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How to get rid of acne fast?
Can you get an STD from getting a bj?
How much does it cost the average person to control HIV?
Difference between Coronary artery spasms and just muscle spasm in chest?
why noise bleed sometimes?
why is ear wax yellow?
so my girlfriend is paranoid?
What happens when you hit someone in the eye whit a baseball and he gets a blue eye?
Long-term pot smokers this question is for you?
I have a kind of problem finishing what I start?
AIDS from period blood?
How is diet soda bad?
I need to lose some weight. As much as possible by the end of October.?
Get Buff FAST?
Whats the healthiest pie crust I can buy? (frozen, refrederated, whatever) thats low in calories and fat?
I have a fashion show in two week , any way I could flush all that fat and water wieght while still being safe
how to get flexible???
weight loss tips???..?
Is chocolate actually a health food?
Could this be something to go to the doctor for?
My husband has low neutrophils count, effects of interferon. Can he take vitamin b supplements?
what about the SWINE flu actually kills people?
what is the best home remedy for sore throat?
need huge parasites help?
Is death by heart attack a peaceful way to go?
Isn't it impossible for someone to be "buried alive"?
Can animals inhale weed?
fun things to do on ecstasy?
How do you tell your car pool buddy they have body odor?
Do you think I should get tested for diabetes?
Normal sugar levels?
need some advice concerning trying to get on an insulin pump?
Do people with diabetes type 1 live just as long as regular people?
Are kenalog injections better, worse, or just as bad on your blood sugars as a cortisone injection?
How come Pro fat is ok but not pro ana?
I have a weight problem and i need help?
Do diet pills work and what are the side effects?
how can i lose 12 pounds before school starts?
What are some ultra low calorie foods I can eat?
im a girl and i'm 5'4" and weigh about 120 pounds..am i overweight?
Can you contact herpes from a good thumbing?
arrythimias....heart murmur...i've asked about these too many times...?
What do you call fear of food?
Could someone tell me what it means....?
Is it normal after radiation treatment for breast cancer?
Did you know using a tanning bed before age 37 increases your chances of cancer?
how to convince my dad to be healthier?
Could my foot pain be a sign of diabetes, even if its just one foot.?
Will high blood Sugars i.e 258 to 314 cause Chest pain?
Diabetes and quitting smoking..who has done it?
Is it possible to brush your teeth too much ? :O?
Extra teeth growing in my gum? what to do?
is cardiovascular regional?
How do I really know if my ACL is torn?
when i bended my knee's or walk my knee pops and hurts? should i go to the doctor?
Is is possible to die from a broken heart ?
how do i become a marijuana doctor?
What is the difference between weed and pulse?
any tips to grow taller?
What Age does a person become a "Geriatric" patient?
How long does it take meningitis symptoms to show?
What are your plans for a zombie outbreak? :)?
can Meningitis be contagious?
Swine flu after vaccinated?
my dog has puss draining from her ear its raw and kinda bloody and it stinks real bad what might it be?
when is the last time you went to the toilet?
Diet and Weightloss with 1200 calories?
Does working out in the morning really increase your metabolism?
how long does it take to lose a pound?
has anywone tried the diet pill ALLI? and if so what where your results?
When do you breath in and out during a sit-up or push-up?
How do I make my arms thinner, not bulkier?
Do jumping jacks help slim down thighs?
<<<<<Is watching Telivision GOOD or BAD for your brain??????????>>>>>>?
Have you ever done a colon cleanse?
Ventricular tachycardia vs. Left bundle branch block?
Are you able to function if your diastolic number of your blood pressure reads 189?
Can your heart hurt? My heart was hurting and I had to stop breathing so the pain could go away. Meaning?
High Blood Pressure ?
Can you have a blood clot in the leg and not see anything visibly on the outside?
We have opticians and dentists. What about our ears?
How much sodium is the daily allowance.?
Drank 1 week old ice tea with nats in it...?
If I make my foot fall asleep and let it stay asleep for a while can that be bad?
Contact Lens Replenishing Liquid?
If I got a prosthetic hand could I still play guitar just as good?
Yesterday while I was exercising,, do the stretches, I pulled a muscle.?
Do you sneeze when you think of something sweet or romantic?
What are the effects of smoking weed?
Is it healthy to take a little nap every day?
I'm scared that I might have diabetes?
will medicaid pay without a referal?
I think i have Glaucoma I'm only 15?
What are some diabetic do's and don'ts?
Has someone discovered the cure for diabet, type 1 ?
Fasting sugar level ?
Somebody said oatmeal is high in uric? Really?
What if every cell in your body was cancerous?
Omg, do I have brain tumor or Ms ???? I am so depressed, any advice??? thanks?
skin cancer..what is Reason?
Can you still register to be an organ donor if you have a disease like cancer?
leukemia and tuberculosis test?
how can i defeat breast cancer?
smoking for about 5 months, likelihood of having or getting cancer?
whiplash from car accident?
Best way to lose love handles and fat off your thighs?
Does our body treat white bread like it does candy...?
what is the #1 exercise that burns the most fat?
Any workouts to slim thighs?
What kind of protein shake would you recommend?
lose a few pounds?
Colored contacts? How long do they last?
a serious eye problem plz help.?
What happens to wearing glasses as you get older?
Question about contact lens fit?
Why do I feel cold all the time?
how was your cervical cancer vaccination?
My little sister worries about getting cancer...?
What are good pot smokers songs?
Does heating plastic in the microwave really cause cancer?
Is polycythemia vera or essential thrombocythemia a form of cancer?
Cancer 'specialists' won't give me copy of my records?
Blood Cancer - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)?
Painful white spot on my gums. What could it be?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled. Local anesthetics, sedation, or getting put to sleep?
Are tooth transplants ever performed?
how can i gain weight on my face?
Fat girls "working out" at the gym?
What are some healthy snacks for a person trying to lose weight?
