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What are the best (or top 100) Hospitals FOR DOCTORS TO WORK FOR?
how can i fall asleep faster?
How bad is I that I've only gotten 3 hours of sleep?
can i take allegra and nasonex together?
After my dog's heart-worm treatment, I picked up two worms-not in feces and still moving. Is this normal?!?
food to avoid due thyroid problem?
Sinus drainage and allergies?
Any Celiacs out there?
How long do I have to wait for knee replacement after knee arthroscopy?
why doesnt my blood boil while siting in a sauna that is 102 c?
Being a blood donor.?
Lump in bladder?
Laser eye surgery?
what is the holistic model of health?
i have mnd and dont want to die anyone know a genuien healer?
Stomach bug or antidepressants?
I have a lump on my chest, is it anything to worry about?
How can you get rid of acne?
do microdermal work on scarred skin?
What would you like to ask?Why is kidney infection so crippling?
biliary atresia, does it run in the genes?
Toe nail has broken in the middle?
where do i get expert advice/treatment?
I am have done my TSH its showing 4.76 IU/ml, but Doctor told me that its an starting phase of Thyroid?
white spots on tonsils, very worried?
where can i get acne/spot tablets ?
Hard Painful Lump Under Armpit Beneath Skin?
what is heart failer?
what should i do...............?
Could I have ADHD or something else wrong with me?
is it a eating disorder if you are worrid if someone going to still your food?
Stop feet movement from past drug use?
if i dont smoke i get panic attacks?
developing an eating disorder?
My mind tells me im hungry but.............?
is this a disorder...?
anxiety help? ulcers in mouth?
i have really bad anxiety in class i dont know why but im scared to go back! :(?
I think there is something wrong with my brain?
Why are some women attracted to Pyschopaths...?
Can surgery change a person's personality?
how i relax correctly?
I woke up with a writing/symbol on my arm?
can u treart finger warts in your blood stream and how do you know it went to your blood stream if u had t?
Could we have HPV/warts?
Do Lysine supplements help reduce cold sore outbreaks?
What are my chances of being HIV positive?
does my partner have to be tested for ureaplasma if i have been diagnosed with it?
Can you get your boyfriend tested for STD/STI's?
what are the symtoms for gonorrhea?
What three conditions are required for growth of STD-causing organisms?
no sure if I did my sti test properly?
What happend to my husband? Couldnt breathe?
Help with vocal chords situation?
Sore Throat (Technically)?
how long does it take zanax to work?
Pharmacy misfilled prescription for my daughter two days ago and today I had to take her to ER?
know any remedies for a wet cough? Please help, im starting college in 5 days :(?
Chest pains and very tired?
Is asthma and the proper documentation enough to get me discharge to any degree?
so I have an infection and some dude went down on me and he kept spitting and chewing what is that?
ear lavage or irrigation is performed for:?
Would I need to take the eye chart test twice? (10 points)?
Is it OK to take thuja, selenium and sulphur (Nelson's homeopathic) all at the same time? Beneficial?
has anyone had a hair transplant with mr dheansa at qvh eastgrinstead?
I have dark circles under my eyes which I think age me!?
Skin problem on the ankle.?
What's biting her?
Swollen lymph glands?
Strange rash on my face / neck?
Infantile Molluscum treatments?
morgellons how to treat ?
Middle-ear infection? Please read.?
What happens if you take just one fat hit on weed, and you don't smoke it again?
very tired grumpy when ever i go into sun head is pounding mouth full of water like i might throw up?
my girlfriend dismantled our stereo during her sleep... should i be concerned?
can you take naproxen more often than directed for a short time?
What are things that make food posining go away or feel better?
Is it okay to peel off the layer Compound W leaved on my foot?
Severe ear pain, jaw pain, fever, nausea etc.?
what is the medical term for "immature hair" I think it is Vila or villa or something similar.?
i just got back from the bars because i couldnt stop sweating?
i want picture for stages of B.malaria in thin blood film?((pls if anyone give me link for this picture)))?
What kind of medication is used to cure malaria, innoculations, tablets, injections?
How to get rid of a water infection?
Clonidine, Gravol, Advil Overdose?
why would my cardiologist ask me how many pillows I sleep on?
How much sleep is too much sleep?!?!?
help my Temperature is low?
why is bluetongue a notifiable disease?
If I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist and spend the least amount of time schooling.....?
I just got bit by a spider and have lost Vision in one eye what is happening?
Do Bugs have an immune system?
Hit hand yesturday and have a question (REPOST)?
Do I have to see the doctor for what I think is thrush?
Trouble with hearing over phone.?
my cookies infected ,com del in scan still infected?
What does the term dementia mean?
Do I have chicken pox?
have i got sinusitis?
is someone whose diet is low in LC n-3 PUFAs malnourished or undernourished?
is parkinson disease are common in women or men?
how long after glandular fever can u kiss someone?
Heart murmur? What does this mean?
Any cardiologists in the crowd?
what can i do for high cholesterol?
what are the long term affects of being high voltage electociuted?
whats yours?
Sick Sore throat runny nose plz help?
When we feel sick and are sick, whats actually happening inside our body? Is it a germ or the food itself?
How do alcoholics survive?
Why can't I concentrate today?
how do you treat an allergic reaction?
Anybody out there with adult add/adhd ?
Question regarding terminal illness...?
Where can I find an evening spa for a hen night on wednesdays?
How do I get rid of dark circles around my eyes. some days they are much darker than other days. Help!!!?
anyone know where i can buy zineryt topical solution online?
can't be in the sun! i break out with blister?
cyclobenzaprine vs diphenhydramine?
How can i get oil from plants can i get oil from lemons?
Allergies with dogs can somebody please help? 10 points.?
Friends MRI scan showed white marks?
Irregular heartbeat and inverted ribs?
