23 Billion back for the gov't?
I've got a lump on my abdomen?
can you help suspect liver problem?
what happens after cataract surgeory?
My son has a rash all over his body?
Why am I about to vomit after taking Doxycycline?
is there any possibility that someone has skin cancer in a high level but no stigmata?
Scar across bridge of my nose?
What can cause one of the discs in your upper spine to go triangular shaped?
Whats the medical term for being allergic to pure silver?
I have severe insomnia and am desperate for sleep. I've tried all prescription sleep aids and OTC aids. Help!?
Chances of getting Bipolar Disorder?
Anyone know about breast cancer from moles? Im 15?
Hypertension and kidney disease?
doctors note for PE?!?!?!?
what are warning signes 6 months after heartvalv replacement surgery?
when you have high blood pressure and a fast heart rate what can you conclude from that?
How to keep from getting high blood pressure?
Is it normal for me to sleep all day?
small circles within a blurry light far away? (nearsightedness)?
Feeling sleepy for the last 2 days?
I'm Ceoliac.. need some help.. :(?
Does Acutane really work?
Black strings in stool?
EYES; Is it because I Sleep during the Day or being on the Computer All day?
Nursing Dosage Calculation?
do I need a tetnaus after a cut while handling raw meat?
what does it mean if you have a small liquid filled sac under your eye after you sleep? heart related? or no?
Could this possibly be a stroke..?
constant heartburn and dizzy spells?
Could I have had a sleep seizure or was it something else?
Are there any forensic nursing programs (not like the college stuff) that I can b involved w/ 2get a headstart?
My knees are trying to buckle up/give out when i try to stand up?
I think I might have mouth ulcers?
is this allergies?plz answer!?
can prednisolone get me bigger?
What causes blisters/rash in children after an episode of fever?
has anyone here had a urine infection?
Why have I been asked to have my MMR booster jab at 24?
such a sore dry throat!!help?
Who discovered scarlet fever?
Where can I get the single mmr vaccination in South London?
Tummy bug affecting whole family. Virus or food poisoning?
What is the typical incubation period of salmonella?
Do I have mono? ??????? PLease help me?
Are ulcers the same as cold sores?
I tried X last night and...?
How do I control my temper?
do i have something wrong with me?
How to make my Left Brain Active?
Why do people think drugs are bad for you?
i feel like im trapped inside of my own body?
What type of things can you talk about at counseling?
What do you think about methadone treatment?
How can I gain a photographic memory?
help me im really sad :(?
Someone over the internet said something I find hard to believe please read:)!?
i have a 16 year old son with bipolar tourettes adhd and a fiance' that does not help me out what do i do?
What are the odds in my mother having ADHD, if i have it?
What is therapy like?
Can a conscience exist without any empathy at all?
I have just started taking Trazodone 100mg for depression?
How can a person see a psychologist?
I hurt my ankle and I don't know what I did.?
Back pain constantly nothing helps?
im having really bad back pain?
can kids rupture their ear drum by holding the nose and blowing?
What is this hip pain?
Why is going on w/ my left calf muscle?
tendinitis? what can I do to fix it?
Why does my foot itches?
Should i be wearing a knee brace for my patellofemoral pain syndrome?
Back Pain Next to Shoulder Blade?
Chest Cold help? Any remedies and suggestions?
What is the most inexpensive and efficient way of cleaning the air after smoke in a large room in winter?
tight chest and gallbladder?
did i have an anxiety attack?
biaxin xl and nyquil?
my baby has cold but doesnt have runny nose cough sneezing just really bad congestion in th chest to wher?
How much cranberry juice should you drink per day for kidney problems?
What is the difference between an internist and a gastro-enterologist?
anyone know a good dermatologist clinic in australia?
bell chest in humans?
How long did u take doxycline?
How to use the Dermaroller myself at home?
Can anyone help out with this skin problem please ?
Worried about Seb my little rat as his mycoplasma seems to be getting worse?
what crops are grown in lincolnshire? Needed for allergy testing?
Coping with grief?
Please people help me?
Are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
i am suffering from anxiey?
i cant stop sweating?
Do people urinate or loose bowel control when under general aneathetic?
Anyone else had bad effects from this medicine?
Urget to throw hot drink at someone?
