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Why do my shoulders keep clicking?
need solution for irritable bowel?
Pain in back of Neck when I turn my head left or right....?
Could I have been wrongly diagnosed?
does anyone know of a good chat room for someone with fibromyalgia?
How do you know if you have a thyroid probelm?
What happens to me if i give my kidney to my sister?
balance problems?
help high blood pressure !!!!!!!?
Is it normal for your heart to feel like it working to hard?
Can i have an allergic reaction to the dish soap left behind on the dishes?
Delayed Honey Bee sting reaction?
my nose keeps getting stuffy?
Runny nose problemooooo?
I'm allergic to milk, does the dry cereals contain any milk products ?
question about takibg too much allergy medicine?
What would help me manage my psoriasis? Does anyone have any tips?
Patches of dry white 'goosebump like' spots on arm?
I pierced my tongue an there white yellowish stuff coming out is it infected it not swollen are hurting..?
What's the reason for puss in spots?
An inflammation on the left side of the middle finger ...is it paronychia? It's been four weeks I had this?
A good face wash which get's rid of and prevents acne?
Why do i suffer with constipation?
i am noticable veiny?
how long does an over granulation wound take to heal?
how can you help someone who is dealing with depression?
Is this a good thing or not?
Which mental disorder?
I am a 23 year old who is suffering horribly with anxiety. I cannot go far from my mother and I need to know?
Is there any songs out there that is about someone going crazy after someone has left them or died? (60's-now)?
LEXAPRO question..i've been taking it and im gaining weight like a mofo. what the H is going on?
I feel awful i can not do more!!!!!!?
Fear of relapsing back to my eating disorder?
I feel like a failure!! HELP!!?
Difference in mental health degrees / specialties.?
what are the risks of the neuralgia?what are the causes?
i take depakote, lexapro, and straterra, and now im weening off of straterra and taking focalin?
what kind of doctor should i go to?
please help friends I m so much confused?
friday i start softball in gym and im SOO SCARED AND NERVOUS PLEASE HELPP :(?
if someone has a mental breakdown or something like that what are some of the medications that could be used?
PLEASE HELP I'm having intrusive, scary, weird thoughts ?
Surgery after giving blood?
I cant sleep im really hot help?
How many of you have NEVER smoked, drank, or one drugs?
Ever since visiting a Chiropractor, I've been able to crack my own neck....when I told him, he was NOT happy.?
I think I'm in big trouble?
Can child protective services access and use my medical records?
My body is soo tired but I cant sleep....Please I need some advise?
Waking up dehydrated every morning?
i dont get any sleep?
Health insurance confidentiality?
How can i find a healthcare job?
Sick and itchy all over...?
My body is always hot at night and my boyfriend sometimes give me space in bed?
Feels like someone is sitting on my abdomen, not my chest?
sore chest sore throat, thick green mucas/phlegm what could i have?
Why do i only cough at night?
Can being around smokers make you cough even when they aren't smoking around you?
Is this a sinus infection?
i smoked pot about two weeks ago,tested myself last fri and was clean?
does smoking make conditions worst in any way for persons with Chronic Pancreatitis?
Whats wrong with me? (medically)?
Shaking during fevers?
breathing problems while sleeping?
How would you know if Carbon Monoxide is in your immediate airspace?
do these symptoms sound like side effects from weed?
sore throat from bug spray or flu?
My son has pneumonia but has been on antibiotics for about 4 days now is it ok to let him go play?
Losing my voice due to post nasal drip?
Am I anemic because of my asthma?
severe sinus infection?
i have ms am i intitled to dla i cant walk far help please?
Does any one else get large sore lumps that are very painful?
A tragic question. Did the sufferers from Thalidomide all die early deaths?
can anyone tell me about calcification?
How do I get in touch with people who answer my question?
Every time i swallow my throat hurts?
I have a swollen,inflamed eyelid.I,ve had it for months.?
are x-rays reliable?
Where can i go for a Free Trial session of Hypoxi Therapy?
what side is ur apendix in?
I have soreness and pain all over. What could it be?
Pins and needles like feeling on right side of body?
Sciatic Nerve on right side?
why do i have this pain on my back thigh area?
Pain/Pressure in my upper left back when I breathe in...?
I am am post op and taking Keflex prescribed by my doctor. I am feeling very nauseted.?
does having acid reflex and heartburn and pain in my legs have anything to do with my heary?
would having acid reflex and heartburn and pain in my legs have anything to do with my heart?
I dont think i can feel pain or bleed?
Please, I need help, I am tired of my Headaches!!?
I am having Pain in the ribs?
My mothers lower stomach is stinging from the inside, on the right side, what do you think it is?
what happened on my upper left arm?
RE:endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)?
I am 29 and can i inject chicken pox vaccination from nhs?
Does anyone know what the school entry booster jab consists of in the uk?
I am getting rashes all over my body and my hands&Legs are swollen?
My white blood cell count is 1.8. I'm not sick and haven't been diagnosed with an illness/disease. Why?
what are the signs and the first symptoms?
advice on blepharitis?
why cant we tickle ourselves???
Do you think that this is bad?
The Contraceptive Pill?
I have smoked at least 20 cigs a day for 20 years.Is the damage I have done to myself irreversible?
What it like to smoke weed? Why do the pupils dilate and what emotions come out?
How do you relax?
Do bogies have any nutritional value?
good morning ppl, how R u feeling this morning??
Is it true that u get paid 2 donate blood??How much and where in London can I do it?
can i hand my notice in whilst on sick leave?
If you had to stab yourself where is a safe body shot away from any arteries?
help my daughter uses sunbeds?
What really causes stomach ulcer?
Why do cigars and smokes make you feel lightheaded?
what is the best thing for me 2 do?
Just curious - Shaven or not to be?
Muscle/nerve damage possible recovery?