Flucloxacillin resistant staph aereus/ M.R.S.A?
how to reduce redness when drying face?
what kind of bites do i have?
ive been feeling extremely dizzy and lightheaded and i dont know why?
I don't know if it is just worrying about it but i feel like there is something wrong with me?
any home remedies for psoriasis ?
my 22 week old westie has started sudden head movements, as if she has had a bad dream but lasts a long time?
I am about to apply for a ENG-1 certificate but have asthma, will this affect my chances during the exam?
What are these spots i get?
HELP!!! I am VERY depressed and I am only 12?
How do I calm down and not care about people i don't like?
my depression get bad on me?
Kind of weird, but just wondering.?
Anorexia and parents :/?
How do i know if i have depression?
are there any medications to stop panic attacks that don't have side effects?
Am i having anxiety attacks?
What is causing my seizures?
Am I depressed? Messed up? What is wrong with me!?
At home and school...?
I feel selfish because im bored of my life... :(?
was i stung by a bluebottle?
stomach burning/pain after eating anything.?
What are the steps to recover from an eating disorder?
Do I have depression?
Wrist and pinky pain?
Huge spider bite with a bruise around it?
I get really really tired at random?
can you get diabetes11 without any symptoms. If any what are the symptoms. I would appreciate a truthfull an?
Does amoxicillin treat chlamydia? What are the STDs that can be diagnosed through urinalysis?
I have a question about chlamydia?
what's that thing on my hermit crabs it's slimy?
my cavy keeps twisting his head up side down and seems to be in pain but is not making a sound i?
what pain meds do they give for rickets?
My feet are so sore I can't sleep?
Does anyone know "tricks" to ease the pain of my Torticollis? thanks?
I am a 24 year old female with chest pains, primarily on my right side. I have been to the ER several times?
stomach pain on the lower left side?
i amhaving antidepressants...i have pain in my legs snd sometines one leg when i am asleep...what may be the r?
Ii need help but…………… ?
Do u think its possible to stop eatin periocets without rehab?
Circulation problems in my feet?
My chest hurts. What is this pain?
Which kind of morphine is more effective?
How to ease braces pain?
night time sore throats?
Do I have shin splints or stress fractures?
why do i get dizzy after i run?
My right middle toe is always becoming swollen on the same spot?
Pain in both shoulders after bench press and other exercises?
What would you recomend , to take?
can i drink alcohol while i got gallstones?
how to speed up the process of an ear infection?
could i still have the disease?
what could cause hypertension, fever, lack of oxygen and tremors all at once?
I have a headache that is getting worse. I have had it for months and I have been blowing out blood for at lea?
hospital information?
Why do i get this shortness of breath?
Could it be asthma or not and swimmers ear.?
TB results . Positive or Negative ?
Am I more vulnerable to diseases? (NO spam, I'll report)?
what bones covers the abdominopelvic cavity and what organs does it include?
What is a foriegn remedy to make you sing better?
1year anniverasary death of my mum?
what is an acute episode of a chronic disease?
chronic runny nose and yellow phlegm collecting in throat...?
My 4 mo kittens have chronic upper resp inf they have had antibiotic injection 2x and I cleaned well help?
Mucinex Question about when to take it?
to much water in one hour? How much it too much?
heat exhaustion in kids?
my right hip pops when i walk and i can pop my left hip when i want to?
Kid swallowed oxygen mask peel pill from philosophy?!?
Health question. Please helpppp?
Describe the following components of reassessment and outcome evaluation:?
If I took 400 mg of generic ibuprofin can I take a xanax?
How long will oxycodine stay in my system?
Pre-Mature baby...what do i do before he comes home?
how do i get raid (insect killer) off of a spoon?
Has anyone used Minuteclinic to quit smoking?
I just started taking my anti-depressants again and..?
why cant my daddy eat?
Possible medical problem? Please help?
Why do i feel scared and weak for no reason? I'm only 14?
i have bad kidney pain on my left side and the right side of my stomach is really swollen what can i do?
Why do I have spots on my back?
How many UK people practice yoga and pilates?
Is here anyone who knows the prices of PLASTIC SURGERY to a face?
NHS Direct help!! PLEASE!!?
Bob Masterton -is this guy insane?
can any1 plz tell where i can buy?
how does a guide dog know where the owner wants to go?
Advice needed?
Are germs hot or cold?
cleaning routines..?
What is the best indoor tanning cream to use?
nhs has just realised breast screening can cause more harm than good?
i've got a family history of ovarian cancer?
Dance Paws vs Foot Undeez?
can white blood cells go up and down all the time?
have i got sinusitis again?
Could this be a Virus?
vcjd risk from surgical instruments in UK?
LACTULOSE QUESTION it has sugar content, mking D gut acidic, lessen the ammonia, y not ingest sugar or lemon?
Pilonidal syst help please?
can someone explain the difference between carrying mrsa? and actually being ill with mrsa?
how does ovarian transmission work?
what would you consider dangerous high blood pressure reading mine is 146 over92?
Has anyone had a skin condition called molluscum?
How to remove blackheads from my back?
how can i get rid of facial warts?
Differin cream for acne? rash developed?
do you have an itch you can't scratch?
Any doctors or health professionals?
Moles on your skin, NOT garden moles?
tar line on the lips ?
Both plantar corns and warts are sensitive to lateral compression! True or false?
i go from being happy to randomly crying i'm not pregnant or pmsing why is this happening and how can i fix?
Is this clonazepam withdrawal?
what does this mean please help!?
Is There Really Something Wrong With Me?
Stalked or guy had disorder?
i think im going to leave my family for sure this time?
Would you say that I'm a "pill-popper"?
I have an eating disorder and am in recovery, should I look at the scale? details follow?
Would CBT from a book help with apathy caused by schizophrenia?
I am so frustrated in school... my mom thinks i might be autistic... Serious question. PLEASE HELP!!?
How can I manage schizophrenic catatonia.. where I just sit there and stare at the wall?