What's the best brand for a digital weighing scale?
Ear Peircing??
Why is it that when a child goes out, the mother says "Don't come running to me when you break your leg!"
i have a rash........?
Red bumpy rash around my top lip after shaving, sometimes turns very dry and flaky, what is it / prevention?
Can I go to a high street pharmacy for a red face treatment?
Have you found that evening primrose oil works for child's eczema?
has any one tried liquid aminos acid, does it work and what does it actually do?
what is a limth?? because mine is swollen?
My mum has a tumor on her liver the size of a grape. Anyone got experience with this?
Help losing hair???
What causes eating disorders?
My wife & infant child were badly bruised in a hotel bathroom when a disabled bar fell off wall - can we sue?
what is the cause of epilepsy,does it have a cure?
what should i do now? ill health?
Does anyone know what Levothyroxine tablets are actually made from ?
Sudden partial los of sight in one eye.?
5"3.5 85 pounds recovering anorexic, no periods, ill all the time, what should I eat now?
i have blood in my stools..?
Am i colorblind if...?
Can you randomly get cross eyed?
I've been on allergy shots for the past two months. I'm not getting better from them, my congestion is just as?
Why did i get nauseous and dizzy on the airplane?
Consequences of taking too much ibuprofen (advil) daily? Anxiety headaches.?
Is there any care homes or clinics in Alberta, Canada to give me an offer letter as a registered Nurse.?
knee is numb after wiping out on motorcycle?
Can constipation affect mood?
Where can I find the sample goodnites?
describe the correct method of calling the fire Brigade?
how many MG.of nicotine in one cigarette?
whats causing my daily headaches? is it the heat?
Best book on anti-aging or age-reversal or immortality and eternal youth?
My son who is 13 head hurts when he laughs real hard.?
Urgent! Wisdom tooth! Please help!?
What to do if a hospital refuses treatment in Atlanta?
what causes blood pressure to drop suddenly and makes you pass out.?
has anyone had hypnosis for anxiety and did it work?
am i dehydrated or is it just me?
Shooting pain in wrist!!!!!!!!!?
What don't insects like?
how much cost a torn knee ligament operation with no health insurance?
severe dry mouth and don't exactly know why?
head ache, back ache(right side), stomach ache (right side), fatigue, migrane (5 days), sore muscles and fever?
Should i visit the walk in centre with my sore knee?
sleeping/waking up question please help?
What is the psychological term used when someone has a mental illness?
I think im addicted to my computer. How can i get over this addiction?
Do I Have Some Kind Of Mental Sickness?
what foods are best to avoid if you have ADHD?
Is this weird (20 characters) ??
ok im 15 years old ive been bullied all my life since grade 1.?
Feel too senstive to live in this world?
I have a question about clausterphobia....?
What should I do about this weird problem with money?
How to get rid of Stress?
Anything to help calm the nerves?!!!?
what are some things i could do if in stressed out and every little things annoying me?
Do people hear voices in their head to escape stress?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why do i always feel this way ?
paranoid schizophrenic?
To get rid of depression?
Contraction of Hepatitis A-E whilst abroad.?
some common sources of infection people with disability?
What does the thumbnail look like in it's various stages as it's growing back and recovering from a fungus?
Glandular Fever - Can I catch it like this?
I've been coughing for about a month now?
The symptoms of allergen-mediated asthma result from which of the following ?
itchy throat and cough?
what are the benefits of vitamin c ?
why do A&E staff wear blue scrubs different from the rest of the hospital staff?
Klosterfrau Melissengeist - German herbal stomach remedy.?
can anyone advise what to write for nvq level 3 health and social care regards to the different legislations?
Skin sensitivity around navel?
Delivery of care services?
what is paul bunnell on a blood test form?
my boyfriends has a abcess on his thigh?
What's it called when a blemish on your face relates to a health problem on your body?
how do i get over acne?
is hair failing out a sign of serious anorexia?
Anybody ever lost a partner to dementia and how long did it take?
always getting bitten at home - fleas/ bedbugs? Need advice?
What is the latest research to find a cure for "Lichen Sclerosus"?
Whats the best way to deal with an absess?
i have a boil - HELP. ://?
