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i usually have a cold all year round on and off whats wrong with me? do i have a weak immune system?
Tummy Bug?
Why does your nose go red in the cold as it should go white (or blue!) ?
does tongue piercing hurt?
Giving up smoking how do you keep going?
i broke my toe nail to almost the bottom, what do i do?!?
Is it possible to break a leg and not know/still walk on it?
can anyone help with a diagnosis?
If one person is always cold and another always hot in the same house what is the difference in their body ?
idk if i have shin splints or stress fracture....?
do i have the flu what are the symptoms?
y do i need glasses?
My joints keep clicking why?
do we dream in colour and if we do,do people who are colourblind still suffer from it when asleep?
swollen belly?
My knee gave out....?
Can I give phenergan elixir to eight month old?
am i addicted to ecstacy?
Does anybody know much about the operation to remove Gallstones?
What do I do!? I have two completely different things being said by two orthopedic surgeons?
my upper back hurts when i breathe in and out and when i stretch from side to side with muscle spasms?
wrist sprain vs. fracture?
Did i sprain my big toe?
i fell off my bike doing a wheely and i think i fractured my wrist?
Is it ok to have 1 alchololic while on innohep injections?
I am looking for opinions about the Insulin Pump. My husband is thinking of switching to it.?
what r the Consequenses for forging a prescription for Hycodan Syrup.I did not receive the med and confessed ?
Are you able to do shrooms with diabetes?
when i do heavy work, i get dizzy, shakey and feel suffocated. been checked for diabeties and epilepsy.?
What are the side effects of diabetic medications?
hypoglycemia reading question?
Insulins: Humulin 70/30 & Humulin R?
Do I have diabetes.... help?
Metformin & Type 1 Diabetes?
Gestational Diabetes, ketones suddenly up this morning?
experiencing dizziness?
deserts for diabetics?
anyone know the web site for diabetes scale..eg..2-4-7-11-18-29 where it tell you where your sugar level are?
Am I Anemic?! Please answer A.S.A.P :)?
What do i do if my friend has a seizure? (diabetes)?
Does uncontrolled diabetes have an adverse effect on mental health?
can having blood sugar-levels out of whack cause migraines?
if some one doesnt know they have diabetes..?
How long can internal organs take the distress of high blood sugars before they show signs of distress?
Why Am I So Tired/Hungry/Thirsty?
what staphylococcus bacteria cause bacterial tonsilitis?
My dog has Gastroenteritis, What is it caused by?
cough question -------
I had an operation to remove a abscess about three months ago. The abscess is in a delicate place (by my...
does anybody have any info on this viral.?
coxsackie viral infection.?
What measures does someone take if they were to go to live in a malaria risk area?
What is an NHS Experience and a PCT?
where to get HIV test in London?
why should immigrants entering the uk be immunised against deadly diseases?
winter vomiting virus?
what is good for very oily skin?
When I look down at my abdomen, it appears unsymmetrical. There is no lump, no pain, is this normal?
What did I do to my knee when I fell?
I keep playing with my small finger.?
Irregular/Skipped Heartbeats.?
if your blood pressure is 101 over 71 is that good or bad?
Low-blood pressure...?
Does this man have a mental disorder?
Does anyone know what this is?
I'm suffering from depression badly?
Emotional problems? SEVERE?
Is it possible for someone to be lead singer for a band if they have frequent panic attacks?
Do most people realize their mental stability is declining or do they reach a low point...?
Why do I have such a hard time making and keeping friends?
can someone help me with this?
Hallucinations?             ?
anxioussssssss! helpp?
What's wrong with me?
Can Paranoia affect Insomnia?
help me please with this disease ?
I am doing a report on PTSD and child abuse, I would like statistics to go with my report?
What is acute and chronic stress?
has anyone ever given chloraseptic to their 2 yr old to help soothe sore throat?
I have no idea what i'm sick with..?
how dangerous is pnuemonia?
chest pain...............?
Ive had a persistent sore throat for 5 days, with deep congestion and coughing. nothing seems to help.?
So sick, what does it sound like I have?
alright so im 14, i have been having chest pain for about two years now but it keeps me worried that something?
What muscles are involved in quiet breathing? In forced inhalations and exhalations? What about with breathing?
mucus is flourescent - too many vitamins?
what is hyperearated lung? and what is the meaning of fibrohazed and confluent nodular opacities on lungs?
what is merser?symtoms,remedys,contageous?
how does it feel smoking weed the first time?
Plz help,i am really suffocating?
what is crones disease?
is rheumatoid arthritis hereditary?
Have I got OCD ? What should I do ?
Best cure for a cold,fed up with constantly having them?
Only for medical staff/students. What happens if you get an air intravenous injection?
whats wrong with me?
Help needed laxative overuse?
Are brain aneurysms an hereditary condition?
what to eat to get rid of my cold?
Tingling in my fingers???
Why does blook pressure go down?
am i the only one born with cataracts in both eyes?
What do you think is wrong with me?
What's wrong with me? I'm very tired and very dizzy.?
Please help me, I know I'm a hypercondriac but I need help?
What are the symptoms of a kidney infection?
Why don't hospitals ever deny care to individuals and families that don't have insurance or can't pay?
Would anyone ever fly outside the UK for medical treatment?
cure for burning sore lips?
is it ok to take nyquil to make you fall asleep faster?
estimate the cost of making the fluid for a typical case of childhood diarrhoea?
am i suppose to sleep in my splint?
i turned 21 in july. will i be covered under parents plan 9/23/10? i believe i aged out? live in MD?
Why do I always throw-up?
vision becomes blurry, hard to focus, goes away after a while?
WATER damage to medications?
How long does it take for glasses to come in?
I cannot sleep! Help me please!?
sciatic nerve damaged by ingrown toenail?
Why do i have blood and protein in my urine?
Can Amoxicillin cure my ear infection?