How do I know if I should see a doctor for my hand?
my toe hurts really bad?
i have been waiting over seven years for a hospital appointment?
how do you take chewing gum off eyes?
why all the laughing?
Should i get and x-ray if i had immediate swelling and bruising, after hitting my shin on a pole?
how long does it take for stomach pain to go away after the refeeding process?
im 18 and im 5"5 will i grow anymore?
puppy had a head injury, his brain is swollen, how do i take care of puppy?
problem with big toe?
Can I fake a growth plate fracture ?
how to get rid of a black eye quick?
If anybody has an experience with knee pain or injury, please read this question.?
Woke up this morning with this...? Emergency!?
achilles tendon surgery?
Is it okay for me to pull my dead toenail off ?
My pierced ear is swelling up, what should I do?
Fracture in the ankle?? 10 POINTS.?
Most effective treatments for severe cellulite?
Armpit lump, what could be the problem?
I have a purple-ish rash on my face?
pink heart thing dangling under my cat or is she in danger?
stroke, heart attack , illness?
which of the following is a sign that an animal is about to suffer cardiopulmonary arrest?
Age 47 male, Atenolol 50 lossarten potassium 50 , now BP 80/130 pulse 58 any suggestion please.?
ICU -intensive care unit?
Who has PVCs? How serious is it?
Mitral and Tricuspid regurgitation?
Heart Problems and Xrays?
146 over 99 blood pressure?
Is it possible to build an allergic reaction to alcohol?
Allergies? Nose problem? Nose so stuffed?!?
so why is that i get swollen for no reason like i haven't ate anything &i didn't think im allergic to anything?
lump on my toe no pain?
shoulder pain, answer asap please.?
What would the _medical_ after-effects of 6 months imprisonment be for my character?
will a bloodbank store your blood for later personal use?
Pulled Neck Muscle, competition, what to do?
Tired and a fever...what can it be?
me contact is stuck somewhere IN my eye?
I have just found what I suspect to be a ''femoral hernia'' on my lower abdomen.... what shall I do now?
how to stop being mean in my sleep?
What section would you find Hammer Toe in a nursing care plan book?
The pigment melanin is usually some shade of red, yellow, or brown? True or False?
i had a general anesthetc and liked it to much?
Can anyone explain this ultrasound report?
Do I have food poisoning?
Where can I get a DT shot?
Will my urine test show up on my health insurance report?
How long can you hold your urine before it becomes harmful?
Itch/tingle on top of arm, could it be a pinched nerve?
can asma stop him from doing his job?
Do hyperbaric chambers help brain injuries?
I'm 5 months pregnant and I been havethis serious cold as in coughing sneezing runny nose and short of breath?
Coughing blood HELPP !!?
panic attack!!!??? help!!?
Vaporizer? How does it work?!?
Is it normal for one cheek bone to be bigger than the other?
what kinds of illness show symptoms of coughing up blood?
Why do I have mucus in my chest?
Asthma attack?! help please?
Small amount of blood in stool with mucus!?
Can my PCP just drop me?
is clindamycin strong antibiotic?
Pains in my lower right part of my back?
Bronchitis? Do I sound like I have it?
Looking for the name of an illness?
Having trouble breathing ... need to gasp for air, need some advice please.?
I'm having dificulty breathing?
Ive had tonsillitis for nearly 2 weeks and i'm on my third type off antibiotics called Clarithromycin?
why have i always been content to not do much?
I suffer from depression since the death of my husband 11 years ago. The only anti depressants that work are ?
What stimulant medication is best to try for those with comorbid anxiety / depression with ADHD?
I feel really worthless...?
Wooo....ive been up for 16.5 hours, now im very loopy/crazy/not myself. Does this happen to you?
What does it mean if you can't...?
I dont know what to do any more.?
Quick question about Prozac?
friend wants to stop living?
Blood in toilet after bowel movement?
i have tonsillitis ... will anti-biotics affect contraceptive pill?
Child health. Please help?
why does it hurt when i have a poo?
Suggestions for getting 5 year old to take penicillin?
where can i buy cheap valium online?
my gf is really sick and thinks maybe she has food poisoning!?
i have a medical question about death, please dont read if you will find it distressing?
Hi, i have been given antibiotics last week, and need to know if its dangerous to drink alcohol???
how can 1 person break every bone in his body but still be alive?
Which of these is the most lethal drug....?
what should one do to prevent doctors?
why do's it smell bad when you break wind?
What can I say to prevent being sacked?
what should i do? i sweat wayyy too much?
How does alcohol affect Intellectual development?
Clearing a blocked nose???????????????
Is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open ?
how to get rid of a chesty cough?
Does anyone know deodrant that actually works?
how many nostrails do we have?
havein ur peroid 2 in a month is tha ok?
If Walter Raleigh had brought back marijuana instead of tobacco, would we all be hopheads now?
Why doesn't the NHS pay for teeth and sight?
where can i buy tropinine?
Sprained top of my foot a week ago - how long to heal?
severely bruised knee?
I have a little cut on my upper inside lip?
Which is the best choice for ankle braces?
Should i be using my crutches?
I think i sprained my ring finger... how would i know whats wrong with it?
My ears keep popping and I don't know why. Please help?
Once in a while I get a tight squeeze on my left arm it last for maybe 15 min.?
How long will it take for my sprained thumb to heal and what can I do to make it heal faster or feel better?
Should i rip off my toenail?
Blisters on heel. Any advice?
How to get rid of knee stiffness/sprained feeling?
a T.V fell on my head yesterday and today that side of my head is numb today Whats my problem?
What is the incubation period for impetigo?
how long is cdt infection contageous?
Help Please!!!?
How long does the Typhoid vaccination last?
can you build an immunity to bacillus cereus (poisoning from rice held at room temperature)?
When was the last case of RABIES in the UK?
i have this lump on my head thats growing frizzy hair?
