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Are you also afraid of the dark?
so much stress......i cant sleep help me?
How do I get myself motivated?
why a number of girls are starving to death?!?
How can I improve the self confidence of someone? Especially someone struggling with alcohol?
I need help and fast..?
Ambien And Side Effects. Help?
Emotional Depth/Emotional Presence?
i think i have ocd, violent thoughts?
nerves and panic attacks?
Why does it happen that whenever i imagine myself doing certain things like walking the stairs or...?
Schizophrenia question ... could I be having it?
how bad can it get if i were to quit taking well-butrin cold turkey?
Zoloft Problems: Please Help?
what are piles?
what can you do about smelly feet?
Can anyone help?
how do i stop smoking weed?
i know this is not a nice question but why when you go to the toilet for a number 2 your cloaths dot smell....
will i grow taller..?
No sense of smell at all? what would cause this?
Is there any solutions which make a really sore throat better?
Who thinks twice a year is too often to change underpants.?
Do you think that I am going to die?
How can I put olive oil in my ear?
how do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
what is the heart machine (the one which goes beep) called?
temperature of 39.5, bad headache and achy legs, whats wrong?
How to get rid of deep earwax?
Why do people often sneeze when they look at a light?
Why am I always feeling cold?
Is it possible to grow a third ear?
What's the difference between a Chemist and a Pharmacy?
how to remove scars after cutting yourself?
What is a pre-employment "comprehensive health history" used for? ?
Can someone please help me with information about pain medication?
Computer game giving headache?
Bad BO.. Fenugreek !!!!?
I need a list of doctors available that will take Humana?
Foot Drop tingling burning sensation?
injuries to the skin generally heal faster than injuries to the brain?
How do i get over a muscle cramp?
what should i do?!?!?!?!? plz help!!!!?
My ankle is hurt weird?
are my contacts causing my eyes to change color?
has anyone heard of palmoplantar psoriasis?
Pitrasis Versicolor?
Whats the best Cream?Its driving me crazy!!?
what cream do you use to get rid of spots on your face?
any body got seb dermatitis on scalp?
how much is it to get thread/spider veins removed and can it be done in kingston upon hull does anyone know.?
Any ideas what causes spots around the jawline and neck?I'm 25.Any suggestions on cause or solution appreciate
acne, does proactive realy owrk ? lose you'r acne in 3 days work eathier?
My brother is 23 years old and is experiencing panic attacks,headaches etc. Is this depression?
blood tests showed infection?
trying to find a word chondocalcinosis?
I have a lump on my ear?
Underactive Thyroid?
how long untill diazepam starts to take effect and how long does it stay in the system?
Does anyone know what the drug Antinorex is prescribed for?
can you recommend something for IBS?
best fruits to reduce colestrol?
Tackling heart disease and poverty?
is it possible to beat diabetes?
Could I take krill oil instead of fish oil and still get the preventative benefits?
Why am i so tired all the time!! please help/answer!!?
OCD? One hour of your day?
Is he a bad therapist?
How to fix my Eating disorder?
How do I cope with a moody bf?
Feel tired and mentally drained all the time, but feel better after having a alcoholic drink?
Right kidney half the size of left kidney UK?
How do u get rid of razor burn?
how to start up a partition about blood clots?
why do so many people confuse osteopetrosis (witch i have ) with osteoporosis (witch is different)?
my friend keeps fainting?
I have been feeling dizzy over the weekend on and off and this morning i woke up with a nose bleed?
my dad is 76 and just a a triple by pass at Broadgreen?
I've started to like a close friend with borderline autism, would we have normal relationship if we went out?
Is coughing a symptom of strep throat?
has anyone ever been bitten by a sheep or goat, and then come down witht he "orf" virus?
Are manufacturers of hygiene products condemning our kids to a life with IDS?
Can 'cold sores' be cured ?
can any of you girls please help?
Can Glandular fever cause Dystonia?
yellow fever?
symptoms of nausea, flem, lack of appetite, blocked and runny nose?
what are the causes of a blood shot eye?
Hi people! I have been having nausea DAILY for two years now and its driving me mad! My doc says its anxiety??
is there anyone in the world who has nothing wrong with them?
Worried about damaging my hearing?
Which Organs can I donate (while I'm alive!)?
Is it ok to exsersize when feeling unwell??(cold,flu)?
IWhy do I get wet down there when I'm scared?
Anyone talk in their sleep? I do!! Apparently I make no sense!?
i dreamt that i was being attacked?
Why do I smoke when I'm online?
I think I`m getting this nasty cold!!!?
passive smoking?
Which sense do you enjoy using the most?
Is it possible to get ill just from stress?
If you suffer from ingrown toenails, is it possible to repair the toenail? Not to be ingrown? Why//Why not?
I find it hard to sit up straight?
the muscle under my eye won't stop moving !?
When do you use the toilet?
Im seriously considering getting my ears pinned back.?
how can i put on weight?
Why can't I sleep? But I can sleep on the weekends..?
Why does tea dry my lips out?
How can I boost her system?
My mother has body aches all over her body, is she going to be ok?
Can smoking while taking Vyvanse cause nausea?
wondering if you could tell me what you think i might have?
I often get headaches behind my right eye?
Headache from slipping on ice and hitting tailbone - should i be concerned?
Any best medicine or antibiotic over the counter for kids cold/cough ?
I live in Upland Ca where can i sell my like new electric wheelchair?
Some of our employees choose to have prayer with patients or other employees. This is a practice that is suppo?
Should I go to school the day before leg surgery?
was told i have a swallowing problem but pretty sure the food is hitting my stomach im gaining weight am i Ok?
What if your body temperature is below average 98.2?
Could my middle toe be broken?
How long does a sprained index finger take to heal?
could my foot be fractured?
