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Feeling shyness sensitive in lower back?
How does amnesia affect the nervous system?
Can you Be Mentally Tired(Exhausted)?
what is the relationship between depression and drives? Is depression ever adaptive?
warranting going to one of those psychiatric type of wards?
Why is suppressing you feelings for someone unhealthy?
What are the risks of taking lexapro?
I keep blanking out at work?!?
Shortness of breath dizziness can't think straight?
Did anyone have side effects using Methotrexate?
my cat seems to have a cold. What can I give her to ease her nasal congestion?
Asthma getting worse?
cough while sleeping?
what do beta-blockers do to people who have asthma?
which blood vessels carry blood to and from the lungs?
is fresh air good for a sore throat / cough?
my throat condition to continue to explain?
Can Anyone recommend a stop smoking kit for my brother?
Anti biotics....?
Breathing through mouth or nose when its cold out?
Pneumonia Memory Loss is it normal?
Sore throat and blood, no other symptoms?
Is it safe to smoke one cigar per year?
water infection's?
Why would having bladder coliform bacteria mean having anti biotic treatment before an operation can go ahead?
How do you make yourself ill?
ADHD question?
A couple of things...?
how much falling hair is normal a day?
Why do my pumps smell so much worse when i have been eating Kidney Beans & why are they so much more frequent?
what are the names of the muscels in your arm?
How to become pretty?:)?
i need help. i went with the advice people gave me before.. but i still get dizzy spells. anyone that can help
At 14 is it possible that i will grow to over 5'8?
Do you believe you can heal an illness (Diagnosed Chronic Disease) by laying your hands on the sick person?
Why do my hands hurt every morning after drinking the night before?
Can deaf people hear them self talk in there mind??
how can i weigh my eyeball?
I'm off to bed now?
What activites can I undertake to improve my voice?
I'm 27years old, fit, eat healthily and I've been told that I've got High Blood Pressure WHY?
Flea bites-what makes it SO itchy?
why do i keep getting headaches?
Does this sound like diabetes?
Where can I buy a replica of Nick Jonas's Diabetes dog tag?
How can I prevent myself from getting Type 2 diabetes?
Type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes?
Any tips on a diabetic diet - on medication, how to lose some weight?
does low blood sugar cause metal taste in your mouth?
Where can I get a free Glucose Meter?
Is it normal to have all these ailments at the age of 26?
Is excessive urination when blood sugar levels are low an indication of diabetes?
mandatory h1n1 shots?
how long does it take to get pregnant on glucophage?
Is diabetes curable? Does this mean I MUST have diabetes?
How you do heal from a true sugar addiction?
What could be the cause of my skin rashes, my face first,then my chest and arms?
calibrating insulin dose by counting carbohydrates?
I'm 29 weeks pregnant....just found out I have high blood sugar.?
Every moring wake up, feel very thirst and both kidneys feel ache?
why do i keep getting sick at the cinema ?
How do you know if you have piles?
my hubby has brused rings round his legs where his sox go they are not tight. Bottm of legs & feet swollen ???
can a medical person help me out please?
Alcohol withdrawl, could this be the beginning of a problem?
Ill after eating food ?
if you lost 5 pints of blood would you be out of hospital the next day?
If you are dying of cancer or AIDS should you keep quiet about it or tell people such as in job interviews or?
Antibiotics and Citalopram Tablets ? Is that a safe mixture?
serious dry feet! what can i use on them?
Is this a spider vein?
I want a total sunblock?
surgical spirit for acne?
patchy skin!!! help!!!?
how can Xanthelasma be avoided and better yet removed?
skin problem help??
does anyone know anything about small lumps under the skin on face and also on the tops of arms.?
why are my legs burning?
Where is the safest place to cut yourself?
Mysterious Swelling In Little Finger...?
what does it mean if you have purple veins?
what happens to your bodily function when you sleep?
Are there any surgeries for a lazy eye?
How long will it take for THC to get out of my system?
what will happen if you're forcing yourself to pee, can it cause prostate problems?
Tips on toning your bum and tum (i want to tone my tummy more)?
What is it like to work as an lvn in a drug rehab?
help please.....................?
When they ask you to pee at the doctors, do they test for illegal drugs, or do they have to ask for them....?
Fingers going numb related to new diet?
Weird sensation in hand?
how to treat a torn/pulled muscle in back/side area?
How do i treat fluid in my ankles? PLEASE HELP?
Lower Back Acute Pain. I have had MRI's, CT's,Xray's, & Disco-gram's. Nothing shows. What else CAN be done?
Help? I have pain on back of head/neck area that goes....?
strange question but I will try my best to explain.?
How bad does it hurt?
what did i do to my hip?
i have migraines/ headaches.?
I was wondering...What's arthritis?
why does my elbow hurt? 2 months of agonizing .?
sore back with lump help?
my boyfriend is sick and refuses to see a doctor.?
Do I have a concussion?
Hitting your head a cause for concern?
I took a dose of 1600 mg of ibuprofen & than got drunk.Now my lower back/stomach feels wierd.will I be ok?
Do I need crutches if my ankle is sprained?
what is another way to get rid of bruises?
can you move something that is partially broken?
Sprained Thumb....at least i think thats what it is.?
Why does running makes my ankle hurt?
hurt my toe playing soccer?
Is there any way to test whether i have torn my meniscus or just have a simple knee sprain?
Lower back muscles VERY weak....what do I do?
I was stung by a hornet 2 days ago.?
Tongue injury,please help?
whats wrong with my kneeeee?????helpppp?
How can I keep my stabilizing-knee brace from sliding down?
who have breathing problem?
Extremely busy mind? (meh 20 characters...)?
self harm can you help me?
Any self harm websites?
im sick but cant get to sleep?! also lunis dream poblems?
Suicidal thoughts? What is depression like? Am I depressed?
is my mom battling depression if so how can I help her. How can I understand?