I have a typical combination skin, oily t-zone,and the rest is dry.?
Can I go on Roaccutane if I'm on psych meds?
what is the detecting EBV?
How can I clean my face without using products?
Okay I'm 18 and still have spots/Blackheads/Whiteheads!?
what is the first thing a gastroenterologist do?
Freezing hands all the time since I can remember!?
Does nybody know any home cures for?
Itching in roof of mouth?
Why does attaching electrodes to my very wounded arm feel so good?
Well now I am stable mentally and I am handling situations greatly on my own what other supplements I can take?
I'm getting sharp pains in my heart and don't know what it is?
my 72 yo mother has 80% blockage in her carotid artery in her neck.?
About my wife blood pressure?
whats the average cholesterol for a thirty year old male?
are there any vitamins that cause blood pressure to go up?
having heart pains/ chest pain?
Pain on left side of the head?
I'm terribly congested in my nose so I went to the doctor?
My sleeping schedule is throwing me off!?
how to relax?!?? with my story..?
Lack of appreciation bothers you?
what do u call someone who fears crying?
I need recommendations for anxiety and more please read?
i have hallucinations and paranoia?
What is the best way to handle stress?
Has anyone felt hopeless?
I'm positive I have adult ADHD, but...?
If you tell the clinic you don't have health insurance, is there a way for parents to know about birthcontrol?
has anyone smoked spike diamon?
Any ideas on what this could be?
How can I keep hydrated during sleep without having to wake up to pee in the middle of the night?
I can start to see my veins in my arms and hands?
Comparison between American and European socialized medicines.?
Would it be okay to put antibiotic cream on my earring?
How to create sleepy look? I want to LOOK tired...?
Does my body produce more water than its supposed to?
When should i feel better ? ASAP Answer now please.?
about 3 years ago i developed a severe sweating problem in groin area...i have been to several doctors?
constant allnighters affect my health?
Back and chest pains after food poisoning?
Can diareaa be caused by an abcess?
Getting sick every year?
my brother hit me in the eye with an oyster, now i cant see?
My right eye vision is -8.00 and my left is 6.00, where does this put me on the 20/20 scale?
In my left eye, it feels like there is something in it under my eye lids and it will get cloudy sometimes?
my skin just gone dry and it wasnt dry before?
My thumb has swolen to twice it's normal size....?
i have a SP catheter and would appreciate any advice on dressing the site?
Does anyone know what the problem is??
Kidney failure. Any advice?
Does anyone else suffer with attacks of vertigo ( extreme dizziness)?
do smelly people know they smell?
embarrassing bum question!!!!!?
reasonable ajustments?
lump in throat?? had for a few hours now!!?
Anyone have any experience with Bell's Palsy?
Is there anyway to stop coughing?
do i have a eating disorder?
What does heart burn feel like?
My ankles hurt really bad?
What could this be -- if anything ?
Why is my knee hurting me?
Why do i cut myself? It hurts!?
am i making this worse?
my husband has a pinched nerve in the lower back area what can we do to fix it ?
army discharge for neck fusion?
Does cartilage heal normally after being hit pretty hard?
Achilles tendon injury from longboarding?
if you were told that your baby had a genetic problem wot would you do ?
How do i help my partner stop snoring ?
Why is it that when you breathe out the air is warm but when you blow the air is cool?
Do you wash your bum?
Should medical and health questions be banned on Y/A?
Details bout an M.R.I SCAN?
I got poo on my hand when I rubbed poo in my face. Help.?
Why does it seem that Americans are nearly all circumcised and think it weird if men aren't?
What types of people take out Private Medical Insurance in UK?
eyelashes ?
Constant Headaches?
Operations and scars?
blood test results, please explain?
what body shape am i ?
why isnt ALL shampoo 'no more tears'?
what would happen if somebody needed a few stitches but never got them removed?
what does my doctor mean?
almost had downs?
am i the right weight for my height?
How long should you stay in the bath?
when do you think i should go to the doctor?
How long to heal after a heart cath? I am in so much pain.?
shingles- how contagious is it?
Flu: How to recover from one, when you can't get day off work?
What is the best way to prevent a cold coming? And whats the best thing to take when you have one?
Does anyone know of any contact lense solution that hasent been tested on animals?
Why are diseases spread by mosquitoes not present everywhere mosquitoes are, e.g. malaria in Europe?
what does a high platelet count in babies mean?
what is epithelial cells?
how do you feel whn you have an infection with the bldder?
Is it normal for a healthy persons oxygen saturation to drop to 93% when exercising?
Are these allergies? Please help.?
Weird smell in my house, not sure if it's mold?
my child got only two shots for hepa b,will he be infected with the decease?
How do i know if I am having a relapse of depression?
Is this bronchitis???
Can i play soccer today if it usually makes my asthma worse?
What is this speech disorder called?
In an easy to understand definition, what is "bipolar"?
What can I do about being so unsocial to the point I talk to my "imagination"?
Struggling With Anger. HELP Please?
How long does a cough last for?
I honestly feel like dying.?
who can i talk to for helP?
Help me my life is horrible?
Can you help me with my worrying problem?
Is my mind telling me something's wrong with my body?
Suggestions on the best course of action?
What would explain memory loss?
What to do with an unstable future mother-in-law who is about to make me have a mental breakdown?
Please help asap!!!!!?
High School is Miserable for me. How do I deal? PLEASE HELP! ?
Blood in my nose but not dripping out?
What is a good medicine for under eye bags. Also, what meds can I take to sleep? I hear noises while slpn :-(?
Im sleeping very little at night, can sleeping throughout the day help?
Why does my shoulder get ice cold while i sleep?
Why Do My Feet and Hands Fall Asleep Quickly?
When i fall a sleep or about to fall a sleep it feels like the room is spining whats it mean?
what is up my short fingers?
