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Mental, Mood swings, Depression help?!?
Is it better to put yourself last or first?
Is there any way she can admit me?
antidepressants working?
Should I go to the emergency room?
im an compulsive/pathological liar. i need help how can i fix my problem!?
What are some effects of meth?
what are jealous examples?
Is it possible for the school counciler to admit me?
I have a horrible fear of public speaking.... help?
Concentration problems?
Beds for little people?
I Feel like I'm on the verge of depression. What can I do to stop it?
Benzodiazepine Versus Benzodiazepine and non-working Antidepressants?
I feel like i could kill somebody?
How do you combat depression & improve your concentration?
phone numbers for cardiologist?
Age 47 male, Atenolol 50 lossarten potassium 50 , now BP 80/130 pulse 58 any suggestion please.?
Tachycardia?? SVT??? heart disease?
will a doctor give u a cast if u ask even though you dont have an injury?
will there be a scar if i burnt myself with a fryer at work?
How do I obtain a liquid nitogen dispenser for removing skin tags?
Addicted to drugs (U.K)?
i didnt realise just how hot it was on saturday, i was sitting in the back garden and fell asleep from about?
Does plucking (for example using an epilator) cause eventual hair reduction like waxing? If not, why?
Does anyone know where I can find a list of jobs that colour blind/ colour vision deficient people can't do?
can u help please?
Do you use soap and water after you go to the loo or do you just use paper?
What is best material for a pot? clay, aluminium, Zink, ...?
Can not enough sleep cause migranes? or headaches?
Eczema and Milk Allergies?
Can Food Intolerence's go away?
I'm having a soft ringing in my ears.?
what is it called when you eat/or drink something and then go play a sport and your stomache hurts?
Why do I keep getting headaches every morning?
Any ideas on what I could have done to my knee by direct impact?
should i try to taper off my oxycodone addiction of 100 mg per day buy using saboxone 2 mg tablets?
I've just taken x2 400mg ibuprofen by mistake (thinking they were 200mg). Should I contact A&E?
I have scoliosis and pectus excavatum?
i have the beginning symptons of a cold. I took an efferescent airborne tablet this am which is the day of my?
anyone ever had balloon sinuplasty done or other sinus surgery?
Which is first? Acute respiratory failure or Sepsis?
Symptoms of being sick?
Is it normal after you take asthma treatments does it make you shaky? Please ANYONE!!?
dangerous sleeping tablets for death?
Why do companies put fluor on water, and which is the fx of it on humans?
it feels like i have a weight on my chest?
Why am i coughing so much?
I have not smoked weed for 5 weeks now and im going to take a urine test next week is it out of my system?
Im worried about my cousins health...?
Stabbing pain on right side?
how do i get better quality sleep?
what are 2mm nodules in the lower thorax?
I was smoking weed and I couldn't move or talk. does anyone know how that happened?
hard to breathe allways?
Best way to stop gastrotitis spreading/going around the family.?
Is herbal incense okay to smoke while pregnant?
Contacts or laser eye surgery?
im 14 and i was just at the beach, now its 6am and i cant fall asleep?
one swollen tonsil and and sore throat?
Review of Vivekananda hospital,Moradabad?
I've had laryngitis for almost 2 weeks now, my job requires me to talk. HELP, I need my voice.?
Do I have bronchitis or...?
how often can i take glutaphos tablet in a day?
I sleep all day, and I'm awake all night?
what types of muscle help to increase the size of thoracic cavity during forced inspiration?
nose metal smell in mucus?
What are these nurses called?
Can a doctor release my medical records?
numb lips after drinking?
medical health for infection of the eyes?
can babys get the flu?
Post Op Infection. Could it have been avoided?
Hiccups while suffering from Chicken pox.?
Is it possible for lice to go into the ear? cause its itchy sometimes. i dont know if its me paranoid.?
what are the simtoms off kidney stones?
What is the difference between a persistent and a latent viral infection?
if me and my son have the virus of strep throat then why is the doctor not saying and just giving him ........?
hi my treatment (interferon alfa 2 a combined with ribavarin) has responded well at the 3th month. But now ?
I am contemplating the HPV (gardasil) vacine. I'm 19.?
What are the diseases or abnormalities in the epithelial tissue?
Can you get herpes, or HPV, from objects that have come in contact with the virus?
I just pierced my navel, is okay to go swimming in the ocean and or pool?
For the last week I havent' been able to get to sleep! Help?
I have the flu and a lost voice and the doctor said it will last for 10 days and i have my gcse drama perf...?
i feel like there is something in my ear, cant get it out?
My bf had a relapse and used for the first time in 1 year....?
Please enlighten me on Syphillis.......?
HIV test question??????????????????
how can STDs cause sterility?
what should I expect when I got to a dr to get tested for stds and aids.?
Why is the AIDS crisis so much more drastic in Africa than elsewhere?
Any one had Acai Elite The Ultimate Weight Loss Berry?
I allow other people (I develop feelings for) to have so much influence on the way I feel...?
I'm taking Fluoxetine and I have gained over 3 stone in weight. Is this due to the medication?
I'm not acting like myself, and I'm not quite sure why?
Is Social Anxiety Disorder a disease?
i cant do this anymore, i am going crazy?
How to help a friend with depression...?
I hate socialization but I'm depressed without it?
i feel like killing someone?
Can't hold eye contact? what does it mean?
what level disorder is ocd?
how could i work with myself when people yell at me to stop the fear?
do i have some kind of personality disorder or problem?
Becoming a psychiatrist HELP?
Is 20-years-old a rapid age?
Severe homesickness and anxiety at college/university?
Can obsessing over a guy/guys be a form of OCD or at least one of the symptoms?
i have ridged nails what can i do to get rid of them?
Why do I always seems to have soft bowel actions?
Advice without going to my GP in getting help to stop taking amphetamine with out telling my family?
What is the best thing for athlete's foot?
Broken collar bone?
Where in the UK can I find a reliable medical research centre to apply to?