Teen Physical Exam Question?
did i just pull a grub out of the top of my head?
why does my throat hurt!!?
Why is my injured is healing?
Home Throat Remedies/Help!?
i have left temple pain and goes around the ear i cant bite down on that side its painfull?
Painful Tongue Ulcer, Cures?
Lower back pain and lump?
Why does my throat hurt?
taping an ankle............?
how is methadone liquid measured?
Ankle Brace Suggestions?
is it ok to feel pinches in the left side, and pain in the shoulder after 3 months of a 3 stents surgery?
i have a sharp headache pain above my right eye?
Is it possible to be ready to run tommorow after pulling my hamstring?
pain in my wrists! Why?
feels like i have a bruise on my head?
I just had tonsillectomy, tips on getting rid of the pain!!?
My mouth keeps watering all the time!?
Is it possible to have a small fracture and still be able to move your arm fine?
Fluid and pain in both knees?
Expanding broken blood vessel in my eye?
What exactly is a canker sore?
Calf muscle cramped very badly the other day, possible achilles injury?
How do I prevent carpal tunnel?
My ears feel popped or clogged and I just went swimming, how can I make it go away.?
did I fracture my forearm?
After fainting then hitting your head how long should you wait to sleep?
Intense lower left back pain?
What is the best backpack for me?
How long will it take to recover from....?
How do I know if my foot is healed?
Whats the name of that joint on ur foot that always gets dislocated?
do i have carpal tunnel syndrome???pls answer?
I got a huge bruise on my arm after falling and now the bruise is gone but there is still a huge knot?
Ankle problem :/ help !?
irrational fear how do i get rid of it?
uncle abuses medicine! help.?
why am i always sleepy at lunchtime?
Do i have some kind of mental disorder?
How to get rid of depression ?
I am so afraid to start going out again?
Depression and sleep issuse?
Questions about Lexapro, anti-depressant.?
What anti-deppresant worked best for you?
Caffeine Addiction, Help Me Quit :)?
treatments for alopecia areata?
Could I have breast cancer?
Is there a problem with my liver?
Can I take expired Concerta?
i lost my mother on September 10,2010.Two weeks prior to this she had a major lung surgery which i was not too?
What is wrong with my bowels?
How do i get rid of styes?
how to stop eczema ad stop itch-in al time wot to use n do 2 to ?? Iv got cream n that?
help my bulimia is out of control!! I just want to stop but can't... How can i stop this obsession?
I have a rash on my body!?
can someone help with my spots?!?
Shoulder Pains go to arm and heart?
Does severe pancreatitis cause the pancreas to stop producing insulin? Does it weaken the pancreas enough?
could it be ..diabetes or something else.?
subconjunctival hemorrhage?
Has anyone tried the T.E.N.S. instead of medicine for diabetic neuropathy?
Diabetes question - Glucose level reading.?
non diabetic hypoglycemia question?
Ocassionaly I get really shaky even after i have just ate, do i have low blood sugar?
Aerius cause drowsiness ?
Pre-diabetics: How long have you known about being pre-diabetic?
How much should I espect to pay for routine diabetes tests (A1C, cholesterol, fasting gulcose)?
when your blood sugar drops can your blood pressure drop as well?
Diabetic Weight Loss?
Diabetic Medicine?
If you are taking serequel does that increase blood sugar?
what are the latest developement to cure diabetis?
what vitamins should a person with diabetes take?
friend who smokes and wants to quit ?
is codeine available over the counter?
Is it possible to get rid of a chest infection without anitbiotics?
Could joining a gym improve a person's confidence and self-esteem?
When was the last time you gave blood?
do you pick your nose?
why wont scissors cut when used with my left hand?
Can blind people see their dreams?
Feels like there's something on my chest?
how can a flight effect a pneumothorax?
Had tightness in my chest and shortness of breath...?
I was exposed to whooping cough 2 days ago should I go to work tomorrow?
What type of tobacco has the least nicotine?
I have an antibiotic prescription and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. so how the heck do i quit coughing?
Antibiotics and side effects stopping?
Is my asthma or severe than I think?
Chest and Scapular pains?
How can I have post nasal drip but my nose isn't stuffed up?
Question about smoking weed?
Is it safe to take cocaine whilst on citalopram?
I have lost weight, no appetite, abdominal pain, nauseous, tired and yellowing eyes - what's wrong?
Overdosed on 50 painkillers. What happens?
Does anyone know why i get seriously moody before i get a coldsore?
Does anyone know any details about obsessive compulsive disorders?
Iron injections?
If someone was addicted to prescription painkillers....?
What could cause a painless swelling in an otherwise healthy 6-yr-old girl's neck?
How do you get rid of a cold?
bladder weakness help?
ibs cures?
do i need a HIV test?
Would Multiple sclerosis show up in a full blood count or do you have to have specific tests.?
does anyone else out there suffer from Emetophobia???
Why am I shaking and getting these headaches?
ARGH. help me PLEASE. 10 points??? REALLY NEED HELP! EEASY?
How can i change the times i fall asleep at?
Questions about wetting the bed.?
What is this.......... question in details........please answer!!!!!!!!! What is it?
I use to smoke cigarettes and quit which was not hard at all i was 16 and now im 18 now when i smoke?
how many calories would a person burn if they stayed inside the house all day?
How can I change the group number for my HMO?
Random fatigues and bruises?
How can I sleep with my mouth closed?
Are you really most awake when you first wake up in the morning?
Has a nurse or doctor ever had to visit their own emergency room?
What are these sudden twitches?
why does my left leg go numb?
'ayt..i'd try accutane..but is it just over the counter product or do i have to scout 4 it?>>?
blochy red skin?
how do i stop sweaty palms?
is sulpherbaths a cure for acne?
Does Mederma really work?
ive got white faty skin around the skin on my eye cud u tell me wot it is.?
