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When will this bruise go away?
I got cut with a kite rope, and now my thumb is green. Help!?
I feel like my toes on my right foot popped in and out very quickly, what should i do?
How do I heal my TMJ?
Lower right rib popping?
My ear will not stop draining!!!?
Is there any way to fix a bone that didnt heal straight?
I hurt my hand. Take a look (pic in post)?
a cyst shaped form on the falopium tube n 3 urinary tract infections within 2 months,any one had same problem?
Can i use E45 cream or sudocrem on chicken pox?
What actions does an environmental health officer take if they suspect that a catering establishment may be...?
Could this be the flu?
Help with Measles please........?
Effects of tetracycline on tonsillitis?
how quickly do symptoms of flu show?
How quickly does the influenza virus mutate?
Recovering from chicken pox and i have a sore throat?
Scared, please help me. Do i have tapeworm!?
perianal abscess? can anyone help? please !?
Please help regarding leg pain?
Leg and foot pain, please help!?
If i get new shoe inserts. Should my feet hurt when wearing them at first?
it hurts and i just wanna....?
pain, pressure in my abdominal?
I am 23 yrs old and there telling me my gallbladder had gone bad and needs to be removed?
night time chest pains that spread?
My ears are clogged, I am weak and feeling nauseous?
My tailbone still hurts?
Why do i have this pain in my wrist?
i'm having chest pains and left arm pains. My chest feels as if something is sitting on it also my shoulders.?
health question about methadone?
Pain in uthe opening of the urethra?
Why is my nose tingling?
pain on the top left side of my gum?
pain from molar rings - HELP!?
what to do to be less nervous about medical test which is in 5 hours?
nail biting/eating: damage to teeth?
Does spray sunscreen have the same coverage as lotion sunscreens?
I think I have hemrroids?
How Tall Will I Be When I'm Done Growing?
can a CNA start their own home care business?
Question About Health System Confining Patients (Canada)?
i need help staying awake at night ,so i wont fall asleep and bump my head?
HELP stomarch problems?
Why is it bright green?
what major should i take out of these?
Home or Mexican Remedies that can help if you have air in your uterus.?
Can i run my morning run with a stuffy nose?
HELP - light headedness and shortness of breath not just "anxiety"?
Ive had hiccups for a week?!?
bacterial infection in lungs?
exposed to asbestos without warning?
Has anyone experienced super sensitive skin after taking Mucinex?
Are there stronger types of puffers?
Suing for emotional distress?
If you were to cut a hole through your throat or your chest.?
Smoking for 6 months, possible issue?
what is the difference between a cold and the flu?
Explanation of sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose during a cold?
what is this reaction or side effects?
Is it possible to get hemorrhoids suddenly like one day you dont have them and the next you do?
How would i 'screen' a room as a method of avoiding potentially malaria infested mosquitoes?
Allergy Help Please, Im a bit confused?
What happened to my tachycardia?
Cookies and salmonella?
What is this on my arm?
What can I use from around the house to stop my itchy neck!?
Cocaine Comedown...what will happen?
Does diet affect acne?
Lack of consciousness after feeling of small explosion like event in top RH side of brain?
i had little red spots that itch at first and then have turned in to red sores on my leg?
Toothpaste burn healing?
Foreign accent syndrome: do sufferers always retain their original grammar?
How to prevent a breakout of impetigo?
What do doctors do for an EKG?
Left contacts out of case!!?
window period for hiv?
What if you think you have a cold sore but its herpes on your mouth?
um , help . cold soars.... ?
Brown discharge?
hep c window period?
i think i got candiditas from a chick giving me head?
What are the chances of a missed HIV infection after an ELISA test?
cures for vitiligo?
how do you get rid of the red patches left by spots??
If you deal with someone on a daily basis who deals with depression and anxiety?
Not being able to feel things. Help !?
I think im honestly mad, is there anything i should do about it ?
OCD Intrusive thought..?
Im going to go insane! Help Please!?
How will i tell anybody?
Is this a disorder? Could it be mild OCD?
Am I depressed or am I just really calm all the time?
Why do i have constant anxiety!? panic attacks, scared everytime my boyfriend leaves the house? I need meds?
I'm a teenage girl that needs some personal advice...?
Is it normal to feel almost everyday or every other day to feel like...?
I can not stop being worried, what do i do?
What do i ask the doctors office?
hi i'm Mathivanan 27 yrs from chennai, i'm suffering from misarticulation of 'R" and "L" sounds.?
Sudden Stress/emotional shock?
why do i get scared to death or very high anxiety?
Any hope for Borderline Personality sufferers?
I worry about everything all the time?
How to help nervousness and anxiety?
Giving blood?
Adress of Golden Jubilee National hospital clydebank?
How can I make my own tattoo removal fade cream and what are ingrediants needed?
The average person has less than two legs. So are you average or different from the rest?
pins and needles in my hands?
kelp tablets? do they work? what they for?
I am 62 and have had white hair for about 20 years and my hair colour is coming back could you tell me why.?
Spots on back?
i like to know about lung cancer?
How can i get over my phobia of spiders?
I just drank 850 ml of bleach,?
Eyes make poping sound?
hernia surgery question?
Severe stomach and side pain. what is it?
why do i get dizzy/ lightheaded when i sleep on my left side of my face?
How can I stop talking out of my nose?
What do Americans think of National Health Care? (NHS) state run medical care?
My neice has redness underneath her eye but her eye itself is fine. What could this be?
feel nasty?? any help?
The past two days when getting out of the shower I get really dizzy and nauseous.?
What is THC in a doctors standard blood/urine work-up?
how many Ativan and at what mg, would be enough to take and not wake-up?
where can i buy PROGLUMIDE?
can inhaling mold????????
Do corticosteroids make lungs smaller or bigger?
