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maximum how much sleeping tablets for soucide?
Can the oral pain medication hydromorphone be used in conjunction with hydrocodene/acetaminoph?
what are the KS in hsc32?, what are KS 1 to 15 0r 20?
norovirus/vomiting bug- times of infection and symptoms...?
preventing from getting care??
Can U Fill In The Dots/ If The microbes infect your body The ...?
rubella in a 9 month old?
e coli bone infection in arm?
any tips on sleeping anyone?
is it possible to sleep with your eye open?
Am I hypoglycemic? I get Dizzy and sleepy when I get hungry?
Is it ok to skip a couple of doses of an antibiotic?
Popped out arteries on forehead?
Should I worry that I just ate a couple of mouthfuls of out of date seeds?
if i shoot a large amount of tylenol through my veins will it kill me?
why do i get mucus in my chest when i run?
ive been yawning every day all day fot the past to weeks ive ben getting alot of rest what could this be ?
can eating a lot after used to eating small amounts cause shortness of breath?
Ok I got this sickness or somthing and my doctors not at work today cn some 1 tell me what i got?
Breathing problems & chest pain... help?
I have an overactive gag relflex what are some treatments?
I have a lung/chest infection and feel fine?
Nasal septum deviation ?
my throat hurts really bad and i cant sleep wat do i do?? ='[?
throwing up blood can you help?
I quit smoking almost three yrs ago...?
i smoked a cigarette- so what?
How can I find a good medical insurance policy in Florida?
Terrible Cough & Other Things... What Could it Be?
how to get over stress realated breathing problems?
How do I wake up in the morning with energy?
Please Help me....I dont know what to do im so confused PLEASE I BEG?
Your Open QuestionShow me another »?
How can I sleep when my nose is recovering from a bloody nose?
I have a BAD cough!!!?
describe the relation among lymph, interstitial fluid and blood?
Do I have a deviated septum?
Do i have sleep paralysis?
red rash on chest and trouble breathing?
what is the osmotic condition of a diabetic's blood after eating?
Lab results and what htye mean?
Sucrose and Diabetics?
What are the "side" effects of using campix? and how long should a person take it?
What would happen if i stopped taking my Methimazole Tapazole meds?
How do you experience hypoglycemia in diabetes?
will sugar,acidity and co2 increase in diabetic acidosis?
how much Dex4 tablets are too much?
How do I get my Korean father to better deal with his diabetes?
what does ACS stand for? ?
High Blood Glucose Question?
what are the side effects of binging ?
high ferritin & low HGB presently taking 196 ml Iron(diabetic)?
How effective was diabetes training using Conversation Maps?
I have siezures is it safe to take creatine?
Does this sound like a seizure?
hi, is there is a such things a 3 small round chane blood vessels on foot?
Risk of Uterine cancer with Diabetes?
acute water intoxication?
Glycemic increases and decreases based on whole and refined grains?
Is Club foot hereditary?
Back pain or kidney pain?
what are warning signs of Anorexia?
parsons jack russell with dry scaly skin?
Can you cure blue waffle?
Two little hard lumps? one on my wrist and one just above, just on my hand?
why did i sweat the bed ?
What can anyone tell me about Anemia?
Verruca advice :'(???????????????????????????
irratating itch at the same point on both forearms.?
Excema cure???????????????????????????
Resting heart rate 64 one day 88 the next?
my iron level is 12 umol/L is this ok what is the range?
any tips to increase my thyroid levels as well as taking more thyroid medication?
what is phlegm when you have emphysema?
foramen ovale does not seal - what are the consequences?
Am I allergic to amoxicillin?
My ear and throat hurts really bad. My nose is stopped up too. My chest is congested. What could this be?
The bridge of my sons nose is really red and patchy, he is 16 months old, is it an allergic reaction?
I have an interview tomorrow but my allergies are out of control....?
What foods cure a migraine?
How do i ollie 8 stairs without scaring my mom...?
How do you know if you are making the right choice in life?
How will it cost me to buy a tube of mederma? Is it expensive?
You look lovely today, you really do! People are going to love your presence. Enjoy!?
Does anone know of an active chat site for health professionals?
does anyone know how pooh forms into a solid??
How many times can you use a disposable rasor before it is time to throw it away?
my skin is very dry.plz tell me some nice homemade pack which makes my skin soft & glow.?
Can anyone tell me what my dream means ?
What are the cheapest large cloth nappies I can buy?
please help me?
do you know more people die from drinking alcohol than smoking, car accidents and wars?
Who gets dejavous all the time..like me?
can i get pregant at 48 years?
have you ever thought about anothers perception on you?
i wanna be a goth but my family say no?
Do any women ( or guys! ) have advice on products/ tips to minimise the size of pores on the face?
what is reflexive questions?
A huge party tonight anxiety stopping me from going, should I go?
I have obsessive-compulsive disorder.. ?
my life.... any others in same situation?? any advice maybe?
i scream in my sleep...?
Any suggestions for anger management without a therapist?
Help?!?Need help explaining what I'm feeling..?
Do you think it is crazy to ask your therapist if they are going to dump you when you are paying them?
alcoholics I need a online aa meeting. Please help!?
My head pulsates..............?
Do You Think I Had Situational Depression?
I need a good place for chatting.?
Please,I am not trying to be morbid.?
okay, add/adhd medicine question?
How do I see a doctor for my Manic Depression and Bipolar tendencies while in the Army?
How do you define defense mechanism?
i have really really bad self-esteem, please help me ?
help me think outside the box with my 14 year old son and bipolar estranged husband.?
How do you heal a VERY bad bruise?
To all of the doctors or non-doctors?(Please Help)?
got bitten today by a vinegarroon help?!?
An infection under my thumbnail?
What's wrong with my knee and what can I do about it?
should I continue to work out on a tight shoulder muscle?
Busted Finger Thts Stilll Bleed'n:[?
Where are Free Medical Clinics in Sydney, Nsw, Australia?
Is my foot broken or just bruised?