Cosmetic is listed in the dictionary as toiletries so if you have a haemorrhoid?
how to stop head skiing getting dry?
I am 17 and I sweat so much!?
Best way to tan safely? (I know that is contradiction, but i am going in the sun so need advice)?
my friend has spots & lumps on his scalp.the Dr says they are cysts.but they come and go.unlike zits.any ideas
Can Guinea Pigs have scabies? If so, what can be used to treat it?
what is the reason behind smelly feet?
what can you do for pelican neck besides surgery?
My throat hurts to the point where im crying. Please help?
Should I get my head checked out?
every few minutes since i went swimming my stomach feels like someone is twisting it what should i do?
can i take benedryl and lyrica ,the same day?
where can i find Prolotherapy?
Horribly sore and I have a performance tonight!?!!?
Pain and a bump in my chest?
How to deal with a 3 yr olds Knee pains?
The right side of my neck hurts?
HELP! Severe Heartburn - Need Feedback!?
Recently I've been getting blackouts when I stand up?
Will taking an asprin and tylenol together really knock out any headache?
I was playing football and suddenly i got lower back pain to my left.?
2 day stomach pain from something, plz help!!!!!!!!?
why do my forehead vein move fast that over my eye?
Mono and side pains, possibly hurt spleen?
My wrist just gave out...? (please read)?
how bad will your foot be messed up if it gets run over by a car?
What is good daytime over the counter allergy mediance that won't make me drowsy?
informasi ubat syrup bromhexine?
How do i get this thing in my throat to go away?
what to do? i am an allergic, and now i suffer greatly from it? what shoulld i do?
is ultrasound imaging able to discover aortic root dilation ?
What does it mean to see a "light trail"?
why cant i stop going back to the past?
Some sort of social phobia?
What am i sick with?!?
chest pains gave up smoking?
does it mean i have asthma?
Is it possible for 1 person to smoke 150 lbs. of weed in 15 minutes?
what 3 ways the respiratory system modify air before it reaches the lungs?
thinking of starting pilates classes...will i be grossly outnumbered by women?
Removing ear stud?
How to make yourself sick?
Why did he kill himself?
What is the average cost of a rhinoplasty(nose job) and what happens if it goes wrong and looks terrible?
what might be causing a bloody nose?
Can excessive tea/coffee drinking lead to kidney damage?
I've I got the 1st cold of autumn?
How can you ensure that people know all about disability? Why are we made to feel like lepers when out?
sleeping problem plzzzz help?
what will happen if a serious alcoholic has blood poisoning and does not get treated?
Bump behind my ear, any details?
Can you stop your BCG from scarring?
Is Dextrose part of the Lactose family? I am lactose intolerant and wondered if dextrose is the same!?
are garlic pearls as beneficial as eating garlic in your food, when it comes to positive health benefits?
if you stand in the waiting room at the doctor's does everyone realise you re there for hemorrhoids?
My hands keep trembling... confused!?
Celiac Disease - does anybody have it??
best way to get rid of a chesty cough?
how can someone who sleeps the same ammount as me have so much more energy than me?
Why does hot weather make some people irritable?
How many layers of skin are on the human body?
is it my eyes?
Is this a sign of anorexia?
Bad eyesight?
Liver functions test?
i am extremely high right now?
Why does your stomach rumble when your hungary?
Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?????????????
I am physically fit but am always out of breath; what can cause this?
what is sinus arrhythmia?
Is the T4 and TSH Thyroid test the same?
my joints kill?....?
Iam on my second week of sickness from work I put in a sick note for the first week?
can a thyroid test come back with unreliable results?
Question for DOCTORS/NURSES about hypoglycemia?
i have a lump on my neck?
I think about fainting at school? What does this mean?
how much are carbon monoxide breathalysers to see if you been smoking?can i have info on it please thx!!?
Ok, so I've taken about 20 blue Xanax (1mg) in about 5 days and i'm wondering how long it will be in my system?
weird lightheaded feeling?
i just trimmed my pubes with sissors and now the skin beneath them stings/itches?
My ear makes a blowing sound every time i go near a loud place. Whats wrong with my ear?
random traces of ahthletes foot...?
What causes us to itch?
Should I go to the doctor for my head cold?
whats wrong with me have i got a fever?
How do I prepare for a fantastic stomach ache?
whats a song to fall asleep to?
Can someone explain how the US healthcare system works?
Is it dangerous to wake a sleep walker if they are already in bed?
What could a high MID% indicate on a blood test?
has anyone had a weird vibration in their tailbone?
What is the range for normal blood sugar levels when fasting?
how does cigarette smoking affect sugar level of a diabetic person?
neuropathy or stress?
Water Retention?
is it normal to be tirours ed all the time? I get 10 - 12 hours a night but waking up is my hardest ordeal?
Celeb health fair ideas?
Glucose in Urine.... Diabetic or from UTI?
Cost of Lovenox prefilled syringes?
Can one buy Insulin over the counter in Canada?
I have type I diabetes that is under control. what allergy meds can i take that won't interfere with it?
Do I have type 1 diabetes?
I have type 2 diabetes. What is a healthy blood sugar reading?
Any Type 2 Diabetics out there who take more than 2000mg. (2Grams) Metformin?
Anyone know the cost of Lovenox pre-filled 80 mg syringes?
are oral glucose tests reliable?
Hypothyroidism: Please HELP?
do doctors call if your blood test is fine?
Possible conclusions for below symptoms?
what are the effects of "K" (ketamine)?
Do these sound like symptoms of diabetes?
Dizziness, Nauseas, and Sore Throat?
im pretty sure i have shins splints but...?
weird feeling on left side of neck?
help with extreme bicep pain?
I got the Inplanon a week ago and when I move my arm around it hurts. Is that normal?
about hernia post operative pain?
why do I have this pain in my hip?