Why am i hurting when i run?
help with pulled muscle in back?
ankles sore after standing 8hours what can help?
what to do when teenager pulls back?
How can fix problem for right arm?
will u have pain if u broke your finger?
question about toe nails?):?
Help infected ear lobe cut?
Strange tingling ??? please help?
i had an injury at work and it resulted in me losing half of my pinky. how much compensation?
Can i go in a pool when they have barley taken my ingrown toenail out a day ago?
I constantly see a horozontial black line across my left eye?
what can i do to get my balance back after a broken big toe?
can allergies make the room spin?
Best long-term allergy prevention?
Allergy symptoms that go away when I wear contacts... what gives?
is bells palsay (numbness in the face) permanent?
Why is my hand numb all the time?
reflux disease?
How many times more dangerous are Cigars compared to Cigarettes?
enlarged lymph nodes on my neck?
why do hospitals consentrate on clean hands when they should consentrate on the feet i.e botom of shoas?
I feel hungover every morning?
Scared I might have colon cancer or something serious. Help?
How much does it cost for corrective eye surgery?
Why do I keep needing to poo?
people who wake up from a coma?
Has anyone felt like this after taking tramadol painkillers?
will i still be able to breastfeed?
hey does anyone know if Acid reflux can cause anal itching?
I want to drink alcohol but suffer from IBS, any help?
how likely is epilepsy if your relative has it?
Where can I find pro-anorexia websites ?
How soon after getting Deep Vein Thrombosis????
Do I have hemorrhoids?
Does anyone have a cure for ingrowing hairs?
my daughter and myself both have a very scabby scalp but can not find any reason for it , any ideas?
How long will the side effects of Botox last in my facial muscles?
itchy skin in the same area but no reason any explanations?
i have a red dot n my face s big dosent look like a spot i think it s how can i get rid it ive used clearsil?
Skin Condition!?
Concerned about mole on breast?
How long do you think it will be, before we hear about people dying, as a result of spray- tanning?
Help!I'UsedToothPasteOnMyFaceOverNight,DidntGetRidOfSpots,MY FACE IS WRECKED! BLEACHED!?
What kills blackheads?!?
Erythromycin with milk?
is there a way i can get rid of verrucas in one day? like cut it all out or anything?
Will under active thyroid treatment help all symptoms?
outcomes of staff panicking?
What are these symptoms? please help?
Under the skin "arm" thickening?
Question about side effects of isotretinoin (Accutane)?
Can low iron cause blood pressure to go high?
My skin has turned horrible because of a new product?
What self esteem isn't ?
Fine Around Freinds... Alone I Panic?
whats wrong with me...?
How do I know if I'm developing the borderline symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Fear, Restless Mind, Fear on getting married?
What is it called when you have repetitive, annoying dream-like experiences while falling asleep?
Do i have ADHD? Or is it just the way i am?
What to do when your BPD (borderline personality disorder) gets the best of you and your life?
my mother has alzheimer shall i have it by time?
How do you improve on remembering without writing them down or medicine, for short-term and long-term?
i feel sad and emotionless while other times i feel very emotional?
Zoloft prescription med question, please help!?
Do i have a self esteem issue?
My friend cuts (for attention or for real?)?
how can i go about signing someone into a mental hospital?
Is trichotillomania related to self-mutilation?
Thank you to all the people on here who truly care.?
Is 82/50 to low for a 13 year old girls blood pressure?
It seems im having an extra beat with my heart what could this be?
Do I have low blood pressure?
Does your heart beat per minute increase without sleep?
can heart murmurs be caused by obesity? or at least that be a factor of it?
Have had this terrible back pain now for six months,what is causing it?
Can someone help me with these annoying pains i have been having?
Taking Celebrex and Parafon Forte Together?
left side pain pls help?
Upper Back pain that does not feel right?
my mom is so dizzy she cant stand up.what could be wrong ?
HELP! i accidently drank...?
Should I see a sports doctor?
When you get spacers(and or) rubberbands do they hurt?
what could be wrong with my head?
Pain in my back and now a swollen tattoo?
I am taking MSIR pills vs. Liquid for nausea/stomach pain?
Can I take extra vicodin for pain?
DO i have a hernia/ any ideas?
Directly on right side?
i have this burning like sensation in my right leg?
Has Any One used the Ultra Rapid Detox?
how much does an E.R. visit generally cost?
neck pains????????????????????????????????????????????????
why do i have pain in my heel when i dorsiflex?
is it possible that an ankle sprain can take up to a year to be 100%?
is 4 tylenol PM dangerous?
Severe Back painnn ! help?
I've got sore throat, and my neck hurts. my neck hurst as if it is connected to my throat. what could it be?
why does my collarbone hurt?
Where do I go to get help for my sister who's addicted to loritab?
I have a small protrusion of my upper waist, is this a hernia?
strange lower abdominal pains....whats going on?
I keep having panick attacks and feel really jittery all the time what wrong??
i dont empty my bowels everyday..?
why do we get migraines and headaches, 2 days ago i felt my head was going to explode?
Is there a natural way to delay your period, without taking tablets?
Anyone else suffer fromTinnitus?
does smoking weed cause baldness?
how do i get rid of strech marks?
Chronic stomach pain - please help??
Are you feeling sluggish today?
Quick relief for leg ache?
Why do i have a constant headache?
I think I am killing myself!?
I have a really runny nose!!!!??
Can you take aspirin while pregnant?
How do you stop your self from feeling sick ?
Grown up in training...help?
im looking for affordable health insurance?
all of a sudden my right eye has started to blink more fully than my left eye?
If you don't eat but you sleep but not that much will you faint?
Does my health insurance cover this?
How long does it take for weed to get out of ur system?
I awoke in the night with foot pain when I stretched or turn my foot. In the morning I could not put weight fo?