Whats wrong with my eyes and head?
Back aches neck aches sniffles feeling tired?
I have really bad left side pain? (more info written)?
Should i play rugby if i have a heamoroid?
If my boyfriend have Pectus Excavatum and i don't will our children in the future have it?
Has anyone ever woken up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep and feel like your body is on fire?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it bad to spread my sleep time, even if i get enough hours a day?
Help understanding blood work results & symptoms?
What is up with my eyes?
Regarding our eye ball?
Please help, I have an itchy volvo?
how do i stop my legs from being so dry?
Can bulimia cause certain types of cancers?
What are the symtoms of glandular fever?
Breathing problems but not asthma ?
Infected Tragus! HELP!!?
Heart beat per minute?
CO2 laser treatment for acne scarring?
Why do I keep getting spots now..at 28? Never really had them before.?
Lost Sense of Smell!?
Blocked ears by a cold?
Can anyone recommend a good tonic?
Is there a cure for Vertigo?
Do you agree that there is a nerve's pulse = more than double the heart beat?
If you have big ears can you hear better than a small eared person?
Can anyone diagnose my boyfriends illness?
Swollen gland at the back of neck??
Help Am I A Alcoholic ?
I am having some trouble swallowing, I am undergoing test, but hopefully it's nothing to serious.?
Random question, just wondering if I had an underlying medical condition?
does anyone out there have an elderly parent who is visibly unwell but wont go to the drs my dad is 81 awfull?
why has my son no appetite and has yellow diarrhoea in colour.?
when an ultrasound is performed can they look at the stomach as well as the liver etc?
HELP!!!! 11 years of recurring mouth ulcers! how can i prevent them?
Can anyone explain Perthes Disease in simple form?
Is there anyone who has Chrones Disease who can help me.?
Should I worry about this lump?
can being nervous all the time lead to some disorder?
my mother has lupus systemic for 35yrs I have fibromyalgia any connection?
My little cousin has a perforated eardrum?
Has anyone had a Glycolic Acid skin peel and if so what were the results?
what are the effects of excessive debridement of feet (sole)?
Allergic reaction to mangos?
does chocolate contain gluten?
what is the side effect of zyrtec?
What is wrong with my hand?
Is my cheekbone broken?
Could I be seriously injured?
who can help me with my toe?
My calf hurts very bad from a football accident?
Can my tibiaor fibia be broken if it not swelling or busied?
I just cut myself and my hand feels weird?
smoking roll-ups, why did it hurt?
why does my head feel like its being shaked?
what's wrong with my knee?
throat hurts to swallow and left nostril bunged up had it for 4 days what is it?
gallstones? Has anyone had them?
Itchy Posterior during meeting?
Where can people get checked for STIs?
whats wrong with my rash?
Headaches! Any natural ways to cure?
How are dimples made?
my mum cant have tablets, whats the alternatives?
how to be open minded?
are shoes and cottons from China and India safe from toxins?
What happens if you sleep a lot? Is over sleeping bad for health?
Do you wear deodorant on a regular basis or do you leave it to chance?
I got an immense misserableness! What can I do?
Heartburn remedy??? Please help!?
Right. when you get white stuff coming out of blisters is it 'white blood' or water?
What are the general symptoms of low iron?
Is too much television bad for you?
hi plz help i think i have cancer?
Is there a health benefit to drinking hot water?
How do I make my cold worse?
Can anyone give help me with this?
Can too much noise kill you?
Question about dehydration/diarrhea?
medical negligence?
stomach bug?
Depressed and don't know why?
Whats wrong with me: my appearance makes me cringe.?
anothername for talk therapy?
please read... i say funny thing when i wake up and i cant sleep no more then 4 hrs.......?
i have been up 33 hours now drinking what will happend?
Clicking sound in ear?
Can't go back to sleep!?
is it bad to sleep during the day?
what can i take at night to help my dry cough and sleep?
What would be causing a painful discharge out of both of my eyes and large amounts of sinus pressure?
Is sleeping on the floor any use if you have bedbugs?
is it bad to sleep with your face covered?
Did i pass out because of seeing blood being drawn ?
Any recommendations for primary care doctors in Orange County?
What does it take to be a successful clinical research participant?
question about nicotine patch?
Pain in my head... ? please help?
What could this mean? medically.?
has shingles come back again?
i think i have Transvestic fetishism!?!?
what are the signs of kidney stones?
People with knowledge of hypothyroidism- can u help?
Is Dr Frank around? I don't know if I got fobbed off by the consultant today?
I am a dancer and i need my splits.the only thing holding back my flexibility is my tight hamstrings.?
How do you know if you have a pinched nerve?
I have had this sharp pain right under my ribcage, any ideas?
Severe chest and back pain?
What's been bothering you lately?
My knuckles hurt on my pointer, middle and ring figure. what could this mean?
My hamster has a sore on her leg, is there any way I can help her?
i have a burning pain in my leg?
Is this just in my head?
Why do I always feel drowsy?
Leg limps!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
gallstone pain HELP !!!?
my throat is hurting me i feel it in my neck to my ear and i have a headache.what should i take?
Help. Lump on lower lip.?
When playing basketball I get a sharp pain.....?
My mom's leg has been hurting a lot lately?
I have major foot pain...why?
Why did I suddenly change from nearsighted to farsighted?
Brain twitches and eye floaters?
Do you personally know anyone who has been injured in a hunting accident?
Regarding walking with wrist weights?
Anyone feel weird after taking Tylenol PM ?
I am in so much pain?
I have pain in my ears. I have been to the doctor several time but no infection. What can it be?
allergic to Alcohol ?
Irritation in my eye...?
Is this an allergic reaction, and if so, how severe is it?
Asthma, a bad cold, and pregnant?
Can I damage my lungs?
I was punched right below my temple it's been about 8 hours do you think i will get a black eye ?
