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Is this saying true?
Could my nosebleeds be related to stress?
How did the first ever person to have Chicken Pox get it?
bad panic attacks, what can i do?
stop smoking?
A sunburn question - very embarrassing!!?
Bacteria question. Should I wash my hands first then my face...?
what does orthopaedic mean?
why do we twitch when we get sleepy?
How can i keep myself awake?
I can't stop eating!!!! Ugh?
I have a hernia, can I still workout?
How do you feel on health care??(please answer)?
Does it sound like a hernia?
Social Services in Pennsylvania?
what vitamins are needed every day for an older adult?
my little sister got this medication over the counter to kill her lice, how does this work?
Question about methadrone?
Why are my ears nver dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What things help when you're nauseous and got sick earlier?
How do i fall asleep with a horrible ear infection?
How long does it take to get THC out of your system, and when will I stop craving marijuana?
What do you know about food-borne illnesses?
Where can I get cherry bark?
allergy to perfumes, fragrances and latex, what hairspray can i use?
i have high white blood cells .what kind of infections cause it.?
the common cold?
i have had mrsa ,and if my elderly parents go into hospital they will surly die , not a good nsh.?
How long will it take before I can walk properly?
Flu jab worries?
chicken pox jab?
severe pain in my right side?
Why does it hurt when i breathe in deeply?
My medication is making me bloated?
my ear feels plugged?
i get headaches almost every day, how to stop it or the cause?
Why do my Joints,muscles and bones hurt in my arms?
my eyes hurt and i dont whats wrong with them?
why does my thumb hurt?
im going to the hospital for a pulled back muscle, what will they do for me?
Can back pain cause ur chest to hurt?
my throat hurts when i swallow food in the morning?
Does getting your tongue peirced hurt?
what is it called when you feel so much pain that something kicks in and you don't feel any more pain?
In painnnnnnn helpp!!?
I just found a small lump in the back of my neck on the left side.. Are there any suggestion as to what it?
what would make your tailbone hurt,then not hurt when you sit if you didnt bang it?
pain, fatigue, i'm only 20 but i'm always too tired, or too sore, or in pain somewhere on my body what gives?
Back Pain Please Help If You Can!?
pain in hip at night, not severe in day?
laying in a confined space & i could not get out. then i woke up?
im lost and hurting....?
Is it normal to have susidal thoughts at age 8?
Would alcohol help with Depersonalization disorder?
How many americans suffer from paranoia?
Do SSRI andidepressants cause misery to you?
I'm a binge eater and I want to beat this problem. Where to start? ?
can u have friends come with u when u donate blood?
People with weird eyes?
Excrutiating pain in both big toes.. help pls!?
I have had knee pain for the past year, what to do?
Faking a stomach ache?
i am in pain please help me!!! asap!?
What is wrong with my stomach?
My back is really sore can is there a way to make it better fast?
can Reinald's syndrome be cured?
Is it possible to recover from bulimia COMPLETELY and FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?
Drugs- Paracetemol and alcohol?
this is really weird.........?
I almost fainted on the tube the other day.?
Best cure for ingrown toe nails?
blood tests...?
when they do an endoscopy do they?
My doctor told me i was lacking in B12 but did not give me anythign for it just said we should try and find?
amazing powerfull, spine tingleing, goose bump giving song!!?
can you get medication before an illness starts?
Please help...puked up blood and im belimic..?
if one is addicted to endorphins the feel good hormones is there a way to beat it?
neurofibromatosis (NF1)?
Is their many different types of epilepsy,and what is the difference.?
Does the medical profession still perform lobotomies for extreme cases?
How many people in the UK are Lactose intolerant?
Is there a medical cure for excessive snoring.?
what r the effects of 102 blood pressure?i m female of 15 years should i be worried?
I've heard it's adviced to monitor biological age regularly. Can somebody advise on bioage monitoring tool?
2 weeks postpartum and noticed heart rate is slower than it used to be. Should I be concerned?
Rapid Heart beat, nausea, and chest pain?
I keep getting lumps behind my ears and they come and go what is causing this?
how to get rid off dry sore skin on my face?
i have pain behind my eyes?
fake a temperature with glass thermometer?
what is wrong with me?
The tips of my thumb(s) are swollen why? Nothing in the joints or rest of hand, just the tips. No pain.?
What happens if something shows up on xray, but not on MRI?
Health Question?????????
What do I pay at the Doctor's office?
why does my back crack when i lay down?
Where is there a good website to verify prescriptions?
a hole in a eardrum will it get healed.?
Help! I can't sleep at night!?
Dehydration issue - is this a salt problem?
Very low iron causing fatigue... what can I do?
I smoked everyday for months and have two weeks to pass a weed urine test how naturally?
Pale Stool after Gallbladder removal?
Is it okay to make out with a burnt tongue?
Does anyone Know of a where i can get an MRI and pay in payment installments? in Los Angeles?
The pI for glutamate is 5.6 and for aspartate it is 4.5.?
my dog has been snorting and sneezing for about a month now.?
could he die in two months? !?
i think i tore a muscle in my foot? o.e?
I broke my ankle in 4 places, How long until I can start walking on it?
i hade a fracture in my tibia shinebone and hade a cast for 4 weeks?
I have an infected arm should i go to the doctor?
Sports medicine doctor visit...?
Tightness in right leg and back pain?
symptoms of a broken nose?
Does using a sprained muscle slow down it's recovery?
Anyone taken Prendnisolone 6-day pack for muscle strain? What was your results?
which cream to apply on bruises? soframycin or betadine?
What could be happening if your lower left back hurts?
If you kick someone straight in the knee will it break?
tingly muscle?????what is it?
help panic attack .......... can i do anything to stop it?
help please!!!?
please help me...?
I feel bruised around my ribs and it hurts when i breathe deeply. (because of anxiety/panic?)?
passing out question?