Glandular fever - I can't drink?
knee pain when i walk, im 17yrs old?
has my gf got mmr or what is it?
What is this bad pain in my arm?
May I know what skills I need to work in The Chronic Fatigue service/department of a hospital?
I've got 'the virus'?
parasites in watercress?
Severe nose pain from accident years ago?
How can i get the swelling down? HELP PLEASE? D:?
Gymnastics???? Pain Pain and more Pain!!?
i am having pain and swelling on side and up my back?
Help me pleaseeee I have issues?
I have a headache for a week now.?
I have a concern about my knees, when i'm playing and im warm, my knees are cold can anyone help?
the back of my leg hurts so bad i cant sleep i want to scream what can i do to get it to stop hurting this bad?
I have horrible, horrible stomach pains.?
my jaw is always popping but its not tmj...also i feel preassure in my head i hear like something in my ear.?
I've been feeling depressed for more than a year now,?
I am trying to quit a 10 year drug addiction. Does anyone have ideas on how to stay away?
I feel really low, do i need help?
What should i do? im depressed.?
info about childhood sucide?
behavioural disorder in child?
Should I tell my therapist?
I have depression and anxiety... and no insurance, and I am a stay at home mom...?
Should I continue on Ritalin or consider myself hopeless? ?
am i experiencing narcotic withdrawal?
Is it a mental disorder when you always want somebody you cannot have?
What could my dream mean?
what are solutions to childhood eating disorders?
Would It Make Sense If I Was Bi Polar?
Do you think alcoholism is an illness?
Are these the symptoms of anxiety disorder?
when I work out my throat closes up, is that asthma?
weird breathing problem?
What are the effects of mucinex if i take six.?
Problem with frequent urinating?
Is there something wrong?
Tinnitus problem? help?
Veruka,what is the treatment should i go to the doctor or chiropodist??
I'm not feeling very well. Sore throat n tubes all way into chest feel inflamed- whats wrong with me?
i got very dizzy almost faint what causes this?
Why am I urinating so frequently?
Sinus issues??????????
Random bloody noses...?
i have a bad cough, no mucus?
Will two hits of weed show up on a blood test?
Is it anyway harmful ? I always use my pc lying on the Bed . And I am used to it.?
Why do i get paralyzed when I have a panic attack?
is it ok to have a bath after work if you are tired?
Is it legal to order prescription madication online in finland?
is tri care health insurance for the military PPO or HMO?
my hemoglobin level is 11 is that enough for me to take iron pills?
What is this swollen spot on my arm?
Yellowish Brown bruise on wrist?
why is my neck twitching?
how long do beets stay in your system?
Are all drugs and medications bad?
i have brown marks on the top of my foot and shin anybody got any ideas what they can be?
Any good treatments for brown melanin marks on face caused from pregnancy?
scratch marks?
does humidity make you itch?...because my legs are itching in this humid heat at night, and i can't sleep!
i have a little growth on my privates..wot is it and how can i get rid of it?
What am i likely to be prescribed for mild acne by my GP?
strawberry mark?
Spots and blemishes on skin...?????
i"ve had this mother ulcer for two weeks now?
Can Hepatitis B Virus be treated ? If no, how can be it managed ?
just had results of blood test CRP<5 . plasma ferritin 22.3ng/ml whats it mean abnormal?
If you get gastric flu and then someone else gets it can you get it again? ie Does it go round and round?
Allergic to corn and it's by-products, what can I eat?
Really bad head acks?
Do I have type 2 Diabetes?
Friends Diabetes ?
conclusion about diabetes?
17 weeks pregnant, Gestational Diabetes, Blood Levels dropped?!?
i am suffering PCOD and diabetic.but my sugarlevel will be around 175 always am in insulin...please suggest me
1- Is there any side- effect by use potassium sulfate instead of sodium chloride ( salt) ??
What is the deference for useing apump and the pen which use?
diabetes - insulin making me itchy?
Metformin Price In Canada?
No Added Sugar Desserts?
ok so im diabetic and possibly pregnant what am i to be looking out for how will this effect my bloodsugars?
Spinach and Oxalic acid and Diabetes.?
Juvenile Diabetes Type I?
When a diabetic passes away, can the coroner tell what the blood sugar levels are after death?
Who knows all about Diabetic Medications?
What are contents or ingredients of avandia diabetes drug?
I take metformin to lower blood sugar. Is this pill able to be chewed or crushed?
Antioxidant Drink?
What is wrong with my sister?
what do u think about cutting? ?
can someone help me plz?
Why would my depressions always occur at certain times?
Why did I go backwards on this Celexa anti depressent?
is it good when ur thinking of killing ur self?
my friend died from a ruptured hernia how does it happen?
Can you have a heart attack with a defibulator?
knees hurting.......?
I have a tightness and swelling in my hands, fingers, and feet. Also my knees are very sore.?
Did I take too much advil?
My bicep feels tight and swollen, and when i curl or flex my arm it cramps up?
my eye really hurts, what do i do?
pain that I have around my heart.?
My side of my face feels really sensitive and sore what is it?
Usless but is it true?
what causes kidney stones and how do you get rid of them?
Does anyone else think there should be a 'carers' category here?
Can cell phones cause heavy nose bleeds?
Can you keep earrings in while you have a Scan or X-Ray?
What are the effects of ingesting household bleach?
What is the role of the United States Government in the Funding of Healthcare?
How long does weed stay in your system ?
What & in what amounts does a 40 year old woman need to eat to prevent oesteoporosis in later life?
my husband has severe sciatica in his bum cheek,any ideas pls?
Smoking Help Please?
Why do they use sterilized needles for lethal injections?
How would you feel if your doctor/solicitor stuttered? Would you think they were less capable at their job?
certificate for being off work sick - uk only?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
I get dizzy when i stand up!?
Head Feels Hot From The Inside?
im sick... any doctors?!?!?!?
help, stop my coughing?