Can vitamin D cream improve a R.S.I. injury?
i need a place a take care of me while i recooperate from surgery?
what are the 7 motions of the shoulder?
I had just recently broken my nose and i had surgery just past 48 hours ago for it?
What can radiation do to you...the central heating one?
How would you react to someone who cuts or has cut themself?
Why is there a lot of severe disfigurement in India?
if deodorant with aluminium can give you breast cancer, then what deodorants have not got aluminium?
Do people get sick because of stress?
How many of your friends smoke cannabis/marijuana?
i smoke weed everyday and i think its getting to me, i need a hobby?
The inside part of my lower legs on both legs.?
Epidural steroid injection for elbow?
i would like to ask a question about a thumb injuryuld you like to ask?
my fingernail came off with nail fungus?
Why can't we breathe with both our nose and our mouth at the same time?
Do water Make some body to reduce Weight?
What should i do with my dry lips?
broken growth plate in foot?
I hit my head with my tennis racquet?
How long does it take a burn in your throat to heal?
i just hit the back of my head on a wall by accident is there going to be bleeding in my head?
Who should I see about a potential bicep tendon tear?
What makes a doctor better than the other?
Is there a way you can stop yourself vommiting forever? if no, why not?
Are there any meds or home remedies that help lose fat quickly without having to take the time to work out?
Diuretics okay to get rid of marijuana THC?
why does a chemist take so long to make up a prescription, even when it's ready made, ie pills and lotions
dents/holes from stiches on scar?
Has anyone had a mole removed before?
please advise me i have never been in this position before?
spinal cord injury question?
Wrist sprain, 2weeks stil not better?
How do you know if you have dislocated your toe?
Sharp pain in my left shoulder?
Does it hurt much when you get your tonisils removed???
what is trigger thumb?
My knees always click and ache?
I'm not fatter or thinner than I was when I was younger, so why do I have this double chin?
i keep getting headaches when i get in the bath why is this?
what instant remedies can be used for hands sore from handling fresh chilli?
Neurofibromatosis lumps and cancerous Lumps how do you tell the difference?
How do you get rid of persistent ringworm?
Coverup makeup for men?
Sleep Paralysis/Hag Phenomena?
Please help me this is serious ?
Whens the best time to take LEXAPRO 10mg?
question about Lunesta please answer.. ?
im sick any advice?
what foods are good for anxiety?
I have the beginnings of a cold sore on my lip.?
Can you go to catering collage if you have a food allergy?
How can I get a fever overnight?
Can i use dalacin t together with neo-medrol acne lotion.?
Acne and scarring... How to improve appearance (aside from meds)?
i have really oily skin on my facee how can i get rid of it?
can someone link me up with buyin the right dermablend for my white skin patches please?
I suffer from GPC. My right eye is always red, is it from loss of sleep? Allergies? How will this ever go away?
Is there a chart online that lists the preventative medical exams men should take?
What could be wrong ?
Smoking withdrawal symptom - has anyone else had this?
Late puberty anyone?????????
How does one remove MAOI's from one's body?
i cannot eat or sleep?
I really want to smoke a cigarette?
I got food poisoning at Chuck E Cheese...?
Weird, clear bump on the back of my throat?
optical illusions on youtube that make you feel high, harmful in anyway?
how long does weed stay in your system for a pee test?
Are you legally able to see/consult with a Dr. Online for a prescription in Texas?
Can't sleep through the night?
Any ideas on this mystery thing?
what is tussionex syrup, and what is in it?
im in 9th rade right now and i was thinking about being a nurse when i grow up but i dont know much about it?
Should I be wearing a knee brace on both knees?
what does it mean when your hands swell when touching ice?
I had surgery last Thursday and was able to take off my bandages on Tuesday. How to cover surgical site?
Big bump on the side on my knee?
ugh i had this whiplash abt 3 hours ago and its soo painful, wat to do?
Stiff neck, I can't turn my head to the right!?
how to know if my bone is broken?
how to make back stop hurting?
Bicep won't flex, loss of strength?
why does your finger feel hot to the touch when you hit it or jam it into something?
Best way to heal torn meniscus?
I tore my MCL but didn't wear my brace?
I've been in non weight bearing in a cast for 4 weeks but my foot hasn't healed. Do you think if I try to walk?
Is Sting get cheers when he was a heel?
Anyone ever have piriformis syndrome?
Treating a high ankle sprain?
how long does it take for a hamstring to heal?
Can stomach ulcers?
why can't I stop Scratching my body?
What can cause a headache?
What would you like to do with your life to make a positive difference?
What are good ways to build up my immune system?
Nasty cough just wont go away?
How can I help reduce a sagging face?
is lavender meant to get rid of headaches?
what is that strange twitching you sometimes get on your eyebrwes?
i keep getting this horrible smell on my body?
Whats the best method to get rid of freckles that are all over the back and face?
I really want to hurt myself but at the same time I don't want to?
Why does earwax taste bad, but mucus taste alright?
O.K its monday morning what really gets your heckles up about mondays?
what part of the body to u like?
If I put deodorant/antiperspirant on in the morning, will reapplying it at lunchtime make me smell?
how 2 cool bed in the hot humid summer nights?
male hairdresser?
Am I the only person who can't fasten or unfasten a bra from the back?
Girls only ..... a curiousity question?
how long does it take for ear piercings to heal?
How do you stay off the alcohol?
lately i have been feeling weird, i cant focus, and im living in a daze, i cant memorize things i read..?
Weird mind, want ideas?
A nurse/friend recommend that i go to the dr and get on medication for depression/anxiety/sleeplessness b/c my?
leg cramps! PAINFULL! HELP!?
I have pain shoot through my wrists and hands?
How serious is my finger pain?
What happens when 90 patients die in UK hospitals of C-Diff?