Does anyone have trouble staying awake during the day while taking Roszerem at night for sleep?
My family member has been kidnapped by the Baker Act, what can I do?
can effexor be used to raise blood pressure for a paitent with no depression what so ever.?
Am i dyslexic?
can depression alter mood under pressure on job?
obsession advice needed?
which type of antipsychotics does not affect prolactin level?
hi i dnt need tellin no pain no gain lol i cant do it without..does numbing cream ruin a tattoo??if used b4?
Bad Breath-Can you help!?
am i sick?
How long can the body go without food and what are side effects?
is that possible my GP surgery charge me 60 ponds?
what time do you sleep and wake up?
If you had a bad papercut on your finger, would your fingerprint change?
What causes someone to stutter?
i hit puberty at 15 does that mean i have more chance of getting taller?
Would you rather be wide awake or sound asleep?
the best ways to faint ?
How do I tell her?
Sore throat! Please help!?
Why do some people get dimples in their cheeks??
How Do You Stop Slouching?
blow by mouth ?
flesh tunnel?
Is blu tak dangerous to swallow?
Is it normal to have taller second toes than big toes? I look weird.?
How long can the body stay without water?
What's that weird little solid blob that comes from your mouth sometimes?
Are RGP contact lenses good for correcting astigmatism?
just been to the doctors and he has left me worried?
is there a treatment to stop sweating??
Help.. Health Question?
How long do mouth ulcers last?
Swollen Lymph node?
what is inflammatory arthritis?
Alcohol and antidepressants?
Kidney stone and infection?
Does anyone know what a recurrent, intermittent pain in my lower right pelvic area could be?
Could I have diabetes? (please answer)?
What causes seizures in alcoholics in withdrawal?
how do you come off oxycontin 40 mg?
what CANT a person with epilepsy do?
My head really hurts when i cough?
if you get a pain in lower abdomen the morning after drinking?
What is wrong with my heart?
I am a 61 year old generally healthy women.I sometimes get numbness/tingling sensation in my feet and around -?
How do I find out if I'm a hurlers syndrome/disease carrier?
Please help with my bad skin :(?
how can i not get gastric flu?
Help!what to do with the dry skin?
malaria please help need answers?
i have heard that phenytoin to treat epilepsy can help slow the effects of parkinsons, is this true?
Which is the best hospital in Yorkshire for treating an abscess on the brain?
How to get rid of redness or cover them?
Eczema, raw weeping skin and an interview tomorrow :(?
Please help?! medical help wanted. urgently !?
how this children having disability and sensory impairments affect their development?
Can iron tablets be taken twice a day?
How long would it take someone to die, if he became homeless, roamed the English countryside, and didn't eat?
Classes for health and nutrition, not nursing.?
I'm looking for a family health plan that offers discounts on health care. Any suggestions?
What should I do about my carsickness?
i feel like i want to throw up every time i eat?
Muscle twitches all over my body, please help!?
Is it good are bad that I am taking a 6 week training to be a phlebotomist.?
Social Security Ins or SSD?
how to get rid of a nicotine/smokeless tabcco buzz?
Can drugs affect/damage your bladder?
HELP! I cant stop sweating?
Drinking alcohol after Tylenol?
My voice broke overnight?
When will the ringing in my ears from the concert go away?
In my left hand some of my blood vessels go over my bones and tendons why?
Any idea what's going on?
what does the pancreas do?
what happens if you snort insulin?
think i have a strained muscle?
Am i going to need surgery?
Achillies tendon: tearing feeling?
Why cant Alcoholics have just one or 2 drinks?
Would you rather have a hot body or a beautiful face?
Is it worth going to a doctor
Is the best term for an adult incontinence brief, nappy or pad?
How can I stop biting my nails?
i constantly need confirmation that my boyfriend loves me?
If you have an eating disorder and occasional selfharm..?
do you get more depressed if your less productive in your life?
I think one of my friends is bulemic, I don't want to bring it up to her in a rude way though. help?
What is this called? Obsession?
Have panic attacks and housebound. Need a female friend who understands.?
How would u feel?....What would you do?
Fear of depressed roomate is going to snap?
Im still upset about my psychiatrist?
What is anhedonia. What plils wok for that?
Does taking DIAZEPAM- 2 mg tablets daily before bedtime can induce ADDICTION ?
My dad is considering accepting a job in another state! please help!?
what are the duties of a mental health technician?
Why Does This Keep Happening?
What are symptoms of anxiety?
Are these behaviors abnormal?
Question about balancing my mental and physical health.?
appendix. right or left side?
Is there a way to pop your hip?
my 10 year old allergic to outside?
Am I having an allergic reaction... Could this be a serious thing?
Red eye and white stuff coming out?
if i am allergic to mango, can you eat mango flavored lollipops?
im taking some animals to a school how do i write a disclaimer, in case some children have allergies?
What's the best way to get rid of my sister's piles (hemorrhoids)?
Anyone see " The killer within you" on tv last night.?
what is the cure for liver ?
Blocked ear!!! HELP!!!?
Parents won a court case in Abu Dhabi for a hospital infecting their 4 kids with Aids. When?
can one baby catch mrsa by being in contact with another baby that has it?
paramyxovirus virus?
Erythromycin & Oral Thrush?
I have A rhesus negative blood?
does anyone?
Scarlet fever help please....any doctors/nurses out there?
How long until any improvement in an eye infection?
Sickness bug. Please help?
Does anyone have any tips for someone suffering with Glandular Fever?
Annual Flue jab I hear is mixed with the Swine flue sereum this year,?
haemorrhoid/piles, relief and cure!!?
gotta skin question!?
greasy and spotty skin?
sharp pain in lower throat and shortness of breath?
I have fluid seeping from my leg every day, clear thick fluid. Anyh ideas?
tames operation to remove polyp?