Been ill for ages? what can i do?
Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain. But if you are wise, who would you lean on? Call me.?
Is this a cough or something worse?
IBS, I have tried everything what can I do?
If you were examined by a health professional & given a leaflet with something encircled .............?
Extremly bad wheezing. Whats wrong?
whats causing my aching bones and dizzy spells and weakness.?
Pains in my head? Help??
How can I catch vertigo?
Where can i find some large, good quality imagages of people suffering from an eating disorder?
Lump is it serious? ?
Sharp pains in lungs?
Cough that won't go away, and exhausted all the time. What could it be?
Does anyone have Ulcerative Colitis?
what can a loss of breath and the urge to cough mean?
What couse swelling of the whole body including face ?
My nose increases runny when I drink water in early morning?
What airborne diseases can I get from inhaling human fecal matter?
what is the medicine called, Lotradine?
Why do I only pee like once a day like 2 times if I`m lucky?
Autism Diagnosis (UK)?
Could this be Multiple Sclerosis?
Any one had a ganglion?
how can i kill my craving for nicotine?
Has anyone else on here got this cold that won't go away ?
how to treat bronchitis at home?
Stomach cramps after smoking first cigarette in 4 years? Not sure if its my lungs or just a cramp.?
how if possible can i break down a kidney stone?
How to stop my anxiety attack!?
I am in the process of filling out a DLA form for my Child?
does it sound like i am an alcoholic?
SO I fell on my elbow last night - very hard - and I its been filling with fluid, understand its elbow bursa..?
Burned my fingers on hot steam about 6 hours ago?
My right shoulder kinda hurts, what should I do?
ouch...lower leg muscle?
Shoulder keeps poping out of socket.?
what should i do about my swollen pinky?
might of injured ear drum when i was cleaning up my ears with cotton swabs?
back and rib pain lower right side along diaphragm?
my little girl grazed her knee on thursday. bled a bit as u can imagine but since its been weeping loads?
wrist broken or what??
My scab fell off early, what should I do?
Uhm.. Potential Nerve Damage?
big toenail very painful, nail semi numb, but can feel my toe?
what would happen if a person took...?
I stepped on a rock at the beach?
Toe nail has been removed, what now :S?
i messed my shoulder up dont know what i did? help?
can i buy Vital Signs Monitor?
How to look good in a school picture?
I can't get on to vrdrug.com, anyone able to?
how long does it take for xanax to get out of your system?
Is it normal to still be bloated 4 months after an operation?
how do you get back into a sleep pattern quick?
Hit head now eye twitches?
how long does it take for your big toenail to grow back?
is there something wrong with me cause every night before i go to bed i usually am very thirsty?
Why Does this always happen to me?
my hands are peeling?
list the risk factors of cross infection?
How do i check for testicular cancer?
What's wrong with my stomach?
Any name ideas for a cancer care course...?
I have a weird bump on the back of my head?
Diarrhea + fever that comes and goes every few days and nausa> HELP PLEASE?
How do Prevent this? Please?
Recovery from a laparoscopic ventral rectopexy surgery?
How long after having a cold do you stay immune from it?
whats wrong with Me? Hand Tremors and More?
Worried My 21 Month Old Daughter Has Developed Red Patches All Over Her Body?
Will pepperment green tea get rid of a swollen eye?
white blood cells?
post nasal drip relief please!!!?
how do i tell my parents!?!?!?!?
What are some natural remedies for extreme paranoia and constant worrying?
How do I deal with incamparable lonliness and apathy towards my life.?
My hands shake alot when im scared.?
Can hormones change the way a person feels about what they originally believed in life?
i think i have a weird sleep disorder or something?
what do you do when you are scared about something?
Mercury in tube light bulbs.?
What could be wrong with me?
Why does yahoo delete all my questions about suicide?
please answer this very important quesitomn?
HELP!! What's wrong with me!?!?
what can i do about depression and stress? read below. ?
suicidal. is it my new med or me?
I am bored, what should I do after work. 29 yrs old?
throat infections?
What is strep throat? Do you need antibiotics?
whats the best way to make yourself sick?
Is This Lung Cancer?! Please Help! Scared!?
How to make yourself throw up without tasting it?
Is it weird that...?
How To Clear Your Ears...OF WAX?
Does my friend have a drinking problem?
if you could only pick one ?
Our eyesight?
What could cause leg spasms when sitting or lying down?
Anxiety... opinions please...
Is laser hair removal safe and permanent?
I'm going 4 a colonic irrigation can anyone tell me what it is like and how they felt afterwards?
Does anyone have to get up during the night for...?
hiya what's the best way to treat a cold? i'm asthmatic too? x?
what happens to your body if you are low on iron?
Beaten Up... HELP!?
when can i change my ear piercings?
iv had a few beers, can i take sleeping pills?
Where is the most embarrassing place you have ever had hiccups?
very painful swollen glands in neck , what could be the cause?
What can cause a UTI?
i dont know what to do?
What are some warning signs of having low iron levels?
do i need growth hormone?
Im sleeping over 12 hours a day.?
What did i do to my wrist?
Feeling unwell. what do you think is wrong?
What causes sever constipation?
Can anyone help me,please?It's very important!?
Why is my bruse still sore and swollen?
i think i have gone deaf in my right ear?
Why do you sometimes catch a cold if you have stayed in a cold area for a certain period of time?
What is the more common name for ascorbic acid?
Is it possible for my knee to be growing pains or is it something else....?
Spat out blood? What should I do? Not from my mouth. ?
I have suffered with edema (or odema) for sometime now?
Any idea whats wrong with me.........Stomach Problems?
i feel like i cant breathe properly....?
knee injury situation need help urgently?
When you take a nap do you have to "sleep" to feel rested or...?
Could it be possible that i have asthma?
can i eat ice cream if i have SORE THROAT, RUNNY NOSE, & COUGHING?? HELP PLEASE **?