My leg(calf) hurts whenever I run, from getting kicked?
What's wrong with my leg?
if i popped my knee backwards and now my foot is numb is that bad and what does it mean?
Ingrown toenail surgery pain?
My memory up until a few months ago at the end of the schoolyear, my mind was very sharp. Suddenly it's not.?
a 5 pound ankle weight was dropped on my face. am i going to get a black eye?
did i bruise, break, or sprain my arms??
help! help! help! please! i think i broke my metacarpal in my hand?
why is my knee swollen?
What's this marking, some sort of bruise?
I have pain in my legs?
Drug test? Percocet in urine?
My tummy hurts ! ( Urgent )?
I have been having leg pain for a couple months & been to the er 3 times. Nobody knows... HELP!?
Do I need a doctor to look at my leg?
how can i stop my leg pain?
i have a red dot on the white part of my eye HELPP!!?
what is the harmfull effects of fourloco?
Breathing problems..?
why does my flem taste like peroxide?
Coricidin Cold and Cough question!?
could omeprazole cure smoking cough?
Sports induced asthma led into a panic attack?
why is Streptococcus pneumonia is important to medical microbiology?
throat and chest problems.?
any method of cleansing the lungs?
I have a "dry" cough?
I think im sick and i dont know what i have?
Recurring acute pancreatitis?
when can my child go back to school when they have pneumonia?
Can lpns in florida change outer canulas in trach patients?
Can sinusitis cause a feeling of pressure when getting up?
I have bad asima. (sorry breathing problem)?
having a health problem?
What is the physiologic significance of arteriosclerosis?
Having an irregular heartbeat..?
is this a symptom of anxiety/stress?
My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest and ....?
what is the car vaule if it cath fire?
another person who has the blummin flu ... any remedies reccomended?
Is this a Blood Clot Please Help?
can an ingrowing toe nail cause bunions?
I'm forever getting rashes recentley?
My son is 23 months old and has just been diagnosed with Hand, foot and mouth diseases?
do i have something serious going on ? or just a cold?
what is hungtintons disease?
my hands go numb all the time?
can a toddler go swimming with Tonsillitis?
help me....................?
what is the normal blood pressure?
How long does it takes for a HIV test in NHS?
is echniciea good for warding off viral infections?
can u plx tell me what is immune system??r=1229951757?
im taking amoxyillian for a really bad chest infection, ear infection and eye infection?
Was i silly not to take them?
I am afraid of Blood Clots?
What is wrong with me? A very weak cold or something worse?
help is an ear infection suposed to be really sore?
is 160mg a high dose of propenonol?
help!...i strip waxed my nose but accidentally stripped a small patch of skin..now its like a black patch !!?
Coeliac Disease Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner time meal ideas.?
what help can i get for a slipping shoulder?
Do you think this is a possibility for future generations?
Is there any danger in taking mucinex dm and a laxative in the same night?
Just anger problems, or not?
Is it ok to sleep with a walking boot on?
Anyone know what my sleeping problem is?
do i need a parent to go to a clinic?
This keeps happening!? Why?
Shots are making my arm itch?
When will i start feeling better?
Why do I have an urge to crack my back?
Twitching during sleeping?
Will my dehydration get really bad?
I'm really worried help?
why cant i sleep for longer than a couple of hours?
Can I use ELMER'S GLUE on the palm of my hand?
Why wont the doc remove my daughters verruca?
my mom has a spot.?
Yellow skin under arms?
What is the best remedy for my facial melanoma problem?
my friend has stumping of the fingers does anyone know what causes this?
Girls Feet? What up Doc?
Why is someone with varicose veins?
Any doctors around? Daivonex Cream.?
I have a strange 'growth' on my thumb?
I have extremely oily skin, any advice on calming it down and making it easier to live with?
I have a cyst on my neck?
i have some vitamin cream ment to be good for your skin ...?
Problems following orthopaedic surgery please advise if you can!?
how do you cure a phobia?
Hi, can my husband stay with me while I have a colonoscopy? I shall be having an anaesthetic.?
WHY DON'T NHS bosses start hiring obsessive compulsives as nurses?
i need the tollet but i can't get up?
I need a # for St. Joseph ambulances so I can book my first aid cert. course?
What to do about Sleep?
I catch a cold in every once in a month all year long. Is it normal or I need to worry?
thinking of having laser eye surgery. is it scary? what's it like?
I may have came up for a cure for the bird flu.?
What is the meaning of beauty that masks ugliness?
how safe it is to reuse a plastic water bottel again and again?which is a more safe alternative?
how do i maintain my good health and still look beautiful as i'm aproaching 40yrs of age?
Does anyone else get panic attacks? I f so, how do you get rid!?
what is this lump on my shin?
What is the cost of a standard mobile clinic?
what is love?
what is the healthiest country in the world?
how do i tone down my bright highlights?
Why does the belly inflate with age even when you do your daily exercise?
is it safe to take ibuprofen tablets everyday?
Is there a special name for involuntary actions/reflexes like sneezing and yawning?
Result of taking a Musinex after cough syrup?
Hives? Or something hive-like?
I'm 15. And I badly want a Nose job.?
Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to Rose Hips in Vitamin C?
if someone is allergic to aspirin and they accidentally take a little, how much will it hurt them?
Is there anything that can help me smell and taste again thats natural?
How long does it take to recover from a diabetic coma?
what if my blood sugar level shows 7.0 at 12 noon before breakfast.? does it mean i have diabetes?
deadly pollce shooting on Friday night at 615?
what type of diabetes causes a higher urine output and increased glucose in urine?
noncontributory, normal, negative, & within normal limits all mean the same thing, True or False?
How do you reduce body water retention?
my husband is 32yrs old.We got his fbs result of 8.9&4.688 ldl-cholesterol?What to do to normalized?thank you?
bio question...?? help!?
dr. john e russo - 4 hour fasting glucose & insulin results?
where to buy Dr. Yung Su Kim herbal combination for Diabetes type 2?