Pain in chest when I eat or drink?
Do i go to the Er pain i upper left of chest?
is it bad to swallow back your flem/mucus?
Tonsils Question????????
I'm constantly having to take deep breaths, what's wrong with me?
Is This Normal? Do I have asthma or something?
Asthma, or a natural reaction?
what is considered heavy smoker?
Rabies - What are the chances that a human could pass Rabies onto to Animals? especially cats.?
First aid for pulmonary embolism?
My 16 year old sister keep coughing it seems like every 5 seconds shes coughing what wrong with her?
Boyfriend has flu - help! ?
can you keep working while doing the hep C treatment?
I had prostitis and took meds for 10 days it's been 5 day after and i still have symptons is this normal?
Please Help With Sickle Cell Anemia?
what exactly is meningitis? detailed information?
what are the effects of a cpap machine on your kidneys and bladder function?
What diseases can cause breathing problems?
Stuck on overnight, can I quit?
Question about a burn on my arm..?
Bleeding to death..........?
What will my doctor do for peroneal tendonitis?
how long will it take for my back to cure? i was hurt doing crunches?
broken finger helppppppppppppp?
banged head yesterday on corner of cupboard?
pateller tendonitus???????
is it normal to gain weight after knee surgery?
I have an injury in my face. Help please?
how much money can I get in ct for workmans comp for 5% knee injury due to work?
Please answer im beeging on my knees?
when ever i extend my right leg, there is a popping sound in my hip?
how to reduce swelling for ankle sprain?
is there something wrong with my neck?
Well my left rib has been swollen for 2 months what do i do to heal it?
what does it mean when suddenly you get a cut on your arm?
How to relieve ankle pains after jumping off a roof?
How long does it take for a sprained leg to heal?
Help strange bruising on legs and thighs!?
when i pee, blood comes out and i go hard for exactly 14 seconds?
How to prevent cold sore outbreaks???????
Why do some countries have AIDS?
what is the dose?
questions about type one herpes?
how did hiv affect magic johnson?
can a man get HPV with just french Kissing?
How accurate is the urine test when looking for STDs?
Sharp chest pains? advice?
natural / herbal cholersterol busters anyone know any tips?
not sleeping for 24 hours please help?
im 13 and think i have depression .?
Has anyone ever taken the antidepressant Rameron?
I just took a 3 year old ambien, will i become sick, or die?!?
What do you think is wrong with me? (I'm 16)?
I'm 22 year and I need help with my further can anyone give me some advice?
i have been having weird dreams lately.please help?
Im scared of white people but im white what should i do?
Heroin? Answer please?
Internet is my life, am I sad?
I'm 22 and I'm suffering and hopeless everyday can anyone help me out want should I do?
Is it normal for Adderall to cause social anxiety?
What could be causing extreme pain in my jaw, ears & head?
knee pain because of my stairs?
What is the painful white spot on my tongue?
Why do my legs start hurting at night and wake me up could it be a blood clot?
leg pains similure to growing pains?
I have really bad ear ache when i...?
what could possibly cause this kind of pain?
Why are my eyes hurting?
pain on the left side of my head?
Why is the side of my face hurting?
pain on right side of my head?
Um i havent done anything in like 2 or 3 days but i woke up this morning hurting all over why is that?
how come everytime i sneeze i release my bowels and i kinda like it ;)?
bump on the top of my back?
Walking after ankle surgery?
i have sowllen feet, abdomunal pain, caughing?
Inner Ear Pain??????
why do the muscles of my legs ache when jogging?
swelling and pain slowly developing over 2 years from complications with wisdom teeth impacted in sinus?
Burning and pain in hand:'(?!?
why has my shin been cold?
how do ulcers apper in the mouth ive got two of them and they hurt?
How old were you when you discovered your first wrinkle and how did you feel about it?
in anatomy describe how all the human body systems are inter-related and independant?
My Mother suffers from tinatus, she has tried a digital hearing aid but finds it exacerbates the sound. Help?
Is Bacteria.?
Does anyone know where I can download or view a template for a toilet cleaning checklist?
why are some people cross eyed?
Where can I get Blue light laser treatment for acne in the UK?
blue patches on feet?
How do i remove the pigmented areas on my face?
What is the consequences of using to much butox (pour on) to kill lice on my year old foals?
excema help please?
how can u get off nivea holiday skin lotion when youve had the tan on 4 over a week?
I suffer from red fiery spots on my back! There are only a few at a time but they are sore! Wot will cure them
Is it possible this could be chicken pox again instead of a heat rash?
i used sod chloride 3% for my eyes, can other people used it too? what will happen?
doe the doctor have to approve color contact lenses?
Whats could this be??
What Could this possible be?? Please help?
been smoking for 7 months, quit last month?
hip pain for about three months now in the right side?
I Smoked Pcp Dipped Cigarett 7 Days Ago And I Weigh 225lbs How Long Do I Have Before A Neg Detection And I Am?
Cigarette Craving HELP!!?
reoccuring mouth ulcers? what could it be?
How much do Blood Banks make?
I cant fall asleep??? Help?
I've to get my blood drawn in about 4 more hours and I was thinking about staying up and not going to sleep.?
My shoulders are really stiff and I'm always on the edge?
Best way to inhale a cigarette?
is ambien good for sleep problem? what is the bad side effect?
Fingers are weak and stiff after typing?
What is the wetness around the neck ring of my t-shirt that develops while I'm sleeping?
ive been getting really tight chest pain went to hospital cause it hurts to breath could it be pleurisy?
One sided sore throat that is lingering?
Is my asthma bad or not?
Cold tingling feeling in my chest when i inhale deeply?
diffuculty breathing!please help.?
Can someone tell me about their nose job experience?
Panic attacks and Short Breath and more.?
Hallucinations from fatigue?