Recovery from Gastric Flu!!!?
Heart problem? anyone know what this is?
Is it bad to take nyquil to help me sleep?
why does the bottom of my arch cramp up and get tight?
Cure for cold hands during winter?
There is some white "mucus" in my stool. Any advice?
accutane and acne need some adivce from experience?
I keep squeezing my eyes shut?
Is it fraudulent for a optometrist I work for does medical testing on 90% of our patients?
4 month baby immunizations causing seizures?
Can I still get hired in health care with a SEALED misdemeanor?
i cant stop twiching my nose?
What can I do to actually sleep at night?
I am always so hungry when I get home from work @ 3pm?
What is the difference?
I smoked weed a about 3 days ago, the last time I smoked before that was a month and a half ago,?
am i getting a cold? answers pleaseee?
If a cluster of lymph nodes?
Why can't i get to sleep ?
I want to get contacts but...?
Did i have an asthma attack?
Do I have a fractured arm or a bone contusion?
Designing Emergency Operations Center?
fell on my head hard on concrete when drunk?
pain in my inner right knee?
Torn ACL??? cheerleader/gymnast out for 6 months?
I broke 3 metacarpals. after 5 weeks, the xrays look exactly the same. you can still see the bones stickingup?
Really Bad Lower Back Pain?
help me i have a big knot on the back of my neck i am 13?
Hurt myself and now have a black spot on my leg?
What can I do to speed my dislocated bone injury?
my tail bone keeps popping. How long do you think itll tak to heal?
What kind of injuries could you get from a head on collision?
Why does my shoulder hurt?
did a back-bend without stretching first and now i cant move?? help i perform tonight!!!!?
hit my head, concern?
i just broke my fibula and tore a ligament?
I was wakeboarding last weekend and I fell and hit my head on the water.?
I sometimes get pain on the side of my big toenail, its not an ingrown toenail?
Ughh, I feel sick...?
why do i feel dizzy and sick when i smoke a cigarette?x?
How do I go about getting a copy of my medical records?
Isn't it weird hows so many diseases have such pretty names?
How to get rid of a stye?
Why is it that when you pinch the skin on your elbow REALLY hard, it doesn't hurt?
Can stretched ears go back to normal?
Any interesting sleepwalking stories?
Solvent Abuse?
How much do you weigh and whats your height?
what can i do to make left arm stronger? ?
Do you feel exhausted when you wake up after you have been dreaming a lot?
Why do some of us have to pay for prescriptions when it's not by choice?
Why shouldn't you drink alcohol when taking sleeping tablets?
can you buy prescription meds from chemist without prescription?
Anyone else fainted while donating blood?
I Think I Hand An Anxiety Attack?
why do we need emotions? why do we have a brain that controls our emotions? ?
Anyone had this problem with Fluoxetine?
worst nightmare ... what can it mean?
I feel really disconnected from other people.?
I think I might be having mental issues?
what are the ups and downs of anti-deppressants?
how can i improve my memory?
What can I do to be happier?
going to bed at about 5 am or later..........?
what dose this all mean do i really miss him?
i s my BF depressed?
Drinking on Effexor..?
Anyone on vyvanse??? Does anyone notice skin flushing as a side effect?
Any sites that help people recover from anorexia? ?
Life seems lifeless: What have you done to overcome or work through?
Eating Disorder Help!?
Help having problems with my stool.?
Hit head on coffee table ????? help !?
I woke up with a headache and lots chill i think i had fever.I dont know why ive been feeling good.?
Extreme stiffness and pain in neck and back?
My friend has to have disc fusion surgery on her neck. What can she expect?
induce insomnia?
With all these symptoms does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?
Help........ UTI or Kidney Infection?
fainting ? ?!..........?
Swollen Sebacious Cyst?
Blood clots in urine??
Does marijuana damage your brain as much as cocaine does?
What foods are good against fatigue?
What is bell's palsey?
Kidney or muscle pain??? any clue?
Just diagnosed with Slightly Underactive Thyroid - Help!!?
what does predisposition mean?
Is there a cure for sinusitis?
My son has been on oral morphine for 12 weeks and is slowly reducing it but is very tearful, is this normal?
Do I have diabetes..?
do i have diabetes? how do i get it to go back to normal?
I'm 21 and have a history of heart problems in my family, my dad died of a heart attack etc. Now i'm feeling?
Nicotine contributes to plaque buildup in blood vessels, increasing the chance of?
How To Make Husband Feel Better About Health Condition?
branches of the thoracic aorta include all of the following except?
what fast foods can I eat that promotes heart and blood health?
Have you had an umbical hernia operation and if so what was the outcome?
What are the statistics of thalidomide induced phocomelia from 1957-1961?
can a child be allergic to his own antibodies?
Can i major only in acne dermatology?
Questions and Fears about Bowel Cancer?
is it ok to take roaccutane and aciclovir together?
Best way to help tonsilitus?
what are the similarities between cystic fibrosis and huntington's disorder?
what services does cancer research produce?
can you tell me what acne is?
I work in the kitchen at a nursing home, my boss told me a I need a doctors note?
What is happening, is it to do with my insides (underarms)?
My finger is still swollen?
i just drank 2 week old ice tea, already open ahh?
i have a clump of acne on my forehead, i use pro active but it still will not go away...what should i do?
Why do I have tingling only in my right middle fingers?
Is my ear okay? I laughed too hard, and?
term used for a doctor losing patients medical files?
How do I get my husband to eat? He says he isn't hungry?
My nails are flaking from the back?
My fingers keep popping/cracking? plz read description?
How do I ask my NEW doctor to refill a prescription?
I spit up blood every few days, and it is usually at night (but not always) and for six months- what is it?
sickness bug help?
how do you get rid of molescomes?
