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Why do I have such a horrible headache?
Pain on my left side?
the front of my elbow on my left arm has got pains in it after playing my wii how can i cure it?
how can i get rid of acne over night?
Brown freckles/marks on hands?
fastest way (2 days) to get rid of blemishes like home-made stuff.?
Non prescription colored contacts. Can i do this?
I need to know...? Can this?
How do people get herpes in their eyes?
Can birth control show up on an STD blood test?
Viral Vs. Bacterial?
what do tick bites look like? do they get very sore?
what is cellulites?
Anyone sucessfullly ordered Tamiflu online? Get a good price (under $100 for 10)?
My Asthma Is Out Of Control Please Help?
Does anyone know of good homeotherapy books or websites?
What is the difference between 2c-b, 2c-e, 2c-I?
Do u know what it is?
What Happens When You Get a "Charlie Horse"?
I am having trouble sleeping. I want to be asleep in half an hour.?
Can you recommend a good electronic cigarette?
Is there a difference between regular corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup?
Cleanser for getting rid of black heads.?
Is proactiv a good solution for nodular acne?
Why do people look differently other than skin pigmentation?
how can i get rid of a scar?
What is this brown spot on my lip?
What are the benefits of drinking coffee ?
possible to lose 60Ibs in 3months?
want to lose weight fast for a dance coming up?
I'm 15 this Feb 5th, 5'8 & weigh only 123. Am I just too lucky that I NEVER seem to gain weight, no matter..?
How to lose lower thigh (above knee) fat? Exercises?
lost 55 lbs in 4 months is it healthy?
Sleeping with my eye on the pillow. Eye damage?
what route should the doctor administer morphine for patient suffer from heart attack to reduce the pain?
Help Insomnia?
where can you find out what ethnicities you are, I mean like in a blood donor place?
How long are hospitals and doctors required to keep your records?
What do I do to stop fall asleep after I eat as I can not walk with injuries? How can I eat?
Standing up too fast?
ANKLE IS kILLING ME!!!!!! [email protected]$#!%@!#%@#%[email protected]#%?
How can I stay healthy while injured?
Care Credit?
Why does the bone on my ankle hurt sooo bad?
How can I make my back feel better?
What is the quickest way to get through narcotic withdrawal?
Has anyone experienced respiratory or vision issues while taking oxycodone 325/5? ?
Is walking on a treadmill basically the same as walking on a path outdoors?
Bunion repair, what should I expect? ?
I sleep good most nights and blood tests are normal, so why am I always tired?
How do I stop feeling tired all the time?
what should i do if i got to much sleep?
Natural/herbal remedies for heartburn?
What is the white stuff oozes out from the skin of the nose?
is there a quick over night fix for blemishes?
does any one know anything about chiggers and how to get rid of them?
Veins showing after shower?
What shampoo is best for eczema?
I'm trying to loose 20-30 lbs. in 6 months.. Any tips or pointers?!?
In your opinion, what is the most effective diet or weight loss plan and why?
Are you getting fatter or slimmer?
What exercise gets rid of arm fat?
How do you like sparkpeople.com?
What is a good way to lose weight on your thighs?
Can you give details of "impulsive disorder, explosive type" and treatment.?
Hives after showering?
have sore throat run fever & have no energy went to doc got antibiotic still have same thing for a month?
Are bacterial infections harmful and can they be contagious?
my bird has a seed stuck in her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what can i do?? the avian vets not open?
what are scabies?
can humans have a tapeworm inside of them?
Should I miss school tomorrow?
Common Cold Remedy?
What is the Fastest Way to lose Weight???
whats the fastest way to take weight off my thighs?
Ways to stay fit over the summer?
can anorexia recovery make you hungry all the time?
cant get a six pac?
what diet helped you lose weight?
If you buy a shirt from Stand Up To Cancer...?
I want to know what diet supplements are best to use as cancer prevention?
Thyroid Cancer?
Can smoking marijuana cause brain cancer?
I sprained my knee 3 months ago...?
What is the ideal measurements for a 5 ft 2 female???
How to lose weight fast?
What is the easiest way to get a flat stomach and abs?
How Can I get a flat stomach before September 5?
Will i lose weight if..?
Diet plan to go with my workout routein??? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Does the Ab Lounge actually work?
what does a shrimp has that a lobster doesn't ?
what is the cure for pink eye?
my eyes get red so easy ..what do you think that causes it?
If you accidentally eat food with mold on it...?
Will colored contacts ruin my eyesight and how much do they cost and where can I purchase them?
What does my glasses prescription mean?
Acne on my cheeks?
whats better for spots and/or acne TCP or PanOxly Acnegel 10 ???
What is the white pus in zits?
My toe nail broke should I cut or glue?
Did you ever get the 24 hour stomach flu and it came back a week later? or maybe that is not the flu?
Cold Virus right ear is plugged!?
How do I prevent TB?
what if the patient keeps taking the IV out?
if a baby dies froma viral infection or meningites does the doctor who did the autopsy have to embombed her?
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus?
moles and skin cancer?
i read that sacharin causes cancer in the offspring of pregnant animals?
Is there any way to prevent illness or limit chances of becoming ill?
What are contact lenses made of?
how do i get colored contacts ?
Can I get contacts with an eyeglass prescription?
is it ok to sleep an air mattress with mold on it?
My eyes are red when I wake up?
So-called Milk allergy question?
Where can I find a graphical image of the human sinus cavity and throat?
How can you cure a scratchy throat?
My calves hurt like crazy?
My vein is somewhat sticking out?
what should i do about my knee?
How long does melanoma take to metastasize?
What is going on?
How can I get rid of my body fat, (I have alot) and turn it into abs?
Can i lose weight by sleeping with the heater on all night?
Weight loss.?
how can i loose a little weight?
six pack??????
How can I lose 15 pounds in about 2 months?
What's on your workout playlist?
Can you buy home HIV tests?
how to get rid of sore throat and ear infections?
what disease is caused by rat infested food, and causes severe fever?