Chronic dizziness for 9 months?
Waking up with sore throat, after 2-3 hours throat gets very dry?
Son has high hemoglobin?
3 1.00 L air in a patient's lung at 37.0 and 1.00 atm pressure. What volume would this air occupy if it were?
how does tuberculosis retrict gaseous exchange?
herbal incense smoke feeling numb after smoking it for 2 days?
i have had a headache for 2 days and.....please answer ASAP?!?
Am I geting sick???????????
I have had this cold that has only really affected my throat. Some flem has come out and all..?
14 year old boy medical problem?
ive been having twitching in my chest and slight soreness what is this?
Keeping body warm with ear infection?
I had gotten a little amount of vicks that I couldn't get out from beneath my nail into my nostril.?
could exposure to chlorine gas develop scars on your lungs?
scaphoid bone docs welcomed?
my toe hurts !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
food poisoning - - then seized calf muscle?
If you were struck by a car...?
I had a compress fracture on T12 vertebra 4 weeks ago and today my hands are shaking really bad?
how long will it take for my gums to heal?
after carpal boss surgery do they put you in a hard cast or just brace?
How do i get rid of burning pain?
I cant hear out of my right ear after I pulled ear plug out!?
New to working out and MAJOR joint pain, help.?
can a cramp lead to a calf strain/ tear?
constant shoulder pain. Help!?
I bit my lip and huge bump?!?!?
Could my sprained ankle actually be a stress fracture?
who watched half man half tree?
red blotch of skin under my eye. any help?
people!!!!!!!2 problems!!!!!!!!?
Will Olbas Oil blind me if it gets in my eye?
Help With Acne?
spots on my back?
My secretary has a problem where scratching an itch does not produce a satisfying result any ideas?
what are these tiny white spots under the eye caused by?
I do a lot of running and walking and my big toe and foot always has broken dead skin, What can i do?
help with Curing boredom?
Zineryt Perscription?
What can cover up red blotches on my lower cheeks...?
small spots on eyelids-cholestrol?
Does everyone have small painful bumps on their head at the sides and back?
Reoccurring chest infections?
My daughter has swollen lips that are red and white...what could this be?
Why am i having bad diarrhea?
Acne is ruining my life !?
Who suffers from Sunday night insomnia?
pls how can get cure 4 vdrl?
pls is thr any cure 4 vdrl?
how to get rid of red cheeks?
How to get rid of spots?
I have this extremely painful big white bump in the inside of my eye and my eye is very swollen, what is it?
can you give me Airborne transmition and one disease?
Can I join the British Army if I have had heart surgery?
how can you get rid of flea bite marks?
i have a shaving rash, what do i do?
Why didn't my doctor think of this?
Rapid heartbeat, and very warm?
I dont sleep at night much, I toss and turn and then I am sleepy all through out the day. What could be wrong?
Heart Palpitations, Shortness of breath, chest pains, light-headedness...?
I couldn't sleep will it affect my growth?
T.L question one asked what would be a dangerous reading it was not answered with actually numbers !?
why does my one knee crack?
where to check my mole for free in NYC?
Best way to check YOURSELF for lice?
This morning I woke up feeling nauseous, weak and dizzy. Help please?
what is going on here?
would it hurt my health to smoke coffee? Just curious?
How can I get the cigarette smoke taste from my mouth?
When i was jogging I felt jolts in my solar plexus it felt like i was being shocked?
What's wrong with me?
I know someone who is after me and knows she can distroy me?
Green Tea and being diabetic?
When should a lab blood sugar be ordered?
I need a root canal, and 5 filled. Would this cause my sugars to increase?
which foods are low in protein?
Scientific studies on Plastic, research found it's toxic for the liver and kedneys?
list the 2 types of diabetes?
How to make diabetic frozen dinners?
Salvia and Diabetics?
i have fasting blood glucose level 4.9mmol/l and 2 hrs after meal 4.8mmol/l.Do i hav normal levels?? pls help?
How long does it take to get results of a blood test back?
Who is the guy in the Medicare commerical with the mustache that says Diabeetus? not Diabetes?
Can you reverse eye cataracts?
how do you sweat sugar?
Hypos While Pregnant?
Does this mean low blood pressure?
does it mean i have diabetes if my blood suger level shows 6.9 two hrs. after mean?
Is there anything I should know about Diabetics?
How much Vitamin D should someone (male) with osteopenia take?
My Blood work came back.....?
I woke up sick on Tuesday can anyone help as to what might be wrong?
Is it possible to pull a muscle in your upper back near your shoulder blade while coughing. I have pain near m?
has anyone sprained their wrist?
mid morning and mid afternoon times?
i fell sore very sore.....?
how can you relieve knee pain without any drugs?
Pain to the right of my left knee cap?
Teary eyes, runny nose, and alot of sneezing?
Zoloft 50 mg to 100mg? Any difference? Quit smoking...?
how can i tell if my daughter is in need of mental help?
Gambling devastated my life..I can't seem to forgive myself?
What can I do the get help?
St John's Wort...Please help.?
Are there support groups for people who suffer from Depression/Anxiety Disorder?
OCD Treatment Options ? ?
cymbalta and abilify anyone have experience??
im on ssdi and are worried about losing my benefits ?
How do I overcome this? What is it that I am feeling?
I lost my heart for things and I dont know why?
I just want to vent, i hold everything inside?
what can i do to unwind from all my daily stress?
flashbacks from the past.?
whats the best way to learn when you have a illness that couses you to learn a little slower?
danger of contracting Malaria?
does a hysterosalpingogram cause tubo-ovarian abscesses or pelvic inflammatory disease?
Help with the Flu?
How can compensation for such a life-changing infection by medical experts as Hep C be so lowly regarded?
UK, Can i but Eurax over the counter? Lotion and cream?
have been feeling sooooooo ill?