I suddenly experienced a very weird rustling and high pitched sound in my ears for a split second. what is ths?
did i damage my vocal chords?
A cure for sneezing from a cold.. please help!?
How do I get rid of a cough quickly?
my Mum cough from 2006 to 2010 she feels no chest pain or back pain i want to know if shes in danger.?
is mrsa deadly concerns?
can any hooka smokers help me out?
What is cpap as used in hospital setting?
My Husband got his left pinky cut off. How much settlement should he get?
I have pinworms or some sort of worms?
im getting my cervical cancer jab soon, just want to know a little about it,?
why people take metronidazole tablets?
Why is my right tonsil swollen?
Are worms contagious?
Would this cause liver damage?!?
can you get necrotising fasciitis twice?
Please help - sweaty face?
Do you reckon Swine flu will come back this winter?
secret eating disorder.?
I have got lots of little spots around my mouth recently?
do i have an auto-immune disease ?
explain why a man with a damaged spinal cord may not be able to feel his toe?
Do the oranges come from South Africa are infected with HIV?
I Experienced Nose Bleed for 4min?
Third HPV shot! Help!?
I Was Fingering Myself Then... Help Only Girls xxx?
HIV Test after 10.5 weels?
What does STD mean and How everything works?
What is syphilis? what are the causes and symptoms? and what is the treatment or cure?
Is it true that HIV/AIDS was first found in primate species?
Herpes medication; Is acyclovir or valtrex safe?
can i catch a cold sore/herpes from getting kissed on the neck?
DO u Die in 10 years if you have HIV?What of you born with HIV?
I was wondering, can you get HIV from sharing a joint with someone who has it ? , there was no blood on it .?
Anyone else stopped taking antipsychotics suddenly?
Want toself harm een though I feel a little back like my normal self? D:?
Do you have a mental disorder?
I need help getting over this?
i feel like im ahead of everyones game?
Do you think psychopathic thoughts are related to severe ADHD?
am i going crazy or is my mind playing games on me?
General anxiety disorder school?
Why Can't I Be Bothered Sometimes Help?
Im currently on adderal 30mg 2x day and paxil 20mg. I suffer from extreme ADHD combined symptoms?
my mom thinks im anorexic or have an eating disorder...help?
Im trying to get good grades but it just doesn't seem to happen?
Help with Health Class? I regret...?
is it weird to feel this way sometimes?
how many complaints can a teacher have before their fired?
What happens if you take one 0.5mg Ativan without a prescription?
I have panic attacks....?
Is something wrong with me?
who was amelia nutt & why is there a health centre named after her in bristol?
when do we use flexibility?
who owns biotonics in belgium?
SPOTS wat do u do?
Why are my nails so soft? Can anyone help???
Leg stretching operations?
who is the oldest living person in the world ????
pulse is normally in the 80 or 90's, woke up dizzy pulse in low 60's- bp normal 177/80?
What Is Wrong With My Tailbone?
What could a sharp pain in the lower left part of my head be?
I was prescribed tizanidine hcl 2mg for my back after a very bad car accident, i took it and i feel no effects?
What do you think is wrong with my ear?
Pain in back of head?
How do I talk to my dr about increasing my pain mesication?
how much taller will i be after my scoliosis surgery?
Does an epedural help with the pain?
My ears hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
should i do the surgery?
Weird Lump in my neck? ?
am in pain, What do you think is wrong with me?my body hurts a lots when i move?
Is my wrist still messed up?
What am i sick with? (Sore head, sore eyes, sore neck etc)?
just blew a balloon realy hard, now I have pain under?
Help! Leg cramps! please answer!?
Headaches every day. Help Please!?
What were your gallbladder symptoms?
i am having extreme pain in bottom of left shoulder ?
Something is up with my fingers. Is there something wrong?
Stay up all night with no sleep?
How can I fall asleep?
Are 'sheeshas' bad for you?
What should I do to make sleeping the way it should be?
How long does Wellbutrin take to work? what dose were you on & how did it help?
could i get a nose job on the NHS?
Alot of times during the day my whole body heats up and i find myself sweating.?
I'm always hungry and my mouth waters constantly..been like this for a week..what's up? thanks?
Ringing and loss of hearing in right ear?
Good ways to cool off without a/c?
Is Raid safe? Please answer soon!?
DO anti amoeba drugs eg. dyhrade m, cause a white coated tongue.?
Itcy problem?
solutions to a sensitive scalp?
Eczema problem?
How long does a viginal skin biopsy take to heal?
Any Good Cures For Dermatitis??
skin problem.... please advise?
can you get shingles in the same area twice I had it first 14 months ago now feel the same again ugh !!??
I have, for the last year now been getting red spots on my upper back? I've looked this up, Is there a cure?
dr. john e russo - 4 hour fasting glucose & insulin results?
68-73F? what is that cold?
is it possible to sweat out a cough?
Chest pain after eating?
Does this sound like meningits? Was the doctor wrong?
can stress trigger androgenic alopecia?
worried about wheezing cause?
what effects are there breathing embalming fluid?
National guard and asthma? Please help I'm really worried!!!?
anyone increases there cpap pressure with success?
people say i have a weird smell even the nurse!!,?
Is it safe to take OCPs with anti-TB meds?
Chest pain.........................?
guys i have sinusitis or a sinus infection?
Smoking weed and about a week later still feel dizzy and nauseated/a little off?? Anyone know what that means?
Extreme mid/left chest pain?
Why do I have shortness of breath?
compensation claim for deafness?
Went to the neurologist. Help?
Treatment for Ear Sunburn/Fungas?
how does sweat help defend the body against infection?
What shall i do to make my eye vision better plzz help my vision is very weak?
Can a blood test indicate infections/viruses?
i had a dream i was pulling a metal nail out of my thumb and it bled, a lot. what does this mean?