What could be causing my body parts falling asleep.?
My dad has a huge hernia on his tummy?
can i take nyquil after ive already taken aleve?
I have something on the inside of my eye lid?
are there any side effects to the diptheria injection?
what are the morbidity and mortality figures for Blyth Valley, Northumberland?
is nhs annual leave transferable?
is it normal to have two dents in my head above my ears about? I'm 15 years old.?
I fractured my radius bone and the doctor said I should only be in a cast for 3 weeks. Is this even possible?
Pulled upper back muscle?
OK well im 17 years old and i am very much considering a rhinoplasty ASAP!!!?
how do you get rid of a hernia after the first surgery went wrong?
Is it best to have a microdiscetomy done by an orthopedic surgeon, or neurosurgeon?
What is the respiratory rate of a lizard?
Can you buy concentration enhancing drugs? Are they legal?
Phlegm: when is it too much?
becoming more aware of my own heartbeat. what is this? x?
questions to ask while interviewing a heart surgeon?
Mummy's and daddys' who have given separate injections...? Repost?
a cold/congestion that just won't go away...?
The gallbladder?
HELP PLEASE! Can a 15 year old have a stroke?
Is anyone a doctor on here?
Cold In Throat, how to get rid of it?
What causes bleeding in the kidney?
How can I hide it and stop them from finding out?
i have a very bad cold what can i do to make it better?
Would it be ethical for me to have children if they are going to inherit my eyesight?
is the winter colds doing the rounds?
Does my Mum have a speech impediment because?
What causes pins and needles in left arm, leg and foot?
do pickled onions affect acne atall?
is colon cleansing REALLY necessary?
Headaches, dizziness and eye problems.?
Irritible Leg Syndrome?
What happens if a thyroid problem goes untreated?
What could be wrong with me?
I have had cramps and muscle pain through my arms and legs + a very sore back for years - what could it be ?
Blood shot eyes?
Gall Bladder removal?
My elderley Mum has very swollen legs?
Blood Test Advice Please!?
Psoriasis(sp) and hair?
i banged it on friday and it was the back of my head so how is the side sore?
I've been feeling kinda down for a while?
HOUSTON ONLY! I need hypnosis....?
I take zanax every day but failed my test please help.?
we have adopted our 7yr. grandson he has adhd bi polar where can we get help to pay meds?
help, I need to know. Does this count as anorexia?
What do you call this?
Stabbing addiction, is there such a thing? ?
How to overcome fear of inserting contacts?( READ ALL PLEASE)?
Citalopram - Quick question?
I cant get this off my mind! Can you please help me?
My mom has drank and has done drugs for over 30 years?
Alzheimers questions..help please..?
how do you 'catch' autism?
Does This Sound Like ADD to you?
Cutting, anger and distrust issues, and no insurance. What to do?
in yoga class, I often have painful sinus pressure after down-dog.?
how to get off those circle patches with metal , for your heart beat, off?
what is the diagnoses of the following symptoms, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing,dizzyness, and shaking?
HEART PAINS @ 20? Help (:?
Pain in my heart/chest area? 13 years old?
chances that i will have a heart attack or stroke?
(please help) Heart papitations 24/7?
How much caffiene will cause palpiations(heart)?
Does sneezing increase the heart rate?
what color does a persons face turn upon death from heart failure?
Did i faint or have a seizure?
What physical needs does a female aged 67 have?
Does this sound like a heart mumur.?
The wheels on the bus go round and round all night long..!!?
when i see women wearing rubber gloves that are nicely fitted it excites me is this strange and uncommon?
Is there any tip of medicine that make disappear black head nose?
My Urine smells of popcorn?
Will my GP provide me with sick note?
Lets have a big debate!! Do you think drug takers and alchoholics should be entitled to have there children?
how would you describe yourself?
Strep Throat AGAIN?
Apparently it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Is the same true of vomiting?
i have a blocked nose(runny2), light cough and a sore throat, and i just dont feel like moving..am i sick?
I have to go for a blood test tomorrow...?
i have white stuff on my earring when i take it out. what is it?
I have TB...help i need more info?
Could I be anemic, and should I get tested?
How to get rid of scares?
what causes pins and needles in your feet?
i find him quite rude!!?
How do you fake an illness?
My wife suffers from migraines on a regular basis.?
why do people always tell you to quit smoking?? when its none of their buisness?
What would u do, as a hospital staff, if u can smell burning but cannot see fire?
something really REALLY bad happened to me (i need loads of help here) PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME?
Do I have bronchitis?
What should I do? I'm dizzy and can't lay down?
How long does it take for medicin to work?
Weird Hangover Symptoms?
Has anyone here had viscosupplementation?
Not a blatter infection, what could it be?
What kind of sports can I do if I have sports hernia?
Why is there such a loud bubbling/crackling sound when I put ear wax softener in my ear?
night time stuffy nose problem? PLEASE HELP ME?
did i bruise my knee cap bone?
how can i make my blister go away fast?
Fell on my ankle and now have pain when put pressure on it?
My toe nail fell off, it started to grow back, but that one broke off,theres a lil bit of new toenail. HELP?
What type of thigh injury is this?
does pot affect you more if you haven't eaten or are low on sleep?
Can you get golfers elbow from keeping your arm bent too long?
have i sprained my foot?
did i do something worse than bruise my shin?
how to get cast on wrist ?/ by spraining or breaking it?
I got my 5th DT shot last week Thursday & it is still hurting. Is that normal? the nurse did hit the bone btw?
Can I bend my knee after ACL rupture?
My hands are burning up?
what kinda health care coverage do u need for alcohol counseling?
XTC didnt work last time from overuse will it work this time?
Knee brace recommendation?
My Absolute Eospinophils count is 2947, what does this mean?
feeling so run down! cant take it anymore!?