Electroconvulsive question?
what type of disease would cause extreme loss of body water through excercise?
what are the blood sugar limits?
Could i have a thyroid problem?
what is the connection between diabetes and hemoglobin - if any?
Can replace a pancreas for an artificial?
Has anyone else had similar treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy/Diabetic Macular Edema...what was the outcome?
High fasting Glucoe Level and IFG ?
Is impaired glucose tolerance considered a type of diabetes?
My aunt has diabetes and doctor told her she lacks vitamins?
Does anyone have the Onetouch Ping insulin pump? And if so, what made you choose it over other pumps?
Could i be addicted to pills???And what to do? ?
How can I stop thinking about him 24/7, it's causing me so much pain?
if you have had any friends that committed suicide - do you know what type of music they listened to?
Concussion symptoms or worse?
do i have a clinical depression or something?
how do you best succeed at beating addiction?
Help me! I'm discouraged....?
How to give a better presentation?
Loneliness, how does everybody cope with the heartache?
How can you avoid being impressionable?
Does someone die immediately after a shot to the head?
Re-occuring pain in lower left back?
Is this a scar or what is it? How do i get rid of it?
laceration on eye lid? when can I start putting ointments?
my bruises are color violet somehow red?
Should i be worried? My back froze?
Shoulder instability and pain...what should I do?! Whats wrong!?
What is wrong with my toe?
i have a cut that keeps reopening what should i do?
I got a blackout and was breathing fast...what happened to me? does anyone know why?
Theres a dent in head?
what have i done to my finger?
Can I work out with staples in my head?
Concerned about medical discharge for knee injury?
what name is given to the muscle that is responsible for the movement of the lower eyelid?
Strained Achilles weird bump.?
What's wrong with my ribs? Are they broken?
tibia metal rod removal surgery?
is that a worm....??????????????????/?
Stomach problem please help?
Any suggestions on my shoulder pain?
Torn ligaments and tendons?
how do i get rid of this canker sore?
What kind of sleep paralysis is this?
Does any one know a medicine taken as a baby that cause asthma 18 years later?
Allergy Induced Asthma?
I have a constant post nasal drainage and it is causing lots of mucus in my throat. What is wrong with me?
Ahhh I have a sore throat...?
My family smokes at home but does not smoke when we are there, does the lingering smoke still harm young child?
can I sue a college for getting sick from being exposed to mold?
Fuk Sinus Infections, help?
I need help with my breathing please!?
Why do I feel dizzy and weak?
I'm losing my voice and I have headache...?
Been having chest pain all day?
Sinus drainage going on month 3 here?
what is a blood clot?(is having one bad)?
what would you see if you traveled a path from the femoral vein to the lower lobe of the right lung?
Am I being paranoid or not?
why do my finger nails turn yellow at bedtime?
Yoga or Walking.....?
Access to medical records?
Ammonia + bleach mix.?
Thyroid issues: if you have them once, do you have them the rest of your life (needing medicine, etc.)?
how long does thc stay in your mouth?
How to get a good night sleep?
elbow seems worse than was?
Doctors and Nurses to answer only?
Have you put your Emergency contact in your mobile phone under ICE to help the Emergency Services?
Helppp please. What is wrong with me??!!?!?!?
Possible B12 deficiency?
My fingers have been bruised for 2 months from guitar?
How to get rid of numbness in fingers?
At what tim do cold sores on the lips hurt?
Why does my throat hurt?
I've had a Week long headache?
My mother had breast cancer now she has pain in her arm what should I do?
Besides Tramadol what else can I use 4 my joint pain. I have sle lupus?
what could cause someones eyes to start hurting all the time?
Migraines..quick relief?
help with ear pain/pressure?
should I have my leg checked out?
how many bones are there in our toe?
Terrible pain in bottom ribs.?
Is it normal to have abdominal pain, and sharp pains on both sides but more on one side?
Should I clean my teeth tonight?
how can i get a fairer complexion?
The old saying "Use it or lose it" . What have you lost through lack of use ?
Is there any effective creams/ methods to get rid of or reduce scars?
Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
Date Bruno Mascolo born- founder of Toni and Guy(any other info too.)?
How long does cannabis stay in the body for? p.s I do not take it i just wanna know cos of friends!!?
where could my toes amputation dream be carried out & how bad would the pain really be?
HELP - I'm in unbearable pain every night for past 5 nights.?
what color should my bf paint his toes?
I have an ache in my upper back and a corresponding headache. Is it a pinched nerve?
can migraine cause cerebral edema durning an acute attack?
Should you ever make negative criticisms to a girl you love about her appearance?
Will I Need To Tell Them This When I Go In For My Operation????!?
If someone is blind from birth how do they visualise colours, we say the sky is blue, but what is blue?
5' how tall is that in cm ?
How can I remove or conceal two cigarette burns to the inside of my forearm? Is laser treatment an option?
Why is my neck always so sore and tender when I am sick?
leaks out her ear?
i put on fake tan this morning,not my usual stuff and look like iv been tangoed!!!!how do i get it off???
4differences between formal and in-formal carers in nursing and health care?
how meany hours sleep does a 27 year old need?
When you wake up, is there anything you can do to get in a good mood for the day?
Lums in the back of my throat?
How long does it take to get over septicemia and viral meniningitis? And how did you feel?
Problem with contact lense! Help!?
can you take a prescription from an existing pair of glasses?
I am suffering from bad body odour what you advice me except hygiene?
is there anyway that you can stop yourself from blushing?
Night night people. I know it's only 4pm here in GB, but I've had too much sun, so am going to chill out LYA
Glandular fever & exercise - doctors advice needed?
I have a soar spot on the back of my throat and it has been there for about 4 days now. ?
does my mum need health checks for carbon poisoning?
how does a prolonged stay of stool in the rectum affect the body?
I have severe PTSD can someone help?
Confused about life? Something doesn't feel right?