What are some Low-calorie snacks?
how do i loose belly fat?
How do you get rid of love handles?
My 8 week old kitten seems to have a blocked nose and sneezing alot?
what can a man take to get rid of a bacteria infection?
HPV - need help!?
What are the symptoms of mono?
How do you live with meniscus tear injuries?
How long are you on crutches if you break your knee cap?
Cruise in 2 weeks, swine flu?
Please take the time to help me, im really scared?!?
How many pregnant women died from the regular seasonal flu last year?
Swine Flue Question!!!!!!!!!!!?
What can you do to help infections in broken bones and what do I need to expect surgery wise?
Does anyone have that "The Cure for Weight Loss" book by Kevin?
Why do we need to have plenty of rest and alot of water when we are sick?
i am trying to eat healthy and excersise. But i HATE health food. I really need to excersice a too!!?
How do you know that you have to take a "poo"?
Did you guys heard a bout the tree man? The guy from indonesia with a disease that is turning him into a tree?
Why can't I hear through my right ear?
FRUSTRATING! I can't talk right and its so frustrating?
What can i do? please help?
Whats the differance between a psychosis and haveing a big imagination?
What do you do when you feel like killing yourself?
Were you diagnosed with a mental illness? What symptoms do you have?
Research essay on mental illness?
What is the best/safest weight loss pill?
Well.. I'm almost 13 and I want to lose some weight. And How can I get rid of the bags under my eyes.?
How much weight can i lose ?
How do you get rid of love handles?
How do i go on a diet?
How long would it take to look like Eric fankhouser.?
whats the better time to work out?
How many calories do you lose by twitching your leg/foot or shaking your thighs in and out while seated?
My Male Friend Smells like Fish?
If my grandpa passed away from lung cancer from smoking, what are my chances?
Who Has Got Eyes Dilated Before??
can you get non prescription colored contacts from lenscrafters?
What is the best Optometry School to go to?
Does anyone know of any over the counter allergy eye drops?
Ok, I was helping my friend's dad move some furniture, and got slashed by an rusty, dirty carpentry knife...
why do mummy and daddy jump on top of each other and yell at night?
Why do we sleep at night and stay awake during the day?
is it fun to wear abena incontinence diapers even if you are not incontinent and why do some guys do this?
What is the difference between negative and positive blood types?
should i smoke weed ?
when i faint why do i shake uncontrollably and hear tons of people talking really loud?
Can mold make you sick? Is it possible that the water leaks we had during the summer are making us sick?
what are the syntoms of a person who is heading towards diabetes?
Is it bad if your diabetic and ate a lot of sugar?
Why does a person with diabetes have foot pain?
Doctor told me today, I am not diabetic but am have a glucose intolerance?? He said I am doing good?
Type1 diabetics do u immediately clarify u r type1 so u can avoid all the questions on why u aren't a fat pig?
Does there is any formula to convert random or post prandial sugar values into fasting blood sugar value?
What are the best foods for diabetics to eat?
Mucinex DM?
Many shampoo brands in the market contain formaldehyde..Any danger when used?
What is the optimal dose of Cortisol for a 90 pound Dog?
im 22yrs old with high bloodpressure.?
I just found out my mother MIGHT have Cancer in her womb!?
hair after chemo---extensions?
cancer survivors: when you are feeling anxious about whether your cancer is going to resurface,?
how long do u have to live if u have stage 2 cancer?
Do crunches and sit ups really hlp flatten your abs?
Where i can find the best teeth whitening kit?
Is it more healthy to be wired on Red Bull or Coffee by 8am?
What if a 5'3 130-140 ibs. thirteen year old boy took these supplements?
Does anybody know any workouts that target the stomach?
do any body.............?
lost voice. dont like tea. what else can I drink?
please read!! papsmear!!!?
Is there any place that does testing for STDs and pregnancy for free?
Should there be STD awareness in High schools?
On Average, how much does a registered nurse earn per hour once they start working. How about after a few yrs?
what is the best way to get of the cold faster??
umm i feel like throwing up and umm a headache and watery eyes whats wrong?
What will you do when you are sleeping and then you know you are awake but can't move and speak ?
why do you yawn even if your not tired?
Question for people with Spina Bifida...?
how do i know if my finger is fracture or broken?
leg hurts think its my tendon,also swollen?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week and I have a few questions?
Does anyone else HATE cancer!?
do you anybody who had breast cancer under 20?
How far away should your phone be away from your body so you don't get radiation from your phone?
21 and worried about ALS?
List two female organs (one internal and one external), and two male organs (one internal and one external), a?
Possible spinal tumour?
Should I see a Naturopathic Doctor?
how do i get bigger arms, but not muscular and bulky looking?
whens the best time to go to the gym?
How many calories in an Apple?
Which weightloss pill works better?
What are some exercises to target inner thighs?
I'm a 24 year old 4'11 I weigh 107 and would like to lose 5-7 pounds I exercise but can't lose the weight?
If I switch from diet pop to water, how much weight will I lose and how fast?
What is the MAXIMUM amount of exercise that should be done daily?
Things I should eat to keep going energy level throught out the day?
Color Contact lenses - What are the best companies for astigmatism?
is there any glasses which makes ur eye look bigger than normal?
Weird lump in my arm?
what are some common causes of brain damge?
Can this kill you...?
can some one please explain to me what a vet nurse does to a fracture?
Does this happen to you or someone you know?
Besides a non-existant thermometer: How would one know that they have a fever?
Why do I need more blankets and less blankets at the same time?
What's the best replacement for cigarettes?
Scary Occurence in my Sleep?
Is it harmful to swallow mucus from a cough?
The Female G, U, and A spot, Where are they located?
How are doctors so sure HIV cannot be transmitted by spit/saliva?
There is something spreading in my town and the Doctors don't know what it is. Does anyone know?
My mom has Influenza Type A...what should i do?
What are the top 10 deadliest diseases known to man?