Almost everything i eat i get a bad taste in mouth. I am not pregnant and not on any medication.?
I can't keep my knee bent for a long period of time...?
How to get rid of toe cramps.?
how fast does a bunnys cut heal?
knee injury i think???
If my foot is blue does it mean it's broken?
will my ears recover from injury?
should i run with a hernia?
Why am I having sharp pain in the lower adomen area of my body?
Mild pain back of head?
hi...i feel something viberating close to my left ear..happens on and off...its not painful but very annoying.?
Sharp shooting ear pains?
Is it normal to have pain on cycle day21 i was giving an injection on cd16 to trigger the follic size18mm?
why hair become white?is it possible to returne it?
I am from America. Do the initials "GP" stand for general practitioner in the U.K.? In other words a...?
Is anyone out there listening to the Jeremy Vine show...he is talking about Dementia and Alzheimer's?
When i drink red wine i get a dull ache down my left arm?
Hot flushes at 24?
What makes you be sick?
I quit smoking a month a ago?
i have clear bumps on my toes and when i pop them a clear puss comes out. what is this called?
How many poo-s is normal in one day?
does any one have nose bleeds?
When u gave up the ciggies???/?
Has she got an eating disorder?
Anxiety or panic attacks?
What's the best wat to sterilise surgical steel?
I gave up smoking almost two weeks ago and I feel low and very miserable. Why is this happening?
My throats really sore and when I swallow I feel sick?
the back of my neck feels really hot any idea why?
Piercings...does the tongue hurt?
What exactly are hiccups?
Have you ever been addicted to cannabis/marijuana?
How do you deal with waiting for blood test results?
What is an Enema? How do you do it and how does it feel?
Is worrying about things in general an illness, and is there a cure?
Is autism a genetic disorder?
any nurses out there?
Does anyone know how long it takes to get the results for an MRI head Scan? NHS UK?
How long will it take before you become fatally ill and risk of death from starvation?
intra-articular? what does it mean?
My chest hurts where my liver is located....?
Doctors out there i need help?
Bowel trouble, help thanks!!?
How can I get rid of a cold?
Has anyone taken citalopram and felt better over 8 weeks of taking.?
causes of prosthesis?
The person who puts you to sleep before surgery?
omg how cna i get over this?
Help! I can't fall asleep. I've tried everything!?
What does it mean when it feels like an electric current is in your hands?
What Would Happen If You Literally Smoked Bacon?
How to stop sweating?
Should i still go the doctors ? a.s.a.p?
help! was i drugged at a club? (info inside)?
How long does one cigarette stay in your urine for?
If cigarette smoking is dangerous to health, why there are still manufacturers of it?
I havent been feeling well this past few days.?
Will this method reset my "sleep cycle"?
Am i going to get sick because i breathed in mold?
How to get rid of dry cough?
how do i stop an asthma attack with out an inhaler?
Can you die from panic attacks?!?!?
Coughing up green mucus?
Chest and Back hurt when I breathe or move!?
my 2 years and 10 month old doughtier got sick with high fever, we went to see the doc, he checked her ears,?
What cactus fruit is good for asthma?
Help with coughing fits.?
why do i have chest pains?
How to cure chest pains?
will misdemeanor-disorderly conduct- prevent me from becoming a respiratory therapist?
What do I have if I have burping and diharreah?
Every year, right as it gets cold I end up coughing up blood for about a week..?
Am I the only one this happens to? Waking up @ night feeling like I can't breath or that I'm dying in my sleep?
Healed Broken Wrist Hurt While Exercising.?
lower left back pain just above gluteus maximus?
i hit my head on wink mirror on my car, it hurts what do i do?
Ruptured Spleen? Just surgery or removal?
I tripped and hurt my toe on the road and it isn't healing. Help?
How do you fix a broken nose?
what is wrong with my leg please help?
What are the Consequences of removing an ankle cast few days before the scheduled removal ?
what kind of doctor specializes in injury to vocal chords (singer)?
What's wrong with my arm?
has anyone tried soaking the sweatyhands in tea???is it effective??
Is 35% of glycolic acid peel considered a mild peel? What precatuions must be taken before & after a peel?
can anyone tell me about inotiol? it seems to be a cream for skin/lips?
Bunions help/?
why is it when i shave my face i always get these sort of spot like lumps i never get this with a beard?
Strange twitching and i think i think i feel a bulge in my neck?
Help with upper back problems.?
my left ear is deaf and my right ear s affecting by my cold its been 2 weeks.wat care can i do for my one ear?
i live in indore. m suffering 4rm nerve compression on right side. what shud i do ?
Whats wrong with me if my rib hurts every time i breth deep?
Still freaked out about going to neurologist!! Help!!?
can a prolapsed bladder cause lower back pain?
please help toe problem?
For psychologist, can you interpret my dreams?
What do these changes mean?
Please answer this important question....?
Do you suffer from stress?
hate towards mother/ bi polar ?
questions about counseling?
I need help I am sad and unhappy.and down in the dumps. What should I do?
Are these signs of a Mental Disorer?
Can Anxiety hurt based on your experience with it?
what is the best procedure to start smoking Salvia?
what is the best type of therapist to get help from?
what is a good book for me?!?
I keep twitching...should I stop taking my AD/HD medicine?
Can allergy nasal sprays cure sinus infection?
I live in n.c what do i have to say to a doctor so he can prescribe me promethazine w/ codeine cough syrup.?
Itchy skin bumps, is it my allergies?
do i have some form of diabetes?
blood suger level wha is normal?
I'm looking for and endocrinologist that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?
B negativ blood type - does that come from one of my parents?
What can cause low white and red blood counts?
Are ginseng based supplements advisable for people who are diabetic?
Metmorphin and nausea when diabetic?
What Herb is most likely to interact with prescription drugs such as Rabeprazole Sodium (Pariet) orFenofibrate
Gestational Diabetes, started insulin recently, but sugars went up?
should I panic over followup tests?