What will happen if you sit down on perforated round holes sheet metal?
lower back disk problem?
Anyone know where I can buy a metal and leather AFO (ankle foot orthosis brace) ?
Do I have food poisoning?
Do you know any treatment for autism?
is there a cure for bad breath?
if you have had a barium enema?
Can you define autism?
How would you know if you had hemorrhoids?
Medical question about something my bf experiences? Dont know how to explain really!?
Large amount of blood in urine not like normal?
i feel ill?
would a doctor be likely to instantly prescribe me an anti-depressant ?
anyone ever had bells palsy?
stomach cramps?
i have a disabled son is anyone in the same boat as me that i can talk to?
Why do I get Nasty cramps in my legs?
whats wrong with my head?
Inflamed liver, pain when I walk. Help?
side pain and nausea.?
I am taking vicodin for pain... and lyrica is this a bad combination.?
what are the external factors that have impact on skin care?
at what concentrations are imidazoles fungistatic/fungicidal?
how have any of u reacted to the add med, vyvanse?
Idk if i am depressed or just crazy. help me please?
Please explain how to interpret the # section on a sensitivity report. ?
why am i sad all the time !!?
how do you relieve stress?
I'm deppresed please help?
Depression doesn't make you non-deployable does it?
how do you handle panic attacks?
Should doctors have the right to cut life support?
Could this be anxiety?
What is a DSM-4TR used for?
how do i prevent myself from becoming a failure in life?
Does anyone know about or have a trance disorder?
what im talking about is depression?
i think i have a social disorder?
Am I loosing my mind? help!?
whats wrong with me? anxiety?
Where do headlice actually originate from ,how are they formed through what. GERMS NATURE ? Any ideas,?
getting over shingles but?
What can fix a bulging vein?
what does it mean when i feel dizzy or seems to have a headache when i am in front of my computer?
Why have I felt so bad for months?
why does he look at my leg a lot?
What's wrong with my shoulder?
what is this clicking in my head?
Why does my stomach hurt?
pain in right shoulder some numbness?
Where should I have the eye of horus, on my back of my neck shoulder?
after your gallblader has been removed do you still get pain like when I had my galblader?
I slipped down 3 stairs last night and broke my right heel bone?
back ache ?? is it serious?
my left leg gets very hot on the inside from about my knee down through the bottom of my foot?
Help! I had my tonsils taken out, I'm still in pain?
Does this seem like tendonitis?
Can anyone recommend a Specialist in NY for Interstital Cystitis (IC)?
What is wrong with my back?
What To Do About OCD?
can panick attacks harm me?
Apart from ME, Asperger's and dyslexia what other fashionable fake illnesses are there?
Advice needed..parents!?
i have been addicted to speed for 4 years.every time i try to quit i feel so rough i can't bear it.help please
I constantly get ulcers.?
What is 155cm in ft and inches?
Need to make a doctors appointment but would prefer a female. How do I make an appointment?
Is it true that if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball?
why do my eyes water??
i need help about a TONGUE PIERCING?
I fainted the day after giving blood, that isn't normal is it?
What is the difference between ibuprofen, paracetamol and aspirin?
where can i buy peppermint water?
What was your worst sleeping paralysis experience?
I haven't had a dump in 2 weeks... what should I do about this?
When I was a kid the shop where you got medicines from was called a "chemist shop". Now they are "pharmacies"
how do sleeping tablets know when to wake you up?
Poor Eyesight -> Blind?
Is it possible to survive with one kidney?
my daughter feels sick, dizzy, headache & sometimes tummy ache.?
Raw feeling in my lungs when I first wake up in the morning. Any medical advice?
Heart monitor... I ran out of the sticky things?
what causes damage to heart valves?
Which is more fatal:right or left side heart failure?
breathing problem--please help?
medical professionals and questions?
I keep seeing a flash in the outer corner of my right eye. any one know what this is?
My uncle has a bicycle pump sewed to his naval! Is he a bit of a character, or is my vision becoming blurred??
Smoking Question????
what is everyone's opinion on binge eating disorder?
What causes constant heart burn?
Can an argument cause a fit ?
what is fishalitas?
Got into a car accident like 2 months ago (Damage Nerve Endings)?
I have stress fractures on both sides of my L4 and L5 vertebra. I have some questions about resting..read dtls?
I think I tore part of my meniscus?
has anybody had laser eye surgery ?
Does anyone have any idea as to how to counter or preferably reverse Peyronies Disease? Doctors have no ideas?
Can hair be transplanted onto a skin graft?
arghhh spots?
bruise on arm?
Eating Disorder Subtype?
What is wrong with me!?!?Im..like sad!?
How do I go about getting therapy through my insurance?
How did you get over a depression period?
How do I let stuff go?
Is this some sort of disorder?
if the bile duct is white in colour what does this mean?
Is 13 hours of sleep okay?
Ear Stretching advise and questions.?
How many endoscopy procedures are carried out in the UK every year.?
I went on a tripand everytime I tried to sleep I felt like I was falling and I woke up?
Does anyone out there have numb fingers and hands?
First cardiologist appointment tomorrow, what to expect?
I have this wierd need to go pee on some random times of every other month or so ..sometimes every other week?
im hungry and tired but i cant eat or sleep?
what will happen if i don't treat my inguinal hernia?
97.1............normal or whats wrong?
I have an unusual headache?
A part of my hand turned a purple. What is it?
Is vitamin B good for me?
good practice on confidentiality?
how do you get rid of, or reduse a coldsore quickly?????
do kids today watch to much TV /video games etc?
So...England goes smoke free on the 1st July, that's sunday, does this mean.......?
I took a dump yesterday and now my bottom is really hurting?
why have health warning signs on cig packets when its for people that already smoke and know the risks?
I cant sleep right now?