What does this sound like it is?
any information about mental hospitals in the 50's and 60's?
do i have this disorder?
How can i deal with strong anxiety?!?
Something is wrong with me.?
saw the cuts on her arm?
How can I have a more balanced life?
Anyone here take/have taken Ativan?
Can I recomend someone for a drug group?
do other people ever feel like this?
my friend would like to know if her mom could get in truble?
Do i have ADD? i have proven that i have on online tests...?
Can i pluck hairs from a mole on my hand? What will happen if i do?
Is there any way to considerably reduce the appearance of cuts in 2 days?
do i need surgery help me im so embarassed about my piles?
Red rash under my eye?
im 13 almost 14 nd smoke and need advise from other teen smokers?
Is this a fungal or mite infection?
My little brothers heart is beating extreamly fast. omg whats wrong?
How Can I feel better about myself? Im 5 months into recovery from addiction but feel so down on myself?
insect bites in October?
what to eat with a sore throat?
What Parisites make you have watery diarrhea?
what are the symptoms of fibromyalgia my doctor thinks I have it.?
are cancer cells present in every human body?
Few questions about Snakebite piercings (UK)?
How do I get rid of dirty pores?
FX Lenses for 14 year old boy?
Where does debris go when it gets stuck in your eye?
what happens inside your head when you have a head ache.?
I have severed my artery....?
everyones looks at me like I am a heroin addict?
help !!!!!!!!!!!?
Bed-wetting at age 34.?
Are there any British insomniacs out there?
how do you get rid of bad wind?
I have not had asthma since I was 5 months I'm 15 I wonder will it come back they gave me coco to outgrow it?
throat or back nasal area + inner ear hurts when i swallow?
I'm yawning too much?
Getting rid of a tickly cough?
I quitted smokin almost a month now.since then my chest has been congested,choked and i cough heavily?
Claritin D or Zyrtec D with Alcohol effects?
Can someone give me some information about Prednisone?
My ribs hurt. I need opinions?
Can someone tell me if this is serious?
Can a person with no neck be chocked?
my dad has a very very bad cough mainly at nighttime help im scared?
Can I go to my Track Practice like this, with a sore throat?
Can smoking marijuana cause a seizure?
Question about coughing issue?
how to stop a nose bleed if your anemic?
Bulmers Rash or Meningitis? Please Help!!?
what does contaminated food and drink means? AND CAN U GIV ME SOME EXAMPLES( DISEASES ETC)?
explain how being short staffed is leading 2 unsafe support 4 service users?
Could I have gotten worse?
How long can a mouth ulcer last?
Do u feel well looked after and cared for by the Government?
i was diagnosed with the strep B virus 4 years ago can i pass it on to my granddaughter through skin contact?
How do you collect a stool sample for the doctor?
does anyone else get itchy around their mouth when they have the flu?
What kind of work hours or shifts do Lvn's have to choose from?
Can somebody write all and all the usages of vaseline ?
Internal hernia symptoms?
Made a mistake, used local hospital over VA hopital.?
Any Energy Pills For A Teenager?
what are the best contact lenses for me?
We have a flight to Colorado tfrom Hawaii tommorow with sick 8 month old baby is it okay?
height growth chart , Under the 5th percentile?
help! 10g earrings are infected, what do i do?
clicking/twitching in head?
Implant microchip removal procedures?
What happened? Advice needed?
i have a bad pain right in the middle of my left ribe cage!?
charlie horses? what are they?
excersises to make shins stronger?
previously dislocated my knee and need some advice?
Could my asthma and leg pain be related.?
what is the same thing as Ala-teen only for narcotics?
Ankle pain... really hurts... help?
i cut my nose now its to the pink skin how do i treat it to get my regular skin tone back?
i have had a bad headache for 4 days in a roll and hands and fingers tingle. does anyone know whats going on?
Tingling in the back of the head?
gross brown stringy mucus?
Still feels symptoms of heat stroke and exhaustion from last summer?
knee hurts a lot why?????????
Wisdom teeth pain? Help :[?
stomach and chest pain?
how can i relieve my leg pain? please help!?
I have a bump on my left wrist and I think I know what it is but not sure.?
How many people with chronic pain have been prescribed methadone for pain control?
Why does my arm always hurt?
I have pain in my hip/groin area when I stand up. It's a sharp almost stabbing pain.?
my legs get kinda numb once and awhile. anything wrong?
Does This Place Seem Reasonable To Buy A Brace From?
symptoms after bunion removal?
I have blood in my urine and pain on my right side?
what could be causing my headaches?
My shoulders have been hurting. Can anyone help?
I have a really bad pain my right wrist and it only hurts when i play basketball how do i make it stop hurting?
Right inner thigh pain?
EMERGENCY!! i started having a pain like a tendon pulling in my left arm, then it went away and my right ...?
Re:Chronic Diarhea Cures?
Alternative remedies to prescription medication for type 2 diabetes?
Why do I keep having hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes and how do I stop them ?
How do you loose weight when you're a Type 1 diabetic?
light headed/dizzy what is it.?
Is insulin good or bad?
Am a type-2 diabetic and my fasting blood sugar (4 month av) is 6.6; do I need to do random check everyday?
Daily sugar consumption: How much is too much? Is there a limit per day for a non-diabetic person?
What would be the cause of occasional low sugar drops (very low) and occasional high blood sugars. Im scared.?
is it true you can drink freshed squeezed orange juice when you a a type 2 dieabetic?
what happen when you keep feeling thirsty?
What diabetes test should I have if I have numbness and tingling in my hands, feet, ribs and face?
Are carrots bad for diabetics?
Has anyone found that Glucerna causes diarrhea?
what do I need to market a heathy drink, that have the power to reduse or treat high blood sugar?
What type of medicine is Dolfenal and what is it used for?
Anyone out there have diabetes since childhood?
Why am I so dizzy all the time?