Does anybody else constantly feel the need to raise their eyebrows?
does anyone have an answer to spots on face? i have tried all the products available. i feel disgusting. HELP!
my grandmother, father, and brother all have Psoriasis, is it likely that I will get it in the future?
Is Pectus excavatum inherited ? My wife and myself don't have this defect, but my daughter does.Wife cheating?
why do I still have a sinus infection?
how do you get toxic shock syndrome?
Vomiting Blood and Can't move?
do i have pneumonia if i sweat and have a fever?
Explain the 2 roles that the nasal passages play in transporting air to the pharynx! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
What makes up the lower respiratory track? PLEASE HELP! <3?
Pulmonary Function Test?
Should I worry about light green phlegm?
When I breath in my chest sometimes hurts?
what does a spot on my right lung mean?
What is the eosinophilia?
if you swallowed windex what would be symptoms?
People with asthma : how long does flovent last before you have to get a refill?
Eye gets bloodshot at random times?
Why do my eyes look red in mirrors?
eyes my eyes go blurred?
whats the best way to stop my bathroom from smelling of cigarrettes?
swollen lip help please?!!!?
where does mucus come from ?
Is anyone allergic/intolerant to white flour?
How does an itch occur?
can antibiotic ointment seal an open wound once cleaned and clotted?
how do you bruise your ankle?
Does anyone know what a TT-TG distance is? (knees)?
ingrown toenail surgery?
Ingrown Toe Nail? Help!?
could you have fractured a knee and still walk?
I'm bipolar and want to come off my medications?
can anyone please.! tell me what this means.!!!!!?
swelling after ingrown toenail?
please help. i dont know what to do.?
I just sprained my ankle, and now there's this sharp pain in my foot..?
How do I solve this problem?
Medication for depression, moodiness, etc....?
anxiety problems????
I think I have separation anxiety disorder...what should I do?
What is a pill that is an upper vs a downer some people were talking about it?
How to help a friend deal with death, and not being able to eat.?
Finger nail bruise..?
Hairline Fracture on wrist?
How do go to sleep and not have bad dreams?
Pain in my lower abdomen and back what could this be?
Another story of abuse in medical care. What is going on here?
Do people still kill themselves using their car exhaust? ?
Does your emotional state affect work motivation?
I hurt my right knee after I played football and I don't know what's wrong, help pleasee?
health question can one pill over your perscription( narcotics) amount be detected in a urine test?
my lower back hurts, around my kindey.?
Best pill for numbing piercing?
feel like throwing up?
My Ribs Hurt.... Why?!?
What causes tenderness on the scalp during a headache?
I can't figure out what could be wrong with my foot?
I have shrap head pains on the left side of myhead what is it?
My toe has hurt for a year?
When I move my arm in a rapid circular motion, it feels like something "flips" inside. What could that be?
iam in sooooooo much pain?
Do I have bunions???
i have really bad cramps but no blood. it has been 2 days. what is wrong with me?
Is there any fish that I can eat that would swell my tongue or throat up?
3 year old with a headache and other things please help.?
IcyHot good for shin splints?
My arms hurt and i was wondering if you think it is serious?
im so ill but i dont know why?
Anyone else always get diarrohea after drinking alchol the night before?
Can coffee cause anxiety?
is this real?
how big is the cut for removing your gallbladder please?
Stomach pains?
Sore kidneys, tiredness, constantly thirsty, any ideas?
Does anyone else feel like they swallow really loud? Please Help Me!!!!?
Please Answer, Can this be dangerous?
I Don't Have An Appendix?
Why is my ear buzzing?
lost faith in G.P. can he change to another doctor in the same practise or does he have to change practises?
i have had cystitis (i think that is how its spelt, basically a water infection) but...?
How do you know if you have gum disease?
I like Honey and I know it can be very good for you but does anyone know if it is bad for your Colestrol.?
What could be causing my chest pain?
Does having drug Addicts in my family make me more at risk?
Will I lose weight if my thyroid gland is fixed?
Ulcerative colitis?
Whats your diagnosis?
why does this happen? please help?
Why am I always fiddling with my fingers/hands?
Infected mosquito bites?
I have lost my voice but I don't know why help?
Is it weird to have to fall asleep to the sound of a rain storm?
Lump on Right Side of Throat?
I feel nauseous. Achy. Could it be because...?
Is it natural to have vibrations in the knee?
Why am I dizzy and numb?
Does your face turn red when you have a fever?
How long does it take crack cocaine to leave your system?
Five hour energy and upset stomach?
Why does my foot sometimes (right) feel like it vibrating?
what can I do about tiny age hard whitespots on my face around my eyes?
how old for acne laser treatment?
facial spider veins - a year or so ago i had laser treatment on the NHS with good results. Unfortunately more?
Dermatitus on scalp, seven days to clear it, help!?
Do you know how?....?
Nurse described my weeping wound as being an "escurated wound" [not sure about spelling! What does this mean?
icd 9 code for knee replacement?
Heart rate suddenly dropped?
I have got weird blood pressure readings?
bypass heart surgery....more?
please help me understanding my cholesterol level?
what is the thickest part of the heart and why?
Why are my sugar level going up at night, they didn't use to?
When doing injections in the tummy...?
Diabetes answers please :D!?
Why is it so difficult for a teen with diabetes?
canadians tell me about your health care system. My daughter is a type one insulin dependent diabetic.?
Having type two diabetes and have the stomach flu - can't eat?
swollen lymph node in neck?
when im in bed i get jumpy legs and feet. why?
myson bumped his head and got a speed not what can i do?
how do you get rid of a realy bad cold?
Why do nurses make me bend over for shots? Is it just so I can't see what is happening?
Last night I had an embarrassing problem, I was asleep and awoke when I wet the bed?
i just got surgery on saturday and since then i can go number te?