Colchester General Hospital....is it a clean & safe hospital?
my dog has come up in a red lumpy rash, has diarrhoea and vomiting?
what does brown spots on the scrotum mean? elderly man.?
Can't Get To Sleep/Stay Asleep?
unusual pains in foot?
why am i afraid of flying and hieghts?
help i have a phobia and i'm worried it may lead to something else?
What would happen to my last will if I am brain dead and in a vegetative state.can I stipulate what should hap
what are gall bladder polyps?
anti depressents citalopram?
Why does my head hurt?
How can a doctor be certain a CVA (stroke) has occurred.?
cysitis infection?
my wife suffering from severe constipation,34 years old;any valuable effective remedy please?
Sometimes when i stretch, after sitting or lying down, i go incredibly light headed and feel likeimabout2faint
Anyone else had or have this?
how to take care my kidney stone problem?
have been diagnosed with tinnitus................?
what are the symptoms of underactive and/or overactive thyroid?
how long does a kidney removal operation take?
How long would it take 2 damage your hearing by playing supper loud music in your ears?
if you were dizzy.fainting , tired and light headed for several days. what could you have?
What does an analgesic do ?
Haemophilia....what sort of blood disorder is this. Causes, symptoms, treatment,?
how long can a person last without food ?
what treatments do you suggest for food poisoning, (3 weeks later) besides all of the over the counter drugs.?
Does Sudocrem Contain Chrome?
Strawberry allergy sufferer?
Seborrheic dermatitis on eyelids...help!?
Help, I have a skin picking problem?
Medical advice? these symptoms?
can Vivarium UV strip light affect your health?
IF you are a doctor please read.....?
Why am I always tired, and have cold hands and feet?
What is ataxia? is there many different types.?
in connection with blood what is M_GUS?
Catarrh and sneezing for 5 months?
is cephalexin 500mg ok to take for a sinus/chest infection?
throat hurts when i swallow?
Do I have a Medicare problem?
Are contact lenses bad for you?
Health Insurance Cut?
if i tied a mouse cable around my wrist really tight and go to sleep will it fall off in the morning?
I have a temperature of 99.0 f and i just overdosed on blood pressure medicine and i cont sleep?
Donating organs help?
My voice continually blows out...?
why I could not sleep at nigh?
Can anyone suggest something herbal for stress relief that will not make me fall asleep?
im straight...i was master bating last night and got some seaman in my mouth and like it is that a bad thing?
What is this noise ? Please help?
whats wrong with my mum?
What are causes of Chronic diaherra?
Excuse for bruised knuckles at work?
When I fall asleep I feel this build up of burp....?
Why are we advised against lifting with the back?
I have the WORST allergies ever!!! PLZ HELP!?
What can I do for my throat...?
is it bad to have your shin be numb completely from being hit so hard?
Shoulder Pain? Right Shoulder, only when arm brought perpendicular to body?
What exactly is a plus/minus allergy?
tore meniscus at work? Had to get a lawyer and we won the case before we went to arbritration.?
Can a punch break an eye socket/fracture a skull?
allergies causing my heart rate to be higher?
find the minimum cholesterol?
fish oil for a HELATHY HEART? please read.?
Water retention in lungs and legs after CABG, what to do to strengthen heart and reduce water inside body?
If you focus, can you feel your heart?
Will a good family doctor be able to detect a heart problem?
I think i have Angina? but how do I treat it?
Risks of heart rate dropping extremely. 25 BPM?
when going bear back are you drunk / under any other influence?
how do i settle my 3 year old at night as she has flu at the moment?
I'm 13 and 5ft. Will I grow any taller :(?
Is there a downside to approaching your Doctor for help with alcohol problems?
What is 172.4 centimetres converted into feet and inches?
Have You Ever Contemplated Suicide ?
How do people relax?
What do the doctors do with you if you attempt suicide?
if stomach acid is so strong why dont we dissolve ourselves?
what is botox treatment?
Any tips on how to obtain a decent days sleep after finishing nights at 6.00am ?
A cure for sore throat?
Sleeping trouble ?
Ive just scolded myself with boiling water on my chest?
Keeping cool?
Favourite cigars?
can any body out there tell me how long hot flushes and night sweats last,i've been suffering for a year now
I am on my feet all day. They ache after a days' work. How can I relieve/soothe/stop this pain?
Can i kill myself with anti depressants?
maby thats the reson im kinda board-sad?
do you believe in life enlongetting drugs?
Multi-personality question...sorry this question is as short as I can make it...please take your time and read?
No longer taking lexapro, when can i drink?
I'm 15 and "5'9" and taller than my parents and grandparents how tall will I be?
What is wrong with me?
Why have my dreams stopped?
How should I suggest to my Mother that she seek help for Mental Illness?
i expect myself very much, but my abilities are limited, this causes stress. how can i leave this bad habit?
What can I and should I do now? ?
I have Obessive Compulsive Behavior and am depressed by thinking negative thoughts.?
sock-puppet depression advice?
Anxiety ! Is this an irrational fear Help Please for crying out loud?
I'm having flashbacks from my school days when i was bullied?
How do i get over this uncanny depression ?
how do you cope with emotional conflicts? ?
Has any1 ever had this happen to them, medication wise?
Epsom Salts good for You?
Has anyone had measles and can remember it?
Has anyone on here ever heard of Engelmann's Disease?
anyone else in the uk had the horrible sickness bug?
i have been suffering from gynocomestia since 6 years what to do?
same type of pain 2 years after sugery?
Chest Pain and breathing problems?
Whats to do with Heartburn?
What's happening to me?
Getting wisdom teeth removed?
I am having a lot of small pains?
Anyone heard of GREAT NECK>?
dont know whats wrong with my chest?
what do you recomend for comfort on a badly sprang knee?
Is popping your back good for you? And one more question!?
how to prevent the backpain & hand pain? what should i do?