9 month course of accutane (roaccutane in uk) finished 1 week ago but stil spots?
bad dark circles under eyes didnt have before i took accutane (roaccutane in uk)?
methods to get rid of a lisp?
What's wrong with my left eye?
Whats good for keeping face skin hydrated smooth and healthy?
medical terminology help! for chest xray?
Is a heart attack possible for a 17 year old girl?
What is wrong with me?
How do I have a sebaceous cyst removed?
What are these small red spots on my fingers?
im getting bad lower back pain! help!?
Is there a way to cancel blue cross blue shield insurance online?
Pain in the lower left side of my abdomen when I lay down?
In the gym, hurt my wrist?
how many regular tylenol does it take to od?
Why on earth am i in pain?
yesterday my knee was clicking got up today it is swollen and burning it hurts on the inside and i can only be?
can a dislocated elbow heal 100%? can i get all movements of my arm back 100%?
Sharp pain by right ribs?
I have a pain in my wrist/hand?
I'm 14 , could I have arthritis?
Why is there a ringing in my ear?
why am I so boney and hungry? Please help?
I had my cartilage peircied today and its crooked, by chance would it work its way out?
what is benenfits id card?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Hi my grandmother is having mental problems some times when she sleeps can someone help?
I think I suffer from Anxiety? How do I get rid of it.?
What should i do??!!?
trouble sleepings past week?? start of something bad?
What is the highest frequency I can hear without damaging my ear?
I cant drink too much water, why?
How would the new health care reform affect me, if I'm not insured at all?
Drinking alcohol while on Paxil dangerous?
Why do I fall down [HBP related?]?
I,m 22 and depress how can I defeat this I,m rotten myself at home?
Combat arms "out of memory "?
Is it strange that i like to fantasize about being raped? What could this mean?!?
I have a Strange OCD, why am I like this?
Is 5 months too late for the 18 month booster vaccines? Will it have the same effect if the child gets it at 2?
Pain next to my hip on right side? Should I get immideiate help?
My Eyes Feel Strange?
I have a bad smell coming from behind my earlobe?
do diet pills interact with methadone?
what wrong with me all of a sudden i dnt feel like eating?
Do you think my mental disorder is considered severe?
Is the zoloft working or not? Idk?:(?
how come when im in a conversation i cant think of anything to say?
What is happens with NHS in this country?
How long do most people wait for a NHS hearing aid?
I have a problem and the doctor's are taking to long?
Sneezing - help!?
Any suggestions for slowing my body's deterioration?
hv ibs pass out thro pain doc says it vasovagal episodes need to c neurologist why?
why do I fall asleep after I eat?
"Why is it that British people who lived in Britain from 1980-1986 cannot give blood in other Countries.?
What is a TB test? And what do they do?
Is the patient with tuberculous pleural effusion infectious?
Why do i always worse after taking antibiotics?
i may be addicted to cigarretes someone answer a question for me?
what is wrong with me if these sympthoms occure?
Sudden death syndrome?
Are you supposed to eat anythin when u have a stomach bug or not? so far i cant keep anythin down?
constant rectum leakage?!?!?!?
Can You Recover From A Stroke?
i have numbness all over my body and pins and needle runs through my body,legs get weak it is worse at night?
whats the best cure for anxiety?
What is it called when your nose is unsymmetrical?
Do I have a Blood clot?? Help!?
Why is taking olive oil supposed to move gallstones?
can anybody tell me how long the affects of black mold exposure can last.?
is urinal infection related with irretable bowel syndrom(IBS) ?
helping what can he take for acid in throat?
how to get rid of cigarette smell in home?
Passing Black Stools?
Is there a need for critical illness insurance when your 30?
Is it weird that im only 16 and have chilblains ?
Blocked saliva gland?
Can E.coli infection and the diseases it leads to, be fatal?
I have low thyriod and i take Thyroxine....?
Help with gastritis?
Can the radiation from x-rays make you sterile?
Big blister problem?
I have spoke to docs about mums tumor and it is very what rare what are the chances of me getting it?
ive got some weird marks on my body :/?
problem with prescription medicine?
how do you get rid of a blocked nose?
is this a abscess? if not what could it be?
how to deal with the possibility of having cancer at 17?
Redness on one of my cheeks, please help?