Where Will The Swine Flu Reach?
ok so i have a diabetes question?
Is acne a sign that you are diabetic?
what should be the diets for diabetes?
My pump will be delivered tomorrow?
Should people with diabetes avoid sugar totally or can be taken in moderation?
what should we do to make our kidneys perform better or work better?
Am I a pre-diabetic??
Bleeding from being fingered?
How can u fix a jammed finger?
i have got a bad sore inside my mouth..plz help?
Am I Ok?Osgood Schlatters disease?
Why do I get this stabbing pain in my leg when I run?
is this healthy?
Are concussions considered to be head injuries or brain injuries?
herpes or just a cold sore. How can you tell?
How long does a person with untreated HIV live on average?
Can someone be held responsible for passing on HPV?
How many cigarettes does it take to get addicted?
Do cancer Patients take the medicine called ?
Can i return a prescription eye drop if it doesn't work for me?
Which is worse for your eyes: reading books or staring at a computer screen?
cylinder lenses? are there?
I got serious astigmatism after the lasik surgery?
why is it my eyes sometimes get blurred after work?
does green tea plus hoodia pills make you dizzy?
CHIROPRACTIC : A good profession to get in to?
Bacterial Vaginosis? Does anyone know how to cure this naturally?
Crystal and gem shop in Glasgow?
GNC store questions --tried and true supplements that are recommended?
why is it bad to sleep too much?
i'm searching for the best water filter to buy. can anybody tell me the best water filter recommended to use
Why do you lose weight so slowly while putting on lean muscle mass?
Why dont people give out more stars?
whats a good diet that i can lose weight?
I need a good routine for 3x a week lifting?
i am 14, 5'1 female, and weigh 123lbs. what is fastest way to lose 10 or 8 lbs?
who do you think is too skinny?
How to lose the extra fat on my hips?
When would you say that a woman is too skinny?
What is the best diet for young inactive girls?
Is Flonase safe to use? Any side effects?
What's wrong with my hamster?
Elavil or Lyrica and Allergies?
internal/external bleeding in the toe nails?
"Treatment" and Help on Canker Sores!?
Permanent bruise?
Painfull lump on foot?
Could my foot be broken?
Whats up with people smoking tea?!?
Why am I such a magnet for mosquitoes?
How do you get rid of diarrhea cousin gave you laxative as a joke?
Medication side effects?...EmbarrASSing?
I'm worried I have cancer?
When a woman beats breast cancer, does she lose a breast?
Surgery to remove Cancer from a lung?
At what point do you consider yourself a "Survivor"?
Diet for cancer patients?
I have 20/20 vision. Are there color contacts for that? Do I have to go the eye doctor to get some?
Is there anything to help me see in Black and white?
What should I do with this contact I dropped??
Why does my husband sneeze immediately after eating any kind of bread or drinking beer?
what is this allergy?!?
Anyone know about MSG allergies?
can reiki work just by thinking about a certain person?
How to make smoke come out of your mouth?
Why is it when you brush your teeth and after you take a drink of orange juice it tastes weird?
What is a permanent retainer?
can u get diabetes from eating too much candy?
can a diabitic eat watermelon?
Insurance for a type one insulin dependent diabetic? My daughter needs to be seen by an endocrinologist and?
Can a diabetic have keytoacidosis without having high blood sugar?
Children On the Insulin Pump?
What kind of jobs (employment) can someone with Parkinson's disease do?
My mom is an alcoholic and I have no one to talk to?
I don't know whats wrong with me...I'm scared...?
Does the running machine/ treadmill help you lose weight around your belly?
What are the chances of death and complications of gastric bypass?
Help! I'm trying to lose weight but...?
What exercises should I do to lose thigh fat and gain a flat stomach?
Why AREN'T I FAT help me please?
A couple of questions about losing weight and diet?
Does donating a pint of blood have any positive or negative health effects?
What are the keys to a happy life ..from your life experience?
My brother has a habit of cutting the skin and nails from around his fingers and eating it. What is wrong?
Can Vicodin do this?
How low is a BP of 87 over 35?
Has anyone had scoliosis fusion surgery?
names of muscels and bones?
swimmers ear hurts?
How does cancer really kill people?
Picture for cigarettes and carcinogens?
Looking a poem about people supporting people with cancer?
Had 4 treatments of adria and cytoxan?
how can you prevent varicose veins?
Are you following the latest swine flu news about the mutations?
Has anyone in the US died from this outbreak of swine flu? Anyone critical? Anyone get through it unmedicated?
Has the effective cure for hiv been found?
Am I okay to go out?
What is the significance of alcohol induced blackouts?
How long can u hold ur breathe?
How would this make you feel?
Best way to do it?
Whats the longest you've stayed up without sleeping?
Exercising after eating a meal?
What exercise can I do to burn fat (lose weight) yet not build muscle?
GUYS ANSWER ONLY! do you want a really thin girl or a girl with lots of curves and body wieght?
what is an easy way to make 50$ FAST!!!?
The summer is here and i need to find a way to lose weight fast!?
Im probably a hypocrite by asking this, but any ways to drop more pounds per week?
Did you catch herpes from a partner that didn't have an outbreak?
What is the likelihood that "The One" is already in my life, but I just haven't realised?
How do u tell someone you care about you have an std?
I'm a man. How do I get the HPV vaccine?
How can i quickly dry an abrasion like blister caused by new shoes?
why are lemon peels good with green tea?
can a teenage girls voice change?
I read about Oregon mint snuff is it harmless and do you have to be 18 to buy it?
almost all my JOINTS in my body produce sound?something wrong???
What's tha point in going to a chiropractor to crack your bones when the real tension is in the muscle?
contact lenses feels like something is in my eye?
Can stress cause cancer?
can someone please tell me the reason why when one has diabetes, it's hard for the bleeding to stop?
people that are diabetic!!?
Diabetic boyfriend please help?
