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can anyone tell if i have a broken bone in my foot?
Whats wrong with my knee?
What's next to fix my knee problems?
is it bad if i get a safety pin and stick right on to the swollen foot?
Help anyone that has broken something in your arm please!?
How do you make welts go away from rubberband snapping?
What's wrong with my knee?
Hey need some medical advice?
Will my badly sprained ankle keep me from shipping to bct?
How can you speed up your bodies healing process?
42 year old male, right calf muscle twitches and feet numbness?
What tendon/muscle did i pull in my foot?
Post Achilles Tenden Repair Swelling?
Could this be shin splints?
Why is my sprained knee taking more than 4 weeks to heal?
Have I got a pulled muscle, torn tendon or neuralgia in my upper arm/shoulder?
What could be causing a painful/tender spot of skin on my chest?
do having fillers in your face really work?
How do you get rid of black eyes?
what is my dry itchy patch on my face?
if you get the bug can you get again, ie does it go round and round?
Medical question,,,What is 'Pleonmia'?
what can this be? my son gets a lumpy dry rash all over hus body but only in winter, it isn't itchy just pinky
The medial cuneiform is the bone that one expect to find below skin affected by heel fissures! True or false?
Applying ointment to the back?
hi ther dose anyone know can you get rashes on other parts of body with lupus ?
Help! Should I be concerned about this?
I have a sore throat after wisdom teeth surgery...?
Who is at work and needs a nap?
When you first put contact lenses in should you be able to see well or would you have to wait a few days?
My pinkie keeps on locking up?
Really really anxious right now. Need help.?
If I visit the doctor, will insurance inform my parents?
My eye keeps twitching?
Can I combine Unisom and melatonin together?
Two short naps a day?
Help me me me me! biiig questionn!?
What causes Ingrown Toenails?
Severe case of trapped air or something else?
People who have Asthma, or Exercise induced asthma?
Why do I always have trouble breathing and bad coughs during the winter?
My mother was told she had COPD about 3 years ago.?
Irritated cough? Or something more serious?
am i getting pneumonia?
Could you help me fill out a smoking survey?
why does my nose keep getting stuffed?
Anxiety attack while on anxiety medication?
Do decongestant pills help post nasal drip or do they dry out the sinuses more?
Weird blood mucus help me!!!?
What do I do I have excessive mucus?
I am sick of being sick. What can I do?
I think I may be depressed, I don't want to go on medication. What else can I do?
should a person with copd drink alcohol?
Why is that smokers don't get the same treatments as the non smokers?
What are some tips dealing with a panic attack?
While at work is it okay to have someone spray paint a machine next to you where you are breathing the fumes?
TB help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?
Is this pneumonia gone or is it something else?
crushing sensation in my chest.?
what is ionic silver used for?
Had tonsils removed few days ago, back of mouth has gone White and is thick, normal?
what is licking out ?
Think I have keratosis pilaris?
How can spina bifida impact a persons life?
Why have I got spots only on my forehead?
I have sweat problems and need advice.?
If I have a cold, should I stay home from school?
headaches ???????????????????
How to get rid of my swollen ear lobe?
I constantly feel sick.?
does everyone who carries a faulty allele develop a disease?
How to get rid of spots quick before school tomorrow?
Doctors: Can you give an account of your life in a positive way?
Do I have gum disease?
what does t.o.e stand for in a t.o.e. forcep?
Are pharmaceutical companies releasing flu bugs on purpose?
Is there a wOmen's under wear called )BEBIDOl)?
How can I HASTEN softening up sole dead skin before removal by shaving ?
what is the cause of a mastoid?
back exercises. ?eiliates?
im 28 and been using regaine for women for about 3 months could i take nourkrin extra strength tablets aswell.
How do I buy Tarblock?
Why do we yawn? and why is it so contagious?
Where will I find information on how to push someome safely in their wheelchair?
Swollen fingers and a cold?
Is M.E a real disease?
Why might a person with dementia find it hard to make their own choices ?.?
hypothyroidism and weight loss?
Tonsil troubles......?
Why do I feel weak when I wake up?
anyone else in the uk feel ill at the mo?
should people stop shaking hands?
nas can u pliz explain what adhd is?
How good are statins in reducing chlorestrol?
What's that weird sickness you can get from drinking too much blood?
Disadvantage of taking vitamins overly??
Thanks to climate change, is everyone aware of the diseases you can get just going for a walk in the country?
does anyone else agree that piles?
ive got this lump on my knee and it hurts when i play with it ..................?
My feet have swollen up and have gone quite hot! Any idea what this may be? Please don't tell me to go to.....?
please can someone tell me what this lump on my leg is?
has anyone with an underactive thyroid got better just by taking thyroxiene?
Good remedy for sore throat and ear ache?
Should I be in school if I have Conjunctivitis?
A guy I have been dating and have fallen in love with told me he has HPV.?
What is the most important factor when determining glomerular blood pressure?
What does the hypertension patient dont need to eat?
Could it be that the better doctors refuse to take government patients?
Today my friend said something .... odd?
what is a sign of food poisening?
c diff infection,mother-in-law has been told that she has it, but she is not in the hospital. Should she be?
Can Cipralex cause a urine infection?
my nan has Alzheimer's would it be okay to take her to my graduation ceremony?
By what mechanism do bacteria become resistant so sulfonamide drugs?
Why are german measles "German"?
lansoprazole is gastro resistant capsule, what are the side effects?
How do you test for schizophrenia? (Read details, please)?
what is a psychiatrists job ?
I am doing my research paper on the effects of domestic violence on children. Does anyone know any videos?
Does constant eye-twitching have anything to do with constant headaches?
My toe nail has a big crack, what should I do?
I talk in my sleep. HELP!?
What causes swelling/tingling hands?
how do you inhale a cigarette?
can you please help me?.?