Help Me Please I'm Going Crazy?
black mold what does it do to you?
swollen eyes, rash on chin and neck....what is it?
whats the best pet for people with allergies?
while using a nebuliser with mask do you take in mist through the mouth or nose.?
is it dangerous 2 loose a body mole?
since using derma wand i get the most horrid sensation in my ears.really painful...anyone else??
why does my sister rubs her ase on my floor?
How can squeezing spots make them spread further? Or is that just a myth?
no collagen??
A little advice plz!?
Scarring on neck?
Mole removal using dermantend or bloodroot?
skin problem?
Remedies for red skin?
what is betnovate used for and whats the dose?
I have a little lump under the skin on my shin.?
Why can't I find a cream or drug that will stop me itching and drying out. I have Atopic Eczema.?
Deep vein thrombosis in upper arm how to manage it?
how do you get rid of psoriasis of the scalp (home remidies)?
i have psoriasis on my scalp,if i die my hair will it affect it ? HELP.?
Repeated colonoscopy after MRI scan? HELP!?
What is wrong with this man's nose?
how do u get rid of the man flu ?
my finger is swolen what to do?
Why is Injured ankle still painful?
what happens if your arm is hot inside?
foot and ankle swelling?
How long does it take for a sprained joint to heal?
When i stretch i blackout?
I fell on my knee and can walk, but can't fully bend it back?
hurt my ankle but i don't know if its sprained ?
What should I do for a neck injury?
Is my ankle finally healing?
Nurses or Doctors HELP!? swollen!????? !!! ANYONE!?
my right arm is hurting for a long time, what should i do?
What did I do to my knee?
Is my Chest pain a bruised heart or bruised chest?
should i go see a doctor about my stiches?
bones in feet are popping, is this normal?
how to treat a lower back pulled muscel?
How can I tell if I sprung my ankle?
any one tried Aloe juice for diabetes ?
what to benefit from tibicos?
Does Calorad MG work?
Celiac, recently diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1?
Need some quick advice (Diabetics or ppl with exp only)?
I want life insurance but where do I go? I have MS & Diabetes so really it's hard & expesive cause of those 2
Glycemic increases and decreases based on whole and refined grains? Please help!?
can you help me for my research paper regarding cervical cancer awareness in the philippines?
What is (or) Is there a substitute for Novo Venlafaxine?
Does anyone else who takes Metformin (Glumetza) find that they can become dehydrated very easily?
Hi i have been taking syntroid 0.75 for 28 day now and i am still tired?
Is lactose as good for energy as glucose?
blood tes FOR DIABETES?
diabetes thirst question?
How can we avoid risks?
broken insulin pumps sold for cheap? or a replica (ei. medtronic used to have alarm clock insulin pump mock)?
what is angiogram?
What negatively effects people with glaucoma?
I have MS and I do not seem to gain weight.?
do type 2's need Glucagon Emergency Kit also?
I'm suffering back ache. One doctor says operation needed. other doctors says not needed. I need suggestions?
Computer Problem: What is thiS?
have these fake contacts there green ,and i want to know if there safe to put in my eyes? read the detail plz?
What is causing my knee to buckle?
what does it mean for my whole body to go numb?
burnt plastic helppppp!?
Many body builders use it, and i heard that Bruce Lee used it too. Is it dangerouse to shock your muscles?
What are the affects of alcohol on a user that takes Keppra?
I keep going to bed around 5am, waking at 4pm, how can I fix my sleep?
blood drawn? appetite?
Kinds of painful injections?
I feel fAint with activity. What could it be?
meds mailed by Walmart Pharmacy?
what is this iron level compared to normal?
how to toughen finger nails?
Do drug addicts (and ex addicts) get drunk easily?
how many layers of skin do we have?
Can anyone get to the Aveda store and buy me some products, its half the price over there?
Hi Guy's do you prefer thin and athletic or curvy and cuddly girls?
my 5 year old little girl, as thick hair on her arms and legs.can we do any thing to help remove them.?
why is it ????????????????
what is the symbol of a 'pot and lid' with '12M' or '24M' found on toothpaste tubes/jars of face cream etc?
does my skin look nice??? and can any one give me a recipe of an homemade mask what i can put on my face ?
Why are so many people depressed during the winter? "Please be serious"?
my friends birthday is this saturday. i have no idea what to get her any ideas? she'll be 13?
i hit my funny bone (elbow) quite hard on the edge of my desk.?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
why do we 'dribble-drool' wen we are sleeping ?
Why can't I give blood?
Small bumps on tops of arms.... any other girls the same?
sinus problems with headaches and pressure? 8 weeks!?
Remedies for Persistent, Painful Coughing?
First Nosebleed and one every day since then?
is it possible to get high by heating a glass bowl untill it smokes then smoking it ?
Should you have the flu jab when you have a mild cold?
Why might my chest be hurting?
How long would it take my lungs to heal?
Severe tightness in chest while asleep.?
What do I have? Been sick...?
just had a real bad chest infection, took two antibiotics and steroids to start feeling better but I still hav?
Can being on steriods for bronchitis cause pneumonia?
My Ex had Tuberculosis when he was younger.. am I in trouble?
Who has had the stomach flu (gastroinitis)?
wot sort of pain do u get with chest infections?
If a person gets infected with acute Hepatitis B. How much time does he take to recover?
what's the best way to increase my immune system ?
Where should i hide my sniffle waffer?
Can I take paracetamol with Erythromycin?
Why is a cold called a cold?
Being half awake and being dizzy in the middle of the night?
I dont think Iam able to climb the corporate ladder at any job I land, what should I do? I wana buziness?
can i interview someone with OCD?
Pre-holiday blues?
Why am I paranoid whenever I'm alone?
how i find best online job pleas help to me?
Pls help... will a person b in her proper senses when she has bipolar disorder?
What advice do have to a girl that imagines MOST things WORST case scenario?
ill think of somethin to say t someone and i play out what they would say in my mind?
how do you gett of wiv ppl (going with people) ?????
Please Help Me...??
Is Effexor the same as cymbalta?
a scan has shown a 3cm x 2.8 cm mass on a kidney.I have to have another more detailed scan. Should I be woried?
what makes something rare?