My husband has red blotchy hands, blurred n double vision, he is shaky, n his pulse is 120? Could he be diab?
Would a package of donettes give someone with type one diabetes a blood glucose level of 600?
Sciatica relief?
is it tension headache i have????
Hunger pains after 2 hour gym sesh?
How can i stop my eating habbit.?
how to get rid of belly fat?
How do I lose 3-4 pounds a week?
is being 5'5", 118 pounds underweight?
best and fastest way to lose weight, what are good great things to eat.?
flirty girl fitness pole?
what happens when the pumping action in the heart changes, how does this affect the pressure?
how many times can yellow jackets sting?
Help! Bad itching all over body, especially feet?
Help with asthma food allergy!?
Is it allergies?
How long do one's sinuses store foriegn matter?
How do muscle cramps work?
I have one lortab left and I broke a toe this morning?
What harms your body more.... marijuana or tobacco?
after effect of shrooms?
Worried bout some labs and just exhausted.?
What shade should I order on my eyeglass lenses?
What do you do if your shoulder & back muscles are sore?
when can you eat after tooth pulled?
Does Loratadine (Claritin) take awhile to be noticeably effective?
I'm a Celiac (wheat and glutin allergic) plus have a spastic colon! Any ideas about what to eat?
how do you loose belly fat?
Eating more and still feeling hungry?
guys how skinny/fat do you like girls to be?
has anyone ever tried "Turbo Jam"?
I'm trying to lose weight over the summer. Is this a good way to lose weight?
Help me please! I cant stop eating?
What are the symptoms of AIDS?
Is it a little strange that most people's "soul mates" live within a 30 mile radius of them?
How long can HIV possitive person survive?
Can a doctor legally test a patients blood for HIV or Aids after being stuck by a needle?
is freezing your toe with ice harmful?
my brothers is was bleeding this morning and i was wondering.....(details)?
i dunno if i was shocked or hit a nerve?
I wants know , what is helth & wealth in important our life ?
How can i get a heart attack?
What are safe/natural ways to stimulate the thyroid?
Alcoholism?? need some help or links.?
How to remove marajuan from my system within 4 days?
Are the contacts ruining my eyes? got wrinkles under my eyes?
why do i have a lump on the corner of my eye?
Eye problem?
Should I use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer?
Help with being ill???? please?
Staph infection/MRSA questions?
what are the pros and cons of flu shots.?
rabies help?
What is the new "kissing" infection you can get, it was mono something? What is that exactly?
Do you think the Swine Flu is a scare tactic?
what is swine flu...how to prevent from it?
What role does serotonin play in our health? is there any link between serotonin and depression?
what is the best website to look for OT modalities and equipments?
Back Pain Forever???
Blood Blister on Thumb?
Heart By-Pass Surgery?
regular heart beats for 50's?
What does the total cholesterol number in a lipid panel represent. My total is not the sum of my HDL and LDL.?
Tell me how you lost weight?
About how long does i take to get blood test results back?
I need help and advice. Any diabetics around?
What is the best treatment for diabetes?
How does someone develop diabetes?
how do you get diabetes?
I have diabetes could that be a reason for some hearing loss in my left ear?
How can I sleep longer in the morning?
i always sleep late?
I need help taking care of my mother who is very ill and I need it immediately.?
Stomach pains? HELP!?
Smell Weed- Fail Drug test?!?
My fiancée has herpes?
my boyfriend eat me out while i had Bacterial vaginosis and i did not know i had it what will happen to him?
how long before HIV symptoms reflects in men?
What happens if you keep using your contact lenses longer than you're supposed to?
Can one puff of a cigarette give you CANCER?
What is gastric metaplasia?
how long can u live without treatment after being diagnosed with melanoma?
Is there a cure for stage 4 throat cancer ?
Could I possibly have a hemorrhoid?
Why does leukaemia happen to children more commonly than to adults?
is my blood pressure good?
Heart palpitations or "flutters" ?
Can a person walk to much? Sometimes I walk in the morning and evening on the same day.?
Could being overweight make you REALLY tired?
What's Wrong with my throat?
What do you think?
I have a super serious problem. bedwetting at 20 years old??? is this normal?
Taking meds on empty stomach or with food, why does it matter?
Does anyone else get these sensastions when eating certain foods?
Can a 6 year old use oil of oregano for sinus?
Can toxic mold cause permanent damage to my families health?
My throat just made a really weird noise all by itself should i be worried?
Is it possible? 10 pts.?
i can't see when i drive at night...?
Breast Cancer Awareness?
why should I support breast cancer over prostate cancer?
What are the long term effects of Chemo?
How do you feel when your patients get sick - cancer or die of old age?
what does dvt feel like?
What would a guy feel when his blood pressure is high?
"Weighing on my heart" means?
90 yrs old blood pressure is 165 over 76 heart beat is 40 what are good questions can i ask?
please read as soon as possible and help?
Fell on my shin?
Broken toes???
How many "if" any.....?
should i use an eyepatch to cover up my swollen bruised eye?
Do you think I'm losing alot of my brain cells?
Itchy nose? Help!?
What would cause your eye to tear up with blood?
Why is BREAST cancer so important?
If a mother has leukemia while pregnant, would the baby get it, too?
my 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed with stage 3 astrocytoma in her brain and spine?
Can Cancer Be Transmitted By Blood?
How do they put braces in and how much does it hurt?
How exactly are braces put on, do they hurt, and any advice??????
Do whitening strips for your teeth work!?
what is ashburger disease?
What symtoms do you have when your appendix burst?
Do you think doctors/scientists will ever find a vaccine for HIV/AIDS?
Yeah, I have the SWINE FLU, but I'm not gonna die...?
What exactly is reverse isolation?
what are the symtoms of Hepatitis C?
What does it mean to be HIV false positive?
do i have an eye infection?
My cholestoral, the Dr said is high, what d I do to scale down? what foods d I eat and not to eat?