At what age should one start using anti wrinkle cream?
How do I survive for 3 months with no electricity, water etc...?
I've decided?
Stepped on a diabetic unused needle but it had fluid in it..?
A friend of mine its currently going through a hard time & is very stressed.?
is heroin just like pot?
life support machine?
How can I get rid of a sore throat that is getting worse?
pain in ears while flying?
Why am I such a light sleeper?
Is there such a thing as 'Night Vision Blindness'?
I know there has been alot of questions about restless leg syndrome but does anyone have any new tips?
Is caffeine linked to anxiety?
ways to get rid of ingestion?
Buzzing sound in my ear/head?
would i notce any diffrence in my health if i wore a pollution mask eveyday??
I am totally fed up with contact from my x husband what do I do to resolve this major issue?
What are the side affects for antibiotics?
Lifelong extreme sinusitis sufferer?
is there very much potassium in red puffed wheat cereal?
I have a question about a potential allergy issue?
I am allergic to my rabbit! Will the allergies go away by itself?
Do I need to wear the knee immobilizer while sleeping?
did i tear the tendon in my finger?
Have had 3 lumbar steroid injections, not working?
I burned myself with the flame of a match. Why can't I feel it?
What is wrong with my foot?
why does the site of an injury get 'hot'?
Can you lie and say you have breathing problems(I do have a slightly crooked nose and a large bone at the top)?
i hit my the back of my ankle really hard on.. ?
How do you find out if the surgical procedure that you had 31 years ago was the correct standard of care?
i have this little white spots on the top of my leg and they itch aswell can any1 help me?
Could my cold be going after 3/4 days?
What do I do when my earring holes are black on the inside?
I woke up with my right eyelid swollen on top and in the inner corner. How can I get rid of it fast?
should I let my daughter go to sleep if she appears to have mild concussion?
injured ankle should i go to the hospital?
do pulled muscles heal back stronger?
i hit my ankel on a glass table and it hurts really bad?
Has smokeing made me unwell?
If I get an infection on my arm, how long before I have to amputate it?
Help with my knee problems? (please help)?
BOTOX.... are there different dosages?
why do I need an abdominal leucocyte scan?
I'm 15 and I think I might have MS. Please Help!?
Easy ways of getting the flu instantly?
Urination Tests at Hospitals?
Is it normal to feel pain inside your arm after an injection (Hepatitis B immunisation) and then faint?
Hand Eczema and nursing.?
Cancer has gone up by 15%, smoking has gone down by 40%. Is this going according to plan?
Lump on the side of my neck, near my shoulder?
Why do i hate myself so much?
depression or attention?
How can I stop being homesick at college?
anxiety social mental disorder depression ?
I'm feeling guilty constantly.. and am depressed?
please help me i don't know what to do?
can you get add or adhd as an teenager if didn't have it as a kid?
Why can't i stay focused. I need tips to stay focused.?
He's a controll freak!!!?
How can I overcome this terrible mistake in my life?
im a total plain jane and i feel im not valued in society.?
How do yo know if.... ??? ?
How do i get over depression?
What's a good way of killing myself?
Horrible Chest Discomfort that goes away when I lie down? ?
Can i use mucinex dm and vicks vapo rub together?
How can I make my lungs stronger?
Can your bronchials still be inflammed days after recovering from bronchitis?
Why will pneumonia cause a change in vital signs?
Could i have tss, have fast do symtoms show?
Can doctors remove a small Tumor from the outside of a lung with success?
I can't stop coughing!?
What helps staying focused and with memorization for the Certified Respiratory Therapy Board Exam?
how long is urinary tract infection (UNI) meant to last?
How to kick a sinus infection?
I have asthma and i smoke cigarettes... how bad is it?
Dry cough causing severely dry throat...help!!?
strange feeling from smoking?
What's a good research question for asthma?
How long will it take for weed a?d ecstacy?
why can I not exert myself without difficulty breathing?
when blood moves from an atrium to a ventricle is must pass through?
What would you do if you had no family, no friends and suffered from anxiety?
disgusting Q, sorry. anybody who has suffered from ibs?
Is there any cure or at least help for ME?
Whats wrong with me?
Can anyone help me with some information on haemophilia?
I Found a lump :S What could it be?
Have you ever vomited before?
Does anyone know any good cures/preventions for RSI in the hands?
how do i tell my best friend i have a serious illness ?
Does anyone here suffer from tinnitus and have you found any medication?
Thyroxin and weight gain?
do you think i have a weak bowel?
been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure this morning.?
help! advice please....?
I've just been diagnosed with anaemia..?
how do you make your self vomit?
Any short-sighted people wish they were long-sighted?
I'm worried my mother might be having a stroke/mini-stroke, what do you think?
is it safe to cut a medication pill for blood pressure in half its 10mg which then would be 5mg right?
Why dose my hand go numb when my headache is almost over ? ASAP?
am i an insomniac need help please?
my legs fall asleep real easy?
Can i use Fogtech on my prescription glasses?
Got my head scratched by metal nails what should i do?
why is it ok for blood to go to your legs but not your head?
Can you drink while you're taking Biaxin?
How long people can live?
medical advice on a back problem?
Someone please help!?
Health care: True or False?
helppp !!!! please im worried?
chicken pox in pregnancy?
What causes the stabbing pains you get when you have the flu?
Hi, my partner is in hospital with a brain infection, he has been on a flucloxacillin drip for 3 weeks.?
is i too much to have both reflexology and acupuncture in one day?
Does anybody have any home remedies for removing keloids?
please help..My stomach aches nd i feel like throwing up?
How long for a sprained ankle to heal?
I have had pain in my abdomen. Anyone have any ideas?
help!!! i has fever. prom is only 3 hours away. what should i dO???any remedies please?
Could this ever be fixed?