I had a wort frozen with liquid nitrogen a week ago at my gp's?
If you have moderate to bad acne, how long on average would it take to clear if I leave it alone?
what percentage of leukemia victims survive?
my 9 month old staffordshire bull terrier has little blisters on her tummy. what could this be ?
is there such a thing as urinary constipation?
I have a permanent semi blocked nose and permanent bad smell in my nose, any alternative cures?
Diagnosed with Bells Palsy!?
Recovery from possible alcohol related liver problems.?
what does non responsive to the left side of the brain mean?
rotator cuff surgery?
Would like some advise on ferrous sulphate?
recently recovering broken hand it's my4th metacarpal in my ring finger &now my 3rd knuckle isn't there ?
White uneven line in the form of skin bump inside of my injured lip, please help (1 day to make a decision)?
what could this be on my sons leg?
I have allergies to my rats, and they are getting worse, any advice?
experiencing pain in my leg for about 3 weeks. what is this?
why are my ribs clicking?
What are the normal healing stages after a naval piercing??
Can I used Naproxin for bad headaches and migraines?
Are there any back stretches?
Why does my knee hurt?
Have failing gallbladder and stones- pain killer taken away?
jaw pain numbness all on left side and tried all day hurts from ear to lower lip?
Pain in lower side and pain in upper back.?
What do i do if my muscles are sore after working out?
Anybody with skin lupus?
What is this pain I am having in my arm?
Does painkillers interfere with the healing process of the knee?
Hand pain when leaned on?
Does anyone use Tesco Skin Tablets?
I have a bump on the bottom of my tongue that keeps coming back in the same place..why?
what is good for leg cramps?
is random nerve pain in hands normal?
Why do i get spots on my bum but no where else on my body?
ouch!! they freakin huuuuurt!!?
My back really hurts?
what can i do for neck pain?
lower back pain problem?
Upper Abdominal Cramping?
ive bought loads of new flip flops but all of them have blisted my feet what wud da quickest way 2 heal them?
Can anyone tell me why after 5 years the wholes in my ears (from earrings) won't close up?
The War in Iraq.. and what you have to say to a Soldier?
is pony type of horse or other breed???
anyone here live in Shelby, North Carolina?
What do men really think about plastic surgery?
is there anything that gets rid of really deep streatch marks. due 2 baby?
how many of you are scared of doctors and hospitals and dentists?
Good habits for a good health?
I often get this scary feeling while trying to wake up, I am conscious of my surrounding but can get up?
how can i keep my face clean from spots ect.?
Urgent help needed..Toe-nail!!!?
does chocolate really work better than cough sweets for a sore throat?
Where can I get satin shoes dyed within 1.5 weeks in London?
looking to buy seiko cleancut shave from a uk web site?
if you yawn why does it start other people to yawn?
can you tell me the history of opiate addiction in the uk please from the 60`s until now..?
Oooops, i bought the SPF 50 sun lotion and i dunno if its suitable for my skin?
I took a urine test today, peed twice told it wasnt enough, I was told that I had a three hour window,?
Am I still hungover? It's been a day and a half!?
Why would a doctor give you something that could hurt you?
BAD headaches issue PLEASE help. !!?
Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Tylenol?
i can't sleep for 2 weeks and half in the night. what shall i do to sleep in the night?
Is there any way to make myself have appendisitis?
Am I dehydrated or not?
Healed finger is crooked?
Can you be alone at the doctors office for an appointment at 17?
What is the difference between emphysema and bronchitis?
Would a deviated septum cause all this?
Why do i get this every weekend? Weezing in throat, coughing, taking deep breaths to breathe?
Shortness of breath and passing out?
What are some symptoms you have if your exposed to mold?
Numbers of insulin diabetics in the UK?
How do I know if I have diabetes?
help---where can i get medication for diabetic diarrhea?
Question about ketone results?
ok doing a powerpoint on pancreatitis?
Can someone knows the support pressure require to sterilize Stretch Blow PP IV bottle at 121 degree?
Diabetic Diets on a Canadian Site?
What other kinds of foods are good to eliminate sugar stimuli like bittermelon?
diabetes and swine flu?
How low can yerblood sugar drop before you get sick, I've been having lows at work down to 3.7,3.8???
halloween treats for a child on strict diet? any ideas?
does anyone know any good sites about dwarfism?
Symptoms of diabetes?
Gestational Diabetes, started insulin two days ago, but blood sugars are up?
will nerve 7 damage heal?
feeling as if im going to black out?
Broken Wrist and Cast Question?
I burnt my finger with a curling iron..?
How bad is it for an area to be bruised over and over?
I broke my little toe..or did I?
Please Help Me! Whats wrong with my foot?
fractured arm?symptoms?
Foot pain from bruised ankle?
my wrist has severe pain. please help!?
Have you had your appendix removed & do you suffer with IBS?
I think my son has passive epilepsy or it may be asphergis?
i need a doctors help pleaseon my sillborns post mortam results?
Does anyone have a rapid relief for the common cold?
i have an 8 year old daughter who when born was perfectly normal and healthy.until the mmr jab?
being tested for lupus could i have it?
What to do about this situation?
mental problems and medications?
Help i am feeling ghastly and despairing?
When you feel yourself going into that dark place, do you fight it?
So low self esteem for a girl like me!! Please help?????!!?
I need help badly with a major problem!?
Daydreams... kind of crazy please read!!!!?
Geodon, Are you on it? Do you have dementia? Do you have seizures? Do you take Seizure medications?
How do I help my chronically depressed mother who is constantly lashing out at me?
Is there anything for mental confusion? ?
what are signs of depression?
am i becoming depressed?
in the song "Brain Damage" is he refering to him self as the insane man that he can not run away from?
stomach cramps, nausea and mild fever with no vomiting or diarrhoea for last 3 days, any suggestions?
water infections can they stop ????
measles where has it come from?