Why do some people close their eyes when they smile?
how do you get hiccups?
how can i increase my height? what drugs or medications available in UK?
Does anyone know where i can get cheap cigerettes without them getting held at customs?
what is a pentapeptide ?
What is the most embarassing thing you turned up to A&E needing medical attention for?
Why does my nose always feel blocked?
Elbow injury? Or just pain?
How do i heal a scar/scratch as soon as possible?
My left calf popped when I jumped up and immediatley started throbbing down my leg.?
broken cheek bone five years ago what do i do its very obvious?
Why do I have so much trouble with shoes?
My SI joint slips about once a year. The muscle spasm throws my lower disk. What can I do?
I wrenched my thumb on a slip'n'slide.?
whats wrong with my shoulder?
my dryer door fell on my pinky toe and part of the foot below it...instantly turned black and blue...?
How can i keep up my endurance levels with an injured knee???10PTS!!?
Stress fractures? Experienced injured sports people only.?
What kind of procedures do they do on cartilage tears?
high blood pressure...please, please help.?
Can someone with an implanted defillbrlator have Gastric Bypass Surgery sucessfully?
Heart spasm...what was this?
Heart attack.3 clogged arteries. coma. any chance of a promising recovery?
Why is there a big pain in my leg!?
I got the top of my ear (cartilage part) pierced three months ago?
Could someone help me with the shoulder troubles I've been having?
Can i tear a tendon or ligament on the top of my foot?
What do you have if your throat is really sore and hurts to swallow?
my back hurts when i lay down?
Can you reduce pain receptors?
right side of my head hurts?
Question about HPV/guardasil...?
If you found out you had an STD, would you try to contact all your past hookups to tell them?
Can tampons protect from STD's?
If a pregnant woman takes an HIV test does she have to fast?
having a blood test that will show me even if I dont have any sintoms wiil show the herpes virus?
what are the frist systomes of aids/hiv. does anyone no. ?
what are some things you should avoid when you have a herpes outbreak ?
How rare is dying in a epilepsy fit?
does anyone else get intchy and come up with a bright pink area which is sometimes bumpy?
Been to Doctors with painful lymph glands in neck, they are swollen, why has he not prescribed antibiotics?
What help can you get an Alcoholic apart from AA.?
my friend has some thing like skin coming out his bum wen he goes toliet. what could this be?
Can good come from suffering?
Swollen Hand on a 66 year old man. Advice please.?
4 yr old daughter is vomiting mucus and won't eat?
Name a rare disease?
I'm not coping with Fibromyalgia flare-up's...I'd love advice on how to deal with symptoms.?
Does anyone know the name of an illness where the body literally bursts?
Hi I am a 34 year old man an have been taking levothyroxine for about 10 wks now?
is multiple sclerosis hereditary?
Vomiting pure stomach acid...?
alzheimer's how do you deal with it?
what that can be?
what is the difference between polyarthritis and arthritis?
what can i do for a fever?
should we go or not go?
Food poisoning concern?
Taking amoxillan + getting rashes worried?
eye infection,...................................?
What causes clubbing of the fingers besides the obvious chronic hypoxemia?
Am I experiencing some kind of flu?
how should i prevent getting bronchitis when i already have a cold/cough?
what are the symptoms of flu?
Would travel insurance pay out for possibility of chickenpox? Doctor didn't advise against travel?
hair color changing slightly because of sun?
People say you need 8 hours of sleep every night....?
How do you treat Tonsillitis?
How many fungi diseases can you name?
Can swollen lymph nodes make it harder to breathe?
Why do I always wake up in the middle of my dreams?
smoking question please help!!!1?
Feel like I can't get a full breath?
List Four symptoms that might indicate an intermittent problem with the electrical system after the boot.?
My daddy's autopsy report...I don't understand it.?
Would a neoprene wetsuit keep the medical port in my chest dry?
Why does my hip hurt?
I have a dent in my leg under my knee...?
On disability for 5 years. Can/will ss reverse my claim even though I have diminshed lung capacity?
why can't i fall asleep?
Can anyone give me advice?
Do i have a nose infection or something because my nose has been like bleeding every other day for 5 days.?
had a dry cough felt fine a week after went to the drs found out had asmatic bronctis on antibiotics for a?
Constantly coughing Black/brown Phlegm?
Can I go swimming if I have a sinus infection.?
Is this more than just a cold? Should i see a doctor?
if you can perform the job functions with an accommodation, please describe how you would perform the job func?
I kissed my baby cousin goodnight yesterday..?
Im a 15 year old girl and my voice cracks, help? 10 points!?
Can you go to an NHS GP outside of your area?
Can you survive from HIV/AIDS?
what are the possible explanations for sleeplessness?
Are Chernobyl mutant pictures real?
Getting acne from lager, need new alcohol drink which isn't bad for skin?
how to treat this alleric rection towards food?
Mysterious rash? Please help?
Has clearasil deep pore treatment scrub given me more acne and caused itchiness?
Descibe what happens to the musclein your upper arm whe a)you bend your arm and b)you straighten your arms?
diarrhea help me please?
What are these symtoms of? ....?
What can you do for a swollon lip due to fever?
will i get a cough from this sore throat?
Information on Huntington's disease?
Can the symptoms of Salmonella be distinguished from Norovirus symptoms?
Is my eczema getting better?
Why is it so that when i am yawning i cant hear a thing?
Why is the world filled with SAD people like XANDER_F?
is 10 and ahalf stone fat for a 5 foot 6 woman who is 25 years old?
im on a high protein,low fat ,low carb diet?
What sun cream is the most effective,.com?
What dangers are there for surgical sedation in people with liver cirrhosis?
I have a back problem...?
What are opinions on guys who dye their hair?
Can anyone recommend a health spa break (massage, swimming etc )for me and my husband in norfolk?
queef catcher 3000?
Any ways to get rid of spots on your backside?
What is Codex Alimentairus & can I buy vitamins in UK after 31 Dec?