Why did I throw up, and why does it look like this?
Is it okay to have one beer while on Levaquin 500MG?
I took my tapers out to clean them and blood and pus came out of the hole?
Is it possible to have been drinking the previous day, sleep, wake up, not be drunk and have a BAC content?
every time i have yawned today, i have felt very nauseated, like i was going to throw up, what could this be?
I am scared to pass wind when I am with a group of people?
what is the difference between a preventer and a reliever in terms of the treatment of asthma?
tb test question reading?
Asthma remidies ASAP!!!!!!!!?
Strange symptoms (head & chest) advice needed?
Xray markers? Know of any where I can find cute ones?
if diagnosed with pneumonia can it get worse if you are working?
Can i give my puppy cough medicine for kennel cough?
What would cause by body to become more sensitive to warfarin?
Chest congestion and coughing, plugged ears, and stuffy nose?
I have aches and pains from raking and roofing.?
what are the damages you get after swallowing clorox?
I'm coughing a lot, but I'm not sick.?
Side effects using c phen ?
How to relieve pain in chest from stress?
How to induce vomiting?
My puppy is making weird noises and coughing up phlem, what can i do for her?
i respond to asthma medications but my doctor will not say i have asthma?
if you take growth vitamins what part of the body is guranteed to grow?
how can I get my GED online???
is dr. ruth married?
can you help please?
waxing vs. epilators?
help !! anyone know anything about the condition == reflex sympathetic dystrophy?
Can a company keep you in work if your sick?
firstly i should ask......?
if you smoke the last toke off a cigarette, is it true that your lungs bleed for a split second?
Why are people windy first thing in the morning?
Ive heard that lemon juice is good for many things?
How can i make my life 'full' again?
What are the causes of vertigo?
what is a aneurysm?
painfull wind, any help?
Orange Pee and now no pee?
How best to deal with a cold? Pretend it doesn't exist, and carry on as normal, or coddle yourself?
I need to speak to someone medical please...help me?
Does anybody know why my sister is in this condition ?
what is hydrocephalus?
are there any benefit experts out there?
how do i tell my mum i want to go to a psycologist?
Has anyone found a way of compating bad circulation in their legs?
Sore Head, and Vomit with suspected blood in it, what could be the problem?
what is crones disese?
whats this pain in my head?
a person who is suffuring from multiple sclerosis can recover
Effects of having Down sydrome?
my friend was addicted to laxitives 4 years ago now she is suffering from severe wind and contipation whatdo?
I hope I don't have it! Doctors please?
One pupil slightly bigger than the other, is this normal?
when do i take the stitches out?
What is this lump that comes up in my lower pelvis?
How long does a fractured finger take to heal?
What's going to happen to me after I've been stabbed in the hand with a pen?
i have a cut on my hand that wont heal?
Sore Arm???????????????????
Random Soreness ?!?!?
Why is my mind so dull and foggy?
i have a medical question?
How can i take care or my lip piercin, i berly got it like 3 days ago?
Would wearing a bandage help?
left calf pain 1=yr after knee replacement -no patella?
Do girls like foot massages?
Been having severe pain on my right, and left side of my abdomen since Friday.?
please help my neck!?
what can you do for a horrible cramp in the back of your thigh? I couldnt even walk... i think i cried. lol?
stenosis vs. radiculopathy?
Pain my chest, left side, what could this be?
i woke up with this sharp pain in my Chest?
My back is killing me, what can i do to help it?
Should I go see a doc about my Joint Pain?
Why do I have this constant headache?
Massive spot on my face?
can back pain cause abdominal muscle pain?
I have chest pains everyday sometimes for awhile im only 20 they dont hurt bad?
Swimmers Ear/Ear Infection?
Is there a cream or something to help reduce soreness?
Lip pain!!!!?
why does my foot hurt so bad?
Is nurofen plus dangerous for long term use, what is a better pain relief option panadiene is useless on me?
aids to poor circulation?
What is the name of this circulation problem???
help please!?
How do you get rid of sunburn?
how to know if my wrist is dislocated?
How can I ease a headache caused by pain?
What is wrong with my leg?
what is the best treatments for sore mucsles?
Should I get surgery or not?
how to deal with arthritus in my ankle?
boil like spots under bust?
I have peeling skin on my fingers?
Dry patch on cheek turned into bump. What can I use?
Is hair removal laser surgery worth to do it for male body? and is there any risk of that?
Does anyone know why i cant buy galloways cough mixture from any local shops anymore?
Has anyone ever tried or know ??
how to heal a hurt wrist?
i got bit by a spider but i didnt see what kind it was?
Workman's comp injury - Am I entitled to a settlement?
broken tooth bad odor and puss comes out?
how do i know if i sprained my ankle or not?
Somehow hurt my shoulder?
how do i get my cut mark to go away?
i had a headache all day and a sore neck i have found swelling and a hard lump?
Could I have a complete ACL tear regardless of the fact that I can bend my knee and walk?
i had an ingrown tienail on my foot and now its gone but ones growing on the other foot what do i do?
How to tell if my toe is sprain or fractured?
my left jaw is locked...?
What is better warm or cold temps for leg cramps?
Are my ribs bruised, broken, cracked?
Can you twist a knuckle??? (please help!)?
What's up with my knee?
I Have An Appointment At An Orthopeadic Clinic Next Week I Have Dislocated My Knee 3 Times Will They Operate?
Would it look weird if i went out for a walk wearing a big splint on my nose?
how long does pain last after plaster comes off broken foot?
can i have a beer wile on citilophram?
i need help on cutting myself?
How many sleeping pills does it take to kill urself?
does anyone have any advice on gaining self-control?
Does anyone take Lexapro + Hydroxyzine for anxiety-induced nausea?
How do you control stresss?