What type of vitamin supplements is best for your skin?
i need a really good quick diet?
If you are allergic to Penicillin, are you allergic to mold in general?
What's more annoying, the hiccups or watery itchy eyes? Say both last for about 2 hours.?
What is the fastest way to stop a sore throat?
Cold or Allergies?!?
How to make my thighs thinner?
If I had drank only water for a day ad no food and I excersizedhow much weight could i lose?
Differentiate b/w Kwashiokor & Marasmus?
can u catch an std from touching yourself while watching a online vidoe?
if herpes is not contracted through blood....?
Help! I slept with Asher and I think he gave me Herpes?
If you have BO can it give other people stuffy noses?
I just quit smoking today?
Itchy palms of hands and soles of feet without rash?
Does anyone believe "they" will never find a cure?
What is brain cancer?
radiation and spa?
What are your thoughts about alternative treatments for cancer?
Worried about my husband getting cancer from drinking alcohol.?
i have a question about cancer.?
Im 14 and i want to dye my hair again but heard about the cancer risk? HELP!?
Alcohol mixture for ears for after swimming?
Alergic problem... Pl. can any one help me?
allergic to cold milk?
Emergency Medical Professionals: How often do you get male patients that are wearing panties?
I go to bed early and still wake up tired!?
When your prescription says take with food, how much do you have to eat?
Could any of these help nausea?
How many times have you ever thought about suicide?
why do people say tobacco causes cancer, when it doesn't without chemicals added...?
What is a breast cancer cell made of?
In the USA do you have to pay for your cancer treatment?
how can i make myself swallow a pill?
Do I need to sterilize these earrings?
I think i have food poisoning?
If it's perfectly safe to be injected with the H1N1 vax, then why?
what is the cure forSORE THROAT?
What exactly are anaerobes?
Can i smoke weed and drink alcohol while taking Azithromycin for strep throat?
What happens when you get a fever?
help please! sore throat and flemmy..... sister?
What are the symptoms from allergies to Ragweed?
I have been reading old Q & A's on here..and I see that to lose 1lb you have to burn 3500 cals..?
How can i increase my stamina?
is it tru if i fat on my stomach and i do a lot of crunches its going to make me look fatter if so what should
Has anyone tried the Skinny Switch Secret Diet? ?
I like walking but the problem I always have pain in the front ankles of my feet , what should I do ?
Does spinning around in circles help you lose weight as much as it makes you disorientated? :)?
How can I lose my pudge?
How bad is smokeless tobacco ?
I really want braces how do i make sure i get them?
Contact lenses!!! please answer if you know! (:?
I used water instead of Solution for one night?
People who wear Eye glasses, i want to know something!?
Having my tonsils out and sinus surgery on Monday...kinda nervous...I am 47...what can I expect?
Is decaf green tea safe for 6 mo old to drink?
My mom has terminal breast cancer and I need help coping?
if you had testicular cancer and made it, how you would make a blog to help young people avoid the same thing?
Do I need surgery for a joint effusion and meniscal tear of the knee??
i sneeze every evening at around 6 -7 is it an allergy? to what?
allergic reaction with my eyes?
Is Benedryl an appetite suppressant?
What are some of the FASTEST ways to get ACNE FREE face in less than two dayys !!!!!!!!!!!?
Does "calorie shifting" really work?
Can you smoke seaweed?
how to lose alot of weight for summer?
What eating habits are ideal for weight loss?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aspartame?
Can to much fiber....? PLEASE READ!?
How long can the average person run nonstop?
Mixing meds?
Mercury poisoning from Amalgam (Silver) Fillings?
What are some extremely strange phobias?
Why do so many people abuse antibiotics?
Is there proof that the use of cell phones cause brain tumors?
Don't you get tired of hearing some smoker's say well, we are all dying anyway?
esophagel stage 4 cancer that spread to liver what happens when they eat food comes right back up what do i?
Chances of oral cancer?
Its been 13 years since i had meningitis and my back kills me still till this day?
Can bedbugs carry HIV ?
what diseases can be transmitted by hand contact?
What does lethargic mean?
How early can Bipolar Disorder be detected?
Strep bacteria in blood?
How do you know if you have an ulcer?
can you smell when you're asleep?
I have a big bite on my arm it is getting worst and worst what should i do????
How often should you be seeing your counselor? ?
What are your main character flaws?
I think I'm depressed?!?
Are people prescribed the medication XANAX for PANIC ATTACKS?
The opposite of crossing your eyes- possible?
Does turmeric really help with inflammation?
Braces ?!!!? :S?!!!!!!!!!?
Do doctors prolong the braces treatment to make more money?
Is the ingredient caramel color safe for a tree nut allergy?
Allergies to Sprite?
what's the best way to air out/clean an apartment after its sprayed with pesticides?
Is there any way I can cure my acid reflux?
What does "WCTM" mean in the nurse's notes?
pee test?!!!!?
what all can nerve damage do to you!?
allergic reaction to musk oil?
can taking the medicine keppra make a person make spit bubbles or form at the mouth at times?
poisen ivy or shu mack?
do u like to take a nap after lunch?
how many cigars can i smoke in a week?
how could this affect my treatment?
What percent of Susan Komen revenues go to actually finding a 'cure'?
does progesterone cause cancer?
cancer patients! what do you think of this song?
have white cell count 14.0,mono ab 1.5 ,lymph ab 6.0 rest of CBC normal what could this mean?
Has anyone heard of chemo being used to treat rheumatoid arthritis?
What is the best treatment method for a 27 year old male with a ruptured disk?
Hi I lost the dosage cup for a medicine I have and im wonder how I can measure my medicine now?
how can a 12 year old lose wight fast?
how to loose weight in your tighs?
I am going to lose my job!? please help!?
what is a good way to flatten your abs?
How long does it take on the South Beach diet to start seeing results?