Help! 18.y.o. How can I stop getting myself worried that I have tinnitus?
Has anyone managed to get rid of (or reduce) fordyce spots?
Is this mole cancerous?
i have a medical reason i suffer from epilepsy and living at home can get council flat?
how to get rid of facial warts?
Is it possible to eat plums from a sick plum tree without getting sick?
ear problems!!!!!!!!!?
Wierd heart beating...what is it?
Bald patched on my head.!! HELP ASAP?
how to treat bacteria?
I'm going to be requesting a gluten allergy test from my doctor.?
is a skin biopsy for celiac disease a positive result?
Very painfull neck problem?
What does a low lymphocyte percent usually mean?
numbeness and left side headache?
12 weeks and upper abdominal pan?..help?
is there something i can do to stop the pain i froze my fingers?
Can you take pain meds before an extraction?
My lower back is killing me! help!?
What happened to my throat?
Regular choking or airway obstruction question?
i feel sick can you try figuring out what i might have?
cleaning lungs of tar?
what are the benefits of smoking cigarettes ?
can i still get into the marines with asthma?
White bump behind my tonsils on the side of my mouth?
help!! I put acrilyic paint in my face?
how long does chicken pox last roughly in a seventeen year old ?
whats wrong with my eyebrow piercing, is it infected? (pic)?
How is the NHS regulated?
Why do I have tingling in my leg, arm and face?
How much does the average Hard working Human Sweat?
Does anyone know the turnaround time for results of hospital pathology reports.?
how do you improve your posture?
any tips on how to improve yourself?
Hi i am a 53 yr old male, and am experiencing gas like pain between my shoulder blades, i find one way of reli
why do you screen a person before exercise?
I've lost my head. Has anyone found it?
I think I have headlice and I can't get treatment until tomorrow?
How frequently do you have to urinate, for it to be considered excessive urination?
flea bites that wont remove off my skin?
Extremely dry skin around mouth, slightly firm, cause?
Will Regima serum c help with hyperpigmentation?
OCD and Eating Disorders?
I think I have an eye infection?
Are strokes and intra cranial bleeds hereditary?
what is meant by a duty of care to a patient?
i want abrotion due my bad health.tell medicine name?
Is it bad to run with a stuffy nose?
i work night shift 10pm to 7 am and i have trouble sleeping?
today i ate how i normaly do but i didnt drink as much water.and i feel weak and dizzy.?
Why is my knee still numb?
how can i quit my nail biting habbit?
Take away glare on glasses?
muscle in left knee cap keeps twitching?
Medical records between doctors in Ontario?
I am always beyond tired..?
For all CNAS...Do you like your job?
I mouth words after I say them?
What is going on with healthcare?
Waking up extremely tired?
pain and twitching in my left eye?
i have tonsillitis.....?
strep b throat infection with itchy rash?
how many people died of flu last year in the UK?
how to deal with mood swings?
What does this mean?????
How can I stop obsessing over little things?
My parents are forcing me, help please?
Please help me!! (20 characters)?
whats wrong with me? help..?
borderline personality?
Does seroquel have an antidepressant effect?
Is there a way to calm myself down after seeing something terrifying?
I want to stop being lazy!!!!?
Some sort of weird thing i can't describe properly?
How to recover from a dangerous 2 year relationship?
Anyone with anxiety that has this problem?
How to over come emetophobia?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
Is there a way around loneliness without socializing, which of these is the best option?
If I take two of my Nature Made Magnesium 250mg will it give me diarrhea? Anxiety and Panic attacks.?
help me with this pain? :(?
my left leg hurts :(?
Pain when I touch my sides or back?
Unusual Knee Pain Question?
my brother got into a bad bike crash today and he is tasting blood in his mouth but there is none?
how to stop tooth pain for 1 year old?
I'm really scared to an endoscopy does it hurt? What is the entire process like?
Can stress cause tummy aches.?
Why does my head n stomache hurt when i stress?
My neck hurts whenever i turn my head to the right?
Outline of pathway of blood from myocardium of heart to arm?
Major heart problems?
My bro is suffering from concussion after a bang to the head. How long will the vomitting last?
how do i get rid of spots that are all coming up in the same place?