Is this finally the answer to why Bush is the way he is?...I know Lyme has affected me mentally.?
Have you heard about the staph infection?
HIV statistics?
i need your help with hygeine!!!?
I have a question about some medicines I'm on?
How do get rid of eye crust?
I think I get motion (sea) sickness after I get off the boat. Is that possible?
cure for earache?
Does anyone know how to find a site that gives you hints on how to use simple household products for cleaning.
any chance of passing a drug test after 28 days and drinking about 1 gallon of whater a day?
What is an easy way to lose inches off waist and thighs?
To Gain Weight or Not .... That is the Question?
Is hemoglobin level of "6.0" dangerous?
Can hot tubs make you sterile?
If I resign from my job because of HIV/AIDS can i still collect unemployment?
Upper respartory infection, can you heal on its own like a common cold?
Bird Flu???
Where can you find Creatinine and SGOT/AST??
I'am looking for the web address for the free drug program called PPA advertised by Montell Williams?
Water drinking help?
How do you pop your ears?
How would a Universal Health Care system work in America?
My eye is red and itchy, pink eye? or allergies?
What to do with sore muscles?
heartburn! hurts reallyyyy bad. !?
Why isen't Ultram/Tramadol a narcotic?
Have you ever sprained your lower back muscles?
What shoes are best to ease sciatica pain?
My legs hurt a lot after dancing, what can I do about it?
which is stronger, hydrocodone or propoxyphene?
Are the cholesterol skeptics correct that no clinical trial has ever shown that LDL reduction prevents CAD or?
How can u have stretchmarks when u lose weight?
What is a quick and easy way to lose weight?
how do i get back in shape?
How to lose 7-10 lbs. in 2 weeks?
How does eating Vegetarian help the envirement? 10 points!?
how to burn 3500 calories?
Does jogging tone the stomach and inner thighs?
Is the medical system failing more and more each year?
Incredible fear of lymphoma/leukemia, several symptoms, I can't stop crying... Anyone there to answer?
My friend is suffering from leukemia , anybody can advise ,how can he surivive ,?
My mother is a cigarett smoker even worst she's on Kemo...what effects would that have on her and her body?
Was cancer around before cigarettes?
Can Track Lighting with Halogen Lights Cause Cancer?
Has anyone received treatment for Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer) that has spread to the lungs?
Can someone tell me about the process of having a child evaluated for autism?
How can i motivate myself when everyone is demoralizing you ?
I want to feel special. But I feel like I'm replaceable. Worthless. Lost among 6 billion others. Am I?
Suicide Pact Betrayal now my friend wants me to forgive her should I?
All right, why is there such a stigma about mental illness?
Would you befriend a person with bipolar disorder?
is my boyfriend bipolar...anyone else that has ever experienced this, please give me feedback or stories, thnx
Hand eye co ordination?
Why would my eye doctor recommend lubricating eye drops that do not have preservatives?
How to get color contacts?
Could I need reading glasses?
Knee Strength?
How long does a caffeine withdrawal headache last. It is killing me?
Why is my throat so sore?????
Odd feeling in the throat?
Ummm i broke my spine..?
How much is hydrocodone aka vicodin 7.5 mg / 500 mg worth on the street?
IV feeding?
how can i loss about 40kg in one month?
how to perform spleene removal?
Are these nutrition science fair ideas good for an 11th grade honors student?
how to lose weight fast!!!!???
How do I convince my doctor to give me an allergy test?
Can anyone tell me if Midol is gluten-free or not? i will GREATLY appreciate any answers!?
Breaking out in hives, house is infested w/the cause, please, what do i do?
How do I catheterize myself?
When I run, I wheeze after a couple of minutes? I don't have asthma, either. Help!?
What do you think is wrong with my eyes?
Can/Should I reuse daily (soo 24 hrs) disposable contact lenses if I wear them for 10- hours one day?
I see shadow under yahoo logo with one eye and other eye see fine. What sort of eye condtion is this?
My hearing sometimes seems like its going out in one ear and has been happening could it be heart related?
Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to big macs, but you usually eat them all the time?
Am I allergic to orange juice?
an oxidizing agent such hydrogen peroxide is sometimes used as germicide to kill bacteria in a small cuts?
what should I do ? The doctor made me think my mom could not live with DEAD BOWEL I feel like I killed my mom?
What is the treatment for someone who has had Lyme Disease for quite a while?
I had a small wound on my finger which a dog licked? can i get rabies?
How often can someone get chicken pox. My 12 yr old is on her third time. ?
Would You Rather Date a Overweight or Underweight Person and Why? And what are you?
I am planning to lose about 50 pounds during the summer. Any tips to lose about 10 pounds in a week?
How can I completely detox my body?
I'm 15 and 6ft tall yet my parents are small? How tall will I eventually be?
Why should a person drink a glass of water after a massage?
I want to know my adult height and how to increase it
My moms been drinking SINK water her whole life and refuses to drink fresh water.Is this bad?
How to pass a drug test within a 2 days for weed?
Stomach Problems? What could it be?
Should I talk to my doctor about this?
hear a ticking sound?
How to get a good sleeping pattern and best thing to do when tired?
What really happens after you use a hand sanitizer?
Tiredness spells?
My doctor gave me this drug called suppository it tastes horrible is there an alternative?
Does massage really release and prevent build up of toxins?
My crack is burning!?
After watching 3D movies i get really sever headaches at the back of my head, why?
should i go see a doctor?
Why Do I Keep Getting These Bad Headaches Everyday?
Please explain to me how antacids relieve heartburn.?
If Cathartic is swallowed what happens?
I really want to lose fat that is around my stomach and thighs.?
How Can I??? PLEASE Answer!?=]?
i need help! im tryin 2 lose weight i need tips on how 2 lose it fast and see results?
Is it bad to work out 5 days a week (twice a day)?
Why would skin testing show negative for an allergy, but bloodwork show positive?
My 3yr old son gets hives on a monthly basis. I know it is not a food allergy because nothing adds up...?