Does Flax Boost get thc out of your system?
What is this dull throbbing above my left eye, in the eyebrow area?
what should i do my left leg has been feeling stiff since last sunday what should i do........?
I wake up and my thumb just feels stiff - not painful?
when i sit in a chair or lay in bed i get pulses in my back?
Lumbar puncture nightmare HELP?
My wrist hurts, what could be wrong?
I just found out that my gallbladder needs to be removed..but?
Stabbing knee pain on the inside of right knee?
limitations of reocurring previously treated workmans comp injury?
Surgery dispute - Should we travel?
Jones fracture healing?
can a chipped , middle finger joint cause numbness ?
Could I have a concussion?
How do I fix a lower back muscle displacement?
someone getting into my bed but no one there?
Any writers out there that take paxil?
Cant stop thinking about anxiety?
How come my ADD medicine [concerta] hasnt decreased my appetite?
Do you know anyone else in this situation ?
Please help im dieing!?
Does anyone knows of a Mental Hospital in Yuma County Az?
How do i stop thinking about anxiety?
I'm having problems.....can you help me?
Does kelp help with anxiety?
How long does an episode of manic or depression Lasts in of bipolar?
OCD advice please help!!?
Panic disorder and tea?
My brother is bi-polar as was probably my uncle. What is the likely hood my children will be?
im mentally changing and i need help?
I'm addicted to noodles?
Have you ever wrist banged? What are some long term effects?
if i see a therapist will they put me on meds?
What's so bad about having genetal herpes (besides the sores)?
do you have to pay for blood tests if you just want to know?
is there anyone who has herpes?
what are the chances of geeting a std from drinking a stranger beer?
Are cold sores the same as oral herpes ?
Does clindamycin get rid of a urinary tract infection?
Can a man carry HPV without having the warts?
Anestetic question!?!?!?
why does my muscle on my left side of my back twitching?
Infected Ingrown Toe Nail?
hearing my voice in one ear louder?
Difficulty swallowing is being a real pain in the neck? (teehee) but seriously..?
plz plz help might of o'd'd im scared idk what todo?
Do you always need a pre-op appointment?
Will melatonin kill me?
when I raise my arms above my head it feels like I am choking,why is that,i am overweight could that be the re?
What is the best/strongest sleep aid?
On medical leave, need doctors notice for my knee to back into work?
How much trouble is it to get a medication that is prescribed by my doctor using Silverscript or Medicaid?
what shall i expect when i got my stiches out?
Sleeping problem.......?
where can one obtain "Dermatis" cream for preventing scar tissue after surgery.?
Wil I be a nurse if I finish 3 year heltcare high school?
can you sneeze in your sleep?
names of wrist nerves plz?
im having back surgery soon two discs removed metal rod inserted, and bone graft has anyone had this done bef?
Dove summer sun for fair skin............................?
Does freezing warts off hands really work?
Do I have heart problems?
Is there a way to tell if there is blockage in your heart without getting an angiogram, heart cath, or CT?
when you get old does everyone get high blood pressure and high cholestrol?
Question about the respiratory system.?
Why does my 2 year old keep getting fevers at night?
Flu, cold, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, or other.?
what do doctors mean when they say "clear chest"?
Exercise Induced Asthma?
it feels like there are needles in my lungs and i cant breathe more than tiny breathes. HELP.?
could roaches cause ashma?
Can't breathe at night and shortness of breath? Help please?
Pain in my lung when I swallow?
Is it true that a woman's larynx will gradually drop until it reaches a state that is considered a deep voice?
how bad could candle smoke damage my lungs?
Interpret ABG Results?
A question for GP Doctors?
Bad flu, or something else?
Superdrug Nasal Decongestant Spray?
In kidney dialysis the fluid contains no urea. How does this help urea diffuse from blood into the dialysis..?
if you pierce your ear, whats the best way 2 make sure it doesnt get infected?
what is the anatomical name for the inner ear? there are two answers?
i hope i don't have breast cancer?
Has clearasil deep pore treatment scrub just worsened my clogged pores and given me acne and itchiness?
Anyone who has had major surgery or surgery?
How many months/years can people with cirrhosis live?
I have chest pain, what is it?
Is their a cream u can put onto a scar so it can go away I got 1 from chicken pox?
why does people use hand sanitizer all over their body?
Can Iron tablets give you diarrhea? *dont open if queezy*?
How do you cure a sore throat?
Do i go swimming when i have just had the flu 2 days ago.?
when was the MMR vaccine first used in the UK?
Glandular fever ????? Helppp?
i have really bad flu and i feel ill, what can i do to help it?
illness on my horizon? :(?
Eurgh, illness help please? ?
If someone has tested positive to Filaria Antibody test , is it a serious situation?
Missing Cells in your eyes, should i take it further?
can you dislocate your finger without knowing?
i have a really bad throat and headache what do i do?
Stabbing pain on left hand side of chest?
I've got very bad period pain and need to poo every half hr?
Is the pain in my finger normal? (chopped off tip)?
why does my arm hurt' ? :(?
which gets rid of pain quicker nurofen tablets or liquid?
What type of headache did I have?
Abdominal Pain in my lower right quadrant?
Why does my nose hurt?
The back of my knee hurts 10 points best answer. READ DETAILS?
Do I Have Anorexia/Depression?
Why is my anxiety worse before and after sleep?
im prescribed xanax 1mg twice a day for anxiety and stress but is this considered an overdoes amount?
I don't know how to get lots of sleeping pills?
Anyone here have OCD? What medication do you take?
what does this meann?
Why do i have depression when i have nothing to feel depressed about?
I am somewhat braindead...?
How To Cope With Death?
mental block very serious?
Do you *NEED* medicine for bipolar disorder?
Why do I sleep so late and how do I make myself sleep earlier?
Can untreated depression result in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? PLEASE READ?
Help!! Weird sounds while sleeping?
I might have repressed emotions?
Do I have schizophrenia?
are these signs aids or stress?