My athletes foot flares up after i shower?? i dry between my toes and put an athletes foot powder on! any tips
what is the most affective way of using BENZOXLY 4 topical acne cream?
how LONG does it take untill a scab disapears on your face?
whats the diffrebt between whitening your skin and bleaching your skin?
my four skin needs to be cut?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads and spots?
why am i so cold?
Throat hurts a lot!! Help!?
Doctor said I was going to be born disabled?
rib pain after taking flagyl?
Are these heat spots or a sign of something dangerous?
What are all the Symptoms for Hypothyroidism (An underactive thyroid)?
how to get rid of chickenpox scars?
how can i get rid of spots around my neck and back before October?
can I get infections from my dog?
Nose pericing please heeelpp?
why have i had the cold for over 2 years?
Help with blisters please?
Treatment for asthma attacks?
does this sound like sleep paralysis to you?
does kid cudi smoke weed?
What is Wrong with me? Please help!?
I have an ear infection?
Can I smoke weed if i have a job screening in two weeks?
Other treatments for otitis media..?
Stuffy chest and contracted airway?
could this be asthma?
Would it be poisonous to inhale smoke from a coffee filter?
can you breathe under water by kissing?
What does it mean when you cough up blood ?
Did my bronchitis turn into pneumonia?
is it severe to have chest pain in anemia?
i have a cough and breathing problem when i cough that related to respiratory infection,so what kinds of home?
Why some people smoke?
I am going to sneeze any second. Could somebody pass me a tissue, please?
How long generally does it take for valium to have an effect?
why are sewers and drains so dirty?
Why do some running shoes contain air in the heels?
Carbamazepine / TEGRETOL Novartis.... your experiences?
And how much asbestos removal workers earning?
is it normal or dangerous to have falling low blood pressure after or during anaesthetic including epidural?
Angioplasty/ PTCA (With one Regular Stent) Surgery -should I travel to India for this?
Why is that when you go into a steamy bathroom, your glasses steam up, but not your eyes?
Arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - Should I travel to India for this?
Complex knee ligament reconstruction and stabilisation - Should I travel to India for this?
I had a dream lastnite i was eating ice and the taste made me feel sick?
Nurse Practitioner?
ive just used a temperary hair spray dye. is it bad if u mistakinlly inhale it?
hi do you know how much a knee cap cost private bupa etc have you had it done nhs refuse 35 is too young!!
What can i eat or drink to help me feel more awake?
Ventral Hernia (One Mesh only) - Should I travel to India for this?
Allen and Amish - aka Barbara and Joseph???
For anorexia to be diagnosed, do you have to also to have amenorrhoea?
Can piles kill you...?
A frozen shoulder, What are the symptoms and treatment?
legs feel swollen and heavy?
How would you get treatment for quite simple conditions if you're not registered with the NHS?
Does anyone on here have bad eyesight?
does folic acid prevent downs syndrome?
some times when i sneeze, if feels like my rib cage is about to snap inwards anyone else get this?
Get rid of Ganglion cyst?
about antibiotics...?
My thyroid is underactive and am taking throxine ( for 10 years ) but am feeling no better , anyone else simil
Is Aspergers Syndrome a disability?
will a person on Warfarin and Statin Medication and on a very resticted diet still put on wieght?
My son goes to the neurolgest soon and i need some questions to ask him.?
What could this be on my eye?
Genetic disorder for 1/4 Welsh?
How do I get rid of throat ulcers?
my big toes lost sensitivity in certain spots..?
sharp/stabbing pain in my lower right rib cage?
what does it mean when you are having sharp pains in one side of ur head and its around your temple area?
Question about knee problems? ?
Pain in the face, what could that mean?
What can help my severe foot pain?
Gauge ear infection and neck tenderness?
what is swine fever and whats are the symptoms?
what could be wrong with my 13 year old son he has had lower back pain for 3 months now?
can someone help me figure out what this pain in my chest is?
I'm qoinq to qet my dimples pierced what does the pain feel like? is it Realy bad? ?
Strange pain in my chest?
does a local anesthetic hurt in the toe?
My inner thighs are really sore. How do I soothe them?
quickest least painful way to die without a gun?
how do i get rid of a stuffy nose?
what caused the white arch next to my cuticle on my fingernail to suddenly raise up into a bump?