Questions on Anorexia?
Infected tragus piercing... need some advice?
Can someone tell me The Hazards In Hospital?
how to get rid of sunspots around the eyes?
Why do I feel ill after i eat?
My friend needs Rehab or Detox...What are his options?
My nose hurts, stings, after I run a race - It hurts more when I breathe in?
How do I know if the fingernail in my eye is gone or not?
slipped at work and fell down hard on my elbow my arm hurts from shoulder to my fingers?
im still cutting someone help me....?
After an injury, what should I do to regain lost muscle mass?
Losing my fingernail?
Suggestions for Knee Braces?
What should I do if I cut myself down there?
Shoulder popped out after falling on my elbow and is in pain when I throw?
my left eye is a little swollen need ur help?
Untreated pinched nerve in knee?
Is my nail going to fall off ?
fractured fingers years ago?
I've in the process of stretching my ears. It's something I've always liked but I do want to go back to normal?
my right ankle is hurting after a run?
Went to bed unconsciously?
is xanax effective for controlling seizures, as well as sleep, and anxiety issues?
What are symptons of schizophrenia?
Should I get on Antidepressants?
Traumatic Brain Injury and Depression...should I get treatment?
TO people who have been/is in therapy: Can you answer these questions please?
Help with Teenage Depression?
Can a person have both schizophrenia and a personality disorder?
why can't I stop this habit?
Free or extremely cheap counseling in New York?
Do I Have the Symptoms of Bipolar 1...?
how do i get over depression?
Phobia of cuts and wounds?
I'm confused about what I have?
Why do I lose my appetite after someone yells at me?
Is there such a thing as transference by gay people in denial?
Does Weed cause Schizophrenia...?
methods for controlling OCD?
For 4 years of my childhood two family members abused me and I trying to find someone to talk wit me?
Is there any medicine or any cream for remove to black spots in my leg?
re bruising n e 1 got a quick way to diguise it if it hasnt gone (see my previous ?)?
Is it okay to change contact lens solutions now and again?
how much does it cost a liposuction in the UK and does it hurt?
How can you make yourself cry?
I'm 5'8'' How much should weigh ?
The best treatment to get rid of marks on the body left from eczema?
why is travel insurance so expensive ?if. you are stable on medication is there a need to declare it?
does anyone know how hair gets it colour?
big problem i am 15 i wet the bed?
Something that is neither safe OR healthy!?
can you get infected with herpes if your partner has herpes simplex 2?
What is this?
At what point is a person contagious when they have a common cold? Also when are they no longer contagious?
can we have on are tounge white covering and pink on the tougue?
Sharing clothes that aren't washed or sharing the laundry with persom with HPV?
which std will give you a sore neck and sore calf muscles?
I have the coldsore virus but can it be spread from a cut in my blood to other parts of my body?
what are the symptoms ...?
can someone tell me about latent herpes?
i have chylmdia and may be pregant ....?
Are there any dangers or complication's?
Can HPV be transmitted through?
I had Orbital Cellulitus?
Unknown illness causing problems?
3-5 hpf pus cell in urinalysis. what does it mean? does he have std???
were are lymph nodes located, can they be in the cheek what does they look like, what clour are?
Can someone give someone else chicken pox even if they havent got it themselves but their kids have.?
how long does it take for someone to get aids after hiv if they are not on meds yet ?
Am i allergic to chlorine water?
Why is this? It is about my eyebrows.?
SEVERE ingrown hair > turned into massive lump under skin > PLEASE HELP!!?
How Can I Stop Feeling Sick Every Morning ?
I'm Having annoying sleep trouble?
why do i always chug water when i need a drink?
I got cigarette smoke smell out of my house but can it still be there and have any effect on me?
Are eating disorders more common in identical twins?
Is there such a thing as pain induced dizziness?
Can a CNA certification be NATIONALLY ACCREDITED?
I can't sleep properly............?
Blood when i wipe... and Diarrhea, heh please help.?
At what point does no sleep become unhealthy?
The left side of my jaw and ear hurts?
What is this pain in my lung?
I recently moved from the country to the city and now I constantly feel congested in my lungs. What c?
What percent of U.S. smokers are women?
What happens if i smoke an expired cigar?
Air Embolism?? Is it common?
what caused chest pain?
Will sleeping stop my high side effects?
what is postinflamatory pulmanory fibrosis?
did i smoke weed or did anything go into my lungs?
Frequency of Endoscopy?
Lymph Nodes around my whole neck?
My left thumb feels like theres and elastic band on it!?
Why do I experience face pain that only occurs overnight?
Is this wrong of me or is it right of me?
What are your opinions of my back pain ?
What is wrong with my lungs i am a 16 year old male?
how to not cry a lot and how to resist pain?
Headache that won't go away. Help please!!?
i have a really bad cold my nose is blocked and runny and my voice has gone all low and funny im sick of it!?
How do i stop coughing?
Why does my shoulder hurt so bad?
Sore index toe for months, Help!!?
Why do my lower legs cramp up alot?
What's wrong with my neck?
Can high flow oxygen cause sinus problems?
things to eat when one has bronchitis?
Why cant i stop coughing?
Is there a strength difference between percocets and oxycodone-acetaminophen?
What to do for ankle pain?
advil/drug reactions?
Can one get ARTHRITIS from a FALL?
Hydrocodone & Cannabis Use Combination? Need answers....?
Severe shooting pain in thumb.?
Toothache Pain Switching on Then off?
teenager with legg calve perthes disease?
I wake up every morning with a really bad headache.?
What could cause my to heart start beating very erratically?
how do you cure a strained quadriceps?
what can i do to cure tirednes, im ill with it?
PLease answers quickly!! conjunctivitus!?