??tonsillitis, what do you think, have i fought it off?
have a weak immune system ALWAYS GET infections styes kidney bladder uti im virgin etc how d0 i make it strong?
Is this just a cold? Or is it something else?
risks of parasites from dogs?
why do i have warts on my hand and how to get rid of them?
Do I have an eating disorder...?
whats the best thing to take to take my liver count down?
What is the average morbidity rate (Death of children under 5)?
how to get rid of foliculitus?
Do I have Insomnia . . . Help please?
How do I know if I'am losing my eyesight?
constantly needing to pee?
I was supposed to be having my big toenail removed?
how long will i have to leave the duct tape on to get rid of the wart?
insomnia. has anyone ever experienced anything similar to me?
Knee hurt after jumpsoles week 3?
possible concussion?
sinusitis from a cold?
How does one avoid grey hair?
what should be increased in the diet to reduce the risk of developing an ulcer & speed up recovery?
Acupuncture have you had It ? doses it work ? And how much did it cost you?
how can you stop a bad habbit like biting nails or chewing your hair?
why do we get ear wax?
what size (clothes) do you prefer your girlfriend to be?
My 7 yr old suffers from spots on her nose and forehead, any ideas to help such young skin?
Teenage Spots?
spontaneous human combustion.....?
how can i remove my spactacles numbered -2?
If your someone close to you stinks or stank what would you do?
are there any tablets for dry eyes?
keep geting red spots with yellow heads st oped smoking 6months ago?
is there anybody else in there 30s or older that has never smoked or done drugs?
why do I sneeze when I look at the Sun?
What is a cold, and how do you get rid of it?
how can i put on weight quite quickly?
is it possible for mosquitoes to survive in the UK?
I can feel the kink in my neck coming.?
Why do my back and neck hurt constantly?
I stretched my ears fir the first time to a 2g. it didn't hurt much&& didn't bleed,was that okay?
what is wrong with my head?
I had some alcohol then i got some asprin and drank it with water. is that bad?
what is spondylosis in lower spine surgery ?
Pain in my right side?
having shin pain but i dont know what it is!?
pain in my left lower back of hip?
Migraines! Took Excedrin. Help?
how can coccain hurt you?
My right shoulder is killing me, why?
my stomach hurtss !!?
Can you have surgery for 3 crushed discs in the neck?
Can Smoking for 5 years give you cancer/emphysema?
is it normal when you run for a bit and your nose feel like you can't catch enough air?
In cigarettes, is it the nicotine that is harmful or the tar?
I have been diagnosed with pneumonia...........Should I be worried?
Are these signs of Asthma?
I can't stop COUGHING!?
Is there any connection between someones health and living at the upper floor of a building?
Why do so many people cough in the office?
I am 12 weeks pregnant and have been coughing up green mucus.?
Tuberculosis help please?
how does it feel to smoke a black and mild the first time and taste and effects?
Is a wheezy coughy yucky feeling in your lungs after aerobic exercise...?
How to get fluid out of lung?
Can you get a buzz from dipping smoking tobacco(out of cigarettes)?
Why are legs the most difficult part of the body to catch a tan?
tell me about bennin lipoma?
why do mosquito bites itch?
Athletes foot....?
Hyperhydrosis, excessive underarm sweating, is it possible for the surgery to be done keyhole in the UK?
Why are males less lilely to have hyperthyroidisme than girls?
why do i feel so hot from the inside out?
How exactly does one "fall asleep"? is there a trick or does it "just happen"?
help me out with contact lenses?
About laxatives please help?
Since I do have a blood clot, do i have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life?
How come my lips are bigger?
What are arthritis gloves?
Does this method to deepen your voice really work or is it just a lie?
i never can go to sleep at night i always stay up until like four in the morning help!!!?
I'm shy, very shy, is there a reason for this?
If a person has total kidney failure...?
What things can i do to stop myself fainting when i get my ears peirced ?
Stomach rumbling?
I have 3 fatty lumps on my head - ever since I was a kid, they've been there.?
i ate pasta but im celiac im in BAD pain what do i do?
what is celiac disease?? Have I got this?
Can an ultrasound scan be done if a person is bleeding?
about a week a got hit in the leg with a sledge hammer?
Legs are swollen from conditoning help!?
My earlobe is swollen from gaging it what do I do to fix it?
How long will this be swollen?
my knee hurts alot?!?!?
is my ankle sprained? (left ankle)?
help!!!! slammed my head?
I've completely lost my voice, and would like to find it again?
do i have kidney diasese?
what are the symtons of gout & is it true the pain is underneath the big toe?
can certain jobs cause mild scoliosis?
I twisted my ankle now I have mild pain and alot of swelling/bruising.?
it feels like ive worked out but i haven't?
relieve back pain coming from lower back of spine?
Does this sound like narcolepsy?
Random bruise on hip .?
What is wrong with my peircing?
Fracture in parts of Leg?
I got a fiberglass cast yesterday for my broken foot/ankle, and when I woke up, my toes felt like they were?
Broken Ankle Question?
I think I may have the flu.?
Weights, now my arms are in a weird position!?!?!?
Whats up with my foot, stressed fracture ruled out, whats up :/?
HELP!! I feel a dent in my shin bone?
shoulder pain help me?
toe nail chiped HELPPPP?
Hit my ankle!!! now its swollen!! help?!?
Im so scared,omg.whats wrong with my heart?
How To Meditate In Daily Routine?
im going to a hypnopherapist?
ways to overcome seperation anxiety?
If you made a bucket list, what would be?
How can I get over this ?
How do you find the will to keep going after you crash?
what can i do with my stress ?
Is this a depression, and if so, why only at nights?How to find a way out?
i injured my elbow today... i cant really move it muchh i think i jammed it?
How long would it take a patient with cirrhosis of the liver to die, if they carried on drinking 10 litres?
Asthma, is any one else out there whos asthma trigger is polution in the air?
left arm pressure and tingling what could this be?
steroid side effects?