Anyone have any idea of what I could of been bitten by?
what is a meat train?
Energy drinks and tylennol/advil?
weak neg at home drug test weed?
what is a personal care home?
How can I relieve the pressure from an ear infection?
How is snoring best treated?
Whats this bubbling/fizzing/twitching feeling in my muscles that i get sometimes, i think from exercise maybe?
I have a pain in my left side/back area...?
Nursing diagnosis help!!!!!!?
can someone answer some interview questions to become a pediatrician please i would really appreciate it?
What causes ripples & ridges in my finger nails?
What should I do in the meantime?
What reading is your blood pressure during a heart attack?
20-year-old with high systolic blood pressure?
Is it possible to have two heart attacks in a weekend?
My mom has reading troubles(mostly with her vision) how can i help? any ideas?(i forgot to add some things.)?
I want to get contacts.?
Why am I having a run of bad health?
I want to go away from Brazil. Somebody help me!!!?
has anyone got addicted to kapake tablets ?
anti depressants?
What is Wrong With Me?
Is there a financial limit or point that you will say "no more, I quit smoking"?
would taking 20mg of dianabol for 6 weeks cause any damage to my liver and kidneys I am 31 and in good health.
I get cold shivers to my heart and chest region where it goes freezing for a few seconds. What can this be?
Need to be sick....?
ALS and frothy sputum, and on a ventilator?
can you get high from the crystal meth smoke even if your not the one smoking it?
Woke up with blood in my mucus?
Does anyone know what the long term affects of using the prescription drug Ranitidine are?
Why does my chest hurt?
amoxicillin. OTC drugs?
help!!! pharmacological management, predisposing factors and precipitating factors of dengue? please...?
Upper respiratory tract infections and hepatic abscess. which of this the amoxicillin use to treat?
mold and health problems?
Do people with asthma have permanent dark circle below the eyes?
I think I have tonsillitis...?
If under a general anaesthetic, do you dream?
any information on the drug ciprimil?
Is warm water good for your vocal cords?
Why does my asthma suddenly get worse after dinner?
why am i always out of breath?
is it nivea cream is useful for oil skin?
anything easy and fast working?
after using new skin care products should skin be dry and flakey?
Cefixime dispersible tablets are used for what treatment?
Manageing Multiple liver cysts?
Someone poured acid and bleach over my boyfriend and it made him blind and left his skin burnt for life what?
Whats this white spot thats on my elbow?
What may prevent children developing through play?
has anyone had Isolated Limb Profusion at a hospital in Glasgow as a result of metastic melanoma in arm? How?
Stomach pains leading to Liquid yellow stool and appetite loss?
Am I deaf in one ear?
cant sleep at night for coughing?
Liking to wear and use diapers?
This short video deeply moved me, does it help you?
what are the effects of addiction in dota allstars?
Attached to the program Chuck help?
how do i know if i am spaced out person o rnot?
Could my ex have a borderline personality disorder or is it just depression?
whats wrong with me. help please?
I was diagnosed with (SPD) schizoid personality disorder?
How to break music addiction?
why am i so sad? some one help?
My BF got on depression medication two weeks ago and has since then almost completely stopped talking to me...?
What to do about Avoidant personality disorder?
Family Issues. Help??=((?
I Need advice from someone. I have noone else. Please help?
Is this considered a 'split personality'?
Does Zyprexa cause irreversible brain damage?
Can I take Thermogenic push and abdominal cuts ?
I have horrible leg cramps, how do I stop them?
embarrassing injury - HELP my boyfriend's zip is stuck....?
What Is Wong With Me, someone help?
Hurt Wrist - Broken, Sprained?
Why does my head start to hurt whenever I scream?
I have tight pain in my lower abdominal ?
wha can I do for my thumb?
Dizziness follow by headache?
Which leg cast is better?
Cant even barely swallow, help?
had broken a wrist and side of my foot help please?
Severe abdominal pain... please help?
what's a papsmear?
There are about a million topics on swine flu!!?
what is swine flu???
Swine flu, if it mutates it gets softer and less agressive?
Tonsillitis, Cold/ear infection and Flu? or is it something else?
how many 12 hours days in a row can an employer ask a caregiver to work?
tb shot side effects for children ?