I have a permanent craving for red meat what could be the cause.?
kelp tablets, wat do they do?
doctors appointment?
can your blood type detect which part of the world your ancestors probably originated from?
How many cigarettes do u have 2 smoke b4 u become addicted?
What kind of headaches do I have?
Why do i cry when i go to the toilet?
HELP....IS THIS SERIOUS????????????????
please can someone advise me what can cause double vision, not due to injury or bang to the head.?
What causes people to twitch constently?
Is there a name for a phobia of stickers?
My Hands...?
What hangover cure do you swear by?
HEART ISSUES. Please Answer?
mechanism of date fruit in lowering cholesterol level?
So do anyone know how to cure a broken heart?
Facial mole removal help 15 year old!?
Urine Therapy for Eczema?
chest infection or something else?
Caught a horrible flu and i have exams!? Please help!;/?
Wat do u think is d best cure 4 eczema.?
I have few day I am having headache, fever, chills, lost appetite?
Whats it called when you have phlegm in your throat and you keep coughing - something like cutar?
I think I have glandular fever, gone in 2 weeks?
physical development and illness?
I'm having a Spinal Fusion- Help please? :)?
Does anyone know of any good eczema creams containing cynergy TK, nano-lipobelle H-EQ10, and avocado oil?
Could i be diabetic? I have a few symptoms...?
I've been experiencing diabetes symptoms for a while now?
I am on statins and cannot eat Grapefruit... can I eat Pomelo ?
Advair and difficulty losing weight?
Ear stretching not for me?
hunger after a migraine?
Back pain started from the bottom and now it seems like it my upper back?
Shooting pains in the abdomen?
I was in a car accident and I still have pain in my chest from the seat belt.?
i have these leg cramps...?
Does the expiration date matter for painkillers.?
Dilaudid & Vicodin Conversion?
will my brain injury effect me later on in life?
how to make my back straight?
What to do with a popped blister?
What do you do for a dislocated finger hot or cold compress?
What happened, my toenail fell off?
Getting Rid of Calf Cramps?
My husband has injured his knee, tearing his ACL and miniscus, and needs to get a complete knee replacement?
what is self-esteem ?
Psych or therapy..which one? Please help me..?
My nerves are going insane!?
Am I weird because I am afraid of old people?
How do i just stop and focus on myself for once?
I have shingles...?
how accurate and good are them at home blood pressure cuff's that go around wrist?
Sleeping Position causing shoulder shoulder?
I am being treated for Chronic Pain in Phoenix Arizona, through no fault of my own(actually a little)?
I am medical technologist from the philippines, can I work as a plebotomist in the U?
Why do I feel so "spacey"?
I saw high contrast and fainted, and no one knows what happened!?
I have a florida massage lic. it expired in 2009. I live in Maine now and i'm trying to find info on how to?
Hard time hearing from my right ear?
How can I stop cough so I can sleep?
Got beaten up, confused by leg?
can you change your sleeping patteren?
Can ear damage happen from having your child's ear's flushed?
i am getting a complete blood test in the morning, what will it tell me? what diseases would it show?
Question about blood pressure medicine- Toprol XL?
How can i cure this at home; its really hurting :(?
What is Anitoxidant Health?
*10pts* I'm thinking about studying phlebotomy?
how do you differentiate between dandruff and psorisis?
What's the best way to get rid of the occasional spot that pops up on ur face for free?
Chemical peels for scars / pigmentation?
My asthma is getting bad please help?
how to make your skin glow.?
Why am I still feeling pain after recovering from a Spontaneous Pneumothorax?
Why would i have black watery diorrhea?
Has anyone used Aloe Vera for its health benefits? If so have you had good results?
How to apply TEA TREE OIL onto Spots?
how to get rid of razer bump marks?
I have had a constant tickle / dryness in my throat for 4 days?
Is there anything my man can do about his snoring without going to a doctors besides nose strips?
disposable contacts wear or open?
People that are middle aged (46 - 65 years).?
Question for asthmatics and diabetics........??
I am a 46 year old female and recently have started bitting my tongue or cheek when asleep?
Symptoms of shingles....?
Average height for a Ginger person.?
Is there anything you can buy to calm your nerves?
i have diarrhea & it just keeps running out of me!!! how do i stop it ?
How can i get spectacles for free..?
is it normal for a 13 year old to have back pains?
How can i grow taller ?
What are the long term effects of smoking weed?
:)help im having a heavy drinking what are your best hangover cures/ anything to prevent a bad hangover tnx al
Whats your favourite type of operation?
The air con in my office isn't working and I can't open the windows. Any advice how to keep cool?
anyone suffer from frozen shoulder?
knee replacement4 days ago?
why do i wake up in the morning with a sore throat and a runny nose ?
dont want to be depressed, dont want to take medication...?
why are you born with one leg biger than the other?
my son keeps on getting nose bleeds?
Leg Pains Everywhere?
smelly trainers!?
How long do you reckon I'm going to spend in the bath??
Can You Feel Your Heartbeat On Your Stomach?
what do you use to syringe your ears?
Brace kissing.........?
I have really bad muscle and flesh pain. I have arthristis but I think it is caused by something else...?
Eye-Head ache? what should I take?
my leg is cramping i havent excersiced my leg in awhile i started pool therapy last week shouldnt i be feelin?
Have you ever been prescribed percocets?
can some one explain what is ment by " Chronic illnesses"?
Difference between Viral and Virus??
Has anyone ever heard of this?
Is it a hamstring pull?
I can barely open my mouth! I got my wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago?
Whats wrong with my neck?
how is arthritis diagnosed?
What kind of guitar strings should i get for a person with carpel tunnel?
my children both have dilated pupils the majority of time, could this be relating to their diet?
What is a pain all around your stomach area to your back?
