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I Fainted today but why?
Does this sound ok to explain to my ex about my missed misscarriage?!!?.... Please answer!?!?
sweating problem...........?
why are my fingers crooked?
Ohhh..such a lot of confusion in my head...what's going on there guys?
Can a person have varicose veins on the waist area? If not, then what can it be?
Do I Have Anxiety? 16 (male)?
Please help...how would you respond if a friend of yours....?
Strange disorder...(Time speeds up)?
health issues right now?
Concerta and Aderol question?
Whats wrong with me, Please read the following?
Why does locking your knees make you faint?
Does anyone know of a good eating disorder psychiatrist in Brooklyn, NY or Manhattan? ?
Are these symptoms of ADHD ?
is it impossible for people with add to focus at all or just hard. ?
peeing a lot at night?
How can I stay awake at school?
does vitamin b help anxiety?
I think I suffer from depression. Please help.?
Really weird daydreaming thing I do?
why is this?I dont like it?
Breaking out of isolation?
i get some blood come in cough way?
How do i go into sleep paralysis?
I smoke weed everyday what will happen?
How to stop 6 months of coughing ?
i had like a bad cough cold sore throat head ect but now im just cougling like crazy ( why )?
I have been having bad chest pain?
Burning in the nose when breathing after soccer?
I have been having random chest pains in the same spot for 4 days now its almost like i am hungry?
What is causing my chest pain?
I'm really sick please help?
Nasal congestion help please.?
Does this sound bad or like a regular cold?
Coughing – Result of Virus or Cold Temperature?
Popped knee out of socket what should i do? advice would be greatly appreciated?
Why am i so achey?! never felt like this before!?
please tell me about your growing pains!?
I woke up this morning and got a crick on my right side of my neck? how do i get rid of it!!! it hurts bad !?
Help! Foot Surgery...?
How can I cure my back pain?
excessive burping causing pain in my throat?
cortisol injection for sciatic nerve pain from a bulging disk?
what is the best way to make yourself throw up?
keep swelling down from cartilage piercing?? need tips!!?
i have severe ddd in my back and neck,do they operate for that?
I have severe lightheadness, and dizziness. Why?
Help on healing my akelius tendon?
is this an eye strain? sinus infection? help!?
can someone provide me with an orthopedic surgeon?
my achy body...whyyy?
My three year old son complains of stomach pain and has had diarrhea for over a week what should I do?
how to be a physiotherapist?
Back Problems at 16? Help!?
does lamictal help with back pain?
stinging feeling in side of my skin?
does this get rid of spots?
general itching....?
Can anybody relieve my anxiety about the afterlife?
What to do if you throw up paracetamol.....?
safe disposal of waste medicines from care homes?
shy... anxiety...help?
what is short for you?
Will a glass of salt water make me sick?
what does it mean when you pinch your skin and it stays white for 20 seconds?
HELP my boyfriend, he puts me off in the morning!!!!?
how can i stop myself from collapsing while on the London Underground?
any else suffer with major ulcers in the mouth- ouch?
does any one know what bupa stands for?
Why am I feeling overtired?
How do I join National Health Service when I'm in the Uk?
one of my friends son will not have his nails cut no mater how hard you try. what should she do?
Why do doctors talk about you like you're a piece of meat?
If you swallow a chewing gun, will it stick forever in your tripes?
21 yr old male, going bald and gettin realy hairy, feels like getting old fast?
vitamin b12 deficient?
whats would be your ideal way of relaxing?
Does anybody know????????????
Can you die in you inhaled too much Deodrant?
what are the ways to prevent cuts, burns and falls?
Twisted ankle?????? or something else?
Glass Stuck Deep in my Foot!?
Vaccines for animals???
Does the spleen removes worn out RBC's and platelets from the circulation?
Bacterial Meningitis???
if i've already had chicken pox, does my body still have to fight off the infection?
glandular fever for three days can i work out as i feel a lot better already
White Blood Cells-Lymphocytes, Absolute
Shingles!!!! aches and pains
I broke my nose when i was a child and i was wondering if i can get it put back into place by the NHS
Can antiobiotics make your period late?
question about worms
Is it philosophically sound?
Social anxiety medication for teens?
((Ok..this is kind of weird ppl..but i need your help so plz consider!!..thanks))?
Why is it worse some days than others?
Diabetic question?
the medical meaning of polyphagia?
Frequent urination could be laced to... ? ?
Diabetes Type 2 Can you do that?
My friend says that her neice, who is 10 years old is type 2 diabetic?
urine test for diabetes?
What are some foods that have long lasting carbs, and that will maintain a good sugar level for a while?
What should normal glucose readings be, for 2 hours after a meal and what should they be after a fast?
My blood sugar reading was 8.1 after eating a pb&j sandwich. Is this normal for a non-diabetic?
I recently asked a question about sharing the same needle as my cat for blood sugar test -?
why have i got a pain in my left side?
Diabetes/ What Happens When you Have High Concentrations of sugar in your blood?
Is someone who already has ITP are they more likely to get Type 1 Diabetes than someone without ITP?
how do you get diabetes?
do i have diabetes...........?
Type II Diabetes is related to what organ system(s)?
hypoglycemia, don't understand something?
Does this sound like I have type 1 diabetes?
If I have A+ blood type and my son has A-, what would my husband be?
Natural Sedatives????????????
How can i tell??????
hey i need some help with my sons blood level?
will there be a cure for Psoriasis in the future?
abnormal cells dyskarosis hpv?
what causes burning feeling on your tongue ?
small purplish lump on groin?
what doe mumps look like and what are the side effects?
How to get rid of a cold!?
I have been suffering from recurring urine/kidney infections for years...?
Anti-nuclear antibodies positive..... please help?
Maybe Raynaud's... Theories?