What are the side effects of these medications?
Is it possible to have tolerance towards SSRI's?
Chionophobia: Fear of snow....... plus claustrophobia?
Diagnose these mental health symptoms?
Does this mean I have bipolar?
Just got girlfriend and now my appetite is down the toilet?
Will I still lose weight?
How do I know if I am Bipolar or not?
Does listening to music stimulate the brain?
any connection between vaccines and autism?
Sore, slightly bruised knee?
what is the answer?
Are there any poisoness spiders in Spain??
I have really swollen legs and feet and hate it.?
can something in my house cause kidney problems?
If there is a Doctor or someone who could help me I would be very grateful?
what causes an enlarged liver?
do you believe that writing things down clears your head?
Online massage tutorial?
Knee hurts! Help!!!!!!!?
it has been in the news that headlice are becoming resistant to treatments?
What is the cause of leg pain?
can any one tell me how much a breast lift with implant would cost here in uk?
is there a way i can send a blood sample without having to visit a doctor?
can someone tell me if nourkrin extra strength tablets really work for hair loss.?
Headache while breathing through nostril?
please help ... is my cut infected?
how do i tackle my cousins anorexia?
Bechets Syndrome?
what causes this?
What is wrong with my toe?
im at skool im feeling really horrible i have a sore throat my ears hurt its been giong on for 6 days now i?
IBS- upset stomach problems. HELP NEEDED!!?
What is arthritis? and Osteporosis?
How can I stop my hands from sweating?
Thyroid and weight gain?
have i got a sleep disorder?
I'm an 18 year old anorexic/bulimic with an 'abnormal ekg reading'. What could this be?
Has anyone had a tattoo done on Keloid skin,how did it turn out?
what is the best thing to remedy hiatus hernia after a hard night on the beer?
How fast do migraine headache shots work?
Does anyone who suffers with anxiety also suffer with Phobias?
Why does the body seperate liquids from solids? Why does everything not come out of one place?
i literally feel like im about to burst into tears?
hand surgery scar tissue?
Cowboy health issues?
I have a pain in my lower back towards the right and when i twist left it causes me to feel winded,what is it?
Back and chest pain.?
do you have multiple sclerosis??
Ear hurt when yawning!!?
moscow hospital number 14?
Why do i feel this pain on my chest?What are the possible causes?
Ruling out Celiac disease?
Internal bleeding - what can I do?
Whats the best way to take a two or three hour nap?
Any idea what's wrong with me?
why dont i feel the adderall high anymore?
Sleeping with arm supporting head?
Is becoming a CNA and HHA a waste of time?
What factors, altogether, other than sleep can aid in muscle recovery?
My fingers are moving by themselves? What is happening?
What is the most accurate bathroom scale? brand name?
is it possible that heat can make you lose your eyesight while driving for a long time?
Has anyone had a colon surgery that needed a follow up to reconnect the rectal stump?
Rapid heart rate when trying to fall asleep?
idude i just smoked some weed and everything i c is f*cking blue! no lie i can c fines...its just blue! do u n?
I have a question about patient care..................?
What about Health is Wealth?
Leaking water from nose plz HELP...?
why don't we always use our diaphargm when breathing?
I always feel sick, every morning & every night then a few times during the day?
What is wrong with my health?
TB help please????????????
can a panic attack exacerbate bilateral bronchopneumonia?
choking feeling in throat?
Tickle in lower lung?
Ear infection or what?
Is it possible for asthma to go away with age?
help with barre chords?
I have a pressure pain in the middle of my heart and lungs?
i am dieabetic and my left lung really hurts.?
whats the worst thing that can happend from pigeon chest?
where can i get STD testing done?
i dnt want to touch or go near ppl cuz they might have hiv?
If have to be us discovering what we have because of the doctor-in the wrong diagnosis,what can do about it?
Is leukaemia the only cancer that cannot be cured?
are fordyce spots noticable?
Do the NHS give you your HDL, LDL and triglycerides cholesterol when you have your blood taken and then go for?
Burnt now scared, help!?
why do deep cut leave marks, while small ones don't?
do i have breast cancer?
Help! I have a white tongue, foamy mouth, bubbly tongue and throat, raised bilateral tongue bumps, post drip.?
Why do I have an itchy tattoo!!!?
Cortisone level tests... more info?
I can't stand people making jokes about terminal illnesses?
Why does the tongue have a white patch?
Advice please, I feel as if I have something in my throat?
I have a mole..please help?
My father had his bowel removed?
Allergy skin test question?
What Are The Allergic Reactions To A Hornet's Sting?
tablets that have Diphenhydramine as the only active ingredient?
Could I have an abdominal strain?
broken toe/not healing?
ACL injury advice? Mid January I injured my knee playing football.?
Severe damage to the wrists, how can i prevent arthiritis?
HELP!!! i want this bump to go down!!?
What takes 6 hours to do and on your ear?
what could be the reason for?
my 13 year old sons elbows hurt when stretched a day after doing 80 curls with 5 pound weights?
Has anyone had a blood pressure cuff injury where an automatic cuff was used? I've had pain for a year now.?
my back of my knee hurts everytime I walk or bend it and it hurts alot what is this injury called?
I had traditional lasik for both eyes done two weeks ago, im 18 the first week and a half was fine.?
i take karate and got either punched or kicked in the sternum, dont know how serious, any suggestions?
I have a brush burn wil it scar?
fractured wrist recovery time?
Popping sound in left elbow, any ideal what is wrong?
Please any advice on how to get the hole to stay open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What can you put underneath your puppy's arm so that it doesn't get stuck to its ouchy?
phosphate enemas?
How to do I counteract Batsblood ink?
How to hide self harm scars at the doctors?
how to go to sleep earlier? insomnia?
Can someone tell where I could find out more about post pardon depression?