What can I do to make my leg muscle pains go away?
why am i having a bad headache whenever i go out whe it is sunny?
IBS Pain Relief without anti-depressants? Natural remedies?
Help With My Heel, More Advice?
I have pain in my rt Gluteal fold upon trying to stand up from a chair. See a doctor or do something myself?
I have a hurt hand, Help?
what illnesses/disorders does a full blood count pick up on?
My wife has been in cancer remision for over a year. Now painful swollen feet and legs. All tests are OK.?
sciatica just been diagnosed with how long will this last?
How long do iron tablets take to get into your system and help you feel better?
underactive thyriod?
Everytime i swallow it feels like there is a lump in my throat any ideas on what it could be ?
Is it o.k. to get pregnant if you are on steriods for Adrenal Insufficiency?
i was bleeding when i opened my bowels today,its worring me?
Sinus headaches?
food irritations? bowel problems? please help!?
Involuntary continuous nodding of the head?
stomach problems please help me?
EXTREMELY sharp pain that comes and goes on the lower left side where my pelvis and thigh connect?
My jaw and ears ache, my migraines keep coming back?
Cardiac catheterization?
I keep quickly shaking my head every now and then for some reason?
my younger sister talks down on me all the time, how do i deal? she knows i've been suicidal on and off and ?
problems with drug Seroquel?
Are these just nervous habits?
Help? Extreme mood swings!?
When starting SSRI medication...when are the side effects the worst?
Will I ever be okay again?
Lump below ankle bone and in pain?
Very painful shin injury?
how hard do you have to hit your temple to create brain damage?
Muscle soreness when I throw a baseball?
Help!! with damaged back?
I fell and heard a crack in my ankle?
im 14 and my left pinky tingles sometimes like in the middle. and im scared..?
did i sprain my knee?
How do you know when you have a concussion?
Distance Running: Do you have to have a Recovery day even when your legs are not sore?
Wrist pain? Need to know.?
I cannot walk on my feet...?
i fell on my coccyx help please?
Right eye bigger than my left!?
Possibly minor sprained ankle?
help on an sprained ankle?
how long should I wait to go to dr if you have severe diareah?
sma gold milk makes my 4 months baby vomit what other milk do you suggest?
I'm terribly sick and our Homecoming is this weekend...?
Does it seem like i popped my cherrry?
Could i be getting sick or just tired?
Nursing Medical Surgical Book?
help me solve my sleeping problem ;D?
i was just wondering if its bad for your arms to go to sleep and stay asleep all night?
How significant would sleep deprivation be in surviving a critical gunshot.?
When filling out paperwork at the doctor, do you tell the whole truth?
Can you use adhesive tape for stretching your ears?
Is this is a good replacement for the P90x recovery drink?
how do you get a licence for physical therapy in nj?
When will it be okay for me to eat again?
SOS serious health problem?
has anyone else had this happen?
How do you get THC out of your system in 4 days ?
Why am i deaf in my left ear?
How long would it take someone to develop symptoms of a dog allergy?
I have mitral valve prolapse and minor bleeding in my heart and I want to know more can anyone help me.?
Hydrocortisone 1% ? !!?
question about bed bug bites?
what is hay fever epidemic?
Big toe sore and swollen?
Is there a test for predisposition to alzheimer's?
To all specialists Diseases Hepatitis, especially HBV,?
Does actimel help with c-diff?
Support for significant others?
what organisms cause food poisoning?
Medication - Lattin translations?
contiguous what dose mean?
i think theres a virul outbreak in the uk & ireland have you got a sore throat/neck/nose/cough/fatigue?
advice on labradors?
need help finding hard to breathe and keepin couging up green and yellow stuff?
What symptoms do you get with stones in your system?
Why do I feel Dizzy....?
numb fingers?
how do I get over my bulimia?
My neice's baby son has just been diagnoised with cerlible posie,does anyone have any information or a web?
Um what happens if i get ink in a cut?
Broken Finger Help Please!?
Can a doctor please help me?
I got up to get something, and my back suddenley hurts, what happened?
how to remove my scar that i got on a operation in my left foot?
Help with swollen earlobe after piercing?
A Teenage Sleeping Problem?
How can i become more confident?
Do children with cerebral palsy need wheelchairs?
I am unable to walk more than a few yards - sometimes less. Need my front to be kept clear for taxis. How ?
I keep having migrains should i go to the doctor?
what is diverticulitis
i have an unnatural urge to eat plastic,paper and metal is this bad for me?
Swallowed a mouthful of petrol, any danger?
What are the effects on a baby when the mother sniffs petrol fumes during pregnancy?
I think i'm a vampire!?
answer please sore throat! help.?
My lenses tend to go dry quite quickly. What can I do?
will i grow anymoree?? 10 pointsss ?
Im starting to get a sore throat, bin sneezing a bit and seem to have hickups alot! what does this mean?
Antidepressants don't work??
why do bad evil people have the best of health. and good people have health problems?
Neighbour Problems! what can you do to prove how bad things are?
Infertile because of anorexia?
are hot baths good?
how do you learn how to do make up well?
Can you help me with my prescribed medication?
My lips are going purple at the corners and chapped in folds?
Does anyone know what treatment is available for varicose veins?
stearic acid in moisturisers?
how can you get information for acne laser treatment?
what food is good for repairing a damaged liver?
Could I be a 13-year-old with diabetes? ?
How do you get over depression from moving?
mental disability ?
Not exactly a panic attack?
Mind Over Matter For Healthy Living?
Hearing voices from too much video gaming?
Caffeine addiction!!?
Anyone else DID here?
How do I deal with noise frustrating me?
Does anyone know of Dexedrine (used for ADD/ADHD) causing brain damage?
For parents who have autistic children, what do you think of the gluten free diet? Has it helped to improve ?
im stressed and need help. how to cheer up and have less stress?
how do i help my brother go to rehab?