Did my face wash give me a rash?
altizmas, tell me more about the later stages of this illness?
Lumps,Swelling on my head? Advise please?
I got my tongue pierced 4 days ago and it really bothers me?
A strange headache? I'm worried!?
i have neck pain that turns into a headache on my right side?
What are the correct body analogies?
Ways to quickly ease myself to sleep?
What is the BEST chair for someone who sits at a computer all day?
If you leave out bread overnight and eat it the next day will you have food poisning?
what is Dr. Micheal L. Weiss of columbus ohio's DEA number?
What is a current issue in the field of pharmacy?
in grown toe nail problem?
during an annual physical?
Odd feeling in lower abdomen?
Why do girls feel the cold more than men?
disability payments how sick do you need to be?
Why does the hair on my legs stop growing at one point, but the hair on my hed does not?
Does my employer have access to how I use my health insurance info?
is there some food that will make my lips go natuarly red??????????
quick question about penicillin?
I`m Having My Large ToeNail Removed, Will I Be Able To Walk the Next Day or Drive?
i nearly fainted 4 times within a couple of days?
Some women have a gap between their thighs when standing with their feet together. What is this gap called?
why is this happening to me?
Question about smoking ?
What is the best remedy for going back to work after a weeks holiday?
When you eat something cold why do you get a pain above your eye?
Is it true that you weigh less immediately after death than before it?
I´d like to move to England in a couple of month, can u tell me more?
is it normal to pass out from seeing blood?
embarrassing but needs answering please! help!?
Have I developed "Smoker's Cough"?
shortness of breath, off balance, dizzy and pressure between eyes?
Cough lasting weeks but I'm not sick. Keeps me up at night?
14 month old is sick with a sore throat and is coughing really bad, so bad it is making her gag, wat shud i do?
Sinus pressure and post nasal drip?
I think I have sleep apnea! Pls read!?
could I have a collapsed lung?
Asthma related help needed?
Cold/chest pain.. please help.?
coughing up black stuff?
What would cause thick yellow green phlegm in the throat? ?
got hit in the head then i lost my voice. what?
car accident successful claims - what was your final sum for personal injury compensation/back injury/disk?
please help!!! whats wrong with my leg?
I'm having severe back pain?
How long will it take for my full toe nail to grow back?
Weird bruise under fingernail...?
Whats the proper way to lean over the engine of a car all day without straining your back?
My grandmas shoulder hurts?
My knuckle is messed up, how can I fix it?..?
I've found, after massive drinking, I can stretch my lower lip over my head.!!?
where can i buy Pro-sil Stick by Biodermis in LA?
Do I have tendonitis?
big black mark on my toenail?
How to prevent knee musticular pain? tips or advice please? best answer gets 10 pts?
Biceps Tendonitis, what type of physical therapy exercises do you recommend?
I got stuby a bee about a week ago. The next day I crashed on my bike,it is still bruised&blistered. Am I ok?
Are my toes broken or swolen?
my eye still hurts plz help me!!! im worried!!?
Can your employer force you to use your PTO for time off related to a work comp injury?
Did I tear my ACL or simply hyperextend my knee?
What is negative feedback?
where can find the web site for doctors iside and out on channel 5?
what exactly are warts?
why do some people have freckles and others don't?
i had severe depression recently and not looking after myself. would this considerably weaken immune system?
help has anyone heard of hidradenitis suppurativa?
Pityrosporum folliculitis: Calling all Dermatologists?
acne rosacea?
whats the best way to???
Is it safe for me to go on a low dose of Roaccutane if Ive had a previous history of bowel disease?
what is bowenoid actinic keratosis and how does photo dynamic therapy work?
Males/Females Please Could you help, Which Ones?
How does a therapist help someone who is suicidal?
How do i get excited about life again?
do pedophiles ever voluntarily seek treatment?
Why am i so angery? Why do i go into these rages?
Tired, loss of appetite, ect. Please read! Thanks. :) ?
what is wrong with me?
Is there a sleeping disorder of anykind where the person can not fall to sleep ?
.....Is this quote true?
Im going to the hypnopherapist?
Does compulsion for order has a proper unique name?
Is the idea of god a delusion of the mind?
Im having a freakin hard time getting organized. ?
How can I help my cousin?
What Can I Do To Stop My "Low Self-Esteem" Issues.?
What is wrong with me.....?
Just would like someones opinion ... ?
Anxiety attack heart flutters and other please help i beg?
why do i think this please help ?
in desperate help on life!?
how do you figure out your eyesight?
heel pain for two weeks?
I was Rhino f**ked today (Someone kneed my tailbone) and I'm having a hard time sitting down. ?
I have pins & needles in left arm, headaches, sometimes stiff neck, and inflammation in my blood, any thoughts?
how to accept the loss of my papa?
autism ?!?! any ideas ?
Is it permitted to cremate someone who died of asbestosis?
Why is nasal hair so thick?
does anybody out there have a home remedy for a bad head cold?
Should you give spots a good old squeeze?
whats the longest have you been confined to bed after a hangover?
I'm full of mucus?
I think I have diabetes. Is it possible?
my friend's age is 30 and his bp is 160 is he is out of danger or he is in a critical situation?
Im just so dizzy????
What is the difference between type 2 diabetes and type 1&1/2 diabetes?
Sugar Important?
Long range sugar results. Please answer if you are in the medical field.?
can anyone tell me what type of spirits has the least amount of sugar?
Being Diabetic and having a baby ?
diabetes alert.. do i have it? HELP?
Insulin Pump?
Prediabetic - is it ok to eat fresh mangoes?
can you name the fruits that are and are not meant for diabetes. and in what proportion can they be eaten.?
Do you think I have diabetes?
Symptoms for diabetes? common and not?
Has anyone else been switched from Metformin to Actos?