Where can i buy Zoplidem Legally?
How can I get my mother to quit blaming everything on my disorder/lack of medicine?
does anyone have any advice?
Will I get that job or any job?
My psych tends to listen to me too much?
Should I get the HPV vaccine ?
can you feel hpv on your cervix?
How accurate is the HIV rapid blood test if possible exposure was only a month ago?
How many women believe ,Birth control in Africa.?
looking for links and info on HIV/AIDS AND VEGAN/VEGITARIAN DIETS?
bathing suit and stds?
if i caught a std or anything?
hiv test at 12 weeks accurate?
I NEED HELP please !!!!!!!!!!?
STD Clinic Question. Why haven't I heard from them?
my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
Help me figure out what's wrong with my wrist. Please?!?
what can i eat with my spacers?
Does this mean bad???
will an MRI show nerve damage?
can i pop an abscess on my knee?
Pain medication hangover?!?
I've been having bad headaches?
my back hurts alot and im only 16?
How can i ease LOWER BACK PAIN?
i have a cold sore! help?!?!?
please help swollen neck!!!?
fast pulse and heavy breathing help?
hip joint injection, anyone had one?
Does epsom salt help ankles stop hurting?
my "broken" Wrist help please .?
I have a couple of knots around my neck,how to I undo them?
How can you tell if your Finger is fractured or dislocated.?
i cant hear my ear is closed i guess?
what would cause chest pain that comes and goes?? all the time!?? Please help!?
i'm sick and i want to know what i have?
I have a bad cold help!!?
Wheezy wet non-productive cough with a bad taste after?
i seem to be having a problem in my sleep i keep vomiting in my mouth and choking on it badly?
I'm having chest pain...?
I dont know if i have pneumonia?
Who can give me some Medical advice about chest pain?
where to buy chantix w/o a rx?
weird cold sensation in my sinus and it's blocked but no mucus?
neonates and paediatric textbook?
Does flaring the nostrils change the shape of nose/nostrils?
my 17 mo. old son has a nasty cough, fever of 101, green snot, and is incredibly irritable.?
Every time i breathe in all the way i start coughing. does anybody know what that means?
american bulldog coughing up yellow cold been on medicine for 8 days and still coughing.?
What are signs of blood poisoning?
ive had a sickness bug now am over it and need to eat i cant i have a lump in my chest/throat help!!?
whatever eat and vomit..also chest pain?
i have asthma but i have never been to ?
smokin >??? help ?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Dizziness, earache, and deafness.?
Little red spots appearing on my arms, neck, stomach, legs (everywhere really)?
Good cures for bad breath?
I would like information on tourettes syndrome?
Can you get a silver allergy from silver oxide?
In hospital as inpatient for annorexia!!?
Every time I eat "too much" sugar, I get a very sore eye.?
I suffer from eczema for more than 8 years and my eczema get worse everytime when i brush my tongue,why?
Why have I got a rash on my face?
I have a massive stye help!?
how long does croup last for?
Due to have a operation on friday but i have a cold?
I got a little red spot on my upper right arm should i be worry?
Everytime I get a bug bite, it turns into a bubble?
I had waist pain ?what I can do pls. Thanks?
Does Omega oil really help improve childrens concentration ?
Is hair loss related to water temperature and chemistry?
im feeling very tense and unrelaxed all the time i think i need a nice touch female to act as a masuess i will
how do you get rid of toothaches without medicine?
is it safe to take kalms with cytalopram?
Types of STD and types of birth control?
is this a cyst or herpes?
would u do it?
People in MA that come to your house for crisis?
Is guilt highly related to depression?
He wants to marry me but why cant i let him move in with me after 6yrs? Why am i like this? Advice Needed?
Overwhelmed with studies... Reallllyy need Help!?
How to stop being so jumpy?
how can i make my self get sleep?
I 25.Im engaged.suddenly,ive been gtg thoughts for suicide.also feelings of emptynes?
Do i have a bipolar problem?
Best daily anxiety medication?
do I have mental problem?
I feel as if Depression is taking me over, please help.?
Am I dyslexic??Please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Some questions about my anxiety...?
What is imaginary that you can see?
I'm on erthromycin (an antibiotic), does this increase my chances of catching a stomach bug?
Risks from dog faeces ?
Treatment of chicken pox in a 2 year old?
How is water that comes out of our taps treated to make sure we dont get any diseases such as cholera?
Is it threadworm? Confused?
is it normal to swell after having a massage?
Any doctors or nurses on here? I need your help?
What would happen if you took some expired OTC drugs like Benadryl?
What woul happen if you drank nothing..?
My friend sleeps too much. He can take 2 long naps and then still sleep through the night.?
Intake of Raw garlic , daily morning empty stomach Good or ?
hey is it normal for your leg to start twitching like CRAZY?
can private practice dr.'s have surgery on a Saturday?
dude why does my voice still crack somewhat often?
why do people talk about you when you have been so nice to them?
My Boyfriends Mom has cancer how do i help him deal?
nausea,tired and sweet taste on mouth!! Any advice?
How can I get a good, restful night's sleep?
Numbness and tingling on top of right foot?
i have a blister on the inside of my toe from flip flops. what do i do with it?
I don't know what is wrong. Help?
What does aphasic mean? My son recently beating and the Dr's are saying that is what he has so what does it me?
Heart Surgery & contact sports?
what is the chemical name for henna,?
eny desining web sites please ??
Lately I have noticed that my face is very oily.It had not been so till about 5 months back.What shd I do?
etre hand cream for dry skin?
thanks to all who answered the psorisis question?
I want to break my arm but im scared of it hurting when i do it?
Monobrow !?
To the person who asked about the sandy/gritty stuff on the green in the uk read on?
What is the best way to get rid of bruises quickly?
which is faster?
what are the 'Control of Substances Hazardous to health Regulations 1999'?
where can i buy fabric to recover a wheel chair has to be incontinent fabric?