New symbol in recent blood test - what does LD stand for?
Importance of measuring lipid and glucose level in a patients blood?
any one drinking aswell?
My ALT level is 49...should I be worried. Reference range is less than or equal to 46.Please HELP ?
What are two ways in which insulin decreases blood glucose levels?
Serious question about cold weather as it affects adults?
How does Benedict's solution work to detect sugar?
should i be worried my 4yr old may have mumps?
Malaria Relapses for Biology Lesson?
how is pernicious anemia treated?
Can I have hand surgery if i have Tonsillitis?
I feel 'faint' and i dont know why?
Sudden ill feeling.. lasts for 5 minutes then goes.. Can anyone help?
I have dire circulation, my skin colour is awful, if I give up smoking,?
my head hurts?
does anyone know how to prevent cramp in the arch of your foot please?
Do you ever reach orgasm in your sleep?
panic attacks?
Ex Smokers: What method did you use to stop and how effective was it?
is it common for teenagers to get recurrent headaches?
Would my doctor arrange a CT scan for me if i requested it?
whats a hicup?
Some motivation please, I'm trying to give up smoking..?
can anyone tell me what it means when your left ears burning/ringing?
how to grow hair at the age of ten.?
I started smoking 5 years ago, Im still only 19 and really am trying to quit smoking. Any suggestions?
plz a small question for anyone lives in england?
I can not sleep well About 4 days. if take medicine I feel asleep at daytime. what I can do now?
ok i just smoked in my room and im getting scared...?
Should I get my home health aid certification? Im already in the process of getting my cna's?
just got nuss procedure, will my chest look better later?
Am I Ambidextrous or not?
Could I fail a drug test because of this?
How can I fall asleep fast?
How fast can you get heat stroke in 90+ heat, especially if you can't sweat?
cost of comfort keepers?
how can i find a dermatologist that will prescribe me birth control?
can someone give me some thoughts as to what these things could mean...?
What is wrong with me?!?
Shortness of breath for more than 2 weeks?
How can you minimalize snoring? my snoring boyfriend keeps me awake!?
What are some functions of the human lung?
what makes you cough up blood?
Does breathing involve moving my mouth? ?
constant noes bleeds? help please?
Help, do I have pneumonia?
Carbon Monoxide Test?
Ive been coughing for 4 weeks?
How to stop panic attacks?
my friend is always getting cold and cough.sometimes he is getting chest pain due to this?
List 2 methods for diagnosing TB?
Are there alternatives to breathing oxygen? I heard breathing oxygen decreases longevity.?
what does coming out of a coma feel like?
Rewards for smokers who recently quit.?
I was body slammed in nov. of 09 & I am currently having aches & pains could that possibly be the reason why?
Best treatment for Shin Splint ?
i've had heavy stuff on my wrist for 2 hours what should i do now to break it?
why does it sting when you pee after you ride a bike?
do you have to slice a potatoes or have it normal to break your bone?
hurt my back when i fell 6 months ago..?
what should i do for a quick recovery?
Lower back injury, pain mostly while sitting?
My foot swells when I wrap my ankle?
I sprained my ankle on June 12, and it was bruised really bad-?
what are the main functions of the flexor and extensor retinacula of the wrist and ankle?
Back Pain from falling from a high point?
How long does it take to recover from meniscus knee surgery?
Can't stand up properly?
have i broke my knuckle?
Painful big toe after pedicure?
How should I treat my wound?
broken arm or pulled muscle?
Would an ankle injury cause this problem?
Small, sensitive, black lump under skin in finger.?
HELP HELP! my grandmother is really sick what does she have and how to cure it?
how do you get rid of shaving rash?
How to get rid of cellulite in the upper arm?
what is this rash on top of my foot? my neice had it first, now I have it, and now my sister has it..?
Eardrum question!??????????????
need help getting over short depression?
My Eyesight Info and Lasik/PRK?
are you realy happy?if so what makes it so?
How can kids be stopped from bed wetting?
How much concentrated orange juice can a person drink without it being unhealthy?
In the UK does agenda for change really benefit staff or what??
Define pretty?
why do i get so many headaches?
y do people smoke its disgustin y try it in the first place??
how do you know if you are gay?
What do you think of a*al relationship? do you like it and why do you prefer it?
cannot find site [email protected]?
which is the best antihistamine to treat cholinergic urticaria and if it can be bought over the counter.?
what are the symptoms of dislocated ribs?
What do you look for in a good Doctor?
cant sleep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does hair continue to grow after you have died? do finger and toe nails?
My 7 year old daughter is hariy on her back, arms and legs.?
Herbal sleeping pills, NYTOL?
pain in my ear?
where can i get cannabis from legally?
Are black athletes Superior at sports events than us Whites?? ...i think so !! no jibes please 'be real
Dr murads-skin clear?
What are the dangers and contraindications of massage to acute soft tissue injury, circulatory disorders, and?
Black toenails?
HELP!? Most should know?
I'm gettin lil red blotches on my knees elbows and on my knuckles, what are they???
Whats a hot compress?
which country will i find?
What actually causes athletes foot. Mine comes and goes every 3 months or so. Can i cure it forever?
why do my checks go red when i get embarrassed?
skin problems?
I had gout in my lower back. Took pain drove 1400 miles . Now after 2 weeks in bed still real sore. What now?
i have been getting horrible headaches one and off over the last few weeks and i cant make them go away?
is there a repetative thumb injury?
pain under right arm pit,on side?
Headache Problems..Help?
Is this normal after a bunionectomy?
what is this clicking in my head?
10 pills of soma, or 3.5g lethal or not?
hi everyone i have been having brief sharp pain on right side on top of the head?
sick after tablets? I have took 2 paracetamol and i have been sick about 5 mins after do i take more because?