What is wrong with me? Loss of appetite, stomach pains?
my 22month old has swollen eyes and red skin around them, what could this be?
what could cause a numb toe?
Ringing sound in ears?
Could it be shingles?
I have moobs im 5ft8 and i weigh 12 st and i cant rid of them is there any treatment on the nhs i can get?
shaking scared adrenalin running passing out an having a pettymal seizure?
can stress cause swollen glands?
first time contact user?
why does cold weather make my socks wet, wearing slippers or not have2 change socks 2 or 3 times a day?
my father is in hospital and not getting th etreattment he needs?
i need a medical hospital for fibriod operation in london?
how does one grow taller?
cold sores...what causes them?
foundation trust status, interview question,how to improve recovery room service for this?
What is the role of a neonatal nurse.Please help.?
how would i know if i have bronchitis?
Spotty Monday Morning?
ADHD Fictional Label?!?
i hate glasses?
Do cell phones effect the brain? Why do you think this?
Does anyone have WPA health cover? Is it value for money? What are the good and bad points?
In the whole of medical history is there really a drug that makes one grow taller and is medically proven.?
Green Tea and being diabetic?
ahsma meds?
i don't know about questions but i feel like crying?
Believing that dreams have happened in reality?
If I go to sleep at 5 am?
Is this normal... to think or do something that u are (in that moment) totally sure about...?
i want the phone number of Dr. Sudakar Rao, a pysciatrist in tirupati.?
Can someone please help or just listen? I'm a little scared. :(?
How common is depersonalization?
What kind of memory loss problem do i have and who to talk to about it help please?
i sleep during the day and awake at night ?
I purposely cut myself, how do i make them heal fast?
Treatment of 'situational bipolar disorder'?
There is something that is wrong with me?
I can't remember anymore..?
Is it true that bipolar disorder and ADHD are related or connected? If so how?
Getting help for depression?
I think I pulled a muscle, please help?
Should I ask my parents to take me to a psychiatrist?
I am 37 and I am going to be tested for ADD!!!!?
will headbutting stuff cause serious damage?
Sprained ankle?? What do I do?
How do i know if my hand is broken?
Im limping and im swollen is my foot broken?
About 1 or 2 weeks ago i fell on bleaches and hurt my leg at a gym after i got home it was swole and sore?
What is this small pain in my knee?
i got stung today at 5:00 pm in eyebrow my eye is almost closed can i get anyhelp please?
Does pudendal nerve damage go away on its own?
is it ok to swim with a broken toenail?
Caan someone answer please?
how can I fix a Dislokated Finger!?
Dislocated elbow therapy help?
I banged my head then suddenly couldn't feel my body until I could feel my body coming back with pins & needs?
bump on my finger from banging it?
Can you get herpes from skin contact even when the infected person has no break-outs?
is everything known about the tramission of AIDS?
When is best to test for STD's?
Does flu and headache go with all STD s?
Can you get Leukaemia when you're an adult or are you born with it?
Why is gonorrhoea called "The clap"?
i had a d and c 3 days ago and feeling burning sensation under my ovaries is this normal?
is there any chance i have an std ?
How can you tell if a man is carrying/spreading the HPV virus?
Approximately how many people in our world suffer from STDs?
Will daily cycling improve or worsen varicose veins?
Cleanse, tone and moisturise?
has any1 ever had pityriasis rosea/ herald patch?
Waahhh bumpy legs?
Why are scars so red?
rash need help?
I had laser done on my leg veins a few days ago but i don't see a difference. How long before i do see a chan
Is this normal - eczema?
where in farnham our near farnham can i find a su do spray tan salon?
anti sickness pills?
lll The dust mite/bed bug thing?
benadryl causes nose bleed?
Has anyone ever had flu without that aching throat...?
hydrocephalus water on the brain and Migraines ?
could any one explain the "on call" method my works are u sing in my rota is it legal for them to do this ?
Coping with Shingles?
Morgellons Disease: The new epidemic?
How can i rid a field mouse of disease?
how would i use the nursing process within the community for this patient?
is my peak flow normal?
I dont know what this is, a cold? something else? help?!?
Cold!!! Can Someone help Me please?
Help, I'm really worried for my mom?
should i see a doctor and if so how soon?
Any tips for comfort and mobility in a long-leg cast?
what is the goal and objectives of a hospital pharmacy?
I'm never hungry anymore?
Is my body rejecting food? and what will happen if it continues like this?
just found out something on my back?
i smoked weed five days ago and i have court in 3 days and i might get on probation and might be tested?
I have been feeling nauseous and dizzy?
Am I going to be okay?!?!?
Whenever I Sit Still, I Get Drowsy and fall asleep, what going on?
Which MNC offers the best Aloe Vera based products in India?
how to stay up and not feel bad?
how can i buy plant sterol and stanols in natural form?
What is a blood clot and what are its causes?
what kind of sleep medicine will make you trip if you stay awake?
i have to get a cat scan on my lungs. what is a cat scan and are all nodules found on the lungs cancerous?
My 1 yr. old son has had pneumonia, can he go outside and get worse?
what is a non breathable gas and what are some ways to breath air while in contact with them?
Need help: My son was diagnosed with asthma 2 days ago.?
how long have you been smoking cigarettes?
would someone with asthma take longer to...?
what will happen if augmentin syrup is given on baby every 6hours instead of 8 hours?
strange pain in my chest?
Why does my TB test always come back positive?
bronchitis or w.e help please?
Why might the tranquilizers cause a car accident?
Really bad cough...Please help me!?
why is the voice gravelly early in the morning?
Why can't you hear yourself snore?
is there a cigarette that is healthy for you to smoke ...like no side effects at all?
My cat seems to have chronic upper respiratory infections?
Do cats cause asma or breathing problems?
Why does it hurt when i try to breathe?