What is the latest medication or vaccine for herpes.?
The Dr never gave me a blood test about my finger, i showed him the spot or the hole or i dont no what it was?
Oral Herpes or harmless bumps?
Can a yeast infection clear up on its own?
Is it true that once HIV antibodies appear, they are constantly there 24/7?
can you get std's from kissing?
can you get herpes and not even know it?
brazillian waxes?
daily lenses?
I am dark in colour. Recently skin under my eyes have turned in to black.?
How many mosquito bites would it take before you started to suffer from the effects of bloodloss?
Can I have a few facts and figures please of the cost to smokers on the nhs?
how do you know when pharyngitis is going??
How long will it take to get rid of suntan and get back the normal skin colour?
looking for a book called massage and aromatherapy for nvq level 3 where can I obtain this book?
I've noticed these 'things' and im worried?
Can children smoke shisha?
Left ear is really bad...?
Is working in a health profession really that bad?
Is this a louce? (lice) (image included)?
I don't know what's wrong with my hips and it has me worried? Can someone help? Please...?
where do i find affordable health insurance for my dog?
Help Falling Asleep? URGANT!!!!?
Moving rash!?!? PLEASE HELP!?
Neurological problem? Vision?
can someone explain America's nationa healthcare system to me?
Dad's been coughing the last week, but has no health insurance, what to do?
after i go on walks my legs feel all tingly, why?
I have Football practice tomorrow and i feel horrible, my parents won't let me stay home, any tips?
How can i get to sleep while not tired?
Feeling Dizzy like motion sickness Dizzy?
Mustard color diareha?
Trying to quit smoking!?
chest xray results means?
Panic attack........?
i had a chest x-tray it said?
what causes blood clots in you mensertual?
i smoke and i dont know what to say to my mum ?
My nose feels like it closes off at night, opinions on meds.?
Need someone's opinion...how to stop the cough?
i have asthma problem?
Does anyone else deal with Gerd?
what natural cure is best for excess mucus in the chest for my six yr old?
man pushes very hard upon a heavy rock, the rock does not budge. Has the man done any work on the rock? explai?
Pain in chest when breathing in?
Do bad headaches and asthma go hand in hand?
stroke, heart attack , illness?
What's wrong with my heart?
what is meant by angina? -a symptom of heart disease?
what is a false negative and false positive?
The Common Cold Virus ?
I just don't get ill!?
Why did the perfect/lovable god created deformed children with deadly diseases/disability ?
What are the chances of getting gangrene in your hands?
What could be the reason my family keep getting ill (sickness bugs)? ?
Pre-emtive action against a cold?
whats up with me am I mutating?
I had a blood test last year to check for immunity against chicken pox...?
how can you be tested for mercury poisoning?
Any connection between diverticulitis and ascites?
Legs feel bruised and hurt....?
Why does my 8 week old puppies back leg go numb and cause him to not be able to walk?
What is the uncomfortable sensation in my hip?
What's wrong with my ears?
Numb earlobe? Help please.?
What's this bump inside my ear?
Ibs question please helo thankd :)?
Sharp pain in my temples when I move my eyes sideways?
My shoulder pops when i rotate it?
punchy burning back pain under shoulder bone.?
A 10 lb dumbell fell on my little sisterns foot....what should we put over it? Ice? She has a small bruise..?
I have a small, hard bump on my bottom lip, not inside. It lies under a small layer of skin.I've had it 4ever?
Could one of my ribs be broken?
why does the viagina hurt when you touch it and theres blood?
Is my finger sprained, broken or just badly brused?
my finger won't stop hurting what can it be?
i know someone who has had a sore on arm for a long time its scabs but wont heal it rips off?
I have pink eye and i am going to have knee surgery tommorow is that okay?
Is this a mental illness?
Getting help for cutting?
is my brain ok, i think i damaged my memory?
can you have derealization without getting panic attacks?
i keep hearing my morning alarm go off when its really not?
What is it like for you to be light headed?
Please help me overcome my OCD..I am ready to beat it?
How to handle mental disorder (mind over body)?
I feel as if I'm never going to get better...don't know what to do (depression)?
I always feel anxious?
Please help me, this a serious ocd problem and I would like to overcome it.?
Could this be a diferent form of depression/anxiety?
what are the first signs of schizophrenia?
Can't seem to think straight anymore ):?
is 40 mg of ambien too much or ok?
I feel like a mess on the inside of myself (in my spirit or in my mind)?
Is anyone on Novo-Fluoxetine?
is there a word to describe a person who falls asleep when people talk for long periods of time?
What is the best product to use for spots on the chin and forehead?
does any1 know of any over the counter drugs that work for kids with odd?
what is a normal reading for blood pressure?
Dont feel well........................................?
are fred west and tom jones identical twins?
How do......?
Why do legs itch when walking or running in cold weather?
What does the Bible mean by being 'born again'?
does anyone have a number for a home hairdresser?
Why do heat lumps itch?
What are some things that you would like to see changed with the deadly virus, AIDS?
can i get a STD if i put on used shorts?
I have herpes, who could i have gotten it from?
are doctors supposed to call you if.....?
fighting with a infected HIV person?
Found out I have HPV and have been married for years--how?
could you get an STDfrom usin a viberator?
Does having cold sores mean you have Herpes?
TEXAS SICK-likeflu months FROM CHEMTRAILS? Give me your info!?
How to fall asleep earlier?
Respiratory disease speech help?
How long someone live with emphysema?
Whens the last time you coughed up a load of mucus?
i lost one tylenol ,how could i know that my 2year son did not take it?
can constant stress/anxiety strain the muscles in your chest?
Changing my sleep pattern?
i vomited 2 times this morning, should i eat anything?
What's up with my breathing issues?
HELP dad having trouble breathing!!!!?
what do the lungs do?
Why is my gland swollen under my chin?
i'm feeling lighted headed and dizzy, even after i ate and drank plenty of fluids?
Would a hot bath be ok with having possibly Pneumonia?
whats the full form of gp's?