What can I get in the pharmacy for ibs anxious stomach?
why would my pulse rise from a nice 75 beats per minute to over 110 just sitting down?
do i need anti-malaria tablets and is there any harm/side effects in taking them even if i dont?
How long should I expect a joint inflammation virus to last?
Why do people say bless you when someone sneezes?
Why do Americans not like the concept of Free (at the point of use) health care?
how do you find comp[lete happines?
what's it like taking an overdose?
When we die, why are our teeth still intact?
Can anyone explain to me how I have suddenly become allergic to everything??
Why do we lose water when we have diarrhoea and we must drink plenty of water?
My bones keep 'cracking' What do you think could be wrong with them?
Why does foot sweat smell more than, say ,the sweat off my forehead?
how much is too much?
every winter i get fungi(some kind of dandruff) on my skin and tried all the products, what can i do?
Why is it by about 1pm every day i get really tired even through i sleep enough and have a healthy diet?
I've a 8 month baby boy that has diaper rash.It is bright red with little blisters. What do i do?
can you buy sudefed online?
How do you get the perfect Tan?
Im 16 and i always wake up feeling very tired?
Can barnacles attach themselves to the human body?
is there any way for my to change my bowel movements?
How long does it take for chapped lips to heal?
I was wondering would it still be safe to take a 3 year old out dated skalexin?
Why is my whole big toenail about to fall off?
Is there something serious wrong with me?
Lately My sleep patterns have been totally eratic, i've been way over sleeping then not sleeping at all...?
i am trying to find out if I have a hernia?
Is there a place in the world where you don't need a prescription?
I dont feel good :( what could it be?
my 7 year old wears a patch and glasses. she has lazy eye and empolimy in her left eye. here reasent she is g?
im really hungry health?
How can I whiten my elbows in (three days) any kind of home remidy out there, cause I'm attending a really imp?
How long does it take for smoking to age someone's skin?
Why have i lost my appetite all of a sudden?
bajaj allianz health insurance or tata aig health insurance...which is better ?
can anyone recommend an acupunturist who does 5 element style?
what is a good way to get rid of a cough?
my lung age says it is 43 but i am only 33?
Toothache a result of an ear infection?
Sick for two days, lost voice and itchy throat for more than two days?
breathing fast..................?
does your sinus make you dizzy?
My cousin is abroad and is being treated for TB.in the last 4 months he has had 3 chest x rays.?
pneumonia vs bronchitis?
Is it a flu or cigarette withdrawal?
Respiratory Airway Disease- What is it?
I been geting migran headachs for past monthes everday the dr put me on 5 different meds ant nothing working ?
has anyone been offered this drug for Multiple Sclerosis?
Medical Question????????
can you take amoxicillian for a kidney infection?
Can Coeliac Disease be inherited??
what are the signs of vertigo ?
Trouble with hearing?
why is it essential to have polio injections?
Been Sick:(?
Does DVT affect children?
My two fingers on my left hand is numb. I have read the possible causes?
Can Vampires get swine flu?
Why does it cost less for someone to have dialysis at home rather than in a hospital?
what to do if one is suffering from fasciitis?
need help for urinating problems :S?
I have been having head aches for about a week now, they come and go, what can it be?
Low Blood Count, im low in B12 and Folic Acid, what do these do??
IBS Sufferers, can anyone recommend a diet to reduce symptoms?
Is there an illness where you can urinate?
Possible case of AIDS in 1939?
hw to get rid of gingivitis!?
I am having cough since about 10 years back. I consulted with Dr. but they told its coz of Allergy.?
i have cough and cold.and runny nose also.a little fiver not so much.do i have swine flow?
my almost one year old daughter is getting a rash/hives all the sudden?
I went from an Urban area to a Rural area to visit my sister, and my allergies went CRAZY?
Keep this to your heart!!!!!!?
What is this tingling sensation I have in my bicep?
Severe head aches for the past 4 days?
everythin i eat is goin right through me,stomach pains woke up today covered in blood,my period was a week ago?
Pains in my foot , for no reason at all ?
im thinking about using a prescription lidocaine hydrochloride on my wrist for a tattoo will this help w pain?
Stabbing sharp pain in my far right chest.?
What is this pain in my hand?
Help with a crying problem...?
can anxiety meds make you feel worse?
im scared that i will overdose?
Are they just trying to scare me?
How long does a hiv test results to come back?
I get pains on my left side when I do any type of exercise.?
Pain in my lower left stomache!!?
my sister woke up with a stiff neck,?
My jaw is like locked or something help?
Why is my white blood cell count and heart rate low?
Does anyone have any positive psoriasis stories?
kidney stone in pregnancy?
Struggling not to self harm?
Why is it your kids always want a poo when YOUR in the bath or shower?
hi has anyone ever used emla numbing cream for a tattoo or anything else and if so does it work?i no im a wimp
sorry guys project stuff again'Are you concerned with any potential risks when having a xray?'?
last 1.‘Would you want to know the full effects of having an x-ray’?
How does Benzoyl Peroxide work in treating acne?
can we made university in the mountain?
What's the best way to ease nerve pain?
I've been using 10-10 contact lense solution which is now discontinued. Is there a similar alternative?
do you know how i could get care plans for residents on prn medication and for creams please?
is there still a chance to cure the scars on my face and its holes? i had my chickenpox 4 weeks ago?
What is the effect(+&-) of vitamin E in the cream of a fair complexion African leaving in the tropics?
is biotin available some place in india?
does bio-oil reduce redness??
Extreme Hiccups?
gum boil, slap cheek or other?
THE SUN HATES ME!! (not talking about sun burn)?
is their a tablet to get rid of head lice?
How long should contact lenses be left in for?
does anybody know anything about an appendicostomy or ACE and what it is like to live with it?
how can i stop sweating!!! please.?
Omega 3 Fish Oils- Holland and Barrett?
Is HIV the only fatal virus that does not have symptons?
why do antibiotics cause thrush when taking them too kill the infection that you are taking the tablets for a ?