When i pee it doesnt hurt but when i am almost done it hurts really bad, like pressure on my bladder, why?
The left side of my throat is killing me?
My soccer shoes are hurting the soles of my feet! Help?
how do i get rid of my spacers pain?
body is acheing and sore from football tryouts yesterday? how can i feel better?
I Have A Badly Alligined Spine?
why are drs. not treating people in pain? in pain in w.v.?
Has anyone used the InterX unit for pain management before? Did you like it?
My tailbone hurts a lot when i sit down?
how can i heal foot pain?
It feels like something stuck in my throat.?
Could this be an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin?
What's the best way to relieve allergies for a long period of time?
i have such bad diarrhea and can't go to sleep?
what is monocytes in the blood?
PSi bands do u think they would help my cramps ? ASAP?
Eye vision... glasses or something else?
Why does my leg suddenly move while I'm sleeping ? ?
How can I cope with a female doctor, who thinks I'm a real cutie?
I don't feel good and I took my temperature, waited for the beep?
Help me out? Ingrown toenail?
When am I suppose to wake up?
Waking up at Night Feeling Extremely Ill HELP?!?
It is possible for you vision to even out?
What could be wrong with me?
How long should I wait before taking prilosec after taking zantac.?
Is this vertigo? If so, is it bad that I get it so often?
Is THIS normal? Twitching?
how long does it take a forearm muscle to heal and what are the best ways to heal it?
i got my nose pierced 5 days ago there is a lump inside my nose help!?
I punched the wall like a month ago and my pinky knuckle still hurts?
Am I still eligible to receive workers compensation benefit, If my doctor says that my employers liability is?
I think i may have a problem with my knee :S?
How long does it take for a fingernail to grow back?
2nd degree burns on knee-swelling in ankle,related?
In regard to heat application to an injury,?
How come when I play basketball or after I get chest pain and dizziness.?
reasons of feeling like Electric shocks on the heart or like feeling lack or no breathing?
My blood pressure used to be around 120/80 (+/- 3) ...?
what are the 3 layers composing the heart's wall?
Is it true that anemia leads to?
A question about blood pressure medication?
Is there any connection between a high thyroid TSH reading and High Blood Pressure?
My heart skips beats is that normal i heard it was?
Can you get a heart attack from being scared due to a nightmare ?
why do we have two nostrils?
I Have Nits (Embarrasment) Please Look At The Questions Below And Answer Them :)?
Why is it that my tongue bleeds when i eat something sour?
do u were dippers?
moderatly disabled?
Okaii i have this problem??
what are dingleberries and where can i get them?
Can i get my stitches removed in a hospital or do i have to visit my GP.?
some advice would be good?
can i drink after having my tongue pierced?
Contact Lenses?
Does staying up late accelerate the aging process?
how to get rid of a very awful head ache? what causes this ?
Cold sores!?
Ive been bit by a radioactive wasp!?
Can you hand in your notice when on the sick?
Can i enjoy some wine whilst taking Amoxicillin for chest infection and tonsilitis.?
Am I overweight really ?
White Spot On My Tonsils.?
Very Bad ucler?
How long can a person live without water?
Hernia on an appendix?
my hair has fallen ouy really bad and i can't get it to grow back,i have been using come back hair .?
my mother is depressed..?
do i have despression?
can some one find me few psychiatrist in chicago ill?
Why do I feel 'fake' when I am happy?
How can I deal with this work load?
Having problems functioning ?
i need therapy..but im poor is there someone who can help ?
What does this mean? I don't like it!!!?
Is it okay to take Lexapro AND Zoloft at the same time?
im a teenager with depression and bipolar?
I keep having thoughts about running away from home. Help!?
how can i knock my self out but i don't want to have the chance of dieing lol?
help please i have a searous addiction!!!?
i have been so sad because there is a lot of things on my mind wat do i do?
Are there any good depression books for teenagers? ?
Dealing with a death?? :(?
This is sorta mental.....How do you get over this?
what to do if a friend has depression?
Whats wrong with me? Because I feel that I don't care or worry anymore about my future.?
Should I find a new therapist?
can i have my contacts prescription?
Can anyone tell me what my recent thyroid blood results mean?
I have been diagnosed with gallstones. The consultant said he would not operate at present as it was not ?
Small hard movable lump on finger - What could it be?
embarrassing illnesses?
Are my stools of normal colour?
does he have worms?
My friend keeps getting this illness?
how do i get rid of bad luck from a pair of scissors that was giving to me on christmas?
My husband had a pretty bad stroke 5 weeks ago. Can anyone advise me?
URGENT - What could be the cause of these symptoms?
Is Antibiotic...........???
What does black vomit mean?
Are you living with tinnitus?
how do you get rid of Rosy cheeks?
Any suggestions how to get rid of spot marks on shoulders and top of arms?
what kind of flu is going on?
is disfiguration,deformity.and malformation all the same thing ie are they all classsed the same?
wats that disease called when you can,t be exposure to sunlight?
i have been ill?
Boil or carbuncle?
kids and urine infections, what causes them?
how long does the fever usually last before the spots emerge in chicken pox ?
Do all germs causes diseases? and what is the lifespan of a germ?
strange pain in my chest?
why heart works harder during hypertension?
is my grandmother going to be going to be okay?
Is this heart rate normal?
Heat and Blood Pressure?
rolled my ankle 8 weeks ago. Doesnt hurt to press on it and can walk okay...just no running. ?
No glasses causing fatigue?
hand went numb on tricep press?
What is a quick way to cure a sore throat at home?
Does this sound like allergies?
how can i add my daughter to my health insurance plan, now that the health care reforms have gone into effect?
Is this healthy for you??? Because it sure feels like it is!?
Flu shot squish noise?
Not sure what this was.....?
Could I get your input please?
I have a health problem?