Why does one solitary finger or one toe just itch for a few days and then goes away? No rash or anything?
what are fisures,in medical terms, I had some in my shoulderand had surgery?
why can't i sleep at night?
Does this sound like asthma?
Persistent headache for 3 days straight?
What is this?This internal pain around the mid chest area?
Chest pains after cross country..help!?
whats a good way to get rid of a bad cough?
has anyone tripped off the theraflu thinstrips?
How bad is reverse sneezing. My Westie sounds like she cant' breathe and it's scarey.?
Has anyone taken Zyrtec and had horrible hallucinations that affect your sleep?
Has anyone ever had a Pneumonia during pregnancy and been sent home?
Im very sick and i need help?
Cystic fibrosis in 18 year old?
can you get high off second hand smoke?
i hae a cat with cold like symptoms his nose sounds stopped up and he has to breath through his mouth and he h?
Suddenly felt without air to breathe..?
Do I have bronchitis?????????????????????????????????????????
so what happens to the people 1.3 million people dont know they have HIV?
Possible cure for herpes, do you guys think this will happen on their new found studies?
How can i help my friend that shows symptoms of scristafania?
STD's questions......!?
why is my pee a yellowish brown color?
Please HELP me so SCARED?
Can alternative methods be worked on someone with an STD?
Is it possible to get type two herpes in the mouth ?
Could you have herpes for 4 years and not know it?
Is candidiasis (yeast infection) dangerous to a child's overall health and well being?
Is it possible to get the HPV vaccinations all at once?
Which celeb has the most STDs?
My friend has a prosthetic leg and when he walks he is bothered with sounds of air swishing?
how do i get a scare to go away?
Does this combination combat anxiety and depression? (60mg Celexa, 30mg BuSpar)?
what is this? does this happen to you?
what is the best way to....?
Why do i think like this and act like this?
What medicine will help me with a fear of flying?
can some one tell me which memory pill works?
I need help being confident?
Are some people lives meant to be cursed with bad luck?
PLEASE READ...Have major problem with food....?
where can i get free mental health counseling in portage county ohio?
I think I might be depressed?
Unable to shake off sadness?
I hate myself, what activities can I do to make me feel better.?
What is wrong with mee!!!!!! major mood swings!!!!?
IS IT TRUE.....................................?
Do you think this is bad for a 15 year old?
Risperdol Help PLEASE ANSWER!?
My Granddad has Alzheimer's disease but is afraid of doctors. What can I do?
Analgesics - How long is long-term?
how do you call the leprosy that is not contagious?
what is peak level of vancomycin?
Roughly one in 1,000 Europeans and Americans have an inherited genetic mutation, which prevents HIV from attac?
I think i might have lazy eye?
Is lassic surgery for eyes safe????????
bug bites in england? help?
How to relax when stressed (besides takeing deep breathes)?
I never used to have spots, why do I have them now?
Is Glandular Fever always contagious?
I've had a cough for 4 weeks now?
Does antiseptic cream work on spots?
how to get rid of a cold really fast?
reddish pink patch on sons leg?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
Am I allergic to acne medicine?
help, my dogs ears are horrible!!?
How long does it take to lose the ability to handle a lot of THC?
do you have to have hernia surgery right away?
When your legs begin to swell, is that condition permanent?
Can anxiety cause symptoms such as dizziness, tightness/pain in chest and numb pain in upper back?
I am a 16 year old knock kneed boy would a brace still work?
Could this routine tonsillectomy have caused my daughters vision/hearing problems?
Strange lumps in my neck, what is it?
I work at a nursing home but I'm not a CNA or an RN, I just want to know what this elderly women has?
Is it weird or bad that I wake up at around 1:00 pm everyday?
Recent blood test results question?
Can't keep food or liquids down- help?
Preoprative check up?
how long does thc stay in your system i weigh about 95 lbs?
My 1 year 6 months old kid?
i have a woolworths foot spa "pamering", why do two bits lift out from bottom of it, tks?
How long does caffeine stay in the body?
if you know we are all born into a terminal illness lottery and you have children does this make you a sadist?
How can I get over nervous shaking?
where can i buy epil pro equipment?
please help . . What legislation is involved with safety and security in the workplace???
How long does it take for food to go from your mouth to your stomach?
How long does it take to get over plursee?
making scars more naturaly coloured?
facial fungus dermatitus?
Spots on Afro Caribbean skin??
Why do people have mottled palms?
dangerous UVA light?
How can I prevent skin from drying out from chlorine water?
Mole removal?
Anyone tried a natrual remedy for acne called calendula topical?
Any information on mange in dogs?
Skin blemishes?
Do i have asthma? or maybe it's hooping cough?
chills shortness in breath light headed blurry vision?
there is spot show in chest x-ray is dz means tb?even negative in sputum test?
Could my nightime breathing disorder be sleep apnea?
Treatments for conjunctivitis?
i have a question about a coma patient?
why like this, i am having a problem in breathing, ?
If a patient's total respiratory time and respiratory rate stayed the same but the expiratory time was?
Should i Smoke in my Bathroom?
What cAn i do i have chest pain like i cant breath?
Ear Lobe Infection????
Bronchitis, Pneumonia or just a cold?
What is cystic fibrosis?
I have been coughing, someone help!!!?
incidence rate of acute bronchitis in philippines as of 2009?
what is calcific density in left apex?
What are the effects of HPV on a baby born to an infected mother?
The bacteria that causes syphilis would not be grown in an average hospital laboratory because:?
how do i know if my std has disappeared?
Yeast infection treatment - already cured?
How would one know if one was in the first stages of syphilis?
how is this going to help find a cure to AIDS?
Perianal Absess triggered by raspberry tea?
HELP. hpv shot trauma!?
my friends said she had a blood blister down there what could it be?