I have very bad anxiety,and i am going out of town for the first time since it has started. I am going with my?
I never feel good enough ...?
what is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?
What are some good music videos that deal with self harm or eating disorders?
Why are you supposed to divide the Luvox dose if you take over 100mg ?
I was always told borderline personality was?
How can i stay awake?
I'm not sure what to do here, what would you do?
whats wrong with me ?
Ok, I have explosive Diorea, And I'm bored. HELP!?
Why is it that social anxiety is so common but it doesn't get mainstream media attention like Depression, etc?
I got angry with my counselor should I see her again?
Am I depressed? Any advise would be appreciated!?
is suicide the answer to my problems?
Sorta bulimic... need ideas on what to do instead please?
I am a young adult with ADD and I need help?
Dog has ADHD. Should I seek treatment or ignore?
i have a muscle pain, anyone know the cure?
My headache has been going on for 12 hrs straight?
Why do I get this pain in my knee?
Dull Throbbing above my left eye?
My middle knuckle is sore and swollen?
Pain in left side of my chest, feels like a muscle cramp?
What does it mean to have a dry tongue, feels like its getting tight, and can't swallow my spit?
what pain medicine will emergency room perscribe me if i serverly hurt my back?
Is it bad to break carilage is even possible HURRY IT HURTS BADLY ?
If Zantac fails to aleviate your acid reflux, what should you try?
What is a stroke and why do some stroke victims recover more than others? Does perseverance play a part?
Low blood sugar?
I often get car sick?
stomache ulcer?
can a period cause blood in stools? been ill for a while though!?
My Mum takes statins and has bad muscle aches?
Does everyone have a phase of LOVING chocolate spread at some stage in their life for a short time?
Burning pain in chest when eating/drinking?
kidney stones, christ! how painful are they,i hope never again!?
My 13yr old gets really bad pain in base of skull, shes had it for years, what could it be?
Is a burning sensation in skin a common symptom of any disease/illness?
help i think i may have nits but im unsure?
Trapped wind in a morning!?
Is there any food you would recommend avoiding to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones.?
do i have a problem with my appendix?
what is a cyst?
pain in under last rib on right side?
What kind of perfume / otc non perscription remedies sells in uk starting new site?
why do we get shivers down our shoulders & spine? brrrrrrrrrrr theres another 1?
What triggers hunger pangs and why does our tummy rumble?
Where can I buy a medicine called mega-cly?
my nine month old keeps shaking her head from side to side is this a sign if a nervous tic?
lost sense of snell how to get it back?
is vitamin b6 good for hangovers? and why?
i need pictures of creatures u can fine u ur bathroom and toilet i keep finding these weird lookin fish lookin
how long do i have to take dianette for befor i see an improvement in my skin?
A question about the gardasil shot (HPV vaccine)?
Do blood/urine tests cover all stds? Would a full papsmear be better?
Please what is a natural cure for asthma?
Coughing up chunky green phlegm every once in awhile?
What do the air passages do?
What are the dangers of inhaling dust? Help.?
how is asthma diagnosed?
do germintating peas have a higher respiratory rate than ungerminated peas?
please help immune system compromised help?
how do i know i have panic attack what about if its not panic attack then what can it be?
How do I find statistics for quitting smoking?
May have a collapsed lung... Help!! ?
How long does shortness of breath last after bronchitis?
im using my inhaler and its not helping?
what are the risks of x-ray exposure?
why do I feel like I want to throw up when I use my inhaler or cough?
Should we go to sleep?
i dont sleep that much...is that bad?
how to cure a sore throat for kids?
Why do I get back pain at the beach?
How come when I sleep during the day I sweat?
How bad would it be to take an over the counter sleep aid after drinking one beer?
whyanklesswell why do my ankles and feet swell up ?
Tonsillectomy Question?
what is limited health care plan?
is it really okay to stay up for 2 days straight?
For the last three days as im about to fall asleep i begin to develope a fever and i feel light headed.?
Severe chapped & splitting lips.. Its the summer! Why?
In medical terms, what are "stats?"?
My shoulder has been hurting?
My leg is sore please help?
What can this type of pain be?
What could cause back pain that would not show up on an mri or ct scan?
Whats wrong with my ear?
My lower body is killing me! Help quick!?
it hurts very bad what is it?
celexa (citalopram) for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?
Spots beneath eyes hurt...not sinuses..?
AHH HELP!!!!!! plz guys need help?
How do I get neck problems to go away?
I have this pain in my arm, it feels like its my skin but internally, has anyone felt something like this?
Burning forearm and elbow pain?
What is The cause of the pain in my head? And how do I relieve it?
cure sprained wrist fast?
Chest pains after Gall Bladder surgery?
Can an IV cause lasting pain?
How do you know if someone is slowly killing themselves with the abuse of their prescription pain med.?
the softball bounced off the grass and hit me in the chin. It's been a week and my jaw hurts..?
should I go back to the dr. office?
what is this red sore in my ear? pics included?
Pain and Suffering/Insurance Companies?
Developing an allergy to bee stings....the last three stings I've gotten have made me swell up and that was?
Whats the best air purifier to buy that WORKS good and is less than 100$?
:c I want a cat so bad...but I have mild allergies?
I'm allergic to the following. Plaster, Pollen and dust. If i sniff the following, will i experience hives?
if i'm allergic to codeine would i be allergic to heroin?
my tongue is swollen?
What is the best way to get rid of veruccas in adults?
migraine how long can they go on for?
Could I have OCD? Please help.?
Downs Syndrome?
Could this mean that it's coming up to the end of an old persons life?
i've had a room treated for woodworm but now we have found more does that mean tratment hasn't worked
Are there any pills that can make you hyper?
My neck hurts alot please help?