Why and how do we hiccup?
Is it possible that water drops appear out of nowhere for no apparent reason on my body(no its not sweat)?
why is my right ear numb?
I have got one leg shorter then the other and i m getting tired because i m working full time?
What health plan would you recommend Affinity, Health Plus, Metroplus, etc ?
I have 143/73 blood pressure. HELP?
what does vasodilation do to blood pressure?
Does your heart slow down when you cough?
What prevents leg cramps?
Reason behind the knee pain?
Can someone tell me whats wrong with my knee?
How can I take the pain away?
Thrombosed external hemorrhoid?
HORRIBLE headaches! Help?
Weird shock like brain pain?
It hurts when I swallow...what could it be?
acetaminophen question.?
Any good remedies for IBS ?
my ribs really stick out ?
i have oily skin help help !!!?
is it common to get ill/feel under the weather whilst taking antibiotics?
Is medullary fibrosis lethal?
Can plasters give you blisters?
atrial fibrillations?
What can I do? I feel like my doctor keeps fobbing me off!?
how to improve dry and red eyes?
i have 2 blisters on the top of one toe for no reason. I have not worn closed toe shoes. I got one and popped?
Pleurisy pain after Pneumonia/pleurisy?
Permanent Damage to my Knee?
Dr Scholl's Clear Bandage Maximum Strength One Step Corn Remover?
my back hurts when i get up and it hurts at night do u thick i should go to the gp?
I fell on my tailbone and I can't tell if it's bruised or broken?
What should i do if i have fallen down a few times?
cut on foot is it infected?
i have a rope burn and i cant walk that well. Why is this?
have a question about a sprained knee?
face tingling after auto accident?
whats wrong with my hands?
What are good foods for a sprained ankle for the bones to heal?
I have a torn meniscus and having surgery on july the 12th, i would like 2 know how u feel after the surgery?
Could I have fractured my bone in the top of my foot?
shold we use a hot or cold compress for a swollen ankle?
why is my knee hurting?
i'm trying to quit tobacco and cary on smoking hashish, any good ideas on what to use in a joint instead?
do safety shoes have a shelf life and can they safely be shared?
Annoyingly giddy today.... need a cure... help?
Anyone got any ideas on how to remove fake tan.?
where can i find the instuction on how to set up the carl lewis em12 exercise cycle?
styes! whyyyyyyyyyyy?
When you come out the bath or SHOWER, why does it feel really cold with the water on your skin?
With paracetamol killing 3 to 4 times as many people as cocaine every year should it be illegal.?
How to register to practice pharmacy in the USA?
Smoking expression?
calendula antiseptic cream?
does any one know what these algae tablets do what are thy for?
can i get aids from fighting?
What' Syphilis????
Does anyone wants to know about the HPV virus kills the 37 year old man, Dede Koswara?
Can Gonorrhoea be tested via blood?
Question about the gardasil vaccination?
Are anyonomous hiv tests really anyonomous?
Is this a wrong diagnosis?
Help, with some thing 'down there'?
how do u get rid of stp crab?
what part of the eye transmits impulses from eyes to brain?
how are respiratory organs grouped?
Why is transmissible spongiform encephalopathy such a terrible thing, but such fun to say?
some i know(its not me 4 reals lol)is kicking drinking hard alcohol daily for last year or?
Steroid/Kenalog shot and body shaking side effect?
how is blood pressure effected by a disabled vasomotor center?
What is the difference between Zyrtec and Claritan?
How does a CT scan produce an image?
What could be the cause of this throat / mouth problem? Please help it's been going on for months?
I've just been coughing a lot for like 3 weeks now and my cough won't go away? ANY THOUGHTS WHY?
what is squamous papilloma of the larynx?
things to help severe coughing?
Do I have Bronchitis?
ive been coughing alot and i cant breath through my nose would i be able to get a inhaler?
I have problems swallowing my food!?
I feel like i can't get a breath?
I could never breathe through my nose?
19 year old male heart problems?
I have an 8 year old Beagel with a hernia. How much will an operation cost to repair thre damage?
Why does my blood take forever to clot?
Possible blood clot, I'm not sure about it.?
What can I eat after a tonsillectomy?
can health insurance be used in any state?
Spinder Veins? Im only 13?
Will a doctor perform unnecessary surgery at your request?
Can I take Advil PM with Bentyl (Dicyclomine)?
I haven't been able to sleep for 3 days, what should I do?
I recieved a medical bill for over $124,000.00 with no health insurance. What should I do?
recovery for strained knees? best answer gets 10 pts plz?
Can Donating Plasma harm you ?
Question about sleep?
Would a Cholesterol Blood Test show THC in my Blood?
Can alcohol only be tested in a specific urine test?
will setraline100mg cause you to have a false positive ua test result?
Could insect repellent trigger photoallergic eruptions?
Skin Problems for my dog?
will Minocycline oral pills help my body acne as well or just my facial acne?
how can i get rid of serb dermatitus?
aloe vera from www.euroNaturalhealth.com?
Would shaving my head?
Any ideas for allergy free makeup for someone with contact dermatitis?...?
Would a psychiatrist have some one put in a mental hospital for self harm?
Help With My Lisps Please?
TERRIFIED i might be schizophrenic? I'm probably just being paranoid but I think there's something wrong!!?
I wanna be a child, adolescents and family psychologist do i need a ph.d or psy.d???............?
I think I am stalking this guy with emails, but I can't stop, what can I do?
How do I control my temper? Long?
How can someone be afraid of being young?
I cut myself sometimes and i need someone to help me out here...?
why do i wake up suddenly when someone stares at me?
chemicals released during orgasm?
she may have killed herself? what do i do?
What are my options for dealing with Bipolar Dissorder?
Are mental illnesses such as dementia or bi-polar hereditary?
Worried about panic attacks becoming more severe once I start an SSRI?
My boyfriend's nose has been pouring blood..Could it be sinuses or worse?
what should i do about my severe allergies?