Based on Hilary, it seems someone purposely gave me HIV, Herpes, and HEP C, because i Larry. So my revenge?
Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?
Puss underneath tongue?
i think i may have clinical depression?
I think i'm going crazy. what do i do?
Ways to kill youself?
What are 5 stress management skills?
what is the best medication to take during pregnancy if i have a bipolar disorder?
why do i feel like i feel an earthquake??!?
How long will side effects last from lexapro withdrawal?
what mental illness do i have, someone please help me....?
Under extreme stress and having what I think is anxiety.. can anbody help?
I'm to much depended/addicted to my computer, is there a cure..?
I dont feel like a human?
I need help on kissing ?
can i get food poisoning from....?
Malarone/ other anti-Malaria tablets?
Hi does any one have any cures for morning sickness or should i say , all say sickness. Help please : /?
Are sore sides the sign of a urine infection?
Bacterial growth question?
Can you get the mumps again?
What is an I&O? Specifically what does "strict i&os" mean?
I have indigestion every night and idk why?
Can biting your nails lead to appendicitis?
When would I be able to refill my Xanax prescription?
what is the differance between?
Constantly feeling tired?
why every morning i wake up with massive headaches?
How tired do I have to be to finally sleep?
what is wrong with me?
Is this Poisonus or just in my head?
how much does medicare pay on knee replacement surgery?
I get blisters underneath my toe nails?
Im not sick but my tonsils are swollen and its a little hard to talk, whats wrong?
Problem with my foot?
Worst pain! cant sleep with sprained ankle?
Which is the best hospital in south-west london for orthopaedics?
back stretcher , by the ankles?
What do you call people who attend medical college for 7 years,then set up an office with a nurse and waiting.
does anyone else have roseacea and how do you cope with it?
what do u think abt the nhs?
How many people out there trying to quit smoking.?
what is the drug alquen used for?
Do we sneeze while we are asleep? Is it even possible?
Someone asked a question?
In today's operating theatre, does the anaesthetist still utilise an apparutus called 'The Boyle Machine'?
Where can I get information relating to policy and procedures in a social care setting (Scotland)?
has anybody had a spinal fusion?
Would using tropicamide allow someone to see better in the dark?
Yellow in the corner of my right eye?
what would cause lips to swell up?
I've had a tickle in the back of my throat off & on for 3 days, is this allergies?
Question about Zyrtec/Other 24 hour allergy products?
pain near joints is it allergy?
I have been feeling sick?
im scared i have angina at 15!?
Top of nose where the eye is hurts on the left side when I blow my left nostril?
i have a headache,and my throat is little sore almost dry with a little occasional cough?
If you've had bronchitis is it recommended to take out your tonsils?
Has anyone used Aldara?
Have you ever contracted an STD from somebody?
Is this true?
Can you contract chlamydia just by kissing?
What parts of the body does the HIV rash normally appear?
difference between western blot test and EIA test ?
Approximately how many organizations are committed to helping the AIDS relief in Africa?
applying for college...notice of good health?
What Is Antibacterial Soap Is It Like Sanitizer?
Yeast Infection Again? Or someting more serious?
Is smallpox still a problem in parts of the world ?
The doctor gave me Azithromycin and Cefixime ? STI?
Hi I had some blood tests taken 2 weeks ago and my liver function came back abnormal double the figure.?
Severe IBS and normal life?
Had alergic reaction to washing liquid. what to do?
Bleeding of the eyes nose and gums?
my sister has breasts cancer for the second time i want to do something to raise money for breasts cancer?
I feel an aching pain in the lower part of my stomach while urinating?
im having strong headaches?
Is my toenail infected?
My grandma was just diagnosed with myeloma?
Pounding Headaches Lasting All Day, Every Day?
if you smoke then get cancer and die and your great grandchild smokes can they get cancer too?
I used a pin to pick a spot, and now the area look like a bruise. Is this bad?
Pain in arm when drinking alcohol?
can you get throat cancer if you are 17 and have smoked for 8 month?
Sebaceous Cysts?
im worried about my sons skin after chickenpox?
Does any one know of a herbal remedy for a recurring broken vein on my hip? it looks like a big blood blister
Does anyone know something about Volcano therapy with respect to beauty & well being treatments?
How to get rid of Redness on your forehead?
Black eyes??
What could have caused a blister on my arm?
Is it possible to have eyelid surgery and CO2 lasabration for wrinkles under the eye at the same time?
treating the skin of a child with excema when they get chickenpox?
why cant i be happy with anything in my life?
this may sound weird?
what is Anxiety? idont know see haha?
what kinda pictures could I use for Emotional Abuse?
Am I a socio/psychopath?
Shaky, little anxiety, no sleep, hungry but not hungry, what to do?
I am.. very lost about myself..?
Anxiety symptoms PLEASE help?
what is wrong with me????please help!!!!!?
How many kids commit suicide every year?
Would you say this sounds like depression?
What am I to do...............?
Can you get more depression taking Vitamin B Complex?
Mental health problems? symptoms are included! PLEASE HELP?
Hypervigilance/anxiety ... is that what this is, and how do I make it go away?
Why do I shop so much?
Why do I always feel this way?
addiction genetics and children?
I've been harming my body since i was 15 and stopped at 21. Im 22 now. is there going to be any permenant dama?
what is the best way to treat depression?
i had a nightmare and need help?
How long can a person go without sleep?
serious question help !! about blood pressure?
how do i calculate the heart rate in ventricular Bigeminy?
blood pressure is 176 over 84 whats this mean?
It started with lower back PAIN....?
is it normal for your the bottom part of your heart to hurt?
interaction avapro & cialis?
ACL Re constructive surgery - Should i be where i am?
Do you think giving up 2 addictions together is too risky?
i was out in the cold and the wind today and my eyes were watering why?
Why can I feel the nerves beneath my fingernails?
Can swallowing a fish bone kill you? If so how long does it take?