My friend Miguel F. Luna got food poisoning which led to bad diarrhea. What remedies would you recommend?
I need information on IIH and PCOS and how the two effect one person?
flu like symptoms?
I fall asleep easily, but wakes up easily also and couldnt go back to sleep.Makes me feel tired in d morning.?
Better posture?
on the back of my neck, i have a hump...?
What to do til I go back to the surgeon?
What is the easiest least painful way to break your wrist?
Could 600mg Oxycodone have triggered a heart attack?
How bad do braces hurt?
I get severe stomach pain after taking anything with codeine in it, what could this be exactly?
I have a black eye that's swollen how can I clear it.?
FRS...What do you think of it?
Since the nose knows, where is the evidence that homeopathy treats anything?
I have gon without a smoke now for 24 hours.?
What will happen if I take one bar of Xanax?
Quiting Smoking?
I get fatigued too easily, any advice?
What is something you should eat while you have Gastro?
Please HELP.. coughing, red dots all over body, high fever every night?
Should I pressure my mom to be tested for Celiac further?
Is cellulitis contagious?
Will dr's test for swine flu in every person with symptoms?
Does bar soap harbor bacteria?
Do you have to throw up to get over a stomach bug?
Hepatitis B??????????
sharp pain deep in lower right side of back just under rib cage?
Why does it hurt behind my lower right rib after walking/running?
My knee kinda hurts when I walk..?
Which bed is best? Select Comfort, Tempur-Pedic, or ?
Did they really take OxyContin off the market?
How can i get used to sitting up straight?
What is the most powerful pain killer in the world?
How long would Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen need to become dangerous?
My friend is sick. He's had two operations for Lung Cancer. And could he get a lung transplant after that?
Does anyone have feedback on privately purchased health insurance policies from Humana or United Healthcare?
Disabled 26 yo male has hiccups. Can't swallow nor hold his breath and scaring him could lead to seizures.?
what can someone on a Gluten free, wheat-free diet order from this menu?
Anyone ever had an allergic reaction to strawberry Twizzlers?
taking wellbutrin and smoking pot?
Effects of Ouija board?
Can a person go to a regular doctor for a mental illness and skip the therapist?
Treating Bipolar w/o Meds?
Can someone die of severe depression or severe emptiness?
why did theripists used to prescribe E to some people back in the day?
Does anyone know of a homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis?
How do you know what ppm colloidal silver you're making- how can I concentrate the silver?
IS this normal if I just switched from contacts to glasses?
How come when you r sting with a needle it hurts?
How can smoking Cigarettes be not pleasurable?
help =( my throat glands are swollen?
what's going on with me?
Im 14 and i want to workout and lsoe weight!?
is it true that popping ones knuckles can cause arthritis, or something.?
how long does it take marijuana to get out of your system?
what can i do? crying problem?
whats it like to die?
If you get decapitated (head chopped off), will you see your body as your head falls down before you die?
Why did my nose bleed?
low talerance to weed?
Is there any contact lenses for astigmatism that are colored?
Sleeping Tablets,Does anybody know?
Insomia, can't sleep?
What Makes A Foot "Fall Asleep"?
Is it bad to crack your fingers/ knuckles?
can you lose your eyesight for watching TV/using the computer for too long?
tylonal pm in a 15 year old?
Can you swim if you a have a broken bone?
help plz!!!!!!!!!?
medical opinion. I have the worst heartburn I have ever had in my life.At least I think it's heartburn.?
Why I have a swollen face in every morning?
false pain?
what would happen if you took 30 tylenol plus swallowed scope mouthwash but then threw up?
Pain in arm?
What is TB disease is genetically inherited?
well i had a nose bleed annnd my blood was blue?
what does it mean to be neutropenic?
does wu yu or yi or watever its called cause cancer?
I have no health insurance, and Im injured, any ideas for immediate help?
My nose is ALWAYS blocked help?
Question fof former overweight people who are now a healthy weight?
How to get rid of a sinus infection naturally?
Why are my feet swollen and sore when i wake up?
i had some Anesthesia to numb my toe before a procedure...?
17 and have lower back pain, but terrified of doctors?
Is Autism Hereditary ?
how do i fight depression without meds?
Well Just recently found out I have Scoliosis?
is this the sign of a brain tumor?
How can I avoid my "yearly" sinus infection? It is starting today!?
What can I use to make my sore throat feel better?
advanced cirrhosis's, liver no longer working?
What was the anti-bacterial treatment available before penicillin was used?
what will i do with Swine flu for kids?
my dog is bleeding from mouth and anal and lose a tooth what caused it?
What do you do or use for hip and lower back pain and is it possibly linked to my tumor?
what are some long term complications of dyslexia?
Is it possible to overdose on Pepto Bismol?
Why take a multi-vitamin when it simply produces very expensive urine??
Where in the chest is the media steinum?
How to make my bed free of Bacteria, Fungi and Dust Mites ?
the effect of hydrotherapy for chronic back_ache?
how can i improved my her gr awing by natural substance ?
who do i talk to for procedures to produce natural heath products?
whats better for my cold?
I am allergic to adhesives. Could this be the reason why get post operative infections?
How to make my allergy go away?
If you've had a total knee replacement, was your pain and range of motion better before or after?
how can i deal with back ache wen sleeping, but wen i sleep on the floor im ok. tried different beds n pillos?
During winter i started to get swollen fingers in my right hand now they are itchy and in my right foot?
Pain on left side of upper stomach?
What Is Wrong With Me? please help?
What kind of work does a public health promoter do?
Having trouble sleeping?
Are you a night owl?
How many people know the effects of smoking, but start smoking anyway?
How can someone visiting US get funds for breast cancer treatment?
explain how self check help to dectect early cancer in male and female?
do people who have breast cancer do a dialy routine like normal kids, teens, or adults?
what is maltodextrin?
What if AIDS and Cancer was cured in a single day?
WHY IS MY uvula so swollen and what should i take?
Why am I breathing so heavily?
Burning, itching, watery eyes?