I've been told it's a good idea to drink a glass of water when you wake up, is that true and why?
What's the best weight lifting music?
Is benadryl the best way to get rid of an allergic reaction...?
I have a feeling where my nostrils meet my throat like there is snot there it makes it hard to breathe?
Is an allergic reaction an example of a primary or secondary immune response?
What was it like for you to get your wisdom teeth taken out?
i have really yellow teeth (do crest whitestripes really work?
What can I do to boost my immune system when I feel like I'm going to get sick?
Hand santitizer question?
dizziness in smoking?
I have no appetite and can't sleep?
My feet are swollen! What is causing this?
eye troubles?
my left eye is very weak plz enter?
What motivates you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle?
any one got any good workout regimens for at home? something that doesnt need a lot of equipment?
i am 13 and feeel fat, help!?
Please help any suggestions on my rare phobia?
Is it possible to be depressed for no reason?
What do you personally experience when you get an anxiety attack?
What can you tell me about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
egg allergy?
Same affect of puprle drank if cough syrup is expired?
Can a child be born with AIDS if mother has AIDS even before pregnancy?
Heart question? Can you feel...?
what is the normal blood pressure for a kid?
what is numiness over all the body a sympton of?
Is my toe nail going to fall off?
Does Anyone Know Any Stores I Could Get Metamucil From For Cheap?
Iodine deficiency. My sister just told me that her health expert told her that most people in America are?
When you do ecstacy and when you are coming down from it is it normal to feel tightness in your legs and arms?
Cholesterol Medicine Question:?
Double vision in both eyes?
Low Red Blood count ?
brace wire snaped?? what do i do?
Why is being anorexic so bad?
what is the best/fastest way to burn belly fat?
what are some good weighs to lose wait?
Could I get a Chest Like this just from doing lots of Pushups?
Does anyone else use a nasal spray for allergies?
Can my cat be causing me to itch at night all over?
How could i cure a soar throat a headache and a blocked nose?
Why the Black AIDS epidemic? What's going on? 12% of pop, highest rate of new infections?
bladder infection and blood?
Do i have the swine flu????????!!!?
56,000 new cases of HIV in the US each year - should that get focus in addition to the swine flu too?
What are common early signs of aplastic anemia?
I dont know what to do. It feels like she's already gone?
I need some ideas for a raise fund in my school to help breast cancer awareness?
herbal remedies to soothe vocal cords?
I use the sleeping aid called SIMPLY SLEEP every night...is there a chance of addiction?
how do i figure out my eye prescription?
I'm buying colored contact lenses tomorrow and I need some help.?
Can I grow 5 inches in a year?
200 calorie junk food vs. 300 calorie healthy food for dinner?
My daughter has been coughing up blood for several weeks?
how long does someone stay in septic shock before they recover?
Are diseases like Bronchitis and asthma weather related?
Hyperthermia winter runnnig?
Any doctors or medical people that know about knees?
kicked on the knee by a horse!!?
Pros and cons of ecstasy?
why do scientists claim homeopathy does not work?
how safe is ketamine?
What is the best thing for Oily Skin?
Prescription 35% urea lotion...Is it made from urine?
Blotchy Skin?
Veins?! --?
Does anyone love to sleep as much as I do?
Why can teens function on little to no sleep?
I have a lot of symptoms, Have any idias of what they could be?
I have been taking opiates for 6 years, when givin a urinalysis I come up negative for opiates why?
Weak feeling (a little pain) in knee?
i would like to know if there is any other treatment for osteosarcom besides kemo or radiation?
Asking abut breast cancer?
How do I fnd a recipe for Essiac tea?
What are the chances that after having a clear colonoscopy 17 months ago, a mass I have now is cancer?
How can a Romanian citizen find help with medical bills that deal with skin cancer therapy.?
Is it safe to box competitively with an orbital blowout.?
The Anterior Tibial Translocation Sign?
what causes personal discharge?
What will happen to those that have HIV AIDS if they were identify to the public?
My boyfriend has herpies, would I get what he has?
If you are sick/ill and resting (taking it easy) for a long period of time (days) can it turn into pneumonia?
Celiac husband with body acne: could GF shampoos and soaps be the answer?
Are there any foods/drinks that will help ease allergies such as itchy throat and cough?
Allergy to the flourescent light what other type of light can I replace it with?
What are the main differences between a viral sinus infection and a bacterial sinus infection?
How long did it take to get your hiv results? Personal experience only PLEASE!?
On and off fever for 2 days?
Should I get vaccinated for rabies?
How do I Improve My Eyesight?
I've heard that the brain doesn't feel pain. If that's true then where does the pain of a headache originate?
I have 38.5 temperature?? and runny nose??
how can i get to bed quick like how to go to sleep fast!?
How can I help my boyfriend be clean for his drug test?
looking for a security system that will let you know when someone is leaving the house?
What does chest pressure mean ? Please answer, especially if you've had a similar experience?
is it wrong to drink a little to make me feel happier & relaxed?
Someone keeps prank calling me from a cell. Is there any site reverse lookup by cell phone?
I have been in so much pain with neck and back of my head?
What are the symptoms of shin splints and how are they treated?
Does March make people hungry?
who is eligible for the national school lunch program?
Why is my elbow hurting constantly & what can I do to make it better?
How many of you have sugar diabetes and are in control of it ?
Can you develop asthma at the age of 15?
Aspies, How often do your questions get reported?
What happens when someone tries to commit suicide but is unsuccessful?
Why is it that more than 60 % of serial killers wet their beds beyond the age of 12?
Is there a way to cancel your claim for disability?
What would happen if................?
are palmagranites fatning like do they have alot of calories?
What is the difference between whole grain bread and whole wheat bread and white bread. Which is the best?
Can I receive a decent amount of exercise from the Wii Fit?
I am overweight and I want to start running, what should I do?
What are your favorite songs to run to?
What is a quick way to flatten stomach?