What are the possible nursing diagnosis for seizure? Please give me 10. thank you!?
Why can you see so many of my blue veins?
persistent sleepiness cant wake up?
Hernia, internal bleeding and infection??!!?
Not to sure what is going on with me??? Can someone give me an idea?
can my employer go against my doctors health restrictions he has put on me?
whenever i eat chewingum, it makes me get hungry, why?
My pectus excavatum is really deep?
Pregnancy after umbilical hernia repair with mesh?
Tonight i have terrible insomnia, any suggestions?
Panoxyl Acne Cream...?
Do you know any good cures for hiccups?
endoscopy -what can i eat after it?
health question![pains in chest,etc.]?
Could this actually be bronchitis or something worse?
is pneumonia a chronic disease?
would smoking a blunt wrap . . .?
why am I spitting blood with a headache n stomach pains?
Swallowed Cough syrup down Wrong Pipe?
Xolair vs. Allergy Shots, what should i do...?
is 90over52 low blood presser?
What are some good websites/shops for medical alert bracelets?
Giving support to a friend with terminal cancer?
Real bad cough, can't get much sleep?
blood test result Serum gamma-glutamy1 transferase level = 377iu/L , how long too normal cut beer by 3/4?
recover from pneumonia?
Canesten Cream for Male?
3 years ago I used to sit next to a mate of mine in a local bar?
Hypermobility syndrome related to heart valve?
Should I try ect again?
I can't stop moving I am never focus and am always nervous?
Emotional release help?
Am I schizophrenic or displaying behaviors?
Anyone else feel the same way?
my boyfriend has bipolar and we have a son.his moods changs all the time.he does'nt take any medicine.?
PLEASE HELP?? Keeping my sanity during finals week?
Why would a person do this? Sorry if it is confusing?
What is the suicide hotline for?
Am I having panic attacks?
I have OCD. Is this an extension of this?
What do I do to get out of depression?
Does this seem appropriate?
anyone on prozac for ANXIETY?
Congestive heart failure patient blood pressure to high?
Has anyone had any results with angstrom minerals, especially magnesium?
should i worry about this ?
Get the Air tested in my house for Allergens?
Is there any sort of website that breaks down the ingredients in food?
why are my eyes watering?
What is your best advice for someone going on a training program to get better from a illness..?
Feeling faint and lightheaded a lot?
Is green tea good for a UTI/ possible kidney infection?
i was recently in hospital where i had my blood taken to check my blood count. would anything else have shown?
How can I cure a twitching eyelid?
Can someone suffer from both dementia and Alzheimer's?
what have my friends got bulimia or anorexia?
My mum has diverticulitis and has been told she needs an operation?
i get head ache whenever i move.?
Why would your head hurt for three days?
sinus headache or something else?
50mg of pamelor, swelling? pain? pressure?
really bad headaches?
upper leg muscles???????????
Painful knee popping when bent?
What product is best to reduce spots on sensitive skin?
Why do I get blisters on my heels no matter what shoes I wear?
I woke up with my right fingers partially paralyzed, there is no feeling of tingling or pain, any help?
I need an aswer to this question as soon and fast as possible please?
My left upper eyelid has been twitching since I was 7 years old, it only twitches when I eat something why?
Problems with my knees?
Is it bad if your poo is blue?
I really need help! I can't figure out whats wrong!?
why did I shake violently?
Can I take Tylenol Sinus and Cepacol Together?
vein behind my knee is really noticeable...?
on a ama discharge can the doctor refuse to give needed perscriptions to them?
How do i fall asleep if im nôt tired!?
My veins hurt and are more visible than normal?
How can so much bad stuff happen to one person?
Adderal and alcohol..?
an example of a popular health care provider?
eye twitching?
I have saggy underarms and near my period the glands are very painful. Can I have them removed and tightened?
what causes calcium spots?
do bogie's have any nutritional value?
Anyone been duped with stem cell treatment by ACT at PMC clinic in Rotterdam?
Should I get a transplant?
I would like to know what the green stuff known as snot in your nose r, where it comes from, whats it's purpos
why do we get itchy palms?
How can you break your arm/wrist please help?
How do you reduce swelling from mumps?
Asthma or Bronchitis?