Unknown cause of pain in my head for quite some time?
Icing or Heating for Sciatica / Lower Back Injury?
My lower right side is really hurting?
Abdnominal pain..please help?
I have a itching nose and an itching throat. So what is that a cold or allerigies?
what causes pain in upper left stomach neck and upper back?
Cracking problem? Read derails?
I get extremely painful migraines around once every 2 weeks. What is the cause of this?
Can you sue a dr. if they put in a pain pump and it caused you to be hospitalized 6 times?
getback2life machine and sciatica?
what is the tendon that runs fron high upper thigh where the thigh meets the hip area it hurts so bad to lift?
What can I do to help with my TMJ?
Why does hangover recovery take longer as you get older?
Just wondering?
Liquid of Life!!?
looking for children who attended harrow day nurseries in 1942-1950.?
How do you write Alexandra in Chinese or Mandarin .... Does it read vertically or horizantal.?
what do i do?
anybody out there that has had a tummy tuck at the belvedere private clinic in kent?
mixing curry and honey, is it good for scars?
Sudden pain in my calves during a soccer game?
Why do muscle spasms in the lower back cause pain in the back and legs?
what are some good ideas for help your feet heal after a lot of damage has been done?
pain in achilles heel.....?
Toe injury...can I go in water?
i sprained my rest 14 days ago what should i do as it still hurts when moving?
How do you straighten your nose?
did i sprain my neck?
What are the signs of epilepsy after a head injury?
why do i feel the urge to cut my wrists?
What is a good way to get rid of scar and/or bruises?
why dont my bruises heal?
Super Tight Hamstrings?
Ankle Injury........?
How can you tell if a thumb is dislocated or not?
how do i keep my joints from cracking?
Can a herniated disc suddenly burst or get worse? URGENT PLEASE!?
What are some constructive ways to reduce the rate of HIV transmission in Africa?
why does HIV sometimes become undetectable in humans?
Can you get STDs from dogs?
std or simple virus.??? please help.?
Confused about Oral Herpes?
STI tests, I have a question?
HIV OR AIDS?? whats the diff?
Do I have Chlamydia? If so, does it relate to Herpes? What is the difference between herpes and shingles?
Discomfort when I breathe deep!?
shortness of breath and fatigue?
Is Herpes worse for woman or men?
Something in my throat? Morning smell?
can you drown disability with a pacemaker?
Question about asthma attacks?
My mom was diagnosed with Bullous Emphysema from her general doctor. Should she go see a specialist for this.?
how long will my 8 month old suffer from Bronchiolitis?
why do people that smoke weed want no on prop 19?
is my building getting me sick?
Antibiotic for ear infection?
how long can you live shot in the lungs with a 9 millimeter round?
i think i might have gotten food in my lungs what should i do?
I just got my deviated septum corrected & I have a VERY runny nose, what can I do besides blowing it?
Deep breath or sigh has the consequence of tingling hands and fingers?
positive PPD test, negative chest x-ray, but persistent cough and symptoms - TB?
Question about whopping Cough in young babies?
Are Dilaudid and Methadone a fever reducer?
I have a question regarding morphine pills, 60mg time release pills?
bumped my knee what to do?
What's wrong with my neck?
Stabbing pain near armpit?
What to do about horrible cramps?
My pulse hurts, help!?
my monkey has bit my glutes and i am feeling rather odd pains at random times...i also hear my mother calling?
Where can I find a larger size, simple and inexpensive knee brace?
My feet feel really bruised.?
Extreme pain in my hip?
abdomen pain on the right side?
What to do, can't take pain killers but need to work?
I have a small lump on the side of my neck..?
On Drugstore.com, i tried buying Vicodin, and it has an option to send prescription by mail...?
Can you get Caffogot (sp?) legally in the U.S.?
Mystery pain. My bf has this pain going from his right shoulder down his arm and also has numbess in that same?
What's wrong with my head?
i was screaming all day yesterday (theme park) and my throat is sore any home remedies to get rid of it?
Can I fly with a ruptured eardrum?
Neck Lumps, what are their significance?
What to use on my face if my skin reacts?
Why do I feel weird, like a strange feeling?
how to deal with death comming ?...?
Why do I keep doing this?
Does Facebook cause A.D.D.?
How do people get the nerve to make themselves throw up?
I am way too easily annoyed. What is wrong with me?
do i need depression meds?
I'm 22 from nyc Can anyone help me add a list of things I'm having some trouble doing this alone?
Tell me about this part 2?
I have an addiction of pulling off split ends?
I need a friend, bad?
Will drinking alcohol while taking abilify lesson the effects of the abilify?
Is caregiver like a CNA?
Help! I sleep way too much.?
does passdrugtest.com really work?
Why do I feel more tired waking up with 10 hours of sleep than 6 hours of sleep?
How long does it take for THC to get out of your system?
I am constantly thirsty, but I was found not be diabetic. What could this be?
any doctors out there? Please help... this happens once every month during my sleep... bothering me very much?
How do I fall asleep earlier?!?
I have Medi cal. Is the share of cost monthly?
Today, after waking up from a 13 hour sleep, I noticed that I have a cold, and a weird tingle on my knee?
i think im going to have a heat stroke or something!!!?
Is it normel if u swim and start burping/gasing?
Has anyone ever drank pop and had the carbonation block your breathing?
where is the best hospital for infants who are terminally ill?
I live in Sacramento CA. City of trees and allergies.What is the best over-the-counter medication?Thank you!?
Apart from Laser, what's a good treatment for broken capillaries that leave red blemishes around nose and eyes
In-grown hairs?
anyone help please???
blind in 1 eye?
My mom's blood pressure is very high what things can she do to naturally lower it?
Does anyone know if a deodorant or anti-perspirant has been invented that works on the clinically obese?
Pls. help me ,I have Hippertention. What can l take?
Explain 'delayed sleep syndrome'?
is capoiera hard to learn because i wanna learn it?
stage smoke making me feel sick, why?