Do I have an Iron overdose?
Apple cider vinegar for swelling?
What happens if you drink the bong water?
Question about Zoloft.........?
asthmaaaaa!?! helppppppppppppp!?
Colored contacts?
Question about bloodshot eye. Help please.?
Question for people who have been thru Chemo...?
can lung cancer come back?
Does anyone know if keeping your thyroid levels slightly higher with synthroid can make you hot?
right annexal solid mass indicative of ocarian maligancy with enlarged iliac group of nodes, wat does this mea
Should Cigarette's be Banned all together?
Patrick Swayzee How is he doing with cancer?
wound vac, how does it feel to the patient during use?
My brother had his liver tested and his numbers were through the roof.?
is it true that anyone you has tonsils gets ''tonsil stones''?
My head is getting heavy now and i get headaches regularly, what shall i do :-(?
can green tea help u loose weight?
worried my friend is becoming/is anorexic & bulmic?
Is there anyway you can go from obese with stretch marks to a six pack is it possible?
Why don't I get sore????
how can i lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks?
What matters more, carbs or calories?
is it true that if u dont eat for a full day... your stomach will shrink and u wont get hungry as quick?
what does it mean when your pupils are smaller than normal?
What are natural remedies I can take to soften stool?
i found a pill and i dont know what it is...?
How can you protect yourself against the risk of dying from a heart attack?
12 year old sister has chest pain...? Please help...?
Why do we get an itch and how does it happen?
How long does a fever last from getting an infection?
With vitamins, do you get what you pay for? Or can you buy a good brand name and have a good product.?
If someone had an undiagnosed case of Asperger's Syndrome. What kind of life would they have as an adult?
How do you forget disturbing thoughts?
How do you train your mind to think positive?
I hurt my lower left back?
How do they put metal pins inside of you
having a weird feeling..?
Very, very, very urgent: Do eye exercises really work like the See Clearly Method? ?
Do you think missing one day of the Insanity workout will affect the whole weight loss program?
how can I get rid of my belly fat?
is 126 pounds for a 13 year old 5foot 6inches skinny or fat??
What can i do to make my legs leaner? PLEASE HELPP!!!?
Its all about fats....?
what type of foods contain vitamin D in them?
weight loss exercises??
Do you think I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Flor Essence and Essiac good for a person with cancer?
Do you know anyone who died of some sort of cancer as a result of smoking cigars??
How contagious is Pink Eye?
how can you pass a mouth swab drug test?
what does diffuse hepatocellular disease and diffuse hepatomegaly mean??
Diet Motivation..?
Squats aren't working my glutes?
summer..how to face the hot summer from sun stroke and other deceases?
Am I at risk for clogged arteries?
Are there long term affects of overdosing on Advil (ibuprofen)?
why does my husband's face stink?
im pretty sure i quit smoking for good but?
could this be a allergy to alcohol?
If you've ate something that you haven't eaten in a long time, is it possible to get sick?
So I just found out I have HSV-1...
Oncology Appointment?
Can Barretts esophagus lead to cancer of the esophagus.?
Grandfather has only a few months to live, what can I do to make the most of the time he has left?
What is good healing food for post op mastectomy?
What's cancer?
how does weed affect stomach acid levels?
where would i buy a powercore band bracelet?
Colon and Liver cancer with Hepatitis B--are there alternative medical treatments?
Does my daughter have the swine flu or a cold?
How to get rid of Diarrhea?
What is Clostridium Difficile, or C.diff and its symptoms?
questions on rabies?????????
okay so stomach bugs do adults get them lots of times?
every time i see blood i almost pass out i cant watch e.r or anything gory y is that?
Concerned about my son's cough?
I have a split sternum. what treatments are available, also is it dangerous to just LIVE WITH IT?
Dislocated shoulder instability?
I had lumbar spinal stenosurgury 3 yrs ago.I am anxious to buy a rowing machine. Advisable or not? 75 yrs old?
HELP now, please.Think I gotten a slightly infected finger-nail.....?
There are tangled veins in my right foot how long is recovery for this surgery removing the vein?
Hair falling out in clumps.....?
Diet Coke was found NOT to increase risk of kidney stones. Isn't this a conflict of interest?
How many people in the US are estimated to be HIV+?
I have just got back from the hospital and i was diagnosed with a staff infection,Could i die?
Does it bother you if your partner has had more experience then you?
Possible concussion? What are the symptoms?
I've lost 70 pounds, I still feel fat...?
What is organic heart disease?
Why does salt raise the blood pressure?
Headaches and stuffy nose when around SOME dogs...?
What allergy medicine would help most with these symptoms?
My ears are allergic to anything not gold or silver so...?
what are all the different types of cancer?
signs/symptoms of breast cancer?
a natural solution for this?
I took propolis and my stomach ache has got worse.?
Are there any natural remedies for increasing mental focus?
What is the most innovative thing you have used baking soda for?
could i be allergic to alcohol?
what can i do to relieve an itchy throat due to allergies?
Need sinus relief before I kill myself!?
BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!! Inner corner of eye red/swollen (the pink area)?
My one year old son woke up this morning with a nose bleed? Should I be concerned?
Is it bad to pop your back everyday?
Colored Contacts: Light Green mixed with light/neon-ish blue?
I need a cheap pair of eye glass frames. Mine broke but my lenses are still in good shape. Where do i go?
Contact lens HELP !! D;?
Are green eyes really that rare?
How to lower your risk of heart disease?
Can a pacemaker prevent arrythmia?
Please help me! My heart is feeling funny.?
My son had undergone an operation 4 yrs back due to pancreatitis. He is becoming thinner. can this be improved?
So... I wake up nearly every day with a terrible headache and this massive amount of pressure behind my eyes..
How do u get ride of a stuffy nose?
what is the best acne facial cleanser???
Can micro dermabrasion and a chemical peel get rid of 'chicken pox' spots?
i have these hard patches of skin like a spot but there is no head onit and there pretty big, what are threy?