Will you experience more weight gain with the insulin pump?
what would be the best vitamin for blood circulation?
sleepy help....................................?
Could You B Shower Addictive?
How long does Motrin PM take to fall asleep and how long does it last.?
Why does my hand keep locking up?
How do I use this thermometer? Picture Included?
Where does this strength come from?
How to get red scab off of top lip?
I have this feeling on my tongue. Its kind of lke when u burn ur tongue when something is to hot to eat...?
why do i get headaches every night!?
What is your experience with Group Health Cooperative?
Deep breathes causes neck to hurt! How the heck... lol?
Was having chest pains what could it be?
quick relief for tonsillitis?
what could cause my tonge to be very red on the tip and the inside of my lips as well, it is very painful and?
Angio-neurotic edema. Any cure?
I constantly cough every 5 / 10 minutes without having cold .?
My son was lying in the bed gasping for air and I didn't know what caused it he woke up and was still doing it?
Clear phlegm with with brown spots in it?
Anorexic person with chest tightness?
Ever since my dad has been in the ICU I keep having diarrhea and nause are they related?
Im 14 and i smoke help?
will coughs go away on their own?
How come all of a sudden cigarettes make me sick?
what am i sick with?mono what!?
I have been suffering from recurring urine/kidney infections for years...?
what causes my ankle to swollen?
4 torn ligaments in ankle?
Broke my foot 6 months ago an it still herts?
Is my kuckle sprained?
Muscle spasms - Ice or heat ?
if i get the torn part of my meniscus removed will i be able to skate and wrestle again at full potential?
broken finger ????????
What do you think? (Carpet burn)?
What's the reason behind constant eye contact?
how could i get a free lab top from the goverment?
will i get told anything after my coloposy?
begrivac vaccine content?
Have a cut for 12 days (hasn't scabbed) should i consider it a scar and start using Mederma on it?
Is a swollen sprained ankle supposed to last this long?
What is a compressed disc in the lower back?
what are the symtoms of a torn meniscus?
finger still swollen!!?
Beginner runner with bad ankle and knee pain?
i hit my head pretty hard like a month ago. I'm still feeling woozy, what could be the problem?
what's a good muscle supplement to take post shouder surgery?
Can a spot/s at area of injury mean healing?
Henoch Schonlein purpura-is my rash infected?
is there something wrong with the sweat glands in my hands as they always smell of onins.?
help i am getting very depressed over a medical problem?
i need supplier of filletti soap powder?
Will the sun make my darkish acne scars worse?
Any skin experts, please help???
painful lumps appearing on feet?
Nile Virus from USA trip?
I got treated for MDR-TB Chest in 2004 for 1.5 years What precaution should I take to prevent its Reocurrence?
What could be wrong with my throat?
Is it safe to fly, if you have had Meningitis?
Pneumococcol vaccine?
What is measles confused with?
Do I have OCD and depression?
what does it mean when your ferritin level is high and what exactly is ferritin anyway?
How to fend off a cold before it's fully started?
How is measles differentiated from other illnesses?
Do you know how long the contagious period is with chicken pox?
Metronidazole v's clindamycin for treatment of bacterial vaginosis when pregnant in 1st trimester?
metronidazole help!?
Relaxation breathing strategies?
how i can increase my confidence?
schzifrenia and depression?
How do I become more confident?? please help!!?
i need tips on feeling better bout my self....?
Why am I becoming sick?
Whats the symptoms of schizophrenia?
Is seeing patterns in things odd?
Is this a sleep abnormality?
What's the best way to get rid of a Verrucca?
whats the difference between a lesion and tumor?
paroxotine withdrawal symptoms. please give me your tips on withdrawing i really suffering with electric jolts
can anyone help me, for about a week now i have had a funny heavey headed feeling in my head, and it goes into
I have 4++++ of blood in my urine an have had a cystoscopy which detected an abnormality what does 4++++ mean?
whats kind of food can be eaten while waiting for your gallbladder to be taken out??
how do I call a condition where there is a displaced disc in my lower vertebral column?
what does OGD stand for?
Is there something wrong with my Mum?
What are your experiences about gastric band surgery?
My mother has alzheimer's should I be worried?
My son was sectioned last year for excessive smoking of hash and taking acid?
Genetically, are there any diseases which English people are more apt to inherit than their Celtic neighbours?
my eyes are puffy as if i am tired all the time but im not?
Is it normal for one ear's hearing to be slightly different to the other?
How Can I distinguish malaria from a cold?
Do I need help or is this permanent effects of anorexia?
What is a normal blood pressure reading?
My dad had a stroke 4 yrs ago but now he seems little ones ?
How can fight off the cold?
I was exposed to asbestos. how can I find out I have it in my system now?
I'm 54 Year old male with a burning tingly feeling in my chest?
Ever since I was very young, my chest hurts at random times when i breath in. The deeper, the worse.?
i keep on coughing even though i've been to the doctor?? help??? :(?
Sometimes it feels like my lungs are falling?
I think I have a sinus infection?
Why are my leg muscles and bones killing me so much?
intense stomach pains?
my toes suddenly hurts?
is my wristt sprained or no?
i'm so sore it hurts to move!!?
Randomly red, swollen and irritated eyes?
do i have a sinus infection, allergies, or a cold?
is my daughter alergic to yogurt?
Do you think an absent parent can contribute to a person's mental illness?
does panic disorder ever go away?
therapist CRC revoked - reinstated? ?
Does anyone have a success story with the Pfieffer Treatment center for depression or know anyone that has?
remembering dreams question?
Having problems going to sleep at night?
Seroquel and Adderall?
What is the mental disorder where the patient lives in a permanent state of deja-vu?
how many dizeapam 10mg should i take to fall alseep and feel good? i took two but thinking one more soon?
Do you or anyone u know have OCD?