Oral Medication for Diabetes: How Does It Handicaps Those Of Us Who Must Drives Our Highways and Byways?
lol my friend thinks she has diabetes..dont know what to tell her!?
hi,i have mockled skin all over my body white patchers with redy pincky around the white patchers can anybody?
I did something to my toe.. can someone tell me what i did?
i'm hurt and i don't know why????
Clicking feeling in my shoulder?
Shoulder surgery VS No surgery?
After you take off your cast (broken Leg)?
I cant make my elbows (arms ) straight?
I hurt my ankle. Help please.?
Please help me??? I think I broke my toe?
How do I get rid of blisters on my arches fast!?
I fell from standing and hit the back of my head. Should i see a doctor?
what does it mean when your ankle down stars hurting and it hurts when you walk on it?
Pulled muscle, what to do?
What store can you buy the Cho Pat knee brace?
if you were to injure your throat or trachea or windpipe would you have breathing problems?
Is this a build up to a seizure?
feels like food stuck in my throat?>?
bad rash and cracks on my hands......help!!!?
What is the best Eucerin cream to use if you suffer from Eczema?
what is the best brand soap for acne ?
Whats the best way to get rid of spots and blackheads?
How are adults diagnosed with autism/asbergers syndrome?
is it safe to take 7 course of antibiotics in 7 months?
somebody correct the squint strabismus whit botox >???
i have a small lump under my armpit its really itchy any ideas to scared to go to docs?
Diarrhea after eating a meal?
Does Anyone have Friends with BPD?
What Is The Name For Addiction To Tape Or Sticky Things..?
how can i feel more confident?
how do people feel when they feel hopeless?
depression and schizophrenia ?
Help! Depression again! ?
Help, ex-smokers! How did you quit smoking?
Obsessive Weighing. HELP?
Question about Adderall?
Question for people who have or have suffered from depersonalization disorder..?
Any positive stories about PAXIL (proxetine) (cold turkey)? Should i start taking it?
What can I do about suicidal thoughts and depression?
Keep getting depressed, nothing is working?
what are anxiety attacks who has them?
help my head really itches after using rid and some nits and bugs still there i think it allergic reaction?
What can I do about my nose?
Heart problems or nothing to worry about?
solution for high blood pressure....?
what are ways to bring down high cholesterol?
Where does dust come from?
How can a person grow taller?
I am going to have a relaxing bath.?
Umm a lil help plz, alot of pain?
Can you get withdrawal symptoms from giving up drinking been only 3 days now?
Whenever I try to hold my breath for more than 3 minutes I feel dizzy. Why?
Can you catch a cold from someone sneezing on you?
what is wrong with me?
If I drink lots of water all the time will make the WHOLE of my body healthier?
I have an ingrowing hair on my leg which is causing pain when i walk due to its position. How do i get rid of?
Do you think smoking marijuana in moderation is an issue?
Can you have alcohol with penicillin?
i'm nackered tired but i can't sleep .any sugesstions?
Have heard about people using cannabis to ease pain. if i stuck a hand full up me ar*e would it ease me.......
Have I got S.A.D?
Why do I do this? Does anyone else?
Can weather make me have a headache?
i suffer from anemia ...?
Cure for Hic~cups?!?
I wake up choking and coughing?
My mom and dad are smokers, is it true i won't be as healthy as my friends?
Am I getting PVC's or is It Stomach/Lung Related?
well i cant sleep very well and is there anyway to take care of my adenoids without removing them?
How can food move into the lungs when someone is on a feeding tube?
does exercise help asthma?
How long does RSV last?
Where did the disease Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (S.A.R.S) come from?
what is an effective home remedy for nasal congestion?
Chest Anxiety... Weird feelings, please help!?
The past few days my Pug has had bouts of shortness of breath, never had this before he is 10?
I have a bad cough and it leads to gagging and almost vomiting?
Do you think Cuba holds the cure to HIV & Aids?
what should someone eat after vomiting, if they haven't got a stomach bug?
have i got a kidney infection??
how does it feel to be on cocaine?
how do i apply for disability allowance for severe vertigo?
Please help - currently in the midst of food poisoning - anything to make this less awful?
If we only need one kidney why do we have two?
Can anyone help? I feel have felt sick in my throat for the last 20 years of my life everyday!?
Extremely tired any idea what could be causing this?
Will snorting coke make sinusitis worse?
i had my gall bladder removed about 5 years ago?
I have around seven eight hours sleep a night but still?
what is the cause of a heavy feeling in legs and aches and pains in the top of the legs?
What is Crohn's Disease??
Can We Cry Under Water?
What Are The Worst Condions And Viruses In The World?
has anyone been diagnosed with sclerosis of the liver?
Parkinsons Disease?
How do you inhale water out of a swimming pool i dont get it?
Omg, help. i think i took too much ambien. i cant fall asleep and i keep throwing up and im dizzy HELP!!?
Why do people have insomnia? And then want to sleep all day?
Help me please? I'm scarred...:(?
please tell me your most amazing health recovery story.?
Is it normal for toenails to fall of if not bruised?
Can someone please help me?!?
I am having a change in vision.?
How could I combine my Nursing degree and my Interactive Media design degree?
How much does it cost to get glasses at walmart if you do not have insurance?
I wake up tired, and it's getting in the way of school/work...What can I take for energy?
Didnt sleep one day, it was already 2 months since that and still i feel tired?
Will it affect your health if...?
Is my pee supposed to be sticky or have I got to lay off the coca-cola?
Can I remove the hardened skin on the tip of my fingers?
how long do i need to keep the triangle choke on someone for them to get brain damage?
vaccination against polio tetnes and diptheria?
I've had a flu virus for two weeks and have been unable to work?
What happens to a dog's brain when it aquires Rabies? and how does it aquire this?
hand foot and mouth diseases?
Can I see a doctor without parents?
How Can i Make a pulled mescle feel better FAST!?
my heart is beating irregular and every so often i have a stronger beat that i can feel in my throat?