Help please. Need advice on skin care urgent.?
A question for medical professionals, esp peds?
Limped for life????????
Does Nasal Spray Hurt the first Time you Use it?
It's pink eye, isn't it?
Do male nurses often face discrimination for being a male and a nurse?
should i go to the ER for strep?
I have trouble breathing -- what causes low levels of oxygen and how can i resolve it?
what are some signs of hvp?
how long does it take the hiv virus to show up in blood tests after you may have been infected?
Natural HGH?
i am 202 pounds or 92 kgs. My hieght is 5.8 feet. Am i OVER WEIGHT ?..... If so what sh id do ?
Any ideas on what excerises will help me lose weight quick?
How much younger can you look if you eat pomegranates everyday?
How much weight can i lose in 2 months? And what can i do to lose it in time?
How to lose pot belly without crunches ?
How long would it take to lose 1 or 2 inches off my stomach?
How long do you think it will be until they find a cancer cure?
I'm just wondering here what is a paps, and a paps smear?
My dad is going in for chemotherapy next weekend...?
Any cancer survivors here?
can 13 year olds get breast cancer?
do colon cleanser's really work?
Can anyone recommend a good fitness/workout dvd?
what is the best workout plan?
What is the best, most efficient, fastest, most used, easiest, way to lose stomach, hip, and thigh fat?
Felling sick after working out?
help me lose weight?
Work out for inner thighs? Help?
be creative!!!!?
do i have gastro or something else?
Can I overcome a fight or flight response to needles?
Help with Sleep Deprivation Science Fair Project?
Is it possible to develop a chronic form of hepatitis from taking too much acetaminophen?
Would you stand by there side through sickness or poor times?
Am I lazy or do I have mono?
Hepatitis A?
boil...please help?
salary ranges for jobs?
How do i cure heartburn?
I think I might have skin cancer...?
Help with cancer questions?
Anyone who has/had thyroid cancer...?
Cigar health risks?
I feel as if I can't breathe for a second. It if my lungs give out on me for a second or two. HELP!?
asthma cough?
PLEASE Help If You Can? Shortness Of Breath? Whats up with me???
If you have tried it, how well did "Cold FX" work for you?
What are some natural remedies for gout?
Dobey w/pinched nerve in neck. Chiro questions..?
How much cough syrup does it take to get high?
AH! help! my eye......?
My eye feels weak, irritated, itchy and is closed slightly especially when i laugh. Whats wrong with me?
Do i need a prescription to get colored contacts?
I messed up my contact schedule?
How come people think fruit is not fattening? ?
How can I get myself to eat right consistently?
what is the best my to flatten my belly?
what is a good workout for a 14 year old girl?
Is it possible for me to be losing weight but still getting fatter? ?
How can i lose belly fat ,get thinner thighs and calfs?
Is it normal to lose 5 pounds in 4 days?
What Do You Know About HIV-Aids?
what are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?
what is the difference between codeine and codeine phosphate?
braces questionss-- rubber bands and powerchains!?
how do you lose 10 pounds in 1 month?
the bottom of my right eye keeps bouncing?
eye glass help!!!!!!!!!!!?
What eye conditions would require you to be prescribed sunglasses?
I got a flu shot 2 weeks ago but how come I still caught the flu?
how can you get rid of cold sore(only home remedies please)?
where do I place acupuncture tacks for motion sickness?
Does St. John's Wort cause light sensitivity and excessive thirst?
Anxiety vs heart attack chest discomfort?
how do I get rid of a stye? Do eye drops do anything?
Ears plugged for about 3 weeks?
I am trying Accutane. How long does it takes to see results?
Can you please help me?
a girl on my socce team played with out socks! she has blisters.she wants me to pop them .whats the best way?
what is the best way to treat badly cracked heels?
i need to get a life insurance policy for my hiv + uncle but it is so hard i am in va any suggestions?
How would u use the last 60 days of your life.?
what's the difference between an infection and a condition?
Does this mean I have Hepatitis B?
How do you feel about the kids in Uganda about the way they get treated?
Is something wrong with me?
Who is at risk for vaccine injury?
What can I do to help sore/strep throat go away faster?
Do you know any silly RABIES myths?
What germs can be transmitted via a toilet seat?
inner toe pain?
Am I allergic to caffeine?
there is a dime in my nose....?
Treatment for allergies/sinus infection?
im going to be having sinus surgery on the 9 of july and my dr has me taking avelox,i took the 1 st one last?
Allergic to pineapples?
Can you be allergic to carpet?
The side effects of clonidine for high blood pressure.?
Why does your stomach hurt when you read in the car?
Why suddently I started weakness, even after regular walking?
are carrots really good for your vision?
Could I still have a sinus infection if my nose isn't stuffed up and face isnt swollen?
Has anybody ever got a cut on their finger then touched stainless steel?
Pregnant with horrible back pain?
What diseases are/can be transferred through the brinking of blood?
How long does it take HCV to show up on a test?
What makes our noses run and sneezing during a cold?
How long does a recoverin gun shot wound patient stay in the hospital?
can infantigo get into an open wound?
Whered The BIRD FLU Go?
Need your help?
How long does it take water weight to disapper?
My little headache turned into this severe pain on the right side of my forehead.?
What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
I might get drug tested tomorrow by my P.O. I've probably got 3 things in my system how can I pass the test?
Does anyone know what this condition could be?
is ventricular bigeminy dangerous?
help!!!!!!!!!! i need info about heart and blood!?
heart diseases in women are less compared to men?
Question about Borderline Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Is my Rapid heart beat dangerous?
My nose is always congested!! HELP!!?
How did I not die from this!?
What do chiropractors think of yoga?
How come every time i yawn my eyes water?
Should Health Insurance providers use credit card information do deny obese people coverage?
How do you increase you metabolism?
How do I soothe a painfully sore throat?