What causes hemorroids to have pain?
my tongue hurts when i swallow. i just now form tiny bumps on the center of my tongue.?
I always wake up with a headache at my right head ,which makes my right eye watery and fuzzy.?
Why does stretching get more difficult each time?
What is this on my finger?
What is wrong with my cousin's knee?
After you stop growing is osgood schlotters?
Slept on arm wrong; awkward blood flow?
Is this concussion-worthy?
what is the use of a moon boot?
Help! Pain in the latissimus dorsi, left rib area, swollen and have had pain for two days?
A muscle on my chest twitches but I don't know if it's my heart.?
What do I do about my hurt foot?
What does cortizone injections do to joints?
what do i do when my toe nail is coming off and is full of pus?
how shallow does my wound dehiscence need to be before it is stitched closed?
should i be concerned about my finger?
i have 4 bad bruises on my leg and they arent getting better and they dont hurt...whats wrong?
Whats wrong with my Knee, I was playing basketball?
is it possible to walk in a week after dislocation of the patellar?
is this torn cartilage? plz answer me?
what have i done to my toe?
Does anyone know of someone with COPD?
what are 3 factors that can lead to heart disease that we cannot control?
Can I drink alcohol while on beta blockers?
how do you over come phobias?
what would you rather be....deaf, blind or dumb??
back surgery?
when i was in hospital i went overdrawn at the bank, now i got a letter charging me £30 a DAY,?
How good is BioOil?
facial solarium?
Is it true that you can get foot surgery now???
Help!After the injection,i have a lot of spots!?
How do I help my depressed friend?
What is the fastest way to develop a razor sharp wit?
How do i make her understand?
Do I have generalized anxiety disorder?
I need mental health help?
help with my paranoia?
really weird feeling in my head?
I don't want to start school tomorrow...how to feel more positively about it?
How can i make myself feel better about these mistakes?
Help for a bipolar wife.?
I am 14 and think i am depressed?
i drew a picture of a person burning a peice of paper over a candle, does anyone know a good saying for it?
Little things to do when you're bored in class?
Inmate uniforms for women?
Help witheating disorders?
Wisconsin psychiatric hospitals...?
Can guys get a Candida yeast infection?
can hvp go away? because I was told I had it and the doctor did something and the warts went away?
Can you get tested for all STDs even though you don’t have symptoms?
How did AIDS started ?
How do you get rid of continuos problems with yeast infections?
can smoking cause cold sore outbreaks?
What's the difference between AIDS and HIV?
how does asbestos give veteran.compensation?
Help: My chest feels really tight...?
do i have pneumonia???????
Where can I found mouth/tongue exercises for sleep apnea?
Is this an anxiety attack? and how do I treat it?
If someone has Asthma and they needed Inhalers, Would it be okay to buy it from a website like?
Throat hurts a lot, stuffy nose, and when I cough there's white phlegm. HELP?
My uncle got this attack which made him half paralysed what to do?
Is it safe to go running if I have been breathing in paint all day?
i slept for 17 hours, why do i still feel exhausted?
how to handle hi blood pressure?
can i get lung infection from snorting drugs?
Puking food. Spitting blood. What's going on?
On the NHS, is it possible to attend a clinic at a surgery where you aren't registered?
Does this sound like bronchitis?
Is having Sleep Paralysis every night normal?
Why do I get cold so easily!!!?
Has anyone taken oral steroids for Tonsillitis? does it help?
What is the side effects of using Nicotine Patches?
I cough when I exhale fully - could this be a bad sign?
Trial Size Contact Lenses?
OK, sometimes when I take a poo, I feel a sensation similar to being kicked in the "stuff"?
Drug Test Results? How long does it take to find out??
My friend slipped over and fractured her wrist very bad this wk at work she works for the NHS in a hospital,?
I Need My Cramp To Go Away!?
Fingers numb for an hour after sleeping on arm?
i've been really scared at night to where i cant sleep, how do you stop that?
Pain in my hand when I close my thumb?
What could happen to my knees?
my knees and front part of my thighs r very sore, i can hardly squat because its too sore.?
What can I do to relive myself of neck pain?
strained neck! anyone know anything that can help!?
What is this pain I feel on top of my left foot between my pinky and 4th toe?
my knees and thighs hurt?
Massive Headache help Needed?
why dose my wrist hurt when i move it?
Earlier today I had a cavity filled and now it hurts to open my mouth. Will the pain go away soon?
does any one knows how to relive my ear problem?
sholder poping out of socket quickly?
My head hurts real bad. suggestions?
stomachache reallllly bad.?
numbness in left side, tingling?
i have a foot problem.?
tongue pericing infected?
Difficulty taking HIV Treatment?
Stomach bug going around?
What is cholera? How is it transmitted? What are the effects? Is it always life threatening?
I have a really painfull ear, and i dont think its an ear infection as it has been sore for about six months.?
what are the chances of a man being infertile after having the mumps?
i'm sick.....................?
What do incontinence pads feel like?
Is sharing drinks the same as kissing?
types of terminal illnesses?
Did my liver already filter all this out?
Ever had an itch but you can't find it?
why is my skin so sensitive ?
who was first to catch chlamydia?
Is this normal....................?
Glandular fever what do i do?
my heads been itchy lately and i don't know why.?
Why is Chloral Hydrate not used for insomnia anymore?
Does anyone know a good treatment for getting rid of or reducing the appearance of stretch marks?
Random sneezing fits..?
Can allergies cause fluid in your ears?
What kind of illness/allergy?
my throat is so swore?
got really bad back pain?
Upper right abdominal pain?
short frequent headaches?
Bad scoliosis and felt a random pull today..?
What could be wrong with my knees?
Bad tummy ache, help?
is neck pain,headache,and dizziness are cause of brain tumor?
Is there something wrong with my neck?
i have been having weird chest pains.?