Black eye?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I feel like I'am high but I havent smoked any weed in two days why do I feel like this?
can geting electrocuted make you lose memories and ,is there other thing that happen during the eletrocution?
sprained ankle swelling?
Boyfriend has extremely dry skin and scalp?
high platelet count? Could anyone shed some light?
I need help getting rid of my spots in less then a month can anyone help?
Does Maladrone (anti-malaria) prevent the contraceptive pill from working?
Best Way To Treat Acne?
is ring worm the result of goats, cats, & dogs faeces?
I have small bumps on the bottom of my feet, what can I do?
are these symptoms of anything....?
What is sprayed on really bad burns?
huge favor please :)?
Panic Attack or Heart attack?
Can't hear out of right ear!?
an sleep apeoa treatment make you edgy?
can someone please help with my Fibromyalgia?
im i allergic chlorine?
if you are allergic to penicillin will you be allergic to piperacillin/tazobactum?
can u break the tip of your finger?
Will Olive Oil help?
what product should i buy?
18yr old with thread/spider veins all over legs?
Treatment for an avulsion fracture?
my 10 year old sons face gets very flushed expecially on his cheek bones and across his nose can anyone help?
Peroneal tendinitis question, please help me?
Can UV light pass through double glazed windows, also is it UV light that gives you a sun tan?
how do I know for sure the glass is not in my foot? what if it starts to heal with the glass still in my foot?
I got my helix piercing done a week ago and two days back, it started swelling but no pus. Is it infected?
Coverd in bumpy red rash none between fingers or feet and no one else in family have it!doc doesnt know!?
Playing with mercury near desk fan and ball went in my eye, am I ok?
Does applying heat to sebaceous cysts really work, if so would a bag of warm water be suffice?
I have this pain in my palm?
my douge de bourdeax has skin excema any ideas how to get rid of it and any mediciens?
Never before have I had a problem with spots on my face until recently I've been getting them on my chin?
is my knuckle dislocated, just sprained or did i hurt my tendon?
has anyone tried oatmeal baths for soothing Eczema?
does laser hair removel also help get rid of tread and spider veinsl?
boils keep comming up in the same place .... why?
Help asap! Thanks! 10 pnts best answer?
What would cause tingling hands?
if i have a blood test tomorrow will i be able to take a painkiller now ?
Is my sprained ankle good to go?
why does my ankle still hurt?
Why cant i bend my pinky?
I just hurt my foot really bad? Should I go to the ER?
sprained ankle for running please help?
what does a chest xray tell the doctor ?
Cystic fibrosis,but no problems?
did i smoke weed? help!?
im sick and dont know what it is?
Okay i just had a cold, but i got over it, but now.........?
Night time Asthma control?
It hurts around my left lung when i breathe ?
what are the of causes cough?
Internal medicine and er pa?
What can breathless be a sign of as well as having sickness and diarroha?
Difficulty swallowing food, pain in chest/rib area, vomiting in small amounts?
Am having a Chest Pain !!?
Dizziness and chest (fluttering) ?
My exams are fast approaching, which is better, glutaphos or memo plus gold?
health question would be nice to find out what it is?
how to get baseline bp?
Right side of my throat hurts and limphnode is swolen a little on that side.?
Am I coming down w/ something?
Constantly waking up numerous times a night?
Is close to 16 years old considered a child or adult in medicine?
how do you get medical records?
Swollen gland in my child's neck?
i dont want to fall sick?
What do you do about twitches? And how can I get better sleep?
Air Horn Ear Damage? Permenant?
what is wrong with my eye!!!!?
I have a chronic cough, is this bad?
Why do people smoke cigarettes?
when are people gonna wake up to the reality of smoking?
Is social-smoking THAT bad for you?
Can being cold increase your chance of getting sick?
am short and wants to grow taller?
why do we have toe and fingernails?
My 11 year old and I have both developed sore throats today, with no other symptoms at all?
Insanity, Weed or alcohol?
I gave up smoking 5 months ago & done really well. Was so proud of myself?
i can't get to sleep help!?
Whats wrong with me!? I need to keep going for a p*ss and to i've been to the toilet twice + i feel sick and?
Who apart from me is sat at their PC bursting to pee?!!!?
what tests are undertaken to diagnose ibs?
would you clean the body of a dead relative?
im addicted to orange juice?
What happens to the sludge from sewage works?
Help with anaemia?
Why do we have toenails?
after i shave my hair from my pelvic area it itches why is that?
My second toe is bigger than (taller) than my first toe, is that normal?
Do people who usually snore do so when under anaesthetic during an operation?
what should i do?
Stress is giving premature grey hairs! What should i do?
Could this be more than a bruise on my ankle?? help!?
I'm a dancer with an ankle problem...:p?
What's an HbA1c test ?
I keep having really bad hypo and hyperglycemic symptoms when I eat anything sweet.....?
Do I have diabetes? Please help I'm quite worried?
I have IBS and I was wondering if anyone could advise me as to what sorts of foods can trigger it?
Gallstone Advice Needed
When do you take blood glucose readings?
why might an individual who consumes large amounts of sugar excrete large amounts of glucose in urine?
Do you think this is possible?
Why is my Eye blood shot? it's been like it for 2 weeks now but only in my right eye? what can cause this?
do people end up in wheel chair because of diabetic neuropathy, or can the medication control it?
I believe to be hereditary in the family, and need to find out.?
What type of diabetes do you have? How old where you when you found out>?
signs of a gall bladder attack?
What are the signs of Diabetis?
How does the word diabetes get its name?
Why did i vomit blood?
took my 1st citalopram tablet last night now got stomach cramps and nausea is this normal so soon?
How should I have an apple a day so that I may help a Doctor to have a long Holiday?
ASAP i need elp on diabetes like the symptons od it?
What to eat when your blood sugar is low?
blood glucose level of 10.5?
if herpes doesnt kill r hurts that much why is there not a cure yet, i think there should be, why there isnt?
i have a chronic bowel disease i am on medication but i am so down and always in pain and can not work help me
sofa wetting?
reasone for the name change from juvenile and late onset diabetes to type 1 and type 2?