Anxiety attacks as soon as I wake up...?
I want to help kids in a mental type of way...?
How can I get motivated?
Why when things are bad...they just seem to get worse?
if someone complained of...?
Snoring cure...?
what does the dream of moving house mean?
how do I get rid of my hayfever?
why do shopping trolleys always go in the wrong direction?
Is it normal for people to pass wind at night ? In their sleep as such ?
has any 1 heard of roacctuane?
How to get my gf off of cocaine?
is it true??
why do people need to go to the toilet more often when it is cold?
how do you get over pain, when the problem keeps reoccuring?
I Have Osgood-Schlatter?
when can i go see a doctor by myself?
patellofemoral (pain in the knee) ....?
I wish to identify this acute pain; ideas?
help needed urgent (in alot of pain)?
Hangover cures?
IBS - What fruits are bad for you?
I have a bad cold?
Could tight shoulders be making my whole body tight?
have had a nasty chesty cough for at least one month now?
Why do most people smell their hand after straching their under arm ?
Hi. how does smokeing afffect your appearance (FACE) and body?
Do you have trouble sleeping ?
whats a good thing to do after a very very VERY bad day?
really bad ear pain ?
My ears hurt,tingle & itch a couple of times a day?
my 7 year gets stomach pains...?
Why do I cough when drinking Stella?
Is it worse to have a disability that you can't actually see (like deafness?) Are people less sympathetic?
What is laughing gas and where can I buy it?
My belly feels bad. what can I do?
my son is 9years old and hegetsalot ofchest.and ithurts whenhebreathes.and it on the left. l?
Facial Warts - What should I do ?
I have a chest pain in my upper body and sometimes goes down my left arm..help?
How many many is too much.?
What causes chronic headaches?
I have this really weird headache.?
My knee has really been bothering me, and I don't know what to do.?
Metadate and vic mixed? What happens?
Weird feeling after hernia surgery?
Is it a dry cough or a chesty cough?
Evidence that saline works?
Does anyone have any effective ways to get rid of emulsion paint on Skin?
How to control asthma?
What is this Bumpy Forehead?
I wake up with swollen eyelids and they are dry...what to do?
orange bogies??? and painful nose?
can any one help is diprobase ointment safe to put on face ?
what does a surge tech do?
fell, hurt my jaw really bad?
What can I do to get the soreness out of my thighs?
where can you get cast covers? I have a cast on my left leg and I want to keep it as clean as possible.?
What should I do about blisters all over my body?
was hit in the jaw a few days ago?
bruised big toe help?
Help with a doctor's appointment(i have cuts/scars)?
Broken Fingerr? Or Something Else?
Broken finger? Orr Something Else?
When a ring becomes stuck on finger dosn't it cause?
what should i do about a bruised toenail?
when i was running 2 days ago i rolled my ankle on a rock and couldnt walk and now its still swollen andbruise?
How do you cure shin splints if you cant rest?
how can i hurt my wrist/arm even more?
Double-hinged post-op knee brace?
backyard wrestle and got injust?
Robtussin & Mucinex? what to do?
sore throat/sinus pressure/plugged nose...DOC PRESCRIBED GENERIC AUGMENTIN 875?
what are the vessels that red blood cells pass through in the heart?
Do I have Asthma? And what are the symptoms?
chest pain and other wierd symtoms help?
have small piece of plastic in throat?
EXCRUCIATING chest pain!?
Single-Heave Vomiting?
I keep swallowing air?
does this sound like lymphoma since i've also had an enlarged lymph node for years?
Why cant i make myself burp?
why do my lungs hurt?
Shortness of Breath tying shoes?
my 6 month old baby has had a cough for more than 8 weeks,?
Diabetes??? 10PTS!!!!!!!?
Sore throat for roughly three weeks?
what are the major organs of the respiratory system?
I had a MAJOR coughing attack in school today...?
when i laugh i always end up coughing why?
Is the shallow breathing a result of bronchitis?
What is wrong with my lungs?
Have u ever had a Hida scan?? At the hospital?
What are the chances of me having diabetes? No one in my family history has ever had it!?
diabetes glucose testing?
Fatigue & Dizziness after eating?
What happens when I take oral insulin and drink alcohol?
When my husband eats a meal he always needs to sleep afterward. Should I be concerned?
how do the three main types of diabetes differ?
I get some kind of convulsions in the morning if i don't eat a snack at night . Is this blood sugar problem?
Type 1 Diabetes Help?
Should I get contacts?
where can i get glucose meter that i don't need needle and price range cash no medicare or insurance?
A weight loss diet for non-diabetic byetta users?
does it cost money for your eye doctor to convert your glasses prescription to a contact lenses prescription?
Why does diabetes cause constant thirst?
is 0.7 a good blood sugar level for a 13 year old boy?
I'm 14 and i think i have diabetes,should i be worrying, and what should i do if my mom doesn't believe me?
Why do I have eye irritation every night?
How many things can you list that have latex in them?
Need help finding cough drop brand!!?
So I've been trying to figure out why I get hives every now and then....?
I went to the doctor a week ago and they said it was allergies but wasn't contagious but a friend has it now.?
My hands both have a rash after I used alcohol scrub?
im allergic to cats.?
I think I'm allergic to cigarette smoke?
Doctors? Nurses out there?
My vision is getting blurry with my contact lenses.?
Since the new health care law is in effect, does this mean I can go to any OBGYN without cost?
I have been waking up every morning at 2 am and don't go back to sleep until 4 am. How do I make it Stop?
Wake up in the middle of the night shaky and dizzy nausea and weak?
Prescription Drugs for Seniors?
Why do I get sleepy around noontime?
is the regular way that you take pressure more accurate or are the cuff blood pressure better?
Can you help me with a Child Case Study?
I have low ALP (alkaline phosphatase) levels. what does it mean?