I am afraid of being sick?
could i have a hernia?
A little above my knee cap in my right knee has been twitching for 3 days...?
is it normal for a person who just donated plasma to feel light headed and dizzy and nauseas?
Is there any medical or health benefit in flatulence? I had heard that it helps to lower blood pressure!?
Trying to fix my sleeping patterns?
can i get a nose job on the nhs?
Playing soccer after 2 ACL surgeries and 1 Miniscus surgery?
should i deadlift/squat after back injury?
I hurt my knees at work. My right gave me pain rightaway. But, my left knee gave me pain weeks later.?
How do YOU feel after taking Zoloft (if you use it)?
Phlebotomy Interview Questions?
Sweating badly! Help..?
im epeleptic can my doctor say its ok for me to drive if he see it fit .. even before the year is up?
I broke my toe! How long will it be before I can do my sports again? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Is nail polish/nail polish remover an inhalant?
sore lump in nostril??!?
what type of diabetes does a person have if they have 0.0% glucose and protein in their urine?
My arm feels like it is twitching and feels weak?
How can you "crack" your lower back and what causes joints to "crack" or pop?
Should glimepride be taken before meals or after meals. which is more effective?
can you buy amoxocilllin over the counter in north cyprus?
What are some examples that technology can lead to better health?
What should I be eating exactly in ordrer to get a lean muscular & cut body?
Avocados and Diabetes?
please let me know what restricted ADA means in reference to the Diet of a Diabetes person?
I have a friend who drinks water excessively. Is there a chance that he has diabetes?
Does anyone have a teen with type 1 diabetes? How do you handle it?
Any ideas on the next generation of insulin pump features?
has anyone heard of a transplant of eyelits to your pancreas to cure diabetes?
Can Women with diabetes faint?
Can you be tested for diabetes with a standard blood test?
does pop and sugar increase your heartbeat?
Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus are often very thirsty because....?
whats the best solution for smelly feet and getting them smelling nice again?
how bad is it to suppress sneeze? what effects does it have on ones health?
what are the bad effects of taking weed?
Why do I sweat too much? is that bad?
drug and alcohol testing?
My tail bone hurts a lot lately..?
How can I unblock my sinuses?
Numb thumb.. Too tight cast?
Can twisting your back the wrong way cause you to wake up dizzy and that your arms/legs feel heavy?
what is the electric carpal tunnle test?
what is ives?
Ankle problem help me !!!?
why my thighs hurt so much?
Can I Have My Tongue pierced If I Have A Vein?
Help with some weird kneecap pain!?
Staff infection sympthoms???!!!!!?
Why does my face get so sweaty?
What would it feel like to have an e-coli infection?
what is the best way to treat a wound?
Can we expect a huge increase in cases of food poisoning?
Could human/animal hybrid embryos mean new deadly diseases?
How soon can you go into the sun after having a mole removed?
anyone ever taken sida cordifolia? what's the effects?
what is the best medication for hay fever for children, i have got piriton but its not working.?
What are the most common reasons to visit your doctor GP?
Is it possible to catch the Nono Virus twice within 6 months?
do water infections in men clear up on there own or do you definatley need antibiotics?
how can get this flu to go away????
I currently wear contact lenses but have decided to have lazer eye surgery?
High pitched hiccups?
Weight gain with Pristiq?
can any won ansewr qesti0ns ab0ut anxiety??i went to the er..for chest pain n thy said i have anxiety?
weird murmurs or sounds from my lungs?
How long do you have to take antibiotics before you are not contageous with pneumonia?
Suffering from nose blockage due to allergies?
I Think I Have a Chest Infection?!?
How the respiratory system works with scuba diving?
What causes a yellow/ green tongue?
does anyone know any exercises to cut down or cure anxiety?
can I get this if I suspect illness?
Please help me - boyfriends ill and docs don't know what it is.....?
Can Tinnitus be cured?
hard lump under chin?
Are these symptoms of my Bipolar illness(Please need help)?
Medication not working, looking for alternatives?
think i got flu coming on. aches and shakes and head pounding.?
Needle phobia but i have to get blood taken tomorrow -help:(?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold?
i am 47 and my blood pressure is 120 over 80 is this normal thanks?
i got my blood tested by my GP on friday, when will he have the results?
taking ibuprofen with Crohn's disease?
paracetamol overdose?
Hi I need help,is there anyone with a down syndrome child out there, can you get in torch with me?
pulling a tendon, will it always heal no matter what?
How long for my broken humurus to heal?
If the Zygomatic bone was injured?
What do you do when your heart is broken?
will aloe vera stop acne from appearing on my face?
how long does it normally take for allergic reaction to take place?
has anyone tried phen375?
Sensation Loss after stroke?
why are my calf's so enlarged and itchy?
Will anyone meet me from outside the hospital today?
Good home made face masks for acne prone skin?
are there any scents, spells, potions or petsthat would stop there being so many spiders round here?
can blood tests reveal if you havent eaten for a few days?
scared blood in my urine!!?
What are the side effects of having the flu jab with a cold?
how should I lie in bed when have an eptopic heart beat?
Ok I know its just scar tissue from my navel piercing a few years ago but why is suddenly so much more tender?
Inhibitors in medicine?
Can allergy to toothpaste cause itching of torso?
Question about Mikhail Tombak's "Cure the Incurable."?
How can i help myself become spiritually stronger?
hi im at the end of my tether my mum passed away 3 month ago since then its beeen me there for everyone all th
is there medication to make me be myself again?
do u think students are stressed out nowadays ?
What to expect??
What kind of depression would this be 'cause the groups confuse me?
I need help?
i have a habit of talking in my sleep?
How long after taking Nyquil would it be safe to drink?
Identify and briefly discuss communication strategies healthcare organizations can employ to decrease stress a?
is it better to sleep on an ultra firm mattress?
having problems when singing?