Contacts make your vision worse or more dependent on glasses?
is having lemon or lime juice dropped in your eyes intentionally dangerous?
is it the cough that carrys you off or the coffin that they carry you off in?
when was the hippocratic oath written?
Ok, ive taken 110 mg of cyclobenzaprine and 15 mg of oxycodone, and the most i feel is a slight dizzy feeling.?
Chest and arm pain- what should I do?
Can pain meds be bought in Canada w/o prescription?
Smokers, If there was a pill to stop smoking immediately would you take it?
Swine Flu and 2012 Doomsday Prediction?
Can you have swine flu and not have a fever?
I have the sniffles. Is this swine flu?
swine flu question!!!!?
Toe nail fungus?
Obama signs kids' health insurance bill. Your thoughts?
Do I have a Kidney problem?
how come i feel-light headedness when i rise from bed or sitting down (feel like fainting)?
How do you get rid of hiccups?
BioForce TNT reviews anyone?
do squats get rid of cellulite?
Hydrocodone (Loratab) 5-500 for post-op pain?
Why is my body always sore?
Pain in my temple goes into my neck?
My son broke his wrist.?
is it Cancer?
About this Swine Flu going around?
Is it bad to smoke during a stomach flu?
what are the most significant vegtable and fruits that cure diseases?
How can I avoid getting the Flu?
Why is everyone so afraid of the Swine Flu?
What are some causes of coldsore outbreaks?
How long have I got to quit smoking?
How often do you have to use a tanning bed?
Is what i heard today true or not?
whats differ ant between hiking and jog?
what foods make you gain weight quickly?
how do i lose my lovehandles?
Experiencing neck pain, help?
Constant headache and heartbeat in my left ear?
How long until Perdue Pharma Recalls Oxycontin OP?
severe belly pain for months finally got released from the hospital ....?
i have a really weak knee that keeps clicking?
How do I know which pillow to get?
Tramadol 50mg feel weird?
I have a question about Dandruff?
Dropping Pants Sizes!!?
my husband thinks he doesn't have herpes, i have just found out that i have it .is this possible?
Heart palpatations. help please?
Is it true that Tennessee is the allergy capital of the USA?
Well here we go, anyone got any good constipation remedies?
I take Oxycontin 20mg 3X's daily, and Roxicodone 30mg 2X's daily.?
Do the gardasil, meningitis, and chicken pox shots hurt?
why is it that when i woke up i couldn't move my body?
Help healing Fibromyalgia pain and getting my life back?
Is there something wrong with me if I enjoy pain?
what is this symbol called? what does it represent? please help?
Is everyone allergic to poison ivy?
ever since i got back from iraq, i black out when i drink. why would i black out?
Hopeless to whiten teeth?
how to stop being sensitive?
Where do teeth come from?
What can I do to prevent myself from grinding my teeth?
Snacks for hurting mouth?!?!?
What is an easy way to whiten your teeth?
What is the best at home teeth whitening kit?
Disorders that may reduce secretion of atrial natriuretic peptide?
Can a freckle on your eye cause color blindness?
does the bc make a difference in contacts?
Why do my left breast hurt a lot?
kinoki foot pads?
How can i stop being allergic to cats?
When does pollen start and end?
Should I get test for HIV?
Possible cure for AIDS/HIV?
can you catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat ?
Can you get meningitis without symptoms?
What is wrong with me?
Why can hear my heart/pulse beat loud in my right ear?
orthostatic hypotension and anxiety?
Why do people get clot and have high cholesterol?
What age range is most common to get cardiovascular disease?
How to cope with a loved one close to your heart (In my case, My Dad), to Heart Disease?
I Think Father's Doctor Has Him on Too Many Meds, Could I be Right?
When I eat apples my tongue and gums feel tingly?
Help - I sort of feel a little bit out of breath when i talk ??? and a few days before that my chest area hurt?
Help! Have I damaged my hearing!? cause i got the tweezers and pulled some ear hair out!?
Why do I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, when it isn't there?
Why do tears come out ma eyes when i take a number 2?
I was wondering if I have big feet?
What is this pain from?
What problems can a hernia cause in the upper abdomen?
I have a Sprained ankle-?
Strained muscles?
how long does it take cracked ribs to heal?
Head injury?
Is there a Herpes Cure?
I was just diagnosed with herpes in Oct how do I date after that?
Can chlamydia cause a man to become infertile even if he has had kids in the past?
What happens if you leave hypothyroidism left untreated?
I vomit, my stomach hurts, and i cant eat food. What do i have?
What Do I need to or bring to a Allergy Specialist; External&Internal?
Why does the inside of my nose itch?
can an allergic reactions stay for more than a day?
My son complains about having a "cold foot"?
What medicine can help a soar throat?
The middle of my chest hurts towards the bottom. Like where my ribs meet.. Any ideas??
My brother says his insides hurt...?
i am in PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it my place of work or my Chiropractor?
Does anyone know about oxycotin and the effects and everything I am on 10mg hydrocodone now?
Help again?
I have chest pain when I run in the winter anything I can do to prevent that?
do doctors test for std's and hiv at the same time? or do you have to ask for a hiv test?
What makes people allergic to things?
Bad allergic reaction?
Did a spider go up my nose?
Has anyone purchased a classic green air purifier?
Violet Or Royal Blue Braces?
What happens if you leave tooth cavities unattended?
does it hurt to get ur teath filed down.?
herbal treatment for bone cancer?
Do you know Dr.Pierre Dunkan and his book "I don't know how to lose weight"?
I've been starving myself for a long time and still not gaining weight?
how to get a flat stomach? (in 20 days)?
Best way to lose fat and get cut...?
how many of girls hate that judge you about your weight?
Congestive heart failure and was I near death?
Why werent we informed of swine flu?
I received a swine flu shot in 1976 in NY. Am I immune to the present threat of swine flu?
Do i have an eye infection? Please help me!?
If you take the H1N1 vaccine are you still in danger of getting the swine flu?