Do I have asthma? Please help!?
why does my sternum hurt?
What causes awful aching in right arm and what helps relieve it?
bad headaches all the time..... help?
swollen palm of hand?
ive had a pain in my left eye for a little more than a week?
Please help me with cramps?
Stomach ache in the middle of the night?
Intra-articular injections in toddlers joints for arthritis?
What can I do about this pain in my hipbone/upper leg? ?
damaged a ligament in my arm?
My throat hurts when I laugh.. Well when I try to laugh?
Is there a 'Tongue Surgery'?
is it normal to get slight pain in the forehead after being stressed and upset?
Pain in the bottom of my foot?
Bad upper abdomen pain?
Does anyone get this type of headache?
Information regarding an Enlarged Heart?
how much to have moles removed?
What is happening to my skin?!?
Annoying Rash, Help!!?
Are raised moles dangerous?
Throwing up green bile?
does sitting with your left arm behind your head give your heart more work to do, it pumps there first right?
can hypothyroidism cause anxiety?
Can you explain what it feels like (before and after) having an Epileptic Fit?
What is the best way to experiance Lucid Dreams?
ive had a sprained thumb for 5 wks now, its still very painfu why is it takin so long to heal?
body piercings?
do you think some peoples faces WOULD actually crack if they smiled?
Body Sculpture inversion table whats the maximium weight it will take?
What is a bum nugget aka cling on? also whay do people want to stick things up my chocolate starfish?
Does anyone know of a good breast augmentation surgeon in Scotland?
Ways to heal a short temper?
Getting positive feelings from negative feelings?
Does alcohol abuse lower a person's IQ? Or do people with lower IQs abuse alcohol more?
I feel like im looseing my mind?
Question about ADHD(Adult 22 years old)?
How do you get through to someone with Avoidant Personality Disorder?
i am very suisidle, and have been for years and years, but i dont have the courage to do it, any answers? :?
What should happen with people who can't be helped through therapy or psych ward?
can you list some treatment options for suicidal people?
I feel like I'm loosing my grip on the world?
Is it possible to distinguish true memories from false memories?
I Feel So Anxious About All of This...Can Someone Please Give Me Advice?
I'm depressed and need help!?
the thing i got shocked by?
Do I have a disorder?
Fear is controlling my life?
is this normal for me to here this?
Bumps under my tongue?
How easy is HPV transmitted. Can it be passed from a previously used bath towel?
my friend has explosive diahrea?
how common is it to get an STD from a public washroom?
Are you checked for HIV?
What is HSV-1? And Whats HSV-2?
could this be a sign of mono?
How do you tell someone you're dating that you have herpes 1?
Is this the only possibility?
i have hpv, how do i deal?
my big toe has been hurting for two months! how to i heal it completely?
I think I hurt my coccyx?
i tore my cartiledge in my knee 7 months ago and have now hurt it again doung some aerobic workout,?
Do i need to see a Doctor, or what?
How much Can I get for a Elbow injury on the job?
Can I go en pointe if I have a really really small bunion??
What exactly causes swelling when you've injured a body part?
i have an eye injury. Black eye?
i think i pulled a muscle in my stomache..?
what do you do about shin splints?
i got my tongue pierced a week ago and i have a hard painful bump surrounding it.. should i take it out?
Ear stretched and bleeding...?
How do I recover from a strained hip flexor?
My right leg recently got sunburned and its swollen above the foot below the knee, that area of the leg.?
Got ears pierced a couple months ago. Is it good to disinfect with Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide & Purell?
can someone who diabetic eat fruit and honey?
do i have diabetes or is it just university?
Can you wear two different colored contacts?
question about eye contacts? pleassssseee helppp?
If a person doesn't have 20/20 vision, do they need glasses?
ganglion removal help please?
Whats after Accutane?
how safe and recommended is lasik surgery?
I got a burn yesterday and unlike the first one it now looks like a bubble...?
anti inflammotry indometacin?
can i take Ginkgo Biloba with hair, nail and skin suppliment?
Benxoyl Peroxide...?
spider bite?
Is this possible that I have a hernia?
I'm a little nervous to try Paxil.?
Wellbutrin (generic xl) does it get worse before it gets better?
Why does PEPSI give me cramps?
I can't sleep. Help please!?
how to get rid of blood clot in fingernail?
Is it bad to take Prilosec as a maintenance med?
Tips on how to quit smoking?
Guys,help..i dont know what to do,my left eye's nerve has been twitching from tuesday,could something be wrong?
has anyone had hemroids removed surgically and if so what was the outcome of it?
why doctors examin eyes, nails and tongue.for what?
Colonoscopy prep tomorrow? Tips?
any one knows anything abot fostering animals ?
What is Prophylactic treatment and how does it prevent disease in animals?
do i have the flu like my friend?
how would you feel if you had dementia?
How long are you infectious with tonsilitis?
i need rto get rid of a cold?
What does it mean to have an organism in the blood?
Cold, flu, or ear infection maybe?
Glandula Fever ... How long ?
Who is allergic to carmel?
how fatal is a dog's punctured lung?
I am getting blood in my nose with a sinus infection also have a headache .?
Why do I have a rash on my back ?
my baby is having coughing problem,so, what is the medicine?
Air hunger off and on?
Question about antibiotic dosage?
is it true that whenever you enter a hospital, you're at risk for MRSA?
I have a low WBC and low hemoglobin,?
Did I have a anxiety attack?
i am pregnant and i am sick i have been coughing and it is getting hard to breath should i see doctor?
as a child i had asthma really bad. was test positive for tb but did not have it .i'm 43 now went and got tes?
Can lack of food cause someone to have an anxiety attack?
Trach/Vent patient question?
A friend of mine has been really sick. It first started off with his lungs being bruised, while he was?
I keep having sleep paralysis please help?
how much taller will i be after my scoliosis surgery?