Can routine stretching cause stretch marks?
Pepto-Bismol side effects?
what causes urine infection?
nausea only in mornings?
where can i buy non-iodized sea salt?
Why did my toe-nail fall off?
What is normal after this experience?
What can happen if your veins/arteries are clogged in the ankle?
Is it common to have Numbness in finger tips 5 days after carpel tunnel surgery?
what are some current ethical or moral healthcare issues?
Sprained my ankle a year ago?
how long will my high ankle sprain take to recover?
I have a problem with my ankle?
I dropped something frozen on top of foot last week and it still hurts?
what to do for a swolen elbow?
i think i pulled a muscle in my foot please help!!!?
I feel like I am going mad I feel so sad and teary? help?
Bad bug what to eat?
can cannabis get in my system threw 2nd hand smoke ?
maybe i've overeaten today ?
Anyone else feel like this?
I have an alcoholic family member?
Do I need to see a doc; I feel discomfort in my heart, any advice?thanks..?
is there a difference between a cure for addiction and ways to overcome an addiction??
What is the average age expectancy for UK citizens?
any Dr's on Answers?
I've stopped my anti-depressant medication?
do i have a health problem?
are there any long term effects from using morphine sulphate tablets for chronic pain?
i was drinkin last night and my face is really red today..whats wrong?
what is the name of the tablet you can take to drain excess water from the body?
How can i get my leg to stop twitching?
Do you think im short?
My 3 year old is always hungry!!?
My head hurts and I dont know why?
I HATE MY SCAR!!! how can i get rid of it?
Brown tongue with red blotches and soreness, dry cough.?
How do I get rid of unsightly warts and skin tags on my eyelids?
get rid of spots!?
What is the best spot treament out there to combat the occasional blemish??
How can I stop vitiligo patches from expanding? Its on my face, please help?
holiday tan has peeled?
What would you use to treat a wound that is non healing with a biofilm? Have you had any particular successes
can a HIV+ man produce HIV- baby these days?
does anybody have any idea what was in this needle?
Can you give a list of food I can eat and cannot eat I had a gallstone infection I am fraid to eat the worng f
something may be wrong (about diabetes)?
How to keep gall bladder healthy until Friday?
Anyone dealing with a diet that needs low sugar and low chlorestrol?
Are diabetics necessarily fat because they usually have trouble converting glycogen to glucose?
How can I use lentils to make them tasty? On a diabetic diet?
Will cellulites make blood sugars rise????
Here goes e wake up in the morning by 11:00, I experience nausea,shakiness then extreme hunger?
What organelles within the cell would be most affected by a lack of insulin?
ow does the Insulin Pump look?
glucose level unit conversion?
Can you become a diabetic by eating too many freezies?
Muscle & diabities?
are trans-fats responsible for the large amount of diabetes ?
Is it still possible I have diabetes?
Identify one Advantage that having insulin resistance may provide for a person.?
worried about my health!?
Can eating more frequently jurring the day help lose weight?
Hairline fracture in shin?
I rolled over my ankle, and the bottom of my foots hurts does anybody know why?
Sudden lower back pain in teens?
blister on my foot from lacrosse cleats what do i do?
how long do headaches from a concussion last?
It feels like there's a tight band around my knee. I can't fully bend or straighten it. What can it be?
is it possible to still go under the knife?
how to cure a middle finger injury?
how can i manage these pains in my stomach?
What is thin blood?
Can people push disorders onto others? My mum used to be anorexic & is pushing me the same way?
I'm really scared, have I just thrown up some of my stomach acid?
Husband's stroke ....... help please?
is it safe to take 5mg prednisolone a day?
Causes of asthma, I might have it?
He left side of my chest hurts?
What is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis symptoms?
Cold for two months?!?
Tightness in chest?????
Blood in toilet after bowell movement?
chest infection or something else?
Is there a chance to survive for my father who has no respiratory rate?
Can't stop vomiting, whats my problem?
the bloodwork showed my hemoglobin was high?
what happen if ultrasound found out my fetus had not nasal bone?
16 month old baby has Congestion chest what can he eat! He drinks water, juice etc?
Has anyone experienced a ' Sinus Infection ' before? Please tell me about your experience.?
Bronchitis Question? Should I take last years' antibiotics?
what are the beginning symptoms and symptoms of bronchitis?
When i eat garlic or drink beer my tongue gets muddy and loaded with a substance...why?
can sesame seeds be harmfull in cough?
Please help me!!! I think I am allergic to band aids!!?
Allergies or a cold?
I have a question about allergies?
everytime a take a pill that makes me drowsy?
numb lips after drinking alcohol?
Why is my eye twitching?
Something about a Health Evaluation?
Test results, please help?
What is the best way to maintain a high energy level operating off of 4-5 hours of sleep a day?
could a river crayfish contain a parasite?
still constipated? it started at 1 am last night. and i didnt go to school cause i thought i might............?
lady who sits beside me in class breath smell horrible!!?
What exactly do I need to receive a clinic card from the Sarasota County Health Department on Ringling?
Is this a type of cold or sinuses or something worse?
Middle right abdominal and right middle back pain?
why is too much sleep bad? 10 points?
I get the runs when I'm upset?
Is this much pain normal after having your blood drawn?
ptsd has overwhelmed me?
why am i crying so much?
Stress related insomnia?
dose extenze really work?
Any therapists know anything about?. . . ?
Can Any Body Tell Me What My Problem Is?
Having dreams about dead family?
is there a drug that can top the manic experience?
Do you think people really are bipolar or do you think they just think they are?
nervous stomach with big events?
What, in psychiatric terms, is emotional bluntness?
Please answer? How to tell boyfriend about the second attempted suicide?
Do i have claustrophobia?