I'm active duty marine diagnosed w/type1 diabetes going to med discharge?
How should I clean my ears?
It takes 120 points to get to level 2 and I have 130. Should I not be at level 2? Explain Please.?
is mango good for diabetes to eat?
Has anyone ever taken Citalopram??
is 14 too young to have arthritis?
How can I cure Hemorrhoid Natural?
What were your first signs of diabetes?
Have you switched from Metformin to Actos?
Painful muscle spasms in leg?
I have to take a blood test for diabetes?
dizziness all the time?
What is ulcerative colitis and how does it affect an individual?
I was born with one kidney, what do I do now?
does ice cream help your sore throat?
i want to know about HCV treatment?
GLANDULAR FEVER.......... Anyone that has suffered before get sour taste like lemon in mouth. Please help.?
Can the after effects of a viral illness like mono, linguer for years?
Is it bad to constantly cover one eye (to see if your contacts are blurry)?
Why do my allergies flare up after my bath?
can a kid be cured from pet allergys?
can you die from cat allergies?
I have a daughter of 10years age, there is some kind of skin rashes what looks like ekjima . Can anyone help?
help my body is full of fluid & swelt wat could b the cause?
dark skin armpits?
can anyone tell me about the cream called Top cream?
Getting surgery on my face, how long will the stitches need to be in for?
Has anyone used "curanail" to treat tonail fungus?
was i close to overdosing or just dehydrated?
Do Varicose Veins patients usually make a full recovery?
please help me i cant sleep!?
Pulsating on my back?
How do you Treat a Tweaked Knee.?
my knee pain started on thursday 12th. what do i do the pain is leaving go to the doctors or not?
Has anyone had IT band syndrome? How long should I rest?
Should I use crutches with a weight-bearing cam walker boot, if it hurts to walk?
Inflexibility foot? I can't shoot a soccer ball with my left foot?
verify type of knee replacement?
how long does it take to recover from acl reconstructive surgery?
Is this a bone, ligament or nerve problem in my foot?
I think I broke my pinky toe? How can I tell?
Can you help me? I fell terrible, Please.?
How long will this take to heal?
Why wont any of my bruises go away ?
help, surfing accident, do i have a ruptured organ?
if i work 8hrs and 1hr break and another 8hrs is the last 4hrs double time pay?
Things to do with one hand?
pain in the back of my left ankle?
how to tell if you broken lil toe is healing?
i think i have hernia can anyone help?
what can over crowding shoes do to your feet?
If I sleep too early I get HUGE headaches, why?
Does sleep work like roll over minutes?
Should I go see doctor?
how much blood was withdraw in blood letting?
What can a doctor find thru blood and urine samples?
I am always twitching!!!?
How often should I take raw garlic?
hunched back/shoulders?
I swallowed a wire.........?! MRI?!?
Constant nausea and other strange symptoms, not pregnant, so what's up?
How to injure your knee?
where can I buy a cheap inflation bulb w/ air flow valve?
What is the drug called that makes you go to sleep and never wake up?
Whats wrong with her?
Can ayone tell me about mucus in faeces?
It isn't food poisoning is it? What then?
When your falling asleep what do you do?
what is the best tip for nerves for a driving test??
would you support someone throrugh a drug problem?
Pain in my heart?
is it against the law to put medication in patients food or drink?
what do the kidneys do?
does anybody know how to beat the cravings of giving up smoking?
Can a monkey type?
I'm worried I'll be rubbish in bed?
how long does it take for your finger to grow back if its been cut off?
what is Fetid sputum and what does it look like?
Gave up a 20 a day ciggie habit 10 months ago-feel like having one right now-any advice on resisting?
what makes noises in your stomach even after eating?
How many kidneys do you have, and have they ever caused you any problems?
What is the easiest way to get rid of skin tags?
what is "agoraphobia"?
why are some tablets coated in plastic?
I have green eyes and my ex husband has green eyes....my son has brown eyes..?
Is it worth to give up smoking?
what would be the painless ways to..?
A boy with 2 lumps in his neck he is 2 year old and happy i dont think hes had a illness lately please help.?
Just discovered that i am pregnant and am sure that i have read that my thyroxine needs to be increased ?
Funny Smell - Sinus problem?
Why do we come immune to a disease after being vaccinated?
Has anyone weaned themself off Zoloft? How?
can ice-cubes cure????
I have itching in the back part of the roof of my mouth.?
Videos that will make me not want to eat?
Blood donation.....?
does anyone know how to get rid of rheumatism?
If someone has an enlarged liver from drinking excess alcohol,?
Stomach Problem, I have developed a stomach problem and I am a bit worried about it.?
Can't get rid of my mono-brow any ideas??
Doctor am I ill, and what is it? I have a funny head and pulsy heart - see more details below...?
Need to detox from alcohol?
I have keys in my urine. What are keys?
Neurotic mother alert (MMR) just humour me please?
My blood pressure is normal, doctor said I don't have diabet?
Mental, Hospital, Institution, Insane, Asylum, Ward, Psych.?
HELP I HATE MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there something you wanna let go of?
Why am I always in such bad moods.?
......feel free to Comment?
I feel disconnected from others, apathetic, numb...?
omg not again!! worried about end of the world?
What is the difference between?
do you have situational depression in accordance with where you live? please describe.?
Serious Question for anyone who has any experience and/or knowledge of?
I need help with my self image?
Prozac causing claustrophobia?
Please help me, get over this depression.?
Is it possible to treat ADHD without going to a doctor or taking drugs?
I have been seriously depressed off and on in my life. I don't want to go on.?
What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
Please help me..im sooo depressed and suicidal...?
Is there a contingency plan (NHS/public health) for norovirus in the UK?
Do you know your going to get the cold before you actually get it?
Question for RHIANNA?