It´s Oficcial: Flu in Mexico came from U.S.A!!?
Why is my poo yellow?
I have OCD at home but it does not effect me anywhere else?
Lung Problem?
Is there a medical condition in which the lungs expand and choke the heart?
Pls help I have a mold situation at home.....?
COPD misdiagnosed??
is it ok for me to go back to school/work tomorrow?
Is there any benefit to sleeping with those eyemasks on?
Ok which is better?
Does solving hard math problems trigger migraines?
Wrist Pain/TFCC Tear
Broken Ribs 4/15 how long to heal..I can bearly work....?
Is it safe to take pain pills while already on prescribed pain pill?
i have Swimmers Ear and it hurts so bad right now!?
do you think i pulled my knee?????
my friend has limp notes under her neck and under her arm pit. What are they and do they cause cancer. ?
What helps patients understnad genetic risks?
diff.between chemotherapy & target chemotherapy usefulness wise as well as cost wise?
My mom just had a lumpectomy and they took out the sentinal node and two other lymphnodes.?
how to gain back hearing after a sinus infection?
How long can it take a rash due to allergic reactions to cats to heal?
My mouth keeps watering. Ways to make it stop?
Am I lactose intolerant if....?
How come whenever I eat sour stuff, it feels like my throught is closing up..?
Consistent muscle spasm?
what do you think i have, and any ideas of how to help me eat more? i'm starting to scare myself about this..
what exactly are ear gauges?
what machines do hospitals use?????????
anyone knoe if fever meds can lose effects? becuz i took tylonal at 4:00PM and my fever is still rising?
Why does everyone favour the 6 pack?
What do you do for stress headaches?
Can someone help me figure out what might be wrong with my heart?
The tooth fary did not come last nite is it cause i puled it out?
What Are things u can eat w/ braces?!?
Is this true ?(question about braces)?
how to make removable partial denture and complete denture?
Repairing damage from Teeth Grinding?
I am a teenager and i want to lose weight in belly+want to be able to wear smaller clothes. i need Diet ideas?
is milk good for you?
Does walking cause upper body buildup?
when do i throw out my daily contacts?
What do I have and how can I keep my newborn from getting it?
Swine Flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Did you know that getting the swine flu vaccine can harm your unborn baby if you're pregnant?
What can prevent the swine flu? What are the symptoms?
sum1 took out my knee in hockey nd i felt a pop nd ***** move 4 a few mins thn i cud play again wut could it b?
Hard ankle sprain?
Eye swelling after nose blowing?
How long should it take for a swollen hand to go down?
I had knee surgery 3 months ago and still have considerable soreness. Should I be worried?
my cats nose is dark pink what does this mean?
I woke up this morning with this sharp tightness from the middle of my back all the way around my front chest?
Chest pain.. what could it be?
Bad knee pain?
What is the best posture to sleep in?
i am trying to quit smoking and need advice...?
What is the natural healing for cold?
What do you do when you loose interest in everything you used to find pleasure in?
tired , deppressed shutting everyone i love out.. i dont want to feel this way.?
What should I do if my left eye is smaller than my right eye?
Are you suppose to keep contact lense solution in the case at all times?
My eye is really irratated/itchy?
Question about the Iris?
What would happen if u put a humidifier and a dehumdifier in the same room?
Do you think this could be a garlic allergy/sensitivity?
why is my eye swollen and how do i fix it?
What part of your body hurts most often?
what should I do I have a fractured neck help?!?!?!?!?
How to get rid of chest pain?
What can be done for short term relief of a pinched nerve? Long term?
i pulled a neck and back muscle how can i sooth the pain?
is it normal to have pain in the vulva when sxly aroused?
what kind of stds can one get from sharing drinks with people.?
A silly question maybe....?
help, does anyone know a reallly qood diet plan?
I NEED HELP...please?
How many calories are in one banana?
What have been your biggest obstacles in dieting?
Has you taken phentermine? What were the effects?
is it possible to lose weight like this?
my uncle has HIV will it affect me?
Ok, so so this video is true about the swine flu.....?
What are the symptons of swine flu?
Is it possible that I have appendicitis?
can you tell when my monthly gift will come back?
help concentrating?
Why can't you wear makeup for surgery? Just curious.?
Dose anybody know how it feels to be unwanted?
EEEKKK!!!! my waistline!?
Have you been sick for a while and people around you seem unsympathetic?
Does rillos, blunts and wraps have anything to do with causing anxiety/panic attacks?
I have a lump on the lower side of my left jawline and my gland hurts underneath it.?
Help Doctors! My leg goes numb when I run..........?
I keep getting these bloodshot spots on my toes & feet, whats causing this?
Is it okay to take a year out of date allergy tablet?
How long would it take for my body to get used to 6 hours of sleep a night?
Is my Mitral Valve Prolapse getting worse?
Can psoriasis be cured by homeopathy?
Did you know you can prevent many cancers?
Are there symptoms when cancer spreads?
are there any doctors here? i have a few questions about cancer but i would rather talk one on one.?
does anyone know about flaxseed containing high lignan in fighting breast cancer?
I have something in my blood called anti-kell antibodies. What are they and do they pose a threat to me?
Does music REALLY relax?
Have you ever have this happen to you?
Long term wrist pain...?
can kalonapin be used for nuropathy pain?
I keep on getting neck pain is that bad?
what happens when you take narcotics when you're not in pain?
Muscle Pain that Moves?
Any thoughts on why I've never vomited?
best acai berry free trial?
The effects of robo-tripping?
Does anyone know any good eastern medicine books?
what numbers are on vicodin?
Best way to smoke herb?
What happens if you are an organ donor?
Why do my eyes change colors?
what can i do for constipation?
can't talk to gf during shows !adult answers! OVER 18 ONLY.?
Can you get sick or die from depression?
what foods can you eat to enhance your concentration and memory?
can a doctor refuse service to my child because of personal reasons? (me and the doctor used to date)?
what's a cure or relief for sinus pressure?
White itchy white welts on skin?