My ears hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Someone please help me, me knee has been hurting & i don't know why?
Why is my gum behind my teeth becoming swollen and white and painful? emergency?
My arm and side is killing me?
What is worse: Tylenol or Advil?
I'm conducting a experiment - does anyone know what pill looks similar to a hydrocodone pill?
Why does my arm hurt when I throw something?
How do I get rid of Swelling on my Pinky Finger?
Which is worse for you: Advil or Tylenol?
wat knee brace is good for me?
acl surgery..knee pain when standing up? why?
People with chronic back pain occasionally get relief from a tummy tuck. How does this help?
Corner of my eye hurts!! urgent!!?
The corner of my eye hurts plz help!!!?
7MM cyst on my wife's right temporal lobe, is this serious?
Percocet and constipation?
What's wrong with my shoulder?
14 years old, My wrist really hurts.?
I have a pain in my upper part of my arm between my elbow and shoulder, what could it be?
does anyone know what the percentage of kids that committed suicide in 2010 over bullying?
please help im really scared!!?
Anxiety attacks/Panic attacks free cures?
Help!!! i have a tough time getting over my fear?
Can you detect schizophrenia before it happens?
What does it mean if when im sleeping i open my eyes and do not remember it afterwards?
Do I Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
i don't think im going to keep my therapist for long anymore?
How to help my friend? Anorexic?
I'm having huge mood swings ...?
do i have body dismorphic disorder?
How to get off Klonopin?
Very strange feelings is this it?
Would someone help me?
Is seroquel XL supposed to be taken once a day or twice a day?
Feeling Flatlined due to Lamictal and Saphris?
The thought of being single makes me suicidal.?
why do i go to the toilet ?
Where could I get tested for STD's without my parents knowing?
Can two virgins get an STD from each other?
what is the medication Apo-Metronidazole used for, did any of you take it?
My friend told me her ex boyfriend from 3 years ago told her recently that he had chlamydia back then?
is possible to carrie the herpes virus without no knowing the herpes virus can stay in a state of dorm or
what do you know about HPV?
Prev Q not answ prop. Any 1 know a genetic condtion that stops interest in alcohol & ability to get drunk?
does beer/lager cause loose stools?
Should Neil go home tonight or keep saving lives?
Clarification to all those dumb who thought I actually meant sleeping?
I have a nasty oven burn on my hand. How do I stop it from leaving a brown mark when it heals?
Have you had laser eye treatment done, if so what was it like?
Does anyone know of any eye surgery other than laser for short sightedness?
Any natural products or remedies that get rid of UNEVEN skin tone & ANCE SCARRING on BLACK skin?
Anyone had any Bad reactions with Dalacin-T topical lotion?
What can you do to prevent spider veins or thread veins?
Itchy shins?
I have hanging skin under both armpits and in the groin,how do I get rid of them?
cosmetic surgery?
Asthma or just allergies?
how do smoking and genetic predisposition affect a persons likelihood of developing asthma?
why cyanosis in polycythemia and not in anemia?
Why can't S.A.R.S be treated with Antibiotics?
I sprayed nasal spray into one nostril three times because I thought nothing had come out. Is that okay?
If i had COPD or Asthma would it show on a chest X ray?
Why is it that i always wake up with mucus in my throat?
what do my chest pains mean?
did anything actually get into my lungs ?
What caused this scar?
Who earns more per year?
why does my 5 month old son is always wheezy and coughs all day and night?
what can sunbeds cause to the body?
What is this rash on my face?
What is the best way to lower your blood pressure?
would a sty be the cause of pink eye?
What is the strongest treatment for recurring mouth ulcers, if the ulcers are so bad they cause depression?
My GP says my blood pressure is normal, but I don't believe this is true....?
im a 14 year old male,5'4",weigh 6 and half stone,am i near anorexia?
I'm pregnant and i'm going to a malaria infested area soon, what preventive methods are needed to stop malaria?
When you have botox injections in your bladder for over active bladder are you under anasthetic of any kind?
Dry skin and redness on face?
As I am smoking a cigarette, my arm and hand and fingers tend to quiver and shake. Why does this happen?
What could this be-my right leg feels fine when I go to sleep, but during the night (every night for weeks now?
is it possible to feel your muscles being eaten away?
My wrist is always cracking?
Can i sue the hospital for my crooked nose?
how to clean your system of thc in a week or two?
Whats Happening to me?
What is wrong with me?
Muscles tremble in leg what is it?
Front knee pain after running?
Why cant I sleep when I dont drink?
Suggestions On How To View An Autopsy?
what does "horney" mean?
If you go to sleep under extreme coldd conditions, can you fall into a coma?
can i go to sports practice after giving blood?
weird feeling/ tingling in leg/ foot?
the cuticle on my finger is gone..what happens now?
Any ideas for supposed gas constipation?
Can sleeping with headphones in be dangerous?
I have this strong urge to shove something down my urethra?
how can i get rid of this unwanted thought?
SCARED out of my mind-- indirect hernia, please help?
MMR Vaccine, when was it introduced?
My mom have epilepsy and the brain seizures are getting worse! please someone help!!!?
Zoloft questions............?
Okay so i have ADD and i'm in college its very hard for me to concentrate and i dont take medicine any help?
Can Citalopram cause you to sleep alot?
What's it like to see a psychiatrist for the first time?
i am suffering with depression please help me?
anyone know the dosage for Ashwagandha tablets for neurosis/anxiety?
Why is this happening and what can I do?
what is the quickest way to get rid of pinworms?
is this considered sleep paralysis?
chicken pox.... ..........................?
Zoloft for 7 weeks.....?
How is schizophrenia treated? Therapy/medication?
Please I need your opinion.?
Going back to school after depression and anxiety?