I've got sum jet lag frm mii hols, ne way of gettin rid of it?
My hair needs help to de-frizz & define ringlets?
where to find a child friendly doctor in your area?
What is the best foundation and makeup to show up on photos?
Could I have fractured a rib without being struck while surfing?
Took 3 hits of a joint one week after being 6 months clean, then 8 days later took 2 hits of a joint.?
What could this injury be?
Has anyone else had full blown flu this year?
is it possible to get flu in your joints,coursing them to swell up and give alot of pain?.?
Threadworms (Pinworms) Help Please!!?
kicking viral infection/chest infection?
I've frequent headache,nausea,mood swings,entire body cramping.what's the problem with me?
Advil (ibuprofen) vs Oxycontin (oxycodone)?
pain under both armpits?
Migraines, dizziness and light headed throughout the day?
Help with my neck it's kind of sore?
How to stop muscle spasms?
I am in too much pain mentally?
I have a question about abdominal pain/appendicitis.?
What is causing me to have charlie horses?
What could be causing my 2 year old's head tilt?
I had a chiropractor adjustment yesterday, and today my L. arm is beginning to tingle. Should I be worried?
Every time I move my head it hurts?
ACL tear still not 100% ?
What is this sharp pain in my right knee?
whats happening to me?
I am in so much pain!!!?
i woke up this morning with a swollen uvula; how can i stop the swelling and pain?
i had my peirod this month...so why am i having cramps now?
Is anyone else suffering through this DuPuy hip recall?
my left tonsil is sore and has white gew on it. any idea what this is?
video that show sleep with bar soap in your bed to cure leg cramps?
what is the best thing you do if one of your friend have infected with aids?
If someone doesn't like to take needles, is there any other way to check for STDs? ie: herpes?
Anyone here have herpes?
herpes question?
HPV questions looking for some information/help?
I recently found out I was diagnosed with AIDS?
Do you think I could have contracted HIV through this?
Why do I keep getting yeast infections?
can a person get crabs and not give to their partners for 6 months?
my son has a very red and inflamed nostril?
Will my Colon " clean - it - self"?
What makes my skin so bad =S?
how can I cure my daughters chili reaction?
what kind of illness that goes with excessive tiredness?
Help with peeling skin?!?
whats the best tea for acne?
Is this a tonsil stone and how can i get rid of it?
How can I stop sneezing!!!?
neutrogena or burts bee for ACNE?
I get dizzy,my vision get's blocked by something like a black cloud,my legs feel funny,what causes it?
Questions about a chalazion?
my acid indegestion is getting me down?
How to get rid of a tan?
Why do I feel like i am dreaming?
Did the woman actress for Black Swan end up having an eating disorder or did she stop eating just 4 the movie?
Do the anti-drug commercials scare anybody else?
Am i normaaaal by feeling this way?
When you go to sleep do you like to have noise such as a tv, radio, fish tank, etc..?
how to have a heart attack?
I really want to stop self harming! Its had a drastic impact me and others. What will make me stop? I need to!?
some one please help bad bad dreams and it wont stop?
Is this an eating disorder or just OCD?
i think i have depression but im not sure. help?
Is there an online place for teens that are feeling depressed?
I feel unloved all the time and am not sure what to do?
Why do I always feel sad after I watch a movie?
ok so i was wondering :/?...?
do bipolar patients also suffer from schizophrenia?
Why do I cough up black phlegm?
I have sinusitis and bronchitis and prescribed diclofenac?
How to get rid of dry cough/retching?
breathing is Crucial is it not! Asthma or something else?
i cant stop using the nasal drop, please help!!!?
why does it taste like blood when i coughed?
Will a CVS or Walgreens write a prescription?
Can you have consume cough drops when you're taking (over-the-counter)cold medications?
Difficulty breathing through my nose?
Bacterial infection to infant?
name 6 breathing disorders?
What's the cause & consequence of more blood being pumped in the right ventricle & the pulmonary circuit?
2 year old son had a croupy coughing attack 2 hours ago?
Throat scratchy... how to make it stop?
how long does nicotine stay in your system?
question About vomit? oh boy?
how can i get vomit out of my mattress?
Is it bad for health if you stay in a room with dust on furniture but with an open window for fresh air?
how many hours should a man of 60 sleep for an optimum nights sleep. what time should he go to bed and get up?
Ways to improve your eyesight?
So can advil pm fix your sleep cycle?
how do you check yourself for a hernia?
Was I dehydrated? And could I get ill from this?
Feeling out of it, disconnected from reality?
Why do I get light headed and dizzy when I work out my back?
Bad sunburn!!! What should I do?
Just woke up feeling nauseated and REALLY full, helppp?
Just a few questions. Please help me.?
i'm really scared what should i do?
what have i done 2 my thumb?
Why do you get pins and needles and why does it tingle??
UK Question?
wat do you do if someone whants to talk to you if you are shy?
what is a wedgie and how meny verietys are there?
What treasure have we lost to compensation culture?
Why does stretching make us feel less tired (even if it is only temporarily!)?
Could i be having a heart attack?
Besides abstinence , what is the cure for for hiv/aids ?
I think I might have Herpes...?
symptoms of herpes of the mouth?
blood in seaman?
Where should i go to get medications for herpes outbreak on a weekend in london ont?
was the vergina tech shooter meantally ill?
cold sore?
My nose piercing is infected?
helping someone advice?
how can i tell if i broke my cheekbone?
Elbow Bone or Tendon injury?
ive got yellowish spot on each cornea is this an allergy hay fever?
Do I have a Tapeworm?
Can I lose weight with Crohn's Disease if I'm in remission?
Old trapped fingers????????
How to handle my Skin Allergies in my Hands?
i have a swollen eye and i dont know why?
acneace for getting rid of acne?? any good?
Is laser treatments the only way to get rid of Hyperpigmentation?
i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about a month ago, they haven't put me on mediation yet.?
I'm not sure if my toe is broken?
i have a nerve that hurts or will cause my leg to give a sharp pain i have had it for two weeks now if I put p?