How Do I Get Rid Of Pink Eye With In 3 Hours ?
Can I use both a magnetic mattress protector and a "breathing machine" for apnea plugged in?
for VigRx Plus should i take both pills at once or one in the morning and one at night?
How to get rid of sunburn?
where can I find doctors who have just started their own practice?
I Have Some Red Places on My Skin, and I Don't Know If They're Bites...?
How to stop my eyesight from getting worse?
Does prescribtion drugs have the same shelf life of OTC drugs?
i just want to ask which commercial establishment is this fax number:02 5835759,thanks?
Upper back pain, bad...................?
ok 2 years ago i went in the hospital with really bad chest pains. the doctor did a few tests but sent me home?
how much does a xray tech make?
Can i go for a 4km run after giving blood?
What do you do if you feel like you are going to throw up on a long car ride?
I'm going for knee surgery this month and am trying to get on short-term disability.?
Are NHS hospital records put onto a national database? Can patients opt out of a hospital electronic database?
can ecstacy still affect you in the longrun even though you have vitamin c every time you take it?
i need a remedy for my congested nose and headahe?
my boyfriend got a cat and im allergic! HELP!?
OCD Germ phobia question :(?
Perforated Bowel - I'm scared for my uncle.?
how would anti d injection affect a rhesus positive patient?
Has anyone heard of any cases of the recent swine flu passing into Guatemala as yet?
URGENT, about MRSA!!..?
Will the UK get the Deadly Flu?
What if I only threw up "bile" 1 night?
are particales mixxed or no?
is there any way for rats to get AIDS?
Main symptoms and dangers of HIV/AIDS?
how can I decipher the results of an immunublot test for herpes 1& 2?
Can you get the H1N1 virus from toilet seats?
Grade 8 HPV.vaccine help?
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Vaginitis?
What are these signs of?
Has asnyone heard of "QuickClear" for herpes but can be used for coldsores.?
Does anyone know who started the AIDS channel Organization?
is the gardical shot and hpv shot the same?
What should I expect from my first pap smear?
Describe the sequence of changes that occur during accomodation...?
what happens when you get a cervical cancer jab?
What kind of conditon do these people have?
Are these signs of depression?? ?
Was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid now all the sudden Nightmares, cant sleep weird thoughts. Please help me ?
I want to sleep for like two days?
is it the birtcontrol that is making me so tired?
I just want to sleep for days lol?
Please help, please. Anxiety? What is this?
I need help getting my life under control, checking myself, become responsible and growing up?
I have a sleeping disorder, and I have a couple of questions...?
I feel very depressed... :(?
is it just best to give up?
I cant sleep, I never feel hungry and I allways feel sad. But why?
Combining Low-Dose Aspirin, Lexapro and Propanolol Dangerous?
how to relieve my stress?
I have... issues with telling people how I actually feel?
I should be happy. Why am I so upset and lonely?
How do I shake of my mental issues?
Do you think im gonna be stuck with anxiety for a long time?
Has anyone had an out of body experiance??
Draining water out from ear.?
What is the American term for the drug dihydrocodeine?
Can lack of sleep have serious consequences for you health?
What is the difference between Zen Shiatsu and classical shiatsu .?
what is it like to do it up the sheriffs rusty badge?
how does cough increase intracranial pressure?
sinuses problems?
How do I find a NHS Dr. in Brighouse/ or Tel No. of NHS?
My Contact lenses chipped, is it ok to wear it for one day?
Is my back problem causing my shoulder and neck problem??
If you sit at your computer all day, every day, does it make your bum spread, ie get bigger?
What improvements would you like to see in the NHS?
Can you get a positive urine test for marijuana even if you don't inhale the marijuana?
what happens to the virus when you recover from a cold. Does your immune system kill all the virus?
TB in parrots, is it curable?
is it possible the hospital made my anxiety worst ?
need a answer from some one familiar with muscular dystrophy?
I've had 3 Gran mal seizures now.?
im 17 and i having a chest pain in my upper left chest that comes and goes and i am worried?
do i have health problems?
How do I treat a nasal polyp?
my immune system is weak wbc at 2.7 is that normal?
Had cough for around 2 months?
does anyone else have H.S? I have had the disease for 25 years.?
i have a skin tag that has gone black at the end. am i ok to cut it off and if so what is the best method?
chronic dermatatitis/eczema/lichen simplex chronicus?
Child's inflamed cheeks?
Picking spots?
melia spots?
good advice needed?
Leukaemia Help?
i have a lot of hard white spots under the skin on my face what are they and how do you remove them?
What does it mean when someone says high or low hypertension?
Which of the following has the least known risk of toxicity?
I have a 20 month old with hypoplastic left heart syndrome how low should there pulse ox get?
Why do american's have to pay for health care but british don't?
how long should a half of a blue xanex stay in your system and what can you do to get rid of it?
Why would I sleep for 19 hours?
For a 14 year old, is a 130 blood pressure safe enough to go on the rides at lake compounce in connecticut?
How can i wake up the first time my alarm goes off?
Knee Discomfort on patella?
why have i felt fatigue and tired for the past week or so?
What is the difference?
are swollen glands in the neck or swollen Lymph contagious?
Why does my moms hands a lips shake?
I'm on antibiotics, can I eat weed brownies?
i need some major help!!?
What is wrong with me? :(?
Does the heat of summer make you lazy?
i carnt see the board at school and i dont know weather i need glasses?
All of my life.... =(.....?
i have recently been diagnosed with siliacs disease?
how do i get rid of all my scars?
can i take Galveston with cefalexin capsules 500mg?
Did anyone else notice the Tamiflu poster in Elf?
A great moisturiser for quite dry skin?
What do I need for a home spa treatment?
I think I have an infected toe but I'm going on holiday tomorrow, is it still ok to go?
Will I get food poisoning?!?'v?