Would it be beneficial to purchase a brace for my right hand?
i have sjogrens syndrome an autoimmune disease and would like to know how and why it damages the brain?
Im having a continuous flu for over 4 months now. The symptoms are the same, I know I have to see a doctor.?
does chicken pox make you thirsty?
chronic pain syndrome?
please help,from a stressed husband.thanks?
the tablets..lipitor..40 mg..for cholesterol..atorvastatin..feel ill..you can help?
I am very worried about a relative of mine.?
My friend's been diagnosed with a few mental ilnesses and I don't know how to help her?
Is M.E. a real illness?
Help with M.E /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Is there any relief from severe tinnitus?
Sore throat and swollen glands?
How likely am I to inherit Multiple Sclerosis?
Is there away to will away pain?
I often suffer from drowsiness and diabetes runs in my family. could these two things be related?
My new Girlfriend has M.E. I really like her, but I dont understand what it is?
***HUGE lump on my bottom lip it comes every few months! Cold sore?? HELP!***?
Blood in my poo, any ideas? Please help!?
I have little spots come up under my hand &fingers that tingle &i have pains in my lower back,is this shingles
its driving me crazy?
if i ask my dermatologist could i try flashelamp pulsed dye laser for my skin lesion would he allow me?
how is athletes foot spread?
Skin protection from swimming pool?
Fucibet cream, I have been prescribed it for an infected rash around my mouth?
Red Face, Why?
How do I soothe my eyes?
the best way to cure spots?
Girls, have you ever snapped a mans banjo?
Does anyone buy their contact lenses from Specsavers?
Anyone had a replacement knee joint?
What is the difference between a D grade and E grade nurse?
why did the occurances of head injuries remain high during world war one after the issue of helmets?
If people are blind from birth, do they still think in mental images or something else?
Wht is Salvestrol Treatment?
if you were offerd a guide that would help you stop smoking for the same price as a pack of cigarettes?
does anybody realy know what time it is does any body realy care?
how do you get rid of blisters??
how do you cheat on a drug screen?
what is down syndrome for unborn babys~?
Does anyone know where i could buy Citronella oil in Dublin?
Second degree burns and swimming?
i have knee pain and i need help fixing and finding whats wrong?
Mysterious pain in right elbow and wrist?
i have this little dark spot on the white part of my eye. anyone know what it may be?
how could this be?
how do you submit songs to artists?
Where are the most AIDS cases in the world?
my friend ,also,has hpv but she has abnormal cells that they said was not bad.CAN SHE STILL GET PREGNANT?
How long can HPV last for?
If my spouse has herpes, can we get pregnant without me contracting it?
I got tested and...?
Which disorder would you rather have?
I think my brother does cocaine?
If I feel alone and empty inside for 7 years and dont talk about my emotions to anyone Is that bad?
I can't sleep much.=?
OCD and Paranoia??? 15 year old girl?
Effexor XR and Buspar side effects?
Drug addiction story, help me someone?
Flashbacks=cutting. Please help!?
I got that sad feeling?
what are the symptoms of anxiety?
Do I need medication for anxiety?
Do you have any tips to help with depression?
plz help!!! how close are boats near a wharf, i have a fear that if i go on a boat ill fall in the water?
How do people with Aspergers speak differently?
I am on methadone due to heroin addiction, when i wake up my legs KILL, is this because of methadone?
just diagnosed with inactive TB. can I still smoke marijuana?
Will using a nasal spray help a sore throat?
Why did my son stop breathing like this is this normal?
Which of the primary bronchi is more horizontal?
Is proair hfa good and safe with little side effects?
Nonstop deep cough and chest pain when breathing deeply for 3 weeks. Help?
Everytime i workout i start coughing?
Can coughing too much cause an inflamed chest?
Can I repair my vocal chords to their old condition or 90% of what they were?
Why are the lungs covered in pleura?
My voice sounds graspy or scratchy when i go high pitch, what do i do?
I think I might have asthma?
i was eating think i got food stuck behind nasal cavity help?
Is dark brown blood clots discharge from nose a normal thing?
I have to make a demo on how the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system work together?
How can nutriton services help address asthma?
Can being on a breathing tube for a month cause damage to your breathing?
how long should someone saty out of a painted room with copd?
chest tubes vs. thoracentesis?
Agonising pain on right hand side?
What's wrong with me?
Will wearing a wrist brace just make that region weaker in the long run?
Is it normal to sleep for a long time?
I work for a hospital. Where can I find free or reasonably priced medical images for my marketing materials?
I have a question about no-shows for doctors, etc.?
my throat feels like it's got something it and tight always ahve this urge to belch help?
Can drinking tap water that originates from ground water give you kidney stones?
Can you get a sun tan through the windscreen of a car?
how do u get your taste buds back?
Is it possible to order medical records online?
What are the basic and important things a person needs to know about having contacts?
where can I find help with rx drugs, out of work and no medical coverage at this time?
Headache made worse by raising legs in the air?
what does it mean to have a space in your growth plate?
Why does my head And chest ache when I really need to pee?
what does it mean if one feels coold and tired?
Trapped wind for a few days and muscle cramp in lower back?
knee musticular pain?
Its 4am and I can't sleep.. help!?
Explain the flow of blood through the heart. . . .?
When i drink water too fast it feels like my I'm having a heart-attack?
Anyone know anything about heart problems ?
Flu Or possibly Leukemia?
How does a rabies jab, after you have been exsposed help you? and why? ?
i have had the flu for a few days?
my ankle hurts randomly and/or when i run and occasionly when i walk?
Why do I always excessively burp when my throat is sore?
I took 1 tylenol about 2 hours ago, is it ok to take an Oxycodone for my leg pains right now?
Which is more painful?
pain behind left eye..?
What are the risks of the mmr injection?