What happens if you eat too much calories?
Do cronic daily migraine headaches qualify as a disability under Social Security definition?
Yesterday about 2 pm I had some things happen at home and had some intense sharp pains in my right temple.?
I have a intense headache and toothache. A cat scan & dental xrays rule out sinus or cavities. Ideas?
What are bone spurs?
My scar is burning why!?! (neck surgery scar)?
is it legal and if so ,do doctors ever prescibe or give plecebo injjections?
Got a Mammogram and now doctor ordered an Ultra Sound?
Is Chemotherapy save?
what is primary brain cancer?
why do people itch....?
What are the best things to do for a sore throat?
Is it possible the swine flu has been here in the U.S. as early as March?
What does reigned mean. . . in this sentence. . . "An infectious disease reigned over the city."?
I'm 14-years-old, should I get the Swine Flu Vaccine shot?
i have a earache!!!?
can u suvive lyme diseese?
Do I have the Swine flu or the flu, or neither?
peeing alot but barely pee.?
Problem with my throwing shoulder?
What's the highest on your own face you can lick?
Why do the holidays bring on so much depression?
Do women suffer alot more psychological problems than men?
What causes a feeling of impending doom?
I can't stop swearing when I'm mad. I even swear at my mom and cat. Once I swore at my mom for putting mustard?
Im scared of being home alone at night?
Why does having your back massaged or scratched feel so good?
Has anyone ever taken Lyrica for nerve pain? If so, did you have any bad side effects and did it work?
My husband has foot pain.Any Dr.'s in the house?Dr. gave Prednisone,pain left.Out of meds,pain has returned.
Why do I feel sick in the mornings after I brush my teeth at night?
my teeth is very yellow l use many kind of tooth soaps even lwent to dentist and they wash it no result?
My friend is addicted to eating toothpaste, what can I do?
I just got a Wisdom tooth out. Help? Bony bits?
Allergic to mayo and ketchup?
Can someone tell me what I have?
Four nosebleeds in three days?
Is a 96 degree body temperature bad?
Free eye exam anywhere?
Can a bite cause numbness?
If my knee was injured while in the Marines and has not been right since should i get $ for that?
how can peolpe break there wrist or arm dont call me names just answer?
how do i heal this?
OMG i like have an ingrown toenail!
What is the best natural remedy for a severe cough?
plse help im kind of worrie?
If HIV/AIDS eats white blood cells before more can be created, cant we find a way to just make more of them?
Need help on homework STD HIV?
I know it's an STD, but what exactly is Herpes? What are the symptoms, what does it do to you?
How can I get my 7 year old daughter tested for Chlamydia? ?
sleeping pills.....?
what are the proper ways of caring the human reproductive system?
How can i sleep at tonight?
I cannot smell and cannot taste the flavor of food?
can I get sick off of pupperoni sticks?
Recent college graduates do not need health insurance.?
I have felt dizzy and light headed for several hours, almost to the point of falling down.?
pains in belly and cant sleep at night?
Can sinus pressure cause pain in the back of your head?
How long would it take to get back the blood i donated?
How long is this flu virus supposed to last for?
I recently had as stomach flu 2 days ago, would it be okay if i ate pizza today?
what are the syptoms of swine flu?
I've officially been diagnosed with Swine Flu; can someone name me some statistics on my survivability?
I think i have swine flu. I have all the symptoms and i feel horrible. How do i get rid of it?
can you get strept throat from giving head?
my roommate has mono, now what?
Has anyone heard of someone's stomach wrapping around the heart?
Is a blood pressure of 135/85 high for a 26 y/o male?
how many pounds could i lose in 5 weeks?
Does caffeine really affect the quantity or quality of seed in males?
how old does a child have to be to get a peanut allergy?
Help, a blocked nose?
Hives for the first time HELP!?
serious question about stds.
Could I have gotten herpes or something?
STD question.?
Has anyone used Suboxone for opiate addiction , basically to prevent withdrawals? Please explain.?
WHY must making a fist hurt in the A.M.?
Can sciatica cripple you. The pain is terrible?
Fibromyalgia and Chronic painers, have you tried this?
Does anyone have an answer for chronic pain issues?
Is there a way to get rid of bone spurs on my heel?
Are bottled vitamins really effective?
Tea that says made with medicinal grade herbs.?
is there a way to feminize my appearance without the use of prescrition Estrogen?
how do I cure fungal overgrowth?
fro where i learn homeopathy easily?
is it true that using microwave to warm food can bring cancer?
why would a dr, start out by discluding someone from someone's medical care even?
can you go to the chiropracter to much mine has me coming in everyday. I was in a car accident a year ago?
I'm allergic to most water living foods, excluding snails (not sure if that counts)...?
I think i have an oatmeal addiction i can eat a large box of dry quacker oats in a week its like a cigarette ?
how to unstuff a stuffed nose?
How much weight would a person lose by eating only apples for two weeks?
I think i just had a sleep paralysis experience...?
What are precipitating factors for cardiac neurosis? What symptoms are manifested and how to manage it?
Dealing with death?
How Can this person make it in the World???
im never happy, how can I change?
Can certain smells stress you out?
Anybody else suffer of ergophobia?
Im a loner. I know I am a cool person though, but I am a deep, spiritual person and I have a hard time?
Should I check myself into a mental hospital?
Can HIV be contracted if a drop of HIV infected blood touches your eye?
Allergies to alcohol?
is it possible to be allergic to fruit?
hoiw to cure a stuffy nose?
Do i have a turned up nose?
Everyone With Contact Lens Look Here (A Must See)?
How long should I sun tan for?
What is the process for mole removal? Permanent scar?
Dermatologist what is the relation between stretch marks and zinc?
Each time I get rid of a zit I get another one!?
My mother is in here last stages of cancer..?
Has anybody had and problems taking Lexapro?
whats the best way to get rid of a stuffed nose?
wearing my glasses while sleeping ...?
Does a sinus infection require antibiotics? Help =(?
Help! My husband snores so loud! ?