Swine Flu Cancel Holiday To Mexico?
What causes caughing up black stuff?
Could I have pneumonia and not know?
what can i do about my dry cough and tickle in my throat?
can 1 ct scan of the abdomen cause any harm?
Trouble breathing, Please help !!?
what is the death rate for swine flu?
Any one knows what the left pleural angle is?!!!?
Penicillin V and Flucloxacillin?
GERD and constant, hard to get rid of phlegm?
Please Help! Feel like I have to take deep breaths all the time?
Disability claim for mental illness?
help me im so scared!!?
something weird,,,,,,?
Have you ever felt lonely, but still didn't wanna be bothered by anyone?
Why is it that running on a treadmill for an hour/two seems to take care of a lot of depression?
How to respond to my cousin (who I dont like) message?
Can you lose memory when you get a concussion?
what to do if you have a mental breakdown?
Why am i sleeping so much? just started school but i didnt think id sleep so much? ?
I'm scared about gaining weight while taking zoloft :/?
do i have like ADD or ADHD?
Why am I so depressed all the time...help?
If you are on an anti-depressant will you please answer?
Hallucinations at night or when alone?
Positive songs about health?
How to get over guilt, anxiety, and embarassment?
When does being selfish become a symptom mental illness?
Are gamma globulin injections really as painful and embarrassing as some people say?
Has anyone heard of Potters Ash?
How big/noticable would the scar be after spinal surgery?
Yesterday I had an asthma attack and i was put on the usual drug but in a nebulizer and now my chest is sore?
Meningitis needle soon, does it hurt?!?
My daughter keeps getting these abcess things?
How to get rid of a cold?
How to get rid of blemishes? PLEASE HELP i NEED iT!!!?
Im going to have treatment for CIN2 and.....?
why do people get bunions? i'm only fourteen, it's horrible. /:?
How to get rid of dark circles?
can i get Fibromyalgia?
do i have vitiligo or something?!?
what is the best cure for ear wax build up?
How do I treat Phlegm with no cough?
is it true that toothpaste helps to get rid of acne scars?
I have electicity pole in my garden is that cause cancer?
Is this an ingrown hair? Herpe? Wart ???
how do you take care of a person who has a knotted neck?
Why does my back hurt while doing ab exercises?
I need help fixing a problem with my leg?
will my toe hurt after i get ingrowing surgery?
i woke up with a sore left temple, what could this mean?
How to give yourself a bruise...?
Stretches for hamstrings and calves?
what is the hump on my back at the base of my neck?
why does it hurt so much ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Why do I like hands on my neck in the bedroom?
Which foods would be most likely to cause symptoms of lactose intolerance except?
Can Resolve fabric cleaner cause me to get hives?
Could I have allergies or cold, or sinus infection? Sneezing, sinus pressure, clogged nose since about Oct.?
I have been having acupuncture for 5 weeks for IBS. When am i likely to see results?
is it normal that i can sometimes feel my heart beating in my throat?
I have visible dark veins on the palms of my hand sometimes blocthy red palms?.. any advise please.?
Does anyone know a good spot stains clearer?
i really need an answer?
why is iiodine bad for ur skin?
how can i get rid of spot scars?
solutions for acne and pigmentation scarring?
What is Rubin?
my Friend she had nits she is using the method now but she would like some tips?
Leg stretching operation?
why is poo brown n wee yellow?
Have you heard of anyone with bumps on their head?
Where is the cheapest place online to buy contact lenses?
Where can i buy wheat grains for my heat bag?
my foot falls asleep...?
Brown's NHS cuts in essential services should be prevented - what do you think?
How can I sell Lidocaine Hcl /Base (raw material)?
what is the importance of contra-indications regarding treatment insurance?
How long does suboxone take to get out of your system?
is it unsafe to push pins directly into your navel?
cant get a good nights sleep because of hunger?
I am moving to florida in a month from michigan. i have medicare here in michigan and am on three different?
I have been sober for almost a week.?
I'm Tired Constantly! I need help from someone who is in the medical field. Help?
Why does this happen when im trying to sleep?
what should i do to clear out my system of thc?
Can I get sick from a kid who has a sick mom?
I've had a sore foot/ankle for a few days. What is wrong?