Needs help on a sunburn situation?
what is the medical term for a cleft eye?
what organs are affected by a alcohol?
what causes repeat infections ie kidney ,chest,throat and cold?
Is it bad wearing makeup while using an antibiotic gel?
once you've been ill can you catch it again after?
do i have munchausen syndrome?
long question short... can chlamydia kill unborn babies?
Question about the Swine Flu?
when will we know if swine flu is in the uk?
Swine flu - to what extent will a 'normal' flu jab offer protection?
How long do you think the Flu will last? and are you effected where you are?
how can you catch itt?
toe nail infection please help?
Can I buy threadworm drugs from the supermarket?
This. is a serious question , is it possible to contract aids or anyother viruses from public places? ?
does a regular pap show results for all STDs?
is my burn infected or not?
can i get the canadian residence being hiv poz, but getting married with a canadian?
How long after I made out with some one till I have herpies?
Are females more at ricks of contracting a STD than males? why?
any discomfort (tingles),(razor) burn sensations. is this a early symptom of hiv?
Please help me with my heath project.?
Which cells kill virus infected cells?
Why are my hands swollen and hurting?
how long does it take to have acl replacement surgery from a doer?
how do you fix ulnar nerve entrapment?
Can Someone help me explain whats happening?
Mind Reading/Thought Projecting (Paranoid Schizophrenia? Unaware of Talking?)?
Do children with ADD/ADHD cry more then other kids?
Why do I not feel emotions?
I am almost positive I suffer from depression, but how should I go about it?
How do you explain your depression to your parents?
I'm really disgusted.!.?.!.?.!.?.!.?.!?
Do I have compulsive lying disorder?
Question about Prozac????????????????????????????????
How to survive February and March?
Suffering from depression? ?
any good icebreakers for a domestic violence treatment group?
I think i might have anxiety..help!?!!?!??!?
lately i have been really moody and mostly when im hungry should i see a psyc?
Lexapro and adderall question?
I think I'm possessed or have a mental illness . Help? ?
How to stop being afraid of living in a house alone?
Do i need glasses, Help?
Who was professor of Neuro Surgery at the London Hospital for Nervous Deseases in 1979?
Why does the sound of running water always make you want to pee?
Why can they not cure tinnitus, do they think its not a problem for the thousands of sufferers?
Whats wrong with Romilly Weeks? The ITV news reader looks unwell.?
Is there anyone here who sufferes from S.A.D and if so does anyone know of any tips on how to survive it?
where can I get a snooty poochy dog coat from?
How do you get rid of spidery veins?
At what age were you 'in your prime' ? Mine was 30 - 35 years. All downhill now! Tell me about yours.
what is classed as a high temperature, and why when you feel okay do you get them?
Ever been close to death and not realised it?
why do I keep getting pins and kneedles in my hands and arms?
Need heart surgery funding..advise?
I Live Right, So Why the High Cholesterol?
smoking weed and the heart?
How bad is it to have a perforated eardrum?
I have been coughing too much lately..?
taking amoxicillin 500 mg 3 times a day for larangytis...?
is it alright to use combivent with symbicort?
Causes of shortness of breath?
Can bronchitis cause these symptoms?
panic attack? anxiety attack? what is wrong with me?
What's the life expectancy of someone who was diagnosed with emphysema?
i have a dry painful cough?
good cold nasal decongestant?
Chest and throat pain not sure what it is?
Health Care Coverage advice please!!?
someone help me not sure why this is happening :S?
Any way to not feel tired or get rid of 'heavy' eyes when you haven't slept?
Can eating Katyan Pasta, Anuradhan Cheesecake, doing pushups, and staring into a flashlight cause pleurisy?
canker sore and extremely chapped lips.?
Nose Piercing Infection?
How do you sleep if your feeling too hot?
showering every other day, 13 year old?
can your nose change its shape on its own?
I need medical advice?
eye drops to lose weight?
i just got my septum pierced, how often should i break the crusting around the piercing?
can you tell that you have smoked a cigarette through a blood test?
why, when i wake up from a nap do i feel like i havent eaten or drank in weeks?
can carpal tunnel make your entire arm feel numb?
Have dark poo. Serious answers please?
Roaccutane/Accutane Isotretinoin treatment?
whats the cure for kidney stones?
is nivea after sun a good moisturiser for acne prone skin ? is it non comedogenic ?
Why is bile duct narrowing?
Why do my fingernails turn yellow when I am cold?
i have started to get spots on my face but never had spots before how can i get rid of them or cover them up?
my mum died when she was 60?
How can I improve my spirometry reading?
why is this product making my skin dry when it used to be oily?
Why isn't topical cyclosporine used in the treatment of chronic anterior uveitis?
ive had salmonella for 2 months?
How can i get rid or dry scalp fast!!?
What is my pooing so strange?
If you got toilet bleach on your skin how long would it take to irritate if anything?
Afrodisiac food? not chocolate, im allergic to it..?
is there any scientific reason behind that ear and nose piercing especially in south asia?
could this be hay Fever?
Staphylococcus Aureus In Pregnancy?
How does Tuberculosis affect these systems?
I cant sleep at night?!?
Do I need professional help?
Paranoid about dying from a disease.......?
I am 15 and desperate? help?
Body Dysmorphic Forum?
Am i weird ill or just silly?
Im really scared any advise :S?
Questions for people who've taken PROZAC?
Im going to the Doctor tomorrow what do i tell him?
Isnt life really really unfair! When there is no hope things will ever change?
Am I suffering from stress?
How to zone my co worker out?
What is this feeling that i feel like am always waiting for something to happen ?
I took 24 Benadryl last night, is that bad for my liver?
Why am I paranoid around men now?
Someone plz help me :'(?
Psychological effect on my dad's mind, I'm suffering too?
Which countries have an HIV positive travel ban?/?
cold sores - one right after the oher?
STD'S related to HIV/AIDS?