Do i have an ear infection?
Pain in left chest under left breast. Gall bladder removed almost 4 years ago?
what helps get rid of cramps fast?
Why does my head sweat so much?
My handwriting has deteriorated by using ballpoints etc.Any techniques to make my writing legible?
If you could reposition any part of your body, wot wud it be & where would you put it?
Arrgh! Lifestyle crisis looming! Help needed!?
Is it possible for a hermaphrodite to impregnate them self?
What is Hidroxizine Cloridrate?
ive got nits off my children and nuthing will get rid of them ive tryed every thing?
anyone know if there is a mobility hire shop in salou thanks?
do they sell contact lenses in crete?
Jodie Marsh has fantastic teeth,who is her dentist.?
what can use for ingrown hair bumps on neck?
does anyone have a good cure for planter fascitis?
My boyfriend and I are both virgins and will be until marriage, any reason that I should get the HPV vaccine?
It burns when i urinate but i have passed kidney stones in the past how can i tell the burning apart from...?
Do HPV shots hurt ? How much ?
whats the best natural medicine or herb to help to control the herpes virus or any name of prescription medic
HIV ??? What is it?
why do people do it even tho there is stds and aids?
how can you tell if you got a STD?
AIDS question PLEASE HELP!!!!?
is HIV & Herpes an STI or STD?
Allergic reaction to paint?
Could I be allergic to one particular person?
Can I Have Diagnosis Help?
Healing of perineum after chidlbirth ?
Throat glands swollen after a bad cold?
Really hard pain in right shoulder?
I have a UTI but why do I have so much pain in the right side of my back? How can I get it to go away?
Abdominal Muscle Tear and Constipation?
How do you get rid of gas around the lower right lung area?
Can a hard blow (punch) to the solar plexus cause internal bleeding?
Can I take 10 Tums within 12 hours?
Price for 50 mg liquid morphine ?
Exercise after a double hip replacement?
getting high off of hydrocodone?
Severe pain in lower abdomen?
Panic attack symptoms?
why is my nose can not smell? why?
What are the consequences of using a CPAP with the wrong settings?
i feel like my breathing is going to stop.....what is wrong with me?
Help im cold and achey?
I have had a bad cold for like 5 days now n for the first time in my life I coughed n peed myself a little?
can the bacteria from pnemonia travel into other places in your body?
My wife has breathing problems?
Upper back hurts when I breath hard?
Is this realistic and logical?!?
Really bad cough..had for 2 weeks now.. please help mee..!?
i had some type of attack,can someone please help me?
why cant i get rid of my babys cough?
tuberculosis injection?
what are these symptoms, super important please answer?
can some please help me?
How can i clear.my.mind.?
Is love becoming a drug to me?
What would be a good topic for a 15 minute presentation for a drug and alcohol addiction class?
What does maternal depression referrers to?
What can be done in the aftermath of a bad mental health inpatient stay?
Can some one help me sleep!?
is something wrong with me/my sleep...?
do u suffer from sleep paralysis"s?
How to get out of this hole?
Is there a good source to search for Psychiatrists in my area?
What do i do? Am i depressed?
Why am I always tired?
Making yourself barf?
Anxiety and Anger Problems?
How to know if someone is bipolar ?
I am going to see a PSYCHIATRIST for the first time in 55 years. I am a man. She is a woman. The session will?
what is the use of a moon boot?
What happened to my ear?
Why can't he bend his wrist?
My knee is swollen and the bone hurts :(?
Half awake sleep walking?
Could it be a hernia?
what does having a post-cholecystectomy abdomen mean?
is it sanitary to be where toilet water has overflowed and seeped into the wall where vents are located?
I took my earing's out at 5 week's not 6 week's .!?
How many love/hate Humana?
What is this bump on the inside of my lip?
I need a clincher to end my informative speech on getting a good night's sleep?
I need an attention getter for my informative speech on getting a good night's sleep?
health issue question?
cant sleep. please help?
i woke up this morning and I found what I think looks like 3 toes tht r burned on my shirt why does this mean?
TG 706 imprint on white pill?
Numb foot. It's lasted for about 4 days.?
How long after a ear infection does it take until hearing comes back?
Is there a vaccine against H7 bird flu for domestic chickens available in the UK?
How long does it take for Shingles to clear up?
Adipose tissue from the dermis of the skin contributes to the size of tyloma! True or false?
why do i have a sebaceous cyst on my part?
how do i get rid of hyper-pigmentation?
A heloma may form in the base of an ulcer! True or false?
Fungi are a type of yeast! True or false?
do Dominican men like dark skin girls?
is bio oil good for you?
Does having lentigo mean you will definetly get cancer?
My wife has nodular plurigo she scratches all the time?
medication for spots?
Trigeminal Neuralgia Help?
Glandular Fever?
my wife has discharge mucus continually running down the back of her throat for the last 10 years ?
does your ears really hurt when its cold?
Why Is MRSA Called The 'Super Bug'?
Im shaking and im not cold?
I have polycystic ovaries (but not the syndrome). Would this cause mid-cycle pain & bleeding?
I have started getting a dull ache in my right side below my ribs, it seems to flare up after i've been.......
what could be wrong with me? please help?
sore head !!!!?
How long do i have to wait til i can go swimming after i get my ear pierced?
I am suffering from urine disorder. Sometime drops fall in underwear before reach to toilet. Need help please.
different symtoms for heart attack in women than men?
is there one pill for high cholesterol and high blood pressure?
How does one collect the Standard Operating procedures for running a Clinical research Organisation for BA/BE?
why is it that if you stand in front of someone and scratch your nose for a while, they will do it too!!!?
my friend offered me some ephedrine, ????