How long does gastral upsent remain for after taking Doxycycline?
had a pendicectomy which got infected post op should i be worried?
drank alcohol when on antibiotics?
Is it dangerous to have a hep A vaccine before your due to have it?? I am due next June 09 ?
with so much modern medicine available today, why has Peyrone's Disease proved virtually incurable?
You know whats in vaccines, children's, aids, flu and cervical cancer vaccines?
Have you ever got high off sleeping pills?
Can you take an old or cheep glasses frame and Put lenses in?
Can my left hand hurt when I'm having an asthma attack?
Coughing for 2 weeks?
What happens to eraser shavings?
Could I have Walking Pneumonia?
Kiss then cough! What is this?
Why do you think I have this sore throat?
Is this strep throat or an upper respiratory tract infection or what does it sound like to you?
My mom has a severe cough and can't get rid of it.?
can a blood clot in the stomach be treated? and if it not treadted what could happen?
getting addicted to cigarettes?
Help me please. Can't fall asleep because the top of my lungs internally itch/tickle when breathing in...?
how to cure too much phlem?
Pain at bottom left of rib, heart attack?
asbestos related advice please?
Is it possible or likely to develop diabetes over the course of 4 months?
can you mix type O and Type AB blood?
What happens if a diabetic smokes a cigarette?
I'm a vegetarian and have hypoglycemia?
does x-pills make you Horne?
Pancreas lab result question? Please help me understand!?
Are sugar and caffeine drugs?
PPOLLL: Where does water go, when it becomes dehydrated?
If one has type 2 diabetes and needs to take stool softeners, both Lactulose and Prune Juice on a daily basis?
How does gestational diabetes affects our spouses and family?
lately, I'm feeling always thirsty. For now, It's my only symptoms. Do you think I have diabetes?
Can you get insulin without a prescription in Canada?
Why can people take birth control pills and thyroid pills, but not insulin pills?
What is a special diet used for ?
how is insulin for diabetics made?
For those who did not answer previously. What was the hardest thing you had to do....?
How long does a flu last for?( if any doctors or nurses know...plz help and people who experienced this.?
My husband might have been exposed to asbestos?
The best Aloe Vera Product?
I keep getting colds, is it because I wear too much clothes?
Who do I call to come examine my water if it appears to be toxic?
How do I get rid of my dandruff?
I'm feeling quite poorly, If you care to read how I feel please tell me what I may have.?
How to make your lips look equal ?
Serious bowel problem please help!?
Facial Wipes- Sow Skin Whys That?
i cant sleep HELP?
do you think smoking should be banned full stop?
How do you prevent a stitch?
My Shoulders and Ankles Pop...?
how can u tell on sheets for a bed which side is soft to soft and which is rough to rough?
What is the best herbal cure for insomnia?
How do you fall asleep?
omg please help i got a masive spot coming up?
my toenail turned a reddish brown at the corner?
Why do people have baths........?
Urine sample drugs test?
Do I have a problem? I make myself throw up.?
This question is directed to smokers, plz read for more details...I want to know how smokeing effects u?
What is conventional case management?
what course should i get in order to have a pharmaceutical business?!?
Hurts when I shift my eyes, sinus congestion?
How can i get more comfy in bed?
What are the management of environmental resources for pain?
elbow wont straighten?
can a person that is allergic to aspirin take zantac150 safely?
What skin rash from a bunny?
How long does Hay fever Last!?
About 2 weeks ago I was in a car accident and I hurt my thumb. Now it hurts when I bend it toward my palm.?
Is there a way to make canker sores go away faster?
Sprained ankle help??? 5 more days...?
please help me i hurt my eye and i dont know what to do?
PlEASE HELP! please any good doctor?
Sings of a broken toe?
how long do external hemeroids last?
what did i do to my knee?
Should I really be worried and continue to bug the Doc?
How long does a sprained ankle stay swollen?
Broken leg. please help?
Finger has been swollen for months what's wrong?
Pros and cons of a waterproof cast?
I inhaled a breath of refirgerant while working on my car (outside in the open), about 5 hours ago?
why is my foot swollen?
is it possible my son could get a buzz off of Tylenol pills?
how can you ease pain from a flash burn to the eyes?
is it bad when your tounge is bruised?
hurt my knee will i be able to play fall football in time?
Alcohol after gall bladder removal?
How Can I Make My Ears And Throat Stop HUrting By Tomorrow?
what symptoms of a torn muscle?
Why is everything in body 'popping'?
Relief all day nausea and stomach pains?
Does anyone suffer from Polyneuropathy or Neuropathy and have tried something that helps relieve the pain your?
Last night am sleep in left position but suddenly my arm, elbow & wrist makes me cry bcoz of pain?
Please help i have an english exam soon and i have really bad ear ache :(?
what is neuropamax plo gel?
why does my wrist hurt for no reason?
I feel pain in my limbs maybe once in 6 months?
i need to get it off the foot?
I woke up this morning with a really sore neck; when i bend forward it hurts - what should i do?
my 18 month old dalmatian has got red marks with tiny black dots on his body do you no wot they aer & how to g
Spots are driving me crazy!! please help!?
When i was little.......?
kissing guys - spots?
I wonder.. is there something that removes visibility of scars and stretch marks?
Has anyone tried Freedom HC Cream for eczema?
How can a varicose vein be re removed, laser or surgery?
My foot lump?
How to ged rid of mosquito bite marks from my 5 month old son?
How to get rid of bacne??
any tips on gettin rid of dandruff?
red scratch?
Do school guidance counselorss have to restrain sudents when they flip out?
Why do i always flex my legs and arms?
How to get rid of a fever??
Does society see you as "not normal" if you have a mental illness?
weird sleeping thing thats bugging me?
How likely is it that my boyfriend is depressed?
How do you improve your eyesight?
I cant figure out whats wrong with me?
im getting contact lenses?
I over think on what people think of me ALL THE TIME?