Hi, I was just wondering if what I get is a coldsore. It looks like one but it is always in the same spot.?
i want to help my son get off a huge amount of presciption drugs. Where can i go for help?
anyone know from walking in to walking out what happens at a full medical examination (male) Thanks?
The top of my right thumb, above the joint, has been numb for 24hrs. Why? No injury, it just happened.?
i have over ractive thyriod...........?
What is wrong with me?! Shivers, Cold sores & enlarged lymph nodes?
I am 15 years old and I have repeated fainting spells. doctors can't find anything wrong. What should I do?
how long is a course of Hep B vaccinations?
What do you think it means when someone can't do something without having a drink first?
hi there has anyone ever had withdrawal from co codamol when they have come off it?
I have constant dizziness and my parents won't beleive me for some odd reason, but could it be serious?
1month illness?
I live in Italy and my younger sister is visiting. She has suffered from cellulitis in the past...?
My boyfriend has been feeling weird in the mornings?
Infection traveling through right side of face?
What do I have read details?
common dizziness and tunnel vision upon standing?
is it true that you should change your pillow case every two days?
My dad (82 years old) took 4mg of Lorazapam before he was to have an MRI - now he is acting loopy and is sleep?
Dizzy, headache, trouble sleeping?
is there a place where you can see how a particular hospital ranks in care?
Help with making my ears pop?
Flywaway Limbs??? :-?
Can anyone help me with this problem I have?
a 310 dollar co payment for my doctors appointment tomorrow?
Why am does my girfriend fall asleep while driving?
Coughing up a lot of blood?
How long, if they will at all, will it take my lungs to heal from marijuana smoke damage?
can primatene mist help you stop coughing or help lungs heal? i dont have ashma?
How thick is a lung in the human body?
Making myself throw up when something that my be blood comes out?
Chronic Renal Deficiency/ Nonstop Hiccups?
what is wrong with me? (is it asthma)?
Im 14 and i smoked a couple cigarettes yesterday but didnt inhale some of them..?
im having an asthema attck right now what to do?
how do i quit smoking right away?
I think I may have sleep apnea?
What would cause you to randomly pop out with fevers?
can u get pneumonia from bronchitis?
Shortness of breath and diziness (almost black out)?
is there a medication named Lupoflex?
I feel my legs tired lately, my left hip is hurting me, i want to know why?
What did I do to my left arm?
why does my shoulderblade pop out?
Please help! Constant pain in knee, i play softball anf this is a big problem!?
I am looking for a dotor in longview tx to provide pain medication due to chronic pain, new to the area?
Why am i so lightheaded?
how could i have hurt my tailbone?
Why do i sometimes say hurtful things?
what would happen...?
I feel trapped and stuck in this life! help?
Why do I want to feel pain?
When she is in a good mood....?
Controlling dreams? is this a good book?
Separation anxiety? please help!?
would someone at school have to tell about my cutting?
In which method nausea is induced?
Omega 3 angry ??????
i'm 14 (almost 15)....my heart rate is around 100....is it good for my age?
Have you ever passed out , How does it feel ?
is it true that using fake tans can lead to skin cancer?
What sort of breaks ahould you take if you work in front of a computer?
Dry Room at Night - What to try?
Why does the skin peel at the back of the finger, near the nail?
Can anyone tell me what my glasses prescription means?
In which part of the body will you find the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC)?
What can be done to help/treat a fear of thunderstorms, that is starting to affect quality of life?
i'm short-sighted and i hate glasses. Should i get contacts as i can't afford laser-eye treatment?
oily and blotchy skin?
what is the operation for a prolapsed disc?
why does a persons sight become more focused when you squint?
Why do we feel sleepy sometimes when we wake up, and sometimes not?
Do blind people need sunglasses in hot weather?
Is there an opportunity for doctors to do voluntary services in UK? I am tired of doing nothing.?
why am i anable to answer other pipo's questions? on yahoo answers?
Sometimes One Of My Knees And One Of My Ankels Will Hurt (At Diffrents Times) For Awhile Then Go Away?
Left arm and hand and left leg and foot constantly numb, right side of the body is fine, any idea?
Are pain management clincs effective?
I've had a headache for the past 2 weeks that now its starting to effect my eyes...what should I do......?
can drinking alcohol (3 drinks) in one night?
pain in arm after bloodwork...?
What's up with my finger?
Voice changes in a 13 yr old boy?
improper guard rail trapped under water neck injuries marines wont take me now,proper guard rail up now what?
my heart hurts! its a sharpe pain! what is it? help me!?
how to stop a sore back?
Back pain, cant move at all?
Cause of my Jaw pain? More info here?
what dose this mean? minutes?
where can i get medication online? pain meds!?
Painful bump on tongue?
I am having upper left backpain, any exercise?
My mouth hurts really bad?
theres something wrong with my throat i really need help?
my lungs hurt and i somke one time?
What is this pain in my lower abdominal?
Are circulation boosters any good? I've seen one on the web for £299.00. ?
how could i turn anorexic?
Why does blood coagulate too much?
getting sick and pooing at the same time?
I have a huge spot which when i squeeze it clear water like liquid comes out, what is it?
should someone be taking a stool softer if they have diareha?
How do I know what lens index I should get for my prescription glasses?
What are Christian attitudes to infertility treatments?
can you get gout in the ankle?
does anyone know of a vitamin or somethin herbal mayb that can help with anxiety?
My doctor put me on a drug called pravastatin,?
any help for a person who has leg ulcers that wont heal?
Kidney pain in morning?
I've just sneezed, shall I put myself in quarantine?
suffering from gallstones wonder if anyone out there feels like me tired all the time and depressed is it norm
How can I ?
Can anyone give advice on liver function blood test I was so angry at my GP.?
MMR vaccine?
would a routine eye test pick up a brain tumor?
Can you get STD's from trying of the underwear at Walmart?
Hep B jab, feeling ill?
flu jab and catching flu ??
Helicobacter Pylori question - how is it spread?
Fractured foot?? Doctors referral?
i got hit really hard on my thigh?