What could I eat for dinner that is about 250 calories I am on a diet and that is all I can have tonight!?
One of my back molars has cracked. A few small pieces have cracked off. I am going to the dentist tomorrow...?
My orthodontists didn't cut my wire shorten uf it is poking my gums and it really hurts i am all out of wax.?
home remedies for whitening teeth?
Dentist pulled out the wrong teeth?
How do u get rid of pink eye?
Where do you want to be buried after you die from swine flu?
Did you get the Swine Flu?
could u get an eaar infection from a fake earring?
is it true that weariing a thong can give you a UTI?
My mouth keeps on watering. I don't feel too sick. Does anyone know why? Someone please help me!?
i have finally collected enough stem cells, what type of results should i expect if i take a bath in them?
Can Anxiety Make you feel like you are short of breathe?
Doctors please please please!!!!?
ecstasy brain damage???
Uneven Stomach (Picture Included)?
hurt ankle?
I am interested in learning Hypnosis?
whats the best medicine to cure a yeast infection?
Does aromatherapy really work?
needing natural cure for bipolar ?
broken foot?
Who knows why am I always yawning like a thousand times a day?
what do you think is the best way to survive a zombie outbreak?
Can crocodiles get herpes?
If a mosquito were to bite someone with the HIV virus, and then bit you, could you get it?
How can I learn to do cartwheels?
Did anyone else wake up with red, watery, swollen eyes?
Can human cells be turned cancerous from allergic/non allergic reactions to cats?
Do I have an eye vision problem?
Question about my eyesight...NEED HELP!?
theres a ball on my right eye?
My contacts dont fell like they fit?
So I think I might have mononucleosis?
Pretty much immune to flu/cold?
Will you give the swine flu shot to your kid?
Is anyone else sick of goats?
can you get hiv by falling on a needle?
Tonsil Removal Procedure?
how do guys get urinary track infections?
What is a panic attack like?
Should I get vaccinated for swine flu?
What are Symptoms of Swine flu, And how do you make it go away?
Can anyone give me an example for why there ought ot be nandatory testing of AIDS?
I'm a slim guy going to gym, what is better protein supplements or natural protein sources?
Chinese herbs to reverse gray/grey hair? He Shou Wu?
Easy Exercises with a torn tendon?
lower chest pain?
My recently pierced nose is too swollen to repierce..but i dont want it to heal up, please help..?
I am a FedEx courier in California. My rotator cuff is torn. Any advntge to claiming a work comp injry vs not?
if there is still glass in my face, will it come out or not?
need reasons to quit smoking!?
how to get rid of chapped lips?
What could be causing this symptom?
How long does it take water to go through your system?
Are my eyes fine????
has anyone a remedy for ACID REFLUX ive tried over the counter and prescription?
how do get to the chat room?
How can I get rid of sweat ordor?
where can i donate my used clothes to charity?
smoking with a chest infection?
I finally quit smoking 5 weeks ago. I find when I do any kind of physical activity my lungs burn...?
A friend of mine recently died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Was it painful?
Does Planned Parenthood?
What causes a calf mussel to spasm in the middle of the night?
Severe back pain! HELP! Meds don't help!?
how to grow cannibis?
how to grow marijuana?
How do you cure a sore throat?
how long does it take digoxin to work?
First time with contact lenses?
Its weird how do I have hazelish eyes when both my parents got greenish/blueish eyes?
i broke my pinky and got a cast on my ring fingure too. i got it off but now my ring finger hurts. What to do?
knee problems?
What can I do to treat my infected left eye?
My boyfriend has pain/soreness on the inside of his upper thighs. What is this?
how long should the area stay numb after a major surgery?
Why do I always feel sick when I wake up?
Cure for chronic sinus inflammation?
Am I allergic to something?
Just got braces about 2 weeks ago. Bracket fell off, but is now symmetrical to other side. Help?
Does dealing with depression make you inferior?
I need a real Suicide opportunity, which pills will kill me quick no pain?
How can i become someone else?
Is it strange that I remember precise detail about a very traumatic time all of a sudden?
How many different Psych medications are you on?
In not sure how to explain this but here goes: For people with Ocd>?
How to decrease the side effects of radiotherapy?
which is commonest leukemia in india?
If I put my lunch through the Xray machine at the airport everyday will I get cancer?
how long is too long before you can quit smoking without getting cancer?
do you know any common medications for a child with leukemia?
Is this true? I need some actual facts.?
difference between Ovulation pain and Appendix pain.?
What causes a pinched nerve and how do you prevent them?
I have excruciating pains in my legs?
1 week of Headache?
Someing in my groin plz answer i'm scared?
What should i do, i can hardly breathe?
How do I get rid of fatigue?
I am suffering from herpes since 1 month and tried lots of medicine?
Infectious disease blog?
what does everyone think about my 16 month old getting meningitis vaccine?
At Harvard and Yale, top researchers identified a delicious drink w/ healing power 4 High Blood Pressure?
What are the 4 functions of the fore-skin?
If u gave a child testosterone, would it grow a beard??
Question about bulimia, kinda? :/?
I think my girlfriend has an eating disorder, what do I do?
Some natural/homemade sleep aids?
is it okay to use splenda, if the peraon has thrush?
How do you treat a crushed finger?
What are the dangers of magnetic mattresses?
UK Question .... Sleeping Problem ....?
Does anyone have any scientific evidence supporting alternative medicine?
Natural remedy for sinus infection?
When you have Hyponatremia can you feel the swelling on your brain?
whether any other animal is affected by hiv?
What can you tell from a blood test?
I am so scared and nervous!!!!?
if you have herpes say" here"?
RN's please give your advice?
Is cracking your knuckles harmful in any way?
How is it immoral to use an aborted fetus when the material would be disposed of without any ceremony?
Sleeping for ten to twelve hours?
Why muscle cramps happen .and what is the prevention.?
I got gout ! hurt so much ! what is the best cure it fast?
Reducing surgery pain?
Any Positive Results from Inderal For Headaches??