What kind of health coverage might I be eligable for?
need help, going out with a girl tonight and i got a massive spot.help?
Am I having a heart attack?
While handling food can any hand creams be used?
How to get rid of Dark Marks / Blemish?
Can using moisturiser make you hands drier due to stopping natural oils get to work?
Ingrowing hairs on my legs?
this is about infection in a care home how would it affect a service user ? how would it affect a carer ?
My dog just ate ink!! will he die or even get sick from it??
have you heard of the herb slippery elm ?
what is legonaires disease?
Who first discovered the HIV virus?
I have this weird feeling after I have slept badly?
Adderall Overdose Aftermath?
Is valproate acid (depakote) effective in treating bipolar mixed depressive states?
Should i convince my mom to take me to the doctor today/anxiety?
im feeling depressed?
I am a 16 year old Female and have noticed a large lump under my calf?
Has anyone been cured for eczema?
Random red itchy boils suddenly appearing on my body?
if a human gets rabies then do they eventually show the psychotic symptoms like animals do.?
How do i turn my swag on?
Recovery from stomach flu yet no appetite?
What can I do get rid of bad skin?
Can coldsores be passed on by sharing concealer?
hi, Does anyone know where i may be able to get a free blood pressure monitor from,?
My wrist is exhausted....?
Can anyone help? I seem to have 2 lumps on one side of my neck, i've had them a while and they have not grown.
Is it possible that one day there will be cure for all lung disease?
Need to know about panic attacks?
i smoke pot so does my mom?
do i have a sinus infection?
Will burning the yellow pages telephone book release anything toxic to breathe?
Why is my chest breaking out?
Can the Army medically retire a solider who has sleep apnea and depended on the CPAC machine?
How do you get water in your lungs?
what other ailment besides athritis, will show some th the same symptoms?
Please Help!!!! Have chest pain for more than 10 days?
Tonsil soreness, possible infection, help?
Suddenly Awoken from sleep?????
In so much pain. What could i of done??
Possibly minor sprained ankle?
Should I go to the docter?
help on an sprained ankle?
how long should I wait to go to dr if you have severe diareah?
was dancing, landed wrong on my leg, now hip is swollen, whats wrong?
my husband cut off his finger at work but they were able to put it back but he wont be able to bend it?
Burning pain in back?
How can you tell if you have a sprained ankle?!?
i crashed my dirtbike medical HELP PLEASE?
a little help? iv been having a problem with my groin?
can you have a tfcc tear and it be overlooked?
Do i have a fractured.broken or sprained wrist?
why does my shoulder dislocate when i throw?
i have a partial tear in my shoulder?
Dropped a 25lb weight on my toe at the gym and now I don't know if it's just swollen and stiff , or it's broke?
Hurt lower back while diving/back flipping into water.?
Am I allergic to sterling silver?
my nose is constantly bleeding?
My eye has been really itchy?
I just accidentally ate some mold?
Can i be covered on my parents health care coverage?
Does white skin (even if people tan very well) need to be taken more care of in the sun than dark skin?
Why is my knee feel so weak? Why does my bone crack?
If I go to sleep with a really tight bracelet tied around my arm, what will happen?
My hair has been moulting a lot lately, why is this?
when i registered at the surgery, why didn't they ask me for any details, and they asked my parents?
Is heart disease one of the factors of getting sleep deprivation?
Can my eyesight weaken if i didnt wear my glasses?
Sleep Paralysis Worsening looking for information...?
How much can an entry level certified phlebotomist make hourly in Los Angeles County?
How can she stop throwing EVERYTHING!?!?
I am exhausted immediatly after exercise?
Why am I unable to hear the 20-22 khz mosquito ring-tones?
Please dying irregular sleep pattern!?
Difficulty breathing from smoking excessively a night?
my feet go blue/purple and they're cold?
Anyone else suffered with or have experiences with reoccurring localized pains in their head?
if i take excedrin migraine for a headache what will happen?
Everytime I bend my elbow, it either pops or the tendons shift. What could it be?
is it possible that it will hurt?
I have Type 2 Diabetes,Numbness of Feet?
Can you sell Insulin you no longer use?
Eating lots of sugar with type 2 diabetes - what will eventually happen if you do that?
Diabetes? Not enough iron? PLEASE HELP!?
What's a good cheese for diabetics?
what is hypoglycemic?
Do they make a 'low-sugar' milk?
How to lower blood sugar levels with type II diabetes?
How many days after blood test were you diagnosed diabetic?
Can high blood sugar cause pain?
diabeties in pregnancy?
with a reading of 130.9 does is indicates diabetes ?
a few random sugar questions (diabetic etc)?
what are the normal blood sugar (glucose) levels fasting and non fasting?
What is a Sugar Daddy?
I just found out im diabetic....???
Need Help Controlling My Type 1 Diabetes?
help! symptoms occur, what could it be?
Any idea why my feet are so itchy?
can you use sunbeds if you have gotten a coldsore? if so, whats the safest way to use them?
Which unblock to use?
Can men get corns in their feet?
My face is really red (cheeks, nose and chin) but it's has been clarified that it is NOT ROSACEA.?
anyone got any treatment suggestions for hives?
scrubbing keratosis pilaris???
I was bitten last year by an insect while in Lanzarote.?
Has Yasmin helped your acne???
Are we going into a great depression?
How to relieve stress?
What's the danger of over - diagnosed mood disorders?
I have been suffering from depression for a year now and i want to be happy but dont know if i truly do....?
what can I do to help my Borderline Personality Disorder. ?
How can u sleep after abusing ambien for so many years?
Have you acted this way?
Im in college and sad?
Can somebody please help me? I am a mom of 4 that is struggling hard to keep my home.I dont know what else to?
are my children protected?