Wet Ones or Baby wipes?
is smoking one cigarette a day better or worse than 2-3 cigars a week?
How do i help my drug addicted/ alcohalic sister?
Is it possible to have an addiction to being a hospital patient?
Where can I find an article about how mental illness hospitals are run and operated today?
How Do I not get consumed with my job. I am under alot of pressure ?
Mrsa and swollen lymph nodes?
Is a Michigan LPN license valid in Texas?
How are you supposed to meditate? ?
Is this normall? It's the way i view the alphabet, days of the week, numbers, what gender, colour they are ect?
Can someone pretend to have multi personality disorder?
Is there a disorder like this?
Is it ok to point the shower head in the ear to clean them?
constant hunger, nausea at night, daily headaches?
can i go inside the medical room?
Prozac side effect question? I need some one who knows?
could Valium make me unresponsive during sleep?
I am in detox and i am scared when i leave marchwood piory?
Will a cure for ageing be found before a cure for cancer or heart disease?
I need some help find a psychiatrist/therapist ?
kidney disease is this seen as an illness or disabilty?
my little girl has a stigmatism in her eye,what is it,and what causes them?
Ever time I get ill , I think im dying!?
what is this yellow lump in the back of my throat?
small lump in my jaw, its quite mobile.. anyone know what it might be?
it smells sooo awful....?
Questions about Spina Bifida?
Swollen feet and ankles?
Is it moral and ethicaly wrong to keep the heart beating if the brain has stopped functioning properly ?
Severe pain in face.Feels like both sides of my face are being crushed in it comes in bouts lip goes numb?
Can you get schizophrenia through a blood transfusion?
i get nausea,bloating(like im 6mths pregnant),trapped wind and constapation,nothing eases it :-(help?
How much do antibiotics cost?
What is the differences between Menier's Disease and Labyrinthitis?
Lump under my arm!!!?
Can a bloated stomach explode/implode?
water infections?
What good are tonsils?
vaccinations >> private healthcare??
how can you check for internal hemmoroids??!?
What are the pro's and con's of the mmr vaccination?
is hepatitis b cureable if so how ?
i have to have a ppd (TB) skin test in order to volunteer somewhere and i need to know....?
Can breathing through the mouth cause chest pain?
Do i have Bronchitis?!?!?! Help?
I have a 12 year old Purebread Poodle and she's having lots of coughing.?
why does my chest hurt a couple of weeks after i quit smoking?
is there anyone in here that are smokers and smoke with windows up?
When I lay down I get a Bloody Nose and Sore Throat?
Bad cough and performance tomorrow?
What can I do about mucus drainage and coughing?
Fulness on left side of chest?
What is Pulmonary heart and lung disease?
Very chesty cough what could it be?
My cat has a runny nose?
Sinus trouble!! help!!!?
How do I stop these hiccup from going down. Hitting my lungs then making me want to throw up?
got blood in stool and very itchy?
Nasal Polyp help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How do you cure a dry cough?
Are xaxan and suboxone okay to take together?
popping pills???????
I wear soft contacts everyday, is it safe to use Eye Mo drops while my contacts are on?
Read this please!!!!!!?
I would like anyone's opinions or expiriences on the effects of getting too little sleep?
do i have ocd?
Oh No What Can I Do?
What should a person do in order to avoid suffering stroke?
What do you think of a guy who wants to be a nurse?
whats more effective for getting high, bong or joint?
im constipated ,help ?
Would You Ever Dress Up As A Baby With A Real Nappy/Diaper On And Real Baby Clothes For Charity All Day??
Why are my hands and feet cold?
Headaches over my and around my eyes?
How do you know if you have a drug problem?
Why do I sneeze in bright sunshine?
Bad Cold/Flu - Is there any point ging to see doc?
Does suffering Panick Attacks effect ability to work?
what does a phlebotomist take from a body do
OPINION Do you think the age of ...?
How does Coca Cola help with having an upset stomach?
how do you stop being so sweaty?
How do I get rid of a cold I have had for 3 weeks? I am drained and doctor says I just have to wait!?
Should the NHS be funding needle exchange programmes in order to provide drug addicts with their paraphernali?
Why do I bruise easily?
I suffer from vertigo, do you think it's high time I did something about it?
Can you tell me your gerd or acid reflux symptoms?
What is it when i go really hot and get a tight chest?
zmy son is not as fast as other kids when it comes to running or swimming and he is tall and looks fit.?
Hyperventilation - why is it so seldom diagnosed? How can I hep myself?
QUICK! i am sickish and weak.?
What kind of illness is this?
My finger got jammed in a door help !?
tea cup yorkie knee injury?
Severe pain in my shin, shin splints, stress fracture, or something else?
i've noticed my right ankle bends inward when i stand. what could this be? should i go to the dr?
Drilled my leg. Are the calf muscles connected to the muscles in the front of the lower leg?
How can i make my foot stop hurting?
Could someone possibly survive this?
whats wrong with my finger?
When will i be able to walk after knee surgery?
I had surgery on my elbow a few days ago and, now I have small bumps around it that itch, what should i do?
How do i know if i have a concussion?
Is my toe broken or not?
should i go get an x-ray?
Head hurting after lifting heavy weight?
how are cut arteries and veins repaired?
i saw a bug in my bed, how do i stop freaking out!!!!?
HELP..... how long dose it take to stop getting withdrawals from paroxtine please help????
How does heredity affects mental health?
Anyone ever been to a shrink who you felt wasn't taken your situation seriously?
Can't sleep i think i have insomnia. someone help with advice?
All symptoms, and mental effects on a person who is planning to stay up more than a day?
I'm looking for a humanistic residential treatment program for teenage alcoholics. Can anyone help ?
tips to deal with anxiety?
Help Overcoming Social anxiety?
I have an 11 year old Yorkie that has been acting strange lately?
what is your view on suicide?
help, how do i stop before i die?
have u ever felt the same way?
my son was on suboxone for two years to wean off hydrocordone addiction. He recently weaned off suboxone...?