I get nauseous and vomit after smoking a cigarette, am I allergic to nicotine?
Hay fever Steroid Injections?
how long after taking a medication will an allergic reaction occur?
how do i go about heart surgery?
What's the best cold remedy please something that works faster than most.?
What does drinking milk and lemonade do to your body?
how does apple cider vinager help lower blood pressure?
What foods should a person with Heartburn and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) avoid in their diet?
Has any one ever had Brain Tumors (Cancerous) removed surgically? see below?
is there a cure for colon cancer?
Why are pediatricians trying to not give kids antibiotics for ear infections?
is it warm or cold water that keeps you wake longer?
is it safe to brush your teeth with baking soda everyday?
I have sleep paralysis and I feel my bed sinking in at night.. is this a side effect?
What are some possible causes of dry throat at night?
Vicodin Addiction?
What can i do to improve my eyesight?
My bottom front two teeth reaaallly hurt! Please help?
what do i do about a broken braces wire from home?
Part of my tooth (2nd from back on the left) has broken off!? What do i do?
i have an impacted wisdom it really hurts. HELP?
when you had a wisdom tooth pulled, did the doctor hit a nerve and cause paralysis or numbness in your face?
I need to go to the dentist but I'm too scared?
does it hurt getting teeth pulled out at the dentist?
How would you know if you have breast cancer?
A toll taker last night said he wears rubber gloves to protect from the 3 s's. What is that?
Is it natural to have constant diehreha?
Are these too much vitamins to take a day?
does rescue remedy work for anxiety?
Sepia for use in dogs?
How to get rid of acne scars?
how can you get rid of acne overnight when you don't have the money for acne products?
Why do people have chest pains from panic and anxiety attacks?
Hi. I was just wondering what the best colored contacts are?
What are the pros and cons of contact lenses?
can bacterias or microbes get infected or sick?
When you have the stomach flu, when can you start eating again?
how to get rid of the cold/ flu FAST!
I feel fine but i have diarrhea?
What all will they do at my first appt w/a new dentist and I'm a new patient?
Is cancer a modern disease?
do i have to watch for lymphademia for the rest of my life??
Can cats get herpes ?!?
Is there really a possible cure for AIDS that I heard about a couple weeks ago?
could my belly be causing back problems?
My ribs are killing me!!!?
why can't I wake up in the morning?
How is the best way to get over the fear of abandonment?
Depression Symptoms?
I don't know how to love myself?
If you are feeling Sad now? Tell me why, if you feel like it?
What do you think happens when you die?
what does bipolar actully mean?
Should I commit suicide to get rid of this life?
Can you eat too much pasta? fitness tips?exercise?
How can i gain more weight?
Do Throat Cancer radiation treatments make you loose your hair?
When do you start looking for breast cancer?
Liver Cancer?
FREAKING OUT because was just told that my cat's mother had some type of leukemia?
Is 26yrs of age too old to even consider on becoming a dentist and specialize in pediatrics?
does clear braces make your teeth look yellow?!?
How to keep your breath smelling minty clean constantly?
is one 600 mg motrin equal to three 200 mg motrin?
How do you know that your claustrophobic?
Ugh, what can I do for throat congestion?
what is 30# potassium-cl-20 exl.rel.?
sharp pain in head when coughing?
what are some good fact about physical therapy ?
is hydrocodone (500mg) stronger than acetaminophen (500mg)?
I have a cold and whenever i swallow a drink my ears hurt.i also have a headache.?
Why do i get pains in my...?
Severe Neck pain but doctors cant find anything?
i put icy hot on my eyebrows and my face has been burning for three days???????
swollen finger tips, thumb and pointer finger. throbbing pain.They also feel hot. any answers? thank-you!?
What's the closest thing to a cortisone injection that I can take w/o going to doctor?
What is the difference between zinc and zinc sulphate in terms of health?
My cheeks are always red... Why?
Tramadol painkiller question?
When I wear my Contact Lenses it gets blurry?
Any ways to stimulate the pituitary gland or increase growth hormone to grow taller?
Is weed bad for your body?
how/when will the fat in my face come off?
Negative calorie foods?
How do you lose 30 pounds in 2 months?
What Is A HEALTHY Late Night SNACK?
Why rain water gives you the flu (cold) and normal water don't?
Im looking for a book that contains all diseases and conditions known to man?
Are there any cases of hiv being transfered through a thumbtack?
sore throat for a month, no other symptom?
how do you get rid of a viral bug?
how can peritonitis result from a urinary tract infection?
how do i know if i have swine flu?
Is Hydrogen Peroxide good for Killing bacteria?
Why are there no reported cases of AIDS amongs White South Africans? AIDS if Africa is Caused by starvation..?
what percent of population in their 20s have bothersome eye floaters? I feel like a freak..?
Best type of tooth paste???
how long HIV virus will be alive, out side of body?
Do your eyes ever hurt from looking at the monitor wayyy too long? I mean hours?
What's wrong with my mom? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
Stopping some upper neck pain?
Ear lobe piercing pain?
Sever Charlie Horse pain in both legs and 1 foot.?
OMG MY THROAT!!!!!!!!!!?
Masochistic question????
What is the only thing that the parasympathetic system can do to change cardiac output?
is an earache a sign of a sinus infection?
Active ingredients / chemicals in antihistamines that stop a food allergy?
Do recurrent but less frequent malignant effusions indicate no response to treatment in stage 4 breast cancer?
does beer affect your health?
what are some metabolism boosters?? i need to boost my metabolism to help lose weight!!!?
what does frcsc stand for?
What is a good way to relax after a day of hard work?
what causes arm nunbness and sweet taste in the mouth?
Is there something wrong with my lungs and/or breathing?
I have accute Bronchitis?
HIV transmission from someone Ejaculating on my chest?
what does an ulcer feel like?
what is strep throat?
what are the side effects on mumps?
What is meningitis and what are some effective ways to treat it?
What are these symptoms?
diet for swine flu?????
What is the best way of getting rid of colitis?