What can i give a girl by cunniling?
my friend right now has hemroids.. how can she cure this?...?
I was just treated for chlamydia will taking birth control pills lessen my chances of ever conceiving?
overcooked my skin........?
How long do STDS survive outside of your body for?
can we get blemish on are mouth, lips, i have a small mark on my lower lip and its pink to brown.?
Touching someone scab bad or been in contact?
I started Lamictal (lamotrigine) three days ago, and now I have a rash?
Whats a carbuncle?
itching welts?
Ymea,Rash,itching,joint aches.Anyone else had bad reaction?
Spots on my back...?
science hel please ...?
i have a possible ear infection and need help or a solution?
have you ever taken tetralysal 300 for skin problems??
Looking for something that can stop my acne and redness.?
I have yellow skin under my arms! What should I do and what could it be??
Does anyone know how to get rid of adult milk spots, i have them on my eyes>>>>???
have pulled ligaments my foot is on a angle on it side and i can't put it to the floor it is sore?
cold sores?
What is the difference between PT protrombin time and PTT?
I had completed my TB course.. I smoked recently.. Is it dangerious...?
One Nostril is always inflammed?
Why toddler daughter has a low raspy voice?
Is 6 hours of sleep 6 days a week with extra sleep on Sunday sustainable?
tightness in throat when eating?
What's going on with me?
Can smoking once give you shortness of breath/cough?
My really close friend has aplastic anemia, what are his chances of living?
Why does Albuterol work better in relieving bronchitis and emphysema than asthma?
Almost every time I yawn my right ear will do this grinding, popping thing and it hurts really bad...?
slight twitching and i cant stop.....why?!?
Technically speaking, why are we more likely to lose our temper under hot weather than under cooler weather?
I have had absolutely no sleep in the last 15? Hours.. I have an exam in 9 hours..?
when i bend my knee there is pressure on the left side of my right knee and it hurt other than that its fine.?
how do i get my medical records really fast, from something that happened 9 months ago?
What type of sleep am i in?
Help please.. i am freaking out and i duno what to do?!?!?!?!?
why is my underwear always dirty?
Drunken Sleep Walking?
My leg keeps twitching violently?
can i work as a staff nurse in canada without a license from philippines?
when can I lift the baby again?
How many organs of the body could be removed (e.g. the gall bladder and one kidney)...?
What is the average list size per GP in England?
Does anyone know where I can buy the tablet zopiclone in the UK?
I have a boil on my face what can I do about it ?
Neutrogena oil free acne cleanser, Which toner and moisturiser?
what we going to do about the anti biotics?
Painful and confusing corn... help?
Venlafaxine.. Can anyone tell me?
What does blood pressure 174/97 Mean?
spot help ?????????/?
Whats better for spots - cream or pills?
Hard Lump/Bump behind ear?
please help me :-(..........................?
dying grandad how to cope?
Endoscopy, what is it like?
Dry skin on face! Help please.?
how to make acne skin clean and smooth?
I feel like I have to tell my girlfriend everything?
How do you ask your doctor to sign you off with stress-induced depression?
Myself, how can i change?
how long does a BPD split last?
I've been feeling weird lately. Am I depressed?
Are all psychiatrist aware on how to treat HOCD and Depression?
Heart beating fast for no reason?
What's you worst childhood memory? (mine= My dad beating my older brother)?
still stuck with my eating disorder?
how do fix a psychotic break if meds dont work?
Why am I so alone, I hate this?
What is wrong with me..?
I have OCD, how should I treat it?
Afraid to leave apartment?
any other cutters out there to talk with?
Is everyone around you bipolar?
Do i have an eating disorder? if u think i do which disorder do u think i have?
What are these symptoms?
how many NHS hospitals are there?
What does the term dementia mean?
Can anyone suggest a policy topic for me relating to HPV vaccine in Canada?
Wot diseases can you get (if any) if you touch a woman's punani and then you touch your own business a lot?
can yogurt slow down the hiv progression rate?
Is it posible to have some symtoms of an STI but not have an STI?
Why did the Federal Government give so much money for HPV Vaccination Programs?
If left untreated, will a herpes outbreak go away on it's own?
Do you take treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea at the same time?
How is the smallpox virus is similar to HIV that is believed to cause AIDS?
can you get any diseases from this ? i'm scared ..?
Chlamydia question, incubation period in men?
pros and cons of getting the hpv vaccine?
have i got alcohol poisoning?
any cure for carpal tunnel?
anyone taken any magic cure tablets of tinnitus..I think it maybe down to sinus but I feel like SCREAMING!?
How did the disease called sickel cell anemia come about. Has it any cure?
I feel tired constantly, my urine is pink and i have high blood pressure what is wron with me?
Help needed with hemorrhoid please...?
Any doctors around? Strange sensation near shoulder blade for ages, (not painful) worsening on exertion?
tried everything...nothing ever works?
Why are working on toes important in reflexology?
does anyone know where i can get information?
why is my tongue swollen, it aches, it feels to big for my mouth?
Abnornal urine appearance ?
I'm experiencing a bizarre burning sensation in my knee. Any ideas what it is?
What foods are not good for the liver?
I think i might have a kidney stone, what do you think?
How do I get rid of a keloid?
why do some people perspire more than others?
how do i register my company to accept NHS vouchers?
Pantene Ice shine shampoo and conditioner.....................?
can anyone tell me where i can buy tan prevention cream?
What are the extra risks encountered with LASIK eye surgery when the patient has rounded corneas?
Does any medic or professional have any advice for my medical nterview?
does taking malaria tablets affect the working of the contraceptive pill (cerazette)?
how can i get nice shiney silky hair whith out relaxing?
what causes the stitch in your side when you run for example and how can it be prevented?
I have some mild discomfort below my ribs?
Which is better for you? Roll up or Cig?
Terrible headche when I move my eyes and other problems. Help!?
How can I get too sleep?