Recovery from brain trauma?
Do people with bipolar and adhd think and percieve differently?
Theres a lump in my ear? Not in the canal, not on the lobe, but on the cartilage inside the folds?
numb,cold feeling on left lower side of abdomen and sometimes I feel it on the right side too?
ARGH help me PLEASE. should be easy. HELP PLEASE!! 10 POINTS?
Can you please answer my question?i need help!!?
Green toenail. Algae? Help?
Does milk of magnesia cause dependency?
My arm is going to sleep during my sleep when my position is pinching the blood flow. Is this dangerous?
what would be a good thesis sentence if im talking about hospitals not being a safe and clean environment?
How long does it take pink eye to go away?
What's going on with me?
I can't get an appointment! Green stool, fatigue, nausea. Got back from vegas 3 days ago?
Why is my body temp always around 95 to 96 degrees?
anyone to explain me the connection between?
What does STAT stand for?
nose dents caused by glasses!?
Any good ways to wake up in the morning without feeling so tired, lazy, or sleepy?
In some cases...are hemorrhoids product of bulimia..?
i have this little white spots on the top of my leg and they itch aswell can any1 help me?
What can i do about this cold?
Urination Tests at Hospitals?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Yearly physicals required by employer?
I'm having difficulty breathing?
**HELP**.. what to do to clean the system?
my finger in my right hand started buzzing now both hands are and both arm are killing me?
I have bronchitis, could these other symptoms be from it?
I have mono...is it normal for blood to come up?
what part of the respiratory system directs food one way and air the other?
sick siblings.... home alone.?
what are the symtoms of hyperthermia?
What happens if you don't sleep for over a week and a half?
Cosmetic surgery?
Severe congestion...need help!!!?
I have sleep folds under each eye. Any tips?
My hands do not sweat, this has caused them to become very dry. Now because of this, everytime I begin to feel
Does laser treatment work? And how long for...?
chemical face peel do they work?
Vaniqa Cream..anyone used it?
what is faecal calprotectin ? and what does it do ?.answers in plain english ,please. thank you?
I Have Subacute Chronic Spongiotic Dermatitis With Scattered Eosinophils!!?
Cure for a boil??? Has anyone used cabbage leaves to help relieve boils??
i want a fake tan for fair skin that gets easily irritated and itchy by many products?
Does meth affect mussel structure?
Will vaccines eventually replace antibiotics?
After hot baths/exercise I get weird white lumps on upper body?
will smoking make my sore throat worse?
I have a 4 year old son who continuously gets these cuts in the bend of his pinky toes.What is this?
allergy and lymphadenopathy?
T Lymphocyes?
help, skin prob!!!?
what risks is there if you have a subdurel heamatoma and get scarlet fever.or slap cheek.?
the scottish national blood transfusion service gets it funding from where?
Does anyone have a problem with TONSIL REGROWTH?
I have dry skin what type of HT26 will best fit me?
Glandular Fever?
has anyone had a gastric bypass and then gone on to have children, did you have a natural or caecerian?
my is gbenga?
Symptoms of Bird Flu and other Flue?
how does hand foot and mouth disease affect pregnant women?
Intestinal parasites,?
If you have diabetes?
High blood sugar levels 14 or 15 at bedtime, but eats very little through out the day?
what's a good learning activity for diabetes?
I have VERY mild hypoglycemia, does this always lead to diabetes?
Can your TSH be higher than normal and not be HYPOTHYROID ?
is prediabetes a mild form of diabetes?
what Type of diabetes causes lower urine output?
Friend has type 1 diabetes and is possibly bulimic?
I think I have diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i tell my mom that my blood sugar was 500?
I think i have Type 1 Diabetes?
I have alot of diabetes side effects. How can I help my family deal with all of it?
What are the different blood types?
is it a sign of diabetes if blood sugar level is 6.1 before and 7.9 two hrs. after breakfast.?
Does a person have to have diahria to end up dehydrated?
Is anyone out there a diabetic and had children? more then one?
Does anyone have a dog that has diabetes?
OK i should tell everyone that I am from Canada, so these website you are sending me?
I Think I Have Diabetes?
How much cocaine is too much cocaine?
How do i get sick super fast like in one hour?
What's your guilty/hurtful/dark secret?
what foods and drinks can set a stomach ulcer off?
I am losing my voice and have a very bad throat and i have a presentation to perform tomorrow. I need help!?
how to get an abdominal six pack?
i have the worst hangover?
why do people yawn when i do .... and why do you yawn?
my right eye irritates every night?
where can i buy prescription colored contacts?
How can I get small scratches out of my plastic eye-glass lenses?
what is the best thing for arthritis?
Ankle puffy weeks later after minor fracture?
the skin is sensitive to touch on my right side, also my back on the right has been hurting?
How much does 1/2 ounce of heroin cost?
Ear/cheek numbness......?
Why is it when someone is diagnosed with a Brain Tumour?
Ringing Ears/ Tinnitus From Concert?
Myasthenia Gravis- anyone know if this is hereditary?
both my children are due to go for there swine flu vaccination on saturday ages 4 and 1?
makin it worse?
I am falling asleep Help please 11.00 am an a Monday af?
Withdrawal effects of Prednisolone (Steroid)?
What is the difference between an adverse drug reaction and a side effect?
What causes blurred vision after playing sports? Is it something to be concerned with?
Patient Confidentiality?
DLA Mobility?
What is wrong with my stomach?
Very sick?
a faimly member is suffering from depreshion?
i have a gf and want to kiss her alot but i have chapped lips! what's the best remedy for chapped pealing lips?
some medical advice plzzzzzzzzzzzz?
Why am I sensitive to salt?
Knowing my medical information?
I cant Sleep at all not even for 5 mins?
Any doctors out there who would give me a little medical advice?
human biology essay please help!!?
How do i get over being raped?
How can I stop hating myself?