Is it normal for my leg to get numb all the time?
i think i overdosed on advil?
When does a cough drop start to settle in?
I think there something wrong with me?
how do you go about getting medicade?
if i stay up all night, and only have 25 minutes to sleep, should i?
selective mutism or autism?
how is celebrating a birthday positive stress?
what are some relaxation tecniques to relieve anxiety ?
How to relax a restless mind?
What do you think? [your suggestion would be helpful]?
TO THE DEPRESSED PEOPLE OUT THERE... why do u feel like in a rut nd trapped? ?
why am i feeling like this?
Is it possible to have ADD when no one in your family has ever had it?
statistics help again!!! omg im dying over here lol ?
She doesnt like thinking?
Is this some kind of Depression?
some odd issues... do i have some disorder?
wow does anyone but me think that this essay is hard and frustating? when is everyone elses due?
What are symptoms of depression?
What kind of depression do I have? Or do I have multiple?
Pain followed by Brown urine, normal?
my elbow keeps on clicking?!?
When getting attacks of acid reflux, I have been drinking milk, thinking it would reduce the acid being made?
Whats wrong with me, I feel tired all the time, i am continually getting out of breath and feel so weak?
can you have the gene for huntingtons but not have the disease?
Acid Reflux etc etc...?
if you are overweight does that automatically mean you will have high cholesterol?
Are the british in denial that autism is increasing?
pain in left side of chest and a tingling palm?
I've been forcing myself to throw up. how long will it take for me to feel negative effects?
Making myself sick, but not to lose weight. ?
Im scared I have MS or ME?
Extended problems with back pain, please help!?
How much stronger is extra strength tylenol than regular tylenol?
machine for your lower back pain usage 12 minutes per day?
my daughter's right leg shakes while she is standing...anyone have any ideas?
ii Have RiingWorm On My Neck,,And ii Have To GO Swiimming,,What Do ii Do?
will the Application of oxygen furnish sufficient water to maintain or extend life?
i keep having these really bad headaches?
How to Stop Sharp Knee Pains?
I've had a pain down the inside of my right leg, starting just below the groin and to the knee. Any ideas?
what's up with my tingly left arm??HELP ASAP!!!!?
i have lots of pain and idk what to do?
Why do I get dizzy when laying down.?
Why does my wrist hurt everytime I play my guitar?
owwww owww ouch really bad earache?
SORE ARMS! Please help. Feild day is in 2 days and i can barely move.?
I had a double hernia repair in my stomach, how long will i be in pain for my recovery?
sometimes i get REALLY bad pains in my legs what is it and how can i stop it?
I had my ear pierced on wednesday..?
Is there some type of brace that will fix a bowed leg?
do nonprescription contacts ruin your eyes?
What do you guys think is wrong with my shoulder?
Do i have a concussion?
can cats be given pain releif?
knee gave out while lifting a bag using my legs for lift. Anyone have any idea about this type of injury?
ANKEL troubles HELP!!!!!!!!!?
What caused my knee pain? I had a sudden onset of pain of my rt knee during mile 18 of a 20 mile run.?
what is wrong wih my foot? it still hurts after cast is off?
do they do anything at the hospital for a broken toe?
Is my arm broken?????
Is it metatarsalgia, or something worse?
Significant Injury to my ankle?(surgery necessary)?
I was stabbed with a pencil when I was a child (accidentally) and it left a black dot in my skin.?
What are the blue/purple spots called?
I have lots and lots of very small red 'freckles',?
how many layers ov skin before u hit the nerves in the thumb?
vitamins for sebborric dermatitis?
Has anyone been given a Zinc/Erythromycin lotion by their doctor for acne/red marks?
OMG no one helps me!?
can you get a bladder infection from loestrin 24?
If i have a part time job but still claim housing benefit Do i have to pay for prescription?
My buthole itches and im at church..wat do i do now?
What is best for a heart rate monitor?
Do you no of anyone with sarcoidosis "chonic"?
Why do I always have mucus in my throat?
what is the best way too squeeze spots?
kidney swollen information?
Is it safe to use an out-of-date inhaler?
Unknown illness.... any ideas?
How do/ can you cover a spot which has scabbed over?
thinning hair, very dry, is it because ive just come off iron pills and was really ill for a long time?
Common learning disabilities in children who have cardiac problems?
My legs get very weak all of a sudden, what might cause this and are there any remedies?
Kidneys and blood pressure?
I have a date on saturday and i want my skin to be clear?
What are the issues with regards to the results of a HIV test ....?
Has anyone had shingles on their head?
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy?
how long should a cough last. i had a cold a month ago and the cough is still present. i have had linctus?
what are the symptoms of viral meningitis?
what can u do to get rid ov viral eye infection, its lasted 6 months already?
Why woman are more prone to pressure ulcer development than men?
Question about long going on stomach aches. . .?
Is this true? Or just made up?
SSI/ Medicare backpay coverage?
Is there something in shampoo that kills germs?
I think I am getting my sisters cold..?
dizzy/ floating feeling from fluid behind eardrum?
canine not having bowel movement?
ok i am rectally bleeding alot but i havent been dizy or weak or near fainting whats wrong I am confused?
is the smell of cigarette smoke on my shirt bad for my baby?
Can Anyone Point Me In The Direction Of Information And A Possible Cure To "The Love Bug"?
i keep randomly throwing up?
hospital documentation?
does this look like knock knees?
How Common Are Thyroid Nodules - Especially In Younger Women/Teenagers?
what would hapeen if a non insomniac took maximum sleep aid?
What is the normal..?
I have a drug test in 5 days. It's been two weeks since I last smoked. Will I test positive?
i quit smoking on oct 2nd?
bisoprolol and alcohol?
Is it safe for people with down syndrome to drink?
what is meditation? and how is it done?
Nicotine gum addition, and depression?