I have been unable to sleep well for the last few days - help!?
can Ritalin really kill you or cause cancer in humans?
Now i think youre taking it too far?
People who have tried a type of drug more than once?
seeing weird wormy things on the window. am i hallucinating?
im having the beginnings of a cold, what can i do to stop it in its tracks?
If you put someone's hand in warm water while they sleep do they wet the bed?
is using a wireless laptop on your lap a significant risk to fertility?
what causes an itchy bottom?
what's the point to toenails?
What could a doctor do in this situation?
I feel really achy/tired/drousey.?
Help sleeping... any sensible suggestions welcome?
i have aches & i nearly fainted this morning..?
Shaking,Dizzyness,Black Outs,?
Advice for a friend of mine?
Im always tired.. i feel drowsy all the time, why is this?
What are the best vitamin supplements to take to maintain supple joints?
how does my dad get him self back to normal after being on speed?
How long does it take you to recover from being ill?
Anyone i really need advice!!?
hey people..........?
I feel like I have hangover.. but I havent even drunk any alcohol?
what are some treatments for a strained trapezius?
what can cause slight numbness in fingertips for weeks straight?
How can I reduce the tensor fasciae latae muscle?
can my contact roll back into my head?
How to HEAL a MASSIVE bruise quickly??? PIC?
shoulder painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?
What's wrong with my foot?
How long does it take for someone with both arms broken to heal?
How to treat a sore achilles tendon.?
my tongue split on the tip?!?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
i hit my leg really hard ?
so i landed on my tailbone really hard about 5 weeks ago playing football, when i went out to play the next...?
what do you think is wrong with me?
why is it still hurting me is it supposed to?
Can i do more then one piercing on my ear(s) a day?
Can a bulging or herniated disc in the thoracic region of your back cause weakness in your arms and legs,?
How can you tell if re-injury to a thigh (hamstring) muscle tear has occurred?
Threw out my back and now I'm having a lot of pain?
head aches after hitting head about four days ago?
Sprained Knee Rehabilitation?
What is a zit made of ?
Has anyone used Champori Cream for Psoriasis? Does it work?
What can help my spots go away quick??
dry heat sterilizer?
what cause mylities?
Bites or what?
im getin a mole removd off my hip in 2-3 week nd i realy need to kno if it hurts nd what they do 2 get it off?
Blotchy skin?
greasy skin??
swollen ankles, occasional chest pain extreme tierness whats wrong?
My son has Anaemia and his medicine gives him a bad stomach.?
What is wrong with me?
Bloated frequently?
Why does high blood pressure/high cholesterol damage the kidneys, and how does it damage them?
Brain Injury and bleed?
over compulsive disorder?
I have Otitis Media Ear Infection and fly in 3 days is that ok?`?
moving abroad - malaria tablets?
Coldsores on the inside of my mouth???
What does septic mean?
I think I may have gall stones, what are the symptoms?
what is mid witer blues,,,is it a reconised illness?
what is hepatic hypoxia? and which enzyme is a marker for this disease? Thanx?
If you come into contact with someone who has had flu jab can you catch their "cold like" symptoms?
i am 7 months pregnant and my mum has been in contact with mumps. she wants to pass presents for my children ?
Sebaceous cyst inner thigh - 2nd surgery questions?
prone to staph infection and have ...?
Do you have to be a doctor or nurse to go on a botox/dermal fillers training course?
Random warts on hands and feet?
Thinning Skin on Eczema Face.?
I feel it burning under my right breast. Is there any cream I can put on?
What is narcolepsy and what are the symptoms + any additional information?
what causes spots and how can i get rid of them..?
Is this a fungal or mite infection?
How Can I feel better about myself? Im 5 months into recovery from addiction but feel so down on myself?
Hard to take a deep breath?
Can lipomas be quite hard and have a rubbery consistency to them?
My left eye feels really irritated?
what's the best thing to sleep in?
Why do my arms feel tingly and weak when I try to sleep?
What is the process of how you would handle past due accounts that a patient has refused to pay?
how come my knee are hurting?
Thyroid glands randomly swollen?
what could these symptoms point to?
Living with someone with strange hygiene habits?
How can i get a good looking posture?
What can high blood pressure do to harm?
I want to start taking care of my self how can i do that? a.s.a.p?
antibiotics causing diahrrea?
how to crack your upper arm?
does pure vaniella extract have alot of sugar or any sugar in it?
I have a little fox terrier diagnosed with pancreatis and diabetis. I give him 2 shots of vetsulin a day?
why do ppl hallucinate after a low blood sugar level coma?
How is xenotransplantation helping to cure diabetes?
How do you test for Diabetes?
What could cause a person to taste metal, and become nauseous, every time they drink water?
pro or con..stem cells?
what should be the proper amount of intake daily for B12 vitamin? I have B12 1500mcg is that to much?
How can you tell if your dog has diabetes?
what is lga nephropathy?
What should he eat if he is at a high risk?
Fasting for blood test when your type 1 diabetic?
What would happen if a non diabetic took insulin?
what would happen if you toook a half a cup of sugar everyday?
high glucose test?
I need help, i am tring to get this new job but when i went for medical my blood preasure was 154 over 94 so i?
how to get better/less stage frightened in front of a class?
Can you help me please?
How can I take control of my life?
Always Panicky/Nervous..HELP?
Do you think I have BiPolar?
what do you make of this?
someone who has Bipolar---please answer this for me....?
Is this a form of OCD?
I'm terrified of being sick.?
What do you call the job that you help mentally challenged children?
I think I have a "switching" disorder. Help?
What do you call a mind which has difficulties taking choices, an indecisive mindperson?
i have sleeping issues?
I am a College Student and Hypochondriac. Should I Seek Help From My School Psychiatrist?