Mental illness - What is this and what Can I do? ?
Why do i get nervous all the time?
LEG PAIN! please help?
My knee hurts on the inside really bad it's been hurting for a month or two and i dont know what to do?
Slight pain immediately after workout?
I still have cronic pain from the knee to th ankle doc does not know what is wrong?
What should do I if I get terminated due to my job restrictions at work?
my dog has a cut on her pad of her front left foot. How should i treat it?
what could be causing my ankle to hurt.?
Ankle Sprain: Advice?
i have a very bad pain in my hip. HELP!!!?
Will this go away soon? Or should I go to the dentist?
I hit my head really hard last night on a chair?
Do I have a fracture or sprain?
How do you bring swelling down from a meniscus tear in knee?
What will happen to my broken ring finger, if both bones in it were crushed by an airbag?
remedys for a broken toe nuckle?
physical therapy question..rebalancing gait after ankle injury?
why does my back tingle and click in a certain spot?
Where can Cetraben be bought in the UK?
I have a needle under my skin, would it prolong healing after a surgery in the same area?
any athlete ever been on accutane?
what is this little red blemish?
A rash appeared on my face what could it be? and what is causing it?
Eczema in adults - what to do to get rid of it?
Is this a cold or just an Allergy?
Magnesium glycinate powder - where to buy?
7.5 hours of sleep a night?
How can you make your veins glow?
our kitchen burned down today and now im feeling ill! help?
Wendy tried to stay awake, but she fell asleep before the show started.?
Should I take laxatives for constipation?
What's wrong with me, please answer?
What are some of the oral/written communication challenges of pediatricians?
How many hours of sleep should I get per night?
What do I have?? what's wrong with my health?
what can drink or eat to bring blood count up?
todas las noches mi temperatura del cuerpo se eleva, toda la noches no es un hot flash no sudo ni siento calor?
Should I go to the doctor quickly about these blackouts?
my bestfriend is dying of a terminal illness....can i ask you all a?
Normal urine test results?
my blood pressure reading is 155/101 and pulse is 93 whats it mean.?
hi please help!?
bit of an embarrassing one about stools..?!?
My 2 year old boy has a cluster of lumps on his neck?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I am a 29 year old male. For the last couple of months I am having severe problem. My throat is burning & am h?
Terminally ill but my sister doesn't care?
I have been diagnosed with PC OS?
If I did 0.5 grams of cocaine last Wed. and have a urine test on Tuesday, tomorrow will it be out of my urine?
Endoscope sedation or not?
Do you think this is something to worry about-do i need another colonoscopy?
Can Grapes cause constipation?
Help with intense cramp pain?
headache in office time after gym in morning?
the common cold?
What should I do for a numb thumb?
should i get x rays any doctors out there?
Is there something wrong with my bones?
tingling in one hand?
I have been experiencing pain in just one leg. It is an achy feeling. Any ideas?
What is the cause of my knee pain?
broken, fractured or sprained?
Can anyone recommend which physio exercises help cure knee bursitis (housemaids knee)?
Ok, my wrists get pain in them every now and again. It hurts to twist them i get a awful pain. so i wear a ...?
why is my head so heavy?
pain in left side and gets really bad when I have to pee?
Tingling feeling in brain?
please help! burnt leg.. redness?
Whenever I raise or lower my head I got an intense pressure in my head, doesn't happen any other time.Thoughts?
Have you been here???????
for contact lens wearers?
Can having rage disorder be cured or treated effectively?
Every time I'm out I feel my every move is watched (the moment I walk out the front door). Can I cure this? ?
Depression/Anger Problem Need Some1 To Reach Out To Please...?
Has prozac caused excessive hunger or weight gain in you or your child?
I'm constantly tired and it is very hard for me to focus on things unless I am very interested in the subject?
A lot of people call me short nad I was wondering what I can do to deal with this?
do the onion and garlic help prevent and cure spots/?
What is a good job for someone with Generalized anxiety?
Can you say Depresseddd muchhh?
Do you think I'm depressed?
What is the best course of action to get rid of contact dermatitis?
Depression and obsessive compulsive tendencies?
I think i am being bullied help me!!?
home sick already how do cope with it?
What is my responsibility in this situation?
Help! Is it depression?
Sertraline reaction. help?
Have you ever experienced death and what did you see?
what should i do?????????
Should I feel bad about having post pardum depression?
acnestar is good for sensetive skin?
Do you know of any books that...?
Is this anxiety? and Why?
Prozac and Marijuana?
What Else Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Acne?
walgreens vaporizer not working?
How to treat ice pick acne scars? please help me :(?
Answer this question about drugs and consequence :)?
why are my armpits dark?
red bumps on feet, wrists and now back.?
In Australia does anyone know how much Robotic surgery for prostate cancer costs?
How long will it take to get my voice back?
help on the product V.I peel?
I sprained my wrist, whats the fastest way to heal?
Could I have possibly bruised the bone in my hand?
how to fix a broken arm?
Torn ligaments in the knee?
is my thumb sprained?
I have been feeling nauseous for the past five days. What could be wrong?
My leg hurts bad in the upper part?
Im not sure if this is a cold sore.. what do you think?
What's wrong with my Leg? HELP?
Another Knee Cartilage Operation.?
Green bruise on leg that was never blue/purple?
back walk over....... help!!!!!!?
how do i take care of a hyperextended elbow?
How do I heal a hyperextension when I have to keep working?
I have a open wound from my gallbladder surgery.?
cracking sound when i extend my elbows?
I have tendinitis in my Achilles tendon, how can I treat this for fast healing?
Back Pain and Bulging disk help?
Do I have a boxer's fracture and if so, how should I go about this?
omg i think i have diabetes?