I feel miserable, help?
how do you deal with major stress and depression?
ever feel the same way?
is there some sort of a sickness where you feel really weak? or is it because of not enough exercise?
Free mental help services?
How to help a depressed loved one?
has there been a flu virus present in the uk recently?
Why do some children have weak immune systems?
can any1 tel me where to find pie chart for influenza with words to descrip it?
Dermal fillers and hep c?
fluid passing through scabs?
the severity of a viral infection is linked to what?
page 3 pelvic inflammatory disease??
Is it a risk taking 2 antibiodics from the dermatologist for my acne?
Twinging feeling under my left rib?
I had a cold for 2 weeks and have had runny poo for 3 days...?
Weird spot on my face, please help!?
What are the benefits and problems of having artificial skin?
do you think im dying or is my doctor right?
why does my nose feel like its got burning smoke in it wen i breathe out?
How to treat a sunburn?
IS blood pressure 132/67 ok?
I have a bump in back of my head amd i want to know if it can be a tumor?
Is there any good cures for bad feet?
What happens if I take three dasatinib by accident instead of two?
How on earth is there no complete cure for acne?!?
Is moisturising good or bad for acne?
Wearing Contact lenses in an eye test?
How do I clear me blocked ears? Have a doc's appointment in a few days but can't hear a thing!! Help?
Really bad leg cramps at night?
I am confused.......?
Bit of an embarrassing question but do I have diarrhoea?
Fuzzy vision - give me a accurate cause and i'll give you a million $?
is there any think that can get rid of prematorie ejackulation ??
is it normal for someone to have a tight knot in there stomach all day and all night even when just watchin tv
bedtime for 16 year olds?
i went out on friday night and ever since I have had a ringing sensation in my ears. why is this?
Is having a shower with contact lenses on dangerous?
do you make funny faces when your about to co...............?
each time i breath in i have a sharp pain on the left of my stomach since four days ago?
Why am i always moody and snap at people for no reason ?
Nose Bleeds... / ? =]?
why and for what reason does a doctor ask us to say ,aw,?
I don't want to sound morbid! But can you fall asleep in a bath and drown?
do u know FLUOXETINE?
Do you get embarrassed buying tissues?
for ex smokers?
Why have my big toes gone numb?
what is the best method of covering/getting rid of a scar???
I have chest pains everyday?
what to do if coughing continuously for 2 months and no mucus coming out...help me...?
Am i Suffering from something serious?
smoking how does it generally take?
10 week old with cough/congestion (clear) and no fever and good appetite?
where can i find pictures of cystic fibrosis?
Chest/back problem.........?
Trouble breathing at night while laying down on back? im 15?
how long does the shortness of breath last due to bronchitis?
Has anyone ever went on a rollercoaster after smoking pot?
I have a 6 year old that has been coughing for a while it seems to be getting worse. he has no fever ?
have chest pain for than 10 days?
Treatment for lung scarring?
How would I know if I have iron deficiency anaemia?
how do i find out what is causing my migrains?
what kind of food can be taken after fever?
stutter its coming back?
a thyroid gland problem?
alopecia can you help?
does anyone know where I can get hold of a waterproof cover for the bed in sheffield, UK?
If someone suffers from really bad nerves, shaking hands etc could they serve pints of beer in a pub.?
Under my toe next to the little one I have a lump which feels like bone and very uncomfortable to walk on?
Lump on shoulder, anything to worry about?
have problems with stomach?
What is the english word for hindi word 'Sar Ghumna'?Is it Vertigo?
does anyone like putting gravy granules in there eyes?
HELP!! Is this phlegm problem serious? ?
Will an upset stomach go on its own?
Tips to cure a lost voice ?
Is this insomnia?
my boyfriends toenail is greenish and very flaky/brittle?
Hi, Today i have just been diagnosed with "Diverticular Disease." Is there any advice re: diet, treatment etc
Whats the best cure for trapped wind in an adult?
Did I kill my nail bed?
MY LEG! i ws walking when all of a sudden i got a really severe cramp in the bottom inside portion of my calf?
The hospital I went to broke a bone in my foot; what do I do?
My dog slammed his head into my neck?
Nursing Baby and Mother Taking Prescribed Anti-Depressants?
Jaw Popping and Excessive Ear Wax related problems?
i am having two wisdom teeth pull both on my right side one of them is impacted will I get laughing gas or?
Normal Blood Pressure and pulse or not?
HELP! I find myself constantly throwing-up after or during morning workouts?
Should I see a doctor about this?
when is brostrom procedure necessary?
When i go running my left leg starts to really ache all over my shin...?
what is wrong with my shoulder?
What daily vitamin should I take?
im ALWAYS tired..it's gotten worse?
Mouthful of pond water now have a sore throat?
i havent had a bowel movement in almost 5 days, when i breathe in my left side hurts very bad?
I'm refusing the iron tablets, what will happen?
when does tick season end in Nebraska?
What's the best chair posture-wise for someone with a sway back?
I have had upper right quadrant pain for the last week. Should I be seen in the emergency room?
clinic said i am "unfit to work" i think its because of weed.help!!!?
my 9 years child rectum came out while doing pee?
I smoked weed once, one hit, highly regret it. anyways i was told i did it wrong.?
Weed, (How Long?).....?
the tips of my fingers are tingling and wont stop.?
how to clear dark circles and undereye puffiness?
Can a minor buy Eyeglasses?
Dooo I have pink eye?
My friend cuts and im not sure if its real or for attention.?
HELP!! I'm Obsessed!?
Help with depression please!!!!?
Question about BIPOLAR??? diagnosing one self.?
Why do i have mutiple mental disorders?
my neurologist told me that i gotta stress & he gave me Lexapro & Xanax?
I took haldol&cogentin.how long do the side effects last?
Has anyone felt they needed therapy from going to therapy?
Biting my hands/knuckles... OCD?