Where can I find an online distress chat place?
how do you get rid of a headache that u had for 3 days?
Scratched my eyeball...?
i twisted my ankle bad yesturday playing basketball?
Could a pulled muscle in my upper back be causing me to hurt when I breathe deeply?
so i have a pulled ligament in my foot. and there is a small bump on my heal what is that?
Long exposure to propane?
Silent Wheezing in Throat?
my chest is small,which i can too big?
how long does a tube stay in the ear?
Can you take antibiotic after it's expired?
Sore clogged throat feel like vomitting?
can i reduce my thyroxine dose my self ?
please tell me what are the Pro's and Con's of these 3 diffrent medications. Aricept, Exelon, Reminyl?
Another thing about smoking?
is it bad to smoke smartes?
how to alleviate sinus problems and the pressurè?
how can i go back 2 days ago with all.?
what are some symptoms of a fractured foot?
I broke my arm... some questions?
Im having a pain in my knee.?
bumped head a week ago and now have alot of scalp pain?
Why is my toenail sore and swollen? The nail seems loose.?
Whats wrong with my foot?
I hit the front of my head but the backs hurts. Why?
Bruised heel from shopping cart?
why cant i reach my other hand on my back?
My thumb is numb? Can it be because I suffered whip blash 2 months ago?
What happens when you put you put pressure on your fingers?
I accidentally punctured my radial artery 3 weeks ago, right in my wrist.?
I got bit/stung by something but I don't know what!! please help!?
how long should i give my self to fight off a cold?
my husband has been diagnosed with having to much creatine kinase in his blood what does this mean please?
whats best way to come off heroin?
My eyes water really easily. It feels like theres something in my eye, and than they just water.?
omg what is tapeworm? I think i have it?
Has anyone had hair loss because of illness? What can I do to cure it?
Please help house ridden with IBS?
Nose infection??
is it normal for someones eyes to be constantly dilated no matter what the lighting is like?
Can glandular fever lead onto M.E?
Constant acid indigestion.?
stomach problems no one will tell me?
Cream Cheese whipped with NITROGEN???
Does drinking water really detox you from heroin?
Gunna sound strange but if I've taken 4 paracetomals within an hour (accidentaly!) do I need to see doc?
What's under keith lemon's bandage?
my hands and legs are all shaky!?
help i have ringing in my ears ?
Could my numb feet be a skin problem?
What exactly is cancer?
Is our body waterproof?
What do you take or do for a lift?
Shall i go to bed? I'm tired :(?
How to control myself?
Why is sea air supposedly good for you?
Bloodshot eye! What can I do?
Strep Throat?
i am a recovering alcoholic,all i hear from people is the benefits you get for being ill.do you ?
Is it bad for your health to hold in a poo for, say, half an hour after you first need to go?
How do you reduce the mark of love bites (hickeys)?
Does the smoking ban affect big brother?
My wife does not care..............?
I was out at the weekend...?
I've got the most annoying tickle in my throat which is keeping me awake...?
Sneezing in the morning time.?
Will stem cell grown "mini" livers be available in shops for Xmas?
has anyone had a problem with snoring?
Side affects of Diazepam?
what is the medical name for a lier?
is leukonychia spots treatable or not treatable?
what is auto-immune hepititis?
HIV testing in London?
who discovered fever & how ?
Can you catch Fifth's disease if you've had Chicken Pox?
Are we just unlucky or what?
if i were to pull my hair out?
My dear wife suffers from very hot feet is there a cure?
What causes nerves to jump around the body?
Urticaria and Angiodema problems, what more can I do?
Discoid Lupus..Any cream that will help clear rash..only got DiproBase Emollient?
can a seventeen year old get Lazer eye treatment on the NHS?
Is Cancer really just a fungus?
What's the difference between distilled and deionised water?
stressed out women?
Depression, anxiety, confussion, nothing or what?
What is personality projection?
what are some signs of depression?
How come I seem to remember things clearer that are far in the past, but not the recent past?
What is wrong with my sleeping habits?
What are some non drug, or over the counter treatments for Adult A.D.D?
advice on this pleasee... i have SAD and ...
What is the best air plugs out their to block noise? As in music/tv loud sounds
Its time to talk to a psychologist...certainly cant afford it. where to go??
how do i confront my dad or doctor if i think i may be manic depressive?
Swollen upper lip, paralyzed& painful middle fingers. What is going on?
Just tried my first cigarette, 16. need advice ?
Is it okay to take two vicodin at the same time ?
Clogged ears or ear wax build up will the doctor give me drops for them ? a.s.a.p?
Took Overnight Laxatives last night, feeling really dizzy all day, cant get out of bed..?
Do the peak hours of melatonin production change if your sleep routine changes?
Could my eyesight be going bad?
My health insurance is cancelled in No Ca, can I qualify for Medical?
I almost fainted in my chair. Halps!?
What does a lump under a frost bite mark mean?
Why do i get nauseous? It wasn't so bad.?
My right side hurts! Please help! Please Answer!!!?
headaches someone please help?
Pain in between ribs?
i think i might have appendicitis please help !?
What happens if a non-diabetic is given insulin?
How to teach to a blind child about diabetes?
Has anyone heard of GastroParesis?
My Name Is Thomas And I Am Addicted To Sugar?
For those of you that are type 2 diabetic.?
Do high glucose levels result in sleep loss?
what if i am on level 28?
Diabetes .... and untreated?
My father has high sugar and tests his sugar levels at home often. He takes medication everyday ...?
about saccharine...?
what is the ideal blood sugar level for non diabetic 2 hours after eating a meal?
Possibility of Parkinsons in Teenagers?
Can non-diabetics have Dawn Syndrome?
Do you know why I must switch sides with my insulin injections?
Blood sugar levels. I have a fasting sugar level of 7.1?
what are blood buddies?