Women, treatment for ingrown hairs?
how to help old lady 85y with damaged retina to see better She is in poland, and will not see a doctor easily.
i am fair incomplexion and i want to make my colour more lighter?
what is less than a nurse but still you go to schooll for it?
Does anyone else see glimpses of the previous night's dreams when they lie down at night?
harley medical group are they good???
does anyone else get no adrenalin rush from scary rides and films?
Thinking about having Laser eye treatment with Optimax in Belfast but want to have mono vision anybody had it?
how can i become an innovator and motivator?
What is the average weight for a 5ft2 woman?
can STD/STIs be treated?
IF my ex-boyfriend had the hpv virus could my new boyfriend get it from me?
Can you get an STD from sharing drinks?
What does it mean when it burns when i pee?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
What's the difference between bacteria and virus ?
my herpes always come back when im on my period is it not dangerous to take the antibiotics for it every time.
Medications for back pain not working?
seizures uncontrolable (18yrs) will the pain ever go away?
can you safely give an 85lb dog 2.5mg of oxycodone?
My bones makealot of cracking sounds and I'm only 17, what could this mean?
Why do my fingers feel tingly after a workout?
I was holding books in one hand for hours and now its the next day and my arm is killing me what should I use?
My hip hurts when I walk on the right side and only 14?
Kidneys randomly hurt for a few minutes?
Does it appear that I am allergic to my rabbit?
can a sore throat/sinus infectionbe from allergies?
Brother bitten by insect and need to know which one?
I'm alergic to the sun?
Pain throughout body?
How do I know if I have Scabies..?
the bottom of my tongue is all veiny and has lumps on?
hi im looking for research on lazer eye treatment, what is it, what does it do? what do they do? etc?
Percription drug , TRAMADOL addiction?
Why is it that when you get a cold, one nostril blocks up solid but, runs like a tap?
my top right rib hurts?
constant vomiting, what is it?
what symptoms do you get if your body salt is low?
Why are there products for dry skin but not for greasy skin?
Why do I get diarrhea after I eat?
What diseases have no cure or have a cure that is able to be extended on?
help is it just anxiety or should i worry?
Pancreatitis in a 20 year old male?
Do I have a mental disorder?
Can depression happen for no reason?
Why am I so very tired always, even after a good sleep?
What are the names of these fears...?
What does this dream mean?
Am I normal? What's going on with me? what should I do?
Why would someone who doesnt even know me tell me that im a failure at life?
Should I quit this, even tho everyone....?
can somebody please help me?!?
How can I feel better about myself?
Suicidal thoughts? Car accident?
How to help my son who is Bipolar?
Concerned about my boyfriend?
how can depression be unhealthy for the body?
Help with Relationship?
what does it mean if I want a chick to beat me up?
I recently fractured my ankle, but it stilll hurts?
why do i go black when stand up to fast?
What can you do when you lose your voice.?
Digestion+colonoscopy question?
Is it ok to stay up through the whole night and the subsequent day just to get your sleeping pattern right?
Is my Aunt taking too much $ for my Grandpa's care?
white spot on tonsils!! do i need them removed>?
If I quit weed will it benefit me?
Why is there a cracking sound in my ear?
why is my body twitching all over?
my husband is sick, and doctors cannot find what is wrong with him. He just turned 37 yrs old and has a list?
Where can I get my TB and physical in San Diego?
Is it normal to have chest pain while running?
can you die from walking pnuemonia if you are a serious asthmatic? are you at a higher risk?
I cant sleep at night, Im only able to sleep during the day?
Alcohol and Hangover troubles, please help?
Whats wrong with me ?
Is it dangerous to take a sleep aid and 2 dramamine pills all at the same time?
Thick Brown mucus all day long.?
what am i coughing up?
Phylem blood sore throat!!?
If i dont sleep for 2 days then what side effects do i start to see?
Why am I sweating but it's cold?
Can you get high from smoking Rue?
what is another word for platelet?
The right side of my chest?
Is it bad to be developing a headache after being diagnosed with bronchitis?
What are the socioeconomic conditions that lead to the spread of SARS?
How to fix a deviated septum?
Lung infection. Is it Pneumonia?
Why cant eye breath good?
Do you have any wierd habits that you would probably not want people to know?
please help ive a foot problem.....?
what's the web site adress to get E1 [email protected] please?
What does the tongue symbolise?
Does anybody know which opticians are giving the best deals at the moment. I live in Inverness, Scotland.?
Best hairdressers?
Can anyone else put their hands on their hips and touch their elbows infront of them?
I am going to finish 3 year nursung school in slovenia but I doesnt now what am I going to be in english?
Why do my nails tend to bend over as they grow?
What do you think of Ram Dev?
STD diesese:?
how Is it possible to get a cold sore( herpes) ?
hpv and ex boyfriend?
What exactly are the symptoms of herpes?
ORAL HERPES??? or cold?
Can HPV be transmitted by sharing?
I would like to know if herpes is a contagious disease?
What's with all the blood coming from my gf's...?
Pain on the right side of my stomach?
something wrong with my legs, poor blood circulation?
exercises to strengthen ankles?
There's a red bump on my leg, I dont know what it is?
What did I do to my knee?
I was prescribed Lortab 10 for my arthritis. If crushed before taking will they work faster for my pains?
Lower abdominal pain, HELP!?
Why do my joints keep cracking?
what should i do about my hip?
Joint pain after general anesthesia?
Can low blood pressure cause headaches?
i`m looking for the muscles in the hand and arm with each of them labled please?
Is it normal to get spots on your neck if you haven't shaved for a week?
Help! Bad skin problem on arms (of all places!)?
i have recently had some nasty flare ups of psoriasis any tips to control it?
has anyone used wartner to treat plane warts?
i need to get some cavilon barrier cream?
I keep getting spots/boils on the back of my thighs/no-mans land & love-spuds. Why?
Little blister type things on my foot?