I am mentally ill and need to know whats going on?
Can sinusitis come back this quick.?
what can a doctor do for a teenager with social anxiety?
Do you think a real rage virus could be made?
MRSA told I had MRSA today by the doctor can anyone give me some advice?
What are these symptoms of?
How do you get by day to day with a hectic life?
what in the world is aids?
Info about Gonorrhea please?
My friend and i were fencing and he sort of stabbed my scrotum.?
Whats wrong with me? My eyes itch constantly, i cough nonstop, and have breathing troubles sleeping and awake!?
Is anyone else allergic to sheetrock dust?
What is on the inside of my nose?
Horrible Throat Problem?
Can allergies just make you feel like.........?
My eyes are still swollen?
I keep feeling a tingling sensation throughout my body. I feel a stabbing pain in my fingertips and toes at?
Help please! A lot of pain in arm?
My knee has been hurting after i fell?
Pain in my left pinky toe?
Is hip popping something to be concerned about?
Why do my thighs hurt when I sprint?
I have a burning sicky feeling in my throat?
1400mg ibuprofen in less than 24 hours! help!?
burning on my lower side of my stomach on the right!?
tightness in the back of my knee?
recently today all of a sudden it felt like something went through my head.?
How does a TENS unit provide pain relief?
Is it better or worse for one to workout when they have a cold?
Gallbladder problem/ pain on ribcage?
Tingling...restlessness in my legs...?
pain around my vein near my wrist?
My ears pop when I swallow however when I lie down in bed they don't. Why is this and how can I stop it?
Left Side Pain/Pressure?
Will the work permit for overseas nurses working in NHS be renewed?
does anyone know how to stop hair thinning out?
Why do my eyes tear after a proper yawn?
where can i find a good dermatologist in london?
How to cure a sore throat ??
How much better can a normal person with PED?
i have throat pain...and flem?
what causes muscle to continualy tighten up?
i have some quick questions about asthma?
Do you know why I must switch sides with my insulin injections?
Help with IBS please anyone?
Polio jab? Some questions.?
How do you keep clear skin and reduce spots?
i have ibs and i constantly feel sick, i dont no what to do i have tried everything docters have asked.?
I've had a cough for 2 months with flims but no wheezing?
anyone had succses on doxycycline for acne also teamed it with dalacin t lotion?
skin problem?
In the UK, is it worth going to the doctor if you have carpal tunnel syndrome?
scalp treatment?
Date tonight and have a runny nose - help?!?!?
Acne support forum, any use?
vitamin e for acne scars, any other tips?
how do u know some one with a kidney problem?
Advice needed for acne?
has anyone used synaptol?
lighten acne scars?
why does the sun,lighten hair but darken skin?
garath gates loves his mole?
Depression I think I have it?
Will this hurt/kill me? im scared.?
Why can't I make my mind up about ANYTHING?
My friend is really depressed, what else can I do?
i have alot of anxiety from my past?
I'm not scared of the things I'm usually terrified of. What's going on?
My life feels dull and stuck how to fix this?
I have a fear of height which iv never had before..?
I still can't sleep alone.?
whats wrong with not sleeping much?
Does anyone know of any free mental health services in Nassau County, Long Island?
Bi Polar disorder and meds prescribed...?
stress inclined illnesses?
is there anyone whos is bipolat or who has some mental illnes?
Help Boyfreind is Suicidal?
i wnna have bright/ablaze eyes?
I am having Stomach Aches every time I eat?
how many hours sleep should i get a night?
MAJOR! abdomen pains!! someone please help?
What are the symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
I've got an skin infection of sorts. red/pink spots with dry skin. not sure of what it is :(?
My partner & I seem to be getting eaten alive by mosquitos.?
Was the aids virus developed back in the day by the U.S. D.O.D to control the black population?
Help, i'm scared :(:(?
What is the connection bwtween HIV and HBV?
hpv surgury?
This red bump has been on my lip for as long as I can remember?
Will I be able to live to country if i got High Fever ?
Throat Infection Question????
cuts on my hand and handling raw turkey, can this harm me?
How long should I wait til I kiss someone, i have glandular fever?
Ear Infection / Head Cold / What Is it ? HELP !?
What are some diseases that only animals can get and humans cannot?
Is this a water infection like I said?
Stomach bug and food?
Sickness X 3 since Xmas: with chest infections, head colds and flu?
What to do? How to get rid of the hunch?
My left ear is clogged, need advice why?
nerve pain electric shock in the top part of my wrist?
Why are my ribs constantly sore? I'm 18?
My nose feels funny after being hit?
How 2 get opiates out of system by friday?
Chest pain? Should I be worried?
I have pain and clicking in the middle joint of my left hand forefinger.?
My back hurts soo bad when I sleep more than 6 hrs! Why!?
my throat hurts..but its not like a regular sore throat?
i feel like my head is going to explode?
What is the best way to get more circulation in the hands and fingers?
How do I unstop my ears?
Burning and numbness post wrist surgery?
how to comfort ear pain?
How could I get this out?
Am I having low blood pressure, or what?
Can anyone provide 365 thoughts for 365 days?
What is the outlook on these medical issues.?
I have this strange lump on the back of my neck?
Why are my feet always so hot? It's getting annoying?
I have to wake up at 3am and I want to go to bed at 5pm or 6pm and stay asleep but how?
I can see my veins where my sunburn is?!?!?
Would surgery be recommended?
On Zithromax and feelling weird?
Um...should I be worried?
why do i have a hard time falling asleep!! ughh!?
I have a throat infection, i decided to self medicate myself with Ampitrex. Is this medication dangerous?
I'm going swimming, and I have contact lenses. Help!?
2 year old and tonsillectomy?
My son may need hearing aids. Where can I find some good information on hearing aids?
How come every time I eat meat, I get sick?