Does Intra Food Supplement made in Canada good for kidney and diabetes?
Anybody ever gained/added weight after being started on insulin for diabetes?
hamstring injury, help me!!!?
What does my eye prescription say?
Can smoking weed kill you?
Can asthma improve cardio?
I swallowed plastic, could it be stuck in my throat?
Do I have a lot of tar in my lungs or something?(read addition details)?
attack attack ssssssssss?
How can i get a raspy voice?
when I try to close my eyes and sleep I feel like i I can't breathe, why?
is tonsilitus dangerous for teenagers?
What are some things that make you sleepy?
Anyone else experience muscle twitching?
ring of fire????!!!?
Why does having a bath or going swimming make me thirsty!! Does anyone else find this?
Are Crocs bad for your feet? Has anyone suffered foot problems since wearing Crocs?
The left cheek of my face is slightly bigger than the right ?!?
Why Cant I Make My Tongue Into A Taco Shape?
i banged my head when getting into the car?
What are the contents of urine?
i need to find an anti depressant?
why does drug abbuse happen?
can i self cert for sickness?
What things can people still do for themselves who have dementia and live in their own home?
I've got swollen tender glands in my neck, but I don't actually feel ill...?
when people have wooping coughs what are can it cause in later life?
Emergency constipation relief? Fast acting laxative remedy? Embarrassing topic #1? ?
What do white patches on nails indicate a lack of ...?
What reason would make a person unfit for a general anaesthetic?
Can I be made redundant whilst off sick?
Whats up with me?
Giving blood........?
please answer this about headaches?
Can you take an overdose on sleeping tablets! i dont want to sound morbid!!?
Quick ways to get rid of the cold?
I'm having real trouble sleeping?
What are these symtoms of?
How do you know if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
what is dementia?
What could this be?
What is the most common type of painkiller that people are addicted to?
what is wrong with me?
i get bad hangovers that last all day i fell dizzy and dont feel like moving anyone get or know about this?
why should you remove body fluids from an autopsy?
How often does the common cold or flu mutate? and why can't people cure it?
what diseases were caused by the great stink?
cold and flu advice please?
Seniors who have colds or flu?
Would an intravenous drip be used as treatment for someone with a very bad upset stomach bug or virus?
Common illnesses in cows?
Ebola, H.I.V,yellow fever have come from Africa.What is this new one that kills so quickly?
Cold/Flu + Dizziness?
P. chabaudi a malaria plasmodium ?
Can you drink Alcohol with Lymecycline capsules 408mg? (Which is an antiboltics for acne)?
i am very overwhelmed
I get these scary dreams where I'm running away from situations Why do I get these dreams?
I'm 14 and I am worrying about nothing? Can you please come help!!!!!?
Someone i loved deeply passed away 3 weeks ago. I am worried i talk about it too much. Did you worry as well?
Why am i always tired?
Seeking help when you're scared.?
pls help her is she normal?
How would you describe my mental condition? Depression? Bipolar? How do I approach the psychiatrist ?
Depression? Do you think it's depression or something else.?
I am a carer to my hubby who has myeloma he is89?
Colonoscopy help and information?
Do I need to see a counselor or talk with someone about my depression?
Just per scribed Adderal ANY INFO IS HELPFUL?
Does my husband have OCD?
Is it normal to see your heartbeat?
I want to start smoking?
an issue with depression?
nervous about school? ?
I need help with sorting out my face.?
What does mean when it feels like your heart skips a beat?
how do I get rid of the dent on the side of my leg?
stomache ache remades?
my MD took me off my anti inflammatory due to nausea and gave me pain meds. bursitis still inflamed. help!?
I had an Extra Thumb on my right hand.?
ok so need help with this fidelis care thing?
How come after someone smokes one cigarette it makes them crave another?
how can i get my medical records if the doctor is not in pratice any longer?
What should i do fro my very fine varicose veins?
Prilosec vs Prevacid? Both OTC?
Does flying affect tonsillitis?
Why is the FDA trying to ban electronic cigarettes that are SAFE but not the REAL cigarettes that cause CANCER?
Constantly feeling nauseous?
my boyfriend walks around on his tip toes?
Trouble falling asleep at night?
I smoked weed about nine days ago will i pass?
Don't feel awake in school?
I feel sleepy still i cant sleep?
watery eyes and stuffy nose after nap?
Does exist any medication for asthma without contraindications for people with glaucoma?
I feel really out of it right 2 days after smoking pot?
My husband keeps complaining from very bad chest pain he gets every so often. ?
hot or cold water with bleach?
I am on steroids to long and need some help to figure things out?
Does Bit O Honey help a sore throat?
Would i failt his drug test from second hand smoke?
Asthma? Blood tasting Saliva?
inhaled baby bottle pop powder candy by accident!?!?
How painful is it after having an adenoidectomy?
should i dial 911 ASTHMA?
I have a persistant cough for the last month after a bad chest infection went to the GP last week and he sent?
Sudden short period of breathlessness?
What should i pack for my daughter who is going to the hospital?
SUDAFED (psuedefedrin) QUESTION?
I've had painful/difficult swallowing for almost 3 days now, wondering if I should go to ER.?
I have really frequent nosebleeds!?
can i use tobacco papers for rolling a joint?
Unable to keep my eyes closed while standing up??
Am I addicted to the Newspapers?
whats the best for adhd?
I don't like water but have a headache which has been building over a period of time, help me?
How long does alcohol remain in your bloodstream?
what body temperature is normal?
is my toe broken and if it is can i still fly abroad with it?
help with my cough, what should i do?
I'm worried about my dentist being called a dental PRACTICE!!?
If a hangover is just because of dehydration...?
my cast is crooked is that ok?
What are the symptoms of Anemia?
What is the longest time you've had to wait at A&E?!?