Is it possible to 'get rid' of kidney 'spots' on backs of hands?
what causes to much proteen in urine?
i cant stand still properlly and have pain in side of head is this symptom for vertigo?
how can you have a migraine when you know its not the pain it the feeling??!?
blurry eyes when i wake up?
my tendon keeps hurting evon tough is fine?
Entire Black Eyes: Man in the hospital?
minor back & muscle problems?
Want to know something that is wrong with our health care system?
surgery aftercare for the ankle is this normal? help please?
My Hand is really hurting is is broken?
i would like to throw a few suggestions for HEALTH CARE IMPROVEMENT for OBAMA PLAN. How to reach out to pres?
I couldn't get much sleep last night, and when i woke up this morning i had a head ace and was cold. and tired?
Is there any way you could die, and not have it show up on an autopsy?
Inability to maintain body heat...?
i got stabbed lost freindz ??? need help?
Do I have a concusion?
Tore a muscle in my thigh?
Is it normal to feel really paranoid and guilty after a night of heavy drinking?
Is 2-3 poo's a day excessive? this is how many i have.its alot more lately than usual, sorry to be gross?
should i be jealous of this "man in the boat "guy?? is he a threat?
Are most men in the UK who are circumcised circumcised at birth or later?
What are the effects of not enough sunlight to the body? With all this awful weather were are having surely?
Taking out cartilage before it's healed?
Am I sick? Because I feel fine?
I leak when I get up off the toilet?
Feel sick after sleeping in the afternoon & get well at night....what's wrong with it?
Question for an ultrasound technician?
suggest an apt name for a health care cnter with emergency & day care surgeries plus Health check ups.?
What are possible causes for random bruising?
What is going on with my ears?
Why does my knee crack when I bend it ?
Transferring medical records?
Sometimes I Get Cold Sores After a Bad Cold?
eye wont stop twitching?
Head hurt when i laughed?
I find blood on pillow often,as I cannot see back wondering if in trouble?
Why my pinky toe feels numb almost every day?
What does crack smell like?
Itchy white welts on skin that last 1-2 hours (re-post with details)?
Why is my arm so shaky?
Germ Destruction?
does this sound like chicken pox?
I have had glanfular fever and it has been re-occuring for the last 3 years is there anything i can do??
what are the different types of degenerative diseases that occurs in elderly?
is it possible to catch c diff from bathing somebody?
Do you know someone who is allergic to Casein?
What kind of antibiotic can be taken when allergic to penicillin?
What are the side effects of antihestamines, such as alnix, co-aleva , claritin, if taken continuously,?
What to do about my cough?
stye on my eye ???????????????????????????????
are contact lenses suitable if im playing full contact football?
how long would it take for bronchitis to turn to pneumonia?
howcome i feel fine then i get dizzy and weak and start throwing up and my throat feels swollen?
I've have continual discomfort/ache around my heart, most of the time for the last 10days.?
coldsores the best cure ?
I am going for a dobutamine stress echo cardiogram?
Can sleep deprivation slow down and dull your wit?
Help me... Attention to people to those who have Disorientation!!?
what antidepressants make a person gain weight?
EXTRA PTS!! help- im obsessed with guys. and it throws me off!?
medication effects?????? or symptoms i should say.?
No insurance and need help!?
k i have really bad anxiety and when i put something in my head im ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT IT?
I'm in a really bad mood. Please help!?
If you are having addiction problems?
I Can't stop caring what others think. Please help,?!?
what can i take to improve memory?
how do i prove that im not lying?
mirtazapine + proplus?
Depression anti anxiety medications?
Why do i get depressed like this?... Help..?
I feel like I don't have a right to the things I have?
What if I got a new primary doctor and just came out and said...?
Mouth ulcer help!!!!! :D?
PLEASE ANSWER! I woke up with the biggest knot in my throat, it feels like the size of an EGG!?
A 12 letter word that describes the way a disease spreads from one person to another?
Hi iam 21 yrs old and been getting heartburn for 5days now with nonestop?
Tiredness, weakness and headaches?
my sister has just been diagnosed with anorexic?
My Grandaughter sleeps with her Mobile Phone under her pillow can this cause bad headaches.?
does anyone know wot i should look with epilepsy?
Vomiting blood after drinking?
I jammed my finger a month ago a couple times and it was swollen & sore. I jammed it again last night.?
tendonitis!!! please give me SOMETHING. any advice helps!?
New shoes causing hard painful bumps at the back of my ankle? Ouch!!!?
My neck really hurts after recently being in a car accident. Will the pain go away?
How long does it take for an ear drum to rupture?
What do you think happened?
What do I do at a massage place thing I'm kinda confused it's my first time?
What is wrong with my ankle? Is it an ankle sprain?
After icing my Hip Flexer, My whole Quadricep is numb?
I had a drainage bag on me after surgery.?
When you get fitted for a knee brace, do you get it in the same day? or have to wait?
Tingling/hurting sensation?
What should I do about a meniscal tear in my knee?
Went to hospital for a sore arm, got it xrayed one doctor said my scaphoid is broken the other said it's fine?
what is the name of fluid between heart? please its urgent?
an extra heart beat could it be just a palapatation?
MRSA? Work with old people, have psoriasis, daughter works with old people, has dermatitis, any problem?
Has anyone used Acu-med pain patches?
Hereditary Baldness?
what is the best way to quit smoking ????
can anyone help me diagnose?
what is the ridge under your nose called can anyone tell me i used to kno now its driving me potty!!!!!??
what shall i do ? i keep getting faint and there is no1 home!?
What is ferosumide for?
what can i do to get rid of varicose veins ??
how to get rid of this worry?
I have a phobia against fat people what should i do ?
Bed Wetting at 16?
They are just the best arent they?!!! Massive!!!! I love them.?