Can I play dodgeball after an olecranon (elbow) fracture?
Exercises that don't exert the achilles tendon?
Will i have to pay to get the gastric band operation?
Is my finger jammed, bruised, dislocated, or broken?
Red rash all over my body?
hay fever and yellow spots on cornea is this a hay fever symptom?
DISC BULGE AT L-4,L-5..experts advice please..?
chicken pox scars, read description please 10pts?
can i get a ghastric bypass done on medical card in ireland?
How do i stop this from happening?
how do i get rid of these spots on my back ?
What pain pill stops the pain from sciatic and femoral nerve damage?
Pain in the upper thigh area?
Have head pain,dizzy and my arms and legs are shaky?
Will taking two more Tylenol PM kill me?
What could a pain on the side of my body (left) around my upper ribs be?
What is a good pain pill that stops the pain from sciatic and femoral nerve damage? I dont want a nerve block.?
I have serve upper/middle mainly upper abdomen pain please help?
Scoliosis surgery???
sharp rib pain and chest pain?
I get this pulling in back of my neck. Also I get this pain in back of my shoulder.?
HELP! Sharp tailbone pain!?
How do you get rid of a headache?
I have two symmetrical dents on my head where my crown is ?
Terrible Chest Pain, Please Help!?
I seem to have some unexplained rib soreness/tenderness?
What is wrong with my elbow!? Swelling!?
Strange bump on my knee?
I cut the top of my calf.?
Anxiety disorder nervous problem?
I get anxiety so bad that all I do is sit at home in front of my comp. What's wrong?
Do you think someone who has seizures should work?
Dont wanna eat anymore?
Good way to stop self harming ?
what Happens in a first counseling session, do they work on their own or with someone else to help you?
I am always sleepy, help?
Someone with no girlfriend......?
What is the secret to a well balanced mind, body and emotional health?
Which is harder to treat?
I'm starting a suicide awareness week at my school. Any ideas?
Do i have generalized anxiety disorder?
Could this be anxiety or something else?
How do I become a pineapple?
Songs for self-injurers?
Can this be right? Bludgeoned by advertising, mothers now protect their children from GERMS, with proprietary?
if you already have the flu, can you catch a different type aswel?
How long does flu last?
Telephone telepathy or pest?
recently i watched o tv a complication of extending navel. what causes this kind of growth and what is hania?
will this harm me, I need to know?
know of any treatments 2 stop excess body sweating?
Any ideas, I'm lost on what this could be...?
Something sharp in my eye...been there for about 24 hours?
if i took 4 tylenol pm's it wouldn't hurt me right?
how long do sunburn last?
i have a few health concerns that you fine people could maybe help me with?
i have extra gastric (stomach) acid, does anyone have any hints to help get rid of it.?
i have many little red veins behind my ear?
Extreme tiredness...?
How do I sleep late and wake up early?
i always go cross eyed?
What to do to not be so nervous before a medical test?
Twitching problem...help?
should i see a doctor or not?
Why have I got edema?
Afraid of pulminary embolisim, only 18?
What could these sypmtoms be?
Stopped smoking and feeling sick?
benign mucous membrane pemphigoid?
My boyfriend is coughing & sneezing up blood after being exposed to CS gas in USMC bootcamp. Is this normal?
Just an everyday cold or more?
Can 100% Silicone vapors cause nose damage?
Chest pains, Shortness of breath and fast heartbeat?
my boston terrier has allergies is this normal?
Will Weed show on an eye test?
when do you get contacts?
where can i buy duac once daily gel?
AcneStar®Treatment is good for sensetive skin?
Does stopping caffeine really get rid of spots?
Nd Yag versus IPL for hair removal?
How can you reduce the appearance of scars on the lips?
anyone noe how to get rid of whiteheads without leaving a permanent scar on the skin?
Treatment for post nasal drip?
Should I be concerned about this pulse/ blood pressure readout?
Constantly need to pee, and slight burning sensation = Bladder infection?
Best reducer of Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii?
how do i get rid of coldsores on the edge of my lips?
Why do I make myself cough?
red patches on my breast?
ESR rate of 31 (aged 31) - what does it mean?
What needles are best to pierce myself? and antibacterial liquid?
How can I get rid of Dry Skin on my face?
I have a small brown patch of skin on my breast?
what causes hyperthyroidism?
How to stop my anxiety?
my son is refusing to go for a wee, hes holding it in untill he carnt any longer, no infections have bin found?
What is herpes? what are the causes and symptoms? and what is the treatment or cure?
Is there a vaccine that slows down herpes for people who have it?
How does an STD work?
Where can men get tested for the HPV virus?
if you have had herpes in the past,?
i have been dx with hpv, 3 years ago, i had a adnormal pap, which lead to a colposcopy then a leap procdure?
What can I do to stop bacteria vaginosis from coming back?
HELP!! yeast infection cures for overnight!!!?
If we can't test on bunnies or other animals, doesn't that just mean that the product is being tested on us?
What is your favorite personal development site?
I am taking stelazine...help`?
I lost my iPhone yesterday at school, I think, should I wait till Monday to do anything?
i am too lazy anything i can do so i won't be lazy?
how can i treat depression without drugs?
I'm addicted to a guy?? Help?
Can someone help me get over this fear?!?
How to not look bad crying?
what can i do in addition to therapy to keep my teenage son from taking his life?
What can i say to my friend that had SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?
Mirtazapine question-help please?
high dose sleeping pills?
anyone know anything about depression?
can a person with paranoid personality disorder be declared incompant?
Taking up Yoga next week...............?
Why do people..........................................?
Green painful patch on hand nail. What is it? I am in good health?
achilles tendon injury?
mouth/brain question plz answer details in question?
i think i just broke my toe it realy hurts!!!!!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What will the doctor do for me?
Do I have an ACL tear?
What is best for a pulled back muscle?
How often will i have physio?
knee pain while running?
sprained or broken thumb?